The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 2, 1931 · Page 24
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 24

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1931
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

24 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MAD LAUGHTER . ,. »uxcji£m br (xxntAi. r-*c» ASSOOAT /A THRH.UNG~MYSTERY STORY by MILES BURTON 1 Jk 1 1 ) · CHAPTERED. Dick was in no mood for sleep He sat in the chair, while member of the detective staff of the Yar come and went, each' reccivin * clear-cut instructions from hi Chief Alter their departure, an in * terval followed, during which ..Edric and Dick partook of a hurrie ineal. And then reports began t flow iii with bewildering rapidity. A man answering to the de scrip tion of Dr. Weatherleigh 'had ar rived at Paddington at one o'clocf and had deposited a heavy suit-cas in the cloak-room. Two or tlire hours later, another man, wh looked like a gentleman's 'servant had called with the.ticket and tak en the case away in a car. : The Poole police · telephoned t say that they had visited the Rosa lie. They had ascertained from th Customs authorities that her' pa pers were in perfect order, and tha she had arrived from London,with a cargo of malt, th'e greater part o which had heeh discharged. He 'skipper---who was also registerec 'as her owner--and r his crew of two had left the vessel at ahout 3 'o'clock, sayiag that they would re turn In half an-hour. They had no since been seen. ~ "Just as I thot," commented Si: Eclrlc. ,"The members of the gang have been warned, and the leader *~ pig has been removed to a place, o .safety. 'Our friend is on' the run that's certain. I've circulated his description to every policeman in England, and he' can't possibly es .cape-us." "He'll be arrested at sight, I sup J pose," remarked Dick uneasily. But Sir Edric shook his head, "No the orders are t to leave him alone y but to report his movements here -, fve spread a net to catch the whole crowd. They are bound to meet, i "only to share out the proceeds and » I fancy they'll meet in this coun r-try Hullo, here's another mes * sage' ' . . ' ' , . · - · · It was to the effect that the cal to Alison in Bath had been "made from a call-box in the City Professor Cobhold actually existed and was an authority upon antiques ·He had, however, been in Berlin for the past three weeks. But perhaps the most sensational report came .from the Lincolnshire police. Acting on the' Yard's instruc: tlons, they had proceeded to Lestridge Hall, and had reached there" about nine o'clock. They were met by the butler, who had already telephoned for them.' Half an hour or so'earlier, while the servants were having their supper, the house h;id been entered, and some- of Dr. .Weatherleigh's most treasured possessions removed. * "More leaden pigs, or somethipg ol that kind, I bet!" exclaimed Sir ~SarUf 'Lastridge Hall was where he proceeds of the various - robberies were kept until they could be disposed of, for a certaintjO-We may recover your sister's diamonds yet, Dick. But you see what this ftieans. The gang haven't, dispersed yet; they are stilt busy collecting the loot, Dr. Weatherleigh is working swiftly, but without panic..He's collecting everything and · everybody at some pre-arranged rendezv- ;pus. We'll have him, without a doubt' . . i The rest of the night passed without any. further incidents of importance being reported. Dick dozed off in his chair, the ,prey to horrible dreams. Day dawned without any further news of Dr. Weather- leigh. And, as the morning passed without any reports of 'his having .been seen, Sir Edric began to pace the floor, a victim of unconcealed anxiety. . ; "He can't have slipped thru the .net!" he exclaimed. "It must be that he. is lying hidden somewhere until he hears what has happened ,to you. We shall have to publish the news of your safety. That will bolt him, for a certainty." . The hours dragged on, with maddening slowness to both Dick and Sir Edric. At last, .about three o'clock in the afternoon, Sir Edric picked up the telephone receiver, in reply to one of the almost incessant calls. He listened, and then turned to Dick, the light of excitement-in his eyes. _, "Dr. Weatherleigh,. alone and driving a gray four-seater car, passed thru Seven Kings five minutes, ago, going East," he said. "This, I think, is a job for the Plying Squad," continued Sid Edric. "There's a car been standing by waiting; ever since yesterday evening. Now that we've picked up his trail, we shan't lose,It agaitn. Dick, I want you to go with them. I know it's a lot to ask,, but you may be required for identification purposes, if he, leads us to the gang." Dick consented, readily enough. The excitement of the'chase was in his blood, and he felt that in some vague way his presence at her father's, arrest might soften the blow for /Alison, He was escorted downstairs, -where he ran' into the arms of Pollard. · -; , " .... "Come on, Mr. Penhampton!" exclaimed the latter as he 'caught sight of Dick. "Here's tha car, we haven't a moment to spare." He and Dick jumped', "into the back, while a fourth man took his seat by the side of the-driver." The car gathered way ; t almost before they were settled, and' in .a few seconds was speeding eastwards along the embankment. ' : 'The Chief has told me all about your adventures, air',"; said Pollard. "If you'll allow me to say so, you've been wonderfully lucky. In fa your imagination got . you- 'into scrapes, which .your luck got you out of. You can't'guess where bur man is bound for, can you? You don't think he's doubling back to Lestridge Hall?" "I shouldn't think so," replied Dick. "He would guess that the place was b£ing watched, after the faked burglary. Seven Kings is a few miles out on the main East Anglian 1 road. I should say he was bound for one of the East coast ports, Harwich, Lowestoft, or Yarmouth perhaps^- There are several services from Harwich to the Continent." "Every port is being watched." remarked Pollard. "There's very little chance of his getting away, if hat's his game. The Chief thinks that he will meet the rest of his rang somewhere. '.We'll be able to eep track of him all right. By this ime, every police station in the di- ection he's goin^r will have bsen ·arned, and they'll phone the.Yard s he passes. They've orders not o interfere with him; we don't want im to think he's being.- followed. . there's a wirless set on this car. We've only got to ask the Yard from time to time tor, the latest news of him." By this time .the car had reached Blackfriars Bridge, where the p°~ liceman on point duty held up the traffic for it to dash up Queen Victoria Street. They were compelled to slow', up for a. few minutes as they traversed the City, but they were soon past the labyrinth of hay wagons and tram lines at Aldgate, and they gathered speed again as they entered the Mile End Road. They reached Seven Kings, thirteen miles from the starting-point, at exactly'half-past three. "Not bad going," commented Pollard. "The chap's only half an hour ahead of us. Hullo, .what does this man want?"A constable had run out into the road arid leaped on to the footboard. "The man you .want is driving four-seater Vauxhall, painted gray, sir," Ke reported. "He was held Tip here in a traffic block, and I bad a'good look at him and the car. The number of the car is FZ 2004." "Good man!" exclaimed Pollard, as the constable dropped off. "Call up the .Yard, Curtis, and ask they've any news." The man sitting'beside the driver ' .(Turn to Tape -8, Column 7. FORLORN FIGURES __^_ By CLIFFORD McBRIDE Young fireman CHI his fir*t detail who for- smash a window in false alarm call. . : APRIL 2 M 1931 MUGGS McGiNNIS WELL. CoULDNT AND G3ME To TFfc MOV/IE 3 WITH 'ME Just Like a Girl V/EU--1 KMOW M U S S AJsl 6 - A.M CHEF COULD COOK TO sunf HIM- I'M QOMKl Q1T - 1 JUST HIRED A ^OUR. PARDOhJ- I v//vb ~ro coovc FOR THE ·START R.iqHT IM COOKIN 0EEF AN' "TO BE EMPLOYED MRS- CARRIE «HE;HA,«=I CONE TO ,, EUROPE- (=OR THE MADAM'S THE QUO OACYS - OUD 1-WsJ- GABS -WOZ A FREE LUMCH By , ; McManus tc) 1531. Int'l FeatureServiea. Inc.. Great DrUAfa rlffbta reserved CH,HeiAQ- OP nius re in Kfi IS PLACING GOLF-DO OH, Vi wxi' rte HIRED TWe K3R. DoH CAH Jtsf ffisr HOME- rXHO CHANGE COULD r SEE THE JUDGE? He'll Get LIFE Now! By PM Robinson Higli Pressure Pete unue -:.z£ODED ?S -THE. ^IGHTS-HZHCE u;e. FfifZ OOT in )T VOILU ROrA \o T?ONPBOOT is WHBT KiHD op ft- Cfto. (SET OOT OL.V T\je ONCE: or-- / POLW ANO LV_ UftvK BR:K TO No Question About It BETH UXDULON'T KNO"-O UJHAT -TO DO 1-OITV4 A. KITE' I30DDV. I WHAT eer FOR. Big- Hearted Donnie! By Leslie Forgrave ..ipyriKht, 19:11, by Ctnlral Press Assocutiotf. lnc Swifty A Weight on'His Mind Only, By Verd Vv/HlLE CSOODLjOOKlMS PL.UNSES :. THROUSH . THE OTUMCSLB - WITH THE K/OTE. .TO SIR WORCESTERSHIRE THE CANNIBALS ARE WORRIED BECAUSE OF FAILIMG WEIGHT/ M15TAH SW1FTY VO' IS THINNER TODAy HONEST VO' ·ALL IS POW'FUL INCOMS1DER- ATE WHEM VO' KNOW WE WANTS TO EAT YO' SOOM'S I CANT UNDER- STND ITr-WE IS PLENTV OF HA\A/S MEAT AN'" CORN PONE--DOGGONE, I WONDER WMAT KIN THE TROUBLE BE? CopyriRht, 1931, by Central Press Association, Inc. I GUESS I'M GETTIN' THINNER WORRVIN' ABOUT GETTIST FATTER/

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