The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 2, 1931 · Page 22
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1931
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

. i«#rtSaft^,t!iaas;$ir^^£»^ SftS bj«^a^^isl'iiSS3^ra^K«w«, · %'§i if/ I W v e j ! 1 i I. G. 'A.- MEAT and GROCERY 1452 North Federal MARSDEN's · Phone'2414. . . . EASTER SPECIALS Friday Saturday HAMS, Sugar.,Cured' ^Mr 1 '. .Ib. 24c HAMS, Armour's Star ?SS2TS.r Ib. 22c CHICKENS, Fancy Dressed Ib. 24c EGGS, For Easter, Extra Select, doz. 20c STEAK, Sirloin and Round S5"'. .Ib. x 25c BEEF ROAST, Corii Fed, lb.-'15c and 18c VEAL Roast and Chops TM Ib. 18c A FULL LINE OF GROCERIES, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FOR YOUR EASTER DINNER Some of the prominent democrats are getting ready to have harmony, even if they are compelled to punch somebody in the nose to get It.--In- dlanapolis News. "The world is so full of a number of things. I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings," wasn't written by Alfonso of Spain.--Louisville Times. · EASTER CANDY Rabbits, Chlckona ana Eggs, 1-lb., Candy and Toy 39c Preserves Assorted, 16-oz. Jar Sat., April 4, to Frl., April 10, Inc. IGA TEAS Orange Pekoe, Black.'v,,"- 4c Japan Green, T Blend l*"' 33c 'A' Blend 'Wf- 25c Lipton's Teas A Blend Oranse Pekoe, Vi-lb. phg. Green Label Japan, H-lb. pkS- Corn Flakes 1ft. a ' S S T ' S c Dclisntfully Crisp Corn Flakes ^^2. TM£ 2,5c Pears, Pineapple, Apricots '18K 3 ^* Sic BAKING PO^VDER Baking Poivder Calumet, 16-oz. Can GELATINE S Dessert Powder, r» "· Qf Assorted Flavors... J Pkgs. JL 5F*» Assorted Flavor,.. Pkgs, 2J.C Jello Tomatoes, Sweet Corn, Cut Green Beans 3 No. 2 . Cans Good 2,7 c '· e Cans for 60eS Mayonnaise 16B!«: 19c Thousand Island, Sandwich Spread Clinialene ^ go 2,3c IOWM AGAIN/ I CA Coffee ICE§ Blend £33c *A* Bleed Fruit Cochtail Cut 18K Apricot halves into two paual sections. Arrange four Bections In each sherbet or cocktail siass. Pill centers with mixed diced 18K Pineapple and Pears. Squeeze a few drops of fresh lime Juice over each serving. Pour over a small amount at canned apricot juics. Serve very cold. Luncheon Fritters To 1 can Crosby or Golden Corn add 11 cup top milk, 2 tbs. sugar, 'A ta. I.G.A. Salt, 2 well-beaten BEES and U cun erecn pepper, chopped. Mix well. Stir In H4 cup I.O.A. Flour slttiid with H4.ta. I.G.A. Baklnff Powder, and drop by tableapoonfnla Into well-greased skillet. Cook slowly until puffed and nicely browned. Serve with Tomato Sauce. Tomato Sauce Cook 3 tba. chopped onion, S tbs. chopped celery and t tbs. chopped green pepper in 3 tbs. oil for B niltmtes. Add 2 tbs. I.G.A. Flour and stir until smooth. Add 1 can tomfttoea. 1 ts. I.G.A, Salt. ',4 UL LG-A. Paprika. Simmer for 20 minutes. HOME O W N E D STORES *· CARL GRUPP F O O D S H O P P E Phono 420 13S9 North Federal Avc. QUALITY MEATS FANCY GROCERIES AT PRICES YOU CAN AFFORD TO PAY EASTER HAM SPECIALS IOWANA HAMS * · 22i/ 2 c Armour's Star, Swift's Premium and Homestead Hams . a t Regular Low Prices, IOWANA or CBEAM BBAND; OQr- WHOLE OB HALF, POUND . . . . £31- EASTER LAMB SSSft. ..-. ...... 35c OTHER CUTS OF LAMB AT THE REGULAR - LO'W PRICES POT ROAST, Choice Beef, Ib. . . . 18c PORK ROAST, Ham Rolls, Ib. . . .22c HAM LOAF, made to order, Ib., . .29c FRESH VEGETABLES FRESH OYSTERS FRESH FISH PURE..; AND SWEET... From one end of the world to another MILK is still MILE! Every nationality, every race pf people drink it a-plenty. Especially the kind bottled and capped with our "Very-Best" Caps. Filled with rich cream, filled with'goodness and health. Farm Products Ccx Phone 940 14 Sixth-St: S. W. Baxter Grocery PHONE 2402 403 S. FEDERAL WE DELIVER ANY ORDER Special for Friday and Saturday BREAD 5c SEAMAN* DENIES EMBEZZLEMENT Former Ames Man Arraigned on Nevada Banking Charge. AMES, April 2. /P--V. R. Seamans, formerly of Ames, waived preliminary hearing when arraigned in municipal court here today and entered a plea of opt guilty to charges of embezzling $1,000 of the funds of the defunct'Peoples' Savings bank o f Nevada. · - . . - · He was bound over to the grand SEEDLESS RAISINS, 15-oz. pkg 9c CLEANED CURRANTS, 14-oz. pkg He POWDERED SUGAR, 3 Ibs 25c LOAF SUGAR, 2 Ibs 25c Red Pitted Cherries, 16-oz. can.. 18c 6 cans for : 89c FANCY GREEN TEA, V 2 -\b. pkg · 25c 5-LB. BAGS SALT 13c MILK, 3 Larce or 6 Small 25c FRESH CREAMERY BUTTER .31c KRAFT CHEESE, 8-oz. pkg 19c Coffee, Our Special Blend.......32c Coffee, Plymouth Rock Brand... 27c HYLEX, Regular 25c bottle ISc HEAD LETTUCE, 2 for 1 Oranges, dozen 19c A T L A S MEAT MARKET AND/GROCERY Phone 465 629 6th St. S. \V. Special for Friday and Saturday 'SUGAR, 10 Ibs ...51c HAMS, Whole or Half .22c CHICKENS, Heavy Dressed 23c VEAL ROAST, Choice. 15c BEEF ROAST, Corn Fed Steer.. 19c BREAD, 16-oz. loaf.., 5c EGGS, Fresh 16c WE DELIVER All kinds of fruit and vegetables and imported food. Farmers--We buy chickens, eggs, veal and lamb and nav over market price. jury and is being held in the county "jail at Nevada in lieu of $5,000 bail which he was unable to furnish. Seaman's arrest was ordered last week on charges filed by County Attorney Jeffrey Hougen and officials of the-state banking department for which, he formerly waa employed in handling the closing of several Story county banks. Elman to Give Concert. CEDAR FALLS, April 2.--Mischa Elman, the'brilliant Russian violinist who has recently returned to America from a concert tour of 14 European countries will appear on the Iowa State teachers college lecture and entertainment program here April 23, it^haa been announced by H. ,C. Cummins, professor of commercial education. CUT RATE GROCERY SAVES YOU MONEY \ HOME OF REAL BARGAINS Lei us have your grocery and meat orders--we know we can save you money. Mr. Farmer:--Bring us your eggs--they buy more here. Prices Below Good for Friday, Saturday and Monday Phone 112-113-114 30 E. State Free Delivery Grisco, 3 pounds 35c 2fic Catsup, large bottles, 2 for. 25c 'Creamery Butter, none better, per Ib... Big 4 or P. and G Soap, 5 bars CANE SUGAR - - 10 Ibs. 49c With 52 Order of Other Groceries--Butter Not Included , Libby's Milk, 3 large cans..25oj Macaroni, 3 Ibs ...-25o I lOc Crescent Noodles, Mac. or Spaghetti, 3 pkgs. ...'. .25b Cocoanut Taffy Bars, per Ib. 2Se Ginger Snaps or Fig Bars, I 2 Ibs 25c| Marshmallows, per pkg lOc I 15e Currants, 2 pkgs. . ^ . . . 2 Cod Fish, 1-lb. boneless...28o Minced Clams, per can....2flfl Fish Flakes, per can 15c Pink Salmon, Ib. can. lOo Snacks, per can .'....lOo Bed Boy Salmon, large.'.. .35c Bed Bose Salmon, 1 Ib. can Wo Tuna Fish, per can, lOc and 2Su Oil Sardines, 2 cans 25o jn.SvnT'TI'ri PEABERRiT,. hest grade, Ib 2Sc I I Ir r r r CDT BATE SPECIAL, ib 290 \AsrrjuEi NASH per , b Corn, Peas, Tomatoes 13o Corn, 'can lOc I 15o grade, 2 cans.......'.. .25r. 18o grade, 2 cans.'.' SOo 20o .grade, 2 cans 35c 25o grade, 2 cans 40o | 3Zo I Sal Soda, 2'/ 2 -lb. pkg., 3 for 25o 25o S an!-Flush, can .... ..10u Pancake Flour, 3'/ 2 -Ib. sack 19o 35o White Flour, 5-lb. sack 29 c Cocoa, best grade, 2 Ibs 25e Peanut Butter, per Ib 19e Peanut Butter, quart jars 38o Oranges, 2 dozen :25o j Green lea Slftings, 1 Ib.. .19c Ba'slns, 2 Ibs '.25c Oyster Shells, 100-lb. bag..8!c' Matches, 6 largo boxes 19e Camp. Tomato Soup, 3 cans 25o Pure Cldor Vinegar, per gal. SGc ] lOo Kitchen Cleanser, 4 lor 25c I Olives, plain or stuffed lOo 25c Libby's Mix. Fruit, can 21c Strawberries, per can 25 c Mop Sticks, good ones lue Marshmallows, Ib 19o Brooms 49c, 59c. 69c GREEN TEA Best Grade, Per Ib 48c 2 POUNDS CANE SUGAR FBEE WITH EVERY POUND EAT VEGETABLES ~15c Pumpkin, 2 quart cans 25c Hominy, large cans.. lOc 18c Lima Beans, 2 cans. . . .25c Kidney Beans, per. can lOc lOc Baked Beans, 3 cans. . .25e 18o Succotash, per can 15c Green String Beans, 2 cans 25o Wax String Beans, 2 cans 25c Sweet Potatoes, can 15n Sauerkraut, No. 2 cans...lOc Spaghetti, per can lOo ISo Sauerkraut, 2 cans 2Sc Honey by Cakes - ... · -15o Cut Rate Special Tea, E verfl wcet Oleo margarine, 2 Ibs · ........ 109 Jelly Powder, 4 pkgs. Bice t best grade, 5 Ibs.. . Salt, S-lb sa^k Sal* 10-lb sack Black Walnut**, 3 Ibs. . . , English Walnut*, per Ib. . . I5c Lye f 2 cans Green Tea, J /z Ib .28o .35o .250 -.250 . .lOo . .2Sc 1 !25c. 25c .25c ..25o ..25o Butternut Coffee, 1-lb. can. i. Brown or Powdered Dry Luna Beans, n r 2 Ibs. .. U JI CHEESE Full Wisconsin Cream, per Ib. . 17c FLOUR Jersey Cream, 49 Ib. sack $1.10 Sunbeam, 49 Ib. sack..'.. SL29 I. H. Flour, 49 Ib. sack... ^Sl.SO Pillsbury's Best, 49 !I. sk. $lv60 Gold Medal, 49 Ib. sack. .$1.45 I Whole Wheat, 10 Ib. sack. Dark, Rye, 10 Ib. sack Graham, 10 Ib. sack Corh Meal, 5 Ib. sack Corn Meal, 10 Ib. sack .48o 4R« 48e 25c 43c DECKER'S IOWANA HAMS, LB HEART OF LOIN BACON, PER LB.... ICiVVANA BACON, PER LB. . A SLICED TALL CORN, LB. PKG · Libby's Beets No 2 can . . .lOo Quart cans . . . .loc Olives or Sweet quart jars.. Ot»- Red Pimcntoes or JIar. Cher- I f k - ries, bottle.. 1UI. Water Softener Salt 100-lb. OOx, »ack yyc Libby's Spinach Quart cans . . . .2Sc Fears, Peachesi,! Jams or -I n _ Jelly, per can 1UC Vinegar Pint Jugs lOc Quart Jugs 20c 20c Golden JBantam Corn, 9C«» 2 cans £***· Apricots, Grapas or Plums, -IA per can IWt. 'Al'KlE STERLING NO. 1 IS NO. FEDERAL STEKUNG NO. 3 812 SO. PBNN. 22c 3(c 29c 28o IBc CRACKERS Crescent Brand, 2-lb. caddy 25c Pears or Green Gage Plums, Large No. 2'/ 2 . cans T Peaches or Apricots,. I Q r I 25c Mayonnaise, per jar 18c lOc Arm Hammer Soda, 3 for · ORANGES gS-. 8c-29c.39c 49c Red White or Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Sage, Nutmeg, Allspice, Cloven, Ginger g^ nd Mustard, package Prunes, S Ihs Prunes, 2 Ibs. Prunes, 2 Hs .580 30 EAST STATE STREET C. E. BUSH. Prop. NEW CAR How would you like to have a brand new car to use this summer? Everyone should have a CM. It takes money to buy a new car. Your savings at the Sterling Groceries win just about make your payments. LUKE B. MILLER Sterling No. 1 Phono 1600-1-2 - Sterling No. Z Phone 807 Friday -- Saturday Monday For Good, Healthy Child ren^Good, Pure Clear Lake Butter Clear Lake, Butterj pound...,. 31c Folder's Coffee, Ib S!)c Hills Bros., Ib 89c Maxwell House, Ib S9cj Chase Sanborri, Ib ...S9c Butternut Coffee, Ib 39c | Mclaughlin's 333 Coffee, Ib. 19o | Mclaughlin's ' Gem, Ib 25o McLaughlin's P9aberry, Ib. 29c McLaughlin's 99'/ z , Ib 34o Monarch Breakfast, lb.....35o VACUUM PACKED QUALITY Monarch Bo-Ka Coffee, pound.... .,.33c Gold Medal, 40 Ins.. §1.55 Pillsbury's, 49 · Ib 5. S1.65 Occident, 49 Ibs $1.751 Omar, 40 Ibs. ......: $1.49 nig Q, 49 Iba ; . $1.19 I. H., 49 Ibs $1.49 , Frost Kins, 49 lus 51-35 Enright's Whole Wheat, package 25c GUARANTEED FLOUR B.--B. Flour, 49 pounds. .$1.00 Crashed Pineapple, 10 size 89o Bed Pitted Cherries, 10 size 8Bc I .broken Slice Pineapple, 10 size 89c| Boyal Anno Cherries, 10 size ". 59c| Black Cherries, 10 size 59e i Peaches, 10 size 49e Apricots, 10 size ...B9o Prunes, 10 size 49c Loganberries, 10 size.,..-..756 Blackberries, 10 size Wa' WHAT WILL WE HAVE FOB DESSERT?--PEAKS! Pears, Large, 10 Size Can .49c Peas, largo can l Sweet Corn, large can lOcj Sauerkraut, largo can lOn I Hominy, can ..10c| Cut Green Beans, large... .lOc I Campbell's Soups lOo 1 Camphell's Tomato Soup, 3 for 35e Mustard, pints 10a .Vinegar, bottio lOo Cut Beets, can .160 A Can of Beans in the Pantry Comes in Handy--Quick Meal Libby Pork Beans, 16 Oz. Cans, 4 for 25c .Monarch Golden Bantam.. .lac! 'Monarch Peaches, large...25c Monarch Spinach, largo 23c | Monarch Kraut, largo loci Monarch Hominy, large... 15c Monarch Preserves, large. -33o Monarch Mixed Vegetables 15c Monarch Carrote, pens 20o Monarch Grapo Juice, Igc. 25e Monarch Grape Fruit, can 19e EGGS BROUGHT IN DAILY BY THE FARMERS Eggs, Strictly Fresh, 2 Dozen OOc Libby's Milk, 3 tall cans...25c| Peanut Butter, pints 22o Peanut Butter, quarts 30c Mustard, quarts 1DM Vinegar, gallon 35c | PumpUin, can lOo Peaches, largo can l?c Apricots, largo can 19o Pears, large can 19c Red Pitted Cherries, can. .190 THIS SOAP MADE BY THE P. AND G. SOAP CO. Bob White Soap, 10 Bars....:. 29c Star Naphtha, largo pkg. lOc Camay Soap, 8 for 19o KlrU's Hardwater, 3 for.. .l?o ,Iap Rose, S for Wo Gold Dust, largo pkg. .Z5c -Oxydoi, large pkg. .. ^Chlpso, largo pkg. .. 'Rinso, largo pkg. ... Ivory Flakes, large . Rub-Nb-BIore, largo lOc IDo 19o 19c Pork and Beans, Hominy, Bacon and Beans, Red Beans, 11 oz. Cans 5c Banner Oats, lurgq lie Macaroni, G pkgs 25c I Monarch Oats, largo : 22cl Monarch Food of Wheat.. .18c| Fig Bars or Ginger Snaps, 2 pounds 35°] Monarch Macaroni, 4 pkgs. 25c Brooms, good ones 49o and 5Do Mop Sticks IBo I Johnson's Floor Wax, largo 59o Northern .Tissue Toilet Paper, 3 for 25c ALWAYS FRESH National Biscuit Co..gSSSS £211). Caddy 25c JVIonarch Ketchup, large ...ISJcj Monarch RIpo Olives, can 2oc Monarch Sprouts, largo .. .lOo Monarch Noodles, iargo 19c' Monarch Chop Suey Vcg.. .29c | Monarch Cocoa, Ib. can 25o donarch Pork Beans, . 3 for 25o I Monarch Tomatoes, solid...15o 1 Monarch Pumpkin, large..15o Monarch Kidney Bcana 15c Give the Wife and Sweethearts Chocolates For Easter Schall Choc. Coated Cherries, Ib. box 25c Northern Beans, 4 Ibs 25o Rice, Fancy, 5 Ibs. ..." 25c Prunes, mcd. size, 3 Ibs 25c Bulk Macaroni, 3 Iba 25c| Peachcs,_fancy, Ib 1 ! Apricots, fancy, Ib .2Zc Bulk Cocoanut, No. 1, Ib.. .29o Bulk Cocoa, 2 Ibs 25o Bulk Oats, O Ibs 25o Powdered · Sugar, 3 Ihs 25c This Coffee, 1 Fair Grade--You Will Be Able to Drink It. Peaherry Bulk Coffee, 2 Ibs -29c Lettuce, largo '. Celery, largo 15c Lemons, large, dozen S5c| Rutabagas, Ih 3c Cabbage, fancy, Ib. . ·. So I i Grape Fruit, large, 4 for.. .23c English Walnute, Ib 29c Nut Meats, fancy, Ib. ..... .59o Carrots, fancy l"o Onions and Kadishcs JUST BIGHT FOR YOUNG CHICKS Bulk Rolled Oats, 90 Ib. Bag. ?1.98 JIB. FARMER:--Bring us your eggs--cash or trade. Complete lino of Qulscnhcrry Chick Feed, Gold Medal Chick Feed, Full of Pep Chicle Feed, Stock Salt, Block Salt, Oyster Shells, Bulk Oats. USE PARKING PLACE BACK OF STORE

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