The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 9, 1944 · Page 21
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 21

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 9, 1944
Page 21
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E D I T O R I A L S -The War Has Taught Us Another New Word Aloll--A coral IiUnd «r Iillndi, consisting «f · fecit of coral r«cf sar- roaricUnc a central laxooa.--Wcbtter'* Dictionary. P R THE lirst time in the experience of millions of Americans, they are face to lace with something new in world geography --an atoll. In our advance across the Pacific, \ve met these living organisms of coral in the Gilbert group. Even the pictures ol Betio, Tarawa, and Makin didn't show their distinguishing f e a t u r e s . Then came the Marshalls, and America took sovereignty over mysterious coral Islands around an enormous lagoon. Atolls are ancient mysteries, as far as geodetic surveys are concerned. These peculiar phenomena occur only in mid-Pacific. They are cursed as barriers to navigation. The Marshalls consist of 32 atolls ringed with over 800 coral reefs. The Marshalls are divided into 2 lateral chains, which the Japanese named Radak and Ralik. "Radak" is Japanese for sunrise, and signifies the east, and "Halik" means sunset, and concerns the west. Truk is circled by a giant coral fortification with a limited few passageways, all bristling with land guns. Pacific atolls, like the Marshalls, the Gilberts, the Marianas, and · the Carolines, are just humps of coral and ocean sand jutting out over tidewater. Wake was a small segment of such formations. They seldom rise more than 20 feet above tidewater. Highest point on the Marshalls is a 30-foot mound. U. 5. marines and infantry who hit the Marshalls carried with them a card of 20 phrases in Ma- · layan and Japanese, for use in an emergency. The fearful bombardment which smashed everything in sight on Rio, Kwaialein, Namur, and the other islets removed the necessity for much native talk. The pre-war Marshalls had several thousand natives of mixed Malayan and Polynesian origin. Christian missionaries, who first came to the islands in the 1850's, converted many o£ them, but much of this -was undone by Jap occupation. The Marshalls, like the other Pacific atolls, are in the typhoon belt on the equator, where temperature averages 80 degrees and humidity is extremely high. Before our battleships and bombers blasted these islands to bits, there were enough cocoanut palm trees, breadfruit trees, and bananas on the island to support native life Did You Know? By Frederic J. Haskin EDITOR'S NOTE -- Beiden «T»Ulnit ihemidves of this service (or questioui of fad--nol counsel--should sign Ilirlr f u l l name ind address and, icclosr X cents for return postage. Addr«s* Globe-Gazette Jitfoi-roation B u r e a u . Frederic J. Hatkln. Director. \Va*hlnc- l«n. D. C. Look Out Below Mrs. George Bernard Shaw has set up a fund to promote culture among the Irish people. Maybe she's made the mistake of judging the Irish by one ill-mannered representative--her husband. * * * Iowa's highway deaths for 1943 now total the same as at the same time last year--45. A month ago it was 10 higher than for the corresponding period in 1943. * * * It will be interesting to see what the sports pages do to that new White Sox player, Cass Kwiet- niewski, in then: hall column measure boxscores. Pros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges It's Already Decided Webster City Freeman-Journal: The Woodring democrats who are going to try to defeat President Roosevelt's renomination are said to have raised a fund ol a million and a half dollars. They might as well save'their money and their time. Roosevelt has already decided that he is going to nominate himself when he meets in convention in Chicago. This Is Hard to Explain Hed Wing Eagle: Isn't it rather How many kinds of cruisers are there? Cruisers fall in to 2 main classifications, light and heavy. When was congregational singing first adopted in the churches? Martin Luther instituted it. How old is Rommel? When did he become field marshal? He was born in 1900 and was made field marshal in June, 1942. When and where was the first American zoo established? In Philadelphia in 1859. Where was the picture, The City That Stopped Hitler, made? It was made by the Central Newsreel Studios in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and includes material from nazi newsreels captured by the Russians. How far apart are telephone and telegraph poles? Poles are usually spaced from 40 to 150 yards apart, depending upon the type of wire used and on climatic conditions. Is there any evidence that an elephant has a remarkable memory? Elephants are quite intelligent and do have good memories but not to the extent with which they ore credited. How long has 100-octane gas been produced? Since 1937 production has increased greatly. What makes wood float in water? It is due to the presence of air in the cells. What is the largest city south of the Mason and Uixon line? Baltimore, Md. When did Finland discontinue payment of her war debts? · In 1939, becoming involved in war with Russia, Finland was granted a moratorium by con- Concretc Bathtubs guess you'd call it a "solid idea." Reference is to a new iypc of concrete bathtub designed to relieve the situation which has grown out of the wartime freeze of castiron tubs. A cement substitute has been developed and can be brought into production in short order, it is announced. '·You can't believe it until you see one," said C. G. Walker, managing director of the Cast Stone institute. "Its color is a little grayish but its texture is like marble. It will be less costly than the castiron tub and this price advantage will tend, through competition, to make the old type of tub cheaper." Tests under bureau of standards and public health service regulations are nearly completed on the new tub. They indicate a produc 1 on which OPA and the federa housing administration will bestow their blessing because of the need for more bathtubs. It has been shown, according t Mr. Walker, that a clean concreli tub is as sanitary as a clean cast iron one--and a dirty tub is i health menace, no matter what i is made of. Tests for strength, dur ability and glossiness show th newcomer equal to its predecessoi According to Walker, all the ol ideas about tubs thrown overboard." 'have bee The new on U W l i v i w l ' S . L I u l £ i u L y ^ u \ ; ^ tU tlic conscience he had with him when he \vas casing by. "Those passings h:we also caused us to check our speedometer, thinking t h a t pa-haps we were nol hugging 3u. But time after time, at 30 we have rolled oft mile after mile in 2 minutes flat." Mosquitoes and Color suppose' (lie moral of this story is to wear u while .shirt when in Alaska. It has to do with a research project carried on to determine the habits of the f a r north type of mosquito. In a 30 second period, the insects laid down attacks in the following manner: Men wearing white shirts, 2; black shirts, 8; khaki, 37; bareback, !)C. --V-Information, Please! 1. A barricade is a Spantsl barricade, raffia-covered w i n c the highways these I bottle, form of lawn chair, \Vc-s - . . . adget is placed horizontally on 10 rim. It has its own handsome can tray built on one end, is s smooth as'silk and can be made i pastel colors for those who iincy pale tints in tubs. Walker id not recommend colors, how- ver, pointinj; out that "color and oncrclo don't mix and the result light be a little cloudy." Smoothness of the new product s due to "the know-how which :oes into casting," Walker said. ·It is like playing a violin. If you viiow how, you can play one." So far, he admitted, nobody has "ound a way to eliminate ligh-water riu;,'. You still lave to scrub it o f f . --V-That 35 Mils Limit venture the just little report from Ted Klemesrud o£ the Thompson Courier will tally pretty well with others who have tried conscientiously to observe the 35 mile speed ceiling: " 'A soft pass with a down hill gateway,' is the best way we car describe the manner we i;e' passed on days, even 8 he Bowquefr To CLIFFOIin C. DUBOIS OF MASON CITY--for completing a successful year ns president of tlic; Iowa Association of Rainbow Division veterans. Ilo has been succeeded by Tom C. H;msen of Council muffs. Neal Springer of Mason City i:; also entitled to a bow as a newly elected member of the association's executive committee. limit. A car behind, tags when pressing the 35 pulls up suddenly for awhile. then eases by and we wonder why he just had to get by when he seemingly doesn't gain much out there ahead. "But ho disappears over a swell and when we see him again he has probably · gained a quarter of a mile . . . and \ve I raft. Indian fish. '2. One of the fol- lov/ing animals is dumb. It is the gazelle, giraffe, rhinoeerous, hippopotamus. ?,. A catamaran is n long distance runner, a bird with a raucous cry, a f o r ni of raft, Spanish for chaise longuc. ANSWERS--1. Spanish for bar-: ricade. 2. Giraffe. 3 A form of Mason Ciiy Globe-Gazefto An A. VJ. LF.K N E W S P A P E R Issued Kvcry U'cek D?.y bv the MaEO.I C i t y Clubp-Cl.iri'ltfl I'utjllstlhlg Co. 121-123 EaM Kt.-ile Street Tcloohom.- 3830 ~'*, Thursday 3^ March 0, 131-1 V. I.OOMIS . . . . Publisher W. EAUI. I I A I . L - - Manasim lldilor E.VOCI1 A. N O l i R M - - - C i t y Editor LLOYD L. GEKIt - A t l v e r t l s l n ; Msr. Entered as sccontl-clats mailer April 17. IW-3. at the postofltcc nl Mruon City. Iowa. mlor the act at March 3. 1073. MEMREll ASSOCIATED ITIUSS. Ttio Associated Press is exclusively entitled to llie ll-'O for rermbllc.itLnn nf nil news (li*p:itelies crr.ditec! la It or not otherwise credited In this p j p t r and als-o Uie local news tiubiifticd herein. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Mason City uil'i Clear Lnfco by year, $10 Mason City ami Clear Lalu- by w e e k , £0c . Outside ICO a i i l Zone--1'er year. 510: G months S5.EJ1: U months S3; 1 month SI. Outside rilason C i t y ant] Clear l.alio anil WUtitn 1UL M i l e s of Mason Cjty and Outside of the Carrier Dijlrleli o! Alason City and Clear 1-aUe: Per year by carrier StO.OO Per v.-ecl; by carrier S .21) Per year by mail ,.. $ 7.00 By mail G m o n t h s S 3.75 By mail 3 months $2.00 By mail 1 month ....5 .70 comfortably. Fishing was of the best but drinking yrater depended on rain. The average atoll has no animal life, except a few dogs, pigs, cats, and rats. Now these blasted bits of coral and surviving natives are under the Stars and Stripes, promoting miniature problems of administration like the Philippines, the Fijis and Hawaii. Simpler Tax Blanks T HE HOUSE ways and means committee has started work in earnest on the big task of simplifying the income tax return. If the objectives of Chairman Doughton are attained, congress will have performed a really worthwhile service. Doughton hopes the new bill Your Health By Logan Clendening, M. D. WHOOPING COUGH IN JANUARY, when whooping cough is at its height in the northern states, I discussed the new treatment of the disease with adrenal cortex. Now, in March, when it is at its height in the southern states and the period of convalescence is on in the north, I want to discuss the contagiousness of that period. Convalescence is the most important stage of whooping cough for the rest of the community because that is the time it is spread to others. Whooping cough has a long convalescence. And the best place for the whooping cough patient is the open air. And if he goes into a park or on the street to play, other children come around. To protect them is by no means easy. Dr. Bauer, of the American Medical association, tells an amusing story which illustrates the fate of the best laid plans. He conceived the idea that if a child who was allowed to go into the park during the convalescent stage, wore a yellow placard labelled "Whooping Cough," the other children would be warned. But what actually happened was that the curiosity of all the other children was aroused and they crowded around the whooping cough convalescent. I agree with Dr. Bauer that-"There is altogether too much exposure of babies in public places." They are exposed to whooping cough, colds, measles, scarlet fever will include integration of the victory, normal and surtaxes into one overall levy; adjustment of withholding levies and individual tax indebtedness so that, in most cases, the amount withheld by employers will constitute the entire tax and supplementary payments and filing of returns will be made unnecessary; revisions provided in the new form will be such that tax burdens will be continued as far as possible at their present level. If a workable tax simplification system is adopted by congress, it will not only lift a great burden from the shoulders of millions of harassed taxpayers but will also probably effect economies in the bureau of internal revenue, for as the tax law grew in complexity so did the task of administering the law and the cost of collecting the tax. Our tax system, like Topsy, just grew. Year after year congress piled one tax law on top of another with little or no thought to the maze of confusion that was gradually being created. Now, however, it has reached the point where something should be done. You had better wait until congress finishes its simplification task, however, before you heave any sigh of relief. Congress in its attempts to make things easier sometimes ends up by putting them in worse shape than before. So keep your lingers crossed. and chicken pox. Babies belong at home. This time of year the movies is no place for a baby. If surprising that Governor Dewey of New York, who has the least to say regarding proposals for conducting a presidential regime if elected, and who, in fact, spends a great deal of his time denying he will even be a candidate for that high office, persists in leading all the present day polls of favorites for the republican nomination? Dewey Is Standing Pat Clear Lake Reporter: Dewey is a standpatter. That is, he is consistent in his attitude against seeking the nomination for president. He is filling the governorship chair very acceptably in New York. But we question his qualities for president of these United States. Inconsistency Noted Austin Herald: New dealers, who told us a few months ago that a national debt is nothing to worry about because "it's only money the people owe themselves," now clamor for an extra 10 billion in taxes because, they say, its imperative to keep down the national debt. Iowa's Farm Importance Allison Tribune: It has been pointed out that while Iowa has only 3 1/3 of the nation's farm land, Iowa is asked to provide 10 per cent of the nation's food. This point indicates the extent to which our national leaders look to this state for leadership in food production. All in the Family Dubuque Telegraph-Herald: A New Mexico man and his wife have both filed for the gubernatorial nomination, he on the republican ticket, and she on the democratic. Probably figured that if there must be family arguments, they might as well try to cash in the parents cannot exist without amusement, they must get someone to stay with the baby at home. Neighbors can take turns with each other's babies. The prime'reason for this is that whooping cough in a baby under 4 years of age is no joke. The death rate is high. And there are o t h e r dangers. The vomiting which comes at the end of a paroxysm can weaken, the child so that its nutrition is seriously undermined. In young babies, loss of water from the body from the diarrhoea and vomiting may present a grave complication. The coughing may produce a hernia, or a hemorrhage into the eyeball or even the brain, and pnuemonia from extension of the laryngitis and bronchitis takes its toll. From 4 to 9 it is less dangerous. And after 9 it is rare, but no age is immune from contagion. Even old age. The old catch question-"When Johnny brings whooping cough home from school who is most likely to get if!"--is answer- on them. If Hitler Tries Gas Fairmont Sentinel: We have reason to believe that should the desperate Hitlerites resort to the use of poison gas the allies have ready for aerial delivery over Germany enough poison gas to saturate and destroy the nation i n ' a single hour. Hope Seen in Dewey Charles City Press: The government of our fath'ers is the foundation to build upon and Gov. Dewey is the trusty man to entrust with this responsibility. The light has begun to shine over the landscape. "Undesirable Alien" Boone News-Republican: Charlie Chaplin, the individual, under any other name, would be listed as an "undesirable alien." Maybe there is something to a name. gress. This moratorium expired in December, 1942, and Finland resumed payments in June. 1943. Whose idea was the March ol Dimes? Eddie Cantor. What are the 2 territories of Australia? The Northern Territory and the Federal Capital Territory. Before the war, couid visitors remain overnight at the Monastery of Monte Cassino? Gentlemen traveling alone could spend the night at the monastery. How large is the estate of the Dionnc quintuplets? It is placed at $750,000. What is the pay of a cadet at West Point? The pay is $780 a year plus the cost of one ration a day, which varies with the price of food. REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files FORTY YEARS AGO Samuel Boone, one of the aged inmates-of the county home west of the city was laid to rest in the cemetery Saturday. Boone was a colored man and purported to be 114 years of age; He was born in the south a slave and lived in slavery for many years. The Rock Island has put up for sale a new 3,000 mile ticket. The ticket is good over the entire system and sells for $75 and no rebate. The mileage coupons are torn out by the conductor. THIRTY YEARS AGO "Laddie" by Gene Stratton Porter Is the most popular book in Mason City this winter. It is Mrs. Porter's latest book and is considered by her best admirers to be the best work she has yet done. It took two and one-half tons of white paper to print the"Thursday edition of the Globe-Gazelle. The edition of 32 pages was the largest regular edition ever published in the city and over 10,(100 ed: "Grandpa." -1 An Unutilized Asset CO LONG as Herbert Hoover, un- *·' doubtedly the world's ablest authority on matters pertaining to food and relief, is denied the opportunity to bring his qualifications to bear in this important area, Americans have reason to doubt that the nation's available assets are being employed to the fullest extent of the war. in the prosecution Substantial protection against whooping cough is given by the use of vaccines. They do not operate in the hundred per cent fashion of smallpox, typhoid, and diphtheria, but they are good enough so that most pediatricians add them to the list of these old standby "musts." Since whooping cough is most dangerous in very young children, they should be given it at the age of 6 to 9 months. Immunization is established before birth if ths mother is given vaccines. Whooping cough is pre-eminently the disease that is spread by an air-borne infection--by droplets. Its spread through the civilized world is an interesting study- in epidemiology. LENTEN REDUCING DIET rridijr. 500 calories: Breakfast-- 2/3 asp apple sauce, no sweetening; 1 «Uce zwei- bach, no butter or substitute: t cup coE- fee, no cream or sugar. Lnncbeon--I cup cream of carrot soup, made r.-ith mUfc: 2 sulks raw celery; 2 soda crackers or \'i slice whole wheat toast, no butter cr substitute; 1 raw apple. ;Dinner--Average helping of any baked, broiled or boi.ed fish; 2 lab" poons stewed celery; \* slice whole wheat or graham toast, no butter: Vj cup snow Pudding: (1 cup clear soup may be added if desired). Our Mail Bag FAIRNESS APPRECIATED DEDFORD, OHIO--It is my ob- L-' servation that Iowa is one Oi Lhe states where many fine American traditions survive, notably free speech. This is again illustrated by your fairness in printing in your Feb. 25 issue a large excerpt from the material we submitted for your reference editorial. following a previous (This was done as a matter of presenting both sides of a debatable question). Wo are primarily interested in providing the weapons for American fighting men. Next we are interested in producing them at the lowest possible cost, so that expense to the taxpayers shall not be one penny more than is necessary. We firmly believe that when the American public becomes better informed on what is really going on, there will be much less criticism of what we have done, but there may be more criticism in other directions. Your courtesy is very much appreciated. Very truly yours, JACK HE1NTZ, INC. T. G. Taylor. latcd. The mechanical equipment of the Globe-Gazette and the enterprise of the merchants made the edition possible. TWENTY YEARS AGO The Chamber of Commerce glee club forgot its flats and sharps for 3 hours Wednesday and enjoyed its annual party in the banquet room of the chamber. After the banquet had been served, W. V. Loring, self-appointed manager of the organization, took charge of a toast and entertainment program which included almost everything known to vaudeville and some things unknoten. One of the features of the state convention of the Iowa republicans at Des Moines was the demand made upon Hanford Mac- Nider to be a candidate for United States senator. TEN YEARS AGO Elder James, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. James, 904 Pennsylvania avenue northeast, is in Minneapolis' taking West Point entrance examinations. Maurice Crabb of Eagle Grove has returned to his home after a visit with his mother, Mrs. Harriet Crabb. Local residents who were on the ill-fated Milwaukee train wrecked near Dubuque early Tuesday morfling arrived in Mason City Tuesday. They included Col. Hanford MacNider, W. F. Ingraham, Mr. and Mrs. E. II. Wagner and NU USE /YOITD BETTER HUXRYOVEKTOUNrrS. THERE'LL BE NEW... NEVEEMIND ME.'TAKECARE'F TH'OTHEI? SUYS...THEY'RE IH BAD SHAPE... LOOK. BRIE1IT EYES... YOU LIE POWN ON THAT STRETCHER...CZ I'LL LAV V3UPOWN, SEE.' MAYBE YOU HAVEN'T GOT CONCUSSION BRACE YOURSELVES, GUYS/ HEKEWEGO/ SO, PATRIOTISM PSQMPTS HIM TO OFFER -IIC. CC.OV/l'"I3C u'j-iAQ ' rvl/*YT --- THOSE FRAYED CUFFS AND SrilWY ELBOWS HIS SERVICES. IF I CAM READ -v= TEH-THE STOSY. HE NEEDS V.OMEY. V,'ELU, HE'LL GET IT, 8'JT HE'LL EARN EVERY CEMT HE GETS · 1 RIGHT MY DEAR UNC1..' EIGHT OCLQCK \~\ SHA L BE. G-C05H/ WHAT ARE THOSE HE WILL- WHEN YO' GOES THROUGH THIS =GATE/ -PAS' THEY SORTA PR3VE GOT A MIGHTY FINE ~V BULL/ THAT ULL?/ BUT HE HASU'T DOSJE TO I-VE COME TO TAKE YOU "TO THE STUOIO- YOlR KM FRIENDS BROA IlLHA'JEVA 70THE STUDIO IN TWO MINUTES' OTHER QU5STICM.' HAVING SETTLED. DEFINITELY, VJITH THEIR CAPTAIN , TW3 SPIKED CLUB QUICKLY ACCOUNTS FOB THREE MEW » THEM OME OF THE TWO LEST IS ALSO STRUCK COWM/ AND-T/x W. II. Temple. Clover Couplets By Ray. Murray of Buffalo Center WRAPPED IN WONDEB Tn manner marvelon* to see Mr iroTld has changed mirscnlonsly From dreary drabne:.*, streaked vritb rain To rllUcrinr Tvrap* of ccHopharc. And where n-as nnly barren blTicht Spread shining sheel* of naflesl white; Face sheeted shrob, rach (ctooncd tree Hal taken on whtle brilliancy. My world has bidden all it* Tree la fleecy feUnkeUags oZ »aow. rfi-~ -Mi //^ir~----_I f* vvV- 1 ^)r*%vVrivfeNV ^. NHICH, THEKS DICKIE. AFTSK THOSS STO.1ES!' THE LAST ONE ESCAPES -TO CACRV i THE NEWS OF THE SAVAGE 111- I VADER TO SAMAR .' #, A ,li

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