The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 30, 1939 · Page 1
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 1

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1939
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H A R L O N E R H 1 S T M M 4 /Sf D E P T O F \nttA DE.S U O I N E S ^^^' r %^^ · \ -.. U C O U P NORTH IOWA'S DAILY PAPER EDITED FOR THE HOME VOL. XLV ASSORTED P HESS A** UgTED Business Decline Now at Standstill W A S H I N G T O N--The three months business decline lias come virtually to a standstill. Industrial production will fall only o n e p o i n t t h i s month. It declined t h r e e points in February, three in January. All government e c o n o- mists (and this means a dozen ol Mr. Roose- v e l l ' s b e s t r» , ^, .. · guessers) a r e Paul M»Uon bet ting the upturn will begin now. Their figures show a pickup in several industries already (chemicals, furniture, machine tools building materials.) The machine tool pickup is considered most important. This is the industry which .furnishes the tools for industiy. Its acceleration means industry is getting ready for bigger production. As the machine tool output was higher in March than in 18 previous months, the realists ' among ihe economists are con£i- dent a substantial expansion ol business production is at hand. * * * Red Ink Grease The spending economists think to; too, for another reason. Their unpublished figures (which reach Mr.' Roosevelt but not the newspapers) indicate Mr. Morgenthau is going deeper in the red. This means accelerated business according to their reckoning. They figure red ink greases the business machine--what the treasury spends above what it takes in is the inflationary shot in '.he crankcase. _ About S280,0(Kj 000 of this ved ink grease was being put out at Mr - Morgenthau's filling station !'.;. last. October.-The monthly deficit J..-.-has^inoreasi;diUntil..^it^. is -"-nearly $300,000,000 for March!. Jn June or , July it wjll get up to $350,000,000 or: $400.000,000, they expect. That ; is,- the.'government will then be putting back $350,000,000 to $400, .-000,000 more in business than it is taking out in taxes. The increases are certain because they have been - pledged, mostly under the P\VA contracts allotted last winter, and now just getting warm weather. The spending theorists, -there- lore, expect business will continue to better its position through the summer. * * * Spending Increases You may recall some spending theorists last fall expected "the biggest boom this country cvcr saw" to start in the spring and reach ;i peak around April 1 Well, they still expect it, but not by Saturday. They say they were oft in their timing. Inventories and Hitler combined to delay the ---· -~.-.~. ^^mwjiicu LU uuiay me k-vMiiiuiite named LO aratt a coin- buoyant effect of increasing gov- promise bill when advocates of ernment deficits, the two plans deadlocked, touched borne bystanders are beginning °« Thursday's fireworks by re- to wonder if there will not always faring to an amendment by Sen- be some deterring over-drawing at ° l " Hill ---» -"- - -· natural business causes to make a friendly." :^n/l/inn nnn *i_i-^ _ _ . Tn._ T T . ---- ---- - · - -- «··* W U M d ^ o n/ l l l C T t v C ti $300,000,000 monthly government j f -i i i -.", · ··-j t,w -"iAiujt^ii, -.*..!»» aiii^uuinem would deficit look like a drop of water substitute the Louisiana nlan of 111 T r i O \ m c t V l ' l + ! n n n l K . , - ; -- . » T l C i n r v i K n . i _ i _ 1 t _ ·*· in the vast national business pond But this i5 not a column about t 'THE NEWSPAPER THAT MAKES ALL NORTH 10WANS NEIGHBORS" N_CITY,JOWA _THURSDAY. MARCH3oTl939" H O M E E D I T I O N lU^UA' (J1TY, IQWA. THURSDAY, MARCH 30, 1939 *TM PAPHB coasts OF TWO SECT.ONS ^ , · : -- .... SECTION ONE ]SJO 147 L DUCE INSISTS ON EXPANSION DEBATE BEGINS IN IOWA SENATE ON CHAIN BILL Atmosphere Crackles as Revision of Tax Gets Consideration DES M01NES, (#,--The light over chain store legislation came to a head in the Iowa senate Thursday. The atmosphere in the chamber crackled as debate began on a bill which would revise the method of assessing chain stores and impose a graduated license tax. Senator G. R. Hill (R), Clarion, charged that chain store interests have extended their influence into the State university of Iowa and Iowa State college in their effort to forestall regulatory legislation. Refers to Article Hill referred to an article entitled "Fallacies of Chain Store Legislation," which he said had appeared in a university publication, and he held aloft a re-print from a similar article which he said had appeared in a state college periodical. "Professors supposed to be spending their time educating the youth of Iowa are devoting their time trying to deprive the state of. a fair share of the tax which we should receive from these chains " Hill asserted. He called the authors of such articles "propagandists." Attacks Attorney To B. D. Silliman of Cedar Rap- On a Snowy, Spring Morning tion. This familiar setting is beautiful the vcar to the trees h. such a manner as ids, an attorney representing chain store interests, Hill referred in more scathing terms. .,, "'He said^Sillimati7"according to- his own testimony at a congressional inquiry in Washington, had concealed his connections and applied to an anti-chain store organization for a position as field man, receiving "all the data they had on anti-chain store legislation." "When a man does that, he will do almost anything/' Hill shouted. Silliman Hears Argument Silliman was in the chamber, listening intently to Hill's argument. The proposed bill would levy an annual license fee of 525 lo S300 per store on chain-operated establishments, the fee depending on the number of stores which the chain owns in fowa. The bill also would include merchandise in transit and in storage in the annual assessment reports of chain stores. Senator Elmer Bekman (R) Ottumwa, chairman o_f a special committee named to draft a com- as "un- The Hill amendment would fit-ier*if »if * it -r - -. - - «·-·»« a pan o using the total number of stores which a chain owns in the United spending theory, only reporting of States as the basis for the licence the spenders' contention that fur- fee schedule. The fee schedule ther government outlays guaran- : would range from S10 to $550 n er tee expectation of improvement. slore - I I I I f l i i ; C r i j m n r ' t I n n t l , . . t FAIR, WARMER ARE FORECAST . Snow Reported in Marshalltown Area 15 Autos, Truck Slip From 'Bank Into Swirling Floods Four Persons Killed,- " ^·-Eight-Injuredand' -· "Five Others Missing III this connection, the treasury has actually been increasing its- spending thus: January . 5693,384,703 February Delegation Watches - ° f anxious 1 '» 23 780,106^19 eoprri s jit. K i n i F e a t u r e s . Inc.) 66''4fi-?^i» ;L" e '' [lallIS anxious -to see the , ° 66-.463.oU Louisiana plan adopted watched ActrGSS Dpli leiies 5 procced '"S s /r °m «'c gal! reb5 U611 -- ,..)--On the heels of a snowstorm which amounted to as much as lOVi inches at Marshalltown, March was expected to ease out o£ Iowa ' : like a lamb." Fair and -warmer weather was forecast for Friday. The wintry storm which swept eastward 'across the state during the last 24 hours deposited Ihe largest amounts of snow i:i the central section. Snowfall at Newton was 1(1 inches, only a half an inch less than the record amount at Marshalltown. Audubon, Waterloo and Dubuque all reported six inches At Mason City 2\- inches fell. With temperatures ranging from 2 degrees below normal at Council Bluffs to 11 degrees below normal at Charles City, the snow continued to melt Thursday. Minimum mercury reading in the state Thursday night was expected to be 30 in the northeast section. The lowest in the other areas was expected to be 35. Minimum temperature early Thursday was 16 at Charles City and Iowa Falls. Highest of the last 24 hours was 38 at Carroll. Cedar Rapids, Atlantic and Alfain. No Trace Found of Degenerate Who Beat VICKSBURG, Miss., «P;--Four persons were killed and eight were injured when five automobiles and a heavy truck plunged 17 persons into a bayou Wednesday night after flood waters from torrential rains had washed out a highway bridge. Five of the motorists were still missing Thursday, apparently- swept away by the surging water. ihe cars dropped 50 feel into the bayou, one after the other then- drivers unaware that the bndge h;id been washed out The bridge, which .spanned the Big Black river on the Vicksburg- .Tackson highway 12 miles cast of here, collapsed after the flnod waters undermined 100 feet of the bridge approach. Swims Half Mile One driver swam a half mile before he could pull out of the swift water. He ran back, to wave down other cars approaching the danger spot. Ambulances, wrecking crews and divers went to the scene. Rescue efforts were hampered by the heavy, truck, which piled atop some of the automobiles. Wreckers had to pull it aside before the divers could go down and crack- open windows lo search foi TORRID BEGINS Jury Selected to Hear Trial of Gang Leader on Tax Count NEW YORK, U.R--The government outlined Thursday its case a g a i n s t Johnny Torrio, who evaded prosecution for 20 years while his racketeering mobs terrorized New York and Chicago. , ...^ v-^,,^ wcjgnpci the Brit on y tc, be brought to trial charged | ish proposal of a four-power an I with evading mcomc taxes on a j aggression declaration in the light legitimate business. | of a forthcoming -visit to London A jury including five women i " y ihe Polish foreign minister ,,.. ,,,... . . . l c o l Joseph Bec ,._ = nd Fren ci, Premier Daladier's reiteration Wednesday night of France's determination to cede neither land nor rights in her dispute with Italy. ENGLISH NAVY, AIR EXPANSION UNDER REVIEW Cabinet Considers Steps to Be J^aken If New Emergency Arises LONDON, W--Prime Minister Chamberlain intimated to the house o£ commons Thursday that Britain's navy and air force would be expanded. Only Wednesday (he prime minister announced a doubling o£ the territorial army--corresponding to the United States' national guard--to 340,000 men. Thursday he was asked by a member of the labor opposition, if there also would be an expansion of the navy and airforce. Is Under Review Chamberlain replied that the Question was under review and added: "A statement will be made from time to time as conclusions are reached." The British cabinet, summoned by telephone Wednesday night for an emergency meeting, Thursday gave urgent consideration to what steps Britain should take if a new emergency arises in the European situation. Talks With King Prime Minister Chamberlain decided on the special session after he talked with King George Wednesday night concerning latesl European developments, particularly Germany's press campaign against Poland. The lung was Chamberlain's guest at a dinner at No. 10 Downing 7 street,. ., ...:... . - . . . , _ . The ^cabinet also considered plans for training arid equipping 210,000 recruits for an unprecedented peacetime expansion of Britain's citizen army. Provides 38 Divisions It was estimated that 5250,000 000 would be needed to equip and supply the recruits and establish training camps. When the expansion is complete Britain will have 38 divisions ready for any war involving her on the continent, instead of the 19 which the war oftice previously had announced would be sent in such a case. The cabinet weighed the Bdt- was completed Wednesday night to try him and four en-defendants and after ordering it locked up where it would be safe from influences and intimidation, Judge John W. Clancy canceled Torrio's $50,000 bond and remanded him to jail for the duration of the trial. In his whole violent career, it was Torrio's first recorded night in jail. Two alternate jurors were selected and then Seymour M. Klein, assistant district attorney, opened for the government. To jail with Torrio went the France, soviet Russia, - - - - - " * u*unu uui rttiiinu nSS shied from the idea and has been * v «"«i"««,vwu m £uvt=iiiiii£m cautioned by Germany not to !oans ° n 11,000,000 bales of col- let.,, *,, ..*--, . . .. ton be permitted to buy Jhis baek - , --,7 " - " V - l l l l d J l J listen to foreign sirens." Dog Must Be Pulled Away From Body of LOOK INSIDE FOR- CAROLE LOMBAKD Movie Actress Is Wed to Clark Gable PAGE 2 Annual Banquet for Worth Teachers Held PAGE 18 Masters of Golf Held at 50-1 in Tourney PAGE 15 3 GROUPS SCORE FARM PROGRAM Some Southerners IPush Own Solution for.Cotton. Surplus ..WASHINGTON,- -/P/--The- administration's farm program encountered criticism Thursday from three groups of senators. Some southerners made plans to push through their own measures for dealing with the cotton surplus problem and to oppose President Roosevelt's export- subsidy proposals. Another group, chiefly from western wheat an'd corn states, sought agriculture committee approval for their "cost-of-production" farm bill as a substitute for the present crop control act. ' A third and larger group attempted to restore the 5250,000 000 parity payment fund which the house struck from the agriculture department appropriation bill Chairman 'Smith (D., S. Car.) called the senate agriculture committee into session for possible action on the first two measure^ The declaration was proposed lhe President's cotton export plan I inpluri** FVar\*»o t -,-,,.: A* n ' _ TIlH KPllJl tni'C ci t tttrnr t r,A +1-- i The senators""sugg^teT "that or^ deT d uuuue r ranee, soviet Russia, , iIK: M»«»«m suggested that considered in political rivpip= « am and Poland but Poland has t* rme ?. s . who nave received more be the principal result of. Data a from the idea and has been ha " $500,000,000 in government dier's broadcast loned by Germany not to !oa «s an 11,000,000 bales of cnt- TVTM.-) p^ ,. ^vrr-_ FARMER IS HURT IN AUTO WRECK Conway in Serious Condition as Result of Headon Collision EM.METSBURG--John Conway. about 45. farmer in the vicinity ot Graettinger. j» Yankee Clipper Takes Off From Azores on Flight to Lisbon HORTA. The Azores. OP,-The " . . «-ton ee Clipper took off for Lis- at 3:14 a. ,,,., c. S. T.. Thurs- cf its initial am - vcd HOLLYWOOD. (URl--Police believed Thursday that Actress Delia Bogart, 17, who was struck down and dangerously injured on a Hollywood street early Wednesday, was the latest victim of a degenerate who waylays defenseless women, rapes or robs as chance permits, and flees without leaving a tangible clue. After a 30 hour seavct exclusive residential ne where the was brutally assaulted. |ng his car which was occupied by his brother and the two Memphis nurses when they plunged in. ·I managed to get out a window, he said, '-and caught Miss Turner by the arm but she slipped away. Then I heard 'my brother Marcus, cry: 'Help, help, my back is broken,' and they were all swept' .away." ! Robert Lewis, a truck driver j said he believed lie was one of the The government has never disclosed its evidence but its scope was indicated by the subpcnas sent to 75 persons including most of the surviving "big shot" gana- sters of the past 20 years. Capone made a 50 page statement at Alcatraz prison. ALLEWUOJJOR - -" ··*· .v no Vllll; U l U1U l ^ eavch of the "'. s , t , to P' u ng= into the water. He [011110 III neighborhood lf u ^ hc s ?' am a -' ;llore and walked i r i l l IN 11 III -oung actress ,. auk on the '"gluvay and tried (o j " V M I 1 U 111 cd. Capl. D. f a S "PP'-oaching cars. Three of o, , .,,, the slightest lead save the knowl- tectorate of Bohemia and Mnr.ivi was orutaily assaulted. Capl D , s ^PP'oacmng cars. Three of /·, , R. Patton, of the homicide depart- lhc , m : '\° said - 'Sn°'' c d '»s warning Lharles Waters Held ment. said police had not even alld fc)1 I n t o »' c stream. · u ' ^ c i b i K . i u «,,, ..=,,!,*_... ,--j .... . . . . i _ _ ! ] t1 Hampton Jail f o r Illegal Possession HAMPTON' -- Federal, county | STORM LAKli. f/Pi--Jacob Gilson s closest companion in life was his dog. And the clog remained faithful even after death. When Gilson, 09 year old bachelor, died of a heart attack, authorities who went to his home near here to get the body found the water' spaniel on the bed with his master. Repeated efforts to co,nx the doe from the bed failed and they had lo lasso the pet and drag him from the room before they could remove the body. The Weather FORECAST IOWA: Fair Thursday nijrht and Friday; noi so cola in northwest and north-central portions .... . *^., -- I L - U U L H I . couiuy ; "*-a* rfiiu iiorui-ccniral pi and state officers raided the home i Thursday niffht; warmer ,, -- " -- " -- u t - f I i v r i i ^ i i ^ u . Cause for the collision was not known. Lithuanian Treaty With Nazis Ratified KAUNAS, Lithuania, W) The Lithuanian parliament Thursday ratified the Lithuanian-German li-eaty formally ceding Mcmelland to the rcich. Mcmelland. 1 099 square mile:;, that had been de- taclicd Germany bv the treaty of Versailles, was occupied by German troops March 23 Storage Batteries Reported Stolen EMMETSBURG-- Thieves who entered the Farm Bureau service station by breaking the rear wi" dow took S2a in cash and a stock of storage batteries from the station late Wednesday nigln or ear- semi-consciou^ con- of Charles Waters Wcdiiodai i night, and confiscated 30 to 4 0 ; half pints of alleged alcohol in his ' residence. Sheriff Frank Schwei- clay. Fri- ARRANGE JOICE WOMAN'S RITES Mrs. Nels E. Field, 64, to Be Buried in Beaver Creek Cemetery JOICE--Funeral services were being arranged Thursday for Mrs. Nels E. Field, 64, Joice, who died at a 'Mason City hospital early , Thursday morning. The body was taken to the John Olson funeral ' home at Forest City. Burial w i l l be in Beaver cieck cemetery. The Rev. L. F Schcic of Joice nill o/ficaic at the funer- Surviving arc f i v e ,«ons and tvo daughters. Edwin of Hanlontown Lloyd of Mason City, the Rev ITALIANS STATE DALADIER TALK "CLOSED DOOR" Mussolini Against Being "Prisoner in Mediterranean" ROME, (/p_ Premier Mussolini Thursday affirmed Italy's intention not to remain "a prisoner in the Mediterranean" while fascists' studied with disfavor Wednesday night's address ol Premier Dala- dier of France. Virginio Gayda, leading fascist editor, .summed up Italian reaction to Daladier'i; speech with- the assertion that the French premier wanted to "shut tight the half- closed door" to French-Italian negotiations. Says Cliasm Deepened 11 Duce spoke briefly during an inspection tour of. Calabria, the province in the toe o£ Italy. The first newspaper comment on Daladicr's speech to be noted was that of II Resto Del Carlino, important Bologna paper, which- said the chasm between France and Italy had deepened. Emphasizing Daladier's "never" on cession ot French territory or French rights, the newspaper said it seemed to "cut the bridges" and make any understanding impossible. Charge Grave Responsibility "France, therefore, has assumed very grave responsibility of all inevitable consequences of policy which Daladier's speech seems to stiffen still more," 11 Resto Del Cartino said. On the Calabrian coast, Jlussn- hm placed a wreath 1 at "the tomb" - o t ir'-one;.of~ r the ; : : ; . . fascist leaders in the march oa Rome, and then visited Cosenza, where he laid the cornerstone of a new school. Responsible fascists said t h a t while Daladier refrained from worsening the situation he failed to better it. The firm tone o£ the speech was believed intended for French ears but Italians thought it was "not what the international situation needed." Some Reservists Called One authoritative fascist said anxiety over uncertain relations between Germany and Poland was expressed in government circles Responsible fascists acknowledged rumors that some specialized Italian reservists of various classes from 1901 to 1012 had been culled since Jjinuarv to strengthen army units but insisted this could not be termed mobili- A continued deadlock in the French-Italian dispute over colonial compensations for Expect French Offer . · Daladier's declaration of French h ° E f "wine new crops willingness to "examine propos" this season. The farmers would re- tions that might be made " short pay only a part of the government of the cession of land or "rieht=" mv " rsl TM"' was regarded as conciliatory but fascists said it did nothing to resolve the stalemate. It already had been made p l a i n they said, t h a t Italy expected triitice t» make the first offer Officially., the immediate reaction to Daladicr's words was al"Tr 1° j g u°.'' c , t h e m ' Newspapers published brief summaries on inside pages. Mussolini himself gave an appearance of complete indifference. MRS, OLSON, 82, DIES AT OSAGE Funeral Services of Norway Native lo Be on Saturday OSAGE-Mrs. Gulbjor Ol f on, b_, died iit her home here Wednesday night. She was born in Nlrw;.y in dition and physicians at the county hospital said she had only a 50-50 chance to survive. Her skull was fractured. A T 1 1 TT Are 1 old HOW , to --- ....^ ., s.m,*_ cutVi j nigui or ear- Iy Thursday morning. The loss] PRAGUE. U.R--Czech* ,ic 1U "as discovered by Vincent B r e n - j salute each other in the future bv nan. manager, when he opened t h c i laisins the ri»ht hand and crvin- sialioii Thursday morning. Pslo' "VUisti Zlah"--Ion" live the f»'l-t -- "···-··"'i a t t u i t ( i i ( ( V | . f since March 20. Only two British newspapers are permitted--the Times of London and the London Daily Mail. German, Italian, a few Hungarian and two Polish newspapers are still on .sale. Apache Tribe Grows , TUCSON, Ariz., U.R--Although ! the extermination of the n-ar-like 1°; Apache Indians was once thought . c w e of Franklin county stated Thursday. The alleged alcohol had Illinois state stamps on it, according to the officer. Waters was arrested on a charge of illegal possession of intoxicating liquor. His home had previously been raided several times, but nothing had been found prior to Wednesday night's confiscation. GRAIIL IS ELECTED WASHINGTON. tfP,--Brig. Gen. was elected pi- MINNESOTA: Generally fair m cast and south, increasing cloudiness in norlhncsl, .slightly warmer Thursday night except in Keel River Valley; Frid a y considerable cloudiness, colder in afternoon except in extreme southeast portion. IN MASON CITY Globe-Gazette weather statistics: Maximum Wednesday 33 Minimum Wednesday night 15 At 8 a. m. Thursday 25 Prccip. Wednesday .17 inch . Surviv Miv. Lcnoi-a Ouvcrson of Fertile: Surviving ; ,vc four . h i l r i . r r , St P?nr S1S B : Mre ' Lorna Finsaas | »'«- ascj FieM. No a Spring hL, o ' Cl j Mmn " and a I Gust Olson, Olgan Ol-on "nd bi other, Osmund Suby of Denver Julius Olson I _olr» ' I i--. Postoffice Site at West Union Accepted at Price of $3,000 ( Funeral sen-ice.-, will be held Saturday afternoon. j Man, 62, Fined f or Winking at Girl. 17 CAMBRIDGE. M Toun5cnri - e ~' . AGO: ; Vine iti eel. offered for north ! Stone by ! ( " lcd » S rced 64 3D F.. it?,-- Rob- aid it was n the en 1 -,, d foi- win! fi

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