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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, July 17, 1818
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Pum Uu Edinburgh Rait, for Ik auaA wtamary. i Account of a, voyage discovery to the weal - - - ?" a . . . omMborv naiats ureal Loo - Cboo 1 - i witk a appmJii, cootMuavcterta, mm! ? By wptaia Buj Hail, royal wT, T.R.&. Loud, and Edio. Mimhw nf tk. ii.i' st. ty of Calcutta, of tfaa Literary Society of ThtPhuli lnanm.1 . i. Kig,ui oecteiy of Art and d - , ' am a vocabulary of the . , i swryai navy, boadoo, 1818. ' . 4 ftr - ra considerable duTscultie about - toir bain permitted to land J but thaw war at overcome i and the nek Were ancnnnnnrta. V . ted in the garden, of a temple or place of wor - . (hip, af which the native appeared to make v. VwuaiiM, aea wtter toey were treated with . at. - i - . . y . . . uium ana most uoweaned attention by aU . .r... ...... w uh suiuoiiaais. . Mdks, eggs, I Testable, wart rooght to them every day ; aod whenever tbey . frit ilUnAI Kh wrt - T mt j ww wwwpumw j or two or ue nativee. who look their area oa coming to rouja grand, and oftaa helped thfea op tba steep side of tba hill behind tba hoa. '.' pital, to a pleasant grassy tpot oa the (uramit, wharf the native lighted pipai for theaai io ' ort, Ifappoea sailors were never s caressed - . Mara.' 1 - '. Tba feet of (ha craw, however, aad area the . . ' eficers, were a roojdeal restricted ia their coov. (oenieation with their interior, being specially iiuenuciea trooi entering we towa or large ail - lage near the laaliag place, aadgeaersdly cent - feed, indeed, either to a walk aloug the beach, or to me top of a small eminence ia the ndghboar - ' hood.. Tha I m. t... .. . - .: . . i " u, - wnwa wa loanu lo Da about lixtr ; sMiee in lecgus and examined tereral other narDoan 5 ana each tu the familiarity aod cor - . 7 u inwrtoarH maiouioea wiin tba a. yret, uat many iattmaoct and frindihipt were fjrnied with iodividnali, and a pretty correct wuun wuuiN 01 me general caaracur and ba - . biu 01 ue population, from the account which it here given, it it uapmibte to imagine a more uuauio or a oappier race. Bar manned ap - peir to be formed a poo the very highest itand - u irue, ana were tore tuuTeml pobteaese ; BuuaoiKipiaofUietterlteJd, it wouIJ appear, , might hare eomejbiqg to feara, but would cer - . Cainly find nothin to teach, aajong thotejimple m ruooie people, in addition lo the tesliino niei we have already quoted, we may give the following pleating aod characteristic anecdote. The Urit time the chiefs dined on board, it wa observed, that 44 When the corar were removed, they ba ram ailent, and looked on eitherhand fordirec. uoa now to proceed. On being helped to toup, uicj wu aw ur uii wey raw a UKe ipoons, ia mmamzentem. 01 wnicn wey bowcd but little ; awlcwardiieie, The knife and fork gare them more trouble ! but the et aeriouily about ac - qoiring a fcnowiedgr of their uao, and, in a hort ' time, found do difficult v. Tluirmt.. to oa thh occarion i the mora worthy of remark, t from it itaodiDg in tome meaaure oppoeej to our , Kuimr uuuer imuar circumMaoce : for an lance, when we firrt triad to m, ik.;. choptficka: on that occaaiou there wa a tort of rrSS'mgemparratsment ahown tyaotne of 11, a coBlempta it were of ouraelve, for coudecaad, tog to employ an effort to acquire the on, elm thing apparently o uiiimuortant. Thfir dim! mitive cup and odd dlhes too, sometime exci. ted mirth among lu. Our Loo - choo frieod - , however, aver committed thcmselve in this Ways a difference of manner, hich may arie from their looking opoo a to thtir uperiors, and tice t etna ; but even admitting tbi, which we were aufficienily disposed to do, ilUcxitamly no excuMlor u. ' On another occaeioo of the nut kind 'Thev ware ett ia rrmut ...1 - j drank freely, and though they complained of the aue 01 1 ne giasse, an J ot the (freogth of the wine, tatted every thing from punch to cliampaeoe: "iijioMw, ln ibh mueeu urprisad then ot a Utile, and cfleutually muddled two ofthem tor wa time. Cheese aa the only thing they U objected to, probably an account of it beior "" wnrcn iney aever taste. , 1 ae in - ler,ireter nnt beinff preseat, the conertatioa wai carried oa throo'h Mr.' Cliflord aod WaiUj. ta, aod partly by signs. Whethef inteUhnbly oroot, arery blv was tdkiog.. Sladera has oia aM tea ou Doard the ihio, anl is guile dot - Act in our to tome. On this occasion he took great c harge of the chiefs at hi end of the table, apeakiog sometimes in one language and some - time In the other. Obsei viuir Jeemaes,tinhan Without mustard, ha called to captain Maxwell' ervaut, aau poiotu.g to Jeema, said, " Tom, take mustard to him. After sittiust about an hour aod a half after dinner, and drinking with toleraMe pirit, they rose to depart ; but this they were not allowed to do, aud they were informed that it was, the English custom to ut a much longer time. They represented that the via had et, and they would uever ua erne 10 uua tnelr way on shore, but woumau De urowned in attempting it. This alarming difr - nlty wa easily overruled by a wiixiiiTBui uie iars;e, anj iney sat down again These four bumpers made the party very oierry, and it oow was intimated to tbem, that a all the uul lormautiea had been ehserved, they tnith drink just as much at thev liked, or pa the bot - 110 auogeuier j a peroiimoo of which few of tnem took advautae. They lighted their pipes, laughed, joked, aod feemed to happy, that it wat agreed mi all band, that conviviality is nowhare 1 . a . e . 1 . . . . oe - ier aQuertioou man at loo - Cboo. Alter a time, at our request, they played tome rime, of whi'A wa had beard thea speak. Oefore lemog the cabin, they showed us a Loo - choo dance round the table : Madea placed himself at we neaa oeiore uokooma, while the others ranged themselves in a line behind him : he began by a soar, the air of which wa verv nrettv. and nearly at the tame time commenced the danise, which consisted principally in throwing ine eouy into a vmneiy 01 pntlures, and twisting tie hand about. Sometime the hand were placed flat together, at other separate, but ge aerally the former ; the movement; both of the body aad haace were regular, and of a waving oescriysDa. in tow way wey went several times round the table. Madera had a rraceful carriage; and hi daociag, thcrueh fantastic, was realty ei - gaot ; tur ogingloo wa in good taste. The oihr danced clumsily, though in perfect good time, and joined with some spirit in the chorus. The ahip wa illutninate.1, and the jailers Were dancing eq the upper deck. The chitls Were much uUsmh! with iK; l:u v.1yeiiougb. Alter wait bWig the dance of the Man (or a few minutes, Madera, who, to U3 comexm plirate, was op to e. - ery thing," ran Joi;g the tailors, aod eixmg one of ihem by the Aoulders put him out of the dwee, took bis phre, and kept op the reel with the same spirit, wILl..,da0C'' w,r leftnff' . . . . . iu aanr m it Z:C7 " - VPieu - e, semiing no lew eorpntS than ourselvr, et Madera's sk.U 1 t!r his imaauoaofth milors'ooM .i.nlt ."'for T " had End amoiT Z - ZZ all ha Cle. The officer, then .l,. 1' . tort of intuitive nVateoM. ohM ...1 t! , . - T - HiiauiriWIIh .iecwardL and diored several ..V V J th mamtoeufiiMio. of th. The following i perhaps a still more decUive Praof of the MUved. Bcacy of th - Jr chanctir. A veuag maa b longing . lo the Al erte had " anteuce. Whea U e oauvea wentWtaeJoftbwciretimVu to ua coulderetioa of th Jury u to ed peraaiMioa to make the grave, aad begged cape maxwell to point out a puce for tno purpose. CapUo Maxwell taid that bo tituatioo could be mora UDrooriate lhaa ander the rrove 01 tree near the temple, a spot already rendered acrtxi Dy many Losrcaoo tomb. - Next day the body was earned to the grave with all the for malitie usual oa inch occatioot, captain Max - w , accorduig to custom, walking last, with we oucer aad crew Oesore mm. turn ready potitaaes oftae native waa never more tming wiUi trirth. qJ how rar ;t .a - u 1 udlT ,ucn - ost'c the expression. " While we Wera al m .1 , ...i. . , - - - - - , "ioutra came in to the Alceste'. rataa for the Dart r ..iri. oecn aware of our bin .t ...., .LAi,: . , . B Miaatisri, UUU 1UUKCU shocking at hayui, intruded ; and win invite ) h. Ik p0l',"r' but &rml7 J clined. From Sadfe llWeDt l0.lh fU rw"n' to h" A r. "fP'T1'' junior lieutenant ofthe Alceste, yvM whom h. 1 . fr.en(th.p. Mr . Ilcppner gave him a picture ol r 7 "mo "'Her presents ; upon which Madera, who wa much aTecied. said, 1 o morrow thiDmux. 1 r..Li...... im ,!,..:., " 1 " - J - ""ernouse, L7 ' s wen 1 tee my father. I show ni - a your present, an.1 f 1.11 1.: - . ' Hoppner all same fa broths. i.t i,'... :... tun! ' ' Sunday, 27lh of October t rf,..i.,b we unmoored ; and the natives, on seeio - us take up one of our anchor. lhou?ht w. to get under weigh immediatelr, and ;ive lhZ tne slip, which was not at 1.11 u,i..i.. 1 ti.:. - I . I - J till larm, however, brought the chiefs off iu a treat hurry; not io body ia thy. - usual formal way,' Out oa by one. in eeoaraU nr.A ru 1 i. caUei oa board the Lyn on hit way t the fri. gate 1 he wat a good deal airi'ated: and ih. tear came into hit eye. when i out a rhr oh hn auger. He rave me. in reture. his kmf.. The other duels called aloo'iid an il;r wo, .v uk innie. our went on wh, n I tr.1,1 ih..n that I wa just gutng to the AJcesto mv.elf. Iu the mono time Aladera caai en board, viih ih. sektaat ia his hand ; bt was in such dittrei that ne scarcely knew what bt wa abouL la this distracted Hate he tat darn to breakfxt with us, auno; winch he continued lighting ui riot tod smoaking as fast as hecmld ; dttnkiug aud evii.g whatever waa placed before aim. Af ar he haj a tittle recovered himself, be asked what Oak it Would ha lumur f. 4 . .... him to nak. nt of th sextant ; ! rare him a oauiK - ai au - naaac, and told him that he must on - Zi xlZ: V W urrt t 5 be opeaed it, feoS.rh(!! that it i laerciore put UI bacco - uouch, uitrjtamuJiT 'tore he thai to tout child ' - Mr. iClifford rave him al your intent when you wrote that letter, and you few presents in return, aad expreatedhi anxiety net for a moment dispute that it wa your, to be coaaidertd. trie frienX Madera, with the VVhea the trial cameoo, you made uo complaint lean arreamuir daw sj ritMa. Yiaced bui uui tuier iioru eiocaouia wa axa - handi teveral tune apoa hi heart, and cried, mined, and then for the first time yoo dated that M Eedooahee. eedoeehee - A!v friend. m y" bad been unable to procure your witnesses, friend 1 Te eje he rave a fan and aticture of Crowu Office had been shut for the theo eld aaaa lookinr ud at the sua. drawn, he said. Aree preceding day. Every one kuow that at by himself: he Drobablv meant in hi Dicturl(ucb um ' would be thul, and as you recei - aome allasioo to my Mai occupation at the ob. J notice of your trial in the laet term, you had tervaiorr. Alter be bad not off ia Jm beat, be P'co'T a ume 10 prepare youraell. ly displayed thaa now 1 for perceivtnr that thaee I called out. M Inreaee boo choo aibiuee eeotoo. " The Court bavin" taken into it consider who were ef the highest rank walked in Ills rear. It ha." I ahailtrer MmwnUr ih.'iul1. ,,a. I tioo allthefhct of the case, cannot rercoive they coasidered that their aUUonmuttof course! pie. When he went to the Alnut. An r thai your motive for ha vinz thus acted s if vou had be ia front 1 aad they accordinriv d laced them - 1 chiefs remarked, that a had niihr i.i, hrJui. eny letral iniury to couitdain oC the law of the selves at we need or the Drocesston. and ure - matchee aa. nor hi, kIu. nA tni.i him sh it country would have riven vou a rrmdv ami. erred, uraurheat the ceremoov. the matt lira - 1 was not resoectful t mail uim m. at ...wii thank Heaven ! we live in a conntr hm lm. found eileaee. They were all dressed in white I for the last time, in his ordinary dress; particu - lic " equally aod impartially administered to " m m.h iiuvu 10 utmrt ts uwir 1 'j u ui ouier were m lull array. JHa - 1 U,6U "uu or " ouence, uii voun tnoDrninir s I l. - r.n ... Luil...!....,.!..!:,..! .1.... l . ? , . i' iuur luiiowy naa oeea toomucn coo - 1 mm oujuugo iui you uo unprisoneu Am hirilu. - F . . I .. . . I 1 1 - I . a .. .... . ... . .. - 1 . m.wjm W llium, VI Uim . 4 - u, H w .Vi.ui, DlUtlSMlluiv ffiuriM . I I .kuL.i .1 iLf . ..... 'I.CGk... C - - 1 1 1 e .g . ... ' ..ui. aiufiiiarBuuiuiMi i " uuvKou si mis' apparent want rd politeness, iur uis in iu 01 iz caienuer moouis, Oabto custom they have, of always carrvmrland went immediate! v toenoWiz. ton.nt. M. and that at the expiration ofthatneriodtliat vou wiUi them, nicely packed in a box, the materials well, who took him by the hand, and gave bin Jo nn1 :urity for your good conduct, yourself - w. . Mwuhtuw uuiier. vrwn itaw mar hn i a nrcMir. r inh ik. : .... l . I id ine sum m :a pi u ami ia utMi; - h. . ..M ana i waerever tbey And matt agreeable, and was always too happy tote him, to notice what af,5W - eacn an1 that you be further imprisoned . ,, J J I " - f I .. , u, WM mvu, umrk in, anmnr ussar ramoie. I was hov ,it. .ml iWi t: j r - M r ... . . .... I .. .T - u uniic nauj lur "'"f ran," - T apt?m Hall, makint tail, the chief, rose to take leave. Oo - aiteDded by a lad. rrmrmWr k'uinn wh.. I trnnnu, : .L. . L. .' " . :.. 7 I soaKining, out WM 100 - mm W UUTT M 1 1 1 1 1 STlliai - A kWT.W in I BHrll IFu) I. liu.b . L . 1 . . . .i ' . t - wvm, i M.vblcv w myizmm - mq oeiore mev reacneu tCZlVl!mn. diWded their boats, th.y were all. Jo tear,. 7 Madera intocompjtments.filllS.l, ' T " iZTZS tr:Lw r w .nr,auera orZ.J:VZ:TZr K" - took the loan. uke Dorep..ii.." . "nr. oolmni.' 1 v ui aoy ainu 10 De seen J.r bo ueiormeu Cerson.on .. i:..i. arm ai any sort for offence Or JpfatlM - . AiiJ n...l tl Vl v f!,nil h,i . r ' - ih.r h. "wwioage ol war, timer Dy experience i. . J . . nt..n .1, . .. , """ 11 h mi leasi . r "' 1 wey appeared to sei 00 value wbatov jr either ,h. ..11, " , piec that were offered them h l.. - 1 . XeT9"' ,hat ''ttle.impl.7ra.' c iney carrr on iniMi . - .1 tu uia way 01 oar As to their Icnowledv .i.: .. .i... manufacture ali - h.Si.imT""?.. ihsii.i.i. u .t , " n - ii. cuiuvatc ihl. JZ "orrice, millet, sugar aud o - emhi" ?J,0 Clo,1,, with ,inSul' ta,te - an0 embroidor their girdle, and pouches with a great deal of f8nCjr , d 1 l ,T.iT" iT ""u w 08 f - oushtfrom China ; ..,ller cpUm Hall cwiceircs. from Kf"" come originally from raS .JhairMd dress i, always ar - ,lhlhe 'mo'1 " - to cleanliness and light construction. The most reatarkakil J uZ, l ",?" - rea' chief of the name h.i' ;.r7L .or. ,tveral wks dissembled Z - T t.. 7. nabit the lower or t nouc of reT by hiv thir'" humnr. a:..l ..ji.V. tr. pwu in i. .C' Vu """w.u' accommoJati.'o, wy. aad, ea many occasions, to perform the imrt of an interpreter t an.l . - , ... - .: t had t, - rf,.i - " " . "u"rr l"De 1 . iT' """rixea mmteif with out !L5T! . lu,a 00 Pl'earance whatever o! The CTtsat into. Mt W & ty.ti Madera I.V ,J7C' UI'.,.'' '" "n,cn . ",B"W. "I toe curiosity h su?.,?!r?J RUt our custon t horn , oelm!!'"; b WU,,d h" teen mtarUDs also nujht have earned back lrnowllge 0f the greatest u in hi. . .. i. - u t " nea 'I was pro &"8..h,l'1' wiJ. " ' rTO 1 - rreav lulIlil wu 0 , go ; no, 00, nil cry ' ' The partius - scone hin 11 - i .i.i. people aad their atfectionate visitors, show h,. te' - 1 enga1Ug r . "'"receeuin!'iy lnuchui; pleasing. It do one', heart good to read ua in. t. 1 1 : . 1 . r - D - luiiuwinF - inourn ,t MX Jf1 uch I 8. Flewwelling, eq. 102 t 2 pr. ct. IMPROVEMENT I V SClEN'rP. Extract of a letter from a scientific gentleman in i niiiiueninia, to anotner in Uie Dorough of VVil ujinsiiuii, tidirti jwj v, iuio - .i; . . " iainin Tucker of thi city ha a Ley.len small touM.r . - Llw i T. - - Bit I us shook nana witn nu uume - jar o constructed, tiiat a full char - a of elccKrici - !ri?.?PM ,cf Pork, cake, and fish : rou. fnends, who were Ibadin? him with ore - tv cae be oaswd iC - zZSSi tul mi un corner a small ml rl r ..,L - . Inf. 1 - l u:.r. ., . .7 . . r.. K.u. ... ... r. .."""" I '""i " wtiia toe people to lnei "' UJ tensauon, ouier man a ilielit tamse. wav. with 0.1 Ta - haTU,i;tw ""etou. canoe, which had as.embled round the .Tmr,Ul c ne when aud whore bjps, stood on. and continued -, iw they choose. I Km l.. .1 .. . ,. I . - . . . " . uciinj uvite us 10 oioe nu nanuicerchicf wi we were bevond the reef.. Willi them 1 and, if we agree to Uie proposal, they Moerally ask anr Mhor r ih. i.;.r. Lt.Z2 they meet to be of the party, and join dinners. 1 ne piace wiectea for thcee picnic i commonly under the trees, in a cool trw. h. spread on therms, and everv thin. h - :. 1,.: out io creat order, the rmw.. ;. ,i " T cle, and seldom break on till ih. . empty. r ",y,t5,i,Ban,," Md P umt are thus sinerulariv jrr..ii.i. . k.:. .:. "tioo. . to bi t h,.i, : and their bon - s. li "T "11 . ,".0?5en".. ft..,: - .: if " """Kry wiioout ftlemith. tT, ' CMU,1 'numacy, our adventurer never saw anv thm nni,i.: . - 1 - 1 m a bevond r "T My Puntt"t Hted , . "'""1 inougn every thio? was i Pod u, a way that migh", hav.TeS '! of them must have been U. A. VSJS: 1 0 P' thi picture ol - ii u laieu, mat the chiefs I and coula see them no longer!' JfEtV - YOkK EVILXLYG POST. FRIDAY. JUL 17. Canal loan We understand the fbUowin proposals were received at the comptroller's ofc nee, of th: state for the canal loan of 250.fM)fl - . new lot si state Bank 104 5" Utica do 103 62 Ontario do 103 50 Wm. Edgar, Junr. Esq. 103 1 8 pr.ct. T. Fowler. Eta 10.1 I.St lp s Mechanic k Farmer' bank, 103 pr. ct. Messrs. Le Roy, Bayard Si Co. and.Icr Prime, W.ird & Sanda, 103 1 - 8 pr. ct. uruuuee a pro use oereoirntion in an in in. utft ; and (if there it no r;llru - w, Ihm ihini it , 1 " . H.W . . will Kaan !.... I. - ., I - ' 'v u Muuiiaui uitcoverjt" T The State Bank, bring the highest bidder, ciJed Mi that it would result in favour of the Tht grand canal Th Columbian Gaiette, From tfte Savannah Republican, July 7. From Marearttta The Venezuelan rrivnt otuidu scnooner uarony, William Saunders, master, arrived at this nort on Sundav I... n . .. . 1 .' as. one itu marjaretta ou Uie 17lh June, in wui - ..u wiui auonrii uiroir lieet, and - Uie U. iaic' noop ol war, the Hornet, capt. Reed. 1 ne squauron under biroo were bound to St. Bartholomews. thev intended tonrtuii! thrt. for the purpose of ciuvevin? stveml trnrv,H that had ou board near SJ0OO trcons. to tl,e Oron. noko. The troooswvre from To - laml. ami h.l been lauded at St. Bartholomew The patriot? have iu their lKttSeastnn tliA vtiAl'r uie luienor 01 me country as far down as Laui - ra. The Spaniards were fining out an expedition to go against the patriot. ; a simultaneous attack by land aud water wat contemplated. A,U iniral U.ron wat making - every exertion to prepare for the rencontre. It was suposed that in the course of S mouths the context would be de - patriots. The Carony was sent out bv admiral Hi with despatches for the Venezuulian minKt.i. urinted at Utira i,,frm. . . . . . . "" at 1 nuauei m:a. uapt. aunders i printed at Utica, informs us, that contracts have also bearer of despatches freni cUaiu Reed of been made for tli coustructiou of th canal from United Stales' ship Hornet, to the secretary that place to within seven mile of Seneca river 2Lthe n'Tyi anabaE"ughtanumbcrof letters auistance ol about 85 miles: and tht rw. i. : .U: I 7 " r"'" "T .,u u r" "" the naval forces ot the patriot., " v aaw hh hi inn rrii nvr r - w x, 1 . u, (wi , 1 - .. - iiitr unto uii vcru urpjMiCtj than 2000 men are employed in completing the m the po.tK.mce of this city. Captain 6'auoder work. stole that the Hornet Wai tn nmrppi - l tn .nnrin. . ' hgen about ten days after he parted with her. iwud; oi mt rcnants aod others, was held "r - ,rwlIH woo went out in the Hornet a one of t Charleston on Ihe 8th int for the purpose of T? em'ooeni of the United States, had. left plaat0 fa,. JftaiJte?' . . . - I j - a..a w t,t llJI tllUIUlUUWSL Iraudsui packing coltoo. A committee was ap - 1 "nd from thence to the Oroonofco, a here the poiuted to make a report at a future meetine - of bed - .u3rtcrs 01 Ptnot ermy were. r. - i - .u la ' - a'ony was bound to New - York, but 00 "voiding ine evil. Thuradav l,i. In lnl jn nu l... - o an ..u. ...i avoiding the the bed means of A private armed schooner from Margaretta, with dispatche from admiral Biroo to the Vene - aucleaa minister, residing at Phfladehrfrta, hat arrived at Savanoab. She aa alee brooght let ter iron capt. Hied aad the officer of the 17. S. thip Hornet, to their friend in thi country. W base heard nothing further from Mr. - yme. of Louisiana, who lately advertised his in tention to go to the North Pole, provided he could get a number of men to accompany him AO time should be lost, or the Englidt expedi tion will get there first. We learn from a gentleman who hat passed through the northern part of this state within the last four days, that the prospect for abundant crips wai uever more promising. F rom Ihe London Courier of May 30A. received atthi t)Jire. covwr or Ki.xu'b kk.nch, mv 23. King - .ArllturThutltieood. This mou.iji the dofendaut in this caw w. Iirou' - hr no to rpciv iho .m,i - r .1 r - . a v j.uiTM. u. uk uiun. lor . - ci,)iiis a challenge ta fnl j i.;..u u. : .. ... """ " .ii - .ii uc wi convicted at the Sitting after last I'ena. I h i Attoroey - Ocneral was in his olar. n,t vu uiu j uuif lurni 01 ine lourt. 1 The defendant then addressed their T.ard.htn. ... Ik. rll: - . " w. .... kjiiu - viii terms - Alter my trial, my Lord?, a Uial without any witnesses on mr tart. I,1 a ,iui. 1'uuiii. ns wen as mvseil, to Drotest ,o.3i BUj icnirnce neing pasted upon ue. I ave been now nearly seventera wacbt lnm - . . aiej, ana have beeu in an ill state of health tfurmg tne wuole Ume. I think my I,ord Sid, nviuth declared that he had no wieh to panne me vindictively, and that he only brought the case forward for his own personal safety. He it perfectly safe, I can assure him, and my writing u 00 wnu my Deiog for high treason. It was relative to 1 och. i nave lost, tin Lordchip is perfectly safe. A for bail, which wa proposed to me the last ume 1 was oeiore Ue rjourt, it wu to exceeding heavy and zreat that not a un.U i.r fered to become tacunty forme; aod if I am to remain ia prison until 1 can ret bait. I ... a tonr time, for I cannot get such excessive bad." The Attorney - Geaeral then shortly addressed u.r uirusnips, remarxmr that the crime of oi wmcn ue ueienuaot had been coavictert, was , mu nu atuck apoa Lord Sidm uth was one, to which evenr Mafristrata mihi ha open when discharging the important function ssiuuuou, u a prop exam pre were not made, lie, however, onlv mite A rhrthM ishoiept which jnttice called for, and the public f,v - ,WUIUlUBU, . Their Lord hip. theo consulted Tar a hnn thae, aad Mr. Jutica Bavlev delivera.1 ih. tence el the Court ia these terms : Arthur Thistlewood, you are here to receive the een - lence 01 ine uourt alter a con vidian upon an indictment for seod - nf a challenge to the Riht Hon. Lord Viscount BidmouUi, and upon the profiriaty of och a conviction there can be no doubt. You have complained that you were unable lo procure witoesea, from not geltine the subpoena from the Crow a Office ; but aimc. a full examiaatMa ef all the circusrtt meet of the case, the Court have not oeea enabled to find oat any jiut cause of complaint. When you were Grst brought up, you exerted the option yoo wtre eoiitled to of pleading guilty or not rilly, and you th - vojht fit to plead guilty. When you were bromrht on to n.n ik. Uoc ofth Court, to Attoroey - G'eoeral ner - ... - ' 1 - v mjw i ner - w, w, niufi lilfiVi SI1U It'll in with a Spanish tloon of war. hv nim .k ... - - .. ... , . "vui iouon, states, mat much crippled t but by great exertioq aud swift lord Lochrane was expected to leave there for Ja,llDg mad her escape, a will appear by the South America about the 10th of last June in llowino "tract from her log book i his new steam thin n v.. . t, " n the 2J int - foU in with a brig much th auj new .team thin. 0u h arnval at Buenos appearance of a cruizer - when shk immediately ,1 . - ..v. mm uie uimmanu 01 A w unw u wnu me uuenos A v re an co - u "juis - named our ensign the bri, men oauieu down the H. A. fla And hnifclr1 IhA opauun royal nag ol Spain, and commenced a heavy fire her crew at the same time civin ik. tmt. .... a . a umw queers. 1 ne orig tnea tept away under oar atom and nred a broadside into us, which cut - jr our rigging and injured our sails very in. 1. rff - l.. L - . . . 1 ue one men orocued i.n our Ire miar. ter, when we then took the opportunity te made very exertion to ret rl - ar nf K.r ul,vi. ... - O - - - - - wa . ..11. T. mub, v) geumg out .weeps, setting the square sad and all other sails that were ttiauaseable ; Ihe ".mil nauiyaras Deinir cut una n...l ih. ... .. ' - . wiuuwn ai uietiuie. Alter renaino? the haul. yards so as to set the mam sail and r(T ir.;i found we left the brig fast tho dropping to lee - ward. At half past seven o'clock her shot fell short of ui. At 8 P. M. she cave im D. .f. - . a . . O I anu tacked to the southward. At day li;ht discovered that three of the ehrouds with the jib .m uidiu nay were mot away, aod standing rig ging literally cut to n.eres. w, II ihu . mI naviog over 3WU shot holes iu them one .hot in me null between wind aud water, nml ,,rrui above board." The Caronr has Dnt intn Uii, nnH in rn:r - m w " - - I ' w . ij'.il F rum the Baltimore Pnlfint r,.i lt Further particular! by th" Longrtii. - Us ttie Meam bIom, arrived this u.oroiU from iS'onolk, 'uivoreu ny oar Correspondents with papers of that place from the luiti to the 13th .1.1. iiicnisite. e bjoin. Irom tlie Norfolk beacon, tome particular io addition to those we f " - ". yemraay, brooght by the Patriou, when the Congress sailed, the lists oot daring to tww themselve without (heir ..c.i ana inui no battle bad recently leB fought between lh..r Tl.A .1. . - ... .1 ; . .11 I. ., " our 01 iveilusddy that Inn HP.ip ni .. ... j .. ? - auiui nimv tiiuifr nur r . , . K - C a a . . uau .ecu ucieniea njme itoyaluu al tutua.".. it afifKM.t .. 1 , . VflH Ittvintania m - . ' L . 1 ' 1 - a . . - m vaaa - a.lUBUL UI II I i I I f1 imnrM snifti bf. ;. ces of cannon and I70O stand 01 arms, hadre - 7k 1 ""V60 iirgarma as an auxiliary to , wi"ji' wu cni i ire iiriicke. I HveB rrsiioeill. Wfr A I innirai.ois' I... L' Officer. A fine loop of war oif 20 guns also commanded by a Lieutenant of the British r - "iviiuui u um niiiinn ia. i . a - "uiuuni Uiiuu. nr ninFUfiaA uua,.,.... : , . Ik.". .. avi. a W1U1 "1 1 i ' . . m r ""t"1 most desirable. 1 be fatnot flag waved victorious wherevi the Gnsress touched, and the idea of Spain ever I uui.uuTnTiu, mwnimrmmm .h .. . . - . f ...wbu luu rj. ii . h r wr, . ' i . . r . m .. . " - VyllW VUIM W place trpon a footing ofeqnaU'fy raw troop tad regulars, i he forturuese in fat t, bold uo mere of a country, they have so vajustly invaded, thaa what tbey actually occupy with aa armed force. A short time p review to the arrival of the important news of Sao Martin victory, one of uie commissioner, tbehon Tbeodorick Blind, set off for Chili, whether on business or a - musement we do not know, aa it i not itated in the President' message, which aeem to contemplate, that the commissioner should only pass along the southern coast 1 and it be ing expected tney would all return together From the circumstance of Judire Provost ha ving already visited Chili as a commissioner. 11 1 prooaoie, mat judge Bland vuita that in - teretin and delightful country merely as traveller, we are at a loss to conjecture what cise can oe me object ct fits remaining in South America The accounts from the Spanish Maine are l ? l t at ' nigniy uvpraDie to ttie patriot cause. It was reported that Morillo had died in rnnaenuenr ui a wuunu received at uie battle Of Calaboso 1 ne desertions in this quarter amonir the n triots have ceased. Alargaritta is completely fortified and could repel any attempt that the unMru, cuum mace on It. lien Ariummrl sccoua 111 command of the Seven United Pro vinces, nas nxed his head quarters at Martra ritta, from whence he d irCta file tWkVsmiit.a or uie iiitterent patriot armie of Cumana. Bar - celona, Caraccas, &c. Four complete British regiment have reached the army of llolivar in Guayana, and have been incorporated with it A formidable army ialn the vicinity of Santa Fm A U - u ; . ... ""5w mt 11 11 i expected will soon fall. Orion's fleet has hern latelv o - montsl 1 m . - . . J y a irierate. and there is no duubt nfu iron nr tour Dtindred thousand pounds having been negociated by the United government of the viwiibii .iianitr, wiui ine merchants ot London, (ienerul Arteiras who1 ha taken h oftliecountrjF back of Montevideo and Maldo - nado, is represerrtefl kt sincere friend t si.i patriot cause, and .Would have been a. zealous co - operator ; but btiiflf W h eated by the Ui;e - nos Ayrean govenirheht, he withdrew lie friends, and took possesiWof that part of the River La Plate. UetwetJrf tie Buenos A and Portuguese he ha s touch as he c"n at, tend to j the latter a ishlif to itake the River the boundary. Artegas Jiid tn engagement with a party of llueoos Ayffan troops under oareu uiuenourg 111 wnija ne was successful POBTLSHD. Jilt V 11 liiitinsmthed Tititor. 1 hroinrh the kind in, terterenee of the big Serpent or some of his issociures are we strain re eved from the dis - greeabhs necessity of issuinir a naner void of .k.. , - a "... " . r . uii iianncatioii wnicn Constitutes the very name of tiewtpaper On Sabbath evening, hi aasciuiy ciis&ausned with the oh starvations made in his late siirvev nf nil, hm. uwur. came up aoout o'clock, within 30 rods ui sveeas - wnarf, where he remained in full view of a number of gentlemen several min - mis, wiui tne middle of his body under water and his fore and hinder nnrtu mit ,l.n l. . sudden exertion of his tail he propelled him - self 8 or 10 rods against the tide, toward the cnu ui ine wnart. where he !! tr.m.;m. tendeil on the water. During this time he was examined by the spectators on the hnk say they could distinctly perceive the protuberances upon his back. ' After' ..tfiInLfctm. self that our harbour d dnot furnish a retreat for the herring, winch is gid to be his favorite fofjd, he gradually sunk into lifit nT.. - u. nuns anu w..s not aiterwards seen. It someivnai remarkable tiiat this liU.iniruisiied visitor, h iat ed Uie oliject of his pursuit lung enough to look it lonL' enough t ink . nuke nu congee to tn people aasem unu mi uie nana. UTICA. Jnlc ia A most unhappy event occurred t wi milt.. it occarred at Westmore iano, on t nday night last, 1st, wnicu, so lar at we are in a " . . .v aat) tt l(vS fV a...wc,3 rnnoiiaiiy, and walked a few ttep.. but soon became fatot, and lived but two hour .... ireatr wa cruised but the ten 11 not fractured. Let tin be a warning to parmU and guardians, to prevent tlxir children irom cliuibimr wl.rr. tin r is danger. e unrti rstard. that this lat u. ik. i .. We lear'o. fr m hlf. . V .r.V nul"B " "ent by thenameof Post - Cumana and Barcelona were cloel, SVl Z ,7" 11 ".'J.01 a"' r j , - i.tu uitt uia.Mf.jti i.i lurirm .uai.i Knv.l I, nl ... .1 ,. .L r.. 7 "" Kov - I; " , ,,r""e en me General Assembly ol im I reshylerian Chun b, and is to beappropri.v t a to .Mmionary purposes. PaiLinEtrittA. Julv l.t A verj - melancholy accident hannened lai rcniM - 10 - nr. James q.ieen, of thi city He was 111 a Gig on the side of a hill when the nurse starting 011 a smart trot the driver jump - edout, and havinir his leira entftnfrlA.1 ... tl.. lines was thrown down, and one of the wheels passed oxer hi - , tliinhs, which however, were not nmcii injured. Mr. Queen, alarmed at hi vy, arrived there a lew day before the C6n - rcss J, ,on' .l,lmPe'1 out nf the Gig, and most for.V'ePurreol' joining the noadro.i , ""''" - tunatcly broke both his legs, jurt below the knee, and also broke one of them at th ancle. We would embrace thi and ail nrorser - .wvaa.uu. vu iui.rcsj me puunc a itn tne lact mat to keep the seat is, in nine cases out of was coimdered fuUle ,n th. . 01 4!.,e.,?' th jump out of the carriage. 1 jumping out ot the carriage "i ailXUICi j ne irji peel and cordiality with which our r?nmrniin cr were welcomed, by the public luthcnti ant people, at all the places which they visittd, and t n. n ry h . ..... i ." i . . ...........uiuauuu iu wnicn ine rnarirfi.. ...i imlitutions of our government were every where hfld, gave a strong assurance, that they property - ri i" fru - iieget lor ine 10am hunauce of which tbey had embarked their lives and fortunes. The yeomanry of the country are represented I a hardy, iodt penitent rare nl n.,.i,l.. ..i ...r flciently iolelliStnt for all the purposes 'of sell so - ve'nment. A love of liberty c.led aroon( tlie rising ReneraUon - and a mar - till tmritlniuu.fl int.. thai. n. L .. ..I . .1 r """l WUKiU Will Oe capatde - ifoecessary, of applicr.tioa. i heO,,Urio,Capt. Diddle, with Judge Pro - VAaf na hna .! a .11 . ar . n w rvvswB arvtim. ia a si 1 11 sa x ar iiniSMii. J - i . - " i4i - e 1 1 Vila lilt last accoaiits, but 00 the point of sidling, their lay having been longer loan expected. The wanly aod liberal deportment of tl.e.o t - mtlcmo nnrioa the cioomv aarl ding the tpndid victory of Mai po,ba elicited 7. r"1'10" 01 we merchant in Chili, ai well nature at foreigners. The Portaxaete still bold Mont VM. tLt ctanot Tenture oot to forage, except in tiroes badies. The army ha. been kept pent Hp wiv, in iu fortifk atioot by so small a fTrceas W0 me. Artiga and the patriots of the Bandy Or:, u' aL wiKly prooiing by experience, have utttiti.'ed e . . ". . - ' yoartaud (without xn, aSJayrt) y0tt - .nM b. ' i'JT7(lY!i"B w!r,7Pe whic.h rendering - du - . .u.. . . . . . j - r . 1 . ... - H h. .ii.. iini.a . . r .. .;. . i jr7::J'AeQ"'i?.au - FROM aUR COIiRESPO.YDEMT - Office of the Charleston Courier, ? Julv 8. f Latfrom Havana. Cant. Snow.nPth hn. Alert, arrived yesterday in 9 days from Havana, ........... us, mac uiree day befcre he eft that p'.rt, two small Arm ricin achoonem. CO ton each, arrived tliere r - an.lj r,. Penaaculu, h:cvintron hoard iu oiu,er comiiosinir the lateSnauh .r.. son of dial place j tluee other .vessels, which ..aa nm in company; with the remainder ofl u.c iroops, were momently expected. The intelligence of the Capture of I'ei'.aacola. exf - ii.,! a very consid.rabie degree of firro.;iit at Ha. vanajaurand Ujtincil ammediately essrmbled and tlie result of tlie - r deliberations waa said u, ue aoetermmationto scironall American vse. and piopeny in that, island bid. the ""cn,w - opoosed to iU execution. The Gouncil w as air4in lo be convened, when it was uppo - ,ea, .iiu. - tiung decisive would be determined upm. Such wastne.exasperatiin mongthe lower orders of .eople, that the - n.encaiis in port were afraid to be on shore ar er night. Hut notwithstanding all this excitement, it was Uie opinion of must well in - - uica, dkiuu ill..... - ....... ... i.iriu. - u mere ixnu at H . i.rriii. - a merriini t si until iustruetion bow'tn im .1 1 1 . ed from Old Spain,;;. oe tjfc ' An Engliah frigatavmg under convn. or three Spanish ships, from Vera Crn?9 ipecie, arrived a few day.'.'! beforeY . a . 1 The mate ora Baltimore .cbooner, lyint Havana, drew the highest prize o dollar in tlielutterv atth.t W i 'J'8 20,000 23th ult. uoutth, ewft . 1 m 1 ne yeuow jever wa very prevalent at u yana, particularly amonir thi ,.i.i.:. ..." H - uflered more than the se.mM n persuaded U,.t ,he will neveTb.e restored tome, wd. therefore, to ave the wrecks my estate, 1 her his ebr forbid all nmmu k.J. mg or trusting' Patience on in, .r,ZZ' MI will pay no debts of her contracting after ivdS,.t - HF.NUY JACKSON. U etthrrsfield, (Con ) May 25. 1818. mi doe,,llay tvening, by the Rev. Phiim Milledoler. HurUmJ. I. I; T JaneUalliiee, both of Thirty. ' w nirn Thi. raorning, Mr. John Bank. (aoaUveof l - ogland,) His friends are requested to attead funeral this afternoon at 5 o'clock, from th. bouse of Mr. Thoma Shorlaud, Springtreet. near V torster - street. 1 ErEXLYC POST MARINE LIST. CLEAREll. Sloop Lark, Snow Boston Llmsville. Lwdsey Bristol EI AliRlVEli TtllS ifYlWPATkiv Ship Dido, Maxwell, from Philadelphia, and 43 honrt Iroca the Canea. uilh mlt.n . - J k.i I , . - - 1 ff - w nki WW durine the sUv of 0 rto! Tom - . he never relinquish. mtuJU V J' Uf?hmi1h "glasses, kc. to G. - - a,r, n. v aaoea, aau iv. Ttnniton ; 3 paea Depila' I,arw froin Charlettoa, toF. aVhr Harriet. Kmerv. 1 lr. r.nn. n..u.iu wither unrt k,.j "yur."i "a to w,i" mfJJ brandy F. Depau, H Caw tli circumstances of JlV;?, ';frril0. C. K rook a. u, W. FiekL formed, were as follow.: Mr lGni'rtrl' T"" - f"TTn ad combined for the one. 3lL??W&?PiJ.m9'9n Mr Mn. , Collar. Me. , Symmet, Bc 1 ne U.i eave the alarm, and .Mr. P.rk.. .... ITin.l,. n..!.:,! - Z " 7 " .. from bis bed aod opened a window. At this in - K Rilchie, Patrick, A) mar U Co. J Levy Job stanLoneof the vounruicnhv the nam nf Smith III lioffiawn. Saltut. nn j i.i,... .' .:. '. . 1 a . o . .. 7 - - wr - utnirjieu nit eruu. aud the ball Dawnd thrnuh I vai. rnssencer AleMri. M In. the body of Mr. Park man. i . ., . 1 ..tirner mm liarir 11, woo ivu upao we riuor I c. anu expired in a lew minutes. He wa a worthy " u"uui ou vcara 01 a?t. ana inn i ium. ucr ramuiau, lusq. Melanchellu Occurrence. tin M.mluir ih.sifl. inst. John totlley Morris Cttmmint, eldest uu oi ine ivev. coarle Cumroini, of Florida, ged 1 1 year, and 8 months, was killed by fall - 111s troiu a cherrr Ipch. Dunn Hi.. ,.,i.r,. ol .chool hour., he had gone with eereral of hi I", ' " ,"ort distance to get cherrie VVuile they where picking themhe had climed 1 V u . ,rom the - Toona, w.en suddenly Itie limb broke and let him lull. Tl. ri..i.iT. ,a,c uie amrm, aim a young uao found hiiu Iv .. - ..t ac i,cc Bt 11 aB,e p. Alter ruiting hllll till ViAZ titat .a.. - a . - ....! ...... s - tn. put Ktcrui uuparinni wn inm .. - k Sloop Frolic. Bateson. F. rk..i.. ton, in ballast. Oot pa.seneer. Sloop Concord. Bulklev. 6 dovi tVwn nn.. With duck, beef, be to'Camhrelnir tw on. Van Nortwlck ft Mill J iji.i 4 others. A'loop Visscher.Inirraham. 7 IjiVfi finm Rnt.' ton, with rum, salt, plartef and tea, to DavhV Center, of Albany. Sloop Victory Hawlcy, 4 day from Boston with plaster, &.c bound to l. . Sloop Adelia. Osborn 7 t... tv.m e.t - with sugar, rum, nails, &c to II W Field! Seignette Si Jenney, and Mr. Reed. oioop iiero, romter, 6daya from Indian RiV ", with com and stives, to the master. " Lloyd's List. llgsi At t.:..i. na Garonne, W biting, Mfork. At Liverpool, titb, And. , Merrihew, Philadelphia. At XWnha - en, 14t(. Corinni. HammAn n. - . . - . Jov - ph, Perkins, do. At lireroeo, 16th, Tele - . maque, Deolo, Charleston. ; SKirnxo List, May Mi At Leghorn, llthr rjpcran2a.fia timnre; 19lh Hon. Ar? l. Irbeuf, 2t, Cantilew, Fanqueaux. 'America j , nancy, Stevenson. Charlettnn Rmih.r. S. venson, do ; Little William, Lawson, Savaaaab. ' ton ,8,hs - 'u,i8' Ann, Evan, WiJaiiiig - Nasjac, i. . June 10. The A menean brir ' Cicero, De Free, from Boston for Havana, with a cargo of ice, has been wrecked on Abaco. The crew, with some articles of provisions, nc utcn Drougni nere. r June 13 Hi Msiestv'a hrhrs Primrose. Capt Pliillot, and Beaver, Capt. Fel'X, arrived iicie last neiuwsday evening rrom Havana The Primrose sailed the next day for Jamaica. " The yellow fever,' we ure mfonned, has aU ' ready ccm nit need it ravairea.. an.i i mnldlv spr&tdir.g iuelf at Havana. - ' " June t ". - Arrived, ,clj : Eanga, Russell, N. York. June 24 Arrived, sch Speculation, Hater, New - York. June 27. Arrived, chrs. Sarah, Petty, Baltimore; Lavinia, Barker, 31 York. . , The Spanish Guir.caman, Maria Manuella, from Cuba for A tea, hat lately been wrecked at Mayajruwia, and the master and some of the crew arrived here this morning in the chr. Lively, The cargo and materials of ihe vessel, it is saiJ, were saved bv some wreckers from 1 ui ks I.laml, and cai - ried thither. The nutter was picked up with some of the crew, near Bird Kock by the Liselv. and returned in her to the wreck from which he waa desirous of ecnmpaing the property saved to Turks bl and, but we are informed was refused a paf ; sage. Ky an arrival from the Cirn intelligence is brought of numerous cruizi re under Aurv'i commits on being1 in tlie passage ; and report are circulated that they were threatening retaliation for he late seizure of African at Henea - gne that tbey openly avow their hoeiiie intentions toward the seuor and those who were concerned in the removal of the nee roe i and go, indeed, so far a to menace tlie seltle. mniti on the l.Iaiids. BOSTON. July 14 Arrived, hrir Ltral Tender. Lindsay. 76 day trots Marseille, aod 4J front Uibraltar. c - hr George, Chandler, froa Philadeh;hia. . SAVANNAH. July 7Arrived. hritrDeedy - 1 ccp, r o - iick, mew lork, 17 day. Uii ly - , ..a, u.. 111.1 1 1 , i .in. , ........ - - - - - - .. . . - j l would be taken aa - ainst Am.A. Z bte saw an l.waaphrodite brie .t.odroc ia, b - aiiaTmur, - ; . aootWabeiaame - beHadbruhiTeUow at eiiJUUmt.! xwcior renuergrast, of Philadrbhit T established a Gas Light Castle Tower, which i - eclinTL?' ute and 30 seconds, Arrived, Snow, Havana ivana "I 1K. ' brigr,Aert' (nf HamPdM, Msm., 9 day. Left ' A" mt) millus, Choate, of this port latelv V Rio Janeiro had sold her canro of i..A I erctMrnr,f;..i.j. " sclir. Eagle. Sutton, and Comet. Atthony f!f' this nort. One fn. ti,: - Tn' fro for thi 1 w nirri ria a. - . . oline - August, Wells, of Boston ar"K Havana, from C hnli.r . .w. ."rr'y.o at Havana, from Gibraltar, a hnrt : v - 1 1.. a ..s " " :."'".' cii .... ... ....vv., .nu wils aeam intit sugar, for N Orlean. , a sch from name unknown, also iust arrive lute with AugUbtus, of Philadelphia, sailed 25ih ult tf Ge.K,a - left the hrst oflicer ashore, S Spok e noth ing on th e passage Th e Alertw" bound to Savannuh. but fallimr putiahet. 0 "ru'u we nave xeldom seen a wife advenui TMef th,n ISOI ICE Fourteen years a?o, Itnr.vf wife with Patience, of the TiS " waiic UU l UI a . African iiriir 11 jetty Black, it never entered , k".0!.'""? wife would have Putitnc, . v.tZylfnmf c....: ..e .. - - - .ui u luetic. v, .wanny Indian. Not Ion. l however, the peace of m. f y . ri;...k.i 1. . ." "Kn is 0 .....uimu Uf VHCflfflOl I 1,1,...' l.i - i ece followed him carryinr wilh , fh. in part of my estate. vi7 h?7..h, lhem..the grm and link Wheel, Beic StZr f' Pot and SpUe,: 1 U. Stt wwvsv H wiU. my jpvt'tj. 1 have boueht a 81iawl rf beautifulr, , tempt herlf hate ,f .ft? WOuld no dunce 1 1 have

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