Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 30, 1939 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1939
Page 4
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1H39 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE 30 Applicants Seek U. S. Citizenship GLASS LARGEST IN COURT HERE DURING 20 YEARS Includes Five Women Born in Iowa Who Lost Citizen's Rights A class of 30, the largest in 20 years, which includes five women born in Iowa is scheduled to ap- '· pear in district court April 4 for the final hearings on their applications for U. S. citizenship. The applicants represent 12 nationalities, 11 European and Canada. Judge M. H. Kepler is scheduled to preside a t ' t h e hearings which also will be attended by Carl Rain, Omaha, examiner for the hureau of naturalization of the U. S. department o£ labor. The five native born women lost their rights as citizens by marrying aliens and as a result must re-establish their citizenship in order to vote in the land which several of them have never left. lowans Seek Citizenship " Mrs. Tillie Ogaard, 1518 Pennsylvania avenue northeast, was born at Plymouth Aug. 18, 4902; Mrs. Alta May Lehman Oattchen, Clear Lake, was born at Ogden Aug. 6, 1892; Mrs. Ida Hagens Hobbiebrunken, route 2, Rockwell, was born in Rockwell May 3, 1894; Mrs. Christine Halford, Ventura, was born at Ventura Sept. 12, 1898, and Mrs. Madge Godden Kristoffers'on, 658 Jackson avenue southwest, at Burt June 25, 1891, their applications show. The other 25 applicants include the following: Peter George Lang, 225 Fourteenth street southeast, born at Maryolana, Hungary, Jan. 29, 1908; Mrs. Jennie Barlas, 15 Twenty-fifth street northwest, born at Masklina, Greece, Feb. 15, 3902; Miss Frieda Ella Maria Geissmar, 916 Eleventh street northeast, born at Gotha, Germany, Oct. 13, 1899. From Russia, Denmark Mrs. Katherine Elizabeth Schultz, 1421 Carolina avenue northeast, born at Dabrink, Hussin, May 13, 1888; Mrs. Magna Anderson, Ven tura, born at Ostertirsliv Mark Denmark, Nov. 14, 1908; John Kantus Kowalsiti, route 1, Clear Lake, born at Czalnec. Poland Oct. 14, 1883. Vasilios Kolostourbis, 502 Fifteenth street northwest, born a Doliana, Greece, March 25, 1893 Fritz Frid, 1709 Carolina avenue northeast, born at Torlosa, Sweden, June 28, Z885; Henry Augus. Hobbiebrunken, route 2, Rockwell, born at Halsbeck, Germany May 8,1888. Walter Charles Grainger, 1022 Third street southwest, born a Walkerton, Ont., Canada, Feb. 15 1889; Mrs. Emma Luise Peters, 441 Fifth street southwest, born a Quickborn, Germany, Sept. 4 1898; Mrs. Margareta Schrocder route 2, Clear Lake, born a Quickborn, Germany, Oct. 7, 1889 Several German Born Frederick Borger, 804 Jacksor avenue northwest, born at Galga Russia, Aug. 2 ,1911; Fred John Hoots, Rockweli, born at Varel Germany, June 2, 1884; Mrs Eliesa Hoots, Rockwell, bora at Varel, Germany, April 30, 1892 John Henry Read, 504 North Fifth street, Clear Lake, born at Shepton, Mallet, England, Sept. " 1907. - John Lucsan, 56 Twenty-fifth street .northwest, born at Hra bovo, Czecho-Slovakia, June 25 1889; Eli Grba, 1440 North Federa avenue born at-Yesenitsa, Yugoslavia,. April 7, 1888; Dimitrio Dimou, 723 Van Buren - avenue southwest, born at Koskina Greece, Oct. 25, 1893; Eleas Gazes known as Louis S. Gazes, 63 Adams avenue southwest, born at Kalamitse, Greece, Nov. 17 1897. Born in Yugoslavia Heinfith Reich, 922 Fillmore avenue northwest, born at Kblka Hussia,'Jan. 25, 1882; John -Ande Anderson, route 1, Mason Gity born at Linkoping, Sweden, Sept 7, 1859; Mile Cikara, known as Mike Chickara, 55 Twenty-fifth street northwest, born at Yesen- ica, Yugoslavia, Nov. 21, 1892. Mrs. Frances Cardarelli, 847 Twelfth street northwest, born a Milan. Italy,. May 8, 1899, and Miss Garefala Alambies, 722 Sixth street southwest, born at Horion Traheley, Greece, Nov. 5, 1909. The wealth of Iowa is over 10 billion dollars. HERTS THE BUT Avalon Cigarettes are an outstanding Turkish- Domestic blend. Union made and Cellophane wrapped. Taat in 'A:altn Timl,"lfiry Sat. tiiflit, N. B. C. Ridtft tear* FREE! MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE COOKING SCHOOL DEMONSTRATION! NEW 1940 RINSO CONTAINS ft. WONOERaiL "SUDS-r/ BOOSTING "INGREDIENT. THE LIVELY SUDS LOOSEN FOOD AND GREASE IN A JIFFY SHE SAIO THE NEW 1940 RINSO IS EASY AS EVER ON HANDS DID YOU NOTICE HOW LONG RINSO SUDS LAST? THAT'S REAL ECONOMY' DID YOU SEE HOW FAST SHE DID THOSE DISHES AND HOW THEY SPARKLED Amazing "suds-booster" added to New 1940 Rinso- at no extra cost to you! 'T'HERFS 3. big u«t in store for you at J-thc FREE home-making dcmonstti- tion today. Be sutc to attend. There is absolutely no admission chirge. You'll discover dozens of new ways to save time, work and money al! thtough the house. .And you'll ice with your own eyes that the New 1940 Rinso gives fat richer suds -- even in hardest water--thinks to the amazing new "suds-booster" that has been added a year ahead of time--uiilsvt txtra cut to y,u! The Riiuo your groccc now has is the New 1940 Rinso. Fot an cxp en's secret on ho w to ra sic dijh«-ish- ing and all cleaning quicker and easier- go to the ftec cooking schoo 1 lecture today. The Mason City Globe-Gazette Expert--Ann Kingsley Tvill give her demonstration at ··"* High School Auditorium at 2:00 P. M. ·^ ANN KI.VGSLEY ^ Mason City Globe-Gazette home-making expert says: '""T^HE new 'suds-booster' chat -L has been added to Rinjo makes it give far richer suds in hatdcst water.These thick suds £ct clothes snowy white and keep washable colors bright. The New 1940 Rioso chases grease from dishes fait. It's kind as ever to hands." low an Sails China Sea nn ? r £ «i' bro '.? er of ^vard Purceil of Mason City, took this photo of the "Pans-Jin" while it was sailing the China sea last January on the first kg of a cruise to the New York World's fair, via Cane Town, South Africa. The picture was mailed from Singapore. Brother of Mason City Man on Junk Bound for New York World's Fair Rex Purceil Writes of - Adventurous Cruise of "Pang-jin" from Orient . When a Ningpo junk of centuries old design, high pooped and with an elaborately-carved Buddhist shrine in the main compartment, sailed serenely into Singapore harbor early in January on the first leg of an ocean cruise frorn Hong Kong to New York there was an lowan aboard, the brother of Edward Purcell, 1118 Hampshire avenue -northeast. Rex E. Purcell, a native of Missouri Valley, is the adventurous lowan, who with three others, an Australian, J. Peterson, master o! the vessel; a Dane, P. Mogensen, navigating officer, and another American, H. T. Merrill, a gold- mining engineer, plan to exhibit the vessel at the New York World's fair at the end of the cruise. Is Radio Operator Peterson superintended the con T struction o£ the vessel and Purcell; a former airline pilot, is-the ship's radio operator. The rest of the crew comprises a Singapore- born deck hand, ;Hene Sobrielo, and a Chinese cook, Ma Fook. Purcell has lived an adventurous life since leaving his home town at Missouri Valley. He took up flying at Kelly field and Brooks field, Texas, in' 1923, Later he did stunt flying and doubled in movies. Then he joined the Boeing air lines, flying from Cheyenne to Salt Lake City, before this became the United line. Flew in Philippines In 1925-26 he was chief instructor at the California School of Aeronautics, in 1928-29 he was chief instructor of the Beacon air ines, Kansas City. In 1931 he left "or the Philippines and since 1935 has been flying the mail through the islands. Last December he met up with ftree others, and they planned his . adventurous cruise to the New York world's fair. The craft was constructed at Hong Kong and s an accurate duplicate of the centuries old Chinese junks. Sturdily built, the 76 foot junk las spacious accommodation be- ow decks. There is a cabin aft, and a large ssloon, where the sides »f the hull are covered with artistic. Chinese paintaings and where there is a Buddist shrine at the forward end. Called "Pang-Jin" The entire stern also is covered with a painting representing the blessing of fair weather, with a soaring bird as tlie central theme. Che junk's name, "Pang-jin," itsejf s that of a legendary bird similar to a roc. Although it is well ballasted the uuk rides high on the water. Her hull draught is less than 7 feet although the four-foot wide rudder textending 17 feet below the water acts as a fin. The craft carries a big spread of jai! on three masts and there is also a fisherman staysail between he foremast and mainmast. Has Smart Passage Tlie craft made a smart passage Tom Hong Kong to Singapore in 12 days. In one period o£ 24 hours iie junk logged 210 miles, attain- ng a maximum speed of more than nine knots. It was becalmed for a day and had only a light breeze on another day. The plan of the navigators was to continue up the Malacca Strait, across the Indian ocean and down the coast of Africa to Cape Town. Then the route will lie across the Atlantic to New York, which the voyagers hope to reach at the end of May during the New York world fail-. In China Sea The picture was taken by Mr Purcell from a small craft while the juilk was in a calm in the China /sea. Together with other pictures of the craft it was sent to the brother residing in Mason City who is an insurance adjuster with the General Exchange Insurance corporation. Mr. Purcell lias not heard from his brother since the junk left Singapore about mid-January but believes the craft to be somewhere near Cape Town, South Africa. ERODING IOWA LAND IS MAPPED 150,000 Acres Are Surveyed in Planning Control Programs AMES--More than 150,000 acres of ei-oding Iowa farm land were mapped by the soil conservation service in 1938 as a basic step in planning erosion control programs, Frank H. Mendell, state co-ordina- tor for the service, revealed Wednesday. The exact total was 153,680 acres--of which 88,660 were in project and camp areas. 9,140 in extension farms, and 55,680 in Lucas county. The area surveyed last year orings to 920,000 the total number of acres surveyed in I o w a since the soil conservation service began operations; Mendell said. Crop rotations, terracing, strip cropping, grassed waterways, contour or "around the hill" farming, gully tree plantings--these and- other erosion control practices are worked out for the individual farm on-the basis of the surveys, Mendell said. "In order to make 'complete* planning possible, the surveyors check not only the present degree of erosion, but also the steepness of slope, soil type, cover and factors which effect erosion." FILES FOR DIVORCE CLARION -- Myrtle Doty of Clarion has filed suit here in Wright county district court against Hazel Doty asking that she be granted an absolute divorce. The defendant is charged u-ith cruel and inhuman treatment. NEW 1940 RINSO--GIVES FAR RICHER Economic Cherubs A. P. Giannini. president of the Bank of America, on return from Washington, D. C.: "I found bright young men, fresh from academic nails, completely uninformed of life and experience and the ways of business, dominating important councils."--Berkeley, Cal., Courier. Kidney Trouble Stop Getting Up Nights To harmlessly flush poisons and acid from kidneys and relieve irritations of bladder so that you can stop "getting up nights'' get a 35 cent package of Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules and take as directed. Other symptoms of kidney and bladder weaknesses may be scant, burning or smarting passage --backache -- leg cramps--puffy eyes. Get the original GOLD MEDAL. You Can't Afford to Be Without Them! The cost is so small compared with the comfort of good vision. · EYE v, t( [SERVICE 41 ft DR. L. A. WELLS OPTOMfTRIS? 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Scratch Remover Beth far Hide lho»e vgly nicfcs and scratches in ·our lumiture and xvood^crk with this sensational new Scratch Remover--given with tjch one-pound OW English Paste Wax'The Scratch Remover is » Kilalt. loo -can easily be brought 10 lustre. Don' ninth ti bargain opportunity! 135c Quality WHISK IBROOMS *xfr* ttttntth lie CLEAN QUICK) SOAP CHIP] Slbs.i 25 $1.00 Jockey Pocket Watch Health^ lie MTTAli. COMBS : . j^ IHAIR NETS £;,,,!.,» [som Salts Pound O C ?* c Hopes i * J1 ·%8t ^·""·-^'^^jr.- Spun y d thades- iticV in coW'-'c' 0 " ROOF SUNDAE 3 dippm of iee «t«m, chocobf* ~~ EtJMldDMButo. 14c f SALMON SALAD SANDWICH 500 Cleansing Tissues lie 12 Mooess ^C/SoapS* 0 Naokins ZScPREP SHAVING CREAM ., lOc Skin Bracer 49c .% .--*»-i \ ^ ' * BAD DRAMS IRRITABL BROKfN SLffP ITCHY NOS POOR APPfTlTf fIDGETING Genuine BRIAR PIPES wjipij may mean Isrjre round worms ej. 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