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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1818
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' d Passengers, Messrs. Jf If eagle, ,,JLAlwrd,.indJBalL Scb Joseph, Didon, 12 cLys from Soman, .:.h mhuirwr. bides, ttc. to order. I'aaien. ' fptUW and II in the eteerage. the crewvf "'P Llona "reeked SOtli .May about league! from Satnana. jeBrooii May 28. Arrived, sliip Camillas Howland, Charleston ; Pocahontas, How - lank, do Factor. Hamilton, PhiLd. Pallas, Wilcox, Savannah , Speculation, Codd, N Or - Jraiu ; Clio, Heath, i - avannah : Lancaster, Wfttjdo; Hero, Holmes, Richmond; Diana, Jackson, N Orleans Robert, Gooch, N York ; Columbia, Williams, Boston j Paracr.n, Hals - tead, N Orleans ; Hope, Arnold", N York i Ti - jnolean, Virginia 5 Ottoway, Anderson, N Orleans ; Mary & Jane, Roberts, do; Mary and Henry, Greaton, Charleston; Resolution, Jew - ttt, Alexandria ; America, do ; Ceres, Forsyth, Charleston , Frederick, Collins, Hoston Eliza - betlt, fears, Wilmington; Isabella, Earl, Phi - ltdclphia ; Ann, Menchen, do ; Stirling, Johnson, Savannah ; Thomas - VVi,so:i, Thompson, N York ; Cumberland, Adams, Charlestons Orient, Barnard, do ; Alfred, Holmes, X York ; Sybil, Turner, Charleston ; Manlius, Tarr, N Orleane: Mechanic, Nag - her, Baltimore ; Fame, Davis, Alexandria ; Virginia, Fisher, Norfolk ; TIiomas - Gibbons, Brewster, Savannah , Brilliant, Daker, i York ; Hamilton, Rollins, Philadelphia. The Thomas - Gibbons, from Savannah, on the 10th May, in the evening, lut 45, Ion 13 12, ran foul ol the John, .Neck, of DarlsmoKtli, from heuce for Qiebec, which immediately jbundered crew saved. iui".Vii?6M. John, Bulkley, West Philade' - plua; Good Return, iaiids, Baltimore. 23d, Alexander, Mackcy, Londonderry and V. 3 (Jen Itrock, Gadsden, Gal way and If. . Liorn's List, May 2G. At Gravesend, 2 - llh, Emily, Robinson, N York. At Plymouth, 21st lliftoii, Sampson, from N Orleans. Oll'st. D.e vid'sjlead, Say.iiivich, from I'iiihidclphia, for Liverpool. At Clyde, 21st, Caroline. Steel, N O.leans. At Dublin, 19, Climax, Merchant, Boston. At Cbve of Cork, ISth. Plato. Holmes, from :N Vol K, diicliarging. At Hremrn, 10th Mercator, W00J, Norfolk ; Clam, Parki - r, timore. At Hamburg, 19th, Susan, Arnold, Phiud. At Cuxhaven, 19th, Jane, Ilarrner, Charleston: ' - 'Oth, Nancy, Richards, N York At Rouen. Will, .Michel, N Orleans. At - leboiif, Will. Pramcter, Roberts, Charleston AtXantx, l' - Hh, Henry, Millard, New Orleans. At Marseilles, lOih, Renperj Bowers, N Or leans At Falmouth, May 26, Dragon, Bcelon, ilmmgiou. in me Clyde, V euu, Saunders, (om Virginia. , The steam - boat CONNECTICUT wi'd stirt at 9 o'clock on Saturday morning up east rrer to Sands Point, on an excursion ofplra tore, and will return from thence fat 5 in the tftcrnoon Priceof passage Jl children half price. Dinner will he piovidcd fur those ulio villi it at 75 cents each person. The Bout will be anchored at the Point, and the passengers will land at the light house. J 16 ELIHU BUNKER, Muster. BROADWAY , CIRCUS. - lumuoi JomX'O TH!S EVE XING, Jt'LY 16, 1813, The pcnonnniice will commence with the Sirl! 01 the Kmj;. M.ifter t'otv, t:.e celfiliratcrl American her', vill 'tistinuitli himself with many brilliant fegu ol hrsf iuanshi). ( fi'ifr iiuil Recruit, by Messrs. Tatnell and GMi, on two nurse. Mn. Wiilian will disphy her ailoniihing eouililiriumi on the tUrk wire. if hue inj nut bars Othnilo will perform liie panotadomrstir, hfi will at cocnni.i:i I, nrini; a wh.p, hat, lu'ki't, handkerrhtel" mid wa'kuii, trottiiijr, i:c. and conclude with tirmn, a tl ig, J'lucedattiietopofa hoanl 12 fwt l.ixh. Matter M'Carn, the wonder ft!e age, will, on one norsp, perform man) wnndrliil ie;it for youth, only niii'yf an old, ti t 'n iudu by ri - ihnfn hi dead, his hort - in full speed. Alms. Cumin will through tusny siirpri - sin; A - ats with a f tii.k, hut rt'.tuily iu'.roiiuceil ini" this coiintry. Slaek Ro(ie, by Mr. Miyh". Mr. Wiliiaiui wid, a' - ii - extrwdina - Ty leats, go through the .x iliv isiom uf the hroaii in or d . Mr. Tstneil, the fiy in horvinan. will perform ny woodenul leils, ai,d leap oier a U'iard ol l.j; Carnival of Veaico, to cmln,ne with the iruil iiroceiin ci Turks and .M,uiiinks, Ml - I'.we 1 hy a omienl comliat. T conclude with tlv - Uruat Pyramids, lonrt in - s hih, eouipos - d ol l rrs, or men pdrd upm oii - n, VjuHio; by company Mr. Campbell, tlows. Ticket' may h had at thr rireu - , from 10 t'clork, A. M. to 1 P. M. and from 3 to 5. Doors will Im - Ojieu at 7 o'clock, and the per - forttjwe rommpiicc prrti'ply at 8. Ao sm taking ull'iwtd. Chreks not trans fer - !. Geu'.leuitD are rnutteJ not to enter tin rinj. ALXHsLI. GXKDK.NS rirc - Work', Music and Illuminations. On Mooday, July a.i, (weather p.irniittirg.) 1 i annnunviMg this lipiay of fire - works, the ar mi ueems 11 a uuiy to me puriiir. aril mere wice to lumsfjl and the proprietor of the g. r r.s, to explain the cautti, why, a considerable frtof the works prepared for the 4th of July Wnot produce the liect inlrHiled. 'Hie unt cr - aiatyof the weather was inch as to prevent ?ct - tagoutthe works with safety. Had tin y !en '(vised to any of the muly iioieer ofthe morn - ?, Ihc irAo.'e would have heen injured, au l, in t.e event of a fair eenmj, would i;ive ocensi n - Maoof instead of purlwi disappointment to tin csoipiny. In this dilemma of uncertainty, it was ueeidrd "await the laleU hour, though nwnre that tr.ere o!d not be time to do all as it thoM be, and 'oawsrc that it was i:apos.ille iusoUrc a twt to reque't indulenee from the company. The artist, with due deference to th public wucvM le was right to" di at c - J.' ashe reuW," Mjwthan totally f,il in what I h i I pr.nnised. Mm t"inr'P - d rk f. - r next Mnnd.iy i 0UM' T.N A, as it was given on the the 4th 'V. 1817, with a selection of plcafin'' pieces. jy ifuiari tu'r.iPuT. J 16 Vs?" Ataa aanivi - rsttrv iiiiihns .,1 1 i m - jiii - giJTictynf tin city of New Yorit, held on the "Ju.y, tlm following gentleuieu were chosen wrs lor the current year. Mn R. n. Rotors Al. 1). Prid. nt, 'Vrisl.t Tost, .1. f). Vire President 'Jr. Vansoh - 3, 1 reasurer CparV. EJdy.M. t). N - r'rr, e',xl Pi'calis, M. D. Delate, John Watts. M. 1J This. Cock, M.Ofr JohnN - ils.wi, "i lame meetir. - V ttr Barbieux, M, D. Jig u C. W. EDDY. X. I. Sec'rv ,i.lorCW. Co.7. Ju. v lt, lllttf. N. Candidales lor Uie D - jiret .t A. M. are rfd th:it application must be made for the rr. to the President of the College, previous "tarday next. j ,6 t Wil. HARRIS, Tres. Col. Coll. Highest frtte diairn Yesterday. r'9n jTifeofOncThoiisanl Dol - siirj,in; he bwest PriT - drawT vesierdjy, u .' W - s;Jb. IM Rroadway, tra, J.n pawl in the uresrtit Lntt, rv, a - .H. 1 "oils - 2 of m, anJ several ot 50t wc. O - l iri,. . rr - z - : 3 rn - A 10,10 Oollar., in the Miliord and Utt; n "l"" M oid at '. L Luot AZVRUi.No. 74 J g to ' Scat'emaa in ia Uits city. r Sialt cfA'eu.Trt, Cempfro'JaU VJJict, n. PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby givei that the State Treasury deposits iu the city of New - York, were 011 the first instaut, removed from the Buiik of New York to ti e Manhattan Bank, pursuaut to an act of the Legielatureof the 21it April, IK 111; and that, therefore, all Treasury payments to be made in the city of New York, must hereafter be made at the said Manhattan Bsnk. A RCU'D. M M N T V RE, J 16 lw Comptroller. tor GUAUALOLFE, Tk. f - .t ,. t u.:. i&STOUGHTON, Samuel Turner, was - tor, will positively rail 00 Tursday next. For passage only, having very haudsouie accommodations, apply to the master on board, at pier No. 13 C K. or to J. & G. W. LYNCH, JvlG 3t 60 eouth - st. CIOI'FON, SUGAR, he 1 - 16 boles New J Orleans Cotton, now landing 100 boxes Brown, St) do. White Sugar, entitled to drawback 75 bhds. N E. Rum 4 cases Domestic Goods, confuting of Shirtings, Chamhrays, Plaids and Stripes 40,000 lbs. German Sieel, (entitled to dehent 15 tons clean Hemp lure 10 bhds Pure Spirits, for sale bv JAS. D'WOLF, Jun. 54 South - street. U anlrd to Chavlrr. A good VESSEL, of 1500 to IfiOO bids burthen, for a voyage to the West - In dies. Apply an above. Jy 16 Hunted ta Freight, A good irciiooner, of the burthen of s.x or seven hundred barrels, for a voy age from this port to Bermuda, immediate dis patch will be (riven. Apply to TUCKEIl & LAURIE?, J 16 2i South - street. l)i. H emhroidcd Aluslin Dresses, just receiv - m. v cu, auu jr sale by MARC If Si LOW, 210 Bro - idwar - JJ6 a pipt.s lii it qualily, V 1th uroofRvCl.eil - Brundv. In 11 . !i nir and for I'ohy HUllD'fi SKWAI.L, Jy 16 Cj S. u(h slret. VAIEltlCAN i.lsKJi - i ti. - i l)uii ii.irtiiie Amerii'iin CI - ths, j'it received a id for sale Ti e COM.MIS :lO. COMPANY. Jy 16 I4H Pi - ail - stii - .it. CtOKKEK yZi o:!iSj;r. en G.iH'ee. I.mli iruiu the hiiar in' me. f'um Port hi - Prince, far tale 1 y STEVS k M ACTIEll, Jy 16 7t 1:7 South iln et NANKEENii 7.ol)( pt l.lue Hnd roni - i,niy Ye'l' w, of rupi - nor quality, Ijiidir.f; from sloop iMipeiior, furs.di - at 6 biut i - s'rHHt, ,y Jy 16 C A M U It LL L N G a: I r. A K SON . ''OTTOS YAIIN 10,001) ll.s. olton yarn, j from No. 4 to 20, twist and (illinu. Also, about 600 lbs. Fiiiin - , from 2i lo ol (he fir?l q laiity, - ii 1 bom - i - h Dl ind Cotton, for snlc by THE COMMIiclON COM PAN Y, J 16 1.111 P - arl slint. I iO'.Ibi 1 IG I1UOC9.. It) r res tiipts LJ 10 do fr.c ai.d c 1 re Kuijrljauis 0 io brown siiirtings 5 do bed tirkin 4 d - 3 - t - uid 4 4 checks 1 do 4 - 4 and .7 - 4 sheeting 5 da blntrh1 1 chirtms, fine slid coarse 1 d ) fine, m.ide of sea Islad coituii 2 do colt n balls Sattinctts, casim.tts, cassiiaeres, broad cloths. Co intiTDiincs, diaper, rirubetls. letter paper, buttons, kritlini cotton tbrend, &c. ilc. For sale by THE COMMISSION COMPANY, J 16 HI! Pearl street. 'EAL SKI.Ni, lor truuk - m kcr, ol suiierior quality, landing aud tor s.ile by J 16 26 South - street. OHEkT LEAD. a.l rolls, f,,r sale t South C street, by HUIID U SEWALL. Jy 16 OiUU hV.i 1j '. ISl l.VU Y D"Uiiii hino, .Murillo, rnyder, S. - .lvator Koa, lilt t.p iv i oii?in, Ac. Also two rlra:,t l.ronzr ; a mat ble figure, riz af li,e, of a slenj iu; Cuj i l. ror sale or OXi n :vj oy THO.WA5 GIMHPF.DE, J fi ?! 3.16 !.'.toaJn:r. o ; ti i.iitt.zi.r i. & . ' f 'H E ml i - ilii - 's havf j - i - l rtftiv - jd by the J s!ii;ifc Jh'iim Cx - - r.ind P - .riiie, 1 1 bun s t:k.ihs, of A. Rh.Vks acd Co's ma - . nuf.ietiir - 'o fa Hru't I Of ". and Hi"d. Smith 2 d . v - o S j C f m:"'u'arture - Uhuh thevorT. r f - r s ile at No 161 Pearl - st. L V Ed 1 Y, SHELTERS it KING, J 16 2v iVl ACIIINK. CARD?. H rases Maci - inc Cottn.i t'vl. I'nr S'lhsby THE COMMISSION COMPANY. Jv 16 H8 Pearl street. - FOR SALE. T TE I'KW No. 57, in the middle aide of the P. - Clmrrh, Wall.strort The above will be sold che?p. Eminire at the printers. J 10 Ct 1 yonn married M N jast arrived from CM. Enrlaa l, and bo has been several y - ar? in tho service of a noblem ,n's fimily there, wishei for a situili n iu a respectable family in Jits cilv, or a:i extrusive hoardm; hiu?e. His wifp, who is a yood rook, would wish to be eu m ine anio I heir cnaracur is u:iescepliona.bIe. Apply at 73 Tinc - strect. Jv 16 2i I.KVEN'WORTMSVILLE 19 laid off. a' the Hor Shne B nl of the Ohio, 1 in tlie rnonty of Crawford, state of Indiana, on a bun b 'tto n, nlnih is never ovufliwn at a ry s:o';! ol water. This town rosvssei nimy and peculiar mlvantai's ; bend - s 'he several sprii!;, which rise in tlie bottom, Dure ars? many wliirh ine from the elevated lands a 'j un - mtlie town, wliu.ti, with very litl'i expense: by thmenni of iiq'i - d'K Is, will furni - hthe same with Cie water : lis tualio. - i, on that point o' the Ohio, where the river estrndi several miles mrthr north, than nt anv nlher place between thu Falls ami the Mississippi, is a cirrum'tanc that will n - t ncapo the notice of our industrious an I enterp.isins citizens. This place will protmldy be the depofit for the exports nnd imports for the counties of Crawford, Orange, Lcwrencc, and pnrt of Harrison, Washington, Monroe and Dulxiis, as it is the nearest point if the river to thecountry coropre - handed in toe above naroel enmities, to whirh goot r ads can b - madc It will without doubt hpfonie th ; p ace of depo;t for the many merchant tt.a! will becrrrted on Bifi Blue River, wtm h i - one of tlie best mill slrei - ms in thii staie This town has a convenient and safe harbor at all st s;s of the water, lor vcieli of evt - ry description that naii it the Ohio. Levinwrlhsv.lle 11 distant froni Big T.hie Ri - rsr '2 miles west, from L - oii - viMe 'SJ wr t, from Corydon 1 1 wesl, frnm Salem 13 south west, and from Peola i" south. Liberal ilonulioni of lots for public use witH made. A r of lots in Levenworihsviih - will he exposoj to sa'e at auction 00 the first Monday in t - cjdember next, on the following comlitious, vis : oneen'ith of the purchase mj ney to he p,' i I in hand, tbr remainder in two rqu d ir - 'ta'mi n1', vix. in f and 4 yeirs; tlw pnr - rt,.s - r wiil be required, within tlie term of e:h - teerumontlis iroia the dav ot s:ile, tn rrert a stone, hrirk. fiamr, or hewd kj; house 16 or IU feet M least, svith a lap or ioint shm;lo roof, on for - f - ituic of his bond aiid the first payment. Person wisliin to pnri'hie at private sale, will do well to rail on one f the sobsrriiers, who v ill on th" easuin;; week from this date, open a store in said town wliereh will ennMnnt'v r - sde. S. M. i Z. LEVEN WORTH, , Corydon. Jnne6. The publishers of the Bntoa C - n'inel, New - York Hven'O l' - st and Phdsdelphia Aurora, rr reqneste - l t publish the ahov - three tinvs, and forward their bills to tht mbKnbers on the preoniu, i 10 ?t IMEMC.ttr BIBLE SOCI&Tt. CLVEKAL VOLUMES Lave been taken a - C1 way by unknown persons from the Biblical Library of the Atuericoo Bible Society, while it was kept in tlie New - York l.ntitutiou, and par - tutilarly some of the elegantly bound volumes of thu BeK)rtiol the British a - id Foreign Bible Society, so as tatly to mutilate the sets. All persons hat - wig in their possition any 01 the books belonging to that library are requested to return the same to the Depository iu Sloat - lane, or to (tire immediate information where they are to the agent of the society, to wheue care that Library is now specially committed. By order of the Standing Committee. JOHN E. CALDWELL, Agent. Jv 10 3t WANTED, 4 WHITE girl or woman to do the cooking;, t. ttc in a small family, consisting of four grown persons, living in a pleasant part of the city , she will have the assistance of a little girl and a boy. None need apply without good recommendations. Apply at this office. J 16 tf ADVERTISE.MENT. PROPOSALS will be received at the Navy Agent's office, New York, for one week from this date, to supply a quantity of Jercey Oak Plank average hutli 45 feet, 10 to 16 broad, 9 to 4 1 - 2 thick pith of hurt must be out, and clear of sap. Also, a number of Jersey Oak Los, from 35 to 55 feet hint;. 10 to 20 inches square, and a uumber of White Oak Knee, to side from 8 1 - 2 to 12 inches, arm 4 1 - 2 to 5 foet long, bodies 5 to 6 1 - 2 long. The whole to be first quality, and subject to the inspection at the Navy Yard, and delivered there. The proposals are required not to exceed 5000 feet of Plank : not more than 10 Logs, nor more than 50 Knes ai no contract wiil lie giveu to a - ny individual to exceed one of the above uauied quantities ; the shortest time, not exceeding 6 weeks, must be mentioned. Money to he paid on delivery. Any explanation that may be required, will bp obtained nt the Navy Yark, where a hill will hepven each individual alter he has contracted, and by which he is to be governed. J 161w KA.ND ROAD LOITERY Aou Draw - Jf ing. K. WAITF.'S LIST OF TRIZES. 1 fi ii!ij' drawing. 5169, $1000 743. 5.TJI , I92CM 33ft, $m.. 4060 4V57. 8J21. K151. 165. 074, 6.189. 35, 797:,; 8i, 2444,3706,4944, CUjO, 7641, DilJ - ', 2711.7465. b9iM. I!.r.79. cold by R. WA1TE, jr. also, several others of the above. J 56 ti ll. VVAiTEs' list of prize - iu the grand V3T. Road Lollerv 1.1 h day's drawing. t5569, f 00 : 743.5131,9211, 13.18, $:;0.1; Rli5. 9;0, b"579,3706, MJ44, "O'JS;, 450C9, 45:;7, 85118. ;451, $100. t Floathnr iirize. Ail sold at Waitcs, severd of which were shntfcs oftitKels, and where the highest prize ever sold insiiarcsin this ciiy was lately obtained. J 16 I L'DAH i LZAKLS's correct list ol pi izes, sJ iu the Owego Ro:id Lottery. 19tii dats drilling. Nos. 16P6. f 1000; '403D, 5liJ6, SC3D, ?!815, 21i7.1. f,7' 9, I0O dols. racU Sold st the I.uckv L'dtery Office of JUDAH A: I.AJAKU. - 5, 74 Maidni - liine, to a gentleman in fnis city. Tickets and shares for sal - in the Medical Pcj - enre L' ltery. No. 5, in which the capit - .l priit. is lin.0id.i!?. - . J 6 It ai.i.f.jvs i.isror P.lZf.V TH FOilD AND OVVEtio ROAD LOT - .Vl TEBY 17'h dav's I'mi - ii . 33 9,o I00ri d Vs : 7775,6 750l,e t606, 500 ; 6C67, 7507, 428 100. All sold at ALLEN'S. n - vild and paid to a , merchant in Front - st. 6ioid and paid to a merc hant in Souih - st. eSold in sba'ps one half paid yesterday. divid to a giMlemun in Uuds n. ' 17th devs drnwin ' 5331, 500 dolls ! 3i - i, 4074, 100 All sold at Albr.'s. .old to a gentleman in (Jfinrleston, S. C. Ti. kets and sh irrs f"r sale in 'be Gnnd Me - 1 - ienl Sci - ncc Li liery. in wlorh arc prif - of 10O.0.J0, 50,00i, SU,0tKl, 10.000, 60tKdo' A;.i. J Id CJ C'J 9 hhils. prime St. Croix Sujr: KJ landing, fur sale bv ANSON :. PHP.LPa. J M lf?l Kmnt - strer - t. KRM A.N .U . - De. II EC El V El l.v th - M.ip I nun and toe thi, I 1 l I.H'e, irmn Moiiiloirg, u ,dotle r late imp u - anns, an nsi - .iiui m ol Gi iuiauLiiiens, su has Pi.iiiil while and br wu Hretagnes, Creas, Djwiai, Brow i Checks and Sinning Linens Heu;)Hii Uinabnri;s and TicKleiuuiBi,, Burinps, Brown Uolls, ILigs, TuiK'i, Sriipifms Broad Cloths Napkins, Sils Galloons and Pound Kibboot (.loll'ee dills. Slate Pencils Lo iki .g Glas Pint", Pocket aud alalia Glasses Lead Pencils And an aortmintof Cardwire. Also on ha id, A few tons St lVf. rs;,uri; Hemp First quihty Holland S.iiK'Mh, und Sixty h ' Xes P;itegr;iss Cbbese, intitlcd to de - beu'ure. For sale on reasonable terms, by GEO. Til EO. - MEYER, J 15 'm 119 Washington 'tret t. u4 till iO.N. rursair a lew bales el Cotton, suitable fir 111. inula.turit.!r. Enouire r.t I4U IVarl s:reet, up stin. J 14 JJ1I T 6A.VS, Atuotll iiivoice 01 Cast Steel L 1'itl Srws, inst rnrt ived and for sale by ANDERSON ii tellEARER, 131 Wafer - street. Je25 11 CM & SUGAR. l7u pumbeuiis ci. Croix Li hum. 4 i hhds Sugar of superior quality and 4 do Syrup, now landing fioiu brig Leopard, at i'ier iNo. 18, lor sate by G. Si H. LEWIS, J 14 ?w 87 South strer t. 18 A.Vr.hlCA jY HKAJtltr, tic. Pipe? good iimtaliou brandy, high proof 3 hhds pure spirits 4 do rye wlii - key COO bagsjiiuipor berries 31M) kegs ginger 20 chests young hyson i 10 cally boxes hyson 1 Tea 60 bags race ginger 30 mils sheet lead 17 tubs butter for sain by July 6 2w CORS'S. DUBOIS. L6l C. ;U YIM d, oirer lor sale, at .No. 61 . Maiden - lane. Super Counterpanes, Dotted and fringed from 8 to 15 - 4 AIsj, cradle and crib Quills and not ted covers London Super Cloths nn.t Cnssiuicrct flout (ireen B.x king Bnizet Fine Linen Bed l icki ig Re.. I Damask Table Cloth, and Napkins Muils. jaconet and cambric Mu - lins Fine lmJis Flag Bandanoes Best black Fren - h aud Italian Crapes Mont, and fine white Jeans strip.d do Irish Linens, Sheetings and Diapers Su;n r 6 4 cambric Dimities, silk Hosiery Steam, and powi r loom cotton Shirting Russia Diapers Also, I case of the very first quality parent 3 cord wire Cotton Kails, ussorted numbers. 2 cases super furniture Dimities Jy 10 w TO HA TTKUS, MILLLVtlRS, GLAZIKRS Jkc. UST received by the Radius, from London, and for sale by " GEO. CHANCE, No. 6 Church - st. 1 door from Fulton - st. One case of black willow square for hats or bon nets, a new article, ana rwing light, calculated for the present season One case glazier's diamond, well assorted Four hundred and fifty boxes of London crown glass, assorted, oi each sU from 6 by 8 to 14 TarFreigtitorCKmltr, " 11. a .L.. DAAlll'H jiiioo, at l'ine - strcct wharf.. To Liver pool weald be preferred. She is in excelleut cuuditiou, aud in readiness to receive a cargo. Apply N. It U. TaLCOT'T, " Jf CI Soulb - Hreet. tor bRlyiOt,. The very superior New - York built brig JANUS, G. R. Dowdall. 111 .ier. will meet with immediate dipatcb, most of her car?o being engaged. For frci;nt of tho re - uiainder, or passsise, having elegant accommo - dalious, apply ou board at f.lun ay's wharf, or to POTT Si M'KIXNE, Jy 1 No. 56 south - st. tor LU' UtfUUl.. (A regular trader) 1 ha superior fast sailiuz ilup C.I RO - iyijiJi - WjV.Y, built of live oak and ctdar, hav - 10; becu new coppered aud thoroughly repaired, is a first rate ship part tf her cargo being eu iraged she will be dispatched without delay, For Ireight or pissage, having superior accommodations for twenty passengers, apply to cup. tain William J. Palmer, on hoard, at pier No. 18 E. R. or at S3 South - street, to July 9 tf ROtVMIXl) Si BRA I.VF.. tor LIVERPOOL, Thu elegant fast sailing coppered ship DRAPER, William Adams, master: lis is id I tons burthen, oolv two viars old. and will be dispatched immediately on discharging her inward cargo, rorficightor passage, apply to the master, on board, cast tido of Fly - market wharf, or to B. W. ROGERS Si Co. JelC 235 Pearl street. Fur ILlVRF.. v Tli foe .;! :n. ...uA,l . 1.:.. trrr Aiiti,Geirire Maxwell, master : expected to arrive from Philadelphia about the I3(h iust. and to sail lytli inst. 100 bales of cott m or o ther goods, will betaken 011 freight, and a few passengers handsomely accommodated. Apply to 1IOYT a. TO VI, J 9 tf 45 South. st. iur 1,11.1 til,b.iru., Ite'tv I ' 1 1'ui.uivni ii x ..iiiiiiiaZi - rk .. ,.'11.1 ly: muii JgStmastcr, w.ll tail first fair wind; can I..KC a lew tons more light freight, and accommo date 8 more .a.en' - ers in a superior . - tile Ap plv on buard, ea. - t side Kurling - slip, or to A.YSU.YU.FJIELPS, July 10 m ..... For FUHhERlCK'UlHruuH, $ T'C schr. V1 M. i: HEN RY. Captain JatiU Ames ; will be ready to take 111 freight 10 - iinrroir, unl he dispatched withuut delay. Appivon board, west side C. H. slip, or to WALSH 4: GALLAGHER, J 7 (16 South - street. 11 ,!. I lutrlrr Y For a voya." - lo Bermuda, a 3iSCHOONMt,"th:vt will ranv6or700 barrels iuiuiodiate dirpatch will he zix en Apply to TL'CKtUi ic L.iUIUF.S, Julv 10 '.'9 South - st. For CUAUTFJl, A Bntish Ili.'Ki, huithen 213 tons i&ftaf. British, or ilOO barrels : now ut Plii - l..0clili;a ; will proceed to iliia, or a,tr'i ixirt, to load fur England, o - the W. l Iiulie.i. :.nd can be despatched within three d .vs nu - ticc. Applv to RUtjLlt.H U I'OS P. J 6 ,H nut!, - - licet. For Freight or t'.'i. ' :er. The fine new brig ELIZA, Cniby master, burlhrned abor.t I. 00 bids. siis well and is in hue order for a voyage. Apply ta ' G. Q. &S. HO.VLAND, J 3 67 Wa hinijtim st. H anted to Uiarter, .il". Oi e or two Hii'.i.h vessels, to 1j. i2iiJ,fof Liverp'xii. Apply lo jeiiti Alt'.Ull t.UACIK k .SONS. 1 Ni.EDOL., J .1 r. . i.. - 1 tiJTi. i.l AD GcAff. per f'.ip 14 ., lie ill r. ii.nms . ! y Al.E.N HAk.. Alt - rr;.l ll, No. .jT h. - .i id ftit. l. t 1 ta It' l.i 1 11 L. Oil, ,l.;d uisiure. A pi ibt.ty o. i .nt. . rail dry and ground in 4LfJ, I ll - '. ..1 .. Eng. itl, Crowr Glass, from 6 In 8 to . ; 1 y U J lOdJu - Jw . I j . j . - . 1.0 Td. uSALP rElKli. .. - 0."l .N J. tiljAS? wili seii at Auction 1.. mi I hui - i. V ii' xt, a. balf pti - t XI o'cIim k, u... 1 .irj o. tin (nip Brag .iizu, fiom Culcul'.u, C0ll!.'L' g 01 5 v i - c: Ritrghpote ) Hi' H..:. SUGAR 7. ,6 .1 . .s. - r. - res J JJJ it sJt tetre 1U '. J.! ul Bel ial Cotton. J 15 E GLisil &: 1RE.NCH GOOI'b. iif.lER M.Msh.N A: CO. 20 south - itreet, f ite it i f.i.c, Ei g!i'h and t icnrh Goods, of the . . , h ii..: 'escrpti ns A - j '.ini.. and i.i. e Ground Furnitures Do iu'm i - ti, 6 - 4 aud 9 - 8 Cambrics r'ur.iiur - . I'riuts Daui .s.v 1'i.l.le Cloth, Huckaback Towels .M..1.1: uV and Mtulras Hdkis li:, ind ie.1 I'oi ket 1I0. 4 4 Shirtings ll.ei c ird Dimity, plain l aireta Ribbons A. n't blui k ioid'white Silk Gloves Lrt ci. and changeable Eevantines r..r;.j., coiuiuon auQ figured borders Frilled tat:n Ribbons (iiiiiiiliire Talfeta do Oiled Hat Covers, aud Fhiicy io - II' bun Jy 15 Gl., 4i:. - J(i pies Holland Gin, landing at S'ieveiit' - whuii, .Torn the brigSewell, from i.iUtrp. In Store, 197 pipes very superior id proof Holland Gin, 111 lots to suit pur. haters COO pieci s Hoiii.nd Duck, first quality 2'M) tjaies ew tirletu.s Cotton 2 . as - s Frcne.ti Citmbncs 45 kegs Han is' crooked ..rand Tobacco ' 25 do do straight do do 12 do Kentucky do 1 Dearborn's Baluncos, from 300 to 2000 lbs. for sale - y N. i D. TALCOTT, Jy 1 j 64 douth - striet. ANTED, a voiing woman to uke care ol tl Children and Sew. Apply at No 338 Pearl - street J 15 2i s Lti ill. 15 hhds. pi ime rt. Cnnx ugar, lundiiig on pier, south side Old slip, for sale by JACKSON & WOOI.LLY, 74 Wali - - t. July 15 OOR SALE 172 laige sikU boxes fie ill JL Lemons, IjV bx:s Filbnis 12 bugs Ehgli'ti Wilnuts. just rereiv;d by G. G. MOWLAM1, J 15 67 vVa - .1 gtou - 'trctt. ' COUNT INti 1'.0V! A ven:ml C iitiing Ki i o i - let. Apply at V9 S lUih - sliiei. and om - - sir'ct to J 7 T IHTE LEAD. BLLi. V.i L VV LU.M.Ac e - .i ived pel . .. Colum'ua, (mm Bristol. (. or;) ai... ; : ' - ' the subs, ri'n - r, on ajvauiivix e i - ( S!8d genuine ground vuite I.e. ! l keg - 20 casts le?t dry White Lead iacfc s ; b t. ' ul. each 30 d Rid Lead In caiks Bo a 1 to o each 11 do SipinishBrown?mm3t - )4cwt. - a 31 do Ivory lihckfr mi t to Jew r 1 do Hnmaa Vitriol Iroiu a to Hcr - it Si do Veneiiau Ktd fror.i '.' ' J wt . - ...!i Vi tierces Allumfium 7 fo 10 r" ;' 10 bhds. 5tier.Bdtttb:s ll - uoo ; e French Gr n, Le.i.p black, Pu.pie i Colcothat ViUiol, Batli gcu'ing ,' Apnlvlo " A. CHl. - l.Ci, - - lulB - er. rmisri llxlss. diaper?, tc. ILSTreteived byil.e Hwm,. ft.iui - Dal lin, tt several packages i - i i..incus aud .1 - 4 busei inrs ; and ou baud, of recent imiruu mis. a ecu era! assortnienr - ul' 1 4 - 4 and 7 - H Linens, 78 Lawns 3 - 4 Diapers and 3 - 4 Brown Hollaed. W hk n ate ottered lor sal - n i. .s - vu:ie terms. by liENUY M'YICKAK CO. J 13 Iw 5 Pine ttr.: t. 1DORT WIN E. - 6 pipes, 9 hbds uud 9 ',urfcr casks very sou. Port Wine, landii - ' frMH chr True Aio - ricao, east side Old slip, lor sale at lu4 Front - street, by I A Li iM Kit K cAIDLER, In i - tore Teneiifle and Lisbon, in hhds und quarter casks. J 1 1 liv " , AKRANTKD UOLTIXJ CLUl IIS. A lare assoitnier.t of every descriptioc, f Dutch Hulling Cloths w arranted to he of the best quality ever imported, uud at the luo4 reduced pritts, lor sale by .... JNO.M'CRACKAN, J '1 C2 1 - 2 Pearl - tlrePt. ,4 VERY handsome as - ortuient of Seleisia 2. Liucus, coupling c4" Platillas, Roy ales, brelagucs, Estopillas, Dcwlas, Creas and Cbo - lctu : 2 caes silk velvets 5000 uiuskcts 2 boiics fowling pieces 2 caks f - teiierark scythes, doublo sword 150 ke - i Dutch herrings 4 boxes assorted glassware The above articles entitled to d heulure. 3 cvroous iudi'o, I tox toys and a few pieces Dutch cloth For snle l y C.ZIMMERMAN, J n'y 1 1 1m 77 Wa?hinRton - st. Flil.MK AY.Wt CAl' TuU.iLC. K Ci bhds will be landed on Monday from the J J lnp iirand t - einor, aud brig johu, Ironi New - Orleans for sale by ROUT. G1LLESPIF, 1 12 Front - st. In store, 33 hhds old Kentucky tobacco, and lj do rrgim 1 do. Jy I I ENTCcKY TOBACCO 274 bbdT . prime Kentucky TubaccJ. I.ui lins Ihi day from ship Grand Seinor, Irom .NV.v Orleans, for sale 'iy uiiai. I, oifMK.v, mid J 13 A lilt AH AM OGDE.N. DLY.NCli, p'. ha rei.vit. il per Eoii. - .i Ce celia. a few iies of Madeira, from tin Parish of Cauia de j,al)oe, and X. Anlonio, on wliicn be mvitel Ujc ciiIimmh - uI comiooieuri. .7 .AO, From the Havana, M l - ,j;es0f tej - r made ut the king's factory, wlii. h are of very superior quolity, aud whuli iie cfTert lor sale at No. 40 Wiiiiam - street: D. L. jr. r.iceivej orders for the above wiue. suLjret to his rtppruval 011 nn ival. Jdv 11 2w l.iOSl.S, - It.lJ Rutlll, 0 dn ? - mrit Turpentine, nr ia:c bi ll, a: c. w. d.u em OUT .V CO. J Ii lOh SALE 15 sacks Halurs' ur L "U7 largo Fur akins, 1 19 Mare do ii. G & t. IIO. LAND, J 15 67 Wasiiiugion - slreet. F. - JFKW HLvtiulF nt.FLk.ClUH. r 'HE subscriber haii.g completed tlii - pleo 1. sing und i.oeiul iniinti'iii, iuiites tilt pi.l ln lo view' itsi lit ct in the w indow of tl.eloouiig lass mid print store, No. 153 Uroadway. For tiie exliibitiuu ol mtic es to pti'iiie view, the splendor and U.e eronomy of llu W indow Reflector is such as need only to be iceii to produce conviction. Uy tl.e txiHisure ol a very few articles, a dis piny ul from tour to ten feet dmnv - Ur is produ en, cxiiiu tingnn enuu andmai:ici'i extetisi' n. Rignts to use tint wuidow find shew c tse ile - (1. eti r to be obtained, and, ifre(Uired, the whole fixture prepared, by AMBROSE CRANE. J m lw i;!5 l!ro..dwjy cook axu .vuist:. ITTANTKD, a voman to do the cookliiir ? f washiiicr a'ul ironing', also, a frirl to lake or .1 cluld and do 1 lie chamber work uf a small tamily. Ei, quire at 48 Waiter - street. .1 14 OR SALK lor one huri.lred D dlms. a dark - jv PON Y, four V( a. s old. lust, suuud aud biiul iu t'dfucss. Inoiiire oi CHARLES 11. BELLOWS, J 15 24 - f strri t. C1 LAKE P. 40 dozen Very gupcriuiirClurct, for sale at $IH the dozen, hy GEORGE JOHNVrOV, je 30 tf No 1 - lout - lane it JO l.t.t UH Af.Li., And immediate possession given, that pleasant country i - eut, which has been occupied lor several years by Air. James Scott, situate on the turnpike, about live minutes walk from the vilmge of Jamaica, Long Island, where there are two famous academies for young ladies and gentlemen. The huw is two stories bi'li, und has live rooms on the ground floor, n good barn a well of excellent witer, A - c. There is about thirty five acres of excellent land.'with a greu; variety of fruit. For further particulars apply to Messrs. JOSEPH TITCOMB M CO. No 162 Pearl street ; F.LISIIA PARKS, at present in said village, near the premifes, or to Mr. John i'. . MESSENGER, ucar said eitate. J 1 5 2a rTr TV DOLLARo REVv AUD. II ANAWAY from the sub.cribrr, on I tie 34Ji June, an indented appreu'iee tc the cord Kaimog business, nntue.l UEOIlbE stui. FELD, 5 feet 4 inches high, slim made, dark hair, a rrar ever Ins right eye, his hair comes oer it ; about 18 years of age: had wilh him when he went aw ay, one blue lung coat, one blue pair of panbdoous, half worn, one pair of yellow o.inkeen, one yellow huff vest ; one lilucb stri;.e vest, one black silil handkerchief. N. B. T lie above reward will be paid to any person who will return tue said runaway, or lodge him in any jail tint bis master may get him again. ROBERT CARSON, Prime - street, near the .Navy Yard, J 1521 Philadelphia. J O ruCKFT BOOK MAKFAIS. riWCl men who understand their business, JL may have constant employ in the above Business, by appl) ing at 18 Wall - street. July 1J FIFPY DOLLARS REWARD. O ANAWAY, from the subscriber in Genrge - I.L town, District ol Columbia, about 4 years ago, a mulatto man named Joshua Lowder, a - b - .ut five feet six t.rsee.n im he - high, well made and hn - . a scr under his left eye, and i about forty years ol age. lie was apprehended by ine onthef'J imtant in Brooklyn, L'.ng - lsund, in this .Mate, and brought Uii.ire the court in lirooktyn; but lielore tlie decision ol mat rour could be otrUned be made hisesrap? out of the court room. Tie - above reward will I c given to - ny rsou or ps - r...n, who Mill ipii.cbend l.iin in this state, red secure him so Hint I caa get him ajiaiii, and one lnii.d. ed dollars if in any olh - I'niied outes 'le is by proles - sion a black - smiih, and ran no very exi tnem ,vor. fR4.CTSJE.sKNJ9, George - town, Di'Uict ol Coluuil.ia. J 15 lw T CAT pn'dishcil md lor tale ty sv.ii. u. (' OlLLEY, 9'2 Briuidway, The Military and r - ivii Operations in U.e tanadas, t tiring tlie ate w r with th' failed States. Including also, ie .'i (j1 history of lower Canada, during :e .:miiii - tralioos of sir James Henry CYiig, 1 sir G' rge Trevort ; from tho year 11107 un - A he ye.u tOi "s. By Robcit CbriH - a. Esq. of ; :i iws. Jy 1 3t VOAItn A'T) l.Of'GLV', tr.LVTCU. i t '.su rod'n - it 'a a pirvate fam.'y, V hr iii i '.'.tr W)3ders will be taken i .'r. - ts ntnur.ifr tr - . Iiroxdway to Greeiv i.'. i jt. f. - ti - n P.rk - .lues - no - ,rr's, wmnd . ef. - : - fl 111 . rtw..Twt It ti .n.t'.fl . t e ..I' - c - : of tlie . i - ning Post, w It meet I v.i.u lainitij'. - wc a.;?ntioT.. j n oi - i N ' . : ' " I,. : . 1.' .(i.. - i'v " of N. . :.) ZU .'Jr .: '.st4'.ib,w...t S . - T'i. trt. j K fcl.. - ' - icripn. .t: - Afl.r r I i WulerUl.e Fi.iit;tti(.A Sioue ' S! - ts ' C Iiliuwy - Pieccs 1 ljiiorsu Farii - .j til'i. Luitels Couuiii Art bc Al - o Lime cf the r.ei quality. U'". A ccp - iajt supply ol IkjaWe materials may te rah ulcud .ipvn: pm! those ue t'o - is i - f purchuiug, or maku. sjnsfc'rrnren'i, will apply w Jf..RA LVDIAW, Feb 11 AtlheartV VO."KX iO LO. - f. 67.000' DOLLAUS, inurrL) suit apphc&v's, o r end ouhr owrtgssye upon aplrnvrd properly, r tiqMii s f VA1. WILLIAMS, 137 Water street Where i.ppli. - ation iroy be gei rru'ly luad through the year, and inortg - .iges liii - postd ol. .If id ti 11 "r JA .iE.i D SToLT, imd . - eal Cutter, removeil to (ireenwich - street. 90 Libertv - street, near Jy 8 3m it r Joli.'i C HAM1L i ON, Coiiuuwiorier tor Hie acknowledgement of I )eeds, 4c. has re mined to tin otlir.e, corner of Ctdi.r and Nnsau streets. Law liui.diius,' No 1 . Je i9 1m irV" A special ineeti.ig of the Trustees of Columbia College, will be held at the College, on Satin day the 18ih inht at X u'clorL, A. M. J 15 Ut C. C. MUOKE, t.ik. J.y - I he subscriber hereby cautim.s nil per ni togamrl living money or eiviugcruililtoauy ptr. - uu whatever, on his account, without a written order troin Uimell, as he v. til not here aAer 1 ay uuy debts conlracUd without bu au - ihority. Jy 14 4t Or.O. SCOTT. t.itiLt: Flat.'.uvr, OF NEW.YoilK . fC5 Notice is hereby given, tliut a Dividend of Your and a'hall per rent on liie Capital filock of 'Lis rompsiiiv, bus Heet. declined I y the Board ol Dir.'ctom ; mid ill be p ud lh the sire kliold - ' rrs, mi or nftei O.e 15'h List. J 3 Ini (17 - J'be I'.'cilir. liurHLce Cinii:iuy nf New Yoik, Ins. - Oiis day iiecl.n td a ihi - idi - ud of six oer 1 cut. ,n tie: canitnl stock, for the Iks! six iiinnll s, iiHynhle a: ihcir olli. e. No. 49 N ell - st. on (be ll'.li 11 !. 1 Bv oider 01 the Boardoi Dircriors. WALTER K. JONES, Sec'ry. J6 Im ,V,i(l... Hi Notice is h. - reby ei - n, that I hsve rnada Vliiitun u'cmdiiig lo law lor ? (.aK ut for my .11 ,1 ni nl o( tlie ni:triii). em or nia nn.c now o'' lootil - called llrcwici' kiilciihiFi ope. Jv 13 Iv. O. SAUNDERS. NOIRE. j'if' '1'hi' public nt. cii'iiioiieil igaintf trusting he 1 .".v 111 tlie Bntitli loi R Ci inp. lice, Jobu 111 ii i, us no debts 1 oi.tracled by lliem, w iiibt. paid ny tho capiii (rciuit;iiets. SAeau lu - ur.ini " Olh. e, July 6, 13 US. Tj - The Board of Direc'ors hae this day declared a duiilend of three and a half percent on their capital stock lor the last six months, whic h will lid iiay able to the - tockholders or Uitir legal representatives on the tenth inst. at the ofJic ol the company, 45 Wall - street, . , Sl Vi U LL 9 I A K 9 bU K s , Sec. July 7 1m OllCE. dj - The subscribers have formed a connection in business, under the linn of, (f F. T. Luihriip. 1 JokAtm Lathrep, Jiilu 15 3; Fntnk T. lMthrop. Mr i II U Alii). PUBLIC NOT ICE is hereby given, thai the itFstsiors ol Ihe fifth ward Late completed iln - ir assessments, and a ropy Iheivol is lelt H'ith i;ne ol the asessors, at Libtrtr Hall, comer ol Church nr.d Leonard street, Kliere the inma inty he si en and examined by any oiTbe inbahit - aiiis during ten days, from the 13lb of July to Hie 'J4lii, mid that ihe assessors wll meet on the .Villi, at the above lare, lo levicw their said assessments, n the apolcntion of any persoa con - ccivin; himself aggrii - ied. lii.oiitiE tu i lo.i, i Ai - esors or the RICHARD KIDNEY,) filth ward. J11 bl.l 11 WARD. l UL1C notic e is hereby piven, that theai - scsFors of the sixlh ward have completed llu ir ssenniits, and that a ropy thereof is left with Alexander Clark No. SHU iiroxdway, cor - uer of Reed street, where the Shme may be seen and exaiuined by any of the Inhabitants during en dav irnm this unte t and, that the alienors w.ll meet at the above place on Tuesday, the 21st to review their said atse?suttuU, on the ap liiiration of any person couctiviuj himself ag neveu. ARM. BAUDOINE, Alienors of th ALEXANDER CLARK,) siithward. J 10 Nl. I II VV AKD. nUni .lC NO'I ICE is hereby given, that (he 1 A'sefion of the Ninth Ward have comple ted their Asseitmeots, aad that a cony thereof ia i lelt with one of the Assessors, at Ihe house of David Huettis, flarlxm, Iur iivc!dyi, ihe other Uveal the House of David 'Purvey, Bowery - Hill, where the same may he seen and examined by a - uy of Ihe inhabitants during ten days from the dale liereol, and trial the Assessors will men on Friday. July 24, IKIU, at the bouse of David Turvey, Uowery - llill, t review their said as - lesiuients, on the. application of any iersoncon - nving hiotsOi ue.nLitii. Hours I torn 10 to 3 on em h, day. JOHN AUKI AINt.r J A ISCSSOrs 01 tut JOSEPH W1LEOUGIIBY) Niutli Ward. July 11 FIFE IiOLL.ilt. - i REWARD STOLEN, a silver plated Candlestick, with a class Pedestal. beloiiEring to a set, the above reward will be given on delivery ol the same, at No. 47 Stone - street. J 11 lw The three story brick liousei No. 51 ttnlker stictl. t.oquueai J 14 "r No. 67 Pine street. iu Ltr, Sifl2j A new House iu excellent order and in flu. n casaulest pan oi . iimauway ixwses - sioo giien on or !;l'r the 1st October nextor i' a person offers, the furniture could re - in.iin till l'l My next, and a lady and tbree children, (the youngest six years.) would board iu the Mmiiy Apply at ttroarjway. jy n ii LiiJ journeymen SllOE - M AEER3, svbo wUl d steady eolidoyioeut. Enquire at No. 11 Rrclor - street. Jy 13 4t fjXy Tle fine new steam esel FHOVTENAC, cf 70t tons rnirtiieer - James Mac Kinzie, itrsvter, sittl ccuimeiicc ruaioi.' oo tbeCrst da 4M ,yxt. unrf li... L'.. i l. .... ?.' hmu i .. ninriiiiii aviib nmj l . Jm " ' s on the 1st, lth and 21st day of each m - mh, ami .Niagara, lor lori and Kingston, Uie 6tl, IOtB and Ui day ol each m ntb, during the season. - n re every ht tent ion will t e paid to im ease and cmnh rl of the passengers. A pplir atione for passage lo be made to the cap - lain on board. , KingM n. 6!h Arril. 1818. 'J7d&ctOcl tl. R QL'ILU, - r - ,,.. I and lu s.ile, torfwo rnoico J Quills, C - .e and common L. tte P.vcr, Foors - X Jnd mous sixes of W r pm3 P'i t Use .jwtit prices. O. C. GRAC1R Si CO. JI3 4t 146 L'roadfrtj, ,H 1 t j: i .sr - i i

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