The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 15, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1818
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" ' For Sale, Freight or Vhartrr, f M The ship THOMAS NELSON, just V 'liarrived Com New - Orleans she w a Ql' "built, strong vessel, well found, burthen about 300 tons, can be sent to sea at a trifling cxpence she now lies at Brooklyn, where she guy DC examined, r ur icnim, apply 10 ' D. W. ROGERS ft CO. ..a ' ri i - I t l A - A e 13 I citri - sircci. flanrd to Charter, A rood MIIP, of about 300 tons, to ,loai in a southern port for Eglaud. - AppiytO : WALSH GALLAGHER, Jel8 66 Sonth - street. For Freight or Charter, .4l The ship FOSTKR, Jtforan, master j7jl350 tops burthen is in complete order, aud could proceed to a southern port immedi ately, u required, ror terms, apply to tne mas ler, or Je20 W. t S. CRAIG. h'anlcalo CHARIER, k ranft arhnnncpnf f!5 ft 70 tool bur - .then, for a vovaf e to Bermuda : inome - Jia'c dispatch will be given. Apply to TUCKER ft LAURIES, J 2 29 Snuth - street. C Off EL, TOBACCO, WINE,Ac. - 9hhd. ao(J I bbt. very Given Coffee 35 hbtls superior old Kentucky Toharco 1 1 do old Richmond da 15 do new do do . 6 qr. casks L. P. Madeira Wine 1 btd. Madeira of uncommon high flavor, las been 3 years in Jamaica i 1 qr. cask eatra Sherry Winer6 years old 25 hbls. Fredericksburg Floor. Freight for Riade Janeiro and Per - V " Vessels bound to either of the above Darts. may have a few roods on freight, from . ROUT. GILLESPIE, Je30 1 13 Frmt - t. HAtlEU JO CH.lRFt.R, A British vessel of 250 to 300 tons, to load at a southern ort for the West In - dies. Apply to MALIUi, MILAt ti V.U. J 36 64 Pme tt "V7 WAJSVEU TO CHARTER. y 'V - tnns. A coppered vessel and one that siiU tat, would be preferred. G. G. ft S. HOWLAND, J 1 67 Washington street. For Wilmington, JY. C. The ship PACKET, capt. White, to - nil in a few Java, will take freight on Um lowest terms, and accommodate passengers. Apply on board, at Murray's wharf, or to GUIS WOLDS & CO VTES, J 1 f8 frouth street. torClUllLM), The staunch schooeer ARABELLA, , T. Harwick, piaster, will meet with itnoiediat dispatch, having7 half her freight en - taged For the remainder or passage, apply on board, at Murray's wharf, eat side C offee - Hous dip, or to SAUL ALLEY, June 19 98 Pine st. For HAVRE, The shin BELLE, Henry Leslie, 'i5mster. to sail in ividays. For a few tms of heavy freight or passengers, bavins; ex - tsUtnt accommodation, apply to - - JONES (I MEGRATH, ' je 9 91 South - street. WsiXTLU TO ClLitxTr.R, wjii A good Uig or schooueit torn U0 to 130 tons burthen, to hnd aSr Europe, to ui.Ji usMOediate dispatch will be giveo. Apply to R. CRUMP, U tfl 90 Pine - st. for IAVF.HFWL, V ifV ne verv gufter'or coppered British shin DALMARXOCK. ""V. W. Robert son, master i her cargo being neariy engsgeu. For the remainder of freight, or passage, having elegant accommodations, apply board, east tide Fly - market, wharf, or to S. UALGLEISH & CO. 103 Pearl - street. Who offers for sale, ex. said vessel, from Ltith Edinburgh Ale, of superior quality, in lot. Ue and casks. Wine Bottles, 8cc. per gross. je 26 f EAiCwiN Ed ud GROCERIES. No. Trans: (lath ladiks accii ibt room.) flHesi4riberhas constantly on haoJ a gen - J. eral assortment of the lol.owiu article. which will be disposed of at a moderate advance. Teas oi first quality Segari do do Genuine old Cognac Brandy Hollands Gin Jamaica and other Spirits Wines 01 Uie various kinds Pine Appl - Shrub letaon, Lime and Orange Juice i Sailed Oil in betttcs and bottles L. Brows Stout Bottled Ale and Cider 1 ton bit Gtoocever Holland and American Cheese Cordials Spices, Essences Sperm and Tallow Candles IK), uu ror Lamps Coffee, Rice. Barley ai.d Mustard ' A few boxes Sicily Lemons, in line order Raisins, Almonds, Prunes, Figs Basket 8alt Ice. For sale by JAMES P. AN DOE. Wanted to purchase, a quantity of second hand ami porter bottles J 1 MILLI.NETTS, c A peotral utoriment of millinetts, shirting, sheetings, fls Ulttiog and sewing cotton, lor sale low, by wjti, vAjlt OL.I.U, Manuiaciurer, JelS 197 Pearl street. T TRAPS. HE newly invented patent Box Trap, for sale st 130 Water - street. Je 13 FORS.1LE, by JAMES P. ACDOE, ' No. 7, opposite the Park, lfY' S'cilT LEMONS, iu fine order, in " loti to iuit purchasers. Je 16 JcWLLLLRK, WAlCHEb, ace. A CASE of sundry Jewellery, fine Cutlery, Silrtr HontUg and Plain iVatcb. Dreninz Cases and Ladies Work Boxes. t casts Ladies Corsets assorted. r?aleby J LAMBERT. J 3 Courtland street. L'A PH. UE L.UZE, 71 Wasiiington street, ffer for isle, cf:! Claret Wine .ifeT - W Wine ied per brig Leo, from Marseilles and en - m aeneaiore. ALSO, 5 ctsesGlas Tamblers . 5 d Olive do Caiier. S - .i - Aw. r! uivoice of I reach Silk Goods and li j.ef'hilck received from Havre. J 1 I ID IV erc Km e, landiag irotsi achr, Arabtn at Mnrrar's wirl. (or sele by ... CLARK, MOORE ft CO. - .I 17 At S,TJWETT WARP?, made efdea Istaad maim ' . rr viMi'V, 1 1 l ' . rf? . WM.CAMPBrXL, 1 . 197 1'tarl - strjct. ' REMOVED. " - . T ANTES P. ANDOE has takes) the store No oj i 7 Park, recently occupied as a Ladies' Auction Room, where he intends tablishloe; himself as a first - rate GROCER, and intends sailing for cash only, and at such prices as will make it the interest of the cash purchasers to call as above, wncre tie bas ior sale a general assortment of Teas, late importation . J. Pure old cognac brandy, of superior quality Jamaica spirits, Holland gin, American do Madeira, L. P. Teneriffe, Old sherry, Tort tt other wines . London and American porter, Botled. cider perm. oil and candles Fine old Holland and American cheese Well flavored raisins, Tigs, Prunes, Almonds Spice, Best Spanish cigars. Draught porter Sweet oil, Sic. Constant attendance will be iveti, and all favors duly appreciated, junp jx ll VV EE 1' OIL. - iiU clients lorence Oil, 30 bet - Vv ues caco, lorsaio ny CHAS.L.OGDEK,& ABR. OGDK.V, Je 10 53 Waaliinicton - strpet. 7 MADEIRA ti FORT WISE. Qr. casks Madeira, and 6 hbdi white port wine, for sale bv " ROBERT GILLESPIE, June 10 112 Froot - st. A sf Chaldron Newcastle coals, on Doard 4 v the British sctir Mother, Curran, at pier So. 4, East River. . r or sale by - 1 WM. W1LSOV, Jy9 lw 96 Greenwich - st rTUJf - PLATEs, TRA C't - VH.i IJi'H, 4c X COO boxes tin plates 28 cakks Traces Brass Wire No. 9 60 casks Roman Cement, now landinsr. and (or sale by AMJERSOM ti SHF.AREH, Ui water - street. Who hare in store, Patent and common Carolina and Virginia Hors Sheet Bran of all sises Brass nod copper Wire London made pocket Books and Wallets Ladies work Boxes &c. my 35 HARDWARE, CUTLERY &c 2 casks Scotch spring Locks 5 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards 1 do chest handles. He. 1 do screw plates, scale beam, Ac. 1 do brass cot k, &c. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillets 2 do tin'd pots and sauce pans t do fine padlocks 4 do Banbury locks, hinges, he. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, &r. 2 do II L hinges, Arc. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 d ) black ti bright vices, C ln files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 chi sham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 do ctit nails and brads, from 3d. to 20d. Also, a la i re and general assortment of good; open oa the shelves, for sale at the must reduced prices, by ADAMS Si BLACK WELL, may 7 . 21a rearl - rt. UOMEaTiC GOOUs. W.M. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, cITers for le on reasonable terms, at his store 197 Pearl street, a, fresh sunptvofthe fbllowinc goods, vis. io v p. wiiiie imiiineu,,rianoomeiy Dieach'd PM do black do lacd nciakVl 20 cases hleach'd and ncbfcwli'd sheetings Sc sliirtmss ; together with an assortmept of D - w knitting and e wing rottoh. , Je 16 .ttLlSH llAMs. baCO., an. just im Ha norted bv the luberritiur. Double Gloucester. Doliihin and Pine Apple Chese,ofarerv survri - or quality ; Yorkshire and Wiltshire Hams; tides and flitches of Kftron, of a superior quality; Eng lish Lard, in Madden, and small ArHins; Glass and Pri - tol Stone Ware ; large Bottles ; Pipes and Demijohn ALSO. A general assortment oi urocenes, l isn sau ces, etc. for sale cheap, for rash, Sy B.UWAKD UL.ACK.rUKI, 157 Greenwich - street. Best Havana Segars, in qr. boxes Jel6 Im PHEMX BAMK. A DIVIDEND of three pr.cent for six monUis, endinc the Oth instant, has been this dav declared payable to the stockholders on the first oi July next. Hy order or trie board or director. Jcl7 Im I). I. GEKENE, Cashier. PITT SAWS, A small invoice of Cast Steel Pitt Saws, just received and for sale by ANDERSON & SHEARER, Je25 131 Water - street. ENGLISH GLASS - WARE ,& WROUGHT OIIN W II EELEY, offers for sale at 132 Wa if ter - street Decanters plain and cut) TaoV.ler do do S BEST QUALITY Win. fin Ha and a general assortment of Apothecary ware r ine n.oe i rmi,h&7 WROUGHT NAILS. Sheathing, ) Je7 Sw CHEMICALS, COLORS, ic Epon Salts, in caks of 8c wt. L.uoip .Magm - sit, in case Do . do mull squares Calcinnt do in phials RocIh It Salts, Arid Tartar Citrrn Acid, Bio Verditerin firkins Patent yellow. King Yellow Regains of Anlimonv GUK3, BUTTONS, He. Fowlins Piece, assorted, well finished Do do in wainscnat eves, finely finished with apparatus complete Duelling Pistols, iu cases Gold Epaulette Naval and Military Swwd Bulls Gilt Coat and Vest Butums Copperplates for engraiers Mathematical Instrument Rolling Paralel Rulers Mariners compasses, telescopes bp era glasses, microscope 3 sett splendid chessmen carved In ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tes eadJies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil eaes. For sale by J. LAMBKKT, je 18 3 Courtlandt - strcet. FOR SALE, A LOT of ground on Broadway, between Walker street and Canal - street, 26 feet 10 inches wide and 175 feet long - Inqiiir of P. A. JAY, Jv 1 tf No. 37 Fine - street. EG HORN STRAWS, frr ale by I MARCH b LOW, J 6 210 Broadway. ' PV. LEOTARD R CO. 104 Pearl - treet, . otter for tale, in addition to their former ex - t.;.m .....rfm.nt rf VtmrAmr - tt fnllowins article, rer'd by the Martha, from Uverpool Trarf Chains Clout Nailt f pades and Shovels Bras Kettles do Candlesticks do Cocks . d Nails liHicges Cll Cont Bnt1a. 6 and 8 barr'd Carry Combs 6 barr'd Mnne do I mB Wir,No.4tolO . Steelyard Fine Gnn Track Locks Drawing Koivrs Cingleys Pateot carrier's kmve warranted eqoal Cox's gea - nine. some f sap. qnaltty. smtahK ior mercbaei taykr J at aaocd Caadtelscks rroisb Tacks iS - tf CARDS. PARCHMENT. BOOKS. ARlJS for printers, visiting, Ac gilt and piain ttiaes, or an uses Cards ior playing, coloured and plain backs Parchment Skins for printers Plans of the city of London, folded on canvas Do ot the country 24 miles round London Pictures of London, with plates Do ' of Edinburgh, do . Watsons, instructions for the deaf and Dumb, with a volume of plate Pursu's Flora oi North America Ainsworth's Latin Dictionaries Barlow's Mathematical do Tuckey's Expedition to the Congo in South Africa Drake's Sbakspeare and his times Memoirs of Dr. Watson, Bishop of Landaff Godwin's Kves of the Phillips' Encyclopaedia Britanoica Johnson's Dictionary, quarto Kelly's Universal Cambist . Locke' Works, folio Kirkpatrick'i Kingdom of Nepaul N Edward's Botannic Garden Beaumont. Fletcher, Ben Johnson and Shake - peare's Works Gibbon, Rollin, Robertson and Boliagbroke's Works Hogarth's Works by Cook, Imperial Folio Do do Quarto Carey's Atlas, folio i Arrowsaiith's do quarto With many rare and valuable English works, illustrated with porti aits and elegantly bound, lor sale by J.LAMBEBT, Je 16 . No. 3 Courtlandt - strret. . C f Will J E LEAD, Aic. &c. J V J keg London White Lead in oil 30 barrels do Dry White Lean tt tons Red Lead 30 barrels Bristol Red Ochre to do Venetian Red 1 1 tons line Litharge 60 hosgheada Whiting CO casks Pari White ; 2 Midi. Verdigris '' 50 tierces f rencli Yellow Ochre 5 kegs Vermillion 4 cask Prussian Blue, 40011). ' .' ' Crome Yellow; Patent Yellow Spanish Brown, Venetian Red, Yellow, INOIL. Black, I Verdigris, J Lamphlack ; Ivory Black ; Purple Brown Spirits Turpentine ; Lintaeed Oil 400 boxes VVimlow GUrs, assorted For sale on the lowest (emit, for cash or at short rrcilit, hy PETER SCIIERMERIIOR.' L.V U SONS, . mv 1 243 '.Vaier street. A I ANLr'AlJ I LiRELi 1 OBACCO, etc. I tO kes Cavendish Tc bacco 50 do small Twist do. iuit nrcivwl and for sale low, by - W. U S. CRAIG. IX STORE. 25,0 libls. Riilimond Ctautry Flour !i9 do do City do Je 30 LOTS TO LEASE AT THE NORTH RIVER. SITUATE between Barclay and Murray - streets, Chamber and Rced - ctreets, Jay and llarriioti - streets, and North Moore and Beach - ' street, at a price very considerably lets than interest on their value, and at the expiration of the I'it m the buildings to be fairly valued and paid lor, or a new lcae granted. Alio, to let by the vear at a low rate, several lots or yards on the water, well calculated for lumber, plaster of paru, kc. Apply to 1 U. RIIINELANDER, 31 Park. near the Theatre. Several of the above lot will be sold at a nu - dera'e price and on a liberal credit. A small portion of the money only will be required. juaeu ti v. . 'JO HE, ... - ON favorable terms, for alongterm of yea'rs, 4 lots of grouod on Broadway, 200 feet deep, extending to Crosby - street, between Hes ter and Grand - streets. 2 lots in Water - street, near Catharine - market. 1 lot in Water - street, between Fulton aud Burling slips. Also, several other lots in the 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th wards. Fur particulars, enquire at Ho. 30, Chatham street. may 8 JOHN HEFFERNAN.31 South - street, offers for sale 61 ceroensCaraccas Flora Indigo 278 bale London ruarkut Goat Skins 6 do. small do. 1 1 skins date 21 bbl tweet fresh shelled almonds 32 ceroons bitter do. do. 76 do. cummin seed, 1 do fennel do. 1 do. r.arrawav do. )w.r - 20 Im PLASTEROF PAKloilANOFACTOttY, tt tl.e foot of llarriaii - trei't, NorTb - Uiver. 1X7 HERE manufactured Matter, lor corni - V v cr and other purnosi s, may be had, war. ranted of the first quality, at one dollar and twen ty Jie centtper bushel.. I tie i manufactory i conducted by Mr. John Tucker, wha bat served a regular apprentice ship to the mason business. mh SI JUHiV UVKKS. T HORN & PENDLETON have felecled with great care, for the supplying el fami lies and ship stores, the following wines, liquors, teas, c. which they Oder at wholesale and re tail, at No. 56 Stoue - street .Madeira in glass and wood Red port, " rori and royal rompy" do a few dozen of super, qualit f Dry Lii - bou, 1 1 years old Very old sherry, do Teneriffe v Old brand v, mm and gin, not rednced 1 1 ibbcrt's lrown stout, equal to an y in the city Kod and white wine vinegar Bordeaux sails J oil Hyson, hyson (kin, young hyson, souchong 1 pouchocg tens I .oaf, lump and Muscovado injur Fiih sauces, Segars in qr. boxes With a general assortment of groceries, which tliey will warrant to be of the brat quality. June 24 3w l.. - .MIIS. f I'ST rr.i.prl hnvri lrh Sirilr ljmnni. J in lots to suit purchasers, by Je24 J. P. ANDOE, No. 7 Park. XJ AN TED, a lad about 14 years ot age, W Tf SSO nil SIiilVMIIVC tVSIIb JMIMIII(t l - i"llive" Apply at the corner of Nan a a and Spruce - its. COAL AFLOAT. "fr.f Chaldron Liverpool New.Pit Coal, M vfvfof superior quality, now landing from onboard the ship Ganges at the east side of Peck - slip. 60 chaldron Scotch Coal, of prime quality, discharging from on board the ship Union, at pier No. 9. E. R. 50 chaldron Liverpool New - Pit Coal, equal to the above, discharging from on board Hie ship Othello, at the foot of Rector street, N. R. Application to be made on hoard, or at the subscriber's coal yard, No. 274 Front street, who bas on hand a large supply of Liverpool, Scotch find Virginia Coal, suitable for families and blacksmiths, which be will dispose of on accommodating terms. For sale by J y " A FRASER. "RISK GLUE. 15 hhda Glue, landing fiom L ship Ocean, from Dublin, for tale bv MAJOR Ic GILLESPIE, J 11 lw ' 79 I'ine - st (np - tair.) tliifH MR AM) V. 40 kndt. Cultr Braudt. ly landing and for sale bv J 13 . 183 Front street. C Of r EE at TOBACCO. U bbus very green Coffee, and 35 bhds Kentucky Tobacco, iwt rer.'d, for salebv R.GILLESPIE. - ' , Id . 1Mb. j (j luirairiunH T a DRY annn.s T KCEITED par Draper from Liverpool and m.mi omeriaie arrivals, lor tale at No. Kinat lane, by WM. TODD. 1 box super Marseilles quilts, from 5 a 14 4 1 do do chints bed lace ALSO Linsa bed ticki. Rvwn'i Jurat, imila. tk)D COttOO aha 4k. Mij ImnntoA. fOBUllla Dlftill. brftuJ - mull an si Una, drawinf muslio, light striped ginghams, linen threads, Madras hdkfs. Jy 7 7t Wf M. W. WOOL5EY ft CO. No. i27 Pearl v T street, have iuit received bv the Juliu. Csesar, Courier, Ana Maria, and other vessels from Liverpool and London, a very extensive assortment of HARDWARE and CUTLERY, which they offer for sale by the package or from shelves on the lowest tsrtni, for caih or credit ; most of whaJi re particularly adapted to the southerd lad western markets consisting of x uwjw; umereni uescripuons Anvils, Vices, ,1'rac chains , Hammer heady Gun locks, Pistols, Tea tray Cross - cat, mill and pit saws, of various qualities i Fine plate strXk locks Nob, chest, trunk and cupboard locks Hand, tenant sod sash sau s Files of all kinds Bread trays, Webbin, Candlesticks Plated castors, Padlocks, Screws Tooth brushe, Screw plates Meelyanls, Waffle and wafer irons Plated saddlery of all kinds Tea kettles, at traps, Pocket books Buttons, Slarvels, Touj, Flints Knives ft forks, pen, pocket and other knives Scissors, Rasors, Portable cases Chisels, Plane irons and gouges Pateut and common hoes Together villi a quantity of English OL Steel, blistered Millington Crowley steel. Jrc. fic, ALSO, FOR SALE, 1 23 boxes window glass 66 Casks white and red lead 10 cases whits and colored cotton hoie 0 casks spelter 600 boxes tobacco pipes 2 cae loo; and ihort Italian glores . July 1 1 2w. OLD, COFFER H BRASS. f)f(i oldtopper and brass, in lots to AhdJJS ii suit purchasers, fr sale by TUCKER k LAURIES, 'i9 South - st. Jy 13 CLASSICAL, MA i'iiE.W ATlCAL and .MERCANTILE ACADEMY. .TESSRS. KELLY ft TUOMY rospectfully ivl inlorw le public, that they have lately commenced this csial'lishment in the large and airy rooms iso. e io i ran sireer a lew ooors Irons the comer of Chatham street. ' Thrir coarse of education comprise Uie Greek, Latin, French, and Enslish laneuaires : Composirion, History, Geography, the use oi the tilobet, Book - Keeping, Arithmetic, with the other nrartiral branchra (if the Mathematics Young Ladies have a room appropriated te themselves, where they will betauicht a regular course of female education, together with plain and ornamental needle - wora.Dy a lany oi exemplary conduct and long experience in that department ' Reference to Robert Adrjtin, n M. and N. P Columbia )llege. PATENT GRAMMATICAL. MIRROR. Men. Kelly ft Tuomy beg leave also to in. form tho public, that their Grammatical Mirror is now. computed and organised, and that they are prepared to undertake Its application) - t the uuues re umrucuon. j nc ununouurii mirror i fu - oAioe constructed on such principles, nd at.1 - - . 'by such laws, as lo exhibit a manilert repr '' Ition of all Uie parts of human speech, in arY', Variety of their inflections and all the diversity a their combinations ; it is calculated to impart information more expeditiously than words, whether conveyed by writing or by ut terance : letters and sound are the arbitrary symbols, not the resemblance of ideas ; but the Grammatical Mirror presents an exact imitation of the agent with its cases, of the object with its passions, ol their substitute with it genders and persons, ami of the action With its manners, and its times. The other parts of speech will make their respective appearances iu the revolutions of this extraordinary machine. It is no Ices useful to the teacher than to the pnpil ; and while it expedites the progress of the one, it will facilitate the lalwr of the other. Should anv person object to the practicability of its application,they challenge the investigation of opposition : they cannot consent to an indiscri - mutate inspection : but any person who lhall be qualified to discut its merits they are willing to admit, and prepared to answer his objections. Thongh duty forbids them to acknowledge their own inferiority yet, tbey rely not on their diligence and seal other may have as much i they rely not on their erndilion and talents, others may not nave less ; but they re. ly on the co operation of their meant, whicli they contend to be nupi i ior to any that can be employed to attain the object it contemplates, l'ltougli they entertain no doubt of its supe rior general utility, they conceive that for such as cannot atlord much time tor study, or whose different employments, must confine them to interrupted and desultory lectures, it must possess peculiar advantage. Several literary cliaracti rs, who have inspected this machine, have been equally astonish ed ami delighted, and diubt mt that expert - ence will realise the most sanguine expecta tions that are entertained of us advantage and success. Under these impressions the proprietors of the Cramwui'ci'.Jirrer recommend it to pub lic notice, and they are not more desirous of acquiring, iban they are confident of securing the patronage of the public. N. B. They have for general convenience determined to deliver evening lectures, from half past five till half past seven, on any of the aboremciitioned winches of literature. J 10 Im HOReES A - CARRIAGES. FOR SALE. A PAIR of likely, active black Horses, 7 IrX. year old. '1 hey match in spirit ft ga are last i roners ami in excellent condition lor a journey. ALSO, a light Coacbek in perlect order, require ai this omce. Jy 13 lw ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. I ISS1NG from the gallery of the American If 1 Academy ol the Fine arts, TWO MINIA. TURE FORI RAITS, the one a gentleman's, set in gold, ornamented with pearl and richly fi - aiihed on the back, radiated Iroru the c uire ; the other a l. - dy's, sntnout setting, but fixed in a plain caiing. The above reward will be paid by WILLIAM DUN LAP, Esq. keeper of the American Academy ot the t uie Arts, on delivery ol the above miniatures to him. at bis painting rooms, in the New - York Institution, or at bis house, no. 69 Leonard street : or, if the gentleman's picture alone is so delivered, the patntaxt uninjured, seventy dollars will be paid to trie pel - son who delivers n ; and in UK in tuner, ior uie ladies miniature alone, the painting vninjnred, thirty dollars. The money will lie aid oh delivery of the Dicturtf. and do Question asked. JeaeUers, Watchmaners and others, to whom thKse pictues, or lite setting ol the gentleman's picture, fusv be offered far sale, ar oarticular - ly solicited to be on their guard, and give notice as awrre. By order of tl.e board. ALEX. ROBERTSON. Src'rj. J13tw V - V I IE NE Nt'MBEU 5018 WEDNESDAY, JULY 15, 18i8. NO. 49 WILLIAM STUEET. W YORK - EYE WNG POST; i - i . ii 1 1 1 j v NEW LAW BOOK STORE. "JUST received and for sale, the following lie w v wows, corner oi Nassau ana cpruce - sireeis, opposite City Hall, i ne 4in vol. Hew - lork Desauisure's Ren'rs in the Court ofCrtancerv of the State of 6outh Carolina, 3 volt 4 in, out and win vols, tranche's Reports. 1st and fd Wheat on do Mante and Selwyn's . do 4 vols 5th and 6th Taunton's do 3d vol. Chitty's Pleading Baylies' Digested Index. By DAVID BANKS. J 6 2w whoopim; coutiH. DOCTOR BCOTTS Pectoral Mixture, which is a lafeand etTrctual rtinedv for tlie whoopine couch. It is onlv ten vear since it was offered to the Public, and aonie thouiands ol children, both in England and Scotland, have c urea ny it, aner every omer menu ine nad been used without effect, it is held in the highest estimation for it excellent and laiubrious virtues. It promotes gentle perspiration, removes viscid phlegm by en etisy and safe expectoration, and is hiehlv salutary lo the lunars i it strengthens and defends the stomach, give greater liberty of breathing, and produces the most saie, salutary and happy etlects, by preventing thole dislressio; and coavuliite coughs, to which thousands of individuals, in conse quence of neglect, preianturelv fall a sacrifice. - it is not by exciting a temporary stimulus of reuet in those violent paroxysms that its quali ues are mamresiea, but by eltectually remo ing those distressing symptoms, by giving vegour to uie weaicenea frame, and renovated health to the afflicted individual. Sold wholesale and retail, by R. Robertson, Apothecary, no. B'X Broadway, and J. C. Mori son, Druggest, No. 188 Greenwich - sti ect, N York. Druggests throughout the United states, may be supplied with the Pectoral Mixture, at eitherof the above places, at the lowest wholesale price, Jy 7 2m 1 HEW EllY. r or sale, a barsain, a Brew JD) rry Sc Malt House connected, in the city of Hudson. The buildings are stone, and par ticularly well calculated for the business. It is situated in the midst of a barley country, and has many other advantages. It isccrlainlv an object for those wishing to engage in th's business. It is the only brewery iu the cour trv. This property will be sold cheap. Terms libo - ral ; title good. For further particulars apply to M. MUl.DEN, No. 76 Maidrn - kuic, New - York ; or J. NIXON, Jr. near tho premise. June 13 tf SEVENTH WARD. PUBLIC notice is hereby given, that the As - scssorsofthe sevmith ward have comnletcd their assessments, aud that a ropy tliereof is lell with David Lyon, at No. 61 Market street, where the same mav be seen and examined bvl any of the inhabitants during ten days, from ten ' o'clock, A. M. to three P. M. and that the As - lessors will meet on Friday, the tenth day of J u - y, at in? house 01 tne said unvtUL.yon, lo review their siiid asseisortitits, 011 the application of any person conceiving himself aggrieved. ijaviw LiiJW, t Asiesorsorthe7th ' JAMESON COX.I ward. New YoTlc,il9th June, IS18. Je 29 141 TO BUILDERS. Or those who may wish to erect three elegant buildinas or factories. . I" OTS.T7 feet hy 80, more or less, with the li nuiidiact thereof, in the centre of Vetey - tL cun be purchased sef 'Vat or together. - ,s,uso. An elegant LOT, iLrti the Building thereon, 1 1 Bowery, 42 bx 125, more or less, near Chatham - street the whole on accommodating1 terms Apply at 33 Chatham Row, near Beeliraan - st J be advertiser Jtaa three small mortgages to dispose of, one of $3,000, one ot fiOOO, one of jizuu, an 111 mi city. Je A KEYED HARP. FA. GUTTWALDT respectfully invites . the amateurs of mimic to inspect afahis Piano - Forte Manufactory, No. 75 Maiden lane, a musical inltrument that perfectly equal the harp in sound aud far surpasst - s it in point of ea sy trcatimnt, as it is played like the piano by means 01 Keys, and consequently hat all the ad vantages of brilliant modulation ; the only one i.i the United States. Also, an elegant Piano Forte of fine tone, musical variety and workmanship, withan assortment O'diiTereot kinds, whose good qualities have been testified by the undersigned eminent proletsort : 1 " We the subscribers, profrtsorsof music, do certify, that we have carefully examined Mr. J. n ?uuiaiiii - Jiuiiu - iuric, niircii, inr mgenei - ly and excellence of workmanship and uniform brilliancy of tone, we deservedly recommend to 11 t)lto patronage. Messrs. utiles, htienoe, Kd Ietx, C. Thibault, Charles Gilfert." J 7 A HORSE WANTED. A GOOD active Horse, about six years old il He is wanted chiefly as a gig horse, in which harness be must be perfectly gtntle A Bay would he prefercd. Apply at No. 24 Greeuu ich - streft. J CIHE Art of wiuiming, Diving, HoMliug, JL and other modes of sustaining and propell - iug the body in water, with directions to persons unacquainted with swimming on tailing into the water, accompanied with it copperplate en graving', correctly exmmting aim eiucidatiug the action rud altitude ii every branch of the ui valuable art of swimming : by J. f rost. Jurt published and for sale by I. W. O ALL, ALU I.I, 49 Fulton - street. The above work is sold at the low price of one dollar. I he price of the English edition in Ixm - don is $ 75, and iu this city $"1 50. This edition is well printed, and the eugiavinjt as well executed as the Lnglish. Extract from the work. " Man wisely insures his bouse, his ship, his cargo ; he prudently gives a little to secure the whole. Shall he be less provident toward his person f .Shall he suffer that vessel, which con. tains his most valuable treasure, to remain so unprepared for Uie water, so until to contend with the wares, that, should it be under the ne cessity of making a voyage, or of swimming but a few yards lor salety, it is in danger of ruing irrecoverably loH! Wiidom is not inconsistent with itself." By this system, persons are instructed in the necessary evolution, action, attitude, kc. in their own elemcut, and do not go into the water until they are prepared lor it t so lhat it has been frequently the case, Uiat the author's pupils have been able to swim ou the first attempt after the lessons. Recommendations of the above work are inserted in if. Jy" lw TANTED, in a boarding school, in the vi - V V cinity of this city, a female teacher, well qualified to instruct in writing, arithmetic, gram mar, Ac The most respectable references wdl be required. Inquire 401 Pearl - street Jlw STOLEN. rTOLEN on Sunday evening I a t. at the foot O of Courtlandt - strett, a si'ver Watch, makers name Jno. Crossman, id. 2UUUU. It i supposed it was taken Irom the owner's pocket while bstuing, as a rr(i was seen near his clothes. Whoever will Vetera tb above watcb to No. 26 Lumber street, shall receive a reward of 6 dniiais and the 'banks or the owner, fcilv - r Smiiris, Pawnbroker and others, ar reooestcii to tiop it ll one 1 1 1 tale. N. B. Had on a smaU Lair chain, silver tnoorrW, fi'li a sj - jld tint at the end. 3 It i r (XT The new FERRY BOATS Iron, llie foot of Walnut street, New York, to the toot of Little street, Brooklyn, near the Navv Yard, will commence ruupiiig on Sundny, tlie l7thinsr. ' rrrroui crossing to Droop. I) n iron I IK upper part of the citv. Will find the distance nim h sliortenfd by itsirg this ferry. rny 14 NO 1 ICE. - Orr The Rising Sun bail Boats, Noripariel, and Industry, from the Elisabeth town P ihL for New - York, sails irom Marketheld - street, (ai.ere the Steam - boat Atalaota formerly Bine to,) at 10 o'clock, of each day. Passage 12 1 - 2 cents. Enquire at the Steam boat Hoteil, of my 21 tf (TV - JOHN PROCTOR, Jc 106 iberty - st. off ers liberal anticipations on property consign' , ed to his friends in the Mediterranean, tor further particulars, appiy as above, or to AUIt Ml AM JJELL, Je 6 tf corner of Cliff ft Fulton - sts. LAND; STEPHEN B. MUNN, No. IV6 Pearl - street, New - York, purchases lauds in tlie Illin ois Territory, which has bee set apart U r Uie late Array, inciters irotn the country giving a description ol the patunt and the price asked Tor eacn ioi, win ue atteoued to, ti roil paid, my 16 H NOTICE. (71 This is to forbid all person trusting the ' crew of the Portuguese brig Sophia, Lories mas - ter, as no dbl 01 their extracting will he paid by tlie captain or consignee.' Je 24 NOliCE. OCT All persons having claim against the estate of John Lioan, deceased, are desired to present them lor settlement to the subscriber, and those indebted to said estate are requested to make payment, to him without delay. J A .VI ha M'BfUDE, Je 20 Im Acting Kxrrutor. itflitt.; f7 - IF Richard Perrv eavadce. son of Thom as mid Elixiilieth Savade, formerly of the city of Philadelphia, is living, or if dead, bis legal representative will, by applying to Mr. Win.. &avadge, at et. John's Square, Clerhenwell, London, hear of something to his or their advan tage. . r I he said Richard Ferry Savndge, who was a painter by trade, was in England in the year 1792, from whence he returned to Philadelphia in the year 1794 ; in the year l?93, he is supposed to have resided at Mr. Robert Maxwell's, in Middlctown, Delaware Count. Maryland : and afterwards at Dot, ning's Town, from whence he is supposed to have removed to New - Ytirk. iv. u. 11 any person will produce a legal certificate of the d mli ol the said Richard Savadge. he will, on producing the same, to Mr. Wm. Savadge, receive Iroru bim 5 euineas, as a reward for his trouble. Any information respecting tlie above named person will be thankfully rectived hy , SiVll 1 Ii ft ti A tils 13, Je IC Im 312 Pearl - street, New.Ynrlc. INFORMA 1 ION WANiED. A penon by the name ofjMatgartt Chad - nick, who formerly lived in a small town called Ormeskirk, in England, and came to the city of new lorn ahout 'M yean ago, with ber tot me r husband, who was a shoemaker f but since that he is dead, and he is married again to a person ny me name 01 josepn unauwicK, who is uy trade a ship riggrr. (f the said Margaret Chad wick is living, or Iter children, tbey may, by ap plying ai tins omce, near 01 toincuiilig greatly 10 their advantage. J 9 2w Uinir tf Wmenrs, June UG, H18."". Oiy A Dividcui of three per tent, lor tlx montht, ending on theSOtb int. has been this day declared payable to the Slot kholdrrs on the Clh orjaly next. By order of the Bard of Direct - tor. GKO; NEWBOLD, Casli'r. Junef6 Im TEN 'I'M WARD. 1X7 Public notice is hereby given, that the A sensors of the 10th ward have completed thoir assessments, and that a copy (hereof is left with waller flowell, at No. 27 Ifesler - strecl, where the same may be seen and examined by any of die inhabitant, during Ten Days, from the dato hereof, and that the assessors will meet on Jtfon - lay the 20th inst. at the above place, to review their said assessments, on the application of any person conceiving himself aggrieved. WALTER HOWELL, ( Assessor! of the JONATHAN BROWN, 10th ward. July 7 10t 1 EIGHTH WARD. IJUBLIC Notice is hereby given, that the As - . scssorsoi the 8th Ward have completed their Aiittsment, and that a copy thereof it lell with Isaac Emmons, at the corner of Spring and Elizabeth - streets, where the tame may be sn aad examined by any of the Inhabitant during ten days, from this day, and that the Assessois Will mtvl on Friday, July the 17th, at the house of Uie said I. Emmons,. to review their said assess ments, oti tlie abdication of any oenon conceiv ing hiro'tlf aggneyed. ISAAC i - .AI.yiu. - vs,! Assessors or the A. fcCIILNEMAN.J 8tb Ward - New - Vorlr, July 7, IfilO. J 7 lOt 1 HIRD WARD. 13UBLIC notice is hereby given, that tli At - testors oil I it 3d Ward have completed their AisFksiuents, and that a ropy thereof is left with Harroanus Tallman, at 64 Veiey - sirrt.t. where the same may be seen and examined by any of the Inhabitants during ten days, from the tith of juiy, .ana tna tne Assessors win meet on the 17th, at 64 Veeey - atreet, to receive their sail assessments, oa the application of any person conceiving himself aggrieved. If Ana Aft US 1 ALI.M AN, 1 AwsorrT NATHANIEL C. GRIFFITH.) tlie 3d ward. New - Vork, July 7, llllft. J 7 101 HET JWHSK H AWED. OVF. with a good supply of milk, and who can produce satisfactory testimonials of character, fto. lit meet with encouragement. by applying at MIt3. SAIDLEKS, J 10 tf ro. ob uroaaway. FOR the a Sots troablesome and often fatal roBuolaint. Hamilton's Elixir is offered, with - aroDodioct inspired by twenty yearseuccetvful experiment. A tingle trial will arete that it dis - Iodic 1 and c senates the touch viscid phlegm or mums, strengthens the weakened vessels of 0e lungs, sheattis Uie Scrirumiions humoar which irritates them, arxl finally dirharse it. Thus striking at Uie root f the disorder, the symptoms are of coarse eltectually and permaoeetly conquered ; Uie reverse of cmmoa - medicine. whiui weaken Ui cmistitution and gi v strtr.glhj to Uie disorder, frr the sake of moderMiag for Uie pr - nt ome rl it painful t CVci. iurRt.M who have cbildrew am.cTe - l withthis drrad'ul malady, this it a discovery of the Irst magnitada, t it aflV.rds immediate ir - itei, checks the progress, and uiatn7rt time entirely remove the mntt rroct disorder to whh a children are liable. The elixir is so petfrrir s - greeable, and Uie dose so small, that no di&celty arises in taking it. . Ueparticaiar to ask ror h amnion s jiw. itatiows of which are offered to the peblsc, lt none are geatuoe w about the sigwaion, om. p.' .i. .sir rvq nerfical w'c!iue, No. 4f M I - Tf Bfeaias m el.a " . . r v UiC0 L.rfV 'IU f If rt in Nrw Ytyk. yi . 1 . a a, ,, rs)ratf lauttz irrr list VIRGINIA HA .vis. aw """jj oeality. will be I.SMSed to morrow r w, the Sea Linn, at Coffce - hoe srir iidfby YALSU k GALLAf Je 65 5o -

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