The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 16, 1818 · Page 2
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1818
Page 2
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rnuKsuAY, jyur i&. ' LtUrilfrtm Furnjit.fT Mm politeness of Mr. I). B. Kennedy, wIk came passenger in the C"1 .l;M MBIVTWIUg tttiiu " - pod, are Indebted for tbe loan of a file of tb . 'London Courier to Siturday the aOth May, in ; UciiT. These, together with Liverpool paper . ' end frlce Currents of the aaie date, from or , rejolar correspondents, enable u to present to sr rratueti uim evening a variety m wivrcsuug oreign extracts, though not bigh!y important . 1 JM agricultural reports trow every quarter of the coutiaent of Furopc a. well as Great Bri taut, ;.romwe an abuodant harvest. The plague had broken out at Oran and AI giers, and rng - ed with irrcat violence. liiCrrH'bCWVI nates ta iwicu in w u4ii - sjerbus III.. Her affliction at the loss of her daugUer had greatly impaired her health. The expedition bound to the North Pole, consisting of the ships Isabella, Alexander, Dorotha, and Trent, had proceeded on their voyage a far as Shetland, where they stopped a few days, ami then sailed again Tth .May. Arthur Thijtlewood has been sentenced to .. twelve months imprisonment for challenging lord SiJmouth to right a duel. An article from Constantinople gives an account of a dieadfut conflagration which hap pened there on the 3.1 of April. It broke out jna house near the hotel of the French lega tion, belonging to a person named Alano ; and made such dreadful progress, that seventeen penons, (among them the Princess d'Ypsilau and her sm, with eight children,) pei ihcd in tlx flames. Tim calamity is suspected to havebeea produced by the malice of an incen diary. The plugite is represented to have entirely ceased in that city. Letters by the Pecific stale that the consump tioii of Pott Aakei io fcoigloiiJ has fallen oft uear one third Irom tbe last year, which is the cause of the (Lx - Iiue io price, and nut to an iuct eased import . (CIRCULAR.) LiVKar or., 30th May, 1313, Our cotton market, which was very Illiquid for tli last 2 or 3 weeks, hat revived within the hut 3 er 3 days, and a great dial of biuinen bus been doae at a revival oi abcut 1 4 pr. ct. It - l. I - J . . . . . . . . upiauus am inottnanj ai ;u j - t a Zl 14; ve - tj superior will drug 1 1 - S;sh. j!d the preskut deniaad coiilinne a lov dayi longer we look fur a further tntlingadiaiice; Orleans are saleable at 21 a 24 12; St a Islands are dull ; the holders seem very solicitous to put them off at pre - lei.t prices of 3s a 4s 2.1 ; Bengals, 10 1 - 2 a 14 j Surat 14 a 19; Brazils Is 10.1 a 2 - 2d. Several sales of Fot Ashe have been attempt - cd at auction, but they were mostly withdrawn for want of buyers, prices 5 - Zs an J '54 ; Pearls 54 a 6, find merely nominal ; turpentine ha ufftrtd a further drtiuit, it is not wo. th over lo a 1 ; tar has a.'so declined within a lew days, prices ls a liin Quercitron liurk ha - fceea dull a loog tim!, At w York 17s a 20, riihdc'pJ .ia 2Js a 2it j several salts of Caru.i - Ba Kice bate bteu made iu and out el bond ; the former at 3o's 37, the latter at 45. per cwt. . Flturbas gut down to4is a 44s; at those prices very large sales have been made to speculators ; it is to be Imped it has reached i'.s lowest ; should arrivals couiino:, aud the weather continue liue, it may go to 10t. a 42s. Iu 1 ubacco n ry little has been dot? lately ; Virginia 7d a lUd ; Georgia aud Kentucky 6d a 8d ; Maryland none. Respectfully, yoar ob't serv'fs, LAWRKNCK, WILLIS A CO. . Extracts ft am trie Faptti. LO..,O.M, May ?G. The fjiiJj, which have been for some lime past iliil.tly ih - clmiii. cxiericiiced yesterday a taorc iuhiIcoJ ilrpri - ma, fou - ols be:" atone time dau wliw as 78 3 ti. I hccau.enf thiir li t de. line if attributed to an tmimul bankcrof exleusivc country coi.iu x.oii. who hud proi - OU'ly sa! 1 for Hie account, having yesterday ac tu itiy J.Ji . et. d the il(ck laramid for, ainouut - ir., it i wid, tciSm! Xl.0tiO.ti00 consoli. Lttti.rj li - oru Vie. in mtntinii Uiat Kouclie is evpectid totpii IVague, and to etatdUli tiirnsc If and f miiy at l.intz. rouc!ie has had sotncdie - ei ces itli I hibaudeau. and can no longer t ndiirc w rt - nde in tlie hme town with him, T!ie Utter cubliihed a coinmertial houe at I'raue. A .e - .V.iikpaptr,receivedyesteTday,men - tinrn In - rrj.c.ioii of ii attenit maile in the Au.e; ican lio ise of lleprtsentativej, to violate the Ik holding sittings on that cUv We are not sm prised, that an inclination 'has sppeaird in America t imitate the National Conv en t ion of Trance. .T li e barbari t ies of tiu t blind ot rutluns d not prevent many in En - - lai.d and i'i America from wi - hing to see a re vival oi uieii - practices. To such persons no tbinj; can be more nilV - iisive than tins hinvn. lence and the idom, winch have provided a cay oi rest r r trie minJs a .d bo. lie of men. and ior the bodies of cieaturej. that are useful to tiiem. l:m America is - the Land of t'ub - lic felicity:' the Uijrhta of Conocieiice exist k.. .il.O .1 n.l A.l ' . "', v i .unisis as wen as Christians can puolicly toast of their opinions i iiucniuay. unieea me num&er of Atheists and tiieconicinpt of religion in America ex - ceed btlitf. Jhe .irtlu Expedition. TUc Isabella and Alexander left Yell Sound, in Shetland, on the . i maj, ior uavi - strait, with a fair wind s ...c ifi omea ai.d Trent the same place, on the 7tii, F,r Uehrin's buait, by the Nortt. rotes all in high spi its. All the ships that the expeditwu met on thei course to Shetland chec. - .a them wi ll tvry kind expreson, ' 'PPy "yaKe and sale return. y a.. ciZr n a i - . , oa. - ins an onlrr io coua - ttt'l l - Kr, fern minaUy.he .am, CJ the market en th,t d . i . ?. - '' he.r' v. p, it v ,:. I h. i - .a. . - . tSt. t - uvam - mg with great rar.;d,!v Iturihatinf rw i i o - r. ; iiu; "9, ei nearly one tier rent, they wrre tir aivo int 79 3 4 tbe last at Wtr. u Sooe qeo At U in J o'clock tr: exchequer last night, . hy ;Mr." fmllMvHl probably referred to the Cffrei. ei wotta eucuca iron lbs right honourable gtjuUe - 4 me tovertuiriia, as (he iKWiitioni opened at . . . . i 1 t I. a . - i . r . o . maa answers of considerable importance, io financial point of view. Tbe orj set of toe imjai vies was to ascertain, whether tliere was an in. Icu'iuu ofratsiug; ssouey by loan, or otherwise, in the course of the Doitvrnr; whrtlier it was in tended to pay off tlie JC3 000 COO of exchequer oais wmca were corrowud, free of interest, from the bank ; aad lastly, what was meant to be dau respecting the pavmeot of the ,8,000,001) to the Dank. I o tbe not of tbese quejUous, i positive reply could not, from the nature ol cir cumsUnccs, be given, and tbe chancellor of tbe exchequer, therefore, contei ted himself with ok. strun g, that fo large a sum iu txcheauer bilh bad bscn funded this year, as to render it impro - bablc.tna either fuodin? or loan in? would h r. sorteo to next year. With regard to the thri - ."II: t. . " oiiiiiuns uoiTowcuirom trie bank, government was now in treaty with that rornoration un.m !!. ' I u,J;lr,i mere was no Uoubt tbe sum would be suffered to remain as a loan to i a iuw iiut resi. i ne six mil miu t 1.. ... iawl ftl tiifh mama. I . i i . ... . . r rnuu muu nj men maiaimcnu as wouia oe most convenient to government, but it was ausura io suppose (he am.iunl nl nnl in .;. culation would at all denend 11 rwii iKjv.m low. ments. The bank would contiuu liberally to supply tb public with its issui'S. , w received this moajing the Paris papers of "uu" - " arucie a.iteu lenna, the 13lb mjiant, mintiivis that intelligence had been received there Irom Peraro, stating that tbe prin - cess of Wales was sej inuriy indisposed. Couri ers, K was said, had hceu dpiuit, h. I i ri...i and two of Lie nii))t celebrated physicians were ior no nuian. jierrcyal highness had ueen ior ine timo past with symptoms of lever, which, however, were not considered ol an alarming character, but they afterward became more serious. ' The son of the archduchrss Mar - i revnveu me uuKedotn ol llffichstadt. in Uohemia, wmcn nut, with the ampliation nf i. 15 nereattcr to bear. 1 heso domain. t,. - mrl lielor ged to the house of Wurtzl erg, but came into the powenwu ot AustK.i !. - n.n..,.n i j - - 1 v - M - s.vj - n.MVW VI iilrTIA rirtiilu nrk... . i aucniPiiifl. rtenin?, about live oV nrt. o fn ,0 w,e tuite of the duke of Cam nridsc, arrived li Ine ri.lul.. . - n.. i. i duchr - s of Cumberland, in Si !,.. with the molaorholy uiUlli ence nf i!. ,i...i'i. ..: . . i . - r w. a . - IU 111 me UtICIlC?, On VVfhh.f - sday morning sailed from the port I (hanetown. iu C'nrn!tl it., i 'fc,..! - ... ...,,. ' . ., .Itu ,a, IU9I1IW U. Vlll!ir.u . . ' ......... , IU.7UI. Willi 1.1,111 ..II - - b, ' tjJ 1ICI9UIIS Ui n .r.l . .... r . ' , .M. - .i'ers ior Anerica : ainoni.t tl...n, are some wlm0 (amiliej, iucludir; inl.nus at the - iu mo nuiiiuer ot (!i ,e wh have thu - i - io me land nl l i. r n .i;. - ;i - :.. ol belter fortune on a dutuut shore, i. a woman 70 years of age, whose emigrated seveu itiitnfh sii. - . 9 Died, at (ortnagally, near Dun - annon, Ire - J. Wood?, an inJiitirimi. r - .r... ... .i... , - ...... 1 V . , .1 1. advanced e - o ofi2 - 2 nan. l i; - i .... , J - - - - - .iini e. - mr ana soner ie. His wife died about two vr Xit aifcd 82. liffn - tlli:)t.A,HAii .1.. . l , - w j um uie uay oi irin. lie was hrtm unm a - im..;.,. imo : a rti'ii of A dham III. of. ....r.. i, i,. i 'i :.. ......Si oi uvemoii.inhi: uml t ha ; r.: .. i King nas uten hmr than that ofany d her vliiv.....i.. i L. .i ' .... .jitumu ne mrone. LO.SIJO.V. T ot A mot sratifvtn; statnniont i" I a . . "'" ll'HUC ta. a1" notlttC Ol Cnmnintu li iKa n rtf - u . J ,c - ii.ii - uiii cK.m. - .juer, mat the revenue at tli. pre seni morueut was increasing in ih.. ml. ,.r c ,.vi WJ Pvr wec". The rislil hon. tr. ..!!,.... u:L ne r j on tlie preceding evening, that it was extremely improbable he should Invi - sccasion to raie any moufv Iv fun.!.,, - n... year, as he had iu Jed to so large an am.,u:.l ma i.rwm one. .Urh are thn I'.rl. v..., proipenty, ,v,lc ijre. - eut them selves :.s a curious comoieotary upon the d. leful - so. i iiey seem indeed Io be so impalatable to "ornmg UhroiMUc has ttuJioj . .u a V(tr.j aiout Ultnl jn jt , - v.i i m 'itiii.iaiciii.iry i.rocertline - . A roklv increase ol revenue ta tlie amount of jCliW,0J0 worm rcmemvrmg. SnPio5e there ol only one tend, ,J u. ,U!n. i ne unmnicl would hive been ' uiciAiieiio.y as a lu.'o'il 'I n l - l crviu . W f 1 1 1 f. ,UA Ih I'liilavoplu r uJ' oM. it 1 h - s.. , ..." - i.v Biiim luiougn lis tears to lb nl; wb tt a d. hcioj? y uiuiLiers naj prepand foriii. pro;Tity, it dcttrniiiirs our I'ut ikli in h; i r...... ,i. - o u, rtauerr, l), lt luuwi coujj not dure the hateful pror rt. f V I. P'r i WC men,i ,nJ. if U Paty wrre factual rum, but it w., ruin b. - v.nd re,!, mi tion - Vr. itir. ir ..,m :.. : i'trni:u,ir, cnloo t"J uiai oiimii wun pic iliarjieiL iicly. U via thu burbni of his tverv wtll. I he stand.! - topic oi . imeuUlirm, whenevtr he wi - 4i - .ltr.r Untimawu - atory h - ar! A - ar .',;,;., ,j,.,,;r. It' C.itilJ im! ilfie.M fl... ... ... i ... . , , ' "r I'.iJ Hc.i;eid 'rr u.rao i Kiorr - nut we wcrsrumrd; tint w. su - o p. - - em.oent am , - .; t,c mtion - ; or tbe enrta - were ruinr j ; (U,t ,ve ll;u r!ilIr tQa queredaa honorable peace - hut we were inin ed ; taat wo ha 1 giv,., repoie to Kurop - - bu we were rmocj. I hi, ,11!lC - ;1, .,. ,:., donlantlone, every bur. - t of tx il.a.o,,. ,,hV7 ' ''! t it was t.'io luir - ue..ueJ iWorJi wh.i, cW, j ic eu of Mir la,uve Immght. a,d n.a.lo u. tr..,nt,le in ......... ii - j ilc i.l ; eincrience. lliwe ill 1 Hill . t.PVti.'w.. . s - . i !'..' . were UMene I to, and there er pern. wiw really ima - in - d we hid o ily ,.. ... Uii,,e!,a sp,entiid npu'. - iire bv tflfi m.T 7ii'u.mi'u f 11 ... . . . - J j oi ,i,, our unpiiMUoIcd ell,;rt, lor ti.e hunJredA time, hiw do fact, verify lit. .i;ili.iu! nu Inlrintm iliaOlM II... . I , . ... - ....... .., in.,. - , - l lliotllll - l In I im.....i...t ... . ... . ' .. Y.,,llMinra. We jnoJiaro'iTid u - wnere arc iho symp'omMif ourd.r.n - i m r ire they to l f.)U , j t), iu - rr,j va lue off.i:i led property, or u the :.; ne,,tini rcjonrce; of o ir comnicrriul greatnrj ? A il.iri icu.prMui.iijriou.lih.i in.i. c 1, f.,r a vh.le, b - " re ths i,oriia;o, Lut it has pa - - d avav. I he .oily, nipK.. - it .riiy h.liy, cr - n - i - ti d in b.licf. mg it w mM n j,a - s away. Almo t at Ih - vrt u.o.ii.111 wruri we r.ero I1J no hing cauldnvc ua, i:ie wt.rol re lc - iiplun w i bf ;un ; an ) havetince ino eed.:. tadtwliy, itcsdily, in the path ol ainelnir.ilif.n. It ha - Keen no .all. u s art or fit of a:nenlm.i.t in a - .y parln uiar branch of tlie national w - altH, whi:U un. - hl iuve been d - luive, because dna' - itJiu i ur n i t'.r. raiirm.f ainal circu:nf vic - s : but, .. nentlv progressive recovery Irom gr. - ai 0i r - - - ion, 94'nuiian.ouiy mtnire - fi:i4 if tlf through ill the channels of our foreign anj doui - lic nl' r - pnso. I hi 'pecie' of imt.rovemrrit mii5t - oon ; an.l we may now tonfi lei.tly ba.k f.)rw.r,ri,. iilt' IH - iioJ, wh.n we shall reap the lr..t g.el reward of our exertions, an induil'tous po ":!:. - tinu cheerlully and emdeutodly employed in diffusing wraith over the l - tud. A Hamburg snail, briosins nancrs to Ihe o,! imlant, arrived this trio, .m: An article fro n "sloc'tholm jives an account 0f the coronaiion o rsen a iode, ou tho I Itli ind tnt t the of wbi. h was conducted with the nu , ,.ndor an 1 mty, litence. Th deputies fron the Sor - w - Siandit have rreenl.l an adJre t the kio - , conp - .itulaUng l.i.u u.on Ihii ereot. and . i - ,eir ncj e ot r. - ig the rrowa of o.wy a. am placed on :hr ha.J ot a hern. ... . , Lori5i. M.v 29. W e understand that nen Tii - dav week is '.I Uy 'l X - V' fi"H f - r!i,.rinK PaVlUment. citr it ne - sw t ... . is . .v. - VU" "''"'. ... .. ...t, ,,v ,s Tt.rop.ieil. Saturday e have , is - e,vt. mc Germ .n p mwning, tl ri. cm ettt. are h...l:v unin. f 4.. - . " I . . - "I"" ratgjra,eb.3ct!kref.'th,. tite f , . ,.,., on ,K. , ' JKrsnkfbrt on this subject, have failed of e licet ins; any conclusive arraniretnents Ltttcrfrwmtht JZmberer .Hsxatulcr to tht Duke ef ntllingto. . A morning paper publishes the following as authentic, from tlie Emperor of Kiuwia to tlie Lruxe ot w elungton, on the late attack upon u inc. "My Lord Marshal. I have been informed that an attempt has threatened vour life. Heaven did not allow it to succeed and I am sin cerely rejoiced thereat. , Your military trlnrv. joined to your elevated, views and character. nave associaicu you so Closely with the main tenance or me cenerai weitore.that it cannot uhi sutler tiom auy circumstance that w ould lend to alienate vou from it This is a test. moiiy which 1 feel pleasure in Leurintr towards you, aud which is independent of those claims which you have to my personal regard. A qomciuence winch me geneiositv ot your sen - '.n.A.. ...:n . r :l .. . . - .. . . "in nut iau u apnreciaie. is. inai Dv the authoritv with which vou have been invest ed by the confidence of tlie have ex. crciscu, aim vou wni continue to exercisr,a salutary influence in the country, and in tlie very spot where malice has directed its i moot en t elibrts against vou. Keceive. mv Ioid. the re. newed assurance of my high esteem. Voijfiicu; ALIXirfDKB." Miss O'iVeill is emrae - ed at the It itli - fir six niirllts. and her Hrst aniiearanee will he on the 13th of June, in the character of iklvi - There was imported into Liverpool last Wfek, of Wheat. 5.100 Quarters. 1'.? ?7(1 l...,r. 2.0U2 barrels of Oats. 3,365 quarters and'4 bags of Barley, 8.567 quarters, 7082 bags anuot i - iour, 43,834 barrels, and 1,945 half oarreis. The quartern loaf has come down one penny this week, it is now thirteen pence Hy die notice in the shop - windoww their appears to be a very considerable reduction in the price uf oat :e:d. ' I'lynioiith, May 27. Sailed the Lavinla, Brown, for St. Andrew's .oi ih Amerir. - i u mi, goods, and upwards of 50 passengers. Ciirn - Kxchaiiire. Mav 2) Tl.p of fine wtathcr. totreth tr With s furt lift vimnl t of tiireign wheat in the couiseof the week, and but few buyers at market this a ' tit cmiseu a complete stagnation in the sale of ail kind of grain; indeed so iiiuch so, that scarcely a mgie bargain has been done, and our pi tecs must be quute I nominally as on .Monday ,.r . I.U.HI U., .Mav 30. .e are nnrjnv to minniinra il. - .t i,,i.n:n nas oeen received nf a favourable nature from DooiDay, commtmicalii) - the conclusion of a treaty with llolkar. and iho stircnuml i,rr.. cution of the operations iraiut tile Pmdarrits. e have received a onv nf th. 'lviu .... eluded between this coiintrv and thn k'innfii.. .Ntthcrlan lf. for the mor .ff... tn - .l ni...f!i; i the iiavc Trade, whir h run ou the 4th iust, aud has bern since duly raiuied uid exchanged, fiv the Hr - t a.ii, l f it.;. reaty, the Kirml iha .Vst w.tliiu cicht monthi from tlio nrcLi.t lim, . r .i j,, all his subjects, in iuom tiicc - iuai mauuer, Irom tailing any part whatever iuUie trade of Slaves ; atd in the e - eui oi uie measure! bcre:dtcr to be a loptol be - tug loui.d iiuuiBctnt for that purpose, Ins Majeo - ty further enga - cs to atlopt such other ones a? may appear best calculat - ;.! to tecurc it. The second article pr.vidi s lor the right of mutual starch, on part of both Ihe Cootrai tiu? Pow - iuj me third explains u,o inodo in which uai ri - ii simii be exercised. This, as the mo. - l luiimiiani. wesui.jom. It enacts I'd. That such reciprocal ri - ht ofiisit and de - teutioo shall not be exercised wiimu the Medit - errautan tei, or wiUiia the Sea in Europe ly - ng wi:hout tlie Atriiis of C.ibi altar, and whit h he to the northward of tbe thirlr - sevtrillj parallel of north latitude, and abn within nr.,1 t.. tl. ca - taard ol the meridian cf lon - itudc twu v greei w:t of (iiftn.vkh. d. limt the names uftl. - m hed with .oth iu trur.tion, the force of each, an J the names ol tt.e.r eevural commanders, shall t - e Irom time to time iinmrdiaiclv unon isue. t otouiuuif aicd by :hc f'jwer inuins toe same to me owier H,' !i t.. - ,n!r i. tin Pirtv. 31. i hi.t the n - ol ships of ea h of the .l iyal .Naviej audioize;l to m:.!i such viit as a. Inn - said, - liall not exceed tl.e number oftwelve. l - elnn. - uig to either ol the High Contracting Par - i - s, without the special con er.t ef the iJ. - 'l (VjitracLns. Parti h.;.,.. f.rt h - i.l ..1. la.ed. 4:.1). Tin? if at any time it should be derme.l expedient tint any snip ,1 the Royal Navy of cither nl the two II1I1 Cuntrartinsr l'aitienlhor izej to mate such viit as af.iresaiiL should n o Icecd to i i: any morchant ship or ehtps under ih 11 Z, ami pritcocliuj undnr the convoy of ail) "...sel or ves?f j ol l!i! Koyal Navy of the olh. 1 HtgnCo'ilrH'.tite l' - .r;v. tint th.t' iDiimnn.ln - olHcer of ihe shin duW a'.h .. - i - cd ami nutt uc'r.i to m:ke su li vrit, sinll rrocc d to effect the tnio iu cocimituiratic:i witi tho comm od n ' I ill er of th.t com or, w ' - o. it is hereliv wrpeil. gire ev.;i y facility to su h visit, and to th.; eventual dctamcrot the inan.Uaiit .!iii or Uin - o vi - iled, an.l in all thin ; aj.Ut to I'm utmo. t ol O S power iu tho due ex cut.o:i of !ha nn - seni Convention, accoidin? to Lie tiim h.l,.i.t m,.! meHrnnir thcrorl. ,t'i. It is farther niutim! n?reLd. thtt thr of the ships ol llie Uv li .yal N'a -, lt tln.l he rm. lnvelon tin'seiv c. tli. - .ll a lliete tricly to the eja - n ten n - of the i:.!rac lions wliit h tney - iiiil r' - coive lor this purpose. 1 leni.tiiK!! ir;nic w.i.i - ii , - tre sevea I rf.t ic - i coin ;uu i l y liU r - ofdrv wills Sr.i.n aiidr.irliig - .il, an.l whlrh are s - .healv kuown to our reader. There are so me t .. hn Tre.tiv. ci.tilaii.i::: - !lm f... . ,.i .. i: ... r s - niiis i ainiot - L - J lo n, . v. ..i ...,.r. oin ii tisrtmii ol toe K.ngt.f t;, - , , - ..n.i,. I .io i ins papers of I'm s - l ,v I w.. . .i., l - Vl hive arrive ! fin . o:ir last. Iln il. Pontifical States. .Nearly all the rSir. rf m. b - inj hands hive surrenderej thenre'res .tmoncl the noted Ce - aris. The ten' .Lrmes m,ll U newly ortraniro - j. Th. arm, f Uie I.d nf b.. UohrrusttesiaaialeJatabaHtCifC mcaof sularau. .li :.y, theftmralo'.c iuiejf!llc Prmc - .t,. ru., were perforined will, ;,ll Ihe t onm r.n.l .r,lm.,; y d ie to his rink, hi. virti rs, and the occajoa. n article fun. J:,.liid ui. etions. thnt lh re mi ..n rta - ou to bclievo the di;. at.o tli - o i'mi fc... iwicu riviin and th - l!ni!...l Mir,. ....i i. t . - - - - - - - - rti is rit. - lurc : l.ttt it a Imitt - " - ion oi uie r I ore! t fnr a utrnn;, t - ,n.l, - in,.:t. It . f - w" eniuii,csii ;n - .i a u - g - xi ..tioa waacttiall lend ng lo t.'iat t5ict. Tow tr I - . "J.n end of last month rt q - jar - rt! trosc betworn some 5puii - h an I l'ortii, - scld;er, on the frontiers ol l'ie mi of Leo;i, siul so no ttiilividnali were killed on iMh - ide. This event was ut f. nt I into a rom - mrncemrtit t.f ho - tiiities between the two Government', but' il v .sm. - relf a nnnl. ml...n. denUnd o. !l aro - iri. hnv r ih ,i . ;:.. annn - .tie, recirroc - vlly tx, t ot. t!, t artofilm md.Urv of "vaiii and IVrlu,''. win. ii the polled diff. - reoces bctweeu Use two couutries have o - l. - d to ai - gravale. lf i wn. We are hr - ppy to ssy, her M. jcsty was so much belter yente. - dav, tuat tbe public BitoAtits res;:iin; the stale 0f the Q ie.n's inJispo -, were discontinued. Her Maj - Hty is now considered ta I - recovered "PA HI, May 27. - orount Iro - nub. ;n ik rAdg. - Gn. Girard, Koi - bt of the Re - yal Order of Uie Legion of lloiour, alto of the Orders of liataria and Wurtemberg, died suddenly ou the 16 b inst. at Clermoot K errand. The King had confided to him the command of the Departments of CantaL tbe Ilante - Loire, and ofPuy - de - Dome. Though still youDg in years, he had passed successively through all the mlerior ranks to that or Acljulant - tiencraJ." . French Fuudi. - May 26. - 5 per Cents. C3f.65c. Hank Stock, I540f. 44 BRUobKLS, May 22. " The Duke of Wellington returned yester - day from Ghent, and set off this morning, at six oVl.K k, for Waterloo. His lordship will return this eveaicg." - STUTCAIID, May 17. Mr. Crock Taylor, KnglLh minister at our court, has received instructions to make the lie ces - ary arrangements fur the marriage of th. duke of Kent with tht dowager priuccssol Leiu ingea. The Albany papers, received this mornin contain the particulars of the .murder of major Birdsall. The wretch vilw shot him, bat not mado way with himself, us was reported. lie has been delivered over to the military au thorily by the sheriff of Albany. From the A Ibany A rg uj, July M. ' It is wi'h ftehns of deep n s. - ef. tnat we have io announce me ueath ol Mai. Ur..J A.ll UIIU'SAI.L, of the U. S. rifle corn., bv nn net ol deliberate barbarity that has few parallels in nun. - . ne was snoi lnruuxn tne nooy on Sunday evening, bv a nrit ate oi hit rnrn. .i..n,..rl Jamts Hamilton, (an Irishman bv birth.1 anil breathed his last between nine and ten the same evening, tlis remains weie enterred vesterda." widi military honor, amidst the dn - p lamentations il' hit relative, the regrets of his fellow soldiers and ofidl who enjoyed bis acquaintance Hamilton had vowed to peri etrute this horrid! act, in coiiseuui - iice oi sou.e s unnosed i:iiurv lie ' n.tti receiveu irom ine aeccascd. Uu Sunday, wiuie the niaior was couvcrsinj with a citizen ou Ihe parade, he advanced to within a few yurdsel him, dclihorutelv levelled his piece, ami iii:uneu on neuisn Uenn. Tile hall enttreil the ri - ht breast below the ribs, psed through the lower part t.i'the lunas, which belore death protruded irom the wound, lodged in the i p - po'ite side ol the i best. Maj. b. retained I, is nn'is perlectly, couverscrl wilh Uie Ke. Mr. t'timniiijgj. who offered up prsyers to the Foun - i.uii o, mercy in ins rjenail j tva si nsilile that his wound was mortal; gave his sword and watch to Ins little son, and took an uffecfiuDatu luae ol his family and fi lends Hamilton was secured and lodged in innl. where, instead of p.nitence and tear", wc are told he exults iu hiving exet uteri bis diabolical pur - iinc ...III. .. f. I . 1 i. - . . 1 , . 1 lui a " - i oii naruinooti. T'lose who are acquainted with the history ol the late war. need nt be told ol the valor and seruccs oi itlaj til ROSA LI. iii li,e northern cam paigns, tlis merit mid Lis sulierini. m, mi unit me cnmmrniiuiion and reward oi I. . i?uv. ernmentj while he endeared biimell to a aumt - rous riicic oi arnuaiutance by his social as well as mihtarv virtues. Blajtir Hihdsall bad languished iinilr lh tvo.iuds he received imlefending his country, till Within a fW WCekS 01 his noil inrhnlr 11. bas left a wile and four chili'ren to inmn. ii. 1.... ..1 i.;.. ....... . 1 .1 - . ivo v. uu ujiuori uuo aueciiou. From tieJlbaiy Heit'er, July 14. We b tve been politely ftirni - htd with the fo! - lowing particulars relative to tbe death of majoi UirJ:tll, bv litttit. icott : - Major flirdsall was sitting in conversation Willi Lieutenant Scolt. at the caiitoitemen - . be. ice.i mis cny ana the seat of Gen. Stephen Van Kenssclaer the comnanv was coming on lai - auc riarr.i'ion came w ithin a few vanU took deliberate aim and tired. Oa n: - csent'.n? his piece they rise, and when the Major was falling he grasped the Lieutenant's hand, shook it warm y, and said "Scott I am tfone, take charge ol ihe men," and directly after exclaim ed .My t.od, what can all this mean !" Mr. tco't enquired if he was in much pain, he answered I am in great pain" the lieutenant esprtssed a hope that the wound was not mortal, and wai answered "Ism gone '." 1 hree men u ere immediately dispatched for surgical aid, and atiuiriL er of the faculty w ere on the spot in a few minutes. The citizen 111, Led to the camp in such numbers that the posts of t.eii.inr v. - cre necessarily Uonhled to give 1. em air to tbe deceased. He expressed a w nn ins i.innly, atnl was came i to Mis resiuence, .N 1. 155 .North - Markets trect ctn inels were immediately posted round the nottscto prevent dm crowd from stopping the free circulation of ai - . lie said but little alter he arm ed at the house, and expfrienced ihe agonies n death, whiM the surgeons at Ins request, were undi essii g him. He breath ed t.tntiy tir many minutes alter, apparently f. ee fium pain, and expired without a struggle, or vi ihle C invulsio - i of body or wddness o! iuimi. uu immortal soul tinted to the man si in 01 rct, and lett m it Uuv mouldcrimr 1 net tl.n . ... 1 . 9 ...v i.ivn - 01 a 11, inn anvc to every and dignified feeling of unman nature, and - 1... . .1 . . . . . . . lS"ing wiin humanity and patriotism. 1 Il3i e can be no pr - inic n'a on dinned 1... prompting the mo iiUr to so foul a murder, but .0 ..ujiir.s 01 a nen.l malignity. Wo are in lorme 1 by Lieut., that ll'imilion is ol a ri - fi - .iciory, iju. - .rrcisoine d.sposilion, an ju governable l sinner. 1 la was seized, ho ui the guar l - l,,.uie in lc;s than a minute after i.nug, a.nt Kept ui formally dim mdei of Lieut, ocotl by die civil authority. Wh.le in the gu r.l - house he put his head tint of the window und ;u d ")!iarc d.tne w.'nt I have been wanlin - to do lor 1 long timo." le devised a plan K,r ci.cling h,s purpose secretly by decoviu" Ih - number, do notrsseni: ,! .r. , : .IM i . J . " " T m thu, aud bent nrovi ion.. front t!.... , . I . ' V:" ' .?. . ' '" design, ti.e hardened . . . . - '"""' ' wrt - ico came W J v to the r .t....u , - ... - . . n icviiays previous to the lamented catastrophe, Inn 1 1. .3. r,f ....... . .. ... .' nih,e iu Ojmi your ci,e$." 'I he Hung lnt: old.ets say he g - iUi.m. kt Ihe mix. t C...r!,f J. , ZvWr " u . - OI 1,5 wle''s hut Uie, .. . . "v - wtiitrej i. nn niusiti c Inr h in t.. I, r. n. are to re - id,' ett tho o i.. of - f, r, 1 1 , , . - ' . , m ieiiiciii. i u otiit, we ie .ro uiat L Sl"lU 'rtri ' ! '.V Kcom" - "'r more confirm, I i, " Kf n loms, we le .ro Uiat icre confirm I I ... .. ... i - , . . : tie pr.cineJ po - ,lcr and ball for the exprefs pur - : - . - P. Mil... ,1 l. t ..' . , , - crcr I'etn peculiarly in lulgeut t. litis l l - .vod - tbir.ty wretch, and c - t - "" "J:tu " r.iciiiatc anls - iften his savage fe. roLily b mild per:ttaion and gentle reproof no ...rmej a hatred f..roncoftho recruits, and irennriitiv thr. i ... - ii . - ' u..vntut:LI lObllinim imrdeceaud friend is taken from the boson ... - j - u interes - jng from the ..velte - t ;nflccuons of hi3 companion, inarm Irom a larirc circle of w:. . nutt ii uiii uie emce ol a country who appreciated his wor'b. and v.,11 reali.e bis bv. Frank, sincere, a,i msenuoiis ia all his relations willi manknd. hr was cuueared lo all, and all mourn at his oa - timely fate. We knew him, knew him well, an.l w know mo, that his expanded soul wa, Uie seat of every v:l:i, evcry g;enerou,t anJ cverv honortble s. nUment which Irail man can be endowed will. The Ret - . Mr. Cummin?, at nne nl.t..u. j rr varst, has fumLdied us wilh the followio - ac i vm.dol the List momcuts of thi. hi - hi. ed and brave oifirer. " " ' sr rt .',U",r,i'' - V,nd''yo'rni'ig,JuliM . ir. Claric - At your reque - t I write the fol lOWi" - . succiuct statement of f.,t. r - n tinder my observation I,st evem.ig. 'i'n reference w ".eiancnoiy ui - atii or major htr jsall : .My rptadecc - bebg near the enenmpmrot. I distinctly heard the report of a gun durin - the es enitig , I immed.ateiv r.tmarked lo t wo ot my Iriemh hj were wilh m, that I tfcouit I , J. "uusua , especially on the - Saohath. fe, af er, .Vr. Gtree Merchant, ooeof aieg - ntlcnin allude.1 to, iooitinj .,warj the t - rjts, m w'.iether the crowd collected could l c.ttz. r s ? 1 , - .pi,, J tj,at ba. Sir the case, as th sac;re.I U ... ,..iL f - - - - - u.i,u I 'I O - faaed by malutuucs ia the Twiaity of a camp. An Insiaul had hardly elapsed, wben a lady fVrm tb ndjoiulng piaxia, calltd to o.e, ioformiug that major i:irdail was thot.'; I leu my house iaie - d.aUly, and hat iug arrived at tht f itsi sio, took Ihe baud of the dying man, tnd a?ked him whe'.her he recogmred nto .' He answered " Oh yes i do, my de.r sir, pray for me.'1 I kneeled by his side, and having ernckded, I again turned to him, when, with a look of inexpressible teudcrue.6, allhauh in extreme 3ip.v, he thanked me, and exebtimd " Cli that "Cud rvon' J ! e pleased to grant mu timo to prepare lor dcth." I couvcreed with V.m as long as'l deen - .ed it fort iisteiit with hit fee! U state, and l aii.ig paused perhaps one miuute, bo ngttiu Kjuetzcd ray baud ma;i aueciionttcly, and importuned ins to f ray tm i.;, i : i i. ... l . ofale'rer f - nj' yn Vea - d the U 8 ship ii:n; fto. - i vh,i v. e ir .ke the r0l!owl tng cira.i3. . li e ktte. - ,s catdl, "Puerto del Act to. Jar of .Mi: rrtv, jn South A me - ricrt, June 17, 181s," and ws l.rmght toSa - vannah July 6, t; ;ui luiiej n - .ikr.t VenetUelian clitoiir. There is, ftnys t!;e w.rte - f, nob'e sniritof patriotum tlif.tisel th.ourrh thi island. A - l - n.iral Bircr. ; l ere with i.i aqoadron, which consists of tbe Victoria 30 guns j a brig of u Sims, railed tbe Orcnoko, nd two sehooneia tscneials Arisir.e'ir'.oi and Conn a are here A most disi resting circumstance happened this mo - niiM to tl!e patriots A fine man of war briir, H'ountin!r ten t'uni. caileil il, in,i:. . . . - , " "a L.1 - V : ,l" rru w:ieuier no ct - u not u. i - .er ,bri. mutih.ei!, cut her cables and nut te 7.7 ueierit until be was removed to his own haute. ... titt.n.t - - ...I. . . a mu j ny.'icuiijs men present ailtisca tn.s t.ep. Ho an. wr red, I cannot lire ! J cannot pray lor mjself; do pray now, my, dear ir. Cd course I complied with his request, and then pi.r - ccit ing that be was not fo much rxhat. - tted as I had prev'omly snppod, entered with him into a conversation ol several minutes I proposed a variety of question! in order to asterlaiu his sen - limcui,on tin ub; ctol relL'iou. and the actual state ol bit fetling. I inquired w hether he be - neved that the Lord Je - us ChiL - t was the only cavtour of men? He ansiretcd. "I d.i fnt! t'clievei." Do you kuow that you areasin - ner.'" Ah yes! the very that evoi lived ! Oh pray for my poor soul." Are you willing to be saved toleiy thro' the righteou. - ncss of Christ?" I willing am." " Aro you peifectly mat ne should have all the ' lorv m" v..n. salvation?" Perfectly willh..." D.s vm. htm to Ins offiVtcd win - ..ndrtiildren, and giving 1 hern sm hiidncc and rwisnlulion as 1 d . - emtd liest ad:iited to their ritniilirm I i.ii 11.. ... . hewever. until I had wit,,. ..,l ih 1. of poor l.irdallV last moments. I have heeri Huts particular, because the public mpalhy is excited t ) an unusual d - sree. 1 tow idlectin aud how jolemn, is tbe death of tins amiable, this gallant ami intrepid i.ffi.:er! Had he died 011 tlie field of battle, coi.tei dini - manluily, as he often did, for the liberties ol his country, we should experience some solace; - But ...... - , - . ,u, - , - e oi n,e ma'tnunt, unprr t o keit, and dastardly attack of a traitor, is on alllif: tioii scarcely t i b. te.i.dured ! Yet the ifmcn - a - li.ine rtf IU It..: .1 1.. sii ,c niuiiiiiy ore tun 01 tei titinte; t'tev n ""ne iijost salutary le - sms; i.nd white tney w - ar.i us, that " 10 li e initUt ol life we are 111 death," they urge us to be holy, that we may be la haste, I am, sir, repecl fully your's. Mr. I. VV. Clabk. Mr. Coleman, It having of late become so much in rogue with our corporation, to honor the memory of those ofourcilaens who havedi.ilingui;hid them - stives by their talents iu the cabinet or btavrr) ui the field, by git inj Iheir names to the diff. t ut streets auJ squares of tho city, I have fell no small degree of surprise that Ihe'lihcrcfpet - l bat - not been paid to the memory of the illustrious Hamilton. An opportunity is now otored them ol doing that ju. - bce, by i hanging the tame of" street, (lately so much improved,) to 1 U miiton - place or street. i 1 Front the JValioml Int, July 14. The latest accounts we have ir .m P. mar - I t, areLywuy of Mobile, umltrr date ol the I9tn iltimo. We are sorry to find it stiled, in the t.bile Garettc, as a repoit. nlitlid in somo tie - Kree olcre hl. that " there are many complaints i t the pnrt cf the Spanish garrijoli and stihjrcts in I'rnsnroia. that the erlic.'rs of t - apitulatioa hum slriclly ohverved on ti - e paitoftbe Amt - iicans." I his complaint may have arisen from general ii elir:g.,n the part of the Spanish inhabitant, without any particular louiidutirn in fact ; or irom Ihe ilillicu t v which mav occur from oun.lTi. cersnota' curatt l lin ruiiinalirg between a pos itirecnuqtiL - ftoi lite and scvereijntv. and n tiMuporary ccrucati n oi it, suiicosed to'he m:ide evessary io tne sai. ty ol oar Ironti. r, by tlie in - disposition or inahisify ofthe Sp'nivh authorities .o came goon una io tlie L'mled cta'.ts to be oo urved the fLin. f ne sain" p iper inform3 ;i, thnt rent.icola, if the informatn:i of the editor of It.c Gazette be corrvct, " pr. - .sents an c xtraordinnrv miitical ns pect ; Mat Spanish law p - evailn n to every Ihii.g ux uui. anil riev nue Law... :ind as to those the laws of tl.e United SUU s are in ; and th .t bilh Spanish and Atnericat. I.roperty had ten seized in Ihe pott nf I'ni.nco - ia and sent to the Umii 0 stales for adj'nln alu - n." :i i en v io toreseo tntti mis slate ol tilings will sive siiilicicii employment to our cottrts m (hut quarter j and that a'ltlioih lViis.tcul.i has been occupied hy the miiitary authority, nothii g short of an act ot Congress ran rrconril:: the esi - tuu r.u ongruikies iu the admii.iitration ol law in tha"i iirritnry. With resitrct to the occupation of that post, we areyet without any other imorm dion .uai arjorditd hy the two G neral Orders of the - .ererai ctjitiman.nng the southern livtion. al PA - ..! ...... r;,i. 'ii.. j. i died. 'I .aiists iiiucn tmexsmcss, as a fctrnnp Spanish squndiiw U before Cuuiana, mIucIi is only 15 miles fium this. ' Cuniana is closely besieged by the patriots, and it i coi.fideiitly hoped will surrender be. fore many I am sorry to say that this " " - "ty uiK - nuea, inreeor tour guns is all they can muster, as for their navy it is with out discipline. All the officers here are Irish" English and Scotch., They are very discort" tented and very poor. I hty say they have never received a cent in the service, and their clothing ii almost worii threadbare. Some of them will soon leave the frrvicc if they are not belter provided for. "News has this moniinir arrived tW'st. - :ti.. 1 .. - j . ... ? "'f 1 ma nas uitu ot ins wounds. 'Ai counts have iust been a.i . .. " ...x Hum consent cordially to the humiliating doctriue of r, ,' !C ' "?ef"re roccas and doing well the cross - that humiliating.loctriue w hir - h utter - 1 u t,ie sPa"' - ,,di' ar ''S in heaps t sj iy aurones man of nrule and elorv. ;.nd ive4 :tll houour to God iu Chrict?" ' I do coujrnt" "Are you willing 0 be savrd as a 'bes 'ar?" Yes, oh yes." "Are vou willing hl.l it please a merciful God to rcdoem yuurniul, to be poimeirai ny me holy angels when you shall arrive at heaven, asotie who d. serves lo be pluu - gcd i.t perdition, and who wa saved by grace a - lone in 1 am altogether wi.'ling." 1)0 y01 then dcerve to lie sent to hell ." I do rii My deserve it ; I deserve nothing else." Do you then feel in your utmot toul, that it would be i!i ... kM.....: i. .... '"" - "" i jiii iu i.ou 10 uama you 1 1, 11 would be just ; I do feci it." Do you depend rtclmivelyonthe meiits ol the Ann t.f; ml fcr salvation ?" I depend on no one ele." Not on your present rctolutions ?" " .No. Xot ou your vows ol amendment 0 life should vou re - . . . , 1 1 . - .... . Xot at all." 'l)ovnn ri.i,.i,t nl your sins ? 1 am sorrv that I hive, in,.d .... gainst God." 1 then explained to him at full length, the nature ol evangelical repentance, and propped to him several other ou stions, to which I ret tin n very satisfactory answers. I commended !i sou! to God, nnd ceased converting with him, as he was mutli exhausted. As soon as he was remcvetl. I went to Inttse, hut be could ci.verse mi more. 1 torn...! ir .. hagen ' SaiI " ihTtt T r,ir.hours for Copcn - v - 1 . . ' Al - "t. July 14. M e understand that a man was st.uck w,th a spade and instantly kided, on raturdav. bv the cM.t,n ofanVerslocp, between tliis'p ace bo'li d deceased was a cook i W'e are sorry to have ocea. inn .....11 semi - wvckly catalogue of crime,, by statinff the death of a wo.r.:,,, in Schodack, occasion. edbywou.;ds wantonly inflicted by her bus - """" "c secured 111 I roy jail. Hans Lund, a journeyman printer, who lived at JW Ivi Liberty street, was yesterday commuted to pt ison, on charge of having mur. t.ered his wile, by administering - to her fifteen grams of corrosive sublimate. .V. r. Gax - The i.oop Griffen Tcmpkins, captain Bird, of Ir, j., totiing down sound through the thunder gust on Monday evening, vni struck w.tb lightning, and bet mast shivered to atoms 1 ho curtain was set ir.u - iy injured, but is futt re - covering. The fluid descended to Ihe heel of Uie mast, mid ra5Ca m,t through tbe hatch - way. Office of the Freeman's Journal, 3 Philadelphia, July U - notin. J Arrived, siiip Pacilic. Shark 134 davs fiom Canton. Ship Vm. P. Johnson, Gilles, 50 davs from Liverpool. Sch aitha, Dennison, 6 days fiom X York. Sloop James, Hlitnt, 21 days fiom N Orleans, llr g Fanny, Barriay, 4J days from Lisbon. l.tlt at I.,,6on, 1st Ji nc. the same vessels as reported at Iloston, Uth capt. Foster, except ship Constittttum, Seward, who sa.letl for Bah. 28th Rlayj brig Harp, do. for Phi tad. iiUth. and ship S' huv'kill, llidclius, do tlo 2Jtll. July 2 L lal 21, Inn 66, spoke British barque Janr, IGdays from Lemarara, for London. Sd, lat 27. Ion 6.5, brig East - Indian, Smith, 8dav from Baltimore , ., Jata, ad well. HKILIJ, On Saturday eve) iif , by the Revd. Archibald Maclny. Mr. Jehu Art la alua KWubeth . Lowdeii, oil ol this citr. ' Last fcvenine ly tbe Iter. Air. Fnrinr. Alansoa, iiiercbnntol this cm, to .vliss Klizabeta Unilerhi.'l. daughter of Ureal Uoderlnll, of Cedar wuinp, l.. i, ."JLVV;.V POST MA RIME LIST. CLKARLD, Schr Mar;rarct, Cawcll, Charleston audetvater, Wheeler & Co Lark, Watson, Halirar Rowland Si Brains . .IKIUIF.n THIS rJhr..VOO.Y. Ship Pacific, Willnuis, 44 days from Liverpool, wilh dry jrootli, hardware. Sic. to I. Wrieht i: Son, K 1 huitp'on. b Thomnson and B Mae - - ball, owners; imith, M'Call Si Co. La vert v, shelters & King, T TiihwelL A Crimkerhoff ti Co. T KJF Lawrence i Co. Marsh Si Brooks, J W Schmidt, A WytkoiT,Kissaini Wetmore, P sirauon, n Latnis, Ii Hendricks & Co. 3 Wood ti Son, I) Hutiharn. G Wragg, J Thgmpron k Co. J 4t X II sight, W W Woolscy & Co. handi, spooner ii sidids, I lallenck, Lee & Co. E Dodfr shun, S Lawrence, Major A: Gillespie, G Chance, S & O Snydara, T WrijhL Hill & ToDham. S Corp, G Coggill. W Rrgers fi 6on, J Iixpn.jr. fl h. 1 oler & Go. T & I ol ias & Co. Otis Mv.ui, W Ciiderd, J Wigham, Day, Downs & Kattb - irn, It KaiS,. - , pfc 11 gCgar, A 6 Xorwood, G A'piuwall Si iou, I) Crowiher, D Kennedy, J Uraliam, J U lover r. tj M'Kvcrs, T Dixoo, W Sorgcnfrry, D Hatlden, B Lord. J Heard. J Harris, J Ru - hton, J & B Dcmilt, P Remscn V. Co. Lord Si OIuiMcad, Zabriskie is Parsons, lortimnr ii Hook, Vose ir Low - , E T Marsh, J Giv an, T Lovett, J Tompson Si Sou, J Large, and J V.'tan ley, of Philadelphia, and to order. - i.led from Ltvrrpool on the 1st ol June. Left, ships Oioiimbo, of.Calumore, for Canton, and slluitiro, of Xcwport, lor I lie north ol Lurope, tl t!ie Hock, wniiirt; a wind. The brig Tom Htizard, fiom X York, passed ihe Pacific at lie Rock, bound up. The ship Kuphrates lo sail tiom Liverpool about iho 10th, aud lintorter. Ixtitt the loth, for X Yotk. The Woodrop - Sirns, for Philadelphia, iii 10 days; tho Lancaster, J;vl ior and T legraph, for do. in all Ihe aionth tlf .flllltt 11,1 II.a I'llVt l.i... l..t la - 4 l.n . . - . - ." ...u ...... . lir, J.ll tO, il,, It'lJ 3d, blowing a heavy gale of wind from W SV ready punli be di.patt lies received tl.e I passed the - hip Jane, of Philadelphia, bound tt otliernav inA ..I... I. .......... il.. . . . .. - - j j teaiie,i to contain an mnple jtittfiitation of Gi - n. Jaclt - on's conduct, the pn'itii. - have not yet en. It ti pn tinned they .will he made public when the Lxceutive slinll have acted on tin m. The roiiiluct ol th. - I.sei uiue . - uid of fi Jackson in the occupation ol l'ei.s.icola. hd been arri.oriif.ii iiv wriier. in t .... t.... p... I..... . .1 1 ' w. j - - . - - . - v. . ii.. niuii..ii rt.IU one or two other respectable patv rs. not to n iii, e liieg - imacesof some hahitu tl snarlns dtreitt. il - .gainst the former exclusively. J'h.; Incentive is l i.tmed for w.iat is termed an indirect war on spam, 11 the measure should have been authorized ; and Gent rtl Ju k - ou i c - n'ire.i. it: tr.iii. mfsuch ail npi. ar thai he h .is 1... sumtd the responsilii itv oi tn.s act. 'I !i?sc art points, in ntti - uiptii'g'to it.vt - sii - ate either d which we find ourselves stont. in limine. Iiv Ihe o.iesti .a, what w ere the instructions of General Jackson ? When that fact is ascertained. t .l.r.11 ... I. - .... . ' j - s riittr. iy ni sa a. at present : we hall have some land.uark to tuitlr us i tlie nnr. suit of a correct conclusion, w i.ichweuow seek n vain. What are to be the ConteO:ienres nf tht - ten fr,n,...l. - " .' a ? " suriuiea rnnilt'l O" prethct - ; hut we shad r.oterr crea'ly m satin - ', tint much wnl d. pend on the course which 'the Kxf c - uitve shall nov pursue. That course, it is eav to conceive may lienraitnlK:red by such dnTn tib ttes as must creatly embairat deci - ion. We have no other leeling - or wnh, in regard to tbe result, but that it may compttrt wiln the Mmor and esla' - Jtshed character ol onr country. Such, we - re sure, i the 3neral eeltng ; with wnich wt have every roi bM. i,Ce that lh detcrminaticn of the Lxctutive will corrtspoad ti.e eadward, and exchanged sitrnals. From the .t 45 and loo 46, to (he l it 4 J aud loo 54, saw several large island - of ice. from the 15th to the 2l. - tJuue, expeiieuced very heavy gah from the we. - tw.ird. Passenger., the bon. Win. Knatace, late minister from the United States to 'ho llsirue, ladv and servant: Ross Cuthbert, i';q. ladv, two daohtcrs and servant; .ur. Lee a. d ladv ; Miss Tripass ; Henry Cox, crrjaire ; lc - r.s. George ttoddard, James Leslie, Geore Ihxon. Samuel Harro:t. John aifdler. John Downing, W ra. .Mt.lsou, I )uncan Kennedy, Tho - inas sands, and J.thn M'CawlcT and Hcory J Williams, of Philadelphia and 23 in the iteer - ."ch Pamtiel Tvlcr. Tlichardson. 12 days from Lnbcc. with 'plaster, to Ward & UisuP' i'lo p Liberty, Paine, 5 days from Newport, il. I. w ith coal, bound to Albatw, JSIoop K wsetta. Hat haw av, 4 days from New port, R. I with coal, bonnd to Albany. lirig Calypso, Beal, from the Isle of May Xew port, K. 1. witli salt, to A P Gibson. Sch iMa - y ti llctsey, tiorham, 6 days frol" Boston, with plaste , bound up the river Sloop Olive. Drink water, 9 days from Pot land, with plaster, to Ward & Bishop. Tbe Caroline Steel, f - om XOrleaus; Haf mony, i'pence, from Charleston; Two - Mart's King, from XOrlcans, ail at the Clyde. AndrS - Uersehew, at Liverpool, from Philadelphia, - .it. 1. 1 ' jt.t E .'. Sell Constellation, fluids. 23 days from Oi - leanst With cotton and tobacco, to P Caret From Ihe Philadelphia Itnnoeratic Prett, r'jun. The siilp Lagttira was at the B..1U& .'u'vl.S. ready t sa.l , Viork The scb . lnavr - " e have just been favorc J with tlie perusal sailed 5 daya before lor X York j cbr X t , i 1 v L 0 1) fi i ti P c A Je Ai Ai le: W k lUl r.n son aftr pric villi Tl ther Jl The f - nrls .Was ill di (iSl Gnu ii Mrs. eqvilii, Tim Pnoi Wh.p, trotliM pitted Alait on on I a you ih, tlinz on Moos. sing feal "it" thi.. slack Mrs. tyieats, lort. Mr. T ny wc l - S'its. Carniv; rui l pn I'.wo I hy tlt'.r.:ut eflirrs Shilra Clo'0, Ticket, n'clork, Hoori u fttrniince i Ao tmn bie. Gi - ''ire - ' OaMoot l - V annoti:; ' list deei ,"tice lo I to ex fvt of the d not profi "atyoftht outtJie Hissed to Ihe tthn event of tfaoaVjnsi tmpiny. ktthisdilc ""ail the 0!d aot be .ware t Pu - tlorequ , Tlie artist, "IICVPl I e xv Uiun t Mrtif p,inr 101 v i' ijfhcouirs ne lJ Nlri... c Wt Jill,. - ,. j. - j , uie Crrs Inr it. ip R. n ?' Vanso Jr8,Par W hx Pa Ihos.Coet JPaldir): .,,rMn.V m it kiyVat,dda hT01"! thttt a, &h.e Pr "lrday ,., J? 'gket hr5t - X SMI w su tsSSi'tH

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