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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1818
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J15 G. ft S. HOWLA.ND, 67 W ashicgt on - s tree t. rect. In this edifies the directors are desirous of rx - hibitiag a thirte iciiuUon of GrecL - .a. rrcKiec - ture in its sianpiest and least ep?nivo f win. Five hundred dollars will !xj paid for thi - t it - sign whiin rhall be approved, and twuhuu - tcd dollars for the next best jpecirortr. . Bv onbrof the board of dirrrVi. , JOXA.SMin.Ca'Jiitr. nay 14 tawtIA ... w - , .'.." i - na, : ? 1 . - .., v ' . - - - 7. - TV . NUMBER 5020 FRIDAY, JULY P, 181 C; ' . - VNO. 49 WILLIAM STHEET. Par Sate, Frrirh or Charter, f The ship THOMAS M.L.vo1(iuit ?tS.rrved fi - om Aew - uneans. - sue is a "rfiit. atrontr vessel, well found, burthen Sin 300 tons, n w ,ent to ,e at triflin? !L.erli now lie at Brooklyn, where (be ur . . ...;. Fur terms, bodit to rnsj i B. AV ROGERS & CO. " f, 18 : 23 j Pearl - street. TFfEE, TOBACCO, WINK, c. - 9 hhdsi - 1 J 4 i very CJreen 3S aids "P'rior olJ Kentucky Tobacco II do old Richmond d n do new do , ao l; IT - ki L. P. .Made Wine ' 1 thA. Madeira of uusumbiboii high flavor, hat 1 ' heo3reariiiJAiaiika i - of. cask extra Sherry Wine, 6 J tan old W Ms. Freder sckibura. flour, i . . fni&klfor Rio deJanetro and Per rK ". - - tumrftucv. wSW , Vessels bouncr to either of the aboVe STliaf hre a few goo4 8 freight, from . - ROBT. GILL. tii FIE, KJ3i) ntTront - 't. 7 WJAlbD 'iO VH.lJiJb.ii, "A liriluh wmI of 250 to 300 Iom, to .1 x.h& t Kuthti n pure for the W crt lu fci. Apply to . . MACK1F, MIUNE & CO. . i,tS 61 Pioe - it HAHiZ, l i Tbe ship iienry Leslie, imaiior. te asil in t0UT. Fur tc uu ofheavy fi - eight or paMcngerf , ha i"g tr edieut uccoinmoiUt;nws epp'y JOXKS & MEUUATH, ?eS9 ' 9t South - street. - tt .ikrt.JJ - JX) CHAHTXtU a gopa ony or ecnooaer, . irom io Uxw aurtheo. to load for Europe, to . m i - ft 1 4 imoiciliat uiepaich will br piren. Ap - 90 line - it. 7 rr Lll ittUOL, f fi Tbe er' superior coppered Britieh ,lllih DALaiARNOCK, "V. W. Bobert - ,o, miter j her eijjro being ncarijr.wgured. For ttt remainder of freight, or paasage, hav - iMtlegwit accommodatiuas, apply board, east Jt FIr - inarket - wharf, or to 8. DALGIX1SH & CO. 103 Pcarlrtreet . f lie oflen for wle, ex. aaid Teasel, from Leitfc Edinburgh Ale, of superior ualKy, in bot - tlci and casks. Wine Bottles, fcc. per grow. je 2fi TEAS, WISES and tiROCF.KlKS. !t. 7 TANK (l.ATK LADIES ACCTIOS KOOM.) aMlksatiacriberhaj constantly on hand a gtn - 1 era! asaortnient of the following article), whirl) will be disposed of at a moderate advance . Teas of fimt quality Stgar do dw G(ine old Cojaac Brandy flollandi Gin Jamaica and other Spi.itt Wines of the various kinds fine Apple Shrub - Lrraoe, Lime and Oranjr Juice 8allad Oil in bittiaaaad btlM s L. Breww Stent ,f . Bottled Ale and Cider . V,s ; Doeble Glowetter . kiollMvd and American Crnasc. . CosQiala apioM, tUsencea ' Sperm and rattaw Candles l)e. OM fee Upj .' - cjiKmm Rir. Barter and Mustard . A fcwbeif sicily Lesaon, In fine order sUisina, AlmaaH lraaes fkt Buket SJt, tc. - For sale y - JAMES P. ANDOE. Wanted to purchase, a quantity of second band win "wd porter bottles. Jl M 1L.L.IME1T9, AC A general assonnient of sniitinetts, shirt uu. aheetinKt, Dose ktlltiu and sewins cotton, for sale low, by W M. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, J 16 m rean srreet. C0 Ktt tt TOBACCO. b ubtu very green Coffee, and .kUcky . i an sci a fOR ny JAMES P. AJYDOE, No. 7, oppeeito the Park, i rVboies Sicily LEMONS, in fin order, in l:U tots to writ purchasers. - Je 16 JEWtXLEKY, WATCUkS, Ate. A CASE of sundry Jewellery, fine CoUery, t. Silrer Hontiat; and Plain Watches. Dmains Cases and Ladies Work Boies. S cases Ladies Corsets ajsorted. For ils by J LAMBERT, UU - 3 Conrtland street. RICE. 'A) tierces Kiae, landing from scbr. Arabella, at Murray's whnrf, for sale by CLARK, MOUHt: K CO. J 17 41 8oath - stret. LUTTI.NtTT WARPS, made of sea liland J Cotton and xed in the etiain. for sale by WM. CAMPBELL, ' 5 197 Pearl - itreet. UUMES l'lC GOODS. riTM. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, offers It for sale oa reaaonable terns, at Ms itore 31 Pearl street, a fresh supply of the following ?oo, vis. 1500 pa. white miUinets,handsomery bleach'd ISO dn black do - land finish'd tO cases bleach'd and tinblench'd sheetinKS t nnrtinss ; toretber with an ataortanent of Doss tattisa; and sewins; cotton. Je 15 7 MADURA to PORTIVLVE. Qr. casks Madeira, and 6 hbds white port , for sale bv ' ROBERT GILLESPIE, Jae 10 lit Front - st. ( f k WHITE LEAD, fcc. fcc. Vy VJ kegs London White Lead in oil 30 barrels do Dry White Lead 8 tons Red Lead barrels Bristol Red Ochre do Venetian Red ; t tons One Litharge boagheads Whiting (0 casks Paris White ; t hhds. Verdigris XJ tierces r seech Yellow Ochre 5 kepi Vermillion 4 rasks Pressim Bine, 4001b. Crome Yellow Patent Yellow apanidi Brown, n Venetian Red, f Verdigris, ) LnmpoUck ; Ivory Black ; Purple Brown tptrits Tuipeetinn ; Linlseed Oil 4Uu hn Wii. m ... m. - .A jrsale on the lowest terms for cash or at - ''i crcou, ny rXTER SCHERMERIIORJI is SONS, jyl f43 Water - street - T3TO LEASE ATTHE NORTH RIVER. VnUATE h,iea Barclay and Murray - HLret?' C'wn'ber and Reed - streets, Jay and rji, - rtreets and North Moor and Beack - ewts, at a price verv considerabl less than In. Jtoa llwir value, and at the xpiratira of tZa t tuudings to be fairly valued and or a new leas granted. s orrarJioo the water, weU calcuUted for 'her, platter of paris, fcc ATThtitre RH,SELA!?DER 31 &veral of th, above lots will be ecld at a mo - 'iu prs sod oa a liberal credit. A small .. REMOVED. JAMES P. AflDOE has taken the store So. 7 Park, recently occupied as a Ladies' A action Rfm, where ha intends establishing himself as a. ant - rate GROCER, and intends selling for cash only, and at such prices as will make it the interest of the cash purchasers to call as above, where ha has fcr side a general auorlment of ' ' ; Teas lute importation ' ' Pare old coguac brandy, of superior quality ' Jamaica spirits, Holland gin, American do Madeira, L. P. Taaerifle, Old sherry, Port k other wines London and American perter, Boiled cider Sperm, oil and candles , . i Fine old f ltd) and end American cheese . Well Savored raisins, Figs Prunes, Almonds Spices, Best Spanish cigars, Praught porter Sweet oil, && Constant attendance will be given, and aUiafore duly appreciated. . June 11 tf SWEEP U1L.V WcaesU Florence Oil, W bet ties each, for sale by CHAS.L. 0GDE5,t ABROGDEM, Je 10 53 Washirton - street. . FWWJY - ILA TKS, THAUA'LtiAifS, kc. M. S0O boxes tin plates 28 casks Traces Brass Wire No. 9 - 60 casks Roman Cement, now landing, and (or sale by ANDERSON to SHEARER, . 131 Water - street. Wi Aare in Hore, Patent and common Carolina and Virginia Uoee . . t ,.: Sheet Brats of all slset ' I;rBnd copper Wire Loodon made pocket Books and Wallets LiMi - t work Beves fcc. my 25 HHitUWARE, CUTLERY &C.Z casks fcr - otrb spring Locks 5 ratks plate Lcki, 1 do Steelyards 1 do chest bandits, tec. I do screw plat, scale beams, ire. 1 do braes cock. &c. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillets S do tin'd pots and sauce pans 1 do An padlocks 4 do Bauhury locks, tinges, kc . . 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, 8i; 2 do HL hinges, fcc. 4 do anvils 1 do I rammers and sledges - 2 do black Si bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons - 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to 200. Alto, a large and goneral assortment of gnod opencn the shelves, for sale fct the moat reduced prices, by ADAMS & Bi,AC.wt,L,L, may 7 , ; TIa rean - st. PORTER. IS casks'lirittol Porter, lor sale by LE ROY, BAYARD & CO. Jy 13 : Epsom Sails, in caiki of Stcwt Lump MaitiitsiH, in casts Do do small squares Calcined do in rtiiali RncbeMe Shits, Acid Tnrtar Citne Acid, Blue Verditprin firkins Patent yellow, Kings Yellow Rrgulus of Antimony BUTTONS, fcc. Fowling Pieces, assorted, well finithed Do do in wainscbat cases, nnely Gaiihed with apparatus complete Duelling Pistols, in cases Gold Epaulettes . Naval and Military SworJ Belts Gill Coat and Vest Buttons Copperplates for engravers Mathematical Instruments Rollins; Paralet Knlerr - - - Mariners compasses, telescopes Opera glasses, microscope 3 setts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle - shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil rases. For sale by. J. LAMBERT, je IS J CourtUnut - street. FOR SALE, A LOT of ground on Broadway, between Walker street end Canal - street, 6 lect 10 inches wide and 15 feet long. Inquire of P. A. JAY, Jy 1 tf No. 37 Pine - street. LEGHORN STRAWS, for sale by MARCH ft LOW, J 6 210 Broadwav. PV. LED YARD U CO. 104 Pearl - street, . offer for sale, in addition to their former ex tensive assortment of Hardware, the following articles, we'd by Wie Martha, from Liverpool r .... rL. r - f..i ie:i. ' Trace Chains Clout Nails Spades and Shovels Brass Kelt Us do Candlesticks do Cocks do Nails Si Hinges Gilt Coat Button, 6 and 8 barr'd Carry C'nmbs 6 barr'd Mane do Iron Wirr,No.4tolO Steelyards Fine Guas Trunk Locks Drawing Knives Binelevs Patent car swne or rup. quality, suitable for merchant tailors Japanned Candleticks Flemish Tacks JStf rier's knives warrant ed equal to Cox's sen nine. X O Boxes muslins 10 do. 4 - 4 & 7 - 8 Irish linens I do. pink ginghams 1 do. shawls - 4 do. brown platillas 6 do. Scotch ornabure 7 bales imitation sheetings 4 do. brown linen t do. linen bed tick 1 do. 6 - 4 cotton checks 1 do. carpeting. ALSO, Sail - cloth, Cottoa bagging . Twilled sacking Seine twine For sule by GEORGE JOHNSTOS, JulvS No. 1 8loat - lane. VIRGINIA 500 Hams ot the tint Quality, will be landed to - morrow morning from the Sea Lion, at Colfee - house slip, and for sale by WALSH it GALLAGHER, Je 22 66 South - street. COAL AFLOAT. 1 sTiO c,"J'lroo Liverpool Kew - Pit Coal, 1 J JoT superior Quality, now landkir from oa board the ship Ganges at the east side of reca - siip. 60 chaldron Scotch Coal, of prime qnality, discharging (rom on board the ship Union, at pier no. v, i.. n.. 50 chaldron Idverpool New - Pit Coal, equal to the above, discharging from oa board the ship Otlieilo, at the foot of Rector street, N. K. Application to be made oa board, or at the subscriber's coal yard. No. 274 Front street, who has on hand a large supply of Liverpool, scoicn aad Virginia Coal, suitable for families and blacksmiths, which be will dispose of oa ac commodating terns. For saw by J 9 f fVAor.rt.. CIDER BRANDY 40 bods. Cider Braady, landing and for sale bv ANSO. G. PHELPS, J 13 1 85 Front street. i.KMONS. JUS in UST received, 45 boxes fretb Sicily Lemons, lots to wit purchasers by Je 24 J - P. AN DOE, So. 7 Park. T?OR SALE 15 sacks Hatters' Fur J? 207 lar - e Fur Skins U9 US' "0 - - u C,VI'I a WM. W. WOOL5EY & CO. No. K7 Pearl, street, have just received by the Julius ltar, smearier, Ann Maria, and other vessels from Liverpool aad London, a very attentive assortment of UJIHunA HE and CUTLERY, which they offer for sale by the package or from shelves on the. lowest terms, for cosh or creilr ; most of which are particularly adapted to the soutnorn and western markets consisting of I owiing pieces ol different descriptions Anvil?, Vices, Trace chains Hammer heads ; Gun locks. Pistols. Tea travs Cross - cut, still and pit saws, of various quali ties , . Fins plate stock locks . - ' Nob, chest, treuk aad cupboard locks Hand, tenant and sash saws Files of all kinds Bread trnys, Webbm, Candlesticks Plated castors, Padlock, Screws Tooth brushes, Screw plates Steelyards, Waffle and wafer irons Plated saddlery of all kinds Tea kettles, Rat traps, Pocket books Buttons, Shovels, Tongs, Flints Knives Si forks, pen, pocket and other knives Scissors, Razors, Portable cares ChiseU, Plane irons and gouges Patent and common hoes Tegtther tritk m quantity of English OL steel, blistered Millingtoo Crowley steel, ic. kc. ALSO, FOR SALE, 123 boxes window glass , 56 casks whits and red lead lOtasea white and colored cotton hose 20 casks spelter 600 boxes tobacco pipes . 2 cases long and short Italian gloves July 1 1 w CARDS. PARCHMENT. bOOKS. flARDS for printers, visiting, Ac. gilt and J plain edges, of all sizes cards lor playing, coloured ana piain Daces Parchment bkius for printers Plans of the city of London, folded on canvass Do or the country ZJ runes round London Pictures of London, with platts Do of Edinburgh, do Watsons, instructions for the deafacd Dumb, with a volume of plates rorsn's f lora oi worm America . AinsworlhH Latin Dictionaries Barlow's Mathematical do Tucker's Expedition to the Conco in South Africa Drake's Sbakspeare and his times Memoirs of Dr. Watson, Bit hop of Landau" Godwin's lives of the Phillips' Encyclopaedia Britanuica - Johnson's Dictionary, qsnuto Kelly's Universal Cambist Locke' Works, folio Kirkpal rick's Kingdom of Nepaul Edward's Uotnnnic Garden . , Beaumont. Fletcher. Ben Johnson and Shalts - peare's Works i.iDbon, Kollin, Hobeitson ana Boiingurofce's Works Hogarth's Works by Cook, Imperial Folio Do , do Quarto CareyS Alias, folio Arrowssoith's do quarto With many rare and valuable F.iiclih works. illuitraed with Krlraits nud elenntly hound, loriaieoy. j., Je 16 No. 3 Courtlandt - strret. TRAP8. HE newly invented patent Box Traps, for sate at 130 Water - stroet. Je 13 OH. liEFFERNAN,31toutn - street, ofiers U lot sale 51 ceroons Caraccas Flora IndisO 278 bales Loodon n.orket Goat ckins 5 do. small do. 1 1 skins dates ft blssttrrtr - fci 32 ceroons hitter do. do. 76 do. cummin seed, 1 do fennel do. 1 do. enrraway do. June 20 1m PLAoTEROF PARIS MANUFACTORY, t the foot of Harrison - street, North - River. INHERE manufactured Plaster, forcorni - V V ccs and other purposes, may be had, warranted of the first quality, at one dollar and twen - tu fire cenit per bushtl. - I - I fr . I..... Jt 1 X . t.k. I ue niaiiviaciurj is cuiiuuivru vy uuu Tucker, who bat served a regular apprenticeship to the mason business, mh 21 JOHN BYERS. rpilOKN & PENDLETO.N have selected X with great care, for the supplying of fami lies and ship stores, the following wines, liquors, teas, Ac. which they offer at wholesale aad retail, at No. 5C Stone - street .VaJeira in glass and wood Red port, ' rorix and royal compy" do a few dozen of super, quality Dry Lisbon, 1 1 years old Very old sherry, do TcnerifTe Old brandy, rum and giu, not reduced Hibbert's brown stout, equal to any in the city Red and white wine vinegar Bordeaux sallad oil Hywn, hyson skin, young hyson, ;ouchon; fc poucbong teas Loaf, lump and Mucovado lugar Fish sauces, Scgars in qr. boxes With a general assortment of groceries which they will warrant to be of the first quality. June 24 3w IrUall LINENS, DIAPERS, fcc. JUST received by the W iiion, from Dublin, several packages 44 Linens and 5 - 4 Sheet ings : and on hand, of recent importations, a gen eral assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 - 0 Linens, 73 Lawns 3 - 4 Diapers and 3 - 4 Brown Holland. Which are offered for sal on reaionanle terms, by HENRY M'VICKAR 4 CO. J131w 57 Fine street. 130RT WINE. 6 pipes 9 hhds and 9 quarter casks very sup. Port Wine, landing from schr True American, eat tide Old slip, lor sale at IU4 tout - street, ty PALMER & SAIDLER, In Store Teneriffe and Lisbon, in hhds and quarter casks. Jl 1 1 w WARRANTED BOLT1.NG CLOTHS. A large assortment of every description, ef Dutch Bolting Cloths warranted to be of the heat aualitv ever iinnorted. aiid at the moit re duced prices, for tale by J11 82 1 - 2 Pearl - street. LUTtYs,Vt.Li'ET3,tu: AVERY handsome assortment of Sebssia Linens consisting of Platillas Rovalce, Bretagnes Estopillas, Dcwlas, Creas and Cho - letts 2caesilk velvets 6000 muskets 2 boxes fowling pieces 2 casks Steuerark scythes double tword 150 kegs Dutch herrings 4 botes assorted glassware The above articles entitled to debenture. 3 cerontis indigo, 1 box toys and a few pie - ces Dutch t loth For tale by .C ZIMMERMAN, - July II lm 77 Washington - !. PRIME KWJVCKY TOR A CCO. hhds will be landed on Monday from the J J hip Grand ceignor, and brig John, Irom New - Orleans for sale by ROBT. GILLESPIE, 1 12 Front - it. Ta store, 33 hhds old Kentucky tobacco, and 25 do Virginia do. .Jy II - OfilN, fcc 100 bhli. Rosin. 6 do Spirits Terpentine, for sale by R. fcC. W. D.VVENrORT fc CO. J15 A faro, on the Hsdson, about a mile &twti"wb",nf cootsifcing 133 acres, 33 of which are Woodland, tit test is divided by good fence into a due proortloo 6f meadow, nraMe and patture land. Ttte suildings are partly new i uis iiuuc - vutiTeaiesM imasmau tamuy t lis situation is equalled in beity by few oa the rirer ; the novaatogtjs, from vicinity of a flourishing' village, of public worship, society and good market, with the facility of communication with Aew York, render it a desirable residence for a gentleman. 400f dollars of the purchase money may remain ootnortgage ; the payment of the rest will he made easy to the psrchAT. apply on the premises, so - Je23 tf i, VERPLANCK. fjr The subsribeor!'ers tor sale his ml k4ijUdence in (he torn of' Fairfield, state of Connecticut, it it pitaiantly situated, on the Boston road, about half a mile from Long Island Sound, 65 miles from. .lew York, and w from New Haven. The hou:e and out - Ln are in excellent repair. TWlruit yard is ved stocked with a variety of feaches, apricots, cherries, pears and strawberries. There tore in the vicini ty academies for the education of youth of both sexes, r rom one tosis acres of excellent land, at Uie option of the rtitchaser. can htr had will the house, and the mrcheo money, it desired, can remain on iaWssst. tot terms nimlv to ISAAC M. ELY. Esu. 76 John street. N. York. oriotnerion. juaa iua; SJU.V.tS, tair Dtiu, vonnecucui. my B rttl ... DAVID F.I.Y. jT - 1 - TO LK?t 6! ' 1 V . .1. - ... M t.2... - f U..A son - street, which ce?ymsnds a pleaixnt view of uie I arm anu river, s ossessionmay oe una in a Our 1 a vi. Also for tale, Uie lursiture of said bouse. It u n( lha best oualitv : wll HMwL i?td suitable to a genieei lamuy. Apply as aoove. . . i i . . . i - 7 1 1 ii sTI TULKf. kAfikal A counting Boom, in the most central part of Pearl street. For particulars enouire at 197, up stairs. Je 73 eOK iuiLE OR IVLMbt., Lots in the S. 6. 8. and 10 Wards: many of which are on regett - ted and paved streets. o money will be reurired under tun years, ii sou, U. - ,C ..VVJ,M. Several twoandrjie story homes, on which s neat part ol tue rtney remain on mortgage. LA.ND1SQ AT RED HOOK. An excellentstanOor businesi. with ten srrr. of land, pleaiaBtlip.uated, with a wharf, storehouse and barn. . ' COTTON and VftJpLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Iiavrfe with 40acresofland, and a never failing streux upon which 20 mills may be erected, with a swjjtiemy of water for each. Apply at io. x ureeuwan - street. jnn IJ ii hokscs .v Carriages, for sale.. A PAIR oflikai - y, active black HoRSFi, 7 vears old. , Thev match in spirit fc irait, are fast Trotters t ad in excellent condition for a journey., a iigiit l - oacukk in periect order, inquire at tnu office. jy is iw WHOOPINti COUGH. DOCTOR SCOTT'S Pectoral Mixture, which is a safw and effectual remedy for the whooping cough. ' It it only ten years time it was offered to the public and soma thousands of children, both in England and Scatland, have been cured'by it, after every othermedirine had neen used Without e fleet. It it held in the high est estimation for .its excellent and talubnout virtues, it promotes gentle perspiraTion, re moves viscid phh gm by an eay and safe expectoration, and is highly salutary to the lungs t it strengthens and defends the stomach, give. 'renter liberty of breathing, and produces the most safe, salutary and hnppy effects, by prevent, iog those distressing and coavubive coughs, to which thouifwda ef individuals, in coate -" necleoi' crematHrety fall a sacrifice. It is not by crwttTur a nBrrr xtimnhis of relief in those violent paroxysms that its quali ties are manifested, hut by enectually removing those distressing symptoms, by giving vegour to the weakened frame, and renovated health to the afflicted individual. Sold wholesale and retail, by R. Robertson, Apothecary, No. 82 Broadway, and J. C. Mori - ton, Uruggest, so. lBU Greenwicli - etreet. N. York. Druggests throughout the United states, msy be supplied with the Pectoral Mixture, at either of the above places, at the lowest wholesale price. . Jy 7 2m AHORSE VVANTED. A GOOD active Horse, about six years old - He it wanted chiefly at a gig horse, in wliich harness he must be perfectly gentle. A Bay would be prefered. Apply at No. 24 Greenwich - itreet. J 6 HACKNEY COACHES, 17" OR Select Parties, from Elizabeth Town V Point, for Philadelphia, and the btenm Boats at Trenton and Bristol, and the Mineral Springs at Scbooley't Mountains. Notice tent to No. 53 White - Hall street, New York, or HALEY & STILES, Elizabeth town, by mail, or by the Steam - Boat Atalanta, will he immediately attended to. J 14 GREAT CDItlOilTV. MAMMOTH HOG. THIS animal it one of the most extraordi - X nary productions of nature, and hat bete brought here from Ireland, at a very coutidera - ble expense. He It 4 feet 6 inches high ; length of his body 9 feet G inches ; girth 7 ler.t 40, and weighs about 1500 pounds ; a met unnret edent - ed weight lor any of the species. A further de scription is unnecessary. Every person of eu riositr will he well satisfied with the view. This wonderful animal will be exhibited for a few days at No. 92 Maiden - lane, when he will be takea to the country. Price for grown persons 25 cents, children nail price. j 13 iw TO HE LEASED. fy favorable terms, for along term of yean. 4 lots of ground on Broadway, 800 ieet Jeep, extending to Crosby - street, between Hester and Grand - streets. 2 lots in Water - street, near Catharine - market. 1 lot in Water - street, between Fulton 'and Burling slips. - Also, several other lots in the 5th, Cth, 8th and 10th wards. For particulars, enquire at o. 30, Chatham - street. mny 8 B.1.VK UMTED STA TES, ' - May 12, 1810, A RCtid r.t I a of science and experience XA are invited Jo exhibit to the Board of Directors on, or before the Tt diy of Augu - t nei, appropriate designs and elevations Ct a Banking House lo be erected on the scitc purchased for that purpose, bounded ou the north by Chemut, and on the south by Library - streets, contalniii one hundred anl fifty one feet in width cast and west, and two hundred and twenty five feet in depth, north and south. The ground plan will include an area of about ten or eleven thousand r;iir.t e feet in a rectangular agnre of eirM :, ' d tiles, as msy be best adapted to tf. kiciut arrangemeiL .'i'he buiMing will be faced with - narble, aad have a portico on each front, re; tingoponabM,nifutor platform oftuch altitude as will condiD onn - j vemence of ascent with due prrportka acu di AMERICA BRA XDY, toe. Pipeirood imitation brandy, birh proof, 3 hhds pure spirits : . j ' ' - 4 do rye whiskey 200 bngt juniper berries .. . - 300 kegs ginger 20 cbrsU young hyson).,' - " ' 10 catty boxes hyson ie ! 60 bags race ginger ' .a SO rolls sheet lead 17 tubs butter for sale by 'uiy e tw corn's. Dubois.; - ; SUGAR. 9 hhds. prime St. Croix Sugar, landing, for sale by . f . ANSON G. W1ELPS, J 13 1S3 Front sireet. A CARD. 1 (ty At the Dsrticolar inlicilntionir.f the La dy suhscribers, the New - York Salt Water Float ing cam will be removed to her old station at the foot of Murray - street, this day. where it will contiuue open every duv. from uhrite - is tlifrl morning, until 10 o'clock nt ..iht. du$eg tin. bathinir, season. It is IuikmI wli?n the LaUieel this city know that this large buildilur, which win accommooats two or three hundred persons at a time, is exclusively devoted to their ntijoy - ment on Mondays and Wednesday s o't each week nnlil 2 o'clock, that tliev will eive that encour agement which such aa appropriatiou deserves. On a'l other days they bate their own spurt menu only. The greatest possible attention will be paid. i The Bath at the Batterv is open every day from sunrise to 10 o'clock anit, for untle - tnen only. , . ve x - j TO MERCliAATiyi. ft7 - The advertiser, lately arrived Irom Ens: land, wlfOjpoisesses a thorowb knowledge of nuoa - Kcepiog ana mercaniiie iraesncwsis in general, and who has been for several years in a counting house m Lnndon,is d sj)rous oi a similar situation here. 'As empioyitvst is his chiei on - ject, bis expectation as to itfwt is moderate. Letters addressed .to A. T. and felt at this olive, shall have immeiliHte attention. JIOM JfO'lKE. fX7" Any person Imviit jiaytfi to copy, or account In attjuil, witl Sad it lor their interest to call at the oihee of the subscriber, as be will engage for a smallcompeniation and could per form with expedition, and correctness, any thing of the kind committed to bis charge. II. PADELFORD, Comer of Frankfort and Cliathatu - st. July 11 Iw WET A H'A.WED. "VNE with a good supply of milk, and who can produce satisfactory tettimonials of churactef, fcc. will meet with encouragement, by applying at MIES. SAIOLERS, j io tf iNo. jo Hi - oaaway, y 'STOLEN. STOl.LNonsundny evening last, at i lie root of Courlbndt - ttrect, a silver Watch, makers name Juo. Crossman. No. 20000. It is supposed it was taken Irom the owoet't pocket while bathing, at a person was teen near his clothes. Whoever will return the above watch to Ao. SB Lumber street, shall receive a M..hl A. l . . 1 1 a ra . r. . IK. Ihanvt rtl IK. rtui. er. Silver Smiths Pawnbrokers and others, are reaucstedHo stop it if offered for sale. N. B. Had, on a small liair cnam, mounted, with a gv.ld ring at the end. J 13 silver TO EUILDF.RS. Or tlrise who may wish lo erect three ekgaat 1 buildings or factories. r OTS. 77 feet by 80, more or let, with the JLi buildings thereon, in thecentre of Vescy - st. can be purchased separate or together. ALSO. An elegant LOT, with the Buildings thereon, II Howery, 4t by 1X5, more or leu, near Chat - ham - street the whole on aCTommedaling terms Apply at SJ lybatham flow, near zteektaan - it - The aVfarrtiser bM'AriteeeaBatU tiiAftirnget to dispose of, one of $3,000, one offlOOU, one f an in mis ciiy. jo v. CLASSICAL, MATHEMATICAL and MERCANTILE ACADEMY. VTESSRS. KELLY fc TUOM Y respectfully IV 1 inform the peblic that they have lately commenced this establishment in the large and any rooms, io. 475 reari street a lew aoort from the corner of Cbntham tlrtet. Their course of education comprises the Greek, Latin, French, aud English Unguaget ; Composition, History, Geography, the use ol the Globes Book - keeping, Arithmetic, wilh the oth er practical branches of the Mathematics. Young Ladies have a room appropriated to themselves, where they will be taught a regular course of female education, together with plain and ornamental Needle - work, by a lady ol exem plary conduct and long experience iu that depart ment Reference to Robert Adrain, P. M. and N. P. Columbia College. PATENT GRAMMATICAL MIRROR. JUest. Kelly fc Tuomj beg leave alto to inform the public, that their Grammatical Mirror it now completed and organised, and that they are prepared to undertake its application to the dutiet of instruction. ' The Grammatical Mirror is a machine constructed oa such principles And actuated by such laws, as to exhibit a manifest representation of all the parts of hnman speech, in all the variety of their inflections and all the diversity ef their combinations ; it is calculated to impart information more expeditiously than words, whellier conveyed by writing or by utterance : letters aad sounds are the arbitrary symbols not the resemblance of ideas ; bnt tht Grammatical Mirror presents an exuet imitation ol tht agent with its cases of Uie object with its passions of their substitute with its genders and persons, and oltne action wun us manners, anu itsliaies. The Other paits of speech will make their resper - tive appearaucrs iu the revolutions ofthis extraordinary machine. It b no less use ful to the teacher than to the pupil i and while it cxpedilet the progress of Uie one, it Will lacili - late the labor of the other. Should any person object to the practicability of its appUcation.they challenge the investigation of opposition : they cannot consent to au in.Ufcri. minate wsreuon : but any person wbj shall be qualified to discuss its meritt they are willing to admit, and prepared to answer bis objections. Though duty forbids then, lo acknowledge thrir.own inferiority yet, tney reiy not on their diligence and xeal others may have at much ; they rely not on their erudition and talents, other. maVnolfitve less i oui uicy rely on the co operation of their nteont, which they contend to be superior to any that can be employed to attain the object it contemplate - . t hough thev entertain no doubt of its tupe - rior general utility, they conceive that for such as cannot aflbrd' much, time for study, or whose different employments, must confine them to interrupted and desultory lecture., it must possess peculiar advantage.. Several liieritfycYv act' rs.vho hiveinspec. tedtMt tvachine, ' - ' - vc nten njwaiiy asioniin. ei anil lUliRhfct. - nd d'wbt lut tint experi. nice will realise the most sanguine expectation tnit are eu'.crtaiueJ of L a - l - anUje and success. - , Under tliee impression! the pmprietort of tiie Cruirrw,ti:t:l .lirrer recommend U to pub - 18 lii: notice, and they are no1, mure dciroiu oC acT'i1 - '11?! t' - ian they are cot.Guent ct'tcu. i.ig the patronae of ilirpuhHc. . , N. H. They have fr general . convenience detcrnnnexl ta de - tiver evening Kcturey, frotn half past five till ball past t'e on any ot"t!ir abuvcmrnti'j'ic J iTi.'.' lifs of literature. J tO I"t ' (Or The new FERRY BOATS from the lt of Walnut street, cw York, to the Icot of Ut ile street, Brooklyn, nesr tlie Naty Ynid. will commence running on fcedy, the I7ibiint. rersona crossing to u rook ij a Iron, the upper part of the citv. will find the dittaixe n.uih shortened by using this twrry. my 14 . JNOTICE. ' 07" The Rising bun bail Boats Nonparie l and Jiidiittry, lioin the Elizabeth town Pond, ict New - York, sails from Murkctiield - streel, (svlete l) Steam - boat A talanta lormerly came to,) at 10 o'clock, ol each day. " Parage 12 12 ceutt. Enquire at Uie Steam boat Hoteu, of ' . . .urn gi t it. miff f f Te my tt tf . t : , rrT - JOHN PKOCTOK, Jua. 106 Liberiy - it. ofiers liberal anticipations on property consigned to bit friends in the Mediterranean. For further particulars, apply as above, or to j AHic.tiKtai lir.ui, . y Je 6 tf comer of Clirl'fc Ftilton - stt. I.AMib. s (& - STEPHEN 11. 1UU.VN, No. 2S6 real - . reet, New - York, purcharet Lands in Die Hun - f Territory, which has been set span fur the ItK Army. - letters from' the roimtrv givuin description of the patent and the price asked ice each lot, will be attended to, if rott paid. , roy la si i - AOTsCE ffy This it to inrbid all renons Irusliae tiA cn w of the Portuguese brig Sopttia, Lopet muster, as no del oi their contracting will be paid py we captain or consignee. r - e S4 - - - NOTICE. 0r All persons having claimt.ngniritttlie estate of John Linen, deceased, are desired to present them for irtllrment to the niliscrilfr, and those indebted to said estate are requested t make payuitat, to him without dcluy. - JAMES M'BRIDE, Je291m - Acting Exerutur. - AO I ICE. 0 - IF Richard Perry fcavadgc, son of Thom - st aud Elizabeth Savadc, formerly of the city of Philadelphia, is living, or if dead, his legal representative wilt, by applying lo Mr. Wi. avadge, at St. John's Square, Clerkcnwel, London, hear of tometbing to his or their advantage. , ' i'he said Richard Ferry Savadge, who was a fainter by trade, wat in England in the year 792. from whence he returned to Philadelphia ' in the year 179 1 : in tiie year 1793, he it sntiixw - ed lo have resided at Mr. Robert Maxwell's, in Middletown, Delaware County. Maryland; end afterward at Dowoiic't Timu, from whence be it supposed to have removed to New - York. N. B. If any person will produce a legal certificate of the death of the taid Richard Snvadgc, . tie will, on producing the lame, to Mr. Win. fca - vadge, receive Irom him 5 guineas, at a reward for his trouble. Any information respecting the above nanied person will be thankfully received by &.YI1 I II 44 I'AllftIB, Je 18 Im 312 Penrl - strert, New - Ynrk. - I'illRD WARD. 13UDI.1C notice is hereby Liven, that the As L" tenors of the 3d Ward Ir.ivn completed their Assessments, and that a copy tla reof islelt wills .. - v. i, , l - yt - ...,.., I .. ' - - ' . ' the tame mav he teen and examined bv anv cf . . . I L 1 ' . . . . ' . I . t 1 . I . I" ine innamraiiis during ten unyi, irom ine uiu oi , July, ana ina li e Atresson win meet .on lliO . 17lh, at 64 Vesey - ttreet, to receive their laid asse'imentt. on the application of anj person ' coiMxiving himself aggrieved. . ' IIAKMA.US 1 AU - M AN. I AfSCMOrtor ' NATHANIEL C.GRIFMTU.J the 3d ward. New - Ydrk, July 7, 18111. J 1 IQt - riFTii ward. . . ;v.. PUBLIC NOTICE ii hereby given, (hot tl . assessors ol the Oflh ward Lave completed ; their assessments and that n copy thereof it left with one of the asessors, at Libe'ly Hnll, corner of Church and Leonard streets, where the same may be seen and examined by any of the inhabit - ; Hiits during ten dayt, frdm Hie I3(hf July to '' the 24th, aud lhal the assessors wll met! on the ' tftih, ni the above place, lo review their iait! ' assessments, on Ihe apintKaa ofmiivfauava cua - . ' ceiving himnlf aggrieved. ' '. l cnunt - tiiT - ifiv i - f .i 3 tj richard kidney, .nnsvara, SIXTH WARD. PUBLIC notice is herehy given, tliat (lie assessors of the sixth ward have comnluled tbeir assessments, and that a cony thcreofis Ult with Alexander Clark ro. zoo broadwny, corner of Reed street, where the same may be seen and examined by any of Ihe inhabitants daring v ten dayt Irom tldt date i and, that the nersrt Will meet at Ihe above place on Tuesday, tht 2ltt iust. to review their said assessments, on Ihe application of any person conceiving hium! aggrieved. ABM. BAUDOIXE, Assessors of the ALEXANDER CLARK,) sixth ward. J 10 EIGHIH WAKD. PUBLIC Notice is hereby given, Hint (lie Assessors ol the Klb Ward have completed lh - ir Atstisincut, and that atopy thereof it left wifii Isaac Emmont, at the corner of Spring and Eliz - abelli - streett, where Ihe snme amy be seen and exaoiined by any - of the Inhabitants ilunpg trn days from this day, and that the Atsesuiri will meet on Friday, July Ibe 17th, at ihe house cf the said I. Eojiuoni, lo review their said assessments, on the application of any eriou cout eiy. ing himself aggrieved. A.CHUNEMA.N.J 8th Ward New - York, July 7, 11118. r J 7 tOt NINTH WAKD. PUBLIC NOTlCE - it hereby given, that tl.e Assessort of the Ninili Ward have rCmpfo. ted tbeir Assessments, and that a copy hero!'is led with one of the Assessors, at the li VDe - vid 1 1 west i, Harle - m, lor fiveiday. "it1 olh r five at tht House of David Turvey,'tfOwereMiH, ' where the same may beseenandexaiu;'jhv a - oy otthe inhabitants during ten eUvs fitm '1 date hereof, and tlml tiie Assessors will uitereu Friday, Ja!y 21, 1UIU, nt tin house vf Daud Turyey, Bowery - Hill. 10 review their said aj - tessments on Hie application of any pr..H con - reiving himself aggrieved.. 'floun from 10 lo on earh dnv. 1 JOHN ADR1ANCF. ) Asets.w.;fthe JOSEPH W1LLOIGHBYJ Ninth Ward. July 14 . - ' 1 tNTUIVAKll. - fTT Public notice is hereby given, that the Assessors oUhe lOlh ward have conn let. d lhiV assesmeuts, and that fl ropy th. rael is left With '" Waller Howell, at No. 27 lleftr - tref, whersi - ' the same may tt seen nndf esamiaed bv as.y' tf the inhahitauts Jurmg Ten L:V', frofi', the dMe hereof, and that the ai - r will meet on.JBon - Jay Ihe 2e)th in - t. at tiie above place, to review ' ' their said assewmeuts, uo the tpp'i. at'.nn of ny pcnoii conceiving - bitit"e!f.gJrcved."V - , WALTER HOttl - LW I Assorts etlnn JONATHAN BLOWN, KXh war - L ' July 7 .0t - ' ' Bank f.1mnci, June iC,, ISIS. ftT A Divkl'td tl three r tfrt, for .six months erdingon the 30th inst.tutt'beeq fhitrtny " declared p.iyableto tbeSioi klirAden en tl 6ih of J uly seat. Py order of the B - nrd of Direct - turt. - GEO. ISEWLOLD, CashT. ' June 26 Im . I.M'ORMA I ION SVAMED. A person by Ihe namt 6l Margaret - wicK, wh" formeilv lived in a situ lows ealled Ormeskirfc, te. England, and c; li;e lo rf New York ahont 3t years with t,tr former hcshan.1, who was a s'huemste - r; but since Oit. he is dead, and she is mafried ifm to a person J by the name of J. p Chal.k, wnos uy I . . . .i. ..J M.rftn.1 I Tt. ft. I Inile e i p n - rr r. n ' . - wca U hsing. r bcrehihlreo, they may, by a(K plsirig at Ibis irthcr, of smtthirg gieatty to hill advantage. J 9 tw A . A: ' i - .1 A I i lit 1 :! - ii: ': V; t - i

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