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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1818
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Tft at tbt Mi of Mar, Juno 3. Ai? TUcorery, r!nt! Kin', to fall for S York 10 3 days ; .hip g&JWScoU. Fmladtdphia 2 da,.. June, EL Norfolk, bound for 6t. Thomas. June 24, f . N. Ion 65. spoke brig 1 hctis - Allen, 7rl Rhode Wand, 15 days for Havana, all well Jum 27, al 29 ,6 , - ,oke the briS McD,ori Carr, ,av. from Khode Island, for Malauzas, all 1'" . .. D..IM. ft i...f VCll Iri0 i'lUerJ " UaUlitllJUBH.MUIUII. - U ' ctJ loading. Ship Boston, Fiulay, 54 days from Liverpool xteen caom auu sceci age iMciicra. MR.. DWYER'S ' yiiUT ArrKARAKCK TKR8K TOUR TEARS. At (he Ha nit Cifl'.e Mouse, n - MONDAY EVENING. July 20. 1818. n R. DW YER respectfully informs hit friends It J. and (lie puhiio that lie win deliver enure (t (torn memory, George AlexauderStcvciis' co kbrateJ LECTURE ON HEADS, rendcre, tii adlp to aq American audience. The fxlii bition of the above Lecture in Great Critain nave indeeriileuce to it author, and gene ral satisfaction toil auditors ; it satirically lasti - tlite vices aod rallies of that country ii - nl foruis murce of rational and tit - cant amusement. The following lieadf, painted by au eminent artist, will be displayed and personified or descri - bti. TART 1st Prefatory Address. Sir Tandem Whiffle, Foolishly Comical Ftllow Head of do do Master Jaokey Mnuia't Drilling I.niirlon Blood coins to keep it up do London Wood after he lias kept it up do PART 2J. St. James' Ladv Head of 1 St. Giles' do do elo do d, do do , Old Maid Old Batchelor Jonas the card playing conjuring Jew The Lilting Philosopher The Crying do , I'AttT na The Apothecary Corn - incur Materialist Culinary Politician 1 .nwi - ar Head of do do do do In the course of the evening the following rt - ci tations. Ahead of GEN KB A U wasui.wj TON, and a sketch of his character, in which a comparison will he drawn between Cincinnati! and Lime, written ty Mr. Dwyer. The Soldiers' Dcea.n, Campheil The Bard, from the Lay of the last Minstrel, W. Scott The Brittle ol'Hohenlindrn, Campbell The whole to conclude with the burlesque law case of" DanM versus Dish - Clout." Tickets at "5 cents each. - , lie had at City Hotel, Washington tall, and at the Bank Octree House. Dours toopen at T, aud the rurfonnanu to commence at B o'clock. J 13 21 br7)uv"av CIRCUS. nowwOaunoo Entire charge ol performance. MOM) AY, EVENING, JULY 20. The performance! will oouiiueuce with the Grind Military Hiitry. Master Thomas will on one horse perform maty woii'leiful feats of horsemanship. Mrs. Williams will display her astonishing C'j'iii i tiri uir.s on the clue k wire. Druntit ii S.Mdier. rv Mr. I atnnll Master M'Carn, the wonder Ol I lie age, will, ou one horse, iierloriu many wonderful teats lor a youth, f.nly nine years old, and conclude by n ding on hi. In ad, hi horse in lull - peed. Mous. Caussui will go through many surpti sing feats with a stick, but recently introduced into this i onntry. Miss Wheclaiiil wil'mak her first apiearanceoa one horse, and go through uiany feats of horse - lianship. Streng'h of Hercules by Mr. Caosein. He will on his leret aud hands support eight persons and firm twelve different groups, and coui - .'.ude by supporting the whole troop on his hands and feet, fufiuini; a beautiful greup. Tbs eli - gaul Spanish horse Romeo will, after Imping boards aad bars of a prodigious I ieiaUth, conclude by leaping over oue horsu, .smvi, skmur M'Carn a: hu rider. nir. v aiiipoeii, in ciiaracu roi cmwn, wi;i perform many iricks of mirth ami liuffoonery. Ground and Lolty Tumbling, by the whole troop. fWr. ftiilli.n wall nn rnff horte nerfnrm manv surprising lea's, leap over 4 gsrters, with his hands mid h - et lied, and conrlude with a won - sferf'ul Irap Ilin.Ujjhtwolionshrads. Ttie whole to conclude with tl;e iiivinciide hor"e Mentor, who is ecu standing undaimti - d iiruidst fire works, an't for the 1st time the grand Ctur - tuille ol Ti villi. Tickets may lie had at the circut, from 10 o'clock, A. M. to 1 P. M. and from :t to 5. Doors will lie open at 7 o'cI m k, and the per - foimance cnimneni e prt - cUely at 8. No ni Hkins allowed. Checks not transferable. Gchtleiuen are requested not tutnttr the Tin?. l'.iHLh).Y 1 llKA fiih .1 t Ircet. foe the benefit of Mrs. P. KKl.K. Sj3 Mis. PARKER respectfully informs the public, thM her benefit is fi i d for MONDAY EVENING, July 20, when the performance will commence with Dr. Ui!il's celebrated ode of Columbia, to be spoken by MUs M' Bride. After which, (for the first time in this theatre,) an entire new bailet of action, cdlrd LITTLE KKP hIDlA'G HOOD, Or, A Visit to my Grandma' her. Tanner Giles, Mr. Jones Little Red Riding Horn, Mr?. Paricei After which, the mclo - dramatic spectacle of MDVF.V & HIS UOO, Or, The Treacherous Indian. Capt. Sidney, Mr. Parker Oni, Mrs. Pa. ker Jy 18 2t ' TO THE PUBLIC. C7 The Register of the city and county of Aew - York, intorms the Ftibl.c, Hint all Deed.s, Mortfpiges, &.C. 8cc. which were in (heottlce at tlietiine of his taking possession, aad which have been sincedeposiied theie, (up to the first intant) are ready for delivery. The confusion and dissatisfaction have resulted from omitting to register satisfaction pieces, have induced him to devote several weeks to the examii a ion of the records with a view of putting - those important vouchers into order. The result ol his labour enables hiin to sa that upwards of six hundred mortgages, si - noimiing to eight hundred and two thousand iglit hundred - nil th r.een dollars, which had keen redeemed remain et uncancelled. The satisfaction piices tor these mortgages are sow alphabetically armnged.lbr tlif inspection i wist concerned, in order to enable them io iae legal means F.r having them entered on record. Further particulars may be known uung gmct hours, Irom S till 3 CARUIT GILBERT, J'3 3t Hunter. WM'C.IRTY k CO. ILL c!l on Monday next, at 1 1 o'clock, at their auction - room, no. 121 Water - tt. IU) military CO ATS, intoudd for the &panib patriots, or would answer for American umform. h 18 It iVDK S.fLf., A pilot boat built BRIG, now on the - took. Xl VLl.lll.,ar fl - .n - , '";ht at a low price, if applied for soon hr:g it h - iilt nf the brl materials, e - opjier l - ie.l, and locust trunnels, aad part of he r Wr frame ccil.r, and aln part of hi - rstoio She is ;,lioat 20 t.n burthen, and is, Ptfnlat - d to be a very fast wiler. She ir. - .y be "ght wuh ti - hrr the hull complete or with ,'' and ri?,'ing ; and may beddirereJ iu ,I4ks. Ajply to h 13 U1U3.YOLD3 & COATE3, 63 SouUi - strect. Ih T . WASTET1 to charter. Two British SHIPS or BRIGS, of irom stuo to 2M tons burthen, to load r l' . , ... ' . ior svmgsion, jam. Apply to PO TT It M'KINNE, July 18 i 66 South - street, VTAILb, VICES, AiWIl.a, 4c. xo caks i. l one urawn nose and Clasp iNails, assorted sizes 2 casks black and bright Vice 3 do band And sledge Hammers 200 do deck Spikes, from 4 to 8 inches 10 tons bolt and square Iron assorted sixes For sale at 81 Pine - street, by J 111 HENDERSON & CAIRNS. LVNGLlSHAioCOTCH DRY GOODS, 600 Sid pieces heavy Dundee Cotton Bagging 30 bales strclitz Onnnburgs 300 ps. Colfee and I'imeiito bagging Si sacking l.i bales obi men Sheetings 1 case brown I'latillas, No. 3 1 do liisli Linens. So. 1 to 20 6 trunks Mudr.ns hdkfs. entitled to drawh. 9 eases London super - nod eitra super Cloths, cliii fly bine and MacLs 6 do do sinhtnnd double Cassiuierei chief - . Iv blues and hhicks 2 trunks aEgortcd Poplins 12 bals 2 aud 3 thread sail Twina 2 do Roping do. 2 do Seine do 1 do Seines 4 do shoe thread, superior quality. 1 do assorted airth wchhmz 5 do Farmer's and Miller's bns for sale by DIVIE HKTIIUNE&CO. J 18 OiColTee - houtp - nlip, "1ANTO.M SILKS. LaiJitfc' col'd and figured Hdkts. lilack Sine - hews ' Col'd Levant ines and Florences, and Sewing Silk?, for sale by HURD & SEWALL, J IS 65 South - street. )U.. - IA DUCK - tf '.4 holts oi vaii - .us marks It lai.ilniT frnni the Concord, for sale at (i7 soulh - stiect, t'V CAMBRELENG Si PEARSON. J 18 A I) LIRA, CLAKE I', t. - Klhhilsand l I 20 or. casks LP Madeira Wine, warran ted genuine loO capes Leovelle and Rauzan Claret of the vmtasre of 1812 20 do still and snrtrklinsr Chamna?ne for aie r.y Mh.XDKHtOA .V l;AIKS, J 18 81 Pirie - strett. O I hVKNs Ai MACT1ER, offur for sale at 157 Soulh - stTeet. U.i bns !t. I iiniinjro CotTr.e 50 hhds Kentucky Tobacco 49 hales .New - Orleans Cotton 20 pip's Catnlonia Wine 10 iiipe - sL. P. TenerilTe do 50 boxes White Havana sugar 3u00 Mug.ulore Goat Skins 100 tons t'ampeachy Logwood .ly 18 7t N.I I. L.i t OIL. uml W f W.V.V HUG.4H. rilHORV & i'E.DLETO.,.bave jiiit re - J. e - e.iecd a quantity of very superior salhiJ 1, in hock bo'.tle and in baliets ejf half duzc - ich. Alio, white Havana sugar, iu boes ol one cw eac:i, lor faniily ufe ; which Uicy oUui r tale at Jv 11! 3 No. 5G Stonn - strre'. HUGS EFFECTUALLY DESTROYED, B Y B. TIFFIN, from Loudon, No. 330, Bowtry, whether in roons, bedsteads, or other furniture, w ilhout damage or mell. B T. d el" confident in assuring thne who may employ him, that he can have the first re - Loinui' u J ition from many latlie." aiid cemltnicn in New - York, proprietors of boardin? hoiistsaud schools, who have experienced tho tfficacy of his inveotiiiQ ; and assures those who may favour nim with their comiiiands thai they may depend on their being executed with the greatest attention, having been upward; of forty years in constant practrre. Orders loft with Mr. WILSON, taylor, 26 John - st. will be punctually attended to. july 13 lw CLERK WANTED. V T7"ANTED in a store, a Young .Man, who is V acquainted with liusiness, and writes a gnounanu. t line nirecie i to H. naming reference, age, and the business they have been in, w i:i ne immediately niiennvd to J a :jf LAN Da tOli SALE AT IT'BLIU AUC'I ION t Uli C.1S II. '"pil E following tracts ol Land, situated in th - L DiJiriri ol .vi.nne and Comtiionwclih ol M - i'sachusetts will he sold for Cash nt Public Auction, on Weilne'day, the second day of Sep leiu'er nesf, at Z o'cloe k at noon, at the Ton tineCoffje - H:up in the city of New - Yoik, viz: A tract ol lanil beinspart of a certain town ship nun. her three called Vwiv, ly i : in that great tract eallr J Letter A In - t!. - e.vijniy nl Ox ford If irnnrlv York) co - uamum llve thou sand a res over and uni - v - Slide reservation! and exceptions of certain M. Sundry trai ts in township niimher four, on arnoouicK or , - e i..rou li ver, to wr : One tract eh nomiunted Ine C tr ict on the plat. coiminin - ' s v, n l.iintlrt'il and ti 'hteen acres. Onei - tlitT tract in the t iwnsliip d - tnominateJ B. on Hi. - pl.M, containing two thoiian I twr hundred an I 'iigh'y - two acre', exclusive of two hundred acres within the lumts thereof, he lonjinj lo David Borden. other tract in s lid township denominated t, containing lour thousand acres, exclusive ol im ivuie; within the limits thereof, contuiinii uim - ty eight acres, sold to Aaron Phelps. Six lots of Land in said tntviithiu riluafed in the second range ol lots in the northern half of aid township, to wit: numbers 17, 28, 29, 30, 31. and 32, containiugin the same tive hundred and eighty five acres. Als.i, eight lots of land, in the third range of iu ior s ua Aormeru nan m ini iovnntp to wit : numbers 33, 31, 35, 36, 37, 33, 46, and 47, containing in the same seven hundred and torty - live acres. One other tract lying partly in Trenton and paitly in nuinhereiglit,in the county of Hancock, in sum townships, containing exclusive ol settlers, seven thmmnd acres (excepting and re - erviner lots which have been sjrveved and laid out ti settlers, Tiic. and reserving every such iniasmay nave Keen in any manner conveyed tosettlers;and reseriii2 likewise the mills, hou ses and other improvements which appertain to nr nre erccieu .thereon, including in ttie said rsv serration the one undivided half of a saw mill, with the land belonging to the same.) Together with a double saw - mill, a grit - niill, two dwelling houses and a store, all erected on lots num. b - .r seventeen and number one, in Trentoo a - foresaid. The above real estate was conveyed to the subscriber, as assiUnt register of the court of chancery of the State of New - York, in trut. ?y Oliver Kane and Ephrairn Bowen, Junior, Executors of the Inst will and testament of John Junes Clark, deceased by deed, beannir date the 1st day of February, 1810 Deeds will ne executed to mc )urcbasrs by tne subscriber as such Trustee, in pursuance o'l'a dtCrce of the Cemri nt t lianctry. For further particulars as to boundaries, title, Ac. apply to the subscriber, at bis oftirr. No. 4 Na;u - treet, whtra ths tamemny be examin ed, aod also will be made known at the tune of ale. Terms of sale, twenty prr ceut rash at the lim? of sale, and the residue of the money on the delive ry of the d - cds. IS AC L. KIP. Jt IS tJa 2awlsr.V3fawA(!3: NOl'ICE. The stera - hoat MOU?F. will leave the foot of Mar kctC - ld - strrrt on Snndny. errs SR frZZf the 19th inst. and ply to and tZVi aPiir - s..aif,B (he Washrnctisn, se - venty - four, during the day. Price 12 I - 2 cents J 13 It NEW BOOKS. AWS passed at the la - t ses - ino of the Legis - i Uture. or th state nf New - York. Trials of the Mail Robbers, at Baltimore, with - aieuments of the Counsel at length. R.smhles in Itsly, by an American, jast re - ctiye. aad for sale by 1 DAVID BANKS, J 15 . Corner of Nautta and Sproce - itt, of l I I .10 is 'o ' lor M LOCUST TIMBER WANTED. - .. - ' WANTED, quautity of locust timber and trunnels. Apply to the ftavy Agent, at oi v asningtou - siretU QV The publisbers of the. New - Brunswick Times, Kewark Centioel, Long - Island Mar, New - llaveu Journal, and New - London Gaiette, will please public h this advertisement oue mosUi, and send their bills to the Navy Agout's Office Jy 18 im . . A YOUNG WOMAN, who understands the millinery business, and can tive respectable relercnces, wishes to' a situation to wait on a lady, or attend on children ; has no objection to Travelling, a nie addressed to uniS I t - riU BU LINGER, at No. Vi Beekman street, will be attended to. Jy 18 at THE BROWNIE OK BODeBECK. rrMrll3 interesting Tork is iu Press, and will be J. published tliei ensuing wek, by C. WILEY & CO. J 18 Nn. 3 Wall street.' LW BOOKS, POR sale by A . T . GOODRICH & CO. No V 124 Broadway. Anecdotes of the life of Richard Watson, Bishop of LnndalT, 8vo. f 75. Women, or pour et contre, 2 vols. $2. Queen's Wake, a poem, by Jamas liner, SI Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, 4th canto, by uord uyron. Lalla Rookh. with eniravirics, SI 75. Demetrius, the hero, of the Don, a poem, by r. lex is r.ustaphievc, l V.: Philidor on Chess 1 75 Art of Swimim;.::, l julales. 1 dol. llingiey's Useful Unou leile, 2 vols. bd. 5 dola Uuvier's lt.euiy ul the J - .arth, Bvo i 60 . Little and Moore's Poems, Idol. J 18 OvVEGO LtI TEHY, DRAWING CLOSnK.D YkS'IEHDAT. rpHOtE who are indebted to O. C. GRACIE J. H CO. for Tickets in the above Lottery are requested to make pavuii ut, at 146 Broad wa " J 18 3t A food Cunclunun, us well as a good Beginning. TESTERDAY finished the drawing of the 1 Milford anil Owesro Lottery, when 3fi6 - l was the (list dravwi niiiutier, that dar, and entit - 1(1 to the prize ol 500 Do - lnrs. It was sold bT II. VVAITE, Jun. No. 1:16 Broadway, where it tv ill he recollected the first drawn number in this Lottery wrs sold, which was entitled to the cap ital prir. - nf 3;liK. Several other prizes of 1000 ttols. 5UU 0 )1. Hr. were also sold at till' "111' C in this Lottery j and in the last Medical Science Lottery, in wmeli there wera only in vapiti - .l prizes, K. w aite, inn. sold ei 'ht, and nn uic t!it ni were tint tlirte - hiit prues drawn at therein elusion ol III - I. lt. tv. J 13 TRULY LUCKY OFFICE, iVo. 122 Broadvay. VF - STERDAY wss comnlrted the MUfor." 1 and Oween Road Lottery, and as uua! we ha I the plensuie of selling the Highest P(ize:id ov a:iy oiner 'ain e in i:us cny, roiwiiiis'iiridin); we had out al - ont half the niimbi r ol lickei' other i flirts had. The lonuuate numbers wc have paid o. - srld nre, No. 51.9 a prize of $35,OPO 7"7I do lO.Otm 5756 do ItiOO P702 do 1,000 331!) eto 1,IHH) 741(3 d.i 600 7i01 do - tSOO 7775 tlo 600 CO" I do 500 1012 do Si HI 35 eto 500 WjA el 3 500 8t6 do 500 5331 do 500 The Hiihcst Frizes in the Grand Medical Sci ence Lottery which will draw 4th of next mouth, are now ouVred lor sale rt our ouice, viz. 1 prize or 10U ,HH DOLL.AKS. 1 do of 50,000 do 1 do of 20,0U0 do 1 do of 10,000 rlo ' 1 do of 5,000 do 2 do of 2,000 do 45 do of 1.000 do As all the capital prizes in ttie fonr (.lasses which nave hren drawn in this Jjottery, were sold at our olhce viz No. ll3i.J, . 30,000 19506, ' 30,000 12129, 25,000 19545, 25,l)i i0 Several of 20,000, 15,000, 10.000, 5,000, &c. Wt: molt confidently rec iminend to those who have been fortunate with ii", and to those who have elrnwn Blanks at other offices, to call and lake a chance. J 18 2t i t ILi . he sol l by public uui lion, on Thurs V V day the 21d inst. at 12 o'clock at noon, it the lower side of Walnut str et wharf, The cargo of the ship PucihV. inst arrivpd from Canton, consisting el very excellent TEAS, as :nlows, viz : 6 - .8 chests, ) 125 hall chests, f - rp 515 boxes 10 catty, and YounS HJ,on Tea - 70 h xes al 6 catty, J 100 chests, audi 150 hah chest, plrwnla. 1500 chests llvtoii ckin Tea 73 half chests. 1 327 box s, aud Impeiial Tea 14 cases ol canmstcrs ) 'occstersi'TOwderTea.!oca!;r,,',i - 2615 packages ol Ca - sia 17 boxes llhuiiarii ; t do vermtnon. JOHN HUMES & J & W. LIPPINCOTTS, Auctioneers Philaele lphia, July 16,1813. J 17 6t t HilU ISA L fA IXTESGS Y Dominichino, Murillo, Snyiler, i'alvatoi ) Rosa, Guaspar I'oussin, 4c. Also two elegant bronze ; a marble figure, size life, of aslecpmg CupiJ. r or sale or exchange by THOMAS GI.MBREDE, Jy 16 2w 3 '6 Broadway. Y lHITE LEAD, BLUE VFIRIOL, Al V LUM.ic Iteciived iter Chaiiucev and Columbia, from Bristol, (r.ngj and ior sale ny he subscriber, on advantageous terms, viz. 230 begs genuine ground white Lead in Xbiu, keirs 20 casks best dry White Lead ia casks 5 to 6 cwt. each 30 do Red Lead in casks from 1 to 3 cwt. each 11 do Spanish Brown from 3 to 4 cwt. eah 30 do Ivory Black from 2 to 3 cwt each 12 do !.;iuan Vitriol Irom 5 to 8 cwt r.arh 25 elo Ycneuau Red from 2 to jewt each 12 tiercel Atfum from 7 to 10 cwt each 10 hhds. 5 tierces and 8 Mils R - itton . - - lone French Gr'rn,Lainp Biack, Purple Brown Colcothar Vitriol, Bath Scouring Uric Us Apply to - a. CHURCH, J i5 184 Bowel y. OAWA.TEO, V a steady middle aged man, a situation as ) nn outdoor or ineh.or Porter. Would have olnettiun to go as a wnilqr in a small tatnilr, wiling t.idoany thing to mate himself u. iul r.ny person that would employ him. A line, kit at th.s ofiii e directed for C. Golf, will I at - len - 'f.l ti ioonedia'. Iv. Jy 17 3! U ACM INK CArtDo. H cases .Vlacniat Cot'oo Cards, for sale by THE COMMISSION COMPANY, Jy 16 143 Pearl street. i io A CCO. 60 ke,s maiiui.icturetl fveulue; - JL ky Tobacco, just received per Ahe - ona, and sale by 11 L RU .t SEW LL, j 17 e - couin - sireei. (10ri'O ti SOLE LEATHER. 230 bales J Upland Cotton, in lots to suit purchasers. 90 sides light sole leather, for sale by SAUL ALLEY, J 17 .93 Pine - street. S.LT. 155 tons Liverpool coarse Sail, on hoard 1?m ship Robert, capt. Thompson, at array's wharf, for aie by fi.k.U. TALCOTT, Jl 4 South - street, j I ( For GUADELOUPE, The fast sailing coppered brig iSTOUGHTON. Samuel Punier, mas ter, will positively sail on Tuesday next. For passage only, havUier very handsome accommo dation, apply to (lie mastsr on boarJ, at pier .o. ub.iv.or to J. & G. W. LYNCH,' J IS 3t 60South - st. C1OTT0N. SUUAtl, Mc I4i butts iNew Orleans Cotton, now landing . , 100 boxes Brown, 30 do. White Sugar,. entitled to drawback 75 hhds. N E. Rum ' 4 cases Domestic Goods, consisting of Shirtiiij - s, Chnuibrays, Plaids and Stripes 40,000 lbs. German Sited, (entitled to duhent 15 tons clean Hemp ' l ure 10 buds 1'ure Splat - , for sale by J AS. D' WOLF, Jun. '54 South - street, IVanltd to Charter. vt'4 A good VESSEL, of 1500 to 1800 bids iidiiLl'iirUifca, for a voyaje to tho West In dies. Apply as above. Jy 16 Hauled to freight, A pood Schooner, of the burthen ol six or seven hundred barrel, tor a voy age from this port to Itt - rimida, immediate dii patch will be given. Apply to . TUCKER ii LA UK IE - 5, J 16 29 South - sti - ect. In LIVERPOOL, (A regular trader) The superior fust .ailitig ship CAHO Li'i L - .i JVW, built of live oak and cedar, hav .tig been new coppered and thoroughly re paired, is a first rate bliip part of her car;o brinr eu gaged she will be dispatched without delay. For Ireight or passage, having superior ate om - niod.itious lor twenty passengers, - to cat tain William J. Palmer, on board, at pier No. 18 r. It. oratyj Smith - street, to July 9 tf ROWLAND (i BRA IKK. tur Lll tRI'OOL, The elegant fasts - ailing coppered ship, William Adams, master; . - lie is 2JI tons burthen, only two years old, aud will bo dipatchr.d iiniitcdialrly on discharging her inward cargo. r or Ireight or primage, ap ply to the master, on board, east tide ol Fly market uliarf, or to B. W. ROGERS & Co. Je 16 235 Pearl stree t. .. for HAVUi:, .& The fast sailinir coppered ship 1)11)0, J&jjiGeorge Maxwell, master ; expected to arrive ti - eim Philadelphia about the 13th mst. and to sail 19th inst. 100 bales nf cotton or o ther goods, will betaken on freight, and a few passengers handsomely accommodated. Apply to IIOYT A - TOVT, J 9 tf 4.5 SciMtb - st. for Ltl. - thl'h.VJih, sfc$$ The ship TKLEGRAI'FI, Fanning, Jii&j master, will sail fiit - t fair wind; - au take a lew tons more light freight, and ae - roiiimo - lale 8 more passengers in a superior - tue Ap ply on board, east side Burling - sJip, or to AA - S.U.YU. PHKI.PS, July 10 li:3 Front - t. il nultd la (. itarhr. For a voyage to Bermuda, a gnoj CHOONEH, that will carry 6 or 700 larrt - is immediate dispute h will be givji - n Ap ply to TUCKLH Hi LA DRIES, July 10 29 South t. CHARTER, A British Ultlt;, burthen 213 tons British, or 2100 barrels now at Phi - adelphia : will proceed to this, or a southern port, to load for England., or the West ladies, and can be despatched within three clays no - lice. Apply to ROGERS & POST, J 6 51 South - street FOK6ALE,3 The brig JOHN, 144 tons, built in Marsacbusctts, in the year 1808, and rebuilt in Philadelphia, in 1816 i a staunch sood vessel, ana wen iouiki in sans ana rigging lies at Brooklyn. For teims, apply to JA.V1ES D'WOI.F, Jr. J 17 54 South - trcef. tor Ii ASIIl.Vti TOA', .V. C The schr. CARPENTER'S SON, " ii. .l.i. n i. : i ,i. i:r . ,. :n ..:i biuii'uiii. i.ij ai,it.iniii', ,, ii, b.ii m ouiiu v nr - xt. ror trcierlit or passaire. up ply on board, or to It. 4i C. W. D.VVEN FOR T & CO. J 17 35 I'erk.slip eJi 11 A HE. .AAv TI...I.:..DI)Ar!jV?l 1G. .aa,M'kv llivmiii UHlluniiAl, .avw - xl i'.o. mmh will cnmmeocQ loading on Mon lay next, and will be dispatched without delay. ror trei - 'htor passage apply to Capt. INewcomb ou board at Pier No. 10 r.. R. or to ARCHIBALD GRACIE A SON. Who hare for sale, 500 hales of Bengal Cotton 339 bas of Sa'.t Petre 31 casks of Imtile'd Porter 7 dozen each 60 cases of Claret one iloz. each Vintage of lb do do three uoz. each 1810. J 17 Iw For H ELF AST, MAX Tba PIiit.itHli - il.iT l,..;tl .Vitn trlHV tfvl&iL DICKINSON, Ii tisli, master, expected troll) Philadelphia about tlie 22el inst. and wilt he immediately dispatched, having 2 3ds of her cargo ready. For freight or passage, ap plyto ABRAHAM lir.LIt, corner of Fulton and Clill - st. A handsome assortment of Irish Linens, re ceived as above, by the last arrivals from Dub lin and Belfast. J 17 lw PASS A U K for A T VLYC l YT, H D ft ..w ....w iivma, oi,,. ... .t..i - ri, i;..o iir.,;ti, , i. - imi t; jiiSiiaCapt. Scolt, intended to sail on Tues day next, can accommodate three passengers, if immediate application be made to captain colt, on board, cast side of I'eck - slip, or to MILLS, PUUDY &. CO. J 17 4t 265 Pearl - street. C - ABLEs, iNAlLb, HOOpA - sllhETIRON, Now landing from the brig Sewell, fiom Antwerp, for sale iu lots to suit purchasers, by SAML. CORP. WHO HAS IX STOtlK," Russia yellow Canute Tullow and half bleached Sheetings British Gunpowder, entitled to drawback Fowlirg Pieces by the package, Willi the nest gun and pistol locks Hardwares and Cutlery assorted Blue printed China Diniug Sets, superior pat terns White Welsh plains for planters Yorkshire superfine Broad Cloths Lifcjht llorscnitj's Swords, entitled to draw buck Kentucky Yarns, tic. &c. arc. J !7 1 w V I' I ON. For sale a few bales oi Cotton, J suitable fir manufacturing. Enquire nt 141; er.ri - siri - M, on stairs. J 14 iC'i MEAL. 14) hints, biu - hl yellow kiln KJ dried Corn Meal, fresh from the .tlids, loi sale by. TUCKER Si LAURIE?, , 29 South - street. J17 IRIA11 LIN KN6. SHEETINGS, DIAPER, &c. A LARGE assortment of the at - ove Geodf, confuting of the following descriptions 4 - 4 A: 5 4 Sheetings, 4 4, 7 - 3 Si 3 - 4 Linens, 4 - 4 A' 78 do. in desni pieces, 3 - 4 Brown and Black Liueut, 7 - 8 Dowlas, Linen BcJ - Ticking, 7 - U Coarse half - bleached Linen, 4 - 4 Cotton Shirtings, Linen Thread, assorted colours, First quality l.ish Sail Duck, For Sait, on reasonable terms, by THOMAS SUFFERS, , ISo. 4, Dcijsler - st july 17 lw . u to ol ii i'. 1 nv q on a Pari the VAUXHALL GARDENS. J Fire - Works, Music and l'.lun.iu iiirms. Ou Monday, July 20, - (Weather permitting.) N aonoiincing this display of fire - works, the ar tist deems it r duty to the purttic, and mire justice to himseii antl the proprietor of the gar dens, to cs4 am the tautct, why, a consioeruuie part of the works piepared for the 4ih of July did not product the e flue I intended. Tho unter - taiutvol the weather was such as to prevent eei - tinr out the works with safely. "Had they been exposed to any of (lie mulythoutri oftheinoru - ing, the traWe would have been injured, and, in the event ol a lair evening, would iia.e occhsi w - eel a fuiaV instead of oariWdisappniutmbiit to Uie combanv. Iu this dilemma of uncertainly, it was decided to await the taint hour, tlinugh aware that there would not be tune to do nil as it should lis, and also aware that it was impossible in so Uro a place lo request mdulgorice Irom the - company. The artist, with due deference to the public, believes he was right to " do at well at he coui.'," rather thau totally tail in what he had promised. The principal work for nuxtt Monday is MOUNT iOLTNA, as it was given on the the 4th July, 1817, with a selection of pleasing pieces. Partii - nlai j hereafter. J 16 1 I'aTEjST HTHPOW REV LECTOR. 'I MIK suhirilK - r having completed this plea I sing and useful mve iiti.m, invites the public io view itscifcct in the window of the looking gla - s and print store, No. Ij3 Broudway. For the t - xbiditiuu ol articles to public view, the splendor and the evident economy of the Window Rt - flector is sui has need only lo be teen to produce conviction. By the cxosure in a vt - iy f. - w articles, a display of from lour to ten del diameter is produced, exhibitinan eudiessaud magical extensi - u. ' Rights to use the window aud shew cute Reflector to heobtaiued, and, if required, the whole tix ture prepared, by AMBROSE CRANE. JI5 1w 135 Bro.idw'ay. WAN I Ell, 4 WHITE girl or woman to elo the cookinr - , t. &c. in a umall fainily, consiating of four gt own persons, living in a pleasant part of the city, she will have the assistance of a little girl and a boy. None need apply without good recommendations. Apply at tins olhce. J 16 tf FOR HALE, ail A country House and Farm, on the enst bank of Hudson's River, iu the Highlands, about 54 miles from New - York, lying between the country seals eil William D. - niuii, h.squne, mill "iipt. I liillips, anil m - arly opposite tvi sl I'oml Phe farm c iitains 121 acres. The lmue (which was mull in A'Mit) has l room', exi luiive of the kiicheu.and possu - scsevery couvenience necessa ry lor a family. I here is also n larm house. bam, stable and olner out - houses, in gooel order, a trarncn ana a ttreat vun. lv ol trust trees ol tin best kinds. A further description is not giicn, because persons inclined to purchase will no doubt view the premises : lor wluedi purpose up Plication may be niude to Mr James Thompson. ou uie lariu. r or Hie lenns m sate, i noniieol W.VI IIENDEKSOM, 55 Wall - street, Neiv - Yoik. J 8 WA'S 3dp:t AMl - .RIC.iN 111 HE I: SOLThTi'. CEV EKAL VOLUMES have been taken a IkT" way by uiihiinwn persons from the liihliral Libinry ol the Aim - iicim Bible Society, while it was kept in the Nevv - York Iiistitiition, and Par ticularly some of the elegantly hound volutin s of tho Reportsol the Uiitish and For, il'ii Bible So - 1'iely, so as greatly to mutilate the seta. All persons having in their possession any nl the boohs huhingiiig to that t i ! r i r v are requested to n turn (he same lo the Depository in Sloal lane, or lo give immediate iiiloriir.ttion where they are to the agf - nt e.l the snciely, to whofecare that Li - braiy i, now specially c - omiuitted. By order of the Standing i'nuimittee. JOHN E. CALDWELL. Agent. Jy 16 3t fiiraS IU .r.f l)l Sf.i,,, i.niail And immediate possession given, that nleasant country scat, winch has been occiinitil ior several years ny air. jaines rcou, situate n the turnpike, about Tive iinniites walk Irom the village of Jamaica, Long Island, where there nre two famous aradtniies fur young ladies and gentlemen. I he Ii use is two stones high, and has live rooms em the ground floor, a good barn. a well of excelleul water, Ic. There is about thirty five acres of excellent land, with a great variety ol Iruit. ror lurlher particulars ai ply - to Messrs. JOSEPH TITCOMB ii CO. M lb.' l earl street; ELISIIA PAKKS, nt present in said village, near Hie premises, or to Air. John W. MtsSr.Mitll, near Said estate. J I5 2iv flUO.OOO $50,000 20,000 10,000 R5.000. rfl HE above are the Capital Prizes in the JL 5lh anel onlv class Medical r - cieuce Lot tery, which commences draw ing the 4th nuxt month For chances upply at GILLhftl'IbS 11 UKOAII WA i , Where the I icxe - is can ue pui ciiascii ai t ne present price of jf26 in a few days those that delay will have to pay 28. J 17 3t . . (O" The Una new steam TF lev . I" vessel FRO.NTENAC, eil Sip UM. y se"ff"Sr ' I" ions nuriiii. - ii. James m. - irtmrP'Zrz. ji li Kinzie, master, Mill coiuiuein.e r unions on the first day ol .May next. and will leave Kingston, for York and Niairara, on the 1st, 11th nnd21st day of each month, and i: - r r . . - , r. . I - lajsara, ior oral auu ivingsion, tne uui, ion ami M any oi each month, during the seas - n where every attention will be paid to the ease hnd coinlort of the psener. A pplicutions for passage to be made to the cap tain ou board. Kingston, 6th April, 1013. J7dl'ctOrl I li Just received per ship Rnckinsthiin. Irom l. on. ion, and lor suit - hy v , l.r.. 1 1.NL. at YVAK .MlII, .o. SI Kroad street. 60 pipes Holland L. Oil, And, in t ort. A quantity of White Lead dry and eround in ALSO, od A Quantity Enelisli Crown Glass, from 6 bv to i.y 14. J IU d4czw ADVERTISEMENT. PROPOSALS will be r. - ccned at the Navy Ageiil's office, New York, for one week from Agent's office, New York, for one week from ... . .... . , this date, to supply a quantity of Jerrey Oak I i'lank average ien;th 4o fief, 10 to 16 broad, 9 1 tl - : tinea pith ol hart must tie out, and clear sap. Ala", a numlier ol Jersey Oak Lngs, Irom 35 to 55 feet Ions, 1)1 to 20 inches square, and a number of White Oak Knees, to aide from 1 2 to IS! im hes, urm 4 1 - 2 to 5 fott Inn, bod - t...n i oi.,... l'l, - .. c.u k ... ...i: ty, and subject to the inspection at the J J 1 t'll. IIIG "llMT IU ,c 1 1 r , uudir I an . and delivered Here. The proposals are required not to exceed 5000 leet oi I'lanlt ; not in 'ire. than IU l - ogs, nor more than 5 t Knees as no contract will be given to a individual to exceed inn; of (he above named - ia"i ities ; the shorte st time, not exceeding 6 ncek, must te ineaiiin - u. money io ee paiu eie livery. Any rxplaaation that may ne required, will he obtained at IheNavy Yark, wherv bill wiil he given each indiv idual alter he has contracted, and by which he is to be governed J 16 D&C Iw CLOTHS, BuMttAZET'la, Vc. 'PIIE subsoribers have jut received by tl.e J. ships Julius Cxsarand Pacific, 14 bales Clotlis, of A. Rhodes and Go's ma nufacture 15 do Hombaietft, ) 0f do. and Hind, SmiUi 0 iVu6 i - Co's. manufacture. 2 do Wildbores, . Which thev offer for sale at No 163 Pearl - sL LAVERTY, SHELTERS U KING, J 16 2w D LYNCH, r. hasrsKid per Louisa Ce - . celia, a few pipes of Madeira, irom the h of Cama de Lahos and St. Antonio, oo which be incites the criticism of nnaiioUseurs. . A LHO, . From Uie Havana, 30 boxes of seg - trs made at king's factory, whi h are of very superior quality, and waicu be offers tor sale at No. 49 William - slreeL . - - DJj. jr. r - ctires crden tor the above wiac. tvrcf to tus approval eu arnri;. J 11 Sir 1 l. ,1 as care small T suiid ard. PIT "RT - ir? .Q A TPS (.... BY MILLS. MINTOS ft CO. Alouday, : - At half past 9 o'clock, at their auction room, No. I4S l'ertm - F.t, a genera! assortment Fisncn and Ejilish Dry good', among which are, 2 cast s best blucli and italrau sewing Silk ; I do company flag tulkfs ; 1 do green and blue fi - gureti iiituo ; 1 ,io gold end India mull muli:i, 1 do ivory - slick fain, gilt borders, 1 do whit Marseilles vesti:. and a number of other arti cles. Alto, at 4 moulds credit, 4 cases men's aid wnmej'i best quality assorted cotton hose At 12 o'clock, ti cases men's roraui hats, ofgooe) quality. - ' ,uo. - r.l jo Luaa. fr - f rW)f DOLLAHS loloan, Hsumsto O sf .UUU suit applicautt, on boud with jmortgaje upon approved property. Enqwi WM. WILLIAMS, 137 VValerKtif wire of cut. Where application may be generally muds through the year, and n.oitgagts disposed ot. Je ib tl (jji - JAaiEt 1. S TOUT, Kngrtp. cr antl teal Cutler, removed to 90 Liberty. street, near (ireeiinich - street. Jy8 3m "r - JOHN C. HAMILTON. Commis - ioiier for tne ackiiowlcdgeinent of De - eels, ic. has removed to the cilice - , corner of Cedar am' NVsnu streels. Law Buiidinas,: So 1 ' Je 29 lm LA OLE VIHK COMt.UVX,. OF NKW - YOKK. fc5" Notice is lieitby given, that a Dividend f lour and a hall' per rent on the Capital Stoclc of this company, has been declared by tin Board ot uirecium ; anet win ne pain lo the sioch comers, em or after ti c I !li inst. J 3 Im (jTO Ti Panlic Imurane - .!! Company of Ai - w York, have, this day declared a divi.U i.d of six per rent, rn the capital al'c!(, fef the last six months, payable u; their cll'uu, No 1J Wall - st. ou the HUli n,sl. B) order of the Board ol Directors. WALTER U. JONES, cer'ry. J61m AuTIC.. & Notice is hereby given, that I have mi'.do application according to law lor a patent for my improve ment of tho instrument or machine now coninioulv called Brewster's IcaleidaMope. Jy 13 Iw , tl. SU'NDERg. NO i ICE f)0 The public are cautri.ied against trusting the crew of the British biig Recmrpt nee, John tiaynei tuaster, ns no debts coi.lnc.ted by tlieui, will be - paid by tbecuplain or consignees. Ocviiu Insurance Uihie, f July 6, 1818. rrr" The Board of Directors have this day declared a dividend of three and a half percent on their capital stock lor tho lust six mouths, which will be payabla to the stockholders or then - legal representatives on the tenth inst. at the office of tiie company, 45 Wall - street. B.MUEL S TANSIiUKY, Sec. July 7 lm S - ECOND WARD. NO PICE is hereby given, thai fho nsetors of the second ward have completed their ik - i vsiucnts, mid that a copy thereol is leit Vtitll Abraham ValeiUine, No. ltl r rout street, nhere 'lie snii.e may he seen and examined bv any of die inhabitants, duriii!" ten days irom 1 hist elate. aiidth it the nisessors will inei t at sid place on the 27th July inslanl, lo re - viuw tlnirsaid a - ts - ineiits, on the application of any pt - riuil conceiv ing Imnsell agirit - vel. AliM. VALENTINE,) Assessors of tho WM. W. 1 - OX, S 2d ward. J 17 101 Ntuti of JVe - io - V oilfc, Coiirptt tiller1 1 tice, is. I 3UBI.(J NOTICE it lit - re by Rivets that tho State Treasury deposits in "the city of New - York, were ou the first instant, removed from the Bank of New York lo ti e Manhattan Bank, pursuant to an hi t eil' the Li tp'luture ol ' 1tf 21st April, 1818 i ami that, thc - relore, nil Treniury payments lo be ui ole in the city of New York, mutt hereafter be mane nt the said Manhattan ItanU. ARCH'D. Ai'lNTi RE, J 16 Iw Comptroller. nxl 7'v LET, The three story brick house No. 51 V nlker street. J - 'm.uireH 14 vw No. 67 Pine street. m - A new Hons in excellent order and in the pieniaidest part of Broadway posses sion given on or la - lore the 1st October next or il a suitable i i rson t.tiers. the furniture could re main till hi May, next, und a 'ady and three childien, (the youngest six veir ) would board in the family Apply at 313 Broadway. Jy 14 tf O.V t'KvVi" nEH AltO. ABSCONDED irom the suliscnber, Henry Coles, about 19 tears of age, 5 (eel 8 inches lush. Inrht coiiinlexion : nn apprentice to thu jhit - uiaUint; business, toaid Cole has occasion - ally been employed incnliccting money all per - sons are forbid hat holing, trusting, or paying I : ... ...... Isillai t. - v .Il.i ..(.,.., ward will be puid lor returuinx Henrv Coles. llllll any iMMzi iui mn nut,! tiun iir.iu, j urj ituuva withuut any charges to No. II Hudson - street, hv JUUAI AI IK:.. jy 17 iw CITY iVRVEYLG, Ac. . TJ" EWES, having been recently appointed by the corporation ns a city - surveyor, re - sperttully informs the public, that he has opened Ian olhce in Frankfort - street, next door to Tam - many - Hall, for the purpose of land surveying: generally. rowuslups, cities, estate - , or any tract of Ian J, accintnlely surveyed aud drawn. Old plant, copied, reduced, or enlarged. Trigonometrical surveys and see tions of roast, harbour?, rivers, &c. for the improvement of navigation, or other purposes. Levels taken, ana country explored lor can alt, aqueducts, roads, Uc. for engineers. Jy 17 1st" DENTISTRY. TWOC'TOR ZERAH HAW LEY informs the J public that his office is at No. 01 Nnssau stree t : where he txtrarls ttrlh, cleans and sett "d purlnrms every operation in destrsiry. - - .d C..II..b.Mrt ..pli.r,ral. ..I' .bill ha thllikl A sutucieiit recennnendati'.n. WHOM IT MAT COItrCRIf ! This cerlilies. that Dr. Zerah Hawley is a regT lar breel Dlivsicinn. and in cood s'.andiotf with tlis brethren in this plae;e j inae ne na p - iu nl .r Kllcntir.n In the art ol Denlulrv, has stu - .wl ltu hest r.urorean worn son ene suu - ei fas jfiwn wjo - rt sau .. . , , . , u v'ws - r - speciammy in i VV ttivrelore. witli entire confidence rrcom. mend Dr. Hewley to Uie citizens of New - York a Dentul. . . A - neat Alunson. l rro lessors or New - Haven, IN ithan SmiUi, t the Med. Jan. 22, IU 18. 1 Eli Ives, f Institution, f J iua. Knight, J Yale Col. J 17 lw COOK AjD MJUMZ. . WAN1 EO, a woman o Co the cook'mjr, w ashuig and ironing, also, a girl to take r.f a child and do the chamber work of family. E iquire at 43 Walktv - streeL J 14 i'i 1'm A'E f JilhtK : tk O men who understand their business. mav Lave constant employ in ,l,e above Business,, by applying at 13 Wall - sheet J ' ily 15 ' FOR SALE for eu; hnn - lrt - l Doimrs, a dark gray PONY.four yrais .Id, last, sound and in haraets. Inquire of CHARLES II. BELLOWS, J 15 tf ?4 lAmrd strref. RUNitil SUGAR. 70 pancbeotss St Croix xum - . - . - a i - ' . 41 hhd - Sgr m'sope nor qualify aarj . nip, anw " 'Hr . at Pier No. 13, torsade ny . .. a. . J 14 2w 87 Sosith street.

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