The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 20, 1943 · Page 11
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1943
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20, 1843 ' MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE fmbattled £ ^XVfefe W i f\OFLM4l t* j*r%t 'w«**j ^^^^ ·--- i *5B-'i LOREN/t CARLE TON CHAPTER J-OHTY-SEVEN WHEN PAIGE said she was not on the road to Reno, Abby looked blank. Then she chuckled. What difference does it make? AU roads look alike. Sleep here. Sleep there. Eat here. Eat there. And always, use that poetic shav- ng cream. Besides, what difference does it make what town you get your divorce in?" "If I get one," Paige circled a truck. "I may not get it right away. I may just let him sweat a while." "According to my idea, you've sweating process delayed the quite a while.' . "Why should I get a divorce just because he ordered me to? She took advantage of a straight strip of highway to cast a sullen Jook toward Abby. "Why should I get out of town just becaxise he told me to? Why should I let him kick me*around?" "You shouldn't." However, to end the discussion, the little gnome of a woman said, "I'm hungry." They breakfasted at a little shed of a place on ham and eggs and good coffee. There were truck drivers in the place, and farmers and a few travelers. However, disaster had slowed traffic to a noticeable extent, Talk was worried, strangely, more so than on the Lorelei. OJ course on the ship they had not actually known anything. As they swung on south the log lightened and it became warmer. The sun was bright and men worked in their winter crops of lettuce, carrots and the various vegetables that grow in that section of the country. The sky was filled with clouds tha comforted, because of their fluf- iiness. They turned off the automobile heater. At lunch time they were stil farther inland. They stopped at a second small eating place and had fat hamburgers and mugs of beer Again the talk was of war, grim and disheartening. Abby men tioned to a fellow on the nearb: lunch stool that she had just conii off the Lorelei a few hours ear Her. Instantly she was batterec with questions and looked at as i she were on display. "I know exactly how Dorothy I/amour feels in her sarong," she complained when they were one more headed toward their south rn sanctuary. With a jerk she traightened her little wool hat tiat looked frighteningly like a unce cap. That night they were in Bak- ·rsfield. Except for the p a t r o l planes, the place seemed un- ouched by ihe war. They had bowers, cocktails, went to dinner nd then to another cocktail ounge. "I want a stringer," ordered Abby. To Paige she said, ''Then ve'H get to bed, huh, and get a ;ood night's sleep for a change." ["he girl agreed. When they left, they stepped through swinging doors, round ;lass openings buried beneath :hick black cloth, stepped through he doors and into the densest jlaek imaginable. "Where am I?" gulped Abby. "Wrong question, dear. That's he one you use when you've :ainted and wake up in a handsome man's arms." The girl took icr friend's arm and they started across the street, putting one foot ahead of them, dragging the other to it. At least five minutes passed Before they reached the corner of Iheir hotel, which was 'no farther than across the street. "And to think," grumbled Abby, "how I've bawled out my oculist for getting my glasses off one degree--or whatever it is." The hotel lobby was like the inside of a witch's cave. Only one candle burned, near the desk "If Choppo is one-half as scared as I, his goose pimples will never recede." "Good gal, Abby," Paige said, as they found their way into the murky elevator. "Why?" "You know why. That's the first time you've mentioned Choppo today." "I know. Sometimes it feels better to talk about him and sometimes it feels better not to-I don't know." In their room she did not remove her little dunce-cap traveling hat. She turned on a small light, then switched it off to go to the blacked-out windows, pull one of the blinds aside, and gaze down into the street. Soon she scooted her feet back across the room, and again found the small light. In its glow Paige studied her friend's lace. "What's the matter soon the blackout would be over. I was just wondering--" Her voice faltered. She sat down beside Paige on the bed. "Just wondering when we could start back to San Francisco," supplied the girl. ·'Oh, Paige, you're wonderful." Abby began to weep. Curiously, San Francisco was not bad after the first -few scares, and after one grew accustomed to the lack of brightness. If caught in a restaurant, persons remained there. That is, Paige and 'Abby did. They played innumerable time whiling games; they made innumerable plans. Days passed without the plans materializing. "Al ways before," Abby commented, "my money has helped me. But that doesn't mean anything toward getting passage. Too many men are more important than I--the truly crushing blow as I've always considered mysell more important than the men." "We'll get there somehow." "Yes." Deftly she looped a peg with a rope 'horseshoe." "Probably in some old tub built abou the year I left the farm. But that's all right, too," She stood back for Paige's play. "Of course it's not so bad now that cables ge through." The girl said, "It's all right so long as I don't get any. And I'm not sending any. I intend to di my stump speech face to face." Face-to-face! T h e expression returned to her several days later She entered the cocktail lounge of the St. Francis and found her self face to face w i t h Eugenia North. Eugenia was wearing tin xact bronze sequin and plume nd crepe skirt ensemble, which inly added to the absurdity of the iccasion. "It's like sitting through a poor movie twice," Paige de- ided. She made a straight path toward he b l o n d girl, Abby in her vake like a bouncing little trailer ollowing a streamlined automobile. He's all yours. III." She drained her glass and signaled a waiter. Choppo.'' Paige sat down. "So Rusty fi- "How did you get here?" demanded Paige. Eugenia's pink lips blew smoke upward before she answered 'Pick-a-back!" Abby's insolence matched hers. 'What was the matter? Did your broomstick break down?" "You always were a horrid old woman, Abby. Homely, too. Go away!" The attack upon her personal charms bothered Abby little. "I'll not go until you tell me that Choppo is really all right." "Choppo?" The girl gave a wry smile. "When isn't Choppo all right? He's all in one piece and doing nicely. NICELY" A b b y's lopaz tinted m o u t h spread happily. "I believe I know what you mean." Apparently, she mused, there had been some doings, not set down on stilted and brief cablegrams. "See you upstairs, Paige. Soon, I hope." Unabashed, Eugenia North said, "Don't plan on it. I may let her drink with me and pay the bill." Her eyes, shifting up to Paige, were the brown glassiness, so well remembered. "Sit down," Eugenia urged. "Let's drink to your victory. You have won, you know. nally found out about you? And to think," she regretted, " t h a t I wasn't there to see the expression on his face. Oil, how I wanted that--" The rapturous from her features. "Or must have been awful for him. Games ass and nks to usty fi- u? And " t h a t expres- wanted 30k slid d I? It or him. Poor Rusty." Eugenia's laughter was crisp. "Still in love with him I see. Maybe you're grateful enough to take up t h a t $15,000 matter again?" Paige did not answer. But her lips curled in revulsion. When she did speak it was to ask Eugenia how she had reached the mainland. "On an awful boat. There were cots in the I mocks on the were born ( frightful trip." former topic. the $15,000, P has made a m me." She sn as the dark-1 up her purse "In that c · deck. Four babies enroute--it was a ' She reverted to the "Don't worry about She smiled her arrogance case," smiled Paigo, "you may pay for my cocktail." (To Be Continued) Eggs furnish one of the best protein alternates for planning balanced meals these meat-rationed days. A dozen standard sized eggs are equal to I'/i pounds of meat. Figured by the pound, they are less expensive than they seem and compare favorably with current meat costs. SCORCHY SMITH By FRANK ROBB1NS BOARD AND ROOM By GENE AHERN ' -- ANOTHER TIME, PARD, I GOES IN THE 'FLYING . KOOF'TJAMCE HALL, AND NINE BEELER BOYS W-S . MAKING EVERYBODY WALTZ. f WITH GRAVEL IN THEIR. BOOT5; V/HEN THE HEELERS SAV/ ME, THEY FULLGUN9 AND THE FBOUC STARTS/ with you, Abby?" "I was just wondering how SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK ftjua DIVERS . By R.J. SCOTT USE. *. »OX A ((LASS -WE StA f Loon *oft PEA.RL oysftRS Htyf c o f f t l 15 A few* t ft a A ElfriEB. MoPE, $0 OFF-WtlR.FEED, vWlHt *.K» RUB VIOLtHl.Y A^A -fit KEAREi-T vM.L ^ I WAS CURLY-HEADED THEN, BUT THEIR BUS-LETS GO!N THRU MY HAIR STRAIGHTENED rr BACK^LIKE "CHJ SEE IT NOW/ THEN THE PCWDER S.WOKE GOT SO THICK, I HAD TO SHOOT B^Oi THRU THE HOLE TUNNELS THEIR. ·BULLETS MAOE/--V/ELL, SIR.-. MUGGS AND SKEETER By WALLY BISHOP BIG SISTER AND \OU DHAGGtO MEfwEa,HE KAN MS OUT HEHE TO POINT OUT OIF THESE THIS BIRO OUT AS A . WOODS AND- MODEST MAIDENS DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS It. Kind' 5. Furnished with shoes 9. Wept 11. Cut closely 12. Solitary 13. Thin metal disk jH.Species of pepper 20. Ward off 22. Minute - --.-«-- groove 35. Apish action 23. Observing '16. Taut 24-Rugged 18. Part of " mouth 21. Male cat 22. Body of water 25. Axiom 27, Sylvan deity 29. Mud 30. Cheese 31. Havens 33. To color 34. Pig pen 35. Hewing tool 37. Grow old 38. Adhere to 40. Snake 43. Mother (L.) 47. Mistake .48. Priest's garment 40. Flower .50. Nest of spiders 51. Shade trees 152. Snug v .retreat DOWN tl. Crust on sore 2. Voided escutcheon 3. Tumult 4. Doctrine. 5. Form 6. Detest 7. Across 26. Obtain 8. Disavow 28. Arabian 10. To erase garment 11. Paroxysms 32. Wages 17. Negative reply 18. Lights 19. Simpleton 33. Writer 36. Greek letter 38. Ill-humored 39, Street Arab 40.'Give over 41. Verbal 42. Hat edge 44. Rise and fall of water HQtsa same EHQIB QEjnn 133K1 QSm gg DE3QE] HSXEQ HH Bfl(nD G3E3 SHE mm anm onaui @naa EU3BB 3QBQ 45. Small shields 46. Pause OAKY DOAKS SECAUSE YWY? BECASE HE'S IN HERE TO GUftSD WE APPROACH/ THIS ALL -By LES FORGRAVE THISKIDTOL.DANVILD TALE OF FlMOlMG A COUPLE OF SPIES IN HERE. HAD YOU PEGGED A.S OMB OP AND HE'S NEARER. RifiW THAN YOU THINK. I NYAS COMING OUT TOR HEI.P, MYSELF. COME ON. I'LL SHOSM VQU SOMETHING/ T *v? « ) t | g WAIT TILL I GET MY H/1WDS OH /-^ YOU/ I'LL TEAR YOU YOU'VE ) GOTTA CATCH ME) FIRST// -""ii'vi'i'tj'ir-' 1-20 ' ETTA KETT- LEGGO BY DOSE.'/ HEH, HEH.' OUCH/ HELP//TAKE THAT/. OW-W/ rA wt THAT// :r-jwwr By PAUL ROBINSON "Look! Oar vegetables that didn't come uf last Summer!" "STRICTLY PRIVATE" Trlfaurk lUiisttrrf U. S. P»l«al 0«k« TO BE. A AC COPE WWl^IDR ££ I CCULt* StUWNG TH SMBS R3SWTAWY.. WELL, RUB MY EYES'.? GUESS THE WAR BUSTED UP THE JUKE BOX GAN6/ WHEN LISTEN!/ ETTA DOE5NT KNOW I'M IN TOWN- HELP ME PLAV A GAG ON HER/ HELLO.' HELLO.' LOM DISTANCE CALLING MISS ETTA KETT; TELLMB2 ITS FI2OM NOETH AF/2ICA." HOME ON LEAVE.' By WILLIAM R1TT and CLARENCE GRAY WERE GO TAP1K AND HIS MEM 1 HOPE I'M NOT SENtXNG HIM TO VQU'O BEST 6TART FOR YOUR .TARSU. » GOOB LUCK. FELLOW.' M6,N8t IT'S SUICIDE TO SPLIT MY ORMV 50 NEAP THE EWMY ViELL. n'5 TOO LTE TO RECOMSIDER.KCW.' BRICK BRADFORD ADVENTURES OF PATSY By CHARLES RAAB MY DEAR MISS PATSV THAT is VIOHDERFUL, 1! VJHEKI SHALL 1 REPORT DICKIE DARE By COULTON WAUGH CRYPTOQUOTE-- A crvptotnm quotati , N J N R L I W P C O W " L O P J C W S I N Q W . N E N M P A W E C N. E N W O B E R C A U R E -- M N S Ymtcrd»y» Cryptoquote: HE WAS A GENTLEMAN ON WHOM I BUILT AN ABSOLUTE TRUST-- .SHAKESPEARE. \S MS LOHG HMiKtK HIDE DOG " , ti£Ki£S SCffKKlHAil, DIRECTIONS »·*» * '" :^v^?.?v

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