Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 30, 1939 · Page 2
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1939
Page 2
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THURSDAY, MARCH 30, 1939 GABLE, CAROLE LOMBARD WED Honeymoon Will Be Deferred Until Next Summer by Film Couple k HOLLYWOOD, (^--Fun-loving Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, who wrote the long-anticipated happy ending to the story o£ their courtship in a little Arizona town late Wednesday, returned early Thursday to the bride's Bel- Air home. ·Exhausted by their 750-mile trip, they retired, to wait until later to move into the home on his one-mule San Fernando valley ranch which Gable redecorated in preparation tor the wedding. Friends were not surprised when neivs of the ceremony reached here Wednesday night, although their absence from the film capital during the day had gone unnoticed. The marriage had been expected daily since the screen's No. 1 masculine star was given his freedom earlier this month by his second wife, Maria. IVcd in Gable, 38, and his 'blond bride, 31, a top-ranking comedienne, chose Kingman, Ariz., a desert railroad community, for the rites in preference to filmdom's more favored Greina Greens, Yuma · Ariz., and Les Vegas, Nev. They traveled by automobile instead of by plane, as have most other elopers. They stopped briefly at a state checking station in Daggett, where an inspector said Gable was sleeping soundly, Miss Lombard appeared drowsy and their companion, Otto Winkler, publicity man, was driving. Will Defer Honeymoon Gable was due back on the Se!z- mck Jot late Thursday to continue work as Rhett Butler in. "Gone! With -the Wind." Friends said the! couple expected to defer a honey moon until summer, when botl are free o£ picture engagements. Gable's ranch was purchase some months ago. He has spen almost all his spare time there plowing and helping care for hi citrus grove. For four years, he and Mis Lombard have been indulging ·gags," at the other's expense Carol's latest was the gift of "Bes sic," a mule, to Gable on his birth day last month. "Bessie" is" a fa vored resident of the ranch. Once she gave him an old Mod ct T Ford for a Valentine's gift, and he responded by parking a fire engine on her front lawn. When he gave what she considered a poor performance, she sent him a ham with his picture on it. Th actress, who delights in the "screwball" roles she made popular first in "My Man Godfrey,' once arrived at a party in an am- oulance, pretending she was ill jable paid her marked attention throughout -the evening. They first met in 1932 in a pic- .ure, and socially at a party a yeai later. Since 1935, when Gable and Mana Gable separated, they have been frequent companions at film affairs. First Presbyterian Church Meeting Set for Thursday Night T h e annual congregational meeting of the First Presbyterian church will be held Thursday evening at 7:30 in the church parlors. Election of officers will be held and reports made by various departments of the church. Russell Girton, president of the board of trustees, -will preside' at the meeting, which, is for members and friends of th'e church. The church year ends March 31. ENTERTAIN KING. QUEEN' LONDON, (U.PJ--Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and Mrs. Chamberlain entertained the king and -queen at a formal dinner Wednesday-night. FREE COUPON Worth lOc Your jrrocer will alloiv you lOc for this coupon Inward Ihe purchase of a 3-lb. bag of Griddle-Mix Pancake Flour or Griddle-Mix Buckwheat Flour. Only one deal to a customer. (Coupon Will Not Be Honored Unless Signed) Name . Address Dealer . v : Coupon Will Not Be Honored After April'15, 1939 . Dealer:,Coupon Will Be Honored By WHwer Grocer Co. DALADIER GIVES ILDUCE REPLY Declares First Step in Settlement Is Up to Italians ' PARIS, (U.R--Premier 'Edouar. Daladier Wednesday night answered Premier Benito Mussolini's claims on Djibouti, Tunisia and the Suez canal by accusing the Italian, dictator of uttering false statements and said that Rome must take the first step toward a settlement. In a blunt reply to Mussolini's Sunday speech in Home asserting fascism's "vital rights" in the Mediterranean, Daladier warned flat the French nation would arise as one man" and fight if necessary, to resist any Italian territorial grab. Now Up to Mussolini Daladier--now a dictator almost as powerful as JMussolini--spoke )ver the radio and his speech was broadcast in five languages, in- ·luding Italian to ail parts of the French empire. The Italo-French dispute ap- eared to have been tossed back nto the lap of Mussolini, with the next move up Jo him. France will negotiate, Daladier aid, but only on the basis of her 93a accord with Italy which Mussolini denounced last Dec 17 Only on that basis, with specific proposal from Italy, can a settlement result "in the spirit of ciuity," Daladier said. "A peaceful and powerful ranee can regard the future with onfidehce," he added. Denies Demands Outlined Daladier refuted Mussolini's imday statement -that the fascist emands on France were outlined n the Italian note of Dee. 17 de- ouncing the 1935 Laval-Musso- ini accord. "I affirm that it contained othing specific and no reference 0 the Suez, Djobouti or Tunisia," ·aladier said. "It simply said that taly considered the 1935 accord ull and sought to justify that at- tude.". Daladier lumped Mussolini and uehrer Adolf Hitler o£ Germany ogether in accusing the dictator- nips of imperiling European peace y their "perpetual will to con- uest." Similarity Is Seen He spoke of the similarity be- veen Hitlers demands for "the ght of self-determination" and lussolini's demands for "vital pace." "How can Europe thus fail to be n.the alert?" he asked. "We won't cede an inch of ter- tory or a single one of our gnts," said Daladier at the out- et of his speech. Then he turned to an ominous armng of F r e n c h fighting trength, noting Mussolini's boast MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE of last Sunday that might Is the guiding principle of Italian foreign policy. "France Getting Stronger" 'France hopes to save peace because she hates war," Daiadier said. "But if war is imposed on her or if it is offered as the only alternative to decline or dishonoi she will arise as one man for defense of her liberty." "The international crisis did not mt a weak and disconcerted .trance," Daladier continued. "To the contrary, despite the crisis France is undergoing a renajc- sance." Air Ya Listemim? Jim Woods on * * * * Brown Given Comptroller Nomination WASHINGTON, ()--President Roosevelt Thursday nominated ormer Senator Fred H. Brown of New Hampshire to fill the long- vacant post of comptroller general of the United States. Brown's tern; will be 15 years. Brown, who was *Jew Hampshire's governor from 1923 to 1925 vas defeated last November after single term in the senate. In the comptroller generalship, Brown, succeeds to the post vacated in 1S36 by John R. McCarL since then Hichard N. Elliott has been acting comptroller general. Brown, a native of Ossipee, N H., is a graduate of Dartmouth university and of Boston univer- ity law school. He was federal listiict attorney at Concord 191422, in the years first preceding us temi as governor. He will be 0 next month. i Brown was known in the senate s a consistent supporter' of his lemocratic party chief--the president. AUNT HET By Robert Quillen "When a w o m a n is around, the look in Pa's eyes makes me uneasy. 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TESTED AND *P?RBVEO BT COQD HQUSaEEPfflG INSTTOTE COLCJMBrA BROADCASTING SYSTEM NETWOBK 1210 KILOCYCLES s Sports Camera over KGLO every eve's * * niiijj at 6:15 o'clock. Jim goes in for all kinds of sports, but baseball is one o£ his top heavy favorites. His comments on baseball are espec- Thursday P. M. ·:la Singin' Sam, Coca-Cola Nick's Junior Music of the Nation, P. G. 5:30 Uncle Hall 6:00 News and E. e-.OS Sons of the Pioneers ? : i5 £ m Woods' Sports Camera 6:30 Stop and Listen, Gordon Thomas 7:00 News of the World, United Home Bank 7:05 North Iowa Forum, Kenneth Showalter 7:15 The Town Crier 7:30 Mason City Building Show 8:00 News 8:15 Music for Men 8:30 The Town Crier 8:45 Ranch Boys 9:00 American Legion Program 9:30 On with the Dance 9:45 American Viewpoints, CBS 10:00 Evening News Roundup 10:30 Henry Busse's Orchestra CBS 10:30 Wayne King's Orchestra, CBS 11:00 Sammy Kaye's Orchestra, CBS 11:30 Leighton Noble's Orchestra, CBS 12:00 Sign Off Friday, March 31 6:00 Alarm Clock Hour 6:45 Morning- News Roundup 7:00 Time and Tunes, Hamilton Seed and Coal Company 7:15 Chapel of the Air 7:30 Home Folks Frolic, Iowa Master Breeders 7:45 Musical Clock, Merkel's SiOO Hichard Maxwell CBS 8:15 Today in Osage, Osage Merchants 8:45 Musical Clock, Nash Coffee Company 5:00 Pretty Kitty Kelly 9:15 Clear Lake on the Air, Clear Lake Merchants 9:30 Organ fleccries, limes 9:45 Charles City on the Ail- Charles City Merchants 10:00 Melody Time, Mier Wolf and Sons 0:15 Parade of Bands 10:30 The Morning Concert, Vance Music Company 10:45 Church in the Wildwood Marshall and Swift 11:00 Home Town News, Iowa Shoe Brokerage 11:15 Mystery Melody Game 11:30 Markets-; 11:45 Mid-day'Review 1Z:00 Earl Hunt's Orchestra 12:30 Front Page News by Pat Patterson, Interna t i o n a 1 Harvester Company 12:45 Hank Hook on the Street, Pritehard Motor Company' 1:00 Stanley Hickman Serenades CBS 1:15 The Town Crier 1:30 American School of the Air CBS 2:00 Mason City Building Show 2:30 Keyboard Concert, CBS 3:00 Today's Devotion, the Rex- Clarence E. Flynn 3:15 Matinee Promenade, CBS 3:45 Evansville College A-ca- pella choir, CBS 4:00 Ruth Carhart. Songs, CBS 4:15 Men Behind the Stars, CliS 4:30 Christian Science Program. Christian Science 4:45 Mail Bag Hour 5:15 Singin' Sam, Coca Cola 5:30 Lone Ranger, Pfaff Baking Company 6:00 News of the Nation. People's Gas and Electric 6:05 Sons of the Pioneers 6:15 Jim Woods' Sports Camera 6:30 Wonder Show With Jack Haley, Wonder Bread CBS 7:00 News of the World, United Home Bank 7:05 North Iowa Forum 7:15 The Town Crier 7:30 Mason City Building Show (Interview) 8:00 News 8:15 Rlus'ic for Men 8:30 Town Crier n:45 Old Refrains 3:00 Rosario Bourdon's Conceit Orchestra 9:30 '-Believe It or Not" With Robert Ripley, Royal Crown Cola, CBS 10:00 Evening News Roundup, 10:15 Leighton Noble's Orchestra CBS 10:30 Wayne King's Orchestra CBS 11:00 Jack Teagardetvs Orchestra, CBS 11:30 Watty Malneck's Orchestra CBS 13:00 Sign Off NBO BLUE .VETIVOKK 600 KILOCYCLES THURSDAY EVENING S::-.ii Modem Melodic* r:w SDonsiam.s jH3 Weather-News li:00 Easy Acci G:13 Tracer of Lost rcranns 6:30 Don't You Believe II BSj Scrcenland Parade 7:1X1 The Green Hornet, Drama i:30 Bohemian Frolic 3:f» Walli Time 8:30 America's To\vn Mcctmc 9:30 Dr. James Slocum. Talk 10:15 Electric Park Band 10:30 National Emcrjcncy Council 10:43 Glen Miller's Orchestra 11:00 Jack Tcarardcn's Orchestra Il:-0 Bob Crosby's Orchestra - ially interesting because of the familiarity h e the all has with careers of the players. Ask Jim what the batting average of any big leaguer was last season and nine times o u t of ten, Jim w.ill hit say Cornelius McGilticudy Thursday nighl's broadcast from the buildtoe show will be heard at 7:30 o'clock. Unseasonable Sam Singin' Sam, the choir and the vrT e A tr TM c '^ me torou fi l1 on KGLO Thursday at 5:15 p. m. 'with an unseasonable number v?m- d ^ e Summer . s ° Long Fall." Other numbers on "Refreshment Time" will be "Song 01 Songs" and "My Little Mule Wagon. Legion Has Guests Entertainment on the American Legion program over KGLO Thursday evening, which will be heard at 9:30 instead of the usual 7:30 hour, will be provided by a quartet from Stacyville. The speaker for the evening will be the Rev. A. F. Stirn of the Catholic church at Meyer. Members of -the quartet are William Koenigs, Kuno Durbin Leander Schrandt and Leo Simon. Mary Rose Heimermari will be the accompanist. FORUM GUEST Kenneth Showalter, who resides on a farm in Reeve township. Franklin county, will appear on the North Iowa Forum over KGLO Thursday from 7;05 to 7:15 p. m. to tell about the program of the Iowa Rural loune P e o p 1 e's association. Showalter is president of the organization. in. Information about the school and prke winning recipes will be given by Miss Kingsley. NBC BEO NET1VOBK IWO ttlLOCYCLES News for Cooks the Another radio visit with cooking school instructor, =s Ann Kingsley, is scheduled on KGLO for Thursday at 8:15 p. TIIUBSDAV EVENING 5:00 Captafn midnight 5:15 Dick Tracy 5:30 Jack Armstrong 3:45 Little Orphan Annie 6:00 Pete's Mountaineers 6:!j Vocal Varielicj C:30 Keu-s 6:45 Top Halters 7:00 Hudy VaHee 5:00 Good News ot 1933 3:00 BJHg Crosby 0:00 Amos 'n 1 Andy 0:15 Neivj 0:30 National Radio Revival J Dance Jllusic INDICTMENTS AKE DISMISSED DES MOINES, W)--Indictments against U Polk county tavern operators charging possession of slot machnies were dismissed by District Judge Loy Ladd on request of the county attorney's office after one defendant had been tried and acquitted on a similar accusation. MORATORIUM TO BE CONSIDERED Senate Farm Tenancy - Group Will Present Measure for Debate DES MO1NES, CUR)--The Iowa senate's farm tenancy committee announced Wednesday night it would present a new mortgage moratorium bill within'the next few days. The measure will be designed to of individual cases, in view of a recent state supreme court ruling declaring the present moratorium law invalid. At the same time, Senator Charles B. Hoeven, committee chairman, revealed his group would seek reconsideration of two farm tenancy bills that were killed recently. One of the bills niakes.eligible tor landlords' liens only/the products of a farm and not the tenant's personal property. The other" would require a six months' jjo- tice by either landlord or tenant on termination of a lease. Indications were that both measures would be adopted. japan Invites Envoys to Office Friday for Important Statement TOKIO, (!f)--The Japanese government has invited United States, French and British ambassadors to the foreign office Friday to receive an "important statement." Its nature was not known but some quarters r e p o r t e d that Foreign Minister Hachiro Anta would detail the status of negotiations with Italy and Germany toward strengthening the anti-comintern accord. Arita was expected to assure the envoys that any changes would · not affect the democracies and that Soviet Russia was the pivot of the situation. The three powers have protested a g a i n s t alleged discrimination against them and the Japanese have replied t h a t restrictive measures were a military necessity OF THESE BEAUTIFUL, NEW I t wsszSj'Ss's' ^^^^ T · m ^fP URGE TIME EXTENSION WASHINGTON, (ft)--The house interstate and foreign commerce committee recommended for passage a bill to extend for one year the time in which construction must be started on a bridge across the Mississippi river between Rock Island, III., and Davenport, Iowa, and to extend for three years the time allowed for completion of the project. . Liberal Allowance Regardless of Condition of Old Watch 75 Only 29 Don't wear an old fashioned watch! Take advantage of this marvelous opportunity to get a new, smartly styled Bulova ... the watch famous for years for its precision, accuracy and beauty! Pay as liltle as $3.00 down, the balance in monthly payments! A. "Goddess of Time" lovely round shape. 10-K Yellow rolled Gold Plate case. 17 jewels. B. "Catherine" Gracefully styled! 10-K Yellow rolled Gold Pfate cose. 17 jewels. C. "Lady Bulova" Exquisitely dainty! 10-K Yellow rolled Gold Plate case. 17 jewels. D. "American Clipper" 17 jewels. 10-K Yeifow - rolled Plate case. Curved lop, baclc. Gold M O N T H L Y

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