The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 14, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1818
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BOARDWOECHOOL. - 7q8 mJiMmnj have opened T dim ecbvdf J"18 hwMe, oa tbe of Powlea Hook, in - a situation very teeth . iiid. The Steal Rl branrhw and Sidliwork, French, Alutic, Llancvig and Draw - inc. ' . - a i or lenn i'ii ,w or at the the school. I 1 A. If HACKAEY CUACHK3. r. 1'oi - t, fbildlpia, aad the Steam Boatt 'at TreutOU ena OIUWi tuui um iuuiwu epilogs . riwlrV MoUOUttt. Malice tent to No. 63 White - Han street, New 'TortT" UALET ft STILES, Elisabeth Town, wail, or by the Steam - Boat Atalanta. will li ktmediateiy attended to, l4 1 gM - t a eccouut 01 Jewish and otter sects, . jhcOt! lllusu - auiiK UKjB((n put - - i. obsolete word and phrases, for th ate if chol, academkt aixl private families, by , 1 A UMnmmg, price . OwhH ioo tin Historical Parti o( toe New - Testament for Sunday exercie m unities Rd - ehoo, with four map of the country through which our Saviour and hi Apostle trarell I, oy j.A, Camming, price 37 1 - 2 cent ; juit receiv dart for - ettbe Minerva Circu'atuig Li brery. Book and Stationary Store, opposite th Museum. ' '? "TTXETb list i priset, iViiitorU aad Owego Mead .Urttei y, I7th drawing 5o,3319, 1901, flooo each v7507, 420, 100 each. . 'AUtoWat ALLEN3. ' Tji tooo dollar twice was told in a whole tick H to a mercn nt in r root ret, woo i iniormeo ttutMestrs. ALLfc. - xa wilt pay the sameonpre - etotatioe, in American (fold. ' At ALLEN'S Lucky OnVe have been sold and pailmpre Priset drawn in tan tottery man any oihfriii - e iu thin city, notwithstanding thfy tM but a small portion of the tickets, via t - 3,ooo, 15ooo, 3 of looo, & of5oo, etc Where utht truly fortunate and old tstabiafui offict t J 14 NEW - YORK STATU l.OTTEHY - MEO!CL SCIENCE LOTTERY, No. V - Jtl00,000, $50,000, highest prixes to commence drawing' 4ti next month, and close it 32 drawings. The prises in this peat State lottery are payable witbm 6 year, ma guaranteed by tle State inducements to adventurers not oHared in other lotteries in this country. '' " , ' . ' HIGHEST PRIZES. 1,1 nHre of 100.000 DOLLARS. 1 do of 60,000 do 1 1 1 - do di do do of of or of 30,000 10,000 5,000 ,000 do. do do do 45 do of 1,000 do Aad a targe proportion of smaller Pric. Tht first drawn number every drawing en - Hed to a capital of not lew than'f 1000. First 4ivn SOOOblahkt to be entitled to $40 ech. 'Tickets and shares offered at Where capital of 5000, 10 509. fcc. in bst lotteries ere told and paid. July 14 STATK OF K - KM, S. ' 1 ie court, bearioR date the sixteenth day of atuberlast,will be oM at public taction, attbt TaatineCoflee House, in the city of New - Vork, ssoar toe ti recti no of ttteMbscriber, a our oi tht autters of tsia court, oo Wtdnttdnji the rrn(A day of January next, at twe've o'clock, t noon, tk tLat certain lot, tract or parcel of land, srtua tesia the coMtr of Delaware, ia the state x AewTork, aad ia lunuM Paieal, and known by ereat lot thirty four, and bouaded as lellowj t b - Ciaqtatat a stake and heap of stone near a beech ImTSUamI Na - Si and 3? j brinr thn nortbenst comer oflot thirty seven ttnenceaJons the - rth boaad thereof south eighty nine degrees, west oo Wdred and twenty eight chain nod ninety xhnks tan beech tree marked .33and34; feeing the southeast comer oi lot (No. 33,) oua - berftirty threej theoce nloogtbe tast bounds wiaieof, aorUi three - decree, oaat eighty oae cnwM aad twenty link to a Ixwcb tree narked So. 3 1 and 34 I thence aoog the tooth hceods oi fat (.". 31) nwaaber thirty one, north eishty tine drxreea,at the dwtaac of one hundred and foor ceaias,toa stake aad heap of tunes i thence eaatk thirty Ave rbnia and twenty tuor Uaka to a (eat tree tahrkwd No. 6 thence aorth eighty aw a i list sast twenty chains to the west bsamtof (ot jsawtysve ; tlxnce along the am ssetk forty tMrchaia and ninety hnk loth - - - - r : . rontaininc nine hundred and wrtvaana earn and three fourtli of an acre of awl, with saw apportenaaxxe. Aad also all that certain other lot, tract, or parcel of land, eitoa HI in the coanty of Delaware, in the state of New - Tor k. in Cvana' Patent, and known by emit tot thirty navea, and is bounded as follow, t - Beiooing at a hemlock tree marked Ito. 37 and 40. being the northeast cor - iwr of lot No. (40) nnaaher forty ; thence alio? the north bonne's thereof, ' Muth, cigh - tvBise uVereet. west one hundred aad thirty - tiiiaios and ten link to a beech aapliiig vied No. 36 ft 37 : thence north three de - giws, east setenty eight chains to a Beech tree wilt stones round it ; thence oa the toe to bomods of W thirty fowr north eighty nine degree, east hundred and thirty chain to a Birch tree nked Uiirty seven and thirty - eight i thence oa taewest bounds ol iot thirty - eight, tooth seventy. igfct chtuit to the place of neginaing, coataiaing eat thousand and twenty - four acre and one terUt of an acre of land with tan apportennacca. vueo, December 3, ion. jamls a. Hamilton, Dec 3 lawt&dtt Master iu Cbaacerr, (rt - The tale of the above prouaity it pottoo into the eighteenth day of Fehrwary neat at the tat Dour ana place, dated Jan. 7, I bib. JAMES A. HAMILTON Jtn 7 tawts Matter ia Chancer The sain of tlie above property i potponed to tat 12th day of May next, at. the suae hoar and PtCn. Dated Teh. 18, 181k. JAMES A. HAMILTON, fcb 18 lawtds . .. . . - Idattnr intJhancerr. The tale of the ahore proprKf it potfaxated to unuaoayoi 4 ene next, a the tanM bour and )bct. Dated May It, 1818. JAKES A. HAMILTON, T 14 tawt(l Maater in Chanrerr. The s&! of the ahort property it povpoot J to te.lwth day of Atwtwt next, at tht Mae bour etaplacc. Dated Jane 83d, 1818. - : JAMES A. HAVKLTON. 13 1 awtd Matter ia Chancery. Vf OTiC is bcreuv aiven. that w tlx - aodvr - 1.1 signed bare been appointed by hit honor wchsrdRiker, Recorder of the City of Mew - accoraiag ie ine aa tor reoei agaiiut an - ding and absent debtor. tiMtcwtlor all the "non of tne pertOM eoawUtating the firm, co taerthin or bum tJ truU. of fMnliu V f. r . f BahitMra, dehtara, wbo reside out of thi Sit0? bted within H t nd tllpertoa. Tr - "" ow eata pereone cooiutntio; toe tant T the tenth day of Jane next to pay all debts " snooey wtuca tney owe to the aid constituting the eaid firm, copartnership "otse of trade, and deliver aO property of the "jwhich they have in pottettion, to the troeten. Aad all cretlitomof the taid rrr. constrtatiD the stid firm, copartaertbtnor r pf trade, are dewred, by tbe first day nfl jjjwjtext. to deliver to a, or on of at, their b T.. :r, "enwoat againtt lb same. Uated "'Udayof May, 1818. 5,'LUM c. MULLIGAN, M PR0C1X R, ' Trtsteea. ? jOSfPH BATE? S . adUlOJ;lawtAl C077TJ.. prime eottoo. Lindior from the 11 by Ateoa New - Oritant, and WALSU t GALLAGHER, - - . - ; W .Souti - strajeL . Q6GAR, MOLASSES, c 151 hhd. 3tUr - j ce ana ev oarrelt, MOKOvada beg ax, prltae 14 boxes brown) a 10 do. white Pe . tierce. Molaes good sn.Kt, . 4 do Hotter, now kadiae fro a tha hrk w actor, iron maianzs, ana lor taie ny J 13 44 South - tteret. OUT W INK. - 6 pipes, 9 b.idt and nsbrler casks verv aui. fort vV ine, lamlina - from tenr i me Asnt - ncao, east tioe Uld slip, lor (ale ai U4 1 ronc - sireei, ty - 1'AL.iVIbrt S SA1UL.ER. In store Troe rifle and Lisbon, in hbds and quarter cask. Jlllw ! AttUANTEir BOLTliNO CLOTHS. V v A larre attortmentof everr detcriotion. of Dutch Bolting Cloths, warrauttd lb be of the iieai nuaiitr ever uanorted. and at tne mot re doted prices, for tale by M.kArt, J 11 82 1 - Prarl - ttreet LV.'XCH, tr. na recr r. a per Louwa Ce celia, a lew pipe of Madeira, from the Parish of Cam de Labos, and St. Antonio, oo wtucb be invites tn criticnui of connouseurs. From tho Harana, 30 boxes of terart made at the king'a factory, which are of very superior quality, an4 wnicn tie oners for taie at No 40 WOIiatu - ttreet. D. L. jr. receives orders for tha above wine. sueytr! to nis approval oo arrival. July 11 7w . 18 Pipes good imitation bruody, hieb proof 3 hhdi pure tpita . 4 do rye whiskey 200 baft juniper berrie 300 kegs ginger i . tO chest young hyson ) T . 10 ctty boxet hyson J 1 a CO bags race ginger 20 rolls sheet lead . 17 tubs butterfor tale by Julygtw CORN'S. DUBOIS. LitC. aUYUAiM, otfer lor tale, at No. 61 . Maiden - Ian. buper Counterpanes, sotted nod fringed from b 10 is - 4 Aim, cradle and crib Quilts and notted covers London Supnr Cloths and Catsimtrei ?tout Green Rocking Baixct Fine Linen Bed Ticking .' Real Dautatk Table Cloths, and Narkiut . Molh. jaconet and cambric Muslins r mt India r lag Bandanoet Beat black French and Italian Crane ' ' btoul, and fine white Jeans striped do . Iiish Linens, Sheeting And Oiai - rn 7 ur 6 4 cambric Dimities, ik Hosiery sieam, ami power loom cotton Blurting Kuaiia Diapers Alto, I case of the r - rv first qnality patent I on wire isouon i.hi i, aMorieo numDert. 2 eves iujht lurnitare Dimities Jy Id Iw O ii.j trKtiH, MiLi.l.iLtV). KiL.iAlc.tli T&c. UST received by the Radim, from London, wa ter salt by GKO CHANCE, No 6 Church - st. I door from Fullon - tt. One case of black willo w square? for batr or bun nets, anew article, ana oeinj iigin, cmcuiaiea for the present sensou Oat c&ie glazier's diamonds, well assorted - v our hondred and City bones of London crown glav, assorted, of each size from 6 by 8 to 14 bv22. Julv 10 5w 1UU.S llMU KOu.M. A pleasant and cno - vnnirot Counting Room m South - street to et. Apply tt9S .uth - treet. J 7 I e.Hl.t WOOL. 4 of clean Merino il for sale by J 13 Lr HOT. BAYARD B UO. 5oHTtrC la caaks Brntul Porter, lor tale by Jv 13 LE ROY, BAYARD ft CO. Jl O Boxet nsUslin 10 do. 4 - 4 Jt 7 - 8 Irish linen . 1 do. pink gingham 1 do. shawls 4 do. brown platdla '6 do Scotch osoaburgr 7 bales imitation sheetings 4 do. brown linen 5 do. linen bed tick . 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton checks 1 do. carpeting. ALSO, Suil - cloth, Cotton baggiog Twilled tacking - Seine twino For sale by GEORGE JOHNSTON, Jsdyt No. 1 Sloat - lane. DAI ifUOUb, RECEIVED par Draper from Liverpool and other late arrivals, fortale at No. I sloat Una, by WM. TODD. 1 box super Marseilles quilts, from 5 a 14 4 1 do do chints bed lace ALSO Linen bed ticks, RavenS duck, imita tion cotton shawls, sewed lenoe, rich tawed mull, plain, jaconet, mulL and sircarrilla mus lin, drawing muslin, light striped ginghams, linen threads, Madrats hdkfc. - Jy7 7t tMM. W. WOOLoEYatCO.Ao.x27 Pearl T street, have just received by the Julius Caetar, Conner, Ana Maria, and other vestelt iroon Liverpool and London, a very extensive attortmtot of HARD IV ARK and CUTLERY, which they offer for sal by the package or from shelves on tha lowest terms, for cash or err til j moat of which are particularly adapted to the sou then and western markets consuting of . Fowling pioot of different deacriptiout Anvils, Vices, Tract chaint Hammer bead Gh locks Pistols, Tea tray Cross - cut, mill aad pit saws, of various qualities , Fine plat itoek locks Nob, chest, trunk and cupboard locks Hand, tenantaad tath sawt Filesot all kinds " ' Bread trays, Weblung, Candlesticks Plated castors. Padlock, Screw . Topth brasfcm, Screw plitet steelyards. Waffle a id wafer iron - Plated saddlery of all kinds 1'ea kettle, Rat trap. Pocket book Buttons, Shovels, Tongs, Flints Knives ft forks, ped, pocket and other buret Scissor, Razors, Portable case) . Chisels, Plane irons and gouge Patent and common ho.i Together wiA quantity tf Cngluh Ol. sterl, blistered Mdlington Crowley tteel. Ve. tc ALSO, FOR SALE, 1 23 bores wradow (lass 56 rafkt white and red lead 10 cases white aad colored cotton hot 20 casks spelter 600 bnxee tobacco pipe t cafes loot; and short Itahaa gloTes July 11 w LIXJVS,rxLfKTS,t. AVERT handtoma as9rtmnt of Seletti Lineot, corwistin of Platillat, Royal es, Bretagnes, Ettopillas, Dcwlas, Creat aad Cho - letta S cases silk velvet 6000 musket 2 boxet fowling piece . t casks SUuerark scythes, double sword 150 kep Dntch herring 4 bote atsorttd glassware The above article entitled to drbeature. 3 cerooa indigo, 1 box toys and a (sw pie - c Dtitckcfotb ror sale by . - C. ZIMMERMAN, - JnJfl lm" H Waahjngtno - tL ro SJLE, M. A ....KAV J' - kaitfi kftt. iJiEU2A, 210 tone burthen, built in ta.7 4) 7 BUIUJfCal DCniNUUHl VUIik IttUurlS. entkelyof cedar, and copper fat tened the hat an Amexteaa regisur, aad can nc teen at J ones - wharf. Apply to 11E.NRY THOMAS, - ' Mo. 2 Jonet - Lute. Who orrta to tux. Several hundred bales Unland Cotton, in lot to suit iiurchatera. . J 11 2w fr LIVERPOOL, (A rerular traUar) iLThe snnerutr & nilinr thin CARO -, built of live oak and cedar, bar - ng been new compared aadthoronzhly repaircU, is a first rale ship part of her cargo being en iraged she will be dispatched without delay. f or treijtit or passage, having superior accom - modations for twenty passengers, apply to captain William J. Painter, on board, at pier No. 18 E. R. or at 83 Soath - ttreet, to July 9 tf ROWLAND b BRA WE. , tor LIVERPOOL, The elegant fast sailing coppered ship UHArfcK. tvuiiain Adams, vaster the it 291 toot burthen, only two years old, and tut De dispatched immediately on discharging her inward cargo. For freight or pawagn. ap ply to the master, oo board, eett side of Fly - market wharf, or to v - , B. W, ROGERS II Co. Je 16 235 IWl Mrwt. Jr HAVRE, Thefaat M'Ung copperel ship DIDO, George MaXwelL master i expected to arrive from Philadelphia about the 18th inst and to sail 19th inst. 100 bale of cotton or o tber food, will be taken on freight, and a few pacsenger handsomely accommodated. Ap ply to 11UYT ft TOM, J 9 tf 45 South - sL r HAVRE, The packet ship. BELLE, Edward Huntington, master, will positively tail on the 1 5th inst. For passage only, having elegant accommodation!, apply on board, wctt side Fly - market - wharf, or to JUAta ti MK'iKATrJ, J 9 91 Soutli - atreet Tor CHA RLF.b TO At, . The thip TELEGRAPH, Fanning, matter, will sail firvt fair wiV; can take a lew tons more light freight, and accommodate 8 more pastengert in a superior stilt Ap ply on board, east side riui'iing - slip, or to AJfSOJfG.rtll.tA'S, JnlylO' 183 Fronts. for FliKDEHICKSBURUH, i . The chr. WM. I: HBNUY. Captain i Ames ; win ucrrauy 10 mac unieizm to - UKirrow, and he dispatched without delay Apply on board, west aide C. II. clip, or to WALbti tz GALLAfillElt, J 7 ' 66 South street. H anted to Charter, For a voyage to Bermuda, a good thnt will rarrv A or 7ftfl hurrcU uniaediate dispatch will be riven Ap ply to , 7VCKER b LAURIF.S, Julv 10 , 2 South - st. For CHARTER, A British BRIU, burthen 318 tons British, or 2100 barrel ; now at Pin - lidelplii idelplna : will proceed to this, or a southern port, to load fur England, or the West Indies, and can be despatched within three day notice. Apply to ROGERS & POST. J6 51 touth - street. For Freight or Charter, The tint new brie; ELIZA, Grtiby matter, burthened about 1300 'bblt. sails well and is ia ana order for a voyage. appiy u O. G. Si S. HOWLAND, J3 67 Washington - it. U anted to Churtn One or two British vessels, to load for Liverpool - Apply to je ti6 AHCHU - GKACIP. StSaNS. AX WANTED, t3 Journeymen SHOE - MAKERS, who will find tteady employment. Enquire at No. 11 Rector - street. Jy 13 4t SUGAR. 9 hhdt. prime St. Croix Sugar, landing, for aale bv ANSON G. PHELPS, 183 Front - street. J 13 CtOT I'OiS B 4GUIAG, GZft AbU ...lla,4ic. t 207 piece prime hearv Cotton bugging 50 pieces interior do do fow priced 30 do do narrow bagging do 15 balet tow, flax and superior etrtiilz Oxaa - burght 200 piecei heavy twilled Sacking 11 boxet imitation 11 uui aud bleached Sheetingt . 6 do brown and white Platilla ' t balet fine 7 - 8 linen Bed Ticks 9 do superior three thread Seine Twine, mm. to ine aoteb, lorenie ny BOOKMAN fe JOHWSTON, J 13 67 Smith - street, I Rial! LIMEMa. DlAfLKS. 6lc. I UST received by the Wilton, from Dublin, t severe packages 44 Linens and i - 4 bheet ings ; and oo hand, of recent importations, a gen era! assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linens, 73 Lawnt 3 - 4 Diapers and 3 - 4 Brown Holland. Which are olftred for tale oo reasonable terms, oy uriai m'vil&ak gu. J131w 67 Pine street C Of FEE, SUGAR, INDIGO. &c 655 bags green Laguira Coffee 203 do Caracca Cocoa 16 ceroon do Indigo 17 hhd. Muscovado Sugar, Just received and for sale by F. W. KARTHAUS, REINICKE ft CO. J 10 4t Ne. 74JrVMhmgtot4treet. TARY GOODS. Black Taffetas, Lambs U Wool, and assorted half Hoee Men' & Women1 col'rd tt blk wonted hose Worceu's white Cotton Hose Wellington Capes, iust received per Rockinr - bam from London, and for tale by 11UKO St, WALL, C5 South - ttreet. On hand, of recent Importation, 4 - 4 Irish Linens, London and Yorkshire cloths. 6 - 4 cam bricks, lie. etc. - J 13 A TOBACCO ai FLOUR. 4 JL Hhdt. Richmond tobacco, 60 do Ken. tucky do. 230 bit. superfine Ricbmood flour. laoduag Irom tchrs. Indian Hunter, Molly and oallr - Ann, from Richmond, aad ship Grand 5'eignor, and sloop Gold - Hun trees, from Ntw - Orleant, and for sale by - v ' - oOOKMACl ft JOHKSTO. AIM m Store, 80 hbdt. prime Richmond Tobadco 630 bis. Richmond superfine Flour 150 do. fine and X fiddling do 800 kegs manufactured Tobacco, of various sorb. Jy 13 KALElDL3COr TOYS, 6c. Ldadoa made Toy, conaittrng of Cottoa A Work Boxet. Dolls, Thread Case. Bretbet, Ac I cat Kaleidescopet, I do waiting oucxt, pnt received per Rockingham from Loadon, aad for . uimn.. IL.WH l saw oy ri jil m oip nwu, if 13 65 South - ttreet. Kk - iMiUCaiY TOBACCO 274 bhus. d im Keotuckr T - jbacco, landing this day from ship Grand Seignor, from New Orleans, for sale by CHAS. L. OtJDEN, and j 13 uuuw. SUfERl'R QUHXS, be. JUST received and for tale, choice Qailla, fin aad cotamon IxHter Paper, Fools - capde aad vtnoas ttaet of Wrapping Paper, at tbe lowest price. . . - .JJ34X. 144 Broad tray. ISSEEDOIL, WHITE LEAD k GLAS3. Jvst received ner thin Rnckimrtians. Irom KW.Wand forsti'ebe VAI.MIA4: WAR - ALB. io. 37 Broad street. 50 pipe Holland L. Oil, . And. in Hurt. ' A quantity of White Lead dry and ground in n uuiwuir uigiisn urown uiatt, irom o oy Stotlby 14. ' J lOdiictw HAMS. ABOUT 600 lb. Hams, of a verv upcrior quitity. put un for family use. iq rood or der, for axle by HALSEY & GOSMAN, 31 Old - slip. auo ii aroax, Ifjsnn, young hyton, pouchong;, ) . . Uj ton tkin, souchong and bohea, J ' .of a superior qual ny, Cheshire cheese, and old Madcria wine. i 13 3t tOtiMAC tiRAiNUY. 4ii pipes Ituiduig from biia Criterion, at Dier No. 2. fur tale at 67 South - street, by V 13 liAMIIIlbl,llHtill 1't.AKbUrM, HUM, SUGAR Ai MOLAbobS. 10 iun - cbtnet very hoe flavoured St. Vincent Itnm 1C barrel good quality Motcovado Sugar 10 puncheons hoe retailinc St. Vincent Molat - ses, will be landed this morning, at Pier No. 9, i mm tne senr. r ranres, rrom bt. Vincent, tor sale by TUCKER ft LAUR1ES, J 1 1 xv aouin - street. OLD f.UtVLR At RRAHS. O f fl f U old copper and brass, in lots to sLJjJ tnit purchasers, for sale by TUCKER k LAUR1ES, ly 13 29 South - st. C1IUER BRANO Y. 40 hhdt. Cider Briwdy, t Itndingandfor tale by J 13 ' 103 Front street. f E.IONS. - 100 large size boxet i.tiaons JLJ prima qnality, just recM and for tale at 67 VVashiusloa irtet. J 13 G. G. k S. ROWLAND. COAL AFLOAT. 100. Chaldron Liverpool New - Pit Coal. of superior quality, now landing from on board the ship Ganges at the eatt tide of Peck - ilip. bO cli.iklron scotch Coal, r prime quality, discharging from oil board the thip Union, at liier Ho. 'J, E. K. SO ciwiitron Liverpool Aew - nt coal, equal to theuLove, din liurjini; from on board the thip Othtllo, at the foot of Rector street, N. R. Application to be made on board, or at the subscriber's cal yard, No. 274 Front street, who hat on hand a large supply of Liverpool, Scotch and Virginia CorI, t nlulile for familiet and blacksmiths, which he will dispose of on ac commodating terms. For sale by J V A. fKAitlt. rTiiSil GLUfcJ 15 hhds.Glue, landiifiom L ship Ocean, from Ihiolin, for Kule bv M.VJOU k GILLESPIE, J 11 lw 79 Pine - st. (up - staits.) PRIME KtiLCKY TOllALLU. PC O bbvli will be landed ou Monday from the ojoj hip Grand Seijuor, and brig John, from New - Orlcant for tale by ROBT. GILLESPIE, 1 12 Knut - tt. In store, 33 hbds old Kentucky tobacco, and 25 do Virginia do. - Jy 1 1 INDIA BLINDS and TABLE MATS, PER padkare or otherwise, for tale by CEBRA Ac CUMING, J 10 76 Pearl ttreet. HARRIS TOBACCO. - 43 kegs Harris1 to - perior crooked brand manufactured Tobacco, landing from the srhr. Indian Hunter, for taie by N. k D. TALCOTT, j v 04 souin - tireei. f I AUItAa IlLiRt o 0 catet Madras hdkii. i.vX bandtomely assorted, entitled to draw back, for sale by DIV1E BF.THUNE & CO. JUU ARS. 9o bags Calcutta, Sugars, juti re rtivA rmnA I'nr kU liw ' .' JOS.OSBORN, J 10 28 South - street 10FFEE St TOBACCO. - 8 hhdt very green 35 hbds Kentucky Tobacco( just ree'd, for taie oy it., vricisrir, J8 lltFront - ttreet. CLASSICAL, MATHEMATICAL and MER CANTILE ACAUEX I. jf ESSRS. KELLY ft TUOM Y respectfully iv x uuorm the puouc uiat tner have latciv commenced thit establishment in tbe large and airy rooms, INo. 45 rear! street a lew doors from the corner of Chatham streeL Their course of education comprises th Greek, Latin, French, aud English languages ; Composition, History, Geography, the use of the Globe, Book - keeping, Arithmetic, with the other practical branches of the Mathematics. 1 owig Ladies have a room appropriated to themselves, where they will be taught a regular course of female education, together with plain and ornamental fleedle - a lady ot exem plary conduct and long experience in that depart ment. Reference to Robert A drain, P. M. and N. P. Columbia College. - PATENT GRAMMATICAL MIRROR. JVcm. Kelly ft Tuomy beg leave also to in - fdrm the public, that their Grammatical Mirror it now completed and organised, and that they are prepared to undertake its application to the duties ol instruction. Tbe Grammatical Mirror is a machine constructed on such priociplet, and actuated by tuch law, at Id exhibit a manifest representation of all the parts of human speech, in all the variety of their inflection and all the diversity of their combinations ; it it calculated to impart information more expeditiously than words, whether conveyed by writing or by ut terance : letter and sounds are th arbitrary symbols not the resemblance of ideas but the Grammatical Mirror presents an exact imitation of the agent with it cases, of the object with its pane ion, of their substitute with it' gender and penont, an ol the action with it manner, ana it times. The other parts of speech will make their respective appearances iu tbe revolution! of this extraordinary machine. It is no lea use fnl to th teacher tbaa t the pupil t and while it expedite the progress of the one, it wdl facili tat tbe labor of the other. Ebootd any carton object to the practicability of its application.tbey challenge tbe investigation of opposition : they cannot content tn an indiscriminate inspectio) : but any person wk shall be qnatdied to uiscnn its merits they are willing .to admiw and prepared to answer hit ontectioa. Though duty forbid them to acknowledge their own inferiority yet, they rely not on their diligence and zeal ; other may have as much i they rely not on their erudition and talents, othera mar not have lets i but they re ly on the co - operation of their mean, which they contend to be superior to any that can be emnloved to attain the object it contemplate. Though they entertain no doubt or its supe rior general utility, they conceive that for such cannot attord tnucn time tor tiutiy, or wbowe different employments, must confine them to interrupted and desultory lecture, it mutt possess peculiar advantages. Several literary character, who nave inspec ted this machine, have been equally astonished and delighted, and doubt not that experience wilt realise the moat sanguine expectations that are entertained of k advantage and tueces. Under these tRiprecsiom the proprietors of the li luiiifirnf Mrror raromotend a to pub lic notice, and - they are not more desirous of. acquiring, Uiaa they are confident ol teouruig the patronage of the public. ' H. B. They have ror general ciTaiicm.i determined to deliver evening lectures, from half past fir UU half past seven, on any of the abor em rationed branches of literature. no lot ftn Tla ine "m j aw. i iw.iav, - w i ? - V70U lorn bwrtkea, Jauiet uixie taaeUr, trill coiumuic ruoumj on the first day of Mty aext, and will kavnKingtton, for York aad Niagara, on the 1st, 1 1th and 1 1st day of each Doom, and Niagara, lor Voruaimv Kingston, the tin, loin and X5lnday of each month, dorina - the seatua. where every attention, will be paid t the ease and comfort of the pastengert - i - A pphcationt for uataaae to be made to the can tain on uoaru. ' . . Kingston, 6tb April, 1818. :r : J7dJfcct0cl ." - ' Bile oi elegant cabinet lurntiwe, BY 8. PAXTON It CO. U" "WllMUBJi ai m U KIUVVI W I SJt llH. NO. 253 Broadwa. a varfarfv - nf hnniehnld lurniture. Particalart tomorrow. . ' Jv 13 GOLD WATCHES AT AUCTION, t , ' - - TOS. C. COOPER will tell on Thartday, at 12 o'clock, at Kirk fi Merceio't long room, 20 Wall street, aa elegant assortment of best i.onaon maoe gold and stiver ratent Leaver Uu - plex, and Horizontal and Vertical Watche. - Alto, 1 case best London iewellerv. rold chaint. seals, keys, kc. 1 case elegant moiorco work boxes, fitted up ia a superior style. CutGlaes, couiiihoc of decanter, tumblers, a inet, kc riaiea ware, Attor Lamps, China Tea Sett, India Dining Seta, Sic i ne watchei may be examined from Tuesday, 9o'clo(k A.M. to 5 P. M. All roods intended for tha tale mutt be tent in tomorrow. J 13 2t CLAKKT 40 dozen very tuperiour Claret, GEORGE JOHNSTON, je 30 tf No 1 SWIsne. WAiN I, a kurw, kcvuHuuiiU io Uw tare of thildreo, and who understands plain sewing. The most aatisnctory refereuces will be required, at to integrity, capability and disposition. A middle aged person will be prefer red, Appiy at no. zt rark - uiac. Jr 9 6t . VvaNTlD. . ' A COOK It a nurse A white woman of good character and recommendationa, to cook, Ac. in a small family, . . Also, a girl or woman, who understands the care of children, and is expert at her needle ' Apply at tins otiice. Jy 13 9t STOLEN. OTOLEN on Sunday eveninK last, at Iheoot O of Cnurtlaiidt - strect. a silver Watch, makers name ji,o. irojrnan, no. XOWa. It is suipoted it wat t;brn from the .owoer't iiocket wlnle bntlung, as a pertoo wat teen near nit clothes Whoever will retain the above watch to No. SO Lumber ttreet. thajl receive a reward of a dotiais and the thanfct of the own er, bilvcr Smith, Pawnbroker! and others, are requested to stop it if oflered for tale. ti. B. Had on a small hair chain, silver mounted, with u gold rinj at the end. J IS FOR SALE, A Waccoh k Hohr, of the first rate, with XX double Harness, the same can be inM with either one or two horses, beine wtd cnlculated for laotiiy use me above eMaliliMimcot is nrw nnd will be sold at a fair price. For further particular. Etiiuire of John D. Brower. No. 159 Fulton - street. Jyl3 3t BUGb EFFECTUALLY UEfcTROYLD, 13' Y B. TIFFIN, Irom Loudon. No. 3 HO Bowery, whether in rooms. belstad;. or other furniture, without damage or smell. IS. T frtls confident in assuring those who may employ htm. that he can have the first re - commendation fioin many ladies and gentlemen in iciv inra, proprietors ol biiardinr houses and schools, who have experienced the efficacy of his invention : and assures those who may favour hini with their command that they may depend on their neing executed with the greatest alter uon, naviDg been upward of forty yeai la coo stant practice. Order left with Mr. WILSON, tajlor, 26 Junn ttreet, will be pwacttnuiy attended to. UOrUES at CARRIAGES, FOR SALE;. A JLAIR of likely,. active black Hojues. jCJL. yean old. They match in tpirit ft nait are fast Trotter and in excel lea t condition lor a journey. ALSO, a light Coacbkb in perfect oraer. require at tin omce. Jy 13 Ivr B OA UU. A tiuniJy can be accommodated with board in a small family, 4 mile from Brooklyn, or 2 IS mile rrom Willumburirli. wnere a sure paste daily. Apply to A. A. at tins omce. J 13 31" ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. ! 1 ISSING from tbe callerr of the Amerx an IV J. Academy ol the Fine arts, TWO MIMA. I'lluf pnu i'D ili a . .n.. . V 1. ni I , MJV Ul, m CUlKUI(ia set in gold, ornamented with pearl and richly finished on the back, radiated Irom the crutre ; tbe other a lady', without setting, but fixed in a plain casing. The above reward will be paid by WILLIAM DUNLAP, Esq. keeper ol the American Academy nf the Fine Arts, on delivery of the above miniatures to him, at hi ptlntiog rooms, io the new - York Institution, or at hi house. No. 59 Leonard ttreet I or. if the xectle - eiau's picture alone i so delivered, the painting unmjwea, seveniy aouar win o para io uie per toa who delivert it : and in like manner, for the ladiet miniature afooe, the painting untnjnred, ik:.. ii . j i . very of tbe pictures, and no dues lion asked. Jewellers. Watchmaaer and other, to whom these pictuiet, or the setting of .tbe gentleman's picture, may he offered for tale, are particular ly solicited to be oa their guard, and give notice at MOOT. Bv order of tbe board. t ALEX. ROBERTSON, Sec'ry. - ORKAT CVKIOtlTT. MAMMOTU iiOO. THIS animal is one of the most extraordi - L aarr Productions of nature, and has heeta brouxhthert from Ireland, at a verv considera ble ex nensc. He Is 4 feet 6 inches high i lenzth or hi body S leeto inches j girth 7 leet Iu, and weight about l00ponodt ; a most uiipre edent - ed weight lor any ol the specie. A lurther de scription u unnecessary, every person of cu riositv will lie well satisfied with the view. i'i .7 - j r..i t i ..iiLi.j r i wuenw iinbi win w ciuimini lor few davs at No. 92 Maiden - lane, when he will be taken to the country. Price for crown persons. 25 cents, children it. - - - i ,m - nan prire. u iw NKtV - lORK STATE LOTTERY, rflHEooly Lottery ha tbe United State in JL which the payment of prizes it guaranteed by the Mat MEDICAL SCIENCE, No. 6, . - To commence drawing 4th day of August. SCHEME. 1 Prize of 1100,000 is 100,000 1 do 50,000 60,000 1 1 1 2 45 53 6360 do do do do do do do 20,000 10.000 6000 2000 JOl'O 100 30f 20,000 10,000 ' 6000 4000 45,000 4300 160,8000 6,464 Prizes. 10,536 Blank. 16,000 Tkt at 25 Dollar i 400,00a STATIONARY rRiZKS. First drawn number 10th day 2000 ; do. do. 17th 100 1 do. do. 18th 1000: do. do. IVUI IUW; do. do. 20th 50,000s do. do. 23d 1000 J do. do. 21th 2000 i do. do. 25lh 100,000. Tbe drawinr to coasmeoce oa tne nnt l oes - day in August Let than two tdaoktt apnea. Will draw 500 numbers each day tnli! completed. The first drawn numbers froas th first to th fifteenth day inclosiva, than be entitled to 1000 dollars tacb. The first drawn 3000 Uaukt to be entilUd to 30 dollars each. : Ticket and sbaree for sal by CL A R WAITE, no. 64 Mai da - lane, on the beat term, aad a liberal die count made to those who take a eumbar. Order fnxa a distance promptly executed. Pc - reip bank aotea ditOBxated e tnedetate trrax. jyu 4 - TbarMiay At assortment of Dry Goods. JJlUHLE OH HUiLULfiG. Ac fTIHE Drcurietortefth son them marM gem. X ? tie - , ntxr aTiat:'t - Bridr.ire notice, thai they have eft head, and are - reottViog, at th : Kmg'e - tSrvt Marble mm lAme - lmr, tootaf Beach - street on the Hodtor. river, aa extensive stock of marble' lor builUinc. of the following de - lenpuotuk vif i ia,!.. Watertalle Steps PlatArmt ' Sillt, Lintelj' Arches Alto Lime of the Foundation fiteio ChnaneyPiacel Facing - ' v Colomaa . - ' v best quality. iTT" A coostant upply of Ut above tattrtals but be calculated u(.et aad that deaireet cf purchasing, er walaiig engagements, will apply to . ' ' EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 AttheYard. MONEY iO LOAN. A O fi ADOLL A RS to loan, la inuu U tO,UUU suit applicants, oa bond with mortgage upon "PP'YlLIaSs 137 water - street. Whr annh'eation mar be eenerally made through the year, and mortgages disposed of. je so ti O" JA N.Ei D. S I OUT, Engraver and beat Cutler, removed to 90 Liberty - etreet, near Greenwiclitreet. - , - Jy8 3m "rT JOHN C. HAMILTON. Comiuistiouer for the acknowMzement of Deed, Ac. ha re moved I street. A to tlie oCke, comer of Cedar and Naisan . Law Buildings,! No 1 Je29 Ire A CARD. . frt - At the particular solicitations of th La dy auhtcribers, the fiew - Yorkfialt Water Float nig nam win tie removed to ner oki tuuoa ax the foot of Murry - etreet,thit day, wher it will continue open every day, rrom sunns i iuo morning, until 10 o'clock at night, during tbe hatliuig teasoe. It tt hoped wiienine laoietoi this city know that thit large building, which will accommodate two or thie hundred persona at a time, it exclusively devoted to their enjoyment on Monday and Wednesday o! eachwetk until t o'clock, that they will gwe that encour - erneot which wsch an appropriation deserves. On 'i other days they have their own apartnien'a only. ; The greatest possible atteutioa will be paid. The Bath at the Battery it ope rtett day from sunrise to 10 o'clock at night, for Gentle men only. J9 EAQLK FlRti COM PAN St i OF WEW - YORK. - if iff Notice it herebt cirea. that a Divideed at four aad a half ner cent on tbe Capital Stock of thit company, hat been declared by the Board of Directors ; and will be paid to the stock bold. en. on or alter the lain Inst. jjisb fr Th Pacific Insurance Company of Mew York, have this dav declared a dividend nf ata per rent, on th capital ttock, for the fast tix month, payable at their office, No. 49 Wall - M. on the 1 0th inst. ' Br order of the Board of Director. WALTER R. JONES, 8ecry. J01m OilCE. ffr The pulilic are cautiooed trainst tm'ini the crew of the British brig Recompenr.e, Joho Gay ues matter, aa no debts contracted by tbaa, will he paid ny me captain oi ce nignee. . , 1 3 HOHOKt.N TLRTLE CLi,R. rry Th members of Um club are requested to call and get their ticket for Thursday next. the 16lh insL Tickets una aad at toi anaioj Wathingtoa - ttrMt, and at 196 Fronl - Mreet. Gentleman cominr ea the ground, without . tickets, will bt disappoiaUd In ttltlng toup. jy ta . . NUTtCE. . , fcf Notice it hereby rlren. that I hare ana application accordiog tola for ft patent for my improvement of the instroaient or machine aoyr commonlv called Brewtter kalcidatrooe. JylS'lw G.SAUNDERS. Oceau inturaoce Cmce, Julv 6, 1818. . try The Board of Director have thit day declared a dividend of three and a half per cent oa th sir capital ttock for the last six months. which will b payable to tbe stockholdart or their legal representative on the tenth hut. at Ui office of the company, 45 Wall - street. - OA MUEL STANSBUKr, Bee, July 1m ' ' . : Vo WtWiiANTi. . " ftT" The advertiser, lately arrived from Eng - land, who potatstee a thorough knowledge of book - keeping and mercantile transaction ia general, and who baa heea for teveral yean in a counting house ia London, it desirous of a similar situatioa here. As employment I hie chief eh lect, his expect a tioa as to salary tt moderate. Letter addressed to A. P. and lelt at this office shall have immediate attention. J 10 6t no i Ice. Any person having pepert to eopy, or aeeaunlt to adjutt, will find it for their iiuernefc. to call at tbe office of the subscriber, at lie wilt ngxg for a email compenmtion aad could perioral with expedition, and cerrwuest, any thing of the kind committed to bit chart. II. PADELFORD, Corner of rranxXort aad Coalhant - eC Jnlyll lw NEW - rORX LYSURANVB COMPANY THE President and Director have1 thUday declared a dividend of live per cent on the capital ttock of the company, for the last tix months, payable to the stockholders, or their legal representatives, on and after the 13th inst. at theotftce, no. 84 Wall - street JulyC 1m ' C. O. 8H1PMAN Seer'v. rtr'lH Wau. PUBLIC NOTICE i hereby given, that the i stetson of tbe fifth ward have compleled their ataeaaroent. aad that a copy thereof is left with one of the ateeeort, at Liberty Habcoreer ol Church aad Leonard streets, where the tame may be teen aad exaatined by any of tbe inhabit aott during tea days from the 1 3th of July to th 24th, and that tbe attestor wll meet on tbe 25ih, at the above place, to review their said tssessmcata.onUie appicatio of any prtoa cox - ceisiag himself tgrrieved. GKUKUL BUT I VI. Awnon ei uw RICHARD JUDNEY,) fifth ward. Jll " ' KlXTH WARD. PUBLIC notice H hereby given, that tbe a. Mun of the sixth ward have completed their tscetatcntt, and that t copy thereof it felt with Alexander Clark No. 288 Broadway, cor ner of Reed ttreet. Where tbe teat may te ea and examined br any of th inhabitant dunna ten dtyt from tlus date l aad, tbai the awttttse will meet at th above place oa Taetday. tbe 21st intt to review their laid asMstmentt, en the aa rHicttioa tf any ptrton conoeiring niaxeetf ag - tiieve 4. aoji. DAvwmu nmetsoru os w ALEXANDER CLARK,) sixth ward, J 10 FIVE HOLLARS REWARD . STOLEN, a silver plated Cttadlertack, witli a rtaaa PrdeetaL belonnnr to a set tba above reward will be given oa delirery of the tame, at . 7 9tooetreet lw . LOST. A KOTO drawn by GEOSGR W. NEVE If, dated May 1st, It It. at SO day, for f3 87, ta fcyor ofttXCORk CO. Eodoriwed, by Uiem. All perewn are Ibrbid reeemag turn same, aa payment ef the wt by WUl be refused. " - - . OtOWN inv - ui - r 9Q casks HibberfM V Krewn fittet, ia etrrajwet; order, Me T JU VIlVtnew

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