The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 5, 1934 · Page 11
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 5, 1934
Page 11
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MAY 5 1931 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE ELEVEN COLFLESH HITS TURNER ATTftCK Says Alcohol in Motor Gas Would Increase Cost, Not Aid Farmer. HUMBOLDT, May 5.--Robert W. Colflesli, candidate for the republican nomination as governor, this afternoon turned his guns on his attackers in his address before a rally held here in his behalf"I find I am the target of a scurrilous article being circulated throughout the state by supporters of Dan Turner, over the signature of former Judge F. C. Lovrien of Humboldt. "In this article I am charged with the crime of having opposed the enactment of a law by the Iowa legislature requiring the mixture of a certain percentage of alcohol in all gasoline sold in the state of CharlesCityNews WHEAT MARKET CLOSES ABOUT 2 CENTS UP Staebler Funeral Is Held at Charles City CHARLES CITY, May 5.--Funeral sen-ices for Stephen D. Staebler, 58 lifetime resident of this corn- munity, were held Saturday afternoon at the Grossmann funeral home with the Rev. W. J. Convery offclating and interment in Calvary cemetery. Mr. Staebler died from a heart ailment while plowing a garden in Charles City Thursday afternoon. Iowa. Would Increase Cost. "This proposal was backed by the united distillery interests of the country. It was cloaked under the disguise of an attempt to help the farmers of the state. "In reality it would, if enacted Petry Elected Head of Lions in Charles City CHARLES CITY, May 5.--The Lions clubs Friday elected John Petry president: Pr. Sivert Eriksen, first vice president; Jack Kuech, second vice president; H. G. Bos, third vice president; Coburn Chapter secretary; Ray Melrose, treasurer; M. G. Smith, lion tamer; W. E. Frudden tail twister; W. B. Johnson, member of the board for three years; E. G. Brown. Lee Fenholt LITTLE HOPE OF DROUGHT BREAK Word of Dust Storms From Canada Additional Aid to Prices. CHICAGO, May 5. UP-- Stiong late upturns carried the wheat market today about 2 cents above yesterday's finish, with previous speculative sellers rushing to reverse their position. Little hope of any material breaking of drought conditions was in sight, and there was word of dust storms in Canada. Moose Jaw, Swift Current and Regina all reported high winds and clouds of Produce dust. Wheat closed firm, at virtually to 2 cents finish. May into law, have increased the cost and H. 0. Frudden on grounds com- ra ° .. . . - mittee . jj. a Fredrickson is the outgoing president. of gasoline to every consumer by probahly as much as- five cents a gallon. "The Iowa, movement 13 part 01 a. national campaign, well financed, to fill the pockets of the distillers. E.t the expense of the users of gasoline. In Iowa, the argument is made that the alcohol used would be produced from corn, and the increased market for corn would benefit the fanner. Made From Molasses. "In states where potatoes are Town, 'the argument is that the ··alcohol would be made from pota- I toes. In California and Georgia the ·proposal is to make alcohol from I emit refuse. The truth is that the alcohol now toeing produced commercially and 1 uitable for use for general com- [nercial purposes is being made ] rom black strap molasses, and will ontinue to be, as long as black trap molasses is admitted into this |.ountry on a low duty. I "The farmer was told that after I'ipeal a huge market would be af- V-/ded for his grain. This market j*; now available, but the amfunt I:" grain being consumed is not suf- I'.cient materially to affect the marl' : et. The same thing would be true I'nder the proposed enforced use of T^cohol for motor fuel. Would Require Alteration. "The increased cost to the gaso- "o users of Iowa of a mixture of Viol in their automobile fuel ·rear '· amount to at least $10,000,000 ' *"·*·: Such a fuel would require jpe alterations in automo- ,it- could ever be elfi- CHARLES CITY BRIEFS CHARLES CITY, May 5.--C. L. Manthai of Brookins,. S. Dak., arrived here and will act as the new manager of the Burg company, taking the position made vacant by the removal of Mr. Freeman Daffer, who was transferred to the head office of the company at St. Paul where he had been located prior to coming here. Mrs. Robert Barrett of New York City, is visiting her mother, Mrs. C. D. Ellis here, for a few days prior to going to her eastern home after spending the winter in California. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hecht have just returned from California where they spent several weeks and also visited their son, Harold, while there. Mrs. Alton H. Sanders is entertaining her sister, Miss Alvina Frieden of Elgin, this week who is here for a week-end visit. Ralph Anderson of the Anderson Music House, motored to Iowa City Friday to attend the state music contest. Mrs. John Mirrow who has been very seriously ill since the death of her husband last week is reported to be improving. Mrs. F. S. Artz is convalescing slowly at her home on Riverside drive following a severe illness. the day's top level, above yesterday's 81%, July 79i/2 to 79 9i; com 12 to % up, May 46%, July 49 to 49%; oats IVs to 1% advanced, and provisions unchanged to 5 cents higher. CHICAGO RASH GBAIX. CHICAGO. May 5. c.T-- Wheat, no »alei; corn, No 2 mixed 47^48}ic: No. 3 mixed 46c- No 2 yellow new 48c: No. 2 yellow old 48'ACT No 2 yellow lake billing 4TltlSH8c; No 3 yellow 4'7%c; No. 2 while 61Vic; No. 3 white 50«f50VSc; sample grade 42c: oats, No. 2 white 33®3454c; No. 2 white lake btlllns 32',lc; No. 3 white 33s; No. 3 white lake billing 31Wc: No. white 30c: no rye; barley 43B80c; timothy seed SS.252i6.SO vt.- clover seed $9.50@)12.75 cwt. Lard tierces, S5.70: loose lard 53.25;; bellies $5.75. MASON CITY, May 5.-- Caih quotation* by E. O. Morse Eggs (current receipts) He Heavy hens. 4% Ibs. and over ..lOc Ught hens «c Springs (heavy breeds) lOc Springs (Leghorn breeds) 6c Stags 6c Old cocks (heavy) Merchants Quotation* Eggs, cash ll-12c» Eggs, in trade 12-13c* Butter, Plymouth 30c Butter, Clear Lake 28c Butter, State Brand 29c Butter, Very Best 29c Butter, Dairy Maid · 26c Butter, Brookfield 28c Potatoes, pecK ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several downtown grocery stores. CHICAGO POULTRY. CHICAGO, May 5. ir-- Poultry. live, 8 , . truclts. steady; hens 14@15 ] /ic; Leghorn hens 13c: Rock fryers 25«ffl26»c; colored 24»,jc: Hock springs 25Viti2814c; colored 24.ic: Rock broilers 23SJ25C: colored 23c Leghorn 20C. hardbacks 19c: roosters 8e turkeys llf 15c; spring ducks 1291151:; ol ll®12c; eeese 8c. MasonCityCrain CHICAGO PRODUCE. CU1CAOO. May 5, LI')--Butter 13,635 easy; creamery specials (93 score) 24 %c- cxtru (92) 23^»c: eitra firsts (90-91 23il(3Hic: firsts (68-89) ZZ'.4I8·%:·. seconH (86-87) 21V4c; standards (90 centralize carlots) 23}ie. Eggs 30.684. steady; extra, firsts car 16!*c. local 16c: fresh graded firsts ca! 16c; local 15c; current receipts LIVESTOCK MART INACTIVE AFFAIR )emand Narrow on Run of 11,000 as Prices Hold Nominally Steady. CHICAGO. May 5. UP)--There was very little activity in livestock markets today. Packers had all but 500 of a run of 11,000 hogs direct and the demand was narrow, with the market holding nominally steady. Odd lot quotations ran $3.70 downward. Shippers took none and the holdover was 1,000 head. Only 200 c»t*Je came into the yards, compared with Friday last week medium weight and weighty steers averaged unevenly 25 cents to 75 cents higher with the top 90 cents above that a week ago. Good to choice yearlings and light steers also ruled higher as did light heifers and vealers. Receipts were fewer than the estimate but were aver- Sheep receipts were 4,000 which came up to the expectation and was equal to offerings of a week ago. Compared to Friday last week wooled lambs were strong to 25 cents higher. The week's top for clipped lambs of ?9.25 was the highest of the season and that for wooled lambs at $10.35 was the highest for May in four years. Hog Markets Hoe prices at midwest markets Saturday: WATERLOO-Prime hogs, WO-260 lb«., S280 to J3.10: 200-300 Ibs.. J2.70 to 53. 300-325 Ibs.. 12.60 to J2.90: 325-350 Ibs.. J2.50 to *2.80; good pucHfru, J2.30 to 52.50. OirrUMWA -- unchanged. 140-160 lb«., »8oT 160-180 lb... J2.80; 180-200 ibi... $320: 200-240 Ibs., 53.20; 240-260 to.. Was 290-280 Ibs., 53.05 280-310 Ibs., J2.95; 310-350 IDS., 52.80; over J50 bs.. 12 40 to 52.70; packers $2.25 to 52.55; packers, $2 15 to 52.45; packers over 500 Ibs.. 51.85 to 52.25: thin packers and pigs priced at ""l^R^MDS-Prlm, hog.. 180-2UO lb«., 150-200 Ibs.. 53.05: 200-260 Ibs.. 53.15; 260-280 lb... 53.10: 280-300 Ibs., $3-05; 300- "'· "~" 1 under 350 Ibs., 350 to 450 Ibs.. . . $3: 320-340 Ibs.. packers to 350 Ibs.. 52.35: 320 Ibs. 52.95; to 400 Iba.. j o MO*rb,.."»2.15*:"to"6llO Ibs., J2.05. Corn-No. 2 ye»°". 38 : Ntp - 3 5 ' ellow ' 3T ' DBS MOIfES--Unchanged: 120-160 Ibs.. 51 05 to 52.60: 100-300 Ibs.. 52.60 to 53.05; 300-400 Ibs.. $2.00 to 52.90: good packers, * AUSTIN--Choice llEht lights. 140 to 160 Ibn 52.60: choice lights. 160 to 180 Ibs.. 52.85- choice medium, 180 to 200 Ibs.. 53.1S. 200 to 250 Ibs. 13.25; choice heavy butcher, 250 10 2BO Ibs.. 53.10: 290 to 350 Ibs. 52.95: 350 Ibs. uud up S2.75; choice Pickew 2,., to 3SO Ibs.. 52.60; 350 to 425 Ibs. 52.55. 4iS to 500 Ibs, and up 52.45. Aviation Corp Baldwin Loco B * O Barnsdall BendU Beth Stl Bordeos BorR Warn Burr Add Canada Dry Can Pac Case Cerro de Pasco Chcs O Ches Corp C 4 N W Barley MASON CITY, May 5.-- : 30-45C No. 2 yellow old shelled corn . No. 3 yellow new shelled corn No. 3 yellow ear corn White oats. No. 3, 30 Ibs., or better .36c . .35c .33c .23c EATWRDA1' CRAIX CkOSE CHICAGO, May 5. JP)-Wheat- May ... July Sept CORN-May July Sept OATS-May July Sept RYE-May July Sept BARLET-May July Sept LARD-May July Sept BELLIES-May July High .5 -81H .. .79% .. .80% .. .46% .. .49 U .. .5014 .5611 .5611 .57% Low S .78% .761 .77% .45 li .47-11 .5514 .53?! .36% .40 .41 ·; Lovrien, Jtt ids, attack upon isnm«i'-t!atsthe farmers- are · to f OOL Be "also assumes that lasollne users would be willing to fessume an additional burden of $10,|WO,000 annually to help out the Ilistillers of alcohol from blacK [strap molasses. i "Let the farmers beware of dis- fi'cillery lobbyists who are concerned Sonly about creating a manvel lot [their products, not those of farmers. Let gasline users stop to consider whether or not they wish to pay an additional half dollar to alcohol manufacturers whenever they fill their tanks with gasoline." THILGESWAirS FOR ATTORNEY Other 2 Confessed Torture Bandits Ready to Plead at Emmetsburg. EMMETSBURG, May 5.---Joe Thilges, 47. Whittemore, one of three held here for torture robberies in North Iowa totaling $18,000, today · awaited word from his attorney, John Sloan, Des Moines, before he would enter a plea. Thilges declared I he had participated" in only two robberies and that he was forced by a stranger to participate "in the robbery of Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Eisen- man of Woden. "Bad company got me here,' Thilges asserted. "I never harmed anyone." The other two robbers Estel Anders, 45, Decatur, 111., and Rutland, and Ole Thorsland, 37, Bode, are ready to plead guilty they said. Thilges told reporters that he didn't care to enter a not guilty plea and be forced to wait in jail until fall for trial. "They'd give me the same rap, then," he said, "and I'd rather start serving a sentence now." A robbery with aggravation charge carries with it a 25 year mandatory sentence. It was stated. Inquiries from all parts of Iowa have been received here by Sheriff Bert Montgomery, as authorities from various cities are endeavor-in] to connect the prisoners · with unsolved crimes. Mason City officers stated that Thorsland and Anders strongly resembled two bandits who held up and robbed the Standard Oil station there of $700 several months ago. Transferring of Land m School District Opposec NEW HAMPTON, May 5.---Taxpayers in Washington school district No. 7 filed a petition with the county clerk of court asking thai the action taken by the Washing ton school district No. 7 board o: education regarding the transfer ring of 200 acres of Dayton' town ship land to the Washington No. " school district be declared illegal. 95 Contracts Mailed. CHARLES CITY, May 5.--County Agent H. W. Brown, announced Friday that 95 early payment corn-hog contracts were mailed to Washington. The average number of hogs produced for market on these farms was 72 head. The average num- CORN--"" ber of contract acres was approxi- May mately 15- The average amount that will be paid to contract signers on the first installment- mil amount to $177. Close i .31':', .79% .80 Vi .46H .32 .31% .31 Vi .55TI .5714 .40 .4014 5.61 0.82 6.05 7.60 T.80 KEW YORK TBODUCE. NEW YORK. May 5. (.m--Butter «.76S. easier; creamery higher than extra 25® 25«c: eitra (92 score) 2*«c; first (83-91 scores) 23*4 IP24%c; seconds unquoted; centralized (90 score) 24Vic. Cheese 145,629. steadier: prices unchanged. Egjs 22.225. firm: mixed colors, standards and commercial standards 18c; firsts 16'4@%c- seconds 16c; mediums 40 lb«. and dirties No. 1, 42 16s.. 15*816c; average checks 15@15!,lc: other mixed colors unchanged. NEW VORK POULTBV NEW YORK, May 5. U 1 )--Dressed poultry flnn and unchanged. Live poultry. w«ak. Broilers, express, II to 23; fowls, express, 16 to 18; other express and freight unquoted. KANSAS CITV PRODUCE KANSAS CITY. May 5. (.D--Broilers, 18. Other produce unchanged. TKODUCE FUTURES CHICAGO, May 5. liTI--EES futures-- ° "storage packed firsts. May, 17%: refrigerator standards, Oct., ISTfc- Butter futures: Storage standards, Nov., 21: fresh standards. June, 22^i. (No potato futures.) all Mason City Livestock COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DBS MO1NES. May 5. I.VI-- U. S. department of agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration yards and 7 packing plants located In Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. today were 26.400 compared with 26,300 a weelt ag'i and 24.800 a year ago. Slow very uneven, steady to 10c lower than early Friday or mostly steady with tnc late trade: loading Indicated liberal for week-end, but possibly some lighter thau '"Quotations follow: Light lights 140 to 100 Ita. good and choice S2.50ff3.10; ght weights 160 to 180 Ibs. 52.75*3.30; 180 to 200 Ibs. 53.05413.40: medium weight! 300 to 220 Ibs. 53.0533.40; 220 to 250 Ibs. 3 40- heavy weights 250 lo 290 Ibs. 3.40! 290 to 350 Ibs. 52.70*1 3.25 acking HIDES, WOOL SATU»DAY GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, Hay 5. LT 1 )-WHEAT-- May July Opeti- Close Today Yesterday .79% .77% .78% .78 Tl .78 .7914 Relief Checks Sent to lowan Teachers DES MOINES, May 5. CW-Checks totaling $7,195.35 for 230 Iowa teachers working under the federal educational relief program had been mailed today, Fred Jones, payroll director, said. Jones also announced that 225 checks totaling 51,731.42 for students in Iowa col- July Sept CATS-May July Sept RYE-May July Sept BARLEY-May Tuly Sept. LARD-May July Sept BELLIES-May July leges under the student relief employment program were issued yesterday. Dying Statement of Franey to Be Used · T · 1 r l i r Ihiccer: No. 2 w m Inal or Woman il^V^^i .45'f, .30-Vi .30 Vi .40 .36 : ,4 .67 ii .46 Close Year ABO .73 .74 .74% .42 V, .44 "A .301, .SOU .29!; .55% .55*1 .56% .39 S .40 U .415 .251 .2534 .Wtt " 5.77 5.90 6.02 6.50 6.87 Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros., Im!.. SOS Fifth Street Southwest HIDES Horaehides · · - -5 1 75 Cured beef, hides SMjC Green beef hides 5c WOOI- No. i clean bright 21c lb. Semibright 19= I D Rejects · - 15c lb - WOOL MARKET BOSTON, May 5. I/PI--(U. S. department of agriculture)--Despite the lack of interest In wool on the part- of many buyers during the past week, quotations in the Boston market were mostly steady to firm. Some grades of fleeces continued weak, but te.-ritory and Texas wools were held quite firmly at unchanged quotations except on occasional odd lots. Opening prices at London were the source of some encouragement even though lower than the previous close for the decline was less than many had expected. MASON CITY, May 5 -BOOS Unchanged. Best sorted lights ............ =00-210 Best medium weight butchers 210-260 Best heavy butchers ........ 260-300 Best, prime heavy butchers . . 300-325 Best packing sows, smooth . . 300-350 Bust heavy sows, smooth ---- 350-400 Best big heavy sows, smooth 450-500 Light lights, fair to good. (140, 160, 180) ...... S2.20, 52.50. S2.10 CATTLE Choice jouns »t«n . . 000-1,000 M.78-8 M Uedluui to good yearling steers ---- BOO-1,000 Choice corn fed it«r» 1.000-1.200 Medium to good cum fed steers ....... I.IHM-1.ZOO Low grade «t«t« .. Fair heifers .......... euo-800 Good nelfcrs .......... 800-801) choice lo prtm« beifen 600-800 Butchera cows, fair to good ... Good to choice cow Choice to prtmo conn ......... ,. inferior canners Fair to good canntra Good cutter cows .. Common to fair bulls . fair lo good heavy bulli Uood to choice bulu . . os 275 to 350 Ibs. good 52.50® 2 80; 350 trj 425 Ibs. 52.4092.70; 425 to 550 Ibs. 5-.2j fl-2.60. _ S3. 21) J3.20 S3.U5 $2.yo 52.55 S2.40 52.30 53.75-4.50 S4.50-S.2S JS.75-4.BO $2.50-3.60 J2.75-3.50 S3.50-4.00 J4.ou-4.50 .S2.CO-2.50 S2.5U-2.75 ,J2.7»-3.ou 75-1.00 lop spring Iambs Sll; wooled lambs $9.110; clipped lambs J8.75; Friday's closing bulk good to choice clipped lambs S8.50W8.75: common and medium clippers $C.50«i8; good to choice wooled lambs J9.90; lat shorn ewes S3Jj'4; wooled ewes J4.50ry'5. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY, May 5. UV)--U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 1,200; 1,000 direct; receipts mostly direct; few drive-Ins around 5c lower than Friday'i to 260 v M n Jl.50-z.un $1.75-2.25 J2.00-2.25 $2.25-2.7;i Market Notes By TICKER TAPE OMAHA GRAIN. OMAHA. May 5. U)--Wheat, hard No. 2, 12 Com, white No. 4, 44«c; yellow No. 1, 43c. Oats, white No. 2. 33'.ic. KANSAS CITY GRAIN KANSAS CITT. luy 5. (vPl-Whcat, 21 cars: V, cent Umer to Hi cent higher: No. 2 dark hard nominal. 71% to 78«; M. 3 nominal. 71 to 73; No. 2 hard, 72,4 to , 5 % , No. 3 nominal, 71 to 78: No. 2 red nominal 71!i to 75%: No. 3 nominal. 71 to i5. Corn--10 cars: unchanged to 3 i cen; 2 white. 40»i: No 3 ^aayM. DAVENPORT, state will offer May 5. UP)--The the dying statements of Roy Fi-aney as part of the evidence by which it hopes to con- ·ict Mrs. Augusta Ross of Moline if first degree murder, it became Known today when Scott County Attorney Leon A. Grapes had subpoenas issued for 19 witnesses which he plans to use in the trial opening Monday, May 21, before District Judge F. D. Kelsey. In this statement, Franey is al- eged to have told a sketchy story of the tragedy, including an expression of his belief that Mrs. Ross :ame to Davenport "to get me." He is also said to have told of his refusal to leave his wife and family for the Moline woman. mixed nominal, 4«i to 45; No. 3 nominal, ita--I'car; unchanged to 1'i cents high- No. 2 hlte, nominal. 32»i to 34; No. 3 nominal, 31% to 33S- Miscellaneous POTATO MARKET. CHICAGO. May 5. (JP)--U. S. department of agriculture-Potatoes 71. on track 245. total U. 8. ild stock about steady. sup- Major reports of trade activity were a little mined In tone. However, they did not provide evidence that a seasonal lull was taking form. There is much talk about a prospective relapse, due to seasonal Influences as well as inactivity of the government- spending machine, and barometers of business trends are being read with this m "Railroad freight last week moved at an accelerated pace lo the tune of about a 19,000 car increase over the preceding week. The total for the period was the third largest of the year and the Increase scored aided In recovering the total ruling prior to tie March decline. RKPORTS ARE FAVORABLE Dun and E'radstreet's review of general business said that reports being received continue favorable. Apparently In recognition of the concern expressed In many quarters that the upward surge Is due to be interrupted, this trade agency spoke reassuringly as to the foundation declaring that "recovery Is still In Its Initial stages" and that fluctuations and sudden weaknesses should be recognized as natural developments growing out of a "new movement. P.eport of the National Automobile Chamber of Commerce on April shipments of members (Ford not included) contained nothing surprising, as the extremely favorable results had been anticipated. April was the best month since August, 1929, for the majority of the producers, the report disclosed and for the first four months of the year shipments were over 80 per cent above the corresponding period last year Business failures for April were shown to Good to choice calves, 130-190 ..54.50-5.50 Medium to good calves. 130-190 ....$3.50-4.50 Inferior and common calves . . .13.00 down LAMBS Choice lamba 70-BO *7.7'. Medium to good larous ... 70-80 $6.75-7.7f Buck iamb, tl under trade. Quotations row^t to market fluctuitloui CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. CHICAGO, May 5. LPl--U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 200; compared Friday last week medium weight and weighty steers unevenly 25c to 75c higher; top SOc up over week ago; slightly good and choice 1.000 to 1.150 lb yearlings and light steers 25c lo MIc higher, but all other grade light cattle fairly steady to 25c lower; close very dull at decline on medium to good grade light steers: extreme top weighty bullocks SO.jO; 1.533 lb 59.40; 1.631 Its. 59: bulk weighty steers SS up: 2,015 lb. bullocks going tu S750- best long yearlings $8.75; 1.000. lb. yearlings S8; specialty heavy cows and practically all heavy heifers 25c to 40c higher; all light heifers Bteady to 25c hlsher; in- between grades fat cows weak to 25c lower: cutters showing decline; bulls 25c lower and vea'ers 50c to 75c higher. SHEEl" 4.000; for week ending Friday Id doubles from feeding stations; 22.700 direct: compared Friday last week, wooled iambs strong to 25c higher; bulk 25c up, ouality considered; clippers 25c to 35c advances and aged sheen 25c to SOc up: week's top clipped lambs $9.25; highest of season; wooled lambs at $10.35, highest for May In four years; week's bulk wooled offerings S9.75 to {10.25: most clippers 58.50 to S9; top shorn ewes $4.50: week's bulk $3.50 to 54.25; new woo'ed lambs S5S5.25; only few native spring lambs on sale, market weak; week's top $11.50; bulk better grade 65 Ibs. down around 511^11.25. HOGS 11.000 Including 10,500 direct; supply meager, demand narrow; market nominally steady; odd lots 53.70 down; Fridays top J3.85; shippers took none and the holdover No representative sales. 'packer market; top $3-35; few 160 Ibs. $3.15193-35; odd sows 52.9(1 R 500; calves 200; for week: Me- ium weight and heavy mostly 50-75c hiiih- r; light weight steers, yearlings and fed lelfers uneven, steady to 25c higher; cowe Irons to slightly higher; vealers steady U trong; feeders mostly 25c higher: stockers ully steady; week's tops: 1274 lb. steers 58 50- 1402 lb. beeves $8.25; best light eights 57.75; yearling heifers 55-90; veal- ·rs 56.50- bulk fed steers DUO lb. up 56W 8.25; light weight S5.25ro-7.25; bulk stockers and feeders $411-5.50. SHEW 1,000: all through; for week. Spring lambs steady to :5c higher; thorn ambs 10-15C higher; woolcd lambs steady; sheep stcadv to strong; top wooled lambs lo shippers $10.10; to packers $10; cloflng top 59.85; top shorn lambu $9. late top $8.90. closing bulk fS.aUfiB.OO; top native Bpring lambs S11.75; most closing sales $11.»» 11.50; shorn ewes largely 54«f4.50; odd lots wooled aktns downward from 55. OMAHA LIVESTOCK OMAHA. May 5. U1V-CU. S. department of agriculture)--C A T T I. E--250; ui . i»toti-- ' . ,, _ » fi-IHmf STOCKS SUFFER SEVERE DECLINES Market Records Losses of 1 to Around 4 Points in Rush of Selling. NEW YORK, May 5. IS")--- Stocks led by the alcohols and some of the farm group, suffered relatively se- AnaMn da vere declines today. Losses of 1 to Atchison around 4 points were recorded in a selling rush that put the ticker tape several minutes in arrears during the second hour. Their were some mild recoveries just before the finish, but the close was heavy. Transfers approximated 875,000 shares Commission houses generally could assign no specific reason for .the break. While Wall street was still somewhat gloomy over the prospects of government regulation of speculation, there was nothing especially new in this situation. Commodities were a little mixed Most of the grains were lower at mid day as rains were reported in various growing districts. Cotton dippsd and rallied nervously. Bonds were steady. Dollar rates were nar- now. Shares of U. S. Industrial and American Commercial Alcohols were off around 4 points each and J. E. Case dropped 3. New York Central and Santa Fe were down 1 and 2 points respectively. Others, off 1 to around 2. included U. S. Steel, American Telephone, Western Union. United Aircraft, American Sugar Refining, Du Pont, Spiegel-May- Stern, Johns-Manville, American Can and Deere. Chrysler and General Motors yielded major fractions. Consolidated Gas and Public Service of New Jersey were on slightly lower. U. S. Smelting came back 2 points, hut American Smelting was not enthusiastic. American Commercial Alcohol was heavy from the start, losing 5 points at one time. Heaviness of the liquors Issues was attributed partly to reports that additional price cuts would soon be in order. Stock List NEW VORK STOCKS. NKW VORK, May 5. CSV- lentil quotations. Air Tleduct 101',i 1 T * T 12"i Allcghany 3 Johns Many 5t Kennecotl 21 Kresge IS-'t 30 Mi 93'i Al ch« 4 Dye 142 Si Am Can flS 1 ^ Am For Pow R% Am P * L 7 Am Smelt Re 39 H Am Steel Kdrs 18** Am Sugar 31 ^ A T * T UOVi Am Tob B 72 Am Water Wks 1ST!, 14'I 62 H 26 li 40 7 12 25 H S 18 37 23 -X 2:t*i 14 ,, 23 Vi 43% 44 ^ Chic Gt W pfd 9 C M S P * P 5Vi C M S P 4 P pf 9 C R 1 * P 3!i Chrysler 44% Col G * B 12V, Comwlth SO 2% Cons Gas 33 1154 79 33'I 3V-, 13 li SO Corn Prod Curtss \Vr Eastman F.I Pow A Lt Fox Film A Freeport Tex Gen Am Trans Gen F.I Gen Foods Gcu Motors Gillette Gobcl Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear Graham Paige Gt No pfd Gt West Bug Hudson 111 Cent 38 V* 20 ^i 33% Kroger Llg My B Loews Loose Wiles Lorillard Maytag McKeM A Rob Mid Conl Pet M K T Mo Pac Mont Ward Nash Nat Blsc Nat Cash Re A Nat Dairy Nat Distill Nat P * L N Y Cent N Y N H H No Am No Pac Oliver Farm 3i Oliver Farm pf 19 \i Packard «tt Pcnlck * Ford Penney Pcnn Phillips Pet Proc * Gam Pullman R C A K K 0' Bern Rand Eep Bt Rey Tob B Bears HOB Shell Un Skelly Socony Vac So Pac St Brands St G 4 E St Oil Cal st on N J Stew Warn Stone Web Studebaker Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll Bear 31 Vi Un Carb 42'i Un Pac 128 W Unit Air 21 'I United Corp 5* U s Gypsum 38 U s Indus Alch 45 U s Rubber 21% U S steel 455, Wabash ^ * Warner Fix 6 ^ West El t MTg 3B\, Woolworth 50 32 41 17 li 10V1 4 28 li 1HH 3914 . 16H 101 l.Vi )«'k 29 V4 57 3114 ISVi 34^ 53 \4 10H 18 44 li 8'-m 10'.1 15-i 23 'i 20 V, JO'4 33 M. 14 8 8 5Vi 25 34 28 T Int Harv 3714 Wrigley Int Nick Can 27!4 CHICAGO STOCK LIST CHICAGO. May 5. itles Service 2% Quaker Oats Ibby McNeil S'A Sift * Co Itdest Utilities Natl Leather Curb Market calv of a g r c u u r e -- . none- compared with last Friday; weighty steeri and medium weights, 50-75 cen£ hisher; long yearlings strong to 23. cents higher; light yearlings, steady: better grade weighty cows and heifers, strong; other she stock steady to weak; medium bulls, steady, beef bull.-, strong lo 25 cents higher; veal- ers, steady: stockers and feeders mostly steady: choice heavy feeders strong to 25 cents higher: bulks for the week; fed I ««" and yearlings. 50 to JS; yearlings, 1055 IBB., 7 8 5 ' weighty steers up to 59; heifers. $4^75 to 55.75; few. $6 to 56.10; beef cows. $3 to 54 25; few choice. 54.50 to $5; cutter grades, $2 to $2.75; medium bulls. $2.75 to $3 10; practical top vealers. 56. few. 5b .," to 57; atockcrs and feeders, Si. 25 to $vi.7r,. fleah feeders. $5.73 to 56.15. HOGS-- 800: weak to 10 cents lower than Friday's average; better grade 160-300 ibs., 5290 to $3.25; top, 53.30: plainer grades and heavier weights downward to 52 6,; plain light lights down to $2.35; few pack- Ing sows, 52.60 to $2.70; average cost Irl- day. $3.04: weight, 218. SHKKP -- 3 0 0 0 ; run Included seven cars direct to packers, three cars fed California spring lamUs bought to arrive at 510.50, compared with last Friday, lambs, steady to 25 cents higher; sheep around 25 cents higher; feeders steady: closing bulks follow: Native spring lambs. 510 to 511.10. California spring lambs. 510.25 to 510.50: [ed wooled iambs, 59.50 o 510.10: fresh shorn lambs. 58.75 to $S.9o: top, 59; good and choice shorn ewes. S3.50 to 54-35; shearing lambs, 59 to 59.50: new crop California feeding lambs, $3 to SS.85. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. May 5. (JIT-- Unofficial estimated receipts of livestock for MTM";^ Hogs 30.000; cattle 15.000; sheep 14,000. hogs for all next week 120,000. NEW YORK. May 5. UP)--Fresh sellllng ·ame into the curb today after a steady opening Offerings were noted in most «ec. Ions of the list, though a handful of the ess active specialties worked against trend. However, the market had a heavy 'Treat Atlantic and Pacific. Aluminum of merlca. Pittsburgh Plate Glass. Williams and American Cyanamld roalor tractions to around two points, cohort weakened when that group turned downward on th. stock exchange Hiram Walker, which has been sold Klnce dlrec'.or taUed to consider a dividend earlier thu week, added to Its recent losses. DlsUllers lean Gas and Electric E'ond and--·-· Sherwln B lost '.i 1% swift Inter Zenith 1614 31 MINNEAPOLIS STOCKS. MINNEAPOLIS. May 5. (.D--Stocki loaed: First Bank Stock 8. Northwest Bancorporation 4 % . Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHEI'S AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building Telephone No. 7 New stock weak, supplies liberal, demand and trading rather slow; Louisiana BUM triumphs U. S. No. 1, sacked per CT't. J2.JU S2.40. Two Inmates Break Jail at Washington WASHINGTON, Iowa, May 5. (IP) --The sheriffs office today was investigating a jail break here last night in which Merle Dawson and Donald Kerr, inmates of the county jail, disappeared, leaving no clew as to their escape. No windows were removed, bars sawed or doors unlocked or "jimmied" when officers discovered the pair gone this morning. Four others in the jail said they knew nothing of the escape. Both Kerr and Dawson had served more than half their terms, the former for forgery and Dawson for maintaining a liquor nuisance. Kerr had been a trusty. MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR MINNEAPOLIS. May 5. Wi--Flour un- chanKed; shipments, 26.995; pure bran. Standard middlings. S15 to S15.50. TOLEDO SEEDS TOLEDO. May 5. (.11--Seeds unchanged. NEW YORK SCQAB. NE WYORK. May 5. c.TI--Raw sugar unchanged. Futures 1 to 2 points net higher, nefined unchanged. Given Farewell Party. ROCKFORD, May 5.--A group of neighbors and friends entertained at a farewell courtesy to Mrs. Leo Miller at the home of Mrs. D. R. Oish Friday afternoon. The time was spent socially with short talks of anpreciation of the Miller family by Mrs. G. H. Galvin, Mrs. H. C Batty. Mrs. W. C. DeWitt and Mrs Grace Porter. Lunch was served at the close of the afternoon and a gift was presented Mrs. Miller. SIOUX CITV LIVESTOCK. SIOUX CITY. May 5. IA1--U. S. depart- ent nf agriculture-CATTLE 100: market for the week: ted eers about 1100 Ibs. fully 50c higher; bet- r grade long yearlings strong to 25c hlgh- r; all other yearlings weak: fat she stock ttle changed; stockers strong to 25c high- r; weightier feeders 25c to 50c up: top holce 1160 lb. steers 58.75; choice 1092 lb. earllngs $7.75; bu'k better steers 1100 ibs. p 5625SV7.75: most yearlings S5.5006..)0; holce clippers up to,SOO Ibs. up to 55.75. ulk beef cows J3--74.25: better grade II. i5 (02.50- choice light stockers 55.50: deslr- ble stock steer calves 55.75; medium grade eeders S4S4.50. HOGS 1.000- market slow, steady to lOc ower- top 53.30; bulk better grade 180 to 60 li. weights S3.10®3.25; 260 to 335 lb. velghts 52.855T3.10: plain grade butchers mostly $2.7553; light lights scarce, mostly 3 down; sows 52.60ra2.75. SHEEP 1.000. Including 500 direct; today's trade shorn lambs steady to lOc hlgnr: around 300 fall shorn of Texas origin, bought to arrive S9: others 58.85: market or the week: Wooied lambs steady to lOc ilghcr; fed clipped and native spring Iambs 40c to 50c up; late top and bulk wooled 510: best clloped lambs late 59: other sales SS-75SS-90: medium springs SlO.u GRAINS GO HIGHER Modest activity was conducted at higher prices for the leading eralns, wheat resls- terlDK a major Improvement of * cents. Profit taking was well hand ed in the clo - ing trade and the cereal finished 114 «nU higher with corn about We higher. R'P°rt were received of numerous rains but th trade was Inclined to the- belief that these were not sufficient to bring about a revision of opinion that the crop situation Is hlphll unsatisfactory. The grain trade appeared nonchalant about the Ralney statement tea commodity eichangc regulation is not es sentlal legislation" at present and that a joumment wouldn't be held up to work on the bill proposed. Algona Starts Plans to Celebrate July Fourth ALGONA, May 5.--Earl Vincent secretary of the fair association, an nounced Algona will celebrate Jul 4 as usual. The main features wi be horse and automobile races, base ball games and vaudeville acts. Th evening fireworks will be by th Thearle-Duffield company, a danc in the evening will follow. .3 ana rjict.n,,. .^w..-- - . playing the largest losses among the lead- er Mrnln£*tocks'°wer= little changed and ollfmovVnarrowly. National Container and Montgomery Ward "A" were among the few firm spots. Bond Market CHICAGO STOCKS Bendii Con 1614 Marshall Fields 10 Borg-Warn Cp 23^ Quaker Oats Butler Bros 10 li Swift k Co Cities Service Co 2H Swift InU Co Cord Corp 5* U S Gypsum Key St ft Wire 23 VI Waljreen Co Lib, HcN It Lib .5% -.Zealth Co NEW TOM CCBB A cyonamld B 19 Hecla Mining Am Sup Pow Co 2ft HI Walker Co Ark Nat Gas A 1% As G * El A % Can Ind Alk 11% Can Marconi 2% DIst Corp Seag 1754 El Bb Share 14 Ford M of Can 22% Ford M of Eng 9 NEW YORK. May 5. (.!·--Steadiness C actertzed the bond market today, but previous day's advance was not ="« :ntertally because of slackness of trading char- the tnded '"Gains, mostly within fractional UmiU featured loans of American and Foreign Power. Columbia Gas and Ueclric. Duquesne Lieht and Pov-'or. Great Northern, Missouri Pacific and Western Union. Chesapeake and Ohio llts, a member of MARKET INFORMATION By Jno. F. Clark and Co., 3X5 L O. F. Building PhonS 8*5 the Kilt edge rail group, a limited turnover. Da id lonp 4-32m . up to l-32nd down. rose 1% polnta on Iflli 31 38 25U 614 34 Hud B M S 13 Humble Oil Co 43 y. Niag Hud Pow 6 Pennroad Corp 3 S 0 Ind Co 26 S S O Ky Co 16 United Gas Co 3 Utll P LI Co 3!4 NEW VORK STOCKS Alaska Juneau IS^i Jndust Rayon Am Bank Note 21% Am Ecet Su Co 11 ".4 Am C Fy Co 24 n 75 17 Lamson Brothers Market Letter SOOTH ST. PAVI. LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL. May 5. L1V-IJ. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 350: compared with Friday it last wee5:: Light and unfinished yearlings scarce. Me or more lower; others about steady: weights an important price facto., steers around 1100 !bs. up strong to unevenly Weber; few here, no choice heavies: cows and light heifers weak to 25c. ower; bulls weak; stockers and feeders weak to 25C or more tower; few good 1975 to 1450 lb. steers S6.7S«?7.50: good 1000 to 1050 lot. J.1?6, 750 to 800 lb. yearling choice heifers $5?6; May 5.-Without particularly Important news over night the market continued in the week-end session the Irregular decline of the past week, reflecting the accumulative evidences that seasonal peaks have been reached In a cumber o£ major industries. The automobile and steel Industries continue to provide the high spots of manufacturing actively although a rather more pessimistic view of the business outlook has been noticeable In financial district during the week The discussion o£ the stock exchange bill in con- eress has, of course been chief Item of interest in financial circles, tt Is not unusual that fears should increase and that some liquidation has appeared as a result of the possibility of diminished market ablllt which might result from the passing of a severely restrictive bill. Present price levels appear however, to have discounted largely Misting uncertainties. Leading motors, steels and rails warrant buying recommendations at present price levels. But (,.r-_Top grades quoted unchanged on the -pot market while other grades were · ;c w 4c lower. The withdrawal.., in the four markets yesterday reduced the surplus 166.742 pounds. Futures June closing «c lower and MARKET REVIEW. BuUei--Today's market is visibly easier. Ecgs-Fresh grades starts lei advancing ic at 16=. registered the only change In today's spot market quotations. Comment--Butter market conditions should for the present shift with any change In weather particularly so In case of general Tain, over the central west. Do not look for much change on csgs at present. Am Roll'g Mills 21 is Amer Metal Co 2311 Am R * S Co 14 VI Amer Tob Co 70 Armour Co A 2ft As Dry Goods 13 % Bel Hemingway 13 Brlggs M f CO 17 Budd Mfg Co 6% Byers A M Co 24 Calif Packing 31* Caterpillar Trac 29 Coca Co'a Co 11714 Com Credit 30 Com Solvents 23* Cont Oil 18% Cr of Wheat 32% Cudahy Pack'g 46% Curt-Wrl Cn A 3V4 Doug Aircraft 19% Eaton Mfg Co 1814 Elec Auto Lite 22S Erie K R Co 191$ Fire'ne A Ru 20',4 First Natl Sirs (tt!ji Foster-Wheeler 17 Glldden Co 2414 Gt North'n Ore 131i Harm Dept Strs 5"i Hershey Ch Co F2 Houston OH 24 Houst Oil (new) 454 Hupp Motors 4 Wheat--Wheat was nervous and erratic most of the session but in the last hour the market turned strong and closed 8b out at the top of a good advance with considerable short covering .In evidence The Kelvlnator Co Lambert Co 25 Liquid Carb Cp 30 Loose-Wiles Bis 41 Mack Truck 27% Mathleson Alk 32^ McLellan stores 3',4 Mex Senb'd Oil 34 ^i, Motor Products 27^i No Amer Avl 5 Otis Steel Co 51; Owen 111. Glass 81 Park Utah Cop 4!4 Peoples G L 32 Ptllsbury Flour 2514 Prod Refln % Pub Ser of N J 35-li Pure Oil Co 11 Purity Bakery 15 Reo Motors 4 St Joseph Lead 19-% Simmons Co 17 li So Calif Edison 17 "4 Sperry Corp 9 Tide Wa As Oil 12% U S -Smelter 116 Utll P LI A 31i Vanadium 23 Union OH Calif 16H Un Gas Imp 161i Warren BVos Western Myld Western Union Worth'n Pump youngs S T J3 =41, 23 !i er lifap «'howed""m precipitation In overnight although there was v, ere easier, November Uc 1114115 ·Ji.'JV .ft "· "-- » -- _ _ feeders steers 54ST5: stockers down to S3 and less; calves 250; compared with Friday of laM week, steady; medium to choice - top 56.50. . HOQS 1 000- steady: bulk better grade 170 to 260 Ibs. S3.3533.45: practical top S3 45 to "nippers; few choice 200 to 250 Ibs. SJoThcavioY weights and medium grade! down to 53.10; light lights mostly $3' kll'er pigs 52^2.75; most packing S2.651I2.90; average cost Friday 53.w; W SHEE 2 P 5 5M"'compared with Friday of last week all classes steady to strong; ween s EK--The spot market WM steady at unchanged Quotation.,. The storage Input £ Ihe markets yesterday was 15.668 cases inu than lost year. Futures were quiet with closing prices unchanged. Ellis NamecTHead of Lions Club at Osage OSAGE. May 5.--At the meeting of the Osage Lions' club Thursday evening the following were elected: President, Dr. S. E. Ellis; first vice president, S. G. Teegardin; second vice president, Dr. C. E. -Tuhl; third vice president, H. C. Hill; secretary, Walter McCoy; treasurer, Marcus Hansen; lion tamer. A. E- Bartsch; tail twister, Lee McGrane; directors, James Casey. Dr. G. L. Horton, the Rev. T. P. Solem, Brede Wamstad. UflMUia. " j t c i m b " * -- "-- , ,, lrnt» heavy rain at one point In South Dakota and a couple of showers in Minnesota. I ur- ther rams were reported in parts of the southwest. The forecast held out little hope of any material moisture In any section of the belt over the week-end, I^ate advices told of -dustslorms at severa. points In Saskatchewan. The opinion was expressed b local experts today that there has thus far been no breakln e of the drought in the American northwest by the rainfall of the past two or three days, although the moisture probably furnlished sufficient moisture over a considerable area. Corn--Com followed wheat for its main trend and closed higher. Planting is reported as progressinc in localities where moisture Is sufficient, but is slow In the dry sections. Cash sales were only 23,000 bushels and bookings 30.000. Oats--Dry weather reports had further effect on oats and this market recorded a good advance. May moved above 32c. Lack of deliveries on May contracts and the small stocks of contract oats in store here were factors in causing some congest.on in the nearby deliveries. The market Monday will likely remain under the influence of weather developments. although action of stocks may be a factor. Building FiUing Station. SHEFFIELD, May 5.--Ward Levitt has begun the construction of a filling station on his corner property east of the Woods Auto company which he will operate. The station will probably be ready to open tor business in about a month. INVESTMENT TOASTS (By The Assorliited I're*s Bid niirt Asked May 5. Corporate Tr. Sh 1-93 Corporate Tr. Eh. AA Mod 2.22 2.36 Corp Tr. Sh Accum. Ser. 1.92 Corp! Tr. Ac. Ser. Mod 2.22 2.3C, Dividend Shares 1.19 1.21 Nationwide Sec 3-2f -1.39 Nationwide Sec. vtc 1.24 1.3-1 North American Tr. Sh 1.78 Nor. Amur. Tr. Sh. 1955 .. 2.30 Quarterly Inc. Eh I S O I-*" Selected Amer. Eh 2.56 Selected Cum. Sh 6.57 Selected Income Sh 3.42 3.S8 Super Corp. Am. Tr. A ... 2.86 U S. El. L Pow. A ... IJ',4 U S. F.I. L. Pow. B ... 1.85 U. S. El. L. Pow. B vtc .73 C. S. BOND QUOTATIONS NEW YORK. May 5. I.PJ--U. S. b closed: Liberty 3^'s --. Liberty First -Hi's. 101.8. Liberty Fourth 4'.i's. 101.7. Treasury 4,i's. 47-52. 111.14. Treasury 4's. -14-M. 107.22. Treasury 3V-i. 0-43. June. 103.2i. Treasury 34/s. 16-49. 101.18. Treasury 3's. 51-55. 100.7. IOWA I-CBIJC fTIIJTV PREFERRED STOKS. (By the Ai-'r.lHtcd Tress) Bid find asked on May 5: Cent St El 7 pet pfd (525 par) 1"4 Cent St P L 7 pet pfd 6H D M Gas 8 P« pfd (S50 par) .. 46 D M Gas 7 pet pfd (550 par) .. 41 Interstate Pow 7 pet prd 14 Iowa Eloctric 7 pel pfd 12 Iowa Electric 6vi r- c! - P r d n Iowa Elcc Lt Pow 7 pet pfd .. 37 Iowa Blec l,t i Pot-.- 6 pet pfd .. 33 Iowa P L 7 pet pfd 6 3 lowalowa P L 6 pet ptd 56(4 Iuvi-a Pub Serv 7 pet pfd 40 Iowa Pub Service 6 pet pfd ... 33 Iowa South Utll 7 pet pM ... Mid States mil 7 ret Pfd N W Bell Tel 6'i pet pfd . rnitcd Lt A Hvs 7 pet pfd United I.t *. Kys fi pet Pfd .110 . 43 . 40 8% 50 15 14 40 36 61 i/.H 44 42 13 113 44 Parts of the Kalahari, the vast desert in South Africa, recently felt rain for the first time in 40 years.

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