The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 20, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, July 20, 1818
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1 ;;.. - - :.V MIL NUMBER. 5022 MONDAY, JULY 0, 1818. NO. 49 WILLIAM - STREET. ui Jo. "ftr Sale, freight or Charier, H,. .hti THOU is W.I.AOV. iust i itiv r - - - - 1 - - I r.nm Ku - - Orip&n fthe is A LiU , 1 - v. - . p full out ..7 . ,.nt tnh rsn ha ant fr sea. nt ft trului? hoUl ow wi - t - - - o eipence she now lies at Brookljn, where she p 7 . . B. W. ROGERS & CO. , r:e 18 236 Pearl - street. C - off EE, TOBACCO. WINE, Ac. - 9 hhds ud I bbl. very Greea Coffee - hhds superior, old Kentucky Tobacco U do old Rkhffluod do .' is do new do , do .L.I S.Ta.1.1.. Oft - a j i bhd. Madeira of uncommon high flavor, hai keen 3 rear, in Jamcica of. CBSK eatra auvi i j 85 bbU. Fredericksburg Hour. trtigrajor nto ae Janeiro ana rer - uambueo. Vuuli hnnnil In aither of tha above ' dot tit ma have few goods' on freight, from - j.jf) 112 Front - it i 'or HAVRtL ISK The ship BELLE, Henry Leslie, . Y ' imi.ster. to sail in 10 days. For a lew tons of heavy freight or passengers, having excellent accommodations, apply to JONES At MEGRATH, je 29 91 South - street. for LIVERPOOL, The very superior coppered British ishin DALMARNOCK. W. W. Robert - son. muster: her Cairo bcin? nearly engaged. For the remainder of freight, or passage, having elegant accommodations, apply board, east side Fly - market - wharf, or to 8. DALGLEISH & CO. 103 Pearl - street. v Wlio offers for sale, ex. taitl vessel, from Letth Edinburgh Ale, of auperior quality, in bot. tie and casks. Wine Bottles, 8tC per gross. je 26 "TEAS. WINKS an.! GliOCERlEsT So. 7 rim (latb ladies acciion room.) f llHEanotcriberhas constantly ou hand agen - X crai assortment of tlie loiiowing articles, which will be disposed of at a moderate advance. Teas ol first quality Sugars do do GenaineoM Cognac Brandy Ho'UixiiOm Jamaica and other Spirits Wines ol the various kinds ' Fine Apple Shrub Lemoo, Lime and Orange Juice Saliad Oil in bettii - s and bottles L. Brown Stout Bottled Ale and Cider Double Gloucester Holland and American Cheese Cordials Spires, Essences Sperm and Tallow Candles Do. Oil for Lamp, ' Cofi'et - , Rice. B.rlcy and Mustard A few boxes Sicily Lemons, in fine order Raisins, Atoondt, Prunes, r iga Basket Salt, Sic - For sale hy JAMES P. AN DOE. Waiitct to purclnsf - , a quantity of second haod wine awl carter bottles. J I 5 j W HI IK LEAD, Ate. &c. V kegs London White Lead in oil 30 barrels do Dry White Lead 8 tons KeJ Lriul 9) barrels Hrnt.,1 Ued Orhre ' 10 do Veaetiaa Red ; t tons fine Litharge , 80 hosghaads Whiting .. M casks Parin While i thhda.yerdigril i, 50 tiercs reach YJl(w. Ochre V 11 4 cask rrinsrsn Blqe;4oorrrr 7" :"rr Crowe Yellow; Falent Yellow - ' . Spaaitli Brown, . . Venatina Red, , ' YeUow, U5 01L. ' Black, .', Verdigris, 1 Lampnlack t Ivory Black t Purple Brown Spirits Turpentine ; Lintseed Oil 400 boxes Window Giass, aisorteJ For sale on the lowest terms, for cash or at short crtidit, by FETLR SCHERMERUORN t SONS, idv 1 843 Water - 'treet WM. W. VVOOL5E Y Ax CO. No. 2iT7 Pearl - straet, have jutt received by the Julius Cenr, Courier, Aon Maria, and other vessels from Liverpool and London, a very extensive tmerVatniotUARDHrAKRin CUTLERY, which they offer Jbr sara by the package or from shelves on the lowest terms, for cash or credi' ; moit of which are particularly adapted to the spelbern and western market: consisting of Fovlin piecii of different Jw - scriptions Asrils, Vices, Trace cuams Hammer heads Gun hicks, Piitols, Tea travs Crow - cut, mill and pit saws, of various qualities Fine plate - tck locks Nob, chut, trc tic and mpboard lockj Hand, tenant and lasii s 1 Files of all kinds Bfbad trays, Webbb?, CT.i!!osticks Plated casters, Padlocks, twi ews Tooth bruihes, S - rcw platei Steelyards. Waffle and wafer irons Plated saddlery of all kinds Tea kettles, Rat traps, Poc ket books Buttons, Slorels, Tongs, Flints Knives it forks, (.en, pocket and other knives Scissors, Razors, Portable cases Chisels, Plane irons and gouges Patent and common hoes Togtlher vith m quantity of EoglUh OL steel, blistered Millington Crowley teeL c. &c. ALSO, FOR SALE, 123 boxes window glass 56 casks white and red lead 10 cases white and colored cotton hose 20 casks spelter 600 boxes tobacco pipes 2 cases too and short Italian - loves JUiy 1 1 Tw JOHN HEfFEKNAN.Jl&ouln - sim l, oik is v mr sale 51 cerooas Caraccaa Flora lndiso 23 bales London market Goat Ckins . 5 dn. mall do. 1 1 skins dates SI bbls saeet fresh shelled almonds 32 cerooas bitter do. do. 76 do. camroinseed, 1 do fennel do. 1 do. cartway do. Jnne2 1m K EiStlAKV TOBACCO 274 hhds . tiriPJia kawttaakr l.Kj:ek.:. J worn hip Grand Seianor, from New Orleans, for t - ii aff. l.. uuur., and . J W ABRAHAM OGDKN. Vf ARKA. 1KU BULTLNU CLOTHS. siT. A lKie e'sortmentof every riecription, T - Lt - ri Bo'tincCliiths warranted to be of the 7 T'l'ny ever impo.ud, and at the most r KJpiices,f0rsaleby JNO. M'CRACKAS, 82 1 - 2 Pearl - street. J ft AMt htCyisr BRA AD 1, tie. , " 'pessood imitation brandy, high proof 3 hnds part spirits ""Ohagsjuniper berries krS ginger JJF boxes hir lTf W bags race KiDSer M roll sheet lead t,.tb Sutler Car rale by W ?w C0R!C5. DUBOIS. Tiff - PLATES, TRACK - CRAWS, ke. S00 boxes tin plates , S8 casks Traces Brau Wire No. 9 CO casks Roman Cement, now landing, and for sale by ANDERSON & SHEARER, .131 Water - street. Who hare in ttore, - Patent and commoo Carolina and Vireiaia Hoes Sheet B rifts of all sixes Bras and copper Wire London made pocket Books and Wallets Ladies work Boxes &c. my 25 HARDWARE CUTLERY &c 2 casks Scotch spring Locks & casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards , I do chest handles. &c. I do screw plates, scale beams, Ac. 1 do brass cocks, AYc. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillets S do tio'd pots and sauce pans S do fine padlocks 4 do J anbury locks, hinges, &c. " 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, &c - 2 do IIL hineres. &e. 4 do anvils 1 da hammers and sledges 2 do black li bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons - 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to SOd. Abo. a large and general assortment of goods open on the shelves, tor sale at the most reduced prices, by ADAMS 44 li LACK w r.i.,1,, may 7' 215 IVarl - st. PORTER. 15 casks Bristol Porter, lorsule by LE ROV, BAYARD & CO. Jy 13 C1HEMICALS, COLORS, c Epsnm Salts, iu emits of 2c wt Lump Magneiis, tu caes Do do small squares Calcined do in phials Rochtlle Salts, Acid Tartar Citrie Acid, Blue Verditerin firkius Patent yellow, Kings Yellow Rcgulus of Antimony GUS, BUTTONS, &c. Fowling Pieces, assorted, well finished Do do in wainscoat cases, finely finished with apparatus complete Duelling I'istola, incases Gold F.panlettrs Naval and Military Sword Bells Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons Copperplates for engravers Mathematical Instruments Rolling Paralel Rulers Mariners compasses, telescopes Opera glasses, microscopes 3 setts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. For sale by J. LAMBERT, je 18 3 Courtlandt - street FOR SALE, 4 LOT of ground on Broadnrav. between 1 Wallur street and Canal - street, 26 feet 10 niclifs wide and 17a feet lone, luquireof P. A. JAY, Jy 1 tf No. 37 Pine - street. PV. LEDVARD U CO. 104 I'enrl - street, . offer for sale, in addition to their former extensive assortment of Hardware, the following articles, rer'd by the Martha, from Liverpool Trace Chains Clout Nails Spades and Shovels Brass Kettles do Candlesticks do Cocks do Nails ii Hinges Gilt Coat Buttons, 6 and 8 barr'd Curry Combs 6 barr'd Mane do Iron Wire.No. 4tol0 Steelyards Fine Guns Trunk Locks Drawing Knives some - of sup. quality, suitable for merchant tyt aapannwicanfrretivSM4TMn - a - auii. .. limeieys ratent cur Flemish Tacks J3tf ed equal to Cox's genuine. O DhYOOOOH, tie. M. O Boxos mnslias ' 10 do. 4 - 4 & 7 - 8 Irish linens 1 do. pink ginghams 1 1 do. shawls 4 do. brown platillas 6 do Scotch onaburts 7 bales imitation sheetings 4 do. brown linen 2 do. linen bed tick 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton checks 1 do. carpeting. ALSO, Sail - cloth, Cotton bagging Twilled sacking Seine twine For sale by GEORGE JOHNSTON, Julr 2 No. 1 Sloat - lane. COAL AFLOAT. lOO chltlron ''"erpool New - Pil Coal, 1 VVfof superior quality, now Isndinx from on board the ship Gangts at the east side of rn - K - siip. 60 chaldron Scotch Coal, of prime quality. discharging from on board the ship Cuion, at fier No. 9, E. R. 5U chaldron Liverpool iew - rit Coat, rqual to llie above, disthareinefroin on board the ship Othello, at tiie foot of Rector street, N. K. Application to be ronue n iMiard, oral the sul.scriher'scoal vanl. No. 274 Front street, who has nn haod a lare supfWy of Liverpool. Scotch and sjrziuia usai, suitame lor lammes ana blacksmiths, abi' h he will dispose of on ac commodating terms. For sale by J V a. r K.?r.ri. LlffE.S,yELrTS,kc. AVERY haudjome assortment of Selessia Linens, consisting of Platillas Royales, Bretagnes, Estopillas, Dcwlas, Creas and Cbo - letts 2 cases silk velvets 5000 muskeU 2 boxes fowling pieces 2 casks Steuerark scythes, double sword 150 kegs Dutch herrings 4 boxes assorted rlasjware The above ar ticles entitled to debenture. 3 ceroons indign, 1 box toys and a few pie ces Dutch cloth For sale by . C. ZIMMERMAN, July 11 1m 77 Wahington - st. PRIME KK.11CKY TOBACCO. XQ hhds will be landed on Monday from the JU ship Grand Seignor, and brig John, from New - Orleans lor sale by num., 1l2Frout - st. In store, 33 hhds old Kentucky tobacco, and 23 do Virginia do. Jy 1 1 GERMAN GOODS. RECEIVED by the ship Triton and the ship Elbe, from Hamburg, and other late importations, an assortment of German Linens, such as Platillas, white and brown Bretacnes, Creas, Dowlas, Brown Checks and Shirting Lineal Hempen Osnsbnrgs and Ticklrahuigs, Heinane, Burlap, Brown Rulls, Begs, Tapes, Superfine Broad Cloths Napkins, Silk Galloons and Pouud Riblioal Coffee Mills, Slate Pencils Looking Glass Plates Pocket nd Statia Glasses Lesd Pencils And an assortment of Cardwire. Also on hand, A few tons St. Petersburg Hemp First quality Holland SailCMb, and Sixty boxes Pategrass Cheese, entitled to debenture. Tor sale on reasonable terms, by GEO. fc THEO. MEYER, Jl5Im 129 Vastiii;tea street. WILL be sold by public auction, o Thursday, tlie 23d inst. at 12 o'clock at noon, at the lower side of Walnut street wharf, The careo of the shio Pacific, inst arrived from Canton, consisting of very excellent TEAS, as ioiiows, via : 628 chests, lOf i. a - . IS bSxe. 10 c'atty. and Toung Hyson Tea, U andr 70 boxes of 5 catty 100 chests, and n,T 150 half chests "P'nTea. 1500 chests Hjson Skin Tea ' 73 half chests, . 1 327 boxes, and Imperial Tea 14 cases of cannisters) . 'eVcanistcrsiG - l - Tea.' o1oan1chongTea. 2615 packages of Cassia 17 boxes Khiibalb ; 6 do Vermillion. JOHN HUMES 51 J It W. LIPPINCOTTS, . Auctioneers. Philadelphia, July 16, 1fll8. ' J l76t GIN, Ac 30 pipes Holland Gin, lauding at Stevens' - wharf, from the brvSewell, from Antwerp. In Store. 197 pipes very superior 2d proof Holland Gin, in mis 10 sun purrnasers 200 pieces Holland Duck, first quality 200 bales New - Orleans Cotton 2 cases French Cambrics 45 kegs Harris' crooked brand Tobacco 25 do do straight do do VI do Kentucky do Dearborn's Balances, from 300 to SHOO lbs. for sale by N. ii D. TALCOI T, Jyla 64 South - street. RICH eiubroided Muslin Dresses, just rectiV' ed, and for sale by MARCll&LOW, J 16 210 Broadway. : l.RI - niLAMlY. H in i pi first ouali IV D 4th proof Rochelle Brandy, landing and for tale oy uvixu c. cc." jy 1G oi Boein - streei. IV HA 'ITERS, MILLIXEHX, OLAZitRS Jfcc. UST received by the Radius, from London, and tor sale by u tu. n w i, c. No. 6 Church - st. I door from Fulton - st. One case of black willow rauarrs for hls or bvm - nets, anew article, and being light, calculated for the present season One case ffiazier's diamonds, well assorted Four hundred and fifty boxr - of London crown glass, assorted, of each size from 6 by 8 to 14 by 22. Jy iu z J"A.NKEEN8.f 7,500 ps blue and company W Vallt.w. nfanwrinr nnalilv. Indina from sloop Superior, for sale at 67 Soutli - strest.Tjy jy to i.a.iiDnt - i'L.iukii.iiniiu.i. DOMESTIU GOOCS. 10csesilri)es 10 do Hue ai.d coarse ginghn:us 5 do brown shirtings 6 do bed - ticking 4 do 3 - 4 and 4 4ch 'S 1 do 4 - 4 and 5 - 4 sK - nig 2 do bleach'd sliiii - . - 's, fine and coarse 1 do Sue, made of sea island cotton 2 do cotton balls Sattinetts. cassinttts, rassimeres, broad cloths, counterpanes, diaper, rlralietts, letter paper, buttons, kpittins rotion thread, Uc. fee. For sale by THE COMMISSION COMPANY. J 10 148 Pearl street. ENGLISH 6t FRENCH GOODS. . t Frf. - I. I, If . . I . f't CI CI U ti. JILiSe.1 UNiiJi. VvV. ouuui - i,n;cM JL have for saley English and French Goods, of lite rollowing itescnnuons - Ass'd Chiuti and Lace Grourwl Furnitures Do. Bombaxets, 0 - 4 nud 8 - 8 Cambrics Furniture Prints Damask Table Cloths, Huckaback Towels Malabar and Madras Udkfs ... . liloe and rwi rocket do. 4 - - S f'iilrunj; Huh - cord Uimitv, plain Tafleta Ribbons Mea's black and" white Silk Gloves Green and changeable Levantines Parasols, common and figured bordeu Fringed Satin Ribbons Garniture Taffeta do Oiled Hat Corers, and Pane) Snuff lloiea Jy 15 TRAPS. 'HE newly invented patent Box Traps, for sale at 130 Water - street. Je 13 I Jl IT SAW?, A sui.tll invoice ol Cast Steel L Pitt Saws, just received and for sale by ANDERSON & SHEARER, Je?5 131 Water - atreet. CI LAUKT. 40 dozen very super iour Claret, J for sale at $18 the dozen, by GEORGE JOHNSTON, je 30 tf No 1 Sloat - Une VRHiltfAL tAIATiAGS BY Dominichino, Murillo, Snyder, Salvator Rosa, Guaspar Poussin, Ac. Also two elegaut brooaes ; a marble figure, sire of life, of a sleeping CupiJ. For sale or exchange by THOMAS GIMBREDE, Jy 16 2w 336 Broadway. WHITE LEAD, BLUK VITRIOL, AL LUM. Ac. Receivod per Clmiiacev and Columbia, from Bristol, (Kng ) and lor sale by the subscriber, on advantageous terms, vis. SUU kegs genuine ground white Lead in zoio. kegi 20 casks best dry White Lead in rusks 5 to 6 cwt. each 30 do Rid Lead in casks from 1 to 3 cwt. each 12 do Spannh Brown from 3 to 4 cwt. each 30 do ivory Black from 2 to 3 cwt each 12 do Roman Vitriol from 5 to 8cwt each $5 do Venetian Red from 2 to 3 cwt each 12 tierces Alluin from 7 to 10 cwt each 10 hhds. 5 tierces and 8 Mils Rotton Stone French Green, Lamp Black, Purple Brown Colcothar Vitriol, Bath Scouring Bricks Apply to A. CHURCH. J 15 184 Bov.ry. BY a steady middle aged man, a situation as an outdoor or indoor Porter. Would have no objection to go as a waiter in a small family, is willing to do any mine to make nimsell ureiui to any person that would employ him. A line left at this office directed lor C. Guff, will be attended to immediately. Jy 17 3t MACHINE CARDS. H cases Macluue Cotton Cards, for sale by THE COMMISSION COMPANY, Jy 16 148 Pearl street. ' suBACCO. 60 kes manufactured keuluc - J ky Tobacco, jut received per Aheona, and for tale by HURD t SEWALL, j 17 o? couin - iirefT c OTTON tl SOLE LK.V I HER 230 boles Upland Cotton, in lots to suit purclraers. 90 sides light sole leather, tor sale by SAUL ALLEY, J 17 98 Pine - street. SALT. 155 tons Liverpool coarse Salt, on board the ship Robert, capL Thompson, at Murray's whari, for sale by H. Si.D. TALCOTT, J 1 64 South - street FOR SA LE for ooe hundred Dollars, a dark gray PON Y, (bur years old, fast, sound and kind in harness. Inquire of CHARLES H. BELLOWS, J 15 tf 24 Leonard street. RUM) SUGAR. 170 puncheons St, Croix hum. 4 J hhds Sugar, of superior qaality and 4 do Syrup, now landing from brig Leopard, at Pier No. 18, Isr sate by U. 41 H.LEWIS, J 14 Sw 87 South street. SECOND WARD. ftTOnCE is hereby given, that the assessors ofj a - ujf secoaa ward have completed Uieir as - sessmetts, and that a copy tliereof is lett with Abrahais Valentine. Na. I til Front itrart. trbere th sam may be seen and examined bv aoy of thejjihaWtjau, during fen dajs Iron this date, and that; the assessors will meet at said place o uiv aiut uijiuriani, it review ineirsaiu assessments, 6 the application of any person conceiving himself aggrieved. ' ASM. VALENTINE,) Assessors of the vna..w. ivk i 2d ward. J 17 H FIFTH WARD pUBlrC NOTICE is hereby given, that the a. atr.itor oi ros nun ward nave completed their astessmmts, and that copy thereof is left with on of the aseisors, at Liberty Hats, corner of Church and Leonard streets, where the same may beseenaad examined by any of tha inhabitants durjag ten days, from the 1 3th of July to the 2101, and that thn assessors wll meet on tlie 25lh, ml the above plnrr, to review their said assessments, on the apptcation of any person coo - ceivini himself aggrieved. IJKO KGE SUTTON, 1 Assessors of the KICHARD KIDNEY, J fifth ward. Jli SIXTH WARD. UUbLlL notice is hereby given, that the as - ft, arseors of the sixth ward have completed lueir assessments, and that a copy ihrrcol is lett with Alexander Clark Mo. 2!)8 Broadway, cor ner of Raed street, where the same may be seen ana exuniined lv an ofthu inhabitants duftni ten daj.'iroia dal i and, that the assessors wifl iljeet at the above place na Tuesday, the 21st inst. to review their said assessments, on the ap plication ol any person conceiving lunistll ag erieved. . ABM. BAUDOINE, ) Assessors of the ALEXANDER CLARK, ) sixthward. J 10 NINTH WARD. PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby siren, that the - Assessors of tbe Ninth Wurd have completed UVii ArtesimenU, aarf that a copy thereof it left with one of the Assessors! the house ol Oa sid Hue! is, ilnr!a?m, lor Cvctdoys, the other hve at the House mvovid I urrey, bowery - Hill, where the same may be seea and examined by a - nyoflhe Irrti jfcirants during ten days from the dxte hereof, and that the Assessors will SBstn r ritay, July J t, 1U1H, at tlie bouse ol mvid i urvey, Buwery - HUU to review tneir saia sessmeuts. on the application of any person coa - ceiving ttiihkulf aggrieved. Hours from 10 to 3 oneubduv. .JOHN A I) IU A NCR, ) Assessors of the JOSEPH WILLOUGHBYJ Ninth Ward. July 14 - JO HE LEASED. ON favomhle teraix, for a long term of years, 4 lots of grouud im BioiJ way, 200 feet Jeep, extending to Crosby - street, betwssa IJes - ler and Grand - streets.' 2 lots in Water - street, ntarCathinne - Vnarket. 1 lot in Water - street between Fulton and Burling slips. ,' Also, several other lots it) lh 'bin, bin, Uth Aod 10th wards. - For particulars, enquire at No. 30, Chatham - streeL may 8 PA TEXT n iJS UOW R KF LECTOR. a'MIE subscriber having completed this plea - . sing and useltn invention, invites the public to view its effect in the', wiadow of the looking glassand print store, No. 153 Broadway. r or uie csdidiuuii oi in iniuin. vie?., the snlendur aiid ttie evident economy of the Window Reflector is such as need only to be seen to produce convictioo. - . Itv tr,e ecposnre u a very lew articles, a ois fdarnf from four io ten feet diameter is produ ced, exhibiting an enwessanri magical extension. Rialifs fo use the window and shew case Re - Lflector to be obtained, and, if required, the whole SXtora prspareu, oy ,1 15 Iw : 35 Broadway, WANTED, A WHITE s - irl or woman to do the cooking. ZX tic. in a small family, consisting of four Town persons, living in a pleasant part of the ity, she will have the assistance of a little girl and a boy. None need apply without rood recommendations. Apply at this office. J 16 tf TO LET OR SKLL, And immediate possession given, that pleasant conntry seat, which has been occuiiied for several years by Mr. James Scott, situate on the turnpike, about nve minutes walk iromthe viiiaee oi Jamaica. iods island, where there are two famous academies for young ladies and gentlemen. The house is two stories high, and has nve rooms on the ground floor, a good barn. a well of excellent water, Ac. There is about thirty five acres of excellent land, with a treat variety of fruit. For further particulars apply to Messrs. JOSEPH TITCOMB & CO. No 162 Pearl street; ELISHA PARKS, at present in said village, near the premises, or to Mr. John tu iiLvcL'vri'D - : .j . . - . . i. r.o.J r.i, iv, iu csiaic. J 15 2w I IASKED OIL, VVUi rELr AUi OL.A53. LJ Just rcceivel per ship Kockinshaus. Irom London, and for sale by VALENTINES WAR NER, No. 37 Broad street. 50 pipts Holland L. Oil, And, in ttore. A quantity of White Lead dry and ground in ALSO, oil A quantity English Crown Glass, from 6 by tttOTCIyl4. i looa - cvw ADVERTISEMENT. PROPOSALS will be received at the Navy L Agent's ofhee, New iork,forone week from Uiis dale, to sunnlv a Quantity of Jersey Oak Plank average leugth 45 feet, 10 to 16 broad, 9 to 4 1 - 2 thick pith of hart must be out, and clear or sap. Also, a number ol Jersey Oak Lgs, from 35 to 55 feet long, W to 20 inches square, and a uumher of White Oak Knees, to side from 8 12 to 12 inches, arm 4 1 - 2 to 6 luet long, bod ies 5 to 6 12 lone. The whole to be first quali ty, and subject to the inspection at the Navy Yard, and delivered there. The proposals are required not to exceed 5000 feet of I lank ; not more man IU Logs, nor more than 50 Knees as no contract will be given to a - nv individual to exceed one of the above named quantities ; the shortest time, nut exceeding 6 , l i . . J weias, uiusi oe meniiouru. money 10 iw paiu on delivery. Any explanation that may be re - iniired. will be obtained at the Navv Yark. where a bill will be given each individual aiterm has contracted, and by which be is to be governed. J IG DA:C Iw $100,000 $30,LKX 20,000 10,000 S5.000. TIIE above are the Capital Prizes i the 5ih and only class Medical Science Lottery, which commences drawing the 4lh next month. For chances apply at G1LLESPIE3' 124 BUOADWAY,' Where the Tickets can be purchased at the present price of f26 in a tew days those that . 1 S 1 a. afcCSjCa aa delay wui nave 10 pay $o. j a j. (O" The fine new steam vessel FRONTENAC, of 700 tons burthen, James Mac Kinxie. master, will commence running en the first day of May next, and will leave Kingston, for York aod Niagara, on the 1st, 11 Ui and 2 1st day of each mnnih, and Niagara, lor lorx and Kingston, toe bin, ion and 25th day of each month, during the season, where every attention will be paid to th ease and comfort of the passengers. A pplications for passage to b made to the cap - titirt on board; . Kingston, 6lb Aprfl, 1818. . J7dtctOcl COUNTING ROOM. A pleasant and convenient Counting Room in South - streettn let. Artfj at 29 Soatb - street. J7 JEWELLERY. WATCHES, tu. CASE of sundry Jewellery, fine Cutlery, l JL en ver Hunting are I rfeiia waTttiea. Pressing Cases and Ladies Work Boxes. 2 cases Ladies Corses assorted. For sale by J, LAMBERT. Je 24 S Courtlaad street. WET jVUMSE WAJVTEb. ST. with a good supply of milk, and who J can produce satisfactory testimonials of cnaraoxer, tic. will meet wurj encouragemem. by applying at MRS. SAIDI XKS, . J 10 tf Ntt. i& H roadway. STOLEN. STOLES en Saaday evening last, at fhe foot of Courtlandt - street, a siiveT Watch, makers name Jno. Crossman, No. 20ts38. It is supposed it was taken from the owner's pocket while battling, aa a person was seen near his clothes. Whoever will return the above watch to No. 26 Lumber street, shall receive a reward of b dnllais and the thanks of the own er. Silver Smiths, Pawnbrokers and others, are requested to stop it rf offered lor sale. N. D. Had on a small hair chain, silver mounted, with a gold ring at the end. J 13 CLASSICAL, MATHEMATICAL and MERCANTILE ACADEMY. MESSRS. KELLY &TUOMY respectfully inform the public, that they have lately comtnenc - d this establishment - in the laree aud airy rooms. No. 475 Pearl street si few doors Ireia the corner of Chatham street. Their teonrte of edacatiow comDrisea the Greek, Latin, FretKh, and English languages ; CumpositioM, History, Ueograpiiy, the us ol the Globes, Book - Kecmng,AritrMsc,ssriththeow - er practical branches of the Mathematics. Yoang Ladies have a room appropriated to themselves, where they will be taught a regular course of female education, together with plain ana ornamental ieelle - work, by a lady of exemplary conduct and long ex perience in thrfl depart - mont ' heferenceto Robert Adrain, P. M. and N. P. VoiURibia (JCHlege. PATENT GRAMMATICAL MIRROR. jtfets. Kelly ti Tuomy beg leave also to inform the public, that their Grammatical Mirror is now completed and organised, and that they are prepared to undertake its application to 4k duties oi Instruction. The Grammatical Mirror u a machine constructed on such principles, and actuated by such laws, as to exhibit a manifest representation of all the parts of human speech, in all the variety of their inflections and all tha diversity of their combinations ; it is calculated to impart information more expeditiously than words, whether conveyed by writing or by ut terance : letters and sounds are tbe arbitrary symbols, not the resemblance of ideas j but the Grammatical Mirror presents au exact imitation of the agent with its cases, of the object with its passions, of their substitute with Us genders and persons, and of the action with lis manners, and its times. - The other paits pf speech will make their respective appcarancra iu the revolutions ofthis extraordinary machine. It is no less useful to the teacher than to the pupil ; and while it experhu - s the progress of tlie ou, it will facilitate the labor of the other. - Should any cerson object to the practicability of its application, they challenge the investigation of opposition : they cannot consent to an indiscri minate inspection : but any person wh.i shall be qualified to discuss its merits they are willing Us admit, and prepared to answer his objections. Though duty forbids them to acknowledge their own inferiority yet, they rely not on their diligence and zeal , others may have as much i they rely not on their erudition and talents, other, may not .have less ; but they re - ly on the co - operation of their meant, which they Contend to be superior to any that can be cmrHoyeif to attain tlie object it contemplates. Though they entertain no doubt of its sattas - rior general utility, they conceive that for such as cannot afford much time for study, or wnose different employments, must confine them to interrupted and desultory lectures, it must possess peculiar advantage.. Several literary characters, who have inspec ted this machine, have been equally astonish ed and Delighted, and doubt not that experi ence will realise the most saniruine expecta tions that are entertained of iu advantage and success. Under these impressions the proprietors of trie urammatieal jihrrur recommend it to pub lic notice, and they are no! more desirous of acquiring, than they are confident of securing me patronage ot the public. N. B. They have for general convenience determined to deliver evening lectures, from half pant five till half past seven, on any of tlie aunvementtoneu branches ol literature. J 10 lm J - OR A.HjE, A farm on the Hudson, about a mile irom iNewnurgti, containing 133 acres, 33 ol which are V oodland, the rest is divided by good fence into a due proportion ol meadow, arable and pasture land. The buildings are partly new ; ine uouse convenient lor a small lamuy : its situation is equalled in beauty by lew on tbe river ; the advantages, from the vicinity of a flourishing village, of public worship, society and good mar at t, with Oie facility of communication with New York, render it a desirable residence for a gentleman. 4000 dollars of the purchase money may remain on mortgage ; the payment of the rest will be made easy to the purchaser. Appiy on tne premises, to Je23tf . I. VERPLANCK. The aubucriber offers for sale his resi iijjldence in the town of Fairfield, state of Connecticut. It is pleasantly situated, on the Boston road, about half a mile from Long Island Sound, 65 miles from New York, and 20 from New Haven. The house and out - bouses are in excellent repair. Tbe Iruit yard is welt stocked with a variety of peaches, apricots, cherries, pears and strawberries. There are in the vicinity academies for the education of youth of both sexes. From one tosix acres ol excellent land, at the option of the purchaser, can be had with the house, and tbe purchase money, if desired, can remain on interest. For terms apply to ISAAC M. ELY, Esq. 76 John street, NT. York, or to tiie non. jo.AltlAA sTUKUES, l air field, Connecticut. my6dti DAVID ELY. IV LET, The eleraot 3 story bouse No. 7 Hod - son street, which co.nsmaods a pleasant view of the Park and river. Possession may be bad ia a lew days. Also for sale, the furniture of said boose. It is of the best qaality well fitted, aad suitable to s genteel family. Apply as above. mylltf JO LE , A counting Room, in the most central part of Pearl - street. For particalars enquire at 197, op stairs. Je 25 Q of whic tOR SALE OR lO LE1S&, Lots in the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards ; many irh are oa rexulated aod pared streets. No money will b required under tea years, if sold, interest excepted. nutsu. Several two and three story houses, on which a great part of the money remain on mortgage, Lll.XUIilUAl itLLnwa. Aa excelleat stand for bastnes. with ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, storehouse and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acre of land, and a never failing stream, epos which 20 walls msy be ervcieo, wim a saiacirncy oi water tor eaca. Apply at 8ft. 2 Greenwich start. jaalStf Oy - The new FERRY BOATS from the foot of W alnat street, Mew York, to the loot of Lit - tie street, Brooklyn, near the Navy Yard, Will coniBK - uce running oa. Sunday, the 17th iost. - . Perrons crossing to Brooklyn from tha srpper part of the city, will fiad tbe distance much shortened by using this terry. my 14 NO'llCE. (r Tbe Rising Sun Sail Boats, Noapariel, and Industry, from the Elisabeth towa 1'oiaL ler ft ew - York, sails from M arketheld - straet, (wUie th Steam - boat Alalanta forma rly came to,) at 10 o'clock, ol each day. Passage 12 1 - 2 cants. F assail at the Steam boat Hotelhof " VAN DaJRlOOLfc PHILLIPS. my 21 tf - ' - . - - . err JOHN PROCTOR, Jew. 106 Liberty - at. offers liberal anticipations o property consign ea to his mends in tbe MeOitercariMui. x - or further particulars, appiy as above, or to ' AUK A HAM Ur.LL, Je6 tf of Cliff ft Fulton - sts. LANDS. (Or STEPHEN B. MUNN, No. 226 Pearl - street, New - York, purchases Lands in the Illin ois territory, which nae been set apart lor tne late Army. Letters from the country giving a description of the patent and the price asked Tor eafh lot, will lie attended to, if Post paid, niy 15 if NOTICE. ft7 All Persons havioa claims aeainst the es tate of John Lioan, deceased, are desired to present them lor settlement to th subscriber, and those indebted to said estate ar requested to make pay meat, tohixn wiOKWt dely. JAMES M BRIDE, Je 20 lm . . Acting Kierntor. as; 1 ' At tbe particular solicitations Pt the. Lady subscribers, the New - Yotk Salt Water Float iug IJaUi will be re moved to her old stalk at tha foot of Murray - street, this day, where it will cusftinue open every day, from I'lans in the morning, until 10 o'clock at tiibt, during the bathing season. It is hoped wht U Lsjifks f Wis city know that this large Imiklixui, svluch will accosnmodats two or three hundred parson at a time, is exclusively devoted to their enjoyment oo Moods?) ui - d Wednesdays o eca wsek nisi sector);, in? t uiej am giv uiat agement wh;c!i sink aa appropriation dattrtes On a'l other . - It - jstliey bavt iheirownaj aswrtaeaU ontv. The?itatet possible attenliun will be paid, The Bath at the Battery is open every daf from sunrise to 10 o'clock at night, for Gentlemen only. J 29 Zienl of America, June 26, 1818. ftr A Dividti:d of three per cent, for sfs Baonliai. endincon the3Uth inst. has bean this dsr declared payable to the StecliboWets en the 6th of July next. By order of the Board of Direct, tois. GEO. NEWBOLD. Cash'r. June 26 1m INFORMATION WAN 'I ED. a a ... k. il. .... - rn..d.Hi r'ul. I - n iicipvu ill uiq name vi i'l.iuv., uwu - . who formerly lived in a small towa called Onavskirk, iu England, and came to the City of New York about 30 years ago, with herfoimer husband, who was a shoemaker t but since that ne is ucaa, ana sne is usamaa acnin io a pciwn oy (lie name oi josrpu. inauwica, wno ivuy trade a ship rigger. II the Said Mara are Chad - wick is living, or ut cultured, uvey may, i'J applying at this office, hear oi something greUly i their advautage. J 9 2w Cr JOHN C. HAMILTON, Commissioner for tbe acknowledgement of Deeds, 4te. Las re moved to the office, corner of Cedaf and Nassau streets. Law Buildups,' No 1 Je lm EAGLE EIRE COMPANY , OF NEW - YORK. fjy - Notice is hereby given, that a Dividend of lour and a half per cent on tlie Capital Stock of this company, has been declared by tlie Board of Directors t aod will be paid to the s tot khold era, on or after the 15th inst. - ' - J 3 Im iCjT Tbe Pcibc jjuurance Company of New York, have Ibis day dWarad a dividend of aia per cent, on Oi capital slock, for the last six snoaths, payable at their office. No. 49 Well - at. oa tbe loth inst. ..... By order oft he Board of Director. WALTER R. JONES, SeeVy. J61m - tfuTICM.. VTP Notice b hereby given, thai I have mad application according to law for a patent tor any improvement of th instrument or machine now commonly called Brewster's kaleidasre - pe. Jy 13 Iw G. SAUNDERS. AO I ICE. ft7 The public are cautioned acaiast tnistin the crew of the British brig Recompence, John Gaynes master, as no debts contracted by thsm, will be paid by the captain or consignees. J s Ocean insuraor Oific, ) July 6, 1818. rfj The Board of Directors bate this day declared a dividend of three aad a half per cent on their capital stock for the last six months, wbicb will be payabu to the stockholders or their legal representatives! on th tenth IncL at th office of the company, 4$ Wall - street. &4MULL STANSBUKY, bC. July 7 lm FOR SALE. TIIE PEW No. 57, in the middle aisle of the Presbyterian Church, Wall - street. The above will be sold cheap. Enquire at tbe printers J Itf 6t jYEir.YOHX MtURAME COMPjt.Y It HE President and Directors have this day . declared a dividend of five per cent on the capital stock of the company, for the last six months, payable to the stockholders, or Uieir legal representatives, on and after tha 13th inst. at the office, No. 34 Wall - street July 6 lm C G. SHIPMAN, Secr'y - FIFl'Y DOLLARS REWARD. R ANA WAY, from the subscriber i Georgetown, District of Columbia, about 4 years ago, a mulatto man named Joshua Lowder, a - bout five feet sixorseven inches high, well made and has a scar under his left eye, aod is about forty years of age. He was apprehended by me on the 2d instant in Brooklyn, Long - Island, in' this Slate, and brought before tha court ia Brooklyn; but before the decision of that, court could be obtained he made his escape oat of the court room. The above reward will be given to aoy person or persons who will apprehend bin in this state, and sec are him so that 1 can ret him again, and ooe hundred dollars if ia any oth er state in tiic United States. He is by profession a black - smith, and caa do scry excellent work. ik.apji3 jk.NK.ias, George - town, District of Columbia. J 15 Iw" 'I SHE subscriber havsug permanently riled his A. residence 14 the town of SL Louis, Missov ri territory, offers his service as stent, either ia the purchase or sale of lands in tbe Missoari or Illinois territories : he will else act ia the capa city of agent generally, and execute sock coo. missions as suy ne entrusted to him. Persons bavmr landed property m tbe Atlan tic states, may make favorable exchanges for ana in tne territories above - mentioned, try ap plication to the subscriber, and Tarnishing f par. tic ular description of the property oSered tr ex change, with aa estimate of its real value. lo the enquiries of such as ar deal ens or cmisratios: to either of the territories, b) will cheerfully make prompt answers, whiksi aqy charge 1 postage of letters tT",Jj SL Leah, Missouri Territory, 1st Juni, lbi3. Messrs. Irving, Ssiu at Hotly, 1 . ChesboroebA Patterson, Refcren u.n.kA..S llnmr. V CCS 1Q JohaRathbooe, ' Ogdea Edwards, Cv J 15 d eta wist f - t ,1'' 3. - - . :iti 1 i hi f s.. - 1 l V . - i ' 1 J: i ' . 1 - ,,.v

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