The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 17, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1818
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Schr Laura, Robinson, St Thomas, 10 days. - 'and 7. from cridrieiioo oar. - FORT OF CHARLESTON, July 9 - Arri Briiiih schr. Trio, Fulford, Nassau. N. P. 5 days Specie. Passengers, Captains Bernard Bd Ifolcues, Mid Messrs. J. M'Clure and Cud - niiurhain. - - British Khr Two Brothers, Clark, Antigua, S9 BROADWAY .: C IRCUS, , ' oooooOouooo THIS EVENING, JULY 17. 1818. ' Tbe performance will commence with the . Fnortf of t!e Ring. Matter Coty, the celebrated American hero. will distinguish himself with many - brilliant feats of horse mausnip. Officerapd Recruit, by Messrs. T&tncil and . Garcia, on two Dorses. - Mrs. Williams will display her astonishing . cqaiuonumt on ice uacK wire. Tbe elegant horse Othello frill perform the part of a domestic, lie will at Command, bring a whip, bat. basket, handkerchief and walking. trotting, Sic. aad conclude with bringing a tlag, ' ptacea ai uie wp oi a board ri leei nign. Master MCarn, the wonder of the age, will, csooe horse, perform many wonderful leuts for a youth, only nine years old, and conclude by ri ding oo bishead, bis horse io full speed. Mous. Cauisin will eo through many surpri sing feats with a stick, but recently introduced , - uio wis country. - Elaik Rone, by Mr.Maylie. ' Ms. Williams Hilt, anions other extrnordinS' ry feats, (o through the sii division of the broad sworn. Mr. Tatnell, the flying bowman, will perform many wonderful feats, oi.d leap over a hoard of lights. Carnival of Venice, to commence with the grand processiio of Turks and Mamelukes, followed by a comical combat. To conclude with the Great Pyramids, four stories high, composed "of It persons, or wen pil..d upon men. Still vaulting by the company Mr. Campbell, clowa. Tickets may lie bad at the eircu, from 10 O'clock, A. M. to 1 P. M. and from 3 to 5. Doors will he oien at 7 o'clock, and the per - '"fonaaw e eommcoce precisely at 8. ' Mo smoakuur allowed. Checks not transfer able. Gentlemen are requested not to enter the Tine. Ifr Ataa KULlvt - rsirv iiHwiniir ( Die uieili. cafaociety of the city of New York, held on the Cth July, the following gentlemen were chosen ' officers lor the current year. ., John R. B. Roarers, M. D. Frwdent, 'Vriijht Post, M. 13. Vice President ; fit. Vansoliiurer, Treasurer Capar W, Etldy. M. L). gee'ry, Ftlit Papain, M. D. Del. gate, John WatU. M. D. x Thos. Cock, M.I). I L. Spaldins;, M. D. ). Censors. Or. John Neilson, i Alei.H. Steveos,M. D. ) At the same meeting Peter Barbieux, M. 1). was electtd a member of the society. J 17 It C. W. EDDY, M. O. Sec'rv. ShCUMJ WAHIK VT011CE is hereby given, that the asiesor of j - i ir.e second warcj naye completed their as - seairaenti, and that a copy thereof is left with Abraham Valentine, No. 161 Front street, where the same may te seen and examined by a..y of the inhabitants, during ten days from this date, and that the assessors will meet at said place on the 27th July inrtact, to revie their said assessments, on the application oi any person conceiving liiui.e.:f aggrieved. ABM. VALENTINE,) Assessors of the WM. W. FOX, i 2d ward. J 17 lot WILL be soli ny puUlu: auction, on Thursday the Ud int at 12 o'clock at noon, ttie lower side of Walnut nt - 'et wharf, Tttecarsp of Ciesliip Paafic, ju - t arrived from Cantos, cunnsLios cl vsry excellent TEAS, as ,fUlws,Ti : f - tl thcls, i Ytt ciet, f ., A 61 . Ue. 1Q eattr. aod You: "J00 Tea. 70 boiesofScatty, ) H)0 chests, and .,... . UO hlcd - .t. ty"Tea. IM chests Hyson Skin Tea 7J half chests, ) ' 327 boxes, and f Imperial Tea 14 cases of cannisters VCitersiGwderTca. packages ofCassia 17 bifs Rhubarb ; 6 da Vermilion. JOHN HUMES St J W. LHTLNCOTTS. Auctioneers? Philadelphia. July 16,1313. J 17 6t FOKiALE, The brig JOHN, 144 tons, built in LMnssacbnsetts in the year 1808. and lebuiU in Philadelphia, in 1816 a staunch gnd in wen k'uitu in sans ana riesiins ues n 1 1 .. . - 1 ai oraoiivu. t or ierm, apply to JAMES WWOLF, Jr. J W 54 South street or H ASIILY iTOX, A". C. The schr. CARPENTER'S SON, ,l(ubbell, lying in Peck - slip i will sail e auuday next. For freight or passare, ap ply sn Hoard, or to R. St C. W. DAVENPORT CO. JV 35 Peck - dip. " FOR HAVRE. The ship BRAGANZA. Capt. New - acomo, will commence loadinsr on moo Ayuext. and will ba rireignior passage apply to Capt Newcomb, ooaru ai ricr ao. io r It. or to ARCHIBALD GRACIE SOX. "Ae hate for nit, Ml n Af Konrti ! I ,Jt..n - r - VUH'M VVIIVII - 7j w9 bses of Salt Petre ?i Si casks of botile'd Porter 7 dozen each cases of Claret one dor. each) Vintn - rc of . oo oo uree (lot. each ltfio, 17 lw - for ELF AST, t - - - - - - ' I - .sj iivi , vv,icu "31 I'hiljfl.'ltil.. i iKmir lKOJ,l ..111 v v u v S ftl. - Vtjn siiiu wi in I e imnieUUely dispatched, h:ivinp23ds ofl "Jto ABRAHAM HELL, comer of Fulton ami Cliir - st. . A Qanjtome atortmnt .if trivli I mrn. r - ?"ed I as above, by the last arrWls from !)nb - "in ueitast. A7 l PASSAGE for ST. iLVCEJVT. The (he British vchr. FHAXCI4. CsuL p " at. can accommodate three passensers, - - ...vui,e application be made to captain on bowd, east side of Peck - slip, or to , . MILLS, PUBDY c CO. " t Ofi PMrl - alrrrt n'i.t' - R Jc. 3 men's and women's A black and slate worsted Hose 4 men's Lamb's Wool and Marble Jo. "pmen's Cotton Hose Wellington Capes ""orited Suspenders. jut received and J 17 i,, "J lann atn alu 65 Soe'h trrct h - N' - Cpipfs4ihprool rt"crslle Rrao - W " c,r' quahty, landing this day at Bur - ?. and for sale by . j,T HURO h SEW ALL - - 65 South, street. Jj;'AftKl.ES, kc 00 pieces b.ue B,Vk eeM Terjr superior quality Hdkfr . cn'w, 4 - 4 black fringed twilled IpT P.REMSEN St CO. .a ooum - sireri. r riri - j . iw iiro. nneni yellow Kiln U Corn MesJ, fresh from the Mills, for I j 17 TUCKER b LAURIE3, an lar bis to as f ny no is to left I 100 I0 I It ard, for J so am street. IRISH LINT.S3. EIIKETOGS. DIAPER. Le. A LARGE ascor'.nien 0T the above Goods, consisting of the fillowioir descriptions - o - oneeuug?, 4 - 4, 7 - to 3 - 4 Luieus, . 4 - 14 7 - 0 - do. in de mi pieces, 3 - 4 Brown and Black Linens, 7 - 8 D.iwlas, Linen Bed - Ticking, ... 7 - 8 Coarse half - bleached Linen, 4 - 4 Cotton Shirtings, Linen Thread, assorted colours, First quality Irish Sail Dnck. . A r . , . L - For Sale, oa reasonable terms, by THOMAS SUFFERN, No. 6, Depeyster - tt. juiy i t i 'lOBACCO. e'O ktjt manufactured Keutuc JL ky Tubucco, just received per Aheona. and torsaieuy uuttu SfctWALU J 17 65 South street f"10TTON Ac SOLE LEATHER. - 230 bales U Upland Cotton, in lots to suit nurchasert VU side light sole leather, Tor sale by . SAUL, ALLEY, J ir 98 Pine - street. lABLEs, NAILS. HOOP SHEET IRON, KJ Now landing from the briz SewelL from An twerp, for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by BAIV1L,. uuur. WHO HAS lit STORK. 1 Russia yellow Candle Tallow and half bleach ed sheetings , British C - .inpowder. entitled to drawback Fowling Pieces by the package, witb the best gun ana putoi locus Hardwares and Cutlerv assorted Blue printed China Dining Sets, superior pat - lerns White Welsh plains for planters Yorkshire superfine Broad Cloths Light Horsemen's Swords, entitled to draw back Kentucky Tarns, Sir.. Sic. Sic. J 17 lw fiALCUTTA SUGAR St GINGER. 67 t bass very superior hard trained white Su gar 201) hag Ginger entitled to debenture 4 hhds N. E. Rum, landing and for sale by JOS. OSBORiV. Jy" 38 SouUi - street. HOLLA MJ Gl.N', of the "Loopuii" brand, now landing from the brig Criterion, at piel o. ii, iv. ior saie ny Jy 17 LE ROY, BAYARD ft CO. IMOl'PA ttoMALS. (leases Chnppa tto - w inais, sueriorouaiitv, entitled ioarw0acE for sol. - by GEO. W TALBOT, Jy 17 55 Pine - street. DKUUri. 18 cases Gum Copal, I'd' lauding and for sale by J.OBOI o Boras OBORN, JY I 28 South ttreet. OVA' CEAT HMVAHU. BSCOiNOED from the subscrihrrr, Henry XX Coles, about 19 years oi age, 5 ftet 8 inches high, light complexion ; en npnrer.tice to the Shoe - making business. Said Cole his occasion ally been employed incoCecling m jney ail persons are forbid harboring, tru. - tii.r, or paying mill any inui mr niu atitr mis u - .t. i lie anove reward will he paid for rrtbrnitu Henry Coles, without any charges to No. i I rJudon - s'ret. by JOHN AITKIN. J? 17 lw (.71' SUh.Vii.VlrU, Ae. DEWEN, having been recently appoi - ited o by the coriwratiDn as a city - surveyor, re - spcctlully uno. - oi the ublir, that he has opened ofBce in Kiankfort - strcel, next door to Tarn - mai'y - Hali, for the purpose of land turveyiug generally. Towtihips, cities, estates, or any tract of laud, acunit. ly rurv eyed and drawn. O.J pl.tis, copied, reduced, or enlarged. Trigonometrical surreys and sections of coast, h.u - bour, rivers, Sic. for the improvement of navigation, purposes. Levels taken, ami country explored for canals, atjtiedarls, roads, &c. for engineers. Jy 17 lw DENTISTRY. DOCTOR ZEilAH HAWLEY informs the public that biscTice is at Mo. 91 Nnnu street : wtu - re he txlraeli teeth, titans and tell ifn,Bnil perfurms every operation in deshMry l lie loiKiwing ccrtia. ale ol skil', he tranks sufficient recoiumendalion. WHOM IT MAT CONCURS : This rctilics, Dr. Zerah Hawlcy is a rege bred physician, and in good s'..tnuii; with hrcthri - o in tliis phce ; that br has p id par ticulur attention to the art of Dtntistm. hasstu lied tne best works on (he siinjert, and nas given very good sausr.ictton in this branch his customers, who nre persons of the first re sptctability iu this city. We therefore, witb entire confidence rrcom nwnd Dr Hawley to the citizens of New - York a Dtntiit. .jEoeni Munson, Professors of New - Haven, 1 Nathan Smith, f the Med Jan. 2, 1818. ) Eli Ivh., Inslitutio... f Jona. Ru.ght, J Yale Col J 17 1w TTOBlAGE or foetus, original md translated by Leit;h Hunt, for sale at No. 3 Wall - si u. Jy 17 WILEY Si CO. WASTED. DTi steady middle aeed man, a situation as LJ an outdoor or indoor Porter. Would have objection to go as a waiter in a small lauiily, willing to do any thing to make himself useful any person that would employ bim. A line at this cuVe directed for C. Gcff, will he at tended tn in, mediately . Jy 17 St $100,000 20,000 $50,000 10,000 i sj.oju. T HE above are the Capital Prizes in the 5ih and only class Medical Science Lot tery, which commences drawing the 4th next momn. rorclmnces apply at G1LLESPIES' 124 BROADWAY. Where the Tickets can be purchased at the present price of f .6 in a few days those that iieisy win nave to py $28. J 17 3t " GKACiE's. 146 Broadway. 1ST of prises, last drawing, Grand Road LJ Lottery. Nos. 3(,64, 4213, 500 dols. each; 354,293, dnls each. First drawn number. Those who are indebted to O. C. G. CO. for Tickets, in the abnve Lottery are requested to max payment at nti ..roadway. J ti FOURTH OF AFXT MONTH, I'.L commence drawinr. the largest a most splmdid Lottery ever drawn in this city. GRAND MEDICAL SCIENCE. ft. AST CLASS) CAPITAL PRIZES. 1 prize of 100.000 DOLLARS. 1 do or 50,000 do 1 do of 20,000 do 1 do of 10,000 do 1 do of 6,000 do 2 do , of 2,000 da 45 do of 1,000 do The price of Tickets will soon be advanced. Adventurers are advised tocall immediately at Trnly Lucky Office. No, 122 Broadway. Where every capital priio in the fonr classes which hsve been drawn were sold, vis. No. - J!i 20.000 ; 1951'fl. 30.000; 12119, 25.000; I9545,25,0ii0; and several of 20,000, M.00O, 5000, A:c. Arc. J 17 2t ) UM to SUGAR. 1 10 puoctieuos cLCroix Kara. 41 huds Sugar of superior quality and 4 d - Symp, now - landing from brie Leop at Pier No. 18, for sale by U. K tl. Lt.13, J 14 2w 87 South - street. COFFEE 325 bagigreea CclTee, laruripg from tbe brie Jerome, from Port - ae - Prince, i pn I J. I V fj t jet. tens. by Also, sale by STEVENS MACTIER, jf IU ti id. ocum sueei. For GUADELOUPE. iV The fast sadiiig coppered rig .13 1 UUUBTDS. Samuel Turner, mas ter, will positively tail on Tuesday next. For passage only, having very handsome tjecomnio' daUons, apply to the master oa board, it Jinrt no. ij r.. it. or to - .r '" j, ti g. w. xtsciv; J?l 3t . 60 Sosjtkt.V f - 10l lON. SUGAR, esc 14 bales Orleans Cotton, now landinsr , 100 boxes Brown. 30 do. White Surar. eali iieu io urawoncK J - I L 1 - 75 hhds. N E. Rom 4 cases Domestic Goods, consisting of Shirtinss, Chambravs. Plaids and 8trioes 40,000 lbs. German Steel, (entitled to debent io ions cieaa nemp lure iu nnua rure cpinis, lor sale ny J AS. D' WOLF, Jun. 54 South - stretL r - r - Wanted to Clunler. u S A.I lrccn r enn inin m. for a voyage to the West - ln die. .Miplv as above. Jv 16 ff anted to freight,. A good Schooner,, of Uie burthen of six or seven hundred barrels, for a voy age from this port to Bermuda, immediate dis - patcu will be given. Apply to i TUCKER & - LAUKIES, J 16 - 2'J Soutli - street t or t'rtight or Lliarler, The ship ROBERT, Captain Thomp son, at Pine - street wharf. To Liver iool would be preferred. She is in excellent condition, and in readiness to receive a cargo. Apply to ri. & D. TALCOTT, Jy 14 64 South - streeL tor HRlyOL. The very superior New - York built brig JANUS, G. R. Dowdall, master. will meet with immediate dispatch, most of her cariro hem' encased. For freight of the re mainder, or passage, having elegant accommo dations, apply on board at Muriay's whrf,orto lOI T 61 Al'rUNAr., Jy 14 No. 50 South st. for LlftHtOOL, (A regular trader) t,The superior fast sailing thin CARO - LIL - AS'.V, built of live oak and cedar, hav - been new coppered and thoroughly repaired, i a first rate ship part of hor cargo being en a;ed she will be dispatched without delay. For freight or pissage, having superior accommodations for twenty pauengers, apply to cap - am William J. f aimer, on board, alpieriVo. 13 It. or at houlh - street, to J;.ly 9 tf ROli'LAXU & DRAW?.. - tor t.tyt - .RtOOL, The elegant fist sailing coppered ship DRA1 KR, Williain Adams, master; he is 291 tons burthen, only two years olJ, aud ill be dispatched immediately on djcharj;in her inward cargo. For freight or passage, an ply to the master, on board, east tide ot 1 ly - inarkel whan, or to B. W. ROGERS & Co. Je 16 235 Pearl street. for HAV lit:, The fast sailing coppered ship DIDO, George Maxwell, master ; expected to arrive from Philadelphia about the inst. and to sail 19th inst. 100 bales of cotton or o ther goods, will be taken on freight, and a few patseiigert) handsomely accommodated. Apply to HOYT TOM, J 9 tf 45 South - st. tor Cii. - iHLh islXtA, The ship TELEGRAPH, Fanning, master, will sail first fair wind; can take a tew tons more light freight, and accommodate 8 more passengers in a superior stile Apply on board, east side Burling - slip, or to AJfSOJfG.PUELPS, July 10 183 Front - st. Wanted to Cnarter, , For a voyage to Bermuda, a good SCHOONER, that will tarry 6 or 700 di i ;U imniudiate dispatch will he given Ap ply to 'JVL'KEU K LAURIf.S, July 10 29 South - iit for CHARTER, A British ft Kit., burthen 218 tons "" w - if..i. or 2100 barrels : now at Phi Ixlclplua; will proceed to this, or a southern - t, to load tor England, or the West Indies, :md can be despatched wiihin three di.ys no. uce. Apply 10 KOtibKS Fx TOST, J 6 51 outli - slreet IN, 4c M pipes hull.tud Gin, lunuinij at VJi SMeveus' - wuurt, trom the bng sewell, Antwerp. In' Store. from 197 pipes very superior 2d proof Holland Gin, in l.its to suit purchast - rs 200 pieces Holland Duck, first quality 200 bales New - Orleans Cotton 2 ens. s Freuch Cambrics 45 kegs Harris' crooxed brand Tobacco 25 do do straight do do 12 do Kentucky do Dearborn's Balances, from 300 to 2000 lbs. for sale by N. Si D. TALCOTT, Jy 15 64 South - st - f et ) ICH eiutircmlcd Mushu Dresses, just receiv v ed, and lor sale by MARCH Si LOW, 210 Broadway. J IG FRENCH BRANDY. 8 pipes first quality 4th proof Ructulle Brandy, I and ins and for saieoy tiunu ASbn Abu, Jy 16 65 South - street. TO U.I TTERS, XILU.VERS, GLAZItRS I c. I'ST received by the Ralins, from I - oodon and lor sale by GKO. CH A.ut; No 6 Church - st. I door from r ulton - st. Que case of black willow squares for hats or bjn - ne'., a new article, and being bght, calculated lor the present season One case glazier's diamonds, well assorted our hundred and futy boxes or Loudon crown glass, assorted, of each size from 6 by 8 to 14 by 22. Jy 10 2 rVTANKKENS. 7,500 ps hlue and comiiany Yellow, of sntvnor ouali'v. landine from sloop snuerior, lor sale alt) Soutn - street, ny , - f I .11)11 L'l L' V I' 1 - UL' I U LlV IV i.A.MDlCliljllU I I.A1WV.1. COUNTING ROOM. A pleasant raid con J venient counting jtoom in South - street to Apply at 'i'J south - street. J7 DOM ESI IG GOOCS. 10 cases sUipes 10 do fine and coarse ginghams 5 do brown shirtings 6 do bed - ticking 4 do 3 - 4 and 4 4 checks 1 do 4 - 4 and 5 4 sheeting 2 do bleacb'd shirtings, fine and coarse 1 do fine, made of sea island cotton 2 do cotton balls Sattinetls. caninctts. rassimeres, broad cloths. counterpanes. diaper, drahelts, letter paper, but - kuittin: cotton thread, Sic. Sic. For sale THE COMMISSION COM r AN i, 16 l - ia rean street. Lit C. SUYDAM, offer for lale, at No. 61 . Maiden - lane, super Coucterpunes, notted and fringed from 8 to 15 - 4 Alto, cradle and rriS Q'lilte nod notted covers London Super Cloths and Cauiueres Stout Green Bockiug Baixes Fine Linen Bed Tn sting Real D.miask Tahle Cloths, nnd Napkins Mulls, jaconet and cambric M us Jos Fii.e India Flag Binrtanoc Best black French and Italian Crepes Stout, and fine white Jear.s striped do Irish Linens, Sheetings and I'ia.ers Super C - 4 cambric Dimities, silk Hosiery Steam, and ixiwer loom cotton Sljrtuifj - L I 1 I KJ I late Ul the and fit f care small J I Lj NEfU llama Diaper I case .:" the. very first quality paUnt 3 cord wire Ct. Balls, assorted oamhers. 2 eases super funiiture Diicities Jy 10 lw .V s DEAL JKs& tVNDk - m liters, of nperiorf PS.M"1y', laauiac ana lor ease ny : , i'T. JOs. OSBORN, ' ' ' 23 Soutb - stree VjtiEEjWkAD, '. - - oJ rolls, for sale at 65 South Q street, by ; HURL) ft &t WALL. ff io . I f 'RlUl4VALtAtsruGs T Y Di4ataichiao, Murillo, Snyder alralor MiM Roia. liuMti&r Poutsin. c ' lso twrj elegajlt bronxes ; a marble figure, sue (gina, oi asieepsng tupid. 7 For Ualser exchange by . THOMAS GIMBJF.DE, . Jy 16 ar 336 Broadway. " CLOLHs, UUMBAZETTti, 4cc. fTHE suttixiliers have jut received by the JL ships Jslius Cxtarand Parilic, " ' 14 bales CloUis, of A. Rhodes and Co's ma - nufasJure do WiMboresi S U C n"",u,a,;,ure - Which they offer for ale at No 163 Pearl - st. LAVERTY, SHELTERS et KING, J 16 Sw . WHITE LfcAD, BIOJE VITRIOL, AL LUM. Ac ItrrnvoH iwr diamirf anil Columbia, from Bristol, (Eng.) and rt - r sale by the subscritier, on advuntagvous terms, vis. - too aegs genuine ground white Lead in ZUIb. kegs SO casks best dry White Lead in casks 5 to 6 cwt. each 30 do Red Lead in casks from I to 3 cwt. each It do Spanish Brows from 3 to 4 cwt. each 30 do Ivory Black from t to a cwt each 12 do Horn an Vitriol from 5 to 8cwt each 25 do Venetian Red from 2 to 3 cwt each 12 tierces Alluin from 7 to 10 cwt each 10 hhds. 5 tierces and 8 bbls Rot ton Stone French Green, Lamp Black, Purple Brown Colcothai Vitriol, bath Scouring Bricks Apply to A. CHURCH. J 15 184 Bewery, C OTTON YARN 10,000 His. cotton yarn, I from No, 4 to 20, twist and filling. Also. aiiout 500 lbs. Filling, from i to 25, oi the first quality, spunlrom Pra island Uotlon, lor sale by Till' milium my ii , v iMN vviui'H.viv.i wi...... m, J 16 148 Pearl street IENIUCKY JOilACCO 274 hhds, IV prime Kentucky Tobacco, tandine this day i'roiu ship Graud Scigimr, from New Orleans, for saieiy tllAii. L.. Ul.l'r.A, and J 13 ' ABRAHAM OGDEN. LYNCH, jr. has received per Louisa Ce MM celia, a few pities of Madeira, from the Parish of Cnia de Labm, aud St. Antonio, on which he invites the criticism of connoisseurs. ALSO, From the Havana, 30 boxes of srgars made at he kind's factory, which are of very superior juality, and Which he offers for sale at No. 40 W ilhaoi'Street. D. L. jr. receives orders for the above wine, subjiet to his approval on arrival. July 1 1 w ULO COPPER Si BR.1HS. e)f I lbs old copper and brass, in lots to JmijJJ suit purchasers, forsaleby TUCKER LAURIES, Jy 13 29 South - st. SUGAR, CU i'TON ASALT PETRE. HOFFMAN Si GLASS will sell nt Auction on Thursduy next, at half past XI o'clock, Die cargo of the ship Braganza, from Calcutta, consisting of 500 bags of Kunghpore f Mi do BoerL'a &UUAtl 786 do Beuares J 33 . do Salt retre 1000 bales of Bengal Cotton. J 15 ENGLISH & FRENCH GOOUS. TEETER REMSEN & CO. 26 South - street, IT have for sale, English and French Goods, ot tne following nescnpU'ms AnM Chinta and Lace Ground Furnitures Do. Bomba sets, 6 - 4 and 9 - 8 Cambrics Furniture Prints Damask Table Cloths, Huckaback Towels Malabar and Madras Hdkfs Blue and red Focket do. 4 4 Shirtings ' Hair cord Olrutty, ptain Tafl' - la Hinnoa - Men's black and white Silk Gloves Green and changeable Levantines Parasols, common and figured borders Fringed Satin Kibbons Garniture Tallcta do Oiled Hat Covers, uud Fancy Snuff Boxes Jy 15 lOH SALE 172 large sued boxes fresh Lemons, 1J9 biius Filberts 12 bags English Walnuts, just received by u. u. 61 s. iiuvviArsu, J 15 67 Washiugton - ltrect. s UtiAR. 15 hhds. prime St. Croix Sugar, ! lending on pier, south side Old slip, fori ale by JACKSON St WOOLLEY, 75 Wall - st. July 15 AI ACHINE CARDS. - 8 cases Machine Cotton Cards, lor sale by THE COMMISSION COMPANY. Jy 16 148 Pearl street. GKRMAN GOODS. l KCEIVED by the ship Triton and the ship, a, r.ioe. from Hamburg, aud other late import ations, an assortment of German Linens, such as 1'iaiiiias, w hite and brown Pretagnes, Creas, Dowlas, Brown Checks and Shirting Linens Hempen Osnaburgs and Ticklenburgs, Hessians, Burlaps, Brown Rolls, Bags, Tapes, Supetfine Broad Cloths Napkins, Siltt Galloons and Pound Ribbons Coffee Mills, Slate Peocils Looking Glass Plates Pocket and Sutia Glasses Lead Pencils And an assortment of Card wire. Aisj oo band, A few tons St Petersburg Hemp Kirat Quality Holland SmlCloth. and Sixty boxes Pategrass Cheese, entitled to de benture. For sale oo reasonable terms, by . GEO. ii THEO. MEYER, J IS lm 129 Washington street, 1(jr i U.. Fur sal a lew bales ol couon, suitable fir manufacturing. Enquire at 148 Pearl - street, up stairs. JJ Ol I T SAWS, A small invoice of Cast Stee t lit baws, just rtceived and for sale by I ANDERSON & SHEARER. Je25 131 Water - street. CLARET. for sale at dozen very superiourClaret, 13 the dozen, by GEORGE JOHNSTON, No 1 Sloat - lane je30 tf' ' TO POCKET BOOK MAKERS. TWO men who understand their business, may Lave constant employ in the above! Business, by applying at 18 Wall - street July 15 . U5'f published and tur talc by WM. B G1LLEY, 92 Broadway, The Military and Naval OperaUone in the Canadas, during the war with lbs United States. "Including also, I i:;,.i Ar r - 1 . . ui.iwij w, - J. w.iua, uuiiug. admiokilmlions of sir James Hrarv Crair. sir Gsonre I'revort ; from the year 1807 on - the year 1815. By Robert Christie, Esq. of Quebec. Jy 15 3t COOK 4Ti JfURSE. . 117 ANTED, a woman to do the cooking;. T wakliinp and irbninr. also, a (fir! to Lake I of a child and do the chamber work of a fnul) . Enquire at 48 Walker - ttreet. 14 IXSEED D L WHITE LEAD It ULAH3. Just received per ship R.ickinsjl.sra, froml L.n,aad for sble by VALENTLviJAt WAK - No. 57 Broad street. 50 pip Holland L. Oil, .i ma. st ' - ort, A Quantity oi White Lead dry and ground in I ALSO. ml A ouantity EaiUsh Crown Clnn, from 6 by I vi a to TT aiul on this any in bin er sion to 22 by H. lOdkcSw : VACIHALL GARDENS. , ' Fire - Works. Music and liluuinuticn. On Monday, July 20, (weather permitting.) 1 N announcing this display of fire - works, the ar A list deems it a duty to the public, and mtrt justice to bimsell and the proprietor of the er dens, to explain the eowai, why, a considerable parrot tne woras prepared lorine 4tnoi juiy did not produce the effect intended. 1 be uncer taiutvof the weather was such as to prevent cet ting out the works with safety. Had they been exosed t any of the mttly $hover of the looming, the ukoli would have ben injured, and, in Uie event of a fair evening, would have occasioned a total instead of yuria disappointment to the company. In this dilemma of uncertainty', it was decided to await the ialeil hour, though aware t' - nt there would not be time lodo oil as it tkould Its, and atso aware that it was imposssible iu so Urge i place Io request indulgence from the company The artist, with due deference to the Dublir believes he was right to" do ai tceUathe tould," rather than totally fail in what be bad promised. l lie principal worn for next Monday is MOUNT AJTNA, as it was given on thethe4tb Juiy, inn, witn a selection of pleasing pieces Particulars hereafter. - ' J 16 tAlEZVT tVJJiDOrV HEFLECTOli. rIHE subscriber having completed this plea - X sing1 and uselul invention, invites the public to view its effect in the window vt the looking glass and print store,No. 53 Broadway. For the exhibition of articles to putlic view, the siilendor and Uie evident eCtiiioioV of the Window Reflector is such as need oJry to be seen to produce conviction. By the exposure of a very few articles, a display of Irom four to tea ftrt rimmrtpr ii nrodu. ced, exhibitingan endleuand magical extension. Rights to use the wiudow and shew case Reflector to be obtained, aud, if required, the whole uiime rc(iureu, oy AMBROSE CRANE, Jl51w 135 Broadway. ' w'OR'HALE. " TTE PEW No. St, in the middle aisle of the Presbyterian Church, Wall - street. The nbuve will be sold cheap. Enquire at the primers. J 16 ot A young married' .MAN, ju - ,1 arrived from xjl uigiauo, ana who has tieen several years in tne service oi a uomemaivs laraWy there, wishes for a situation in a respectable family in wisciiy, or an extensive Doarding house. . lli: wife, who is il ?ood cook, wouM wish tn be en - iged in the same family. Tieir character is unexceptionable. Apply at 73 Tine - street. Jy 16 2t AMkRlCAJY RIBLE SOCIETY. CJEVERAL VOLUMES have been taken k; way by unknown persons from the Biblical Library of the Americuu Bible Sficiety, while it was kept in the New - York Institution, unrl tmr - ticulariy some of the elegantly liound volumes of mo jieiionsot tne untisli and f oniL'n KiDie So - ciety, so as greatly to mutilate the sets. ' All lersons naving in their possession any ol the hooks eloncinz to that library are rHiiurslrrl tn r. lnrn the same to the Depository in Mont lane, or to give immediate information where they arc to theageotof the society, to whmecare that Library is cow specially committed. tsy order ol the slandins: (.:omnutlee. JOHN E. CALDWELL, Agent. Jy 16 nt WANTED, A WHITE girl or woman to do the cookjtfgv See. in a small family, consisting of liTur grown persons, living - in a pleasant p:irtof the city, she will have the assistance of a little girl and a boy. None need apply without good recommendations. Apply at this oflice. J 16 tf ADVERTISEMENT. DROPOSALS will be received at the Navv L Aeent's office, New York, for one week from this date, to supply a quantity ofjersev Oak Plank average length 45 feet, 10 to 16 broad, 9 to 4 1 - 2 thick pith of hart must he out, aud clear of sap. Also, a number of Jersey Oak L"gs, from 35 to 55 feel long, 18 to 20 inches square, and a number of White Oak Knees, to side from 8 1 - T to It inches, arm 4 I X to 5 loet loni:, bod ies 6 to 6 12 long. The whole to be first quali ty, and subject lo the inspection at the Navy Yard, and delivered there. The proposals are required not fo exceed 5000 reel ot nana : not more tns.0 III Logs, nor more 41. .n tn... u . Mit,.Mt.u. ,u,ill ... . : ny individual to exceed one of the above named quantities; the shortest time, not exceeding 61 Heeks, must be mentioned. Money to be paid onueliverv. Any explaoAtion thnt nay be re quired, will be obtained at the Navy Yark, where a bill win be eiven eacn individual alter he has contracted, and by which he is to be governed j in iw riMlE subscriber having permanently fixed his L ' residence in the town of St. Louis. Missou ri territory, offers his services as agent, either in tbe purchase or sale of lands in the Missouri or Illinois territories : he will also act in the capa city of agent generally, and execute such com missions as may be entrusted to him. Persons having landed property in the Atlan tic states, may make favorable exchanges for iana in uie territories anove - mentioned, by ap plication to the subscriber, and furnishing a par ticular description of the property offered fur exchange, with an estimate of its real value. . To Uie enquiries of such as are desirous of emigrating to either of the territories, he will clieerlully make prompt answers, without any Charge ; postage oi letters to mm neingpaiu. i . w. bMIl ll St. Louis, Mi'souri Territory, 1st June. 1818 Messrs. Irving, sicitn iiony, s Cheese borough futtersoo, f Keferen Rathbone 4c ces in John Rnthbnne, - - iti. York, Ogdea Edwards, Esq. J15 dtc2awlm FOR SALE, Jl J J v - ZiuR in the town of Florence, county of Oneida and state of New - York. The state roads Irom Rome to Sacketa Harbor and Salmon river rinn thrnuph the town. 1 he coun - I try adjoining the land offered for sale is well set - 1 situation is convenient to send produce either tot the Montreal orutica .Tlarnet, being only aai miles from the latter place. For further informa. tion, apply to Mr. BENJAMIN WRIGHT, at Koine, or to wai. nt. ur.n.3u.i, J 10 eod lm 3dp Wo. 55 wall street, T?OR SALE for one hundred Dollars, a dark V Kn1 1 0 ,four 7"f" ""s ,Mti 0"w BU1U 1 I m harness. Inuuire of CHARLES H. BELLOWS. J 15 tf 24 leonard street. rfrt TO LET OR SELL. And immediate possession riven, that Pleasant country seat, which has been ocrupi.d for several years by Mr. James Scott, situVo i.n the turnpike, about five minutes wnk r: the sea of Jamaica. lng Islann, wrri . - rr aretwo famous academies for young la I , nsvd gentlemen. Tbe house is two stums 1'igli, aitd Las rive rooms on Ihe ground floor, b goo - l barn well of excellent water. Ac Thers it about thirty five acres of excellent land, with a great variety of fruit. For larther particulars arply Messrs. JOSEPH TITCOMB At CO. No 162 Pearl street; ELISHA rArln.s, ai preeeni i.M nllxre. nenr the Premises, or to Mr. John urutL - icru .u .,i Mi ..i . Ill Ubl, um. J 15 2 FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD sNAWAY. from the subscril r in ( town. District of Columbia, about 4 years ago, a mulalio man nasnea jiw.uii i wuer, - ... - . ! f I bout uise I net six orsetea incnes i.ign, wen maoe hi a scar nnder his left eve. nnd is about forty years of age. He was apprehesviH by tne the 2d iustant in Brooklyn, Lriug - ls'and, in Stale, and oroogni ttore. I tie court in Brook lyoi but before tbe decision of that rnwrt could be obtained he made his escatw cat of Ce courtroom. The above rewaid wdl be gun tv perssw or person, w.m "will aptebead him this state and secure him so lba 1 csa v egaiu, and one hundred doflars if in atjy'wt!t - suie in ir uaiiea Btals. lie Is by tx.i: - a black smith, andean do very exceltji work. FP..WCIS J!NKl.s. Gevgt tywo, Dn Li - .t tS CctauiUi I I il sion if in s and on and M J !5 lw PUBLIC SALES. BY MILLS. MISTOS CO. Monday, At half past 9 o'clock, at their auction room. No. 144 frail strict, a eeneraJ as - ortmenl Frencti and Lnglioh Dr) goods, amorrg which nre, Z cases best DUck and ItaPaO eWIllg SHU J I do company d ig holds ; t do green and blue fi - guredguze 1 do g. ld end India mull muslin, I do ivory - stick fans, gilt borders ; 1 do White Marseilles vesting, and a number of other arti cles. Also, at 4 months credit, 4 cases men's and women's best quality auorttd cotton bose At 12 o'clock, 6 cares msu's rorain hats, of good quality. .H.iRtiLt. tVK BUtLUl.SU, At. . r 1 1 m nm r Einn 01 ,ne tauriwrn mar. ih nils , . - - i" - I - , JL ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at the KviiCt'llriiie Marble and Lime - lard, foot of Beach - street, on tbe llu.Lon river, an extensive slock of marble for building, of the following de - r nptions, vu ; Ashlar Copinjj Foundation Stone Cliimaey' - Piecee Facings " Columns Watertable Steps Platforms Sills, Lintels , Arches 1 . ' Also Lime of the nest, quality. Try A constant supply of tke above material may be calculated iipou ; and those desirous of purchasing, or making engngemenls, will af ply to - EZRA LUDLOW. Feb 11 At tho Yvl. JUiLA,F 70 LOsiA. , fW rkrkl)OLLARS to loan, ia sums to J sf, vlvlvl suit apphcunta, - on bond with mortgage npouapprovrdprov' ity. Ijiquireof WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Wnter - sireet. Where application may r.e generally snada through the year, aud mortgages disposed of. Je 16 tl . The Mcam - boat LONNECUUU f will start at 9 o'clock on Saturday morning ui east river to Sands Point, on an excunmn of pica sure, and will return from thence at 5 in the afternoon Price of passage $ 1 children half price. Dinner will be provided for those who wish it at 75 cents each person. ; . Tire Boat will be anchored at the Point, and the passengers will land st the light - house. J16 EUHU BUNKER, Master. qJ - JA,v E5 D. STOutf, Enjrraer and Seal Cntier, removed to 90 Liberty - street, near Greenwich - street. . Jy8 3m r - r JOHN C. HAMILION, Commissioner lor Ihe a:knowledgrmentof Deeds, Ac. removed to the office, coiner of C'tdur and Natsav streets. Law Bin dings,' No 1 Jc 29 lm try A special ineetLig of the. Trustees of Columbia College, will be held at the College, on Saturday the 18th inst at X o'clock, A. M. 'J 15 8f C. C. MOORE, Clk. i ffy - ' iho sucMcritr htieby cautiuua all per p(t ?a'tt pnjuig muufty or ivug; credit to aoy ptnoo bUvcr, on his account, wiluout m sniien ni'iii.r i ti iri ininssi i. usx srsn sriis nasi iissrsss . .ilXr pay Miy debtl contracted without bis au thority. ' t. Jy 14 - 4t" . UKO. SCOTT. EAGLE flR,E COM PAN X, Of NEW - YORK. - fti - Notice is hereby given, that Dividend of four aud a half pec cent on the Capital Stock of this cuuupany, ha.een declared by the Board ot Director ; and will ne paid to tin stoctinoia - ers, on or after the loth inst. J31m (t7 Tne I'aciuu Insurance Cuniiii) ot New York, have this day declared a dividend ofsiK iivt cent, on the capital slock, for the last six months, payable at their office, No. 49 Wall - it. on Uie loth inst. By order of the Board of Directors. WALTER R. JONES, Sec'ry. J6 lm Ac 7 (.A. (7 Notice - is hereby given, that I hare made application according to law lor a patent for my iniprovement of the instrument or machine now commonly cauea urewsien xaieiuasrope, Jy 13 It G. SAUNDERS. .NO I IC E. ft7 - The public arr cautioned against trusting; the crew of tbe British brig Recoinpence, Joba Gnrnes master, as no debts contracted by them, will be paid by thecaptuin or consignees. . . J J . Ocean Insurance Office, July6, 1818. S rnp The Board of Directors have this day declared a dividend of three and a half per cent on their capital stock for the last six months, which will be payable to the stockholders or. their legal representatives on the tenth inst. at the office of the compauy, 45 Wall - street. SAMUEL STANcBURi, Bee. July 7 lm NOTICE. cry The subscribers have formed a eonnec - tian in business, under the firm of . U F. T. Lathrop. Jnhua Lathrop, July 15 3t ' frank T. lAithrop. " Jev - York Col. Cell. Juiy iC, 181b. ft7 - Candidates for the Degree of A. M. are informed that application must tie made for the same, to tbe President of tbe College, previous , to Saturday next. wji.iiAivn.i9, rres. toi. t,ou. J 16 21 State o'Aete - l ori, CvmptriiUrr't Vjfict, u. IIUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that die L State Treasury deposits in the city of New - York, were oa the first instant, reoiof ed from pursuant to an act of the Legnlalure ol the 21st April, 1010 ; ana uibi, inerwore, bh reu.j pavments to be made in tbe city of New York must hereafter be made at the said Manhattan Bank. ARCH D. M INTs Kt, J 16 lw . i oruptroiier. FIFE DOLLARS REWARD STOLEN, a silver plated CsmJlcUcK, witn a glass Pedestal, belonging to a set, tba n . .... .M.. - .m nl , li above rewara win cv given u.. iu' aine, at No. 47 Stone - street. J 11 lw TO LET. Vii The inree sioiy uras uyuw w. rr.1 .'S . L . m - t ,. i aiker siretu ijnjujiee. , j 4 iw rse. ti i i"ioe tireeu . jgt TO LKi, uJJS A new Honse in excellent order and in - - nk - ssantest part ol uroaaway pt sses - given on or bclnm tba Is Octolstr aext or asuiuMe persoi. offers, U,e furniture ccntd te - maia till 1st May, next, and a lady and tbree Isildien, (.the ttmngest sig ears - wonta boeiu the uuii.y. Apply at 3lJ - lJrofrwy. Jy 14 it . fJ - 'Tbe 6na new Itcant' FRONTENAC, of 'V Tf 700 tons. burthen. Janes - - urn mi k, t - : . : - , ... w. j t - rT - Ci lomuiriice runomg on tlreCrst day of My n. n, tor icrfc and Nieg; next s will leave Kinystnn, lor Icrk and Niegara. ue 1st, i iui and is' na ; oi eacn Dronm, "i Niasara, kt rslstnd Ri.ur.sion. tbe tkh, lotx 25th d - .y c4, durintf tbe seas.. where every atuntina wll 1 paiuso and co'afort uf the rutten. . . ., AH'JwtiO is fpaissge it mae to the cap - KhriWH U 'a Aj ii'. l - rtS. J7d&ctOcl EJARDIV lJ;ri - .mloi'kamt. ITU k puAc ira " rr - ' V ba JL oLisine iu ill - - parijjs anlclrgvi - taian ri.r - . tM p. - c - t of J - H" F. Marh, at - jt Pia ni, i "I - "i n 'be 1 1 rjiits. to 1 i s.J,' v i".LLlA U M IJ AM,

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