The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 11, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1818
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BOASO WASTED. J My prjnte family where there ere no other boarder., rth a pleMMt - ell furnwheU roorri,.n p ea - - T.rt of the citf. A amall family would be !.don. ic. wilt be attended to. - A" !. - Lo a in writ M rlfi ir4 aiirl JV Oweeo Boad Lottery. 15th, Day. . Noi - 8998 tTO.OOO s V4I6 500 2511 500. .7581 100 1 - 2079 100; - 2267 100 5677 100 - 8510 100. . All told at Aliens' Lucky Office. 'The Grand Prize of g70,000 remained un - old in the hand of the contractor of the Lot - tery.. The Lottery will be completed next week Prize yet undrawn are 1 of $10,000, floating 4 of $1000 j 12 of 500. A few Tick - fts and shares for sale at ALLENS' Truly Lucky Office, No. 122 Broadway. Where have been sold and paid in this Lottery, No 5459 $35,000 7771 $10,000 i 5756 flOOO,9702 $1000. J 11 1 & K. WAlTE's List of Prizes, Milliird VJT. n(l Owego Hoad Lottery, now drawing. i 15th day's drawing. 8998. 70.000: t11.7416. g500 1 12151, 840, t3 6 594,3625, 5781,2079,3367,5412, 8971, 5677, 22G7, 8510, $100 each. First drawn number, remained unsold, in the hands of the contractor. Floating prize; I Sold at WAlTE's. Tickets nd Shares, for sale at WAlTE's, 54 Maiden - Lane. IV here have been sold and paid in farmer Lotteries. 4392, 14ill3, C054, $63,000 5o,ooo . 3j,ooo . 3o,ooo 13091, , 16C5.1, 4IJ46, 17199, $3 - t,ooo 3o,ooo 2i,000 35,ooo 17974, 3o,ooo 20231, 25,000 Besides a great many of $2o,ooo, $lo,ooo, ice J 11 . JfkW'i'OHK STATE LOTTERY. FTIHEoulv Lottery In the United Slates in JL which the paymeut of prizes is guaranteed ty the sta: MEDICAL SCIENCE, No. 5, To commence drawing 4th day of August SCHEME. 1 Prise of $100,000 is $100,000 50.000 50,000 20,000 20.000 10 000 6000 2000 1000 100 SO 10,000 6000 4000 45.000 1CO.J1000 ' 5,464 Prizes. 10,53G Blanks. 16,000 Tickets at 25 Dollars is 400,000. STA TlOXA RYPMZ F.S. First drawn number 10th day 42000: do do 17th 100; do. d. lGlh 1000; do. do. 19th 1000; d,. do. i'Oth 60,000 ; do. do. ill 1000 ; do. do. 24th 2000 ; do. do. 25lh 100,000. The drawiag to commence on the trA Tuesday to August. Lett than two blanks to a prize Will d - aw 500 numbers each day until comiilct cd. The first d'au numbers from tlie first to the Cf tr - th dav luclugvc, shall be entitled to 1000 dollar each. Tbo fint drawn 3000 blanks to be entitled to 30 dollars each. 1 ickets and hmri for sale by tt H. VVAI TE, no. 54 Mai - tlcn - Iaae, ou the best t ruis, and a liberal dis - couut made to thoee who take a number. Or der? from :t Jitaace promptly executed. Fo - rein baik note, ducouulad ou moderate terms. Jy 11 3t KVvAl i t'S List of Friars, in the Grand . Itoad Lottery, now drawing - 15fA day So. HOW, $70,000? X5II, 7415, $500? 2lol, 840, 30fl4, 8394, 99e9f 3628. 6781, 2079,5367, 6412, 8971, 5677,2287, 8510, $100 each. July II GILLESPIE'S tfriuu Lwt, MiUurd Owego Uoad Lottery 15rA 4ty drawing. no. wnt, Jiu.mri, (grauu prize; ; zoi I ana 74 1 6, $500 each - , 2151, 30il4, 3826, 57 8 1 , 6311, C 10, 079. 2G7, 3367, 5677, 5412, 0510, (J97I, 9505, 9529, $ 100 each. Sold by GILLKsl'l E. July 1 1 . VJt.'UARs. Ho Calcutta Sugars, just re - K) ccived aud lor sale uy JOS.OSBORN, J 10 SaSnuth - Hreet. Or r'tr SUGAR, LiUlG(). k.c 655 ba's green Laguira Coffee 203 do Caraccai Cocoa 10 cttrooot do Indite 17 hlids. Muscovado Sugar, Just received and for sale by F. W. KAUTUAUd, RKIMCKE tz CO. J 10 4t No. 74 Washington - street. 1& C. SUYOAM, offer for sale,' at No. 61 J. Maiden - lane. - iuptr Counterpanes, Dotted and friuged from 8 to 14 - 4 Alio, cradle and crib Quilts and notted covers Lusdoo Super Cloths and Cassimeres flout tireto Bocking Baizes . Fioe Lineo Bed Tiering - Real Daniaak Table Cloths, and Napkins M uUs. jaconet and cambric Muslins Fine India Flag Baadunoci Beit black French sad Italian Crapes fctouL and fine white Jeans striped do Irish Linens, Sheeting and Diapers Super 8 - 4 cambric Dimities, silk Hosiery Steam, and power loom cotton Shirtings Kussia Diapers Alio, 1 case of the verr first quality patent 3 com wire VOicon nail, assorted nwnoers. casti itiper furniture Dimities Jy 10 tw INDIA BU ND: and TABLti MATS, IjEapackafkor otherwise, for sale by A. CEBKA & CUMING, i 10 . 76 1'earl itreet. 3U H.i I i'At AULLLVEtm, OLA ZI&KJ, Jicc. U3T received br the Radiui, from London, aauior laiecy GfcO. CHANCE, No. 6 Churrh at. I door from Fulton - st. Oat Case of black Willow nutrM Tr hiU nr K.. nets, a new article, and bsiug light, calculated wr in present eeason One ease gleixier's diaranoJs, well assoried Four buodred and filly boats r - f London crown Rlai, assorted, of each size from 6 by 8 to 14 h2. JulvlOSw COU. 1I.G KOOM. A pkaiaut nod con - J veaicnt Counting Room in Soulo - ilrect to UK. Apply at 29 SoMih - rtre. t. J7 Li - UUrt. 4J barrtls, Ujowij liuut scltr. In - A tlian Hunter, for sale by D. BEnlUNE k CO. Jf 9 9i Coffee ILtuw - slip. A ceuntrr IIoum and Kurrn. nn Iht. tt i' of Hudtoo't Hirer, in the ighianJa, about 54 miles from New - York, lyuig between the couatrr feats of William Denning, Ejuire, and 2f P; rTiillipt, and near.'y oppoaitc West Point, the urni cuntuis 121 acics. Tlie houe (wbich ws built in I80i) has 12 rooon, exdosive of the ai'CBcn.aod nossciscs every convenience necensa - JT 'or a lamily. Tbere is also a farm bouse, wn itatil aad other out - houei, is rood order, Sartea and a ereat variety of Iruit trees of tne r' kin Ji. A furtber dcKription is not given, eauie prions incliaed to purchase will no Jiwt viewtht preni ; for which purpose ap - Hration may be read to Mr. J arati 'J hornpsoa, farm. F0r yt orra of sal?, enquire i: WM, HENDER90V, , . , 55 Wall street, New - Tot k. .jjgfcSadpa I 'US President and Directors hare this day declared a dividend of five per cent on ?e capiul stack of t&e companv, fctf the Ikst onths, payable to the tocHo!Jerii, or If.'t! represenutives, 0:1 and after the - J . uthe office, No. 3 W'aUtreet , 'u'ju I C. C SUir MAN, Secrr - 1 do 1 do I do 1 do X do 45 do S3 do 53C0 do VIP.GlNtA IIAMS. - 50O Ham; of the first quality, will be landed to - morrow earning from the Sea Lion, at Cobce - bouM slip, and (br sale by WALBU AlGAU.AGHER, Je22 - 66 South - street. 01 IN & DUCK. 0O pipes Giu, aad iO0 ps. I Holland Duck, landing from brig Janus, Iroro Rotterdam, at Murray's wharf, for sale by J 7 N. D. TALCOTT. UAHUIVAHE, CUTLERY U JtUlSTOL GOODS. rpirlEsdbscribers have received by the late JL arrivals from Liverpool and Bristol, an extensive supply of Hardware and Cutlery of every description, wiucn tney oner tor sale 10 the merchants from the country, in such quantities as may bit wanted, at a low advance and liberal credit. - They have also rece'.ved on consignment and offer for sale by the package ' 60 casks and cases of Birmingham Hardware, consisting of most of the staple articles in the line. - 10 casks of Kenyons warranted hand, punnet, tennant, sasb, &c. Saws. 6 cases do warranted mill, pit and crois - cut saws, best steel plate 10 casks of Kenyon's ales of every deicrip - tion 100 casks best onalit 1 English Porter 30 do assorted Glaii Ware, consisting of tumoiers, wines, decanters, wane ami green phials, 4c. 10 crates of Stone Soda Jugs 10 cases of English men's and boyi' hats 200 bundles of wnrrauted Halback's German Steel, diiect from the Munufnctury of J. & C. Halback rion, ofRemscheid. 10 tons of London hoop L Steel 5 do Crawley Steel (I thousand itourhridge fire Brick Tin plates of the different kinds Black do du B. W. ROGKRS St CO. Je 10 235 Pearl - street. I RON . 100 tons Russia Old Sable Iron, t A 1. L lor sale at 65 South - street, by JV) HURD&cSEWALL. B EiNGAL COTTON. 400 bales superior quality, entitled to debenture, lor stile by fETEll REMSEN Hi CO. J 10 26 South - street. CANTON ijlLKS. Hlack barsnets, Liiduk Sinchev;, tolor'd Florences Colored and black Levantines Ladies colourttd and bjured hdkfs Assorted Sewing silks, and Light Dyes, for sale by HIJRD & SEWALL, J lo o South - street. r p U R PEN Tl.N E. 600 bbls soft Turpentine, JL atloat uo.'l for sale by R. & C. W. DAY EN PORT I CO. J 10 35 Peck slip. PATENTS. DEARBORN'S Balances for weighing Morris's Block Tin Liquor Cocks, for tale by CEBRA & CUMING, J 10 76 Pearl street. BRAZILI isle by RAZILETTO WOOD - A quantity, for CRIS WOLDS & COATS. 63 South - street. J7 X O Boxes muslius 10 do. 4 - 4 & 7 - 8 Irish liuens 1 do. piuk ginghams 1 do. shawls 4 do. brown plat il las 6 do. Scotch osnaburs 7 bales imitation theetics 4 do. brown linen 2 do. linen bed tick 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton checks I do. carpeting. ALSO, Sail - cloth, Cotton bagging Twilled sacking Seine twine For sale by GEORGE JOHNSTON, July 2 No. 1 Sloat - lane. A f Chaldron Newcastle coals, oa board TV the British chx Mother, Curran, at pier No. 4, East River. For sale by WM. WILSON, Jy9 lw 96 Green wich - it. I A MLS D'WOLF, Juu. 54 South - street, ha f tor sale tOOd qr. casks Gunpowder, appd quality xti tons at. reiersnurg clean lleiup 300 boxes German Steel, entitled to drawb. zu boxes China Diniog sets, 17 pi. each J 9 RANDY 6i WINE. 6 pipes French Bran - WuTcask. ir P - Madeira Wine. Landing trora the brig Louisa Cecelia, at west side 01 tne uid - snp, tor sale by Jy9 DIVIEBETIIUNE&CO. HAVANA ale by SUGAR Just landed and for JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. 54 Souib street. m7 boxes broivo and 54 do white Sugars, en 1, en J K nueaioarawoarK. IHlNAblbKa il NANKINs. Black, blue, green and cnangeanie sincnews Block, colored and changeable Sarsnets Black, checked and colored 4 4 twilled and fringed Hdks. Black aud colored Levantines Colored sewing Silks Colored Nankin and Canton Crapes 1st quality blue Nankins for sale by P. REMSEN fc CO. J 9 26 South - street LTENTUCKY TOBACCO. 100 hhds. of IV prime quality, received per ship Grand aeignior, lor snie ny Jy9 TROKES, DAVIDSON CO. COr fEE, BUAJYDY, LO.1 f ALGA li, ke frl Bbls aud 1 40 bags handsome St. Domin - f f go coffee, entitled to debenture 40 pipes Gray's brandy, 4ih proof 25 hhds and 1 50 febls loaf and lump sugar . 100 large lumps,' at reduced prices 300 bbls rye flour 100 boxes Hill's chocolate Nos. 1, S & 3 100 do Jao. Wait's da do do 90 kegs pure ginger, 140 bags race ginger 10 hhds molasses rum, for rale on accoosmo - datiog terms, by JACKSON k IFOOLI.EY, July 9 75 Wall - st. 1 1HI.YIE RIi:K - : L - HiK,. lor (ale bv L UR1SVYOLD COA PES, J 7 63 South - street: tXJR S.1LE, 11 QQ Burr stones, just received per ship X4t7 Isabella, from Havre de Grace - Apply to POTT B M'KINNE. Jy7 56 South st. I AME& D'WOLF, Jr 54 uth - street, has CP t br sale. 2000 qr. casks gunpowder, approved quality 20 torn St. Petersburg clean hemp 300 boxes German steel, eutitled to drawback 20 boxes China diningsetts, 172 pieces each JuIvS 11 it cheens sue flHvoured St. Vincent Rom 10 do retailing Molasses 16 barrels Muscovarkt Sogar. landing from the nriliiu icbr. Frances from St. Vincent, for sale by .TUCKER ft L A U Rl ES, J 9 29 South - street. OLD SHERRY WINE. &c 17 tr. clis old Slierrv 24 baft l quality Co)re 85 km uinioifactured Tobacco. 8 hands to the pour.d, aud said to be very fiae, just received and for sale hr G. G. ft S. HOW LAND. Jy9 67 Washington - street ClOrFEE Si TOBACCO. 8 hhds rerj green (Iode. and 35 hhds Kentucky Tohsceo, hit ree'd, for sale by It. GILLESPIE, J8 112Fro&t - fttreet. FOR SALE. THE Cargo of the ship BKAGAXZA, from Calcutta, coniistine: of Cotton. Sugar, and Saltpetre. Samples to be teen at the Counting - House or AKCU'D UKACIC.K SU - 3. Je 29 DUMESTrC 6t 0'1'HR VVAKLa. THE subscribers keep conttautly oa band an extensive asiorlmeatof the following foods, Dutch and English Brooms Duster, or Counter Brtiihes Hearth Bruihes. fan Gunny Bags, Popes Heads : ' Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and rAmmnn cy and common D lor Blackiuiiths Hall and Entry Mats Heart do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Waih do Shoe 61 Scrubbing do Paint r.rmhpi and I'nns ana 1 uns Wbrel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every description Seine, icwing, wrapping, baleing and ball Twine Vifth T.inf Sash 'fools Clamps, 4.7, 8 row Furniture Bruihes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Liues Sash Cords. Trace Shoe & Sadlers Thread Dearborn's Italian Ropes I cei, &c. Wrought and Cut Limn ami uiagi I ,. Which they will sell wholeiftleor retail on h - oerai terms. . tuivA i u.viiixj, Jy 9 76 Pearl - street COAL AFLOAT. ff Chaldron Liverpool New - Pit Coal, 1 LFLFof superior quality, now landing from on board the chip Ganges at the cast side of reca - iiip. 60 chaldron Scotch Coal, of prime quality discharging from on board the ship Uuion, ut nier No. 9. E. R. 60 chaldron Liverpool New - Pit Coal, equal to (he above, discharging from on board the chip UtheRo, at the root or Hector street, in. it. Annlrration to be made on hoard, or at the subscriber's coal yard, No. 2"4 Front street, who has on hand a largd supply of Liverpool, bcotcn and Virginia Coal, suitable for faiiiilits and blacksmiths, which be will dispose of on ac commodating terms. For tale by J 9 A. FRA5F.R. . TOBACCO and FLOUR. FIFTY ONE hhdi Richmond Tobacco . 60 do Kentucky 'do 230 bbls. Richmond Suiwrfine Flour. land ins from schrs. Sally Ann, Im'ir.n Hunter and. Molly, from Richmond, and ship Grand Seijjnor and sloop Gold Huntress, from New Orleans. Foriale by DOORMAN JOHNSTON, Also, in eiure. 80 hluls. prime Richmond Tobacco 530 bbls. Richmond Superi'me Flour 150 do do tine and X Middling do 800 kegs Manufactured Tobacco, of various sorts. J v MOLAoir 0. - 143 IJids. tml 6 Ueiccs Ha vana Mulasscs, for sale hy ISAAC PACKARD. J 9 3t 33 Snuth - strtet. rLOUK it TOOACCO 140 bbls sup Richie roond Flour, liaxall's 100 bbls fine Kichmond Flour 650 do Lyuchburg aupf du 100 do do fine do 20 do straight middlings do 7 do X do do 100 do Ship Stuff 20 hhds Virft. il 3 do Kentucky Tobacco 7 kegs Ladies' Twist, branded Davidson, Saunden & Co. 100 do Negro Head, No. 1 1 do 54 do do do Mo. 1, A. Archer & Co. 100 do do do No. 2 - For sale at 106 Front - street, by TROKES, DAVIDSON" & CO. J79 329 FLOUR, TOBACCO, .Vc. bbls Richmond superfine Hour, Has all s brand 66 hhds prime do. tobacco 100 kegs manufactured tobacco 6 pipes L. P. Madeira wine 2 1 - 2 qr. casks old Malmsey do. For sale by W.ftS.CRAtG. J9 B4 Front - street HA RRIS' I OBACCO. - 45 kegs Harris' su nerior crooked brand manufactured To hnrrn. InnHin - v frmn fh arhr. Inflifin Hiinter. far I sale by i. ec U. 1 a 1 I , J a 01 sonin - sTreer, DRY UOOhS, Y) ECEIVF.D per Draper from Liverpool and A C ether late arrivals, loraaleat No. 2 float lane, by WM. TODD. 1 box inper Marseille? quilts, from 5 a 14 4 1 do Jo chintz bed lace ALSO Linen bed tick. Raven's duck, imita tion cotton shawls, sewed lenocs, rich sewed mulls, plain, jaconet, mull, and sircarrilla muslins, drawing muslin, light striped ginghams, linen threads. Madrass hUkis. Jy 7 7t ID . AMERICAN' BRANDY, tic. M O Pipes good imitation brandy, high proof 3 hhds pure spirits 4 do rye whiskey 200 bsgsjuniper berries 300 kegs ginger 20 chests young hyson 10 catty boxes by sou Tea CO bags race ginger 20 rolli sheet lead 17 tubs butter for saleby July 6 2w CORN'S. DUBOIS TVEEF 30 barrels Boston beef, No. 3, just JL9 received, and in store CO barrels prime beef, Troy inspection tor sale at C bouth - st by CA.MBRELENG & PEARSON. My 7 LARET. 40 dozen very superiour Claret, Vy for sale at $13 the dozen, bv GEORGE JOHN!TOV, je 30 tf No. 1 S lout - lane. ENGLISH Uoltlrou aud Pig Lead, landing from the Martha, aud in iture, lor tale at 67 South - street, by CAMBRELENG Si PEARSON'. July 8 COAL, tic 40 tuns Scotch Coal, on board the brig Scipio, at Jones' - wharf, for sale by' BOOKMAN & JOHNSTOV. Also, 50 torn stone ballast, for sale as above. J6 MOLAoaKs.iUhl.ds and 0 tierces Havana' Molasius, lauding and foriale by GOODHUE & CO. J 2 44 Soiith - strrpf. CANTON SILKS 3 cases black Sarsoets, 3 do black binchewa 3 dj Sewing Silks 4 do ladies fringed nodcol'd Hdkfs - 1 do black 4 4 Irinired Hilkis. Just recei ved and for sale by tlVHU eZ StAUU Jy 8 65 bouth - s'reet. D ALl'lMORE FLOL'R. 200 bbls Howard J J street Dour, of superior quality, received per sciir raraeon, and tor sale by WALSH 6i GALLAGHER, J 1 6ti South - street. AVAL S PORES. 375 bbli soft Turpentine 13 do Rosin 4 do Spirits of Turpentine, afloat, and fo' sale by R. it C. W. DAVENPORTS CO. SIXTH ward; PUBLIC not ke is hereby given, tin' the alienors of the sixth ward hove runipl ted their assessments, and (hut a cony tnentx i h't with Alexander Clark No. 28C Bnrdwav, or - ner of Reed street, wliere the same ma V - 4. - H'. sod examined ny any 01 tlie u.iabitanu Cii - in te: davs ni - .fu Uiis dale ; and, Hist the a jrs Wih eicet ai the above plara 00 Tcerday, the - t to rvi?w their said asscssjin W, w ti.e p - pitration ol auy person conceiving l.uai;.l a - eneved. AB. - V1. UAUL'UI.Xt, AUeSIOTI Ol uic AOr' - XANDt - R CLARK,) sisUwarJ. J10 i For lll'r.RPOOL, fA regular trader) . TLe superior fast wiling ship CJRO - IiJjS t. - .lJSjrt bum of live oak and cedar, having keen new coppered and thowugbly repaired, is a first rale sbip - part 4" her cargo being en gaged she will be dispatched without delay. For freight or passage, having superior accom - tnodatioiu for twenty passeugers, apply to captain William J. Palmer, 00 board, at pier No. 18 X. R. or at 83 .South - street, to July 9 tf - RQWLA AD it BRjilXR. tor lAVERtOOL, - The elegant faatmiling coppered ship DRAPER, William Adamt, master: Ai is 291 tons burthen, only two years old, and will ba dispatched immediately oil discharging lief inward cargo. For freight or paagc, apply to the mauler, 011 board, east side of Fly - market wharf, or to B. W. ROGERS k Co. Je If! 235 Pearl - .treet. ror bOHit:.iUX. The elegant, fast sailing and coppered bri' S TOUGH TON, Samuel Turner. muster, will be diipatched immediately back to bordeaux r or Ii eight or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply to the master on board, at pier No. 13, or to . si a. w. lta ch, July 10 3t 60 Smith - t. for HAVRE, The fast sailing coppered ship DIDO, George Maxwell, master ; expected U arrive from Philadelphia about the 13th inst. and to sail 13th inst. 100 bales of coU - moro ther goods, will be taken on sleight, and a few passengers handsomely accommodated. Apply to 1IOVT A TOM, J 9 tf 45 Soiith st. fo - HAVRE, The packet ship BELLE, F.dward Huntington, master, will positively S;nl on the 15th inst. For passage only, having elegant accommodat'inna, apply on board, west side I - 'ly - iuarket - wharf, or to , JONES & MF.dlt.VTH, J 9 91 South - street. JVor ST, CROIX, The brig FREDERICK, Clark, mas tcr, will sail on tne 1 tin 111st r or ireignt or pa sage, having handsome accomnio.latiou - , apply to READE K DLPEYSTER, " July 8 4t 31 Old - slip tor CHARLESTON, The ship TELEGRAPH, Fanning, mabter, will sail fiht fair wind ; can take a few tons more light freight, aud accommodate 8 more passengers in a sujierior c - tile Ap ply onboard, eatt side Hurhog - shp, or to AN'SONG. PHELPS, July 10 1H3 Front - sf. tor ER Elt ERICKSlt UR GR, The schr. WM. & HF..VRY, Captain Ames; will be read v to take mficighl to - morrow, and he dispatched without delay Apply on board, west side C. H. flip, or to WALHI L GALLAGHER, 3 7 66 South - strict; H anted to Charter, lor a voyage to Bermuda, a good rCHOUNMl, mat will carry O or 7UU barrels immediate dispatch will be given Ap' ply to TUCKER (i LA U HIES, juiv ) z soutn - st. Eur CHARTER, A British BRIG, burthen 218 tons British, or 2100 barrels ; now at Phi ladelpiiia 1 will proceed to this, or a southern port, to load for England, or the Wi at Indies, and can be despatched within three days no lice. Apply to KUUEiu at rust, J6 51 South - street Ear Ereicrlit tr Charier, The fine new brig ELIZA, Gruby master, burthened about 13UO bbls sails v ell and u m fine order for. a voyage - Apply to , G. G.Sie. HOWLAND, J 3 67 Washington - ! It',tnftl t& V.hiirii,' ii One or two British vessels, to load 11 . . 1 - . (fcior L.iverpooi. ipi'iy 10 je AKt;iii - ciitAcir. jii.s. CLASSICAL, MAP11E1VIATICAU aud MEU - CAN'J ILE AGAllKiViy. E5SRS. KELLY & TUO.V1Y refpectfully M' inform the public, that ther have lately commenced this establishment in the lare and airy rooms. No. 4i5 I'earl street a few doors from tlie corner of Chatham street. Their course of education comprises the Greek, Latin, French, and English languages ; Composition, History, Geography, the use ol the Globes, Itook - Ktepiiig, Arithmetic, with the oth er practicnl branches oi'thc Mathematics. Young Ladies have a room appropriated to themselves, where they will be taught a regular course of female education, together with plain and ornamental Needle - work, by a lady of exem plary conduct and long experience in mat depart ment. 1 Reference to Robert Ad rain, P. M. and N. P Columbia College. ' PATENT GRAMMATICAL MIRROR. .Vcfs. Kelly & Tuomy beg leave also to in form the public, that their Grammatical Mirror is now completed and organised, and that they are prepared to undertake its application to the duties ol instruction. The Grammatical Mirror is a machine constructed ou such principles, and actuated by such laws, as to exhibit a manifest representation of all the parts of human speech, in all the variety of their inflections and all toe diversity of their combinations ; it u calculated to impart information more expeditiously than words, whether conveyed by writing or by ut tcrance : letters and sounds are the arbitrary symbols, not the rejemblance of ideas ; but the Grammatical Mirror presents an exact imitation of the agent with its cases, of the object with its passions, of their substitute with its genders and persons, .and of the action with its manucrs, and ts times. The other parts of speech win mare their respective appearances iu the revolutions oftlns extraordinary machine. It is no less use' ful to the teacher than to the pupil 1 and while it expedites the progress of the one, it Will facili tate the labor ol the othnr. 1 Should any cerson object to the practicability of its application, they challenge the investigation of opposition : they cannot consent tu an uidiscri mmate inspection : but any perou who shall be auahhed In discufsits merits they are willing to admit, and prepared lonntwer his objection Though duty forbids them la acknowledge then' own inferiority yet, they rely not on their diligence and zeal others may have as much; lliry rely not 011 their erudition mid alents, other', may not4iave less : but they re lv on the co - operation of. their meant, which tliev contend to be superior to aiiv that can he employed to attain the object it contemplates. Though they entertain no doubt of its supe. rior genral utility, they conceive that for such as cannot ullord much time lor study, or whose d.fTcrent employments, must Confine them lo interrupted and desultory lectures, it must possess peculiar advart ige .Several liierarycluractf - rj, ho have inspec - ted this machine. Lave been ' - qaally astonish - ed and delighted, and doubt .ot that cxperi' ence will realise the most sanguine c. pec Na tion that are entertained of us advantage ana success. Under these impressions the proprietors of flu. f.'mnauih'raJ - lftrrar rrmmmMi J K to pUJ - c .,.,1".. ,iul thn - , no more desirous of j acq'irring. than tluy ii - e confident of secui injr !.hc patronage of the public. . N. B. Thcv have for general convenience JVcrcr.r.ed to deliver evening lectures, from - all past five till half past seven, on auy of tne above mentioned branches of literature. J Vj La tt at ot STEAM BOAT FISHING PARTS'. . & - The Steam Boat CONNECTICUT, Cap t Bunker, will start for the Banks, 00 a Fishing Party at 8 o'clock on Saturday morning, and return to town the same evening. Ever) preparation will be made to render theexeursior! pleasant and agreeable, lor Tickets, apply to MOTT & WILLIAMS, corner of Scutb. street, and Fulton slip.or on board the boat. J 9 WANTED, a nurse, accustomed to tne care of children, ami who understands plain sewing. The mot satisfactory retcrciicei will be required, as to integrity, capability and disposition. A middle aged person will ba preferred, Apply at No. 21 Park - place. Jy 9 5t . CM A Kits, fee. FOR sale by P. BURTSELL, corner of Wall and Broad streets, Harbor of Pensacola;do. St. Augustine Do. New - York and Sound . Coat of South America; by Faden, $ sbeetr Pai ilic Ocean and Coast, t sheets, by Arrow - Indian Ocean and China Seas : smith Hi aril Coast Coast U. S. in 3 large charts West Indie and Gulpb of Mexico Mediterranean Sea St. Gwjrge'i Channel and Coast rrtund Ireland Baltic aud North SaPiM,conlaioiugGchaili North Atlantic, new and large South do. do &c. fie. MA PS of the World, on Meicators and Globular Projection, 4 quarters Europe with the present division! Ohio, Louisiana, Canada, New York State, Connecticut, England and Wale, &c. ATLASSES D'Anville's Atlas of Ancient Geography Carey'i Imperial Atlas Laurie and Whittle's Universal do GLOBES 12 aud 10 inch Globes, elegantly mounted Telescopes for sea service Do for military do One of bate's Astrouomical Telescopes, a very superior instrument. . Mathematical Instruments in cases Guuter'a Scales ; Paralel rules Chess Men : Pone Joan Boaids A lare aud complete assortment of Stationa ry. ' j v 31 WANTED, a lad about 11 years of age, as an apprentice to the printing business. Apply at the corner 01 Nassau and opruce - sts Jy 0 IIOKSKS und CARRIAGES FOR SALE T WO light sound Coachees and Harness, calculated for travelling, which tlie owners have directed to be sold very low. several new and second hand Gigs and Harness, among which is a very light lilbery uig, ujion the newest con sfruction. Also, for talc. 3 su.ldle and gig Hoisvs, worth the ntfciitioimf persons wauling to purchase. N. IS. Wanted to purchase, three new or se cowl hand Pleasure Waggom. Afply at the Repository, Walker - street, Oroaiiway. J 9 3t 71 r AN I LO, in a boarding school, in Ihe vir V ciuity of this city, a female teacher, well qualified to instruct 111 writing, arithmetic, gram mar, 4c. The most respectable references win be required. Inquire 401 Pearl - street. Jfllw The line new steaiu vessel FRONTIGNAC, of 700 tons burthen, James Mnc Kinzie. master, will commence ruiuuuK on the first day of May next, and will leave Kingston, for York aud Niagara, nn the 1st, Uth and 1st day of each month, ami Niagara, lor lork and Kingston, the 0th, loth and 25th day of each month, during the season,' wnere every attention will be paid to the ease and comfort of the passengers. Applications lor passage to be made to the captain on board. Kingston, 6th April, 1018. J 7dtctOcl I IN SEED OIL, WHITE LEAD ftt GLASS. London, and tor sale by VALENTINE it WAR - ftE.11, no. a Broad street. 60 pipes Holland L.Oil, And. imtvre: A quantity of White Lead dry and ground in ALSO, 1 (oil s qunnniy r.iiginn urowo uinss, irom 0 nv a 10 by 14. J lit d.(c2w el TO LET. Iinilj A new Hoitee in cxaelle nt order and in the plcasantest part of Broadway posses sion given on or before the 1st October next or if a suitable person ofleri, the furniture could re main till 1st May, next, and a lady and three children, (ihe youngest six years.) would board in the family. Apply at this office. .iy tu :i( LAWS OE THE LAST SKMlONf JUST receivod, and for sale by T. k J. SWORDS, No. 160 Pearl - street, price two dollars, Lawi of the State of New - Yort, passed at the forty - first session of the Legislature, begun aud held at the city of Albany the 27 th day of January, 1818. Also the fourth vol. of the Laws 01 New - York, price six dollars. July 10 WET A URSE WAJVTEU. iSFs with a good supply of milk, and who J can produce satisfactory testimonials of character, tic. will meet with encouragement, by applying at MRS. SAIOLEKS, J 10 tf No. 36 Broadway. NEXT LOTTERY. 17IFTH and last class of the Medical Science A? Lottery, will co aiinence drawing, in this ci ty on ine 4in 01 next moniti. GRAND SCHEME, Contains the highest prize of any Lottery in (be united - stales 1 prize of 100,000 DOLLARS. 1 1 1 1 2 of 50,000 20,000 do do of of of 10,000 5,000 2,000 do do of of do do 45 ,UOU And a large number of smaller Prises. Only 1 6,010 Tickets, less than two blanks to a prize. The first drawn number every day from (he 1st to the lath day, will be entitled totfi.uuu. There are floating Ihe following Capital I'ri zes, which may ne drawn the nrst day, vix I of 20,000 Dollars, 1 of 12,0(10 Dollars 1 of 5,000 Dollars 24 of 1,000 Dollars 52 of 100 Dollars Three or Four Rich Prixes will be drawn each day. As this Lottery ii for the benefit of this state, and tlie last class which is to be drawn, those who wish to adventure in this popular Lot tery, are advised (o apply at Truly Lot ky Office. No. 12 1 Broadway. Where were sold every capital priie drawn in lh ii.r classes of this Lottery, vis. No. lOJi'J, W,0OU ; 105J6, 30,000 1 12129, 25.000: 19545, S3, 000 ; several of 20,000. 15,000, 10,000, 50,00, , J 10 St HOrtK BOXES. T! HE subscribers have just received a hand - work U xes, which are of superior workmanship and finished with every naces - tary article of ox, wtiich, with the assortment they have on hand, is equal to any offered to ths public Also, elegant thimble - t, tin first of the kind ever imported in New - York For alt by AN rilOVY V. TRAPfAN & Co. their fancy jtore aiu! periirnie ware rue, no. V.i& Broadway, Maty oi'poiitt the Cdy - llotel Al - ooo hand, arorap.eteandraneral assartmeot PERr UIERY aad fiaT articles, wnolesale I - . . ... - . , - ,. an'tretatk " Jj 10 4 re. - - - - ,.. to pit PUBLIC SALES. BY MILLS, Ml N TON & CO. ' ' . ' . . Monday, . . - , , At half past 9 o'clock, at their auction room, an extensive; assortment of f. c&h imported DRY GOOOS. I Anion? which are. 3 bales super Mne ani black cloths, I do. mi.t and blue caswimeres, 2 trunks super fancy furnitum, 2 tlo 6 - 4 car - lisle ginghams, 1 do mens and wnmens wbite and colored cotton hose, 2 cases fancy lcnoes. 1 do cambric ginghams, 2 do Jackson's victo ry nankeens, 2 do twilled ai.d cross barred cra vats, 1 do French artificial flowers, 1 do super gold end jaconets, 1 do ivory fins, 1 do silk buttons, 2 do bl.ick sewings, 1 do cotton umbrellas, 1 do lace shawls, and a number of o - ther articles. At 12 o'clock, in front of their auction store, - No. 14U Ptarl - itreel, 10 hbds prime Kentucky tobacco. Tuesday, At II o'clock, in front of their auction store, No. 148 Pearl - street, 24 bbls aud 12 catks Icn - don porter, 20 boxes cider, 15 do Madeira wine. MJiUliUti FOR BUILUlJfU, 4c. riIE proprietors of the southern marble qua JL ries, near King's - Bridge, giv e notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at the hingU - lintlne Xmiile anil Lxme - iara, loot 01 Beach - street, ou the Hudson river, an extensive slock of marble lor buildiug.of the following de scriptions, vis : Ahlar Coping . ' FouuUution Stone Chiiuney - PiecesJ Facings Columns Watertable Steps Platforms Sills L'ntels Arches Aho Lime of the best quality. K7 A constant supply - of the above materials may be calculated upon; and those desirous of purcliaskig, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the Yard. MONEY JV loan: A Q ririADOLLARStoloan, in sums to farO,stJS suit applicants, ou bond with mortgage upon approved property. Enquire of WM, WILLIAMS, 137 Water - street. Where application may he generally made through f he year, and mortgages diepoitd of. Je ?6 tf gr JOHN C. HAMILTON, Commissioner lor the acknowledgement of Deeds, Ac. has removed to the office, corner of C'cdur and Nassau streets, Law Buildings,? No 1 Je 29 lm A CARD. (lr At the particular solicitations of the La dy inhsi ribers, the New - York Salt WattrFluat - us Bath will be removed to her old station at the fool of Murray - street, this day, where it will continue opn every day, from sunrise in the morning, until 10 o'clock at night, during ttm bathing season. It is hoped when the Ladies of this city know that (Ins large building, which will accommodate two or three hundred perrons at a time, is exclusively devoted to their enjoyment on Mondnysand Wednesdays of each week until 2 o'clock, that they will give that encouragement which luch an appropriation deserves. On a1! other days they have their own apartments only. The greatest possible 'attention will be paid. The Bath at the Battery is open every day from sunrise to 10 o'clock at night, for Gentle men only. Je EAGLE EIRE COMPANY, OF NEW - YORK, frtr" Notice is hereby given, that a Dividend of four and a half per cent on the Capital Stock of this company, has been declared by the Board ol Directors ; and win be paid to the stockholders, on or after the 15th inst. J3 lm NO 1 ICE. 07" The public are cautioned against trusting the crew of the British biig Recoupence, Joha Gavnei master, as no debts contracted by theni, will be paid by the captain or consignees. , 1 J 3 L rtr ELHEKT HtKii, .. - - . - t take acknow ledgmeut of deeds, special bail, discharge! of mortgages, and affidavits, has opened an office at No. 92 Nassau - street, near the Citj - Hall. Jy6 Iw ffr - The Facinc Insurance Company of New York, have this day declared a dividend of six iwr rent, on the canitnl stock, for (he last lis months, payable at their oliice, No. 49 W all - sl. on (he 10th inst. By order of the Board of Directors. WALTER R. JONES, 8ec'ry. J 6 lm Ocean Insurance OUice, t July 6, 1818. S rry The Board of Directors have this day declared a dividend of three aud a half per cent oa (heir capital stock for the last six month;, which will be payable to tne iiocunoiucrs or their legal representatives on the tenth insL at the office of the company, 45 Wall - street. SMULL bTANSHUKi, sec. July 7 lm err JAMES D. STOUT, Engraver and Seal Cuticr, removed lo 90 Liberty - atreet, near Greenwich - street. Jy8 3m INFORMATION WANTED.. A perwa by the name of Margaret Chad - wick, who formerly lived in a small town called Ormeskirk, in England, and came to the city of New - York about 30 yean ago, with her former husband, who was a shoemaker I but since that he ii dead, and the is married again to a person ny the name of Joseph Chadwick, who is by trade a ship rigger. II the said Margaret Chadwick ii livinz. or her children, they mar, by ap plying al this office, bear of something greatly to their advantage. J 9 2w rr - For Ui further accommodation of the aftirnoao passengen, the steam boat NAUTI - LUS will, tor the ensuing ten days, make an extra trin. bv leavinr New - York atali past seven o'clock in the afternoon, and returning from Sta te n Island to the city at 9 o'clock eaeu evtnmg. 4 IU it IO AlfcK.CH AN I. S. frfr The advertiser, lately arrived from Eng land, who possesses a thorough knowledge ol book - keeping and mercantile transactions in ge - UblBI, " ' " ' 4 . counting house in London, 11 desirous of a similar if nnf inn here. Ai euclovmMit is bis chief ob ject, his ex pectatioa as to salary is moderate. Letters anureseeo 10 a. i . "'' . . ' hall have immediate attention. JIOol nnu tin; atiove tiovblct.ina and .nti. n , - nmnlaint. Hamilton's Elixir is osTeretk with acwitidenre inspi'td by twen(y year succestfal utal experiment. A singre trial win roTe inai 11 nrs - . ledges and evacuates the tough viscid phlegm or - , mucus, strengthens the weakened vessel of the 111 ' lungs sheathes the acrimonious humout - wiicu irritates (hem, and finally dist hargea it. I bus striking at toe root nftba disorder, the symptoms art o coarse effectually and penaanently conquered ; the reverse of common medicines Vnicn weaaen uiecnntii:uin, maa gir mjui the disorder, for the sake nf mode rating for the - sent some ofi's paioful cffi - ct". TO PARENTS, who Uve ciii'difn afflicted wilhthisdreurf ul malady, this is a discovery of the Crl magrtttnde, as it alfurds immediate re - iuticbecas rae pvvgress ni ma inmi muk - yu - . . tirely removes the most creel disorder to which children are liable. The e'isir ii so peritct.y a - greeab'e, ani the dose so SMa'l. that no difficulty arises in tarfing it. r, - . - . : . Be articular to ask fr Hamilton's F.lixir.iiD. Vtatns or Kbich are offered I to ione are genuine without Ihe signa(ure of H. Lee. . 1 ..nn Kin Aft L,e.. - ... , rrm mrrik - al araretiBs, No, j " , ,j h itr reewctable Drw SJploei - sift in New Yo:J m 1 VVlf ; 1 t i 7

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