The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 15, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1818
Page 3
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. r vr wlftDQtf EEFLECTOA, ''i". 1 C. .....l. I.l !,. u. I . Md usef ul intention, invites tbe public tiTview itseffcct in the window of the looking rtsuMidpriot iiore, No. laJ Bioadway. lv. in., exhibition of article! to public view, the splendor and the evident economy of the Window Kelkctor U such a need only to be itM to produce conviction. By Use exposure of a very few article!, a dis - "1 c iMhitiiur. an endless and magical extension Kights to ye the window aod shew case Re - fiector to be obtained, and, if required, the whole lUture P'AMBR0SE CRANE. jlSltv 153 Broadway. ' fO POCKET ROOK M.1KLR8. TWO men who understand their business, nisy have conttant employ in the above Business, by ppi ing at ia wan - street. July 15 ' . 'O Ai. UJi SELL. And imnietliate tosession given, that tlesnt country seat, which has heen occupied T I , ... . . . ;, ... .. lor several years nv .sir. jainei ctuu, ntuaic uu the turnpike, about five minutes walk from the village ol Jamaica, island, wriere tntre are two famous academies for young laities and gentlemen. Tht house is two stories lush, and five rooms on the r round fl or, a Kood ham well i f excellent ws.t r, ic. Thtre M ahout thirty five acres of excellent land, with a great variety of fi int. For further particulars apply to Messrs. JO - r.i'H TIICO.MH : CO. An oi Pearl street; ELI 311 A PARK?, at present in said village, near the pitiiis, or to Mr. John V. Alrth.Ut.U. near aaid ettaie. J 15 52v f Milt suujtnlM r having criii.iiiCMii) tut?'.) In L residence in the town ol St. Louis, ;imoii - ri territory, oticii his lei vices at agent, either in tbe purchase or sale uf land in the Missouri or - - 4 :n . i ... :.. ........ Illinois leiriinries ; ue win ai.u im hi inn ium - city of aent generally, ami execute such un - missions as may he entrusted to him. Persons having landed propi rly in the Allan - tic slates, may make favr - rahle'exthsnges land in the territories above mentioned, by ap - i lir.ili hi tothetubstriher. and furtiisliiiisr a par tieularduscription of the piopeity offered lor ex - rhne. with an estimate of its real vaitie. To the enquiries cf such as are desirous of emigrating iu cuncr oi ine territories, nc win theeriuiiy mime pronim answers, wimotii any ckarte ', pottage of letters t ihiin being paid. B ' T. w. SMIJ - H. St. Looil, Missouri Territory, 1st June, 1318 JJewrs. Irvtni Smith & Holly, Checsehorsuch t i'attersoo, I Refereu - Rathbone h Downer, c in John Rathbe, I N. York. Ogdi - n Edwutdf, Eiq. J J 15 d.c2awlro FIKTY DOLLARS REWARD. RAN AWAY from the subscriber, on tbe SI'li June, un iiiduiited ajiprentice to the cord - muing business, name, I UEOIIUE SCOK - !KLI, ofeet 4 inches high, slim made, dmk f.jir, atar oterhis riht eye, his hair ennu i oirr it ; about lit ycftrj cfae: had with him t'ji he went aw ay, one blue ionjjeoat, onehlnr pair of pantaloons hall' worn, one pair of yel - liw naiiUetn, cne)eilo bulf vest; oue lilach itri'M vc - t, one bhek silk hauiikcrchief. S. V. 1 he above reward will he pma to any rion who will n turn t;ie s iiJ riinaway, or - ic him in uiiyjailso tint his im'tr may gel iiiu again. ROIJKIIT CARtfO, t'rime - strwt, reur llie Swy Yard, J I S 2 I'liiiu - I. Ii.hia. I ir' I V UOL,LAi(.s RIVAKI). RAN" A WAY, frn. - a the suixciibrr in tor - t ii:, Ditr:cto tJolmi.l ia, about 4 yean a,'9, a niiila'to min hnintd Joshua ljOWtf':r, a - tint five !ct sis rinn uu i.ep high, we!l madi ud ha. a scar umlcr hi It i t ey, and is ahout forty years uf He waf appRlieniied by ni cotoeiil iiisttut in Broukljn, Lor.g - lslnnd, in rtai Utatc, and brought btf'aie the court in Utotklyo; but before the derision of that rror' coula be obtained he made his etca out of the enart rom. The Above reward will he given - non or prrsons, wha w! Anprehead Liw in Um state, snd secure U'.Tt to I ( can nt nuaatMu, no ! on - : hmJ:eJ d !Urt if in any oili - Tstatriuthe L'nitrJ SUU'S. lie is by pn f.t - tim black iiLith, tudiati c!o vrry t st clent nork. FKA.NClS JKAKl.VS, eoree - town, Distiicl oi Columbia. S IS lw L'6f pui'luhtd and for :ie by v.i. l. CILLEY, 9i Broadway, The Miliu. y nn - ! Kavsl Operations in the C - iuad , during the hi war with tbe United States. Including M?o, the political hitjrr of Lower Canada, during the a'lmiiii;tratioa of sir James lleory Cnii, toj lir George l'rvo:t ; from the year 1807 until the year 1815. By Robert Climb, lq. oi Quebec. Jv li 3w 146,BroaclTvTay: List or Prizgs 18'!i daawing Ovejo JltaJ Jatleru. Vo. '1133 S500 (first drawn number) 1000; 7 500 1 7365 100. Sold t GRAC1KS Shares of Ticket fFIoatiotj prizes." Draws sgaiii at 6 o'clock thiifternoon. . - Jtalical Science Tickebs and fhares, fir le at GH ACIR'S, on the bet ttnns. Cash adroneed for Owego Prize Tickets. J 15 Ct (1 RANDKOAUI.O r IK K V - .Now draw mg. v. w . ir .11 M Jtl ij M r.r . 16th (lav's driwiriL' - . 828.f prie of J 10.O0O and 4 of 5C0. '1230, 7A72, US4. 4419. J033. and five sweoflOO. lrth Dar, 11501. 3319, S1000 1285. 85'J6. .i00 . '3719, 7337, 847. and 5 more of flUJ. Floating prizes. All sold at WAlTE's, several of which Tre in shares of tickets ; and where t:ie ifhest prizes ever sold in shares in thU city, u lately obtain 1 J 15 fMLLtfcl'tE'a prise l. - st, Owesro Rond l.otte - JJrv. 1Mb days dia wine;. Nos. 5i59, f looo; "pi' - lT, f inoearh; eight of J'o each. lr. U1LLE4PIK w.mUl ininrwn II.... to purrhw Medical Scienrn Ti"ktst'n ycaube supplied at his oflie o. t!4 Kt.a'. , opposite City the prtci.l prire of "Ms. but will advance in a few days to $!t. " J ffWAlrL,Uit of Pries in tie Grand Road Lottery 19ih Dav. JjJ 3319,'JIOJO. - K85. 8606 $500, h sjwer to the Gold Puffer's imperUnent rjnion, WLete j, the truly fortunate and tabUshed0rr,cr," 1 have to observe, that 'ithem0Ht fortunate oflice in Droadwar, "k . nare oia iiKTf e prizes in it than any wcrs south of Cedar - street. Li proportion Je number or tickets told at my office. I inclined to enter into particulars. 1 l5r , ln I,rize of 5 jO.000, S5.00D, LTnl '0,000 were not M sold and paid .7' ho 'jle themselves truly luckv." "ois injforljing, (rive them but a name, t yr.e of fabi.m, still Qiey arc the same." PsttJi'' " exa,nl,le f elliiiff and paying diKffn,Vore'ncon,wUb,v tnatthetiol - 'WlL','1 not tel1 the Prile of Sooo 'xttaJj' 'Tt neither has the form n koSI"wr a r''ved the eash tx it, as J u Wserte4 in 11 the papers of the day. IT . or ollwrwise, lor sale h? JlO - CLBRA A t.UMIXGy Tl '6 Pearl street. KcThZ' htMHi tewufactured ' Wtr,Wu 'r lw schr. Indian Hnater. it X. It D. TALCOTT. . 64 Soth - treet. 1 IXSEED OlU WHITE tXAD k flLASS. Ji Just received per ship Rockinchsus, Iron Loudon, and for sale by VALEM TL& WAR - ntn, ji Droaa street. , . r. . 5t) pipes Holland L. Oil, . . v A quantity of White Lead dry and ground in ALSO, . .oil A auaiititT Eneliah Crown Glass, from 6 br P'jai' W1AE. pipes, ! bbds and 9 quarter m. casus very sup. furl wine, landine Irom schr True American, east side Old slip, lor sale at ivt r roat - sireet, oy a rALMtiW. 41 SAlULtK. In Store Tenerifle aod Litboo. in bhds and quarter casus. 1 J 1 1 1 w 1 ARRAiTED UOLTliVG CLOTHS. v v iiticc nisvi luicui ui cverr uesuriniion. oi uuicti Bolting tioitis, warranted to be ul the I'est ouality ever imported, and at the most re duced prices, for sale by J 11 82 1 - 2 Pearl - Mreet. 1 LV.MCii, r. has received per Louisa Ce JkJ . celia, a few pipes of Madeira, from the Parish of Catna de Labos, and St. Antonio, on which he invites the criticism of connoisseurs. ALSO. From the Havana, 30 boxes of s Mrs made at the king's factory, which are of very superior quality, anil which be oilers lor sale at co. 40 W ilham - street. 1). L. jr. receives orders for the above wine, sul'jrcl to his approval ou arrival. July II 2 i8 siMLMUA JV lilU.sUi, tic. ripe good imitation brandy, high proof 3 hhds pure spirits 4 do rye whiskey COO bajuniper berrie' 300 kegs giu,;cr 20 chpsti youn hyson 10 catty boxes h .ou Tea 60 bags race g'nger ' - 0 rolls sheet lead 17 tubs butler for salebv July 2r COKX'.S. DUR013. L&C. sUVUAM, oiler lor salt, at Ao. Ul . M.iiili n - l.uie. tiuprr Counterpanes, Dotted and fringed from 8 to U - 4 Also, cradle and rrihQtiiltsand noited covers Louil'in super Cloths nod Cassimeres r"t"Ut(ireen Uockirg Htiizcs Fine 'bitten Bel Ticking Reol Daihask Tahlc Cloths, and Napkins MmIIi, jaconet and camhiic Muslins Fife India Flag Uandannes Best black French and Italian Crapes , t - t out, and line win te J e ans f Iripnl jSo Irish Linrus, Sbet - ticgs and l)inicrs Super 6 4 cambric Dimities, silk Hosiery t - teani, ond power loam cotton Shirtings Russia Diapers Also, I ce of the very first quality pitent 3 cord wire cotton nails, aborted numbers. 2 cases super furniture Dimities Jy 10 Iw Jc. L'ST received by the Radius, from lid lor sale by GY.O. CH ANCE, .o 6Cburi"h st. I door from Fultoti - st. One case of hlrtck willow square. - for h:tts or bon net.', a new article, and btiug light, calculated for the present season One caie glazier's diamond, well assorted four hundred and iil'ty boms of London crown glv - , assorted, or each size Irom 6 by 8 to N bv 2. ' Julv 10 2nr 1U(J. llti ROOM. A tiltafant nul con - J venimt Counting Room in Soutn - strect to t. Appiv at v!J oiiih - treet. J i J' illThfl. li c.i - In Urietol f'orli i, lorta.e hv LE ROY, BAYARD & CO. Jy 13 1 . DH.I' (JUUOo, iu. O Boies muslins 10 do. 4 - 4 & 7 - 8 Irish liueul 1 do. pink ginghams 1 I.i. shawls 4 do. brown platillas 6 d Scolch Ofnahurus 7 bales imitation .heatings 4 do. brown linen 2 do. linen b.d tick 1 do. 6 - 4 cotton checks I do. carpeliug. ALSO, frail - cloth, Cotton bagging Twilled sacking Sei:ie twine For sale by GEORGE JOHXSTON', Julv 2 No. 1 Sioat - lane. CtOLlt;Alt uud MALAGA AlAL.MsEV J WI.NE. 136 qr. casks Colmen&r Wine 27 1 qr. Malaga Mnlmsey do , I'nncipelly in iron bomul caiks, ami both of very superior quality, landing this day, opposite the eubtcrilier'e store, Irosa schr Susannah, irom Malaga, tor sale by DOORMAN & JOIINSTOX, J 14 57 South street. LLYLA', VtLk He. VERY handsome assortment of Selessia Liueos, consUtiu; of Hati!lft, Royale.s, A Brotagaes, Etopillas, Dcwlas, Creas and Cho - lelts 2 caes ilk velvets SOOO muskels 2 bones fowling pieces 2 casks Steucrark scj 'uic,iLullc sword 150 ke;i Dutch herrings 4 boxes assorted glassware Tlie above articles ectitltd to de beuture. 3 cerccos iuJio, 1 box toyi aud a few pieces Dutch cloth Pontile by C. ZIMMERMAN, July 11 In 77 IVashinjton - it. CHAVU'AU.N at CI4AHET. 'pilORN iz I't'.S DLETO.N, 56 Stone street, A. have just received and otfe r for sale a lew raiM and hatkets, one dot. eadi, cf Wkite Sparkling Champaign i Lafiite, vin'e o 1807 Of sup. quality Haul Margaux, of 1811 ) J 14 2t ffUAK, IOI.AftE, Ac lol linds 3tier - O ces and 60 barrels, Muscovado Sugar, prime qoAlity 14 bout brown 10 do white I Sugar (MtKt, quality 4 da Honey, now Isndiigfron tbe brig fat tor, from Matanzas, and for snle by GOODHUE ti CO. J 13 544 South - teret. CMi.NAC BKAMJi. 40 pipe liimliug from brig Critt rion, at pier .'o. 2, lor sale at tl South - street, by J 13 C A M B Khl . F.XG t PF. ARSON, UUM, SUGAR & MOLAMsr.ii. 10 puncheons very fine flavoured St Vincent Rum 16 barrels good quality Muscovado Suxr 10 puncheons fine retailing Hi. Vincent Molas - f, will be landed this mominc, at Pier No. 9, n'Bi tlie schr. Frances, frem St. vinrent, for sale by TUCKER .V LAURIES, J 11 29 .outh - Mrert. LE.viONa. 10O large ue buses tenons, prime quality, just ree'd and for sale at 01 wastiineton - slreet J 13 G. G.&S. I10WLAND. s PHIMS KK,YTVCKY TOB.4CCU. CQ bhds will be landed on Monday from the J ship Grand Seinor, and brig John, from New - Orleans for sale by ROBT. GILLE?riF, . '1 12 Front - sL In store, 33 hi ids old Kentucky tobacco, and 25 do Virginia d. Jy II 6 ATM AD F smsf H LVti. pipes French Brandy ; 10 hhds. 20 qr. casks L. P. .VaJcira wine, UoJio; freia brig Louisa - Ceosiia, Irom Madeira, fir sale by - i DIVTE BETUUNE tl Co. . 1 Jy 11 .. 92CeS - botti;p, i u tlotm PACKET. The superior and fast sailing sloop jjr - fM PACKET. 6. Darkans, master, with sleiaut and coiumodioua accommodations, built eiuresslv lorcarrrii)? Dasseneers. will positively sail oa 1 liursday moruing 16ih iust. at 7 o'clock irom reek - slip, for SAIN D i - tlUUlk, on a pmrij of pleasure. A 'sumptuous dinner and tht choicest of liquors will be provided on board. Those who will please to t&vor him with their company, are requested to be on board precisely at the time. Passage fare $1 1 children half price. ' Jy 14 2l tor t'retghtor Lliarttr, The ship ROBERT, Captain Thompson, at Piue - street wharf. To Liver - pool would be preferred. She is in excellent condition, and iu readiness to receive a cargo. Apply to N. 1 D. TALCOTT, Jy 14 64 South - street. J - or URlzlUL. The verv sunerior New - York built brb? JANL'S. G. R. Dowdall. master. wilt meet with immediate dhputrh, most of her cargo being' engaged. For freight of the re mainder, or passage, having; elegant accommodations, apply on board at - vluriavVwbarf,orto run x, Ai'iuNr., Jyll No. 66 ioulh st. run SALE, The staunch Bcrmudian built brig S .inrFl ly A - 210 tons burthen, built in 18 1' or 13. enliielyof ceikr, and copper fas tened she has an American register, andean be seen at Jones' - wharf. Apply to HENRY THOMAS, No. 2 Jones - lane. Who orrtus rou site, Several hundred bales Upland Cotton, in tots to suit purchasers. J 1 1 2w vi A Sr trader) tiil.Tln snnprior fist sailin thill C.4JO - LI . t. - . - i jYJ built of live ohk and cedar, Irav - iiigbeen uew coppered hud thoroughly repaired, 14 a fmt rain shin oarl of her capjo btin? til aged she will be dispatched without delay. l - r ; v. 1 KM .. ...... n 1. . ... ... ..,. r Or iruigllbfl Jlisi - u, lint lii rujiriiwi vvu. - inn,titinoi fur tv.entv Tia!en?crs. auulv to cap tain William J. Palmer, on board, at pier No. IK t,. 11. or at tij sotiin - strcci, 10 . . ........ . ... t - ..r. ....n 441 The elegant fist sailing1 coppered ship fcZ3sl DRAPER. William Adams, mai - ter ; she is U'J tons burthen, only two years old, and will be ui'p'itched immeihatt ly on discharging her inward cargo. For freight or p?age, apply to the master, on board, east bide of Fly - market wharf, or to B. W. ROGERS Si Co. Je 16 23."i Pearl - street. l ,r JUVIitl, Tlipf - iut sailiti - r rnniippAil - lini Tlintt jLlaiGcortje .Maxwell, master ; expected to arrive from Philadelphia about the 13th inst. and to sail 19ih inst. 100 bales ct cotton or o - ther goods, will be taken on freight, and a few passengers handsomely accommodated. Apply to IIOYT tc TOM, J 9 tf 45 South - st. r..r 11 - II it I' The packet ship BELLE, Edward aLI. Huniington. master, will pusitively isil on the 15 tli inst. For parage only, haviiiir cleg - ant accommodations, apply on board, west side Fly - market - wharf, or to JONES &: MEGRATH, J 9 91 South - street. tor CHARLKblVA', The ship TFLEG RAP1I, Fanning. Im2b master, will sail fir.jt fair wiud ; can take a lw tons more light freight, and Hccomino - da'e H more passengers in a superior . - tile Ap. pi; onboard, east side Hurling. slip, or to . - Julv If) 1H3 Kmnt - st. - tcK.sji iritun. ii1Wii Ames ; will bereatly to take 111 freieht to - morrow, ami be disp - itched without delay. Apply on board, west bide C. II. slip, or to VVAL1:!! ti GALLAGHER, 3 7 66 Small - street. I uncd f l.kariff. For a voyage ti Ccrmuda, a good CHOONER, that w.ll carry 6 or. 700 barieto immediate di.uab U w ill be given Ap - plvto TUCKER H L. I CUIUS, Julv 10 S9 South - si. for CUAKVEU, JkMft A Rhtish IIUK., burthen 213 tons ,32&3aBriiisli, or lildU barrels ; now at l'1 - .i - latlelphia ; will proceed to tins, or a southern port, to load for England, or the Wi st Indies, and can be despatched within three dys in lice. Apply to ROGER ' 5i POS P, J 6 .. 51 i - outh - street . 'er freight or Vhw ter, wWfV The fine new bng ELIZA, Grnhy fzSJi. master, burthtned about l.tOO bbls. sails well and is in tine order tor a voyage. Apply to G. G. & S. HOWLAM), J 3 67 Wihington - st. II an tat to Charter, ) One or two llriu - .ii essrls, to load Sfor Liverpool. Apply to je 26 AROliD - Gil AC! E & SONS. I1U.M a SUGAR. 170 puncheons 1st. Croix La. Hum. I 4J hhds Sugar of superior qnality and 4 do Syrup, now landing from brig Leop ard, at Pier No. 18, lor sale by G. ti II. LEWIS, J 14 2tv 87 South "FitiV GOODS. black latletas. Lambs XJ VVool, aud assorted half lluse Men's M Wouieo'i col'rd U bllt worsted bose Woii.oii'a white Cotton Hose Wellington Capts, jmt received per Rockingham Irons Londou, aud for sale by ilURD A SEWALU ,65 couth - street. On hani, of rttml Importations, 4 - 4 Irish Linens, London and Yorkshire cloths, 6 - 4 camtirii ks, Sic. tic. J 13 JL'Xlihds. Richmond tobacco, 50 do Ken tucky do. 230 bis. superfine Richmond flour, lauding from schrs. ludian Hunter, Molly and A'allj - Aun, front Richmond, and ship Grand 6'eignor, and doop Go'.d - Huntress, front New - Orleans, aud for sale bv BOORMAV 1 - JOHNSTON. Alio in Store, IX) hhds. prime Richmond Tobacco 530 bis. Richmond superfine Flour 150 do. fine and X .VKlJhiigs do 800 kegs manufactured Tobacco, of various sorts. Jy 13 KALLIDLSCOPE.i, TOY a, Kc. London made Toys, consisting of Cotton 4c Work boxes. Dolls, I h rea l Cases Bruslies, 4c I case KateidVscopes, 1 do Walking Sticks, fust received per Rockingham from and for salehy ItfJRDfc SEWALU Jv 13 . 65 S xith - street. " fc.N 1 UCKV lObAC O - il'iX uhil.. irimf ICVntuckv Tobacco, lanrtini this dav fr m ship Grajd Seignor, from New Orleans, for 1 r r - ntft 1 ocli r v . Bale "T timA ... Muni..., mm J 13 ABRAHAM OGUEN. . SUPERIOR QUILLS, &c. JllST received and tor sale, 80,000 choice Quills, fine androinmoa Letter Paper, Fools, cap do. and various sixes of W rapping Paper, at tbe lowest prices. .O C.GRACIE&CO. J 13 4t - . . 146 Broadway. Lit) 1 ION. For sale a lew bales of Coitoa, suitable fKtnanufactttriiit. Enquire at 14b Peart - street, vp (taut. J 14 , ffJMS. AfiOTJT tfOa lbs. Hams, of a ery superior quatitv. IUt UD fur familv use. in srood or der, fur sale by - HALStY h GOSMAJT, 31 Oldslip. AUO 1ST STonx, ' WAIinif k U(AA UnlKthnnia ' - - J . J - - - B l'"v,M..b, , p . - rlvsoniktn. anur.hnnfrttnrt KnhM I s cuu, of a superior quality, Cheshire cheese, and old Maderia wine. J 13 3t COOA' AXD UtlS. WANTED, a woman to do the cookinp, washing - and ironinjr. also, a girl to lake care of a child and do the chamber work of a small family. Enquire at 43 Walker - street. J 14 BOAHD AA'D LOUGLWi HA.Y1HO, IOR two gentlemen in a private family, m. wucrc nn oiuer ooaruers win oe taken. The streets runninc from Uroadwav to Green. wich - street, from Paik - place upwards, would be prelerred. A line directed U. G. and left at the office of the Evening? Post, wdl meet wiiii immediate attention. J 14 3i I cwrro.. M.fJtmi bales prime cotton, landinsj from the brigs Mary and Abeoua. front New - OrUn.n. for sale by WALSH & GALLAGHER, Jy 11 66 South - street. sU'tiARD hUda. prime S lai.ding', for sale by an sort r. 3 13 1SJ t. Cruix Sugar, . PHELPS, ' Front - street. LtOl'lUiS bAGulNti,OZAbUnllia,&;c 207 pieces prime heaW Cotton bagging 50 pit cuinieiior do do fow priced 30 do do narrow bav'iriiisr do 15 bales tow, llax and superior stielitz Ozna - ourgiis 200 pieces heavy twilled Sacking; 11 I'oxes i;uiUlioa Russia aud bleached cheetings 6 rlo lnowii and white Pialillas 2 bait s line 7 - 3 linen lied l icks j d.) superior three thread Seine Twine, j 0.0. 10 inn nojei., lor sale iiy JJOOUai.VN Ac JOHNSTON, J 13 67 fioiith - Mreet. ""F.NEKIKFE V. INK. 100 uuarier tasks - 'IYi,rif!.t Wine, now landing irom the brig Abeona, nt Pier No. ti, N. It. for sale fy J 2 LE ROY, 'KAYARD ti CO. ClOKFl.l., SUGAR, INDIGO, tic J 655 tags green Laguira Cullce 83 do Caraccus Cocoa It! ceroou do Indigo 17 hhtls. Muscovedo Sugar, Just rec ivcil tmtl fors.iln by F. W. KAllTllAU, REI.MCKE & CO. J 10 4t No 74 Washington - strett, IRISH LINENS," DIAPERS, c."" I UST received by the Wilson, from Dublin, several parsages 44 Liinens ami 3 - 4 Sheet - ingt f and 011 hand, of recent importations, a general assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 - 3 Linens, 78 Lawns 3 - 4 Uu.pirs and 3 4 ilrown Hol'r.nd. Which are oliered for sub - 011 reaofia!ile terms, hv HENRY M'VICKAK i CO. J 13 lw 57 Pine street. FOR SALE, f ff( ACRES OF LAND, ly - V W Vjr ing in the - town cf'Florence, county of Oneida and stale ot New - ) rk. The stale roads irom Konv v sacuets llartior and Salmon river pass through the town. The country ndjoining 1 lie land r.ll'ered for sale is well settled : the soil is coed for crass er erain. and the situation is convenient to send produce either to the Montrf - al or (Jtic a Market, being only 35 miles from tle latter place. Kor blither informa tion, apply to Mr. BENJAMIN VV RIGHT, at Rome, orto WM. HENDERSON, J 10 eod 1m 3Jp No. 65 Wall street Fur salv. A countrv Tloute and Farm, on the cast hank of Hudson's River, fn tbetiiehlaitrit. about o4 in. ics Horn Hew - iorK, lying fetwern tlie country seats of William Doming, Esquire, and aju. j iunii?, mm nearly oppoiie vtetis vliK. Tbe furm contnin 121 seres. - "1 he house (which was built in Ibllaj nns it room, rxclUMve ol the Kiic'ien.ntid passc'scs every convenience neccfsi - ry lor a bimily. '1 hero is alo a arm house, harn, slnble snd other out - houses, in good order, t irtlen and a great vaiiety of trust trees of the oesl binds. A lurtlier description is not given, because perons inclined to purchase will no doubt view the premises 1 fir Which purpose application may le made to Mr. James 'I hompson, on the farm. For the terms of snle, 1 mpiire of WM. HENDERSON. 55 Wall - street, New - York. J 8 W&S 3drw HA.XK UAJTLD iT.i I J:S, May 12, 1318. A RCIIITF.CTS of science and experience i'l are invited ta exhibit to the Hoard of I lire tors on, or defore the 1 1 day of August next, appropriate designs nnd elevations for a Banking Mouse to be en cted on the scitn purchased for that purpose, Imuiidod on the norlh by Chesnut, and 011 the south hy Library - streetr, containing one hundred and fifiy one feci in width etui and west, aud two hundred aud twenty five feet in depth, north and south. Thegrouud phn will include an area of about teu or eleven linutauu square feet in a rcctanzu lar figure of r .pial or unequal sides, as may he bel adajited to the intei iar arrangement. The building will be Lccd with nnrblc, and bave a piirtico on each front, resting u on a basement or platlorm ot such altitude as will combine convenience of accent with due proportion and effort. In this edifice, the directors are desirous of ex hibiting a chaste isiitation of Grecian architecture in its simplest and least expensive form. Five hundred doflars will be paid for that design which shall boapproved, and two hundred dollars for tlie next best specimen. . By orderbf the board of directors, J ON A. SMI III, Cashier. may 14 tairtl.4 ' WANTED. PERSO.1 who understands the wholesale X hard wats business, may hear of a situation hy aihlreMin a line to S. at this oflice. J 14 ! " 1 R A N D Mr.Uh !A LSC1 EN CE LOTTERY, I liith and hut class. - HIGHEST PRIZES. - 1 pmdnl" KiO.OOO DOLLARS. " 1 do, of 50.000 do 1 do'ol 20,000 dj - ' 1 doiof I00IO0 do 1 do of 5,000 do S dd of t,0V0 do 45 ddof 1,000 do And a larcj proportion of smaller Prizes. Only le.OOtfi tenets, fost than two blanks to a prize. f ' - Prizes floatiifaad liable to be drawn 1st day, are t I of 0,000 Dollars, i - of M.OtX) Dollars - "I of 6,000 Dollars 4 of 1,000 Dollars A of 1UO Dollars ' - Tic kits and Shares for sale at. "an UJ Truly Let ky Oflice. iio. 12c Broadway, ild at ALLr.NS1 will have their names priotei'oa the beck, and such as draw ptites will heSaid at their offices, .. .. No. Hi iroadway. New fork, No. 18 fpeth - Third - tt. Philadelphia, , No. 151 Hsiket H. Baltimore, , No.4t8Hrttet - st Albany, Where ev capital price in tbe four (lasses which havefbren drawn were sold, vix. No. I let3, 30,l1 1 19506, 30)00 ; 1?IJ. S5.000; ... . - tr I 1 T.L - . uioed trniodrew nsora thu ww sold by any gtherofiiceiUiiicitr, . JttU. sf1 LAHST. 40 dore n very serf rr lour Claret, - torsade at $18 the duzeu, by GEORGE JOHNsTOV, t je 30 tf ' No. 1 Sloat - lan'e. ' WAM'Eii, a uur, nccuslomed to tbe care of csuldren. and who understands plain sewius;. Tbe snost satisfactory references will 1 :. ... v um retuircu, as e uiie'rtey;, i.ny&uuhij ni' w position. A middle aged person will La preferred, Apply at No. 21 Park - place. Jy9 5t WANTED, A COOK & a nurse A white woman of good character and recommendations, to cook, Ac. in a small family. - Also, a girl or woman, who understands the care of children, and is expert at her needle Apply at this otiice. fy 13 at AWACcosrat Horsr, of the first rate, witb douule Harness, the same can be us'd with either one or two horses, being well calculated lor lamuy use tue above establishment is new and will be s ild at a fuir price. For further particulars. Enquire of John D. Brower, Ao. 159 Fulton - street. Jrl33t rJUGs. EPr &CTUALLY DESTROYED. BY B. TIFFIN, from London, 'No. 3!!0 Rmvcrv. whether in rooms, bedsteads, or other I'n.mtiire, without dmuage or smell. u. 1 . leeis coniideni in nstunng those who may employ hun. that he can have ine first re commendation from many ladies and gent lento in new lorn, proprietors ol boarding houses and schools, who have experienced the rfheary of hit iiiveniioii ; ana assures tiiote who may favour um, n un 111 ir comiimnos mat may uepena on their lieini executed with the creates! ttten - lion, having been upwards of forty yens inconstant practice. Orders left wi'.h Mr. WILSON. ta'lor.'2fi joim surer, wnl be punctually attended to. J I J Ol" BOARD. A family can be accommodated w ith board in a smal I fam il y , 4 m it e fi nm Brooklyn, or 2 1 - 2'miles from V illiamsburgh, whei e a stage passes daily. Apply to A. A. at him ofhee J 13 3t OHK AT CUaiOSlTl. M A .MiM O i li HOG. T'HIS hiiunal is one of tho most extraordi L nary productions of uatnre, and lias been nrount litre irom Ireland, at a very considers. ble expeniu. He is 4 leet 0 inches high ; length ol bis body 9 feel 8 inches ; girth 7 leet 10, and wcigns anout 131 jo poueds ; a most unpre. c - dent ed weight lor my oi the species. A further de scrip turn is uunecetsary. Every person cf cu riosity will he w.ll satufiod with the view. This wonderful animal will be exhibited for a few davs (it No. Hi Maiden - lane, when he mil i;e taken to the rountiy. Price for grown periods, 25 cents, children half price. J 13 1 w HOARDING SCHOOL. rMiE MISS BENNETi'd hate opened a A. boarding school lor yi ung ladies, rn (he soutli side ol Powles Hook, in a situation very healthy, end although convenient tntheciiy. quite retired. The usuai English brant lies aud .Needlework, 1 rciich, Music, Dancing am! Draw -, are taught, by thi miL - ives or ry approved mnsfers. ror terms tie. nuulv to Mr. D. 1 G UEENE, i4 Wall - slrctt, or at the school. j 1111 HACKNEY COACHES, POa Select Partiua, from Elizabeth Town L Point, lor Philudcloiiia. and the Steam Bouts at Trenton and Btistol, and tho Mineral Springs ui ccnooieyt iiiouiuaii'S. notice sent to .o 5J wrute - llall street, ew York, or HALEY 4: S I 1LF.S, Ebr ibcth Town, by mail, or by the Steam boat Atalanta, will he immediately attended to. J 14 ' I Ml i New Testament with an tuiroduction, L siting an account of Jewish and other sect", wiui notes musiraiins; 0 men re passages, ami explaining obsolete words and phrases, for the use of schools, academies tmd private families, by J. A. Cummin, price $1 I'd. . Questions ou 1 lie Historical Parts nf the' New - Testament for Sunday exercisos in families and schools, mm lour maps of the country through which our Saviuur aad his Apostles travelled, Jiy J. A. Ciiiiinnig, price a7 l - tents sjusl received and for sale hs (be Minerva Ciiculating Li hrary. Book mid Stationary Store, opposite the Mu'i - um. J 14 FIFTH WARD. DUBLIC NOTICE it hereby civen, thnt tlv JL assessors of the fidh wnrdhave completed llieir assessments, and that n copy thereof is lelt with one of the asessort. at Linertv Hall, cornel of Church and lonsrd streets, where the same may he seen and examined by any of the inhabit - ins during ten days, irom tne uttioi July 10 he i'lt'i, tmd that tlie assessors wll meet on the. ijlli, at the above plare, to review their said aift miK nls, on tlie eppkation ol any oisoa con - ceivine himself aggrieved. GEOKGE SUTTON, ") Assessors of tl.e RICHARD KIDNEY, lifUi ward. Jll SIXTH WARD. DUBLIC notice is hereby given, that the as L sessors of the sixth ward have cnrnpleled their assessments, and that a copy thereof is left with Alexander Clark No. SLU Broadwav. cor ner of Reed street, where the smnc may be teen ano examined tr anv 01 the inhabitants durine ten days irom this dnle ; and, that tlie assettois Will meet ol the ahove - place on 1 uesduy, the 21st um. 10 review tneir said assessments, on ne ap plication of any rson con - jciviuj himself ug grieved. ABM. BAUDOIN'E, ) Assessors of the ALEXANDER CLARK, J sixth ward. J 10 iIN 111 VVAliD. . PUBLIC NO'iiCEishrrbys;iven, (hat tl a. Assessors ol the IMinh Ward have con - pie (tdlhrir Assessments, a jd that a copy therein is HI sti'h one ol the Asteskois, at the bouse of Da vid Huestif, Hai a m, It r fivefdiiys, the other uveal ine House 01 it.ivm l urvey, Uowery - Uiil, wnere ine same may le s. en and examined by a nyolthe inhabilnnts during ten davs from the date hereof, and that the Assessors will meet on rriday, July 24, lti 18, at the bouse of David 1 urvty, uotvery - llill, to review their said assessments, on the application of anv person con ceiving himself r eprieved. Hours from 10 to 3 on eni h dav. JOHN ADRIANCE, . I Assettcr of the JOSEPH W1LLOUGI1BYJ A'inth Ward. . July 14 FIVE DOLUiKS REWARD. STOLEN, a silver plated Candlestick, with a elassi Peilestsl. beloneine to a set. the above rewsrd will br f iven 011 delivery of the same, at No. 47 Stone - street. J 11 lw TO LET, The three story brick house No. 51 Vi niker stretL Enquire at J 14 4w No. 67 Pine street. - . JXJ LKT, i,.iisl A new Hone in excellent nnler and in tlie pleatanlest part of Broadway posses sion Kiven on or belore the 1st Octooer next or if a suitable person offers, the furniture c:uld remain till 1st Mar. next, and a ladv and three children, the ynunfeU ii years.) would board in the family. Apply at 313 Broadway. Jy 14 tl OA f CET REWARD. R ANA WAY from the subscriber, on ?attir - day the 11th Inst, MANGEL KELLY an indented apprentice to the painting business, about 14 years old, 5 feet l.igh, of a light complexion and dark hair j had on when he went awav, a white shirt, duck trowsers, an old black hat and shoes. . All persons are cau tioned not to trust or harbour said apprentice at the peril of tlie law. Painters are particularly cautioned not to employ him. W hoever will stop said runaway, and confine him in anv Gaol, so that his muter ean ret him. shall re eeive tlie above reward, but no charxe. . juu.ti de, . J l3 . . Hi Divisiotvsjtreet;' 25 WASTED, r JotJrneysaea SHOE - MAKERS, who will Uady Mtpkrymwu Rector - street Lnaire at No. 11 .JJ13 41 PUBLIC SALES, BYM1UJ5, AI.VTOJV Si CO. To morrow, ' At half bast 9 o'clock, at their auction stnrg No. I4 Peiiil strttt, a pemrkl assortment of Fienrhand hatluli Drv Goods. ninOr S which are ? casks gtten aud bina figured silk Raoxes) lor furniture ; 2 do hlk Italian sewing silk : 1 do Cne India book, muslins, I do 6 - 4 do ; 2 do 7 - 8 it 8 - 4 blk damask shawls ; 1 do womens slate and! blk w or - ted hose, 1 case company fljg bck f 1 tin 6 - 4 Carlisle Ginghams, I do lain thfieta and caltio ribbons, do fancy siiks show Is. 1 do silk stockings, 1 do 1 hildreus heaver hats ; 1 do rich navy blue aud blk cloths, and a nuiubtf of other articles. lARULti tOii. liUILULSU, .e. r ffl II E proprietors of the southern marble qua JL ries, near Kinjr's - Bridge, srive notice, that they have 011 haild, and are receiving, at the hms t - onage JVarble ana iAtnt - i ra, 1001 01 Beach - street, on the Hudson liver, an extensive stock of marble for building, of the follow ins; de - script ions, v4x : . Adilar coping1 WaUrtabls Steps Platforms Sills, Lintels .Arches Foumlatipn Stona Chimuey - PiecesJ Facings Column f . Abo Limn of the best quality. try A constant sunrlv of the above materials may be calculated upon; and those dedrqns of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LL'DLOW, ; - Feb 11 At the Iter J. JO LOsiJY. fy f fi iDOLL A RS to loan, in sums to O ,i'lJ suit applicants, on bond with mort 'age upon approved propity . Enquire of WM. W ILLIAMS, 137 Water - street Where epplication may t e generally atarlo. through the year, and mortgages disposed of. . . Je 6 tl - (tjr JAtE D. STOUT, Kjijrra - er and seal Cutter, renioved to 90 Liberty - 6treet, near Greenwirh - strcet. ' Jv 8 3m fXT JOHN C. HAMIL'I ON", Cpn.wii'sioner for tno at knnwledgement of Deeds, 4c. hat re moved to the (thre, corner cf Cedar and Nassau streets, Law RnildinssNo 1 Je 29 Irs A CARD. (XCT A the particular solicitations of th Lady subscribers, tho New - York Salt Water Float ing Bath will be removed to her old station at the loot of Murray - street, this day, where it will continue open every day, from sunrise in the morning, uutil 10 o'clock at night, during tbe bathing season. It is hoped when the Ludiet of (hi city know that this large building, which will accommodate two cr three hundred persons at a time, is exclusively devoted to their enjoyment n Monday sand Wednesdays ol each week until So'rlork. that thev will cue that enrour - ,ii'i!ifnt which tucb an appropriation deserves. On a'l other days they have their owu apartineut onlv. The greatest possildn atlcnfiofl will be Thu Uolhatthe Batlery ltoren ererv day irom sunrise to 10 o'clock at night, for Gentle u.en only Je 89 rr'r Another prize sold and paid iu Amtrim can tield, at ALLEN's, truly luckj oflice, no. Vii llruaeway. - ' . Tins moininir. no. 3319. came up a prlxe of SloOO in the Mitfcrd and Owego Road Lotte ry. The lortiumte ticket was sold lo a mer - clwnt in Front - street. It will nut toon be for. pottoii that no 330, which drew the mammoth prize of one hundred thousand dollars, was sold and immediately thereafter paid at the lucky office, no. 122 Broadway, opposite the ci.y - liotel. , ' - J 14 it - 1 ha tubscrilier hereby cautions all i erm I'otis aaiust paying money or giving credit to toy person wuaievvr, w uts eeuuui .hiwh, written order front himself, as ha will Dot hereafter pay any debts - contracted without his authority. . - J j 14 4f 1 . 1 GEO. SCOTT. KAULFrHRE CO.Vi'jjjYX, ' OF NEW.YORK. ; nfr Notice is lierchy iriven, that Dividend of lour and a huff percent on tbe Capital Stock of this coinuanv. has heen declared by tho Board of Directors i uud will he paid to tbe storkheld ers, on or nfier the I5lb inst. - J 3 Im (J The Pacific Insurance Company of New York, have this day declared a dividend of six per rent, on the capital stock, for the last six months, payable at tbeir office, No. 49 Wall - It. 00 the loth lest. ' By order of th Bnsird of Directors. WALTER H. JONES, Sec'ry. J 6 1m NO I ICE. (Ky" The public are cautioned against trustin; the crew of the British biig Reconi pence, John Gay nsss matter, as no debts contracted by them, will be paid by the captain or contitjneei. JlUliUKEjY 'ILhlLE CLLR. . fXT" The members of the club are requested lo call Mid get their tickets for Thursday next, the 16th inst. Tickets to be had at 101 and 183 Washington - street, and at 190 Front - rtreet. Gentlemen coming on the ground without tickets, will be duappoiuted in getting soap. Jy U VuZ'l'c.. frjP Notice is herebv given, that I have made application according1 to law for a patent for my mprovemrnt of the instrument or machine now commonly called Brewster's Iraleidasrope. ' Jy 13 lw U. SAUNDERS. , Ocean Insurance Office, Jnlv 6, 1818. (TP Tbe Board of Directors have this dar declared a dividend of three and a half percent on their capital stock for tlie last six months, which will be payable to the stockholders or their legal representatives 00 the tenth init. at the office of the company, 45 Wall - streeL . MULL STANSBURY, Sec. . July 7 In a - TO MERCHANTS, ftfr - The advertiser. Intelv arrived from Err - lend, who possesses a thorough knowledge of book - keeping and mrrcanti.'c transactions in general, and who has been for several rears in a rountins; house in London, is desirous ol a similar situation fiere. As employ meat is his chief ob - Jcrt, his expectation as to salary is moderate. letters addressed to A. P. and felt at this office. shall have immediate itttt - rtion. J 10 8t . rn Any penan Laving jmptr to retry, cr account to adjuit, will find it for their interest to call at the office of the subscriber, at he will engage for a small compensation and could perform with expedition, and correctness, anv thin? of the kind committed to bis charge. H. PADELFORDi v , Comer of Trank fort and Chalhaut - st. ', . Julylt lw . ......; ., JVEWYORK LYSURAXCE COM PAST THE President and Director have tliis day declared a dividend of five tier cent on the capital stock - of the eorrrpativ - . for 1he hrst six months, payable to the aUickholdera, or their lerat represenUtives, on and after lie Idth met. at the office, Ifo. 84 .Wall - street. Jnly 6 1m C. (i. SHIP.MAN, Beefr.' . fg - s - jrv . 1 . .t CO" The fine eew steasa 5 I - v Tesel FRONTENAC, sf smi vttTm - QQ ion, tmrfbes. Jasars - JM.i. Kifisie. 'mvtrr, will comment j ruumsf on tbe first dy of My aext, una win sen ve Kingston, lor rone ssoawisnu 00 the 1st, I lib snd i I st dr of each menth, ae4 Niassira, for York snd Kingston, the 0th, wto andS5thday of acb month, durimr tbeswtton, where vbry atieatioo will be paid Its e eastj and CNnfrl"of the passengers. AppUratroMforpataase lo be Bade to the captain 00 boarJ. .' k ' Kioxstoo, 6th April, 1C18. fJTdketOcl

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