Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 20, 1943 · Page 10
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1943
Page 10
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE , nAi/ n , IT . An A. W. LEE NEWSPAFEK I_lJLLll\ vjlj I Issued Every Wwk Day by the *«Z j !··» -M F L Q W U^^W W MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MASON CITY GLOK.GAZmc COMPANY 121-123 £ut State Street Telephone No. 3800 New Hog Calling "Champ" The current scene has no stranger bedfellows Senator Whee ler, once spokesman for tho LEE P. LOOMIS Publisher W. EARL HALL - - - Managing Editor ENOCH A. NOREM City Editor LLOYD L.GEER - Advertising Manager All of us can humble ourselves by comparinTM our sacrifice in this Avar with that of the Waterloo Sulhvans who gave five fine sons * * * Those French in North Africa seem not to have dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. FUIX LEASED WfflE SERVICE BY UNITED PBESS MEMBER IOWA -DAILY PBESS ASSOCIATION, with Dts Mcines news and business offices at 405 Shops Building. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Mason City and Clear Lake, by the year $10.00 Mason City and Clear Lake, by the week.. $ ,20 OUTSIDE MASON CITY AND CLEAR LAKE AND WITHIN 100 tULtS OP HAS ON CITY Peryur by carrier.. .flo.OO By mall « months $325 Per week by carrier. .J JO By mall 3months Sl'75 Peryearbymail $6.00 By maul month...S .60 OUTSIDE 100 MILE ZONE Per ST. $10.00 6monthsS5.50 3 months »3.0Q 1 month *1.0Q MacNider Boom Grows 'pHE Globe-Gazette's exchange newspapers ot A late have been filled with laudatory editorials prompted by the recent statement by a well- known Washington columnist to the effect that Hanford MacNider was receiving increasing attention as a republican presidential candidate. The case for the Mason Cityan was pretty well summed up the other day in a letter written by a county republican chairman in northwestern Iowa to Harrison Spangler, republican national led to th6 fall of France in 1910. * * * Some people find themselves reading several paragraphs into a Flynn story before they discover its about Ed, not Errol. * * * The average German by this time probably wouldn t want to say in public what he believes m private about Herr Hitler. * * * .promise to remove all political posters after ·'"-'·'-- ought to be " " -r f 1+ It's significant that the Norwegians are spell- it "quisling"--no canital "O " ing it "quisling"--no capital "Q. Thrice blessed shoveling early. is he. who does his snow- PROS and CONS Some Interesting Viewpoints Gleaned From Our Exchanges Typical low an lor Speaker senfa^sTecteK o lowan for its speaker for -- -- -- -.w.uui* M^i»i* l j;i., ic^uLUIIait jictuuimi ·*«»«** AVI jui b^jedKer lor tne present session in chairman. A copy was sent to us and we draw on the P er £°n of the Hon. W. Burma of Allison Mr f t - «--_ 11 jf_n · _ . . HIIT-T-.-.I c^..^TM^^ J_ T · i f, _ . . _ ·*·"·.». iiij. . it for the following paragraphs: '·'General MacNider is an industrialist and knows the problems of the businessman. He is a farmer and, living in the middle west, knows the problems of the farmer. That he is fearless is evident from his previous and his present distinguished war service. He is a loyal citizen and stands for good government. "Since MacNider possesses the attributes referred to, and the electorate would welcome a man possessing these ideals, all found in one man, it would be an easy matter to sell him to the public. In fact, he-needs no selling--just put him in the picture and the people will accept him." All of this activity in General MacNider's behalf is proceeding while he recovers from severe wounds wrought by a Jap grenade in distant New Guinea. His primary interest, as all who knoiv him appreciate, is getting back into the thick of the fight. That is the kind of general he is. World war No. 1 had no better fighting man * hey ha ^ no ready means oiltnowing" It"is sheer than Hanford MacNider. That will be the storv Delusion (o think that that method of elevating _ - -- . -- . . . . ^~i~.*i* 1 L a VJ . J: lu» 1-iaWLI. MIL . Burma succeeds Lieut. Gov. Robert D. Blue who now is presiding over the sessions of the Iowa *' ate senate as one of the duties of his office. Mr. Burma is a farm operator and owner. He is a f°T? ,, war veteran . served seven terms as sheriff of Butler county and is starting his fourth term as representative from that county. "Hank" as his friends fondly call him. made friends rapidly when he started his first term as representative and withdrew as a. candidate for speaker last session in favor of our own Bob Blue. The affairs m,»n 0 m? a J° i" Safe hands when entr "sted to men like Mr. Burma. Bat NoHiins Will Happen Cedar Kapids government Governor Hickenlooper proposed- shortemng of the ballot--has been suggested be- ire is no reason to expect that the sug. ill result in any more action this time ire.^But it puts the finger directly on EYE® OBSERVING fore, gesti than ESS: One reform in state REMEMBER? :rnor Hickenlooper proposed-- -'-^-·-'-'·TJ.a.^i.TJ.JLJijJLV . From Globe-Gazette Files one f th H- i- --» --* TM F ° RTY Y 1 ^ 3 A GO one of the big weaknesses in our present political mu , system. For years people in this statef have been - TMe.hunting voting for dozens of candidates thev didn't iTn± , w "? te . r ls P ra 5" GOOD HEALTH By Logan Gendening, M. D. "NEW" KIND OF PNEUMONIA 'Our Mother" _ 4 received the other day an ^.envelope literally covered, f r o n t a n d back, w i t h stamps. It was an air mail--"par avion"--letter from Dwane Roy Dreher of the U. S. navy, posted in November from a Persian gulf port. In it was a verse written in tribute to "Our Mother." This was the carrying note accompanying it: "Being unable to be home on Mother's day, I am in the hopes that you might dedicate this to my dear mother on that day." Well, Mother's day is still a long \yay in the future. I'm taking the liberty, therefore, of passing along the verse at this time: We ill kn.w thai Ihtre Jj jrai«« Which i« freely flveo, Ol bc.Uly. of ollbl J»d a,yj, And the Joy «[ Uvlnc. But ft we e'r slop (o think Of that which really coants? Not thit ·! smoke and drink Ot the buman na amounts. But. that o( our mother Whom for us all ha love. Only t« bear another When one .departs above. And who'd readily tlte to you Bread irota her owa mouih, Or buy you somefhinr new loottgh it cost 'er her trip south. One that helped us out of jrrapi And watched with sorrows tears, As we lost our coin at eraps Or sneaked jome forbidden been. She that kept * ready unlit Came the tlam you had to part. Even though all the while It nearly broke her heart B»r». yau'Jl ne'er find another \Vho can take her place, lex. I mean your mother. 01 that iwcet, smiling fate. -JV-This Era of Glass few suppose the one principal ^ advantage of the tin shortage which has brought glass containers into a new prominence is that housewives now are able to "see what they buy" on the grocery store shelves. Incidentally glass-making is said to be America's oldest industry. From government blueprints has come another important weapon for winning the war -- standardization. For the duration, at least housewives will be seeing their favorite products in simplified form--thirteen standardized sizes for jars, ten standard sizes for bottles. SAVt MAHPOVYIR fOH WftRPOVitK known as "handi-quarts," lias been reduced five ounces, catsup bottles weight lias been reduced 25 pounds per gross. These are lypieal examples. New standardized bottles and jars will have smaller openings or closures to help save, on rubber, metal and other war essentials. Metal consumption alone will be reduced 20 to 40 per cent. Already housewives are seeing glassed fruits, vegetables, coffee, corn syrup, molasses, floor polish and furniture polish in abundance. Now cooking oils are being glassed and scores of other products are rapidly being converted to glass packages. Glass, which requires no vital war materials, is soldiering on the home front and (he war front. .-The -- IDAYS BOUQUE To HERMAN M. KNUDSON CERRO GORDO COUNTY REPRESENTATIVE IN THE LEGISLATURE--for b e i n g appointed as chairman of the important house appropriations committee. ^^^^.^^^SSn^or 1 S '-*-; of his part in World war No. 2. What the future holds for him^of course, is not predictable. For one thing, nobody knows for sure that the war will be ended by nomination time next year and it's our guess that if the choice lay between war service and politics. General MacNidcr would not be slow in choosing the former. But it is certain that Americans will not be found ^appreciative of the kind of citizenship exhibited by this distinguished lowan in both peace and war. * * * Books for Fighting Men ANNOUNCEMENT of a 'second Victory Book ** campaign emphasizes once more the demand for new, instructive, recreational reading matter by America's fighting forces. Soldiers, sailors merchant seamen, WAACs, WAVES, and marines want good books. Libraries are an essential part t method of elevating " season in Iowa for the fall and ·actically over, having closed with the the old year, which ended the open quail. In some respects, the past sea- has been the poorest in years from the sports- ,,. . _ · require 25 to 30 per cent less' of raw materials to manufacture than was the newspapers carry a somewhat formerly required for making pre, confu ^ and sensational story about a new glass containers. The new - _ ,, ,,»».,, v i 4 U L .t 11C LJ.HJU \Ji e i C V i a l l U f i r lm T t- » · l _ w -- " W i l l 1 1 1 C SIJ\JL I men to power is a democratic expression of ponu- X 4, ^"u?? 1 !^ Eve " jn the "orthern count!, lar will We'll get further and further from rep- ± b ° b Wt " te was hard to fincl and the «ve- resentative government the longer we cling to it Th pneumonia that is called "cat pneumonia." du ; a £ lass technique reduces the ·om the ^,,r,nr,tiftnK, ^ eight of glass considerably and om the supposition glves greater strength GIas * fTM to human beings for vegetables today weigh but 6% The story obtains its tnat the disease is in, organization work, in legislative experience. While recognizing the necessity for holding state expenditures to a minimum, as a means of enabling lowans to meet their increased federal tax levies he will understand that the fun- Looking to 1944 in Iowa Politics =r,r£ Si ^ I( ,r\ HeraId: Il ' S a 10n S ran S= ^ew but ^,n*/£ b 2» 1 2.» e £PuW*an P»rty are so o. ±i. eys f-^-^n-;-=in^h7^:s ===bTr^! ^^s^^ippg ______ r ______ came down with an unusual form of pneumonia f, las techn iq«e. Old style jars'of 24 pieces. with that the hat man Hobert O. B £?TM? S J;_ D ° m Y5 r ' I° rt *°dge; THIRTY YEARS AGO fn T fh C ^ U quota . o£ banquet tickets has been sold of h°^ e ,,STMTM_? ub S««L«t which will be t mail has those of hnirt T,, .1 · " uanquet wnich will be Blue, Eagle Grove- e-30 1 If^f rt^TM 1 ^ *' he Comm «^iaJ hall at s; Secretary of State- h T,^- "J l d numbcr o£ admission tickets may 3. Hewy W. Burma, ^efto the *£££**' ^ ^ wIU " Ot adrait Fovertr-Strick.,. Newspapers TWENTY YEARS AGO TM,i rf y Herald: A deeper implication (of S?^! d ,^^ u 5?i is that ^wspapers weakened revenue become the easy prey of r \ ,,-,, 'A ""u' W , hen countr y Papers, whose independence has always been a vital force in this Auken, secretary of the Mason . .-. of Commerce for three and one- half years, has tendered his resignation here to ^ P '±!°?l tl ?! l .°^ secre ' ar y ^ the Chamber of natfrtM uTM _* L* - -- »n«t iutLc ju mis ,«. ,,· ^--· "· vl - « i -^*^-^«ij' tu me i^namrjer ol sheets' thei?T n ? tnln . B more than propaganda Comme «:e at Dubuque. He succeeds D. B Cas- day run for the repubica ;ments of will not president In the Victory Book campaign of 1942 more than 2,000,000 books were collected By the libraries of Illinois, books which went to other in W« there will be no dearth'of'asprr'ants^Can 1 ' camps and stations in this country and abroad, dj dates have a habit of blossoming forth in the Because twice as many men are in uniform now j^", 1 ? 8 of elech °n years like violets--only thev as a year ago, our Victory Book goal must be Perform like violets. · y doubled. In Mason City and throughout the nation this Victory Book campaign continues until March 5. It is a worthy, patriotic cause. The need is for good books, recent books in good condition. Current best sellers are in great demand. Above all our fighting men want books of adventure mystery and fiction. War books are not wanted, although technical Tons for Every Soldier supplies were set down on addition to this, we must s and a half tons a mo: is overseas. the who and P« thesc as long as he To Those Who Don't Have a. Garden '. rairl "ont Sentinel: Any able bodied or semi- fri.nri t-, i w u"~ Sp ^? d the weeke "d with his £ lret JL? r ^ ha T/- Mr - K'^ardson is a rcpre, pany Talking Machine com- TEN YEARS AGO Mrs. A. R. Lenz, 1030 Third street southwest is m Fort Dodge attending the Eastern Star sS i T r was accom Panied there by rl May Fiuegal of Charles City. Mrs instructor for district two and Mrs -tthf, ^^'^ three " Amon * 'hose preset «-,m ^ °?o a ^ e Former Governor and Mrs John Hammill of Britt, both officers of the grand lodge "u asal dl °""" 5 -£- V "" E " of Iowa. ° ^ the condition To their owners who fondled them too often in a sympathetic attempt to comfort after nursing a sick pet cat. aiso one where a .healthy cat came down with I pneumonia after being around | a sick child. This form of pneumonia has been named virus pneumonia I and has been known to the I medical profession for several I years. It is not particularly dif- Iferent from other forms of pneumonia except that the germs which are present in the other forms are not found in | the virus pneumonia cases. In one epidemic all the cases I occurred in infants secondary ' to whooping cough and measles. Dr. Clendenine In another series of cases occurring in adults, the disease was characterized by a racking cough, little or no sputum, high fever and a slow pulse, x-ray shadows which were out of all proportion to what was found by the stethoscope, and a prolonged course terminating by slow fall of temperature. The patients are left very weak, but only about four deaths have been reported to date. In fact, only about one out of ten patients becomes critically ill, most of them running a fairly mild course. If the cat transmission idea is correct, this will be the second kind of pneumonia which we have encountered in recent years, transmitted by pet animals to human beings. The first was psittacosis, or parrot fever, which was prevalent several years ago and undoubtedly was transmitted^from pet parrots who became sick with ; harge, cough and fever and transmitted ca P aclt y to a ABOUT BOOKS By John Selby Weight of quart milk bottles, DID YOU KNOW? By Frederic J. Haskin EIHTOB/S NOTE.- For «n .nswtr f. ·my question ot fact write "Mason Cllr Clobe-Gatette Information B a r e » o. Which is the smallest republic on the American continent? H. S. El Salvador, in Central America. What sate has the longest name? C. McD. It is Rhode Island whose official name since 1776 has b e e n The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Why did such composers as Mozart live in poverty even though they wrote operas which were freely performed? L. S. It was formerly the custom to pay a composer a flat sum for an o p e r a which then became t h e property of the theater which took it. Any subsequent income went to the original owner, not to the composer. Mozart sold outright everything he wrote. Who invented champagne? S. P. Dom Pierre Perignon, u Bene- _ _ , . TM--- - - w « f "ji» \.t HJjJACU* His neighbors here in Cerro Gordo TMl n !?:.?5. e ^Plimented by the has come to one P ountJ S per per- them. Since the institution of quairantlne"'on"pet 5,' cti , ne , . monk in the Abbey ot parrots and parakeets at i m m i r fj aut villiers, France, discovered while war campaign. Note, too, that magazines are not wanted because every service center re- newspapers. How Creston News Advertiser: How long is the ad- nimstration soinir in rw.TM* ,, ,,.,_ n | ce y ty a ^J library has new, interesting books JohnTM!, Tewi^ n ** ? ontr ? !led by * man like iL^e^^^^^-.^^aticbact 5 ^f^-vSSr*^?*TM** «· «*' log of books with our men and women at the front. Every library is ready to receive books and contributions. * * * We Mustn't Cheat rpHERE HAVE been so many books about the ·»· Japanese and they have been parrots and parakeets at immigration ports, the disease has nearly disappeared. In both of these pneumonias a virus origin is suspected. We cannot tell a virus by the usual bacteriologic methods but a virus infection causes the formation of peculiar cells in the part affected and these have been found under the microscope in both the cat and parrot type of virus pneumonia. the process of putting the bubbles Have there been any other N«- *ro centrals in the army besides General Davis? M. N. Brigadier General Benjamin O. Davis is the first and only Negro general in the United States army. Urgently Demanded Dubuque Telegr is there for dodgi b _ ». -.-- u»u.a..i B ^ VMJ Tightest book so far, nor i most reliable. After all, Prc any further the clear re- intimate contact with Japan that Jesse F. Steiner' s "-'HehTnd' the J^anSe becn'sfancfard^rf^Th' 1TM P"TM"'* has nC " Re was born i^Washington, i)"c' KJ^J'? a _ r «TM larl y TM?con*. It is not the ^nthl^^; ££,, ^!= h '" s TM r u } - "·»- '"" ' ^ ' nnhi,r.,i T i ~~~ u , ·"·!«"···:L UDOK so lar nor is it np-r"«iT.?Ur l^ ln other £orms Ol Pneumonia have not proved °^«L Telegraph-Herald: What excuse now »«t reliable. After all,Trofessor IteTnS! most SU -- Sf - Ul hcre bu * « « is true that it is trans. in - - --r*- "*«i. \.v/ij^*tra gets before the March tax deadline. a P a yas-y°"-g° tax billV although he has revisited the country n gets around to it even he has not started with the idea Sfblack-fiua?d m th 3E FUNDAMENTAL good sense of William ^, , Jeffers, Union Pacific railroad president EdltOHal Of l" 2 '^/. 3 ^^, 55 .. 1 ^^ '° describe them. It milted from cats there is nothing more theoretically simple than to prevent its occurrence. However, what is theoretically simple in hu- life is often practically very complicated, cerpt out of a recent address: ., ." Th! . s ', s war - Let's not cheat on this. Keep |t m mmd as I do, that, after all, rationing Is a n d ^ f,i V3 £ t0 , ? et conser vation of rubber" £ £ « £ ? , ? f b . e ? 1 ll is rough J ustiec - J '"can by that, that certam folks can get by with less "T^VH 1!ons ,; others ought to h ^' e TM°re But it doesn't mean, when you don't need to use your car during the week, we will say Day PKOPOSED LEGISLATIVE PROGRAM Jack Hammond in Decorah Journal is a saner and a better approach and make'; the while it might seem quite reasonable to ask far-rc nij »!,,, ., ,. _ = "«· people not to fondle their pet cats when they show evidences of respiratory infection, this is one of the things tHat is easier said than done. At least, children have sense enough not to do ordered. Adults should also take the that a sick cat had better not be put ,. -- t-r---"*v.»*, uuu *i*et.TVCt tne more damning as they come out. Professor Steiner does not think the Japs are ·unpredictable'-indeed, he points out that for TM a j£. yea . rs . thc y "aTM made every effort to on June 1, 1877. Where is thc lances I canal in the world? R. I. The Grand Canal in China which is about 1,000 miles long. Where were the WIRES organized? L. F. The WIRES (Women in Radio and Electrical.Service) were first organized by a group of women students in Trinidad Junior college. Sigma was founded at the University of Virginia on Dec 10, 1869. How did the lady bug gejs its name? T. H. The ladybug or ladybird is so called because, in the Middle Ages, it was dedicated to the Virgin JVlary. Please explain what is meant "by limited service in the army. P* R. The war department says that a man who has been assigned to "limited" sen-ice in the army is subject only to restricted duties not requiring the physical stamina necessary for general service. How many were in the first graduating class at Harvard university? N. McD. The first graduating class in 1642 consisted of nine men. What is the religious affiliation of Thomas E. Dewey? A. B. Mr. Dewey is an Episcopalian. Which of Dorothy Thompson's articles resulted in her expulsion from Germany? C. J. It was her interview called "I Saw Hitler." How early was Beelhovtn afflicted with deafness? D. E. lu 1798 Beethoven made the dismaying discovery that he was going deaf. His last public appearance as a pianist was in 1814. By 1819 conversation with the composer had to be carried on in writing. PRACTICAL SUGGESTIONS ON CARE OF THE FEET Eh ° u!3 . us i c up the four gallons say ··· accom 1. Give for winning »-t 2 ' ^? a . Ct ! c S islatio " extending federal 5t»tc a,d to dependent children, which ha done m 46 of 48 states. 3n the bed of a baby in order to make it feel as if it were being given a little morr xtf^t;TM than usual. Nothing is more important to your comfort than proper care of the feet. Many people suffer an- "oyancc and pain from various How low does the temperature causes TM at may be avoided by have to be for an automobile en- rcas ° na We care. The expertly prc- Etne to freeze? T. W. - - The National Bureau of Standards says any temperature below on strictly non-party politics. 5. Revise the executive branch of the state ^ e ^frll 0 . p I 0 ^ e . for Action of a U-crnor Saturday That isn't playing" the ga^e" Don't , v ~ ...... drive that car unless it is necessary to drive it - , 3 ' Enact le gislation taking the judiciary from and only on essential driving. justice of peace to supreme court justice entirely "We can lose this war by taking this nation o u 'o£ Pafty politics. ce entirely off. rubber. We are NOT going to lose the ,u S ? a , ss legislation to elect county officers war ... because you people are going to Plav thc te*'* 1 **"TM '^ -.*-:-:-.---- . . ly . OI1 !9 ers . the game, and when it is over we can aU congratulate ourselves that we have been good Americans and we can all be assured that we will never be caught short of rubber again. Lets all play the game. Let's stay on rxtbber. Let's be good sports. And lets not let it happen again!" The more and the quicker Americans bring themselves to a realization that rationing re- the ab «''y »° serVe"counY."ApVo"ntees' r i l u are S ? 1 . UP n0t to P enalize People but to ??,,,,[?,? ,° n ? b asis_of ability subject to have a constructive session' as much as anybody else. The military caste is of S lana'n'« n ° thi "S. ncw ' bu * l *e logical outgrowth «1 3 M P K ? , '" Wh ' ch thc P rcscnt military establishment becomes a modern structure firmly based on an already well-formed national habit. ih i S ' nCSS ° £ Ja . pan ' s being an imitator belie^bV w C i r th al an **£% SSSL£*%Z national genius has gone into adapting western lT^ nt _'° n ! w i l . h a , maz *ng cleverness to the Japa- Lanteni Light Lyrics tells all about these afflic- ? °P S -,. U Is authoritative. It de- thc freezing point of water may l aiis , thc . cor rect care oE the feet thc oot "Wenc. and exe %cry well explained, and the fact that Japanese men are responsible to nobody for their morals, th 1° thC ' r Iami!ics - has a connection By Roy Murray of Buffalo Center " - -- possible moment, the more effective this program will be. nto a ou E h « » bad form to Cl "I* b ?« tofm to ^ dosed doors - Evcn of lure. Processor s r f s book has its place, here ana now. IF THE-s It Kate iris Utt fnr ber date ·with thc m»le w i l l he wait? Sou can Jtt he wilt. It a male and his trail went to .Jail without b«U wonld they trail? leu can bet tbejr would. If nore from Calais wears a fay r"«"»-ee w i l l she plaj? T«a can bet she will. Co«ll the fat pUtocral in lop hat and cravat b« a rat? Ton can bet be co»M. finally cause the water _ cooling system to turn into ice and · burst the water jackets or radiator. Is Anna Seghers thc real name of the author? T. S. The real name of the author of The Seventh Cross is Netty Reiling. ' Are swords made by machinery? A. Y. Machinery is used to some extent but most of the work still is done by hand by skilled craftsmen. In aviation, wnal is meant by an air pocket? C. K. Literally there is no such thing as an air pocket. So-called air pockets are no more t h a n disturbances of ascending and descending air currents. Is the per capita use of coffee in the United States increasing? B. T. In 1900 coffee imported amounted to 12.6. pounds per person 15 you and exercise. It tells you should- riotTten^t a to d do h f nt m? n",5,? mc trcatm ^t of foot i Is. Order your copy of this ni.h Ration today. Only'lo cents post Use This Coupon The Mason City Globe-Gazette Information Bureau v TM"- ue · w' Ct ^- riC , J - Ha *'r,, 'Director Washington, D. c. F THE FEET. Name St. or R. R. City Stale _ (Mail to Washington, D. C.)

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