The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 14, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1818
Page 4
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CHANCERY. - r - t . i wmK. . . i.HtOf aa order - of UiM' - UaortDM 'iWLbAriidata thn.,.i3U dV ef JtM, 1CI0, will be mldUfM aortion l Mm Toe - CrtIV . - House, la Ui fit of New - Torn of i umL tl aticctioa f the lubecriber. tw loU of tO - MfwfiatiM Kighth Wrdof the City of New - York, einS Prt (nmuu whereof A - itjofiy Lipenrd, a c eased, died sUd, ud an pisiuifcyi' - 'w rimy jmnvm w im ' " or lhe said Aninony lispsmard, bjf'.xsoe. 574 ansi 3i,'od taken together ai bcnnde d easterly on Had atreet, t5 feeV wfiterty' by a ttreef not jet tamed SS feet southerly by Ml No 67 .. - . tin , ' i . 1 1 at J c rft man 3ti, npn onooriy ,4jt sot. not. guiw logtCHsrwrtk. herWiUajeU d appurtf - r.nce.t4 Um lama belonging or in anywise np - retaining.', pAted June 30th, 1818" , y " T" THOMAS BOLTON. ! TT .Win CHAct.a. - 1 .'',' u . - '. - fcrVsft f jYet - York. . i,TR punMMce of u order oithibooonbtcoH. 1 bearing 4t tb lOthday ofJttoe, 1818,. will " Te told at public uction,J at the Tontine Coffce Houke, in the eit of Nt w York, oa the :m oar of V ntv n rt l 4 o'clock at noon, under the di - rechon of tbe. subscriber All that certain lot. niece - or parcel of land, situate at Greenwich; id Jhe ninth, (late ewba) ward of Hit eity of Nw - jYork,dribdfaiuapU)ereof, madehyj.ip, Vleton and Bridges, March 19m, 1318, a lot No. 3 beginning nftbe - eetheast corner of taid lot (Lont 44 ft. 1Q iocli. from tbt coruer fofaiefl by ' V intrrmUm bf Hammond and Greenwuh - firbeti)'VacT running thence norttierly along , iifetnwkb.tteet aforewOd Hi feat Ibroxe went riy torilie lot detcriNed ontaitl any ai lot jMabertwOf a J feet incbta; thence again weit i erry - alonA tJie said lot number two, 42 feet t. rarnerttheBce - 'eertneriy Bln? a aid lot number ' WTfnH 4 lnche,; tbence eitrly felons lam) ' TioVor lafe of Anba Scudder, 19 Itet ; thence outitcrly a ions land oow or 'a,e Gvorge ' 0. , ilTiorpr, ?? feetl tbence eaaterly Along Uad o Aleiander Ritchie, 65 fee!4 incUa, to he place begawn i together with the ttereditaatentt omd appttrt - n - inc to the anme belongin or ap - rertaniiog. lattd Jane 30th, 1818 - r - ' " . ' - THOMAS HOLTOJf, . tie301awtjyl4dt ; ' Matter in Chaaeery. rr to ruivi'k'uV' - .V XMfV A fV'.ii Vnrt ' - ''' I!f nnniuniice' or M order' of thit bonorabta i : - - I m.r f . lOtD will be told U public aaction, at the Tontine Colfre Home; m the city of Raw .York, wider (be dirpction pftheMbtrriber. at One of the oa f crt or thii mtirr, od ihe tttt day of J uly neit, at Jlo'tloclt at noon, all (how teverai bJorkt.pie - fnotparee.f of croead. iituafe, tying and being in tl tQTntbJp of Ucoottyn, ia the county vl Kingi.and ftate 6f NeH - flfork, bforetaid, and knovnaed dittingnithed on a iiiap made by Jtr - emiabLotL ihe Wlb day of March, 1803, b . the folrnf bound rfiet, t wit, northerly in front by Water - tweet, cooawny in the rear ny froet - ttrert.eattrrlt on the one tide br "Jack - tofi'ttreet; antl ireitertr' oa the vther tide by iW - tlfett, containing fonrequareeor bloctt of rMn4. vAhoKDAoa certain water loft, rytnjr iiMhediatcTy in Irorft of the before detenned JItockt, luadetfM Wlowt to. wit eatteHy by etkaoa - ttreet, reutherly by Water - ttreet, and . wetter! fbj fjold - ttroet, ooataiping in breadth c Hfltrrrtet ipe tuttanct aetween umo - aau Jacktoa - itreet, and running into the LaatRirer at far at the grant of tbe corporatinai of the city or New - XorH exfcndt, fill) Irm appurtenanui. Dated June t,l til 3. - "'5, .MME8 A. HAMII.TO.V, , ' Matter in Chancery. ? Note. Tb abdve pronbrtjr will be told in lott and parrelt, according to a 'certain map to be made thereof, which trill be eibihibitrd in tlie Coffee - hoate on week before tbe day of tale. ,Jt30 awtwdlw . i.. , . . W tHANCKKV. Ir .f - r ' i; j : Siatt if Atye - Yni, it. . IX nurtnaace of an order of the Honorable Coart, bearhar date the SCth dny o( J une. ei;ti - .teen hundred aadaigb'ct a, will be told at public aaclifta at the - Tontine Coffee Houte, ia the city of Aew - Xotk, UDder the direc tion of thetutwen - her, it one W the Maiten of the Court, on Tuet - ii the flit of Julr teit. &t12 o'clock, noon. , all thatcertain dwelling houte, lot, piece, and nareai oferouaA. titaate. Ivins. and lieine in the kiglilh Ward of the eity of ftew - Vork, known on a man of the farm of like' We Nkholat Dar - ard,by fat No, 99, on the wett tide of f! roadway, which taid lot containt In rtreadth, in front and reaT.fwentr Ave, feetand iq tejigth on each tide, one nuoared fee and it i.ound at followt ; north - erlj - I by lot flfo. 100, formerly owneil by Satuael leekaiaiit wetterly, in the rear by lot So. I li, oow, or late ovned by liaac B. Cor. and Cornelia, Mi wife, toutherly, by jot No. 98, and eat - terty, in front by Broadway. And alto, nil that lot or piece of ground, titaate in tbe tame ward, and known upon the tame map, by the No. 1 12, bounded wetterly br MerceY itreet, northerly by Int 111. toutherly by. lot .3 o. 1 13, and cat - turly by lot Mo. 99, being in breadth, in front aud laarVtwenty five feet, and ia - - length on - each ride one hundred feet,' wtm the aprmrtetiancet. . Dated June 27. 1818. - ' JAMEs A. IIAMIM W, '7l?aw2wd1i Mailer In Chancery. BwTu riClLia hereby xirea to all tbe creditor! i3i of Jotrch sitture. aa insolvent dehtor, that ikdiritioo ol the tnooiet which hare come to the handtof the aittigneet, from hit ettate, will he made among hit creditor! on Monday, the21tt i nf Hni ember next, at 10 o'clock in the fore' - Tnn. at the ttore of thuuhtcrihcr. Daniel Lord, Nrf.7TWater - ttreet, New York and tie tai'ie - - wittlheri and there lie paid to the creditor!, ac rnr.iinr to the rrovnioni of the act fbreitior re. ' lief w cam of totolreocy, pawed' April I3tb, Notice it alio trea, that a general meeting of all tbe eaid creditors held at the place a - foretaid, oa Friday, the 14 Hjay of Auruit next, at 10 o'clock in tlie foreooon,.ljrr (he pur - mu of examining and aiccrtaininr: tlm dtibltdue t'ecn creditor,, according to the kmrvitino of the laid acKDatedNeoj fork, June 17th. im . , . , , . , Daniel lord, - AHimeet 1 ELISHA ELY., $ Al,6fl'f' v 'Je'l8'Ut3m .i , T At acouft ol, cbaactiry held fur Iho state ! of Ntw .York, hi tbe city bail f the c - ty of Now York, Oolite fifteenth duy of .'L - j - Junin t'' yaacoLour Xiord one thou - tand eight hundred and eighteen : , , , rEir,.iTi': ' ' - c The honorable James Kent, F.fquirr, .' i . Caancehor. - . - " - " - Mjir faultier. - i - ' ' " ' .' IT appealing by affidavit Benjamin Gaxlier, 1 to the atniactiaa of this ceort. that proceii of tobptcoa t a ppear and na - wer m tint casta hath been regahuly ittved a - gainat the above aamed deleodant, llenjamin (rtutrer, ktrt that he, the taid defendant, could not, tinoo diligent learch and enquiry, made in - termedtate the teste and return of the laidtub - pxaarbe foaofl to beaervad therewith And it further appearing by the laid affidavit, thai (lie lid defendant resides at present either in tbe city of Philadelphia, io the. state of Pennsylvania, or in the towa oiBottoa, ia the tttte of Mai - iwhawttt, aad oot without tbe trrritoriet ol tlie Uoite4 Sutet of America. , Aad on motion o( R, C,X,vdlou, J uaior, Etq solicitor for tlie com - rUinaat. it t ordered that the taid defendant, BtajamiaGautirr, do cauiehit appearance to btcnttred, and hit antwer in thit caute to be fi - witoia four months from tbe date of tkis or - Ajyvt ia delsuit thereof that the cowpiainant't hilt of complaint betaken pro - confetto againil bier - And it u further ordered, that a copy of thit c.TiVer he publitbtd within tweaty trom tliedate hereof, in on or niore of the pebhc newvpapet prialed ia llnritate, for eight week! tuccttuvety, onceirt teut in wry week, i ISA AC L. KIP, ' iegQtawBw Awirtaat Regirtcr. ' i WET M'RSK irJAT! n 0.fc, - . . j - - ' "Wiy t avilk, and mho can produce tatisfacMrv tntimnn;.i. chititter, iit. .n meet wrth encourtgemeht, IZZT V . ? v - 'J9' . .. . t t. - . ' iiiiaOU,.rrn ;VAT?..?1 iTl. - . JkkhhameM. he mutt, be perfectly gentle. RvwouioVb prefi.ed. VAts ASo. 1 - of the art . r 1 . HCnERKAineieki - h Seller of tbe town V V ea Brooklyn, by hit certain tndentare of aongagc, bearnigoate tue iweaiy nm aay September lor im better eecwnnx tne paj - ateotof tbe na of three buadred - aad fifty doi - lara, Uwrol money of the United Siattiof America, aogether with the lawful intercit for the tamo according to die condition! of a certain bond bearing even date with the taid mortgage, did great, bargain aad eeli Mto John Crapeer, of the city of flew - York, hooae painter, all that certain lot ofcroaiui teifhtbe baihliiurt thereon, U zmit al a circc! ef remi ia the ct'y of New - York, dittiniruithed and known by tbe name of Bayardi West Term, and particular IrdetignMed in a map thereof made by C T. Oearck. bflttdSbe'r three' bundred and forty - fire, titaate oa tbe weit aide of ,aeret between linoome aad Spring - ttreeU, nod bounded easterly la front by Laurena - tircet, wetterly in the rear by lot number throe hundred and tiaty - four, toetherty oa one tide by part of the laid lot, number three hundred and forty fire, and northerly ou by lot number three hundred aad - fbrty - ii t containinr ia front and rear twelve feet fn width and in lerrth' on each aide oat bobdred feet be the nme more' or kti. which laid lot of grwHodwat eoU by the Corporation of Hid city to wm fj. - ctmert, tor arreartoi taxes am tbe 17th day i.fjene 1811, tor the term of 1C rtart froen the 13th Mar of taid rear, and br the said Wm. li. Simera conveyed to the taid Joha Cranter on the 7lh March 1812 : And whereat default bat been made in (he payment of vw pniK - rpai ana mieren aue upon iniu dooo and M ortgage. according the coodit ion thereof. Nutlca h hereby riven thit by virtue of a pow .k - " . , a 1 I .1 . er1 contained in the taid mortgage, and in pursuance of the ttatute in tutu case wade and rovi - ded, the laid mortgaged prcmitet will be aobJat puDiic.aucua ur venaue on ine win day oi January nxt, at twelve o'clock at noon, at the Ton - ' in Coffen Hou hi the city of NeWrYurk. Da - ' ted, June 26Ut lUltt. , - ' ' rKTV.R D WiTT, Attorney. 4 ., ' Jy 1 i i : iiAUUUA.l sOrAvIAlK AMJCABI - NET FUftNJTUtUV t ' - Vs. 49 liKEKMjUr STIlKET. fPlLK aubtctiber beg.i bare to return luttin - X cere thank t to thote tadiet and gentlemen who have been kind enough to honor him with their cotnmandt, and to inform them, and the ad - mirert ol tandiaa. furniture in gmernl, that he Uat oa hand tome tery elcsanf rofni, chnirt, card, Pembroke and extending pntent !iuw la blet, grand tideboard, inlaid with hili polished ornamental hraM - work nod rce - wooil, card ta blet to rnati'h, Grecian couchrt, toliit, diai'e lodirjf, mttuc, ttoolr, chain, Kc. Abio, a li hrary ttepchaJr, the utility of which he partu lartr recommenili. All furniture warranted of the tt quality and worKmanjrui,ajid or tbe newett European faaii iont. Order! etecuted to. any part of the union to any drawing,, oh the ntoit reatonable termt and punctuality forcaih. Ladiet or gentlemen baring fancy woodi, mar hare them manufactured to any article they with, by applying at above. mr 30 iro A. M. HAYWOOD. KXMiaiTiiiir or thb rim allTt, t COLUMBIAN PICTURE GALLERY". Wo. 1 46 Futlon - ttrett, near Uroaiictty. ', THE proprietor of thit valuable and txtcn - tire collection of picture!, embraces tbe opportunity of inforniin; cnnoouiieara and amateur! of the Cne art, and the enlightened public New York, that the rail err will in future be open from S in the morning till half past 10 at nijht. From 8 in the evening to half rtatt 10, gallery it brilliantly lighted op, and the ad - mwioo only 35 cents ' ' 1 Thete pw.turet bare been collected, at the ex - pente of SjOOO dollart, and arc allawrd, by thr J bet jatlget, to be the finrM tpecimeat of the ever exhibited ia the' United Stater, being gemt, tclected with peculiar kare, from the various cabinet! in Rome, Naples. Florence, Am ttervlam, Pari? aud (.oodoo, and the work of tbe moat approved painter - , both ol the ancient and modem tchoolf, aud are andonbteuly ongmali. Artittt, ladiet or geotlemen, will he entitled to f'uJy, or dipy any of the pictnrct, by becoming tubtcriben. I Adios or gemtemeo, who have tubicribed one dollar, ort paying another, will be contulered tabscrrbm lor the tenron. fjy Admittance, forthe day and evenin',' 0 rentt ; la month, CI; for tbe tcaron, 2 taldsnei included. J24 lav . PROSPECTUS, 0 to rciinnmo m scaicRirnow A M AP OF MEXICO ANO LOUISIANA. rpH E publication of thit Map hut been under - X1 taken with the impretiion. that it will ex - hihit information, highly interesting at thit event - iui crmi , sod me valuable Mapt which the au - thor hat procured,deripe hitieveral tours through mexico, in u.e yeari ihucj, lmt, iui, iuis, 1815, 1816, and 1817. induce him ro beieivethat the Map, wittieveo all it imperfection!, will be much the mott perfect which bat appeared be - lorc inc puoiic, - : Thit Map will contain tbe latett and best information from the difcoveiii t and poueitioni of the A merit an, Spanuh, Rutiian, Brilith and rench traveller! and navigatort and repreten - liug the claiiui of their retpective govrnineaU on uie nonnHCiuro coasi oi America. Ttie Map will include that portion of rorlb America, which liet between the Ilhmui of Da - rien, and the4Uth decree of Noith Latitude, and from the Miniitippi llivtr wettwordly to the racinc ucran. . In lire the Map wll be about tix by five feet, and will be projected oa a tcalo of 40 milet to tlie inch, to be delivered to Uie tubscribcri at fifteen dollart e&cb. , ! Natcliet. March 7. 7818. np7(Ai1 :; ONT - A LTA For SAl.Lor to LK I', kihI ilvJL - tmmediatejiettetiion given, the beautiful place called Mont - Alta, teven mile from the CiryHaH. - on the North River, adioinin - r Lord Courtenay'a. It containi SO acret of laixl under improvement, with n large gsr.lcn well 'locked with yegrtahlet a vanaty ol iru.l, wiia.everi conveniem e for a family. For terms, whict tre very reaionable. and if told a lone credit ei vrn if wanted, npply to N. it D. TALCOT I, 64 hmtlh - ttreet. Je Iz IP Ort. SAI.E, renun olCuiMa Paper, ttiila '. ble for lias Box rcakert. or luear Bakers The qaality and tizu it the tame at tbe Evening ion it pnaied on. . - Apply at tint otuce. Je 18 . - TUST pnbli.hed and for talc at WILLIAM t. IJU BUI3' piamviorte ant muuetfere, flu. 12d broad war, - Thine - am I my fuilhfnl fair; the soldier't bride and from childliood's dawn to noen of youth sung py Mr. riiiuppi. j Ah can I e'er forget thee lore ' Tbe celebrated echo song j The inspiration, tarred melody l The St too air, with variation, hy Cramer , I lay du'i celebrated ennzonet, My mother bidi me bind my hair, at a i oodo ' i Twenty four Knatai, for youogrxirfermert, by 3. IS. Lballoner i The axe Cobour; waltz, with rariationt The Sophia Waltz The itarm rondo, by fit eibelt ' Jel2 rtTtsT I'M Mj - marts, &c. fr H E subscriber intending to part for Lcn JL don about the eod of the present month, ofl'crt for sale a few elegnot patent piano Cartes. jnit finished and warranted of ai uperior quality. ' He would be nappy io attend to the orders of Unfriends lor Londoa piaqofortet. tin long experience in the manufacture of piano's ia thii city he truiti will give every coofijeoca in bit rtJU c. ,w k . i...,v... - iL nKlilw ,A 1.. .,.,.h ava .1 Ik. Km fl..l.l. v ui r tv( vuiu vu v v iieusi wer vi uaa w iu ui itrictly attended to. and mamifaclnreU onder hu .: v .v. . ... j , i r dor.. LCmmiuion bovmer, of any Mod, wiOiin bi, i au - .my to pcrtorm, will xe faithlully attended to. ' Tbo persoot who are indebted te bim wui P;e lb is. as oon at convenieat b bdeb,e4wiU prtieol A l . - WITT umVp . o . v - V, ft! ? j. a : .... ?iVT'UM . KAlSIXC. ft ia i ' in til ol of WUEATON'S ITCH OlXTMJvXT. THE long and saccettful ate of thit oiotoieat ia a tulhcient recooimeedation, at it bat been fooad te be a pleatant, lafeand certain e - nedy for that ditagreeable ditette ia all ita tta - 5et. It it for tale in the city ef New York, by . A. ft T. R. fort, No. 41 William - ttreet i I T. Clark, No. 85 Maiden - Lane ; 11. H - Schiefftlin & Co. No. 193 Pearl ttreet ; Lawrence ft. Keete, No. 19S Pearl - tlreet ; Hull & Bowne, 140 I'earl - ttreet ; K. al U Murray, 31. Pearl - ttreet i i. M. BradlmnO, 314 Pearl - itreet ; John Penford, No. 4 Fletcher - ttreet ) Uurree ft Poe. in Pearl - ttreet: Jol.n C. Morriton. 188 Greoowieb itreat ; Joha P. 'Kwher, l06 Broa.f - way t Walter 4: Seaman, cornei - of Chamber - it; and Broadway, aad ado inChatham - ttreet ; ant thortit may be procured at moitof tbe Drug Storet in thii city Alio in Philadelphia, of b. Witherell it Soot : Geonre Harrell . Nortfi - fc Ro ger!, and almott all the drugsisla in the principal lowot in the united ciaiei. . , MKKWUt, WHEATO.N'3 JAUNDICE BITTERS mat be had at the above placet. jan K 6in VACUA bLrJ REAL .b t OK SALE, in tb t - irr or'nKW - Tonar. ITWVE lott of ground on the writ tide oT.Green - V wtcb - rtreet, between Veitfl and JJesbroi - Mt - itreeu, tb by 80. . . ; r our do ia the rear ol Lhe anore, Xroating on the eait tide of Wathingtiin - ttreet, 25 by tUJ. . llizhtdo in the block nalow. hetwtea tVaih - ington and Wett - atrett. - . is MntgomcrT uesnly. 6000 acres of Land in Lawrence't purchase, near East Canada. Creek, ou tlie noitb tide of tbe Mohawk. " ; ; : " . " ' lu Franklin Counfy. ' 1 5,1 60 arret of Land, iu the towm of Mount Morris and Dayton. - - - . - . .'In Eel County. lUlt acret of Land in th town of Barryaaore. - In the Count v oflKit. .' . ' - It50'acrei of laud in Cattetlaad, Chaua.i.jM aiviiate. . , fc '' In Saratoga County. " '! . - S60O acret in Palmer! nun haw. - t Eauiire at tlie oibce of the tuhtcrilier. 34 Ce dar - aireet. j - ' BEVr ROBINSON. Hill 17 tf ' G. SAUiNDt.U'&l'ATKA I HA .OK STROP. ' You tint with to tbave with rate, ' . . Buy ol dAi'aoERt il you pletre ; llii Razor Stroj.'i, ieculiartuch. Tint tharpithe Raxor with a touch. G SAUNDERS retnectfuily tolirili thote . who have not got hit Pateut Razjr Strop, to furniih tliemielvet with bit new inverted Ra - tor Strop, and Metallic Compoiition. Nog - n tleiuan who once makei trial of one of the btrcpi now offered, mill ertrtry any olaeri; and inch ii their formation, that ever so much use will not give tlie razort that rouadnett which render! Hit beitof them utelett, and which it well known always to follow the application of all thote hither - r. . i ft - . a i iu mvriiicu. i lie auove airopi are iu general ue in New York, and are diitinguithed from all other. Barbert who have ur - ed them fay more their praite than I can mytelf. . G. SAUNDERS, 1 '18 Walliitreet. - ' Alio lor tale, Razort. Son p. and every uten - for Shaving, of the firtt quality, with a lupe - rioriftoitmiotof Perfumery. Hair - Powder, tic. from Smyth'i, New Boud ttievt, London. - . N. B. The mott liberal allowance made to dealers. my It ton ssiLV oh 'Jtt i.r.jizt:, Lotiio the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wardi: many which are on regulated and paved ttreett. No money - wiif'tw required under ten yean, u told, inti - ceit ixceptt'd. Several two and thrt e ttnry houwiei which a great part of the mnney remain i n mortgage. ' . . JjA.VHIAU A I KKll HOOK. ' ' An eicelleatttand for bonnet, with ten arret land, plemantly tituated, with a wharf, ttore - houe and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, iNear Iew - liaven, with 40acreiol Innd, and a never failin ttream, upon which iO luilltmay be erected, wiXh a luScitncy of water lor each. Appiyai ro. z VTreenwicn - streei.' - )BII 13 ll UXt LKT, The elesantS ttorv home No. 7 Hud' toii - ttree:, which command! a pleasant view of the f ark and river, rotten ion may be had in a few da vt. . ' Alto for tale, the lurmture of taid houte. It it of the belt qaality ; well fitted, and tuitable to a genteel lamiiy. Apply at above. . : i my 11 (f A farm go tlie Hudson, atout a mile from .Vewkurgh, containing 13J acres, 33 oi which are Woodland, th rest it divided by good fence into a duo proportion ol meadow, arable and pasture land. The building! are partly new ; the houte uonvrni nt for at mall family : id tifu - ation ii equalled in brant b few. on tlie river ; the advantaet - t. from the vicinity of a nourish ing village, of puhlic - worship, society and good market, with the facility or communication with Mew V ork. render it driirahie residence (or a gentleman. 4000 dollart olthe purchnte Biowy may remain on mortgage l tbe payment cf the rett will be made eaiy to the porcltarer. Apply on the premitet, to Je23 tf - . I. VERPLANCK. Tlie subscriber ofi'ert for Bale hit rest lence in the town nf Fairfield, ttate ol Connecticut. It it pleasantly litur.ted, on the B niton road, about half a rtiile from Long island Sound. So uiiUt from New York, aad 20 from New Haven. The house and out - houtet are in etctlitnt repair. 1 be Iruit yard it well ttocked with a variety nf pear he t, &nricnti, cherrirt, rears and tfrawberries. Tliere are in the vicini ty acanemiet ior ine eoucaiion oi youin oi ooin texet. t rom one torn ncret ol excellent lann, at the option of tlte perchater, can be had with the hour and the purchate money, if dcrirrd. can remain on iitterett. For termt apply to ISAAC M. F.LY. - Etq. 76 John Mreet, N. Yfl ortothe Hon. JONATHAN STURGES, Fair field, Connecticut. my dt uaviu uil AvUiiniinK ixiiqiii, mine inui iriiuni part ofPearl - itrett. For particular! enquire at 197. np it'ifrt. JeX5 MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF THBl C1TT OV VKW - TOHK. ThttldtH IruUtutwnfoT Jniuranct aprinitfin riSURE againtt Lots or Damage by Fire, Dwellinx Houut.Ware Houtea, Buikliogtiu general, Merchandize, Ships in port .and tbeir Cargoes, Household r urnr.ue, ana every oe tcriptionof personal property, on terror at favo. rl,f. m Bimilnr in,f itulioni tn thiteitv. Thit Company it incorporated eofely for the nirnoM of msiirine araintt lottet by fire, and hat circumscribed its operationt chiedy within tbit city and immediate proximity, in addition to tlie Capital Stock, 1500,000, which it secured by bond and mortgage on real ettate and public ttockl. thit Company pomeitct ahmloroe turptut l una, invested in line man nf r : riartieinstured may therefore repnae the ful lest confidence in the solidity of iti capital, and Ibat any rnttn or daretK will be eettlea WHO nrnwinlitnde and bneralitr. . - The different rates ol premium and conch lioni of Insurance are uniform with thote of the other Fire Insurance city. - - The public are referred for particular! to the printed propot ah) in circulation, and which may be had en apptkration at No. 5? Wall ttreet. ' GABRIF.n FURMANfIreiioVnt, - JOHN PINTARD, Secretary. ' may 28 . - .. 8TEAM - BOAT LINE, APKLtHl.1. fOR PHllJll r war or EMiAiETntTown roiir. (Through ia One Day.) - ANEW Line of PottCoocbct withercry con - reniuice for ptucngert and baggage, on Snnogi, ttartt froin the Coach office. No. Courtiand - ttreet. near Broadwar. ftew - Tork, every morning, (Sundnrt excepted) at 5 o'clock in the Steam Boat Alalnnta, via Eliiabetlitown, Uniatwick. rnncfon, 1 renton aud unttoi, ana arrive t Philadelphia the tame afternoon, at 4oclr,lk. ..: . A accond Line of new Pott Coarhei will st.irl from New - York every morning, (fcumlayi ex ceDted.i at 10 o'clock in the SUaiu Boat Atatm tnt lod;e at Trenton, aad arrive at Philadelphia, ia abteamBoat, next morning at 10 oVhrk. Pare 5 dollart. P. g. Panengrrt are requetti d to call and take (heir Seatt at the ooice .no. i L'oiirtlaiid - t. N. V. ' .'...,. L'mted fclatet Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Wathington City, with every convenience for patteugcri and baggage, - on orinei. Tlie U. S. mail coach will ttart from Die coach office, No. 1 Cpurtlandt - tt. New - Vork, every dar at X o'clock. P. M. and arrive at Phil adelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Onij 6 pat - lereert admitted. . - . For teattintlit a hove named Linet, apply to; TI10S. WHITFIELD, at the old ettat.lilhed Coach, and Steam Boat office. No. - 1 Court - I landt - ttieet. near the corner ol Broadway, New York ; or to A. T. GOODRICH & CO. No. 114 Broadway, corner of Cedar - ttreet, and at rio. 63 Whitehall - ttreef. New - York. 00" All goods and ban - nee at the risk of the owner. htU.1, CUHS ov cv. N. B - Expretiet tent to any part of the Con. r THOMAS WHITFIELD. Je J4 SWIFT SURE MAIL COACHES, for rnu.ADKi rma, . '. " frT - Iave New - York .ffe?I evf - y morning (Sunday'tcs Rcepii aj ai oo'ciocH, nnu ar - 'rive in Philadelphia next day to dinner. : '. The publick houte i are good, and reasonable in their chareet. The drive n, hortetnndconch - et are not inferior to any othert now running be - tween'Viete two cifKt. : The beautiful country, and the excellence cf the madtonfhiirouf, con nected with thetafety, comfort, and reatonahlr eiencei, are beleived to be. ttronj inducement! to trnvellert in tivine thiilinea decided preier enct. The itricfeit attention will be obterred br the Pronrietort in eivintr reneral latuJaction All baggage and packagM will go at the ritk of the owner unlets intured and receipted lor by the citric ol laid office. . .. - " . Stage fare only $5, with a generoui allowance of basiraze. . Partitt wiihkur to travel at their leisure, may ensnee tbe Coach on reatonable terniiexclutiveiy tothemtelvet, by applying one nay prennut to itaning. rorteait apply hi iorjneni Hotel, no. . Courtiandt - ilreet, w - York. l,IW,tU.l!,UI, ap t Propiictori. ' FOR PHIL AD hi. Pit I A. Twenty - live milet land tarikce, via New - Bruiuwick imdTientoo. Ii. new, pot coacUet , Do good stngt t ' 4 60 Do Kirerattlc or rV - ck patfcneerJ. 3 St) Connected by tl.e tleam boatt olivf branch and rni.APf.l.rniA. . The ileum boat Olive Branch will leave .New York evrry dv. Sun dayi eicepted, from tbe north tide ol thefllat - tery.nt II o'clocK, . m. rnstengen win tooge at Trenton, and take the iterun hont Philadelphia, to uttoarrive in Philadelphia at lOn'rlork Hie next morning, in iin id iukc me l iuuii i.iuc Ka liniore vteara nnatt. hit line hat a connection with the bett noatt on the Delaware and Chenpeaku to Norfolk at also thote nf the North River and Sound ; and tbeir tevcral arrival are calculateddcuMe lit tie. if nnr delay. a , J hit it a tpeedy nnd certainly the most Conve nient route, at tlie puttngert will leave New - York after thenanktopen, and arrive in rnna - dtlihia before the hourt of bnlinei. without fatigue in travelling or want of tleep, (lie land carriage being much leu than by any other route between the (wo citiet. - , . " For aeati in tlie ahove line apply to WILLIAM M. JAQUES, - At tlie Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Mar - ketfield ttrcct, north ude of (lie Battery, between Greenwich and Wthington ttreeti, or tn' , .The CAPTAIN oo board. Qr All goodi and baggage at tbe ritk of the owner. ap a .ivOUCE. ii i ia, r or ine lunner accoromo - ta4iiri , atttion of tbe public, the de - ii i.i .i ii1!i ifr - of the Firefly from - JITT Ti'iJl ' fs,. - .Vftfk unit Npwhunrh will be in luture on the following dayi Leave New York on Monday. Wednesday and Saturday, at 9 A. M.Leare Newburgh on Turtdftv, r ndty aaa - ounoay ni a. ji. The above arronzeinent will commence by the Firefly leaving Newburgh on Sunday, the 24tb May. The Western Stag Icavei Newburgh immediately after tin arrival of tlie Firefly. my TZ fcASTUB AUD BKTRLEBKal EW MBS, VIA attW - aRUKIWICBT. 02T Patsengfri will leave New - York every Monday fry - rand t nday, nt 1 1 o'clock, . - A. iTT. in tle steam boat Olive Branch ; lodee at New Rruntwick ; leave there early next morning, and arrive at Easton at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Returning, leave Eatton every Tuesday and Friday, at 5 o'clock, A. ni , lodce at New BruniwicK ; arrive at New York at 10 o'clock next mornics, in the steam boat Olive Brunch. The itare connected with urn line ii a good four - horse stage. rattaee from N. H runt wick to Kattoo, S3 00 t . . D.4kl.k.M Sc . . . L - . iiuiu ,i uculiNirta. ,j r r veins in tbealove line.apply to.WM. B. JAQUES, at the Philadelphia L'oioa Line Steam - Boat Office. north lide of the battery. KUdJLKI L,t I SON, rroprtetor. Jel3tf t)K PIU1JWKWHM. Via ELrZ.1J3ETH - TO.yjy i'QfJVT.. POST - COACH LINK, Through in day and Ly day - luUt, LEAVES New - York io the iteam - boat Ata - lanta. from, the loot of Whitehall - street, near the Battery, at 5 o'clock, A. M. Enquire at No. 1 CoartUndt - street and No. 53 Whitehall - street, at which placet seats may be taken. Je 20 tf IX) LET. A dry Cellar, under the houe No. 29 Pine - street. Enquire of MR. SMEDE", ' mylltf 134 Pearl - itreet WANTED. GIRL from 12 to 15 years of age, of good il chancier and tteady habits, to amtt in family. Apply at 74 Leonard - ttrtet. (Je29 . . HOBOKEA' HOTEL. - THE house lately occupied by Mr. David Godwin, lias been newly furnished, audit ia cnmpleat order forthe reception of boarder. . Parties can be, accommodated with dinntroo the shortest, notice, . - wilh a variety of lb best liquort, will lie alwayH iwiujri. r mi. wm iMim win 9mr tram vwrii tide of the rirv punctoally at ever) boor from 5 o'clock ia the moruui until 3 m the evemn. . luly'Cw S. Bl'KNS. , POST COACH AUB , i w IS tu r enrr vrt cr if t m n ir.i; arr . A7 ML ' view of accommodating the 1 1 i ' .. public, by extending the line Bta J' - Norwich, intend inaking the eiperunent with tbe Fulton, Capt. Law, and thii reete (if round practicable) will be uonfinued dering.the seaton. , . 5 1 be line mil in ruturrrbe from Vew - ioilt to Norwich, at lultowt i.'J'he Connecticut, Capf! Bunker, will leave Ntw - Vork every Afetuta.V. ' - diutday and frid - nj, at K - vMock, ru li moruing, lor New - tlavtn. The Fulton, C'aj t Law, will leave AanrirA n b o'clock' in "tlie morning of the same dayi, touch at JVew - Lcniun and depart from Ihcm e for JVew - fidrrn at 8 o'clock - ' The bonti wHI - meet at A'tv Haitn, and depart from thr we every Mimitnf, ft'tdntt - daft aad 'jiliy, al 7 o'ekick in tbe evening the I'ounecticut ior .Vru? - ) , aad the Fulton lor JWio - 7 Miian and AomvJt. , inh 17 ' NawanuoH ai.d mail tUur TnnitK ,tim8 a - - k.k. TTTFi I EAVKSNewbnrglievf LJ ry Sunday, 1 uetday. and '1 hurtday niuioiiigi1, at - three o'cloc k. runs t lirourli Montgomery, BloKniin&hurKh. Alontirrlla. I. White Lake, Co'liecton, Mpunl Pleasant, Great uenu, Chenango rV mt, Owega, .lUiica, and t net a, toCanandaitiua. Returning Icaret Cansmilaiput rvrry Mon. ay, Wednesday aadl - nclay mommcg at three o'clock,' and arrives at Neuburgji, the third day in time to lake the R team - boat wbtph arrive in 'e - Yoi k the follow ing moniin. 33" ( mny be expected ttutl at all lima when the steam - boati alter their iayt nf rumivtg, tlial thit nne mu aytet to at w di Hum. . The whole route will be nrrfomed in three dtyt, from the first of May, until the first bf November and from the' first of November until the fifteenth of December, and tVutri the fifteenth of March until the first.of May, in four days and from the 15th Ik - eember.iin - til the fifteenth of March II k timeline will be continued to tlie city - of New - York and run from thence to Cana'.duigtia in four days!' Passenger! travelling; from' New - York to Canandaigua, Nitpura or Butt'alo, can leave N. York in the evening steam - boati, and arrive in Canam..iju mlhi re days a distance of three hundred milet. The line h well furnished with good, new carti - agea ; good horsesj and careful ar.d experienced drivers Every atten. tion will be - paid to'reide,f lve passage of Ijie traveller safe, easy and expeditinui i.anj it i. believed that the accommodation on tliitline arc tqua', to any line in the state. - - - - t j - (Jj" FARE from Newburgk toCtnatidaipit FOUR TEEN DOLLARS. N. U. A branch of the lame line run j tfiree times a week from Ithaca to Auburli! j Mso, m line runs from Owego Tioga Pointy ttience ttiroiich Newtowititnd Painted Potato Bath, ftc. ' ' ' ' V BAGGAGE, at uiual, at the risk of the owners. Darid Godfrey. Bloominthurb,'! E. C. St. John, Mount Pleasant, i L. & R. Manning, Chenango, l - Proprie - Luther Gere, lthica, I tort.. Saiuacl Greenliff, Geneva, J , Oliver Phelpt, Lansing, j mh 14 d6m EASTON MAIL SI AUE, THROUGH !! I PAT. ISIKI T I MLS, A WfctX . fCT rhe protirielora aik - nowkdse with giatitude tht l - ticoiirngenient they .bavt jl - JSiijy . 'tn retuiore received in this urn , uu i aie iIm reitre indaced to expedite tie travelling on tint mule ; and in order to accomplish it, have pror(rted(lieniitret with four changes of horses, whirh are placed at c - qaldistancetnn the route.. It Hill leave White!, Hotel, Eatton, every Monday, VVednewtny, and Friday, at 4 o'clock in the mornine, arrive bt I'.iiijIhIIi Town Point in tnue to take the s'esin boat Atalnnta, at & o'i lx k. Leave Nv York at 5 o'clock, every Tuesday, Thurtay and Saturday, and arrive at i'. nton eaily in thb evening ; fate tlirouub five dollnrs, ar.d a cene - rom allowance of bneeage, gratis. - Mttiiittace pjsies necr the chlebrali - d tprinet on Sc hooky's .vlountain, patsengeri taking Ibis line wilt be carried to the soring! without nny extra charge l he proprietor! pledge that nothing shall be wanting i their pnrt to make this a pleasant route. 1 be driven are care lul and accommona. ting. For teats, apply to Jainet Patten, Court - land street, or on board Uie ALilanta, and White "t Hotel, x - aston. ... . . - - I. Z. fi J. DRAKE. Cblrr, June 20 '. " JeMlm NOTICE. QT" Steam Boat Oi.ivk Branch will tail every Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock round atateu Island, and occasion ally, il lhe wiusl and tide will permit, to lhe hook. This beautiful tail will contribute both to health and pleasure, and it ns cheap a recreation at can I found. Par liet who mean to partake of this amusement will, - if convenient give in their namet (he day preceding, at the office in Marketfleld ttreet, north tide ol the Bat tery. . ' ' - Dinner on board, at the otual pricet. Patsrge Ci children half price. - my 13tf IHK STtMM HU.1T JllJtt..1JT.1, 4 FOR ELIZABETHTOWN POINT, " X. EAVES N York iach tM - J day, Sunday t except , from the foot of White hall tireet ucar the, Battery, at & o'c lock and 10 o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. ; leavet Eliza - belhtown Point at 8 o'clock A. M. and half past IS o'clock and half past 4 o'clock 1'. M. Je 80 tf ' ' ' - ' JiVHTH UtrtH STt.iM - VO.lTs;" hTT" On the 1 lth of May, coBiiuanced running four timet a week. ' A Boat leaves New - Ycrk fn Turt - dav. at ao'chxk. A. M : Wedneftlayw at 5 P. M Friday, at 9 A. M. and Saturday, at 6 P. M.of each week ;'and a boat leityet Albany o. Mad - day, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 9 A. M. - , r . The Fire - Fly leavet New - York on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for Newburgh, and returnton Monday, Wednesday and Friday, am a.ffi - - jesu tutt SALE, A firm of between lixlv and aeventv acres, tituate on the west back of Lake Otsego, and one mile from the village of Conperstown. On it are a new stone house 64 feet square : a new farm house, Darn, kc. it lormt a deurabie e tahlithinent for a gentleman wishing to retire into th - country, as ita situation, at to prospect, convenience to market, tid is not snrj assed by any in tbe interior ol Uie state, it will be sold low for ca.h, on a credit, or exchanged for pro perty in this city, goods, tic. Apply (o V H. D it It. SEUGWICIC, . my 7 tf ' Law Building. ' PATEN T HI'.; DESI KOYING LIQUID, ACERTAIXand never failing ptisc - u for bed bugs. It will exterminate tlie'in at uiing, without ttninim the furniture, or being accoui - lanied with that disagreeable smell usually at tending the application of other poisons. For tale in bottles, at 4t. each, at P. DICKIE'S Medicine Store, 3!)a Broadway. N. B. A large assortment ot genuine Drugs and warranted patent Medicines, lor tale as a - hove. Je 19 lin JOHN HEWITT Mill reside! at No. S4tW - ter itr. et. where he bai a very handsome and fashionable assortment nf Cabinet Furniture on hand, which he will warrant to be of the first nualitr. Iletohdtihis New York and touthern friends to cive him a rail, at he flutter himself they will not be disappoiufed. Orders executed t the shortest no'iee. JeSttl" i J O Lr. I , S3 i A tilftatanti back room, nt no. 5C Wall street, suitable for a lawyer'! office. Possession . 7' Apply hi the front office. nry WO or three tioele geatlerncn can he uaid - .1 aontely aconrmoUnletl with Ix ard at No. An n I . I - ft 1 ,n Diui - iijf, ,, ( - fa ti - iiteraiac Mbhc knew hew U dUtu,wiai , twees thtnai that rr ""abi. "'won, i ir - AU.c.u.r u, iub jacuity of iJ.i.; - ana turgery there, deem, it hid. ty to rrfieat some ooHrvationa - tae abute of MtRrtiri i?M t rasli, inditcrimUiate, and awMialf ' ed UK iMitml hn. I C"."M - 7 , V",' . Produr. tive of infinite hi,.r rri;ruc" itumt ore abncally mercurializeU out of exJi" nrf. 1 he Arai9 wewa ia view owe! it? t. al rctulti cluerly (o thutoarce. t that a young man, the hopes of hi. country,' X the darhng ; ofhit parents, thould be tnttcted . waynom ail the aroipect.nnd .njovmenttf hi" by tbt conteMqenteioione unguarded moae,,. and ly a not in itt own nature fatalTani winch only piovetio from neglect or Li.nron.! treatment. "a A gentlemar. flat. itaiETT" I be yrt, - ideitc ilv t.i. l were cariout, and hit tleth droppioa 'from fcrm. M. frund. declared he rculd njW?i know with what cue and iaft;ty Dr. ll.trlT eaten die teTtwi and confiimt the cobm " tatirvi. .The - Doctor's plan fadverti.Uii - ) iTm ' crtary to guard the public Kainit tiaiVI; nwrrnrf, and btlier fatal delutioni. hA 91 Ptracui,. therefort, having contracted T .VV TiimfcTt or suspecting fott - oitxn. r. iwviajniin uiiipsr .Willi UIKir CODltita tion, or conceal the disorder, till rt'recovi' ry ; other having tlie remaiat of jut old cam or other itoipuriUes ot tha blood, MwrB,rta - er complaint! of a delicate Before, in riUiar lex. ttmuid remember potterity, and cto haii" to their CM'Kianee, bf ranking anpljr.fw,: to Dr. JL t bit old - anrretpiVfafcle 2tf tubmen t, .No. 64 Wstettret, - foer houset y.Ti of Oid - tlip, to obtuin that promjit atsiftanci a lone cakulftfed Ct prevent ditcMure. And heri let ma claim yonr ten evf atteafJou Remenbi! a ttrperficial cart is a care at all ; unless iu b" tirieii it rancidly do - s, you will certainly the ditorrrer hreak out again with redouhfeH m li ?mty, at aorae future period ; perhain thtn win 1 be too late for remedy.'t you Xu meet i. the rtreett twtereble, mutilated heiBR,, even a bit of noteon Vieir face . Take wrnx Ibeteerhyou. , , . " '" C,,rtf ,ef. f0.r ,ki" and "'M"rn integrity being universally knovn ia thii ritv linr. .804,gu.rante. to patient, (hat dffiftX! cjecy fiitherto unknown, nnd having coined hit practice for year, past, .tclutively to (he cure M jii, laeyinaisaKlvcal - most deciH. - d suiting Lr nrx iTi rir , - , - .... u tUB - t.lwts eradicated in twe or three Weeks ?tricturei removed without bougial nr any other instrument : and all debihtu - n lit - ., r.. .h old ulcerations hs'ula'i tif, . " a plurality of onu ei are provided, and to siU - vted tlmt paticnti are not eposl tonrh mK., - . observation. fJiyii tillhnlf iflit U in tlie wn,n. Al! pertoru conteraeu axe invihtd tu be free in ailing, and tw akinc with Dr:il. wl.iw. i. i... of cost. And here the DoclarcuBiu.t ...i i xtretion ofcratitudetrtr innumprnhls utendations, aol hir (he decided preference (it it presumed with jatt cause) lorg given him ly judiciout public - , - x - ... . f.. o. 3ii leuert must be pott paid. , 'Dr. BnQnapan. - f - - i7 ..... I - '. - Augf7 U . ElVHttt;HtjKKt:m AVUj - uSl. EiR - EVANS' luperr r m'lhod ofcuring aci - kl. "r acknowledged intk i V city; bit mode of trealrartf i . ! pe'Ottly nxild, Bfc, et. ' . t'tanca he warrants n care, .171 - , ' . 'iatul ill mI.iI.....:i.J ydoet not perform agree tb e iayyacotitracC - - s 1 here aie many persons in thit citt and its vi cinity, laboring under various chronic diseased inch at cancers, old inveterate ulcer, scrofula ' or kingt evil, fittulat, diseates of (he oirthrr.,' bladder and kidaiee, old complicated compiaia'i Ol a Certain tuttare,' pilioet and other olntrui. (ions, rlituoiatsnn, ic. wblc4Myeoaider inpi. rahlej mey can cnnnimv ne cvrear fin genert'l by applriag at Or. EVANS'S Medical Store, . Perk - alip, Jtayina; practised In - ektAsU botrritari ia Earnr IS years, nndVr tome of fts first Sary;ori and Phytioians in tbe world, mi made thate ooitinate drseaset bit constant ittfv OwSOyeara. '' - ' - Oct 11 rr7 The tubtcriber havinr recent v returnee from England with la important improveeaentta the artificial spring LEG, ha takes thit ncthet of infonHing bit friends and the public, that aa toosa no are so tiniortuaate t to be In want tf a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap - ' piying ai no. 1 1 tsarciay - street, New - York. Jan (2 WM. PURVir. t i vF AFRWMENTO, Wn.'l Wall ttreet, genfk - tntn1! dretsing room, hat for tale a few 1U - sors of Damask Steel, made hy the rrlrbrtri7 Marguih, of Paris. lie hat also received an if', soi tmeiit of the best English Raton, which be warrants good. If proved to the contrary, nto - ney fefundi.d. ' ' m. F RUMEN TO return rtitsineere1 tbankt, to hit easterners, and the ptbhc in tyntrat, bt, their vary liberal patronage and solicits a ct - tinuanre ef their lavours. - . . . , , He bat likewise procured a very firu brine, tsd e'm;aget to restore razors to a terf keen edit, and thould they not Ctrl well be will reirttw . recompence. ' v " Gentlemen whd tubscribt by th,e quartet FiU have tbeir apparatus kept eiclotivrly rbf (heov sr - tvei. '" - ' r' J3u ,i . - - i .. i A on4" ,istl lapplyolla diet BverHti (reth from the aw nufactorv. taiai - ble for the aoaUV, J arn" market, aad pecked at (tht tnoneiL t"i t. J . rVILSON'Js IfJOBroadwaJ" may t? - . , - n - t 1 " ' ;' , TO MASONS. . . ' , PROPOSALS will be received at NO.'lS Washington tieet, for building a tioWf,a - Kreeably with a plaa there reit, for a tavern, tn the corner of the Bowling Green end ,B street. . J" 1!L tlAJiO l"OXTES - j - JOS. WlLsON, 14 MaiiJcs - Lane, tur - 1' ceived by the Vrtts, n hsnre astmeat , excellent Piano Fortes, Pateat FhiUV k - tk ftc. inaniifactBied expressly tor him hTV'f" meoti ft Co. London. Alto, Forte So - iegi m tett. new music, and every article in sical line ; instrumenti taken ia exchange, ana tuners provided. : My " . NEW - tORRi l: PRIjYT1 AKli PUBVSH&P MtCHAF.L' BlRXBAM'k CO. ; .' , 49 Wim AM - iratrxrorroitT ! No. BasiI CoriKe - rfotia. t av. 1 1 1 i i ww iTntri r i.r - ariw aa. . 1 1 L under phythiant of gcnei'J rrattke.'iir awl reperitedlytalivadd; when recoiun, it. ii. ioy a erfiiiernan of thi 1.1 .(. .VvA . 1 liJ - ':

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