The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 9, 1944 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 9, 1944
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

16 Thursday, March 9, 1914 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE CEILING PRICES ON GROCERIES IS SET FOR COUNTY Posters With Types and Prices Charged Being Distributed Walter D, Kline, acting director of the Des Moines district of the office of.'price administration, has announced the issuance of a new order establishing "dollar and cent" ceiling prices for a long list of grocery items. This order, which is' effective in Cerro Gordo county, is also applicable, to several surrounding counties A large poster showing the brands of food covered, the container size and the maximum price which may be charged by groups 1 and 2 retailers is being distributed locally to all food stores affected by this order. Distribution is ; being made by the price panel of the local war price and "rationing board of which Mr. Buchanan He stated that the requires each food · is chairman : OPA olrder · store whose prices are established '. in this manner to display this pos; ter prominently where it may easily be read by its customers. Chairman Buchanan pointed out , that the first order of this kind was issued during last summer. This new order is a revision and an extension of grocery items · formerly priced by this procedure. He also said that such an order accomplishes several purposes. H allows both the grocer and the . consumer to know the actual ceil- . ing prices in dollars and cents which may be charged for the i various commodities listed in the order. It also prevents the very few retailers who might desire to over-charge from willfully violating the provision of OPA regulations. AU commodities sold by . food retailers cannot be listed bul the remaining items are subjecl to the provisions of OPA regula- . tions. The local war price and rationing board can provide copies ol this ceiling price list to consumers requesting them for home use. H. Ollenburg Becomes Head of Bank at Garner Garner--Herbert L. Ollenburg was elevated to the presidency of the Hancock county National bank at a meeting of the board of di/ rectors Tuesday evening. Ollenburg had been vice president and ; succeeds the late C. H. Nelson. Dr. J. S. Wesson remains vice president and William Baggs was elected cashier. Berniece Schulz and Lucille Wesson were elected assistant cashiers and Wanda Johnson and Lois Schulz bookkeepers. Mr. Baggs was also elected a director to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Mr. Nelson. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. Variety of New Recipes Given to Pep-Up Midwinter Menus' APPLES WITH ONIONS GO WITH PORK LOIN Mrs. Reeves presents a miscellany of recipes this week and surely there will be 1 or 2 among them which will be exactly what you need and want. The collection includes directions for preparing pork loin with apples and onion, to help in using up those extra pork ration points. California lemon pudding sounds good, too,- and there are recipes for Scotch shortbread, orange and apple gelatin, winter vegetable slaw, poor man's beef, kraut salad, broiled onions, carrot fries and new suggestions for preparing cabbage salad, squash and rice pudding. SPEAKINGgfOODS i REEVES by LUCV No definite subject, just a co!-* lection of good recipes for this week. California Lemon Pudding For the Sauce One lemon, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup boiling water. Wash, peel and slice the lemon very thin, removing seeds. Put in baking dish, add sugar and. water and cook slowly in oven while preparing batter. Batter One and one-half cups flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder, V-i teaspoon salt, 3 egg yolks, 2 tablespoons cooking oil, 1 cup sugar, % cup milk. Sift flour and measure, add baking powder and salt and sift again. Beat eggs slightly, add oil, beat well, then add sugar, mixing thoroughly, add flour mixture and milk alternately. Beat batter hard and pour into pan containing lemon syrup, but do not stir. Bake at 350 degrees about 30 minutes. When cool cover with meringue and put under broiler flame to brown meringue. Beat egg whites, adding % teaspoon baking powder and 6 tablespoons sugar. Scotch Shortbread Measure and sift 4 cups flour, add % cup sugar. Rub in 1 cup butter with the finger tips, knead until dough is smooth like pastry. Divide in several portions and press each into a square pan lined with waxed paper, to ^ inch thickness. Crimp edges as for pie, prick well with a fork and bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes; reduce heat to 350 and bake until light brown. Turn out at once and cut in squares while hot. Orange and Apple Gelatin Cut very thin slices of oranges; place on bottom of a gelatin mold. Combine thick applesauce with flavored or unflavored gelatin, pour over the oranges, chill until firm. Winter Vegetable Slaw Grate or shred raw carrots, beets and parsnips together. Add a thin, tart dressing, toss gently and press into small cups to mold. Unmold on shredded salad greens. Poor Man's Beef 4 cups navy beans % pound bacon 3 tablespoons butter ADD ANOTHER FREEDOM FEMININE HYGIENE "Liberties'' are inserts you can use with convenience. Easy to use, not a greasy suppository or jelly. Effectively medicated. An excellent deodorant. Thousands of women depend on it for freedom from worry and embarrassment. Reasonable, too. Package o£ 10 inserts SU Take this ad to FonJ-Hopkiia Drus Store for your c of LIBERTIES Answer AMERICA'S \CAUmHEALTH! , Reduce Home fcjC^'. _ : with CLOROX! \VmY1AKCHMCfS!' '-WheniTs' ClOROX-UEAN , it's hygitnicoffy eleon!" shortages ... fewer medico) facilities makeitimporranHhat every available precaution be taken to protect the health of America. One way is to cooperate .with health authorities who urge Greater Home Sanitation as a health safeguard. Let Clorox provide added protection in your home. Clorox, in routine cleansing, makes kitchen, bathroom, laundry germ "danger zones" sanitary... also deodorizes, removes stains. Clorox has intensified germicidal action. It's ultra-refined... free fromcaustic,an exclusive quality. Cultivate the healthful habit of hygienic home cleanliness with Clorox. Simply follow directions on the label. ^ Clorox is concentrated for economy ... · full value for your money. AWHICJU MVOIIH ItUCH *NB HOUSEHOLD DIS1NFECHNF* CLOROX FREE FROM CAUSTIC BtODORIZIS I MMOVES JTAINS 4 tablespoons flour 3 cups milk If possible- soak beans overnight. Cook until tender, drain, saving liquor for soup. Salt beans 'o taste while cooking. Cut bacon in small pieces and arown carefully until crisp. Melt cutter, add flour and cook together for 1 'minute. Add milk and cook, stirring until. smooth and creamy. Place a layer of beans in a ireased casserole, then bacon with some of the bacon fat, then a layer of cream sauce. Repeat until all is used. Bake 1 hour in a moderate Hpve you tried kraut salad? An Iowa man drove all the way up from Long Beach to tell me about this very good salad. Dissolve 2 tablespoons plain gelatine in 1 cup kraut juice. Mix 3 cups kraut, 9 olives, cut in bits 2 hard cooked eggs, chopped, 1 pimiento, chopped together. Add% cup mayonnaise to the gelatine mixture and pour over kraut mixture. If there is not enough liquor to cover add water. Let stand until set. U n m o l d and garnish with hard b o i l e d egg. Broiled Onions 2 large onions Cooking oil \'z cups finely crushed co Nurse's Aides to Ease Load of Hospitals Washington, D. C.--With 50,000 raduate nurses already serving in tie army and navy nurse corps, nilitary and civilian hospitals are urning more and more to the Red Cross Nurse's Aides, a civilian volunteer group to help meet a seri- us situation caused by a mount- ng shortage of trained personnel, according to Mrs. Walter Lippmann, national director of. the :orps. · More than 110,000 Aides al- eady have been certificated after aking the special 80-hour intensive raining course required. 0£ these, ,000 with the most experience, are helping in military hospitals. Gratified civilian hospital s'uper- ntendents say they could not'op- erate their institutions at present capacity without the volunteers. One 'hospital, for instance, normally employed 104 graduate nurses. So many of the staff answered the call to military service hat the trained staff is now reduced to 51 nurses. With the help of 13 paid practical nurses and 20 volunteer Aides, however, it Is able to carry on. High tribute to the value of the iervices performed by Red Cross Curse's Aides in military hospi- als came from Colonel Florence A. Blanchfield, U. S. A., Superin- endent o£ the Army Nurse Corps. "Of the many volunteer groups flakes. Cut onions in inch slices. Pre-cook in boiling salted water 5 minutes; separate into rings. Pat dry on paper towel. Dip in oil, then in crushed flakes. Place under broiler for 10 minutes. Carrot Fries Scrape and cut carrots-lengthwise into slices about Vt inch hick. Dip in egg, roll in crushed flakes and brown in hot 'at in frying pan. Cover and cook slowly about 10 minutes. Cabbage Combine shredded red cabbage vith sliced apples and onions and cook in boiling salted water un'.il tender. Season with vinegar, :ugar and butter to taste. Squash Steam 'or bake squash. Mash and season with honey, butter and salt. Make a' cavity in the op of each serving and fill with hot buttered peas. For a Ravenous Crowd Split frankfurters lengthwise on one side; fill with well seasoned stuffing. Wrap with a slice of b a c o n , fasten with a :ooth pick. Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Sandwich Suggestions If your bread is too fresh to slice easily place it in the refrigerator until thoroughly cold This w i l l harden it enough to make thin slicing possible. Best Rice Pudding % cup rice 3 cups milk % teaspoons salt 4 beaten egg whites % cup sugar Grated rind of a lemon 6 large tart apples Wash rice and boil in a erous amount of water for 5 minutes. Drain and cook with milk and salt in a double boiler until tender. Remove from heat add beaten egg whites, sugar grated rind and mix well. Pare and core the apples, and cook until tender but not broken. Place in a serving dish, cover with the rice mixture. Serve very cold with the following: Sauce for Pudding One cup sugar, % cup water boil together for about 5 minutes Add 1 cup j u i c e apples were cooked in, 1 teaspoon butter, 1 tablespoon corn starch, and juice of lemon as desired. Serve ho over pudding. Now that the rationing program gives us extra points for pork it is well to have new or different ways of preparing. Try this one: Pork Loin with Apples and Onions Wipe a 4% pound pork loin with a damp cloth. Sprinkle witr salt. Place in roaster fat side up Sprinkle with poultry seasoning Peel onions, place around pork alternating with apples that h been washed, cored and cut in halves leaving the peel on. Place in oven and cook at 350 degree for 3 to 3V4 hours. Carrots ma; be added to the apples and on" ions if desired. gen- WAG Wins Army Honor Pocatello, Idaho, (U.R)--There i, no doubt about it. Women are in vading the man's world. For months, various army men have been named "Soldier of th Week" at Gowen Field. But thi latest award, which is based on "soldierly appearance and knowl edge of military courtesy," wa made to Cpl. Elinor Price o Orangeburg, S. Car. She is the first WAC to re ceive the honors. under the Red Cross and other organizations, none has earned a more honored and respected position than the Red Cross-Volunteer Nurse's Aides," she said. "They are serving throughout the country in both civilian and military hospitals. In both situations they are assisting with the nursing care so efficiently that graduate registered nurses are being released for duties requiring more technical skill and for service with the armed forces. "The part these women are Playing exemplifies not only the spirit of patriotism but also the spirit of nursing, for their motive is truly one of service, and their only reward the satisfaction of having served, w h e n greatly needed. In a worthwhile task. "The demand for nurses to care for the wounded abroad and those who have been returned home continues, and will continue, after the war is over. More and more fied Cross Nurse's Aides like those who are now contributing so much are needed and essential to the nursing program of our country." The Volunteer Nurse's Aide Corps was organized as part of the national defense program 3 yean ago, under a joint agreement between the IT. S. office of civilian defense and the Red Cross. During the past year the number of Aides has doubled. Following, an 80-hour intensive training course, the Aides give a number of hours regularly as assistants to graduate nurses, relieving them of certain duties not calling for highly skilled training and knowledge. Besides those working in mili- tary hospitals, other Aides are serving in hospitals of the Veterans Administration, Bureau of Indian Affairs, in civilian hospitals on medical, surgical, orthopedic, pediatric and obstetrical wards, in accident rooms and industrial clinics, outpatient departments and in blood donor centers. The duties undertaken by the Nurse's Aides are many and varied. They may, for instance, take temperature, pulse and respiration of patients and give morning and evening care, prepare and set up treatment trays to be sterilized; help apply plaster casts, help with unsterile dress- Ings, aid in emergency rooms, serve under graduate nurses in casualty stations and first aid posts, assist graduate nurses In the care of victims of floods, tornadoes and other disasters, and give bedside care to certain patients in homes, under the direction of visiting nurses. It is an interesting fact that one-half of the women who apply j for the Nurse's Aide training" are employed full time during the day -- a striking testimony to the patriotism and spirit of self-sacrifice o£ these hard-working women. POSTPONE FUNERAL, Thompson--Funeral for the late Mrs. Christian Nelson was postponed from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon due to the severe storm. TRY THIS VEGE TA B iE SAUCE MADE WITHOUT BUTTSZ Savory Save* Dresses Up Plain Vegetables · COMBINE salad oil (or melted vegetable shortening) with rich- brown and tangy Heinz "57-Sauce" -using equal parts. Heat well but do not boil. This quick and easily t prepared sauce is really delicious over hot cooked broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green beans, spinach, or lima beans. SCHOOL REOPENS T h o m p s o n--The Thompson school was closed Tuesday due'to the severe blizzard. Studies were resumed Wednesday morning. HERE'S A RICH-TASTING- SAUCE FOR MANY A DISH 17 FLAVORS BLENDED INTO ONE 1 i I *£*· l£-rfC ^»8?r . Ji w? ^ I discovered that the technique of bread making can best be told with pictures. Here it is ... a complete, e a s y PHOTO-METHOD for Bread Making . . . all ready for you to start! fi, 5ST'-* .."^ MORE HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS AMAZING NEW PHOTO-METHOD FOR BREAD MAKING H irnfl* yowr hwid 1i»- to MM «nr«r el DM doogS. Fold lh« ·d{je* of the dough over from the four »!d« (o ttw center ond punch again. con* MUCH WITH A TOWtL letiutand for 10 m'nuTes. Thii "rail" period inokn Hi* dough mucli cos. i«r to hand'*. THIS NEW lAAOtw*, (S^ PHOTO-METHOD TAKES THE GUESSWORK OUT OF BAKING BREAD AT HOME OCCIDENT GUARANTEES RESULTS! YES, INDEED!--Bread baked from pictures--AND you can do it tool Whether you are an experienced bread baker or a "first- timer," try this new Virginia Roberts Photo-Method for Bread Making. It leads you by easy-to-undcrstand directions and progressive pictures through each step in bread making. By following these steps and using Enriched Occident Flour, we guarantee you can bake a loaf of bread with a rich, golden crust, an even texture and a delicious flavor! There arc lots of good ideas in Virginia Roberts Photo- Method even for the most experienced bakers. For instance, do you let your dough "rest" after mixing? Do you add shortening after half the flour has been mixed? Do you know when the dough is light enough? If you have never tried to bake FILL IN AND MAIL TODAY! VIRGINIA ROBERTS, Occident Home Baking InstituM Minneapolis J, Minn. bread--if bread baking scares you--then try this new photo- recipe-method! Your success is guaranteed! For your FREE copy use the coupon below. GUARANTIED MMHTS WITH OCCIDENT FLOUg We guarantee you can bake better bread using Enriched Occident Flour and the Virginia Roberts Photo-Method for Bread Making. If you don't agree your bread is better, return the unused portion of the s^ctc to your dealer. He is authorized to refund your FULL PURCHASE PRICE. NO MORE GUESSWORK-NO MORE FAILURES-when you use this NEW photo-recipe-method and Enriched Occident Flour. OCCIDENT --FOR YOUR CAKES, PIES, ROLLS Just like so many thousands of housewives, you'll like ENRICHED OCCIBENT FLOUR for all your baking needs, for cakes, pies,rolls,biscuits. And, remember, there's nothing like good baked foods to add extra goodness to war-time meals 1 Dept. 4-92 Please send me a FREE copy of the Virginia Roberts PHOTO-METHOD for BREAD MAKING. NAME- ADDRESS. CITY TATE_ mm nut wm mm. UM e bnnk tflppcd in milKd bvttar, er plact · picci of btmtr in · clMn dot* and brut* ecrou rep of wan*

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