The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 18, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1818
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Wf& POST.' NUMBER 5021 SATURDAY, 'ULYH8 l8I8. NO. 49 WILLIAM STI EET. For Sale. Prei.'ht or Charter. r - i z - V? r.A - U . i iTl MiR strong vessel, w ell Cut. n!, burilien . ...i mi .ft tons, can be sftit to sea at a triiliiiL' iDOvl" vv t,penee - - he now liesat IlmAlyn, where she 7 U. W ROGERS & CO. j, 13 2.o I' earl - street. jtee. tobacco, wise, Ac yi.iw. (i mil I blil. veryOreen Coffee j5 blub superior old Kentucky Tobacco j I do old Rbjhniuud' ' lo j5 do new do do 6 at. caslriL. F - Madeira Win . 1 bad. Madeira of uncommon hfgb davor,f i, ...... 1 vanr in J amMM. F i nr. cask cxlrs Snerry Wine, ( ' li5 bb'' Fredericksburg Flour. rf Janeiro and Per vnmhuro. S32 Vamhbouinl to either of the above bmIu may barea fewsucfl frs' - phf, from r" . ' rout. - n; ja30 Iia r rmit - t. iV - 11.4 V lit'., IjPfv The snip BELLE, Henry Leslie, JjSJinasier, to sail in 10 days. For a few tuns ofheavy freight or passengers, having excellent accommodations, apply to JONES & MECRATH, je 29 51 iSoiitli - street. - or i.lrERI'UUL, JjTv The very superior coppered British V filstni) DALMAUXOCK. W. W. Robert - ton, muster ; her cargo being nearly engaged. For llie remainder of freight, or passage, having elegant accommodations, apply board, east side Fly - uiarkel - wharf, or to a. UALGI.EISH & CO. " 10j Fearl - strcct Who offers for sale, ex. said vessel, from LeitU . ' Edinburgh Ale, of superior quality, in but - th - s and casks. Vine Bottles, Sec. per gross. je 26 tKAlES"aud GROUnKTE: NO. 7 rARK (l.ATfc LADIES AUtri H ROOM.) f pHEiubscriln rha constantly on haud a gtu - X eral assortiu' - it of the followm.; articles, n.'iK It r. ill be divo'cd of at a iiicJcraitf T, oi Lrt t(n.ii.if , Serifs lo do ticnuineolil Cuac l.r.iaity Hollands liin . und other Spirits , tV'inei oi the varioui kinds Tine Apple blirub Leiurm, Lime mid Orne Jnu'C - Sallad Oil in beltiti and bbttlt - s 1,. Urowo btout , Bullied Ale and Cidor , Double Ciloucfilcr lloliand and American Clieeie Cordials Spices, lsrnc. s fperm and fallow Candles Do. Oil lor Lamps ColTee, Rice. Barl. - T ftnd Mu(:irl A lew boxe Sicily Leiuoni, in but order Kaisias, Almoaili, t'luoet, Kigs Uatket Salt, Sic. For tale hy JAMES I'. AXDOE. Wanted t ) purchae, a quantity of Mtcood liand wine and pnrlrr r 'Kb . J I J J 7 keg London W bite Lead in pit 3d barrels do Dry White Lead tt tons lied Lead SO barrels Uristol Red Ochre 10 do Venetian Red ; 2 torn line Litharge MO hos - head Whiting ft) cuikt V:.rin While I t hhdY crUigris ttl tiercf t leof - h Ye'.imr Ocnrv 5 kejs ftuiil!iun 4 casks i'rutnan Blue, 4101'). Crowe Yeliow; latent YiIIjw ipaiiili lirown, enctian Red, Yellow, SIS OIL. lila.b, I Verdiri", Lampnlack ; Ivory Black ; l'rfrila Brown Spirits Turpentine ; LinUeedOil 4U0 boxes Window Ulai, aborted Forsal on the la nest terina, lor catli nr at iV.rl credit, by PETER bCHERMERIIORV k SONS, mf I ?43 Water - strppt. WM: W. WOOLSEY & CO. Xo. I'earl - strcct, ltave jutt received by the Julius Craar, Courier, Ami .Maria, and other vtueU boat Livrr;ool and Iindou, a very eitrusivc artaiut of HA RDWAMi aud CUTLER Y, vluch tiiey otferlor kale by the pitckage or from fhelrei on the lowest terms, lor ca.h or credi ; mod of which are particularly adapted to tbu southern anJ westrro markets con. - Hing of Fowiiu; ,icc. of difTerrot descriptions Anvil - , u t', Trace chains Hammer heads Gun look, I'i - tols, Tea trays Croi - cut, mill aud pit saws, of various qu Ji - ties . Fine plate stock locks Sb, chest, trunk and cupboard locks Hind, tenant and sath saws Files of all kinds Bread trays, Webbinsr, Candlesticks Flated castors, Padlocks, crews Tooth bru.dies, ?rrew plates A'teclyards, Waffle and wafer irons Plated saddlery of all kinds Tea kettles, Rat traps, Pocket books Buttons, bbovels, Tongs, Fli .ts Knives & lurks, pen, pocket anJ olber knives Scissors, Razors, Portable cases Chieli, Plaue irons and gouges f atcut aud common lioes Together sri4 a quantity of Ym, Ul. steel, blistered Miliiugton Crowley steel, kc. kc. 173 boxes window ;las . ' 5(i ca:ks while nd red lead 10 cases whitu aud colored cotton hose 90raksfpcltt - r COO I "ves tobacco pipes 5 cases Ion j aud short Italian gloves July 1 1 gw JOIIX uOTER.AN,3i auUi - ueet, etlers for sale 51 rcroons Caraccas Flora Indiso ' "8 dales London market Goat tkins & do. small do. 1 1 skins daks SI bids iiwi fresh shelled altucml 3i ceroons bitter do. do. 76 do. cumitiinsfcd, 1 do fennel do. jb.rairawn ilo. JuneO lm tlUth.Y IOHACCO i74 htid?. V piime Kentucky Tobacco, I.indins tl is day ani ship Gr,d Seiuor, from New Oflcui.;, tor "V CIIAS. I,. OtiDEX, and Jv A II It A 1 1 A M tX.UE.V. W AKtlA.N I r.l bOLH.Mi ClAJlll. - s. Jii i A '"W asior'uitutof evrrvdescrijition, i'ulch Bolting Cluibs, warranted t'j be ol the Quality evei impoiled, aud t the uiot te - prices, for sale bv JNO. M'CRACKA V, Jil Hi l - J feart - trt. 1 C .iMKRICJ.Y RitAM) I' Ace. i!i,lt"' in,i,:,tioa hrmJy, lugh proof 3 buds pure spirits do ryewhUkry w'assjnoirU rries ... . - 10 chi - t 10 catty Ux - s hvsoa hit Is - - - U??Wt Mietl Icid " tuhsbuuerfbr sale by Tii It t V . Jaly e 2w CORX'5. DUBOIS. rVVA' - PLATES, TRACE - CUAUfS, . - J. SOU boxes tin plates 'J cm it Traces Kr js Wir No. y 60 casks Rninnn Cement, now landiap, and (or sale by ANDERSON' U SHEARER, 131 Water - street, ' Who hart in ttore, Patent and common Carolina aud Virginia IJoes Sheet BrnSs of all sites . Urass and copper Wire Lnii'loii made pocket Books and Wallets Latiies work Boxes Sic. my 25 aARUWARK, CUTLERY Sic 2 casks Scotch spring Locks 5 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards I do chest haiidlrg. tec. , I do screw phiticcW - beams, if,' I do brass cocks Ate. 1 do 111 mt tal kittles anJ skillets "i do tio'd pots and sauce pans S do line padlocks . 4 do Uanbury locks, hingcs 8cc. , . 'i do hammer, pincers, locks, &c. 2 do HI, binges, A c. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledfres 2 ih black & bright vicea, 2 t'n files ' 4 do pocket, pen and double bl .de knives 4 do buck and bone table knives 3 di htittubs 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to 20d. Abo, a large and general assortment of goods opeooa the shelves, lor sale at tlicni't reduced prices, by ADAMS & BLACK WELL, may 7 15 Harl - t. IJOKTER. L by Jy 13 15 casks Bristol Porter, torsaie LE ROY, b A YARD A: CO. v1HEAilCALb, COLURs, Ac - - - J Epsoin S:dts, in caks of Vowt. I.tmip Maznesit, in cases Do do small squares Colrincil do in phials Ruc.iielie Sails, Acid Tartar Cithtf Acid, Bln - Vtrdit'T in firkins I'dlent yullnw, Kins Yellow Rta!u of Antimony GU.S, LUTTON3. Ice. Fc vhn Piecff, assorted, well finished Do do iu waiu&coat cases, lineiy CnifLed ui'ti apparatus complete Duelht'g Pistols, incases tiiiH Epaulettes ' iNaval nod Mihl.iry Sword Belts (iiltCoat and Vest Button Copperplates for engravers .M itlieumtical Instrument Rolling Taralel Rulers .Mariners compasses, telescopes Opera g - lasil(, microscopes 3 setts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkicrews, silver pencil eases. For sale by J. I.A.MUEitT, je 18 3 CourtLndt - itreet. FOR SAL A LOT of ground on Broadway, between .TV Walk, r street an 1 Canal - street, 26 feel 10 inches wide and 17j leet long. Inquire of P. A. JAY, Jy 1 tf No. 37"4'ine - strtet. 13 V. LKDVARD K CU. It'4 Pearl - street, . oiler for sate, in addition to their former extensive assort mi"ut ol Hardware, the following articles, rer'd hy the Martha, from l.iverpiKtl Traco Chains I Clout Nails triiades and Shovels 6 and 8 barr'd Currv Urass Kettles do Candlesticks do Cocks do Nails Si llingcs Gilt Coat Butl.ica, tome of snp. qu.dity, u.nb!e for nreicninrt tavlors Japanned Cnndlctieks Flemish Tucks J 3 If C'nmhs 6 barr'd Mane do Iron Wire.No. 4tol0 Steelyards Fine Guns Trunk Locks liwii(; Kniwf Hin - lcys Patentcur - rier's knives warranted to Cox's genuine. L fil UOUUS, Sit: (3 Boxe muslius 10 do. 4 - 4 & 7 - Iiidi linens 1 do. pink iiijjhnuii 1 do. sbawli 4 do. brown platill'is 6 do Scotch ivnabuiv 7 bales imitation sheetings 4 do. brown lir.c n 2 do. linen bed tick 1 tin. 5 4 cotton checks 1 do. larpitinf. Sail - cloth, Cotton basrgins Twillod sackin Seine twine For :de bv (iF.ORG E JOHNSTON, Julv2 No. 1 loat - lane. CtlAL, AFLDAT. 1(U Chaldron Liverpool New - Pit Coal, I VrVof superior quality, now landing fnim onboard the l.ip,Gaugr at the east side of Peck - slip. 60 chaldron Scotch Coal, of prime quality, diicharging trom on board the ship futon, at pier No. 9, E. R. 50 chaldron Liverpool New - Pit Coal, equal to the above, discharging from on board the ship Othello, at the loot of Rector sirect, N. R. Application to be made on board, or at the uhscribrr'scoal yard. No. 274 Front street, who has on hand a large supply of Liverpool, Scotch and Virginia Coal, suitable for families and blacksmiths, which be will disose of ou ac - comiuodatinz terms. For tale bv J 9 A. FRAPER. Kiel! LINENS, DIAPERS, Sic. JUST received by ti.e Wilson, Iroiu Dublin, several packages 44 Linens and 5 - 4 Sheetings ; and ou hand, of recent importations, a general assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linen, 73 Lawns 3 - 4 Diapers and 3 4 Brow n Holland. Wlndi are olfert d for sale on reasonable terms, by HENRY M'VICKAR k CO. Jl31w 57 Pn street. LIA'EjVS, I ELYETS, Sic. AVERY handsome assortment of Selessia Linens, couse - tin; of Platillas, Royaler, Uretagnes, Estopillas, Dcwlas, Crca and Cho - letU 2 cases silk velvets BUM muskets - 2 boxes fowling pieces 2 ca - ks Sleuerark scjtites double sword 150 kegs Dutch herrings 4 boxes assorted glassware The above articles entitled to Je ben! are. 3 ccroous iiidi;o, I box toys and a few pi: - ccs Dutch cloth For sale bv C. ZIMMERMAN, J ill v 11 1m 77 Wii - hingtnn - st. I'HI.ME KKj IX.CKY TnH.iCfV. X ( bhJs will be lauded ou Monday from the J " ship Grand Seigiwr, and brig John, from New - Orlcant for taTe by ROUT. CILLF.sriE, 112Front - st. In ttore, 33 hhds old Kentucky tobacco, and 25 do Virginia do. , Jy II TRAPS. M1E newly invented patent Box Traps, for I tale at 130 Water - street. Je 13 IJITT SAWF, A small invoice ol Cittsftecl Pitt Saws, just received aod for sale by ANDERSON St SHEARER. Jeta 131 Water - street. CLAUET. 40 dozen very siiperiour Claret, for aale at $13 the dozen, bv GEORGE JOHNsTON. je30 tf So 1 Sloat lanc GIN, Ac 30 pis Holland Gin, landing at Sttveos' - whart, froia tlie bris Jewell, from Antwerp. fr ft'fore, 107 pipes very superior 2d proof Ilcllaad Gin, in lots tu suit purchasers 200 pieces flullaud Duck, first quality 200 bale New - Orleans Cotton S cases French Cambrics . 45 kegs Harris' crooked brand Tobacco S5 do do 'straight do do 12 do Kentucky do Dearborn's Balaucos, from 300 to 2000 lbs. for sale by . & U. TALCOTT, Jy 15 64 douth - ttreet. 1 1 ICH emhroided Muslin Dresses, just receiv L(x ed, ana lor laic by MARCH & LOW, 210 Broadway. J 16 LREMCH BRANDY b pipes tirst quality, C 4th proof Rocbelle Brandy, landing and for sale by HURD&SEWALL, Jy 16 65 South - street. TU UA llEhS, MlLLLfUUS. GLAZleMS T c. 9J UST received by the Radius, from London, and lor sale by GEO. CHANCE, No 6 Church - it. I door from Fulton - st. One cae of black willow square fur bats or bonnets, a new article, a&iViog light, calculated ior the present season One cat e glazier's diamonds, well assorted ' Four liuudred and fifty boxes of Loudon crown girt?, assorted, of each size from 6 by 8 to 14 by 22. Jy 10 2w XTA NKEHN'S 7.500 ps blue and company i. Yellow, of tupermr quality, larding from slooji superior, lorsale at b o - iuin - sfrept, ny Jyl6 CA.MBRELENGei PEARSON. C10fJ.Ml.NG ROOM. A pleasant and con - J venient Couiitinn Room in soutn - stn ct to ,t Apply at SJ houih - strvet. J i DO V ESTIG GtOCS 10 cases stujiti 10 do fine and co irse ginghauit - 5 b) broivn shirtings 5 del bed ticking 4 dot - 4 mid 4 4 checks 1 do 4 - 4 and 5.4 sheet ins 2 do blvnch'd shirtings, Que nyd coarse 1 to Hue, madn o) sea Island collou 2 dn cotton balls r ttinr Its, cassinctts, rastimeres, broad cloths. I counterpanes, diaper, drabefts, lulter paper, but - ! tou, knittins cotton thwd, a;c. Jtc Ff - r sale . by - Tl I E COMMISSION COM PAN If, I J !C I4!l Penrl street. ; GftR.YlAN GUDDa. RKCEIVED by the ship 'I'riton and the ship fllbe, from Himbrg, 'and oll r lute import - i at ions, nn assortment of German Liocbt, such as J ' Piuti.'las, white and brown ! .' reifies. Great, Dowlas, llrown Checks and Shirting Linens Ht'iupcu Osnaburgs ind Tickleiibuir, . Mescal's, Burlaps, Frown Rubs B..g, 'I a;v, .su - !flin llroar! troths Napluus, filk ttllnons nnd Pound Ribbons CcCe Ali'ls, Slate Pern ils Looki: R Glass Plates ' Pocket and Stdlia Glasses Lead PeinVl Aud an assoitaicnt of Cnrrfwire. A'so on hand, A few tons St Petersburg Hemp r irsl quality Holland ml Ch.tli, und t - iily boxes Puteras S Cheese, entitled to de Lc'iilure. For sale on reasonable terns, by GEO. tl T1ILO. MEYER, J 15 Im 129 Washington street. FOR &ALE. ri - rr. PEW No. 57, in the middle aisle of the JL Pri sbyteri.iii Church, Walbstreet. 1'ho above, wid be sold chtv.p. Enquire at the print - . J lb ot KNGLIsH Si FKKNCH tilMJD.. 1 )E'1ER R EMS EN A: CO. SO South street, have lor sale, English and r rene h (joihIs oi the following drscripti 'lit Ass'd Chintz and Life Ground Furnitures Do. Bombazets, 6 - 4 and 9 - 8 Cambrics Furniture Prints Damask Tal.le Cloths. Huckaback Towels Malabar and Madras lli'lifs Blue aud red Porktt do. 4 4 Hhirtings Hair cord Dimity, plain I'ldl'tn Ribbons Men's black at .d' whits rrilk. Gloves i tireen and changeable Levantines Parasols, common and figured borders Fringed Satin Ribbons Garniture Taffeta do Oiled Hat Covets, and Kancv rnuff Hoxe Jy 15 HOliOKEN FERRY. r'pHEhon. the Crpoiaioa of the city ofNow - X York, hating granted to the. subrcribcr a kac of the Hoboke.i r'cn v, he has associated with him ir that establishment Mr. Philip De - pej .ter, who will have the tote charge of conducting the lame ; nil application! therefore rt i - peciing the Ferry will be made to hiiu. 'Pwo Horse Boats arc now in complete opera - tiou, with good accommodations for passengers, carriages. Sic. uneol whit 1) will iu luture stmt from 'ac.h side of the river punctually at every hour from 5 o'clock in the morning un til it o'clock in tlie evening. PHILIP llONE. Jc27 end I in t5s. FOR. i.1 .., A very profitable FARM, of 110 acres, two thirds under cultivation, the retidue wood land, tituate en the tea shore, a quartet of a mile below the narrows, on the Staten bland side and a short ride from the steam boat ferry landing. It civet a verv extensive view of the bay a :J en viron! of New - York, wiOiin the Narrows, and of Sandy Hook and the ocean r or prospect is ou.ifled bv none. The title is unquestionable. Two thirds of the purchase money may remain j i . . i . . . - r e ureu iion uie land ippiy ion. . u. ruuu - tainon the prendsrs, or to W. A. SEEI.Y, lUGreenwich - ttreel. TO LET, a convenient new 2 story house, ad joining the above, with a garden and about an acre of land. For terms apply oa above. ruh 3 eodtf jVEW .MUSIC. JUST pulli. - hed and for sale at WILLIAM DU HOIS' piano forto and o - .usic store, No. 126 Broadway, Thine am I ui v faithful fair ; the soldier's bride ; and from childh' - ad's dawn to uoon of youth a sune by Nr. rmiipps. Ah can I e'er forget ht love The celebrated echo song The inspiration, tar red The Saxon air, with varialious, hy Cramer llaydu's celebrated conzonct, My mother hiJ me biud my hair, as a i ondo Twenty - four sonatas, for young performer.', by N. B. Clialloner The Saxe Cobourg willz, with variations T he Sophia Wal't 1 he sbrm rondo, by Steihelt Jel2 A KEYED HARP. - JA. GUTTWALDT respectfully invites . the amateurs of music to inspect aUhis Piano - Forte Manufactory, No. 75 Maiden lane,; a musical luslrument that perfectly equals, tne harp in sound nnd far surpasses it in point of easy treatment, as it is played like the piano by means oi keys, mid consenupritly bat aM the advantages ol brilliant ranl'ilatiofi ; the only ont in the Cuited States. Also, antlegant Piano Forte of hue tone, musical variety and workmanship, wuhn assortment of different binds, whose good qunlities have been testiticd by tle undersigned einineiit prolefsors We the subscribers, professors of music, do certify, that we have carefully examined Mr. J. A. Gollwaldi'i piano - fortes, which, for ingenuity and excellence cf workmanship and uniform brill lancyoi tone, we esrveciiy recommeniiio V IN CHANCERY. ;' - 1 State A'ew' - Y orb, tt. I? srsnanre of an order of this Honorable Jjvt. hearing dale the 2yth day of Jone, 181 L will be sold at public auction at the Tontine Coffee Mouse, in the citv of &'ew - Yrk. on the Wd May of July next, at 12 o'clock, at noon, under tin? diiection of the subscriber, two lots of eronerl. lying iti (he Eighth Ward of the city of ew Tora, being part of the estate whereof Aa thony Lispenard. oecmseri. died seisrH. and distinjraishtd on a ,Man wade of the real.s'rtate ..rj i . i i ... ... i w ijsu nnuiony wspenew, by Ios. 574 nj MO, and takeu panther ai bounded easterly on nunop - Mrw:j, 5ij ieei, westerly by a street not yet naeted 2i (cet, soutlierly by lots Not 575 and 501, and northerly by lots Not. 573and 559, b'gethtr with 'the hereditaments and appurte - cas - rettothc same beljneinor in anywise ap - pertaling. Dated June 3ifh, 1818. T THOM AS BOLTON, Je !Q lawtJy14llds Master in Chancery. IN CHANCERY. State of .Veif - York, . INphrtuancof an order oi this honors hie court, bearing date the lOtnilay of June, lol!!, will lt. M ul public uucti'iii,. t the '1'ontine Coffee Houtf, in the city of New Yi.rk, oa the 2Jd dav of July next, at 12 o'clock at noon, ui;rier tlie di - rei.tjit ol the subscriber All that certain lot, piei r parcel of land, tituate atOreeawicb, in the ni - fh, (hiie eit;btii) ward of the cty of New - 1 cfii, described ou a map thereof, mnde by P p - pMimtnd Bruises, Man h l'Jlh, IlilO, as lot No. 3; brpiniiinj at the ouiheast corner of said lot (about 44 ft. iO inch, from the corner formed hy the iiierseclicn of liatnainrul ami Greenwich - sire"y) and runnirg thrnre northerly alone Grecwich - itreet aioresaid 'Hi le. t ; thence west erly Nng the lot described onr.ut map as hit iiiiiLilir two. 3ieet 4 indict ; thence ngaio Witt erlv along the to id lot nnm'Tr two, 42 i'ei(2 inciiei t thence northerly ah ng said lot uuiubei - t wo, t leet 4 inches ; them e westerly along land uow ur late ol Amos ecimttcr, l bet; thence southtrly along land now or latu if Georgo B. rtiUiik:, 27 leot; thencp casteily alonir land o' AliA - tndt r Kitchie, IJ5 i'ect4 irches, tolhe place ol lipginiiing : tngeiber wi'ii tor r.e'erliiuiiii - lili and appurtennTice to the amr be iniug or up - iiertainHig. Dated June 3 'th, 13 18. THOMAS BOLTON, Jr 30 law'Jy I4lts Master in Chanrery IN CHANCERY, " State of jew I ork, u. IN rnjrsuane.e or an ord - . - r of this lionorahle conrl, bearing date the "7th day of June, 181U, will vc sold at public auction, at 'l,e I uiuiik Crf.Ve House, in the city of .New soik, under the (Sirection ol the subscriber, as one of the masters " this court, on Hi - i 1st day ul .liily pext,al l2o'rl'it'U at nvin, all those several blocks pie ces or parcels nf tround, situate, lying and being in li e towiiflilp ol tirooklvn, in the county m Ki(iL - s,and ttate ol New - 1 ork, h'oresanl, nn.l known and dist inguishe.d on a map made by ) r nuiahLot!, the 1911) day of Ai. - .r. h, H i2. by Hhe loilnu iurt - lionnilariis, to wit. aortherly in Irnntby Ua'rr slreet, loutr.t - rli in th" rear lit ' Front - street, easterly rn the one sale by Jock son - street, and westcily on tin; other side by Gold - ?tiect, contauiiiig four squares or blocts oi grtund. Also all these rrrtain waW tols, lyins immediately in irmit oi tbe heiore cevntied h'Ot ks, b lunned r.s lolhm s to wit 1 - nnter'y bis' Jackson - street, southerly by Waier - treel, and aesleilv br Oobi - itn et, con'aiumg in breaillb nu Water - street the distance: between Gold - and Jnckson - strret. and running into the F.ast River as Inr as the grant nl the corporation ol the tit) of New - York extends, with the appurtenances DultO June 2,IK 1U. JA.Mr.S A. flAMII. IVJ., Master in Cbanrery Note. The above prripnty will be sold in lots and parrels, - according to a certain map to !!e thereof,' which will be exhihilnli.d in Hit Co3 - e - hoiise oni week before the day of sale. J - r - la - viwrjlw . IN CHANCERY. State nWar - Yrk, n. IN pursuance of an order oi t.'.e llonoral'e Court, bearing dat the Vti'. ilay id June, eighteen hundred and eighteen, will e sold at po'ilir iiiction al the I online l.'t l!oo H usr, in the city of New - York, audi r tin direction of It.c tubscri - lier, as on ol the Masts, rs oi the Court, on Tucs day the ol July next, at I i o'clock, no. n. all thai tc tnin dwelling house, hit.t, and parcel rn ground, situate, lying, aud heii g in the Eighth Ward of the city of New - York, knouo ivt n ;r,!,p of the (arm of the late Nicholus liny - ard, hy hit No. 00, on the west sideoi Broadway, which said lot contains in breadth, io front and rear, twenty five feet, and in length on rach side, one bandied feet, and is hound as follows ; north - r'y, by lot No. 100, formerly owned by Samuel lleekman, westerly, in the rear by lot No. I li, how, or late owned by Isaac B. Cox. and Cornelia, hi! il'e, southerly, by lol No. 911, and eas - tcrly, iu front by Broadway. And nl , all that lot or piece of ground, situate in the same ward, and kuowu upou the same map, by the No. 1 12, hounded westerly by Mercer - street, oortherly by lot No. 1 1 1, southerly by lot No. 113, and easterly by lot No. 0 ), being in breadth, in front ami rear, twenty live leet, and in length on i nch side one tmi.drrd leet, with the - appurtenance. Dated June 27, 1811). JAMES A. H AMILTON, Je 29 2nw2ivdts Master in t Hianeery. A HOR?E W AN I l.D. GO V He GO(lf) active Horse, ahnul tit jeatt eld. e is Wanted ihicfly as a gig hone, in which harness be must he peifectly genth A Bay would be prelered. Apply ut No. 2 - 1 Greenwirh - itreet. J 6 HACKNEV COACH ES, 70R Select I'arties, from Elizabeth Town Point, for Philadelphia, ami I In - Ste - am Boats at Trenton and Brtnl, and the Mineral Springs at Schooley's Mountairs. Notice sent to No. 53 White - Ilali street, New York, or HALEY Jc STILES, Elizabeth 'I 'own, by mail, or by the Steam Bout Alalai.ta, wiii be immediately attended to. J I I I U HE Lk..iSEl, ON favorable terms fur a long term of years, 4 lots of ground ou Broadway, 200 feet leep, extending to Crotby - strect, belweeu Hester and Grand - streets. 2 lots in Water - street, near Ca'.harine - market. 1 lot in Wuttr - sticct, bctweiu Fullou and Burling slips. Ao, several other lots in the 5lh, 6th, !!b m l 10th wards. For particulate, ciauire a' o. 30, Chatham street. may !! LOTS TO LEASE AT THE. NORTH RIVER. CJITUATE between Barclav and Murray - sJ streets - Chamber aod Rerd - streets, Jay aud tlfcrr:ou - lrecU, - auil North Moore and Beach - streets at a pric very considerably Itfi th in in terest ou their value, aud at the expiration of the term the buildings to he fan ly valued aud paid fir, or anew lease gran'ed. Ai - o. to let by the year at a low rate, several lots or yard ou tin watsr, well calculated for lurther, pbsterof paris Acc. Apply to PH. RIIiNELANDER, 31 Tark, near the Theatre. Several of the above lots will be sold at a mo derate price and oa a liberal credit. A small portion of the money only will be required. June II tl blllOOl.KVl MOUNTAIN1 tmiMi. HEATH'a HOUsE. 'PI1K subscriber, sensible of the many obligo .L tioas he is under for I he prcferem e hereto - loie given to his house, whilst k - pt by bis sob, wniid heiehy return his sincere ackoou ded, - e - luents for past favors, and at Hie some liwe inform them, that be intends kcepuis the bouse ti present season hiiovcli", and that they may rely unoo every at tent ix. and accoinniidation. that can make Ibis healthful ami fashionable resort elul and iibaniie: : his toa being under tl e be ne irum win l, ..l rH In - iric - Dhsewt this smsop. ' lo s... k.iau,lu,t. .blje PV'. - rVf.7 lU ainolaTns e.Voi. or exertion well be want! leeii.C. IhUiaait, lharies tnhe't." I. ' P. AV.,u.. .i.n. ti..n. J' '"riVodla ' JOt'LPH HEATH. JEWELLERY, WATCHES, fcc. CASE of sundry Jewellery, fine Cutlery, A Silver Hunticy and Plain Watches. Dressing Cases and Ladies Work Boxes. 2 cases Ladies Corsets assorted. For sale by J. LAMBERT, Je 4 3 Courtland stieet. - WET A URSE WstJVTED. SZ with a good supply of milk, and w ho otm produce satisfactory testimonials of character. i.c. wilt metu - itb - nrniirai'pnint . . . - ty applying at MRS. SAIULERS, J 10 tf No. 36 Broadway. STOLEN. STOLEN on Sunday eveuing last, at the foot of Conrtlandt - street, a si ver V atch, makers came Jno. Cr. uinan, No. 20H0U. It it supposed it was taku from the owner's pocket while bathing, at a person wat seen near his clothes. Whoever will return the above watch ta No. 2 Lumber street, shall receive a reward of 5 dollars and the thanks of the own er. Silver biniths. Pawnbrokers and others, arc requested to stop it if offered for tale. N. B. Had ou a small hair chain, silver mounted, with a gold ring at the end. J 13 CLASSICAL, MATHEMATICAL aud MERCANTILE ACADEMY. MESSRS. KELLY Si I UOMY respectfully inform the pnblic, that they have lately commenced this eslahhshu.eiit in the laree and airy rooms. No. 476 Pearl street a lew doors In in the corner ol Chatham street. ftnir course of education comprise! the Gteek, Latin, Frendi, and English language! ; Composition, History, Geography, the use oi the vnoixs, noon - iYtcping, Ariiniiieiic, wnntne oui er practical branches of tlie Mathematics . Young Ladies have a room appropriated to themselves, where tiny will be taught a regular course ul female education, together w ith plain and ornamental Needle - work, by a lady ol exemplary conduct aod long experience iu that depart' menu Rcft renceto Robert Ailrain, P. M. and N. P Ciilumhia College. PATEN I' GRAMMATICAL .MIRROR. Mv.ft. Kelly Si Tiiomy l'cj leave also loin - lorui thepuli.ic, that their Grammatical Mirror is uow completed and organised, aud that they are prepared to undertake it application to the dunes ol instruction. The Grammatical Mirror is a machine conHrgclad ou such principles and actuated by such laws, as to exhibit a manifest representation nl nil the pa its of human speech, in nil the variety of their inflections and all the diversity of thi ir combinations ; it is calculated lo impart information more expeditiously than words, whether conveyed by writing or by ul - teiauce: letters and toiiuda are the arbitrary sy miiols, uot the rcftnihlam c of ideas; but the Grammatical Mirror present an exact imitation of tin ageul with its can'.', of ll.e objevt with Ut paisinufsj ol their Miltitutc with it genders hud jiersous, and of the action with i's manners, and timet, i hu other pait t speech will make their respective app arani iu the revolutions of this extraordinary uiarhine. It is no It tt u?r - f jlto the leaohir than tu the pupil i and while it expedite the prorc - s ol tht oue, it Will facilitate the Ihlior ui the oilier. should aov rcrMiii obiecl lo the practicability of it applicutioa,lhey chullenge the investigation of opposition : they cannot cousnnl to anuidifcri. nunate inspection ; bill any peooa who shall be iprahtkd to discus its merits they are willing to admit, and prepared to answer Lis objections. Tlunifrli duty fhrhids them to acknowledge their own intcnorily jet, they rely not on llieir dilienct and zeul others niay have as much ( they rely not on their erudition and talents, other niuv noUiave less i but thev re Iv on tne co - operalion of lU.r msmi, 'hich tbey contend to be superior to any that can be employed to attain the object it contemplates I bouc'i tiicv rnWTtain no doubt ol its supe rior general utility, they conceive that flir such as cannot afliird much time for study, or u d llri ent eniidm nn nts, must confine tlicin to iiitcrrupted and desultory lectuics, it must possess peculiar advantage - .Ncveral liler.ny c!.:i!aCU i s, who have inspected this machine, have been equally astonished aud de lighted, and doubt nut that experience will realise the most sanguine expecu - tiuiiH that arc enlert .inedof its advantage mid success. Under these impressions the proprietors of the Vrattwuiticul .Mirror ro mnmi - ml it to pub lic, notice, and they are no mure (lesirotia of acquiring, llisntluy arc confident of securing the palrioiai;c of the punlic N. II. They have for general convenience determined to deliver evening lectures, from half past five till half past seven, on any cf the ubovriuciitioiicd branches of literature. .1 10 I in sJjt, Vrt .VCj - .i;, ijxjj A farm on the HikIsoii, about a mile from Newbuh, routaiiiing 131 at lis, 33 oi which are Woodland, the n st is divided by good fence into a due proportion oi meadow, arable ai.d pa - tnre laud. The building' are partly new ; the house convenient tor ustnnll faunly : its situation is xpjailcd in beauty by lew on the river,; the advantages from tlie vicinity ol a llourith ing village, of public worship, society nnd guud iiiaihtt, wilh ihc j( i;,iy ol tomuionirati' ii with Nov Y ork, render il a tl. siral'le lesidtm e lor a gelitleinan. 40U0 dollar ol 'the purcl i - e money uiay re in id n on iLnrtgnge ; the payment of the i ! will be n i ado easy to tlie purchaser. Apply on the premises, to Jei'3 if I. V F.RPLANCK. ffttt Iuhscnberntrci'ft lor sine his resi scjiisjdt'.iice in the town ol" fVrfield, state of Connecticut. It it pleasantly tiluated, on the Koston load, about hall a mile from Long LUik1 Sound, 5 j miief Irom New York, and 20 from New Haven. The house and out - hoiisei are in i.eii. iiie iioiiK una o ii - noii.ri t repair. 1 he iriut yard is well stocked var ety of aches, apricots cherries id strawberries. There are in the viciui - 1.' excellent repair with a v im an ami IV academies for the education of youth of U tl sexes. 1 roin one to six arret of en client land, i the option of the purchaser, can he had with the Iioum, ni.dlhe purchase monrv, if desired, can reiii.iin on interest. For terms fcpply lo I? A Ai; M. KL.X, t.K. 7b Jolili Street, I. oik, .irt - itlie JONATHAN STUIK.ES, Fuir - ht In, loniit i ticut. n,y 6 tin 11' ' :l;Y - TO I.K T. Ih!rgant3storv house No. 7 Hud son - street, whii h command! a pleasant ties ol the I ark and river. 1 ocssion nuiy o ut u . iv days. Also lor talr, the furniture "f said house. It i of the belt ijualily ; well lilted, and suilatde Ija genteel Inii.ily. Apply as above. my 11 If 7I7LT Sr - ill A counting B iu, iu H most central n.riui Peail - slrett. ror paituulais ennuiie al l!7, up stairs. ' - 5 rUH S.lLK UU tXJ LE.1t., I.ol.m the 5. . 8. and 10 Wards : utanv ol which are on regulated iu.dpp.ved streets. No m u - y will b required under Ub years, 11 told, """"hoi - ses. Several two and three story houses, on which a great part of theinooey remain on inortgage. EA N DING AT RF.1 HOOK. Aa excellent H aad for business with tea acrrt f lund, pleasautly tiluated, with a Whatf, ttore oeae and barn. CO! TON ami W OOLEN MANUFACTORY, Nenr New - llave - n, w ilb 40 acres ol land, and a oevei friluii ttream. upon which 20 fiiillr Utur be . J . . . . - : . . . tieiuo, a i:o.i inij oi wHiei irrrncn. Applv at Tio. 2 tlreeawic h ttief t. jaalillt I It - In ble of ed a ttpr The new FERRY BOATS irom the fof of W alnul street, New York, to the loot of Lit tle meet, Brooklyn, oear tl Navv YanL will commence running on Sunday, the 17tbintU i ersons croitiug - io b rook ly a irom the tipper part of the city, will find tbe .distance much - shortened .hy using this ferry. V my 14 NOTICE. ffr - The Rising Sun Sail Boats, NonnarieU and Industry, from the Elizabeth towa Point, foe New - Yoik, sails from M a rktttie Id - street, (wl ere the Steam - boat Atalanta tormV came to,) at 10 o'clock, of each day. Passive 12 1 - 2 cent. Enquire at the Steam boat Hoteil, of VANDERP0OL& PHILLIPS. my tl tf vrr JOHN PROCTOR, Just. 106 Liberty - at.. offers liberal anticipations on property consign ed to Ins friends in the Mediterranean, tot lurther particuUrs, apply as above, or to AKHA1IA.U Je ts tf corner of C'lill & Fulton - stt. EANDS. ftj - STEPHEN B. ML'NN. No. 126 Pearl - ttrert, New - York, purchases Lands iu the Illinois Territory, which has been set apart (ot the late Army, i.etiort trcrn tne country giving a description of the patent and the price asked lor earn lot, win be aiieuucd to, II rust paid. uiy la tl NOTICE. ftr All pertont havinir t kdms azainst the es tate of John Einan, de.on.std, are desired to present Ititiu lor sellleu.ent te the subscriber, aud i hose indebted lo tail estate are requetted lu make pay nitut, to hint without delay. JAAlLS 31'UKIUe., Je29 1in Artina l xcrnlor. A CAriO. ft7 Al the iiartie - ular tohcitatioosof tbe La dy tuhscrilicri, the New - Yoik Sail Water Float ing iSath will be runioved tu her old station at the foot of Murray - street, this day, where it wiil continue opto every day, from sunrise in the morning, until 10 o'clock at night, during tlie bathing season. It it hoped when the Ladiet of this city know that thi large building, which will accommodate two or three hundred persons al a time, it exclusively devolnd to their enjoyment on Mondays and Wednesday ! ol each weelt until 2 o'clock, that Ihty will give that 'tnconr - agemeut which such an appropriation deserves. On a'l other days they have their ow n apartments onlv. The greatest possible UttLtiwi wiil to paid. I be uatb at tbe Bsutry it opea every aay from sunrise to 10 o'clock at night, fur Gentle - . ui o only. Je 29 Rank of America, June 26, 1U18. fjy A Dividend of three per rent. Ibr tlx mou Lbs, endiiigon the 301b iull. hat been (hit day declared payable to the blockhohlert on the 6th. of July beat. By order of the Board ol Diiect - ton. GEO. NEWBOLD, Cash'r. June 26 1m INFORMAIION WAMED. A person bvthe iihme of Mamaret Chad - ' wick, who lormerly lived in a tmnll town called Ora.eskirk, in England, and ccrue to the city of New York about JO years ago, with ber lor me r husband, who wai a tbotmaker ; hut since that be it dead, and the it married again loa person by the name of Joseph Chadwick, who it by trade a Hup rigger. 11 tne said Margaret V - hao - wim is living, or tier ciiuureu, iiiey uia),uj my plying k! tbu office, heat ol something greatly to their advantage. J v zw lit ill WARD. PUBLIC NOTICW is hereby given, that tb Mttettora of the Gith watdtftve completed their atseitmenUi and that a copy thereof is lelt with one of the asettors, al Liberty Hall, corner of Church aud Leonard streets, where the same) may be seen and examined by any ol the inhabitants during ten days, from the 13th of July to the 24ih, aud that tbe assessors wll meet oa the t5lh, - at (fee abe fdut, ta review heir ah4. assessments, on the applcatioa of any persoa coo - ceiviac himself aggrieved. G EOKG E SUTTON, I Assessors of tha. RICHARD KIDNEY, OUh ward. JII biX'lil WARD. 1 3L BLIC noliie is hereby given, that Ifleaa - ict'urt ol the sixth ward buve completed their nsaeii - uii lite, and that a copy thereof it lelt ivilh Alexuuder Claik No. '.'Kb Lroadwuy, cor ui r of Reed stieet, where tne same may be teeo and eiauiiuwl by eny of the inhabitants daring ten days iroiu this date ; aud, that ths astestoia will meet at I lie above place on 1 uesday, the Xltc inst. to review their said assessments, on (he application of any person conceiving himself aggrieved. au.yi. UAUUOirst., i Assessors oi uie ALEXANDER CLARK,) sixth ward. J 10 . .MM II WARD. PUBLIC NOTICE it hereby given, that the Assessor! ul thu Ninth Ward have completed their Assessments, and that a cony then - d it lelt will) one of ti.e Assessors, al the house ol David II uestis, llurla?ui, nr Incldays, n.e other five at the House ol David Purvey, Bowery - Hill, where tlie same may be see and examined by a - nyvfthe iiihahitaiiti during ten dayt Irom the date l.ereol, and that the Arsessoit will n.eet oa Friday, Ju y 24, lbtli, at the house ol David Turvey, bunery - llill, to review their t."id at - sessments on the application of auy t rKn conceiving hiuitell uggrievtd.' liouiifrou) 10 to Z on em h dav. JOHN ADRIANCF, , Assessors of the JOSEPH WILLOLGHBYJ Ninth Ward. July 14 W HOOPING COLGH. OCTOR tCO'l l'S Pertoial Mitlure. which it a safe and effectual rraiedy lor the whooping cough. Hit only ten years since it as dieted to the public, and tome tboutands ot children, both in England and Scotland, have been cured by it, alter every other nediiibe bad been used without eflect. It is held la the highest estimation lor ils excellent aod salubrious virtues. It promotes giotle perspiration, removes viscid phi. em hy an easy and safe expec toration, anf lrw M ( pf jjJy cr r .ii., toration, and IS highly salutary to ir lungs ; iv. and deieuds the ttooiacn, givesgreai - hreathins. and produces tlie most in e. ta utarv and imupr saecis ny prevent ing Ihosc ilistressing and coavulsise coughs lo which thousands of individuals in consequence of ne - lect, prematurely fall a tarrifice. i not bv exciting a temporary stimulus of relief iu those violent paroxysmt that its quali. liet are nui.ifesled, but by elfeclually removing i!.oe litrcsiing symptoms, by giving - vegour to the weakened frame, and re&ovaled bealih to the ktuictcu uuliv idual. Sold wholesale and retail, by R. Robertson, AikjuV cary, No. 82 Uroadwsv, and J. C Mori - son, uriiggesi, no. ioo ureenm icn - aueei,n. York. Druggests tbronghoirt Die United tales, nuy be topplieel with the Pectoral Mixture, at either of the above places, al the vest wholesale price. Jy 7 2m GREAT eVRIOtllT. MAMMOTH HOG. T MIIS animal it one of the urnst eitrannK - uarv productvous ol nature. ad hat beelx hrouithl litre Irom Ireland, M a tsery eobsident - ex Dense. He it 4 leet 0 inches hLh s tebe.tli bit tiody 9 feel 6 inches ; girOi 1 levt KX stud weight about 1 ai.u pounds ; a u.ct unpre ede til weight lor auy i the? species. A lurdier de - scnpliua is uiiuecet;iry. Every tersoo ol curiosity will be well tatu - Sed with tbe view. 1 tot tvoaderful animal will he aiuiMcd for few dayt at No. hi Maidea - loa, when tm ill betaken to U country. hdllprke. J 13 Iw HORins A: CARRIAGE r.L - A PAIR of likely, actsse Mack HRej, 7 y, art eJd. 1 hey saalrh ta tpint A jtait, are last Trolten and iu extellent coadilia fort iouroty. ALSO, a light l oacht E in wrlect urji r. Focmre al uot (Le. J j Ul .1 ". li (, . c 'il' ! k ... if Vi?? I i 7r . t. ' i n ! i t V

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