The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 9, 1944 · Page 17
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 9, 1944
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

NAZI TANKS HIT STRIKERS Try to Quell Northern Italy Disturbances 'Naples. (.f)--The Germans arc using tanks against strikers in Milan and other industrial centers o£ northern Italy, the Ban radio said Thursday, as the National Committee lor Italian Af- lairs called on all Italians under German rule to take up arms against the nazis as \vell as participate in the general strike. German- controlled broadcasts from northern Italy admitted that more than 200,000 Italian workers iiad responded to the K .Irike call. These broadcasts said that M. Ercoli, chief of the Italian communist party, had slipped into Milan from Switzerland in January to organize the strike. Italian communists say that Ercoli, whose real name is Palmiro Togliatti, has been in Russia. The communist party convention in Naples in February issued an appeal to the allied governments lor the return to Italy of Ercoli and "other militant and anti-fascists still in exile." Mrs^Clarks SALADDRJESSING I Flagman Urges lowans u DIES AT ROCHESTER AVest Union--Funeral services for A. C. Frohlich, G4, who died Friday at a Rochester, Minn., hospital, were conducted Wednesday from the Burnham funeral home I by the Rev. G. W. Ukcna. Burial was made in the West Union cemetery. Mr. Frohlich, who was born in West Union and grew to youn; manhood here, was a resident oi Rapids City, S. Dak. His widow I accompanied the body here. · Turn In Worn Out Machines, Old Metal DCS .Monies. (IP)--Herbert C. lagman, Iowa salvage director, Thursday called upon lowans to urn in their old, worn-out ma- rhinery and every piece of metal to iclp "shorten the war, save count- "ess lives." He said Iowa had been asked to produce 79,000 tons of scrap in 19«--enough to build 5 battleships. "We all know that war is unpredictable--that anything c a n happen at any time," he said. "We hope the newspapers Friday will herald the news of Germany's surrender. But in the meantime we here on the home front, on the farms, in the cities and towns, cannot let the boys down." on the FLAVOR SAVER. parade MORTON'S SALT WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS Patrick Dullard Dies; Rites Held Wednesday AVcst Union--Funeral services for Patrick Dullard, T, who died Sunday at the county hospital were held Wednesday morning. Mr. Dullard was born in Union township and lived practically all his life in this community. He made his home at the county hospital during the past 2 years, going there from Oelwein. . Surviving are his children: Cpl. Francis Dullard, in the army in Australia; Edward Dullard, prisoner of war taken from Guam by the Japanese; Bernard, West Union; Miss Irene Dullard, Cedar Rapids; and Cpl. Raymond Dullard, San Rafael, Cal., who came Thursday because of his father's illness; a brother, John Dullard, north of town, and 2 sisters, Miss Alice and Miss Margaret Dullard, West Union. WARTIME FOOD ECONOMIES SKIPPY PEANUT BUTTER NOW! POINT FREE! PILLSBURY'S SNOSHEEN Thompson Seedless CAKE FLOUR For Baking Satisfaction 2%-lb. Pkg. Delicious, Smooth BEANS Orange Pekoe and Pekoe LIPTON'S TEA Vi-Pound *£_ Pkg 26C Baker's Premium No. 1 CHOCOLATE '/2-Pound 4O*i Pkg 15C Enriched OCCIDENT FLOUR ORANGE Marmalade Burnett's Pure VANILLA EXTRACT I'/z-ax. Bottle Sweet 60-70 Size 2 ,,,, 25c AIMS OF U, S. RAIDS LISTED Complete Knockout of Luftwaffe Included By LOUIS F. KFKMI.K United I'ress War Editor Allied bombers from England struck again ;it the continent Thursday, keeping alive the sustained air offensive against Germany which ': h a s developed : into nn unpar: a 11 e 1 e d campaign o f d e- struction. The pattern of t h e offensive a p i) e a r e cl to have broadened, combining into steady D p e r at i o n s various objectives which hitherto had been tackled only from time to lime. Some of the chief aims of the combined British and American ail- forces, operating by day and night, emerged as follows: 1. To destroy the German luft- waffe's fighting strength by engaging it in the air. 2. To knock out its source of replenishment b'y wrecking factories and assembly plants on the ground, thus assuring that once the luftwaffe's strength is destroyed, it will remain destroyed. 3. To cripple other essential sources of German war production and the communications system. 4. To obliterate Berlin as the nerve center of the nazi war sys- ·iem and national production. Wednesday's daylight attack by nearly 2,000 American bombers and fighters on Berlin advanced to some extent all of these aims, particularly the first and fourth. The Luftwaffe was forced into massed action in defense of a vital target and lost heavily. American fighters destroyed 83 enemy planes andl the bombers got 42 ior a total of 125. In Monday's attack, American bombers got 93 nazi planes and the fighters 83 for a total of 176, which was estimated to be about one- half of Germany's faltering monthly production rate. U. S. losses were 38 bombers and 16 fighters, against G8 and 11 on Monday. The campaign presumably is to continue at full blast despite the cost, on the obvious ground that allied strength can stand the losses, while Germany cannot. The latest assault on Berlin also scored jheavily by almost obliterating the Erkner ball bearing plant outside Berlin, Germany's chief remaining source of that essential component of airplanes and other war machines. The unprecedented number of incendiary bombs dropped set great fires from end to end of the capital, and speculation was revived on whether the capital might not have to be abandoned, which would be a telling stroke to German morale. iboth the southwest Pacific and of army and navy forces is linked, block on South Federal at Burma that mastery of the tactics I w i t h the appropriate use of land, of amphibious and jungle war- ' sea and air power.' 1 fare and the maneuvers o( encir- ' clement has now passed to the allies." Developments in the southwest Pacific, Stimson said, "show the pattern of conquest which can be followed when full co-operation rOKFKITS S10 BOND Robert D. Hay, 915 8th N. E., forfeited a S10 bond before Police Judge Morris Laird Thursday on a charge of intoxication. Hay was arrested by police in the first America's Finer Tea "SAUNA" Festal Cut Spears, All Green ASPARAGUS, 10 Points, No. 2 Can JUNE PEAS Festal Fancy Small Only A No. 2 3 Points..* Cans Festal Fancy Golden Whole KERNEL CORN, 6 Points, 2 No. 303 Cans SWEET C VlEA5 Xm ?. ." TM"!* Sv 15c I.IIIIIVS FA.VCV S Paints MIXED VEGETABLES "S? 15c I.iriRVS I AXC-y Ill PninU SPINACH *£,;,'= 21 c Ilfcl. MOXTK I * Point* DELUXE PLUMS .'. . . *^ 23c KXTKA FANCY B L A C K No I'oinls DRIED FIGS Ib, 29c D t M C I O r S N O U R I S H I N G CREAM OF WHEAT. . ¥· 23c ACNT JT.MI.11A ri.AlN PANCAKE FLOUR '^ 13c STAI.KVS MAI'Lt: H . A V O R i : i WAFFLE SYRUP ");M5e SOFT. W H I T E AIISORIIENT NORTHERN TISSUE. . ,.",,, 29c SAVES MINI;TI:S. MUSCLE. .IIO.NKV SUNBRITE CLEANSER, Can 5c Fresh, Crisp PREMIUM CRACKERS, Lb. Pkg. OYSTER SHELLS, 50-lb. Sacks ISc 59c POTATOES Carload Idaho Russets direct from the grower. Every sack KUarantcctl. On sale this week. 100 Pound Sock... $2.79 BUY NOW WHILE THE 1'KICES ARE LOW ORANGES, Sunkist, Dor.. 19c PASCAL CELERY, Bunch. . California « A*» CARROTS, Bunch.. lUC SPINACH, Ib.. SWISS CHEESE POUND ^ A 1UC PORK ROASTS !S SI ,,,, .,«,. f AliR SHOUI UAPID ROASl Lamb Stews . . . . Lamb Rib Chops. . Lamb Legs Pork Steaks Pork Chops. Spare Ribs ..'.... Pork Cutlets Sliced Pork Liver.. Frcjh Side Pork . . . Hormel's Bologna. . SPAM -- PREM -12-oz -DER rs ib. Ib. 16c Ib. 33c Ib. 37c Ib. 28c Ib. 35c Ib. 21c Ib. 33c Ib. 17c Ib. 25c Ib. 25c Premium Brounschweigcr . . Smoked Polish Sausage Brookfield Links. . . No. 1 Sliced Bacon, Minn. Slab Bacon, Pork Loof . ..... Minced Ham New England Ham, RATH LUNCH MEAT, 25c 33c Ib. 35c Ib. 39c Ib. 39c Ib. 38c Ib. 25c Ib. 35c Ib. 28c Ib. 49c S7c FRESH DRESSED CHICKENS -- All Sizes GRAPEFRUIT, Pound Sc California /tg^ CABBAGE. Ib llv FEDERAL UIT MARKETS SHOP HERE AND SAVE STOCK SALT 100 POUNDS 98c BERLIN LOSES DAY PROTECTION No Nazi Target Safe at / Any Time, Stimson Says Washington. (,'P)--Secretary ot Wnr Stimson said Thursday that the American ;iir raids on, Berlin arc "a clear indication to the nazis that now no target is safe from allied planes cither by day or night." "These attacks arc proof," he told a news conference, "oC the removal ot another barrier, both natural and man-made, behind which Germany sought to hide its industries and its capital. Flak has never stopped us, nor have close- flying fighter defenses, nor clouds, nor fog. Only daylight has stopped us and now that last protection (for Germany) has gone." He reported that the American air attacks Monday and Wednesday damaged ball-bearing factories and aircraft engine plants and electrical works in Berlin. Turning to the war on Hie other side of the world. Stimson recalled that about this time 2 years ago Japanese forces were completing their seizure of the Netherlands East Indies and penetrating Burma. Now, he said, "the allied forces are demonstrating to Japan in Kropman Grocery in nth st. N. K. $1.50 up Delicious ROASTED CHICKENS Delicious Golden Brown Crust Home-Madc BREAD, Any Kind. . HOME-MADE PASTRY If you arc planning a parly or for special occasions--we nil] bake you fancy cookies, cakes. pies or rolls. U-Kook-It Makes Imitation Jell Apple and Blackberry BUTTER, Pound BANANAS We Carry a Complete Line of Fresh Vegetables Ice Cold COKE, 6 for Folger's, Hills Bros. COFFEE, Ib PORK and BEANS, 3 Cans tor .- 25C 31c 25c TEA In Packages and Tea Bags at Your Grocer's . in. Wednesday. 1:40 [Thursday. March 9, 19« 17 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE BUTTER is ma m mm D I S T R I B U T E D BY Iowa State Brand Creameries, Inc. IN MUFFINS ON OTIE8 CEflEStS JU I BEU UTOUU 19 CORN COUNTRY FRESH BUTTER ...u,45 ( 10 Points FOLGER'S C O F F E E Regular *O C or Drip LB.^T LIBBY or DEL MONTE FRUIT COCKTAIL URGE No. 2 Vi Can (·13 Points) 35c BLATZ ALES Ginger Ale-White Soda or Sparkling Wator -- 5c GREAT RIG ^2 Ounce Bottle DEPOSIT ON BOTTLES -DEL MONTE FANCY DE LUXE PLUMS 2 LARGE 21/, Cans '-12 Pts. Per Can- FLORIDA Grapefruit Juice Famous -IK OZ. Dromedary . . CAN PANTRY - PRIDE PEANUT BUTTER LH. .JAU 2 LB. J Alt LINDSAY FANCY CALIF. RIPE OLIVES .lunibo Si7.« Kxtrn I.rp. Size TINT 95C PINT O7C TIN..JJ TIN */ LIB1JY FANCY BJQ GENUINE D!LL PICKLES ..^^ LIPTON'S FAMOUS OR BETTY CROCKER NOODLE SOUP .3 lk * s 25 G E L A T I N Plymouth 1 3C Rock PKG. 1*1 U. S. GOOD BONED AND ROLLED MEAT DEPARTMENT Decker's lowono Sliced Bacon Loin End Cuts Pork Roast 2 Points - £ _ . Pound £jV Tender Smoked Picnics 2Pp0 ± as 29c U. S. GOOD GRADE A BEEF ROAST 7 Points Pound 26 GRADE AA U. S. CHOICE Veal Shld. ROAST 7 Points Pound Genuine PORK CUTLETS 4 Points Pound Fresh Sliced 1 T«l PORK LIVER, Ib. 1/V Spore 1 Point T.IBS Pound Home Made SAUERKRAUT. . Ib. Sc Gold Medal Wheaties 3, 8 c: 25c| j Priced ,OW!. SWIFTS PREM .12 £33° "GOLD MEDAL" F L O U R 50 Rcd i/ z , (c AUNT JEMIMA J* +-I 1 * JL ·* I^ITJ llf 1 Y V PANCAKE FLOUR . . 3i ^ 29 AUNT J E M I M A im i .1 nniiniA CKWHEAT PANCAKE 21 PKG. 29 ( CALIFORNIA SEEDLESS--220 SIZE NAVEL ORANGES . . . Doz. 39 PASCAL Celery Large Stalk ICEBERG Lettuce Large Heads 2 for 13 CALIFORNIA Carrots Large Bunches POTATOES New, P o u n d . . . . SPINACH Fresh, Pound TURNIPS 5C CABBAGE NEW, Pound 4c GRAPEFRUIT f\/ - 3/2v TEXAS SEEDLESS, 80 SIZE ........ Eoch AVOCADOS I BEANS Large, | n^, I Green, Each A 7V | Pound . . . . PARSNIPS Fancy Pound . . . . B R O O M S Good Brnonxi Arc Sean*! BKTTEK BUY NOW. "MISS S NATIONAL" "LITTLE DOT* . . . '1.09 NORTHERN Toilet Tissue SKrSc 50 IN CARTON-BOOK MATCHES 2 ct - 25° DIAMOND or OHIO Matches 6 f!L 29c THEY'RE TOPS!!! TUB - TESTED B I TV QUART BOTTLE -LLA GALLON JUG . 49c CONCENTRATED Perfex Cleaner L* 2k PALMOIJVE Toilet Soap 320c CRYSTAL WHITE L A U N D R Y S O A P EASIER WASHDAYS

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