The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 18, 1937 · Page 20
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1937
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

TWENTY' w C y -«* -/-i »"r'.r ··· i i J - MASON'CITY 18 -I 2 'a LAW DEAN BACK OF COURTS BILL Green of Northwestern U Urges Congress to Pass F. R.'s Proposal. WASHINGTON, (#) -- B e a n Leon Green o{ Northwestern university law school urged congress Thursday 'to pass the Roosevelt court bill in. order to get ^a "fair' court.!' \ , -, Green w a s cross examined sharply by the senate judiciary committee rafter; he had made one of .the most severe criticisms 6f the present iiipreme court thaf ttie committee has heard to date. Before' another large crowd. Green re»d in a loud voice that echoed through the big room a prepared Statement asserting that a majority of the high court had "assumed an* attitude of intolerance and has displayed an intemperance" Itowards^ much of .recent legislation submitted to it "Ark «t Cftvenant." Calling,the.supreme -court '/the ark of the covenant, the country'* greatest symbol of orderly, stable and righteous government," Green said Jt was being used as a "smoke screen" by' thos* opposed to what the I^oo»eVeH admlnittratlon was trying to -do to. m««t current problems. · -Senator Burke ^D-Nebr.) quick- ly'confronted the law school "dean LUND'S BAKERY SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY ORANGE COFFEE CAKE 20c COOKIES, ASSORTED, Dozen .....1 12c HOT CROSS BUNS,'Dozen .,,,,:. 18c V BAIXOONS WITH OUR BREAD l TELEPHONE YOUR BORDERS--S5S 3* SECOND ST. N. E. w»Iv,a speech he had made a few years ago saying that the American, court system was "safe from legislative and executive Interference" "and'that'so long as the courts "exerted their great power wjth intelligence" they would be "the bulwark of the American system." · BM Chanted Views. Green explained he made those remarks In "an extemporaneous speech made In a very hot room," but he believed they were "generally true." He added, however, that he reserved the right to change his .views on a re-examlha- tion of facts. _ "Do you believe the courts are subject to some measure of po- litical control?"- Burke asked. "Since they are a part of the government,-1.can't think of-them as not being subject to political control," the dean replied. "Do .you" think that system is correct?" "It must be so." , "Safe and Proper." Asked by Burke how far he felt it was "safe and proper" to exercise that control, Green said it was "reasonable for the senate to .take whatever measure is necessary to provide a fair/court" "How can you; have political control and at the same time a wholly independent.: judiciary?" Burke asked. "They-are thoroughly-compati- ble," the witness., replied, adding tha t,, of course, congress would not ''every; morning .'come fdowri and reform the supreme court," but would-only act "when a situation continues ;until7-the court.: has crystallized." The dean; characterized .this as "remote control"' which he 'said congress not:only had a right but a duty - to exercise ' t o provide judges '.'more nearly sensitive to the day and the time." There .are three kinds of mind: The conscious used for thinking, the subconscious for storing knowledge, and the unconscious: used by' loyal. party men.--Cedar · Rapid* Gazette. S*a», Cake. . ltom . 5e Ann POM Salad - Dreiiina., quart ..... 33e lona Pttfk an*l 3 -- 16 «K. MM. . . Me lona Cocoa, 2 Ib. can 15c lona Spinach, No. lOe Cold Stream Fink Salmon, -ex. C a m . . . 23c Shrimp, 2-- 5*/4-o«. Cam.. 29c Powdered Sugar/ 3 Ib*. 20c 1 Brown Sugar, 4 ib«... 23c ·lona Tomatot*, 3 No. 2 Cant ..... 25e Lawti Lye, '3 Cam. . . . 25* SfMk Salt, 100-lk IMII 67 1 Rahigh - Cigarette*, FINEST BEET SUGAR 10 ]b. 0 cloth bar, . JfciC C. H. Cans SucM 1 , 14 Ib. cloth bar XS Ib. $1.28 *»?·- $4.97 25 Ib. A bit White Houie EVAP.MBLK . . . 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BOLOGNA, Pnuncf Corn Beef Fed Short Rib*, Ib lOe Pot Roast, tb. ...... 1 2e Rolled Prime Rib Roa*t r Ib 19e Bonclett Beef Stew, Ib. 15e T-Bone Steak*, tb.... 22e rCH OUR SPECIAL WINDOW DI5 CHICKENS, Frcih Drcucd Ib . * GROUND BEEF, Ib SAUSAGE, Pound . . , · NECK BONES, Pound . « PEANUT BUTTER, Ib 2?c Fed . .. I5e . .'.- 13e ... lOe . . lOe 18C 20c 15c 16c IOC lOc Sc ISc Cut Rate Grocery LET US SAVE YOU MONEY 512 lit St. S. W. PRICES GOOD FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Phorui 112-113-114 Fancy Cocoanat, Ib. I Corn Country or Grookfield Butter, Ib. . . 36c PUMPKIN, 3 Can*.. 25c 15« CATSUP, 2 fw ..- . 25C Mar*hmolkw«, Pound . - . . . , 15c Vegetables Cora erPe»*,;i»BP· .v.I;':: Ifto ToniKtoes; No. 't\ C«B .... .iOo 15c, Pew, Z cans .'.,...... Z5e 15c Corn, 2 eacs '.. 25o SpacheitI, larjre can IOo Kldntr Be»ns, larre can . I9o 15e Succotash, I cans 25o RadlshH, 3 bunches . . . . . . lOc Uma Beans, Jarffe can . . . . lOc Spln»eb, N». 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' . . . . 25c Peaches, 2 large can* 29c Apricot*, 2 large can* 29e Pineapple, 3. can*.-.. 25e Pears, 2 large c a n * . . . 29e Fruit*-for Salad, can. . lOe Blackberries, c a n . . . - . 19e Pineapple, 2 large cans 31 c We are out *f the High Rent District and are palling the saving on to you. We have plenty of g«od parking space here for al(--or Phone us yeur order*. We are a* close t» you a; your phone. Mr. Farmer: Bring us your eggs--they buy more here. 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"There are · some provisions of the" bill-, about which I need to hear some Arguments before I could be in-favor of'them. I'm going to give them their chance," Kraschel declared. - The bill, introduced by the senate social security committee, would .set up a beard of five members,- appointed by the governor. The board would select a commissioner of social welfare, who would serve at the pleasure of the board at « salary of $3,000 a year. -Jt also would create county boards of social welfare of five members each. - . 3 Phone* 1U, 113, 1M FREE DELIVERY Believe it or-not, .whatever happens, to the ' supreme court, it won't lessen or increase your happiness or bank roll.--Cedar Rapids Gaielle. B A R R E T T BROTHER GROCERS HEATS FRUITS.VEGETABLES T O - I N D ST. N.E. PHONES 41 44 8EMEMBEP. W£ DELIVER ·M fritk e*ery CM ATWOOD'S WOW** MOOT WTO Shavers Grapefruit Juice, 2 No. 2 Cans J ' r ...;j.JJ r , Fancy: Jumbo Ripe Olives, . Per Can ..I..'..... 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PEANUT BUTTER, "Dyes Eatmore" None Better, Per Ib. .^...... ,L. ^ i?**.* 13 SMOKING TOBACCO Prince Albert, Velvet or Kentucky Club, Reg. tins i A J.U ;COFFEE Your choice of HILLS BROS., BUTTERNUT or ATWOOD, Per Pound FLOUR, Jersey Cream, Town Crier, 49 Ib. Sack.. SPECIAL-MOTOR OIL Cities Service or Round the World-- QO C 2 GaUons ...,,....,, *FO SUGAR^ 10 Ibs. With Order 52 MILK-3 Tall Cans BUTTER Fresh Creamery, Any Brand-With Order 20 ·M ·*"·!·. 36' PANCAKE FLOUR 31b. ,'.v| C r Bag ,,...,_;..,. 1S C MAPLE SYRUP, 6 Ounce ·.··.·. Bottle .: ,; ONJONS, Nice Swe. 5 Ibs. ,.:'_·.__; JAM, 2 ih. Jar 19' NOTICE A tax of 75c to 80c a hundred on SUGAR will take effect April 1st; Buy Now! 100 Ibs. Pure Cane ;.4o $5. CORN MEAL, 5 Ib. Package EASTER SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Our. shoe department is * compiete store in itself--any of. our thousands of customers'will tell you diat you get complete satisfaction in style, quality, wear and price WHEN YOU BUY SHOES AT SAM RAIZES'. Union made shoes for Dress or Work.. MEN'S WORK SHOES All leather retanned uppers. Guaranteed good wear. Sizes.6. t-J t Q(j to 12, on sale only ,,;.,,.. JL" . . . . Better Grades ?2.25 t o OUR STOCK OF SHOES CONSISTS OF RALSTON, STAR BRAND, KNDICOTT JOHNSON, J. W. CARTER'S. KANGAROO AND W. t. DOUGLASS MEN'S SHOES OR OXFORDS Values ' .to $6.00 .. Value* to $5.00 .. $4.98 Values · to ?4.00 Values BOYS'AND GIRLS'OXFORDS .$2.98 STRAPS Qg c $0.49 from ,, ....... «7O to M A large selection to choose from. Buy your Shoes at SAM'S and save 15% to-25% on your purchase. Re^member each pair guaranteed. MEN'S ODD TROUSERS While in New York, Mr. Raizes purchased several hundred pairs of Trousers which manufacturers had left over from two pant suifel They are well tailored and made of pure wool materials. Come in and match your suit coat. We have plenty to choose from. Values to $4.00 $2-98 Values to $5.00 $3-98 MEN'S WORK PANTS Made of real strong, heavy cloth with heavy drill pockets. 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