The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 2, 1931 · Page 26
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 26

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1931
Page 26
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' ..,,...... ........,;,:ifASQtycarjFiM.^--^ U.«j?J^^^S^yiBi^'{=^^y»^^ y^MSMMSiisarffl^a-sssas^iiia.v r^.-?jy '-·=· :*: f-f -··'·p^l'^ Jj M/SJjttYiSxeHiritSS aiJa^^;:^csi^:v:^,ciii^S"\eiii'i«:WJSra£aii££iiB^iikiii;K MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE I HOG RUN SMALL: PRICES RISE SHARPLY APRIL. 2 1931 HOPE FELT FOR BULK OF STEERS Too Many Lambs on Sale to ^Encourage Demand for Higher. Prices. CHICAGO, April 2. U~So few ·Were offered for sale today that buyers were threatened with acute Shortage, especially of well finished kinds in all weights. Prices opener! sharply higher as a consequence hut Shippers were the only buyers out for supplies and no market activity appeared in the first few hours of trading. Bids of 58.10 to $8.15 on choice 160 to 200 pound weights were rejected in anticipation of a 25c higher market late. Those bids were 10 to 15c above tho best price obtained yesterday. The reason for the shortage was a run of 16,000 directs to packers in the total supply of 25,000, making the number sent over, that route for slaughter at Chicago this week approximately 48,000, compared to 29,946 for the same four days of last week. | Some hope was felt for the bulk of the steer run today, after an unsatisfactory session on Wednesday, because the supply at the 11 principal markets was so sharply curtailed that only half the number of last Thursday was on sale. Chicago had only 5,000 head, and demand from the outside was believed strong enough to take care of the better grades at fully steady prices, while local interests needed enough to take up the balance without the strenuous efforts that were necessary yesterday. Too many lambs were on sale today to encourage any sellers to ask higher prices than were established in the whirlwind marke Wednesday, but choice lightweight were offered at $9.50 and better in line with the new price range, th highest since last August. Heavy weights, most of which were from Colorado, were offered at $9.00 u; and only 100 Ib. kinds were offeret at lower than $9.00. Chicago had 18,000 head in the run, however, so that there was no great scarcity. ^·Hogs closed fairly active, 'mostly 150 1 25c higher. Cattle finished mostly steady ant Bbeep 25c lower. enls; lew lots short ten dun to feeder dealers fS.75O7.50. HOGS 6,000; active,'15-25o higher: 'spots up 35c higher on weight butchers' top $7.70 on 200 Ib. weights; bulk 160-250 Ib averages S7.40@7.65; 260-400 Ib. averages 37S7.40; packing sows mostly $S.355J6 60- average cost Wednesday 57.01, weight 261. SHEEP 13.000; iambs slow, ]5c, mostly 25c lower; sheep and feeders steady; early Bales fed wooled lambs $8.5008.65; top'SB: Ted clipped Iambs. 03 Ib. averages 37.90; best ewes 55; 2 cars feeding clipped lambs 76 Ibs. 57.60. KANSAS CITY HVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY, April 2. lin--V. S. cartment of agriculture-HOGS 3.000; 280 direct: active. I0-25i nigher than Wednesday's average; top 57.85 on 200-220 Ibs.; good and choice 140-160 Ibs. S7.25@7;70: 16IM80 Ibs. $7.45®7.BO; 180-220 Ibs, 57.6507.85; 220-250 Ibs. $7.4fl« 7.85; 250-280 Ibs. jJ7.20®7.65; 290-350 Ibs. de. . . . .; packing sows 275-500 Ibs. . 6.85; stock pigs, good and choice 70-130. Ibs. $7.25®7.00. CATTLE 2,000; calves 300; killing classes steady to strong; stockers and feeders steady to weak; choice 1,000 Ib. steers 59.50; oteera, good and choice 800-1300 IDs. 57.50S9.75; 1300-1500 Ibs. $7.75@10; common and medium 600 Ibs. lip $5.50^7.75; heifers, good and choice 550-850 Ibs. $G.75"fp S.75; common and medium 550-850 Ibs. 54.2:1 G.75; cows, good and choice S5@6.25: common and medium $4@5; low cutter and cutter $2.75@4; vealers (milk fed) medium to choice S5.505P9; cull and common J4CJ 5.50: stocker and feeder steers, good and choice (all weights) $6.75@8.75; common and medium (all weights) 54.2506.75. SHEEP 13,000; lambs slow, around 25e lower; sheep steady to weak; top wooled Iambs (o shippers 59. Lambs, good and choice 00 Ibs down $8^9; medium SO Iba. clown S7©8: common, all weights $5.50@7; medium to choice 01-100 Ibs. 5798. BS; ewes, medium to choice 150 Ibs. down S3.5Q@5. LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, April 2.-- Estimated receipts of hogs, 18,000; cattle, 2,000; sheep, 17,000. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. April 2. OD--Official estimated receipts tomorrow; Cattle l.'OOO, hogs 10,000, sheep 14.000. Representative Sales Local Hogs ,.; MASON CITY, April 2.--Besr sorted lights, 180 to 230 Ibs.; $7.20; best medium weight butchers, 210 £p 2BO Iba., 56.90; best heavy butcn- $rs, 270 to 300 Jbs., $6.70; best prime. heavy butchers, 310 to 350 Ibs., 56.50; beat-packing sows, 300 ~~Fo~350 Iba., $8.00; beat heavy sows, 360 to 400 Iba., ?5.80. - · . CHICAOO LIVESTOCK ' '.. CHICAGO. April 2- 1,11--United States department at agriculture-HOGS 25,(100, 16,000 direct; alow; mostly 15@25c higher; some heavies up leas; top $8.25: bulk 110-210 Ibs. 58-1088,20; 220' 320 Ibff, $7-20@8.10; plga $7.5008.00; packing: eowtt $6.50®6.75: I(ght lights good and choke 140-160 H«. S8.00@8.25; light weight 1EO-2QO Ihs. SS.105?S.25; medium welghl 200250 Ibs. S7.60S8.25; heavy weight 250-350 Ibs. $7.00!g7.70; packing sows medium and good 275-500 Its. SG.40if6.85; Elauahtcr P1E3 100-130 Ibs. , J7.65@8.10. CATTLE 5,000; cajvea 2,000; shipper demand at standstill,- making medium, weight and weighty steers very dull with prospects lower; about steady on common and medium grade killers celllnlr at $8.50 downward; she stock steady to 25c higher; most steers ol value to EBU at $7.30 @ 8.00; slaughter cattle and vealers, steers good and choice 600-900 Jbs. S8-10®10.75; 900-1100 Ibs. $8.50^10.75; 1100-1300 Ibs. S8.75@10.75: 1300-1500 Ibs. {8.75@10.75y common snd medium 600-130C Ibs. S6.25t3'8.75; heifers good and choice 5.10- S50 Ibs. $7.0009.25; common and medium 55.50(37-50: cows good and choice $5.00© 6.50; common and medium $4.25^5.25; low cutter and cutter $3.2531.25; bulls (year- Jings excluded) good »nd choice (beef) $4.50 5j»5.75; cutter to medium $4.0004.00; veal- crs (mtlk fed) Eood and choice $7.2500.25; medium 50.0007.25; cull and common $4.50 Jff-6-00; stocker and feeder cattle, steers good and choice ,500-1050 Ibs. $7.25SJ8.75; common nnd^medlum $5.60@T.60. SHEEP 18,000: fairly active to outsiders: mostly steady; packers bidding-lower; choice ·wooled lambs $9.50@0.75; clippers 58,50(3" 8.75: . hothouse 'springers $16.00^)18.00; slaughter sheep and lambs, spring- lambs good and choice medium common lambs DO Jbs. down good and choice 39.00@I3.75; medium $3.50(019.00; 91-100 ' Iba. medium to S^S^-o* 8 ' 25 ® 0 - 601 "" WEl 1 '" common 57.00(38.50; ewes 00-150 Ibs. medium to choice $3.75ffl.1.25; all weights cull and common |2.00@4.25.' CHICAGO. April 2.. CT)--Representative sales as selected by the U. S. department of agriculture: SHEEP 85 9.75 SHOHN LAMBS^-BO 9.65 120 88 9:50 187 91 9.50 250 85 9.35 !CO '93 0.25 170 77 9.25 FAT 95 9.00 3 49 98 S.Sn 52 255 102 · 8.75 47 160 71 8.50 193 242 89 129 210 88 417 137 450 88 80 92 75 84 102 71 108 72 63 62 1272 1280 X175 1309 109t 1135 1210 1148 1027 963 1011 815 7CO 166 125 118 170 183 8.75 S.7 8.6 8.5 8.0 0.2 CORN LEADS WAY IN GRAIN SLUMP All Cereals Sold Down,to New Bottom Price . Levels. · CHICAGO, April 2. JF--Led by corn, which fell to the lowest prices since 1922, all grains reached new bottom levels today. Commission houses were persistent sellers of corn despite a more active shipping demand here and notwithstanding statements by a leading authority that from a statistical standpoint the corn supply situation at present was much stronger than at the beginning of the season. Selling, however, was incited by apparent likelihood of much unlarged corn acreage for the 1931 crop. Corn closed nervous y t @Vie lower; wheat varying from 540 off tO',%c up; oals 'A® Tic .down, and provisions at 2-7c decline. .Com primary receipts totaled 472.000 bushels against 565,000 a week ago and 723.000 a year ago. Chicago had izs.cara compared with 167 at this time last week and 153 on the corresponding day last year The Argentine corn visible supply today was 10.630,000 bushels, against 3,533,000 a year ago. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN CHICAGO, April 2. on--Wlieat, No. 2 red 81«c: No. 1 hard 82Hc; No. 2 hard 82c: No. 1 northern spring B2c; No. 2 northern spring Sic; No. 1 mixed 81H®82c. Corn, No. 2 mixed 58-}i4J60yc; No. 3 mixed 57[J?58c; No. 4 mixed 56Vi®57c; No 2 yellow COffSHic: No. 3 ' y e l l o w 57« @ 59%c: No. 3 yellow (old) 63c; No. 2 while file: No-. 3- white 59Vi@^c; No. 4 white 54^4c;jNo. 5 white 53%c: No. 6 white 53^c. Oats, No. 2 white 30VijTiy*c; No. 3 white 30^30Me; sample grade 2£c. Timothy seed 58.25ff8.75. Clover seed $11.50^19.25. Lard SS.85. ' Ribs S10.6D. Bellies 510.62. STOCK UST By THE ASSOCIATED I'HESS NEW YORK. April 2. f.TT-- Final QaotaUons. Air Red Allegheny Al Chm Dye Allls dial Am Can Am Car Fdy Am Coml Al Am- For Fow Am 3nt Am Fow Lt Am Had St Am Roll Mill Am Smelt Rf Am Steel Fdra Am Sug Her A T T Am Tob B At Wat wks Anaconda Andes Cop Arm of 111 B Atcnison Atl Ref Auburn Avlat Corp B O Bamsdall, A Bendlx Av Beth St Borden Borg Warn 135 K 33 K 121*1 30 H SH 38* ISla ClHi 18 30 45*5 215s 63 387?i~ 117 V, 181H; 17 H 235 H 4% 73 U 10S 20 S 57 13 24 iS 26 Vi ' 8.75 8.50 S.ZS 8.00 7.50 7.00 CA1TLB HEIFERS-- 3.', G10 9.Sr, 27 S20 9.15 28 767 8.85 10 S39 COWS-1022 4.7 \4.2 4.00 8.75 8.30 17 12 10 £.00 7.75 7.CO 7.40 7.00 G.90 HOGS HEAVYWEIGHT-- LIGHT 1229 942 807 8.85 S.25 7.25 6.50 6.01) 5.2S MASON CITY GRAIN MASON CITY, April 2-Barley 30c Oats 22c Shelled corn, No. 4 42c Ear Corn ,....39c GrainFutures THURSDAY GRAIN CLOSE CHICAGO, April 2. /T]-High. 336 304 293 279 2T2 261 252 7. in 7.25 7.35 7.40 7.15 7.B5 7.03 WEIGHTS-188 8.20 190 8.25 188 8.13 178 8.20 170 8.10 163 8.20 MEDIUM WEIGHTS 50 74 246 7.70 Bt 53 233 . 7.SO 25 70 232 7.35 41 08 225 7.00 16 42 218 g.05 BO 207 8.15 LIGHT LIGHTS-- 148 143 133 8.10 8.15 8,00 8.10 7.85 Hog Markets By THE ASSOCIATED TRESS Hop prices at Iowa markets- Thursday: CEDAR RAPIDS-- Prime hogs: Mediums 56.950)7.15; heavies 56.654Je.S5: lichts Se.SstipT.lS; 1 packers $5.65^0.15 DES MOINES-- 3.200; lOc higher; prime IlEnta 57@7.50; prime mediums $6.90@7.40: prime heavies J6.35S7; good packers {5.75 OTTCMWA-- 15c higher; 120-150 Ibs. 55.25; 150-180 Ibs. SS.85; 180-230 Ibs. ?7.20; 230-280 Ib. 57.05; 260-300 Ills. $6.75; 300350 Ibs. 50.15; over 350 Ihs. S6.15; good packers 55.70; fair packers $4.70. WATERLOO -- Prime hogs 180-220 Ibs S8.GOB'7.20; 220-240 Ha. J6.80SJ7 10- 210280 Ibs. SO.S5®6.85; 280-320 Ibs. 5B.35S1 320-350 Ibs. J6.25@6.55; good packers SOUTH ST. PAUt LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL. April 2. (.TV- U. S. department of agriculture--- -,CATTI.E' 2.100: market slow, very little «Jone on" steers: buers protesting all efforts towards an advance; butcher stock quite ·ctlve and steady to strone: bulk steer crop kinds salable 58 down; few lots more attractive offerings held around 58.50; beef rows S1.25S4.50: butcher heifers 5550® 6.75; cutlers J3®4; outstanding medium srade bulls J4.35@7; bulk 54.25 down; feeders and sto'ckers unchanged; calves 1,300; market 50o lower; good griflea 5606.50; choice kinds ,S8®8.50. nm.ou. 'HOGS 8,000; market active, 15-2jsc higher than Wednesday's average; most advance «n light and medium weights averaging better 150-250 Ib. weights, mostly 37.10® 7.75; top $7.75 on 220 Ib. weights down: 250-350 Ib. butchers $7®7.40; big weights flown to S8.DO or below; 100-140 Ib. weights mostly J8; sows *6S)6,50 or better; average coat Wednesday J7.15; average weight SHEEP 500: pracUcally nothing done; Mckera talking lower; late Wednesday choice fed. western lambs to 59. SIOUX CITV LIVESTOCK. SIOUX CITY. April 2. un-- U. S. depirt- Iflent of agriculture -- · OATTLT. 1.500: calves 100: beef steers and yearlings slow, steady to weak; she ntock, uneven, mostly unchanged; bulls and vealers steady; stockers and feeders dull. ·weak; bulk steers and yearling! S7.25O8: lew small lots S8.25B8.50; most fed- heifers $7.25 down; bulk beef cows §4.25(3)3 23- majority medium bulls 13.75SJ4; choice veal- e TM *3-SO: limited quota stockers $7 down. .HOGS 6.000; active, butchers 15-25c higher. to all Interests; sows and stock piss tUady,- bulk 1SO-200 Ib. butchers 57.50® 7.60, top J7.65; sparingly; 200-250 Ib ·welghls mostly S7.25®7.50; 260-200 Ib weigh tji largely 57-10® 7.35; most 300-350 '"· WBhtJ 5707.20: packing sows $8.25® .50; stock pigs ?6.50gi7.25. ^J,^ 1 ". 3 ' 0001 """"S done early. a around steady for fat lambs or 59 COMBINED HOC! RECEIPTS. BES MOINES. April 2. on--u. s. department of agriculture-- * Combined hog recelpU nt 23 concentration yards and 7 packing plants located In Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for tha 24 hour period ended at 10 a. m. today were 20.200. compared with 25.200 a week ago Generally 10-15O higher than Wednesday's average; marketings during early hours moderate; buyers at most stations ageres- Blve;. bulk 170-240 Ib. averages mostly S7.10 ®7.50: choice long haul 180-210 Ib. weights u p to S7.60 and 57.65; 250-300 Ib. averages mostly S8.75@7.15. Quotations for good and choice: Ltcht light*. HO-I80 Ibs. S6.60S?7.50; light weights 360-180 Ita. ST.10SP7.60; 180.200 Ibs. $710® 7.60; medium weights 200-220 Ibs. 57.10** 7.60; 220-250 !bs. S7®7.45; heavy weights, 250-280 Ibs- $6.65(317.20; 290-350 Ibs. 16.45 66.Q5. Good packing sows, 275-350 Ibs- 55 85© 6.10; 350-125 Iba. J5.75QJ8.10; 125-550 Ins. WHEAT-May old... new.. June July Sept Dec. CORN-May o l d . . . . new.. July Sept Dec. B354 OATS-- .30% .31 -3051 ·30TS .32% .831,1 .8411 .74 .62% .81 -02% .81% May old... new.. luly Sept Dec. ...... RYE-May old... new.. July Sept LARD-May , July Sept BELLIES-May- 10.75 July .36 VI .38 S -39V4 9.02 0.17 .82* .83% .73% .59% .BOW ..61« .09% -52 H .28% -30ii .301,1 · 30K .31»t .35 .35 .3714 .38% 8.95 0.10 Close. .83 -8C.4 .73 » .59 « -58K .61 « .60 « .81 .61% -60Vi .53 .30% .30% .30 V, .30% .32 .33 W -35 Ti .38',', .39 8.85 10.72 10.92 Close Vr. Ago. WHEAT-May old 1.13S new June July 1.14=il Sept 1.1714 Dec. CORN-May old... new.. July Sept Dec. CHAIN OPEN CHICAGO, April 2. Close Yea'd'y. 1.21% · 87H OATS May -90 H -S3 S o l d . . , new. July Sept. ..... Dec RYE-May old... new. July Sept. ..... LARD-May July Sept. ..... BELLIES-May 13.60 July 13.65 .45H · U'.i -79 U; 10 55 '..10.97 .82% -6H1 .62 IJ .00% -53 fe .30 H .3074 -32 ii .35 Vt .30 n 9.02 9.17 10.60 10.95 Open Today. .S3'.t .8114 .74 .5915 .58 « .60 H .61 VI .62 W .601-. .53 .30 'A 9.02 0.17 10.75 HOQ FUTURES. CHICAGO, April 2. tm--Hog futures: September light hogs sold at JS.75; blddlne; 58.25 for lights, jr.75 for mediums and $7.40 for heavies to arrive tomorrow: Grade LIGHTS-May June MEDIUMS-April May HEAVIES-Sept Sept Offered Bid 7.2S 7.75 9.00 first hair 8.7S last half 3.50 KANSAS riTV GRAIN KANSAS CITY. April 2. (flv-Wheat 5Q cars; unchanged; No. 2 dark hard 73Kc; No. 3 nominally 72H®73c; No. 2 hard 72i£c; No. 3, 72c; No. 2 red nominally 73ft. 74c: No. 3 nominally 72@73c, Corn 64 cars; Sic Blower to J^c higher; No. 2 white 55c; No. 3, 53©51c: No. 2 yellow nominally 54ig)55c; No. 3, 53®51c; No. 2 ml«d nominally S3854c^ No. 3. Slif, Oats 11 cars; unchanged; No. 2 white nominally 32®32%c; No. 3. 32c, . MISCELLANEOUS POTATO MARKET CHICAGO. April 2. |jp--United States department o« agriculture-Potatoes 147, on track 38, total U. s. shipments 702; dull, trading alow;- Backed per cwt,, Wisconsin round whiles ?1.5Q@ 1.65, fancy S1.TOO1.75: Minnesota round whites *1.45@1.SO: Idaho russets No 1 Sl.70Sa.SO; No.- 2, tl.3001.55; commercials $1.GO. OMAHA tWESTOCK. CATTLE 2.300; locludrag 300 calves; fed Biecrs and yearlings fully steady; other kill- i«fl, "'"" EUaIy to altxmE: «i°d«ra anl . Jeedera scarce, steady; fed steera and year" 10 SiS«S 88 50! few head J °: «·««'«'· 56.75®7.60: few lots S7.75®8.25; · medium bull* H.250"».5CI- prnc- . * . " . C I - prnc- - - - - - J Vul top vealers. SS; few $9.30 lo tndepend- Gazette. FLOUR. · MINNEAPOLIS, April 2. l,n-- Flour- Unchanged; shipments 27.336; bran $20.500 21; standard middlings $20020.50. HAY MARKET. CHICAGO, April 2. (/TV-Hay 5 cars, unchanged. YORK Sl'flAK. NEW YORK, April 2. f.n-- Raw su E ar quiet at 3.33c and 3.33c. Futures at -mld- eay net unchanged. Redned unchanged-at *.50 fo rllne granullaed. TOLEDO SEEDS TOLEDO. April 2. l.TT-Seed unchanged. Scientist finds that the radio voice is weaker when th'e moon is at full--a hitherto unsuspected beauty of moonlight. -- Arhnnsas OMAIfA GRAIN OMAHA, April 2. (.T)--Wheat, dark hard No. 3, 74Vi®75c; hard No. 1, 72Kc; No. 2. 72c; northern spring No. 4. 67c; durum, smutty No. 2, 6314c; mixed No. 1. 72^c. Corn, while No. 2, 53«c; yellow No. !, 53c; No. 3, JSO',5@52c; mixed No. 3, W*ft 50c- Oats, white No. -1, 20Wc. JITNNEArOr.IS GRAIN MINNEAPOLIS, April 2. Uil-- Wheat 163 cars compared to 52 a year ago; «$c lower: No. 1 northern ^6^tS i ·80^ic; No. 1 dnrk northern. 12, 33, n and 15 per cent p r o t e i n ' 77ViS80Kc; No. 1 dark hard Montana u per cent protein 7615c; to arrive 74lie; No. 1 amber durum 70Q)74c; No. 2 amber durum BSfi)71c; No.'1 red durum 63c; May 77 1 !**July %7«c; September 5SHc. Corn, No. 3 yellow 515Ji53c. Oats, No. 3-white !6«027!lc. Barley 30B52c. Rye, No. 1. SO'.i^SSliiC. Flax, No. 1, Sl.17ffl.55. Burr Add Cal Hec Can Dry Can Pac Cos a Cerro de Pas Ches Ohio Chic Gt W Chic Gt W Pf C N W Crl 4 P Chrysler Coca Cola Col P I Col G E Col Graph Coml Solv Comwlth So Congoleutn Consol Gas Cont Cart Cont Ins Cont Mot Corn Prod Curtlss Wr Deere P( Drug Inc Dupont Eastman El Pow £ Jj Eng Pub Ser Erie Flak Fox Film A Freeport Tex Gen El Gen Foods Gen Motors Gen Pub Ser Gillette Qobel Gold Dust Goodrich Gogdy Grah Paige Granny Gt No Ry Pt I Gt No Ir Ore Gt W Sugar Grig Grun Ilahn Hartman Houston Hudson Hupp 111 Cent . Ind lief Int Comb Eng Int Har Int Nick Can I T T Johns llanv 35 'A 40 93 =i 24 40'S 8% 22% 35 \ 56 K K 20 "i 11 98 U EOVj 31', 32 Vj '37%; 47 W 52 S 427. 17S 29 '(', 8H J D S eii'j 22 S GSVi Kelvlnator Kennecott Kresge ·'Kroger Llgg t ily, B 84 Loews Ixwse Wllea Lorillard Louis G i E A .Mack Math Alkali May D S .McK Hob Mex Sea Oil Mid Cont Pet M K T Mo Pac Mont Ward Morrell Mot Wheel Nash Nat Bis Nat C ReE A Nat Dairy Nat Pow 4 L 3614 Nat Tea 1931 N Y Central J073fc NY HH H 80 Nor W No Am No Pac Oliver F Oils St Pac G E Packard Pan Am Pet B Para Pub Pa the PentcK. Ford 39 vi Penn 5551 Phil Pet 9V, Pills Fl . Proc ' Gam Pub Ser N J Pullman Radio R K O Readlrir Hem Hand Heo Hep Stl Hey Tob B Roy Dutch St Ij San P Sears R Shell U Simmons Sinclair Skelly So Pac So Pr Sug So Ry Stand Brds St G E at oil Cal St Oil N J st on N y Stew Warn Stone Web Stude Superior OH Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Koll B Union Carb Un Pac Unit Alrc Unit GIB Unit Corp Unit G E U S Ind Alo U S Rub U S Steel Ut P 4 L A. Vanadium Warn Pis W Mary West Air West E i Mft Willys Ov Woolworth 53S 5114 17'A 30 35 2411 31% 13H 15=4 1114 18 S 30 17 3514 78% 46 '4 14714 761i COV5 9 32 42V4 31 u 67% 88% 45 5i 21 «. 20% 72 lltt S'A ITA 50 VI 30 11 » 7« 84 U 32% 44 18U 13 K 42% 4US 21 16% 45% 2356 1« 28 49*1 52 V4 63 % asm 31 Y, 5J4 25 « 32 41 STOCK DECLINE PICKS UP SPEED Market Rounds Out Near! Fortnight of Steady Backsliding. NEW YORK, April 2. OP--Th decline in share prices gained mo mentum in today's stock market rounding out a fortnight of almos steady backsliding. Some observers had expected thi closing out of short contracts in ad cance of the Good Friday marke holiday tomorrow to give the list a temporary upturn. A rally did ge under way in the morning, but waa soon lost in a wave o£ selling. Utilities and chemicals were hart hit. International Telephone droppec more than two points. United Cor poration lost about a point, witl" one block of 12,000 appearing. Con solidated Gas, North American Electric Power and Light, Pacific Lighting and American Water Works lost two or more. Alliec Chemical dropped 5 and Air Reduction more than two in new lows. U S. Steel sold off more than a poin but was strongly supported at its 1931 low which is about three points above the minimum of last Decem her. The reduction of IT. S. Industrial Alcohol's annual rate from $6 to .$2 was less drastic than some observers had expected. With alcohol selling at 19 cents a gallon, it s believed to be below production costs. Call money renewed at 1J/4 per cent, but was not plentiful at that level. The automobile chamber of commerce's March production estimate indicates that the industry in the United States and Canada produced about 290,000 units last month, a substantial gain over February. 20 C014 Curb Market 3 511'i Wrfgley 17W Yell Trk 3214- Young S W 65 li 32-y. 85 6(4 6214 72 __. CHICAGO STOCKS CHICAGO. April 2. (.7p,_ Cent Pub Ser 17^4 N\V Bane Cities Service Gr Lakes Alro Gtiga Grunow Instill Ut Inv Kcll Switch Llbby McNeil 3-51 5 37 5',4 12 1^ Majestic Hsehld 4« Mid-West Utll 21 Mid West Ut P 100 Quaker Oats Std Dredging Swift 'Co Swift Int United Gas U 8 Gypsum Utll Ind Zenith 31 150 4H 2B 3 ,', ,-375i ' 9 47 K 7=4 3H, SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No. 7 NEW YORK STOCKS. A P F Co 9 Indian Ref 3% Am Bank N 55% Inland Steel 66 A Beet Sug- 31' a Kelvin Corp 13 A Br Shoe 3414 Lambert Co SO'/, Am C F SO 1 /. - - - Am Metal 19 A Sum Tob 8 Am Tob 115 A Z, L S 5% A C B (I) 1% As Dr G 25',i Baldwin Lo 24% Br M£ Co 19% Br-B-C Co Best Co Bur Add M 28 Butte C Z 131 Calif Pack 39 Com Credit 18',2 Com Solv 17 Cont Oil 8T4 Cr of Wht 31% Cur Wr pfd 5'X, David Chem 15 \l End! John 35 First N St Sin Fisk Rubber % 10 A 99 Liq Carb C 43 Loulsi Oil 4 Mathies Al 24 % McKes -. R 13 Muns W I 24% Nev C Cop 11 N Y Air Br 20 Otis Steel 12 Pathe Exch 2'/ Oil Co 8',4 Purity B C 41% Reo Gr Oil Reo Motors St. J Lead Schulte R S 10 S Cal Ed is 50 Stand Br Superior Oil I 1 ..; Tobacco Pr 2% U S R I 29 i,j Vanadium 61 Vi West My Id 14% W Union 129 Wrig Jr. Co 76% 6% 8 21« HIDES Her Ch Co. Hotist Oil NEW YORK CUUB QUOTATIONS "~ Nat Pub Sr 19T' 8 Niagr Hd 12'fe Nid-Bm-Pd Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros. 308 Fifth Street Southwest, · Horse bides ...... ..... .$1.50-52.00 Cured beef hides Green beef hldea Flyers Will Get Instruction. AMES, April 2.-- With their new airplane !n a hangar at the Amps airport, 15 members ot the flying club at Iowa State college are awaiting instruction, which is to be started tomorrow. Arthur M Scheerer, Fort Dodge, a licensed transport pilot, will give the instruc- Ition. Am Pr P 23 Am Gs E 75 Am Sp Pr Ark Nat Gs 5% Aa G El 2194 Can Marconi 3'4 Defer Rad 0% Dur Mtr 2% Eisler El 5V t El Bd Sh 47% Fd Mo Eng 15',;. Fox Theatrs 4% Hd B M S 5% Humble Oil 54% CHICAGO STOCKS Al Mo Ind 2U Grig-Gmow Aub Auto 235V- " Bend Avi 20% Bg-Wr Cp 24 Butler Bros 5% Cont Chi 7% Chi Invest 3 14 Cord Com 12% Gt Laks Air 3% 19% No Am Avi 9% Penn Corp 6% S O Ind 30% S O Ky 20 Trans Air T 6 United Gas 9 U L, P A Util P L 11 % Vacuum Oil 53% Walgrn Drg 21'4 NEW YORK, April 2. At--Selling of the utilities gave a heavy tone to the curb trj- day. The market enjoyed a firm opening and made scattering gains in the first hour and a half, but shorts launched a drive against the power shares later and prices turned reactionary- Trading was relatively light, altho turnovers In several Individual Issues were substantial. Electric Bond and Share and American Superpower were particularly soft United Light "A" was steady In the curly clcallngs. · Some specialties were soggy. General Aviation, Vogt and Deere sagged about a point, the last named breaking under 30 far new low. Noranda and Cord were steady. There, .was considerable selling of li. vestment Trusts and holding companies. In sull utility and Goldman Sachs broke a most a point, and scattered losses appears elsewhere. Call money renewed on the curb at 2 pe cent. The supply was limited. Bond Market NEW YORK, April 2. (,T--Thi bond mar ket was irregularly higher today on a mod crate volume. The upturn' appeared In the public utlll Ues and the railroad's, which have bee: under steady pressure recently. Most othe groups showed kllttle change. Great Northern series E 4',4s and Illlnol Central 4}is o£ 1936 made good gains in active trading. Chicago and Northwestern 43is of 1910 were fractionally lower steady selling. American and Foreign Power 5s. Ameri can Telephone 5s of 1060 and the defcentur 5s ot 1965, Columbia Gas and Electric 5s o Mny 1952 and Western Union 5s of 196) led the way upward for the utilities. Polish 7s dropped sharply but the nc changes of many of the leading foreign obligations were fractional. German 51^s continued nctlve and strong. The German Agricultural bank 6s of 1900 were active -'. fractionally higher levels. United Slates government boons were dull. Warner Brothers Pictures 6s dipped sharp ly on steady selling but other stock privilege obligations moved narrowly. CI.OSIXQ BOXTl QUOTATIONS NEW YORK, March 2. L-11--U. S bonus closed: Liberty 314s 5101.23. First 4',is 5102.26. Fourth 4/,a S103.23. Treasury 4 U s 5111.22. LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER WHEAT--Wheat received no support In a sentimental way from any source today Foreign and outstde markets were lower and sentiment continued as bearish as ever. Yet, this market which represents a commodity with which the world is vastly over-supplied, declined only about a cent nnd came back fractionally before tho close, showing net osses of nround ^ to. %c. The action today ndicated that an oversold condition resulted n covering and evening up by those nut anxious to remain long over the holiday, with prices at their present low levels. Demand for export was much more acttvu. About 1,000,000 bushels was reported sold. 'radically all Manltohas, making around 3 - iDO.OOO taken the pnst three days. The con- (ncnt was reported the best buyer, tvcr- will not reopen until next Tuesnay and Juenos Aires was closed today and will ·old no session until next Monday. Of the lomesUc markets, only Chicago, Kansas City and St. Louis wilt be open Saturday, vhlfe all world markets will be closed t-v norrow. Favor a trading position and sug- cst that sales be r.ot pressed on declines. COttN--Corn was under persistent pros- lire thru commission liousea and tlie locnl Icment. All deliveries were forced to a new nv on the crop and to tho lowest levels ince 1922. The market showed some recov- ry but did not have the Kama recuperative ·owers as wheat, altho the fundamentals i corn are directly opposite wheat. Shipping emand showed considerable improvement, 81,000 bushels were taken \vhilc book- to arrive were 25,000. Evening up over holiday may have something to do with trend Saturday. MAD LAUGHTER * . » » » * * * A Thrilling Mystery Story By MILES BPKTON (Continued From Comic I'age). tapped out a short message on his apparatus, then, putting a receiver on his head, listened. "Brentwood 3:25, sir," he reported. "That's ten miles ahead," remarked Pollard. "He's not hurry ing, he would not dare risk being caught in a trap. We've got to reduce the distance a bit, tho. Speed her up, driver." The driver nodded and jjut his foot on the accelerator. Theybound- ed forward until the speedometer needle rose to between forty and fifty, where it remained, except for a slow thru Romford, until the reached Brentwood at a quarter to four, where they learned that their quarry had gone straight on to wards Chelmsford. "Only twenty minutes ahead now," said Pollard. "He won't have reached Chelmsford yet. On we go!" As they were passing thru Ingatestone, Curtis cabled -up again, and reported: · "Chelmsford, 3:45, sir." "Ah, he's increased his speed at last," remarked Pollard. "That's ten minutes ago, and he was then six miles ahead. Push on into Chelmsford as fast as ever you can. He may have left tho main road there, and turned off north." (TO BE CONTINUED) Market Notes By TICKER TAPE Foreign news Is providing the most encouraging outlook on immediate business irospects In this country, according to Joseph 5. Otis, chalrmfin of the board of the Ccn- Intl Trust company of IHtnote. The several ·cccnt instances o£ negotiations being opened ) etwccn VH rlous Kurop ean nations we re cited as nn Indication of the healthier atmosphere In that quarter of the globe. Word from ChCna. and the Orient has as mmed a more favorable tone, Mr. Otis added!, while he also referred to the ab- ience of disturb [np developments In the South American countries. \IITO INDUSTRY SHOWS IMPROVEMENT The automobile Industry has entered April with a record of firat quarter gains In business that exceeded expectations, «ndl with lnns for a still further increase to meet a growing demand for passenger cars and ommcrclal vehicles. Including trucks and uses. Virtually all of tha producing companies gree that the neak In production will be dvanced to a later date than usual this ear to allow for taking up the stack in the ndlialry that was created by the general uslness depression. From a check of production, orders rc- efved and sales made early In March the ron A«e predicted that the production peak ould ho In May or June, whereas J n past ears the^ peak has been recorded at an carl- r date, it also WM estimated nt that time lat the flrst quarter production for the nltcd States and Canada would approxl- ate 700,000 unJLs. - PRODUCE MASON CITY, April 2 -Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse. EGGS Eggs (current receipts) ...... 15c POULTBX Stags ........................ I3c Heavy hens. 4% Ibs. ........ lie Light hens .............. T. ..'.lie Old cocks, heavy ............. 9c Ducks ......... . . ............ .12c Geese ........................ 70 Merchants Quotations. Bgga, in trade ............... ' jc Eggs, cash .... ........ .· '. L . .lie Butter, Plymouth ..... .· '.'.... 36c Butter, Clear Lake ..: ....... S2c Butter, State Brand ........ .35c Butter, dairy ................ 30c Potatoes .. ---- 35o and 40c a peck CHICAGO 1'OULTHY CHICAGO. April 2. apt-- Puollry-- Alive. 2 cars, 14 trucks, steady, prices unchanged. -- CHICAGO PRODUCE. CHICAGO, April 2. jr-- Butler 8.113. firmer: creamery extras (92 score) 27'.lc; standards (00 score carlots) 27 'Ac; extra firsts (DO-91 score) 26145P26};c; firsts S8- 80 score) 25',J@26c;' seconds (63-87 score) V4S25C. EBBS 28.847, steady; extra, firsts 20 1 ,lc: fresh graded firsts ]9@19%c: ordinary firsts 18 ^c; storage racked firsts 21'ic: storage packed extras 21}lc. I'nODUCE FUTURES CHICAGO, April 2. (,Tt-- Egg futures closed: Storage packed first, April 21%c; refrigerator standards. Nov. 25'/4c. Butter futures closed: Fresh standards. June 27c; storegfle standards, Nov. 20MC. NEW YOI1K FBODUOE. NEW YORK, April 2. (Xt-- E6£3 35.850: firm. Mixed colors, regular packed, closely selected extra 225i«S23c; extra first 22ffi- 22^c: first 21te ®2I31c; seconds 20%^21c; medium firsts 20c: storage packed, closely selected heavy 23',4®23%c; extra first 22y, @23c; first 22@22i,lc; medium firsts GRS, nearby and nearby western hennery white, average extra 24c; nearby white mediums £2Vaft'23!4c. Butter 14,686, steady. Cheese 73.191, steady. KANSAS CITY PKOUUCE. KANSAS CITY". April 2. (.T--Poultry-Hens 15ST20C. Butler--Creamery 32c; in argc quantities 31c; bulterfat 19®'24c. Other produce unchanged. NEW YORK 1'Om.TTtV. NEW YORK. April 2. (/p--Poultry- Dressed steady; ducks fresh 24©25c; froz- Poultry,. live, not quoted. ELECTRIC OUTPUT is BRIGHT SPOT One of the encouraging trends Is that of electricity output. The curve In this Index "or at least a month has been getting closer o the 1910 curve, and lor the week ended .larch 28 Indicated an output leaa than 2 per cent below that of last year. Tlie uncertainty In the chemical market :xtendcd to Columbian Carbon, which ac- ompanled Allied Chemical, Air Reduction and Industrial Alcohol In further declines. * lOIVS INCREASE Loading or revenue freight for tho week. nded on March 21 totaled 741,942 cars, the ar service division of the American Hallway association announced. This was an Increase of 7,080 cars above IB preceding week this year but a reduc- lon of 133,443 cars below tho same week. 1st year. It also was a reduction of 220,458 ars below the corresponding week In 1920. Miscellaneous freight loading for the -week f March 21 totaled 283.778 cars, or 76,302. nrs under the same week In 1030 and 18.052 .cars under the corresponding week - 1020. Tc ALL CCENECS Cr THE DIVIDENDS EACH MONTH O N the month 4% Hart-Carter 9\'Hor G . A 25H Nat Leather 1 Quakr Oat 150 Unit Corp 5 U S Gyp 4T,(, Utll Ind U S R T 27 MINNEAPOLIS STOCK Fst Bk Stk 22V4 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN MARKET CASH SALES 143% to 1490i 7% last day of each approximately 21,000 Prior Preferred divi- acnd checks -arc loaded into a O. S. mail truck ond started out to all corners of the land. Some; of these check* go to business and professional men and women, some to housewives, others lo workmen nnd farmers. In fact, there ore people from every walk of life living in 44 different states us well ai in France, Canada, Sweden, Porlo Rico, The Hawaiian l«land», The Dutch East Indies, The Phil- pinei. and The Canal 7fnc. who receive Prior Preferred dividend check, of the United Light Railways Company each month. Doll IndTole Stite. In Which Prior PreferTM :1 SUareholders Reside INVEST NOW in this SAFE SOUND.SECUIUTY Prior Preferred Stiace; 3/kUNsTED LIGHT RAtuvAys PAR $IOOA SHARE Avotiabfo at antj P OSSIBLY you a^ wondering just why so mnny individuals from no many different parts of the, world have chosen to inv«t in Prior Preferred Shares of. Tho United LiRht tc Railways Company. Safety of Principal is one reason. The essential Nature of Services Rendered is another. Unquestioned Collateral Value. Diversity of Industries, Territory Served, Proven Management nnd Ready Marketability n r c still other reasons. But moat important of all is the fact that Prior Preferred dividend checks have teen delivered" regularly each month since this safe, sound necuritv wa- first TfMe available, over ten years Foot Crushed by Tractor. .OMAHA. April 2. UP)--Charles '·lughes, a Griswold, Iowa, farmer was in an Omaha hospital today following a leg- amputation after aij accident Monday when his foot was I crushed by a tractor. F. J. HANLQN, Pres. and Gen. Mgr. PEOPLES GAS ELECTRIC CO. A UNPTED Ltcifr nit Farililic*

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