The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 13, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1818
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IX CHANCERY. - j - iutf A'tit YotK IN r awance of aa fder of this rJoaorsU rrrt. bearinr rtaic th t9ih day f Jane, '1818, will be told at public auction at tbe Ton - J . tine sjocee noose, m ineciiyw newiw, pa ir.t 2.l day of July next, at 13 o'clock, at noon. : nakr t'x direction of the subscriber, two Iota of ground, Ifinj in the Ei..tb Ward of the city of - - Xw - iorK, wan pan of we estate wtiereol AB - : rhory Liroenard, dec rued, died seised, and arc distinguished on Map made of. the real estate f (the taid Anthony Lispenard, by Not. 674 and but, anoj nucen logetner am bounded easterly on yet named 25 feet txwtherly ny lota Nat 675 and 561, and aor'4ierty by lot o. 573 and nasi, . - together wilt the heiedttaxgeat and appurte - iiaiioes to Uie tame belonging or in aay wise ap pertaining., uaisd June ;wtu, ihih. THOMAS BOLTOX, Je 30 lawtjy MJtd Matter in Chancery. , . IS CHANCERY. . s . ' '.. Hale V JTewYfk, . Ill pursuance of aa or Jer of this honors ble court, bearing dale the 10th day attune, 1818, will ne sota at pucno tncuon, bi inc j unuiie vtiicc House; in the city of New York, on tbe 23d day of July neat, at 12 o'clock: at noon, ander the di - reckon o( the subscriber All fast certain kit, pioce or parcel of land, tiluate at Greenwich, in the ninth, (late eighth) ward of the city f New - . - tor a, dnenbed oniosp ineveoi, mane oy rnp - ieto and Bridget, March 19th, IMS, at lot No. ! i beginning at the - oohpat comer of taid lot ' (aboat 44 ft. Id iitch. from the comer formed hy ' im interaectioa of fiamnond ami Grttaaicb - srraets) and tunning thence nordierly along Greeawicb - tireet aforetaid 25 feet j thence went - eriy alocg the lot described on said map at lot camber two, 32 feet 4 inches; thenct again west trly alone the taid lot number two. 42 feet S - . inches ; thence northerly alms taid lot number ' two, 1 feet 4 inrhet ; thnnrs) westerly along land Bow or late ol A root Srudder, 19 feet ; thrnre southerly atonic land now or late of Georze B. Thorpe, 27 fret ; (bene easterly along land of Alexander Ritchie, Ed feeta tiithes, to the place of beginning : togetttnr with the hereditaments sai appurtenance ii me same neiouging or ap pertaining. Dated June 30ih, 1810. THOMAS BOLTON, Ja30law - fJfl41U Mailer in Chancery. IN CHANCERY. Stale of Jftw York, a IX parMianct of an order of tliit hcnorablc court, bearinc date the S7l! dar of June, 1818, win ba t(dd at puhlic anction, at the I'ontin Cofte Home, is tbe city '. New York, under the direction ol tbetnotenner, at one oi (he mat tert of ttjH court, 00 the S 1st day ol July next, at 12 o'clock at noon, all thote aeveral biockt. pie - .ret or oarceit of round, tituate. Ivint and heine .in ttie townthip of Brooklyo, in the county of nine, and Mate oi ixew - tora, aioretaia, ana known anil itiatinniahed on a ruan made hr Jer eotiah Lott, the 19lh day of March, 1802, by the fodowinc boundaries to wit, northerly in front by Water - atreet, loutherly in the rear hy Front - ttreet, eatterly on Uie one tide by Jack - eon - f trect, and weiteiiy on tlra other tide by Uold - etretr. cotitaimo; lour tquaret or DiocLt oi ground. Alto all thoti certain water lott, lying immediately in front of the before described Nocjit, bounded at Hlowt to wit eailerly by Jackton - ttreet, roatberly by Water - ttreet, and wetterly by Gold - itreel, containing in breadth on Water ilreet the ditlance between Gold - and Jackton - ttreet, and running into the Kart River at int aa (be (grant of the corporation of the city of New - York extendi, Kith the appurtenance. Dated JooeS, 1818. JAMCSA.IIAMII.TOX, " ' Matter in Chancery. Note. TLe abort property will be told in loft and parcels, according to a certain map to be wade thereof, which will be exhihibited in the Cotlee - hote one week before toe d iy of tale. Je30 lawSwdlw .J IS tHAiNCLKY. Utatt of Aw - Forlr. ti. IX cunnance of an order of the Honorable Court, bearing date the S6th day of June, eighteen hundred and eighteen, will be told at public taction at tbe Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York, under the direction of the subscriber, a one of the Matters of the Court, on Tuet - davtbe Hit of Julr next, at IX o'clock, nocn, ell that certain dwelling house, lot, pii - ce, and parcel nScroaod. situate, lying, and being in the Eighth Ward ol thctity of New - York, known 6a a sua of tbe farm of the late Nicholas Bay ard, by lot No. 99, on the west tideof Broadway, WniUU taio 101 rouiaios in onsauin, in truui miiu rear, twenty five feet, and in length on each side, Me hundred feet, and is bound at follows ; north erly, by lot No. 100, formerly owned ny saoioei Beekmnn, westerly, in the rear by I it No. 1 12, now. or late owned bv Isaac B. Cox, and Cor nelia, his wife, toutherry, by Jot No. 98, and eas terly, in front oy tsroaaway. ana aiso, an mai lot or piece of ground, situate in the same ward, and known upon the tame map, hy the No. IK. bounded wesierly by Mercer - street, northerly by lot No. 111. southerly br lot No. 113. and cat - terlv hv lot No. 99. twine in breadth, in front and roar, twent five feet, and in lenzth on each side one hundred leaf, with the appurtenances. - Da ted June 27, 1C18. m . ' JAMES A. HAMILTON, Je W awiwdll Master in Chancery IN CHANCLKY. ' Dorothy Ilacklin, w. j betb hit wire, .Maria f Hunt, Lathanne Hunt I ' Ami nthprs. J . IN pursuance of an ordprjof this honoral le court tuade iu the above ause, will be sold at public auction at tbe Tontine Coffee House, in the city ol aw lors, on me xmn oayoi juij inst. nt 12 o'clock at noon, under the direction of toe subscriber, all thot fire lott of ground, tit - naiL irinir and beine id the eishth ward of the city of New York, being formerly that part of" the property ol iMcuoias uayaro, r.tquire, hi known by the name ol Bayarcrt tarm, tying westward of Broadwav s taid lott being desig nated on a map of said farm, made by Caiiim - r Th. Gotrck, then one of the City sorveyort, by the numbers 1147, 1 14H, 1 14", I inj ana i iai ; w gather with the hereditament! nnd appwrtenan cet to the tame belonging or in anyaue apper taming. Dated July 3d. 1K18. THOMAS BOLTOX, i 3 lawtlySOdtHs Master in C banctrv IVET Js Ull HE irAXTED. ONE with a good supply of milk, and wlio can produce satisfactory testimonial of character, Sic. wut meet with encouragement, by applying t wus - SAIIH.BRS, J 10 tf No. 3S Hroadway. JtKiV MUSIC. JUST published and for sale at WILLIAM DU BOIS' pianoforte and music store, Nj. i - )H rtrondwav. Thin asalmv faithful fair : the soldier's bride ; and from childhood' dawn to noon of youth as sun by Mr. Philippe. An can I e'er forget thee love Tbe celebrated echo song . Tbe inspiration, tacred melody Tha Saxon air. stith variations, by Cramer Haydn's celebrated conzonet, My mother bids ma bind my hair, at a i ondo Twenty four sonatas, for young performers, by JM. d. ij&auoner Tha Saxe Cobonrg waltz, with variations Th Sophia Walls Th storm rondo, by fiteibelt Je 1 2 Xj) REWEK.Y. Por sale, a banrain. a Braw JLj) cry St Matt House connected, in the city oC Hudson. The buildings arc stone, aud par ticularly well calculated for th business. It situated in th nmbtof a barley country, ami nasavmy outer aavantages. It m certainly an object for Utote w'uhin: to cnean in ih. Kn.;. , neat, Jt is th only brewery in th country. This property will b sold cbean. Terms hk. ral i tiUe good. For further parlicnlan apply tiM.MULDEX, No. 73 Maiden lane, New - Yurk; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premise. Jim it tf A HORSE WANTED. A GOOD active horse, about tix year old XL lit it wanted chiefly at a gig borse. is which bare he tautt be perfectly gentle. A Bty would te prefcred. Apply at Wo. 24 X hat - any have teurs of open oiehr, the pense bet art genu, rious most A sale and hove. their with anv their hand, they at tui the fore of tin2 on and the V I w ; jrceatricb - errett. - J rj MAHOGAXY FOFAS, CFTAIR AND CABI r ' NT Fl'RNITUREi ' . Jtfa. 49 B EKKMAJt - S 1'JiSZT. 4 piILaubacriberbeti leave to return bitua - cerathankttotboM Udiet and Keotietnea who have been kind eaoa - b to bonor hint with tbeirconflaandt. aad to iniornaOicai. and tbe ad aairert of handaonw furniture in (eneral, that lie on band tome very elegant aoiaa, cnairt, card, Pembroke and extending patent dining table, grand tide board, inlaid with bigb polithed ornamental bratt - work and rote - wood, card tablet to match. Grecian coucbea, tolai, chain lounce. motic ttoolt. rbairt. Ate. ' Aim a li brary tlep chair, the utility of which be partica - larly recoronenda. Ad furniture warranted of (lie Sett quality and workmaabip,and of the newett European fashion. Ordert executed to any part of the anion to drawinr, on the moat reasonable termt and punctuality for cat b. Ladiet or eeatlemechaTioj - fancy woodi, may them manufactured to any article they with, by applying at above. , tof SO Sm A. M. HAYWOOD. kxaiaiTioar or tmb n at, - COLUMBIAN PICTURE GALLERY. A'o. 146 Fulton - ttrtct, near Brwtdtcav. THE proprietor of thit valuable and extensive collection of pictures, embraces the ojtportunity of ioforming oonnoiateart and ama otlbe Cne art, ana the enliirhtened public New - York, that the gnlkry will iu future le from 8 in the moniing till half pant 10 at - Froa 0 in tbe evening to half past 10, gallery it brilliantly lighted up, and Hie ad - mitsiou ooly 85 cent 1 hese lHTturet have been collecte - 1, at the ex of 2:000 dollars, and are allwH, by the judges, to be the line. - t ipe - imns of the ever rxhii iteJ in thn United States, being (tweeted with peculiar rare, ironi the va cabmett m Rome, Naiile. rlornoce. Am - rlrnUni, ranacil London, and the wurkiofthe approved painter;, both ot the ant lent andj moiirrn scnooi?, ami are nnuoubteaiy onmals. Artists, ladies or gentlemen, will be entitled to study, orcp7 any of the pictures, by becoming subscribers. Ladies or irentlemeo. who have subscribed one dollar, on paying another, will be considered subscribers for the season. rr Admittance, for the day and evening, 60 cenu ; lor a month, l ; lor the season, 'l talojnea included. Je 24 lm fATKNT BUU Dhte I'KUYING LIQUID. CERTAIN nnd never failing foiton for bed ..a. ougt. it wiuexterminate tneio at using, withnulitaining the furniture, or bt - ing arrora - piinied with that disagreeable smell usual'j at tending the applicatiun of other poisons, for in bottles, at 4. earn, nt P. DICKIE'S Medicine Store, 395 Broadway. X. B. A large assortment of c - nuine Jjrusi warranted patent Mctliciocs, for tale at a - Je 19 Im StVLVIH VAlll. PUBLIC notice is hereby given, that the At - tettort of the teventh ward have completed attcttmenti. and that a rnnv thereof it left David Lyon, at No. 64 Market street, where the tame may be teen and examined by of the inhalillants during ten (lavs, from ten o'clock, A. M. to three 1. M. and that tbe At tettort will meet on Friday, the tenth day of July, at the house of the taid 1 )avid Lyon, to review taid asaeiiment, on the application of anv person conceiving bimsclf acgru ved - DAVID LYON, ) Atsettort of the Tlh JAMESON COX.l ward. NfwYorK.S3th June, 1818. Je29 l - lt OHS HfcWliT still reside at No. 242 Water street, where he has a vrrv handsome and fashionable asc:trnent of Cabinet Furniture on which he will warrant to be ef the first ?'iality. He solicits his New York, and southern nendtto give him a call, ai he fl.iKtrs bimsrll will not he disappointed. Orders rxecuted tne ttiortest notice. Je xi tf rROsfLcruo pon rcit.tniwo bt trnsciuvTtow A M AP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA "MIL publication of this Yap has beenunder - X taken witli the lmprti'ion. that it will ex hittit inforuiati'in, highly inttrcttir,g at lhi event' crisis , and ttie valuable Plant wr.icii ttie au thorhasprocure'J,duriiiirliiteverHl tours through Mviwn in II. u ..... 1 Qli 1 HAT l - 'l - IIM l 1815, 1816, anil 1817. induce hnn to beluve that Map. with even all its imperfections, wi.l be macn the most perfect which hat appeared be we puoiic. 'i'hit Map will contain the latttt and best information from the discoveries and possessions the American. Spanish, P.usrian, British and rren li travellers and navigators una rej.reten - the claims of their respective eovernuieuts the Northwestern coast of America. TI.e Map will include that portion of Nnrth America, which bt between the Isthmus of Da - ricn, and the4'3th degree of North Latitude, and. from the Mississippi River westwardly to tl.t rarior. ucean. In tire the Map will be about tix hy Lve reel, will be protected on a s ale of 40 mil' s to inch, to be delivered to the subscribers at fif teen dollars ach. Natrhes. March?, ISIS. apTUnl ; ONT - A LT'A For SAl.E - or to LE I , nnd IV I immediate posession iiven, the heautiiu! place railed Mnnt - Alta. seven miles from Hit City - Hall, no the North River, adjoining Lord Courtenay's. It contains 20 acres of land under improvement, with a large garden well stocked with vegetables a variety of fruit, with every convenience fer a family. For terms, which are very reasonable, and if sold a long credit given if wanted. pply to N. K I). TALCOTT, 64, booth - street. Je It r.OR SALE. 30 reams olCawia Paper, suite ble for Hun Box maiert. or sugar Baker. l quality and sizo it the tame at the Evening r( i prinita on. Appry at inn ouice. Je 18 tjli HA Li - .. VVERY Cne family grey HORSE, fr gig or saddle. ALSO, a very fine brown Horse and a good Coatrek, with Harness, with three eais. I very tuiiaoie lor travenuiE.J Appiv w Wm. ti,tim'( Livery Stable, No. 29 John street. - J i iw - rOUIllH WARD. 1URLIC notice is hereby given, that the A tessort of the fourth ward have completed tlieirasewniPi.ti, and that a copy thereof is left uli Lewis llartinan. at .o. AiJ 1'earl street. where the same may be teen and exaifcined by any of the inhabitants during ten days, from tins day, and that the assessors will meet on Friday, July 8'h, at Uie storerf L. Hartman, to review tlieir said assessments, oa the application of any oerson ronceivin birust Ifazirieved. Iyf.vl3 flAKl .!A.,f Assessors oi mc PETER bONMETT, J fourth ward New York. June 29th. 1818. Je 29 lOt IO LtT. A pleasant backroom, at no. 56 Wall street, suitable for a lawyer's office. Possession immediately. Apply in the (root office. Je4 HI WO or three uncle etotiemen can be hand 1 tome I y accmutodated with board nt No. 39 Broadway. Je 26 Im tATHJT tl.i.0 - FOtiTES, Are. m HE subscriber intending to part for Lon JL don about tbe end of the present montb, oQen for sale a few elegant patent piano fortes, iust finished and warranted of a superior auality. He would be nappy to attend to uie orjert oi his friend for Loodoa pianofortes. His long experience in the manufacture of piano's in th citv he trurts will eive every confidence in his ability to select tucb at are of the first quality, Orders for church or chamber organs, will be strictly attended to, and manufactured ander his inspection by the most esteemed makers in Loa don. Com mission business of any kind, within ability to perform, will be faithfully attended to. 'JV l tiose parsons wtm are indebted to hi? will plea.e tettl th same a soon as convenient and those to whom bt is indebted will present ft in be V io sil ' ol of iucir aivounis witnoul delay. WILLIAM KEA USING, Jy6 Sw ir9Bowry, WHEATOX'S ITCH PIS.TMEXT. THE long aad successful fete of this ointanent Js a eudkieot tecomtnendation, as it hat been found to be a f feasant, tafe aad certain remedy for that disagreeable disease in all its tta - Jet. it i tor sate in trie City of Wew - lorx, or . A. VT. R. Post, No. 41 WilUaa - street ; I. T. Clark. No. 85 Maidea - Laoe . II. 11 Scbieffthn ai Co. No. 193 Pearl - street; Law rence t Ketst, No. 195 Pearl - street j Hull A Bowne, 148 Pearl - street ; R. at L. Murray, 313 Peart - street ; J. M. Bradhurst, 314 Pearl - street ; John Penford, No. 4 Fkti her - street ; Duryee & Poe, in Pearl - street; John C. Morrison, 188 Greenwich - street ; John P. Fisber, 10 Broad - war i Walters teaman, cornet of Chasnlxr - at. and Broadway, aad also in Chatham - street ; and thort it may be procured at Mattes' the Drug Storet in thit ci'v Also in Philadelphia, of b. W'itberell A Soot ( George Harrell .North At Ro gers, and almott ai tbe druggist la we principal towns in the United State. LIKKWISK, WHEATOX'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may had at the above places. . jan t? 6m AbUAbLL II LAI L FOK. SALE, IU TUB (ITT or HEW - TORK. IIYE lots of ground on the west side of Green - wicb - street, between Vestry aad Deibrot - ses - tlreett, S5 hy 80. four do in lite rear of tne aoove, fronting on the east tideof Washington - street, 25 by HO. Eigbtdoin the block below, between Washington and West - streetr. In Montgomery County. GOflO acres of Land io Lawrence's purchase, near Fast Canada Crtek, op the north tide ol the Mohawk. '' - In Franklin County. I5,1C3 acrps of Land, in the towns. of Mount Moms and Dayton. . in Essex County. , 783? acres of Land in the town of Barrynwe. In the County of Lewis. 1?50 acres of land iu Casterland, Cbatsanis Puicl late. .. v - - i ' In Saratoga County. 9000 acre in Palmer's purchase. - Enquire at tbe odjee of ibe suUcnher, 34 Cedar - street. BF.V. ROBISSON. rnh 17 tf U.SAUNULR'a PATENT KAZOll bTROP. You that with to shave with ease, Buy of if you please ; His Raxor Strop's, peculiar such, That sharps the Raxor with atom h. G SAUNDERS respectfully solicits those . who have not got his Patent Razor Strop, to furnitb themselves with hit new invented Raxor Strop, and Metallic Composition. No gen tleman who once makes trial of one of tbe Strops now offered, will ever try any others; and such it their formation, that eer so much use will not give the raxors that roundness which renders the best of them useless, and w hich it well known al ways to follow the application of all thote hitherto invented. The above strops are in general use in New York, nnd are distinguished from all others. Barbers who have used them aay jnore their praise than I can myself. Qifimrne 18 Wall - street. Alto for sale. Razort. Soap, and every uten for Sharing, of the first fluidity, wit! a superior assortment of Perfumery, Halr - Powdtr.&c. Iroin Smyth's, New Bond street, London. N. B, The most liberal allowance made to dealers. my tt Urii Lott in the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards : many wliich are on regulated and paved streets. No money will be required under ten yean, if told, interest excepted. nuusr.s. Several two and three story houses, on which a great part ol the money remain on mortgage. i..ui.u a I iiuvm. An excellcntttand for business with ten acres land, pleasantly situated, with a whnrl", store house and rtarn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, enr ew - llaven, with 411 acres ol land, and a uevet failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be erertcd, wih a sufficiency of water for each. Apply at No. 2 Greeowicb - ttreet. jan 13 It in i.yr lV.Vt 1 he eleeart 3 tlorv house No. 7 Hud - sou - street, which commands a pleatent vi of the 1'nrk and river. . rosretsion may be nad in a few diys. Alio for tale, the furniture ofsaid house. It it of the best quality ; well lifted, and tuitable to a genteel lanulv. Apply us above, my 1 1 tf a FOK SJil.L, A farm on the Hudson, about a mile from Xewhnrgh, containing 13J acres, 33 of which are Woodland, the rest is divided by good fence into a due proportion of meadow, arable iml pasture land. The buildinct e partly new ; (he houK convenient for a small family : its situation is equalled in beauty by lew on the river ; the advantage, from the'vicinily of a flnurish - villnge, of puhlic worship, society and good marki t, with the facility ofcornrauniration with iXew VorK, render it a uesirnnie resiuence lor a gentleman. 4D00 dollars ot the purchase money may remain on mortgage ; the payment of the rest will he made easy to tbe purchaser. Appiv oa the premises, to je"j:ii i. i ini'L.a.ii,n, ffJSL T he subscriber oilers hr saienisrm USEdriice in the town oi Fa'sfield, state oi Connecticut. It i" pleasantly situated, on the Boston road, nliouthalfa mile I'rom lone Island found, 55 miles from New York, anil 20 from New Haven. The house and otrt - houtes are in ncellent repair. The Iruit yard is well Mocked with a variety of peaches, apricots, cherries, neart and ttrawberriet. There are in the vicini ty acadcmtei lor me education oi youin oi rxnn sexes. From one to six acres of excellent land, at the option of the purchaser, can be had with the house, and!ie purchase money, if desired, ran remain on interest. For terms apply to SAAC M. ELY, En. 76 John street, N. York, or to the Hm. JON ATH AN STURGES, I air field, Connecticut. rnyedtl in l - .t.t. TO LET. jm a roimtine ftoom. in tne most central part of Pearl street. For particulars enquire at 197. np sfir. Je u MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF TSI C1TV or RTCIV - TORK. (TTieoldal Inttitutionfor Inrwranct againttjirt tn inu mvfi TXSURE against Lots or Damage by Fire, a Dwellrne Houses. Ware Houses buildings in general, Merchandise, Ship in port and their Cargoes, Household FurnT.ure, and every de scription ol personal property, on terms as favorable as similar institutions in this citv. Thit Comuanv is incorporated solely for the purpose of insnnng against losto by fire, and ha? circumscribed it operation chiefly within thit city and immediate proxiratrr. tn addition to tbe Capvtul MOCK. wlnrh it tecared by bond and snortenre on real estate and public storks, ttd Conpany poate - scs a handsome surplus land, tnrniea in use man rr rjartici nttured may ths - refore repose tbe fui lent confidence ia fbe solidity ot" its capital, and that an? lot or damage still be settled with ornmDtitude and liberality. The different rates oi premium and condition' of Insurance are uniform with tbnte of tbe other Fire Insurance Ouicei in thiscitr - The public are referred for paiikslart to the printed proposals in circulation, and which may it in in to Co 53 in et to of be bad oa application ai no. ax sv an tirv - ei. GABRIEL FURMAN, President. JOHN PINTARD, Secretary. auy 23 POST COACH o STEAM - BOAT USE, . rOK PUlLAUh.Lt'HlA. ; , BT VAT or K1.IXABETBTOW rOIKT. - . " (Through in One Day.) ANEW Line of Poet Coaches with every convenience for pataengers and baggage, on Springs, start front tbe Coach office, No. I Courtl ind - strect, near Broadway, New - York, every morning, (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock, the Steam Bout Atabnta, ia Elixabetlitown, Brunswick. Princeton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia tbe tame afternoon, at 4o'clotk. A aerond Line of new Pott Coaches will ttart froiu New - York every morning, (Sundays excepted,) at 10 o'clock in the Steam Boat Atalun - ta, lodge at Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia, a Steam Boat, next morning at 10 o'clock. Fare 5 dollars. P. S. Passengers are requested call and take their Seats at the office No. 1 Courtiand - st. N. Y. United States Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Wathingtoo City, with every convenience for passengers nnd baggage, ou springs. 'The U. S. mail roof b will start from ttie coach office, No. 1 Courtlundt - st. New - York, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only 6 passengers admitted. r or tents in the above named Lines, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old estaolished ach, and Sfcam Boat office, No. 1 Court - laudt - ttieet, near the corner of Broadway, New - York : or to A. T.GOODRICH tl CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - ttreet, and at No. Whitehall - street, New - York. (tJ - AII goodi and baggage at the riia ot the owner. JOSEPH LYON, SONS K CU. N. B Ex presses sent to any part of the Con tinent, by THOMAS WHITFIELD. Je !U SWIFT SURE MAIL COACHES, TOR rHlLADKLmi,, .. ,a fj - Leave iNew - iom ;.teveiy morning (Sundny'sex - repiea; ai ooxuk , ami r - rive in Philadelphia next day to dinner. The publick houses are good, and rrasonnhle their charges. Thedrivert, horsetttndcoarh - are not inferior to any othert row miming between these two cities. Tbe beautitul country, nnd the excellence of the roads on thit rout, connected with the safety, comfort, and reatouable expences, are beleivcd to be strong inducements traveller! in giving thit line a decided preier. ence. Ihc strictest attention win ne ODservea by the proprietors in giving general satisfaction. All baggage and packages will go at the risk ol the owner unlets insured and receipted fur by tbe clerk of taid office. Staee fare only 5, with a generout allowance baggage. Parties wishing to travel at their leisure, may rneage the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one day previous to starting. t or seats apply at nonnern itotei, io. i;r Courllandt - street, New - York. ap 2 Proprietors. LitMUiM LI.SE FOR flllLADt. i.l' ill A. Twenty - five miles land carriage, via New - Brunswick and Trenton. In new post coaches $5 Do good stages 4 50 Do lorerattte or deck passengers, 3 50 Connected by the steam boats olive branch and rnLaiit.LFHiA. The steam boat Olive Branch will leave New York every dny, Sunday's excepted, from the north side of the Battery, at 11 o'clock, A. M. Passengers will lodge nt Trenton, and take the stenm boat Philadet - rihia. so as to arrive io Philadelphia at lOo'clnck the next morning, in time to tuke the Union Line Baltimore steam boats. Thit line hat a connection with the best boats on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk hsalso those of the iMorth Riser and Sound : and their several arrivals are calculated to couse lit tie, if any delay. Thisi a speedy and certainly Hie most convenient route, as the passenger will leave New. York: a'tcr the banks open, and arrive in Philadelphia before Hie hoort of business, without fatigue in travelling or want of sleep, the land car riage being much lejt man oy any ouicriouie oe - tween the two cities. For tcatt in the above line apply to WILLIAM B. JAQUES. At tbe Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Mar - kctliold tttect, north side of the Battery, between Greenwich and Washington streets, or to The CAf TAIN on board. 0f All goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. ftP 4 NOTICE. For the further accommodation of the puhlic, the de parture of the l irefjy from jS'ew - York and Newburgh will be io luture on tbe following days : lave New York on Monday, Wednesday H.1 tnturdav. at9 A.M. Leave Newburgh on Tuesday. Fiidav and Sunday at 8 A. M. The above arrangement win commence ry uie Firefly leaving Newburgh on Sunday, the 24th J it. I t May. Ilie Western Stage leavet Newhurgh immediately after the arrival ol the Firefly. my Ti V.A.lon AD BKTHI.KB KM I.W UII, VIA SIKW - BRCKSWICK. ' fVT - will leave Veiv - Yfrk every Monday W". rl - land Ffiday, at 11 o'clock, Oiue Branch i lodge at New Brunswick ; leave (here early next moraine, and arrive at Laston nt 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Returning, leave Lattnn every 1 ne tday aud r riday, at a o'clock, A. m, lodge at INew Brunswick ; arrive at.ven York at 10 o'clock next morning, in the steam boat Olive Branch. The stage connected with this lino it a eood four - horse staee. ratsage from IV. Kruuswirk to t - .atlon, ?7j 5U ; from Laston to Eethle hern, lh cents, r or teats in the above line.apply to WM. B. JA(tUES, at the Philadelphia Union Line Steam - Boat (Juice, north side ol the battery. HUBERT LfcTSU.rroprietor, Je 13 tf Via F.LIZA 8 ETH - 1VH X POlJfT. u.wn r - fwrfl l ivl Through in a day and by day - light. T EAVES New - York in the steam - boat Ata .Li lanta, from the foot of Whitehall - street, near the Battery, at 5 o'clock, A. M. Enquire at No. 1 Courtlandt - ttrcet ana No. 53 W hite ball - street, at which placet feats may be taken Je20 tt Q TO l.K T. A dry Cellar, under the house No. 29 rine - sirrei. enquire oi in rv. o.'it,ivr.., roylltf 134 Pearl - ttreet WANTED. A GIRL from 12 to 15 years of age, of good t V character and steady habit, to astitt in a lam i v. Appiyaty4 loonrd - street. Je29 UOHOKKS IIQTF.U r'tlHEhoase lately occupied by Mr. David JL Godwin, has been newly fnrnl'hed, and is in romcleat order for the receptioo of boarders. Partiet can be accommodated with dinner on the. horteit notice. Tea, coffee, tee - cream, mead, cake, fruit, kc with a variety of the best liquors, will b always in readiness. A horse boat will ttart from each id of the tiver punctually at every hour from S o'clocK in I tie morning until 8 in the evening. InlyCSw S. BURXS. "1 TUt SOUNbSTKAM BOAT - WE. .The proprietors, with a 'view of accommodating the 'public, By extending toe line sto Norwich, 'intend making Uie experiment with the Fulton, CapL Law, and thit route (if found practicable) will be continued auring tne season. Tbe line will in future be from New - York to 'Norwich, a follow : The Connecticut, ('apt. Hunker, will leave IMew - York every JUoniay. W'4nnday and Friday, at 8 o'clock, in tbe morning, lor New - Haven. The Fulton, C'apt Law, will leave AortrieA at (3 o'clock in the rjioniing of the same days, tnuc h at ffew - lAndvn and depart from thenre for Jftv - Haren at 8 o'clock. The boat wilt meet nt AVtr Harm, and depart from thence every Monday, H tdnet - dan anil Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening the Connecticut for AVn - Fort, and the Fulton for tfee - l.unlon and fforteich. mh 17 NkwtiBkoti and cAtiatiuit.iiiaii. - iA(is - TDHXK TIBtKB A WEEK. - - 5 EAVES Newhurgh eve - ft and Thursday mornings, at MhTee o'clock, run thrnueh Montgomery, Blcomingburgh, Monticello, hy While Lake, Cohecton, Mount Pleatant, lireat Bend, Chenango Point, Owega, lthica, and Geneva, toCunandaigua. Keturning leaves Canandaigua every Mon - day, Wednesday and Friday mornings at three o'clock, and arrives at Newburgti, the Uiird day in lime to take Uie Steam - boats which arrive in New - York the following morninp. CC? moy be txptrted lhal at all hmu vhtn the itram - baatt alter their days of running, (hat Oils line u ilt alter to at to meet them. The whole route will he perfumed in three days, from the first of May, until the first of November - and from the first of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth' of March until the first of May, in four dy" nd from the 15th December, until the fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Cauauidaigua in four da) - . Passengers travelling from New - York to Canandaigtia, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. York in the evening - steam - boats, and arrive in Canamlaigua in days a distance of three hundred miles. The line is well furnished with good, new carriages ; good homes, and careful and experienced driver Every attention will bv paid to render the passage ol'C. f:,ve'iler s;dV, easy and expeditious t and it is believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the state. (Tj FARE from Newburgh toCanandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owego Tioga Point, thence through Newtown and Painied Post, to Bath, Kc. . . BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners. David Godfrey. Bloomingburgb, E. C. St. John. Mount Fleasant. L. & R. Manning, Chtnargo, IProprie - Lutner Gere, itinca, I tors Samuel Greenliff, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Laming, roll 14 dfira EASTON MAIL STAGE, THROUGH IS I DAY." THREK TIMtS A WEEK. (rt - Tlie proprietors ack - n ,m ii InOvtkde with giatitude the t ".. rt l' - 'ncouri.geiiienl they have ;r. i lit.rttofure reieived in this ii..., uu i are therefore induced to expedile the travelling on this route ; and in ordtr to accoiiiplikh it, have provided themslves with four rhanges of horses, which are placed at e - qual distances on the route. It will leave White's rlotet, r.usion, every Mommy, Wednesday, and 1'riday. at 4 o'clock in the morning, arrive at Elizabeth Town Point in time to lake the steam boat Atalanta, at 5 o'clock. Leave New Voik at 5 o'clock, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and arrive at Eastou early iu the evening; fare through five dollars, and a gene - rout allowance of baggage, gratit. Atthisttage passes near the calebrated springs oa Scbooley's .rlountnin, passengers takiug this line - will be carried to the springs without any extra charge. The proprietors pledge that nothing shall be wanting on their part to make Ibis a pleasant route. 1 he drivers are careful and accommod a tins. For seat, apply to James Patien, Court - land street, or on board the Atalanta, and White's Hotel, Luslon. I. Z. & J. DRAKE. Chester, June 20 JrVOlm OiiCE. (T Steam Boat Olive Erakcii will tail every Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock round Staten Island, and occasion ally, if tin whkI and tide will permit, lo the honk. This heaotilul tail will contribute both to health and pleasure, and it at i heap a re creation at can he found. Partiet who mean to partake of tint amusement will, it convenient, eive in their name the day preceding, nt the otlicein MarketfieM street, north tide otthe Bat - 1 "inner on boar. at me usual pricet. Pnstage Its children Iwlf price. niy13tf 'I UK yibAM.bU.lT ATAh - iXrA, FOR EL1ZABETHTOWX POINT, T EAVE8 N. York each JLJ day, i'unJsyt except led, from the foot of W hi te ll n eel near liia Battery, at 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. ; leavet tlua bethtown Point at 8 o'clock A. M. and half past 12 o'clock and half past 4 o'clock Y. 11. J20 tf AVHTH HlFtH ST KAM - BOATS, fc - T - Uothe llth of, - VI a v, commenced running four 'timet a week. A Boat iieave New - 1 ork on Tuet - iIhv. a( if o'clock. A.M : Wednesday, at 5 P. M r rid ay, at a a. oi. ana saiuraay, at a r. m. oi each week ; and a noat leases Ainany on moo day. Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at HA. ftl The Fire - Fly leavet New - ork on Tuetday, Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New burgh, and returns on Monday, Wednesday and rriday,at ha. .vi. je so BATH. tTHE subtcrilier respectfully informs the citi - xenv Ul l.CTr iin.ciicii iiu IIITHJIU'1 that hit house at HA I It is now open lor their te reption ; it situation is, probably unequalled on tne comineni wiinin snon uisiance oi ine ciiy and ia view of candy Hook. It presents the fi nest prospect, and tor salubrity of air and tne advantages of Sea Battling is probably, w ithout a rival, lie lias ereeUd several new Bathing Houses, and a floating bridge lo receive the steam - boat his larder it weil storked with all the delicacies of the season. Travellers from the southward can be accommodated with Boarding and Lodging on reasonable lernit, and transient peront will fiuJ it a htalthy and aereeablc re - ! . U1IV f 'i - ll L'UIM A CARD. (gj - The subscriber respectfully notifies the puhlic, Jhat pattior,ers for BATH and the .NARROWS in the tleam boat Nautilus will, on Sunday next, and until further notice, be taken f rom White - II all at 10 o'clock in ttie forenoon, (instead of 5 o'cloc k io the morning) and will be called lor again about half past 5 in tbe aiternoon. Pleasure boats can come up with salety lo the bridge. JOHN COLEMAN. Je 121m tun S.4J.I - :. inll A farm of between sixtr and seventv acies, situate on the wett bank of Lake Otsego, tnd one mile from the village of Cooiierslown. On it are a new totie boute 54 feet square ; a new farm bouse, barn, kc. It form a desirable e tablithiuent for a gentleman wishing to retire into the country, as itt situation, at to prospect, convenience to market, &c. it not teraed bv any in the interior of the state. It will be sold low for ca - h, on a credit, or exclmnred for property la this city, goods ic. Apply tn .. . IT. IK it R. SEDGWICK, my 7 tf , Law Buildings.'. V V"" 2 - J. .ess aar J ! I - A tJJjHnisf psfcCe ksw hw t wistabh h. twee thingj that difet. - M" DOCTOR HOFJCr,!,,!. of the ctty of LoiWaa iiwmLer of the faculty X 3,v,i, and turgexy there, dm it . ty to reiteat tomeoosertatiotis oa tbe abuse of MERCURY? 1 rath, indiscriminate, and anotiah - fied o - e tnereof, bas been produc. uve of mfluite airhir ii. are annnaily mrcuruilid oat of exTl tot retultt chiefly to tliit tource. What anitV that a young man, the hopet of bit coentry.'siJ the darling of bit parents, should be sacSd a way from all the prospects and enjoymenUof liT. by Uie consequence of one ULgsarded moment! tnd by a disease not in its own nature fatal. an4 which w J prom to from neglect or innrop. tiutinml.'' A geatlemar, (late Dr. rf'V T. tient) now perfectly hearry and weil had bie. under physicians of genera practice, six vea and repeatedly salival. d ; when recommended U Dr. H. (hy a gtlemun of tht city) hisl! were carious, and his flesh dropping from Z. his friends declared he could not - posiblv turvi. two months longer. Tlusandt exiwmentaJl! know with what ease and .fety l)r. H.eradi cales the severest cases, and confirm th tntion. The Doctor' i - lan (advertising) ili,. cetsary to guard the public against tbe ars Y, mercury, and other fatal delusions, held forth Persons, therefore, baving contracted a iir7 rate disorder, or tutpecUng latent poison !l admonished not to tamper aith their contit tion, or conceal the disorder, till i.att recova ry ; otiiershaving ttie remains of an old cat, or otlier impuritiet of the blood, at well at nu? er complainU of a delicate nature, in eitl.., sex. should remember iiosterity, and do jurtk. to their conscienceV by naking aprtfeatio, lo Dr. H. at bit old and respectable ettas. lithment. No. 64 Water - street, four houses srFu of Old - thp, to obtain that prompt assistance . lone calculated to prevent disr.losurB. a - j let me claim yoorteriou aUenUon RemenTI! a superficial cure is no cure at all ; onlejs the hi . j - S u ,JL .' J.u ,H "rlainir hats he disorder break out again with redoubled u?a Ifgn.ty. at some future period ; perhaw then w?ll be too late for remedy. Don't you ofteu mi . the streets miserable, mutilate1 h.;.. even a bit of noteon their face Ta JlrSZ beset cn you. . ; a Dr. H. character for ikill and tfubbora infe - gri y being universally known in this city sine 1804, guarantee to patient that delicacy7end V. crecy hitherto unknown, and having crmCned hi practice fui - years past, exclusively to the cure el . - j ,,t movtaieiy calculate on the most decided advantages in cot - Gleets eradicated in tw or three weski Stricturet removed witltout boucie or 'ik. er instrument j and all debiliUet i likewise all old ulcerations, fistula's Ike. A plurality of oitices are prorided, and to titx. ated that patients are not exposed to each other' jirsrrvaiiun. vpto uu nan pn if an Ui eveninif. AI' lutrtnnt OnniASHAil m. : A - . 1 a. a r t Sf TVUS VVIIIUCI VtlQ lllfllff.11 IO Off; IrCfJ Jfjj ailing, ana mkinc with Dr.H. which ofrott. And here tbe Doctor cannot aroiJ il xpn stion of gratitude for innumerable ktab. mendationt, and for the decided preference (it it presumed with jutt cause) long given him by e judicious puhlic. iv. a. Ait letters mutt be post paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 lv AUrui - H U.UACA f.HY A OK LMtOSl' pR. EVANS' tuperiri JLJ, method of curing aces tain Unease, isnowuuver sally acknowledged inttit city ; his mode ol trtsrment is perfectly ould, safe, et peuiuons. ana tut charti l reasonable. In every u. jjaitd will return the pay if he doet not perforin tgreeab' contract. .. - - " .... nail mi M lull. 'I't.u al.ii I mml ufiM - V itw.M .L. 1 1 lie re are many persons in this citv and its ii. cinity, laboring under various chronic disease, sacb at canctrt, old inveterate ulcers, scrotal or kings evil, fistula, diseases of th retrsr. bladder and kidnies, ofd complicated ensnplaiaa) of a certain nature, biliea and other batrsf lions, rheumatism, Ac. which they consider iea rable, they caa certainly be cured fin genertj) by applvingatDr. EVANS'S Medical Store, ft, D. Petlt - alip, having practiied) in exlAma hospitali in Europe 12 years, under tome of tU first Surgeons and Physicians in the world, a4 made those obstinate diseases bit constant ttvdt for SO rear. Oct 12 rrT" The subscriber havine recentlv raturosd from England with an important improvement ta the artificial spring LEG, h taka thit snetbal of informing his friends and the public, that ai uiose wno art so unfortunate at to be In want el a leg, or arm, thev can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Birclay - itreet, New - York. Jaozx WM. FURVI?. AFRUMEXTO, No. 1 Wall street, gentle - . men's dressing room, hat for sale a few ii sort of Damask BleeL made by the celebrated marguin, oi ran, n nas alto received an as sortment of the best English Raxors, which be warrant good. - , it proved to the contrary, tao - ney refunded. Mr. FRUMENTO returns hit sincere thanks to hit customers, and. the public in general, tor ineir very iioerai patronage, ana tuin.iv - . a v. tinuanr of their lavoura. He bat likewise procereda very fine hone,asdi engage to restore raxors to a very keen edg ana snouro uiey not cuv weu ne wiu receive v recomN - nce. M - Gentlemen who subscribe by the quarter, wi.l have their apparatut kept exclusively for thrnW selves. j jo , AcoatTAar tsaiprTOlla1 diet Beaver Halt fresh from tht ait) nufactoty, wit ble tot ll - i to era market, ai4 packed at 0 ahortest aehdi at ! J.WILSON'?. ' 160 Broadwtf. rf may 27 'I U MASON d. . PROPOSALS wilt be received at No. I Washington treet, for building a D0,e'''! greeahly with a plan lh re left, lor a ?" tt.a rmnii ni' ti.a Rowline Green and star street. Ja IS k.LKUA.T FIA.VO FVKTKS. - m r. - ..ii - . vi I ,M SinalUttrV JVO. I lCf.l , 14 nuwra - iKin , .. j , ceived hy tbe Venus, a large assortnieoi s excellent Piano Fortes, Potent i Int, ' 'Ti lets, tic. manufactured expressly for him by y it - menu Ai Co. London. Also, Pinno I o" in sets, new music, and every arttel in th steal tine t instruments taken in exchaagj , tunert provided. . "J y AKW - iORR: PRIXTED Attn PUBLISSSD , arrr - ri irf. Knlf VTIAJH k CO NO. 49 WlttlAM - STFttEV trrosiT T .BAni Vorrra - Mocsa.

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