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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, July 11, 1818
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NLIf - YORK gFLXlNQ POST. - SATURDAY, JULY It. Tho fiJierics. It will bt Mm by the article cinder tb Saltm head, that we are rapidly losing our ILherie If not attended to as a national concern.' According to tat principle laid dowa in a lata speech by aa American Mmtor( wo possess tht strict right to these fisheries, and if to, wt bail not permit any earthly power to wrest them c - Mt of oar hands, or abridge Iho enjoyment of them. i . 17gA priseThe high prize, $70,000, in tho MiUbrd aad Ovi;a RoaJ Lottery, yesterday afternoon, came up to the firtt drawn umber, which was G93C, tod which happened to bo one fit flu firJrcta which remain ea uaSOiil ia luc hands of the contracton, Mr. fsaao G. Ogden ana Mr. a very m uwego coumy. i no mmr gentleman own two - thirds, having bought oat col. Aaroq Ogden's share, oat - thlrd, for 43000, and tho latter one - third. Perhaps, on all account, the prize could not have (alien bolter. There baa been exported from the port of Sa - Tcnuah, from tho 1st of October, 1817, to the SOth of one 1813, one hondred and tea thousand and fifty toe baits of Cotton, and thirteen thon - land tight hundred and throe tierce of Rice. Tho French sloop of war Ezpeditior, captain Bron, irom IWhfbrt, via Newfoundland, came up this forenoon, from tho watering - place, and fired a salute, which was answered from the Lit on GoTeruorVbland. - ' Improved Kateiiotropt.yir. Saunders, cele brated for his improved razor strops, No. 18 tVaH - streef, has lately Invented such an im provemeut on the Brewster kaleidoscope, that wuum wo cjigiun loys sen stowiy at do ecu is, as I - t 1 Y. I l . III . - . has more demands than ho can supply for liis at tH si - tsUce. and th ara trail wnrtk all lluiail. aiuoaoi price to mote wno aeiightmsacn things. Tho colors art not only rich and beautiful in tho bighett degree, but tho figures are formed by easy gradations, and present to the eye pictures infinite, in variety, regularity and elegance. Much credit is due to tha1 injeaiotu mechanic who is tho author. All others that wo have seen "art nothing to this. To errttpmdtKi. find my desk covered with communications upon almost all sorts of subjects, some of which I must endeavor to disport of at once, as they lie. A Cilittn is duly recti red, as was the article to which he alludes ; but I have not published it, nor any thing on the rubject, be cause I am sure it would pais Unheeded by (boss for whom it is intended. " A Subtcriber" is thanked for hit flattering note. I can only assart him, I bold myself at all times ready, when properly informed, to devote a full share of my time, and whatever abilities 1 may happen to possess, to the commercial interests of the country, in their turn ; letmtouly can supply. .1 pattenger in tin P , should not find me backward to expose any impositions to which he may allude, if acquainted with particulars. 6 at I cannot but think it a little unreasonable to ex pect from mt what the Kgtptian task - masters required of the children of Israel, to mute oriel - vithnil tlraw. A friend to the ei'y of Jftte - York, has beei. carefully perused ; but ! must inform the wri tor, that ht and I so totally differ in our theories respecting the origin of seJltne fiver, that I cannot accede to any proposition contained in his ar tide. I bar examined the subject so thorough ly, here to lore, and have so satisfactorily and en tirely undo up my mind on this subject, that nothing, I think, will ever change it, or make me believe that toap - suds thrown into the street, or mud from the cutters of Aew - York, will ever generate marsh miasma, or produce the petti lence called yellow fever, anymore than it will the plague er the yaws. Our climate has its diseases, but this is not ont of Ibem ; and, think ing as I do, Icouceiveit to be my duty to take every proper occasion to vindicate it against what I consider an injurious and totally an unfounded calumny. FIOJII OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of Charleston Courier, ? June 3. $ Freia Sr. Augmtint. - CapL Dateson, of the (loop Frolic, who arrived here this morning, left St. Auiftittine yesterday. lie informs us. that a Spanish corvette of 26 guns, a brig of 20 Kuna, ana an herinapiirortite brig ot la guns, arrived oil" that place on Sunday la - it, in a short passage fiom Havana, having under convoy the schooners Barbarita and Santa Uosa, luad - cd with munitions of war. clothing, provisions, and about 20,000 dollars in doubloons, for the use and pay of the soldiers at that post. The vessels of war tailed arain on Monday and Tuesday the schooners were discharged when Capt B. tailed. No certaio informaticn had been received at St. AojruUine of the fall of Pensacola t a report of it had reached there, but it wat alterwardt contradicted ; and tltey remained in doubt and uncertainty on the subject. A large body of Indians, with their women and children, were encamped within a - tutuf 1 tnil nf St. S. iicmiitinr ml a nnmhw f I ' tliem 'daily rbited the town. The garrison, which amoojits to alMHit 400 men, were much elated by this timely supply of cloathtng, pro - visions and money, which they had been' long 1 xiking for. Arrived this mominir. sloop Frolic, Dateson, 1 day from ot. Augustine, bound to N York. FremtheXatimallnJtlligenrer,Jii!si9. ' The secreUry of war returned to this city yesterday, from a eisit to South Carolina. AgcnU - oaanwisirriveJinthiscilvaLiyor twoagofrooi Alabama territory, informs us, that. l.4lh 01 J 0n ,Mt' h nterd 0 side of the tract ef country churned by the Che - i?B4l;?MUJl!ln' 00 lhe road, aud travelled thn.ngh to the east. The Indians , aPir4 fntndly 5 the half breeds not hottue. but more louraud unsocial than he had ed to liud tlicm. The whites who rM .L thm were alu geoerall) unaccomaiodiUoT - i To one of the whites who spueared more plea. " viiuiuuh.iit loan outers, oar iniorm - ait remarked that lhe laif braJ, dU nr.t - ; fet that frwnJIy sooal dipoitioo toward their white brethrca soiouruia: thronrh th nntinn. that they bad bera celebrated for bv some trar. , ellen ; ht repUed that the half - breeds had gent - . rally selected lands and opened farms, from to in it of sahirh tl. i;aA riMertlt lreAt annuel ly, and that the white people, as well as the half - breed, were dioaatiiSed at the almost cor - tain prospect of tho Cherokee country besot, given m txchsjire to the United States t tends west of Um Mississippi river, at a treaty which was to have commenced on the 24th alt. at tugn wattle. frees Me Boston G svelte. r.n,ml Vuinrm Aa able writer la the Cen tiul ha nrxfartakm. in a series of ember, to n.rtaiha - Jtareair Cowardice, brourht suraiest and friend of the revolu - tioo, by General learborn. Among other depo - ibooa. given ia the 4lb IV o. ol the series, we find the foltowinc from the line of one of tho sol diers, actually twlosvging to, and fighting in the same ranks with uen. uearnorn. near wuai he sava. ondrrtthe sanctitv of an oath : M Ken ben Kemp, now of Brooklyn, in Connecticut, but formerly of Gofistown, State of New - Hampslrire, depoeeth on oatb, that in 1775, lie ill aouiieriatBDi. Dimuei lucnarai' CDDm nv and cot Storks' f Dearborn's) regiment s be ing quartered at My stick, on the I7tb of June, an alarm was riven, and the regiment ordered parado at the Colonel's quarters, when amnio Hon was distributed, namely, ten bullets and a gill cup of powder. We sorted our bullets as well as we couiu ana marc be u 10 inanetiowa neca After we arrived at the high ground over the neck we were ordered to parade our packs and guns, and'pnt sentries over them. Here we were furnished with intrencbius tools and begat to throw up a breast woraybot we bad not been more than ten or fifteen minutes at work be fort the drums beat, and we were marched immediately. An officer whom I had never seen, (Hettxumihe cm - ditionof Dearborn ana" ail Starts' frorpi.trAoncs er nua teen rouiiim, i ana wiraa tney caneu uen. . J Ml a V 1 I " II I ' rouana. eermea 10 navo toe oraenns oi uimzi He chnrzed the med not to fire till tlo enemv came close to tlie works, ami then to take eood aim, and make every shot kill a man. But there were a lew wees tiiscnarsea oeiore we oraer was given to ore. den. rutnam appeared verv angry, and passed along the lines qvackig, with his sword drawn, and threatened to etab any man that Srcd without order. The enemy kept firing as they advanced, and when they bad got pretty near lbs works we were ordered to take good aim and fire. At thu time Gen. Putnam wdi eomtanllu passing backward and, forward from riebt to left, telling us tlie day was our own if we would suck to it; and it was not many oiinntes before the enemy began to retreat." Upon bcimr questioned whether he had af terwards known Putnam, and recognized him to he the same officer who sotrallantly distin guished himself, be saul, MI saw him often after, fur he commanded on Prospect riilL and I knew him to be the same that vis in the fight (SismeU) KEUBEN XGMrv Sworn to before John Parish, Justice of Peace. Pray where was cart. Dearborn, that he could neither see this gallant officer, nor bear his orders to Dearborn's own regiment f From lhe Boston Gaulle, of July 9. Brick Lifl h Machine bv this name, inven ted by Beniamin Dearborn, Esq. is now in oie - ratioo on the inventei's estate, in Federal street, raisins the dirt and clay as a well is due. I ves - terday witnessed a met, sitting;, as in a chair, on this machine, and witliont much labor, in that position, raised a (arse full tub of clay, with a heavy man on the tub rope, twenty two feet. Toe operation is performed with greater despatch, more safety, and with hulf the ezpense of the usual method. The habit) of a people cause powerful preiudices against any Alteration, how - evtr great the improvement, and many are the useful members of society who spend a long life, ameliorating the condition of thu hard working mechanick, before the boon is received. Tlie Brick Liill in particular bai to oppose a formida - 1.1. l... !. II IU I uic iivj.. iuvi ii.r, , irjuuivc uit, iiuuiurn M is However wished, that lhe eniiehtenetl Dart this community, with those particularly who intend to build, would give a little attention to this espensesavinc and valuable invention. Dir. Dearborn. I understand, offers the use of this ma - chin to builders, on the sate principle of receiv ing one naij uie tavutg it makes irom th usual method.' From the Baltimore Federal Gateltf,Jult) 8. The Spanish minister passed through this city yeilerdav morning, on bis way from Philadelphia tn Washington, where ht probably arrived yesterday evening. He had received despatches from the late governor of Florida, giving an account ol his expulsion from his government by the United Mates troops under the command of sen. Jackson. If the Spanish minister shall ascertain, that our government has authorised or justifies the whole) tittnt of hostilities committed by ten. Jackson, can he draw any other conclusion, than that the two nations are at var.n from the Richmond Enquirer. " Pciitacola. General Jackson, it appears, after taking Pensacola, established a territorial department, of which colonel Kin' is the tem porary governor he bas also established an American custom - house ; and, in fact, bas ex ercised moat of the attributes of sovereignty, as if it were our own territory. Wo presume, that, ia that steps, ht has gone without tht instruction! of the government t and that it will not be long befcrt be will be instructed to evacuate the premises. We will not suppose, Tor one moment, that tht president has Uie slightest inten tion in this way of occupying the Floridas. For, little as we owe the Spaniards, there is some thing wt owe to 'ourselves. Wt repeat, that our national character is worth a hundred Flo ridas.' From the HaUoU Advocate, Juhf 4. Destructive Hail Storm. On Tuesday after noon last, one of tht most tremendous hail storms, accompanied with thunder and hrhtning, was experienced in tht upper part of this county, ever witnessed by tht oldest inhabitants The damages sustained by this calamitous visitation are incalculable. ' In Watervillr, the house of capt. Samuel Mnore was struck by lirhiaio?, his daughter, atd 19, instantly killed, and Lumsetli and two children wounded A school lloue in the vicinity, containing alioul 'JO children, was likewise struck, ail alllio' the bodaui; receiv ed a tremendous shock, (lircakiog nearly all the glass and otherwise injuring itl providentially no person was hurt. Grain and fruit have suffered severely, sod the window class exposed to the hail is tree rally broken. I be sus ol uie nail stoaet is variously staled, from one to three inch et in diameter, but generally about the size of bena'een. Lxtmclef t letter to the editor. In China, five barns wert blown down, acd ont burnt with lizhtninr. Several nooses wert Unroofed, and frames blown down. In I airux, Sec 6 bans were blown down, and a number rf dweUinr - nonset wert either blowa down, or had their roofs blown off. One family in Fairfax h id but jmtflcd to tlie cellar, When lilt bouse fell otbers wert blown down wiui uie people in them, but lortunalely no lives wert lot, allho' some persons were wounded. From a barn which stood several rods west of a road, and which was destroyed, several large rafters were blown into the field oast ef tht road, some rods distant, ana pieces of the roof were carried near ly a third of a mile, mni of which broke the windows of a dwelling house, and aeme pieces of boards, with nails in ibem, were driren aainst other buddings about the stmt distance, and were fastened to them by the nails. Several building m Freedom errre destroyed. The damage done to wood - lands is incalculable. Fen ces for a considerable distance were Mown dosvn. r. 8. The sufferers are to far as I have learn ed, ia China. George M'l,au,'hho' baiv btowo 'scoo N LaugaiiiTsdos Dsmdfpratt's oumirsoo. and nnote Irame ; captain Oisdlev l'a bain blown dowa ; Wm. Hsodv's barn burnt ; dwelling bouse of R. Fletcher, esq. nrooied 5 several other bouses stetaiaed injury, la F airlui, Sjljaaus Harlow's barn blown down; John Ahhoi's d: Kohh Wine's 4t Warren Drake's dt tiibbia M'LauiUha's ao. m p" Stepiiea Wir.r,s bouse unrooiedt noah Wing's do t Oibhia M'Lauehlie's house bWwa down t widow Swell's do. and corn barn. In Freedom, Wm. Sibley, esqrt barn WowOown J nuu WiKgia's bans smroofed. From Savannah papers to the 5th of July, by the Margaret - Ann, arrived tills forenoon. SATiaaan, July 2. On Tnesday evening last, between eight and nine o'clock, the ery of fire wat; sounded. It proved to be the houe occupied by Messrs. a. C fc J. Schenrk. ' Fortunately it was ar retted before any damage was done. An attempt was made on Tuesday nipht last on the Augusta road, between Mr Ctiyler's plantation and the 16 mile house, to rob Mess. John Elliot and James i Bulloch, who left this city in the morning fur the up country. 1 he villains bad so far succeeded as to cut from tlie carriage tin trunk of tlifc former gentle - man ; but before they had secured their plunder, they were discovered in time to prevent their carrying it off. They retreated precipitately by taking to the woods. Jtfore MmitggLut good found. - The commander of the United States' revenue cutter Dallas, having strong reasons for supposing that there still remained, some part of the cargo cf the Spanish ship Faslora, which bad been smuggled, and had not yet been recovered, dispatched on Sunday last, a boat, under the command of an officer, with orders to proceed to Port Royal Sound, and else where, for the purpose of recovering the goods, and detecting individuals concerned in the nelarieui transaction. The objects of the expedition were completely realized. A quantity of articles, consisting of wine, cordage, paper and dry goods, were discovered and taken possession of by lieut. Hubbard, and deposited with the collector of Bcaufirt. The names of the persons in whose possession the goods wert (bund, we have seen ; they will, of course, be prosecuted agreeably to tho revenue laws of the U. States. It is stated by one of the crew of the privateer Young Spartan, who waaarrectcd and is now confined, in Beaufort, by the officer of the cutter Dallas' that a quantity of dry goods taken and landed from the Pastors, together with a number of cases of Holland Gin, that had beeu plundered from a Dutch ship from Amsterdam bound to Havana, by the Yountr Spatrtan, have been sent to Charleston for the avowed pupoe of defrauding the revenue. The vigilance which captain Jackson, and his officers, have evinced during the whole of tinsauair, men is uie applause of all honest men. SAVANNAH, July 4. It is rumoured that (he Governor of Ueonria. has forwarded to the general government a spirited remonstrance against the cooduct of general Jackson. The Mi Hedge ville Journal, of tlie SOth ultimo. states that Robert Brent, pay - master gjtertl ol the arinv of the United States, bas forwarded to the governor of this state, a draft on the U. 3. Branch Bank in Savannah, for (30.000, to be placed, when collected, in the hands of Maj. J as. A si ton, of Libert, for tlie payment of the Geor gia militia, lately in service. SALEM, July 7. Marbtehtai Fitheni. Comparative statement of the fares of this year and the last. mil sBirrans. fish. VEStELS. Constitution Brown 4300 Phillips loOO Knight 3900 Green 5500 Humphrey S500 Thompson SHOO Preble 3100 Humphrey 2000 Francis 2500 Messeivev 5000 Vickery 3400 Goodwin 3700 I res no t - SOO Hooper - ' 34U0 Woruistead 7800 Fame, Madison, Jefiersou 13000 15500 18000 20300 22500 Rob bin Essex V arico ito. - p Jachia James 15000 Kusscll 14500 31000 4U00 Franklin Hannah Salus Kesulator 15500 Teaser Tucker 7500 Knight 2500 White S500 Collyer . 4000 Tnomer 3800 Thompson 3200 Power 3100 Cruff 5000 Rouady 3100 Lefavour 4000 Thompson 3HO0 Garney ttVM Thompson 6UO0 19000 17000 19G00 16000 Jemmy and Kanry LiOVS Amity Favorite Four Sisters 11000 17000 Perseverance Polly Betty 15500 14000 13500 13000 30400 13200 15000 17500 14000 13500 17500 17400 135110 15500 19500 Friends Four Brothers Two Sisters Joseph Success Goss 3300 Cherub Honian ' 3400 Nancy Crown 4000 Hannah Caswell 40u0 Success Hammond 3000 Alpha Tucker 3200 Sally Graves 4000 John Knight 4000 Sally Thrasher f00 William Tiuttifij! 471X3 Success Davis 3?tJ0 13500 17500 16000 Joseph and Mary Trcfry 54I0 t rienditup I tsiiew 4UUU Dove Tutt 3U00 159700 5)3400 13 vessels that did not return wiui a ) spring fare Ibis year, brought home 193,200 lor their spring fares last year ) Making the amount of last year's fares, 736,600 Amount of this year's fares, 159,700 Difference in favor of last year, . Tht number of vessels thai returned with spring farei last year was 47, averaging to each a fare of This year 42 vessel, averaging 576,900 1 5,572 3,:iOi Average difference. 11,370 The abtire ttatement is furuidicd by t - oMi iog friend at Marblehrad, In whom we bare been indebted for former information on this business. so immediately interesting to that town, and o important to Uie country, as producing a staple article in rtew - knglaml cooimerce, and Nc England subsistence. The two year's amounts make a stri'ciog contrast ; but luiinterrnptcd sue cess is not the lot of man, else would Marble. bead skill, intrepidity and perseverance in this branch of enterprise secure it. New - Qiti.caxs, June 12. To tit peni!f of I.ouitiana. - l am reluctantly compelled not only to derl:ne bein a candi date to represent you in Uie ensuing congress of the V. stales, but to resign Uie seat which I now hold in that bony. My health has been co seriously affected bv the cold winters of Washington, that a regard to a hat is due to myself, as well as to you, as your representatives, alike renders necessary the determination 1 thus announce. My in tention in this respect ought to have been sooner made known to you, but I hoped to have been so much benefitted by my sea voy. sire, aa to have been enabled to continue to serve you 1 and I had a right also, from the lime at which I left Wsudunptori, to calculate 00 a more early arrival at New .Orleans. Deeply impressed with recollections of the flatter, ing manner in which you have been pleased to distinguish me, I ara yuur obedient servant. " Thomas K. Uoszbtsos. New - Orleans, llth June, 1818. We are authorised to inform the puMi that Edward Iivingstnu, esquire, wiH srre, if elected, in tht congress of the United States. Several of thV friends of Jotiah X. Johnson, eta. of RepidM, have requested us to announce him as a candidate to fill the seat in the house of representatives ef tht United Slates, vacated by the resigoatiim of Mr. Rohrrt.a. Wt aae aared1y the friends of Ae boo. Tho mas Butler cireliciaaa, that ht) will etrra U re pf esenUti vt in congress for this sratt.lf elected. ' CINCWSAtT SOCIETY. ' At the anniversary meeting of tht New - York Slate Society of the Cincinnati, held at tht City Hall, on tht 4th of July instant, tht fallowing gentlemen wert elected officers for tht ensuing year. Richard Varick, president ' Ebenezer itevssni, vice do Jonathan Burrill, treasurer , Jonas Adams, ass't do Danl. E. Duuscouib, see'ry Member ol the standing committee : Lebbeus Loomia Tbeod. fowler, Wm. Ltavcraft, Leond. Btreckcr, iaml. Cooper, Walter Uicker, Gcid Steddiford, Jedli. Waterman. Aquilla Giles, " After the ordinary business of the society was transacted, they adjourned to dine at Washington Hall, where a table was bountifully spread with choice viands and tvery delicacy of the season, m Mr. MMntyrt's best style. After dinner lhe standing toasts were drank, followed by several volunteers from distinguished gentlemen present : STANDING TOASTS. 1. The president of tht U. States 2. The vice - president and congress 3. Tht president general of the society 4. The governor and state of New - York 6. Tht 17th June, 1775 6. Tht memory of Gen. Washington 7. Tht 36th December, 177C 8. The memory of Geo. Hamilton 9. Tht 17th October, 1777 1 0. The memory of those heroes who have fallen in defending the liberties of their country. 11. Tht 19th October, 1731. 12. Our brethren in arms, tht non - commis. stoned officers and private. IX 1 ht day, and all who honor it. Fohmtetrt. 1. By the President The American Fair. 2. By tht vice - president. Tht memory of gen. Gate. 3. By alderman Atevens. J be army 01 tne revolution. 4. By judge Dessosway. Tht city of New - York. May its patriotism keep pact with its prosperity. 5. by J. Cbamplin, esq. The constitution 01 the United States. Liberty without licentiousness, and honor without despotism. 0. Uy col. Lewis Morris. The memory 01 gen. Green. 7. By the secretary. Tht memory 01 gen. Putnam. His undaunted courage and military services have so enthroned him in tba hearts ol tho American peopto, as to set at defiance tvery attempt to uodermiut its basis. 3. fiy col. Gibbs. Gen. Brooks, governor 01 toe state of Massachusetts. 9. By gen. Giles. Major Gen. SL Clair. 10. Bycol. Piatt. The - rtatest luxury of all things that of doiug good. II. By gen. North. The memory of general Putnam ; who never was accused of cowardice until after his death. 12. By J. Ganzevoort. The memory of gen. Wayne. 13. By major Fowler. Tht memory of gen. Knox. 14. By col. Bicker. The societies who have honored this day by their public appearance. 15. by cam. Cooper. Major gen. Baron ue Stuben the founder of discipline for the revo lutionary army. IS. By J. Watson, esq. A happy termina tion of our differences with Spain. After the president retired, 17. By tht vice - president. The president of this society. OssttviTioa a r Forascnaa. Having arrived ar fourscore, allow me to state some of the feelings attendant upon that advanced age. I am strongly attached to old habits and old fashions, even though absurd. Instead of longing for a new coat, I part with an old one as with an old friend. I forget some lessons, and cannot learn others. One lesson however I must learn, to eat without teeth. The farther we advance in years, the more we are affected with both heat and cold. In early life our feelings are but little influenced by either. I can better remember the transactions ot se venty years, than of yesterday . pour liquor into a full vessel, and the top will run off first Perhaps I can recollect being in a thousand companies, every person which composed them is now departed except myself, upon wnaic - ver family I cast a di.tant eye, I remark in that family a generation is sprung in 10 me, passed through the bloom of the day, and sunk into the night My old friends have ".lipped off the stage, and lamas unfit to unite with new, as new cloth with old. Thus 1 am become a stranger to the world which I have long known. As age 1.1c leases, sleep rferreavs ; when a child enter, upon life, it can slwp twenty two out of thei4 hours. Its sleep will diminish a - bout three horns upou the average every year (luring the next three, when activity will enable it to nurse ilsclf. That reduction will alter - tvards be nearly one hour every ten years, till he arrives at eighty, v. hen lour or live will be his hours ol slei u. It is curious to contemplate the fluctuation of property. I have seen lue man ni opulence 100 a with dindaiu upon a pauper in rcs. I hare seen that pauprr mount the wheel of fortune, and the other sink to the bottom. I have seen a miserable cooper not worth the shavings he made, pl.ire his ion to a banker, and his son become a u'ch banker, a member of parliament and a baronet. nil FINAL OBJeRVATIOSS. IC12. in 1742 I attended divine service at Castle Gnte Meeting, in Nottingham. The minister in elucidating liis subject, made this im - prrsMve remark, tbnt it was very probable, in sixty years, every one in that crowded assembly would hare descended into the grave. Sevea'f stars hare elapsed, and there is more reason to conclude that 1 am the only person left. This day, October llth, is roy birth day. I enter upon my ninetieth year, and have walked ten miles. MARRIED, On Thursday Evening last, by the Rev. Dan - il Hall, Thomas Thomas, Esq.. of Norwich, Con. to Mist Mary Austin. Daughter of John P. Austin. Esq. ol the same rWe. DIED, This morning, Mrs. Mary Bates, relict of the late Arm. Bates, aged 83 years and 8 months. Her friends and acquaintance, and those of her son, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral to - morrow afternoon at 6 o'clock, from hwrjalc residence, No. 52 Dey - street. At Richmond, (Va.) on the 24th June, after a lingering illness, Mr. ABRAHAM STEVENS, a native of this city, in the 25th year of his age. On the 23d of June, at his seat in Charlotte County, (V ir.) Paul Carriiigtoo, Ekj. in tlie UCth year of hit age. At Saraanab July 1, Mr. Job r". Baker, aged 35 years, a native of New - Jersey. iMJOXQ POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED. Ship Dahnarnock, Robertson, Liverpool 1 . raneaut. Ship America, V.bherts, Brig S. - .mpson, Henficld, Morris, Smith, Schr. Coaster, Van Name, Vulture, Dean, Catherine, Vates, c'aion, Tirrcll, East Indies Charles Hall. New - London Bristol, (Eng) Jas. D Wolf Norfolk Ah xincLia St. Andrews S fe J llilyer Surfolk , Man, Stenman, Went Indies Sloop Traveller, B ration, - Richmond Galen, Hawes, . Chatham Bright Bhorbuj, Kctchatn, Boston ARRIVED Tula FVREJtOOK Brieantine Hope, O'Brien, 14 days from Ha vana, with sugar, molasses, honey and logwood, to F Pomeroy, J Crowlev, Bailey & Russell, Cunningham if Bailey, N W Grenard, J B La - salle, W Codman and L C Deforest. Lcft,S8th June, trig American, Everett, from Rio, discharging, and to sail on the 20lb July. S'chr Aneona arrived 28th, in 2o days from N York. briz I'ala&ix, 35 days from Bath, had been swept through tht Gulf Stream. Sctir Concord, of Boston, from Teneriffe. A cartel arrived a few days prior to the Hope's sailing, with troops from I'ensacola, and two or three more expected. Lat 37 Ion 74 spoke ship Perseverance, from Bath, hound to Norfolk. Sch Tell Tate, Churchward, 56 hours from Norfolk, with rum. tobacco, &c. to D S Ken nedy 36 passengers. sen Constitution. Traverse, 6 days from Richmond, with flour and tobacco, to Boor - man li Johnston. Schr Alexander. Dishot). 3 davs from Curri tuck, with staves, to 0f;;cr & Kohrrtsnn. sctir Lnterpnze, Gray, xdays fiom Wilming ton, (Del.) with corn meal, tn T Buckley & Son. sloop irginia 1 rador, r rost, 4 days from Brand) wine, with meal and flour, to T. Buckley and F. Van Amringe. Sloop Margaret Ann, Stratton, 4 days from Savannah: with cotton to Hicks, Lawrence A Co.. 9th inst. lat 37. 58, long 74, 18 W. spoke a brig, (understood the FannvT 22 davs from Li - veipool, bound to Baltimore. Passengeis, Mesrs cuhness, Logan, K rosier, J r raser. Bliss, Montgomery, f aimeter, skiuier, Jones, Moore, Parr, Tarver. Bartin, Longworth. Sloop Atlantic, Woodward, 6 days from Al exandria, with cannon for the navy, and flour, ts Strong ti Havens, and F. C Woodhull. July 5, in the river, spoke sch Eliaa ol Nancy, of Middlotown, bound up. Sloop Catharine, Goodrich, 13 days from St. Johns, f Porto Rico,) with rum. kc. to Fish it GriuQcll and K Malibran. Left, schrs Felicity, Smart, for N York, 28 days 5 Carrier, My rick, for Boston m 35. bailed in co. with brig Mary - Aa - axeon, Smith, for Philadelphia) schr Guslarus, Morgan, for Boston. Lat 29, Ion 67, spoke schr Surprise, from N York bound to Port - au - Prince. Lat 38, Ion 73, ship Uen. Lincoln, from Havre, bound to Alexandria, out 76 days. Lat 38, lot) 73, ship Good - He turn, Sands, from Liverpool, bound to Baltimore, out 4t days. Oo the 7th July carried away the head of the mast. AT tiUAKAiVri., Brig Muskougus, Duckendorf, 21 days from St. Domingo, with mahogany, hides, molasses, &c. to P Harmony. Captain and mate both very sick. baited ytstentay, Packet ship Courier, Bowne, for Liverpool. Passengers, messrs. Mazinshi and family, Gor don and servant, Bowdoin aud servant, Mailard, Graser, aud 10 in the steerage. ARRlYED LAST fJVJVG, French sloop of war Expedition capt. Bron, from Rocbfort, via New - foundland, 14 days. PHILADELPHIA, July 10 Arrived at the Lazaretto, brig Caledonia, Jackson, 45 days from Gibraltar. PritUh brig Jane, Hall, from Kingston, Jam. British schr Industry, Corke, from Lubec. Below ship Amiable, Erickson, from Isle of May. Savashau, July 4. Arrived, brig Resolu tion, Mahew, Boston, 18 days. Cleared, brig Francis, Bradtord, Liverpool BROAD WAY CIRCUS. 00000O00000 THIS EVENING. July II, 1R18. The piriorrafince will commence with Uie Sports ol the King. Master Coty. Uie celebrated American hero, will be the first to distinguish himself with many brilliant fcats of horsemanship. Officer and Recruit, by Meters. Tatncll and Garcia, on two horses Mrs. Williams will display her astoaithiog Equilibriums on the bluck Wire. Master M'Cam. the wonder of the age, wit. on one horse, perform many womltrful leats frr a youth, only nine years old, and conclude by ri ding on nil Beta, ms none iniiiu specu. Moos. Caussin will go through many surpri sing feats with a stick, but recently introduced ioto this country. Slack Rone, by Mr. Mavhe. Mrs. Williams will, among other extraordina ry feats, so Ibromihthe sit divisions ol lhe Lroad swnrd. Mr. Tatncll, the (lying hnnrinan, will perform many wonderlul fcdls, aud leap over a board of lights. Knman Pyramids, by 5 persons on two horses. The wh:u to conclude with stjll vaulting by the company Mr. Campbell, clown. Tickets may hn had at the circus, from 10 oYlock, A. M. to 1 P. M. and from 3 to 5 Moors w HI nc opfii at o'cio, and me performance commence precisely at 8. No smoaking allowed. Checks not transferable. Gentlemen are requested not to enter the rin - j. (ft - 'i,hc fc"m boat OI,IVE B ft will sail for the Hook tomorrow, at 1 1 o'clock precisely, and will be well provided with liquors, provisions, tic. See advertisement cn the last page nf this paper. J 1 1 NO UCi.. TTJ Any person Laving vavert to rrpv, or areountt to adjust, will find it for tlfeir interest to call at the otficc of the subscriber, as be will cugage for a small compensation and could per ioral with expeJdion, and correctness, any thing of tht kind committed to his charge. H. rADELFORD, Corner of Frankfort and Chathim - at. July 11 Iw FIFTH WARD. PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given, that the assessors of the fifth ward have completed their assessments, and that a copy thereof is left with one of the asessors, at Liberty Hall, corner of Church and Leonard streets, where the same may be seen and examined by any of the inhabitants during ten days, from the 13th of July to the 24Ui, and that Uie assessors wll meet on the 25lli, at the alxive place, to review tlicir said assesmcnts, 00 Uie epplcatioo of an v ticrson con ceiving himself aggrieved. tiKUKt.r. bU I I O., ) Assessors or the . RICHARD KlD.NEY.J filth ward. J 11 FOR SALE, Tlie ataunch Bermudian built brig ELIZA, 210 tons burthen, built in 1& 12 or 13, entirely of cedar, and copper fas tened she has an American register, and can be seen at Jones' - wharf. Apply to HESRY,THOMAS, No. 2 Jones - lane. Who ofters run sale, Several hundred bales Upland Cotton, in lots to suit purchasers. Jll2ur OT. VLICEiYr MOLAp6t3. 32 htids ol tu O ptrior quality, will be landed this atteionon, 1 ram tlie senr r rancis, at or near pier no. a t.. R. for sale on the wharf by MILLS, PURDY & CO. Jy 11 It 6, BRANDY mut WINR. pipes French Brandy ; 10 hlids. 20 qr. casks L. P. - Madeira wine, landing from brig Louisa. Cecelia, from Madeira, for sale by DIV1E BETIIUNE & Co. Jy 1 1 92 CcQce - housc - slip. 132. COTIVN. bales prime cotton, landing from the lings Mary and Abeoua, from New - Oilcans, and for tale by WALSH & GALLAGHER, Jy 11 CO Soulh - streeL W&r.W.WOOLSEYtCO.So.2tpti,. street, ha va iust recaisl h Canar, Conner, Ann Maria, and other i'mim 1 :mamvuu.i v - - . - Teit u.i.1 nu lAmuun, VtTT tXteeai.. assortment of HAHD H AHEnaiX CVTLhy Which thtv offer for sale bv the Dwk,.. ' shelves on the lowest term:, for cath or crei mow 01 wrucn are particularly adapted to the southern and western markets consisting of Fow'in piecss of different descriptions A ! n 1 " niiTiia, ritts, iracecuains Hammer heads . Gun locks, I'utols, Tea trays Cross - cut, mill aud pit saws, of various quili ties Fine plate stock locks Nob, chest, trunk and cupboard locks Hand, tenant and sash saws Files of all kinds Bread trays, Webbing, Candlesticks Plated caitors, Padlocks, Screws Tooth brushes, Screw plates Steelyards, Waffle and wafer irons Plated saddlery of all kinds Tea kettles, Rat traps, Pocket books Bullous, Shovels. Tomrs. Flints Knives & forks, pen, pocket and other knivn Scissors, Razors, Portable cases Chisels, Plant irons aud gouges Patent and common hoe - Together v illi a quantity of Englith OL steel, blitlerJ Millington Crowley steel, Ac. Sic. ALSO, FOR SALE, 123 boxes window glass 56 casks white and red lead 10 cases white and colored cotton host 20 casks spelter COO boxes tobacco pipes 2 cases long and short Italian gloves July II 2w A VERY handsome assortment of Selseia Linens, consisting; of Platillas, Rorsl - Uretagues. Estoi ilia;. Dcwlas. Hr... . 1 l ' - ' u VK - 2 cases silk velvets 5000 muskets , . 2 boxes fowling pieces , m f Ski,!tV'!?rk ".doall. sword 150 kegs Dutch herrings 4 boxes assorted r'm.vir. Tl. - t - .k - o - iHiuwuir - ucles ectitlcd to debenture. 3 reroons indiim. I hm in. r cts Dutch clothFor i - de by C. ZIMMERMAN, July 11 ltn 77 WatUi tigion - st. A PL J tLWK U JUD.mCU. ttJ bids Richmond flour 45 hhdi prime "Kentucky tobacco 50 krgs Richmond mauufactuicd do. brand, ed Price, lauding from different vesstu, aud for sale by WALbil & GALLAGHER, - CO .South - It. Who have also for sale, 180 !(hdi prime new Richmond tobacco 20 do do old do do 80 do Kentucky do of superior quality 400 kegs Richmond manufactured do 500 bids Ricl niond flour, various brands 100 do fine and middlings 600 do Fredericksburg do 200 do Baltimore Howard - st. do. Jy II I A Pt - ftKR SALCE. X J: bcxes for sale by Jy 1 1 J. OSBORN, 28 South - it. WELSH LATES. .ATO.NDAY. at llf'tlock, in lhe yard ofj IV L Murray tl Son. foot of Liberty street, the cargo of the r air luuiurian, irom wales, coo sisung 01 VbW Ladies i 36 tons Queens f Ci arro 18 do Rags SLA: - S - 19 1 - 2 do Mill ) In lots to suit purchasers. Sale peremptory 1 erms, approved eoaorsea noies at SU uays. PORT WIM sS. C piprs, 9 n!i! aMl 9 )n - j casks verv euo. f rt Wine, leading foa schr 1 roe Aosericao, eat side Ohl slip, fortiv at 104 Froot - street, bv rALi I.rl rZ SAIULKK. In Store Tenerift and Lhbon, in hhdi i quarter casks. JIM Uf AKKA.M'KU UOLTIMG CLOTils. - ' A luree atortmrut of e ver v descriDtim. of Dutch roltipg Cloths, warranted to be of it best quality ever imported, and at the most reduced prices, for sale by . . - .... - .. j. - y.t. .n - vyrviVivrt.i, J 11 - 82 I - Pearl - stnH DLY.VCH, r. lias received rLoubSt ceiia, a few pip - s of Madeira, from t Parish of Caui.i de o, and ?t. Antnaio, which he iuvites the crilicim of connisseurs, ALSO, From the Havana, 30 boxes of segars made! the king's factory, which are of very super quality, and which he ofTirs for salt at No. D William - street. I). L. jr. receives orders for tht above win, tvjrtt to his approval on arrival. Julv II 2w I Ktsll GLUE. 15 hhdi. Glue, land ing m L ship Ocean, from Dublin, for sale bv MAJOR it GILLESPIE, J 11 lw 79 Pine - st (up - stairv) PHIMK KhNTLCKY 1VBALLO. KQ hhds will be landed on Monday rnxn 0J0J ship Grand Seignor, and brig John, tma New - Orleans for sale by w w rsntn ROBT. OILLt - anr HlFroat - iL In store, 33 hhds old Kentucky tobacco, ia' 25 do irrinia do. i 1 BROW.N STOUT. 20 casks U'T hrown Stout, inexctKent tosalt BJ 3 11 IJIVIe. tie.1 rie - t.t - A I AUKAS HDKFd. - b cases Madras Wkts - LVX handsomelv assorted, enlitlea 10 ui.. back, for sale by . J 1 11 11. lit. I IIIJl'' FIVE DOLlJlllS REWARD. . wr pf .:tHU e - l..4 r'.iril lswcf vrX. Tlu O a glass Pedestal, belonging to t set, tt above rewara wm ne given on ucuvcrj - urn, at No. 47 Stoncstrcet. J H rML Art of Swimming, lhviog, rfosuof I on.l nthav mmlM nfsastauiiCBT tadpropSU ing the body in water, with directions to p 0 . . - .. ' : - lallin into unacquaintcu wun iwihidiius w - - - 1 water, accomirameu wim 1 "'vp - f . . ,. j gravings, correctly exhibiting Uie acUon raid altitude in every - - - TBlnnhl. art of swimming: by J. Fiost. ju - pubWied and for sale by in L - ..llno - SirMU The above worn 11 somai r - . 1 . n.i.L.lnsnlve dollar. The price of tht f jiglish ."t 1 don is $1 75, and in this city $ 2 50 - TM tion is well printed, and tht togravwgi as w h executed as the Lngnsh. timet Jrom me . . " Man wisely insures his hooso, his wPi cargo ; he prudently gives a uiue 7 . u wnoie. enau ne ue who person Ahall h sulTer that vessel, . lt. . ihm. foreuiaias . . 11. . 1 , . MruiDnl iow" - tains nil mi ,iuiic etl unprenared for the water, so nnfil to :. .i.. .. ,, .hr.ul.1 it be under me w WIIU IIIV vm, MiMif (r, l cessity of making a voyage, or of wrtn.' r, a few vards for safety, it is in danger of recoverably lost! Wiwlom is not iucou - b Willi itsell." . (i, By this system, persons are instrncteu ( i;ecwary evolutions, action, attitude, a u their ow n element, and do not go u,,f "j"iir ter not'.' they are prepared for it I """, been frequently the case, that tne - ' pils hav e been able to swim on the first am after Uie lessons. Recommendations of the abrvt wor ar . is 11 i" terteauiii. - t

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