Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 21, 1943 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1943
Page 4
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4 THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 1843 ALARUM CiT* LEGAL NOTICE i. 2. I. Quarterly Report of BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT OF Muon City, Iowa For quarter ending Dec. 31, 19U. SUMMARY OF PROCEEDINGS RELATIVE TO FINANCE October 19th, 1942. The Board considered proposals of bonding companies on the refinancing of $90,000 of bonds maturing May 1st, 1914, the best rate quoted on new bonds being 2%. No action taken by the Board. The Board directed school officials to co-operate in the scrap-iron drive by selling for scrap any materials on hand not likely to be needed. Report was made to the Board on War bond selling by salary deduction plan in ·which it was indicated that the' response on a basis of 10% or better was practically unanimous for all employees of the school system. November 2nd, 1912 Mr. Frank Fearce, having received an appointment for war service, tendered his resignation as a Director of the Board of Education, which was accepted, and Mr. F. W. Osmundson was appointed to fill the vacancy. November 23rd, 1942 Authorized Building committee to proceed with the improvement of shower and locker rooms at the High School to meet expanded needs, using school maintenance staff for as much of the work as is practicable. Heard and approved repor of the Superintendent o: Schools on the wide use that - is being made of the schoo buildings for various war activities. December llth, 1942 1. Authorized Supt. of Schools to continue negotiations for the establishhment of a training school for war workers in Mason City, and to assure the co-operation o the Board in the project. December 22nd, 1943 1. The Board received offer of 1%% interest on new bonds to refinance $90,000 bond issue maturing May 1st, 1944 maturities on new issue tc run $10,000 per year from 1945 to 1953. Offer made by an association of bonding companies. Action postponed for further study. SUMMARIZED FINANCIAL STATEMENT For Quarter Ending December 31st, 19r On Hand at end of .' . quarter, S e p tembc- 30£h, 1942 $ 41,138.50 Received during quar- ;ter ending December 31st, 19*2 256,233.18 1. 2. Total Balance and Receipts 297,371.68 Spent for salaries, quarter ending December 31, 1942 132,057.06 Spent for Non-salary items, per following list of persons, firms \ and corporations .., 54,541.21 Total Expenditures. 186,598.27 Balance on hand at close of quarter ending December 31st, 13*2 ... 110,773.41 Total Expenditures and Balance 297,371.68 PAYMENTS MADE TO PERSONS FIRMS CORPORATIONS Other than salaries, for Quarter ending December 31, 1943 Allison Coal St Feed Co. 3,084.0 Allison Mfg. Co Allied Radio Corp. ... Allyn Bacon American Book Co. ... American Crayon Co.. American Edu c a t i o n Press American Handic r a f t Co American Medical Association D. Appleton - Century Co. . . , : G. S. Avery Son ... Ivan Barnes Agency .. Dale Barney Barrett Bros. Harry Beard Bex Ins. Co Blumensteil, C. W. ... B. O. Exchange Bobbs-Merrill Co. . . . . Boomhower Hdwre Co. Boyd Typewriter Co... Bracken Ins. Agency.. Bradley Co., Milton ... Branstad, Nels Walter Brodhed Garrett Co. .. Brown Ins. Agency ... Bureau of JEd. Iowa City Burgess Pub. Co Capital Tobacco Corp.. Casey Drug Co. ... Caven, Walter i. .-. · . Central Scientific Co.- Cha m p i o n Publishing Co. Champlin Refining Co. Chicago Apparatus Co. C. R. J. p. Ry. Co.. .. Clack, Nan Clark, E. W. Co. ... 57.3 1 4.4: 170.3! 82.4! 3.2! 350.86 2.67 2.50 1.7 118.3 9.2 6.00 35.56 74.2; 4.66.01 2.01 7.81 9.51 5.2! 208.8! 122.61 40.01 Hi 374.6! 372.7! 2.51 69.0i 10.2' 15.0i 74.81 4.0 6.3 119.9 1.2 30.0 9.2 INCOME TAX SERVICE BUREAU Henry W. Thomas MANAGER First National Bank Bide. Telephone !«·-- M»»n City Colgate Palmolive Co.. 3.16' Commonwealth Fund . 2.00 Continental Press .... 4.74 Cook Co 52.61 O. P. Craft Co. Inc.... 8.20 Crane Co 67.56 Craven, Mrs. Don 222.50 Crescent EL Supply Co. 27.04 Curran, Lester 40.00 Currie Van Ness Co... 583.61 Curtis, O. L. 14.00 iavey Son, Hugh... 11.78 Decker Bros 334.05 . E. Decker Sons. .. 32.46 3es Moines Bookbindery 276.64 Determan, H. C 12.98 Detroit Q Brush Mfg. Co 35.28 DeWilde Auto Repair.. 20.16 Diamond Point Saw Shop 11.15 Dictaphone Sales Corp. 2.00 Douglas Ins. Co 2.32 Dreiser, Mrs. Effie . . . 6.50 E. P. Dutton Co. ... 2.78 Economy Welding Machine Co 26.51 Educational Test Bur.. 3.92 Educator P r o g r e s s League 5.90 Sggers Ptg. Co 54.07 Sggert Emmanuel .... 121.90 Engler Drug Co 19.22 Sxecutone Co 12.50 Farm Products Co. ..'. 35.80 Farrell, Lloyd 100.00 First Nta'l Bank 356.23 Ford Hopkins Co. 2.44 Fuller Brush Co. 13.38 Fullerton Lbr. Co 321.97 Fullerton, Helen 2.90 Garden City Ed. Co. .. 13.55 :ardner Furnace Co.. 8.91 iarrard Press 3.17 Gen. Biol. Supply .... 50.96 Geniesse Mfg. Co 28.BO inn., Co 95.32 orker, Ralph 4.10 Gregg Pub. Co 60.27 Tiesemer's L e a t h e r Shop 2.03 Grolier Society 82.9S Grupp, Carl 36.72 General Mills, Inc. ... 35.0C Governor of Iowa .... 5.0C Grippen Co 275.85 Harcourt Brace Co.. 345.73 Harper Bros 93.42 Harrer Ins 87.34 Hawkeye School Supply . ' Co 93,89 Hawkins, L. T 8.6: D. C. Heath Co 11.91 Heimendinger, Kenneth 133.6C Hermanson Bros , 177.49 H. S. Activities Fund. 299.25 Highway Oil Co 11.57 Higley Chem. Co 70.65 Hill, George 2.32 Henry Holt Co. 75.27 Holman, Irene 5.36 Hutchinson Ice Cream 138.60 Houghton Mifflin Co.. 1 255.76 Ideal Sand Gravel Co 4.64 industrial Chem. Inc... 62.37 ]owa Company 434.78 ·;a Band Inst. Ser... 46.25 Iowa State B r a n d Creameries 22.50 :owa T. B. Ass'n 11.02 rtst. for Research 7.50 rons, R. B 33.12 ardine, Elec. Ser. 5.35 efferson Coffee Shop. 802.81 ohnson !c Sons 9.21 ohnson Service Co. .. 2.89 Ralph Lloyd Jones ... 321.32 "udy Co. 12.46 'unfor Literary Old. .. .35 aramitros, Pete 725.00 iayenay Engraving Co. .70 ieane, Dr. J. S · 6.00 Celroy Fuel . 13.53 enyon Press Pub. Co. 4.11 tirsch, Wallace 38.80 ·tlipto Loose Leaf Co.. 369.09 Cnesel, A. \V. Son.. 203.00 Cresge, S. S. Co.... 9.08 Carson, Harley 99.10 ren, Marvin 8B.80 mon Bakery 31.42 Letts, Chester 100.00 ndstrom, Otto 47.60 Jxiomer, C. L 4.64 Coring Supply 7.77 Lyons Carnahan ... 12.82 VIcCormick - Mathers Co 184.9S McClanahan, Robert .. 94.40 McClellan, Mrs. W. B. 323.75 McGraw Hill Book Co. .42 MacIUillan Co 193.60 Marshall Piggly Wiggly 75.27 Marshall Swift 3.8: Mason City Air Activ. 18.91 M. C. Brick Tile Co. 51.00 M. C. Builders Sup. Co. 48.88 M. C. Globe-Gazette Co 34.19 M. C. Loan Inv. Co. 169.36 M. C. Lumber Co 95.71 M. C. Millwork Co. ... 75.82 M. C. Motor Coach Co. 214.25 M. C. Refrigeration Co. 12.50 M. C. Tent Awn. Co. 13.21 M. C. Waterworks ... 358.18 Meinecke, Cecil 99.10 Mcrkel Co 28.99 Midwest Roofing Co... 229.27 Moen, Robert 36.00 Monger, Vivian 17.57 Moore, L. A. Lbr. Co.. 426.88 atott, Harold 2.38 Nat. Assn. Teachers Speech 6.00 Nat'l Biscuit Co 3.42 Nat. Geographic Society 3.5( News Map of the World 25.0C Niagara Alkali Co. ... 22.5t Nicbergall Bros 42 36 N. W. Bell Tel. Co. ... 321.25 Norton Co 1.49 Overmeyer, W. W. ... 16.2( Owen, F. A. Pub. Co.. 5.50 Page Lumber Co 33.8] Palmeter Ins. Agency. 10 4! Park Hospital Clinic .. I2io0 Pattie Ins. Co 10 V Pauley, Ray E. Co. ... Paxton Lumber Co . . 60 13 Payne Plbg . Htg. Co. 152^85 Peoples Gas El. Co. 3,344.86 Petty Cash Acct 243 55 PfaJf Baking Co 33 39 Phillips Peiroleum ... 7 TJ Pink Supply Co 2-L50 Postmaster 75 0( Practical School Sup... 23 5( Pritchard Motor Co... 26 4' Progressive Ed. Assn.. s'.65 Rae, James -18.If Rankin Bros 1539; Reed Music Co. ...'... Reichardt, Ray 23 27 Remington Rand Co. .. i 79 ROmey Realty Co 168.20 Ronnie, Inc 1.25 Row, Peterson Co... 5'·; Sanborn, Benj. Co.., 143.68 Schmidtman, The Co.. 38.32 School Executive . . . . 3 01 Schurtz, R. C Scott Foresman Co.. 21580 Sears Roebuck Co... _jaton Truck Lines .. .88 Seefried, Edward 6.00 Shepherd, Ralph 12.09 Shipley Printing ^o... 15.05 Sieg Mason City Co.... 26.20 Simcoe Pub. Co .60 Singer Co. 30.93 Slagge, Robert ' 6.00 Smithsonian Inst. Inc.. 42.00 Snyder, C. I. Co. 107.88 Southwestern Pub. Co. 9.83 Standard Oil Co 31.06 National Hef. Co 42.94 State Univ. of Iowa ... .25 Stewart, Carleton 2.40 "itinston, Ira 6.96 itoyles Press Co 81.75 itrong Scott Mfg. Co.. , 1.08 Stubbs, Glenn 6.72 Taylor, W. A. Co.... 4.42 Thrams, W. D. Agency 4.64 Thomas Machine Co... 5.10 Thompson O'Neil Co... 82.08 Treasurer St. of Iowa. 127.36 Triarch Botanical . . . . 7.40 United Ins. Agency ... 6.96 United Radio 10.u U. S. Naval Inst 6.25 Univ. Chicago, Ed. Department 2.50 University of Chicago. 3.15 Vance Music Co 469.02 VanEvery, George 1.16 Wagner Coal Co. 56.25 VanNostrand Co. D ... 55.77 Warren Webster Co. .. 29.15 Wearda, Mrs. H. C 135.00 Webster Pub. Co 2.25 Weigman, Marvin ..·;. 232 Welch Mfg. Co 25.37 Westcot, Geo. L. Co. .. 26.26 Western Grocer Co. .. 50.69 Western Union Teleg.. · 3.67 White Dental Mfg. Co. 3.67 Wiley, John Sons . .. 33.70 Willard Rubber. Products 24.00 Wilson, H. W. Co 30.25 Winterbottom Sup. Co. ' 6.47 Witwer Grocer Co. ... 195.47 Wolf, Mier Sons . .. 21.5G Woolworth. F. W. Co.. 8.64 World Book Co. 232.79 Yelland i Hanes 230.39 Yellow Cab Co 140 41 Y. M. C. A 131.50 Youngblood, J. B 2.32 Zack Bros. El. Co 30.83 Zirbel, H. W. ' 30 00 5 25,536.21 Interest and principal on bonds $29,005.00 Total Non-salary Items $54,541.21 State of Iowa Cerro Gordo County, ss I, R. L. James, hereby certify that the foregoing Summary of Proceedings of the Board relative to finance, the Summarized Financial Statement, and the list of Persons, Firms and Corporations to whom payments were made during the quarter ending December 31st, 1942, is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. R. L. JAMES, Secretary, Board of Directors Subscribed and sworn to before me this 20th day of January 1943 CECILE W. MARTIN (SEAL) Notary Public, Cerro Gordo County Campaign Launched by Mew York Paper to Reduce Circulation NEW YORK, U.R--The New York Kews Thursday began a campaign to reduce its circulation --1,850,000 daily, 3,900,000 Sunday (December average). The Jurpose was to save newsprint. It announced that it would soon raise its advertising rates about 10 per cent and require its advertisers to reduce their space by an amount "\vhich \ve hope will level out to at least 10 per cent and preferably to 15 per cent." Again the purpose was to save newsprint. Bailiffs Claim to Be "FigHt'nist" Family Around Banning, Cal. BANNING, Cal., (7P)--Meet the Bailiffs, who claim they're the fight'nist family in these parts. Lt. R. E. Bailiff is in the state guard, Mrs. Bailiff is a corporal in the Banning branch of the women's ambulance corps. Their eldest son, Lt.,Daniel Bailiff, is a chemical warfare specialist, stationed- in Mississippi Edward is a cadet in flight training at a Texas army base; Bert, the third son, has just been in ducted ipto the army. And Sister Cora Mae, (he only daughter, is a lieutenant in the army nurse corps. That, say the Bailiffs, is 100 per cent. FINDS HIS "GAS" WATER SAN JOSE. Cal., (U.PJ--William M. McLaughlin gave up three of his precious gasoline coupons for presumably 12 gallons of gasoline. But a little later, his engine sputtered and stalled. The draining of his gasoline tank revealed the presence of 12 gallons of v.-ater. He absolved the owner of the gasoline station, a long-time friend, and opined rainwater must have drained into the tank accidentally, "but, oh, my coupons," he moaned. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. 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