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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, July 13, 1818
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tmr - roKit f.fexixq post. MONDAY, JULY IX A correpauaoi iron to coonury wouiu . Ueaquire, tlW lha book for subscription to tfat itock of th - f nmttiw Tan in this city, hv bo.c agreeable to law? And whether th Wool of th stock ts taken op? ' ". jisutser W kaowr nothing mora about it, tfaaa that We " Franklin Bank" tock q"o - , led, m Dy StToroet' last price current, el from 7 1 - t to 9 per cent abore tv. . From that drcamstauc we ere inclined to think it is el) taken no. However lor more accurate iafcrma Boa oa the tubject, we would refer our corre - poDueutto Msg. ZVoan. i v We art aorry to aee gentlemen in high u - thority, whose business it should be to eel good examples, visitin; place of amusement on the Sabbath. ;.... ..' , . . Often. We are desired to inform the pro - lit! I ha lav fortiddinr the tale ' of oysters in the city, after the 10th of June, it . wholly dirreerded. You can ecarcely turn a Corner that j oa do pot Humble, upon tome oys - , ttr - ttand, with plate of opened sickly oysters paraded, for tale, well peppered with the dutl of tho struts. . Emr corrected. a our paper of Saturday evening, it was elated, incorrectly, (as we are now udbrned from the beat authority,) that Mr. 'Isaac G. Ogdea had purchased col. Aaron Og - ' den1 ahare, (owe third of the contract,) in the Milford aad Owego Road Lottery, for $3000. Col. Ogdeo had no share or concern whatever in the contract, but acted ouly as attorney to the commissioners in making the. contract on their behalf and igning the ticket for them. Th tuaiAer. The thermometer in the large room of the Tootm CofTee - House stood on Sa turday at 93, and yesterday at 96. from tht Xational jUvtcatt thi morning. MancAay. We are again compelled to notice an infraction of the ordinance to regulate cartmeo by the actual murder of the daughter of Kobcrt Kennedy, gea in aionuu, near me cor. ner of Harman and Market - streets, who, about three minutes before, was ou the lap ol its mother, Who et it so to the door, and, being enticed by other ckiklf en, was crowing the street, but eeing a cart coming towards it, was about to return, and had gained the curbstone, wbeo, (hocking to relate, the monttrr drove his cart wheel over the child's ueck, its head resting on the curbstone, its body in the street. Jtfedical aid was procured instantly ; the doctor opened two veins, one in each arm, but the " purple current had ceased to flow" the child was "one ; its distracted parent in a few moment.", beheld the playful, endearing infant, a cold, motionless lump of clay. The barbarian drove Lis cart at full speed, and, in thi hurry aud confusion of tho moment, got ciear of the by - standers. It . ..!. - '. 1 1. . ut. .t... r : meatureiarv nut umii hiui mis ui uu i 14 - titens to compel obedience to the law, we may at ouce tear our ordinances, and let confusiou reign. On Saturday, Lawrence Fieuovi, the Italian, who, in July last, bit off part of his wife's nose, which case so highly excited the public fechn;, was taken by Mr. Raymoud, one of the police officers, brought before the magistrates, aud on that charge comnutteu u prison From ti Watldnglon, City Gazelle ej July 10. '. ' The chevalier del Oiiis reached this city on Tuesday last, by the stage, ouly lew boon al 1er the arrival of gen. Jackson's) despatches at the wrr department. It is said he brought with him, in his portefueilit, a protest against the occupation of West - Florida by the United States' troops, ada reclamation for its restitution to Spain, which he transmitted to the executive on the very evening of hi arrival. From tht Albany Rcgititr, July 10. E:miee Chapman .K Mrs. Chapman has mad considerable " noite in tho world," it may not be uninteresting to our readers generally, and will be gratifying to her friends, to learn that the ha recently made a visit to the Shaker village, rt Enfield. N. II. and has succeeded in restoring one of her children to 44 the world" aa active interesting boy ol about U years old; two girls remain with the shakers, whom she em deter - niiued to obtain before she rests from her labors, .Mi had a short Ulervie w with Chapman. Mr C. by uocaing perttrverance, has been enabled to prosecute her purpose with considerable effect, at ae expense of several hundred dollar,, which constant industry and strict economy has ielpd her to. She has taught a school in this uty tor about three years. - Fmm thi Snlim lligUler, July II. The Independence, ashipof our navy.ahicb rkk before Bimton, i a protid dmplsy of Aa - vul tactics - and of every thine that rives har mony, enerrv and health, in a hip of war That this great uccess and most interest ing effect must depend on the commander, w ill never be questioned. Commodore Cambridge i entitled to the highest praie. So many things combine in the gTeat good order of such a hin. that no mind inexperienced in their va riety and association, could comprehend, mudi less exhibit them. Suflice it to say, that we hive in her. all that ha been done in naval r chitecture and tactic, and all that depends on the best arrangement, to secure in this ship the true I onour of the nation. Gallant triMt Captain James Tomer, of ... ... l uprji cr.i... ti Buckspcrt, iie. in ui star - rgia cnxr, baring 200 qtls. of codfish on hoard, was taken by the HritUh sloop of war Wye, capt. J. Har - uer . while fishing off Brycr Island, (.Nova Scotia) on the I5lh June last. The crew were put on brtard 'kh Wye, but the captain wa left oo t - oard the schooL?r. wbitn.wascarnea mo uig by. After lyiu? tiiere 12 days 008 Thomas Svjoicr, piue mu. - ier, au uirea ura . ami.., wer ordered on bo.ird, and proceedid with the achr towards Ililifax. On the night of the J8th, June, capt. Tuvoer carefully secured the fire arm aad cullvse to his own use, while the priie mter ol one other man were ailep tasteacdlhembttaw, without being discovered, and thee took a pistol in each band, and ave hi. orders to the to oo deck, who obeved ; he arri - vedneax Matbias oa the day following, and landed the pr.z muster and ooe man ; and atio sel sail, aud emvtaat Buckoort oo the 3d July, in triumph. 1 certify the above to l trae. JAMES TURSF.R. Euekrport, July 4. on flu Ptlmburg lirpnllitan if JuliT. ' Fatal orcurrnue We unJm' and that at Not toway court rma - e on Tbundav. it If inr court day, a reucouUe took place between t)r. Bacua, in wuii each party used the dirk. Dr. llarda - Yay was mortally wouaded, smd expired oa $ - Urday. - Dr. Bacon wm wounded ia tline places, but his wounds are not con Jered fatkl. We are not iafcrsul of the (artit ular of lot ren - his the of Isle of the to fire mind with air. oil it, out sel lul of void that to Hio did from take their ille the noon. of ted the tlc to Isle and but .Mr . m ia a 'Vejs rV Baxtory Duty Jihrtiter. Wj lave extracted the following from tie Journal de Pari. He d furnishinp; en Inte - retinff narrative.: It may erve as a ealutary caution to those who bare occasion to sbip combustible materials, and snore especially a - gainst the concealment of such article on board bip, for the purpose of avoiding a higher rate of freight or insurance. Extract of a letter, dated Rio Janeiro, September 13, 1817. Tbe Count d A nerval, having lost hu property in the course of the Revolution, turned attention to commerce to re - establish hi fortune. In the month of May last, be deter mined to make an important expedition Into colonies and in consequence, on the 27th that month, he armed and equipped the briganlute Young Sophia, which sailed tor the of France under the command of captain Deveaux. The vessel had on board, the Count d'Amerval, the owner, thirteen passenger, of whom two were females, and a compliment ot fourteen men. The voyage wa very favorable until the 6th August. On that day the captain ordered hatchway ofthe midUledecktobe opened, take out some brandy fur the use of the crew. Scarcely were tne hatches opened, when a yellowish flame darted out, which stifled the sailors. Convinced that there' was a aboard, the captain with great presence of ordered all the hatches to be caulked the matrasses of the passenger. . This measure would arrest the progress of Die flame by intercepting the supply of external By the smell of the fire the captain was coon convinced that the vessel was consuming by of vitrol or aqua lortis. On consult in his billtot lading, he had no doubt that the shipment of so dangerous an article had been con - cea'ed, by labelling the case which contained by the name ot prepared pharmacy. Allth paneogcr occupied themulve with relaxation in throwing water upon the ves t but the are notwithstanding made a Iright - progreu. 1 be beat was becoming insup portable, and on could hardly bear the band upon the side of the ship. From th reckoning the captain, the found they were then in 20 degrees Zj minutes f south latitude, and Z6 de greet 0 minutes oflou,'ituile wet from the me ridian of l'an.. These unhappy people, to a a death which seemed inevitable, sought the nearest land. The tland of Trinidad was that which tbey h.iped to reach ; and after a painful voyage of three days, tbey discovered this so much Jesired island. Nevertheless, the count d'Armcrral and the cantaiu were persuaded ia approaching tins shore, they should have ucounler the terribl chance of dying by famine, or of being devoured by wilJ beasts, and determined to leave it to tho - crew to steer tor Janeiro. Dtlt the rapid progres of the tire not permit them to carry ihi resolution into execution. The smoke streamed out profusely all (be scams between the planks, and they every moment expected that au explosion, would place. Ia this !i sperate condition thry afiin directed course towards the island of Trinidad, which thry had already lost sil.t of. The vessel was cp. - n aud filled with water up t) the itiJ - dtck, when they upproachcd this island ou tenth of August, at lour o'clock in the aitcr - Tho rleu - nth and twelfth were employed io landing from the vessel the suml! uuaiituy provisions wl.u h the water or tbe fire had not destroyed. This operation vns hardly couip.u - wheu the hriztntine was tiitirtly broken iu pieces by tbe aves. iNevcrtboIt4. by the signal exertions of the captain and the owner, all persnnson board were saved. W hen ail were landed, '.uty bunt some tents at foot cf the rocks, and they tok every posii - precaution to avoid being atlaeued ty wiM beasts. Six davs were thus nasseil : but the dangers were still the same ; and the Count d' A - merval contrived means to save his companions from the death which seemed inevitable, counting for nothing the tlanger which he would have brave to accomplish their deliverance. In tlia morning of the 113;h of August, lie gave orders the coplain to prepare the ioog boat, and embarked with him and five of the most resolute tailors lor Rio Janeiro, having .primmed to their companions ia misfortune not (o abandon them. After three days tolrahly prosperous saijiue. tbey fell ia with an Knghh ship bound to the of France, from which they obtained water bread, ami condoned their course with mo't confidence. Th wenther became bod, and their progress wes interrupted ; ami they seemed left to the sad altcrnativefritherof death by fa mine, or of being swallowed up by the waves ; finally, on the 3 lit of August, when their provisions were almost entirely contumed, they arrived ns if by a miracle at Rio Janeiro. 1 hey lauded at the fortress ol St l - io s, werr they were rorcived wi'h great kindness by the Governor, vvhn invited Iheui to diue with l.iai Mai.'et, the Frcm h Consul, inlt rrsU d him self in cirrvine consohttion and succour to their companion. I ie recourjiended them to the Kin vvhn immediately gave orders to have a vtsui prepared to save those who remained at the 1 - land nf Triniihul. This deplorable event should serve as a cau tion to merchants and ship owners, to avoid ship ping sulxtnnces so dangerous. 1 hey will learn not without regret, that our such imprudence has caused the rum ol a re ipritaHe man, who expt - oded nearly 3 o,0'o fiances in etiuippin ti M !....!.. loauiug ir.e uriiiiuue i our; puia ; uu.t r iu r chants ha I alsi) frihted u.crrujndiiu to the a - mount rf Irancs, mauiu a totI Iota ol about 5or ,oto francs. "NorE. VVe have not !r?rneil llir f.vte ol the thirteen p.4seii?t - ra left at Trini'hd; hut it i - al - it certain. Ihnt they jire saved, Irt one of them t iniuriacd hi t.tuii.v of hu ar.ivul at Kio Ja From the 'levy Jiudjtt. Actidinl At a celebration in this city on the 4lh instaut. .Mr. J. C. Hit' hcock of Watervleit, lost his hand, and was otherwise injured by the accidental discharge of a cannon. It happened the HCt of loadtii'. Hu arm has been autputa led about half way between th elbow and wrist. From lit Genera Ga:clte,JuIy 3. I lad itorm.On Friday the 3d intt. a severe hail storm and gale of wind were experienced in the south part of the town of oeneca, whit n did considerable damage. The hail was lare'r than musket ball : it broke nearly all the winJuw glass exposed to the course from whence it came ; beat down and destroyed much winter grain aud corn, and killed a number of young pis and eiiickens. The wind prostrated wh ile acres of wood. Happily w understand the ravages ol the storm were confined to a narrow space ; but how far it extended east, we have not learnt. It is a source of gratification that such scenes cf destruction ar seldom witnessed in this pail ol the country. from the Calcutta GorerKmetJ Gtisttit e Fib.Zb Atialit Society A meeting of tho Asiatic Society, was held on. Wednesday the 1 1th. - A communication whs received from lir. N. Wallich, superintendent of the Botanical Garden. - , submit - tiig som samples of pxper made of Uie bark ol the paper - shrub, a species ol Vaiilme, and probably Uie sam that is described by Father Lau - nero in his r 1 wa of iKbin - cnioa. l ne paper manufactured from this suhftaace is extrsinelv cheap and durable. It is said to be particularly calculated for cartridge, being strong, tough, not liable to crack or break, however murhratnt or folded, proof ajaio't bem; moth - eaten, and Dot us tbe least subject to dam puest from any change in the weather. If kept in water (or any con.i - aera'jla tira it will not rot. and is invariaWy omi u over Kfoio.i, and io great requt ia many artj ti th plains, tr th purpose of wri - un gtnealogicul mords, tlewds kc. The me thod ol preparing the paper ts extremely simple l be cxleiaal surlac ol Utm bark being scraped is or at 5 oJT, 'that which reaaitt Is boiled in dtam waUf. wttb a small qoautity ol tbe asbes ol U oau which whitens - Uie tpateriaL U then washed, beat to a palp, and after being mixed up with the mirest waUr, is spread on moulds of trames mad of coaunoa bamboo mat, fetid ts the Dr. Wallicb presented to th mtteum a specimen of the tihojputtrt, of th natives, being the outer rind of a new specie ef birch. It is much used in th mountainous countfres to the north for writing upon, particularly by the rebgioos On one ofthe pieces was a Utter written by the KawaJ, bead - priest ol KiUJematb, a tempi on one of tbe mountain of Ui tTimuiayah, and a great place of Hindoo pilgrimage. For these specimens Dr. Wallicb was indebted to the libe rality and kindoestoCthe boo. b.uarOaer, resi dent at Katmandoa, who basataaarfy enriched the Botanic Garden with many vaUiabU vegeta ble proauction ol Arpaul. A letter was read from Ma Thomson, late Private Secretary to the Marquis of Hastings dated Calicut, November 3d, 1317, transmitting to the .Society drawing ofthe cobro Manilla, and two sorbs of sea Snake. It is said that the Cobra Manilla is known on the Malabar Coast as the bangle 8nake, and this same a translation of Wala Caripan, which in the Malabar language signifies the deadly bangle, bracelet. It has two fan ir teeth, exactly like those of the Cobra Capello, and its bite is reckoned equally dangerous. The length varies from ix to twelve or fourteen inches i but the female although rather larger lias les brilliant colors tlian tbe male. Mr. Thompson during his residence in liengaland the Upper frovinces had tried without success to obtain ;lie snake called Cobra Manilla. He observes that the late General Gillespie received the bite of tliis serpent when he was .(ducking a peach, and in 2 or 3 minutes afterwards lost all sensation. ' The last thing he recollected was some persons calling out fur Eaude luce which, appiled very copiously botii - thitertwlW, and externally he believed, saved his life, bin he added that his constitution was not fully restored in two or three) ears. Mr Thompson during his stay at Calicut, accidentally discovered a species of siik worm which feeds on the leaves of the wild Mango tree. ' Among the caterpillars he collected fur the purpose of obtaining butterflies were some about the sie of a man's little finger, with heads and tails of the colour of bright coral, and bodies covered with silvery hairs risini; from a black skin. They soon left off feeding and became resilesi, endeavouring to crawl up the sides of the glass shade under which they were placed. The motion of their heads from side to side was constant and regular, and Mr. Thomson length found that thev had constructed lad tiers of most imperceptible threads, andwhen furnished w ith dry t ig they bejan to form their pods. Tbe quality ofthe silk i coarser man mac oi it engai, wiucii may proceed from the mature of ihcir food, as Mulberry trees are not found in the neighbourhood of Calicut. Drawings of the iua e and female siikmuth ac companied tins communication. Mr. Cuvicr, wa proposed as an Honorary .Member of t'ie society by the Lord liishon, and uuiv elected. ROCHESTER, (X. Y.) July 7. German imijirauu Within a few days rait. lourt - r live families of emigrants from Gt - rnuuv passed In.ough thU village. They travelled on toot, th wnuseu carry ioj lags bags on their heads. Their condition appeared miserable, but ihuir countenances bespoke health and conleut - meul. They cams, via Q.iubec. BALTIMORE, July 11. ExrLOSti'it. Oh Wednesday afternoon, a'mut o'clock, the Biruh nsbur Powder Mills, owned liy Mr. buizard of Georgetown, Blew up. Font pt - rson employed in the mill were killed, and '2 others dangerously woui.ded. A magazine ot powder but a short distance from the scene of explosion was miraculously preserved. CViuhon. A letter ha been received by one of the police officers of Inis city, apprising him of th apprehension in New - York, ol an old of fender, having do ltss than 80,000 dollars of counterfeit money in his possession, principally of southern banks lie further informs that when the culprit left Canada, two accomplices left therefor Ualtimore with larg sums f counterfeit paper on tho Baltimore arid soathero banks. This information may b relied ou, and tbe public are desired to axamiue strictly, bank bills before they receive them. GREENFIELD, July 7. Extreme Ileal. Several davs of the latt wet k were marke - l by a decree ol heat, rarely, if ever exixrienced here. The warmest day wehelirte was Monday, when the 'Thermometer stood at 101 degree. NEW - HAVEN, July II. A vounj man by the name of I'avitl B. Lyon, of Wcslou, Conn, who had gone to Nnr - Yorh for tile purpose of spending the 4th of July, wa drowneJon the evening of the 31 instant, by fall - in; into i'eck - slip, whilst pa;in; from the wharf to thi packet. Hi; body wa found on Uie4th, dod it was then recollected bv some iicnrns, that they heard a man hollow in or about the slip the evening previous - but tlicu0ht little ol In cir cuuiUuice at thctioie. A coaipany of gentlemen awmbled at New Canaan ou the 4th locclehr - ite our independence, aud in discharging a fifi.t - piece, (which h l been very imprudently loaded with firr vvundi of pattrdt - r!) it bursl, and instantly killed Mr. An - irew Afernlt. several other pr - ous. we un - denlaud, were severely injure J. FR0M Ol ll COTMUvrOXnEXT. Office ofthe Frcem..ns J.mrrul, riiiladelphia, Sunday July 102 I. M.J Arrived, tih p Amia'."e F.rickson, 33 c'avs from Mayo. Hpnke June 27, lat 50, long 6j. hrigTharles Jt Kl!cn, 13 day f;ir:i Casiine, for Havana. July - 1th, lat .05, long 72, tdiip Union, from N Orleans for Havre, all well. Itrig Caledonia, Jackson, 4'i days from Gibraltar, r - poke June 27, lat 27, long 67, sch Snrine Pird, 5 tUvs fom St. Eustali.i, for Mar blehead July 7, lat 34, long 72, sch Industry, Easton, 5 day iron K. Isiantl, lor Havana. Joseph Pope, jun. esq of Uos jin, and John A . Green, esq. of Providence, came pansengersi in the Caledonia. Ilritish bri Mary Jane, Hall, S3 days from Falmouth, Jam. , Sch Huntress, Harding, 3 davs from New Yoik. Sloop Superior, Storer, 3 days from N'er - Yoik. II. itish brig Thompson Packet. Thompson. 14 days from Uumfiies, via Halifax, with 153 passenger. ling Using bun, Blanchard, H days trom M. Andrews. Erig Morning Star, Segar, 12 days from St Andrews. Arrived at tlie Lazaretto, sch Eight, Silva, 12 days Irom St. Jam deCub. Dutch ship Xenu;ihon, Lortl, 47 days from A'v - e'enlam, Willi 4'J passengers. below, J slup and 2 bi iri names, be. un known. FROM OVR CORSESPOXDEXT - Office of the llostnn Patriot, "3 Boston, July 11 - noon. $ Arrived, brig Marv, S'ackrxile, 34 days from New - Orleans, 34 from the luliie. Sail ed in co. with several vessel which have arri ved t N. York, Ac. Ship Jewell, Keating, for Liverpool, was inside the Mar, waiting higher tides, there not being sufficient water to get - over. Spoke, SfJ'.h tilt, ofl Tortugas, ship Sea - Fox, from X York, for New - Or Iran had been ashore on the Florilas, and receired some in of G damage 17th, ofTCipe Cod, brig Mary, from Ualtimore lor Portland. cb James, Lawrenson, 18 days from St Peter, I. F.. Left, 23d ultech Franklin, Wa, ker, for Eastport, 8 or 3 days. A corvette from France had arrived, with a new governor and stores for the inhabitants, and wa to sail a few day for N York. Spoke, 28th ult. oil Louisburg, sch Mary, 4 day from Frovince - town, fishing. 1st hist off Canso, sch Joseph, Marblehead, and ch - Volant, of Frovincfr town, fishing. British brig Eliza, Merr'uwn, from Demara - ta, via K York, 7 days. DIED, Lately, at bis seat in Rutherford ceanty, (Tenn.) Gen. Thomas Washington, aged 55 years. He was a soldier in th war of the revolution, was a brave, active and skillful partizan, and iu every grade, from a private to a brigadier, he knew his duty, and did it. He was an affectionate husband, a kind father, and obliging friend. At Boston, last Friday afternoon, Miss Char lotto Lovett, azed 19, and Mis arah Ives Lov ett, aged II, daughters of Mr. Elizabeth Ives Lovett, both of typhus fever. SKJEJVA'G POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED, Ship Illinois, Funk, Liverpool John Kemp Islington, iluhbcll, Brig Frederick, Clark, Scbr Paragon, Brown, Mew - Orleans St. Croix Rcade t Dr ptyster. Charleston Andrew Jackson, Gillet, Bermuda BELOW, Brig Plauter, 47 days from Oporto, to N L & Griswold. , &chr Plauter, from Lisbon. 9chr Union, from Philadelphia. Sloop Rover, from Philadelphia. sloop Hero, from f biladclphia. One brig, unknown. The United States ship Alert, from Roston fir Norfolk, was spoken on the 3d inst. in la'. 37, 40, long 7j. by the sloop Henry, a rived at Providence, R - 1. Horn Wilmington, (D. C ) AMit'ED LAST F.fEXIXC. Sch Pacific, Gill, 12 days from St Croix, W?st End, with sugar and rum, to Bunce ami Woodhull, owners, Mutfoid & Leffingwell, H Ilassctt, T Knox, and It De Forest St Co. Passenger, Mr. U. lljssett. Left, July 1, ship Smith Curuiina Packet, Cartwright, for New Yoi k, a' out JOth ; brig Com. Barry, Kav, for Philudtlpliia in 5 days; sell Vary Ann, of Nor folk, pist commenced loading. o other A mericun vessels at West End. At llass End, just ariived, Brig Coiidour, from .Middletowu, (Jon ; a sch tror.i .;,i tl Carolina j 2Mii, capt. Hunt, fi - om N llavsn, suppose I the bri' Ed ward. Spt kc, July 7, ha 31 20, Ion 71, sch M irv , 4 uayslioin .ii leiton for Mataiuas. Sch hire Bird. Wilcox, 5 davs from Charles ton, with colfec, to Shipman K Lerd, 24 pa - sengcr. rchr Ilurvel was to sail next day for N York. fc'hxip Jackson, 3 days frara Norfolk, with cotton, t.i itlouiit & Jackson Sloop Huntress, Reecher, 12 hours from N. Haven, vvi.h nifrcuaiiJizc, to the captain. BOSTON, July IAJ. Arrived, schr America, l.i.iohi, 40 days from Lanzarote. - rfloopGeorgu Washington, Atvrood, from N. York. Below, ship Roxano, from Palermo, and brig .nary, irom .ew Urlenns. At Quarantine The British brig Mary Si Sal ly. Hyde, 30 day from Trinidad. The schr Fair Trader, Jenkins, 21 days from Havana. Left, briss Urutu. of Boston, loading; Mary 4 .lane, Brown, of Boston, to tail in 2 days George lit c't w ith, Fisher, for Boston, in Sdnys; Thomas, White, disclaiming. Sixilte July 3d, 'chr Pteuce, Drinkwater, 8 days from fit. An drews, for Baltimore. KOdTO.N, July 9. Arrived, brig Ann, Qnin - cy, 63 days from .Vcssina. Left no Auieiican vesteU at Messina. Did not (top at Gibraltar. Left Marseilles 1 8th .March, and Palermo 14th AprU. Left at Palermo, ship Sally Ann, Edes, lor Messina, 10 days ; brig rrudent, lor do. in quarantine. The Roxaoa, Blake, sailed from Palermo tor Boston 13th April ; schr I'enguin. Holmes, for do. 1 4th ; an J schr Selina & Jane, Hunt, for do. ISth. Arrived at Messina 20th, and parsed by brig Rapid, for Boston, coming out. Tho America. squadron had sailed from Messina for Tunis. May IS, off Cape de Gratt, paied about 150 sail of vessel, beating to the windward, among them 2 brigs and ii schooners. (American.) Spoke, June 23, lat 49. brig Pro tection, of Fairhavrn, 22 days from LUHao, for New - Bedford. June II, lat 40 Ion 30, brig Fame, of Port land, 21 days from I'lulttdelphin, for Oixirto. July I, lat 43 Ion ."!, English ship Sally, 3 days from Halifax for Liverpool. English brig Stephen Knight, Bibben:, 20 days from St. John's, N. F. Spoke yesterday, thip Ceres C hours from Boston for Havre. Passengers, the Rev. Mr. Sabin, lady and family, and 42 in the steerage. The brig sycipio, Collins, for NYork, cleared 6th ult. Brig New - racket, Luce, 18 day from Richmond. Schr Three - Sisters, Snow, 46 days from Lis bon. Sloop Manilla, Rulkley, from NYork. WILMINGTON, (N. C) July 4. Arrived, si hr Active Trader, Evan. 14 days from Cape llenry, (tiayii.) i.e t at Cape tit tiry, ship u rrttcs, trip; brigs Lona. Perry, ol Philadelphia; America, Hall, ol Biston; George Washincton, of Salem ; scbrs Country Wonder, of Philadelphia; Jano, ol Baltimore ; Henry, ofN. York; ew l aclic'l, o: .ewbiirrport : Kandolph, ol Boton. rK ke June 22. lat 27 10. Ions' 74 06. the schr Alonz, of Baltimore, 14 days out bound to the Havana. Cleared, br"s Decatii', Gnrdncr, for Trovi - dence; I - m m, Boyd, tor Martinique; schrs. Sally, Weeks, for Boston ; Triumph, Fuller, for Ha vana; Catharine ttogurs, Kelctium, for i oili. BALTIMORE, July 11 Arrived, schr Ran - cr, Eldndge, 10 days from Boston. Br. Euipernr Alexander, Lorman, 72 days from Liverpool. In long 18 13, spoke 'hip Klin Jane. from Baltimore for Liverpool. In long 41, was honrdt d by a Buenos Avrean privateer stop and treated politely name unknown. KICHMONis, July B Arrived, ship Salus, Harrod. from Boston in ballast. Brig iknry Clay, Bedell, from New York, iu ballast. Cleared, schr Gen. Scott, Haydon, N York. Panvimnct, July 10 Arrived, brig Dera - tur, Gardiner 9 days from Wilininiton. Sch Com Barney, Tripp, 10 days from Charleston. Slrxip Hetvrv, Rhodes, 11 davs from Alexan dria, (1). C.) ."poke, July 3, lat 27 40, long 75, tbe United States ship Alert, from Boston, for Norfolk. Brig Ycnus, Mauran, 19 davs from Havana. Sloop Sandt - Ann, Burt, 13 days from Savan nah. NORFOLK, July 8 Arrived, srhr Experi - ment, Parker, 10 day from Bucktport, Me. Sioon Howard k James, Carraway, 14 day fmm Ausadillo, (Porto Rico.) Leftb.i? Water V itch, bunce, ol and lor Philadelphia, (the only American vessel there) to sail about the 1st July. Srhr Jane Maria, Vv Name, 4 days from S . York. Sch Jolly Sailor, Battm, from Edenton, NC and 3 davs from Ocracock bar, for N York. Sloou Ann Jolinson, Irons 6 days from N York. richr God Return, Cook, 7 day from Eleu - tVr. Bahirans. Spoke 4th in.t - in lat 34, So, loo 77, ship Jewel, of Portland, from New - Orleans, b.iand to Liverpool, out 18 d tyt. Scii Columbia, Applcwbaite, 11 day from St. Thomas, wiUi specie. The C. on her out ward passage touched at St. Bartholomews, and has been absent f.ora thi port but thirty thre4Uys. '.. BROADWAY ' - , - c i it a u s. - eoooeOeose - Fiit night of Mr. Bulleo, and tbe last but one (this season) ot .Madame caussin. THIS EVENING. JULY 13, 1818. The erenine's entertaioment will consist of great and brilliant feat of borsemauship, rope aad wire dancing, ic. To commence with the grand equestrian entry, by equestiian elegantly mounted. Master Tbcniu will be the first to distinguish himself with many brilliant feat of agility and uddress. Mrs. Williams will display her astonishing Equilibriums on the Slack Wire. .Master Cotv. tbe celebrated American hero, will distinguish himself with many brilliant feats of horsemanship. The elegant horse Othello will perform the part of a domestic : be wilt, at command, bring a whip, hat, basket, handkerchief, and walking trotting, Vc. and conclude with bringing a flag placed at the top of a board If feet feet high. Strength of Hercules by Mr. Causin, for tbe first time in this city. Jle will on his feet and hands support eight persons aud form twelve different groups, and conclude by supporting the wnnie. troop on ii nanus anu lect, toruiiug a. oeau Ulul group. The Drunken Soldier, by Mr. Tatutll. Slack Rope, bv Mr. Muvhe. Mr. Buheii, a native of tliiscity, will make his nrsi appearance in we character ol the 1'easant. lie will, on one horse, perforin many astonishing leaps over four boards of lkht, separate and to gether, and conclude by a surprising leap through a rmiioon n teci titgn. The whole to conclude with still vaulting by the company Mr. Campbell, clown. Tickets may he had at Uie circus, from 10 o'clock, A. M. to I P. AL and from 3 to 5 Doors will he open at 7 o'clock, and the performance commence precisely at tt. No Rinouking allowed. Cliecks not transferable. Genlleinea are requested not to enter the nui;. fJV" A BOY, aged 12 years, left the bouse of hu parents on Mouday morning, the 6th instant, and has uot since been heard nf. He has red hair, and is much freckled ; had on a grey coat ee and pantatoous, a black bombazet waKtroat, and a uew white straw hat, with a green ribbon. Any information respecting said boy, will be thankfully received, at No. 1 Sloat - lane, up stairs, aud th inJormant will be rewarded, if re quired. Jy 13 3t HOHoKb. lb KILL CL.LB. Er'The members of the) club are requested to call and get their tickets for Thursday next, the Ibth inst. Pickets to be hail at 161 aud 163 Washington - street, and at 106 Front - street. Ccntleuieu coming on the ground without tickets, will be disappointed iu getting soup. Jy 13 JsollLb. fXT Notice is hereby given, that I have made np hi ation according to law lor a patent for my improvement of the instrument or machine now commoulv called Brewster's kalci.Usrope. Jy 13 lw G. SAUNDER0. HAMS. A BOUT 600 lbs. Hams, of a very superior 1 quality, put up for family use, in eood or der, fur sale by IIALSEY ii GOSMAN, 31 Old - slip. ALSO 1ST STORE, Hyson, young hyson, pouchong, ) , Hyson skin, souchong and bohca, J lc,A:5 of a superior quality, Cheshire cheese, and old Maderia wine. J 13 3t fcK. IVAXl'KD. dJ journeymen SHOE - MAKERS, who will find steady employment. Enquire at No. 11 Hector - street. Jy 13 4t iUGAIt. 9 hhds. prime St. Croix Sugar, KJ landing, for sale by ANSON G 183 PHELPS, Front - street J 13 ClUl'IO. bAG(IAG,OZ.NAfiUK(iHb,sC. 207 piece prime heavy Cotton bagging 50 pieces inferior do do Tow priced 30 do do narrow bagging do 15 bules tow, llax and superior strelitx Ozna - burghs 200 pieces hary twilled Sticking 11 boxes imitation Russia aud bleached Sheetings 6 do brown and white Pbtillas 2 bales hue 7 - 8 linen Bed Ticks 'J di superior three thread Seine Twine, l'tllu. to the dozers, for sale by BOORMAN Si JOHNSTON, J 13 57 South - street. IRISH Ll.NtNS, DlAPEMa, Kc. JUST received by the Wilson, from Dublin, several packnges 44 Linens and 5 - 4 Sheet ings ; and ou hand, jf recent importations, a general assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Liuens, 73 Lawns 3 - 4 Diapers and 3 - 4 Brown HoPand. Which are offered for snh - on reasonable terms, hy HENRY M'YTCKAR k CO. J 13 lw 57 Pine street. "IIDEll bRAMDY htids. Cider Brandyt J landing and for sale by AN: ON O. 1SJ PHELPS, Front street. J 13 EN I'liCKY T OBACCO. - - 21 4 li lids. LV mime Kentucky Tobacco, landiot this day from ship Grand Seigoor, from New Orleans, for . ' 1 1 . a a rt I , 1 - V 1 sale y CHAS. L. OGDEN, and J 13 AHKAHAM UUUfc.t. LEMONS. 10O large size boxes turnout, primn quality, just ree'd and for. rale at Or Washinglou - slreet. J 13 O.G.& S. HOWLAND. DKY GOODS. Black Taffetas, Lambs Wool, and assorted hiif Hose Men's U Women's col'rd ti bile worsted hose Women's while Cotton Hose Wellington Canes, just received per Rockingham from London, and for sale by 11URD k SEWALL, C5 SouUi - street. On hand, of recmt Importation!, 4 - 4 Irish Linens, London and Yorkshire cloths, 6 - 4 cambrirks, fee. He. J 13 1,1 EltINO WOOL 4 tacks of clean Meriuo VI Wool for tale hy J 13 Lt. ROY, BAYARD !i CO. li JVHA CC'O i FLOUR. HhJ. Richmond tobacco, 50 do Ken tucky do. 230 bis. superfine Richmond flour, lauding from schrs. Indian Hunter, Molly and - tally - Aun, from ltichmoud, and ship Grand & ignor, and sloop Go'.d - Huiitre!, from New - Orleans, and for sale by BOOKMAN k JOHNSTON. Alto in Store, CO hhds. prime Richmond Tobacco 530 bis. Richmond superfine Flour 150 do. fine and X .M.JJIinrt do 800 kegs manufactured Tobacco, of various sort. Jy 13 KALEIDKbCOPhr, TOYs, H.c. London made Toys consisting of Cotton k Work Dolus. Uollt, 1 luea l Lues, Brushes, &c. I case Kaleide.sccpes, 1 do Walking Stints, just received per Rockingham from London, and for sale by llVnU fit St. v ALL, Jy 13 65 South street IJUitttuti.. I j casks iSrislol Porter,ur sole X hy LE KOI, BAY ARU Si CO. Jy 13 ces aod CJ barrels, Muscovado Sugar, prime H"'"'J 14 boxes brow) li) do white i Sngir 94 tw; I Mela, Sood qualify 4 do Honey, now landing from lb brig 1 actor, irora niaiaoi, ana lor ie ry . GOODHUE & CO. J IT 44 eoutu - tteret. CCGXAC. ERANDT. ia pipe, from brig Criterion, at pier fte, , fof ,Jg at 17 South - street, by ," . . J IS CAMBKELENO & PEARSON. HUM, fcCGAK ti AtOlvAbeLb. sfl J, . cheons very tine flavoured 6L Vincent ivan 16 barrwls good quality Aiutcevado fcugar 10 punebcob fiae ictaitiaa bt. Viisceat MoIm. ses, v ill be landed this noroing, at Pier No. u irom Uie chr. Franc, frotn St. Vincent, for t 4 VVU.IV S - .A.UtVU - a, ir . - o Aiiui.n - J 11 oouws - street Cv ILLtSl'lEs' pruts list, Koad Lottery, , F Uns uiomioRs drawing. ldlb Drawing. No. 600VT75, 750 1,600 each; 1250,2614. 3108. 4535, 7J72, $100 each. Draws again Uiis alternooa. ' J 13 ULU l uFFER ii HHJtSS. Q fi ( i lbs old copper and brass, In lots t0 AUUU suit purchasers, lor sale by TUCKER k LAUR1ES, , Jy 13 29 8outh - t Sale ot tlreant cnbinet furniture, BY S. PAXION 1 - CO. ON Wednesday, at ten o'clock, at Park Hall No. 253 Broadway, a variety of household furniture. Particulars to morrow. Jj 13 GOLD WATCHES AT AUCTION. 1 OS. C. COOl'Eft will sell on Wednesday, at I 12 o'clock, at KJik & Mvrceiu't long room, 20 Wall street, an elegant assortment of best London made gold and silver Patent Leaver Du - pltx, and Hoiizuntal and Vertical Watches. Also, 1 case best London jewellery, gold chain, seals, keys, Ac. 1 case elegant moiocco work boxes, tiffed up in a superior style. Cut Class, rousistiugol lU'caiiten, tumblers, wine, ate I'Uttd are, Astor Lamps, China Tea bets, in. din Dining eets, i.c. The wititlit - may be examined from Tuesdar 9 o'cim k A. M. to 5 P. M. :' All goods intended lor Uie sale must be tent ia tomoriow. J 13 bTOLEM. STOLEN on Sunday evening last, at thefbit of Courtlandt - strect, a fi ver Watch, maktis name J no. Crossmnn, No. StkHj3. It is supposed it was taken Irom the owner's pocket while bathing, a a pvrson was seeo near his clothes. Whoever will return ih above watch to No. 29 Lumber tret t, shall receive a reward 01 5 dollar and the thanks ofthe owner, hilvt - r Smiths, Pawnbrokers ar.d other, are requested to stop it if oflered for sale. N. 11. Had on a small bair ohain, ilver mounted, with a gold ring at the end. J U jyTAV ALfclORLS. J75 bolt soli Tvupeu. 13 do Roin 4 do Spirit of Turpentine, afloat, and f r sale by It. & C. W. DAVEXPOlt I ts CO. bUPEItluR UUILL&, &c. ' ' JUST received and for salr, 80,000 choice Quills, fine aud common l.eltt - r Paper, Fiob - capdo. and various sues of Wrapping Paper, at uie iowei puces. U UK AUK i" CO. J13 4t tlShroa.lway. LUVf, A NO I E drawn by GEORGE W. NEYEN, dated May 1st, 1818, at 30 days, for CJu 87, in favor of E Sf.COK &. CO. Entlorssed by the in. All persons are forbid receiving the same, as payment of the note by the drawer, will be refused. J 13 2t WANTED, COOK & a nurse A white woman of good character and recouiineudatioosy to cook, 4c. in a imall family. Also, a girl or woman, who understands th care of children, aud is expert at her needle - Apply at this olhce. Jy 13 3t FOR aALK, AWacco.v k Hda.K, of tbe first rate, with doutile Harness, the same can be us'd with either one or two horses, btin well calculated lor family use tbe above establishment is new and will tie sold at a fair price. For further parties Inn. Enquire of John D. Brower, No. 159 Fulton - street. Jy 13 3t BUGS EtT'r.C'l UALLY DESTROYa - tV BY B. TIFKN, from London, Wo. Hut Bowery, whether ia rooms, bwlsteads, er other lurbitMie, without damtrge cr smell, ' B. T. feci conhtlent ro assuring thole Whs may employ him, that he can hare to first rt - oommemhitiou from many ladies and gentlenita 10 New York, proprietor ol boarding houses aod schools, who have experienced the etUcary of ha invention ; and assures those who may favour him with their commands' Uiat they may depend on tbeir bein executed with the greatest atteo - tiou, hating been upward of forty year inconstant practice. Orders left with Mr. WILSON, taylor, 26 John street, will be I'upctu.illy attended to. J I J al" HOtfeES & CAKKIAOL rUKi - ALE PAIR of likely, active black Horsks, 7 XX years o!J. Th.iy match in spirit hi eait, are last Trotters and in cxcvlleat condition lor journey. ALSO, a light C oacbke in perlect order. Lnqmre al this omce. Jy 13 lw BOARI). - A family can be accommodited with biard in a small family, 4 miles f on Brooklyn, or 3 1 - 2 mile from Williamsburgt, where a stage passes daily. Applv to A. A. it this office. J 13 St ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. MISSING from Uie gallery of t'ie Americas Ac idemy ol Hie Fine art, TWO MINI A TCKC PORTRAITS, the ooe a gentleman's, set in gold, ornamented with pearl and richly finished on the back, radiated irom Uie cr nlrejtht other a lady', without letting, bat fixed ia a plain casing.' Tbe above reward will be paid by WILLIAM DUNLAP. Esq. keeper ofthe American Academy of the Fine Arts - 00 delivery of the above miniature to dim, at bis painting rooms, in the New - York Institution, or at bis house, No. 59 Leonard street : or, if the gentleman's picture alone is so delivered, the punting uninjured, tevrnty dollar will be paid to the person who delivers it ; aad in like manner, for lb ladies miniature alone, the painttng vnwjnred, thirty dollars. 'I 'he money will Iij paid on delivery of the pictures, and uo qutstion asKtd. Jewellers, Watchmaker and others tuwhota these pit tu jet, or Uie setting of the gentleman's picture, may be offered for sale, ar iartictil ly solicited to be on their guard, and give aetite as above. ' By order of the board. . ALEX. ROBERTSON, Sec'ry. ' J13 2 - .V UUNU MEDIC A L SCIENCE LOTTtB Y, J GiTb and last class. HIGHEST FRIZES. 1 priie of 100,000 DOLLARS. ' 1 di of 60,000 do 1 do of ao.OOt) do 1 do of 10,000 do 1 do of 5,000 do S do of 2,000 do , 45 do of 1,000 do . ' And a large proportion of smaller Prixes. . Only. 16,000 Ticket, lest than two blanks to a prise. Prize floating and liable to be drawa lit J are . 1 of 20,000 Dollars, 1 of K.OCO Dollars 1 of 5,tXK) Dollars 54 of 1,000 Dollar Si of 100 Dollars Tickets and Share for sale at, am mm trm nrpttn mr - m H 13 Truly Lurky Office. No. 12 Broadway. . All Ticket told at ALLEN'S will bare the'' mime printed on the ck, and lucb a draw prues will he paid at their office, N.t 111 C rn.H... w su.ui Vnrlr. No. 18 Sotirh - Tbird - st Philadelphia, No. 151 .Market it. Baltimore, No. 418 Market - st Albany, Wher every capital prix ia th four ! which hve been drawn were solV Vij 10323, 10,000 j 9506, 30,000 129, ,0i)l I9S45, i5,ffJ ; and where oat) Ttckrt w tjuBMi which drew more tbaa was ttild by asr otoexeffictottiic:tjr. - - J

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