The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 13, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1818
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'mtrrQ.uiunal i one of the mott xtraorJi . I - harv uroductioM of aature, and bat ben wvtsfht br from Ireland, at a very considere - bwexpease.' , , o" r li body 9 teeio wcne , gum j leei iu, ana weigh about I50U pounds ; a most impree edent .i weisnl lor NT ui uw auctir . . Aim ujci w fcnpCiuBi unueeei,iary. bvery person oi cu wiH be well satisfied with the view. 'lint wonderful will be exhibited lor . b davs ai no. va itiatcien - iane, wuen ne ViU b laaen lo the couutry. Price tor erotvu pcrioui. 25 cent, children ALLEN'S list oi prizes, Mitlord and Otvegc Road Lottery, lath drawing. No. 7776,7501, uu95, $5oo each j 2624 1?50. 310U,4jJ3, 7J, 5 loo eaoll All sold at ALLtWa, 'ir o. 122 Broadway. L'raiy Lucky Office, One Jfioo prize tcld io a whole Ticket to pi reliant in Suulh - slrect, tlxs other $5oo prize grid in share X J u iUC'K 60,000 hard bi iekt, lor sale by AN SUM G. I'HKi.lS, June 17 183 Front - st. ILUilHYAUEy CUTLERY iS BRISTOL GOODS. THE. subscribers have received by the late arrivals from Lit erpool and Bristol, an extensive supply of Hardware and Cutlery of every description, which they oiler tor tale to the mercuauU trom the country, in sucn quan titles as mav be wanted, at a low advance and liberal credit. They have also rece' ved on consignment and viler tor kale by the p;ickj,c 60 casks and case of Hirmingham Hard ware, consisting ol i.iuot of the ttaple articles in the line. 10 casks of Kenyan, warranted hand, pan - nel, teuiikut, bash, &c. Saws. 6 rates do warr.nted mill, pit and crosscut saws, host stes - l 1 1 lute 10 cak of Keuyoii't li'cs of every detcrip - tiort 100 ciitki but cnialitv EmrMsh Porter JO l assorted Glass Y art, consisting of tutDiilcrs, winii, decanters, while am: green phials, c. 10 crates o' alone Soda Jugs 0 cases of Engliin men's and boys' hatj 2)0 bundles of warranted Malhack's Gorman Steel, diicf I I'nni the Manufactory of J. ii C. Halhaclr. 4 Son, of Ucnitcheid. 10 toot of 1. "talon l.i p J, Steel 5 do Craw - ley Stid 8 thousand utonr! ri Ir Gr - Brick Tin plates oi the iln! re(.t kimlt Black do do H. W. UfXiKKS t CO. )e 10 'M i I'earlUf. Rt. 1HUX. Ill l.nt Jtusiii. lid aalilb lion, I' s I. ior saltut 'i ?outh - sln - et, liy 1 10 IIIRD&SEWALL. quality, eunneri io c.v m - ntuiv, ior suit by 1 i.TKIl ltfc.MttN At CO. ' J 10 "fj south irpf t. C' 1A t'O.M Mi.K. Hiack sauneis, BUk SinchewvroljrM Florences Cclnred s hevanti: c Ludit - s colunrt - d and LureC ..dkfl Avsortcd Sowing silk. ud Lit:ht Dyes, for leby lll'Kli K fcKVVAI.U i lo j uiilh - :rirt. JJllAMOV ii M.Nt. b fiprs Frtjuib brai - 10 tibds. ) , r ,, , .... W,r.catSs j P - Madeira , ine. Laotliog from the iri Louisa Cecelia, at west ad ol Uie Old - il:p. Ir itlc tiv J) 9 DIME BK I HUNF.&CO. P1U KICK i aks icr . - .le by OllliWUMJ i ( OA l'F.S, J 7 South - strt. i.N .iiACr.KY WHEREAS James Jaiuu. of the town of 'Uthtit Id, county Ki, hmnod, and state ((Sew York, bruij iii'.lt - l(ed uulo tlnry Davit, of 0m same place, in anil by a certain )ond oi ftfi'Minn, btano j dale (lie ttuth day ol I Iter m - V, u,ttie year ol our iord, woe iln - ani ef;lrt Aridriid andni'ventcen, in iiw penal tutn - 'l twi ne hondr - f and ni.iety oi: ilo; - , lawml nionty of tli 1'iuted Slatrt, condiiijiicd l r tlif payment ol HI hundred aod lony live dollars nid liity ivn(, fcwul qioney aforesaid, wi'n law - .ul iuteiett lor the same, oil or bt fore ttwlMitli day of May, Hit u Rntteniuiui; the dalcol'taid bond or obligation, fcrl'ie btlttr Mcuri.; aiid Jiore sure paymeat ol thet.iij tutu of irwuey untionH in the said baod oroblij;atiiiu, act - oidmi; to the true inlcut tsd meaning thereof, d I, together witii AMh'nil bit wue, on the m.l l - u(ii day of 1) cciiilx - r, in tlwyearaliiretaid. wrtasc. to t. - n I Henry Divis, all that nittjiiu, - , i ,rm, i!nl:'Un, S..U o?.idov and premises, ..maio, lyms and bf.ini wile towa ol Southlittd, county und s'ateafou - ttuJ, and is buttd an J louDK - d at I llowi : bo Kinnui by the eMU. - rnuKt corner l the land of Cornelius an Knikirx, a:id runimij; Inxn tlifnre by his liu, r loity seven ilert ei and thirty aiinutes, w:tlluriv live cliains and eixty lmst; thence py Sid hif;hw3 - , oorlb Unity - Virve (legit e ana twenty unuutH - i, rat fonrteen cimni, to ire con,, r oi tbclaiul of Uaac &irann - iod;(finre by ll.e line of the ?nid laac irimon iod f'crioc. fxjth forty seven decreet and t'lrtr niinutes. east lort one limn muI sittv liflkt, to the land rl oh Vrcclami: tlu nrr a. V'rif land's line, south urtyone degree! sod forty fr.e ruiiiutei. (wenlv tli.iee chains andiixty linki, to the place of b cuuiifu: : cou - tiuiu; within thu riound and liiuits thereof (ih tfifiht acres and one half aa acre of l.ind; - "owiltil snnthwestrrlr by the said Cornelius M Uuskirk't land ; norlhweslerly by the taid ftfiwij i northatt by the land of the said Ifaac Smonson and Ferine, and southeatt by the land id Jacob V'reelaod. Also, a certain niece parcel of salt meadow, lying in said town, ur a place railed Oi l Town : becinuiiur at or mrthe comer of Cornelius Martioo's meadow, adrunnins; from thence smth twenty nine du - P, east fourteen chains and fifty links ; thence wtb seventy four deret s, east one chain lorty kree links; thence nortn twenty nine decrees. Jrt fnnrteen chains nr.d htty links to toe ace ; uience soum twenty lour uesrees.' weit wciixtn and lorty three links to the place of lcun ; containing two acre of salt meadow ; ""ouen souiQWkH nv Uorr;e:iiii Marlinn' WUast bytbccrtek i northeast by John Ket anJ northwest by meadow of. Stcnlmn I 11. - M. . - W nino. Alto, that certain piece or parcel of .Mien..,,, iuuc ami lyinjf in uie (own 01 Vrly tide ofTuotsvn's creek (so railed) and jrry Tsee Creek j bounded wctcrly by the " creeas t norrneny and eatterly ny mea - of Captain Kirhard Coiirson, nod southerly "moii ofjolui Merrell ; containing two acre Habalfofsalt meadow, be the same more or '"j tofcotfir withatl and singnlar, the edifices, Mirgt, rishts, members, privi eset and appur - '"i nereuiiio ut longing or in aay wise ap - ftiinuu; : vith a power in the said mortgage tair - ed, that if default should be made iu Uie Mment of trie said nun of money mentioned in condition oilh aaid rtondor obligation, and ' interet which bould accrue tlieiwn, at the u 'l'" ff he payment thereof, that then uuld be lawful lor the said Henry Davis, hi wi. executors, admiuittrators and isticni. to - wiaisnoseor the said prrraie at pabiic m, i.torain2 w ine act of tl the h'sislature CSeS mmlo nnH nr.;,I.J which snould under, tlro. or anr ot'them V M dcr8l,!t ba made at - u? - ia princL'al ioui of si in the pay sain of six hundred k. ' C, dollars lulh.1vi nt. Kn,llh mo Xt"rJ k' ,nereun ruiuains due and unp - .ud hereby civetu thst imnnui tn i. art wth. n,oe aa! P'ovkled, all and singn - With kT'V boye particularly mentioned. besoid if'",m:nU ami appurteoam - ea, will ('n'Cf f.T IC Ut',i(l o veu - hie, at the Ton - U.luV becily of New York, on ,t'aST.'ttte ,,h d ,r 'oyeml - r pen, at 1;Wr - HatedtU Utl.dy Msy. hteeo. 006 Ul0,,njSlt h aod red ai L ",n taw ana eqaiiy, a - S'heil James Jarocs and Abisrail his siT - p''Si nd all other p. r WTntnor to claim f!. uiH nwnwL hv. H i IJES HI DAVIS. ' TTtJO bWs Richmond flour ; 45 hbdi prima Kentucky tobacco , 60 kegs Rich mood manufactured do. brand d Price, landin; from diferent vessels, ana tortaie ty Walsh & Gallagher, ea iouth - st. Who have alto for tale, 1C0 Lluls prime w Richmond tobacco 20 do do old do do 110 do Kentucky do of superior quality 400 kegs Richmond manufactured do 500 bbls Richmond floor,, various brands 100 do fine and middlings ' COO do Fredericksburg do gOO do Baltimore Howard - it do. Jy 1 1 POKT vvl.Mt 6 pipes, 0 hlids and 0 quarter casks very tup. Fort Wine, landiner from tchr True American, east side Old slip, for sale at 104 Front - street, by PALMER Si 8AIDLER, In Store Tenerifle and Lisbon, in bhdt and quarter catkt. - J M lw WAKKANTLU liUMLNG A larpe assortmeut of evei G CLO l Hs. rce assortmeut of every descriDtion. of Dutch Bolting Cloths, warranted to be of the hett quality ever imported, and at the uioif re - duceuprices, for sale by JAV. .vrUKACKAiV, J 11 8 - 2 1 - 4 Fearl - street. D L VNC1J, r. has received per Louisa Cecelia, a few pipes of Madeira, from th I arifh of Cama do Lshot, and St. Antonio, on which ne invilct the criticism of couuisecurs. ALSO, From the Havana, 30 boxes of tc?ars made at the kins's facturv. which are of vorv cuoerior rulily, and which be oilers for saU at. No. 40 William - itrert. I). j. jr. rjecires orders far the above wine, ttijvl to hw approval on arrival. Jtilv II Sw i UlsH ULUK. 15 hlids Giuc, landing tiom ship Ocean, trom Dublin, tor sale by MAJOR 4 GILLKSI'IE, J 11 Iw 79 Fme - st. (up stairs ) ftilMt. A..V' CAT CO. C '' ls wi" be landed on louday Irom the JJ tb'p Grand Senior, and bri: John, from .Ncw - Oiieuui for sale by 1 12Kro:il st. In ttrw - c, 33 hhds old Kentucky tobacco, and it uo irinia clu. Jvll BROW.l &IOUT casks liioticrl's hrown Stout, in xrelicnt order, fur sule H J II DIVIK HKTMl'iVR ic CO. MAHRAi Hl.iKKa - b cases iliaurailiriun. huuil'omclv assorted, entitled to diaw. oai M, ior s ue ny J II DIVIE RKTIIUNE fi CO. vJtii.iiu. - sj oag uaicuiid sugait, jul re - kJ ceived and ibr tale by JO.OSBOR.V, J 10 '.'3 Soulh - tireet. C 10KF.K, 5UUAK, IMiii.O. Aic - 2lii do Caraccas Cocua In cernom do Imlio 17 hhds Aluirovsdo hi'igar, Jutt rc' - ciiud and ior t tie by - F. W. K VICTUAL'S I'.EI.VICKE k CO. J 10 4t No. 74 Wahuii;toii flreet. L& C. Sl'YlMM, offer for sale, at No. 61 . Maiden - lane, Super Cnunttrpane?, nutted and fringed from ! to 15 - 4 Alio, cradle and crib Qnlltnnd nolted covert London Super Cloths and Cassiintres stout Gret n Boi king Baiz' i Fine Linen Bed Ticking it..l D.tniatk Tahlc Cloths, and Napkins Mulls, jaconet and cambric Muslins Fins India Fla; Bandanoei fleit black I'rench and Italian Crapes Mou', and Sne while J earn ttriped do Irish Linent, Slieetir and IMars Suiter 6 4 cambric iJimitiei, liilc Hosiery Steam, and owcr loom cotton cuirtingt Kuiiia Di iivr - Alto, I case of the very first quality patent 3 eon wirevnnm rnim, auoriea nuaioers. 2 rates super furniluru Dimities Jy 10 lw INDIA UUMJS and l bLr. MA lo, PKRpackareur other wise, for sale hy CEBRA tl CUMING, J 10 76 Pearl Mrref. IO tl.i I TtliiS, .UlLl.l.VLHS, QL.illt.KS J ice. UST received by the Radius, from Londou, aud for sale by GEO. CHANCE, No. 6 Church - st. I door from Fulton - st. One rase of black willow squares for halt or bon nets, a new article, and being light, calculated for the present season One case glazier's diamonds, well assorted r our nuoureu anu nuy ooxes pi ionu.on crown glass, assorted, of each size from 6 by 8 to 14 Wii - Julv 10 2w fiUU - M 1AU ROOai.. A pleasant and con J venient Cnanting Knontiu Soutn - ttreetto let. Apply at 29 iiiih - tret. J 7 UH. - i.SUi and n Lti. pipet French Braudy ; 10 hhds. 20 or. caskt L. P. .Va lcira wine, laiuliug f. - on bri Louisa - Cecelia, frcmMadeirsi, for sale by DIVIE BET HUN F. & Co. Jvll " 92 loffec - housr - jlip. CO2D.V. bales prime cotton, landinz from the brigs Mary aud Abcoua, from New - Orleans, and for tale by WALSH ti GAI.LAGHr.R, Jy 1 1 C3 South - strceL GLARE'l'. 40doxen very superiourC'laret, for sale at f 18 the dozen, hy GEOlt'iE JOHN'?T0V, je30 tf No 1 sloat - lane. COffKh, BH.1MJY, LOAF HUOAli, Ue lfl Bbis and 1 - 10 bags hand.Hme SL Domiu i go coffee, entitled to debenture 40 pipes Gray's brandy, 4ih proof 26 hhds aod 160 fcbls loaf and lump sugar 100 large luinpt, at reduced prices 300 bbls rye Bour 100 boxes Hill's chocolate Nos. 1, 2 fc 3 100 do Jno. Wait's do do do 90 kegs pure ginger, 140 bags race giuger 10 hhels molasses ram, Ibr tale oo accoiamo - dating terms, by JACKiCXk trOOLLF.Y; July 9 7 Wall - it. VIRGINIA ilAVlo. SUU Hami, oflbd first quality, will le landed to - m orr w morning from the Sea Lion, at Cnlfce - house slip, and for sale by WALSH tl GALLAGHKR, Je tZ 6S South - street 2.IN i OOCk. .'UUiMiies t.iu, and - .llO ps. VJi Holland Duck, landinr from brie Janus. irom Rotterdam, at Murray's wharf, for tale by J l . M. I thUUI 1. O DHYGOVUH, Sic. M. O Boxes muslins 10 do. 4 - 4 U 7 - 8 Irish linens 1 do. piuk gingham 1 do. shawls 4 do. brown platillas 6 do Scotch oiuabnrjrs 7 bales imitation iheeLngs 4 do. brown linen 2 di. linen bed tkk I do. 6 - 4 cotton check 1 do. carpeting. ALSO, San - cloth, Cotton bagging Twilled sacking Seine twine Far sale by George jonraTox, July 2 No. I Slnat - tane. (Y,,TOLA33F.3. - 14hhf d 20 tierces Ha - .VX vaoa Melaste, landing ad for sale by GOODHUE it CO. J i 44 Scmth - strtcL ron sAttt' Tie stiunch Bermudiar) built bri ELIZA. 210 tons burthen, budt id loijorli entiielvof cedar, and copper Cw tened ; she has an American recilr. and can be seen at Jones' - wharf. ' Apply to .' ' 1IEMIY. THQMAS, No. 2 Jones laiie. Wao orrsas run sale, ' Several luindrcd bales Upland Cotton, in lots lo suit purchaset - i. J f 1 iiw t??" (A regular trader) AMJllThe siiDerior fait iai!iu? ship CJ1RO - LlL - A JVW, built of live oak and cedar, having been new coppered and thoroughly repaired, is a first rate f hip part of her cargo being ea gaged the will bo dispatched without delay. For freight or nin;i:'e. haviusr tUDCl'ior actom - - o i a i . aiodatioin lor twenty passengers, apply to cap - taiu William J. I'almer, ou board, at pier No. 13 K. 11. or at SJ boulh - street, to July 9 tf RQWUiXn H BRA LS'F.. tor I lytHtUOl., The elegant fait sailing coppered ship DRA f'ER. W'dliaw Adamt, master; lie it 291 tons burthen, ouly two years old,. and will be JL - patclicd immediately ou discharging her inward cargo. For freight or parage, apply to the master, ou board, east eido of Fly - market wharf, or to E. V. HUUKKS Si CO. Jel6 235 Pearl - street. III ,u ii - f V. Jv The elegant, fast sailing aud coppered Dn s l uuuti i u.n, earauci l urupr, aiaster, will bedupatcbed imnicdialely uacH to Bordeaux For freight or pasn'.gc, having excellent Hccommodat.uue, apply to the master on board, at pier No. IS, or lo J. SiU. IV.I.YjVCH, July 10 3t b'O South - ft. hor H.iVJlF., The fast sailing coppered ship DIDO, Georpe Maxwell, master ; expected to arrive from 1'hiladelpliia about the 13th mst. ardtosail 19th inst. KJObalesif cotf - noro ther jjoods, will betaken on freit;ht,and afew passenperi liandionicly acconimouateil. Aj ply to 1IOY P a TO .!, J 9 tf 45 Smith st. i u - H a i i ':. The packet ship I1KLI.F., 1..lward ji lluiv.inU.ii, nias'.ec, will positively ailontiic litli inst. For jiassagc only, having elegant accrairnoiL.tions, ap!y on boaul, writ side Fly - marVet - wharf, o: to JONES & MF.GH.vni, J 9 91 South - sticet. f or LH. - iHLHi To: - ', kH; 1'hc - '"'P TM - F.GIIAPH, Fanning. jytyfl master, will fait fir - t f;;ir wind; tan lane a lew tons more ligh' !'rcij;lit, and arcocaaio - J o j more pa. - cuers i;i a : - up!. - rijr - tdc Apply on hoard, ea. - t si.l - Bui lin - hp, or lo ,l,i(.!.(i.i'Ht.i.r, Julv 10 ' i:i:i Kioiit - st. for fit ii I) I : i 1 f A '. 11 (7 ;V li 11. The Mllir. 1' .M. K IlK.tid, liap' Ames j will be ri'aily to t:ifee in Ii ti,h! to - morrow, ..nil be dUpatrhcd witlmut delay. App.y on boanl, west side t.. II. slip, or lo IVAL - H X liAI.I.AtilK'.i:, J 7 (6 Soiith - sire - et. Ii utiltti la ( harttr. For a voyai - to Uvrmuda, a goo.i rCHOONKIl. that will rarrv 0 or 700 ban eia immediate dispatch will be given Apply to. TUCK Kit & L.'1UtllfS, Julv 10 2! South st. for CUAItTEIl, a iiritisti niiitj, our'.ncii - is toiw CHiitiih, or 21 DO barrels j now at P!d - ladelphia ; will proceed to this, or a southern port, to load for England, or ihe Indies, nnd can be despatched within three d .s notice. Apply to , UW.ERa St FOT, - . J 6 jl ; - 'ooti - itrePt. for freight or l'ha - tci The fine new bnir KLI A, Griibv master, burthened uboul I - CO bbU s ills well and is in hue order tor a voyage. Apply to G. G. Si S. irowr. vNP," J3 fi7 VYa..,iugtoii - st. ll'unteU lo Charter, One or two Ki ilish eessels, to load VrThf"" Liverpool. Apply to je lio A RCHI) G K ACIK & .SONS. UllY GOODS, iy ECEIVF.D per Draper from Liverpool ami a., other late arrivals, lor tale at Io. 2 rloat lane, by WM. TOD!). 1 box super Marseilles quilts, from 5 a 14 4 1 do do chintz bed lace ALSO Linen bed ticks, Raven's duck, iniita - t'on cotton shawls, sewed lenoes, rich sewcJ mulls, plain, jaconet, mull, aud lircarrilla mm licis, drawipg muslai, light stripe .'gingham, lineu threads, tiaelrass bJIds. Jy 7 7t tl. W. WUOI.iKY Ai CO. No. 227 Pearl street, have juet received by the Juliu Cxsar, Courier, Aim Maria, and other vesiel trout Liverpool aud Loudon, a very extcnsjn asortmeut of HA HI) HA H K aud ( VI L EHY. which they oiler for sale by the package or Iroai dielvrs on Ihe lowest terms, for ca b or cicdi' most of whii h are particularly adapted to the southern and western niarko's cou. - ulir.g of Fowling piec. - s of jIilT. i cul deicriptious Anvils, Vices, Tr7eehaius Hamaier heads Gun locks, I i - tol, Tea trays Cross - cut, mill and pit taws, of various quali lies Fine plate ttoc k locks Nob, chvt, trunk and enpboard locks H'end, tenant and :ah saws Files of ull kinds Bread trays, v ebbing, Candlesticks Plated ensior, Padlocks, Screws Tootli brushes, . - icrew pl.ttes Steelyards, Vaffln and wafer irons Plated saddlery of all kinds Tea kettles, hat traps, Pocket books - Bullous, Shovels, Toogs, Flints Knives Ac forks, pen, pocket and oilier knives Scissors, Razors, Portable casM ChiseU, Plane irons and gouges Patent and common hoes 7ngc:her icitti a quantity ef English OL steel, blirtered Millingtoo Crowley steel, Ac. (zc. ALi, fOHSALE, 123 boxes Window glass - 66 cai - ks white and red lead 10 cases whito and colored cotton hose CO c;ks spelter 600 boxe s tobacco pipes 2 cases long and short Italian gloves July II 2w LIAR'S, VLLt A7o,ie. AVERY rmnd.oma as. - ortment of Selfis Linens, consistio cf Platillas, Royaler, Bretagues, Edopillas, Dcwlas, Crcas and Cbo - letU - 2 rases silk velvets 5000 uiutkels 2 boxes fowLog piecei 2 canks rtuerark scjlhcs, double swonl 150 kegs Dutch h. rringt 4 toxe as or ted glassware - The above articles entitled lo d. bent ore. 3 coronas ioliso, 1 box toys and a few pie ces Datehcluib For rt'.e ly C. 21 iniFRMA., Ju'yll lm 77 Whingtoo - t. 7LUK - 4J barrels, l.inJmg from schr. lo - V diao lluatcr, lor sale i v D. be rrru.vE ic vo. 92 Codre ilw - slip. Jy LISSEE0 OILVHITS LAD St GLASS. Just received pet ship Rockiugham, trom loadoa, and for sale by VALENTINE U WAR - rtER, No. 37 Broad street. - 60 pipes Holland L. Oil, . And, m tlore. A quantity of White Lead dry and ground io . . ALSO, oil A quantity English Crown Glass, from S by 8 to 82 by 14. Jl0ic2w UoNhbTIC 8 - WAKba. THE subrnbers keep constantly on band aii exleasive assurtmebtof the following poods. vix : r, Dutch and Brooms English Gunny Bags, Popes Heads CruuiU Uruihei Bellows, fancy and common ' Do lor Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mutt Pails and l ulu Wheid - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every description Sinc, sewiug, wrap ping, baiting wid ball J'wiim Kith Lines Shoe li Sadiers Thread 1 eiirhoru'i Lailau - cet, Kc. Ouster. 1 ef. Counter Bri'ihet lienrth Brslis, fan cy and coaiioon itesil do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe Si Scrubbing do Faint Brushes and 3ah Tool Clnirrps, 4, 7, fi row Furmtuie Frutliit I lorst do Ecd Cords, Clothes Lines S.isa Cordi, Trare Rcpes Wroiifiht and Cut Nails and Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail on Ii - hcral teruis. CEBRA ic CUMING, Jy 9 78 Penrl - stnct. COAL AFLOAT. Ififi Chaldron Liverpool New - Fit Cnal, 1 'Lvof superior (piulity, now lam! in c from on hoard the thip Ganstes ut the east side oi Peck - slip.',' 60 chakL'on Scotch Coal, of prime duality. (liichargmg from on hoard the ship Uiwon, at 50 rhahlroii Liverpool New - Pit Ccnl, equal to the above, (list barciiiit from on board the tlilp Othello, r.t IU loot ol Hei.lor street, N. R. Application to be nituie on honin, or ot the nil, s cricr's coul yard, No. 214 Front street, who has on hand a lar;'e supply of Liverpool, Scotch and Virginia Coal, suitable for families and l lncksiiiiiiis, which he Mill dispose of n ac - coriiiiiodating terms. For sale by J 9 A. FRASER. TOIiXCCOund FLOUR. 7MFTY ONE hlia lUchiuond Tobacco L ;'.! do' Kei.tucky do 2.tiJk hl)l. Rirli.noi.d Siji'ei fine Fiour, landing (run m hr. .' - ally Am. Italian llunl - r am! 'illv, fiom Richui'Mid, and sl.ip Or md ': ii.or .n I !o p Gi Id IIhi'Itss, f'r. - .ni .Wr 'irl. - ii. - is. F(,rleDy bOORMA.N At JOHNSTON, A If , in ttfre. 00 hhds. prime Kii lnm pd Tobacco 5Jit bbit. Richmond SniTifiae Fl iur I ts (ti do line and X .vitfbilii.j; do BOO llitf Jllanufiictilied Tobai co, of various - orl. J!i . L.e;Ln V i uu.VCt AJ Uu buis u; Kieh - ni"vd Flour, lias. ill's l(k !:,' line Kiuhinond Flour i. - ill do Lynchhuig supf do 10') do do line do 2'J do s'nigiit uuirl llii..;s do 7 do y, do do K'O do ShipStnfr 20 l.hdi ir - . k 3 do Kentucky Tohacro 7 kfci Lr.diei' Twist, branded Davidson, Saunders It Co. IIIO do Nert. Head, No. 1 do 54 do do do No. 1, A. Archer Ai Co Iiio do do do No. si For tale at 100 Front - street, by TR0KE9, DAVIDSON S CO. Jv9 21) FLOUR, l'OUAcCO, .Vc. bbls Richmond superfine flour, Hax alt s braiul 35 hhds prime do. tobacco 100 kegs manuf..cutred toh' - cco 6 pipes L. P. Madeira wine 2 1 - 2 qr. casks old Malmsey do. For sale by IV.iiS. CRAIG, - J 9 " H4Frnnt.sti.rt. - I 2 M O Piper good itnitutiou brandy, high proof o hints pure spirits 4 do rye whi - kcy 200 bag.'jiiniper berries 300 kegi ginger 0 chrjts joung hyson 10 Catty boxe hyson $ 60 bags Fax ginger 20 roils sheet lead 17 tubs butter for sale by Julv 6 2w COKV'.S. DUBOIf?. HARRIS' IOUACCO. - 4.kegs Harris' su - perim crooked brand inaniil u lured To. iiaccu, landing from the chr. In.'uin Hunter, for saiehy . N. f D. TALCOTT, J9 61 Soiilh - slrert. BKEF - 3U Parrel? Io;lo;. bfl, o. ;1, jut JLre rece'if J, and in s'ore 110 barrels prime heel, Troy iii - pe:iion - For ssle at C7 South - tt. oy CAilBRELENGAi PERSON. Itilv7 7. IF. roiiZ I. VXUHA.WK VO.UPA.YY T HE IVc.ident and Directors have this dav declare i a divid. lid e.f five per cent on the c;iulstcck of the company, for the last mx months, payable to the atocklchlci s, or iheir le;il rcpiesenlativs - s, on and after the 13th inst. at the office, No. 31 Wall - st ett. Julv 6 lm C. U. SIIIPMAN. Scci'v - tiXTH s.'AKD. PUBLIC noiire is hereby Bive"". that l!m assessors oi Ihe sixth ward bate complcled tLeir usseismcnt, and that a copy thereof is with Alexander Clark No. '.iiSS Broadway, corner ol Herd street, where ti e same may be leen and examine I by any ofths i.'itiuhilantt during ten days irctii dale ; and, ihat the n - . ssors will meet at the above place on Tuesday, the 2 1st i ist. to review their said nessrot nls, on 'i.e application of any rson conceiving himw - lf ag - arieved. ' ARM. BAUDOINE, ) Assessors of the AIX.DLR CLARK,) sixth ward. J10 JsMT - iOHK bJAit. LOlJl.Ul. rp HE only Lottery ia the United SUtes in JL' vh'veh the paimebt.of inize it gnaiaaltcJ by the state i AU.U1CAL SCIENCE, No. 5, To commence drawing 4th day of August. SCHEME. lTnze of it ino.fjro it - do 50,000 50,000 0.0(10 r'rio 1 do 20,000 ' 10 0f" 51 HK) . 2000 10U0 100 30 10.000 6w;o 4000 45.000 4?00 1C0,UJOiJ do do do do do 45 51 UG0 5.404 Prizes. 10,536 Elanks. 16,000 Tickets at 25 Dollars it 403,000. S FA TiOXA HY PtV.Z FS. First drawn number 10'h dny 2000; do (Jo 17ih 100; do. do. 18 h 1000 ; do. do. 18lh 1000; do. do. 20th 50,000 ; do. do. 2:11 1000 ; do. do. 24th 2000 ; do. do. 25lh 100,000. The drawing to coennence on the Erst Tues day in A 'igust. Lest than two blank to a prize. Will draw 500 numbers each day until complet ed. Tne first drawn numbers from th first to the fifteenth day iudnsive, shall be entitled to lutH) dollars each. The first drawn 3000 blanks to be entitled to 30 dollars rich. Tickets and shares for sale by O. R WAl TE, no. 54 Mp.i - Jen - lane, oa the best terms and a liberal discount mad to those who lake a number. Or der! from a distaoc promptly executed. Fo reign bank notes dwceuuled an moderate term Jy 11 3t ' t A PEPVR - SAUClt. X t box for tale by Jyll J. OSBORN, 23 Sou'J) - sL a - Ctf The Gne nrv te&n ii.e FROM riGN'AC, ol 70C ton burthen, James .Man kinsie, master, tr l couiitotuce iuuiiiiij; on the lint day of May next, aud will leave kunj.lon, lor York and Niugaia, on the 1st, UUi and (1st day of each numb, auo Niagara, lor York aod KingKon, Uie 6th, IGtl, and tUlb day of each month, during the teas , where every attention will be paid to Uie east and comlort of the passengHri. A pplications for passage to bit made to the captain on board. Kingston, 6th April, 1818. J7d4:ctOcl WAN 1'Ll), a nure, accustomed Iodic care cf children, and who understand plain "ewing. The mott satisfactory references will be required, as to integrity, capability and dn - poitiou. A middle aged person will be preferred, Apply at No. 21 Fark - placa, Jv9 St HI AAl ti), a l..(l i as mi uppieiitice ahoul It jrars oi ae, pnientice to the n.'iulinir hutmi.. Apply at the comer of Nassau and Spruce - els Jy9 V ' ANTED, in .i noaiding school, in the vi - V y cmity of this city, u leinrde te n her, stell qualified to instruct in writing, arithmetic, grammar, Ac. The most respectable references tvill he required. Inquire 401 Pearl street. J 9 lw . t NO 1 ICE. 05" The public ar cautioned Hgainst trusting the - crew of the Lrilish brig Recompt - nce, JiJ.n Gaynes master, r.sno dthtt contracted by them, will be paid by the captain or consignees. tfftl . JJ LET. Kaui A new House in i - xtadltnt order and in the If asunte't part of Broadway possession given on or before the 1st October nexl or il asuimble person oiI'lis, Uie furniture could re main till 1st May, i.txt, and a lady and three ckildren, (the youngest six years.) would board iu uie laumy nppiy ai mis ciae. Jy 10 at TDf - T received, and for rale by T. & J. tP SWOROi', No. 1,;0 IVarl - slrcct, price two dollars. Lawt of tin - iM .te ol Ntw - YotA', parted at th fjrty - fintfes. - i.i.K.I I hi Lijklaiurc, begun ;ii J held at tli - i city of Albai.y Iju iidl day ol January, 11;:;,, Alto the foiir'h vol, ( f t'le Lawn of Vow York, p .ince six liars. Jolv 10 CLsML.VL, A'Ai ,t. . - iPiio.Ai. - CANTIl.E ACADEMY. VYESSns. KELLY 1UO.MY rcspcctfullv ifi. ir.'jrrn the public, 'I. a! (I.i.y luun Lteij fiiia'j.:rd !lns j,'n i.sini Cut in li.e large and airy rocins. No. !?.' f ' - . t r I strt - t t a lew doors li - in the con.i r e.l Lhathniu slnet. Thi ir ci'i ise cl edncatic'ii comprises ihe 'reek, Lutia, Fr iu li, ami English la'iju.igcs ; Coiiii? ) - ili'in, Hi dory, Gc - graphy, the usroi the Glob' s, Uook - Ki - eni' Aiiiliirii - tic. witlitlie oth er practical branches of the .Malhein.ttir. Venn!; Ladies l ain a room apprcpriafed to themselves, n lu re tin y will hetaiii'.'it n regular course ol female education, with uiaio aiidernatiit nlal Acetllc - woru, by a lady oi ix"in - 1 plary conduct and lung exiierienceiiitiiatd'pait - tuellt. Reference to Robert Adrain. P. M. ar.d N P. Culutnbia College. PA PENT GRAMM ATICAL MIRROR. jVcss. Kelly ,V 'puomv ! leave also In hi - ' form tho public, that their (irauimatical Mirror is now couij. leted and oigani'cd, and llnil the) ate prepared to ni'deit ike its application to th' duties oi instruction. The Grammatical Mirror is a machine com trusted on iuch principles, and actuated by such laws, as to exhibit a manilr.l representation of all tho. paits of human spc h, in all the variety of their inflections and all the diversity of their combinations ; it is calculated lo impart information moro expeditiously than words, whether couveved by writing or by utterance : letters aud soou ls arc Uie arbitrary symbols, not the resemblance of ideas ; bul the Grammatical Mirror .presents an exact imitation of the agent with its cases, of thcobiecl with It pnffrons', of their tiibtttt'TTo with it grnlera'aiid persons and of the n. - tion with its manners, and its tones. he other parts of spree h will make their respective appearance m the revolutions of ibis exlracrdiii'iry machine, ft is no leas useful to tho teacher than lo the p'ipil i nnd while it expedites the propicu rd liie one, it Will facile talc the: lalsirol the other. , Should any ponton objer. - t to Ihe prarticabjify of its application, they challenge the investigation of opposition : they cannot consent to an in discriminate inscr lion : hut aoy per. - oa wlu shall be (pialihed to discuss its' merits they are willing to aJmit, and prepared to answer his objections. Though duly f irbids them lo acknowledge flicir ovn inferiority yet, they rely not on their diligence and zeal nthcrs'inav have as much ; they rely not on their erudition and talents, others may not hare less j but they i c ly on the co - operation of their treant, whicl tliey contend to be superior to any that can be employed to attain the object it contemplates Though thrv entertain no doubt of its sune rior general tit ili'y, they conceive tliat for such as cannot uiiora mucn tune lor btiuly, or whose d.fTcicnt employment j, must confine then tn interrupted and desultory lectures, it must possess peculiar ndvantises. Several iiicr.'ry cliuracli ts, who have Inipce ted this irikchine, have born nepia ly astonish ed a'id delighted, ah 1 dotilit not tliat exjieri - ence will realise the most in;;tiiiie expecta - t ions that aie entertained of i:s advantage and success. Under these irnpreicio;is the proprietors of the IwrainKiiticnl .WiiTor rccommrnd it to pub lie notice, a:id they arc no more desiious of acquiring, ttiait tin y are cniit.Uepl ol securing the patroiiatrc of thrputilic. N. B. They have for general convenience detn - niined to deliver evening lectures, from half past live till haif past seven, on any of the aboveincntioned branches ol literature. J 10 lm FIFE DnLlJiltS RF.WAHD CjTOLE, a silver plated Candlestick, with O a rUss IVnlotal, belonging to a set, the above rcwaid will be given on delivery of the same, at fo. 47 atone - street. J 11 lw kIIIIE Art of .S'wimniiii?, Divior. Floatinr. JL and other moUct nl sust:ianig aad iroiteil ing the body in water, with direct. os to persons unacquaiulcd With swimruiognn lalhog into the water, accompanied with 12 copperplate cn - sravin, coirectty exhibiting and elucidating the action r nd attitude in every branch of th in - vabiahla art of swimmiug: by J. FiosL Jutt publiilied and Ior sale by P. W. GALLAUDET, 49 t ultoo - tirett. The above w - rt is sold at thr low price of one dollar. The price of the English tdilion ii Loo. - j don is Jl 75, and in this city f i 50. 1 his edi - tiou is well prinied, and the euf avings as well executed as the English. bxtntrt from the trtrrk. " Man widely insures bit houe, his ship, his cargo be prudently gives a lit 1st to icctire the whole. Shall ha be le.s xndool toward his person t ihsll be tufter that vessel, which contain hi mott valuable treasure, to remain so unprepared far th water, so unfi; to contend with tb waves, that, should it be under the ne cessity of making a voyage, or of iwimtrinr but faw yards for satety, il is ia danger of being tr recovtrably lost I Wisdom i not iricotuii teut with itself." By Ibis system, person are kvteocted id the necessary evolntioni, actwo, alt'ituJe, Ac.' is tbeir owa clement, and do not go into the wa - ter ontU tber are prepared for it l so that it has been frceiaeatly tie case, that the author's pn - 1 I I . L 1 . M . pur mwm i'e aoia w swim oa me urtl attempt iicr iu lesson. . , - Rercinmvi.laUxH of the above work are in icrteitait. , Jj 11 lw ol e in or is iT b PUBLIC SALES. " y . ,1 ' lasiaitxsitsxsstiif ' ' : BY KILLS, M1ST05 U CO. , Tuesday, . - At 1 1 o'clock, in front oi tbeir auction storey - No. I4S Pearl strctl,' 24 boh aud 12 lus Ion - doii porter, SO boxes cider, 15 do Madeira wipe. .V.lHlU.t. tOli MjiLhlMi, e. TVU E proprietors of the southern rnarUe qt JL riot, near Kioj's - BriUge, give notice, that they have oo band, and are ircciviufr, t Ike k'wg't - Bridgt Marble mid Lvnt - lartt, foot of UtacJi - streel, tin the Hudson rivrr, extensive stock of marble ior building, of the following de scritions, viz : A Hilar Watertable Steps" Platforms ' Sills Lmttls Arches AlsiK Lime cf the Copies; " Foundation Stone Chimney - Piecesj Facings Coiunut - . - v best quality. rrv A roDtant iiuojlv of the above materials may be calculated upon ; and those desirous of purchasing, of utakiuz engageDicni. v ill apply to EZRA LUDLOW, . Feb 11 ' At the Tarn. .iti.LY IO LOAJti 4 O rUlADoLLARstoloan, intomsto - JrtJ.Vlii" ". tint applicants, on bond iih oiorLjaga upon approved pmputy. r - oq" ot . 137 Warer - iKreet. Where application may be generally wade through the year, auduortgagts disposed of. Jb fl ti - flC" J.ViE.' U. S lOi'T, Engraver srvd eat Cnl' - er, removed to 00 Liberty - street, near (ireenwich - street. Jy 8 3m JOHN C. II AM1L I US, Co "'""'' rot the acknowledgement of Deeds, kc. has removed tn the office, corner cf Cedar aod Ntau itieeU. Law BuildinaV No 1 Je 29 lm A CARD. ffr - At the p'licular soliritBtiontcf the La - iciibc - rs, the Neay - Yotkralt Watei Float dv siiIhci mi; U.dli ill lie reniovrn to per ci.i srauon ui tlie loot of Mnrr ly - streel, ll is day, where it will continue open every (lev, from suriise in the morning, until 10 o'clock at niW, duriic he tiathic.g seaion. It ii hoped when thi Ladies 'if tt,i city know that this large builtlii.g, which will accommodate two cr three hundrtd p"ron at a lime, is exi lutiye - lv ikvoted lo their enjoyment on Mondavi and liVednesdicyi of each week until 2 o'clock,' that thuy will give that rncour - ai.emiut which inch an appropriation deserve. On a'l other da they liavuthiirown apartment onlv. The greatest possible attentiua will be The Bath at the BMrcry it open every day fr munrise to 10 o'clock at night, for Gentle wn only. " KAGLK t'lHH COMFAJitt OK NEW - YORK. frT" Notice ii herchv niven. that a Dividend of lour and a half ner cent oa the Cnrjitul Slock of fbit company, hat been declared try Ihe Board oi Director : and will be paid lo Ihe stochtold - rr, on or afttrr the 15'lt int. J 3 lm IJsO AUO WAM ED, by a lady in a private J family where there are no other boarder. rub a pleasant well lurnisheu room, in a pica - sanl part of the city. A small ilimil) would be preferred. A line addressed to P. 9. tatiiujr situation, Ac. will be attended to. J 11 2i tt'T 'litu Pacilic Insurance Cooipanv of New York, have this day declared a dividend of six per tut. on the capital stork, for the lait six months, payable at their office, No. 49 Wall - it. uu the lutii inn. Bt order of the Board of Director. v ' WALTER R. JONES, 8c'nr. JOlm Ocean Insurance Omre, Jaly 6. 1818. fXJ The Eoard of Directors have this day declared a dividend cf three and a half per cent on their capital stocit foT th'Dst lix months, which will bo payable lo th ttockholdtrt or dieir legal representatives on the tenth (tut, at 'lie office of the company, 45 Wall - street. ; S.JMUj;LSTAN3URY,Sec. " Jaly 7 lm io mkkchaAjs. fjj The ndveitiier, lately arrived from Eng Icurl, who possesses a thorough knowledge of book - keeping and mercantile timiiactioui in general, aod who has been for several vears iu a counting ho uie in London, is ditirous ol a similar situation here. At employment it bi chief ol - letters addressed to A. P. and felt at this office, shrill have immediate attention. J 10 61 AOitCK. VO Any person l.avinr paper to enri, or iKcmmlt to arfjtut, wjll find it Ibr their interest tocallattheodiceof the iiibsccibrr, aj he will engage for a small compensation aud could per form with expedition, aud correctness, aay thing of the kind committed to bit charge. II. PADELFORP, Corner of Frankfort and Chatham - it. July 11 lw fit III WARD. IDL'BLIC NOTICE i hereby given, lha( tlw asst ssort of the fifth ward l.avr completed i heir assessments, and that a ropy thereofi left with one of the asesiort, at Liberty Hall, corner ' of Church and Leonard itreets, where the same way he seen and examined by any of the inhabit .nits during ten days, from the 13th of July to the 2 - 1 th, and that the assessors wll meet oa the 2 jih, ai the alxive place, to review their said assessments, on the spoliation of any person con ceiving bimelf aggrieved. lihoiiur, cut ro.v, i Assessor or the RICHARD KiDNEY,) fifth ward. J II FOR SALE, Uff"k0 ACRES OF LA I'D, ly vjr yj ins in the town of Florence. county of Oneida aod (tale of New - York. T.'i Lite roadi irom Koine to Socket Harbor and Salmon river pais through the town. The coun try adjoining the land offered for sale is well set . tied i Ihe soil is good fr gratr grain, tnd Ihe , situation is convenient to send produce rilhtr to ' the Montreal ot Ltica .Market, being only , miles from the latter place. Forfur'he - r informa tion, apply to Mr. BENJAMIN WRIGHT, at Kome, or to Win. iiL..sir.ivo.i, J 10 eod Ins 3 lp Sio. tvau tueti. IN CHANCERY. Mate if.S'ew - i crk, sr. - IN PBrsiiacre of a decretal order or electee of Ihe bonnratile Hie court of Cha - icerj of the state , New - Yorst, still be so.d at puhlic aurtnm at Ihe TiHiiine C'l lTee House ia the iy of New - , VVedmtilny.the twenty sixth dav of Au. fust aext, at li o'clock at noon, un Irr lite rbrer lion andsiiiicribtendaiire of Jofin Towt one tf the raasvrs ix ehaocery ol - the s un state All tliat - certain trart. pte - e or psrctl of land and pre mi. with itt - butl ling llierca erected aud Icinx. ttnbrti, lying and i:i;.g in the town of Yr. Jeers, the county of V c ilche - st - r, and which in an in denture of mortgage executed ami delivered bf jum uuina io i noma vairnune. ana dated the - 12th of Febrn'srv, IBlsJ.' T dfcribed in th' inn, minmiiip, luwiii nu uiai certain larrzt tract of land, situated. lyin aol I tins in tb A - r ii . . .a. . r. j i . . r trwnoi lonnrrt, in county ol west Chester and slate of New York, containing seventy acret (ss said) be the same omre or less rand oa whi' h said tract or parcel of land i errc'ed tortdry dwelling KMie, and gnl mill and other in - ' - vet)tfflt,and is bull, d and bounded and dtscri - d as follow, vix: Northwesterly by Saw - MW - lliver, northerly by lands now ol E.nah V akane. easterly by Itutds t.w or late oi Peter Nod me, and southerly r.v ln - jdniw ot late o John Cosi stiong, and o - 'W or lair f A:rf ru Woud: Willi tbc (roprtfly in roads and rMs ol v. ay, leading to or fmm said to ihe Tornpike Ruad.iniruooty CHHcdUie ilii;hla'.J I'eritpike mad. aod. aln tn other highways or tkwttii.11 Togelher with all aa sim:ulrlb heetdilawnU and ppuitenanre tiswsmt" uelnngicg . Dated Use.evea.hd.yof July, 1.1 J71atd Wuir In Chancery.

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