The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 9, 1944 · Page 19
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 19

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 9, 1944
Page 19
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Page 19 article text (OCR)

HIGHEST PRE-WAR QUALITY Salter, Widely Known Organist, Dies in N. Y. New York, (A?)--Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon in the chajinl oi' Collegiate church of St. Nicholas lor Sunnier Salter, 87, widely known organist. Salter, SSriwi SPEEDWAY AN IDEAL LENTEN FOOD a native of Burlington, Iowa, died Sunday in a hospital after a long illness. He was one of the founders of the American Guild of Organists and its warden in 18991000. He had served as organist in churches in Cleveland, Atlanta, Boston, New York and other cities. Stumps Driver Lawrence, Kins.. (U.R) -- Belt} Schieber. ;i student at the University of Kansas here, p u t , a Lawrence t a x i driver in a slate of confusion when she called at 6 o'clock one Saturday morning recently with the request, "Will you please send a train to 1144 Louisiana, . have to catch a 6:30 cab." Deckers SNOW LARD is now POINT FREE Decker's SNOW LARD is Open Kettle Rendered 10 GOOD REASONS for Using SNOW LARD: 1. SNOW LARD is an economical shortening. 2. SNOW LARD is high in nutritive value. 3. SNOW LARD is 97% digestible. 4. SNOW LARD is rich in energy. 5. SNOW LARD makes more tender, flaky pie crust. B. SNOW LARD makes excellent cakes. 7. SNOW LARD makes fine, tempting light bread. 8. SNOW LARD is good for. deep frying. 9. SNOW LARD imparts a flavor lo other foods. 10. SNOW LARD is-an all-around cooking fat. ARMY-NAVY TEST MARCH 15--A civilian instructor is shown in the picture teaching soldier students in the army specialized training program at the University of Chicago some of the line points of. physics.** -- ·-- Such trainees and prospective s t u d e n t s for the navy college pru- yrani will take a q u a l i f y i n g lost at the Mason City hi^li .school next Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock. Male civilians who have graduated from high school or are in their final term are eligible to take the army-navy college qualifying test. Army candidates must be between 17 and 21 years of age inclusive on J u l y 1, 1944. Navy canctiduts must be between 17 and 19 years inclusive on that dale. Navy includes marine corps and coast guard. Students who lake the lest arc not thereby e n l i s t i n g in any branch of the armed force?. An unsatisfactory test score docs not preclude selection for cither program. Another qualifying lest is planned for the fall. Should a student be inducted into the armed forces by that time he may be assigned to the army specialized training program or to the navy college program from the ranks. Successful candidates on the March 1:5 test. however, will have the best chance of assignment to the army or navy program in classes beginning J u l y 1. Candidates must express a pref- TOO ORNERY FOR WORDS 1 but it is believed that the amount Someone took the containers in I was approximately $18. '2 Tama county business concerns that had been put out to receive \ donations for a needy family. The money was to have been given to the W i l l i a m Yanda family \vlu lost their trailer house and 3 young children in a fire in Marion recently. It is not known exactly how much was in the 2 containers Thursday. .March 9. 19« |J) MASON' CITY «MBE-;AZETTK EVERYBODY GOES FOR M?^ Clark's SALAD DRESSING SAVE at RAIZES! WE CLOTHE AND FEED THE ENTIRE FAMILY FOR LESS FRESH MEATS Wise. Colby CHEESE Ib. 35c BUTTER ^ToSr . . Ib. 45c Best Center PORK CHOPS Ib. 31 c Tender SIRLOIN STEAK Ib. 29c Pickled HERRING Qt. Jar 35c FRESH OYSTERS .... ; p r 59 C OCCIDENT Enriched so ib B , 9 F A M I L Y F L O U R B A K E S B E T T E R BREAD Luscious Cake QUICK AND EASY u-ith Betty Crocker Recipe in Sacks GOLD MEDAL so,.,. "Kitchen-tested" ^ ENRICHED FLOUR $2.49 FRUITS $ VEC. ^ ORANGES . Do*. 19c 'a?.' Dox. 49c Calif. CARROTS ..... , . . 2 Bunches 17c l 'SXf LETTUCE, Large 48 Size Head lie RUTABAGAS, Northern Waxed Ib. 6c Cobbler POTATOES . . ....... Peck 45c APPLES -- Winesaps and Delicious Libby's FRUIT COCKTAIL ......... 2'/ 2 Glass 37c SWEET PEAS .................... . No. 2 Cans 9c Kosher Style DILL PICKLES ....... Qt Jar 25e Bohemian Style DILL PICKLES .......... Qt Jor 23e Extra Large RIPE OLIVES ........... . Pint Can 29c SWEET PICKLES .................. Qt. Jar 33c Silrer Tip Brand STRAWBERRY JELLY ..... Qf. Jar 25c * * * Buy Good So That S a v e s Clothe* QXYDOL Large Box. 22c WHITE I LAUNDRY SOAP Giant i Q Bars. . . . IjFl. G U H R a N T E f D B 3 X I K G Best 50-lb. Bag . . $«.45 Sno-Shccn CAKE FLOUR, box Omar Wonder 1 FLOUR. 5 Ib. box 29c Sxvans Down FAMILY FLOUR, 49 Ibs. 5 - 3 5 Mother PANCAKE FLOUR 5-lb. Box 29c POST-TENS or **P- KELLOGG'S VARIETIES Carton Z)C OATMEAL 3 - lb . 19c 5lb Jor P/2-lb. Jar 33c 12c SALAD DRESSING or A SANDWICH SPREAD (( Lunch-On PEANUT BUTTER, 2-lb. Jar 39e Citrus MARMALADE ,%.. Qt. Jar 33e Large IVORY Snow 2* Medium MOTOR OIL Blue Club Sealed Can Weights 10-20-30 2 Gals . $1.01 COFFEE crcnce. army or navy, at the lime they lake the tcsl and no candidate who expresses a preference 'or the army w i l l be considered by Iliu navy and vice versa. The test general in nature but emphasizes mathematics. It takes about 2 hours, requires no preparation and is designed lo measure general aptitude and background. General physical requirements for Ihe army specialized training program are as follows: Minimum S'.i inches and a maximum of G feet, 6 inches; weight proportional to height; m i n i m u m visual acuity of 20/2(10 corrcctible with glasses to 20/40 in each eye; normal hearing ( I S / 1 5 ) in each ear for whispered voice. Principal physical requirements for the navy college prog rum arc as follows: M i n i m u m height 5 feel, !'!· ichcs and a m a x i m u m of (i feet. 4 inches: weight proportional lo height: m i n i m u m visual acuity of 10/20 in each eye. con-edible to 20/211; normal color perception; twenty vital serviceable teeth, including 4 opposed molars 2 of which are directly opposed on each side of the clentnl arch, and ·4 directly opposed incisors. The war and navy departments and the U. S. office of education have provided all high school officials w i t h detailed i n f o r m a t i o n on the prospective lest. The leaflet, "Army-Navy College Qualify- ng Test," contains sample questions and an application blank and available through the high school. Principal Jallies Hue emphasi/ed t h a t anyone not now enrolled in the local high school who wishes to take the test should see him and gel an application blank by Saturday in order to have time to fill it out and have it executed by their own high school principal. Anyone meeting the requirements may take the lest here regardless of the high school from which he graduated, Mr. Rae said. FOLGER'S DEL MONTE. b 29c , b 29c BUTTER-NUT. MORTON'S SUGAR CURE HARDY'S SUGAR CURE 5A1*T 10-lb. Can SALT 10-lb. Con 79 SALT, Ploin or Iodized, 2--lOc Boxes 15c AERO-WAX Pint 23c Quorr 39e SALTINE CRACKERS 2 Ib. Box 25c GRAHAM CRACKERS 2-lb. Box 29e FLUF-TEX Pudding Mix, 3--13c Boxes 25c GRAPEFRUIT JUICE, Gionr No. 5 Con 29c TOBACCO 67 PRINCE ALBERT VELVET FRIENDS RALEI6HS HART APPLE SAUCE No. 2 Con Ib. RAISINS. 2 Ibs. for. . 27e DRIED PRUNES, 2 Ibi. 29c DRY BEANS Nary, Northern Pinto, Red, 3 Ibs.. . ·--^^----^----· 18c I Jaek Sprar GINGERBREAD MIX, Ib 19c NORTHERN TISSUE ROLL made of f - GARDEN-FRESH FLAVOR! Retry Crocker Vegetable Naodle SOUP INGREDIENTS 9 BOYSENIERftlES, No. 2 Can. . 37c| Crescent EGG NOODLES, 23c Pkg.. BUY MORE WAR BONDS SAM RAIZES DEPT. STORE Phone 434 W« RtMtrt Right to Limit FARMERS! WE PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR South Federal EGGS LUCAS ASSAILS DEWEY STAND Senate Delays Action on War Ballot Bill W a s h i n g t o n , (,Vi -- Son. Lucas (D., 111.) asserted in the senate Thursday t h a t Gov. Thomas E Dewey of New York had used Ihe controversy over armed service voting legislation -as » springboard to a n n o u n c e his candidac for the presidency." Lucas attributed congress' failure to enact an unrestricted federal ballot for the lighting force to "plain, pure, partisan, republican politics and nothing else,' 1 am added: "If this statement needs: :tj further proof, I respectfully refer my colleagues to the unstatcsman like, unworthy and unjustifiabl assault made this week on the fed oral ballot by Republican Govcr ifor Dcwcy of New York, wh uses the controversy over this \fii ishiUuii as a springboard to an uounce his runUidacy for the pros ideney." Speaking after the s e n a I agreed to delay action u n t i l Mon day on a compromise service vot measure providing a l i m i t e d us of a federal ballot for oversea voting where its use is nulhorizc by Hie stales, Lucas asserted tha Rep. Rimkin (D.. Miss.) dom inated the senate-house confer ence of the legislation. "It does seem strange, indeed, ho declared, "that one member o the house conference committee a congressman from Mississipp who is still f i g h t i n g the Civil \va could p r a c t i c a l l y dominate th conference from Ihe beginning I the end. "The slranzc thine to me is that the republicans of the north in (he house of representatives acknowledged the conRrcssman from Mississippi as their Rrcat leader in this fiKht." Meanwhile. Speaker liayburn (D.. Texas) announced his support for ihe bill. Said Fiiiyburn. who as presiding officer did not take an active part when the house passed a "slates' rights" voting plan: "From the beginning it was my position that I would stand by Chairman Worley of. the house elections committee and Representative Bonner in this matter, and I understand Ihc-y will support Ihc compromise bill. As you know Ihe bill that passed the house did hardly anything." Worley (D., Texas) and Bonncv (D., N. Car.), who favored use of a uniform federal ballot where service men and women were unable to get state ballots in Ihe November elections, were among the house's representatives on Ihe conference committee. DIAMOND BROS. 30 EAST STATE STREET -- ACROSS FROM SEARS, ROEBUCK TWO-POUND JAR Lady Corinne ^%/\ CITRUS in Marmalade fcdt/ NO POINTS NEEDED 3 LB. JAH Crisco . . 15 POINTS 1 LB. P R I N C E ALBERT TOBACCO 75e L A R G E BOX D. B. OATMEAL .................. We 49-Lb. Bag Reputation V i t a m i n Enriched Flour. $1.65 FANCY SMALL SWEET P. M. BRAND PEAS or 2 Cans £«' c 2 POINTS PER CAN FANCY MIXED NUTS, lh. . 35c MORTON'S Table Salt, 10-lb. hag 19c Fancy Golden Bantam Cream Style-Sondra Brand CORN 2 Cans 17. 6 POINTS PKR CAN 1 LB. JAH AT WOOD Coffee . . Jlc C P O U N D BOX CRACKERS ............... 3fic STALEY'S GOLDEN TABLE 5 Lb. Jar Syrup . . . 33c DURKEE'S BEST Oleomargarine, 11). . 27c ii POINTS LARGE JAR PLAIN OVALTINE «3c FANCY SWEET TOMATO PICALILLI, qt ....... 2»c COFFEE AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES Diamond's Best ... 30c Moca Bean 21c Brilliant 21c J U M B O R I P K P I N T CAN Olives . . 29c 2 BOXES M I N U T E GELATINE 22c 1: -LB. PKG. FANCY BLACK TEA 3k 2 LARGE BOXES PO.ST BRAN FLAKES . . 27c AMBROSIA SWEET BAR Chocolate 25c SUGAR Pound Pkg. OO, Granulated |J^_I Beef Steak Sauce, Barbecue Sauce, Hot Sauce, Pickled Peppers, (|f. Bottle JlUV .1 LB. PKG. SPAGHETTI Oil Macaroni 35c (i ROLLS HY-G1CNK TISSUE 25c 50-Lb. Bag Gold Medal V i t a m i n Enriched Flour. $239 OILMAN'S (NO. 2 CANS) 3 CANS Carrots.. 25c 5 POINTS PKR CAN W H I T E MEAT C-\N Tuna . . . 29c 5 POINTS 2 No. 2'.i Cans Choice Tomatoes 33c 7 POINTS PER CAN 2 BOXES GRAPENUTS Z'/c 2 Large Boxes Grapcnuls FLAKES .., 27c Quart Jar SAUERKRAUT 1 Lb. Jar B a k i n g Pmvder CALUMET He- ·? CANS Kitchen Klcnzcr 2:)c TAFFY SHOBTIKS LB. Cookies.. 19c 3\~ Lb. Bag Reputation Pancake Flour li)c GREEN OR WAX NO. 2 CANS Beans 2, 25c KAY DKK Mineral Blocks -SI.75 A Complete Mineral M i x t u r e Compressed into One Block PAL SALAD DRESSING, Quart. . MIRACLE WHIP, Pint. GOLDF.N VAI.LKY 32c 27c I '-'V^IJI^'L.,* v .-\i,ijr. i Catsup.. ISc HF.HSIIFVi; Large Box Cake Flour SWANS- DOWN C O N C E N T R A T E D C L K A N K I i PEIiFEX ..... 28c 2-OZ. BOTTLI-: I ' U R K Olive Oil. 17c ·1 LB. BAG ARCADY DOG FOOD 19c FANCY C A L I F O R N I A FRESH DATES, lh. 49c L;H-J;U Box Dininoncl's Best CAKE Flour . . . 19c Corn Country BUTTER Ib. 46c lly-Power Brand All-Mtul Chili Con Came 25c No. ~[ Ciin -1 Points 3 LB. PKG. N A V Y Beans . . . 25c 2 POINTS PER LB. Smiswrel Srmill 3 LBS. Prunes . . 33c 12-Oz. A'O POINTS Luncheon JUe;i! Snacks.. 39c f POINTS ·J Tall Cans Extra Fancy Pork and Beans 23c fi POINTS EATMOR DILLS, quart ... 21c FARINA, 4 Ibs. . . 25c MODESS, 12's . 22c MODESS, 56's 89c GHANDiMA'S OLD-FASHIONED QT. Molasses. 39c 21c 52c :! BARS TOILET SOAP CAMAY 2lc Quart Bollle Floor Wax AEKOWAX 3!t WYLER'S K I C K PK.C-. Dinner.. lOc Yellow CORN MEAL, 5-lb. Bog. . RAISINS, 4 Ibs California Extra Fancy Asparagus No. 2 C a n . . 10 POINTS CARTON Matches . 21c No. 4 Crushed Dock I (10 Ibs. Cocoa . . lOc Salt.... 79c 15c TOILKT G BARS Soap . .. 2$c Van Camp's Baked BEANS, Jar MULBERRY SLICED LH. Bacon . . 15c FANCY DRY LH. Salami.. 39c 'I LB. PACKAGE PURE LARD :Wc IVORY FLAKES IVORY SNOW DUZ or OXYDOL Large Box APPLES 23c 8c i The firsl Inrgc Anicricnti dictionary contained 70,000 words, i only ;i fraction of the number in I modern ones but 20.000 more Hum · j the standard one t h e n in use in 11 England. Jonathan, 2 Pounds for. . Head LETTUCE, Each California « f f t CARROTS, 2 Bun. IjV RUTABAGAS or Iff* TURNIPS, 5 Ibt... *)C DOZEN Lenons.. J5c U. S. No. 1 North Dakota Cobblers or Triumphs Good for Seed or Table Per Peck .......... 42c 100-lb. Bag ...... S2.75 California . CABBAGE, 6 Ibi... Idaho RUSSETS, P e c k . . . $2.80 REPUTATION B R A N D CHICKEN FEED IN 100-LB. HAGS Starting Growing Mash ................. S3.7 P1XK TALL CAN RED Salmon.. 25c TALL CAN ..40c 19c WAX PAPER, 125 Foot Roll. Klter ROCK £« ftf SALT, 100 Ibt. 9*Alj

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