The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 16, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1818
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j THE ME NUMBER 5019 THURSDAY, JULY 16, NO. 49 WIL1 JAM - STREET V Sale, Freight or Charter, The ihia THOMAS NELSOtf, just V '. - .ivcd fom Xew - Orlene she u a nTEuUt, trong yeasel, wtU found, burthen .bout 800 n, c" be ent to sea at a trilling rtpc he 009 liN at rky". wnere ,he m.r be examined. For term, apply to B. W ROGERS k CO. ;e g Sib Pcarl - ttreel. " UuiUid to Charier, jx A good SHIP, of about 300 Wnt, to LiiloaU in a touthern port for England. 7U 66 SoPth - rtreet. "or r'rcifiUt Cufer, ff t Theibip FOSTER, .tforan, master j V " X350 too burthen ; U in complete order, TT""i.i a . ttnnihnk iwt iminfldi - lely, if required. For terms, apply to Use er. or JC0 TV. Jr 5. CRAIG. Honied! CUAlii ER, a - ,.hnw tl a 7(1 tons bur . Jv. MWU . w " - ' Liken, far a vovse to Bermuda ; iintnt - Ju'.e dispatch will be given. Apply to 29oata - street. CIOFFKK, U.UBACCO, WINE, c. - 9 hhd. and I bbl.'very Oree u Coffee 35 bttda superi" old Kentucky Tobacco II do old Richmond do 15 do new do no 6 or. cak L. P. Madeira Winn 1 hhd. Madeira o( uncommon high flavor, tiat bee 3 Tannin Jamaica 1 qr.caketraSi.erry Wine, 6 yean old 35 bbU. Krederickihurg Flour. il rtighlfor tit" aejaneira w vambuco. X' i. ia oiihxr nf the above turd, aiaf a lew good on freight, from rw"' ' UADT nil l.l'.VPlR. Jt30 H2 Front. - l. A Uhll.h venal of 250 to 300 tout, to load at a aouthern port for the Wert In - liet. Je Antdv tn 1 MACKIE, MILNE & CO. ;8 61 Pine - st WAA'J'ED TO CHARIER, A good SHIP or U RIG of about 250 tons. A connered vessel and uiie llui till fast, woula be preferred G. G. ft 8. HOWLAND, J 67 Wasliingtonllreet. Fur H tlnungton, A". C. The thin PACKET, caul. While, to .sail iu a few days, will take freight on the lowest terms, and accommodate pasieugcrt. Apply on board, at Murray' wharf, or to GR1SWOLD5 li CO TES, , J 1 6H South strert. torCH.lRLElti'O.V, The ttaunch choocer ARAHF.LLA, rT Harinlc. m:itrr. will meet with iaimtjistc dispatch, having half her treiglu en - g;ed For the reoid'miler or p - 'a;e, apply ou boarl, at M urray'i wharf, ea Ue Coiloe - House dip, or to SUL ALLEY, June 19 . 9H Kine - it. r HA tit:. The thip UEtLK, Henry Leslie, .master, to lail in 0 (Lit. For a flw torn oi lieay treigui or pasaengrra, uani(j p - . . . - cttteott acCoounodatMoa, i.pjly to JO.NES it MEGRATtr, je M , 91 6outh - uret. jixre.u ju LH.iiiri.ti, A cood brir or tchooner, from UsO to 180 toni burthrn, to load lor Europe, to hica immediate dispatch will be given. Apply to R. CKUMP, Jtt9 00 Pine - st. . The very superior coppered British Vly.h.r. UALMARNOCK. 'V. W. Robert - son, master j her carfc - 0 being nearly engaged. For the remainder of freight, or page, having elegant accommodation, apply board, east tide Fly - market - wharf, or to S. UALGI.F.ISH k CO. 103 Pearl - street. Who offer for tale, ex. said vessel, from Ltitfi Kdinburgh Ale, of superior quality, in bottle and casks. Wine Bottles, fcc. per gross. je 25 m37wi.E8 and GROCERIES. Vo. 7tark (i.atk lauiki Accri - a room.) rf'Htsuoscrii'f.rim consume - .m h Hid a pen - X eral assortment of the following articles, Trtich will be dii - ted of at a iLOittratc advance. Teat oi firl U lity Sajirs do do Genuine old Cogaac Brandy Hollands Gin Jamaica and other Spirits Wines of the vinous kindt Pine Apple Shrub lrann, Lime and Orange Juice Sailed Oil in bettitt and bottlet I.. Brown Stout Bottled Ale and Cider Double Gloucester . Holland and American Cheese Cordial tipk - e, Essence Sperm and Tallow Caudlet Da. Oil for Lanipt Coffee, Rice. Barley and Mustard A few boxes Sicily Lemons, in fine order Raisins, Almonds, Prune, Fig Basket Salt. fcc. For tale i y JAMES P. AJf DOE. anted to purchase, a Quantity oi second hand iae and porter h 'ttles. J 1 MIL.LI.NE I 'i'd, ire A Rjt:fHi assoriiuent oi millinelts, thirling, sheeting', dost knitting sim sewing cotloit, lot sale low, by . VM. CAMPBELL. Manufacturer, Je 1 197 Pearl street. TiRAFo. HE newly invented patent Box Trapt. for tale at 130 Water - ttreet. Je 13 FOKMLE, ty JAMKS '. JtMJOE, No. 7, opposite the Park, A fkboxet Sicily LEMONS, iu fane order, m ' - r lotito tuit purchasers. Je li V JEWELLERY, AiCaEc, act. CAsE ol tundry Jewellery, fine Cutlery, silver Hunting and Plain Watdiet. "reio; Cases and Ladiet W jrk Boxet. r caws Ladiet Corset awortetl. Yjdby J LAVBF.RT. - 3 Conr:nd s'nel. S. . Pli dk LUZE, 71 WathiugVNi, J offers for .ale, XU0 - .. - Claret Wine " cases BurziindyFu,. . 10 do Muvi,l t W,ne , JJT"vH prr hrifi lo, from Marteillct i l to dc'jcoluit. and ea ,. ALSO, caet Glass Tumbler J d. Ulive do Ctiert. t - wm ASD 7tu invoice of French Silk Goodt and li - J i,"".'' "e.! Irom Havre. l' lui RIU;. - ay t,tt Klve, landing ' Arabeit irom s. hr. a, at Vuinj' whari, tor sale by J17 vuAn.iv, niuunt. k iu 41 Snilli - srvt. MTTi v. - J Co ir - J ;ARPS. mode of ra Isitod in iic crain, ior mie rv W.M.C.vPBELL, 197 Prari - ttrrtt. J! rflT REMOVED. JAMES P. A.N OOF. has taken the store No. 7 Park, recen'Jy occupied aa a Ladies' Auction Roomy where he inlenda establishing himeelf ata first - rate GROCER, and intends selling lor cash only, and at such price as will make it the interest of the cash purchasers to call as abort, where he baa fop sale a general assorlmrtit of Teai,Ut importation Pure olJ cognac brandy, of superior quality Jamaica spirits, Holland gin, American do Madeira, L. P. TaneruTo, Old sherry, Port Si other wines Londoo and American porter, Dolled cider Sperm, od and candles Fiue old Holland and American cheese WUffavorc - d rutins, Fijs, Prunes, Almonds Spice, Uest Bpanith cigars, Draught porter tfweet oil, &c Comltuit attendance will be given, and all favors duly appreciated. Jnne It tf S WEE I'Oll,. to chests Florence Oil, 30 bet tie each, for tale by CHAS. L. OGDEX, St A OR. OUDEN, Je 10 53 Washinton - etreet. Qr. casks Madeira, and C hhds white port wine, for sale bv " ROBERT GILLESPIE, Juno 10 1 12 Front - st. rTMjV - tL.1 , TitsHJt. - LH.ii.S, 4.C A. 200 boxes tiu plate 21) cask Traces Brass Wire Sio. 9 CO cask Romnn Cement, now landing, and lor tale by AISDERSO. to til IF. A RE II, 131 Water - street. Who hare in store. Patent and common Carolina and Virginia Hoe Sheet Drass of all size Brass and copper Wire London made pocket Book and Wallets Ladies work Boxes tic. my 25 AUUWARE, CUTLERY fie 2casks fccotcb spring Locks 5 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards 1 do clitst handle, fic. I do screw plates, scale beams, Ac. 1 do 1 1 thus cocks, &c. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillet t do tni'd pott and sauce pans 2 do fine padlocks 4 dn lUnbury locks, hinges, Sic. 2 do hummers, pincers, lock, Sir. . 2 do IIL hiupes. tic. 4 do anvil 1 do hammers and sledges 2 black & bright vires, C do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to 20d. AIjp, a large aud general assortment ( eornh open oh the shelves, for sale at the most reduced price, iy ADAMS K BLACK WfcM,, may 7 VI5 rearl - t. DOMESTIC GO'Jlis. i:rM. CAMPBELL, Maiiuiacturer, cC rs V V for tnle on reasonable term, at hit store 197 Pesrl street, a fresh supply of the followina jofils, viz. ltj.iu in. wmte miiiincii,.aaitomeiy nieanrd 120 do black do I and ti jhd 20 cuset lileuch'd and unblenrhM sheeting k shirtings ; together with an assortmeut of dots koittinc and re win; cotton. J" 16 .Vt.l.IbH HA .lJi. BACO.v, .c. just nu lrj Dueled hv the snhs. rilier. Dnutile (Itonc. - '.l. r Uoli hin and Pine Arp'e Cherse.ol a verv tut eri or quality ; Vorkthire and Wilt'lnre Hnis; sirs and ti itches of Kirnn, of a suiKnor quality; Kn hsii bladders, and iu.aH brkins; Kitatr and Bri.tol Ware ; larze Bottles ; Pipes and Demijohn ALSO. A generxl assortment ol urocenes, r uri bau - crt, ice. lor tale cheap, lor rash, f EDAARD BLACKFORD, 157 Grecnwith - ttreet. Best H.itna Segan, in qr. boxes Je18 lm PHE.MX KA.SK. A DIVIDEND of three fortix iu"ntiis, endine UieSOth intant, has been Ibis it iy declared payable to the ttockhnlder on Uie first of July next. liy order or the oo'd oi directors. Jel7 lin I). I. CJEKENE, Cashier. POUTER. lb c:ik Brilf! P.r'er, lor tale by LE ROY, BAYARD b CO. Jy 13 CtHEMlCALS, COL' - Rs, t Epsom saltt, in ra'kt of 2cwt. Lump Magnetic, in cases Do dj roa!l square Calcined do in phials RochelleSalt. Acid Tartar Citri Acid, Blue Verditerin firkin Patent yellow, Kin;; Yellow Rfgulus of Antimony GU3, BUTTOXd, &c. Fowling Pieces, assorted, well Cnihp Do do ii wain - coat cases, line I j finished wih apparatut rompielu Duel'vig Pitls, in casts Gold Epaulettce Naval and Military Sword Belts Gilt Coat and Vest Kutn Copperplates for engraven Mathematical Instrument Roiling Puralel Rulert Manners cimpasst s, telescope Ojiera gh.sirs, microscopes 3 sett splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil car. For sale by J. LAMBERT, je 18 3 Courtlandt - fctrtet. FOR SALE, A LOT of ground on Bro.idway, rx - lwren Walker ttreel nnd Canal - street, 26 feet 10 inches wide and 17j feel king. Inquire of P. A. JAY, Jv 1 tf NO. 37 Pinr - street. LEU HORN a i'RA WS, for sale by MARCH & LOW, J 6 210 Broadway. V. LED YARD 6i t'tTi04 r - earl - ttreeT, . offer for talc, in addition to their former ex - 'ensive assortment oi Hardwar;', - the following articlet,ret 'd by the Martha, irom Liverpool - Trace Chain Clout Nails padcKnd fhovels Bras KLttkt do Cnndlcstickt do Cocks do Nail (i Ilirgrt Gilt ;w.t Buttons, some of sup. quality, suitable for mcrchaut tavlon JaiianneilCandletickt Flemish Tack J 3 II 6 and 3 barr'd Curry Combs C barr'd Mane do Iron Wirc,No.4toI0 Steelyards Fine Gun T'tink Lock Drawing Knive Binplc) I'atentcur. ricr't kuivr warranted equal to Cox't genuine. PHY GOODS, r. J. O Boxes muslins 10 do. 4 - 1 & 7 - 8 Irish linens I do. pink ginghams 1 do. shawls 4 do. brown platillat 6 do Scotch owiaburg? 7 balet imitaliou iheet - ngs 4 do. brown linen 2 do. linen btd tic. 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton checks 1 do. carpet in - . ALSO, Sail - cloth, ' Cotton tagging T i'ded tacking Seine twine For sale bv GEORGE JOHNSTON. Jo'vt No. 1 Sloat - Une. C CARDS, PARCHMENT, BOOKS. ARI5 lor printer, uitiug, c gilt and plain edge, of all size Cards for playing, coloured and plain back Parchment Skiut for printer 1 Plan of the city of London, folded on caavatt Do of the tountry 24 miles round Loudon Picturei of London, with plate Do of Edinburgh, do Watsons, instruction for the deaf and Dumb, with a volume of plate Purth's Flora of North America Aintworth1 Latin Dictionaries Barlow't Mathematical do Tuckey'i Expedition to the Congo in South Africa Drake' Shakipeare and hi time Memoirs of Dr. Watson, Bishop of Laadaff Godwin's live of the Phillips' Encyclopaedia Britaimica Johnson's Dictionary, quarto Kelly's Universal Cambist Locke' Work, folio Kirkpatrick'a Kingdom ofNepaul Edward's Botannic Garden Beaumont, Fletcher, Ben Johnson and Ebaks - peare't Work Gibbon, Rollin, Robertson and Bolingbroke's Work Hogarth' Work by Cook, Imperial Folio Do do Quarto Carey' Atlas, folio ArrowsoiiUi't do quarto With many rare unci valuable English works, illustrated with poitrait aad elegantly bound, torsaleby J. LAMBEBT, Je 16 No. 3 Coiirllandt - ttreet. K f f WHITE LEAD, &c. A.C. t) J V keet London White Lead iu oil 30 barred tin Dry White Lena li ton Red Leud 30 barrels Bristol Red Oi lire iti do Venetian Red ; 2 tont line Litharge tiO hoshead Whiting CO casks Pari While ; 2 hhds. Verdigrit 50 tierces r reiich Yellow Ochre 5 kegs Vermillion 4 ratkt Prussian lilue, 4(MW. Crouie Yellow; Patent Yellow Spanish Brown, Venetian Red, Yellow, 1N OIL. Black, I Verht;ris, ) Lampiilack i Ivory Black ; Purple Brown Spirits Turpentine ; Lintseed Oil 400 boxet Window essoifed Forsnle on the lowest leiuis, for r.a:h or at dwrt credil, by PETER SCHERML'RIIOR.V Ns SONS, my 1 43 .VMur.(,rfel. T i A.NLr ACi LRED lO.lltU, tic i.?X f - 0 kea Cavendish Tobacco 51) do small Twifl do. just received imd lor tale low, t.y W. &l s. CRAIG. l.s 5 I UllK. S.iO bids. Riv.linioml Country Flour do no City d Je 30 Mn - STULTlAblTATl'riENOia'H RIVER. SITUATE between r irday and Murray. ; . - it et?, CliMUiher an.! Reed - streett, Jay and ! llarrvnn flreuts, and Norlli Moore s'id BcHch - jti eet - ; at a price very considerably less than lii - terett on their valu", mul at Hie txMmtiiMi of the term the buildings to bo iYuly valued aud paid for, er a ucw l - .aac graLted. A!?o, to let l - v .he year at alow rale, several lots or yards va ihs water, well calculated for lumber, p! terof pans, Kc. Applv 1.1 PH. KIllELANDER, 31 l'ark, netrtte i'heatre. Several of the abovelot will be old at a mo - '.eratc price and on a liberal credit. A small portion of the money only will be required. June H tf IU lit LK.1SK1), ON favorable tern', for a long term nl years, 4 lots of giourjj on Broadway, 200 feet lecp, extending to Croiby - street, between Hes - 'er and Grand - streets. 2 lota in Wter - street,nenrCatharine - market. I lot in Water - street, between Fultou and B jrliug 'lips. Mo, frveral other lots in the 5th, 6th, Clh ind 10th wards. For particulars, enquire at 30, Chatham street. may 8 JOHN HEFFER.MAN, 31 touih - tlreet, oilers t lor tale 51 ceroons Carar cat Flora lodico 278 bale London market Gnat Skin 6 do. small do. 1 1 thins dalet 21 bbls tweet fresh shelled aluionds 'Si r.erouns hitter do. do. 76 do. cummin teed, I do fennel do. I do. carrjwa do. June 20 1m fLAs'l'EROF PARIS MANUFACTORY, At - the toot of Harrisoti - street, .Nr - rth - Kiver. I A f HERE manufactured Plaster, lorcorni - f ttt and other pnrposet, may I hurl, warranted of the first quality, at one dollar and lu inly Jiie etnttper bmM. I he manufactory it conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who bat terved a regular apprenticeship to the mason butinett. mil 21 JOHN BYF.RS. T A with great care, for the t upply iug of tami lira and ship stores, the following wines, liquors, tea, tic. which they offer at wholesale aud retail, at No. 56 Moue - strret .Vadeira iu glass and wood Red port, rorii and royal compy" do a few dozen of super, quality Dry Lisbon, 1 1 years old Very old sherry, do Teueriflo Old brandy, rum and gin, not rcdnoeil llibbcrt's brown stout, equal to any in the city lied Knd white wiue vinegar ' llordraux salladoil Hrson, hvson kin. vcunz hyson, touchon; & pouchong leas I oat, lump aud Muscovado sugar Fi - b sauces, Sepirs in qr. boxes Willi a general a'jortmout of groceries, which ttipy will warrant to be ol the first quality June 24 3w LEMON c. I I'ST received, 45 boxet Sicily Lemons, in lott to suit nun liaen, liv Je24 J. P. AN DOE. No. Park. WANTED, a hid about 14 yeais 01 ue, at f.n apprentice to the printing buine. Apply at the corner of Natau ud Spruce - sis. Jy CO.L AFLOA I . fk Chaldron Liverpool New - Pit Coal, 1 UU of superior quality, now landing from on board the ship Gauge at the east tiue of Peck - slip. t'rti ch ildron Sco'ch Coal, of prime quality, dili harging Irom on board Ir.ethip Uliou, at pier No. 9, E. R ' 50 chaldron Liverpool New - Pit Coal, equal to the above, discharging from on tonrd the ship Othello, at the loot 01 Rector tireet, N. R. Application to he made on l - ard, or at the suhtciihet'icoel yard, No. 274 Front ttreet, who baton hand a large supply of Liverpool, fkolch and Virginia Coal, suitable fur laoiilie and blacksmiths, which tw will dispoee of oa ac - coiL'uodatin terms. For tale by J 9 A. FRASER. IRISH GLUE. 15 hhd Glue, landing from ship Ocean,. from Dublin, for sale by MAJOR 4c GlLLKriR, J 11 Iw 79 Pine - st. (up - suin, ) 1DER BRANDY. IU buds. Cider Bri.odT, U..E...i.s,.l iVp lata Kf - r - mmS JriJCjUI UV4 tvse - w ANsU'N G. VHELTS, 183 Front ttreet. J H C - Or KEe, J l'OBACCO. H lUius very green Coffee, and 35 h!.dt Kentucky Tobacco, iust ree'd, for by R.GlLLEsTIE. jfj lUFront - ttreet. flpy iznnnv RECEIVED per Drajer from Liverpool and other lattr arrivale. for tale st fVn 9 Sl.ui lane, by WM. TODD; 1 box tuper MarseilU quiltt, from 5 a 14 4 1 do do chiuU bt ti lace ALSO Linen bad ti'jLs. Raven's uurlr. imlla. tion cotton shawls, tewed leuoes, rich tewed nuiij, itiaut, jaconet, muR, and iirtarrill mut - Ikia, drawine auslin. Ceht itrincd threads, Madrae hilnti. Jy 7 7t WM. W. W OOLtfEY ti. CO. iu.227 Pearl - ttreet, have Jest received by the Julius Cassar, Courier, Ann Maria, aud other vessels irom Lirerpool and Tendon, a very extensive assortment of H.1 lil))t'A HK and CUTLERY, wintii inoy ouarior sale uy me package or Irom shelve ou the lowest terms, lor cash or credit i most of which are particularly adapted to the southern and we.tern markets confiitin - of r owlm piecss of different dtiiription Anvil, Vices, Trace chains Hammer heads Gun locks, Pktulf, Tea tray Cross - cut, mill and pit saw, of various quali - tiet Fine plate stock lock Nob, chest, trunk and cupboard locks Hand, tenant aud sash saws Files of all kind Bread Irayt, Webbing, Candlcstitkt Plated castors. Padlocks, Screwt Tooth brushe., Screw plates Steelyards, Wfaflle aud wafer irons Plated saddlery of all kinds Tea kettles, Rat traps, Pocket Looks Bullous, Shovels, '1 0.15s, Flints Kuivrs hi furkf, pen, pocket and other kuivet ScishOrt, Harors, Portable oes Chinels, Tlanc irons nd gougct Patcut and common hoes 7'geker with a quantity of Engli. - h OL it eel, blistered Milliugton Crowley steel. Ac. &C. ALSO, fO li SALE, 12.1 boxes window glass 56 ciuks white and red lead 10 cases white aud colored cotton hose 20 cask - spelter 600 boxes tobacco pipes 2 cases long and short Italian glocos July II 2w OLD :ul'tKU & UH.ita. OiTt 1 lbs old copper and brass, in lots to tuit purchasers, for sale by ' TJJCKER It LAL'RIES, 29 South - ft. CLAssicAI.iHAT. EMATICAL aud .ViER - C iM II.E ACADEMY. jXTSSUS. KElLY k TUOVIY resptclfully kVJ. iii.Vrm Ihe public, (h it they have lately oiiiiiienced this s'al lishment in (lie large mid airy looms. No. 475 Pearl stm t a lew doort m m the corner cl Chntham treel. Their coinsi of ciUicaiU'ii comprise the Circck. Latin. Fn nth. and E'iirlili laru:u:iei : Couipisition, History, Geography, llie use ol the 'jblx s, Bnok - Ktepiag. Aritiiiiielic, with tbectli er practical branches of Ihe Mutheiutict souns Ladiet have a room niipropriuted to themselves, where they will be tansht a - regular courte ol female education, t'ether with lain aiiUnrnameolal .eedle - work, by a liriy ol exem plary conduct aud long expeueiice 111 tlmt depart. uie ut Reference to Robert Adrain, P. M. and X. F Columbia College. PATENT GRAMMATICAL MIRROR. . .Men. Kelly 5l Tuooiy beg leave alto to in - orni yie public, that their Grammatical Mirror is now, completed aud organised, and that they are prepared (o undertake its application to the duties ! instruct 100. The Grammatical Mirror it a midline constructed on such principles, r.nd actuatoil by such laws, at to exhibit a manifest representation of all the parts of human speech, n all the variety ol their inflections aud ail the diversity of their combinations ; it is calculated to impart information more expeditiously than words, whether conveyed by writing or by ut terance : letters and sounds are the arbitrary ymbol.i, not the resemblance cf ideas ; but the Grammatical Mirror presents an eiacl imitation of the aeot with its case., of the object with its passious, oftheir substitute with it genders anfl persons, and of Ihe action with its manners, aud itt timet. The other parts of speech will make their respective appearances iu the revolutions of thit extraordin - iry machine. It it no less use - lul to the teacher than to the pupil j aud while it expedites the progress of the one, it will facili - tato the labor of the other. Should any person object to the practicability of its application, they challenge the investigation of opposition : they cannot rousent to an indiscri minate inspection : but any person who shall be qualified to dnrus its merits they arc willing to admit, and prepared to answer hit obeclinu. Though duty forbids them to acknowledge their own inferiority yet, they rely not on their diligence and zeal others may have as much; they rely not 011 their erudition and talents, other may not have less j but they re Iv on the co - operation of their meant, which they contend to be superior to any that can be employed to attain the object it contemplates. Though they entertain no doubt of its supe rior general utility, they conceive that for such as cannot afford much time for study, or uhose d. detent employments, muit confine them to interrupted and desultory lectures, it imut possess peculiar advantages. Several li.erarj characters, who have inspec ted ibis machine, have been equally astonish ed and delighted, and doubt nut ttut experi. ence will realise the most (anguine expecta tions that are entertained of ks advantage and tucces. Under these impressions Uie proprietors of the Grammatical Jlhrror recommend il to pub lic notice, and they are no. more desirous of acquiring, than they are confident of securing the patronage ot the public N. B. Thev have for general convenience determined to deliver evening lectures from halt past, five till halt past seven, on any oi the abovemeniioned branches or literature. J 10 1m HORSES N. CARRiAl.ES, FOR SALE 1 PAIR of likely, a - ive black Hoksf.?. 7 IX years old. They match in spiiit & spit, are latt 1 rotten and in excellent condition lor a luurney. ALSO, a light 1 oarut - K in periect order, require at tln omre. Jy IJ Iw ne iiii.niiK.ii dollars hsWaich (, i ISslN'U irom the gallery of the American it J. Academy 01 the Hue artt, l huniaia 'IdilE FOR I RAI TS, the one a gentleman's, set in gold, ornamented with pearl aud richly finished ou the back, radiated Irom the centre ; the oilier a ledy s, without telling, but fixed in a plain casing. The aboie reward will be pan! oy WILLIAM DUN LAP, Esq. keeper ' Uie American Academy M uie 1 ine Arts, on delivers ol the above miotatoret lo him. at hit Diintins rooms, iu the N' - w - York Iostitutin, or at his houw, No. 50 Leonard ttreel :or, if the geuUe - uian't picture alone it so delivered, tiu painlu.e I Jl! . II I . ..... n... - uiuryiirea, seseuiy uonart win ie 'aiu w jetton who delivers it ; and iu like Di. nuer, for ine mjiet mu.iaiure alone, the painting unifjnrrd, llurly dollan. 'I'he money will Iw paid 011 deli ery of the pictures, und 110 questions tsked. Jewellers, Watchmakers and oUwr, to whom tbee pictujes, or the tctting of the gentleman's picture, may lie offered for tale, are particularly solicited to be on their guard, aad give notice at above. By order of the board. . ALEX. ROBERTSON, SeCry. J13Cw WHOOPING COUGH. DOCTOR SCOTT'S Pectoral Mixture, which it a tale and effectual remedy for the whooping cough. It it only ten yeart since it was offered to the public, and tome thuutandt of eniiureo, 00m in England and Scotland, nave uwu vureu oy 11, aner every otnermettirme naa been used without eflect. It it held in the highest estimation for it excellent and talubnout virtues. It promote gentle perspiration, re - roc, net vitcid phi - gm by an easy and infe expectoration, aud it highly talut'iry lo the hit g ; il strengthen and de:eodt Uie stomach, git es greater liberty of breathing, and produeettbe iuot ale, salutary and happy tflitts, by preventing Ihote distressing ami coiivul'ive coughs, .0 which tliousandi of individualt, in conte - qiicuce of wsitt L nrematurelv fall a mrrifr,.. It ii iiot by exciting a temporary timulu of reuer in mote violent paroxysm that it qualities are manifested, but by effectually remov - ing those distressing symptoms, by giving vegour to the weakened fiame, and renovated health to the afflicted individual. Sold wholesale snd retail, by It Robertson, Apothecary, No. 82 Broadway, and J. C. Mot i son, Drtiggest, No. 188 Greenwich - street, N. York. Druggeats throughout the United states, may be acpnlied with the Pectoral Mixture, ut either of the above places, at the lowest wnoietaie price. Jy 7 2m IO UUlLDEKS, Or those who may wish to erec.t tlire elegant buildinc or lactones. LOTS, 77 ieet by 80, more or le. with the huildings thereon, in Ihe centre vf Vetey - it. .an uc eiciiaiea separate cr togeitar. ALSO. An eleiranl LOT, w ith Uie Buildinit Ihereon, 1 1 Bowery, 42 by 125. mote cr lets, near Chat ham - street the whole on accommodating terun Apply ut 33 Chathum Row, nearBeekinan - 't I be advertiser has three small morteaee lo dispose of, one ol $3,000, one ofilUOO, one of jjizoii, an 111 ini city. je y A IIORsE WANTED. A GOOD active Horse, about tlx yean old XI lieu wanteil chierly as a gig horse, in which tinrnest he mutl liepnfeclJy gentle. A Bay would be prelured. Apply M No. 24 Greenwh h tlret. J 6 f I llJE Art of wimiiuutr. Diving, Floaliug, JL and other modes ol sustaining and propell ing the body in writer, with directions lo persons unacquainted with twiuimiugoo tailing into the water, accompanied with 12 copperplate engravings, correctly exhibiting and elucidating the action md altitude in every branch of the invaluable art of swimming: by J. Fio - t. Just published and lor talc by P. VV. GALLAUDET, 49 Fulton - street. . The above work it told at Ihe low price ol one dollar. The price of the English edition in Lon don it $1 75, arid iu this city 42 50. This cdi - lion is wt - 11 pniiico, aj.a uie engi&viiigs as wen executed us the English. t.xlraet rum the work. "Man wi - ely insures his house, his ship, his cargo ; he piudenlty gives a little to secure the whole. Shall he be le t provident toward hi person ? Shall he suffer that vessel, which con tains his most valuable treasure, to remain ro unprepared for thu water, so unfit to contend with the wav, that, should it be under the ne cessily of making a voyage, or of swimming but a lew yards for udcty, it 1 111 dauger olbciug irrecoverably lust! Wisdom is uot iucoutUtcut With itself." By thu tysttm, persons are instructed in the necessary evolutions, action, attitude,, ic. in their own element, and do not go into the wa ter until they are prepared lor it ; to lh?t it ha beeo frequently Uie case, that the author's pu pilt have becu able to twim oa the firt attempt alter the lessous. ' Recommendations of the above work are in serted in il. Jy 1 1 Iw A r ANTED, in a hoarding tchool, in Ihe vi - V y cini'y ol thit city, a ftmale teacher, well qualified loioitriict in writing, arithmetic, gram mar, ac. Il.e moil respectable reference! will beieqiiiied. luquiie 401 Pearl - ttrtet. J 9 Iw" STOLEN. c3 rui.LAon sun O of Courtlandt - ttreel, a tiiver Watch, makers nuine Jno. Crotsman, No. 200011. It it supposed it wat taken Irom Ihe owner't pocket while bathing, at a person wat teen ncir his clothet. Whouvtr will return the watch to No. 26 Lumber ttreet, thall receive a reward 01 5 dollan and Ihe thmkt of the own er. Silversmiths, rawnbrokers and others, are requested to stop it if offered for tale. N. B. Had on a small hair chain, silver mounted, with a gold ring at the end. J 13 ORF.AT lURIOalTX. M A M M O I II HOG. 1MIIS animal i ouc of Ihe most extraordi J. nary productions ol nature, and ha been nrouaht here Irom irviaud, at a very consider ble expensv. He It 4 Ieet 6 inches high ; length Ol hit body 9 leetb inchet ; gutli 7 feet 10, and weight n limit lauu pounds ;aiiioal unpre. edenl ed weight fur any ol the tpecict. A lurther de srription 11 unnecessary. Every person of curiosity will he well tati - fied with the view. 1 hit wonderful ai.imal will be exhibited for a few davt at No. 92 Maiden - laue, when he will be lakeu to the country. Price lor grown ptrsom, 25 cents, children nm price. j 13 i w HOARDING SCHOOL. T "HE MISS BENNETl's have opened a boarding rbiol for youns ladies, on the touth tide of Towict Hook, iu a situation veiy healthy, and although convenient to the city, quite retire 1. The usual English bram lies ami Needlework, r rench, Music, Dane ins and Draw ine, aie taught, by themtelvet or by approved mirert. for term etc. apply to Mr. u. 1 GREENE, 24 Wall - ttreef, ot al U.e tchool. J 14 tf HACKNEY COACHES. 1,011 Select farties, Irum Elizabeth Town Point, for Thiladtlphis, aorl the Steam Boat at Treutoii and Biittni, and the Mineral Springs at Scllooley's Muillilaii't. Notice s.nt I No. 5J White - Hall ttreet, New York, or HALEY k S TILES, Elizabeth 'Town, by mail, or by the Steyiu - Boat Atalanta, will e. immediately attended lo. J it 'I HE New Testameut, with uu iiilioduciion, L giving an ai - c.oiiut ol Jewib and other sects, with notes illustrating obscure pasget, and explaining obsolete word and pl,r. - et. for the ue ol schools, academies and private liiUiiliet, by J. A CummiEgt, pi ice $1 j - Q lc.tK.nson Hie Hislurieal Part r.f the New Testament lor Sunday eierrise in chrols with four mup ol Ihe country through which our S.niaur anil hi Apostles tr - velait, by J. A. Cunuuirg, pricf 37 1 - 2 tent ; just n.e: - ed and (or tale at tb - Miotrva Circulating Li brry. Book aud Stationary Slot. - , opposite t! ln - uin. J 14 VXE CEAT It EH' AUD. I" AVAW'AY from ihesuoscritiar, on Vatur - X day the Mih inst. MANGEL KELLY an indenteil apprentice to the pawling business, about 14 tears old, 5 feet high, of a liirht ciimplrxuMi ami dark hair ; had on when he went w,v, a white abut, dock trowsets, 4111 old black bat and shoe. All person are caii liouril not to trust or harbour id apprentice at the peril of the law. I;iinter are partku - Urly citilKincd not t. employ him Whoever m ill stop Skid mnawav, tuHl cmiline liimin anv Laid, so that hi master can fret him, slull te cetve the above reward, but no chirres. J 14 3. 11J Division - ttrcft. (Kr The aew FERRY BOATS irwu the fot of Walnut street. New York, to lb foot cf Little etreet, Brooklyn, near the Navv Yard, will commence running on Sunday, the 17th intl. - Pertont crossing to Brooklyn from the upper part of the city, - will find the distance much shortened by using this ferry. o.v 14 NO 1 ICE. ft7" The Risinr Sun Sail Boats. Nonrsri.L anu Indottry, fioui tlie fclixa belli town Point, for New - York, tailtticm Marketi.tld - ttreet, (wbete the Steam - boat Atalanta formerly came to,) at 10 o'clock, 01 each day. Passage IS 1 - 3 ceols Euquiie at Uie Steam boat Hoteil.ol' ' ' V AAULnrUULK rlliLLITa. my 21 tf (T - JUHN Pht OH, Jcs. 10b LibemU offers liberal anticipations on propeity consign ed to his friend 111 the Mediterranean, tot further particular, apply a above, or to , ABRAHAM HELL, Je fi tf corner of Mil A: Pultrm - at. , LANls. fr - r - STEPHEN B. MUNN. No. 226 TcmU street, New - York, Purchase! Landt in the lllio - uit Tenitory, which bat been tet apart for the ate Army, i.etiert irom Die country giving description of tRe patent mki the price asked lor encu lot, win ue attended to, if fott paid, my IS tl AOllCE. ftT - Thit it to forbid all nenon Iruslintr th crew of the Portuguese brig Sophia, Lope mat - usr, at no uciiit 01 tneir cnuuacling will be paU by the captain or consignee. Je 84 NO'ilCE. QSr All persons having claimt againtt the e - lale of John Lin m, u'ecemett, are desired lo pre' sent Uieiu lor settlement to the subscriber, end those indebted to said estale are requeued to make payment, to him without delay. JAMES M'BRIDE,, Je 29 1m Aeiine I . mor. .OliCL. fJOr IF Ricl.ard Perry Savnrtge, ton ol Thorn - at aud Elisabeth Snvade, fi'inerlyof the city of Pl.iludelphia, is In ing, or il dead, hit legal representative will, by applying lo Mr Win. Savadge, at St. John's equnre, Clerktnweil, London, bear of something to hit or their advantage. I he taid Richard Ferry SavBtlge, who wat a painter hy trade, was in England in Hie year 1792, from whence he relumed to PhiLdelnhiu in tb year 1794; io the yetr I79S. he is supposed to hnve resided at Mr. Robert Maxwell', in Middletown, Delaware County, Maryland; and afterwards at Duwuing't Town, from whence be it siijipo d to have ren ved to New - York. N. B. 11 any person w ill pioduce u legal certificate of the death of the laid Richard Bavadee. he will, on producing the same, to Mr. Win. Savadge, receive Irom him 5 guinea, a a reward fur In trouble. Any information retpectine the above Darned person will be thankfully received by fcAll I 11 ti. UAKJMIS, Je 18 lm 312 Penrl - ttrttt, New - York. INFORMATION WAN'IED. A erson hy the name of Margaret Chad wick, who formerly lived in a small town called Ormittkirk, in Englaud, and tame lo the city of New York about 30 years ago, with her foimer husband, who was a shuemaktr ; but tince that he is dead, and she it married again to a person by thu name of Jjserm who it bv trade thip rigger. Il the taid Margaret Chad - wit, it living, or ner tiumren, tnev may, by applying at this office, hear 01 s ui tl.i. n to llitir advantnge. J 9 2w EarJt of America, June 26, Hi3. 07" A Dividend of three per rent. ir six months, ending on the 30th intl hat been lint day declared payable to the Slot khoid - rt on the. 6lli 01 July 111 at. by rdi r of the Board of Direct - loi. GEO. NEWBOLD, Cmli'i. June 26 lm TENTH WARD. K7" Public notice is hereby given, thai the Assettort ol Ihe 10th ward have completed their assessments, aad that a copy thereof is left with waiter uowell, at No. 27 iiester - ilreet, where the same may be seen und examined by any of the inhabitant during Ten Dayt, Irom the dato hereof, and that the astessnri will meet on .Monday the 20th inst. al the above place, to review their taid assessments, on the application of any person conceiving himself aggrieved. WAL I r.R HOWr.LL, I Assessor of th JONATHAN BROWN, J 10th ward. July 7 ,0t EIGH TH WARD. 3URLIC Notice is hereby givea, thM the At - etton 01 the 8lh Ward have eomoleted their Assessment, nd that a copy thereof is left witu Isaac Emiiious, at the corner of Spring and Eh - abeth - itreets, where the same may lie seen a&l examined by any of the Inhabitant during Uri day, firm litis day, and that the Assessors will meet on Friday, July the 17th, at the l.otte of the taid I. Emmons, lo review their said auus - uients, on the application of any person conceiving hiui' - eif aggrieved. ISAAC r.M.YiUAS,' Alerr of the vs.? A. sCHUNEM AN,! 8th Ward - New - York, July 7, 18:8 J 7 11H IIIIKD ARD. PUBLIC' notice it hereby gm n, lhaf the A - ersors 01 ihe 3d Ward have completed their Aistifnients, and that a copy thereof it left with llarmanut Tulluian, at 64 Veser - ttreet. where he tame nay be teen and examined by any of the Inhabitant! during ten d!yt, from ihe 6lh of i. - i.. 1.1...... . rf 'j.. . 'my, nnti 111a - ine Attestors will meet outre 17th, at 04 Vesev street, lo receive their taid assessment, on the app'icalion of any ptr.oti rnnreiving himself aggrieved. tl A KM A Us TA I .LM AN, I Aesinriof NATHANIEL V. GRIFHTH,, the 3d ward. New - Vnrk, July 7. IKIH, J 1 lOt WET XUHSE WjIATED. O' XF. with a good supply of milk, and whfl can produce saluiactory tettimonialt p. character, &c. will meet with encouragement, bv applviiqj at MRS. 8AIDLF.KS, ' J 10 tf No. 36 llrf.wlwey. I7K F rnmplainl, Hamilloa't Elixir 11 offered, with icoohdirice inspired by twenty years succeMful eiiienment. A tingle trial will prtre that it dit ldict i.ndevaeuau - t the toueh v.Kid ohleem or uiucut, itrenglliens the weakened TeueUofthe longs, sbr - atlif the acTimooroei liumuur which irritatet them, atui finally diVhareet it. Thus tnXineat the root tf the disorder, the nip - Inins are of course effectually ami permanently i'i:iiwnaiint reverie ot common asrdicines, wt.H h weaken tl e constitution, end eiv treeetl. lotim disorder, lor Ihe take orm'ticratiogforllat pnnt oim ol ds tain!id iffectt. i u"t 1 , who have rhi'itren eSlfcted wtthlhrs drcad'til malady, thi i a discovery .l' tlielirt nir.urtnde, at it afford immediate ic - lief.clu - cks the rrogre, end in fiort i:uit entirely rrmt yet the mo - t croel t'isorder ( wf.ii.', clukiren an liable. Tbes'ixir is to ncrHrrtty h - greeaice, and the dose so sicail, lhat no bsmculiy snxi in tAkuxit. bi particular to ask for Hani'tp's kiixic, it - ilatirm ol which are ff r 1! to Ihe public. ht vine are genuine without tlie signoture of II. Lee. For sa' al LEE'S mdVl warehnnse. No. 46 Mr.i(m - Md by ery reipe. ttb. lr5 - - H in Nrw Y "k. . h7,IIA HAMS - fiOO Daa.s, oflhf first miah'.f, wiU le l - id - l fn - i,sorrw mrrr.iy; fn - M U Sea I.' - , at CofTce - bnnte tHp, nod (or a' - b WALSH k GALLAGHER. J S2 66 SoutVttreU

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