The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 24, 1945 · Page 15
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1945
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, 1945 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE 15 CALLING ALL EXPERIENCED SEAMEN BACK TO SEA! AMERICAN TANK COMMANDER KILLED--Killed-as he led his forces against the enemy in Luxembourg, the body of an unidentified American colonel lies beside his tank as Yankee infantry men-advance past it to battle the Germans. Nazis Believe Present Fight Is Decisive By DeWITT MacKENZIE Associated Press War'Analyst Harassed nazi official spokesmen, viewing in fear the great allied vise which has been set in motion by t h e r e d .offensive, are calling this t h e decisive b a 111 e of the w a r , which is to say the final r o u n d --- und o u b t e d l y a c o r r e c t estimate of an altogether g r i m situation. A couple of ,-tim es'in previous columns, looking ahead to" : -this?'bloody climax of our world /upheaval, I've' referred to 'it as armageddon. The term' wasn't used haphazardly, though I left interpretation to the reader, figuring that if anyone had curiosity · he would speak up. Finally I have a customer--a clergyman in Kansas--who asks "just what is in your mind in using this word." This column is glad to explain, for the answer exposes one of the . most vicious aspects of the nazism which we are fighting to destroy. ·li's an aspect \vhich unfortunately won't die with Hitler but will remain to plajue us for at (east one generation -- maybe more -until re-education' has removed it. I employed the term armaged- don (mentioned in Revelation XVI, 16) in the sense in which it often is used today--as represent- MacKENZIE SENATE PLANS INVESTIGATION Gommittee to Inspect Industry Unannounced Washington.. (U,R)--Members of the senate war investigating committee planned Tuesday to swoop down unannounced on other war production centers, including additional navy yards, as a follow- up to their charges of wasted manpower , and material at the Norfolk navy yard. A committee spokesman said the investigators would purposely avoid advance notices of their itinerary to prevent any "dressing up" for their benefit. The spokesman also promised that witnesses--mainly, plant em^ ployes willing to tell the ! committee of manpower and material abuses -- would be "protected' against, retaliation. The assurance came after Chairman David I Walsh, D., Mass., of t h e : senate naval affairs committee demandec Monday that the committee dis close names of persons responsible for the abuses found at thi Norfolk yard. Committee Chairman James M. Mead, D., N. Y.. and Sen. Homer Ferguson, R., Mich., a member, reporting on tfee Norfolk visit, said that 1 critical materials \vere destroyed and that employes made inlaid chess boards and oyster bars on yard time. The navy promptly replied with a statement that the Norfolk yard's production record "speaks for itself." The yard, the navy said, constructed a large aircraft carrier and repaired '2,458 ships in 1944 alone. Of the repaired ships, .ing the'great and final conflict in which the forces of anti-Christ will be destroyed. 1 don't remember what called armageddon to my attention first. Maybe it came from my clergyman father. Possibly -it was from Teddy Roosevelt's famous line during his Bull Moose campaign: "We stand at armaaeddon and we battle for the Lord." Anyway, the .analogy as regards Killer Ism s e e m s clear enough. Hitler is one of the most evil of the "world" conquerors of all time. He's a throw-back to · barbarism and as such is antichrist. It's this latter point we hav* to consider. When the nazi chief came to power and started laying his diabolical schemes for extermination of the Jews, for -world conquest and for the literal enslavement of many peoples, he saw that before the Germans would follow him their minds must be purged on 1 thing--religion. Nobody who subscribed to any civilized faith could possibly participate in the crimes he contemplated. So Hitler set about to destroy religion. He got hold of the little folk and deprived them of religious teaching. The nazi leader not only destroyed.- the belief of countless youngsters in the rcich. but he substituted a pagan code in which .he himself actually played the role of a Messiah. ; The older generation for the most. part refused to accept such teaching, though it allowed itself to be regimented in other ways. it added, 930 had to be drydocked. The navy expressed surprise at the Mead committee's "sudden attack," and found it "difficult to understand" the committee's departure from "normal processes" by which the navy department would be informed of committee investigations and allowed to answer the charges and "correct the inefficiencies or mistakes which are pointed out." "The navy department has yet to receive an enumeration of any specific charges," the statement said, adding that the navy would "be glad to investigate" any such allegations and would "continue to do our utmost to improve our navy yard operations." Spears Fish, Pays $52.50 Algrona--Leo Frideres was served using a fish spear in Des Moines river near Irvington by Game Warden Kay Setchell and was brought before Justice J B. Johnston. He pleaded guilty lo the offense and was fined S50 anc costs of S2.50. Half of the fine was suspended. ob- the .However, when I was iri GermarTy ChUrCh in 1938, at the time of the Munich conference, country newspapers instead of publishing the customary death notices, ''Here died in the faith of his Lord Jesus Christ, Johannes Schmidt," etc., made them read "He died in the faith of Adolf Hitler." Hitler's own wicked creed involved belief in the supremacy of the German race and its destiny to enslave others. It preached extermination not o n l y of the Jews but of any people--the Poles, for example--who stood in the way of nazidom, and srcn the results, for Hitler has murdered indiscriminately where il served'his purpose. It instilled the b l o o d lusl in AGED MAN DIES Dccorah--Erick Oi Soreide, 82 died Monday after 4 years' illness Funeral services will be conducted by the Rev.- Alfred Bredesei Thursday at the Glenwood Luth eran church. Burial will be in thi JUNIORS OFFER FLAY BuCfalo Center -- The junio class of Buffalo Center hig school will present the play "Gra ham Crackers" Tuesday, Jan. 30 at the high school auditorium. youth. It staged a campaign to leach young girls that it was thcir duty to have babies, in or" out o wedlock, in order to breed sol diers for the reich. Well, that's what we are u against--the sort of thing that im polled nazi soldiers the other da ·vvr'vc i lo massacre half a hundrc American boys who had sun-en dcrcd. It's armageddon. all right, and we shall have another on oui hands in dealing with the bar- British Guns Knocked Out Nazi Tanks By HAL BOYLE With the U. S. 1st Army in Belgium, Jan. 16, (Delayed), (IP)-The first reward that Maj. Gen. Ernest M. Harmon got for stopping the German break-through ast month was a genteel "bawling out"--and it was from Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery rumself. Simultaneous with the news that "Old Gravel Voice" Harmon was first "chided through chan- nels"--t h e n handsomely praised --for breaking up a nazi forward tank column at Celles came the disclosure that British rather than American guns knocked out the farthest thrusting nazi tanks. There were 3 tanks in an advance enemy patrol on the main Namur-Dinant r o a d along the Me use river wbich Field Marshal yon Rundstedt hoped to .reach in force and cut the American armies in half. B r i t i s h tanks promptly knocked them out in 1, | 2, 3 urder. But only a small British force ·as stationed in the Dinant area, nd except for the timely arrival f Harmon and his "hell on 'heels" 2nd armored division, Jerman armored columns could ave attacked in power and cached the Meuse, slashing Yank upply lines. The odd thing about the Celles attle is that it.wasn't planned or xpected by either side. Harmon nd bis tankmen weren't looking or battle at all when they pulled nto a bivouac area near Celles fter a phenomenal 100 mile march from Germany. No one ever accused Ernie Harmon--known for good reason as 'The Bull"--of backing asvay rom a fight. He has cracked pore German skulls and taken more prisoners than any othei American armored _divisioh commander. This time, however, he was on no "save the American army" assignment. Montgomery had sent um down as part of Maj. Gen. L. juvton (Lightning Joe) Collins' 7th corps to wait until Rundstedt lad extended himself to the lim- t, then to counter-attack viciously and destroy as much German armored force as possible. But the Germans moved faster than anyone thought possible. Harmon sent out the usual patrols and the first thing they did was { bump into a nazi armored column I speeding 'for the Mease. I Harmon immediately got i n : touch with his corps commander, explained the situation, and asked : permission to counter - attack. Lightning Joe" told him to go ahead and he personally would take responsibility for changing the plans. It was a decision which had to be made instantly. The 2nd .armored division immediately rolled into battle, although many of its tanks" needed repair. In 4 days of slambang fighting these veteran tankers destroyed most of the enemy armored vehicles opposing them and kicked Rundstedt back 10 miles. Montgomery, knowing of Harmon's love for a good scrap, thought Ernie had picked a quarrel ahead of time, thus upsetting Monty's program for a well-timed, paralysing counter-blow by several divisions. He then gave Harmon a "chiding through channels." Then the full truth came through --that Harmon had had to attack to keep the American armies from being split. And, like the superb warrior he is, Little Monty promptly relayed his personal compliments to Collins and Harmon for breaking up the German drive at one oE its chief danger points. "Lightning Joe" passed on the praise--and a bottle of victory whisky--lo Ernie and his (ankers. "THE NEED IS URGENT," says the High Command! · 43,000 experienced seamen now working in shore jobs,are vitally needed back on ships--if our fighting men are to get tlie supplies they need to finish the job! barians of the rising sun. Henry Ford startled the world in 1926 when he announced a five- day work week {or employes. ADMIRAL LAND: "Ships can't sail without experienced men-and we just don't have enough men for our expanding Merchant Marine.. If you have ever been a Mate, Engineer, Rodio Officer or 'AB,' your country needs you row!" GENERAL MARSHALL: " T h e men who sail merchant ships are making it possible to transport fighting men and supplies . . . to defeat the enemy. The Army is deeply indebted to these men for their unceasing' efforts . . . to hasten the day of victory." ADMIRAL KING: "Because the Navy shui'es life and death, attack and victory, with the men of the United - S t a t e s Merchant Marine, we are 'fully aware of their' contribution to the victory which must come." "UP-GRADING IS FAST," say Men Now at Sea! · What are your chances for rapid advancement in a shore job when the war eiids? Read what these seamen say and you'll get a hint, of what your future is in the Merchant Marine! L. O. WARREN, n Captain at 27. says: "1 came up from Third Mate to Ship Master in three years because of the big opportunity now in the Merchant Marine. I know · I'd never have made that rate of progress in a shore job." MICHAEL G. DIVINE, Chief Engineer, and a seafaring man for over 20 years: "Give me the sea to a shore job any day. And give me the sea today against the sea a few years ago. Up-grading has never been so fast before." JEROME H. MARSHALL. Abie- Bodied Seaman, says: "I've made more progress in six months than I could have made in three whole years before Pearl Harbor. And, brother, after the war, I'm going to keep right on sailing.' 1 "THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT," soy/Industry Leaders! · Government heads, large shipping companies and union leaders agree that the post-war prospects for the Merchant Marine exceed anything ever' before known. HON. SCHUYLER O. BLAND. Chairman, House Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries: "Today, we have the ships and steamship organizations with experienced operators and established offices on trade routes. We must maintain them after the war to promote world trade necessary to our prosperity." FRANK J. TAYLOR, Pres., American Merchant Marine Institute: "With nearly every country in the world to be rebuilt, there is every reason to believe the Merchant Marine will move into a great era of expansion after the war. Men who come back lo sea now arc building soundly for the future." ERIC JOHNSTON, President, U. S. Chamber of Commerce: "Never before have America's prospects for foreign trade been so bright as they are today. Such foreign trade will be a vital contributing factor to our postwar prosperity-a prosperity the Merchant Marine is certain to share substantially." if To sign up with the Merchant Marine, report to your nearest War Shipping Administration office, your maritime union, U. S. Employment Service, or wire collect to Merchant Marine, Washington, D. C. RECRUITMENT MANNING ORGANIZATION * WAR SHIPPING ADMINSTRATION This Message Contributed by These Mason City,firms: MARSHALL "SWIFT, INC. MASON CITY AUTO BODY-REPAIR MASON CITY BATTERY. Les Valentine MASON CITY BRICK i TILE CO. MASON CITY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. MASON CITY FUR SHOPPE MASON CITY LOAN INVESTMENT CO. MASON CITY MOTOR COACH CO. MASON CITY RENDERING CO. MASON CITY TENT, AWNING * CANVAS CO. MAX BOYD, TYPEWRITERS MERKEL'S NETBERGALI, BROS. GROCERY NICHOLS * GREEN NORTHERN AUTO SERVICE NORTHWESTERN DISTRIBUTING CO. NORTHWESTERN STATES PORTLAND CEMENT CO. OSCO SELF SERVICE DRUG PARK HOSPITAL PARK INN HOTEL and CAFE PATTIE INSURANCE AGENCY PEOPLES' GAS ELECTRIC CO. PFAFF BAKING CO. PRITCHARD SUPER SERVICE RAY SEXEY, JEWELER RICHER MOTOR SALES R. S. WFBKR CARPET CO. SAM RA'/.KS D K P A R T M K N T STOKB ?r;ARS. ROEBUCK *· C(). SHIPLEY PRINTING CO. SIEG-MASON CITY CO. SNELL SUPER SERVICE STATION S. S. KRESGE CO. STATE BRAND CREAMERIES. INC. ST. JOSEPH MERCY HOSPITAL THE HUB THE IOWA COMPANY. INSURANCE THE LEE SEED COMPANY TRADEIIOME SHOE STORE TYLER-RYAN FURNITURE CO. UNITED FRUIT CO. VANCE MUSIC CO. YELLAND HA.XES YOUNKERS ZACK BROS. ELECTRIC CO. ABEL SON, INC. AMERICAN CRYSTAL SUGAR CO. A. W. KNESEL and SON, INSURANCE B i B SHOE STORE BEN NELSON'S GARAGE B. F. GOODRICH STORES B1ETH-JOHNSON AUTO SERVICE BILL'S CAMERA STORE BRACKEN INSURANCE AGENCY BUTTREYS CAPITAL TOBACCO CORPORATION CARL GRUPP FOOD STORE CARL STEIN. HIDES. WOOL, FURS CARNES OIL COMPANY CASEY DRUG CO. r«UCK LENNAN SWEETHEART B A K E R Y CO-MO PHOTO COMPANY CURRIE-VAN NESS TO. DECKER BROS. DeWILDE AUTO SERVICE . DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. EARL'S FRUIT -MARKET ECONOMY WELDING MACHINE WORKS FISHER TYPEWRITER CO. FRANK 3. ENBUSK FCLLERTON LUMBER CO. GAMBLE-ROBINSON CO. GAMBLE'S GILDNERS ' GOODMAN'S JEWELERS HAMILTON SCHOOL OF COMMERCE H. C. BROWN AGENCY, INSURANCE HART MOTORS, INC. HAWKEYE SCHOOL SUPPLY HERB GEORGE RADIO SERVICE HERMANSON BROS. DAIRY HOME FURNITURE STORE IDEAL SAND GRAVEL CO. JACOB E. DECKER and SONS J. C. PENNEY CO. JEFFERSON TRANSPORTATION CO. JOE DANIELS AUTO SUPPLY JOHN GALLAGHER. INC. KEMBLE'S GREENHOUSE KINNEY SHOE STORE RLIPTO LOOSE LEAF CO. L. A. MOORE LUMBER CO. L. A. PAGE LUMBER CO. LES KEED MUSIC CO. LOCK STUDIO LUNDBERG'S . L Y O N S CLEANERS MAJOR FUNERAL HOME

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