The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 14, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1818
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' NEW - TOM i. .saii. , ...... 1 UWWAI, JUL I 14, lolo. : ' , '. ' 5ote, VeijAi - or CAurter, iH ' Tb 'P THOMAS NELSON, jutt r"l".rrired fiom New - Orleans be f a - ....I .n.ll fXirw4 hnit1 iTTll built sreruiHt fm iviiu e - efv - itne now lie at Brooklyn, where she , 'L be eiammed. For term, apply to ' "v, v jj. w ROGERS & CO. lift' 235 Pearl - street, 5 Wanted lo Charier, A rood SHIP, of about 300 torn, to load in a southern port for England. WALSH GALLAGHER, 66 Soulh - streeL t'of freight or Charter. jffv 'The ship FOSTER, JUoren, master ; T 35Q torn burthen ; U In complete order, jicvuld proceed to a southern tort immed. - sldyi ? inquired, for terms, apply to the mil - ur.or W. A 8. CRAIG. Hunted to VUAUJ'EH, A good schooner of 65 a 70 tons ..bur then, for a voya;e to Bermuda ; Imintv wt JiioaUih will be given. - Apply to , , . v. ..TUCKER & LAURIES, : J I ,;U i.. ; - " 29 South - street. riOKKEE. IOBACCO. WINE, 4x. - hbds. j tnd I bbl. - Te'ry Green Coffee ' J5 hhde'aoperi.r old Kentucky Tobacco H do old, R.ichtiiond clq ' H do new do . t.j do f nr. casks L. F. Madeira Wine . ' - 1 hrKLMatluira of uncommon high flavor, ha ' I . i I ... i . I qr. caft extra Sherry Wine, 6 yean old 55 bUfc - Frtderickshnrg Plour. freight for Mode Janeiro enst Pir - tlv ." wmbveo. ' V : " VeJieh hound to either of the abv uoru. may havea kw good 00 freight, frou.,,, Jt3i) !..... , 112 Front - .t. H.1.YJ&LI JO CH.iiilW A British veuel of 250 ta 300 Imvt, to load at a southern port for the n est In MACKIE, MILNE & CO. 5 ' 61 Plne - st Je2 7'. A pthhI SHIP or UUIG of Hl.out 250 P"toiia.. A coppered vessel and one that uis bat, would be preferred G. U. AtS.HOWl.AND, M Waihuigton - itreft. Jl Fur rVtlUHHfttuni .V. C. Jth - The ship PACKET, capt. While, to f Xisau iu a lew days, will take lrei;ht on lhtkiwestterm, and atoomusoJatc pastcugers. Apply on board, at Mrry,t wbtrfc.or to' . URISWOLUSklXJUKS, ,V, jl . fti South street. trcti.iHbeyj.v, JiV The staunch ncnoocrr ARABELLA, y , V. T. Harwici, master, will meet with taafcliit dupetch, havini half her freight eo - ss'i'or lite remainder or pastas?, apjily on MtnLat Murray '1 wharf, et MilcCoAee - House iip,orlo . SAlL ALLEY, June 19 a l ine n. oc HAVRE, The nio Itt'LLB." Henrr Islie. imaster. to kail m i days. For few Us of heavr freieht or pa.wnrer, ba hie ex - Ctltatl accomodtionj, apply - to - ' ? JONES It MEG RATH, - M '"' Sotth - street "i ' H .iJS - lt ClUHTLi, l jUJct&OUioi burthen, to load lor Europe, to which immediate dispatch will bo firea". Apply to . ; . j y, ' , ,' R. CRUMP, Je?3 . . , r vu rwe - si. .ffv T' ery superior coppered Unt'isli . VsKiH DALMAKNOCK. "V. W. Robert. soo, msster 5 her carjro bnne nearly tngigoi. tor the - remainder o freitrm. or pasisjre, uar - inp etepant actum modations, appb' board, east side Fly market - wharf, or to 0. Ab . 103 FearUtreet.. Who oflcra for tale, ex. said vessel, from Ww ' ' Edinburgh Ale, of superior quality, in hot - ties ana caSKt. yint Rottles, to. per gross. "WillE LEaM lie' J15L LAD1!SCi at Fine street,. wlmrf. from ship ColuabM, Hear Curtis, master, from Bnt - Itol, England, and for sle hy Ihe sulmrri'wr, 00 auucJ terms il taken irdni the ' ' ru cuki best dry while leatt, from a 10 ocwi. ' ear b " ' TSt left genuine ground . while lead, in 38lh, lezs 30 cask. 1 red lcad in casks, froa 1 to 3cwt. each . it cjjks Fpanith brown, from 3 to 4cwt.each II tierces atluni, (mml to 10c wt each ISctuks Rosuaa Vitriol, from 4 to UowL each S caiks Venetian red, from 2 to 3cwt. each (bills blue black, 2rwt each - : 9 bbls ivory bUok, tiom t to 3cwt each tcatkstCuteothar vitriol, from to 4c wt enca , . , casks purple brawn, from 2 to4cwteach k fahds. 5 tierce and 8 bbls Rotten - htoue Kreoctv - Grrene, Rfwa - piotu - Ihilch - pink lilue and Greeu Verdeiar, ba'li Scouring Brick's. Apply to , A. CltL iitiH, Jt Ht ' r Is Rowety lLAa. Wl.Ea and GH.UCelH.lEa. 7rRX '(LiTlt LADIES AVCTI05 KOOX.) pBhsurwcribcrha cnnntantly on band a gea - 1 envf assortmeut of the followii.f article, - irnwin ne uHposeq 01 at a moaerate aavance. Teas ol nrt quality " Sg.rt do do . . Genuine oM Cogokc Brandy Sollands Gin ' ismaif - a and othee fptrils Wines 01 the various kinds ... Pine Apple Shtuh ' ' lncvi, Lime mud Orange Juir Sallad Oil in berth and bottles ,' t. Brown Stout . ' " BotiW Ale and Cider lWeGlouceU:r - 1 K ' ' Holland and American Chees . 1 ' I Sperm and Tallow Candles . Do - Oil for Lamps Coffee, Rice. Barley and Mustard Jwins, Almonds, Frunes, Figs , ,. r BMkelSalt,aic. Vuilii ' nun r iviirtr 'Siltoparcliasi", ft quantity of second hand r"' i - wrr onuirs j i UlLLI.ElTd, Ac A general aitortoieut au'0' D'lnueUV sliirtinei. alietMinjt, dost - w wwnur cotton, lor sale low, ny - , WM. CAMFSELI, Manufacturer, - 197 Pearl .tiwl J 7iwlr "nwnted patent Box Traps.' for 4t '.opt the rant, tll . fc4r,, - F.MO,t, in in order, in - at V.I j mm . , J v v.n 11 t UI1V V J 1) . od llain Witch, s. jTlf w.l Udies Work Boxes. frkV fk? 'd:, Corsets aKrte.. - . f V r s Jet ' ' ' J LAMbERT, ' 3 Cjcrtland Itreef. RICE. 90 tierces Rce, landing from achr. Arabella, at Murray's wharf, for sale bt ' CLARK, MOORE fi CO. Je 17 41 boeth - stteet. iJATTlMETT WARPS, made of eta Islaod tO Cotbm and iized in the chain, for sale by . - . WM.CAMPhELL, JeS . 197 Feari - street. JAMES P. AN DOE hits taken the store No. ' 7 Park, recently occupied as a Ladies1 Auction Rdbui', where he bitedds establishine himnelf as a first - rate GROCER, and friends selliug lor cash only, and at sach pricesas will make it the intercut of the cash purchasers to call as above, where lie bat for sals a general assortment of , . . 1 Teas, late importation . Fare cognac brandy, of superior quality ..Jantkiratpirilf. Holland srin. American do Madeira, L. F. Teocriffe, Old sherry, Port L ntner widm Ldndouand American porter, Dotted cider pcroii oil and candles ' , , Fine old Holland aud Amcriran clitese Well Havered rahu", F15!, Prunes; Almonds Spice?,. y est Spaoita cigar. Orau,'ht porter ' Sweet oil, tc - Cnnttant nttendaece will be given, and all favor duly appreciated. June 12 tf '.'' VVEE f dl.'. - 20 t'ws'u rioieii4rOt, M Ut lies encu, lot taie i y Clf.AS. L.OGIJEN. & AUK. OGlirJV, . 63 VahiuKlm - street. Je 10. f - M. - ilit.UiA ii tUUi H IjVK. I lr. caiki Madiira, and 6 bhds while port wine, tor sale by ... ' ROBERT GILLlSVJEi ; June 10 ' ' . . 112 Proni - t ,4 d Chalilruu Newcastle - oals, ou Doant VJ the British schr Mother, - . Currari. at pier Wo. 4, East River. ' For le hv wm. wilox, 1 SO Greenwich st J9 1w rtllX - i'J. - .lTKS, 'tHAUK - CHAlNS, le. A. 200 boxes tin plates' ' ( 23 casks Trace ' , l;rass Wire Mo. 9 - " . 1 ' ", 60 casks Itomarl Cemenl. now tnndine.biid (or sale by A5UERSOM & bHKAKKli, I J I Water - slreot. Who hare in store. Patent and common Carolina and Vireinia Hoc . Slieel Braes of ull sites l!rts and copper Wire I. on Ion made poi krt Bunjis and Wall' l 1. mix's work linspa i.r. Inv 15 lTAKUWARE, Cl'lLERV Ate t casks 11 Scutch s (11 in 5 casks plate Lock, I d; Steelyards 1 do chest hnudks. kc. 1 do screw plates, scale Iicbiiis, Ac' 1 do brass corks, zc. 1 do iHill metal kettles and skillets 2 do tin'd pots and sauce pans . 2 do fine padlocks - - I do Banbury locks, hinges, &c. 2 do Imnimcih, pincers, locks, ike. 2 do HI. hinges, Arc. 4 do anvils , - . 1 do liammei g and sledges .,)'. 2 do black & bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade kjilvrii 4 do hlism buck and bone' table knives 3 do buttons is , - 100 do cutuailt and brads, from 3d. to 20 J. Also, a Urge and general assortment ef roods open osi the shalve, tor rote at the erinst rrduced prices, by ADAMS BLACK WKLIV saay - 7 . f 15 rart - t. f77M. CaMFBELL, Waniifacturer, rfllrs V for sale no reasonable term, at Ins store 197 Pearl street, a fresh supply of the followios good, vis. 16iQ P - white millinetst.liaadsomeiy hlearti d ISM do brhck. do land tinish'd 20 cases blracb'd and unMcnch'd sheetings shirtingi ; together with an assortment of (loss knitting and sewinz cotton. Je 16 j.1NGLI?H HAMS, BACUA, Ac. just im - JLi ported by the subscriber, Double Gloucester, Dohiliin and Pine AppW Clireie,ol a very suiri - pt an ility ; Yorkstiire aiid Wiltshire Humi; sides nnd Hitches or liacon, or a superior quality; J - .ng lish Lnrd, in bladders; nnd small firkins; Gloss and Bri - tot Stone Ware ; Inrge Bottles Ifpes and Demijohns. .ALSO. A general assortment of Groceries, Fish San - ces, tVc. for sale cheap, fr rash, by - ' ' ; ' " 15" C'.reeuwkb - aUeeL Best Havana Scjjw, in or.' boxes , Jel6 lm - ; V 1 .,' ' 'PUruSIX BA.Siw ; A DIVIDEND pftrte pr.ctut for six months, endins the 3tlth iuttanf, has l e'0 this day declared payahle to the stockholders on Ihe first 01 July - next. . ny order m lite noaru ot directors. Jel7 Im I). I. GF.KKNF Cashier. AS i LEL 0U bundles round Rods 280 do: - R.xl Iron JO do Coach - spring Steel 20 do German Steel. 200 do Hoops, just received and for sale by AKDERbO.x SUfcAK.t,rl, JeS33w at 131 Water - street. IJITT aAWp, A small invoice 01 Cast Steel L Pitt Saws, just received and for sale by' ANDERSON Ai SHEAREK. 131 Water - street. Je 25 ENGLISH GLASS - v ARE it VVKUllGHT NAILS. JOHN. WHEELEY.offtn fortaloat 132Wa r ter - streei . , . . . Decanters plain and cut ) ' Tumblers dp. do BEST QUALITY. Wines dv do and a general assortment of Apotbecaryt ware. Fine Hose FleSn:WR0UG.11T N Sheathinjy J . . AILS. Je27 2w 231 r ' . i',t,v. Ken lartdm? from ship VigUant and chr. Logan, Irom KulioiooJ, viz: 105 kegs branded Thus. M. Deane & Co. tTl. No. 1. 9 do do Geo. Fletcher, 8's. No. 1. j 5 do 'do do 12 ponn J rnll "' 54 do do ' D. R. Ross, CV No I & No 2 13 do ' do Morris, 1 - 2 lb. twist For sale by COR'3. DUBOIS. July 6 8t 1 : t ' CHEMICALS, COLORS, c . Kpsoin Salts, in r.ak of 2cwt. Lump Mawnesi, in cases - . Di du small square ' Calcined (to iu phials - - , . Rorhelle Salts Acid Tartar - ' ; i Citris Acid, BIuh Verdife - r in firkins . Patent yelluw, Ksnps YeMow - Keculasof Antimnav - GUNS, BL'TTOSS, &c.' . . Fowb'ng Frecet, assorted, well flnithed Do do in wniixcoat cases, tinely fiaiibed 1. with apparatus complete: ' " - Duelling Pistols, in cases , Gold Epaulettes Naval and Military Sword Bells ' Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons Copiierplates forensraser .Matlieinatical Instrument ,'.' - ' Rolling Pnralcl Rulers Marinerl compasses, telescope t . . Opera glasses, microscopes) - - . .,, 3 setts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies 1 ' Fatent corkkoreva, silver pencil casei., , . Ecir al by k ' ' J. LANlBEIfTt, , - jekI8 3 Courtlandt - itreet. " CARDS. PARCliMENT. BOOKS CARLS lor printers, viaitiag, As. Ht 1 plaiii edees, of all sixes - and Cards tor pUjing, coloured and plaits back Parchment bbias for pTMtert Plans of the city of London, folded on canvass Do of the countrv 24 miles round London Fu tures of London, with platet lo . of Edinburgh, do Watsons, instructions for the deaf and Dumb, - with a volume of plates . . ' flush's flora ot North America . - ' A ins worth's Latin Dictionaries ? . Knrkiw's Mathematical do - , : ' Tut key's Expedition to the Congo in' South Africa Drake's Shaktpenre and his timet . Memoirs C Dr. Watson, Bishop of Landaff , (iodwin'i lives of th Phillips' . ( Lncvclonadia Bntanuica ... f Johusdo's Diction" ry, quarto . nelly's universal dmhist Locke's Works, folio Kirkpatrii k' Kingdom of Nepaul Edward's Botsuinic Garden v r, j. Beaumont, Fletcher, Bui Johnson and Ebaks - peare's Works . T - - Gibbon, Rollin, Robertson and JBolingbroke' Works - ' g . HogartL's Work by Cook, Imperial Folio 1 ' Do . cja Quarto . - Carey's Atlas, folio - . . . . . ArrowiiniUi't do (junrto. ' With many rare and valuahle Foglish works, illustrated - with portraits! ftud elegantly bound, fomalehy ' J'. L Ail DEBT, . 18 ' p?n - 3 Courtlamlt - street. PL f HU E LEAD, Aic. eic. kegs s London White Lead in oil JU barrels do Dry ': I! tons Red Lead White Lead ,; . 30 barrels Bristol Red Ochre . 20 do Venetian Red ; 2 toiis fine Litharge 80 hosghtads Whiting : 60 casks Paris White ; fhlids. Verdigris .50 tierces fretfrh Yellow Ochre - 5 kgs Veuuillion . . ' 4 casks Frussiuo. Blue,4()0lh. i.. Cronie. sellow; l altiit Vellow Spanish Brown, . Vtnetian Red, Vellow,.' Vl'O OIL. BlH - k, i' Vfrdijtris, J l.auipblai - k ; Ivory Black ; Purple Brown ,. fasHil Turpentine ; Lintpi td thl , 400 boxes Window til ah, - sorted For sale on the lowest Irruis, for cash or at short credit, by FETElt bCHElOlEHHOR.V k 60S, mv 1 ' 243 Water - street. , I ANUr AC I tKbU J OtoAttU, 4c. IVJ .Ml kegs Cavendish Tobacco . 1 - 50 do mdl Twist do. just received and (or rale low, by W. & g. CRAIG. ' iu te'rf - ki, . 1.1 1 urn.. (. 250 Mls. Richmond Country Flour 629 do xki .' City do "Je 30 I .OTS TOLEA E AT 1111 NORTH RIVER. I UAl t. riiwecn Harclay and iliirray - J strrvts, Chamber and Pieed ttretts. Jay and Harriwn - sTrcU, aud North .Moore ami beat h - strert, at a p'ice very cciuideral ly lest than in terest on tnrir value, and at the expiration of the term the buildings to be fairly valued and paid for, or a uew leas granted. , . Also, to let liy the year at a low rate, several lots or yards on th! water, well calculated for lumber, plaster of pans, tc. . . Apply to I'll. RULNELANDER. 31 Fark. aear the Theatre. . 1 - . - vr . - - t Several of the above lots will be sold at a mo - Jernte price aiid on a liberal cradit. A small port ton ol the money only will be required, ,4 i June 11 f - - " "T rli.l rjceivet r Resper. lei." - Havre, 4 canes black, while and assorted 'superior Frenoli crapes. No. 30 - ' - 1 case superior patent French razors). 1 do. silvered hooks and eyes, in small boxes 1 do. silk coat buttons - 2 do. phosphorus boxes 1 Also, a ceneral assortment of French silks, remaining from former importations, and 3 cases mens and women wmte and colour - ed cotton hose, all fine 2 bales assorted flannels - - forsxleoo accom modating terms, by ' DC.MJ. F. HAIJWUr, Je 30 2w 213 Pearl - street. L'5. PH. DE LUZI, 71 Wathiiigtou street, (ifTers for sale, 4J casesj Claret Wi no 10 case Burgundy Win 10 do MuscateM wwe - i Received per brig Leo, Irom MarTcillet and entitled to deiienture. ALSO, . .... , 15 cases Glass Tumhlert 25 do Olive ' 25 do Capers. , v AND, Several invoices of French Silk Goods and Ii - sen camhrirks, received from Havre. Je 17 lm 70 Ut: liKAUKU, ON favorable term, for along term of years, 4 lots of ground on Broadway, 200 feet Jeep, extending to Crosby - street, between Hester and Grand - streets. 2 lots in Water - street, near Catharine - market. 1 lot in Water - street, between Fulton and Burling slips. 1 ' Also, several other lot in the 5th, 6th, 8th and 1 0th wards. For particulars, enquire at FNo. 30, Chatham - street. may 8 f OHN HEFFER.N AN, 31 South - street, offers J lor sale . 51 ceroons Cararcns Flora Indigo 278 bales London market Goat Skins 5 do. small do. 1 1 skins dales 21 bbls tweet fresh shelled almond 32 ceroons bitter do. do. , 76 do. cummin seed, 1 do fennel do. 1 do. car raw a do. J tine 20 1m FLAS'I'EU OK PARIS MANUFACTORY, At the foot of Harrison - street, Norlh - Kiver llfTHERE manufactured Plaster, forcoroi - V V tes and other purposes, may be bad, war ranted of tl.e first quality, at one dollar and twen ty ire cent! per bushel. I he 1 manufactory is cocdocted by Mr. John Tucker, who has served a reg'ilar apprenticeship to the uiasuu business, mli 21 JOHN BYERS. It HORN & PENDLETON have selected JL with great care, for the supply in; of fami - Ucj and ship stores, the following wines, UtiUort, teas, ic. which they ofJer at wholesale and retail, at No. 5(1 Stoosi - streat Madeira in glass and wood ' . Red port, roria am! royal compy" do a few dozen of super, quality. Dry Lislion, 1 1 yean old . Very old sherry, do Ttncriffe' . , .' Old brandy, ruin' and gin, not reduced - . Hibberl'a brown slo'at, equal to any in tha city ; Red and. white wu. vinegar - 1 .'. i ' Bordeaux sallad oil ' j Hyson, hyson skin,' young hyson, souchoog I ' poucbong tMS ' " ';'''' LoaC lump and Mnrorado sugar y ' FHh sauces, Segars in qr. boxes With a general assortment of groceries, which tbey will warrantto be of the first quality. June 24 3w . . r - - LEMONS. , - . I UST received, 45 boxes fresh Sicily Lemoas, J in lots U sit pan bnters, b? Je24 . J - P. ANDOF,No.7l'ark - 1 7 AN t'ED, lad about '14 years ih sie, . as u appresttice (. to printiag husitksa. Arplv l fba corner of Nosixa and "prtjco - iU.; 7 FOR SAl.P. Ah?J,f strouiMt w Broadway, beclreca Walker street and CanaJ - ttreeL 16 feet iw incuts wiue ana 175 feet long. Jaqujreof P. A. JAY. Jf 1 ( : Wo. 37 Pine - street EEGH611N b I KA W S, for su". I. " . . ... MARCH ft LOW, , 9lf) Rmila.a P VTLEDkAkD fc C6. itH'i 1 . ofljt r for saie, in addition to Ihe: feui - sWcet. IlieirXurtner n. tensive assortmeia of Hardwa articli wJ by ih Marthn, iroru Liverpool 'I'.i. ft r - l, ... . j 11.15 umiM bpades nd Shovels Clout Nails 6 aod8 barid Curry Brass Kettles 1 do Ctmdlestirks . 5 do Cock do Nails ti Hinge vGilt Coat Buttons, some of sup. quality, suitable, for merchant l.VfUI'1 ' 6 barr'd Mane do Iron Wire.No. 4tol0 bleclyards . i ine (iuns Tmuk Locks . Drawuig Knives lav lor Jap'anred Candleticks flemish Tacks Biiif:levs I'uteulcur - f d equal to Cox1 yen W.ILSON & MILES, 20 Jol - treet, (three doorsfjrom NaMpu - sOest,') trgloavato inform thepullic.'flratthey do Iiuugcsj (forcah) ai uie luiiowmj aequcsa rates, riz ; r . Superfuoebliisj' black ipoat , $5 00 : :. 1 I rj Pr colour S3 00 1 iv i - 5 Blae frock or rurtout 23 50 - Other colours u JO 08 ' Cassiiwartorrlotbtrowser 11 SO Do single mil'dcai's. do 10 00 ' v Marseilles vest 3 60 And to those gentlemen who prefer flndiuj their own materials : '. Making a surtout or frock coat $7 - .75 , , Do, a clot) bodied do . 7 50 Do cloth or cawimcre trowsers 2 75 !. Do Nankin,' cotttiu, jean, Jtc. 2 50 i Do vest : 2 00 ' - Army and navy uniforms, and every other article uroportionably cheap. ' - N. B. All articles cut in the. most fashionable dyle, and the tvorkufiitship equal to any in the .y. 1 y,jw - tL Orders lor Eurupcaii books, maps, paj) rs stationary and other articles, In all languages rs rejularljrtkkro at tho' European book store and depot, No. 96 Broadway, New - York, oppo site Triuity church yard, near, Wall - street, on the plain anil low terms mentioned in the pros pectus, which may be seen in said book - store where there is always a lare collection of E11 ropean catalogues of books, with prices, in all languages, for tha use of ladles' and gentlemen ooiy. Orders will also betaken on the same terms in every city, town and borough of. the union, by all the merchants, booksellers, printers, and publishers of news - papers and magazines. v I D - BF.LAIH, Agent. N. B. The dwelling part ofiho - ise No. 96 Broadway to let :, . jf IX 3t.iVl ,v fVit a. - ii.t., . ; . HiiLil A very tirofit able FA RM, of 1 10 acres. two thirds under bultivation, the residue woodland, situate on the tea shore, a quarter of a fnile beloiv the narrows, on the Stnten Island side and a short ride from tlie steam boat lerry landing. It uivcs a very extensive view ol the bay and eu - vironsol New. York, withiu Ihe Narrow, aud of bandy Hook and the ocean tor urornect ii vqiimwa i.j nunc. - l lie mis is uuucuiooauie. 1 wo thirm of trie purchase money may remain teenrea uin ui lunu. Apply to A. V . D. f lata Aa the prcstMie, rt WAKV.t490awich - streel TO LE I . a convenient new 2 storv honse. ii,wRi'i"'1',aSa,e,, d about an snh 3 eorltf WANTED in a Walch Maker's Store, ' lad who can be well recommended. L quirt at tha oriice of this paper. jezu aiawu HOiiOKEN FERRY. , IlHEhnn. the Corporation of the city ofNew - . York", having granted to the subscriber a lease of Ihe Hoboken Kerry, he has associated with him inthat establishment Mr. Philip De - pry tter, who will have the sole charge of conducting the tame ; all applications therefore re specting the terry will ne mane to inni. Two Horse - Boats are now in complete operation, with good accommodations for passengers, carriages, Aic. one of which will in future start trom eacnsiaeonne nver punciuany i everv hour from 5 o'clock in the morning nntil K o'clock in the evening. PHILIP HONE. Je27 eodlm TBI HE Art of Swimming, Diving, Hooting, JL and other modes of sustaining and propelling the body in water, with directions to persons unacquainted with swimming on falling into the water, accompanied with i copperplate en - graving?, correctly exhibiting and elucidating the action rud atulnde in every branch ol the invaluable" art of swimming: by J. Fiot. Just publijlicd and for sale by P. W. GALLAUDET, 49 Fulton - street. The above work is sold at tha low price of one dollar. The price of the English edition in Lon don is $1 75, and in this city 3 50. This edi tion is well printed, and the eugiarings as well executed as the English. Extract from the work. " Man wisely insures his house, his ship, his cargo ; he prudently gives a Utile to secure the whole. Shall he be let provident toward bit. person ? .Shall he suffer vestel, which contains his most valuable treasure, to remain so unprepared tor the water, so unfit to contend with the waves, that, should it be under the necessity of making a voyage, or of swimming but a few ynnls for safety, it is in danger of beiug irrecoverably lost ! W isdom is not inconsistent with itself." By this systsm, persons are instructed in tha necci - ary evolutions, action, altitude, &c. in their own element, and do not go into tha water until they are prepared for it ; o that it has been frequently the case, that the author's pupils have been able lo twim on the first attempt after the lessons. Recommendations of the above work are in set ted in it. Jy II I w A r ANTED, iu a boarduiK M hool. in Ihe vi V V ciiu ty of this city, a lemale teacher, well qualified to instruct in writing, arithmetic, grammar, sVc The most respectable rcltrences will be required, inquire 401 reari - street, J 9 lw . . . - VIKGIN1A HA.VJS. 500 Hams, olthe lirst qaality, will be landed to - morrow minting from tlie sea Lion, nt Conee - bnuse slip, and for sale by WALSH ti GALLAGHF.R, Je Ti bo SKHitn - street. It UcA liOXt - i,. T HE tubxeribers hare just received a hand some assortment of ladies' work boxes, which are of euperior wortm.iosLip and fiuitheu with every necessary article of ute, which, with the assortment they have otcbaiKi, H equal to any offered to the public Also, elegant thimble rases, the am o uie aiou everueporieu in new - York For sulebv ' ANTHONY W. TRAPPAV & Co. a! their fancy More and perfume ware - heus, no. 136 Broadway, ueacly oj posne uie ciry - noiei. 4 IMt Afl hand, a complain aud general assortment ol PERrlSJEflY; audfauicy articies. wholtsate au3 retair. ' ..r ... m NEW LAW BOOK STORE,. - TtfST receisedaad for sale, the fohowiotnew f WorUs, corner of Nassau and Sprace - ttrceta, opposite City Hall; . niwiTuilMiw,anri(iTK Deaujssso 'Reiyta In th Cort of O.ahcert 01 ine ciaie Oi oosiui uarolirm, 3 volt ' n . uu, and tHb oU. Craache' Report. . 1st and td Wheaiou . cio - - . ManUandSelwya's - do 4yois 6th and 6 lb Tauoton's do 3d fol. Chitty's Pleading Bayhet' Digcstedlndex. Br DAVID BANKS. J 6 2w . - - - . ' T WHOOriNG COUGH. . T r,OCTOR SCOTT'S Pectoral .Mixture;, U which is a safe and effectual remedy for the whooping cogh. It is only ten venrs since it was otleitd to the rmblic. And tuiae tiiousanrii of cuiuiren, ooui m C.nglatM and 6otlod. have . L. . 1 .1 . ' . ' been cured by it, alter every other Biediriae had beta used wilhouteflecL - It iatseM la tho hieh - est estimation lor it excellent and salubrious tinues. it promotes gt - utl H.r,urahoo, removes viscid phi. gm by au easy and safe expectoration, and is highly salut iry; lo (he lung t it strengftieos amldeiends the stomach, gives greater liberty of breathing, and. .produces tha most se, salutary aud happy eitVct, by preventing those distrenirtg and foatalrlke couuhs. to which thousand.' "f imUvidaal,. in const - quuuc bi neglect, 1 ....turuly laJt asaennre." It is not by ext .ti, , a temporary stimulus of '"."i" Mi5 - .jein Mi;KsmiiuainsrjuaiL - ties are luaojme.;, i,m t, ctfeotually reuwv ing tliote disti - fymptoms, by giving vegou to uieev 1 frame, and renovated neultu to the n.i' cu individual. . - ... Sola wbnlesalrand retail, by R. Robertson, Apouuxary, io. tij Broadway, and t. C Mori son, DiHiggest, No. ISO Greenwich - street, N 01 - k. Druggesu throughout the i United Mates, .may be supplied with the Feotm - al Mixture, at either of the above places,' at the lowest wholesale price. - iy 7 2m kREVVERV. For sale, a bargain, a lirw JL erf & Malt House connected, in Ihe city cl .i. ru. i - . . : 1 1 . v. uuuMiii, 1 no uuiiuinga ucy siune, nnu particularly well calculated Ibr the business. , ft ii sHuated in the midst of 1 barley country, and has many other advantages. It is certainly au ooiect Tor tnost wishing to engage 10 th's buii nets. It is the wily brewery in the eouotry. litis property will bt sold cheap. .Terms liberal j title jnod. For further particulars annlv win.miii,ri, ?xo. to .Jatilen - racc. Sw. ior ; or j. ajau, Jr. near the June VS tf c EVEN 'III VVAkb. PUBLIC notice is hereby given, tint the As lessors of the seventh ward have coir, i.le ted their nssessinents, and that a copy theVrni'i left with David Lyon, at No. 61 Market street, where the fume" may be seen and examined hv nni of line inhabitants (hinog ten days, from ten o leek, A. M t three. P. M. ami that the At - setaors will meet on Frtdoy, ttst tenth day ef .Inly, a( (he house of tin saiit David Lyoii, 10 review tlicir said assesaniL - i.U, cm tlm application of an) person cone iving liHUsclfgrK vd. . - 1 iiAViu,, i Assessors of Ute 7Ui JAMETON COX, I ward Nw York. Will June, I81B. ' JeS9 14t DHril.LERV'FOit. hAl'.rl .' ONE ofthetirtt rate Fleam, Distilleries, ca - paNe of working 36 barrels twr dajr, with Hue awisteeoe bfrwn nanih only: It iticplcte wn every nucetsary site nsit for iHtrtitis It in im - uimliate operatissa. . - Hr situated ietJie Village ni PousbkeeiuM near a Griet Mill, and but a snort, diMouc Irounthe Norm River.'. 1'lie price. wiU ,Jie Oicnts mane ea var moderate and tha; ms. easy, or it would U exchanged m V Merchandise., For . further information enquire V?4r or'ThAma.SweVt 13HJr.l.,i?reet. . Pouehkeense. Junel '18 0. Je :l DAlU1an6w TO MULDERS. . . Or those who may wish lo erect three elegant buildings or wrtorim. T OTS, 77 tin t by 80, more or lest, with the Ii buildings thereon, in the centre of Very - st. can be purchased separate or together. - AliO. An elegant LOT, with (he Buildings thereon, 1 1 Bowery, 42 hy 125, more or less, near Chatham - street the w hole on accommodating terms Apply at 33 Chatham Row, near Beeknian - t Tlie. advertiser has small mortgages to dispose of, one of $3,000, one of $ 1 000, one of $1200, all in this city. ' ' Je J A KEYED HARP. - J A.. GUTTWALDT respectfully invitet the amateurs of music to inspect aUhis Piano - Forte Manufactory, No. 75 Maiden lane, a musical instrument that perfectly equals the harp in sound and far surpasses it in point of easy treatm.nt, as it it played like the piano by means pi keys, and consequently has all tlie art vantages of brilliant modulation : the only one in the United Statet. Also, an elegant Piano Forte ol fine tone, musical variety and workmanship, with. - .n assortment of dirTrrent kinds, whose good qualities hare been testified by the undersigned eminent professors J " We the subscribers, professors of mnlc, do certny, that we have carefully examined Mr. J A. Gultwaldl's niano - lortet, whi h, lor ing nui ty and excellence ot' workmanship and untfonh brilliancy of tone, we i!servedly recommend to public patronage. .Messrs. Gill. , Kticnne, ltd Meeii,C. Thibauit, Chaile Gillert." J 7 iT'Oli tl a Kive noublesome un i oiien tatal ' complitinf, llamil'ou's Elixir is offered, with acontidtiice implied l.y twenty years successful experiment. A tingle tridl will prvrt that it dis lecges and evacuates the toub viscid pblegin or inuces, strengthens the weakened vessels of the lunge, sheathes tli drrimonious humour which iiritate them, and finally dischargee it. Thus striking ut the res nf the disorder, tne symptoms are of course effeetnaily nnd permanently conquered : the reverse of common medicines, which weaken Uie constitution, and give strength to the disorder, for tlie sake ol'modeialingfor the pl sent some ofiln, painful cliictt. TO PA RENTS, who have children afflicted wilh tint drend'ul malady, this it a discovery ofi the first magnitude, as it aftordf iniBtnme te lief. rhM'ks the - nmcreM. and in a short time en tirely rein'ivs the most creel disorder to which CblMrenare ranie. inteuiir i - wti.miij o - greeublc, and the dof so stuuli, that no difficulty arises in In king it. . . Beparticular to ask for Hnoiilton's Elixir, imitations of which are 'tTerc.i lotle, hut none are genuine without the signuture orH. Vlt sale at LEE'S rordicnl warehouse, No. 46 Mai ien Las - , and by every respe. table Drug, gist in New York. . J 10 aiHooLEf's MooaiAif" triuitos. HEATH'S HOU.'K. rpK sulwcribcr. sn,j!.le of ihe many oh.iga - i 1 tionsheit tor tlie pr fcrerw e ln;r'to - lur given to his hour. w hilst k"t by son, woeidbeifby teturn Lis sincere acknowledge - .MiSa fee taut favors and st Ihf tarwe'time in form llx m. that he intends keeping Ihe hoesetbe neasentseawii hniuell, aud that tney'.ntBT rely unon everv attention had nrcou.snlsJiOt, thai can make th.s IwaltUlul und (iuJu.oal. resort vful and lie - asms : bssKn Uing under Uie ne - ces Ky of iM - tug abMOt lliis seayn, be trusts will not be found au .b:;Ctioo to his ettattistiment, ns no psiins, expnie, ot exprtlrn will b wabt - iDteiTndert'.'eteaiiKrti'. - J'r 11 - i 7rJdla JOSEPH HEATH. 1 ' h 1 1 i I 1 he by H of ! a di3 meet mg the the ' ,. BCr. Teew PERRY LOA TJ5 fron. the J of Waluut street. New York, lu :ii inntni - tle street, Brooklyn, near .11 - Navr Yard. til commence ruuning 00 ouwlaj, ihe - ntbiasw . v rerions crusui 10 ts rook l) a Irom tha vrcvr part f lb vitt. will And the dittau - e Vf,... sriortpoed bytisiugtlii frrt. j ' - mv 14 1 .ApllCilv 'fjr The Riaisg ' u Sail bnats. jK'oiipariel. tbdierlustry, fnniu the FJrxabeth ovi a Point, fur afw'l or, sans rrm mnramotM (feet, (Kliersj the Steam - boat Ata!anta loiuieriv arte to.) at ' lOo'Cbicki'of earhdav. ' Pasiatte Ii 1.9 reuli. Eoquiie at (be Su am beat Houuij ol . ArUl.Jll 1 illLLII 3. my tf tf ! ' - fry JOHN FUOCTOR, Jtit. 106 Libertv - st, off ers liberal anticipations on propel ty conyign eu to hit trends ui the; .lledilcrcaiicin. - Jro further particulars, apply a above, or ta " AUK.UIAM I'.LLL, Je6lf corner of Cliff' fe - Fnltaa - tts.' tfcr STEP H V.X tf. UNW, N'ov &6 ttnU' sttokt,'NewYork; jJorrt.Bsei IXida In tlie" Jlliu - oia Territory, wl.icii I m l.ecn set hparl tor ths) late army, l.ei'er ircm 11 e country fiiMi g a description of tfte patuvt and tin price asked lor enon k.i, wui t atutiaSMi 10, II l ost paid. my 15 If 1. - ... .AUTiCJE... ' ,. - , ffT1 llus it foCuUd all netaoLS trust inir the crew of the Porldgawse twig bojhia, Lopes mat - r, as no ueoit vjnnarcitiitcXKg win ti paid by the captain or contignee!, Urr 1 lie i.i.niUiiiSti;iM - r ill ti,.. t.uisi fuiid Mil in pursuance o! the actjrtled " an hct rcspectiog navigable rcmisMiuiifatioii between ctlern and Nor tin rn Lakes, andllic Atlantic Oeenn," receiv sealed proposals until 3 o'clock, F. Mv on Wednesday the lath day ol July next.'tor a 1, on to the state ol two bunaied and fifty thouiand dollars, to be paid to the Com - mi'sioners jo two equal instalments, the first, on the first day 01 August next, and the other pti tba first day 01 October next. The proposal! must be adureised to the Comptroller. The rate of interest is not to eceed six per cent, pet Annum, payable quarter yearly and the principal is to be reiRihursahle tit the pleas - . ' urcof the govern went, at any time alter tlm first day of July, IS37. Tht officer appointed fnrtlie'pvrposr in the city ollsew - York, will istua transierabl etrtili - cates of stock lo the Lenders, and will a Head to tl.e transferer stock, at the tame may be rtqtifr ed. - r . . - r '. - .. . . ' The interest w ill be paid at the MaaLaltoii Bank, in the citv of New - York, to the stockhol ders tetiding in the southern district of this it ate,' and nut ol Urn state, and to alt others at the New Iorli Male Uauk, lathe city of Albany. The Board Will meet at the Secretary's Offica on the said 15h day of July next, at 3 o'clock. ti. M . to open and determine on the urobotals tba shall he made.. By or - Jcr f the Uoaid,. ... - JOHN TAYLER. President. Albany. - June tl. tfilB. - 1 Je II fjy 15 NOIICE, rr - ' . ftJ" All Fvrion havine claims Utainst ilia? it - tale of Ji:id Liunn, rieceiscd( - are deMred to pre - : scfttlhem lor settleuicht to iheVubscuher, and hose uiUehtMt to suid estate are - requeted ' t ake uayjn nt, to him willMint delay. 1 A . .. . - n JMFJS - MB11IDE, r. JeS9 1m. Acting :aer,itor. , ' , - . AO IK - sw., if , . tw.. - ,4. 1 (Kr IF Richard Prfry Savadgii, sonoCTbomr and Elisabeth Savaitge, formerly W the tity ol Pli;lwlelptiin, ts'tuinf, or If dead. In SegtCV repnuuiMtive wii. ny apply ing - io - ut. W m, pavange, at St. Jolm' square, Clcrkenwril, ixhmiqo, hear or something to mi ot their advan - ' TlseanWI KfcUurdTers rPPfTJf?" pi'm'er by tradu, was 111 EiiRianu in iuj , 17112, iromwhenceh. returned to rMaVa thKOSX W? W r.'.uLVl. Middletown, Delaware County. Maryland; nod afterwards at Downing's Town, from whence he' is snppoted to have removed to New - York. . '' N. H. It asiy twrson will produce a legal certi - " fieateof the death of Die said Richard, eavadce. he will, on producing the same, lo Mr. U'iu. sa - r vadne. receire from bim 5 cuincaa, a a reward'' for his trouble. . i, - .v Any information respecting the above oaael perton will be thankfully received Jy ' ........ .... m. zntfia. . - . . ,j DlTllIU Oi UAB,lig,' Je 13 1m 312 Ptarl - street, New - York. INFORMATION WANTED. . A person by the name of Margaret Chad - wick, who lormeriy lived in n small w wo caoea Ormeskirk, in England, aud came to the city of. ew Torn about 30 years ago. with bet loiiner, husbond, who was a Shoemaker t hut since that' is dead, and she is married agaiu to n petscoj the name or Joseph Ulmdwick, who is by trade a ship rigger. If the laid Margaret Chad - wick is living, or her children, they may, by applying at this office, bear of something greatly to their advantage.. . , . J a gw, g Aolut in Ci Meaiuitrt he, if.,, ;, 0 In pursunnce ol a relolntioo ol the Coiti - mon Council ol the 15th instant, all person bol - ' ding the apxiiiituieiit cf City - W eisdier, Mens - urets of Grain, &c.Guagrrovlnptctor n Luin her, are directed to report their name and pla - Ces ol residence, and occupations (if any distinct from the duties of said office,) to the L3ek f the Common Council, at hie nlCce, No - 7 City - .ill, on orbelorethe lUl'.t day of Jury text ) and every person holding either of said appoint - meula, who shall fail to wake such report by Uia. lime above s(erified, rloill be deemed to have, resigned bit' commistiiin, nnd shall tlie re from cease lo excrete the duties thereof. By the Common Council. J. MORTON. Je22Uyl5 Hunk qf.lmcrtca, Jww - Ui, it 18. , , fjjr A Diiider.d of three per cent.' for six uionUiS, ending on the 30th inst.has been thii dat declared payable to the Stockholders on the 6th July next. By order of the Br.arrf of Direct - ' tors. . GEO. NEW BOLD, Cash'r. JuneS6 1m .. - TENTH WARD. fCT3 Public notice is hereby given, that the issenort of the 10th ward have completed their; assessments, aad that a copy thereof is left with Walter Howell, at No. 27 Hester - streel, where the same may beeeen and examined by any ol the inhabitants during Ten Days, from the date ' hereof, aad that tha arseitor will meet on .Vou - - day the 20th Inst, at the above place, to review their wnl assessments, no the application of any' uereoo conceiving himsolf aggrieved. ..... . ... ... . a . .ru.: . WAN I ft - IIUsrr.L.1, f ATTTUn, - JONAT HAN BROWN, V 10th ward. - Julv 7 ;ot ' J - EIGHTH WARD. I iJUBLIC Notice is hereby jiiven, ftat Ihe As - eworsoithe 8th Ward hove completed tlierf Asses'ieent, and that ttcopy fl.efrol is k!t with Isaac Emmons, at the corner of Spring and Else' oetli - streets, where the saron may be neenandu examined by any of tlie Inhabitant during tear s, irom tldt day, and that the Assesters will - : ta 1 ridav. Julv tha 17th. at Ihe t.ous ofi tl.e'said I, Enimotit, to review their said assets - ; merits, on U.e Bprnicati' of aoy person conceit..' hibiH:lf argrieveeL ' . "i i:aao t."vt!os.i Assessors cT lie A. St.Tt UN F.MAN,) 8th Ward - " , yew - Veey, ItHy 7t 1Hb. 1 . J 7 IQt ' " " . I lilKU uAklUii . - i FIUI5U0 notice is here b given, that the Ate , se'tsci of tb 3d Ward base cost lifted ll - ir 4svvn.eDt, aid thet a rot.y therrol as left wills... Harmanus Thllruan, at Ct Veety - str. t, whew, seme may be seen andexmined hy any of Inhabitants drtring ten dy. r - 'ir. the 61' O'. Jitty, and fWS' Ihs? Assessors win n - i" . m , 17th, at 64 Vesev - street, in recerre thrrr ssid asesTMf!t. r.e if arplic'i . , pefn HARMANliTJ'.MA l F 4mr . N TH 4NIEL C. GiUH IT H,i the 3d ward. New VMk, July MSlb. i t lOt

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