The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 2, 1931 · Page 8
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1931
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

a^^^^,^.^..^.^ a: ;^ a .»..^ . . . -- ^ - . , , ,. .... . . .,· ,,· . I r, Music "Membership ; Is Now 250 ·Canvass for Musical Group [ Continues; Ensemble ! Considered. "Bigger Membership--Better Con certs" is the slogan of the.carhpaign now being put on by the Mason City .Civic Music association this-week This is the fourth series of concerts to be presented next winter. _ If the citizens earnestly desire good music, then they will give un qualified support to this plan, which has been so successful in many oth er cities, it was announced by H , W Cost, Chicago representative. » "While membership in the asso ciation is by invitation, it is not pos sible for the workers to reach every pno and it is urged that those who are interested call at headquarters in the Hanford Hotel or call by phone 3797 or 3798,"-said Mr. Cost IThe junior membership has this year been reduced ~* to ' $2.50 and .much stress Is being put on this section of the audience, for it is an unusual opportunity for the younsj people to have presented to them the highest form of musical entertainment. Officers of the Mason City ·association are of the opinion thai if the membership is increased as planned, that it will be possible to ^present at least one. ensemble at- tiractiou." » _ A total of 230 members ; have signed up for next seaspu and each hour is bringing new reports to headquarters. A partial list of those already enrolled includes: * A. N, Anderson, Mary Ashland ,'JNeolene Barrett, Mildred Bente Edith Blissett, Ellis Bracken, Miss 'MaryjBullock, Mrs. H. L. Campbell . ..LueldmF, Carlton, Pauline J.'Cress ·Mrs. Irving. Curtis, Louise D aniel- ·Son, Miss Alma Davis, Gertrude .Decker, E. R. Dtmlop, Nellie Fahne- .stock,'Miss Alice Fennema C K -Geist, Mrs. W. E. Gildner, Mrs. R. "B. Girton, Sam Grow, Elizabeth Haal, W. Earl Hall, Mrs. Stanley Haynes, Mrs. Clyde Holbrook, Mrs. R. L. Jackson, Mrs. Charles Kaufman, -Marie Kober, Dr. R. F. KUDZ Thelma Larson, Miss Billie Lewis, Mrs. A. L,. Long, William McArthur, Mrs. M. D. McMichael, Gcr- aldine McNaughton, Jean Marsh Tina Martin, Lydia Barrette, Mrs Jay Beck, Miss Celma Beed R w Birdsall, Charlotte Blumensteili Mrs. Alice Brown, Mrs. William P. .Butler, Jennie Deyoc Campbell Mrs George M. Crabb, Doris Crabb Catherine Curtiss, Dr.'T\ E. Davidson, Earl Dean, Mrs.'Jacob Decker, Ethel M. Ehlers, Mrs.-G.'H Feldman, Don FItzGerald, O. A. George Mrs W. A. Gilmore, Dr. Helene Groff, Lenol-e Gulbransen, Mrs A ;:P-;, Hagierman, Mr. Hathorn, Mrs". -H C. Hines, Helen Holbrook. MASON CITY GLOBErGAZETTE APRIL 2 1931 CIVIC MUSIC AT TOLEDO T n l i n Ph°to·shows 2,500 persons making up an audience for the Civic Music* association concert at Toledo, Ohio. The ^campaign for memberships in the Mason City association is no»v on. H. C. Johnson, . Mrs. Roger Kirk Mrs A, H. Kohl, Don Kunz, Mrs. J H. Lepper, Kittle Lohr, Lee Lopmis Henrietta. McDermott, Mrs. H'arln MadMillan, Mrs. C. H. McNider, Ar cley,Marshall, C. G. Maudsley. May Miller, Nelle Moody, Mar garet Moody, L. A. Moore, Bes Mudgett, H. W. Odle, Judith Over by, Mrs. Corris Peake, Mary Hele Prehn, Kathryn Ramsey, Ethe Roberts, Mrs. A. M. Saug, Mrs. E S. Selby, Mrs. J. F, Shaible, 'Ea Smith, Ellen M. Smith, Merrill G Smith, Mrs. Scott S. Smith, Marj B. Spahr, Charles Starr, Rut Stevens, Marvel Stockburger, Mis Cora Sundell, Eleanor Taylor, C. B Tice, Cecelia Volkman, Mrs. Iron Webster, Dr. B. Raymond Weston W. S. Wilcox, Ruth G. Wilson Mary Woodworth, Miss Carol Starr Clara K. Fischer, Yvonne Stoddarc Mrs. O. A. Satter, B. J. Drummonc Mrs. W. H. Hoffman, Lester Milli gan, MY M. Mden, Mrs. Earl C Moore, Shad Morgan, Dede E. Mud gett, Mrs. O. C. Olin, F. W. Osmund Bon, Lulu F. Pearse, R". E. Prusia F. E. Reishus, S. L. Rugland, Ev. B. Scott, Vera Scney, Mrs. M. H Sims, Edna H. Smith, Marjorie B Smith, Mrs. N. J. Smith, Virginia Soukup, Mrs. C. K. Starr, Mrs. Ella Stevens, Agnes C. Stevenson, Erna Stoltcnberg, H. E. Swarner, Mrs Roe Thompson- Mrs. J. A. Van Mess, Mrs. F. J. Wagner, Mrs. Don Wells, Ray W. Whorley, Louise Williams, Chloea Wood, S. B Yelland, Vance Music company tfrs. J. C. Stoddard, Dr. B. F. Weson, Ray Johnson, G. M. Woodruff, Miss Elizabeth Stevens. L. S. Thompson, Mildred Jackson, tfrs. Elmer Nangle, Erdix Swift, ·IHdred Major Goerner, B. I. Bright', rtrs. Howard O'Leary, Mrs.'S. W. Vail, Doris Barbour, Dr. Fran- cbere Peggy Thompson, Mrs. E. G. Easter Fashions were never so exciting LAIRDS are ready now as never before to serve you With FOOTWEAR that best complements tne_ New Frock of Spring and Summer at inviting prices. Laird Shoe Co. Where Shoes Are Really Fitted Dunn, A. J. Marshall, Mr. Klem- pnaur, the Rev. Robert Redenbaugh, Orra Hanson, Katharine Burke, H, W. Barbour and Dr. H. K. Jones. Parents Who Would Like to Play With Child Has to Play on Child's Level By ALICE JUDSON PEIJE One young father confided to me his worries about bis two year old son. ' ' "He treats his woolly dog and his boat .and his blocks all as if they were exactly -alike,"- he said. '."He never makes up any games about them, arid he doesn't have the remotest idea what the boat represents. He just carries them around and piles them up in corners or dumps them in and out of his wagon.' . "I've tried to show him how to build with his blocks but all he NEW SPRING IDEAS IN JEWELRY Ladies'of fashion will be sure to want costume jewelry for their Easter ensembles. And they "will be equally certain to find just the proper jewels in the lovely and diversified selection we are show-, ing. W.H: POTTS, Jeweler Sonin lirje ihem long. Some like them short. Both Styles are Ultra-Fashionable in JACQUETTJES · THEY'RE SMART · THEY'RE FASHIONABLE · THEY'RE LOW PRICED There's a little "bite" to every Spring breeze and these trim, little fitted Jacquettes are the very things to make one'forget this chill. The Jacquette is a sort of "in-between-season" fur wrap--smart as a new sport roadster! To be "right" in fashion you MUST own a Fur Jacquette . . . yes indeed! IN GALAPIN . . . LAPIN $30 and up Two Skin Fox Scarfs All Important 1931 Fashions and up $30 Phone 641 for fur storage. We charge 3% of your fur's valuation. EXPERIENCED IN FURS 24 YEARS H. Hirsch FURRIERS S. S. Yelland wants to do 13' to knock them down. 1 really don't think he is quite bright.". . . , ,j . c Unless one knows what to expect of a two year old, one "is very likely to come to some such conclusion after watching him at his play.. The;fact is.the two year old is so engrossed with the mere ekcltement of -walking, and handling And discovering that he does very little else. - ;; . ,, . Merely emptying objects ' f r o m one container into another, dragging blocks about' the nursery in his little wagon, making.his-pull' toys go, lifting, climbing and endlessly trotting ba"ck and forth and round and about within the confines of his small world, are all absorbing, new and highly satisfying occupations. - · Such activity should assure the parent that his child is developing in an entirely normal and desirable way- ' The background of experience and the imagination to use such experience in games of make-believe will not be his normally even in its crudest' form for about another year. It is a mistake, therefore, to urge :him · to a kind of play for which-he is not yet ready. A parent who would play with his two year old must do so on the child's own Find Wonderful New Face Powder Poor complexions arid old looking- skins : lack protection. Preserve your skin with the new wonderful Pace Powder: MELLO-GLO used by SQ many beautiful women. .Its special tint and finish are so youthful. MELLO-GLO stays on longer, yre- vents large pores, and spreads so smoothly. Purest powder made and does not irritate your skin headach .Rub your throbbing forehead will. refreshing BAUME BENGUE (pro- nouncedBen-Gay). It removes congestion and brings soothing relief at once. *"! Ask for /* n B e n - G a y Accept No Substitute* Man Wanted on Three Charges Is Arrested Lawrence Rlsh, wanted by local authorities on three charges, has been arrested by the sheriff at Jamestown, N. Dak., and is being held there. He has waived extradition. He is wanted here for obtaining money under false pretenses, larceny by embezzlement and embez- zlement of mortgaged property. He purchased a car from the Hatnorn Auto, company here and traded it in to the Thompson garage at Ventura after declaring all payments were made, it is alleged. Later he left town. ' VEG-ALL HAS WONDERFUL PROPERTIES FOR BUILDING UP MEN!" SAYS DR. NEUMANN Dr. r.'Ncumim (M. D.) Captain-Surgeon with the Austrian Army, and Former Olympic Swimming Champion. Dr. Genia Erdei (M. D.) of Gonqva,' Switzerland, formerly associated with the Leading Hospitals · of Austria and Switzerland. "DELICATE WIVES AND MOTHERS WILL FIND VEG-ALL A BLESSING," SAYS DR. ERDEI! It will be the best thing you ever did' for. yourself! Your appetite will surprise you, and your digestion will be better. New color.will, come to your cheeks, a new light will.shine in your eyes, and perhaps before you realize it you'll be the picture of health and strength! $5,000 has been posted as a guarantee that you will enjoy greater strength and energy through the use of Veg-All--or you may have the purchase price of your trial bottle promptly refunded. Michael Drug Co. i'lione 89 Vcg-All, the new ALL-VEGETABLE health discovery, jnay be exactly what you need. Two leading doctors--one a man and one a woman--were retained to examine Veg-All, check its contents scientifically,- observe its effect upon weakened men and women, and then write their 1 frank opinions. Here are the .statements--the first by Dr. P. Neumann. "Veg-AH is a powerful medicine, containing wonderful properties for building real, rugped .men! I find in Veg-All powerful ' natural vegetable extracts. It works positively, and I recommend it without reservation to men who need extra strength and energy. The first bottle should show a gratifying bracing effect, and its continued use can hardly fail to.replenish depleted vigor." The next statement is by Dr. Gcnia Erdei, a. specialist in the treatment of women. Dr. Erdei writes: "Delicate wives and mothers mill find Veg-All a blessing. Few :an ever appreciate the tortures that weakened women suffer, dragging themselves through weary day after weary day-fagged out, sick and weary! For these women, Veg-All holds out a real promise of new strength, new energy and new happiness." Start taking Veg-All at once. 5 S, Federal Arc.- . i E A S T E R THE DAY OF FLOWERS Pale, pure lilies on the altar . . . here and there a dainty corsage . . . a patch of color in the window . . . and the dinner table glorified by blossoms in a crystal bowl. Such is Easter! fHIT FLOWERS Roses, per dozen $2, $s, 54, $5 and $6.00 Carnations, per dozen $1.50 and $2.00 Narcissus, per dozen S1.50 und §2.00 Daffodils, per dozen $2.00 and §2.50 Easter UHes, per dozen ... SI, $5 and $6.00 Hyacinths, per dozen SS, S4.00 and $3.00 Tulips, per dozen $1.50, $2.00 and S2.50 Sweet Pens SI.00 Calendulas, per dozen $1.50 Snapdragons, per d o z e n . . . . . .?3.00'and S4.00 CorsaRes, each ';.... $1.50 to $5.00 BLOOMING PLANTS Easter Lilies, each .$1.50 Hyacinths, each ; . . . $ .50 Tulips, each $1.00 Cinerarias, each ....$ .75 Cyclamen, each . , . . . $ .75 Roso plants, each.. ..$2.00 Hydrangeas, each...$2.00 Primrose, each ....'$ .50 Bejron'ius, each ... .$ .50 Ferns, each .$ .50 Baskets, each $2.00 KEMBLES GREENHOUSE Phones 55 or 56 1205 S. Federal Avc. Please Order Early GREENHOUSE OPEN EVENINGS to So.OO to $3.00 to $3.00 to $3.flO to $3.00 to $4.00 to $4.00 to $3.00 to $3.00 to $3.00 to $10.00

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