The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 29, 1939 · Page 15
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 29, 1939
Page 15
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29, 1939 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE HogyCenerally Steady to Strong in Chicago 15 Gives $6,500,000 to Northwestern U SPOTS UP 5 GENTS IN SWINE Most Cattle Quoted 25; Lamb Undertone Is Weak to Lower CHICAGO, _ Hog prices , _ were generally steady to strong Wednesday in a fairly active market, with spots up 5 tents or more on weights 220 pounds and up. Most tattle were 25 cents lower. The lamb undertone was weak to lower. The hog top was S7.50 on good and choice 170 to 230 pounders. Good 400 to 500 pound packing sows sold at 56.20 to $6.45, with lighter kinds up to S6 60 - (U. . S. Dept. Agr.) _ Salable hogs 9,000; fairly active; generally steady to strong, with Tuesday's average; spots up 5 on weights 220 pounds up; top S7.50; good and choice 170 to 230 pounds S7.35 to r,7.50; 240 to 270 pounds S7.15 to S7.35; 280 to 350 pound butchers 56.75 to $7.10: good 400 to 500 pound packing sows .$6.20 to S6.45; lighter kinds up to 36.60. Salable cattle 3,000; salable calves 1,500; hardly enough done on steers to make a market. Largely steer run with wei"hlv choice; prospects steady on prime weighty steers and choice and prime yearlings; others at least 25 cents lower; most early bids 25 to 50 cents down on cattle recently selling at S12.50 down to $10 and below, early top yearlings $12.50, but $13.50 bid on choice to prime weighty bullocks; heifers steady to 25 cents lower; cows very scarce, steady; bulls steady to weak, with S7 practical top on weighty sausage offerings; light vealers 25 cents or more lower at S10.25: down to S9.50: but choice weighty vealers steady at $10.50 to Sll. Salable sheep 7,000: late Tuesday; tat lambs mostly 25 cents lower; some heavier weights and lambs lacking finish off more: bulk $9.75 down; top S10; loads scaling. 104 to 119 pounds S9.25 to lilfilter, spots up loci practical top S7 by snippers for 1BO to 210 Ibs.; 170 to 25U :bs. $6.8067: packer limit $0.63; 200 to 32^ Ibs. SC.GOiae.Vo; MJ to 370 Ibs. SG.40rt 6.50: so\Vi S6.10fet.23; stags SG.50 down; feeding pigs nominally quoted 56.754J.7. CATTLE, salable 3.500; fed steers, yearlings slou-. weak: largely (eel steer run; other tilling casses steady: stockers, feeders scarce, steady: fed it«er£, yearllnss eligible to sell S9SU0.50 with fev: loads good lo choice light steers and mcdiuimveJcills held up to $11 and above; heifers S S f i l l : beet to\vs so.lom £.73; cutter grades $4$5.SO; bulls SS 3 B.jO: practical top vealers $9.30^10 SHEEP, salable 6.300; fat Iambs tJov;, early bids lower; asking fully steady; sheep firm; bulk fed wooled lambs hold S3.!a«i3.C5 and slightly above; California spring }ambs held abox'e 510.75; fen clipped lambs hel dabove $8.23; best fed western cives held above $.5.60. XA.V$AS Cirr LIVESTOCK I \ V t d i i E i t l a y M a r t e n KANSAS CITY, (,!·,--U. S. department of agriculture. HOGS 1.000; steady ii itti Tuesdaj 's averaae: spot 5 to lOc lower on t!:0 Ib?. down; jio shippers: top S?; good to choice ICO to 260 Ib*. S6.8o'y7: heavie.- weiqhts icarce: 270 to 31'5 Ibs. SG.40 0.85; o\vs S6; light weights, to SG.10. CATTLE 2,000; calves 'Ml; killing clashes steady: vealers strong to 50c higher: killing calves steady; stacker and feeder elates slow, steady to weak: gooit 1098 Ib. fed steers S10.4U; good 1477 Ib. weights S10.2i; mixed yearlings $10.15; good short fed heifers S8,23'd 8.75; somt held liigher; cows 55.7537: top vealers S10.50; bulk 53.30'sj 10; sausage bulls around SG.oO. SHEEP 9.000; lillle done; opening sates fed lambs steady to weak: sonic btds lower: wooled lambs around S3: be3t held above 59.50; clipped lambs; Arizona spring lambs held above S10.CO. CO.1IB1NKU HOG RECEIPTS ( W e d n e s d a y M a r k e t ) DES MOLNEE. «' --U. S. department -V concentration yards and 10 packing plants located in interior Iowa anil southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. in, Wednesday were 17,100 compared v.-lth 19,500 a week ago and 14.100 a year ago. Moderately active. mostly steady; spots 5c higher; loading considerably lisUter than 22.300 week ago. Barrows and gilts, good and choice 160 to ICO Ibs. S0.30r t i7.05: ISO to 2110 . . . 5G.707.13; 220 to 250 SS.55^1.7 03 : ' . . s . . 1 . 250 to 230 Ibs. SC.30fiO.83; 230 lo 350 Ibs' Sfl.03TiC.i5; packing sows Good. 275 to 330 Ibs. So.DOSi 0.20; 330 lo 423 Ibs. So.70 36.10; 42,1 lo i30 IDs. S5.Jjfi5.9j. Livestock Markets . MID-WEST HOGS Livestock Tuesdny priccs at midwest markets AUSTIN", Minn. _ Hogs steady; 140 to UO Ibs. S5.coa5.SO; 150 to 160 Ibs S6.0jliBi; ICO lo 170 Ibs. SC.MaO.60- 170 to 180 Ibs. $6.i'(iiJ.8S: 180 lo 220 Ibs. SC.70 '·17.110: 220 to 250 Ibs. SS.55'«6.U; 250 to 2.0 Ibs. 3G.««;i!.70; 270 to 200 Ibs. SG^Orir 0.30. 290 to 325 Ibs. S6.0o%G.3o: 315 to 330 WHEAT MARKET ABSORBS SALES Only Minor Price Reductions Follow Good Crop Conditions CHICAGO, If I -- The w h e a t market had to absorb more selling Thursday inspired by the favorable crop outlook in the winter wheat belt, but it did so with only minor price reductions. Support from commercial interests in connection with wheat and flour business, some for export, kept prices on a near-steady basis! Wheat closed ·'s-^s lower than yesterday. May 67 ",'--=5, July 67-ti-te; com unchanged to H oif May 47=fc-ii, j u i y 4914-^;' oats unchanged to ',« down. CHICAGO CASH GBA.1.V r.irT~ t OVedntid.y .Market! CHICAGO, u,_N 0 cas i, W ), M |. Com, No. 3 mixed 48ffi50V-c; No yellow 48Ufi.48'ic; No. : white Sjc Barley, mailing 52®60e nom; feed 35 r ii 4jc nom. Timothy seed S2.35S3.15 nom.: red clover S13816 nom.; red lop S3.25ii3 7j nom. Lard liBrc ' cs SG--2; loose $5.60; bellies XEW YORK STOCKS ( W e d n e s d a y M a r k e t ) K}' The Associated Press Air Rcduc.- si- Krcsgc Al Chem Dy 17O Allied Sirs 0 Am Can gy Am For Poiv 2 MASON CITY-For Wednesday *»1 «ad°st n Mason City Grain No. ?, white oats ^.^ No. 3 yellow corn 34 C New car corn yrjc Barley I"'." 25 .^ W E D N E S D A Y S9.G5: sheep strong; Wednesdav^ lhs -, S3 - SO *6.20 : 350 to'wo .... trade very slow; undertone weak to 5? k «?"*?Z.^,!SJ. I !£i %!'$« lower; indications around S9.50 to 550 ibs. and ui So.50^5.80 " S9.75; best lambs held $9.85 to . .* l /! E "J. l .f :rti *ff?-"-.--- Ho ? s steady: S9.90 and-above; sheep scarce; indications steady on few here. Local Livestock JIASON CITY-- For Wednesdav - HOGS Steady. , Good light lights ...... 140-150 SS.CO-n.70 : Good light lights .'. .". . . 150-160 SG 10-6 ''0 -·Cood.- light lights ...... 160-170 S5.50-C60 . Good light lights ...... 170-180 SS.70-S.80 Good light butchers ., 1BO-200 5G.M-7.tX) Good light butchers . . 200-220 S6.90-7.UO Good me. \vt. butchers 220-2jO Sfi 75.G 85 .Good me. wt. butchers 250-270 S6.60-E70 Good me. \vt. butchers 270-290 SG.40-6.50 Good me. \vt. butchers 290-323 SG 23-6 113 Good me. \vt. butchers 323-3m S5.10-G.20 Good heavy butchers . . 350-400 S5.95-G 03 Good packing sows ... ^7o-330 S5.00-G 00 Good SOWS ............ 350 -42i S5.80-5.90 Good sows ............ 425-300 S5.70-5.50 Good sows ............ 300-530 So.70-5 80 'The above is a 10:30 truck hog market for good and choice hogs.) CATTLE Choice to prime steers. Heavy SIO.00-11.00 Good to choice steers, heavy s 8 50- 3 50 Medium to good fleers ...... s 7.50- 850 Kair [o medium steers ...... s 6.50- 7 5 0 Plain to f a i r steers ......... S -1.00- 6,00 Choice to prime yearlings ____ s 0.00- 0.50 Good to choice yenrlinps ... s SOU- 900 Medium to good yearlings ... s 650- 750 Good lo choice heifers ...... 5 S.OO- 9.00 Medium to good hei(crs Fair to medium heifers ...... Plain to fair heifers ......... S 4 00- B 00 Good to choke cou-s. heavy .. s 5 7"i- 623 JMediurn to jrocd co\\-s ........ s 5.2.1- 5^7:, Fair to medium cows . . 5 4 75. 5 2,1 Cullers ...................... S 4 ; 00 . \-=, Canncrs ............... ----- s 3.00- 4.00 Good 10 choice heavy bulls . . s 5 50- (i ·'". Light bulls ......... ........ S 4I50- j'ob Cali-es, pood lo choice 13Q-13V S 7.00- a.00 Calves. - mcd. |o cood ISO-ISO s 6 50- 7 00 Calves. Infer, to mcd. 130-130 i 3.50 d V n 140 to 130 lus. S3.70Sio.8o; 150 lo 160 IDS. Se.C5G6.20: 160 to 170 Ibs. SS 43d C.GO; 170 to ISO Ibs. SO.75ft6.SO' 130 to 220 Ibs. SE.E3S7.W: 220 to 250 Ibs. SS.So 'UO.GO: 2.^0 to 270 Ibs. SS.45G.GO- 270 to 2SO Ibs. 56.25^6.40: 290 lo 323 Ibs. SO 10i 6.2o; 325 to KO Ibi. 55.05^6.10; 350 to 400 Ibs. S5.C035.35; sows 273 to 350 Ibi. Si Bj '/(6.00: 350 to 425 lb.«. S3.70?l5.85; 425 to 500 lbs_. S5.55fi5.70; 500 to 5oQ-Ibs. Sj 40«i o.oo: 5oO to 600 Ibs. S5.2o1i5.40 WATEKLOO--Hogs stcadv. Prices unchanged. - - · ., Cattle: Tone lower. Steers ! good to choice. $9fl.75: medium to good S7.501- 8.50; fair S6.23^Ci; common $4.50^5.50'; yearlings good to choice 59^9.75- medium to good S3S9; iair 56a"; common CEOAn RAPIDS--Ho S s and cattle un- chanRcd. OTTU.M \VA-HOSS xinchanged. WHEAT-May JuJv . . . . Sept COJIN-- May j July ( Sept 3 OATS-- llay -i July ; Sept. . .2 SOV BEAKS-May 8 July f. Oct 7 RYE-May ... July .. Sept. .. LARD-Mar. ... May ... July ... Sept. .. CHAIN CLOSE CHICAGO, i Low Close .67'k .67'4 .47 'i .43 .43^ .26=. .11' 6.45 6 60 G.42 6.57 . .42 '-j B.20 6.27 6.42 6.50 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN ( W e d n e s d a y ilarkctl MINNEAPOLIS. ',P,--wheat receipts Wednesday 53 cars: 51 n year ago. Quotations ' b c lov.-cr. Cash Ko. 1 heavy da/k norlhern 73^j^76ie; dark northern No. 1. i3-,k/«,73=ic: faney No. 1 hard Montana 14 per cent protein 77»i',i.70ic. No. 1 dark hard! or No. 1 hard Montana winter 70', «"til-«c: hard amber durum No. I. 65*.'$i B0!ic: No. 1 c«d dur,um 59ib^60^jc. " Corn. No, 3 yellow 42'',y43*ic; atiota- lions (be higher. Oats, No. 3 while 27'8 ^26 s ic. Barley 303GGC. LIVESTOCK ESTIMATE CHICAGO. OT--Official estimated hveslocl: receipts Thursday: Cattle 5000 nogs 7.000; sheep 9,000. Representative Soles CillCACO. Heavy-- r.---Representative sales: HOGS [ M e d i u m -- OMAHA GRAIN (Wednesday M a r k e t ) OMAHA. (4V-Wheat, dark hard No. ·(. 6S*ac: rs'o. 5. GBc; hard No, 2. 66c- No 3. 64T'6Sc: No. 4. 62!b«G6'.ic; sample hard e^c: mixed No. 5. 67c Oat5. white No. 2. 29i.ic; No. 3 28i(, 23'.ic: .feed Ko. 2. 26'ic; mixed No. 3 23c: Ko. 4. 27!-c. Corn none. Rye none. Barley none. - , 7.10 81 227 . . . . . . . - . · · ..... s 7,00- S.OO I 1-ight _ ...... £ 600- 700 G4 " Genuine jprlns lambs, court lo choice 70-50 i 8.00- B.JO Spring lamb:, good to choke · 70-90 S 6.30- 7.00 Spring Iamb5, medium to nooa _ -.- 70-50 S 5.30- 6.00 Spring Jambs, common S 4 5 0 - 5 30 Native civcs. good to choice t 1.30- Ztt £S' ew « SOctoSI.OO ° : 1 b"cfc» SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK (IVednesrfav Marfcrtl SIOUX cm". (jPi--Livestock tlosc- CATTLE, salable receipts ZoOO; calves salable receipts 50c; slaughter steers ,-md ycarlincs slon-. larscly 15 to 2,'c lou-cr: coort light yearlinss In broadest demand: car lols gootl long yearlings n n d nicdiiim weight beeves sio^tlOJO-' prime quoted above SI2.M: liberal share medium to Rood S3.5Q6/9.50: heifers f i r n r several sales cood )i ? l7t v.-eigbls 'ss Jo ii 9.i: Tew choice Koshcrt SIO: cons -lo.v MMdy to; bulk nicdiiim to const So...T. C.,o: few choice kojhcrs 57.30'.iC: majority t-uttrr prades S4.."o^ri.3.i: ^toek- crs snd feeders slow, easier; odd lol- jncamm licht slock 5tcer.s up to Sfi.,T'. HOGS, salable receipts 3.400- slovv mostly Mronc lo ]0c higher; extreme tori I-'i: up at S7.03 lo Fluppersi Rood and choice 170 to 260 Ib. biHchcrs so ;j..j 6.90: fcv,- S6.95: 270 to Kn Ib wcltlits S«..^0ii,6.7.: 320 to r.90 Ib. heavier S6.T)«, B.aO: Rood so\vs mostly S6.10: feu- 56 13' feeder pips ST-CL'.JO. SHEEP. ?a1.-.blc leccipls Sffll: .cattered i )o cood and choice ted uoolcd Jambs steady at S9.3Sft9.30: 2 lot; fed clipps held I above E3.10; fat ewes slcadv: few pact- aces wootcd ^kir^5 \jp to SJ.2o; few clinp* $3.7j; fat lambs scaicc. Steers-20 1 13 1021 I-a mbs-- 200 35 Mfl 99 25 D 92 130 110 11-ight Liehts-- 7.3D 2« J.-il 7.^5 19 140 7.2.) CATTI.E , Heifers-13.65 23 j]fi:t 13.50 20 7911 12.V, 22 693 12.50 S H E E T jClippcd Lambs-- 9.6.V32 QH g 9.50: 9.50 : 11.2) 10.10 10.00 KA.VSA3 CIT1- CRA1X ( W e d n e s d a y Market) KANSAS CITY. I?.--wheat 57 cars-',? lo l- cr tn ' lt: liiaher: No. 2 dark harti ] .J' = fi*»c: JSo. S nom. 64^31150^^; No. 2 1 hard G9^i70c: No. 3. 63fr.G8c; No "* red nom. 67»Ge 3 ic; Ko. 3. 67c. Corn 8 cars: unchanged to ' ic lower Wo. 2 white nom. W'ifMT'ic: No. 3 nom. 46!'47i;c: No. 2 yellow 4G*jc: No. ?. nom. 44^^453^; No. 2 mixed nom. 4o^i 46!ic: No. 3 nom. 44 ] ,;'ij.45%c. O.-iIs .1 cars: unchanged to '«c lower: No. 2 w h i t e nom. 29i'!i30')c; No. 3 nom. Milo maize nom. 75''i81c, Kafir nom. 74 ft SOc. Rye nom. 43i a ft45c. Barlncy uom. 34 1 a^4lc. Miscellaneous NEW YORK St'GAB I Wednesday .Harked NEW YORK. l.P)-- Substantial improvement In susar futures was recorded Wednesday, Steadily advancing oriccs tinder Cuban end trade buying placed domestic futures 2 to 3 net higher around midday. Opening unchanged. May and January each were at the outside cain. at 51.98 nna 52.01. respectively. World futures slrengthcned and were nnehsnced lo 2 higher at noon X'av f-"" 1 " 1 1 ;'-' 31 - for * e*in "f =. Scnte'm- '-'' '" S1 ' 1 '"' *"" carlicr sa ' l:s Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHAXKE A CO. Telephone 1300. Mason Cily Ccn! St El 6 pet pfd iS2o par! Cent St El 7 pet pfd IS25 par] Cent St P i- L. ? pet ofd Continental Gas t El p!d Creamery Package com Hearst Cons A Ceo A Iforme) A pfd ... Geo A Hormcl com Interstate Power 6 pet pfd Interstate Power 7 Del pfd lo\va Klecliic Co Iowa Electric Co 104 24' i . 3 4' = *:. pet pfd 23 pet pfd 29 Tft Klec Lt A: Pow 6 pet pfd Gl reported more ac.ive i? S" H * S° (V 5'' ?" 3 ld " la t.lcc Lt ft: Pow 7 pet ptd fi9 la Power t l.isht fi pet pfd 102 la Power k Lisht 7 pet pfd 104 1.1 Public Service G pet pfrt . 9fi la Public Service 6S pet pfd 97 I fa Public Service 7 pet ptd . 100 Haw ^ u R a r _____ and n r m on duly free offering of ·' ,y, t-cntf. Refined continued at S4.30 to Sl.:.t flI1CA«0 POTATOES (U'ednesttav .-\larkct) CHICAGO. ..?_U. S. d e p a r t m e n t agriculture. Potatoes 146: on track «: ',2 U ' S " shiDm cnts ZKi: old s tock. Idaho Russets best stock digliUv slror.fier: demand moderate; northern white 71 104 lOfi -B S O U T H ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK ( W e d n e s d a y ^Urkrtt SOUTH ST. PAUU (.^-Federal stale rriarket news scr\-ice CATTLE 3.500; k i l l i n g steers --low. few- sale.- steady; some bids about 23c lower- mcdi-jra steers S8.2or,j 3 .2i : 5ho stock steaoy: medium to good heifers S750(£ 7.7o; low cutters and cutters S4',ti mostly: sausanc bulls s t e a d y : practical toiSS.oO: stockcrs and feeders weak. Calves 3.000: steady to 50c higher: extreme top HOGS 3.000 salable: tolal 5.800' fairly active, barrows and gtlts scnerallv full-.s.-cady: spots stronger: other "classc's Fiissrl BurUanks U. S. No. 1. s'l.57'=., 1.60: occa-ional car higher and lower Colorado Red McClurcs V. S. No 1 cotton f.lck... S2.20: burlap jacks washed s...n«i2.!., : Michigan Russet Rurals U. S. T\o. I. Sl.2o: North Dakota Bliss Triumphs 90 per cent U. S. No. I and better Sl.55^1.60: Cobblers 90 per cent \3 S. No. 1 and better sl.33: Earlv Ohios L. S. No. 1. SI.30fil.i3: new slock stronger: supplies moderate: demand Il_ght: Texas oO Ib. sacks Bliss Triumphs C. S. No. I. $2.03. Hides ftcady: top S«.0j on choice 190 lo 210 Mass S5.50-«6; pigs rows 5S£G.05: 57 i! 7.50. SHEEP 1.300; few sales and Indications around steady on all ctarscs; 62 ID. sprln- J ^ m u s suitable for Easter trade SHTiO^ lew cood and choice old crop lambs S3 25- nicdiuni lo pood c;vc* S3^ " choice slaughter Icinb^ TuCad^v 512.)ii 3l F i n n Slrrtt S n o l h w e , HOBSEIIIDES Korschide; ·I1REEN BEEF BIDES ' From 15 Ibs.. up From t5 Ibs down Bull hides ta South Ulil n pet pfd la South Ctil fi!= pet pfd la South util 7 pet pfd Minnesota P A I, fi pet pfd Minnesota ^ .t L 7 pet pfd Northern SI Power (7 pel pfc Nor.nem St Power 7 pet pfc A'U St Portland Cement com 2-t Ratli Packinc 5 pet pfd 102 Sioux Citv Gas i; El 7 pel pfd ! bnitcd Lt i Power Class A Pi United U Poircr Cl.i« B P, United Lt Power pfd . 28 United Lt «.· JU-j. B pet pfd 73 K"!!^ , U * R " ys 6 ' 36 P" P" 79 United Lt t Rys 7 pet pfd f! Wcstcm Grocer pfd 7:, Western Grocer com 4 SS 2" Alimony Check Scnl to Judge REDWOOD CITY. Monthly Volume of Newspaper Advertising Stock List 20 IZ'i 16'! Am Roll Mill Am Smelt Rcf Am Stl Fdrs Am Su£ fief Am T A: T 148 An) Too B gg Am Wat Wks ll Anaconda ·- Arm 111 41 Ateh T SF Xt AU Refin 21 Ball t Ohio 6 Earnsdall 13 Bendix Av ·'- E«h Stl C.V Boeing Aii-pJ 2.7 Bordon 13 Borg-Warner Brjdgcpt Br Budd Mf£ Can D C Ale Can Pac 4 Case 33 Caterp Tract 4," dies «: Ohio 33 C G \v Clii M SI P p Chrysler 13 Col G E 6 Com! Solv ii Conuvlth Son 1 Con EdUon 31 Con Oil o Con Can ;sa Con Oil Del 26 Corn prod 63 Cuitiss-Wri f. Deere Co 20 Deere Co pld 2Tr Douglas Air 65 Du Pont 149 Eastman" 1G8 El Pow Ll 9 Fairbks Mors 34 FirestonR 22 Gen Elec 37 Gcn Foods 41 Gen Mol 4(1 Gfllette t Goodrich ---.- 23»i Lambert lo', Libbey O F G 47'- Loews 4:(3i -Marsh-Field 12 at Midcont Pet 14'a Afont Ward 48^i Nat Dairy Pro 14 Wat Distill -7 Nat Lead · Nat Pow i Li 0 N Y Central " No Amer Av North Atncr Nor Pa c.- Oliver Farm Otis Elevat Otis steel Ou-ens 111 GI Pnekard Panri Pict Pcnick Ford 22= 10=1 30 fi'c. 13'i 2J', Gt No Ry pfd 24 Homcstake 53 Hudson c Hupp Mot I 111 Cent H Inl Harvest 58 Int Nick Can 48 Int T T ~ Johns-Many Kcnnccolt JJ-i -7 - S2 ' Pcim C 'riy ?o» Phillips ct 3H Proc A: Gam Pullman Pure Oil Hadio Rcm Rand Hey Ton B Sears Hoefa Shell Union Saconv v T ac Sou Pac Std Brands Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J .Stev.--\Vanicr Studebakcr Swift ic Co Texas Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll B Transamer Un Carbide Union Pae U n i t Air Ll Unit Aircr Unit Corp Unit Drug V S Gypsum U S Rubber V S Steel Walgreen Warner PI'L-I West Un Tel -.,, ,, West El i Mr 100';. Wilson Co 4 AVooItvarth 47- WriRley Jr 79 Yellow Truck Ii; Youngslown 42 EARLY STOCK UPTURN STALLS Many Shares Up to Point on Rally But Advances Are Pared NEW YORK, (JPi--The stock market showed an inclination lo move forward Thursday but had difficulty getting started. An early upturn, which recouped minor initial losses, stalled us many traders withdrew to await the address of Premier Daladier of France. Transactions shrank to about 450,000 share;, one of the slowest sessions in months. While many shares were up fractions to more than a point on the rally, these gains were pared later as the list encountered opposition on the upside. Bond Market NEW YORK, m--The bond market tried lo snap out of Tuesdays slump in early dealings Wednesday but as ihe .session nearcd midday prices \vcre v,-el) scrambled. Errntiu price currents stirred Hie government division also, as lOiSfci of -t-32ds; of n point offset Rains r u n n i n g lip to 9-32ds. Traders handled federal ufolign- lions .'.lowly, bond men i.aid. as thcv availed congressional disposal of current lettislativc problems. Loans of Nickel Plate--hard UH Tuesday--rallied fractionally and small gains u-cre ported by Baltimore A: Ohio convertible 4'.is. Commonwealth Edison 3U-i, Delaware A: Hudson r e f u n d i n g 4s, Southern Paeilic -1'is of 'CO and IS*. Y. Central J.s. R e l u c t a n t to join the f o r w a r d i w i n ^ were such issues as Bethlehem Steel Il a is. Erie 3s of '73, International Paper (is. Voungstoivn Sheet and Tube 4s and Allesliany 5s of '45. The foreipn dollar list \viis quiet as traders awaited fresh cues from Europe. ShinyeUu Electric G ^ i K slipped l b v.-hite Gerinan and I t a l i a n loans moved modestly ahead. Produce 10 a 41- 6'.'. 34 ., 20' L'. S. BONBS f\l*ednesday M a r k e l ) NEW YORK. UFi--U. S. government bonds closed WcdncEday: Treasury 3Hs 40-43 j'unc 104.2B Treasiirj- 2=is 43-47 110.24. Treasury 4 ^ « s 47-32 120.13, Trensury 3s 51-oo 109.24. Feo'cral Farm Ml" 3s -S2-47 10624. Federal Farm JltR. 3s 49 108.13. Home Owners Loan 2?s 49 102.2. Home Owners Loan 3s 32 103.3. Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by L.AMSON BROTHERS i co. Mason Cily Office in Baglcy- Bcck BuiJdinff. Telephone Xo. 7 DOW J O N E S A V E R A G E S Ind... Rail, V t i l j . -·-··; · · 133.7j ^.75 23.B7 Total Sales 470 OCO C U I C A U O STOCKS Butler Bros B Marsh Fields 12'i -" Scr 7 J i Walgreen Co 18'j NEW YORK CURB Am C i: Elcc 351. Am Cyan B 23 l « Am Su Pow Co *, Ark N Gas -V 2'i Asoc C El A ', El Bd t Sh 3»i Ford Mo Can 20V; Ford Mo L'ne 4*i Lockheed 29 N i a B H Pow 7 = i K~Bem-Pund 57 Pcnnrond Cp l s i Un Gns Co 31 Un Li Po Co 2 ' j 24'i 2 4 ' j Am C Stic Co 8 Am C i F Co 2 T t' i Po Li o : As Dry Goods « ; Baldwin. Loco 13 : Bri^fts M f B Co 24 Cerro de Pj.» 39 Clics Ohio 3.V Com Credit -"t Concoleunt C-W Co A Disl Cp Seac El Auto Lite 32'i Foster-Wheel 21', Frccport Tcv 2 I - * Gen Am Tran o l ' a Gliddcn Co 13', Cobcl 31, Houston Oil fi' 4 Kroger 24 LehiFh Pi Cc 21-j Li) Carb Cp 10'. NEW YORK STOCKS Lori I lard Mack Truck M i n n . Mol Iin Ohio Oil Packard Mol Park Ut Cop Plymouth P S of N .1 Pullman Purity Bjk R K O Rco Motor.v SI Joseph !.· 50 Cfll Edison Spcrrv Corp 51 G i E T W ,\ 5 Oil U S Smeller L'n Oil Cal Un G A: Imp Whili- .Mot Worth Pump 22' MASON CITY--For Wednesday (Quolatioiis b.v Swift Co.) Heavy hens over 5 pounds . . . Me Heavy hens over 4 pounds, including 5 pounds 13c Light and Leghorns 10~ Eggs. Specials IG L Eggs. No. 1 13e Eggs, Under Grades lOc Merchants Quotations Eggs, ill trade U'-l-!c* Eggs, cash. 12-Uc Butter, Iowa State B r a n d . . . .31c Butter, "Corn Country 29c Butter, Plymouth 31c Butter, Very Best 2Bc Butter, Clear Lake 29c- Butter. Brooktield - 29c Russet Potatoes, peek 3^c Early Oliio Potatoes, peck . .32c R'S NOTE--These rep- CI11CAUO I ' R O n U C K FVTL-BKS HVeilncsiIay i M a i k m CHICAGO. I,TI--Butter futures, storage stds.. close Nov. 22^BC. Ksg futures, r e f r i . slds.. Otrt. I Q I B C : storage packed firsts, ^larch 17Uc; Ap)iJ N E W Y O R K P R O D U C E I W e d n e s d a y Market* NEW YORK. t.-P^-Eggs 41.QQJ. steady to firm. Mixed colors, extra fancy -.c- leclinn I 8 ' ^ 2 2 c ; 5iandards IB'i'ii l«'' a c- firsts 17','*·*i lllic: modiums IS'iS lu'c; tlintos Ko. 1. I.Vic: average check slic. Butter 032.917. unsettled. Creamer v. hither extra 2A=i' r y,2;» t bc: extra 192 score" 24rtT24»ic: firsts 188-9 I t 23^2-lc; seconds I84-S7I 22'ii22*2C. Cbcc.'C? Sr.2,122," atcady. Prices u n changed. under other U l I I C A C O l'Oi:i-TRY t \VeJnf«aa.v . M a r k e t ! C1THICAGO. .,1'.--Poultry l i v imcky: itcntiy: liens 5 lb=. «nd I T ' j ' f I5' = c: t.pj;tiorii hens 16f- prices unchanged. CHICAGO CHICAGO. '.-!·--Butter 900,icn: u n j e t Ucd: creamery specials '93 score" 2 4 ' X '·|24'ic: extras (02i 24c: extra firsts iSO- 31' 23 a ic; firsts f]S-89l 23*'*-i23'ac: stand, ards '90 centralized carlotsi 24c; other prices unchanged. Eggs 3D.8G9. steady: prices unchanscd. Lomson Brothers Market Letter (U,R)-- . .. , -Robert Shoots was haled into court on a charge of allegedly failing to make an alimony payment on tfmc Shoots insisted he had sent the check. The judge demanded to whom. Shoots replied he had sent it to the judge himself. The judge _ checked up on his mail accurou- , lated during his vacation. The ali- Has Family Doctors KENDAVILCE. Ind., f/Pi--Four generations of Dr. William^es and have treated Daniel R. Wisel 101 I mony check was there. Burglar Locks Up Dog SAN DIEGO. Cal.. (U.RJ _ personification of precaution The O.'MIM MVf:.STOCK avr«tnrtd» M x r k l O.MAH.i. t r,-r. isrirnllure. J1OGS. saiab.'c :, dciwrt!r,ent n( steady to 5c year old Ci^'il «-;ir veteran. The f|lf £; pS£ | SK «*$ Di. b. T. Williams, and father, Dr. I about his \ P U I U I was Tiger. Jous Stave Off Prison SAN DIEGO. Cal., W.P.I--Two unemployed youths were sentenced by Municipal Judge Dean Sherry to "work for a living." a f t - j er they pleaded guilty to defrauding an innkeeper of D Si hotel bill. Then- six months' road camp sentence was suspended on condition that they find work. Both got jobs. Bird Flics 6,500 Miles PORT ELIZABETH. Cape Province, (U.P.)--After flying 6,500 mites, a tern, ringed in Germany died of exhaustion in the waters of the harbor at Port Elizabeth The aluminum ring encircling its leg bore the inscription "Vo-'el- warte, Heligoland, Gcrmanv." Gift b.v Walter p. Murphy (above), Chicago manufacturer of 50,500,000 will be used by Northwestern university for establishment of new institute of teciinology. Enrollment will be 800. Students will sjiend alter- nulc periods in school and in co- operatinr industries. GIobe^Gazette Sports Smart Tony Loses I Illinois Race Body to Younger Boxer i May Be Replaced With Plenty Punch M t M l f V/-M1 -if i n\ r,,. NEW YORK, W--There's more of the "fox" and less of the "tiger" in little Tony Canzoneri thee days, but the one isn't enough to offset luck of the other. SPRINGFIELD, III., ( of the Illinois racing commission, which the state senate voted 44 to 1 to abolish Tuesday rested with the lower house. I The senate measure provides that the present unsalaried tliree- man commission be replaced by a board of the same size whose members would receive $5,000 annually. strong opposition to the bill's passage is expected in the house. ! TM|New York Pros Win That fact blood out from the close decision the former lightweight champion dropped to Irish Eddie Brink ot Scranton, Pu a distinct underdog, before a crowd of 3,509 which paid 58,725.50 to sec the charity show Tuesday. A far cry from the little fel low once ranked as the g battler in the world for his ivcijjm and inches, Canzoneri fought only in flurries while Brink was swing- le;; from bell lo bell. ; r m r A r n d i m TI M -.r , king handed him a few weeks ago. j Thc Harlem G!obe TrotterSj an _ other Negi'o team from New York, ^_ j Yankees Hand Heavy HITLER'S SPOILS MARKET FOR IOWA CROPS Middle European Lard Imports Stopped, Says College Economist By t A U K E N K, SOTH Iowa Slate College AMES, (1DPA)--Adoiph Hitler's absorption of Czechoslovakia and economic domination of both Hungary and R u m a n i a have taken a w u y completely the little that was left of the great middle- European market for American j CLEAR-WATER. ..,,..,,,,, t l l t . j Brooklyn Dodgers needed a day of rest lo recover from the 9 lo 1 | pasting handed them by the New York Yankees, for their sixth defeat in 13 starts. Tuesday. The Dodgers' sensational 19 year old rookie infielder. Pete Reiser, Die Flatbushers their Reds, 36 to 33." Thc~Kate"'Smiui Celtics, New York, champions of the American league, defeated the New York Yankees, 36 to 25 in an exhibition game. FIGHT RESULTS I!y Tlle Associated Press run with his eighth inning homer STOCKTON. Cal.--Ccfcrina Garcia, oft Jack Haley. Mamin. u,, n ^L-..^ ,,... -L.,_, ,,_ , . , " Ul Cllic£ Parls ' "'· KESXJLTS By The Associated Press NEW VOflK--ISlcddic Brink 139H hcranlon, pa.. oulpQlnlecl Tonv C.TIIZQU- eri. H1»J. formei- lifllu Height "champion New York i.ioi. Wcslej- Ramey. 134 G r a n d Rajjitls. Midi.. ,,i,(pointed Jla.vie Berser. US. N e w Y o r k 181. ., iSlve . ^' Ew YORK -- Hoey Kontana. 135. Brooklyn. leclmlcally knocked out Join Hct- nandcz, 132=1. Puerto Rleo (21. ·\VKESTLING RESULTS By United Press NEW YORK ist. Nlck'sl-Davc Ltvln. Vew Yorft. p| mlcl i Bun Shalom, Pa!«- foodstuffs. Iowa farmers will feel the^pinch of the los.s of this former large market for lard in the next tu-o years as hog numbers in this country increase. The two biggest markets for American exports ot foodstuff5 have always been the industrial sections Europe. Wesley Musicians Give Program at School Auditorium WESLEY--A musical program was given in the high school auditorium Monday night with a presentation of numbers which arc entered in the sub-district contest .- .... to be held at Buri. of England and middle- | A mixed chorus presented three I The gradual breakdown [ numbers; the girls' sextet, two - - c,- i vi vaivuu\vu [ .i«"iuwi ^, nn,- yu LS sextet two of the market in Germany began , numbers: two bass solos by Victor in the twenties as tariffs were j Mullin; Girls' Glee club, two inim- raiscd by the Germans in an e f f o r t ! bers: violin quartet, two numbers; LO DEI V Off til pi r TV;\I- /inli4c- \-,\r n.- t \vn cnln^ \-\\t \*\,t T : ,.!- ,,: _ to pay off their war debts by exporting more than they imported. The process lias been" completed by Hitler--not ' ' two solos by Ann Lickleig. The band with its 2 members . U *III..M.».M L-Iosed the program by playing Germany j three numbers. The band will not CHICAGO--Wheat: There were good rains and snows over tlie southwest Tuesday niqht and indication*; arc tor some unsettled weather aUhovigh becoming fair and warmer Thursday (or more oE the crain belt sUlo*. Prices in our market held steady during most or the season. There was moderate b u y i n g toy cash brokers presumably of the 5am*c nature and for the 5^me purpose aa was some of the tutvtnj* Titcday. Tlierc was 7i little escort bneinc.cB jn United Slate* Xo. I hard n-hcfl( from I f i c Iu!f. aljont r0.000 bcinE rcportcti. KtissiAn sprint: pe rcent of the program for tn'e f u U ' y c n r ftrmparcci with 1..". per cent Jhis time ];isl year, Tnc welcome moUtnrr in ilic brought l i t t l e or no IinuidTlioj in Wednesday's wheat market and al- ihmiph local sentiment ;.t the moment i* ^JiRhtly carisi- there is very l i t i l e prc*- Mirc put on the m a r k e t fro HI" t h a t source, Cnrn:_ Cash interest" bought a l i t t l e corn \l~edncfd.iy morning hut prices in tills m a r k e t were inclined to rir.iR. Broomhall aid t h a t Euqland hoiiRlU D ^ n n b i A u vorn Tuesday .it 6?"p. cents and Amcrfi-AU corn a t P 6 ' 3 ccatf. Xn A r R c n l i n c t-alc* were rcoortcd but o f f c r t n c s havr now been lou-orpd from t h e plain i n d i c a t i n e lite -^ppronch of the new crop movcnicnl. Juniors at Manly Present "Youth Comes MANLY--The junior cla^s play, , "Youih Comes Tripping," \vas I presented Tuesday afternoon for | the grade pupils and in the even- | Ing. , This three act comedy was prc- i scnted under the direction of Miss Bartii by a cast composed of Ai- bert Pfalt7.gralf, Robert Mui-phy. Dorothy Culver, Darreil Gavin Lov.-cll Northway, Harold Ris.-Icr. Ruth Sehwiirlz. Arlene Forland and Kenncih Hasscbrock. Spoils Trade Agreement The t a k i n g over of Czechoslovakia by Germany nullifies the trade agreement made by tins country with Uie Czechs. Germany is the only nation in the world to which we do not give the benefit ot the lower tariffs under the trade agreements. This is because Germany discriminates against our exports and prefers to make barter deals for the imports it needs. | Jn addition, our tariffs against i German goods arc being boosted I because of United States 1 disap- j proval of the territorial grabs' made by Hitler. So far all practical i purposes v.-e have .stopped t r a d i n g j with central Europe. Took Pork Products f Germany used to take better j than 300 million pounds ot lard I and other hog products annually. 1 Czechoslovakia took around 80 ! million and Austria 30 to 35 million. Hungary is a small e x p o r t e r : of hog _producls, usually selling about 25 million pounds a year. Rumania has been a negligible i ·* factor in the world hog products ' S trade. | _ Now this is all gone. ' Thc story is similar for wheat ui and corn. Rumania and Hungary ' Z have been .small exporters of these-' grains, but their exports would! hardly have been sufficient to '· TM supply Czechoslovakia alone in j 9 the past. Hitler plans to increase ! ·-. production of foodstuffs in R u - ' mama and Hungary as he has in I i£ Germany so that he will be indc- · pendent of foreign supplies. Process Is Completed Our exports of all products to · Germany and Austria had di-.-in- ' died in 1938 to about one-fourth I winch they were in 1929. Now we ' can expect even this small a m o u n t ! to be decreased. And we arc losing as well most of the good market in Czcc-ho-Slovakia and the small markets in R u m a n i a and Hungarv. As Secretary Wallace sa id the other day, we will have to gel accustomed to doing without the trade we had in central Europe. \Ve had lost most of it before the recent G e r m a n march into Czccho-SIovakia. Now the procc« is complete. WANTED PREFERRED STOCKS OF United Light Railway Co. Northern States Poivcr Co. Geo. A. Hormel Co. Iow;i Public Service Co. Western Grocer Company Iowa Light Power Co. R;ith Packing Co. A.M.ScknkeCo. Miison City. lo\va Telephone 1300 FOR SALE CHEAP! 5 F-20 Farmalls, all overhauled look and run like new, new suarantce. a Regular Farmalls, alt first class shape. Satisfaction guaranteed. 5 Used F-12s with cultivators, cheap ir taken now! 8 10-20 IHC's, all overhauled, first class shape, cheap. SPECIAL DEAL An F-12 with 9x40 tires, also cultivator and power lift. This tractor is new, used to demonstrate about a week We will take a bis discount on it. New type Hammermill with traveling: feed table. U s e d sliphlly to demonstrate. Will give 575 discount. We trade for Cattle, Horses, Hoss, Grain or used machinery on either used or new machinery. IVilt give 18 months time ,on approved notes. CLEAR LAKE GRAIN CO. George P. Newman, Prop. ALLIS-CHALMERS ALLIS-CHALMERS ALLIS-CHALMERS Good Used Machinery Z 1 ~^,\ C - Tractor °" Rubber Tires with Cultivator ant] power "* !~i'"5° V» U|J CuUivalor - 1--Kordson witli Cultivator. 1--John Deere Motle! B with Cultivator (tike, new) ;*---Sets slightly used tractor tires. Jlorsc.s solii u r ilh a guaranty of R. L. DIXSON m 5 ? 2: m South Federal ! ALLIS-CHALMERS ALLIS-CHALMERS Phone 112$ ALLIS-CHALMERS n ? forc S°'"g seldom hear anvbodv · , - - , "is rights ,-mct l i b c r i i c s i dojsumlcis the law i.v trying to m'ahe; Nazi Copy-Cats Charley Chaplin "say.'- t h a t mils- \ ~r " ~ ·^f * ' * -- V V V . V * *-'7 ' | Annual Rummage ! GARNER--Garden department i of the_Gnrncr Woman's club clear- j cd S6i at an annual rummage sale I m the town hall here Saturday. a · Mrs. Chris G. Olson, president and 1 Mrs. Charles Marks, sales chairman, revealed. Lunches were .served all day by a committee headed by Mrs. Ed Wettcrling and Mrs Charles Engstlcr. TOTTENHAM, ETigiaTui .T. -Giving evidence in court here -i him q u i t some graft that h a r m s ' the public.--Fountain Inn Tri- I bunc. i J up, then thrown at mp." LIVESTOCK AUCTION FRIDAY, MARCH 31--12:30 SHARP, 400 -- CATTLE -- 400 Special consi K nmcnt of 128 choice White Faced steer calves ' th °i rtl , ^ and hei ine bul ! s ^ weighing; about while faced and Shorthorn 550 Ibs., consigned by nn- a . , , - , e fauc(l slccrs *-c«ghln S 850 j , 24 white faced steers neighins 500 Ibs. (acclimated). TM - ru " ° r stock Clttlc ° r au classcs; TM c TM s '" « i P nn n r B1 "/ C °" '? 3 " d hcifcrs: '"-"dtng bulls and veals. n f fi ? , P ^ WCiglU 65 1bs " SOO(1 " mM ^' othcr r i n . K a wcl « hls ' r a o s t of which are lonp; time vaccinated; bred sows and boars. "We have a bi ff demand for alt SHEEP £1 =l" d r VfS - ?. Ur market xvi " P'casc ym, S1IEEP-- Fat lambs, feeding Iambs, ewes and uurto. a bie a *.TM n * f ° r a " Cla sse^ of replacement eattle. · vn,, b , dcr , s for y o u r 5loch in o u r sa!c lh an any you can market them. ft - grain TION COMPANY F O R PROMPT S A S A T I S F A C T I O X Ltstcn to KG1.0 a .t 9:15 Friday morning f o r Iast minu , c a n _ nonnrrincnls of llic sale. Clear Lafee Auction Co. PHONES ;;::,,;·'!,-. CLEAR LAKE, IOWA

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