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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, July 14, 1818
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;jCSfcfAT, JULY 14. . W received Um fofowimr lejtee (hie torn Irom capf Roorback, of the stsaovbont Para - r : ' - - 7Wij monu'iir, 14th Juj, 1818 i i 8aday aflciaoB, U ltb inst n - scott dhtfeMiag ortarreooe look place n Albany, A njijor BirdsaO, fwhe to severely wounded k, ineur ImU war,) wu reviewing the few United ' StMMtro(taBdOTlMicoamMdiathetabarb( v wWe they e encamped, - .soldier, by Um name . of Haatuton, deliberately (hot bus with bUnfle, ' ' ittwai h had deserts J, lld few daystro, boing taken, received the customary punishment, &oblic whipping.) From that period, he . often declared that be would take the major! Uf ; but I do not ban that be wu apprised f tiete threats. He KveJ much esteemed, bnger - ed two boon, and died lamented. II hai left a wi& and four children." Another qcttunt. Since the above wm put - ietype, wehav received the following; Crass , W rrepooiJeat : . ' ' t y' " Office of the Albany Register, - ) . . . ' ' Sundsy Evening, July i 1818. J M jrjw3.lMflMinon.NVithheartrelt and unfeigned sorrow, weennotine the un - and distressing, death of Um gallant , MajorUENjiMIN BIRDS ALL, of the U. S. Army"' Ht wu shot on parade this Evening a few roiuutft f' tight, and hi immortal j , spirit left iU taajhucle of clay, IncM.WsiuJ ' - fftsrfi minute aJierwards. He tu shot by ' a soldier by the name of Hanu'tmi, who bad bean enlisted about three mouth. The mur der, wu deliberate, and the monster exults at its perpetration he is in prison. . 44 Major Birdcall was in conversation with lieut. Scott, in front ef his markee. Hamilton presented himself before then, and said M Major fast JUr." On being ordered back to the ranks be made ready and discharged his rifle the ball . entered on the right side, passed near the heart, 'and Judged in the flesh aear the back bone. , fa defendine tbe rights of his country, this "grimJed soldier met danger it its most terrific ! forms wu mutilated fo the most cruel man iner by having hi (ace literally shattered to i pieces has undergone surgical operations of the most agonising nature suffered pains ineb'scri - beblo his woaods but just healed his prospect . ef returning happiness bad barely begao to dawn ' . sod he hu (alien the victim of unprovoked AS - &4SSLrATior.n We understand that early est; Monday morn - ing, this wretch, R sail too, pat a period to bis ewn existence. A soldier,' whh hie arsns pinioned', eoder tbe guard of an oflcer, Jumped ont of the steamboat Paragon last night into the North River and was ., drowsed. He had deserted from the regiment to which he belongs' three times, end when be .ymnped iatetbe river, took with him in oar, bo . - i - aflat thereby 4o seatsin himself epon tbe water wanwafr swans 4it eecmpe. A hmt w twesediate - .mr set es saws the steam - boat, bat toe lets to Frmm flessnt Amtrkm snsst th 5ns9tuL - MU' .Tfcn aVigato, osipt. ansclair, arrived in BasBptoo Koads hat Wednesday evtjiej, from aUe - de - hvnata, which phsce she left the 4th of Hay. She has brought home all our commis - eioners, except Jadge Bland, who remains to . watch over oar interests in that hemisphere The Congress on her Way hocae tonchedat St. Salvador, ea the MsJoe, mad had only a passage of ISdayi front MargaretU to the Capes of Vir ginia. The officers contradict the reports of the defeat of the patriots on the fabae, and state that Bolivar is not to the field at all, but at the head of the civil government in ooe of the pros in cea. MoriUa had died of a wound he receired in A ate battle. It is stated in the Philadelphia rraaklin Ga trtte, tbat the Uurmo meter fa that city on Sun day last, itood at 102, average 100, anj that 4 or 5 persons died by imprudently drinking cold water, notwithstanding the freqnsot warnings that have been given. Cxtraat of a letter from a reutlemaa ia Connee - ticnt, to hit correspondent in Albany, dated : July 9, 1818. M Dear Sir On the 4th instant, agreeably to a resolve of the legislature, the people of this state assembled in thetf respective towns, .and Voted lor delegates to meet in a convention to be held in Hartford in A u sust next, for the purpose of forming a constitution of civil government for this state. Bince the publication in the oewspa - pen, which you muit hare seen, returns have been received from almost all the towns ; and of the two hundred aod ens, of which tbe con venUon will be composed, our opponents, the federalists, u you believe me, claim (on m . - , formation received) uioety - sia member ! and . are expecting, in (he towns to be h - arJ - from, 8 or 10 wore, which wi.l ejve t'.ern a majority IP. and they are bMjfjfi - g migiitily. However after ce ef - l!y esiirtii.ig such information uiiti hand, 1 cannot be of ny ither ' opinion, than that tliere will be a majority (a very srasll m.ij or oir republ.can friends si the Conv cittk - ii. lit May our majoritv wu about sixty. Should tbe result of the election be so deplorable as to give our op ponents a tnajo.ity, Connecticut will probably be without a constitution of civil govern. mem,. at least for Uie present. (O ! most de plorable inueeu now much to be - pitied is poor Connecticut ; who, having just given op hr wstdy Imhiu," and embracod democracy, and launched her tvk on tbo u tempes4ttous seaoLUbitry," is, forautht tbat appears, still uestaisd to centiaue ki toe same deplorable n con.tiioiion of civil "ovem - " nu oeen lor tbtse 160 years past JOltmostdevsoraWe J On euqniriag what lMprdacedruchaelaU U ihiars. we are at. "7tUni,ila WeUiniford, ovre - or voted for t. WdeWV BM M is. wtsMl stiw. - ZT7.. ww; .towae. Who would have thesU ViMthriuki JL - V .nam, alter havisw (ia laoti i mrnctea m principle, that the diaerence be - Utetr soil , th. - T.V c." U .: illli . - . w a:. d .T'J.y, ..Colart;1oOT by. transition of the . front the enter flag thst then waved at its top 1 How .V..Vi.Z J.: eU u, a - r - .7v r? - V, "TH are v - arei'ianaalJa. I - Heuemselvesr . - uuw tuiuijr inaa iamm th, - l" V0 awailbrwaly desanoerastia. ws imvwwiiaOT. . C, : Ttorn fit Srnm OrtnicU, The HI vine - ssviertnnt opinion was delivered in Mat hut, by the hooorsWs JoJ Jobwott, in the fcderal court, at Clerteste, 8. C. It em - btnees some important points, wscswirasw sjwet, we pnsume, should be generally known. vs., I Qaim to salvage. n. ImaiJi b mm. Qeestions of salrage are always qaestjoot of the most disagreeable eum ; sn vam um wmu looks for relief in Ms aniiety to do justice i by seeking the aid of fised rules or principles. Such ooMtions are addressed exclusively t discretion, and that discretion must' move in a range to whichlbere are no denned limits. This case m HntW with another embarrassios circum - tance. It b unDoesible to separate the question of salvage from that which must finally dispose ol the" residue of this vessel and cargo. Tbe Kitna rale cannot be arulied Indifferently to botbr parties claimant. If the rcsi:lte ought to be restored to the Spanish claimant then no salvage can be demanded, if tbe treaties applies to the case, or if it does not apply then a much higher sal vase ought to be paid, than if It be adiudred to thb cantor. The principal oues - kioe in the case, then, is forced upon me before 1 can dispose of tnat salvage, and nere i csuaoi hesitate on lite derision that must be made. Tbe law of nations reeuiree of the U. 8. the observa tion of strict neutrality between the belligerents. flagrante Delia, no neutral nation U Dovoa to pnrsae n coarse aieoaduct, mat may ultimately embroil it with (he victor. We found the pro perty in possession oi one of the belligerents, and we are bounU to learnt tbere. . it is enougrxior us that we see a si; "of open mar existing be tween two powers to maintain it The question of ngi This is no reccgnition - (' i a godofarasies !iondcticeof Bue nosAyree, it is tbe r n oCa ef Bfte wn to ail the worM, and atlnj self, that of a stats of t , . y tli eel. i !i3iubim - vrnr hoi a ceu i'ain - is tljeWt - solsnin and one of her colonies u and notorious act by r - ' lions can exhibit their independence to the restof the world, and whilst the struggle continue;, other nations are not at liberty to distinguish between fact and right, . Under these imprettions 1 award one - fifih of the nett proceeds to the libellant ; convinced that had the captors been consulted at the time the vessel was taken charge of, they would have freely given that proportion to iccure the rest and tbat toe libeilaets ought to be satutted with eifht thousand doll its for the service rendered. There is one other point on which 1 feel myself calleu on to make a remark, that is the cocci es ! the treaty between Spain and the United States. The sixth article has no bearing on this esse - ? Tbe object of that article is the protection oi the vessels or effects of Spanish subjects from leisure, at the time of their being within our jurisdiction. Nor does the case come under tbe 9lh article, since in whatever tight Spain may think proper to cootiiiler the cruisers of her enemy, they are not pirate in the view of other aatious ; and as to the second tection of the 141b article, it makes no provision for the restitution of property captured by citizens who have accepted comoiisticnr to cruise against Spain. Tbe pro vi ions are, that no citkeh shall accept such a commiwion, and that he who accepts such a commisiion hall be puniihed as a pirate. In a government of I laws, every tning has been done which good faith required to be done. Laws have been passeL od our courts of justice are open for the pun ishment of such as accept ef commisnons under the enemy of Spam. . But information must be lodged, and evidence produced, before it can be required of the courts of justice to punish those or any other offenders. For any thing farther, Spain must depend npon tbe vigilance, activity. and intelligence of her own agents ; and in no case is it, or can it be made an addition to the punishment of such encoders, that the property hall be restored unless the United States mav be made liable for indemnity i for when the cap. tore is made, tbe property ts vested in the rov ernmeui mat grants toe common, it is the : r 1 1 . . . , i . . . fiiHnrs M no evidence that Ban Martin privateer wm fitted ont in the United State. Site has indeed very improperly recruited her crew within our limits ; and every individual concerned in that transaction, will be punished if prosecuted. But all ibe world knows tbat the arbitrary exertion of power b on - known to the genius of oar constitution, and all that any state can expect of the United States is that adequate laws should be rawed Ho punish and prevent tbe commission of such acts. When acts are done in evasion of those law, unless the government can be charged with winking at those evasions, it is not liable to indemnify .Spain for rach captures and our courts of justice cannot on that ground violate the obligation of neutrali ty, ny seizing end restoring prizes that have been mane vj euner party. tsgoeuj wI. JOHNSTON. Extract of a letter, dated Ogdensbargh, June KK, 1UIU. Tou have, no doubt, seen in the public prints some statements respecting a man of the oame of Gourlay, who is now making a political tour inrousn ine lanaoas. 1 he day before yesterday, a township meeting wu called directly op posite our camp, which terminated in a rkt, in which Mr. Gourlay was severely beaten. I bare not been able to learn, with any certainty, what object this man has in view; no doubt. however, ont more is meant than meets the ere: He is not long from England. If any symptom of revolution slionid appear in these provinces. the exciting cause must be in Europe. Neither tbe population nor position of the country are suited to contend with the Criti - h government, unless the other parts of the empire were also in a revolutionary state. . The mhaliitanta of Canada appear to be vory happy and centeuted with their situating, and with their gevernment jreiwrallv. What they couU gain by a revolution in the present order oi iniugi, i oust comets I cannot comprehend. The commerce carried on upon the St. Law rence is imntn.cly greater than we in the Unit ed elates commonly believe. The single article oi lumoer must employ very considerable num ben. Kails are u:usiuz almost constantly. Flour and miny other articles are exported to a very great auicunt. 1 he entire hue of the Ca nada side of the river from .Montreal and even trr - m Quebec, is well peopled and cultivated Since writing the above 1 have seen a Nation al Intelligencer, containing some notices of Gone lay, and explaining who he is, and from whence he originated. The substance of this com muni cation is no doubt true, and obliges me to be - Heve, that, as I have before stated, there is more than meets the eye in this business. The mkgis - trates of Upper Canada are much at a Iocs to know how they ought to proceed. Fnm tlit Baton Palladium, July 10. A rceny mrcsU'V ulrtwrntcal apparatm, by attlf - lau'lU .1 eienccrn gtnttu. It is a machine whnee nnilorm r e vol u lion is derived from an ap pendage to revolutionary auxiliary wheels, which put in aeotioa a 13 - inch globe, that tarns on it axis m 24 hoars, and in a solar year will depict the son sn the ecliptic, and describe the unequal orbit wf the earth, moving round one common centre The revolutionary appeothre moves renal an Invisible stationary circle, denominated j sretic pol ia ooe veer. ThU machine isso moea ie th. 10.1. The machine can be fit ted or rectdUdto any meridian, by taming K to the day of U. month, with the moon seTto her I . "" "iwi, ".XJWIaUf, anJ to correAend aiJ eo,!. - ah mnv nnukM.1.. LJi J " ,' - tl on a globe. .There is hfetwitea eeineutonra tw . ...i ridinn, to which bring a braaesi mssis,oa a of of in l which designate ft piraiUl of tartli and loath, to these on the northern hemisphere, nod the sen in tbe summer solstice will npproiissate to - H wards tbe arctic pole, and vwe versa in tbe win ter. - - - - ' The globe moves m no angle cT'p.TB ; coa - seqnently it moves two small oaiis aa an incuoeu .1 mt . K Ik. axis, wnica moicay uie tmj ot toe awaiut, verticle rays of the son, north and south declination, elevation and depression of the polee of the globe, the moon's mean motion, 13, 10, her period 17 days, 7 hoars, 43 minute, her synedical revolution Z9 davs. 1Z hours, 44 1 ine mooioiT variation of the moon will be m proportion to her inclined axis on the plane of her ecliptic ; in period of about 182 days, she will alternately retain to her inclined axis as above specified 1 The machine also presents many other views and advantages, too prolix to insert m a scneuuie this display of the phenomena of nature by mechanism. Tbe inventor is Theodore NewelL an aged and decriped cilisen, who is in indigent circumstances, and destitute of pecuniary aid, to accompliib his Ions cherished and arduous task. He has made an apparatus, which, after the friends of science nave viewed with an impartial ana un prejudiced eye, it is trusted will be prononnccu ereat utilitv in demonstrating astronomical calculations. The above niece of mechanism will be exhi bited at the Exchange Coffee - Hocse every day the week, (Sunday's excepted, bet ween Hi hours of 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. V W From ih Bcuton lnlttligencer, July 11. . Commerce oflht U. Slate was G. Briloin There he lately been puniisnea ine acu oi ure British Parliament, by which the Island of Bermuda and the town ol Halifax to N. Scotia, are made free ports of trade. It appears to us that lh Rritioh l.'nvrnmont M ill Secure the nCCeSSS - rv sunnlies to thir IVrii - Indum colonies, under the operation of Ibose laws, not withstanding the Ameiican Navigation act as it la called, which goes intoeffi ct on the firitof October nexf Ac - mrAinf if. th iiMlmr.tinn which, the ComDtrol - - r of the U. 8. TreMury.has iot upon the act of uongrers as the ports oi ine uinno oi Derrauuo, and so alo the ports of Hatifjix, are open to all our vessels according to the laws of navigation and trade. A British vessel whose cargo was ar.tunlly laden or whole voyafieirsf commenced at those ports, may enter anddsschaixe her car - eoia a oort of Uie United States, provided that the same vessel had not tmosported the same crgo from one oi uie pons oi xjis uruiauicit majesty, cloeetl to American vesicis. But any Brit - mh vessel mav tarrvon a traffic to Bermuda and Halifax, and (heir carsoes reshirped in other ves sels, and so be admitted to an entry in our poitf The oolv inconvrnience which the British mt - r chant will sastaia is the expeoce of unloading and rtshioDine in anothtr Vessel. But the Lul led Stares to their turn will be able to export the various productions of their soil to Halifax nt Bermuda, and take from thence English manufactures, or the produce of the Knglisn West India Islands that mav have been broueht in Eng lish venels to those onrti. The vessels which can afford to Sail at the lowest rale, will, therefore, succeed best The commerce is so far pla ccd upon a re - ipiiK - al foolmti. The expences of thngoods in trantiter. will probably operate near - Ivcnua lv urmn tuth nations and build up the porta n Beruiudi and nt Halifax at Uie charge of tbe V. S. und of flte n'her English colonies. Ynwrf. The Uuerriere fneate hu been ready tor sea for more than a fortnight, and will sail as soon at Mr. Campbell pleases, after his arrival litre, which was expected yes terday. We believe she will be found' one of the most effective .'nips of her class that ever entered the Baltic carrying 33 guns, 24 pounders and 42 pound cannonades, will a full and complete crew i with numerous officers , and commanded by Cape Macdonough, on whose fame and skill hi country delights to uweu j she will exhibit a supertoreqiiiptnentfor wari as well as a rwost admirable specimen of naval arcliiu - ctitre. Hie wu provisioned for a two years cruise, fully repaired arid manned in o short a time, as to reflect credit npon au oran ches of the naval service. .Tl?.eswVill?t?. StiWfvef fi - 'ntr' - " '"'" ' is yet a mailer of unceitainty. She is not required to be ready before August, and will probably proceed to the Pacific ucean i mhere the benebcul enects of the occasional visits of our ships of war, were lately shown, in the protection of nearly ene million of American property in the port of Valpariso, afforded by the Ontario, captain liiddle. From tlit Pendleton Mtuengtr, June SO. 1 Succtufui WoU - H uaf. The farmers in tbe vicinity of this place have for several )ears past been very much troubled by wolves, Destroying tbeir sheep, which have been seen several limes, but could not be taken On the night of Monday the 2d inst. they killed three sheep beloegrig to James C Griffin, Esq. Uie next day bn collected uvb or six 01 ins neienoors, ana aiier a inner uiey surrounded the thicket where the wolves had been heard howling before day light, near where the sheep were killed they aoun started a very targe he Wolf, which, after running round the uitcaet several times, attempted to pass where Mr. On llm was standing, who shot bun he ran a little distance hack into the thicket, end after sh'rt resistance was kilted by the does. Ibe party then returned to the village, hut having observed there where tracts of different sizes cone hided they would search the ssate woods a - ?Un ; in a shurt time they started a large she WW, who ran round the thicket sunimr to the former, nnd wss killed by Mr. John Miller, iuo. within ISO yards olthe same place, both witliina mueoi uie court - house." TRENTON. July 13 Fxceethnelu uarm. Such wu (he beat of yes terday thai the mercury of Fahrenheit roretotlic oucxainpira iiri - iu ui ooe nuaureo ana one o grcc. A trust lolluwed in the tvroiur, accom - p.intrd with aimcst incetsant Hashes ol lightning ami cnniiaueii mil or tr.unaer, and cooled iu in atmostibere with a Cne shower. it is hoped Hint the Grand Jury eft lie city will not stun ili - irt in their ecqumcs relative to the n ot at luitloilit on the lt'h, hut follow it up to the source oi the evil. nw iohr will UieUom - mon - tnufKil nersihl tit eruntuiu ueutes to l av ems they know cm only be .maintained by uie rcuiii oi aiucni spirts. BOSTON. Julv 11. M unicipal CovrtJ'Ou term. TU: fillnwine persons num yesteidsiy s - nt:Drd to imnihment i.ilheStAte tris - n, vis: William Carroll, JU da solitaiy twt 5)earshar labour, Ueiitainia Row, JO days solitary and & yrart hnrd lahnur. William Smith, 20 days solitary and 4 years hard l.ibour. .These three are lads atovt 43 years oi age," and were convicted of bt;.ttng and rnter - lti( in the niglit time, the h"p of Musei, arid therein ttealinc sixty w&tcties. TK.ncti youne in yetra these are old offenders, havinz been recently liberated from the tt.ite prison for former crimes. Ehenrser Evans, for highway roonery, rrom uie person or Simeon w. ijr.weu. This Evans has also been to the state Prison nnce before ; and it appeared in evidence that Benjamin, (ooe olthe above nientioned lads) was with him, ana assiittd in the robwry or Bowea. Aaotber indirtment for hiehway rclitjery yet ex ists against Evans; vrhi.ii the court .ordered to he on n.e. 1 his Onuhed villain hu nut ooe arm. but be manatee the other with jurat dexterity ; while his accomplices exercise tbe more ar duous part of these robheries. He wu senten ced to tea days solitary end to bard laboar for life. James Duffs for larceny openly and vio lently from the persie of May o Grace Edgar, 40 days solitary and two years hard laboer. Abt - 4 rail Spinner, for a similar onVece. COdavasolita. rv and 1 veer hard labour. A temmre. whoaaena. aictsons nave been always respertahie, wu sentenced for larceny at tbe shop of a mihaer, to ten days solitary and 3 year bard lahonr. The practice of this species of theft, and Treaweattt by persona of respectable appearance, anving of late greatly sm - rritsed, it ts ao doU wise tnat an example sbosdd he thus saasle a a. terror others. PHILADELPHIA, laly 13. C of in bis at of by a is its to in f Hoi D17. It hu bee cestosaary to actio extreme cold sreathtr, - aad we eM at ecwu that of eiceasive heat the Uiermosnetef in a fair j exposure yesterday, baying ranged from 84 to 95 Saturday was alsoeceediigly warm, oa which day a straneef, bfore he aiiahted from his horse beiere a tavern m Bi.Bre - ire, m , nosed to be occasioned by fatijrae aad the teat. .... . - m ,a.fc rtaiS A fnnitnMt am. at ihli uMM of the vear. who are desirous employment, not to tarry ia the city., tjnme - diate employ and high wefcee await them ia every part of Uie country. H artest has commenced, toiler not, the re lore, n aay. snaueiry, touneij and frugality, is all that is required to tosnre in - dependence all those retnisites are sacrificed spending weeks after their arrival in saunter ing the streets ana ueqnenuna: ansa snoptw BaLTiafORi, July 13. The Daesearers in tbe Ann. from Porto Bello, infnrm thai ihe account of Uie capture of the Peru vian army had reached rarama previous to meir leavsng that place. - They talked ol raising an other of 8 or 9000 aten. From tale London paper. Pedettrianum Dr. Crisp hu accomplished unparalleled undertaking, of walking to and from Oxford and London for 1 7 successive days, the rate of 61 miles a day. Saturday, being the last day, he started in good spirits, at four o'clock in the morning, from Uie Queen's Head, Knihlibrvlge, on hu return to Uxtoru. ingoing through Windsor, the town wu so full of sol diers and other persons assembled to see him. that ft was with difficulty some gentlemen made way for bint to pass t be wu accompanied from town to towwT and village to village, by numbers person on f and horseback; ana ins roads were nearly hhed with spectators, ua ot en tering Benson, he was net by upwards of 300 persons. On his entering Dorchester,the church bells were set n ringing ; and ho wu Conducted several gentlemen, and a band of music playing " See the ' conquering hero comes." He rested a short time, and took some refreshment. He wu escorted out of town by fourteen gentle men on horseback and thirty chosen men on foot, each with a long staff to make way for him thro the crowd ; ana was accompanied by the horsemen, arffl many on foot, from tbrace to Oxford, diitar - ce of eight miles and at eight minute past eleven o clock, he arrived quite lre.ii at tbe Bat, in Holywell, Dxioru, oelng City two mi nutes within the given lime, having completed the greatest pedestrian feat on record. 7osrt - orAe The following; extraordinary case related in a letter from a Celebrated surgcoo in Germans : On Friday the 26th ult. n female, (I'rtm whose jaws I had before extracted eleven t'ftth) came to me frantie with the tooth.ache Wi ti the hrst blood that came out of her atouih, after the tooth wu extracted, came an insect of the is ing tribe, about half an inch long ; his shape much like an ear wi - , with horns, eye - i, 'less, and tail j its hind part rather broad. From the excruciating pain, I believe, it had occasioned, anJ the tartar that adhered fo several parts ol body, I concluded it mnst have lived in the jaw for some time, but appeared to have died the moment it came out. In 30 years practice, having never seen any thing of the kind, nor a patient in such aroniesof diftrear, I knew not what make of it ; I took it to a surgeon, who, on examining a skeleton jaw, said that the tines of the tooth I had taken out, reached a hollow between the jaw and tbe nose, and no doubt remained but the insect had been taken op by smelling, when an eg, and had there gmwn to that state, and came oat with the blood when the tooth wu extracted. This cue should be a caution to peo ple how they smell of flowers and herbs, on which are eggs of insects, lest they hatch them their bead, and bring on disease and prema ture dealt). FROM OUR CORRESPOXDEXT. , Tatriot k Daily Chronicle office, . Boston, July 12 noon. S , Arrived, schr Harriot, Lewis, from Baltimore. BrirCobossee - Coute. Hall. S3 daya from N. Orleans. 'v ' - left. ', hv late armaU - it York. .Spoke, 34th ult. off Tortugas, a sen transport, with about 100 troops Irom feeeacola for riavana. Schooner Elua - Ano, Snow, Norfolk Liberty, weeks, rJixabeth City ; King Solomon, Wads - worth, Norfolk ; Cornelius, Robinson. Richmond At Quarantine, schr Mary ft Martha, thaw, 24 days from Corracoa. Schr Volant, Samborn, 19 days from Havana. Spoke, June 28, ship Ajax, from N. Orleans for Liverpool ; Orison, Thompson, of Portsmouth. N H from do for do ; brig Polifar, from Bath for Havana. Captain S. states that a flag of truce bad arrived at the Havana, which bronsht news of the capture of Pensacola by Gen. Jackson : she wu one of fire vessels which hid been ta ken up as flags of truce to convey Uie Spanish garrison to Cuba. An embargo wu much talked of on American vessels. Flour and some o - ther provisions bad risen considerably in consequence. . Brig George Beckwith, Fisher, 15 days from Havana. The brig Mary and Jane, Brown, for Boston, sailed 3 davs previous. Left ship Hero, Cole, Boston loading; Columbia, Pain, K. Island, in 6 days ; Cordelia.) Talman, Portland loading : Albert. Prince, do. do t Portland, Minot, do do ; Cleopatra, R Island , Per severance, do j Hope. O'Urion, N York 2 days ; Cbauncey, Snow, X Orleans 4 ; American, with pork, beef; disch Trader, do do i brig Bru tus, uarrett, Boston loading i Bowdon, of R. Idandi Caroline Augusta, just arrived from Gibraltar ; 2 brigs from R, Island, names unknot n, arrived 2 jth ch Charles, Cox, Norfolk uncer. Sailed in co. with the ship Augusta, Oliver, for Genoa. July K, spoke sloop Dove, of Nantucket, on a whaling; voya?e, out seven months, with 40 bbts. i bad been board ed in the Gulf of Mexico twice, and robbed of one boa: - sloop leaking bad bound in. Mng Climax, Merchant, hence off Cork in 18 davs i and at Dubtn, in 24. . Clea - ed. slofipn Victory. Ilawlet. N York . .Native, Ripley, do ; Pacific, Lewis, do. t ran .V ivptff ear rrijumdcnt at Havana. ' Juce 15. Arrived, bri" Albert. Snow. from Cullx, with a new Tcrriente Rey for this place. i n, Juno, caiver, 'ii days from Khode - lsland. . - 21, Spanish schr Carredora, Africa, 204 sares. Tli;re are but five American vessels in port, and baiioes is very dull. We hive bad no arrival from Boston since the Hero, on Uie 8th. We hive a report that ren. Jackson has taken nos - str.on oi rent coia, bat not much apprenenston oi war exuus." FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Steam Boat Hotel, Reading aad News Room,) sorioia, Juiy x r. m. ) The V. S f ri rate Consrees. Com. Sinclair, an chored in Hampton Roads last eveninz. She sailed from Riode la Plata 4th Msv. touched at St Salvador, and had a passage of It days only from Margarelta to tbe Capes of Virciaa The minores oi oer cruise, lotretner with a lew re - marks that have been made by one of the officers. of a political a at are, I am promised, but am aot yet in possession or, Jhey having been left on board. - Tbe commissioners base all relumed with the exception of Jedre Blend. The cm cers on board state, tbat the reports of Uie defeat of the Patriots on the Main are all destitute of truth that Bolivar it not in the field at all bet at the bead of the civil covernment in one of tbe provinces that jest as the Conrreit was feUine; smderweigh, in format ion reached Margarelta that MoriUa bad died of a wound which be bad received. In Ha nptoa Roads, shin Willism. Puddine ton, 6 days from R York, bound sm James River. Ship A veriest Msnlove, 53 days from Lon - dorC Capt. Poythress, of Petersburg, came pauenrer in the cabin, and 31 in the steerare. Spoke, about 26th nit (captain M. cannot uy precisely, hav'mg brought up ao memorandum root his log - book) iatat. 39 30, long 61, ship Favorite, of Charlestoo, from LAtdon, bound to - Baltimore, having sailed 7 dsyt before tbe Avertck 3 days afiei'wArJt; am lets - mag! 62, ship Susannah, of If York front S Orleans,! bound to Uverpool out za Csys. rasseanntnc Sd inst off the Capes of Delaware, on thsl.eslge of the Goir Stream, apart ol tnewrecaose vessel, sappoeed a brig or a sell, bottdnv up wardscould perceive no marks snout ncr oy which - o desri be her. ' British brig Commerce, Burns, 15 Oays from St. Vincents. . P. 8. The Congresa will come up here tlie first wind. . WM. G. Lit FORD. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Federal Republican 1 1 TaUrranh. RaltifnOIW Jnlv It. I Arrived, ship Unicom, Manchester, I i days rVnn, r antrm. l - i'i. ahins NeDtisniiVOf Philadel phia; Ana and Hope, of ftevidenoe AtUla, pit V. . . n " .... ...1 - ... - l... CA.ttl Boston ; teamen racaei, oiim ; wvreaia iwi. of New - Vork. at Macao. Sailed in iwv with barque Firing Fish, of Boston, for Aio Janeiro. Spoke nouiing on the passage. . Also, schr Ann, Parrot, 22 days from Porto Belkti Left, schr Berry, of Baltimore, nnc Spoke noUrios on the passage. Passengers, Messrs: J. F. Didier. and A. Dunan. The ac count of the capture of the Peruvian army bad reached Panama, before Mr. D left it, they talk - , ed of raising snoUier army of 8 or 0000 men. schr Ueorge & Henry, ilaiiet, irons. Boston. Schr Jane, Fish 11 days from Cape Henrf. II. Left, schrs Henry. Williams, for Pf York, in 35 days ; Hope Sally, of Philad. for Port - au - Plat, in 3 days : Succtss, Adams, Newbury - port, disch. ; Randolph, Sanger, Boston 6 days ; liries America, Hill, Boston, unc ; Look Sharp, Taylor, of Newport, unc. ; tieo. Washington, Salem, in 3 days ; ship Creates, Tripp, Kenne - buuk, 11 days and a uumbcr of British and o - ther vessels unknown. Schr Exchanee,Carry,14 day from Ooosives. Left, brig Concordia, Perry, of Philad. in 3 days for Havana schr Active, of Boston, un certain. Thrifw.lntrwrfw nmortsfhe death of (4 Ptr - snos, from ine n iitne iiw unjei V . ' ...u ,r the following diseases : Apoplexy 1 1 cuuaity I cholera morbus z ; consumption 11 ; convulsi - ms 8 ; diarrr.'ca 1 1 dr psy I ; dropsy in use neaa ;arowneu i u - sectary 1 i ei'tlcpiy I ( fever inllateraalory 1 ; lever putrid 1 ;fevertvpiius 4; jaundice ! ; inflam mation Ol tao uowcia l , iiiuaiuniaiiuu ui uw ver 1 ; old 5 t palse 1 : peripneumony 1 ; schrofula, or kiox's evil 1 ; sorethroat 1 ; suicide 1 1 tabes mesenterica t ; teething 1 j whooping cough 1 worms t. Ut.UK.tjb l.U.VIl.tu, Vliy inspector. uien, ' Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Frances S. Ogden, wife of Mr. Albert Ogden, aged 33 years. Last evening, John T. B. Graham, Esq. son of Theodorus V. W. Graham. Esq. of Albany, atred Si years. The friends of his father of Mr. Thomas Storm, of Mr. Stephen Storm, and of Dr. Boyd, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, without further invitation, from the house of hie" lsotleriii law, No. 3 White. hall - street, this afternoon, at 5 o'clock. Pro cession to move precisely at 6. On Sunday tost, at the Marine Hospital, Stat en - Island. Mr. William Crowther He ar rived at Uie Quarantine Ground on the 9th inst in the schr. Patty. Moore, of Newport, from Monte Christe, and wss taken ill the day after ailing. It is said he owned the vessel and cargo, and tbat bis family resides near jnoun; Holly, N.J. Suddenly lut eveninz, Mrs. Hannah Banner, Her friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the luueraL this afternoon at 5 o'clock, from No. 51 Henry.treet. At Charleston, on the ?6tli ult. air. George Claggm Feue, aged 25 years. . SFEfUfO POST M.1R1XE LIST. . CLF.ARED. Ship Grey - Hoead, West. St. Domingo Schr J . ha Redman, Bunker, - Washington Sloop Margaret - Ann; Shetten, Ftuladelpliia. ARUiyEO ItlM rVRF.WOtf. Sch Monroe. Uortoo, J dart from Hartford. with domestic articles, bound to KicDmood. BELOW, one schooner. ARHIVE li LAST fEJVYAi7, Brig Sewall, Stone, 51 days from Antwerp, to John W Russell, with iron, gin, oil. tc. to George W Talbot, J R Graves. J P Durand, Le Roy, Bayard ft Co. F Porter, Wells St Murray, N ft D Talcotti T Deuse, L D Berth, aifd the captain. Left no American vessels. Left at Flushing: the brig Milford, Weeks, ofPort - land. June x, lat 48 42, ion sj 41, spoke Drlg Hector, of Portsmouth, N H. 32 days from N Orleans, for Liverpool. 5th, lat 47, Ion 28 43. spoke British barque Henry, Harrison, of Whitby, 14 days from London for Newfound land: 17th, in a squall, carried away our fbretopmut Same day, lat 44 47, Ion 45 31, spoke ship Good Return, of Freetown, 95 days from Liverpool fur Baltimore, with passenger's, wbokuvtly offered us a spare spar, and any o - ther assistance in bis power. 2 2d. and 27th, lat 44 37, Ion 48 45, fell in with large islands of ice July 13th, about 12 letfruea from the Highlands, spoke ship Columbia, Paine, from Havana for Providence, It. I. i"ch Betsey, Robertson, 3 days from Phila delphia, with bricks, to P Care, Jun. ben Jane, Robertson, 11 dtvt Irom Rich mond, with coals, to W Kemp, of West Point. Bri Punter, liurd, 45 days from Oporto, with salt, to N L ft G Griswold. Left about 10 sail of American vessels, most of them eas tern, names not recollected. May 30, lat 39 44, spoke brig Catharine, from Baltimore fur Oporto.' .. . Sen Resolve. Vvatrout, 5 days from Balti more, with tea, gin and merchandize, to W W ft J H Todd, Smith ft Nicoll, Robertson & Kel so, J Roirers, G Astor, Boorman ft Johnston, vatller ft Ray, Hepburn ft Prince, and others. Sch Union, Drink water, 6 days from Dariefi, with live oak, for the navy - yard, 2 passen - British sch Two Brothers, Darby, is days from Halifax, with coal and fish, to Rowland ft Braine 1 pusenger. Sch Isley, Stanwood, 3 days from Wilming ton, D. with corn meal, to T Buckley k San. Moop Nancy. Grimes, 5 days from Balti more, with rum and sugar, to sundries. fcloop Liitie - UilL M'Aipin, II days from Halifax, with coal and 32 passengers, to Rowland ft Braine. Sloop Rebecca - Clarke, Prideaux, 4 days from Murfreesboro', N. C with naval stores and pipe staves, to Waring ft Kimberly. Sloop Paragon, 2U hours from New - Haven, with molasses and lemons, to the muter. Sloop Rever, Parks, 3 days from Philadel phia, with merchandise, to P Grim, and others. sloow Hero, from Philadelphia. CHARLESTON, July 4 Arrived Tester - day, Sloop Frolic, Bateson, St. Augostiae, I day. A Spanish corvette ship of 26 guns, two brig of 20 and 18 guns, and two transports, bad arrived at St. Augustine, on Sunday lut, with money, clothing, provisionsa and atuniUons of war, and sailed again lor Havana. Cleared, Dutch ship Susannah, Bsssau. Ham burg ship Java, Davis, Liverpool ; brig Leopard, Driokwater, PorUaed ; Schr. Aeptssne, Blackmer, Bath, Me. The brig Ann, Arnold, for New - York and Prtvideoce, went to sea yesterday. try Another prize sold and paid in Amtri. cam Gold, at ALLEN's, truly lucky office, no 123 Broaewsy. This morning, no. 3319, came trp a prise of feliXJU BTtne Milford and Owego Road Lottery. The fortunate ticket wu sold lo a merchant in Front - street It will not soon be for - got ton that no 3320. which drew the mammoth prise of one hundred thousand dollars, was sold and immediateiv thereafter paid at the lucky office, no. 12?' Broadway, opposite the tity botei. j l V L. - " jBROADWAT 1 01 H C US, i ' - onoaeOeeees . . - THIS EVJSHING, JULT 14, 1818. . '. Tffte peitormance . will commtnee with (he gneSd Mameluke EnUy. ; - Msster Coty, Uie celebrated Amertoaa beio wil distingaish hhosclf with Biany biilliaat feats oi sorsemansmp. . . rlack Hone, by Mr. Maybe. . - 5 . ( Master M'Carn, the wouderofthe age, wil oil OJie horse, perform many woederfril feats f7 9 youth, only nine years old, and conclude by a. 4iog on iiisnead,'hit horse in full speed.' ' 6trengUi of Hercules by Mr. Catiaia, for tbe Sd time in this city. He will on his feet aad hands support eight persons and form twelve dif. lerent groups, and conclude by supportiag the svhole troop on bis bauds and feet, forming abeat - tilal group. . , . Aftor which, the - much admired "scene of Tbe Drunken soldier, by Mr. Bullen, his secoed an. pearaoce. . s ,.; , - . J? The elerant Spanish horse Romeo wilL after leaping over hourds and bars of, a prod'rgioiii beighth, conclude by leaping over t horse, with Master M'Carn u his riden . . ., , Mrs. Williams will, among othaeextraordiai. ry feats, go through the six divisions of tbe broad sword. . ,. ,' Mr. Tatnell, the dying horseman, will perform many wonderful feats, and conclude, by a mtm. derlul leap through two hogsheade. .. Still vaulting by ue company Mr. campbsll clown. w ' ' The whole to conclude with the comic 'sesaa of the Taylor's joaroey to Brentford, by Mr. Bj - len. - Tickets may be had at the areas, from In o'clock, A. M. to t r. . and from 3 to 5. Doors will be open at 7 o'clock, and the performance crminience precisely at ?. . no smoaciog auowea. taecu not usasler able. , GeuUe wen are r0ueited not to eater He ring. ' NOTlClv ""' ' ftV A stated metiiof th New York M.. uaission Society wUI be held this evening, at lie SoniHty's Sciiool Room, in YVdilam - ttrett, tt o'clock. EZEKIEL COWG1LL, 7thmol4 1t AwUkecnL i he subscriber hereby cautions ail per sons against paying money or rising credit many person wamnrtir, oa nts account, withoat a written order from himself! as be trill not hare. after pay any debts contracted without his au thority. . Jyl4 4t .. . .. CEO. SCOTT. . A'e tlbip PACKET. Lr The superior and fast tailing ilorp PACKET, S.' Daltam, muter, with elegaut and commodious accommodations, built' esiiressly for carrying pessengors, will positively mil on Thursday morning l6Ui inst. at 7 o'clock from Peck - slip, for SANDY - HOOK, on a party of pleasure. A sumptuous dinner and Uie choicest of liquors will be provided on board. Those who will please to savor him with their company, are requested to be oa board precisely at Uie time. Passage fare 11 : children half price, j Jyl4 ! , fc . r or f reight or Charier, Tbe ship ROBERT, Captain Thossp. son, at 'Pinoetreet wbarl. To Liver - poul would be preferred. She is in eicellect condiUon, and iu readiness to receive a cargo. Apply to N. k V. TALCOTT, Jy 14 .. 64 Sooth - rtreeL tor RMXL. wM$ Tbe very superior New - York built XJJbrig JANUS,' G. R. Dowdalk master. wiU meet with immediate dispatch, most of her cargo being engaged. For freight of the remainder, or passage, having elegaut accommodations, apply en board at M urray s wharf, or to . - POTT ft M'KJNNE, : Jy 14 , No. li South - st. . UM el &UOAK. - I70 puncheons bCCnus, kern. 4J bhds Sugar ef superior quality aad :4 .do Syrup, nosy IbmIm frosa i bsrtjc Lertp J 14 gw . - 87 Soth - etraet CHAMPAIGN et C'LAtCET. THORN ft PKDLETON, 56 Stone ttiart, bare just received and oner for sale hi cases and baskets, ooe doi. each, of vrhtte bpvkiing I'Ttampaigp J - Ltlitfe, vin'eol 1C07 ,( Of tup. qosJilr Haut Margaux,of 1811 ) " J142t , ' - v . nOLMENAU and MALAGA ttlALMIf VJ WtNE. 13d qr. casks Colmensr Wine 274 qr. Malaga Malouwy do Principally in iron bound casks, and both ef very superior quality, landing this day, vpes - tite the subscriber's store, from schr busanai, from Malaga, for sale hy BOORMAN ft JOHNSTON, J 14 67 South street COT - TON. For sale a lew suitable for mams factu ring. I'earl - ttreel, upstairs. bales of Cortes, Enquire at 14 J 14 rtTl TO LET, VImM The three story brick house. No. 11 Walker street. Enquire at . t J 14 tw No. 67 Fine street Q - TO LET, A new House in excellent order aad the ptcasantest pert of Broadway possesion given on or heiWe Use 1st October next - if a suitable person offers, the furnitere could - main till 1st May, next, and a lady and UR children, (the youngest six years.) would botrf ia the family. Apply at 313 Broadway. Jy 14 rf ' OXE C1SAT REWAMD. RAN A WAY from the subscriber, on Saturday the 11th inst. MANGEL KELLY an indented apprentk to th painting bus nefs, about 14 yean old, 5 feet high, of alight complexion arid dark hair j had on when be went awav, a white shirt, duck trows ere, an old black 'hat and shoes. AU persons are csu tioned not to trust or harbour said apprtntics at the peril of the law. Painters are partiew - larlv cautioned not to employ him. Y eottfv will stop said runaway, and confine him as aay Gaol, so that his muter can get bid, ceive the above reward, but no charges. - . JOHN DR WE8E. J 14 3i 115 Divwiow - rtreet UAXTS'll. A PERSON who taderstaadY th wboss)e hardware buiwett, may bear of a Uati" by addressing a lie to b. at tHis oacc. J 14 XI ST TT AMTVIV a amman aa Aa tbe eook'mg, fT wahmgandiing.also,ag'iHtoUk care of a child and do the chamber work ef small famil. Enquire at 43 Walker - street. J 14 - JL. BOARD ASD LODGING WASTED. Ttnn tarn a - anllamen in a rtrivatS (unujt Jf where no other boarders win be taken - The streets running from Broadwty to Greenwich street, from Park - plac upwards, wej be preferred. A line directed B. C - 'f at the office of the Everune; Post, wiU ram uh immediate attention. " " - NINTH WARD. v. . PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby (riven, Attestors of the Ninth Ward tave wmp'e - ted their Assessments, aad that a copy theloi Kit wiu vuc wi uiw nwi .w - - - . aat W:.Aai Jmmab) asBK a4ttVfl date hereof, and that the Assessors wiB meet w Friday, JulySi, 1818, at Uie lioiise o( WJ Tnrvey, Bowery - Hi", to review ifUd setsments, on tbe application W aay person ceiving bi mself aggnered. $ov Irom lt w on eacb dev. . " His JOSEPH W1U.OUOUBTJ lctlvtare. 4aljU . vid Hoesris, Harlem, for nveldays, u five at the House of David Tnrvey, BowerT - nu; hf the tame mav be seen and examinee oj ' ireat

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