Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 2, 1931 · Page 20
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1931
Page 20
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BOTH PARTIES TO FIGHT TAX BOOS1 Leaden in Both Parties Op posed to Increasing Federal Levy. WASHINGTON, April 2. CW The (So-operation of both major par ties in the nwtt congress was looke for today to prevent a federal ta increase. "Responsible party leaders to hot the house and senate have expresse opposition to'Increased 'levies t meet the expected $700,odO,OOQ def icit this year and the probability o another ;next year. . · To balance receipts and expend! tures the budget -for the 1932-3 fiscal year will be kept to a- mini :mum. ; Budget .Director Roop mad this p'ronjlse after Chairman Jone of the senate appropriations com mittee asked a closer paring o government expense estimates. Keep Down Expenditures. Jones said he believed at the new seasidn "democrats will be as an xious as republicans to keep down expenditures" since "each party : :re- ^allzes it may be held responsible for the)condition of the treasury af ter 18S2." The Washington. senator den lei .that congress : has been extravagan since only .once in eight .years ha. it exceeded budget, estimates. H predicted the next assembly coulu keep below ..the $5,000,0M),pOO inark because no more 'money would ,b needed for .the Farm Board;', Further Baviigs .were-anticipated thru curtailment of public building appropriations".:; ^ . ; . Jones suggested'-.the 'approaching deficit be met by short term certi' long 'term bonds bea higher Interest. .·".; Hobver Made -Warning. President Ho'bver Has warnec 'that. expenditures must be kep down. He sold a tax increase shoulc be avoided, as did Chairman Wood of the house appropriations commit tee. .- -. - ' . . . . Income tax collections for th first nine months of this fiscal year were $3bB,(H)5 1 0()6-below the jl.808,- 614,861 for tMe'feame period last year. It is estimated that the total income tax · collections will be around 51,835,000,000 aa compare with 52,410,986,977 last year. All receipts have declined for the nine montftB. THe total drop for the period is ?filO,000,000. ' Garidhi Has Bodyguard on Train Journey to Keep Away Admirers KARACHI, India, April 2. U-Mahatma .Gandhi left here tonight, accompanied by the members of his cabinet,.for Delhi, where he wlU at- · tempt-to--Bblve the Moslem-Hindu -, communal problems. :: Four strong men were assigned'to Gandhi's third class compartment as bodyguards to pi event his admirers from forcing their way in or smashing windows as happened oh his last train trip. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 2 1931 PHOTOS SHOW "KILLER" BURKE'S CHANGED NOSE Held in an escape-proof cell, Fred Burke, wanted- for- some 20 murders, is kapt undar heavy guard at St. Joseph, Mich., awaiting trial for the slaying of a policeman. Upper left is an exclusive telephoto of Burke snapped at St Joseph, Mo., just before he was' taken to Michigan in a heavily armored car; center above, Burke today and, right,'a few years ago, illustrating how the'gunman'changed the shape of his, iiose to avoid Identification; upper right, Jo- seph Hunsaker, laborer o f . Green City, Mo., -who brot about Burke's capture when he saw his picture in a detective story magazine and met him later as "Richard White" in Green City; lower left, the farm house of Burke's father-in-law near Green City where he was captured and, lower right,- his wife, Mrs. Bonnie Burke, who-denicd she knew her husband's identity, being questioned by detectives. Cashier Convicted of -· Accepting Deposits in Insolvent Iowa Bank FAIRFIELD, April 2. W)--J.' A. trown, Keosauqua bank cashier, to- ay .was found guilty of accepting :eposits in the Manning private ank at Keosauqua when he knew 'iat it was insolvent. The jury reported this morning [ter more than 40 hours of dellber- tlon. Attorneys for Brown -an- ounced that an appeal would-be aken. ' . Nations to Convene to Study Naval Agreement LONDON, April 2. UP--The British foreign office spokesman said today that British, French and Italian naval experts would re- assemble in London .after Easter ti continue efforts to , complete' the draft of a tribarite naval agree m e n t . . . . ' Despite .problems which have arisen it was stated at No. 10 Downing street, that ultimate success is expected. Falls Down .^ -SIOUX CITYr April"'1- (#)-^ Charles McClary died Wednesday ight from injuries received from a all 'down the elevator shaft of the Meyer brothers saddlery. His skull ras fractured,. " - GoodLuckis treacherous! Bad Luck is expensive! balance Is better than any kind of luck! 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Y/lostofth standard size flower packets per, 'packet Nort up,Km0 ,Co* Seeds WE SELL NORTHRUP-KING CO.'s SEEDS BOOMHO WER - STRHETER 113 N. FEDERAL AVE. PHONE 142 HOUSPASSES DISTRICTING BILL (Continue* From Page'1). eleventh, the.eighth of the present tenjn'and the sixth of the present seventh.'. The biggest change In dis- -trict alignments Is in the Beeond, where Davenport, Clinton; Cedar Rapids and Dubuque are thrown to gather. .: -. · - · - , ' .Bitterly Opposed. I This : was Bitterly opposed" by Scott and:Linn -county representatives. The bill, f while'making some changes, in the districts, virtually left those undisturbed which'are represented by Congressmen Fred C. Gilchrist, Gilbert N. Haugen, T. J. B.- Robinson and W. E. Kopp, with the districts; of Ed ,H; Campbell, C. E. Swanaon and'C. C. Do well having .the same boundary lines as at pros- 'Under 1 - the Tamisiea plan .Congressmen- C. W. Ramaeyer and Lloyd Thurston are thrown together In the first district and Cyrenus Cole and B. M. Jacobson in the second district. . The house .with little debate adopted an amendment to hia bill offered by Taralaiea which 'put Dubuque county fr|m the fourth to the second district, Benton from the second to the third, and Buchanan and Delaware from the third to the fourth. Defends Amendment. Representative Ed Brown, Polk defended the amendment saying the interest was the same and did not disturb the districts as much as other plans. The amendment was carried when Representatives O. J. Ditto and Rider, democrats, switched from the coalition. The house then defeated by a vote of 51 to 56 the Whiting-McCreery- EUiottfamendment offered in effect: as a substitute for the Tamtstea bill. Whiting declared that the lines of four, of the nine Tamisiea districts \yere drawn solely for political purposes. He declared the plea of Brown for the Tamisiea bill was the voice of Cassius Dowell to'save his district .Long Votes Yes. The roll call on the Tamisiea bill: Yeas--Republicans--52 -- Allen, Avery, Ballew, Brown, Davis, Dayton, Drake of Muscatine, Durant, Ellsworth, Fclter, Foraling, Gresser, Greene, Hausen of Audubon, Hanson of Winnebago, Helgason, Hesse, Honingsworth, Hollls, Hopkins, Hunt, Huated, Hutcheon, Johnson of Marion,' Kern, Lamb, Langland, Lichty, Long, McCaulley, Mathews, Mayne, Morton, Nelson of Cherokee, Nelson of Story, prr, Pattison, Ratliff, Rutledge, Rylander, Snyder, Sours, StanzeJ, Strachan, Tamisiea. Tepaske, Thompson, Torgeson, Van Wert, Warns tad, Witt, Speaker Johnson. Decomrats--8 Ditto, Giasel; Hayes Lepley, McDermott, Malone, Paisley, Ryder. Noes--Republicans--18 -- Atken, Bair, Beath, Berry, Byers, · Elliott, Figgins, GUmore, Hansen of Scott, Hush, McCreery, McLain,. Mlllhone, Randall, Shields, Short, Simmer, Van Buren. Democrats--30--Augustine, Babcock, Bonnstetter, Craven,. Donlon, Drake of Keokuk, Fabritz, Finnern, Gallagher, Garrett, Hook, Koch, Kohler, Laughlln, Mead, Miller, O'Donnell, Osborn, Peaco, Pendray, Randolph, Rawlings, Reed, Reimers, Roe, Stiger, Thiessen, Watts, Wear- In, Whiting. Lineup of Counties. The lineup of counties under the Tamisiea bill would be: , First district--Iowa, Johnson, Cedar, Muscatine, Louisa, Washington, Jefferson, Henry, Des Molnes, Lee, Van Buren. Second--Scott, Clinton, Jackson. Dubuque, Jonea, Linn. Third--Benton, Tama, Marshall, Black ' Hawk, Grundy, Hardin, Wright,. Franklin, Butler, Bremer. Fourth -- Buchanan, Delaware, Clayton, Fayotte, AUamakee, Win- nishiek, Chickasaw, Floyd, Cerro Gordo, Worth, Mitchell, Howard. Fifth--Jasper, Poweshiek, Mahaska, Keokuk, WapeUa, Monroe, Appanoose, Lucas, Wayne, Clarke, Decatur, Ringgold, Union, Davla. Sixth--Story, Dallas, Polk, Mad-- isori, Warren, Marion. Seventh--Harrison, Shelby, Audubon, Guthrie, Adftir, Cass, Pottawattamie, Mills, Montgomery, Adams, Fremont, Page, Taylor. Kill Insurance Bill. Eighth -- Crawford, Carroll, Greene, Boone, Hamilton, Webster, Calhoun, Humboldt, Pocahontas. Kossuth, Hancock, Winneago, Palo Alto, Emmet. Ninth--Monona, Sac, Ida, Woodbury, Plymouth. Cherokee, Buena Vista, O'Brien, Sioux, Dickinson, Osceola, Lyons. By a vote of 58 to 65 the house killed the Kern bill which would have permitted Iowa insurance companies to write title insurance. The Durant bill which would permit boards of aupervisors to fix a maximum license.of $7 annually on the breed of dog commonly known as the police dog was passed. Thia breed alone is affected by the mea^ sure. · A motion by Representative H. N. Hanson, Winnebago, that all bids except appropriation measures go to the house sifting committee after April 4 was passed. A group of bills which would define osteopathy and set out educational requirements for osteopathic surgery was referred to the house sifting committee by a vote of 51 to 49. Hog Thieves Believed to Have Attacked Thompson SHAMBAUGH, April 2. Iff)--Hog thieves were believed to have attacked Will Thompson, 50, when he went to investigate a disturbance among his stock Tuesday night. Failing to return promptly the family started a search and they found him lying in the hog lot. A wound on his head indicate* that he had been struck by a blunt instrument. J, A, TREGANZA DIES AT BRITT Well Known Zoologist of . Hancock County Succumbs. . BRITT, April 2.^-j. :A. treganza, 87, a resident'of this community for a half a'century and widely known for his activities in : the-.scientific fields of zoology and geology, died at hta home here at 7 o'clock Wednesday evening. Death came suddenly and is believed to have resulted from a stroke. Mr. Treganza was a member of the state historical society and 'the national scientific association. He had gathered rock specimens from a large part of the United States and was intensely interested in all types of geological formations. By occupation he was an undertaker. Funeral services will be held at the Methodist church of Britt Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock, with the Rev. G. W. Eggleston, the pastor, officiating. Burial will take place in the local cemetery. '» Mr. Tregenza was born in Wisconsin And came to Britt as a young man. He ns survived by his wife, who is ia ill health, and a daughter, Miss Nora Treganza. rrras COUPON WORTH $1.51 FREE One Pair Silk Stockings French fashion, picot tops, ~Grenadine Silk with each $1 purchase of Regina-Maia Blended Face Powder Tfrlft powder Is enftUly blended to ftnlt jour eora- »IKUM. K jon otin br mall, simply tin the color of year hair «nd eye« ana wo wdl nuprlj tho exact sbMo for your Individual complexion. 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