The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 15, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1818
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t ntnuci of u order of this UooorabJa iCourt. bwriuf dt tha t9th day J "we, 1810. will be told at public auction at the Toa - I'rJTrt House, in tha cilr of New - iork. on i . ii i. r Jniw Mtt. at II o'clock, at noon. under the direction f tha subscriber, two kit of grouod, lying lo Ward of the city of New - York, being pan 01 uia estate wnereoi thony Liipeaard, deceased, died aeised, aad are ditUnguished oa a Map made of tha real ettate of tha taid Aathooy Lifpaoard, by No. 674 aad '680, aad takea together are bounded easterly oa ti - .i.. m4 - m c li WMtrt hv a street aot t named IS (cet. aoutherhr by lot No 675 ud 561, aad aortharly by lot No. 673 aad 659, together wiia tfle nereuiiameni m iit nances to the tame belosuring, or ia any wim ap pertaining. Dated Jana aotti, iio. f . THOMAS BOLTON, Je 30 lawtJr14dtds Master ia Chancery. in rtliNCEHY. 1 .sw Mew - York, m. IS pursuance of order of hooorJ elul beariog dote ti lOttoiUf afJaoe. 181 8, w iU b sold at public auction, aj the Toetiw Coffee Hoaee. la the city of nsw x or, " - Jntyaext,at Ii o'clock at aooa, raetioaoftha eabecnber - Ail fliat rt'" piece r parcel of land, situal at GreenwWi, U fhe aieilftuueichtb) ward of the crtyof N.w - York, described oa a sap thereof, mad br Pop - leetoo aad Bridge, March 19th, 1818, a fat No. & i becawioc at the - oaiheast corner of aid lot 7!bf4 ft. M inch, from the crorformed by; the totersectio of Hammond aod Greenwich - streets) aad running thence northerly along Ureeawich - Ureet aforesaid 15 fct ; theeca westerly afor tbe tot described a aaid aiap aalot number two, 38 feet 4 incbeej thence again west id nid lot nnoiber two, 41 wet X inches t thence northerly Jong aaid lot aumber two. 7 fret 4 iachea I theace westerly along land now or lata of Amos Bcadder. 10 fret j thence .u.k,l. ,1km lnt low or late or GeOree B. Vj (Cl - thence easterly alone land 04 Alexander Ritchie, 85 feet 4 incw, to the place Vof bexinaiar : toeeilier with the hereditament! aad appurtenances to tha same belonging or ap - irteutag. Dated Jaae 30th, 18UJ. ' - THOMAS BOLTOJ. ' Je 30 1wUyl4dt Master ia Chancery. lit CHANCERY. Jack ton - ttreet. toutherly by Water - ttreet, ana Antrt rt - and i hound aa followt s north erly, by tot No. 100, formerly owned by Samuel Becknian, weaterty, ia the renr by lot No. lit, r li.j nmmA hw tiaac B. Cox. and Cor - aelia, Mi wile, aooweHy, by tot No. 98, and ens lerly, in front by Broadway. And alto, all that lot er piece of ground, situate in tiie iam ward, and known npoa the same map, oy toe vj - i iKumdeo wetuny DJ wercer - tireei, ? "j iit No. 1 1 1, toutherly by lot No. 113, and eas terly by tot No. 99, being in oreaain, m irom unu rear, twenty five feet, and in length on each tide one hundred feet, with the appurtenance!. Dated June 27, 1813. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Je 89 tawgwdti Matter ia Chancery. - Ata court otChnnceTy tield tor the Hate of New York, ntthe Wily nan ni u c - ' ' ty of New - York, on the seventeenth day of June, in the yearof our Lord one Ihou - ' sand eight hundred and aevenleen, Prukst, tbe honorable James Kent, Chancellor. Steplien Jurael, r. Th Urwline Convent in th. V citvofXew - Vork, aad o - V T appearint by affidavit to th aatitfaetion of X ttut coim, mat ue mu w . 7 , filed and the suonosna istued on tbe 5th iiay oi Juoe intUot, and - thnt the .aid .uuposna w ...... vu nn h tuilflli dav ot June, in - stant; That th 13 rsuline Convent ia tha city ol New - fork,!, aa incorporated body creaUd by an act of the legislature, duly incorporation three individuals under tlie nam aforesaid ;that the persons composing the said incorporation are absent from tbe tut of New York, being in some Krat Kritnin. to wit in Iretaad ; that diligent search and enquiry has been made tor the said individuals compiling tha laid incorpo - ratiaa, aod defendant in this cause, intermediate the teste and return of the aaid subpoena, to ap - - .a - hut that thev could not be 'oand, and 4hit they have left no person in the capacity of pretident, presiding officer, caslner, r irM.urer. ntr anv Other tiersoo, to represent the laid incorporation, to act for tu " ' . . ... - .k.n I Ha aoiH lull. inlbeir aosence, our iji rxMa w this cause caa be served ; and that ow - 1 ing to loch cane the said subpana has not beeo served npon the said said defendants, theUrtu - Una Convent in tM city of Naw - York - Cmo - tioaof Jamea Stougbtoo. Eq. aolicitor for the complainant, it ii ordered, that th aid rVfend - anti. the Uarsuline Convent in the city of New York, do, in tbeir corporate capacity, cau they appearanca to oe enierea nou to be tiled in tbis cause, withia nine months from the date of thia order, or in default thereof tbat the complainants bill of complaint be taken pro confetto against them: And it i further ordered, that a copy of this order be published withio twenty days from the date hereof, in one or mora otirte public newspaper! printed tn tni .taie, tor eight weeks successively, 'once at least in every week. A cony ISAAC L. Kir, Anistant Register. J1aw8w '. .EW MUSIC. ,TUST publibd and for sal at WILLIAM oj DU HOIS' pian fart and masic store, No. 120 Broadwav - Thintaas I my faHhful fair ; th soldier's brid ; and from childhood' dawn to noon of yoath as rang bMr. PbUipp.. - ' Ah tan t 'er forget the lova Tlw celetwTJted cho song - ! tMotration. sacred melouf . t k. c, n air. snin mnauoo. ni laydn't ccUbndi cooxoaet, y Bvouver po me tJ riy hair, a a tomoo . - TwXy fct ioUl,tjrn5 rrfomars, by Tha axtotXHarg rlts, WS yanauma It tsoptiix yvaiis ... . Th ftvnn rood?, J 5ltbIt ' IS CHANCERY. Statorise - ior, f 5 pvtnaoce of aa order of thta hoeoraWe coert, 1 fciarir date the 19th day of Janoary, 1818, win be Id at pobUe aacHoa, at the Taauae Coffee Hoate, in the city of Kw - iora, no the direction of the euDecnoer, mm (en of Uiit coert, in Mepmrait hU weto, oa Tbaraday, tha tweaty third day of Jeljr aeat, at twetra ocWk at mot. "All tUe cerUin p - ceaorparcelaaedtractaoriand, known aetbe north eWaectioa of the teeth towwhip, in the twelre towaa in Tioga coaaty, being lota Hot. 0, t7,8,29, 30. Si, and I LoTSo J con - UiM .WteUMy acre. iW - 'W one baadred aad fire ecree I lot . K, 9. 30, and Ihirty two. each containing one hundred and foar ncrea, th.t foaHht and 36 rodi of land lot No. 38 con taint 90 34 and nineteen rod. Atao, weat half of lot No. !, which half contain 61 a a I a a an A A m nfc rl 7 acne, am awo ku itun. , , - on 0 gore lying wetterly and adjoining on aaid northeatt tectioo, aad waa eenreyed and added to aaid aectioa to aiaka op a deficiency ia aid MCtion, by mhrtaka in a fomieiranrey - Said lota No. 1, t, 3, 4 and 6. Cflotaining about fifty acre each t and lot Ho. 7 about twenty fire Tiilf with alt and aineular. the pre - muet'aad appartenance. iJaied April 18, 1818. ap 18 1 awtda Matter ia Chancery. Or Kxehanttfor n Stat ait Air tana. QThi elegant country establishment u (br tale on rery accommodating term. jo noete u until throaghoat in tha moat tobitantial and tetteful ityte, containing thirteen rooms lictidet pa - 11 let, cioku " , , , Oa ih urn n a conTenirni larm - uouK. ice hoaoe, (filled) aad all the office, uiually appendant to a genteel country ettablithinent. a. I inr - UhJ wktorwl iicontiiiiui ivj v, " i about mte third it in wood, and the reiidue con tit'a of arable and meadow - land, under high cul On the ftirrn it a large apple orchard and a ii,iiiii nfthr ortlinarv tmall IruiU. It i deliRhtfulty ituatedon the eatt hank of Hud too River, commanding a fin propetofth river, of the Cattkill and uiue mouniaioi, ana of an eiteotive and rich tract of intrrvale. i i rwvni ima milet touth of the elee&nt real - Hmce of Gen. Lewi, and foT nii et norlliof Hi.Prk. in Uulchett rnunir. mere if ' SM V,"f ' . wit office within a mUe, aad teveral public land ..IS miniianc of aa order of thia. hnooraW r k...hMad arhuolt within four mile. c oert, beariog dU the t7th day of June, 18li"7.. itelt.hoaU afford great facilities and (will be told at public aactjoo, ai ine lonuor thepremitea at the mott convenient hoar toffee Houie.ia the city of New York, under r attention, thit ettate will pay 14 per ct tbe dirrctioa o the whtenbtr. ai one of Ih ni - nn - the tum Mked for it. Mr. Wool - ten of thit court, on the tltt day of July nett, at i 1... will thew the niwmitet. IS o'clock at noon, all thoaa aeveral bkickaj pie - ""XpiSicalion nT be'o,,d to A. 8. r'ELL, 601 t - e or parcelt of ground, utuare, rytng and being j Brodwt - new y0rk. Title indiiputable aad In the towathip of Brooklyo, the coaaty 01 tamedi, poiteuioo given. jung,ana tiaw 01 """i Yi , I Je 19 lanbw known and dlttinguiwea oa a niBP mm "J"' i , th - i9ih daT of March. 1802. by the following boandariet, to wit, northerly ia front by Waur - ttreet, aootherly in the rear by Frost - ttrect, eaateriy oa tb on tide by Jack - toa - ctrect, aod wetteriy oa tbe other aide by Gold - treet, containing fowr quarat or blocti of. ground. Alio ail uiote cenain wnwr io, i7i iiamediatelr w front of. tha before detenbed hlockt. bouaded aa followa to wit eatiarly by MAUUUAM bOhAo. UHAIK AAD CABINET FURNITURE, Jk - e. 49 BKEKM.iS - STHEET. rrnr. tuhtchbtT beet leave to rtlura hitam - JL cerethaakt to tbote ladie and gentlemen who have been kind enough to honor him with their commandt, aad to intorm them, and tlie ad - mirera of handioiae furniture in general, that he bat oa band tome very elegant tofat, chain, .ri n.hnki and extendins patent dinine ta - wnterlr by fjold - ttreet, coataining in breadth I Wet, grand tideboard, ialajd with high lijhed on Water - ttreet the dittaaca between Gold - and I ornamental bra it - work aad rote - wood, card a - ibAn.atrwt. and nuuriiHr into the Eatt Rivr at far at tha grant of the corporation of the city of New - York extends, with the appartenancet. Wh MESA.HAM.LT05. Matter in Chancery ' Note. The abort property will be told in loti ion ad parcel, according to a certain mp w marirthereof, which will be eibibjbited in the Coffee - houte one week before the day of tale. Je30 tawgwdlw , (. ail voniW'B Slalm af Anf - l'trK n. ISpurwance of aa order of the Honorable Cti bearing date the 86th day 6f Jane, eighteen hundred and eighteen, will be told at public ....ti i ih Tanbna Coffee Hoate, in tbe city of New - York, under the direction of tbe tnbtcri - bnr, aa oa of tha Matter of - im Court, oa Tuesday tha tltt July neat, at It o'clock, aoon. aH that eertaia dwelling bowe, tot. hUaia match. Grecian coucbeti tofat, chaise lonnge matic ttooli. chairt, K.C. Alto, a library ttepebair, the utility of which be particularly recommenda. Ail furniture warranted of tbe best quality and workmaatbi,and of the oeweit European fath - Order executed to any part of the union to any drawing, on the moil reaion&ble termt ana punctuality forcaib - Ladiet or gentlemen having fancy woods, may have them manufactured to any article tliey with, applying aaabov. HiywoOD EtuiatTioir or th ns aa - rt, COLUMBIAN PICTURE GALLERY JVn. i6 Fidlon - ilrett, war Broadway. THE proprietor of th valuable and exten - vt collection of pictures, embracet the opportunitr nf iniornung oonuoittaUTt aoa ama - inn of the fine art, and tho enliirhteucd public ESTh XS - ?Sd? WewTYork7knowo of N.w - York, that th. gaiter, will in "" " i 7. r 1 i.,. MlKl.a Uar. I rn A tha mnrnin till half DAtt 10 at on a map wine nn 01 i,,,,, , w - - - - , - . - - arcLbyiot No. W.oathewett tideof Broadway, nihf. From 8 inthe evening to half past 10, f..v. T .M Ird rnnlaina ia breadth, in front and I ,v,. - allrv k brilliantl lighted ud. and the ad - fear, twenty nve leet, ana m wngui . mirion only Z5 cents The. Dictcret have Docn coiicoeu, at uie ex. nente of 25000 dollar, and are allowed, by tbe beet iuJ'es. to be tha finest tpecimens of the art ever exhibited in the United States, being gems, selected with peculiar care, from tha v riout cabinet in Rome, Naple. Florence, Anv terdain. Pari and London, and the work of th. mott approved paiutert, both ot tli. ancient and modern school, and are undoubtedly original. A rtiits, ladie. or gentlemen, will he entitled to '.ndv. orcepv aiiT or the pictures, by becoming tuharrihert; Ladiet or rcotlemen, who have nharrihed one dollar, on pa vine another, will be mnudertd subscriber for the seanm. rrj Admittance, for tha day ainl evenin;, SO cenu ; for a month, $1 for the seaon, $i ca - talnnea included. Je24 lm PIIOSPECI'US i for roBMsnmr. at scascntrTioa A MAT OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. 'TPHE publication of thisMap has tx - en under - L taken with tbe iinpresiinn. that it will ex. hibil information, highly inhre! ting at this event rl rri.i. . arut the valuable Mans bich ihe au em I thor ha procured, duripc his several tour through Mexico, in tha years lfji6, 1fl07, 1812, 181.1, 1815, IH16, and 1817. induce him to beli ivetnat ih Man. with even all its imneriecuon', win ue much tlie mnst perfect which has appeared be fnm lk nnlklas" Thi. Mnn will contain the latett and bet in formation from the diicoverin aod noncMions f tbe American. Spanith, Ruian. Bntifli and Frnrh trkwllon nnd navisatort and represen ting the claimi of their respective government An tk Vnrthaf0rn muI of America. Th Man will include that portion of Nrth A ..,;. wtiirli nvtween the Isthmut of Da rien, and the 40th degree ol North Latitude, and from the Miisitsippt River wettwardly to the li il".. - (Vnn. In size the M.p will b about six by Gve feet, and will be projected on a scale "i au miie v the inch, to he delivered 10 me suosenners ai ui - teen dollar, racb. Natch. March 7, 1111ft. p7Uii1 Il I ON T - 1VI, in ALT A For SALE or to Lfc V, and immediate iiotsesiion give, the beautiful place called Mont - Alta, teven milea from the fir uf ltll An tha North River, adioining Lord r.miHnnv'a. It contains SO acres of land under improvement, with a large garden well Hocked with vegetables a variety oi mat, wiin every rnveninca for a family, ror termt, WLICIl .m minnihn. aud if sold a long credit gi ven if wanted, apply to N. at D. TALCOTT, 84 bouth - street. J ' FOR SALE, 30rams ofCassia Paper, suit a hi. for Baa Box, or sugar Bakers. The quality and file is th sam as Um Eveoing Post is printed 00. Appry at thai ofBce. JO 10 ifrLvr PVIXO - rORTES. kc. T)l E subscriber inteodiorU part for London about th end of th prt - wot month, offtr for sal a few elegant patent piano fortes, ;i iM.lsndnrrafitedofatapnor3uality. II WOUlU DO pappy lo aunnu w m,uiu...v. his friends tor London pianoforte. His loog xptrienc in tht manufactaro ot piano's sn inu citv h trusts will give every cenfidene in bis abi tvtAtcleetsnchas are ot in nni uaaiuv Orders for church or chamber organs, will be strictly attended to, and manufactured under his inipecUoo by the most nstecmed snaseri in iea don. Commission business of aa kind, withia his ability to perform, will be faithfully attended to. ft" Those persons who ar indebted to him will pleas settl th iam as soon as convenient, aad thot lo whom h is indebted will pretest thau accounts without delay. - WILLIAM XXARSINC, Jy6 tw 2.9BwrT. VIIEATOX'3 ITCH. OINTMENT. ; THE kwg aad taccettfat at of thif ointmeat ia a (ui&cieat recotnateadatioa, aa it hat hen found in tm a oleaaant. taie And certain re medy for that diMgrteab) diteaftOa all itt ta - gea. "It it lor aatata the city of ew - Vork, by J.' A. fit Mr. R. rott.No. 41 WilliaiB - atreet; I. U T. Clark, Ho. b6 Maiden - Ua H. H. Schiefftlin to Co. No. 193 fearVtUeeti Law - mmv at K.xm.. Na. IB& feart - atreet i uuu t Bowne, 146 Pearl - ttreet ; JU at L. Murray, 313 Horimt , J. M. Br&dhunL 314 fearl - atreet John Penfbrd, Mo. 4 rietcher - ttreet ; Duryee i roe, in feart - etreets Joan v. jnomeon, too Greenwkh - ttreet; Joho P. Fither, 106 B roadway j Waiter! Seaman, cornel of Chamiber - tt. and Broadway, and alto ia Cbathaoi - itreet ; and ia abort it may be procured at aaott of the Drag Storea ia thit citv Alto in Philadehihin. of 8. Withered A Sona i Geore.! Hanell . North ft Ro ert, aad almoct a the drvggitU ia the principal towna in tha uuiM oiaiea. i.iriwiii. WH EATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS Way be had at the above place. jan Ti 6m VALUABLE REAI, fcfl , UK bALE, I - in the it ow waw - iona. ?IVE lottofa - Mend eu the wett nde of Green wicb - ttreet, between Vetiry ana ua.oroi - tea - ttreet. ti by 80. Koor do in the rear of the above, fronting on the eatt aide of Wathineton - ttreet, to by 80. Eight do in the block below, between Watb - icgton aaa weM - ttreett. .. . In Monigomery County. 6000 acret of Laml in Lawrence'i purchase, near Katt Canada Creeo the nor lb. tideoi tu Fanklin Countv. 15,162 a. reaof Ltnd, in tha towm of Mount aiorni and Dayion. In Ktiex County. 7C3? acret of Land ia the town of Barry more, In the County of Lenit. 1S.S0 acret of Innd in Chtlerland. Chanarit Cuixtiate. In Saratoga County. 86O0 acret ia Palmer't putrhafe. Ijtquire at the office of the inbtcribcr, 34 Ce dar - ttreet. EEV. ROBISSON. mhl7tf U. SAt.NDER'6 PATENT RAiiOll STROP. Yu tbiit with to shave with ease, Buy of Saubdkr if you plesre ; Hit Razor Strop's, peculiar tilth, , That thnrrta the Raxor with a loacb. SAUNDERS retnectiully solicits Uiote I". who have not got hit Patent Raz - jr Strop, to lumith tliemtelvet with hit new invented Ka tor Strrn. and Metallic Comnonlicn. No era tleman who once make trial of one of the Strop. now otfeied, will evertry any other.; und tucb it their formation. hateer souorbute will not eive Die raxort that roundntu which render the Best of them utelttt, and which it welt kiu n always to follow the application of all those hitherto invented, 'l iie above tro are in general ue in New York, and are dittinsuithed from all other. Barters who have uwd tbem (ay more ia their praise tbaa I can myself. 18 Wall - street Alto for tale, Razor. Soap, and every uten - lil for Shavinp, of tbe tint quality, with a superior Btsoitmtnt of Perfumery. Hair - Powdtr.fic. from Siuyth', Aew Bind stieet, London. H. B. The moit liberal aliowanc made to dealer. my 22 t OH HALE OH 3D LEAS&, Lots in the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards: many oi which are on regulated andpeved streets. No money will be required under tea years, uoiu, inU'ieit excepted. (1UUSL9. Several two and three story houses, on which a great part of tbe money remain nn mortgage. L.A.MI1AI A I ULU 11UUIV. An exrelh - ntttand lor boiiDet. with ten acre of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, storehouse nnd ham. CO I TUN and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - llaveo. with 40 acres of land, and a never failing itream, upon which 20 mill may be erected, wiUi a suuiciency or water lor eacn. Apply ni no. x ureeuwicn turei. jan 13 tf , IxTTEf, The elegant 3 ttory bouse No. . Hod - snn - ireet, wlikb commands a pleasant view of the Park and river. Potsessioo may be had it a few day. .... . Also for sale, the furniture ofsaid ho. It i of the best quality j well fitted, and suitable to a genteel family. A pply at above. mylttf " arj - ! EOii tALt:, R!i9 A fiirm on tha Hudson, about a mile from Newburgh, containing 133 acres, 3J oi which are Woodland, the rtt is divided by good fence into a due proorton of mendow, arable athl pa - Mure land, ine uunaingt are iwnj v . the house convenient for a small family : its situation is equalled in beauty by few on the river ; the advantages, from the vicinity oi a nourun - ing village, of public worship, society and good msrictt, with the facility of communication with New York, render it a desirable residence for a gentleman. 4000 dollar ol tlie purchase mon - y may remain on mortgage . of the ret will be made easy to th purchaser. Apply on the premises, to Je tl i. VERPLANCK ...u.. ,n.. fr.r sale lua real bound. 55 miles from New York, and SiO from New Haven. The house and out - bouses are in excellent repair. Tbe Irnit yard is well stocked with a vani ty ol t.icne, apricots, cnernn, pears ami stra'wlitriies. Tliere are in Ihe vicini - ty ataucmie lor me eoui aiios oi joum m im eves. From ope tosix acres of excellent land, st the option or the purchaser, can he nad wiui thwhous - c, and the purchase money, if desired, can remain on int:rt. Fr terms apply to ISAAC M. ELY. Kq. 76 Joso Mreet, . - v. lora, or to the Han. JONATHAN ST URGES, Fair - field. Connecticut. .....v.r try B dtl unu r.i.s. ia i, up siMrs. TU Lif. Acnuntine Brx'in, iatlie aiott central pai t of Pearl street. For particulars ennuire at Je 93 V t MUTUAL INSURANCE C01PA NY OF TIB CITT OF KKW - T'RK. (7A oMm! nifimion for Intttraxt agaimtfirt PiSURE against Low or Dasage by Fire, ttn; IIn... Warn Hnuss. Builtlines in general, Merchandize, Shipa ia iort and their Cargoes, Hosrsehold Furniture, ad every de scription oi personal proper,, niw - rable as similar institutions in thicity. This Company is iacorporated solely lortbe purpose of injuring sgainrt lostes y fire, and has circmcriled it. operatiooa chin within this city aad immediate proximity. . f..LUIiA ta the Capital Sbck, 1.100,000, which is secured by bond and mrtgagn oa real estate and public stocks, thi. Cotnany possesses a handwme surplus itmn, invniifn . - - POST COACH 'abV STEAM - BOAT LINEJ - it wii or axiaaaxTarown nut. . o (llirougD in una xsay.j a new Una of PoatCoacbei with every coo naaanrn ftllci bn?ttiVCf a Oil .4. - aV TSssjubvk iw f, - ""B"7 " " ""." Courlland - ttreet, near Broadway, Aew - IMJ, every morning, (Sundays excepted) at 5 oVtock, in tbe&team uoai Aiamou, vT . - j Brantnkk. Prioceton, Treaton and Bnslol.and arrive at Philadelphia tbe same afternoon, at A .ll. b A second Line of new Post Coachea will trt cepted,) at 10 o'clock in the Steam Boat A ta aula, todge at Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia, in asieain eoai, w"6 : , e j..n.n v. n. I'Mtrnrer are nquetted to call and take their Seats at me oiuce n. i Cqurtland - L N. ITuilxl Ktnle Wall XJOACn. IOT r lilimiciuni", Baltimore and Washington City, wilb every convenience lor passenger ana na8BB,. tnringt. The U. S. mail coach will tturt Jrom the coach office, No. 1 Conrtlandt - tt. N'W - Vork, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arnve at Phil - . .tir.i M a A rsn it f aff for seats in tbe above named Lines, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at (he old estai.lished Coach, and Steam Boat oKce, No. 1 Court i..j.i,ar nr th corner of Broadway, New. York ; or to! A.: - GOODRICH 6t CO. No. 124 Broadway, cornea of Cedar - street, and at No. 53 Whitehall - street, New - York. ..... (VS - aii mad. and baeeaee at the rik of the ,Vr. JOSEPH L0N, SONS & CO. m. R Expresses sent to any part of the l S THOMAS WHITFIELD. linent. Je 24 bWIFT - SURE MAIL COACHES, wnn rnil.AnEI.I'HIA. i . . . IL gjtxriw7 im - t v. - every morning (S?uudHyiei rive in Philadelphia nrit The puhlit k home, are good, and reawnahle in Uicir cnarse. 1 ue unver, uvrc au i u. et are not inferior to any othert now running re tween Uiet two cilin. The beautiiul country nH iK .r.llrm e nf the road on thia rout, con necled wilh tbetafcty, comfort, and reatonahle exKiices, are beleived to be stroru; inducement to travellers in givine (his line a derided prefer ence. The strictest attention will be obtervtd h hnrnnrietnr in pivine eeneral atilaction All baggage and package will go at the rik of the owner unie insurea ana receipicu ui vj clerk of said office. , Singe fare only $5, with a generou allowance of baggage. Parties wiihing to travel at their leisure, may engage the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively to themeives, by applying one day previous to starting. For seats anclv at Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courtlaodl - tlreet, New - York. LYON, SONS, it CO. ap 2 Proprietors UNION LINE I - I.H P II I I. A n K 1. I' H 1 A Twentv - fike miles land carriage, via New Bruntwick nnd Trenton. In new pott coaches $ 5 Do good stag. a 50 Do lorecaHle or deck paenger. 3 50 Connected by the ateam boat, oliv bra itch and rm.Anai.rHiA. Tbe .team boat Ouve Rr - h will leave New York t - very day, Sun day', excepted, from the north side of tlie Bat - iu. t 1 1 nMork. A. M. Passengers will lodge at Trenton, and take tbe steamboat Philadelphia, so astoarrive in Philadelphia at lOo'r.lock ine next nonuinuiuc w ,ac i Rallinmr llp&m hoatt. This line ha. a connect with h best boat oa the Delaware and Cbesapeaa to noriois; their several arrivals are calculated tocause lit tie, if any delay. . i nwedv and certainr' the most cnve. nient route, as tlie passengers will leave New - York after the haoksopen, and arrive in Philadelphia before the hours of buMncs. without fatigue in travelling or want of sleep, the land car nage being mut n it wan oy nnj uum iww - tweco the Iwocitie. For seats in tlie ahove line apply to WILLIAM B. JAQUES. At the Union Line Steaia Boat Office, in Market field street, north side of the Battery, between Greenwich nnd Washington streets or to The UAr 1 Airs on ooaro owner, neT' nA ra 'SiTr. . "" - " . lave New York on 'LAJ. "T - V'j nnd saturdav. at9 A. W. Lave newnurgu on Connecticut. It ia P "''y ,,un'ed Knton road, about half a mile from Long Island i "aj ' r k m. Firefly leaving Newburgh on Sunday, M.iv. . the 34th 'I he Wetlcrn Stage leave Newburgh imme diately alter the arrival ol the ireoy. my 22 Kill U ADD BKTRIKRXM HKW LINE, VIA AOI'ICE. For the further accommo dation of the public, the de parture of Ihe r ire My Irom I .New - York and Newburgh ill be in luture on the following days : I Monday, weanesaay r.W - BRCflSWICK. 07" Pastengers will leave i!(ew - York every Mondtyy rand Friday, at 11 o'clock, 'A. M. in the (team boat Olive Branch : lodge at New Brunswick ; leave tliere early next morning, and arrive at Easton at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Returning, leave baston every Tuesday and r nil ay, at 5 o'clock A. M,lodi;e at New Brunswick ; arrive at New York at I U o'clock next morning, in tbe steam' boat Olive Branch. The stage connected with this line is a good fonr - horse stage. r axage Irom n. Krunswick lo r.atton, M ; from r.BMon to Hethiehem, lo cents, t or teats in the ahove line.apnlv to WM. B. JAQUKS, nt tbe Philadelphia Uniou Line Steam - Boat Office, north tide of the batlery. ROBERT LETSON, Proprietor, J I3tf FOH PHlfJt DEI.PIIIA, Via KUZABETH - lony POlJtT. ner ; paninasiarcd rosy MVreforspos 'be 1 r IT HE bau. lately occupied by lest con6deoce in the solidity of bcapitat, anrll X Godwin, has been newly fural ly ttuit any loe or damage will b Settled with prmriptilooeanaiioenimj. , of liMaranceare uaiform with thotiofrhe other l ire iMurance Uicio uiiicuj. , The public are referred tor jjattnlnri to tbe twiabrd proposal ia circniatioa, hhicti may be bad oo &atioa at No. may 26 UAHKItli URi1ll,iraK1 - JOHN PINTARD, Seci POSi - COACH Ll.Vt, Through in a day And by day - light, T EAVES New - York in the steam - boat Ata Ji laota, from the foot of Whitehall - street, near the Battery, at 5 o'clock, A. M. Enquire at No. 1 Courtlandt - stret and No. 53 White hall - rtreet, at which places seats may b taken. J.20 ti TO LET. li.J A dry Cellar, under the houe No. 29 Pine - street. Enouireof MR. PMEDES, mytltf 134 Ptari - street : WANTED. A GIRL from 12 to 15 years of age, of good character and iteady habit?, to assist in a umiiy. Apply at 74 leunard - ttreet. JS9 UOUOKEA' HOTEL. furnifhed, and is ui comptaat order tor tn reception of boarders. Parties caa be accom modatej with dinner on tbe (bortst - Botic. Tea, coffee, ice - cream, mead, cake, fruit, kc. with a variety of th bctt nquors, will b always in raadines. A bun boat will start from each side of tha river punctually at every hour from trctocR in) lb. morning until B m th e vening. aiy O TW I. BURN?. ". TU E sdUA'D STEAM BOA T - LIJYE .ms - The croDrietor. wrb ! Jk m" l . . rirm of accommodatint the Pi. imi.i f public, by extending the line kto Norwich, iatend making th irinieni with the Fulton. Cant. Law, and thit route (if found practicable) will be continued during ine season. . - . 1 he line will in future oe irom new - w Norwich, a. followt : The Connecticut, Capt. Bunker, will leave New - Vork every Monday, W'Antiday and Friday, ai 0 o cioca, in lire morning, lor wew - naveo. lnemiou, t,at i. Law, ill leave tfornich at 6 o'clock in the morning of the tam dayt, touch at JV ncrlsmdon and depart from thence for Jfrw - Hmttn at 8 o'clock. The boatt will meet at Jfev - Haren, and depart from thence every Monday, IVtdntt - day and Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening the Connecticut for Xev - York, and the Fulton fof fcu'lndim and JVoivtcA. mh 17 iUviiiihou and t - A.aaKiAiuvaiail. - feiaoK' TI1REB TIX4K8 A WS.KK. neva, toCanandnigua. IKAVKS iewburgn rve - i rw Sumlr. TuedaV. aVS:Ng tland Tburslay mornings, at ""ff annag ll,r0 n'. lnrh. rUHS through Montgomery, Bloomioghurgh, MontMMlo, by White Lake, Cosliecton, Mount Pleasant, lireat Bend, Chenango Point, Owega, Ithica, and Ge Returning leave Canandaietia even' Mon - day, Wednesday and Friday morning at thr o'clock, and arrives at Piewburgn, ine uiiru day in time to take the Sttfam - boaU which arrive in New - York the following morning. (Ej may be txpectrd thai at all timet when thf Uiam boali alter their dayt oj ninntnp, iriat mu trill alter ta at to meet them. EASTON MAIL SPACE, TBAOCCH 15 I DAT. THREE TIMES AWEtK. Nai l a OCr I lie proprietor! aia - vw t - i ... I. Datji.Jn anfid f rl'e wilh lainuai iicourasemenl they have in retofure received in thit In.. , un - llierelore induced lo expedite the traxel'.ing on this mute; and in order to a complith it, have provided themslvEt with four changes of horses. lii b are placed at e - aualdistnmes on the route It will leave Whito' Motel, t.aston, every monaay, vveooesimy, and Friday, at 4 o'clock in the morning, arrive at t - malxth Town roint in lime to laa ine steam boat Atalanta. at 5 o'clock. Leave New York at 5 o'clock, ever Tuesday. Tlnirtdav aiid Saturday, and arrive at Easton early in the evening: faretbrouen niedollars, arid a gene rous allowance of burgage, gratis. Asthisstage paries near the calebrated tprings on Schooley't Mountain, patsengers lakinsr this line will be rnrried to the tfiringi without any extra charge. wanting on their part to make this a pleasant roule. 1 be driver are careful and accommotia - tins. For teal, apply to Jame Patten, Court - land ttreet, or on board the Atlanta, and Wlate't Hotel, Easton. ' I. Z. It J. DRAKE. ChrMer, June 20 JegO Im m. NOTICE. (r - Steam Boat Olive Branch will tail every Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock round blatcn island, and occasion - and tide will permit, to the hook. I bis beautiful sail will contribute ootn ... . . , ,h. - .i, r ,i,. io nrann ana p ensure, ann i as cneap a re - (Kt - All goods and baggage at the ns. of tl crea(jon mUohn i0 ' ; 1 partake ol this amusement will, if convenient, give in their names the day preceding, at tbe orncein ftiarkeUieM street, norinnue oiuie Dinner on board, at tlie usual prices. Passage Cs children half price. my I3lf THE i J EAM - HO.ll A lAhAjSTA, FOR ELIZA BETHTOWN POINT, EAVES N York each day, Sundays except - 1 aed, from the foot of Yl hite - baliiucet near lha Batlery, at 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. AI. ; leaves Lhxa - bethtown Point ht 0 o'clock A. M. and half past 1 2 o'clock and halfpast 4 o'clock V. m. JegQ tf MJHTU Hiy EH STEAM - BOAT. hrr On the llth of May, commenced running lour 'times a week. A Boat !eaves New - York on Tues day, at K o'clock, A. M ; Wednesday, at 5 f. M; j Friday, at V A. ivj. ana caiuraay, ai a r. n. or each week i and a loat ledses Albany on Mon day, Wednetday, Thursday, and Saturday, at A .... The Fire - Fly leave new - York on lutiday, Thursday and Sbturday, at 9 A. M. for New - burgh, and rcturnson Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 8 A. M. Je 20 . Vti SALE, A farm of between sixty and seventy acres, situate on the west bank ot Lake Otsego, and one mile front the village of Cooperstown. On it are anew stone house 54 feetsnuare:anew farm house, barn, &c. It forms a desirable es tahliihmeot lor a gentleman wuning to retire into the country, as its lituation, as to proect, convenience to market, &c. it not turpassed by any inthe interior of tbe itate. It will be soul low for cah, on a credit, or exchanged for property In thit city, good, to Apply to 11. u (v. cr.ivm iirv, my 7 tf ' Law Buildiiigt. PATENT BUGDLb I'KOYINU LIQUID. A CERTAIN arid never failing poiton for bed bug. It willexterminnte tliem at using, without ataining the furniture, or being accom panied with that disagreeable smell usually at tending tbe application of olher poisons. For sale in bottles, at 4s. each, at , r. UlLWb'S medicine More, 3U5 Broadway. N. Q. A large asortment of genuine Drug and warranted patent Medicines, lor tale as a - Dove. je 19 im OHS OMN I HEW ITT still resides at No. 24 W a - ter street, where he bat a very hnodiome and faahionabfe assortment of Cabinet t urniture on hand, wbicb be will warrant to be ol tbe first oe oi ine nrn they will u.t lie ditnppointed. at b lorie"t nonce. k nWaniag jisbjirkiit kosr L duiktutth U. twee things that differ. fm Vs; DOCTOR HORNE, furu.ert of th city of Loaduo, a . nwmberofthe faculty of phyiit and turgery there, deem it hi. d. ty to repeat rant onservatioo oa ' tie abuse of MERCURY, a rath, indiKriminate, nnd uooualf Ced use taereot, baa bto proactive of iafinit naitchier. 'IV. sands are annually jnercuriaJixed out of exih ence. The due ate we bar in view owea it fav tal retultt chiefly to tliii source. " What a pitr tliat a young man, th hopes of his coca try, ai the dailiag of hit parent, should b sattched a - way froia all the prospects and eajoymeati of h(. by the consequent of one uug - jarded momeck' sihI by a disease not in its own nature fatal, anil wbirb only prove so from neglect or imnrooer trentment." A featlemap. I lain Dr. vh. Uent) bow perfectly r,i.ary aad well, had beta aader physicians of general practice, tixyeur. sndrqledlysalivatid; when recomueoded t Ur, H. (by a gmtlenian of ttu. city) hi bon. were carious, aad hi teth dropping from then bit friends declared tie could aot possibly turviv. two months tocger. 1bousandieierimeQta know with what ease and sorely Dr. 11. eradi. catet the severest care, and coaorms tbe conitij lution. Tbe Doctor's iilan (aCvertisiog) is ntl cessary to guard the public again! the nouie at men i j, uuu uuiri ibiw uciuoiuot, field forth Persons, tiierefore, having contracted prj. vnte ditorder, or suspecting latent poison, ar. admonished not to tamper with tbeir conttiti - tion, or conceal the .disorder, (ill put retort, ry ; othersbaviu the remains of an old can. or other impurities of tbe blood, a well . er complainU of a delicate nature, in eittwi The whole route will be perfomed in three sex, mould rememtr postenty, aod do iustit. .Uv from the first ofMav. until the first of ,0 their consciences, by aiakii.2 appikaUa. to Dr. H. at his old Nrnber - .ndfTt.)efit until the fifteenth of December, and from the rf old.p ,0 cht(lin t ' fifteenth of March until the first of May, ,in one calculated ft prevent diloture. And?: luiiruin Hiuiiuui uiw i k warn claim juur ciiuuv auemion Kememhtr til the fifteenth of March the same line will be l( vuperOcial cure it no cure at all: unleuthehn. continued to the citv of New - York and run from thence to Canandaigua in four days. Passencers travelluiir from new - iorx: to Canandsieua, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. York in UlC evening aieani - uiiaiJt, mm arm c Canandaigua in tin ce days a dist."ce of three hundred miles. The fine is well furnished with good, new carriages ; good horses, and carefni and experienced drivers t.very auen rinet it radically done, you will certainly hut the disorder break out again with redoubled mt lignity, at some future period ; perhni then will he too late for remedy. Don't you often meet ia the streets miserable, mutilated beings, without even a bit of nose on their face ! Take warning I beseech you. M Dr. It's, character for skill aod stubborn inl - grity being universally known in this city, sine , ruantntee to patrenti tkat deUcacv ni4 tion will be paiJ to render the piusage of tle crecy hitherto onknowrj, uitf having cfvned hit .... ., . nMnlii'. fit. VMM nfelf aJH.l i. .L. . traveller sate, easy ana expeditious t ana n i i f T . 'j '"" - 'j mi me cure oi believed that Ute accommodations On this line yP'? Jrtelj c.i. are emial to anv line in the state. fXj FARE from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. II. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ilhaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owego. Tioga Point; thence through Newtown and Paiiued Post, to Bath, S:c. , BAGGAGE, a usual, at the risk of the owners. David Godfrey, Bloominghurgh, F. (' !rt. Jihn. Mount Pleasant. I.. & R. Manning, Chenango, iProprie - Luther Gere, Ithica, I tors. Samuel Greenliff, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Lansing, mh 14 d6m luiaw im mc hui inuun nuvawagca Im COS - laiiing ut. ii . Gleets eradicated in twa or three week Strictures removed withoaf boogies or any other instrument ; and all debilities ; likewise all old ulcerations, bstula's tic, A plurality of offices are provided, and so sits ated that patients are not exposed toe ach other's observation. Open till half past 9 in the evening. All petsons concerned are invited to be free tailing, and speaking with Dr. H. wuicb is tree of cost. And her the Doctor cannot avoid tb txpression of gratitude for innumerable recommendations, and for the decided preference (it is presumed wilh just cause) long girea him by tudicious public N. B. All letters mast b post raid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 1 also those of the North River end Sound ; and The proprietors 4edge that nothing shall be tl0"' lioni, rable, AAf JJr.t QUACK tHf JiOH iMtoM. Jmetbod of curing a eti - tain Diease, is now uruvei. sally acknowledged iaths city : his mod of trentmei I is perfectly mild. safe. ev petiuious, and bis cbargii reasonabla. In every u - ttanc he warrant, a cart. and will return the pay if k dnM ntit narlnm . ..... k. . siv rr i - e,.v" contract. I he sinctesi secrecy always observed. There are many persons in this city and its vicinity, laboring under various chronic diseataa, such as cancers, old inveterate ulcers, srraral. or kingt eviL fistula, diaeasni of tha nrelbn, bladder and ludmes, old complicated complain of a eertaia nature, wilioas and other rheumatism, Ac which they consider i Ihry can certainly De cbthi t in geners ) by applj iag at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, N. 0, Peck - slip, having practised in exfaJisns hospitals ia Europe if years, under some of tbt first Surgeons and Physician! in tbe world, aid made those obstinate disease hi constant stacy for SO years. . Oct Or? Th. tubscribiT haying recently retnrard from England with an important improvement aa the artificial spring LEG, he takes this mithrd of informing hit friends and the public, that all thofe who ar so unfortunate a to be In waat af a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Bartlay - itreet, New - York. Jan 22 WM. PURVIF. A FRUMENTO, o. 1 Wall street, gentle - xX . n, n's dretsirig room, ha for sate a tew Raxort of Damask Steel, made by the celebrated Marguin, of Paris. He has also received aa if sottmenl of the best English Raxort, which be warrants good. - If proved to the contrary, money reluiuied. Mr. FHUMENTO nrtnrns hi sincere tbsski tohicutoroer, and the public in general, for their very liberal patrooage, and solicits a continuance of tbeir favours. . He ha likewise procured a very fine heaa,tM engages to rettore rasor to a very keea edge, . i i . i . . . ii rn hi ana tnouia cnej uui cui wen n win recvi recompence. ' ' Geullemen who subscribe by the orlr. will have ttieir apparatus kept exclusively for mav .elves. J3",. ' may 27 .. . . ...... . DROPOSALS will r AcoasTA wpplyofla nje Beaver Htf, fresh from th m - nu factory, ' bl forth em wfirkH, and packed at shortest ao j! WIIOS'S, 160 BroKly W . - . Wa.hinrton street, forbaikting a bo" ftreeably with a plan there felt, for a tavern, the corner ol in eowung - - ftrret. ; - IOS. WtLcOiv. 4ailiKn i - a J .1 r.....i h. th. Vnu. a targe assonuw" n - 'D.. . ci..t.L larn quality, He toliciii his New York and southern . .. . - - - - - - ia h liieiidJtogiveh.m a call, a, he flatters himself ?;,",,",ac "L iTwJno Forte M"''' uroers execu.ea - - " - .ir .,, articl in th r Je 22 tl irrt, Si Si 3 A t lta - nt back room, at no. 5S Wall - tlrnat, tuitable for a lawyer's office. Posscsticn immediately. Apply ui the Ironteucc. J4 . rflWO or three singfe gentlemen can beMnd - L somely aenrumodated with board at No. 3 Broadway.. Je Cfl lo IU . . . - - - . " . . m - ui sical line ; imtrumeots take in w,Bct4 i tnners provided. ' r y NEW - ORK: P JUSTED AXl PUBLISHED ....... m r. m Df'D TtJ i tf 1 COm No. 49 Willi A.xt - sT;T orrosiix;. Hakii Corrag - tioo"'

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