The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 11, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1818
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Ul TUB'S . NUMBKK 5015 SATURDAY, JULY llxC18 v M:: N0; l9 AVIttIAM STREET.' X' ' . - . , ,, . .. ,! 1 1 ' '. "' t ii ; 1,11 - Jr Sale, Freigfit Vltarter, ' The kliip THOM AS KELSON, just .rriretl foro New - Orleans she in a .iTbwlt, strong vessel, well found, burthen . ... win ton. can be sent tu sea at a triuinir a"0" . - , ..l..n where she rl' - I e j.., For term, apply to W ROGER & CO. 235 Pearl - atreet. Wanttd to Charter, A coodMM', of about 300 torn, to JloaJ iu a toulheru port for Englaud. ,V '66 3ou'.h - Mret. for Freight or Cfimter, Tbetbip FOafER, .lurau, piaster; '350 toot bertben; is iu complete ordrr, jjicuuid lroceeU to a soutlitw fort ixuitJi - luly, If required, term, af ply t the, mas - ttr.or - .. J SO V. ft 3. CRAIG. H anttdio CHAiif&K, ilfheu, w a vovae to Bermuda ; iruuie - !.. Jupitcli will be given. Apply to , :. .. " TUCKER & LAURIE?, jj 29 South idrect. TOr'rEE, lOMACcu, 1 E, 9 hWs. and I bH. veiy Cre.:i C if - 35 tilids ueii ,r, old Ketu ky Tobacco . l do old Kichtil nd do 16 do new do do , ' qr. casks L. P. !Vadeira ".Viae 1 hnd. Madeiia of uncoronnn t.ih fiivor.Ms - been 3 vents io 1 qr. cask exlM JMir.ny Wine, 6 years old . - S libli. Fredericksburg Flour. t retgltt for tfdeJaniiro ana rcr - itatnOxuo. V.ol bound to eitiiertd" the bov? ' , .IiO)T. ClLLr - Mii', jtS0 ' llg Kronl - .t. . rw unA.iii 4l'fv The now roi.pntdbrr' WARKIOR. i. ii i 1 t V l a X?.2S4 tcin burihro, (built by Mr. N. jtrown of lb' - city,) U. Richards, ojalrr. tho villsulon tho I0(h of July ucxt, weathnr per - oiiU.1''. i r freight or ;ee apily to jAMEa i WOLF, junior, i,. J 54 i'iaHi - t. ""t '.i.riCn to Vli.ifllh It, it A Bi ilih vwel of 2j0 to 300 tons, to VAload at a luutliero port for the West lu - 3a. Appiy to MACKIE, MILNE & CO. 61 !W - ?t IfAXl'EU TO CUAIU'Ml. A good SHU' or IIUIG of a!out '.'50 ,toni. A coppered re! anil one tltat ui. rust, woula be preferred G. G. U S. MOWI.AXD, J I C7 Wa'hinaion ttrcct. Fur It'tlminptorii A. C. The thin I'ACKE i', cai t. White, o in a lew diyvwill talf0 f"sLt on ;jt lowest terms, and accuoiiuod tte passeiiern. .4plir ou board, at Murnv's wi. - rf, or to GR13VOLDSf4CO'tK," J 1 ri.i . outii a'reet. The fUtuiirh fbh'oeer Arln irJvLi t ilT. Harwick,. Dter, - will mett vith iaitwUial'!, baviug ball' hef lre h ei 1 r'or tba rnoaiadnr or pwff, apply dt. b - nrd,t Mrniy' whaif, ei.tsu'eCorleV - Uoujo lip,orta SAUL ALLEY, JunalO . ' 83J'u. - aU.T. . Fr itAYKZ., The ship BELLE. Heurv lilie, .master, to ail ui to day For a ft w Uih ollieavy fieietil oi Djsji iieem, lim uig ex cellent accomiriixUi on, - pp'.y to JOM - .S Jc :!EGTH. ie9 SI Jiou'.h - street. i'J CltAlWt.ll, A ?ooil hi :s orcroupr, from IjO to ,180 toil" burihrn, toload for Europe, to wtuco uumediate dispatch vwil bo iveu. Ap - 5lrto K. ClvUir, Je59 U0 I'iiic - st. tor LIVEttruOL, The very superior coppere.l British 'ship DALMARXOCK. 'V. W. Knhert - 1 son, master r her carfro being nearly engaged. For the remainder of freight, or pjsage, having elegant acconimiidatious, apply boaiil, east ide Fly - market - diarf, or to 8. DALGLEISH k CO. 103 Pearl - street. Wlio olTcrt for iale, ex. said vessel, tVom Leiih - Ediaburgh Ale, of tuperior quality, in bot - tics and eaiks. . IVht Boules, &C. per grots. jc 25 WH!rE LEAD, &c. LANDING at Pine street wharf, from ship C - jtiraibia, Henry Curtis, master. irorn Bris - HLngland, and fur sale by the subscriber, on Wuo'ageous terms, if taken from the ship si casks best dry white lead, from 5 to oewt. each ISO Legs genuine ground white lead, in 281b. aers X caiks red lead, io casks, from 1 to 3cwt. each 14 casks Spanish brown, from 3 to 4rwt. each It tierces a I loin, from 7 to lOcwl each 12 calks Roman Vitriol, from 4 to Ik: t. each Tj cakt enetian red, from i to 3cwt. each 4 bbls. blue biack,2i teach j"J bhlt ivory black, noiu 2 to 3c wt erch t casks Colcnthar vithol, from 2 to 4cwt each 4 casks purple brown, from $ to 4c wt each 19 hhds. A tiercel and U hblt Rotten - Stone Preach - Greeae, Rose - pink, Dutch pbk ulue and Ureen verdeter, liatli - .urtog iini k i. Apply to A. CUUllLU, Js?9 12t la4 tiowrty IKAr - . VW.NKa ami (.l.tjCKlll.i. s. 1 raUK ft.xrr. LiMrt anrn.i.v hoom. T'llKsubM - ribtr has const intly on hand a geu - eral assortment of the toilmviii articles. "en win ttr disKsed of at a uiodt' advance. Je&solfir.t quality 8ugnrt do !o Jjenuineolrt Cojoac Cundy Hollands Gin Jsmiica and other Spirits Wioet ol the v.irious kiudt Pme Apple Shrub Lmwn, Limn and Oringe Juice 3aHsd Oil in lwttic t and bottle L. Brown Stout Bottled Ale and Cider I'Mihle Gloucester Uolland and American Cheese Lorduls Apices, lencs Vrm and Taliow Candltt IV). Oil for Lnopt pffee, Kicc. Barley ami MtisUrd Jtew boxts Sicily Ia himis, in nncortlcr 5i.iS Almonds, Prune", Fill r ketSalt.kc. 'Inlehy JAMES P. AN DOE. . Vited to purchnv, a uuautity of second hand norter hottttt. J 1 r,Il!wi Atmatl mvoiceoi Cast Meel XI . "u&shs, pi"treceird and Wsale b r. A.NDERSON A: HIKiRKK, 131 Wntcr - slreet. - bw!t invented piterrt Box Trapt - "w 130 W ter - ttrect. Je 13 TO SALE, by J.I. V US P. A ADOS, m . So. 7, onioMt tha Park. 41 1 1 " "'y LEMONS, in tn order, in w imt purchx - tra. Je 18 RICE. 90 tiercel Hire, landing from schf. Arabella, at Murray' wharf, lor tale by CLARK, MOORE ft CO. Je 17 41 Sonth - atrea. OAT'J LM.iT WARIa. made ol Sea Maud J Cotton and iized in the chain, for tale by WA1. CAMPBELL Je5 197 I'etrl - stivet. UKMOULl). JAMES P. A.N DOE bas taken the ttore - No. 7 Park, recently occupied as a Ladies Auctiun Kooiri, v, litre be ictcada tstablishinf h mfoW a a first rate LROCER, and iulradi ?ellin for only, and at such prices a will mnkc it the interest of the cash pur,chaten to cill as abote, v. here he haa tor tale a general as - firloient of Tcis, late importation Pure ol 1 enjnue brandy, of superior qualify .. Jamniva tptriU, llolimiJ gin, Anterinau do . .V.a b'ii a, L. P. Tuerflc, Old sherry, Port k , other wine . i Loi - lon and American porter, Colled cider Herm. J and csD'llr? f ine old Holland and American chee?e" WMI U.tvored nuun;, Ti;!, Prune, Altnnndi Ppicc", Itefit JpauMi cietirs, Draught porter 6'wcet oil, dc. - - Constant attrmlsnce will be . vtn, a.i l all lavori duly appreciated. June 1? tf CJ t.r. V 'IL. O.c rwfU Florence Oil, 30 bct - J U' - each, or tale ly CHAS. L. OGUEN. & ABR. OGDKiV, 52 Vi,"hiii(ttojj - ftreRt. Je 10 - 7 MAUt.lliA fl F'tJii' rTiA'K. f Qr. csk! .Madeira, aud C lkhds w hite port wiuc, lor tale or " ROBERT GILLEFTIE, Juu 10 II? Front - st. Lk,)ii.i(t, I UST received, 4 j !oie frch Sicily Lemom, J in lots to uit purrhnfern, tv IxU - J. P. A - D(r. No. 7 Park. 'piY - lJL,lff., THACtfCUAVsiS, tic JL V0O boxcf tin platea va caki Tni e . Hrj Wire 9 x 6J c:ik" Romt n Cement, now landins, and (or talc by A.N UKliSON H bHEARfcrt, Ul Vater - itrcet. jr.'.o haictn ttjrt, Patent and cuiiicuu Carolina and Virciuia Slieet.Brwuofbll ie llrai hurl copper Wire London ru.vlc pmk. t B joki and Walltfa Larir - s umk fiise .Vi'. mv C.r II AKIfW. - iiiE, U'l'LER Y 4. - C. 2 taflrt Li Sc kotrli :ri' e Lockt 5 tniku pl.ii Lor Hp, I do Steelyard 1 do l.tM h.Miil!u. Vc. 1 do rcrew pl.iiea,i - a!t' bcaiot,&C. I do brtaicot it", tic. 1 do l,eti loetnl ketll(.iind Willtt 1 to tiuM pntiand tauce puni t do fine lit 4' do Kiihury locks, liincs, &c. 2 An hatniners, pincers, liclcs, taz. 2 do J1L binC j, .Vc 4 do anvils 1 do hawfne - K and sieves 2 do h!a - ic& bright vices, 2 t'o files 4 do pocket, pen and double bLde knives 4 do slum buck aud bone table knives 3 do buttons i00 do cut uailt and trad", from 3d. to ?Cd. Alo, a large and general a. - tortmeiit of foods ipeuuh tha chclvct, foroale at the most reduced ricsby - 'ADAMS ft BLACK WELL, - ' owv 7 tl5 Pearl H. X rM. - Crvyll'liECL, ' Manufacturer; cfiVrs lor sale on reaonalile terms, at his store 197 IVhtI street, a frosb supply of Hie followiu .'ood vii. Ifii'O p white raillinetshandsomely hlcach'd KM Jo hluck do land rinish'd i'l) :itscs hlcM' h'.i and iinblenrh'd ihettirigi Si fliirtio. - " ; together with an assortment of floss itnittr.g and sewii - jt cotton. " Jel6 l.VU.i.lsH liAMri, BACt - 'N, AC. just uu J J polled liy tnetabscriher, Double Gloucester, U ,l bin and Pine App'e Chtrse.ol a very eu - .ri - r )i ihty ; Yorkshire and Wiltshire Hams; si - l?s iini (htclics of B. 0011, of a luerior quility; Eng lis'.i Lard, iu blari lers, and small fiikins; til.m n'l Kri tol clone Ware ; larse Bottles ; Pines and Demijohns ALSO. , general assortment ol urorenes, i isb sau ces, He. lor sale cheap. o cash, hv ED.VARD BLACKFORD, 157 Grccnwich - itreeL n t Jlavana Scgars, in qr. boxes Jel lm PHENIX HAiMC DIVIDEND ol three pr nt for tix months, . en. tins the . tnii iuMant, has heen this day edaivd pHvahle to tiie stockholders ou the liist oiJulynxt. Ky order of the nsxird ordirectors. Jel7 lm D. I. GEKKM; Cashier. KO S . S I'EKL. iOO oundtet round Rods '280 ik Rod Iron 30 do Coach - sprint; Steel 20 do German Steel. 200 do Hoops, just received and for sale hy ANDERSON A SHEARER, Jefc)3w at 131 Water - street. JEWhlXERl, VA ICHICS, Aic. CASE ( sundry Jewellery, fine Cutlery, .'X Silver lluotir.g and Plain Watchet, Dressing Cases and Ladies Work Boxes. 2 rases Luditl Corsets assorted, for tale by J LAMBERT, Je 4 3 Courllsnd street. L.NCLIott GLA56 - VVARE k RuUGH T . Ail.S, IOHN WHEELEY, offers for tale at 132WV ,1 ter - stnet DticauUrs plain and cut! Tumblers do do BEST QUALITY. 'Wines do do and s general assortmcut of Apotliecaryt ware line Kosn Y.i Pointsf '. Flemish fc " Sheathing, J ROUGHT NAILS. Je57 w A ,' ILLLNETT?, Ac A general "ortineiit . f L of milhnetts, shirtines. shee tins', doss knitting ai sesrine cotton, tor sale low, by WM. CAMPBELL. Mi.nfact.irer, JelC 197 Penrl "frr - et. 231 rORACCO. Ket landing from ship Vigilant and ciir. Uozan, trom Kirhmond, vit: 105 kegs branded Tbos. M. Deaoe & Co. C's. No, 49 d.s 5, do 54 dor 18 do For sale by July 6 tit do Geo. Fletcher, S's. No. 1. do do 14 pound rolls do D. K. Ros. ll's. No 1 k No 2 da Mortis, 1 - 8 lb. twist COR'S. DUBOIS. 4 DAMS ft BLACKWELL, 215 Pearl - st il have received by tha Marth., and oCer for sale on the most reasonable tenus 10 caki trace chains 4 do brass nadt 4 do Brilaunia teapots 1 do patent ronVe - mills 5 do umbrella furniture 2 do parasol do 1 do plated saddlery 1 do do metal ' 1 do bread bat kcts and snuff.T tray And a large and general atortuieut of bard - ware and cutlerr, off the shelves. Also Guns, swords, pistols, feathers, and a handsome assortment cf plated rasinrs, candlesticks, li jooe frasses, breaJ and cake 'baiktts, tea and coCee urns, tnoBert anj trays, St JySlw J iifn n CARDS, PARCHMENT, BOOKS. 1AKL5 lor printers, visiting, c. gilt aid piatu cages, ol ail sizes Cards for playing, coloured Dd plain backs Parchment Skios tor printers Plans of the city of London, folded on canvass sjo oi i tie country 24 miles round London Pictures of London, with plates Do of Edinburgh, do VVaUone, instructions for the deaf and Dumb, witn a volume 01 piates . Pursh't Flora ui Aorth America . Ainsworth's Lntin Dictionaries Barlow' Mathematical do Tuekey'i Expedition to the Congo in South Airica Drake's Shakspeare and bis timet Memoirs ol Dr, Waunu, UiirlK.p oi Landaflf . Godwin's lives 01" the Phillips' lincyctopaedia Uritauiu'ca - .' Johnson's Dictionary, tjuarlo Ktl y's Universal Cambist . LocLt'" Works, folio . Kirkpatrit k's Kiiigdom of Xepau! Ed w aid's Botannic Garden Beaumont, Fletcher, lien Johnson and Ebaki peare's Works UiiiboD, uomn, iioDeittonand oolingbroke's vtorsi ilosartli's Works by Cook, Imperial Folio . Do do, - - Quarto Carey's Alius, folio Arrou smith's do quarto With many rare aud valnahle Hnf(liih works, illutrH'rd with portraits and tlccdntly bouud, tor sale by J. LAAlBl'B T, Je 16 No 3 C.iortlamlt - stret t. Ci W" WHITE LKAD, 6ic. Ate. J J . ' kegs London White Lead in cil 30 barrets do Dry While Lcac . tons Red Lead ' - - '. 30 barrels Bristol Red Ochre to do Venetian Red ; 2 tons fine Litharge oVI hotthcads Whiting , tiO c.isbs Paris While ; I hhils. Verdigris SO tierces I reu'di Yellow Ochre . ' 5 heps Vermillion 4 cakks Prusnixn Blue, 400lh. ' Crowe Yellow; Pattnt. Yellow frpamrti BnAvn, s. V eiieliiiu Red. Yellow, IN OIL . Black, " Verdisri". ) ' . Lnmptiluck ; Ivory Black ; Purple Brown l'irt 1 urpum; J.mlsetd'Uit 400 nc.xs Window Glass, a - soiled For sale en tbe lowest ttras, for cash or at diort credit, by PETER - SCMCRMF.R1IORV t PO.NS, my 1 ?4.1 Water street. 1,1 AftUl ACl L'KEu 1O6ACCO, tc. i - TX SO kes Cavendish Tobacco 60 do small Twist do. just received and for rale low, by W. S.CRAIG. I. 3IUKI.. 250 blilj. Rirhrnoud Country Flour - STJ do du City lo ! 33 RtTwTlX'USUGARS. - - A lew bas 1 si quality, for sate hy G. G. S. HOW LAND, Jy ? C7 Wftl,i'nvton strrct. ' I ll A !. Oil l.hlln lVIUSCOV JllO tU ur, ol jlvwi O q'l.tlity, in ttorc, and for ! bv GOODMirEfr.CO. i t I V i.r.Ai - . A i i rii - AOll I ll rUY r.K. SIPUATE hctwtcu Barclay and Murray - street, Clwmber and Rced' - 'itreet?, Jay aud Harri'.on jtreeU, aud North Moore aud lie:ch - strcets, at a price very considerably lew than in - terol on their value, nnd at the xpiralnMi or Uie leria the buildings to be fjurly valued and paid for, or a new lease granted. . Abo, to let by tha year at a low rate, several 1ts or yurAt on 11m water, well calculated. for lumber, (faster ofparir A'c. " ' Apply to PH. RII1NELASDER, 31 Far, near the Theatre. Several of the above lots will be sold at a mo derate price and on a liberal credit. A small portion of the money only will be required. June I I - - II JUa'l received per brig Mcsper, from Havre, 4 caset black, hite and assorted supe rior French crapes, No. wj 1 case superior patent French razors 1 do. kilveied hooks and eyei, in small boxit 1 do. silk coat buttons 2 do. phosphorus boxes Also, a general assortment of French silks. remaining from forme" importations, and 3 cases mens and vcomens while and coloured cotton hose, all fine 2 bales assorted flannels fur sale on accom modating terms, by BEN J. F. BABCOCK, Je3J 2w 215 Pearl - street. '. I II. DL btZK, 11 IV btfiiugtuu stent, J nffers for sale, 320 hhds.) .... w. H00 cases, Uaret Wine Id cases Burgundy ) iV: 10 do MuscateU Wine Received per brie Leo. from Marseilles and en titled to debenture. ALSO, 15 cases Glass Tumblers "5 do Olivet 25 do Capers. AND. Several invoices of French Silk Goods and linen cxmluii ks, received from Havre. Je 1 lm" JO lit L.r.AAEO, ON favorable terms, for alonlerni of years, 4 lots of ground on Broadway, 200 feet deep, rjtenJiu to Crosby - tlltrt, between Hes ter and Grand - streets. 2 lots in Water - street, near Catharine - market. 1 lot in Water - street, between Fullou and Burling slips. Also, several ether lots in this 5th, 6lh, 8th and 10th wards. For particulars, enquire at No. 30, Chatham - street. may 8 JOHN HEFFER.AN,34 South - street, offers for side 51 re'oont Caraccas Flora Indiirn 273 bales Loudon market Gout tkil.t 5 do. small do. 1 1 skins dates 21 bbls swell irli sliellrd almonds 3? cerouiu bitter do. do. - 76 do. rumaiinseed, 1 do fennel do. 1 do. rarruway do. Jun20 lm FLAsTLR Ur PARla )i A.N U FACTORY, At the Soot cf Harrison - street, North - ltiier. 1 J HERE manufactured Plaster, forcorni - V tea and other puriiosrs, Uity he had. war. raiile.l ol Hit tirsl quality, at out dollar and Item - ly ire trtits ptr biuliet. 1 1 - be ninnuiactory is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who has served a ugular apprenticeship to the mason business, uh 21 JOHN BYF.RS. U1CHMO.ND FLOUKAND IRISH BUT I ER tii bbls. supf. Richmond Flour W keg Irish BuUtr.said to be of excellent qua'itv, laiiUing, and lor sale ty Je 19 BOORMAN 4: JOHNSTON. CIO UN MEAL. iOO hhus JlIIow Kaiu dried Coru Meal, ofa uperiorciu.litv lt.l bbls do do landing from the mill boats. and for tale by TUCKER ft LAURIE!. J 2 V9 South - trt. iTVNGLlsll MI'S I AKD 51 boxes first uual Pj it Enlih Mn - tard, in 1 - 4 Its. white bottles, juit received from Hull, for sale bv iiltlL' ir l'i v - .' , rn JeSH Hi CoflVe - Hneiw. slip. CCGARift MOLASSES. !0 M.d? and 55 O tihrs Men ovado Sutrar, awl 15 hlids retaiho; Mol.ttd t, landing in Irotit of the subscribers store this dar, for tale by ' G. G. A S. HOWLAND, J 2 67 Wailiington - iL'ttt. rpIIORN; PENDLETON haT tclscUd J - with jrrtjtt car, U tixsaorHvia? sfami Iis aud slup ftm, the tolkvit: viae, Ikjoors, ""1 wni ury ovet K WOOM.Si IftJ r - Uil, at No. & rtoB - slre , . . j . - , . . JVadeira in flats and wood - , . ; . 1 ; Red port, 'frwix and royal cotnpy . . do a firw dosea pf super. julily Dry Liblxmin yenrs old Vry old sliifry, do Teneriffii OU brandy TMrn aud gin, nut reduced 11 ibberVs b wn stout, eiuiil to any iu the dry Red and i:te wine vinegar .. . Bordeaux sjllad oil . Hyson, hj wj tkio, youog hyson, souchos; JL potichong.fas Loaf, luuanud Muscovado sngar , . ' Vkh faucep, feeaxs in qr. beset . " With a getiteaJ assortment of erocrries. which they will warLaatto be of tha first quality. JU1ICX4 3Wl i : . I 1 ilEAUCALS, COLoRti. 4c J Liisom Salts, in casks of 2cwL Lump Matruwsii, in caset Do do tuiitll squares , Calcined de Mi ihialt Bocbelle Si Jts, Aciil Tartnr Citri AcitBlue Vcrdilerin firkins Patent yeiw, Kings Yellow Regulus of Antimony - GUAS, BUTTON., &e. Fowling l ie es, assorted, writ nnished ' Do tVtiit wainscoat cases, liuely finished with apparatus coiuplelu Duelling I'isiols, ia cases Gold Epaulettes Naval and Military Sword Bella Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons Copperplates for engravers .Mathematical Instruments Rolling Puralel Rulers Manners compajt - s, telescopes Opera glhwses, microscopes 3 setts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise grid turtle shell tea c:ldies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. For sale by ? J. LAMBERT, 3 L'oui'tlatidt - titreet )LA'1'E til. As?. IU casts Swedish picture class, assorted fim 20 by 17 a IT. bv2.'. fur iuie iy rt rity'nu .v ar.w AM., I : . 65 t - outh - stri e. Clll O It A KOiMALLS. 5cnnCI'pp - i Ro - innlisiutieriorcaaiilv, tunjei I todrwback, loriaieby G. W TALKOI', J J 55 fine - tOU h 30, tW ih... Iiand.ciiie M. Domingo V - cone, entitled to delieuture, tor sale hy 1 JACK: O.N A WOOI LEV, Joly 7 ? 75 Will - st. 1 11 LL P jRU.s. A few tuns, now landing Sv5 and tui sale bv ANDERSON SHEARER, J 6 2tv I 151 Water - Strevt. - lC'tucky!: irom New 0. KV TOBACCO. '.ilihds. K.n - Tobacco, lau.lii.g rum oi.ip L'iligu li ricaii", l'r sale by , J 3 D1VIE. RK'I HIIN'KA CO. tii H.I.S JSi oaU New - Uih - .iiis Ctitlou, L in bis (0 suit purchnkeis lor sale by yo N. t D.T VI.COTT. tr - A NT UOKY I UIIACCO. - 1 1 hhds. Iaudiii JLv from l;r American Hero, irotu truiu rscw - Ur b iius. uiidfutsalebv WAL&Ii, .11 I . C6 South - stcct, , l - .u 1 uiUt.l - Lu'B cele'Tiili d Picture ol V V DA NiU and the SHOWER OF GOLD, will tie exhibited at No. il l.isoenard street, until ruiiv - utotY vAdiaiUahcs Xj cents. J b Iw ' - TU MRLDKlia, Or. those who may wish to erect three elegant buildings or lactones. LOTS, 77 h;et by 80, more or ie, with the huililiiii;s thereou, in (he centre "f Veey - i;. can be purchased separate or together. AL.SU. An eletrant LOT, with the Cuildir - es (hereon, 1 1 Bowi ry , 42 by 125, morn or lets, m ar Clmt - hum - street - lhe whole on actoumiodatin); terms Apply at 33 Chatham Kow, near Bcekman - st 1 h: advertiser has three small mortgages to disp ue of, one of 3.000, oue of $1000, cue ol $ - Zii, all 111 this city. J - y BREW ERY. For sale, a bargain, a Brtw ery & Malt House connected, in the city of Hudson. The buildirzs are stone. And par ticularly well calculated lor the business. It i. - situatod in the midst uf a bailey country, and has many other advantages, li is certainly an object for those wiahing. to engage in ths busi uess. It is the only brewery in Uie country. I'b'is property will be sobl cheap. Terms libe ral; title g'K'd. For further particulars applj to M.MULDEN, No. 73 Maidru - lanc, New. York; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premises. June 13 tf HOOPING Ct'Uull. TOCTOR fcCOU'S Pectoral Milture, JL whu n is a sale and ehVctuul remedy lor tin whooping cough. It it only ten nrt since it wn'elleitd to the public, nud some thousands ol children, both in England and Scotland, have been cured by it, after every other mudicfue hhd Men used without enecl. It is held in the rush - et estimaiion !! itt excellent and ralubrious virtues. It promotes eeutle (erspiralion, re - moiet liscid phi sin hy an easy und safe expec toration, and is highly salutary to the lungs ; it strengthens and de, ends the stomach, gives great er liberty nl breathing, and products the iuo.i uie, salutary und bap;y tflccls, by preventing those distressing aud convulsive couirhs, to which thousands of individuals, in conse - nueuce of neglect, prematurely fall a sacrifice. - it is not by excitmi; a temporary stimulus or relief in those violent paroxysms that its qualities are manifested, but by 'effectually remov ing those distressing symptoms, bv giving vegour to the weakened flame, and renovated health to the araicted individual. Sold wholesale and retail, by R. Robertson, Apothecary, No. 82 Rroadwav, and J. C. Mori son, Mrugest, rvo. Idil Creenwicn - stiert, York. Dmggests throtighnut the United . - tales, may be supplied with the Pectoral Mixture, at either of the ibove places, at the lowest wholesale price. Jy 7 2rn GLM LLL BOARUI.sG 11 AY be had in Murray street, (the most IV I pleasant and healthy part of the citv) for i or 3 eentlemen, at a moderate price and J or Enquire 4 more who will liud their own lodging. at this nUM - .e. i O IkT J tuperior ttill Champaigne, 1 dm. each. 10 do do Burgundy (or tale by POTT ft M'KINNE, Jy t 56 Soulh - ttreet. A KEYED HARP. T A. CUT I WALDT respectlully invites Af. the amateurs of music to inspect atthis Pian - j I orle Mauulactory, No. 75 Mairh - n lane, a musical inttruoieut that perfectly eqjial" the narp in sounef and lar surpasses it in pouit 01 ea ty tit aim - nt, at it u played h he the luaiio by meant 01 keys, and consequently has all the ad vnatnzs of bnlliant modulation 1 the onlv one ii the Li.ited Stales. Also, aiieletf.ini l'i :no Forte o: fine tone, musical vanety ami woikninnilup, witl.anassortuitotofdilfereal kinds. Hhote good qualities have been teslificd by the undersigned eiuirient pro lessor : , " We the subscribers, professor of music, d - certi'y, that we have cart fully examined Mr. J A. G itt wald 1't piano - fortes, which, lor infir - nul i nnil m ulciia uf woikm&usliiu and Uniterm brilliancy of tone, we reservedly recommend to public patronage. Mssrt. Gilles, F.tience, Rd - Mettr.C. TniUiiult, ClarUi Gillert." J ,' I EMO.VS.2tU boittt LBWflt rxetlknt U q&i;tT,nd m priiwe rxdrrf t. - aalz hy - - v - i " Q. O. ft H. HOWLANH, ' ', t . r , ,..'t 67 Wntfrinaton street Ak 200 tags jrilberts, arid a few tacks k'ii.i ;n t A LOT tf ground Am JBioedway, between Wftikea - tlnttl emi CusnU - sUcet, SO felt 10 clt wide and. I7 jf Hfu;. Inqeirwof 1 - - i - - - - , - - i '1 'L. ' ' .iJv - .. s . A. J A I, Jy 1 tf . . . IS0.37, tor salt by .; - MARCH ft 1. J - SlOfire OW. S10 firoadwav. FV. LtUKARD ft CO. 104 1 earj - ttreet, . bfler for tale, la addition to their former extensive essortaiMt of Hardware, the following arucies, rer - Q cy us 9)aruia rrom Liverpool ry.., .'1. - :. . . r ' I . .. Ttace Chains sioui iaiit ' 6 and o barr'd Curry Combs fpudetand bhovelt Brass Kettltt do Car.dkitickt do Cock do Nails ft Hinget Gilt Coat Buttons, tome of tup., quality, suitable for berchknt . 6 btxr'd Mane do ' - Iroo Wiiv,!Vc.4toK) cteelyardt Fine Gum ' Trunk Lockt Drawing Knives ' Cinptt - jt Patent cur tier's knives warrant ed equal to Cox's gen taylurt J apanr.ed Cundletickt Flemish Tackt J3r fume. W1L&ON MILES, 6 Joho - street, (three doors from Nassau - street,) ttf - Uave to inform the public, that they do bii'iness (for cash) at the following reduced rates, tit :. 1 Superfine blue or black coat ' . ' $tt 00 Other colours ' J CO Uluefrockoriurtout 23 50 Other colours $6 00 Ca.timereorr'olli browsers 11 60 Do tingle mil'd cast, do - 10 00 . Marseilles rest 3 Ml And to those gentlemen who prefer findui; their own materials : Making a surtout or frock coat Do a close bodied do Do cloth or cas'iaiere L oi scrs Do N'ankiu, cotton, Jean, kc. Do vest $7 7.5 7 50 2 75 X 50 3 00 Army and navy uniforms, and every other article uroportiouably cheao. N. B. All articles cut in the most fashionable style, and the workmanship equal to any in the city. Jv lw s iAl - itik. laO bj - g lim e nicer, lor sale VJ by r. UKMSEN CO. J o i'fl fonih - sirwt. NEW L.AW BuuK r'lORE. JUST teci ived and lor sale, (he following new works, corner "f Nattau und Sproce - airteU, ui(osile City Hall, 1 lie 4tn vol. Laws Wcw - Torli l)esausore's Rru'tn in the Court ef Chancery ol the .Slate of South Caroliua, 3 volt iih, litis hod 9th volt. CraLithe'l Report!. 1st und ?d Wheaton do Mantc aod Schvjn's do4vd 5lh anl 6tn Taunton's do 3d vol. Chitty't Pleading Baylies' Digested Index. Bv DAVID BANKS. J 6 2w HkW ml;:ic. JUST published and for sale at WILLIAM DU UOIb' piano lorte and uuraic store, Nj. I2t Broadway, ' Thine am I my faiUiful fair; the soldier's bride; and from childhood't dawn to uoon of youth an uug by Wr. riulipiis. - A h can I Vcr Cirget lhe rote ' ' ,Tba.cibrattdAcJio ut ,luw,'. The inspiration, sacred uielnkly The Saxon air, with yanulions, hy Cramer Haydn's celebrated conzoriot, My mother bids me bind my hair, as a 1 orido Tweuty four sonatas, for young performer, by li. Challoner Tho Aaxe Cohourg waltz, vvilh variations The Sophia Walts The ttorm rondo, by Steibelt Je 12 FA ltiAT I'iAAV - FOHJr.i), ke. THE subscriber intending to pait lor London about tlm end of llie present month, olit - rs (or sale a few elegant uateut piano fortes, 1 just fiauhcd and warranted 0 a tuperior quality. He would be happy to attend to the orders ot his friends for London piano fores. His long soei itucc in the manufaclure of piano's in tht. city he trusts will give every toulideiic - e in hi: ability to select sui has itre nl the lirat quality. Orders forchuich or chamber orgaus, will br strictly attended to, aud manuiactured under his inspection by the most esteemed makers ui Lon don. Commission business of'nnvkind, within his ability to perform, will be laithlully attended to . Xj. 1 dose pcoons' who are indebted to him will please nettle the same as soon as ennvcuieut, and those to whom he it indebted will ureteut their accounts wilhout delay. WILLIAM KEAR&IXG, Jy C 2w 2T9 Bowery. ffOTTON. 33 balm piiuie Upland, laiidmg J from brig Ha'inony, Inr talc hy GRISWOLDs H OATES, t3 South - street. In Store, 75 bales upland C'oiton, lor sale in lots to suit purchasers. Apply as above. J 1 tl U9. l en eases well asMirieU lowiiug r piece", sinele and double barrel.!, receiv ed by the .Vartha, and lor sa!e by SUIKr. BILIIiSIAi - S, 126 Pearl - street, Hanover - square. July 7 Gt SHHFAXJ. lTOR trood scrvauts, ch.imber - maids, cook M. coachmen, gardeners, farmers, ostlers and bboiirers, apply at the NEW - YORK INTELLIGENCE OFFICE, No. 57 Chamber - street lie particular. Geutlemcn intending to travel, can be S'jppli ed with coachmen and waiters at the shorten no tice. Clerks, apprentices and porteri may Le bad at tint ollice &tone hour's noiic. Ceullemen in the country who are in want ol fanners, enrdeuers and labourers can be immedi ately supplied with any number of penens of that description. Servants, of every description, that can brieg ;ood recommendations, may f.nd places by applying as atove. "Wet and dry nurset may aLobe had at a short notice. .J"'7 '. VOCKKT - BOOK LOST BY the subscriber this morning, while standing at or near Paxtou's au - ilioo store, an old red morocco pocUt - book, titd by a piece ol white tape and the owuers name written inside. Aaid book contained in bank bills from 100 to loO dollars, sundry notes of hand, due bdlt and cheeky the uamii and amount of which cannot i - ;m..,tia.l rcColUcteJI: one share in the Nw - Jersry turnpike ttork, li ltt various papers of cooscqusnce to tht looser, but useless to any other. . Whoever will return the pocket - book audits conteuts. with or without toss money, shall re ceive a liberal reward on application Io F.OB ERF GRAHAM, " . Bl Pearl street aotice: ' " 0711050 persons who bva placed lor col lection in tha bands of Mr. Grtdtaat, any notes, due - bill oe atcoucta, will rrlsraje notify him in - ot'irUely. Jyitw i CO - The new I ERB.Y BOATS iron, t'.e 'of Vvalnut ttrreiv New Yom. to ttii lout 04 Little etiwet, Brooklyn, atar the Navy Yard will, eon.ieeucerunniiig oa S - unrJ - v, the i 7th 101 1. . Terront cronirig to Brm,k!jiom the upper Iixsn.U city, will nud the distant juueh. shortened b) usin this b - iry ; , ay 14 OilCL. . , fiT - The Ritiiif un e&iJ BoaK 'orcarsel.' and InoVistry, from Uie EliiaUtn town JPosuVma ,w.York, sails licrn Markctteld - ttrVet, (wlre the bteum - boat AtalanU loioierly caQje U,at 10 o'clock, 01 each day. Passage IS 1 - SfetuU Enqvirt at the fifeam boat Hotel), 01 ' my 41 tf . TJ - JOHN PKOC l OK, Jan. I06 Liberty! olfcrs liberal anticipations on property consign - ed to las friends in the Mediterranean, tut furllier particulars, apply as above, or to ' - , ABRAHAM BELL , J f If corner bf Cli li ft Fulton - sts, LAM. (Kr STEPHEN ft . iViljr7??.Ta. t?rj Pestrl - stieit, New - Vork, pun bases Lands in the Illinois Territory; which' has been set apart fur the lute Army. . letters from the country riving iicscripuua 01 the patent and the price asked. Io? each lot, will be attended to, if Post paid. my i9ii ' ' AOTiCEc , ' ft7 This it to forbid all nersont trualinff tbe - crew of Uie Portuguese brig Sophia, Lopes mas - vei, us 00 ueuis 01 uiir cnauaeuug wiu be nuor by the captain or comioee. Je V - 4 1 hu i ouiuiii - si'nitr. ul the Canai lund will in pursuance nt the act, entitled M an act respecting oavi(able cumwunKaliont between the grenl Western and Northern Lakes, and the Atlantic Ocean," icvcive sealed firopotkls until 3 o'clock, P.M. on Wednesday the 15th day of July next, for a loau to the state ol two buudred' and filly thousand dollars, to be paid to the Vom nmsionrrs in two equal iustalmunts, (he ijrst, on the first day ol August rytl, and lie other ou - the first day ul October neat. 1 he prvfjosats mutt lie adiiictsed. Io the Comptroller . , . ; '1 he rutc of interest rt not to exceed tif vet cent, per Annum, payable quarter yearly and the principal it to be reimbursable at Uie uleat - ureof the uovemnient, at any tiie aittr1 the first day of July, 1837." The ofiicer niiioiiit d fortlic t urrote in (he ri. tyoflVew - York, will issue trai,struble certifi cates of stock to the Lenders, end will attend to the trantierol ttocit. at Uie slbs inay lie reomr - ed. - Phe interest will be pair! at tie Manhattan1 Bank, in the city of New - York, tothestockbol deit letidiug in the toutheru district ol stale, ami nut of liie slate, and Io all others ul Ihe.New - I ork State Bunk, lit the t it ul Albany. . - The Board will meet at the ffecntarv's Office ou the laid liu day 01 July etx t, at J o'clock . HI. to open and ueterrniue on the proposals that thall be Buade. Hy oHer of the Boarrf. JOHN TAYLE1L PresidenL Albany. June Xr 1818. Je 1 1 liy 15 NollCl - ., , ft7 - AM Dersnns t avii.e cli.ims aelnst the es tate of Jehu Uniin. deeensed, an: dwiirerl - lo pre - seui ineui icr seitieuicni to me tuDrari:er, ana hose indebted to said estate are recucsted' to make payment, to turn without itt Iny. . ja.iils nriiiiiuiu, JeCfllm ActinL' Kierntor. - .SUIIL - K. . ft - IF Richard Tcrrv Savadiie. ton - of Thom as nud KlizabttU Snvuitee, foruierly o( the oily of Philadelphia, it living, or if dead, l.u legal repietentaiive will, t - .y uppiymg to MrWm. cavniJi:, at tl. J olio's tiqunre, Ciufkenweil, Loudon, Lear of towelliiiic to hit or t'ir adyab - . tae. ' - ' ; - 1 , i'.i.eal4 Rfcn t4 Y&ff fwlXf OJCM A. j painter by trade, v. ns 111 England m ih year I. as, irom whence be icturuci to I'hiludclphiu. in the year 194 1 in the year 1791, Iih is tnpios - ed In havo resided bl Mr. Robert I' - ltSHell s, in Middletowu, I Vtuware Couuir. Marvlaod : and uf Icr wards at kiwiiiue's Touu, (rum whence l.o 11 supposed to have reuviv.eij 1 1 New - Yurie. A. B. If any r ersnn will rrr'iucea heul certi ficate ol'tiie death ol the t. - .id Richnrd .Tivadfcr, lie will, ou prmlui uii tl.c same, to Mr. Wra. ia - vadee, receive Iroiu him 6 euineas. as a reward for Ins troublu. Any information respectine the above ouiLed. person will be thanklull) reetived by . C.S1I 1 11 & u ill IMS, Je 13 1m 312 Pear! stress,. Nw - Ynrln A vlut Io CVy .VtOimtrs, tie .v. frj7 - In nuisuaneu el a lesulutiun 01 tie Com mon Council ol the 15th instant, Ml rrsbns holding the apHiuitm ul of City eigber, Meat - urcit of Gram, tic.Gnager tf lusnclor ol Lum - btr, are directed to re;nt their nnmet and placet ol resrdei to, and (HX'upnliont (if any ditluiet nomine uu'.ius 01 tout cjuce,) iwibe civik I the Coiuni'Mi Councif, at bis i.tfice, No. 7 City - Hall, on or belore the 15th day ol July next ; and every person hrildine either of taid aiDoiot uieuts, who shall fail to make suvh report by ti e time above sjh cifi d, shall he deemed to hare resigned bit commission, and shall thereirnna oenseto execute the dutict thereof.' Jiy the Common Council. J. MORI ON. Je22 fjyl5 " . Bank of Amenta June 26, Ibltj. 07" A Diudu.d ol three er ctet, lor ut, inouthi, ending on the3tnh inst.hivt been this dar deelared payable (o the Stockholders cm She 6th of July next. By order ol (he Board of Diteet - tors. CEO. NEULOJ.D, CaaL'r. June 28 lm . (O" IIL.MiY A. r A V , Aitoruey at Law audi Noiaiy Public, has removed hit ollu e to No. 139 Water - sliei t. near the Tontine Coffee llau;tt J Iw '1E.N1 ll WARD. fX?' Public botice it hereby gi'vrn, that Ihe Asioxsors of the 10th ward have completed ibeir assessments, toad that a ropy thereof is left willr Walter Howell, at No. Sf7 Hester - strrct, where die same may be seen and examined by any of the iiihliitanlt during 1'en Days Iriun the - date hereof, aud Illative asesirs will inset on .Vou - day the 20tli iiist. at the above place, to review tneirsaid assessments, on the application of any person conceiving himself aggrieved. WALTER HOWELL, ) Asseejortofthe - JONATHAN BROWN, ) 10th ward. July 7 .0t . EIGHTH W ARD. OUBLIC Nolice is hereby pven, that (he As - I season ol Ihe Ulh Ward hare completed lbei A'sessment, aud that acopy lliereol is left with, Isaac Emmons, at tte corner ot Spring aud Elii - aheth - strcets, where the tame tuay I seen asides amined by any of tl.e Inhabitants during ters deys, from this day, and that the Assessors will . meet on FiidaV, july the 17th, at the bouse of the raid I. Emmons, to review their said assist - ' on the application of any person coaceiy - ' ing hinisell aggneyed. - ir A ACy r -, Assessors 01 uas - A.&CHUNF.MAV'J 8th Ward New - YoMr. July 7. HlH. . , J 7 IQt I iltii.Lt W AKD. - ... - PUBLIC notice it here hy giveorthat the At - testors ol he 31 Ward base completed (heir Asscssiueiils, and that a copy thereM is lei t wills. Harmaoos Talhnao, at 64 Vesey - strs - 1, where tlve same may be seen and examined by any cf the loiMsDiuniiduniig ten days, Irom the oih el iniy, ana ua me Attestors wnimeii on ine 17tn, at 64 Vetey - street, to receive tl.eir tairf assessruentt, on tl.e appHcatioo of any , peraca cor. isiving biroeelf ngurirwd. IIAKMA.ll'aTAU.n.tit.' I - JS'seseorsnr NATHANIEL C. GRIFFITH, fJuSJ wardv New - York. July 7, IBIB. J 7 IQt AHORSE WA.VTKU A GOOD actie Horse, about tix ytm old. lie it wanted cbriy ai 11 1 gig horse, fa which harness be must be le.fer ly rear - . A Bay wcusd be jirefered. Apf'j o. 24 Ciieenwkh - elrert. . 1 1 . - iff. . r ; i' - J '! - ' . - if 1 . ! . ': I. I - i " '(. I 1 t 111 ' - 1 f ' :. ii :'T ll ' ( rV 1 1 r V. I

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