The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 17, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1818
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IN CHANCERY. ty irtuMce of an tnier ef this Honorable J. 2x3rt, bearing date the Xttlh day of June, 1EU, wiH be told at public suction u tbe 1 oo - true Coffee Hon, is tbe city of We w - York, on the 13d day of July ant, at It o'clock, at noon, under the direction of tbe subscriber, two k of ground, lying in tbe Eighth Ward of the city of flew - 1 org, wing pan 01 tne estate wMreoi ab - .I.vmv I lanbHtpd. Hjial a'iu4 .1 i.. 4 - ' k rl am ctisiiuguithed oa a Map made o? the real estate 1 of tht said Anthony Lispenard, by Not, 674 aad " 65u, aad taken together arc bcuuded easterly oa liudsoo - ttreet. to let, westerly by a street ot " yet named 25 ftet, southerly by "lot Soa 675 aad 561, and aortberly by loti Nos, 673 and 659, together witb the hereditament and appurte - . nances to tbe tame belonging or ia anywiae ap - ; perteiaiug. uated juneauth, isib. - THOMAS BOLTON, Je M lawtJyUJtds Matter in Chancery, . . . IN CHANCERY. . - Slate of .V - Frk4. TIf pursuance of an order ot tbit honor hie court A bearing date the lOtn day of June, 1818. will - be sold at pabke auction, at tbe Tontine Coffee - tioese, ia tbe city oi new ion. on ine zja nay of July aext, at t o'clock at noon, under tbe direction of tbe ubc fiber All that certain lot, piece or parcel stlaad, situate at Greenwich, ia the ninth, (late eighth) ward of the city of New - York. described oa a map thereof, made by Pp - i nUtoand Bridal Majcnl9tlwlS18. at lot No. Si bea - innint al tbe on l beast comer of taid lot ' (about 44 ft. 10 inch, from tbe coraer formed by 'toe intersection of Hammond: and - Greenwich - I treats) aad running thence northerly atang Jreeuwich - ttreet aforesaid ti feet ; thence weit - etty along tba lot described oa Mad map a lot number two. 3! feet 4 inches: thence araia west erly along tba laid lot Bomber two, 42 feet I inches t thence northerly along taid lot amber - two, J feet 4 1 Debet j thence westerly siong laaa now or late or Amos Scudder, 19 tret i thence southerly along land now or late of George B. - Tbome.S7 feeti thence eaaterly aloes land ol Alexander Ritchie, 85 feet 4 inch, to tbe place of beginning : together with the hereditament! and anpnrtenances to ine tame Belonging or ap - . ' wul loin THOMAS BOLTON, Je 30 lswtjyt4dts Matter in Chancery IN CHANCERY. " ' 1 Slat& of JS'ne York, at, ' IN purstfance of an order of ttni honorable court, beariu date the 17 lb day of June, 1818, will be told at public auction, at (he Tontine Codec Howe, ia tba city of New York, wader tbe direction of tba lubeenoer. aa one oi ine mat - ten Of tbit court, on the J lit day of July next, at 12 o'clock at neon, ail morn leverei mock, piece or parcel! of r round, litaate, lying ajidtieing in the township of Brooklyn, in th county of Kins, and ttata or new - x on, aioresaia, ana known and dittiatuitbed oa a map made by Jer emiah Lott, tbe 190) day of March, 18U2, by tbe following boondariei, to wit, northerly in rroni Dy water - etreet, tonuieny in me rear dj Front - ttreet, eatteriy oo tbe one fide by Jack - too - ttreet, and wetterly on the other tide by Gold - ttreet, cootaioing four tquare or block ol ground. Alto all tboae certain water lou, lyio Mnmediatetr in front of the before detcribo block, booaded at follow to wit eatteriy bj Jnckontreet, (ootnerly by Watentreet, and westerly by Golrl - treet, containing in breadth on WateMtreet the diitaoce between Gold - and Jacktoa - ttreet, and running into the Kaat Ai?r a far a the grant of ,tbe corporation of the: city of Sew - York extend, with the appurtenance. Dated Jane t,r: 18. , JAMES A. HAMILTON, - Matter in Chancery. . Note. The above property will be told in lott and parcel, according to a certain map to be made thereof, which will be exhibibited in the CoffeebouM one week before the day of tale. J 30 Uwawdlw "I " IN CilANCtHY. Stole of A'eic - YHL . VH pursuance of an order of the Honorable Court, bearing date the S6th day of June, eighteen hundred and eighteen, will be told at public suriinn t th Tnnlms Cofft! llouae. in the citf of New - York, under the direction of the tubscii - bar, a one ot tbe Matter ol tbevourt, on i uet davtha Slat of Jul next at IS o'clock, noon, ail that eeitaia dwelling bouse, lot, piece, and parcel of ground, tituate, lying, and being In the Eirtth W ard of tbe city of New - York, known on a man of the farm of the late Nichola Bayard, by lot So. 99, oo tbe wet ide ot Broadway, which taid lot contain in breadth, in front and rear, twenty fire feet, and ia length on each tide, one hundred feet, and it bound a follow; northerly, by lot do. 100, formerly owned by Samuel Beekman, wetterly, in the rear by lot No. 112, now. or law uwutu ur imai. tj. wi ran vwi - Th Saxon air, with variations, by Cramer ttieir laid assessmeriia, on the nersonconceivMur himself aeerieved. . DAVID LYON, ) Attestors oftbe 7th JAMESON COX.t ward. New York. 29ln Jane, 1818. Je2914t A KEYED HARP. T A. GUTTWALDT respectlully invites J . the amateurs of music, to inspect aHiis Piano - Forte Manufactory. No. 75 Maiden lane, a musical instrumcat that perfectly equal uie JIAUOUANY EOFAS, CHAIR AND CABI NET rilRNITURE, JfcV 49 MXKKJUr STHKKT. i THE tuhauriber beg leave to ratwrn bi tin - cere thank to thaaa India and gentlemen who have been kind enough to honor bim with tbeircommanda, and to inform them, and tnc admirer of nandaoBM fumitara in general, that be bat on band aonte very elegant aofaa, cnaira, card, Pembroke and extending patent dining table, grand aideboard, inlaid with high poliabed ornamental bra - work and rote - wood, card table to natch. Grecian conche. aofaa, chaie lounge, mutic atooU, chain, tic. Alao, n li brary atepcbalr, the utility of wbJcn be particular! ntcommenda. All furniture warranted of the best quality and worliiuanvup, aad ol we oeweti European faan ion. Order executed to nay part of the union to ma j urawwi, uu ujv umw tvmmvm wtuim bhu nunctualit v for cato. Ladie or gaatlemas having fancy wood, may bare tham manuiactured to any article tney witb, by applying a above, mv 36 im A. M. HAYWOOD. - (laiaiTioB or rax naa abt, COLUMBIA?! PICTURE GALLERY. JV. 140 Fullon - tirttt, near Broattteau. . fllllC proprintor of than valuable and exten JL aive collection of picture, embmca the opportunity of informing connoinear and amn - teun of the Cam art, and tba enlightened public of Itvw - York. tbaVue gallery will in future be open irom o in ui mortiing till half pact 10 at nignt. - i r rom 8 in tbe evening tobaupait 10, the gallery b brilliantly lighted op, and the ad - miatiob only 13 cent " i heaa picture bare been collected, at In ex pense of 15000 dollar, and arc allowed, by the bett judge, to be the finest tpeciment of the art aver exhibited in the United States, being gem, selected with peculiar care, from the various cabinets in Rome. Naple, Florence, Am - turrdam, Park and London, and the works of the t approved painters, both ol the ancieut and modern achoolt, and arc nndeobt'dly originals. ArtMta, ladies or gentlemen, will be entitled to stody, or copy any of the pictures, by becoming tubacribers. Ladies or gentlemen, who have subscribed one dollar, on paying another, will be considered subscriber for the season. 07 Admittance, for the day and e renin;, 60 cent ; lor a month, 1 1 for the season, SZ taloues included. JeS4 1m PROSPECTUS . VOn rVBLT'HIllG BT IcaSCRIM - TOB A MAP OP MEXICO A3U LOUISIANA. 1 HE publication of this Map has been under X taken with the impression, that it will ex tiiuit iniormatlon, nigbry interesting at tbit event' ful crisis, and the valuable Man which tbe au tbor bss procured, during hit several tours through .Tiexico, in ine years itmo, lauv, isiz, isij, 1815. 1818. and 1817. induce bim to bele ve that (he Map, with even all its imperfections, will be much the most perfect which has ainwared be fore the public. This Man will contain the latest and bett information from the discoveries and posseuiono of the American, Spanish, Russian, British and French travellers and navigators and representing the chiiiu of their respective government? on the Northwestern coast of America. The Moo will include that portion of North America, which lie bet wren the Isthmus of Da - rien. and the48th decree of North Latitude, and from the Mississippi River westwardly to the rnciuc vnrcaii. In ixe the Map will be about six bv five feet. and will be projected on a scale of 40 milt's to the inch, to be delivered to (lie tuhtcribtrt at fif teen dollar each. Natchei, March 7,1ft 1. np?lAn1 MONT - ALT A For SALE or to LET, and immediate noatettion eivun. the beautiful place called Mont - Alta. seven mile from the Courtcnay'i. It contains SOacrvs of land under improvement, with alarge gnnicn well stocked with vegetables a variety of ftuit, with everv convenience for a family. For tcrmt, which are very reasonable, and if sold a lunir credit ei ven if wanted, apply to N. & D. TALCOTT, o4 bouth - street. Je 12 FOR SALE, 30reamt of Cassia Paper, tuita ble for Ban Box makers, or sugar Hakera. The quality and ize i the tame at the Evening rom it pnniea on. Appiy ai mi ooice. Je is PAT&JiT Pl.iJW - t'OHTES, toe. THE subscriber intending to part for London about tbe and of tbe present month, o0r for tain a few elegant patent piano fortes, nelrl hU wife, wutherly, by lot No. 90, and ea - jfin''h'Md warranted of a.uperior ality. tertv. in front bv Broadway. And alto, all that He would be hvPT to '"! l the orders of - J ' . . .i il l; e - i . t i : r . ,,. , lot or piece Ol ground, lltuate in IOC tame waro, 1 dw inDu wr uuuuui piauoiunea. in, luug and known upon the tame mao. by tbe No. 112. experienc in the manufacture of niano'i in thit bounded wetterly by Mercer - ttreet, northerly by city ha trusts will give every confidence in bit lot No. lll,outberty by lot No. 113 and eas - Utility to selectsucha ar of the first quality, terlv bv lot No. 99. beinc in breadth. 10 front and r..i. r. wk.. :n v' mrLlWE!2 22 fVthl 'Hin 111 rK" ttetoJ to, and manuiactured under h one hundred feet, with the appurtenance. Da - . ... . ' . . , ma. . , ted June XI, 1818. ' 7 tiMrsi itAvrf.TiVff - don. Je tawtwdt Master in Chancery. Commission Ijusiness of nny kind, within hit vtrw mi mii' abdity to perform, wdl be faithfully attended to. u,:.::r ....ruu ICr Those penoos who ar indebt.d to bun I , LrV.oV , ' , J ' i will please telUe Ihe tame at toon as convenient. u " " ' 'w and those to whom 1 120 tsroauway, Thine am I my faithful fair ; tha toMier'a bride ; anJ irom chililhood' dawn to noon of youth a sun; by Mr. Philippe. Ah can I e'er forget thee love The celabratsd echo song Th intptratioa. sacred melody nubliihed and for sale by he is indebted will present lhair accounts without delay. WILLIAM KEAR.fl.n, Jy 6 2w - 29 Bowery. 13 REWERY. For sale, a barrain, a Brew JO ery ft Malt House connected, in the city of Hudson. The building are stone, and par ticularly wsll calculated for tbe business. It it Haydn's celebrated conxonet. My mother bids situated is th midst of a barley country, and ma bind mv hair, as a rondo has many other advantsrje. it a certainly an Twenty four sonatas, for youn; perunnart, by ooieci m warm wmnug w vngne w uj - uum N. B. Challoner Th Sax Cobour; waits, with variations The Sophia Walls Th ttonn rondo, by Steibelt Jeia &EYENTH WARD. T1UB L1C notice is hereby eiven, that the As X sestors of the teventh ward have completed their atwstinenta, and that a copy thereof it left witb David Lvoo. at No. 64 Market street. where tbe same may beseea and examined by any of the inhabitants dorine ted day, from ten o'clock, A. M. to three P. M. and that the Al ness, it is in only Drewery in the country. This property will be told cheap. Term liberal ; title good. For further particular! apply to M. MULDKN, No. 73 Maiden - lane, New York ; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premises June 13 tf IHE Art of Swimming, Diving, Floating, T1 and other model oftuttaining aad pro pell ing th body in water, with directions to personr unacquainted with swimming on tailing into the I water, accompanied with 12 copperplate en tetor Will meet on Friday, the tenth day of Jit - ZJ"Hrt. oorrectly axh.biUn - ana elKi.iaung ly, at tbe house of the aid David Lyon, to review the action M J attitude in every branch of the in - ! application Ol any I vaiuaoie in oi swimming: vj j. unu jum 49 Fulloo - street. The above work is told at the low price of one dollar. - The price of tbe Eoglub editwo in Lou. don i II 75, and in this city 2 30. This eJi lion i well printed, and th engravings as well executed as th English. Extract from the trork. u Man wisely insures hi houe, his ship, bit . . it i. lilt, i hi ni.nn h carro i be prudeaUy gives a Utile to secure the - j , ." , - r. CL.II L. a.., ivl means oi keys, smd conH - quently has all tn ad - i wni. cuau us um ica h1"'"""1 vamaett nt onumni mudutation : ine only one in iierson r ouau oe sunar uiai iwei, wnicu con the United States. Also, an elegant Pianoforte taint his moit valuable treaiore, to remain so of (he tone, musical variety and workmanstiin, unprepamt for. the water, so unfit to contend n.M - .i,ji,iueniuiaiurrD( mnus, vnun sjww i vith the waves, that, should it be under tn ne - traaiii esnavetatea testiucd by tbe nselwgiied A mftkino. - ,ar. 0rnrswimn,inr but eminent rroli nr ? I - - - - 7" . cortlfv. tht h Je mZ 1 " '.Z ? . recoverably kbt ! Wisdom is not iaconsUtent I 1.1 , . . I llulrll n. .Hiiw&luv - IDiaan - HtflB. HhlFh. In .Menu,. I WtUIIll. ty aiidttcelleoca of workman.lnp and uniforml By this system, person are initruded to the oruiiaiicy oi tone, we iiewtvedly recommend to neceirary evolutions, action, altitude, c. puniir patronage Miri Giltt F.tienne. Rd. their own element, and do not to Into the wa Mertz,C. i 7 I hibault, Charles Gnfert." NEW LAW BOOK STORE. JUST received and for anle, the followkig new works, corner of Navsuu and bpruce - streeu. ppj rsite uiy nan, !t 4th vul. Law New - York I ea ure's Rep'U in tlrft' - ciirl of Chancery 7UH tin and 9th vok.Vraiiclie't Repcrts. 1st and Cd Wheaton do M ante and S - fTn's . liJrols 6th and 6tii Tanntoc's . i 3d vol. ChitVi Ples'lfoj . Bat - '.iek' Digested In'Jex. 15 v . . . VaVID UA.r:.13. J82 , j I..' tr until they are prepared.for it ; so thai it bai been freanen'.ly the case, thai the author's pu pils have been able to swim on the first attempt atler the Kssons. Recomxendation of the above work are In serted in it. Jy 1 1 t BOARDING tCHOOu. TMIE M1S3 BENNETT'S bave oiiened boardioe arhool d yoang ladies, oe the soutb side of pnwles Hk, ia a situation wry u.iuy. nan anno - nu convenient to the city. quite Mired. The usaal EtrIm branches and . - crBiewoiB, r rencn. ilaOc, Uanring and Draw inc , art .taught, by theaue'.ves or by upptired - "Z"; appiy to Air u. G RLEN E, t4 Wall - ttrect, or at tlie school. WHLATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. a 'HE long and Mccontfwt awe 10I this ointiueut is a aamcieat vecoaaeneatioa, at it bat been found to be a pransaat, afc an certain re - BKdy for that ditagreeabie diseat ia all it (a - 5et. Jt ia for sale in the city of New - York, by . A. ft VT. R. Post, No. 41 W ilium - street: I. ft T. Clark, No. b Maiden - Una t 1L H Schiefleliaft Co. No. 193 Pearl - street; law - reace ft Keewi. No. 196 Peari - ttreet : Hut) Bowne, 148 Peart - afreet ; R. ft L Murray, rean - sveet eraouaJBt, 31 rean - si , - x , John Penford. No. 4 Flelcber - rett i Durtc Poe, in Pearl - street; John C Morrison, 188 breeawich - ttreet ; John 1. Fitbtr, 108 Bread - way t Walter! Seainan, cornci f Cliambf r - t. in abort it may be procured at avwt of tlm Drug Store in tbit city Alio in J'hiadVtpliia, of S. Withered A Son s Georee Harrdt .North ft Ro ger, and almost all the druggitti ia the principal inwni in ine united states. likewise. ' WHEATOX'S JAUNDICEBIITERS may oe had at the above lanZTom VAuUAtiLE REAL Ks FOR ttALE, ! THE ITT Or VKW - TORK. I7IVE lot of ground on the wot side of Green - a.' wich - vtreet, between Vettry and Deibro ses - streets. 15 bv CO. i our do in the rear Of the a Dove, fronting on the east tide of Washington - street, Z5 by bo. Kirht do in the block below, between Wash ington and West - street. la Mootcomerv Counrr. 6000 acre of Laud in Lawrence' fjarchaie, near Eatt Canada Creek, on tbe north tide ol the Mobawk. In Franklin County. Ij.162 arret of Land, ia Ilia town of Mount ftlorri and DaytoM in uhi county. ' 7832 acre of Land in the town of Barry more. lothnCouuty of Lewi. 1250 acre of land in Caaterland. Cbaitanit Purchase. , In Saratoga County. 2G0O acreaio Palmer't purchase; v Ijiquire at the office ofth subscriber, 34 Ce dar - street. DEV. ROBINSON. mh!7tf ti. bAUNDER'S PATEiYi' KAZOR bTROP. G. Yon that with to (have witb ease, Buy of Sachdj.m il you please ; Hi Razor Strop's, peculiar such, That tharpithe Haior withatouch. SAL.xui.Kd retpeciiuiiy toiicits those who have not rot hit Patent Razor Strop. to furnish themselves with hi new invented Razor Strop, and Metallic Composition. No een (lemon who once makes trial of one of tbe Strops now onerea, win ever try any omen; and sucmi their formation, that ever so much use will not rive the razor that roundness which renders tbe beit of them useless, and which it wetl known al - wart to follow the application of all those hitherto invented. The above ttmp are in a - eneral use in New York, and are dislinxuithed from all others. Barbers who have used them cay more in their prane Iliad I can myself. . U. I U.l IS K. IIS, 18 Wall - street. Also for sale. Razors. Soap, and everv nten - ril for Shaving, of the first quality, with n superior assortment of Perfumery. liait - Powder.&c. Iroin Smyth's, New Bond ttreet, London. N. U. The most liberal allowance made to dealers. my 2 ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. flISSING from the gallery of tba American IV 1 Acmlemy ol the Fine arts. TWO MINIA. TURE FORT RAITS, the one a gentleman's, set in gold, ornamented with pearl and richly finished on the back, radiated from the centre; the other n lady'i, without tetting, but bxed in a Slain cut ing. I he above reward will he paid y WILLIAM DUN LAP, Esq. keeper of the American Academy m trie r ine Arts, on delivery oi the above miniatures to him, at hi painting rooms, in the new - York Institution, or at hit houe, No. 59 Leonard ttreet : or, if the gentle - runn't picture alone is so delivered, I he puintng uninjured, seventy dollars will be paid to the per son who delivers it : and in like manner, for the ladies miniature alone, the painliiig uninjured. thirty dollars, i ne money win oo paid on deli very of the pictures, and no aueitioiis asked. Jewellers, Watchmaaers and othen, to whom these pictujei, or the tetting of the gentleman's picture, may he oiiered lor sale, are particularly solicited to be on their guard, and give notice a a Dove. By order of the board. ALEX. ROBERTSON, Sec'ry, JlStw WANTED, a lad about 14 years ol aee, as en apprentice to the printing business. Apply at tbe corner of Nassau and Spruce - tts. Jv9 IT'OIl Ihe nt.ove trouh esorue and !. imai 1? complaint, llamiMon'a Elixir n offered, with rontiitenre impired ny twenty years auccestiui exeriment. A uncle trial will vrvce thatltdit lodges and evacuates tlie touch viscid tihlcgm or mucus, strengthen the weakened vessel of the lunx. heatliLt the acrimoniom humour which irntattt thtm, and Unalsy diKharge it. inus striking at the root of the disorder, tbe symptoms are ofenurse cfiictnnlly and parmanenlly conquered ; Die revi - rte of common medicines. which weaken th constitution, and give strength to the disorder, for the sake ol moderating for the present Mime oi its paininl i Qi - cts. i ui'Mii.13. woo nave children ainicteu with this dreadful malady, this is a discovery of the lirst rnagnitnile, at it aCordi immediate re lier.cbccai the pwsreu, and in a thort time en tirelv removes the mrwt crael diiorder to which children are liable. The elixir ia so perfectly a greralile, and the dose so small, that no difficulty arise in taking it. He particular to ask for Hamilton's .uir, im itatioit of which are offered to the public, hut one are genuine without the tignattre 01 H Le. Fr alc at LEE'S medical warehoue. No. 46 Maiden Lane, and by every retpectable Drue - gut in IMew yorlc. J 1U MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF TUB CITT OV KCW - TOAK. (77i e'ifesf liutitulionfor liuurance againstin m hum suv,; TXCIITir. urninit lxa or Damage bv Fire. a Dwellin: Houses. Ware Houses, BoilSinet in e - MirraL Merchandise. Ships in port and tliir Careot.4. Household Furnilure. and every de scription ol personal property, on terms as favorable as similar institutions in this city. This Company is incorporated solely for the mmm of inurm - Araintt losses bv fire, and has circumscribed it operations chiefly withia this city und immediate proximity. la addition to the Capital SlocK, Jvaj,uiaj, which is secured by bond and mortr&ge on real estate and public stocks, this Company possesses a nanoSonM surplus nina, uivefien ia nmc mmr iw r nartie assured may tlierefore repose Ihe fui - t confidence in the solidity of it capital, and that anv losses or damttse will be settled With nmwintitude And liberality. Tlie different rates of premium and conditions of Insuranceare uniform with those of the other Fire Inrurance Office in this city. lite iuatc are referred ror particulars 1 POST COACH STEAM - BOAT LINE, - MR PHILADELPHIA. jr. WAT OV XMZABRTHTOWN rOlflT. ; (Through in One Day.) ANEW Line of Post Coaches with every con - XJL veoience for passengers and baggage, on Snrinps, atarU from the Coach office, No. 1 Courtland - strect, near Broadway New - ork, every morning, (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock, in tbe Steam Boat Atalanta, via Llizabetlitown. Brunswick. Princeton, Trenton and Brittol.and arrive at Philadelphia the tame afternoon, at 4 o'clock. ... . . A second Line of new Pott Coacbe will itarl from New - York every morning, (Sunday excepted,) at 10 o'clock in the Steam Boat Atalanta. kxtra at Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia, in n Steam Boat, ne it morning at 10 o'clock. Fare 5 dollar. P. S. Passenger are requested to call and take their seats at ine race no. i CmirtlMid - it. N. Y. United State Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington City, with every convenience for passengers and baggage, on springs. The U. 9. mail coach will start from the coach otCce, No. 1 Courtlandt - st. New - York, every day at S o'clock, P. M. and arrive at rinl adelihia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only 6 pa' u - npera Admitted. h oi seats in the above named Lines, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at tbe old established Coach, and Steam Boat office. No. 1 Court - Inndt - stieet, near the corner of Broadway. New - York t or to A. T.GOODRICH ft CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, and nt No. 53 Whitehall - street. New - York. Ifr - All roods and baeeaee at the risk of the owner. JOSEPH LYON, SONS ft CO. N. B - Expresses sent to any part of the Con - Unenr, ny i tlUJi as "nun ciis. Je 84 bWIFT SURE MAIL COACH Lb, von. rniLADKLPRiA. iy 10 uiiuier. ftT - Leave mew - Tom K every morning (Sunday'sex ifcepted)at8o'cl UNION Ll.NL. ock, and ar rive 10 I'biiacieipiua next in tneir cnarees. j ne drivers, norses ana coacn - e are not inferior to any other now running between these two cities. Tbe beautiful country, and the excellence of the roads on this rout, connected with the safety, comfort, and reasonable expences, are beleivrd to lie strong inducements to travellers in giving this line n decided prefer ence. The strictest attention will be observed bv the proprietor in eivine cane rat satisfaction. All baggage and package will go at tbe risk of the owner unlets insured and receipted lor oy me clerk ol said omce. Stage fare only 5, with a generous allowance ofbaggnge. Parties wishing to travel at their leiiure, may engage the Coach on reasonable icrini exclusively loinrxoKirrs, oy uppijuig out: day previous to starting. . For stats apply at Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courllandt - street, New - York. LYON, SONS, I CO. ap S Proprietors. FOR PHILADELPHIA. Twenty - five miles land carriage, via New. Brum wick and Trenton. In new post coachea $3 Do good tlag 4 50 Do lorecattle or deck patrneer, 3 &0 Connected by ti e steam boatt oi ivk branch and rnLAOKLrni a. The ileum tM.nt Olive Brunch will leave New York very day, uo - day'i excepted, from the north tiilo of the Battery, at 11 o'clock, A.M. Pawnert wilt lodjre at Trenton, and take the tteutn boat 1'hiladel - phia, to ailo arrive in Philadelphia nt lOo'clnck the next morning, in time to take the Union Lire Baltimore tteam boats. Thu line hai a connecticn with the bett boats on the Delaware and Cbi - sapeak to Norfolk i as also those of the North River and Sound t and 'heir several arrivals, are calculated to cause lit tle, if any delay. This is a speedy and certainly the moit conve nient route, at tlie passengers win leave rew ork after the banks open, and arrive m rt.iia - delnhia before the houis of businets, without fatigue in travelling or want of iltep, the land carriage being much less than by any other route between the two citiet. For aeata in the above line apply to WILLlAvl B. JAQUF.S, At the Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Mar - ketfield ttreet, north tide of the Battery, between Greenwich and Washington ttreet. or to The CAPTAIN on board. fJ3 All goodt and baggage at the ritk of the owner. ap 4 NO l ICE. For the further accomroo dation ol the public, the de parture ol Ihe r irrfly from New - York and Ncwbureh ill be in tuture on the K'llowing days leave New York on Monilay, Wednesday nd Saturday. at9 A.M. Leave Newhureh on I'uesday, Friday and Sunday at ft A. M. The above arranscment will commence by the Firefly leaving Newburgh on Sunday, the 24th Ae Western Slaee leave Newbursh imme diately after the arrival ol the I ireuy. my Ti KAIlOR A1D BKTBI.KHBM MEW M.1B, VIA If FW - BRCKSWtCK fCT - Passengers will leave f . T j New - York every Monday ana r noay, bi 1 1 o ciock, A. M. in tlie steam boat Olive Branch ; lodge at New Brunswick ; leave there early next morning, and arrive at Eatton at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Returning, leave Eatton every Monday and Friday, at 5 o'clock, A. M , lodge at New Brunswick ; arrive at New York at 10 o'clock next ranrninc in the tteam boat Olive Branch. The ttage connected with this line it a good four - horse stage. rarsase Irons n. Brunfwick to Laston, S3 50 from Eatton to Bethlebem, 75 cents. For seats in the above line.apply to W.M. B. JAQUF.S, at the Philadelphia Union Line Steam - Boat Oifice, nortn side ol the battery. KUULKt Lb i su.n, rropnetor Jet3tf FOH PHlLAltKLfHtA, Via ELIZABETH - TOWS POLVT. POsT - COACH LINE, 77 rmipA in a day and by dau - liehL LEAVES New - York in tiia steam - W:t Ata lanta, from the foot of Whitchail - ctreet. near the Battery, at 5 o'clock, A. M. Enquire at No. 1 Courtlandt - ttreel and No. 53 White hall - strect, at which places seats may be taken. Je20 tf Q TO LET. A dry Cellar, under the hone No. S3 Pine - street. Enquire of MR. SWEDE?, mylltf 134 Pearl - ttnet WANTED. 4 GIRL from IS to 15 years of age, of good L V character and steady habits, to asiisl in fam ly. Apply at 74 Leonarrl - ttreet. JeS9 - HOHOKEX HOTEL. rilllE house lately occupied by Mr. David JL 000 win, ha been newly furnished, aud in com pleat ord - r for the reception of boarders. - Parties can be accommodated with Jinuerco the thort et notice. Tea, coffer. Ice - cream, mead. cake, fruit, kc with n variety of the bt linoors, wdl b al wavi t Ttrinted nrooosal ia circulation, and whrh may, in readiness. A burse host will shirt from enchl be bad oo application at tVo. 44 Wall street (side of lbs river punctually at every hour firm, r - - UAKlMbL. r lm.v, imuieni, j o'cioc o the anomm? unldSiu th eveninr - , THE SOUJVD STEAM BOAT - LIAS. - The proprietor, wi'h view of accommodating the public, by extending tbe line to Norwich, intend making the experiment will) tbe Fulton, Capt. Law, and this route (if found practicable) will be continued during the season. The tine will in future be from New - York to Norwich, a follow t : The Connecticut, Capt. Bunker, will leave New - York every Monday, W:dnedag and Friday, at 8 o'clock, in tbe morning, for New - Havea. The Fulton, Capt. Law, will leave AenricA at 6 o'clock in the morning of the tame day t, touch at A ev - London and depart from thence for JVeie - Zfarrn at ti o'clock. Tbe boat will meet at Vev - tfaren, and depart front thence every Monday, Wtdntt - day and Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening tbe Connecticut lor vVcw - Fert, and the Fulton for Nrv - lsmtion and AVweA. mh 17 Njcwmvkum and casaiiiaiouam ail - vtaujc TiiBia time a wf.kb;. EAVES Newborgh eve rv bnnday, J uetday, and Thursday mornings, at three o'clock, runs through Montgomery, Bloomingburgh, Monticello, by White Lake, Cothecton, Mount Pleasant, Great Bend, Chenango Point, Owega, Ilhica, and Geneva, toCanandaigua. Returning leaves Canamlaigtta every Mon - . day, Wednesday and Friday mornings at three o'clock, and arrives at Newburgli, the third day in time to take the Steam - boats which arrive in New - York the followiiipr nxDniinr. - fXj ll may be expected thai at all timet when th tteam - boatt nlttr their dayt of running, that thu line will alter to at to mret them. The whole route will be perfomed in three day, from the first of May, until the first of November and from the first ot November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four day and from the J5th December, tin - til the fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the cjiy of New - York and run from thence to Canandaigua in four days. Passengers travelling from New - York to Canandaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. York in the evening steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in three days a distance of three hundred mile. TherFiie is well furnished, with good, new carriages ; good horses, and careful and experienced driver Everj alien - tiun will be paid to render the passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditious ; and it it believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the state. fXJ" FARF. from Ncwburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLAKS. N. B. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Abo, a line run from Owego Tioga Point thence through Newtown and Painted Tost, to Ba'.h, &e. V BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners. I lavid Godfrey. Bloominghnrgh.T E. C. St. John, Mount 1'lf.Uiint, j L. & R. Manning, Chenaujjo, iProprie - Luther Gere, Ithica, j tort. Samael Greenliff, Geneva, I Oliver Phelpt, Laming, J mh 14 d6m EASTON MAIL Sl'AGK, rnROOGH tar I DAT. THREK T1MSS A WEEK. ffc7 '1 lie iiroprictor ark - nOHicdce wi'h giati'ude the gfjy'fw jmcourgemf - ut tt'Cy h ve V "l,.ri.,iir,,, r. .;,.,! in Itiit Hut., iiiu air therefore iiidured to expedite tlie travelling on this route ; and in order to accomplish it, have provided thematic with four t liahsps of horses whii h are i.h.cnl at e - qiial distances on the route. It will leave tVhlte'i Hotfl, r.stton, every Monday, weunttdny, nnd Friday, at 4 o'clock in the morning, arrive nt Elizabeth Town Point in time to take the tteam beat AtManta. nt 5 o'clock. Leave New York at 5 o'clock, every Tuesday, Thursday nnd Saturday, aud arrive at Eadou tally in the evening ; (are through five dollars, ei.d a gene rous allowance of baggage, gratis. A thitslaee pastes near the calibrated springs on Sthpoley's Mountain, passengers taking tins line wi t r ranted to the sprinss without any extra charge. The proprietors I k - ilgo that nothing shall be wanting m tm ir part lo nmke this a ileaiaut route. 1 he drivers are cnretul and arcobimnda - tine For seat, apply to Jamei Pat'en, Court - land ftrp t, orou boaidthe At ilanta, nnd White's Hotel, Laston. 1. Z. i: J. I ' RAKE. Chester. June 90 J 20 Im NO 1 ICE. ft? - SteKiD Roat Omvk 13HASCH will rail every SuikJuv, at I o'clock round Slat, o I. land. nnH orrAiinn ly, il the wiiiJ and lute will permit, to tlie hook. This beautiful sail will contribute both to health and pleasure, and is as cheap a re creation as can be found. Parties who menn to partake of this amusement will, if convenient, give in their unmet the day preceding, nt Ihe thee in Market held ttreet, noiihside oi the Bat tery. 1 'inner on board, at the usual prices. Patsuge 8 children rulf price. my 13tf 1HK STEAM BOAT A, FOR ELIZA BETHTOVVN POL1T, T EAVES N York each LA day, Sunday except. cd, from tbe foot of White - hail jireel near the Battery, at 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. : leaves Eliza bcthlown Point at 3 o'clock A. M. aud half past IS o'clock and half past 4 o'clock r. M. Jc20 tr jVUHTU lllVEli STEAM - BOATS, firT - Onttie 11th of Slav, commenced running four timet n week. A Boat tfsa'eavcs New - York on Tuet rt.iy, at bo clock, A. M ; Wednesday, at 5 P. M; r rulay, at M A. M. and Saturday, at 5 f. M. of each week ; and a boat leaves A many on Mon day, Wednetday, Thurtday, and Saturday, at A. M. The Fire - Fir leaves New - York on Tueidatij lliursday and Saturday, al y A. M. lor Iew hurirh, and returni on Monday, Wednesday aud Friday, at 8 A.M. Je SC tOR SALK, A farm of between sixty and seventy acres, lituate on the wet hank ol Lake Otsego, and one mile from the village of Cooperstyivu. On it are anew stone Louse . - ,4 feet square ; a new farm house, barn, tic. It foims a desirable el tahlithiuent torn gentleman wishing to retire into the country, at its n'.uation, as to prospect, convenience to market, Mc. is not surpassed bv - .'.. i. ill if any in ine interior oi inc muie. n win oe uiu low for cah, on a credit, cr exchanged for pro perty in ttJicitv, goons, vc. Appiy to 11. u at ii. cr.uuniir., mv 7 tf Law Bui!dirig. PATENT HUG DESTROYING LIUUlD. V CERTAIN and never failing poison for bed bus, it wiUeiterruinatu liieui at u'uvi. without staining the lumitce, or being accoiu panied witti that diraertenble soielhmual'v at lenains ine biiiiii niiin ni oiner potions, for sale in bottles, at !. each, at ' P. DICKIE'i Medicine Store, 305 Broadway N. B. A large assortment of geniine Drugi sad warranted pattnt Oicdicinet, lor lalta.a hove. Jl!lm OHN HEWllTmli retidesat No. S4J W - ter street, wbue he has a very handsorte and la'lnonal'le a.:ortuiint of t.alnnet r urn'ture hand, which lie will warrant to be of the first quality. He solicits his New York and southern friends to give him a call, at he flxtiers himsell they will net he duappoin'cd. Orders pxeruted at the shortest notice. J. - tH tf ViLfii TtWO or three nn - ie ceo'k - nirn cm be ham! J somely acnaimudated JOHN PINTARD, Secretary, I Iu!y - w . S. BURNS. 1 3D Broadway, may ti luui, A pleasa - it back rcora, at no. S6 W: tresi , u":tablt fot - 1 la wi or1! (.fiUe. Powerfli'li l iruruidia;t!y. AppW ia Cat trout ciSce. Je4 nth board at Ns. Je i'j lu A dlmtmnlzg pabic tasw hew ts disiai Disk b tween things that differ. under physicians of geneiaJ practice, six years andrrVeatedlysalivabd; wben recommended u 1 1 7. ut. it. (ny a gentleman or tbit city) his bonei Z 7 aa 7 j c i rrP'ng irorn then CI bit friends declared DOCTOR HORNE, forrverl, Of the CitV Of Leautni at member of tbe faculty cJ n.;. and lurgery there, dee mi Jt Eisde. ty to repeat some onservations Om the abuse of MERCURY? a rash, indiscriminate, and ancaali - ted use toereot, has been pmdoa - tive of infinite diiarhM.r ''mo unds are annually mercnrialized out of en. I nce. The disease we bave in view owes its f UI results diiefly to this source. What a nitt ' that a young man, the hopet of hit country, . fl the darling ot hi parents, thou Id be an stoned a way from all the prospect and enjoyment of In'. by thecoiuieqBencesofone ungaarded momert and by a disease not in its own nature fatal, and treatmenU" A gentleman, (late Dr. if', !' tient) now perfectly hearty and well, had bees be could not posubly inrriv. i r. o uionun looyer. i DiManui experimentall know vith what care and satiety Dr. if, eradi cates the teverert cases, and confirm! tlie coaitf tution. Tbe Dw - tor' plan (advertising; u ns" cettary to guard the public against the abuie ef mercury, and other fatal delusions, held forth. Persona, therefore, having contracted a pri. vate disorder, or suspecting Intent poison, t sdicr.niihedoot to tain)er with their cocilita - tiao, or conceal the disorder, till past recov. ry others having the remnir.i of an old cats" or impurities of tlie blood, as well as otk! er complaint of a delicate nature, in eiijL, ex. should remember posterity, and do icTUe - to lir consciences, by making apin'catioa to Dr. H. at his old and respectable estab lithmcnt. No. 64 Water - street, four house wetl of Old - siip, to obtain that prompt assi.tauc.. lone calculated to prevent disclosure. Aud nera let rue t!am your serious attention lieieemrir superficial ccm i o cure at all ; noWs the b - tnitsu radically done, yon will certainlv hav. tht diorder break out again with redouhltd ma ' lictiity. at ome future pcrir , pcrt,aM (hfn be too late for remedy. Don't you oftta meet ia the strectt miserable, mutilated btkgs, wiiholl even a bit ot nose on their face Take wamine I IM'sTtCte jutie . Dr. H's. character for skill and stubborn fote - gn:y being universally knoivo in this city, since J04, guar - ; "tee to patients that delicacy and M - rrccy hitherto unknown, and having conlined bis practice for Tear p., exclusively to the cure of ilif cases or tl.e blond tnu m, tliey may aufely calculate on Ihe most decided advantages Lacoa - ultlnB Dr. II. . . " Gieets eradicated in tw or three wli!. St'ictiirti removed withow bougirs r - r Biiv nth - j er io'tmmt - nt ; nnd ill tfcbilitiea ;'littewiie all old ulceration", tiitula1 au. A plurality ol officei are nroridrd. and so aits. ated that patier.ts are not expoied toeuch uther's observation. Open till half pat 9 in the tvenine. 1. 1. tnuiirvillCllITU IU r - . f.'cu l - l HeirCC IU ailing, and sneaking with I)r.H. w I.kb is (r i cost, noo i ere ue i.'ocior cannot avoid tl. xpresion ol tfratituile for innumer able reconu - mendationt, ard for the decided preference fit ia wnn juti causei long givtn mm cy a iiicicus piitinc. N. B. Al! Inters nintt be pott j aid. Lr. Buchanan. Aug t7 lir X EITHER HUACK EHY A'OJi J.VtC'il - dtujy. Dill. EVANS' stiperif Jrnelhod of curing a cti tain Direa, isuowiuiie tally arknowlt drd in th city : hK mode of tr. otmei t t periectiy uuld, tafe, e paiuious. ana tin cnarg. i reasonable. In every u - ttance he warrants a cuss,. aad will return the pay ifbe ' iloe noi itfrforn arceab .to contract 1 ' . . . r I ... I .t.i. aU..aJ There are many persons in this city and its vi cinity, laboring under various chronic diseases, tuch hi cancers, old inveterate ulcers, tcroMa or kings evil, bMuias, disease of Um Berth rr, bladder and kidnies, old complicated complaias of a certain nature, bilious and other oUtrw lions, rheumatism, Ac. which they consider inci - liona, rheumatism, Ac. which they c ootid rnhle, tliey can certainly he cured fin bv apulyinc at Dr. EVANS'S Medical 9, PecE - tiip, having practiied in genert'l Store, No, .. exbnuiva Sti ei hospitals in Europe 11 years, under seme of It first Surgeons and Physicians in the world, ltd made tlinte ohatinatje disease! bisconitant ttvr'y for 30 years. . Oct IS IL" The tubcriber havinz rrcenllv retarntd from England wi:h an important improvement on Uie artificial spring Lf.u, he takes this method f informing Ins friends and the public, that all those who are so unfortunate at to be In want of eg, or arm, they can be accommodatsd by ar - ilying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jan W WM. rURVIF. AFRUMENTO, No, 1 Wall street, geotlt - . mt n'adretsiiic room, bat for sale a few Ra - . mrs of Damask Steel, made by tbeeelebseted M ansia. of Paris. He hat also received so as tortnient ol tbe bett Enejish Razors, whkb be, warrant good. If proved to the contrary, mo ney refunded. ' Mr. FKUMENTO returns hit sincere thanks to his customers, and the public in general, their very liberal patronage, and solicits a continuance of their lavourt. He hat like lie procured a very fine hune,BSd engagei to restore razors to a very keen edfe, and should tney noi cut weu ne will receive aw recomptnee. I ' Gentlemen who tuhscribe by the quarter, will have tlieir apparatut kept exclusivly for then - elves. . Je V'jr - if'i',i I I may 87 . A COBSTAST J ispplyofta dies Beaver Haw, fresh from tbe bis - ; nufoctoiy, tuita - ble for tbe southern msrket, sad packed at th! tbortest notitei 3! W ll.SON'?. lbOBroadJ IO AlAeUNti. ' PROPOSALS will be rereived at No. i& Wa.hinglon street, lornmntinge nww, - sree&bly with a plaa th. ra leit, for a tavern, ihe corner 01 the Bowling Gitto and - trect. Se 'L ELEUAA'T PlAAV t OKIES. 03. WILeON, M Maiden - Lane, baiutre rnitnl hv the Vrnus. a laree asiortn - ei't 01 excellent Piano Fortes, Patent Flstel, llaf - Icts, Kt. maiiufwlurcd expressly for him r menti Co. London. Also, l"iano Fort trtru p in set , t.ew muric, and every ailicle in tbe ical lice ; instruments takeu ia txchang. J" tuners providt d. . my - - ' " No, NEW. YORK : TRIXTLD AAlrtlBLlSBSB - ' as ' 49 tVil.i.lAH - STStRI PProllTB TI" . hAsri CorrKF - Hocsx.

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