The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 24, 1945 · Page 5
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1945
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, 1945 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE NEED 4 MILLION FARMWORKERS /To Broadcast Appeals 'iforjVolunteers Soon Washington, (If) -- Agriculture will need a minimum of 4,000,000 emergency workers if food needs are to be met, the war food administration said Wednesday. This number is a million more than." volunteered for similar work last-year.- Losses of farm manpower to the armed services, plus farther migration of rural people to war industries, has cut agriculture's manpower supply to the lowest level of the war, the VVFA said. Appeals soon will be broadcasl for volunteers for emergency farm work.' Recruiting will be carried on by 12,000 local farm labor offices. The WFA's appeal will be directed -principally to city residents with a farm background no engaged in essential war activi ties. Reports reaching the \VFA indi cate that thousands of farmers o the 18 through 25 year old grou heretofore deferred as essentia agricultural have been drafted in · recent weeks as a result o£ a white house directive to the-selective service calling for induction of young farm workers. ' The loss of these men was said to be aggravating a food production' job already made serious by a lag in the output of labor-sav- ins farm machinery. Emergency- workers will be needed chiefly in harvesting vegetable and fruit crops, picking cotton, stacking peanuts, harvesting potatoes and in detasseling hybrid Mason City Policeman and 13-Year Old Globe-Gazette News Stories To Figure in Dickinson County Murder Trial Jan. 30 MEET STRONG NAZI DEFENSES Increase Activity as Snow Ceases in Italy Koine, (^--American .fifth arm patrols, increasing their activit as snow ceased falling on the Ita ian front, have bumped up agains strong German defenses, particu larly south of Bologna, alliec headquarters announced Wednes day. The German air force, whic appeared again on the Italia front Tuesday, hit at supply arte ics for the fifth army lines in fro of Bologna. No damage or casua ties were reported. Farther east on the eighth army Relief At Last For Your Cough Creomulstoh relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble' to help loosen and expel germ laden and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed, bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a. bottle of Creomulslon with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or-you are to have your money back. CREOMULSIOH fo i Coughs, Chest Colds, Bro n clii tis sector enemy patrols continued active on the Senio river. One enemy raiding party hit twice at eighth army outposts on the south bank of the Verto canal southeast of Alfonsine, but was beaten back each time. The fifth army patrols thrust to within eight and a half miles of Bologna .on highway 65 at Barchetta, where they met heavy enemy fire.. The Germans were reported carrying out wholesale demolition in the entire area of their stronghold of Alfonsine.. A local policeman and a couple f 13 year old Globe-Gazette news tories may play important'parts n a Dickinson county murder rial on Jan. 30. On that date, Philip Heincy and Villiam H. Heincy, who have en- ered pleas of guilty to charges of the first degree slaying of an elderly farmer, will be sentenced n court at Spirit Lake. The testimony of Officer Ernest Wood ol :he · Mason City police force and photostatic copies of stories from the Aug. 5 and 6. 1931, editions of the Globe-Gazette will be used as state's evidence by Dickinson county officials, who are said to be determined that the Heincy draw severe sentences. Wood's testimony and the news paper photostats both will concern the capture of a pair of gunmen-originally booked as W. H. Bake and P. H. Smith but believed by officials to have been Philip and William Heincy--after a running gun battle and posse hunt a mile north of Mason City. The pair The Pacific northwest is now producing more aluminum than twice the prewar average output of the nation. K. W. NEBERGALL --Chief of Bureau was not held here, but turned over to Iowa Falls authorities to face charges of kidnaping and auto larceny. The Dickinson county officials requested the presence of Wood at the hearing and copies of the news stories as part of their record of the past career of the Heincys, who face possible death sentences in connection with the Spirit Lake killing on Dec. 16. The pair, captured in Quincy, 111., on Jan. 6, by Iowa bureau of criminal invests- ing north on Federal avenue at 25th street. They signalled to the driver to pull over to the curb, but he stepped on the gas. At the Winnebago river bridge the police car overtook the other. Wood, who was driving, turned on the siren and tried to pull alongside. At a dis- JAPS WILL BE FIGHTING IN '46 Airforce Chief Says Jap Forces Strong Pacific Headquarters, U. S A r m y A i r Forces, (U.R) -- The United States still faces the greatest w a r - i n its history in the fa east, and Japan will still be "on her feet and fighting in 1946," ac cording to Lt. Gen. Millard F Harmon, chief of American army air forces in the Pacific. Appealing to the America home front for increased war pre duction, Harmon said in a radi broadcast Tuesday t h a t Japan'! main fighting strength has no yet been engaged and warned tha the war will still be "a long wa from ended" even when the ei emy's home islands are invaded Japan's biggest, best trained and toughest army--the Kwan- tung army--is still in Manchuria, he'said, and there can be no,peace in the Pacific until it has been beaten. "If every ship in the Japanese navy were sunk and the Kwan- tance of 10 or 15 feet, the occupants of the pursued auto opened fire, raking the windshield of the squad car with bullets. Varnum, leaning out the window, fired ave on our hands the biggest war ver fought. It will be bigger than all of Vorld war I. It will be bigger han a combination of all the wars ver fought in history up to 1941. t will take scores of thousands of American lives." Harmon asserted that American successes in the Pacific thus ar have "not seriously unjointed he Japanese war effort." The Japanese, he said, arc producing more than 1,500 planes a month and have been "studying" American Superfortress tactics in preparation for the coming battle of Japan. For the coming 12 months, Harmon had this forecast: We e x p e c t to be closer to Japan, drawing more tightly the noose and hitting the homeland and its fringes, not only with more B 7 29's, but w i t h bombers and , fighters of all types and all services -- both shore and carrier- based. We expect to be the cause of Japan's desperation." lowa oureau 01 cruiuuai iuv«=u- «---·--= ---.. ti . forcing gation officers, were reported by back and hit a rear ire, lorcing Bureau Chief R. W. Nebergall to the coupe into the ditch. The 2 have admitted the slaying of Rob- men m the car ran into a corn ert W. Haebel, 63, and the beating field. CALL YOUR DOCTOR WHEN ILLNESS LINGERS Take his advice, ahd stick to it. Have his prefer iptions filled by a reliable pharmacist. THE PRESCRIPTION SHOP Accurately in a Minimum of Time . A 'hastily-formed posse, led by ,li said William Heincy Sheriff G E Cress, Deputy Wai- tung army in Manchuria still was in being, we'd have to fight that army and lick it," Harmon said. "Even after the European war is over, and today no man can say when that will be, we are going to Ask Russia to Watch MISSING IN ACTION--S/Sgt Everett E. Hanson has been missing in action in Luxembourg since Dec. 18, according to a telegram received' by his wife, who lives at 220M; 3rd N. E. S/Sgt. Hanson was a squad leader In the armored infantry and had been overseas since the first part of August. He entered the service in March, A brother, Leonard L. Hanson, stationed with the army air force at Marana field, Ariz., is home on furlough at this time. They arc (he sons of Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Hanson, 1019 West State. I many camps have been moved, the Germans did not have time to for Allied Prisoners , transfer them all before the areas Moscow, (IP)--U. S. and British | were overrun by the, military missions in Moscow have asked .the Russians to be on special lookout for hundreds o f | MEATLESS MEALS PLANNING DAIRY COURSE, AMES Supervisors School to Open on Feb. 5 Applications will be accepted at Iowa State college until Feb. 1 for enrollment in a special 2-week training course for the Iowa Dairy Herd-Improvement association supervisors. V a c a n c i e s in associations throughout the'state will be filled Irom the group that attends this training course, which opens Feb. 5. Persons enrolling need have no expenses other than lor board and room during the training period. Hilton Boynton, assistant extension dairyman at Iowa State college, says that positions now open pay from $100 to $125 a month plus board and room. The supervisors are required to provide their own transportation from farm to farm. Trainees must be high school graduates, be sincerely interested in dairying and preferably have had some dairy experience. , An associate supervisor visits each herd in the association once a month. His duties include weighing the milk from each cow for two consecutive milkings, determining butterfat content,, recording feed consumption and keeping the necessary records of the individual cows and the herd. The average number of cows per member's herd is about 24. American and British war pris- St. Paul, Minn., (/P) -- Hotels oners who had been in German I have instituted meatless menus on prison camps in western Poland Tuesdays and Fridays, managers and in Silesia. I announced Wednesday, because It was believed here that, while I of the difficult meat'situation. HEPHERD'S OBRIEI WALLPAPER W. B. Casey Prop. W. B. McGran Mjr. 9 EAST STATE STREET £ his wife. Neberga: ad admitted firing a .22 caliber ullet into 'the base of Raebel's lead as he emerged from his cel- ter D. Conn, Bill Hartman and orge Farrer, assisted by a group Rock Falls citizens tipped off Gorkowski after the WHEEL BALANCING IT PQSE nmnlefp stock of Seat Covers iusr arrived. Station A ^» ^»^^ ^^ M*^f omplere stock of Seat Covers just located block south of Mercy hospital. perated a group of. cottages at anawa«x ^hicTthe f ugilives Spirit Lake for 25 years and had »TMBer g £»° fc and Jinall mployed the young Hemcy as a ^ h ^ enthsem oul o£ a nearby arm hand for several months last » u s n ^ l n e m year. The father also had worked c °TM^ia ^ ^ for the Raebels for a short time. I * enatas fav as Mason city was According to Nebergall, robbery c - onc ' erne a. The 2 men were turnet was the motive · for the slaying, over to j owa Falls police and tried although only $200 was obtained 1 at Eldora for ra t,bery with aggra from the elderly couple. He told va tj on . They were sentenced to 2 how Kaebel, shot, staggered into I vears eacn j n the Iowa state peni the living room of his home where t en tj aryi under the names o he collapsed, and how Mrs. Kaebel I Sm jth an( j Baker, Hardin count gave the contents of her Pocket- , reco i. ds show. book and her husband's billfold to the 2 men. Mrs. Raebel. Nebergall said, was struck with a blackjack as she knelt at her.husband's , side, and Kaebel, who probably fliipchon Ol S was dead at the time, also was | V^UCbUUII Ul U struck. (The younger Heincy admitted using the blackjack as well Nebergall 321 BEAUMONT DRIVE as doing the shooting, said.) The 1931 crime which H. E. Narey, Dickinson county attorney, also attributes! to the Heincy's involved shooting, kidnaping and the theft of a car, Iowa Falls officials had reported the car theft and kidnaping to neighboring police. At 6:30 on the evening of Aug. 4, 2 weeks later, Police Officers Ernest - Wood and Frank Varnum, driving a squad car, spotted a coupe answering the Iowa Falls police description driv- TROUBLE HITS OLDER CARS 4 T -£ WAR-WINTER! Women London, (fP)--A "battle of the sexes" developed in the house of commons Wednesday over the question of sending ATS--British equivalent of the WACs--over- seas with the men mostly in favor of keeping the girls at home and the women for sending them abroad. The main issue hinged on the temptations the girls would face. American-born Lady Astor, who led the women in the fight, asserted she had been informed "many of the girls at home would .be safer in a uniform abroad than in ordinary clothes at home." A member suggested that girls under 21, those married and those engaged be kept at home. In reply to this Lady Astor ! snapped "They would get engaged so quickly that it would be a danger." After 3 hours of debate Sir James Grigg, secretary for war, suggested some of the men were being "unnecessarily fearful as to th'e moral dangers." "These girls have got their heads screwed on all right," he declared. Mom and Pop and the Car..., '.'Jim and I found just the ho'me we've been looking for, but I'm afraid by the time we. can afford it someone will snatch it up." '· cj'-'But Jean, why wait and take a chance on losing it? An.FHA-insured loan will finance it for you. Home purchasing is easy and economical with FHA heip." ."But taking out a loan so large is so much trouble, extra payments for insurance, interest, tax figuring to be done ..." ."NOT-with FHA, a single monthly payment which includes taxes, insurance, interest and payment on principal takes care of everything." Consult Us For Complete F. H. A. Information UNITED HOME BANK 'xpect Paris'Food Shortage to Continue Through Winter Months Paris, U.R)--The food ' shortage, which has hit Paris smack on the leels of a cold spell and coal and electricity clampdown, will last all winter, government officials said Wednesday. The shortage has been brought on by a sudden drop in essentia! meat, flour, milk and potato dc- liverios. Added to other hardships it has brought unprecedented suffering to millions of sorely tried French civilians and loaded understaffed Paris hospitals with GOO more patients than they are equipped to treat. "There can be no more hope for improvement in this truly alarming situation before spring." Louis Reidingcr. chief of the food ministry, said. "If you'd just have the Standard Oil Man ckeck the car regularly, Georrfe, you'd avoid the pitfalls of car trouble!" Enjoy smoother operation... get longer car life. Your Standard Oil Dealer has a special better car care program to help you. TRAINER CRASHES OUnmwa, W) -- A navy flight Instructor was killed and a student officer seriously injured Tuesday when their plane from the OHumwa naval air station crashed 15 miles northeast of here. Member Federal RescrTe TRUST CO. 31 ember Federal Deposit Insurance CorporiUon OWNED AND OPERATED BY YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS MASON CITY'S ONLY HOME OWNED BANK RELIEF SHIP ARR'VES The Japanese Domei n e w s agency announced Wednesday that the vessel Hoshi-Maru which left Moji, Japan, Jan. 8. with a I cargo of relief supplies for U. S. ' prisoners of war in occupied China, has "completed its mission." The broadcast was intercepted by the federal communications commission. SEE YOUR STANDARD OIL DEALER for Better Car Core Fight Infantile Paralysis January 14-31 Is your car one of the thousands that are "acting up" this winter? Then it's giving you warning. Winter is a car punisher. Wintertime is sludge time... it's weak-battery time. It's time for better car care. Your Standard Oil Dealer has had special training in keeping today's older cars running right, running longer, yes, running farther on.every gallon of gasoline. Drop in on him frequently and have him give your car these life-giving services as.required: Standard Oil Dealers'4tfi War-Winter BETTER CAR CARE PROGRAM · Crankcasc drained and refilled with fresh Iso-Vis 10 W--the Midwest's easiest-on-the-battery 10 W motor oil · Transmission and differential lubricant inspected and refilled, if necessary · Car completely lubricated · Air cleaner cleaned , · Oil filter changed · Battery and cables inspected · Spark plugs serviced · Tires inspected · Cooling system cleaned and checked for leaks · Anti-freeze tested for strength · Rust preventive added Make an early appointment with your Standard Oil Dealer . .. weekdays, if y6u can, plcaM. Buy more War Bonds Harvard college was expanded into Harvard university under the charter of 1650. LOU 1204 NORTH FEDERAL WE HAVE GRADE 1 TIRES STANDARD SERVICE Good Come In For A

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