The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 28, 1936 · Page 11
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
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Tuesday, April 28, 1936
Page 11
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TWELVE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 28 ·§ 1938 GLOBE - GAZETTE SPORT! JOE, MAX READY TO START GRIND Ring Battle Is Seven Weeks Off, May to See Both Donning Gloves. NEW YORK, UP)--Ballyhoo for the Louis-Schmeling fight will get under way in earnest this week as the combatants hie to their training sites for preliminary conditioning. Although the battle is seven weeks away, Max Schmeling will begin training Wednesday at the Napanoch Country club at Napanoch, N. Y.. and the camp will be formally opened May 7 when the Teutonic slugger first dons the gloves. Joe Louis will; begin training on Thursday at Lafayetteville, N. Y., roughing it there for two weeks before pitching camp at Lakewood, N. J., May 15.'The Brown Bomber leaves Detroit Tuesday, traveling by automobile. Louis weighs 212 pounds and is anxious to lose some of this weight before climbing through the ropes for the engagement that will take place June 18 at the Yankee stadium. Bowling Averages FINAL INDIVIDUAL AVERAGES 1935-1936 DtCKKR'S OFFICE--FIRST PLACE Caufcnan ....... 86 338 817 180 Fait .·· iO 242 079 160 68 207 562 187 Svenson 63 208 833 188 Lindsay 86 210 556 150 MacDoimli] (Capt.) 87 233 698 169 CRANE COMPANY--SECOND PLACE Snafford 5 0 22 « 534 177 OH'" 82 242 633 170 (rumbholz 87 247 576 167 ieSomiry 54 274 8 ]o ^ Icy (Cnpt.) \ 87 $25 6 io 184 NOBTHHJESI. CEMENT--T1URU PLACE '«" 84 238 574 169 Afcbolt 72 214 5»4 163 · vr , lll! ' 78 203 545 l(j(| rllultr. "cany 11 182 531 Kaufman 73 333 gio KOZr KORNER--FIFTH PLACE (Tic Duncan, Barney CLOSE CONTESTS AT COUNTY MEET Butler Teams to Play for Finals Berth in Games . Listed Wednesday. BUTLEK COCN-TT MEET Monday Results Greene 6; Dumont 2. Farkcrsbui? 2; New Hartford 1. IKitow 2; clarkjvllfc 1. Allison 11; Shell Rock 4. Wednesday Games Semifinals 2--Greene vs. Farkcraburg. 3--Bristow vs. Allison. cllulln JS7 209 Ml) 181 "*'· ·" M 224 »7» 1B9 Irkl, F. (CnlX.t {ill «4li 611 177 UECKER-S PLANT--FOURTH PLACE "" 83 326 604 178 CoHIni (Cant.) 8s ju Ms ] B4 B"ldilf 7 3 - 2 2 4 632 161 Hlck * 49 232 592 163 H°l'«e 73 232 593 169 158 J Duncan, John E. R4 222 5(18 1B8 Fermnn, Floyd 87 334 587 167 Duncan, William 89 335 025 175 Duncan. Frank (Capt.) . 87 315 eoo J 7 l Monvcc 35 218 534-1,2 OLD TIMERS--FIFTH PLACE (Tie) Adams (Cant.) 5,3 , 48 C 06 176 "·rant 81 206 543 136 "**" ·· 87 221 611 1S7 MacDonald - g M , g,.g Jw Senn · 90 230 377 173 BcM 8 179 436 151 BLCMER'S GOLDK.v GLOW--SEVENTH PLACE ,. , 72 235 881 K ""l 87 336 652 U^ · DO 232 639 RaVutfV'i'caiit.'r":;;:; jjj 23° TM MoI ! CT 17 210 509 T «''° r 9 173 485 GLOBE-GAZETTE--EIGHTH PLACE Berg 84 335 g n g j 70 J °" M 31) 191 S«l 3D 203 810 69 245 647 167 173 173 152 175 1S3 1«7 164 159 187 173 166 GREENE -- Greene advanced to meet Parkersburg and Allison wil oppose Bristow in the semifina games of the Butler county high school baseball tournament, following the completion of the first round of play Monday. A pair of close ball games sent Parkersburg and Bristow into the semifinals. Each team won 2 to 1 as New Hartford and Clarksville were defeated. Greene won from Dumont 6 to 2 and Allison beat Shell Rock 11 to 4 in the other Monday contests. A light rain fell during the last game of the day, but did not stop the contest nor injure the diamond. Leonard Scholl to See Action Again in Event Carded for Thursday Leonard Scholl of Rockwell will make his first appearance at the armory since the American Legion took over the active promotion of boxing here when he faces hard- hitting Elmer Fritz, Mason City, in the feature bout on Thursday's 30- STODDABD'S-- NINTH PLACE Lorinj: (Capt.) ' .......... 67 2 19 j 7 o Snyder ................. 70 2 22 547 S 1 "" 1 .................. 65 232 577 Stoddard ................ 8l ,,,, 565 E «" c ' ···· ............... 63 229 693 "" k .................. 42 178 303 Nlckelson ............... 3 202 541 STANDARD OIL-- TENTH PLACE (Tie) 2l 18 ° "'" Ifi 2 6 0 189 nil 134 ,? , lterelk K "n Pnsternack "oitand rayni) (Capt.) 69 204 43 lao KI 2H 8 0 21S 63 225 542 474 J40 air IM 577 Kg 872 170 GALLAGHER'S FONTIACS--TENTH PLACE (Tie) SMI 7J J09 602 160 Bamber 88 187 513 151 Gerard 35 »o 5 850 168 tiundersoo 68 223 879 104 EasUnmi 83 233 589 108 Matter 60 229 396 107 MOOSE LEGION--TENTH PLACE (Tic) Sannon 78 246 633 187 Humphrey, J. 78 224 576 167 Humphrey, H 60 224 558 108 Clausen 09 218 808 164 TMTM 13 136 641 157 Berry (Capt.) 75 314 O o 4 ]64 Elstad 72 222 597 175 HUGH DAVEY AND SON--THIRTEENTH PLACE "* 90 243 (116 177 LJOIW 54 203 394 168 Davey (Capt.) no 236 «04 170 Sillier. 84 334 534 ,-, Collins 90 279 (147 179 Mnrks :j 18fi 4!I4 165 INTER.NAT1O.VA I. THI.TKS--FOWt- TEE.NTH PLACE "all .: 78 287 StaEeberff 57 31,, Walker ji 2,(, Dickinson 17 J93 O'Nell 19 213 Sobleilie (Capt) 38 233 ... TVLER-RVAN--FIFTEENTH PLACE Walsh 78 232 583 179 Roltlnson (Capt.) . . . . . . . 87 23B 601 177 T ''« 53 213 032 154 Sondcrtaard 54 247 388 "«"* 80 214 630 Johnson , 54 ogg (j^o COCA-COLA--SIXTEENTH" PLACE Ryan (Cant.) 75 33, m , Strong (u 335 Clausen 30 214 Weber 37 337 Meadr ., 25 201 Schmidt 39 2"-8 RELEASED BOWLERS Tamnsl 34 378 .Inhnson 42 2"6 Bememan .."!-33 Turnure 31 HOKRII 12 Hanson 33 600 376 516 688 480 686 . 177 Gil 179 172 171 see 569 593 368 583 627 211 575 111!) 16! 161 173 17B 173 170 176 ..... Mct'ollouKh ............. 7 Hayes ............ . ..... 6 GUbertson ............. 6 West ................... 4 Howard ..... .... .. 3 Mace ................... 3 Lundby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Sack ................... 3 Householder .. ___ 3 Mullnn ................. . Colloton .......... ...... 48 y onngerman ............ 33 Lyons .................. 24 Dwan ............... .... 35 Rlley ................... i, Mellem ................. n Itunhgens ............ 9 Holt ................. t Smith .................. G Bouman ..... . ..... 6 Smith .......... ......... a Lawler ........ -j Mickd.vm ........ 3 " Z3G 183 237 233 169 139 Ilmvser ..... . . . ........ Bender ................ ' F-KKttt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ] [ 171 189 167 125 173 123 339 168 ... 218 568 215 214 201 170 179 198 179 131 213 155 157 143 133 170 184 168 135 180 18J 149 137 106 162 16! 155 CHAPTER 39. "I didn't want no woman mur dered in my taxi, and me having rn alibi," the:cab driver told Keyes in explanation of his leading the police to me. "You say she was alive when you stopped for traffic at Twenty-ninth street?" "She was calling out 'Miss Joy'-Mr! Maughan here says it was 'Miss Joyce'--and rapping on the glass, then she opened the window." "Very much alive, then?" "I would say so." "Did you see the person she called?" Keyes asked. "N, I didn't. Fact is, now that I hink of it, I'm positive she could hardly see the sidewalk, the opposite sidewalk from where she was. t was dark, you know, and there were cars all over the street to her eft. She must have recognized her larty in a passing taxi. Of course he party may have been a pedes- rian in front of us, but my car wasn't the first in line. It was about the third." "Could you see the pedestrians from where you were?" "I could if I had looked, but I wasn't looking." "Opening the, left side window would indicate that Miss Randall saw someone in a taxi beside her?" "Or on the other side of the street." "Which was almost impossible?" "Well, as I was saying, it was getting dark, and the cars were thick." bus?" the detective asked me. "Because Miss Randall called out to Joyce who might have been in a taxi or bus. Keyes, I've got an idea, a mere germ, that Miss Randall's murderer was on that bus. It would by the most conspicuous means to get away. Or, for that matter to get to her. A bus right behind. If we could only trace every passenger?" "Impossible, Maughan. You ought to know better. Now to get you straightened out on this matter. We're going to your hotel right away." Obediently I picked up my overcoat and hat and followed him to a waiting car. At the desk Keyes asked the clerk what time I had come in. And luckily for me-the clerk remembered and verified the fact that I had gone immediately to my sorns. "I remember because a Mr. Van Svery called every few minutes for the last hour. I was getting tired of saying that Mr. Maughan had not yet come in. Mr. Van Every seemed erturbed about something, and wanted to get hold of Mr. Maughan mmediately. I had promised at least dozen times to tell Mr. Maughan o call him at home right away," he clerk explained. "Right after Maughan had gone upstairs, Hr. Van Every called again, but by this time Mr. Maughan had his call n, so I had them switched together. The doorman also remembered ny coming in from a taxi, remem- ered I had said something about his being a bad day, and sort of At Mason City THEATERS SCREEN MAKES STRANGE BEDFELLOWS Like politics, the screen make strange bedfellows. · Alan Baxter and Henry Klein bach, who were rival feudists in "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine, are cast as gangster pals, menacing Joan Bennett and Gary Grant in "Big Brown Eyes," billed Wednes day and Thursday at the Cecil. * * * * "Till We Meet Again,' starring Herbert Marshall, Gertrude Michael Lionel Atwill, Rod LaRocque ant Guy Post, is the feature scheduled for the Cecil and Palace Friday only. LIONEL BAKRYMORE RETURNS TO PALACE In a story thoroughly understandable to' anyone who has heard the hounds pick up the trail of a fox on a clear, still night, Lionel Barrymore returns to the screen as the leading character in "The Voice of Bugle Ann." The setting of the picture is in the rough hills of northern Missouri. Maureen O'Sullivan, Eric Linden, Dudley Digges, Charley Grapewin and Spring Byington top the supporting cast. 616 580 S31 460 558 611 339 563 427 436 363 391 1S.1 541 20R 573 231 ... 147 ... "I see. Now when you' reached Bumbling He recalled the fact that hotel, where did you see Mr. w T en J had come out ' fa a Changs ·v,««9» 01 clothes, a policeman, and what was coming out scemed to b = a taxi driver, had met i, 3 'though hfwas I ? vas ?TM«ing to myself when we i o" ** *·"" lyrtr int-n if n*»«r.' n n ~ A *. i « n _ i . i_._ i . _ _ i dressed different than he"was when I left him at the curb. Then he had on a sort of camel's hair overcoat,, and a tan felt hat" Keyes questioned Knox for some time, going over and over the points Knox had explained fully so many times before.. But each time, the driver gave the same answers. I was convinced long before Keyes was that Knox truth. was telling the round menu. Joe Gilles, Stacyville stable manager who scored a knockout on the last card which marked_ his initiation into the squared circle locally, will square off against Young Gildner of Mason City, a virtual unknown whose talents have not been displayed here this season. Matchmaker Slim Craychee was busy lining up the complete card Wednesday. 13 ENTEK MEET LEMARS, CiB--Coach Earl Voltmer, Western Union college athletic director, said Tuesday 13 schools have entered the third annual Gala day track and field carnival here May 12. Twentylfive high schools are expected to enter before the dealine for filing entries. DECORAH PREPS SHADOW CRESCO 23-22 Margin Enough to Win in Quad Meet at Home Track of Victors. DECORAH-- Decorah high school defeated Cresco by a single point as Waukon and Oelwein trailed by sizable margins, to win a quadrangular track meet run here Monday. Decorah scored 23 points, Cresco 22, Waukon and Oelwein . Decorah won all the runing events, but Stan Kvam of Cresco starred in the field contests, winning the discus throw with a toss of 107 feet, ly. inches and the pole vault with a 9 foot swing. He was second in the shotput. Decorah's two mile relay team ran the distance 'in 9:17.2, the mile relay in a flat 3:00, and the 440 relay in :48.3. OUT OF THE P R E S S B O X Major Stars (Continued From Page 11) list still more . .- . along- with a waistline or two. * * * The first haul made by WPA men at Clear Lake where they were BY THE ASSOCIATED PKESS Ernie Lombard! and Tommy Thev- enow, Reds--The former hit a homer to tie the score against the Cubs and then doubled in 10th. Scored winning run' when Thev- enow singled. Bruce Campbell, Indians--His homer in the seventh broke pitcher's duel and gave Cleveland 2-1 win over the St. Louis Browns. The Leaders BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS AMERICAN Batting--Gehringer, Tigers, .457. Runs--Gehringer, Tigers, 15. Runs batted in--Dickey, .Yankees, Senators, Gehringer, 17 Hits--Travis, Tigers, and Bell, Browns, 21. Doubles--Dickey, Yankees, and Greenberg, Tigers, 6. Triples--Gehringer, Tigers and Clift, Browns, 3. Homenins--Trosky, Indians, 5. Stolen bases--Werber, Red Sox, 4. Pitching, Grove, Red Sox. 30. NATIONAL Batting--Terry, Giants, .500. Runs--Herman, Cubs, 16. Runs batted in--Leiber, Giants, 16. Hits--Herman, Cubs, 22. Doubles--Herman, Cubs, 9. Triples--Moore, Giants, Hassett and Bucher, Dodgers, and McQuina Reds, 3.. Homeruns--Klein, Cubs, 4. Stolen bases--Hack, Cubs, and Pepper Martin, Cards, 3. Pitching---Holliogswortb, Reds, 3-0. employed by the state conservation commission to clear the waters of rough fish . . . netted 12,000 pounds of buffalo . . . most of the buffalo weighed more "than five pounds. * * * George Feeney of Forest City is the only state semipro basebajl commissioner in the United states who is also a player . . . as well as managing the state semipro tournament at Forest City this summer, he'll boss the Collegians, who will defend their Iowa championship. * · * * Observers who can see Max Schmeling as a possible victor over Joe Louis in their coming fistic encounter point out that the Brunet Bomber was hit with a right hand by Paulino Uzcudun . . . the argument is that if the slow Uzcudun could nail Louis with a right, the VALLEy GOLFERS SCAN FULL CARD Tourney Players May Have Week-End Off in Late May, Early June. KANSAS CITY, (J5--Tourna- ment golfers of the Missouri Valley region Tuesday perused the list of meets scheduled for the section this year, and considered the possibility of getting home for a weekend between tournaments late in May or in June. Starting with the seventh annual Heart of America tournament, scheduled for the Oakwood course in Kansas City May 18-20, tournaments for men and · women fairly tumble over each other's heels On the heels of the Heart of America meet will come the annual Excelsior Springs, Mo., tournament scheduled May 26-28. June 8-13 will find Mrs. Opal S. Hill, Kansas City's leading- woman golfer, defending her western open championship at Topeka, Kans. The Missouri men's state amateur will get under way at Kansas City June 15, and the Western open June 19-21 at Davenport, Iowa, will lure many players from the valley region. Although out of the valley territory, the women's trans-Missis- sippi at Denver June 22-27 will include in its field many midwest- erners. On approximately the same dates--June 23-27--the men's trans- Mississippi will be held at Witchita, Kans. Omaha drew the Western amateur' this year, which means the valley region will be well represented. The meet is scheduled July 14-19. faster Schmeling great cowouncher . who is a ought .to be able to find the target several times . . . . and perhaps send in a paral- yzer. * * # Odd thing, fight psychology . . . Jim Jeffries says Joe Louis may be a great fighter, but Jim wants "to see him get hit" before accepting him as such . . . and the guy who hits Joe? ... well, Jini will want to see him get hit, too ... and he'll want to see the guy who hits the guy who hits Louis get hit, in turn . . . so it goes, down through the ages, I guess, since an amazed crowd in New Orleans saw John L. get hit by Jim Corbett . . . ad infinitum. Tennessee City Leads as Golfers Shoot for Honor NEW YORK, Up)--The Associated Press Hole-In-One cl;ub roster Tuesday showed Nashville, Tenn., leading all other cities in the nation in the race for one-shot golf honors. Nashville, with four new members having been inducted this week, boosted its total to 12 to shade Dallas, Tex., by one member and thereby supplant that city at the head of the list. Fort Worth, Tex., has seven. Texas was far in the lead as far as states go with 35 acers. with Tennessee second with 17 and Ohio third with 13. "Then after you found her what happened?" he continued. "I stopped the car. It was next to the curb anyway. L thought the lady had fainted, and I saw a drug store on the corner. I was going to get a drink of water for her, or take her in there. I don't remember. You know how crowds gather. In a moment there were a hundred people around the taxi and l couldn't get through. One man came up and said he was a doctor. He had a bag and stepped Into the car. The lady's hat was off. He put Us hand to her forehead, and found the--the--whatever it was. Spike, I guess. I don't know. It's murder' he said. "The lady's dead. Better jet a policeman.' One wag pushing irough the crowd by that time. Several others came up, too. I told the first cop about Mr. Maughan, so we ran to the Warrington. And the other cops took the lady to the morgue in a taxi. That's all I know." Keyes turned to one of the officers. "This doctor? You held him?" i"Yes, he's below, getting impatient. Murphy, I think, got the names of all the witnesses." A warned individual grasping a small black bag was ushered in He was Dr. Emile Michel, young interne at St. Anne's hospital, on his way to a private case. He told Keyes quickly what had happened. Standing on the curb awaiting an "empty taxi, he had seen Jerry Knox stop his car and get out. He noticed a woman lying on the floor. Apparently hundreds of other people did too, for in a moment he was being pressed up to the car, people pushing him from behind. He noticed Kaox, although he didn't know his name until afterwards, trying to fight his way through. It was then that he said he was a doctor, and climbed into the taxi to see what he got into Keyes' car. At least he had taken care that my alibi was clear. "You couldn't have done it," he murmured half to himself, half to me. "That's what I've been telling IU." "I haven't informed Van Every yet of what has happened, principally I want to surprise Joyce. evidently saw her and you. could do for the woman. In feeling the woman's head he had found a needlelike instrument. He knew the woman was dead. The needle or whatever it was, he didn't know what then, had pierced her left temple, killing her. because Miss recognized her somewhere near the taxi Knox was driving. Are you sure she took the job at Gribbel's?" "I saw her there this afternoon. I made a special trip to see how she was getting along. I'd rather, Keyes. you wouldn't say anything to Van Every about Joyce working there -yet, unless you feel it's necessary." "I don't know. We'll see. What were you doing at the library?" "I don't know. I just was there. I couldn't tell you why. I was walking and found myself there. Natural for Miss Randall to be there. She was waiting for Joyce. I had to He and tell her I had been in and Joyce had gone. I think now I told Miss Randall that Joyce had gone at my orders. The girl was dead tired, though, this afternoon when I saw her at Gribbel's." (TO BE CONTINUED; Visitors From Marshall. GRAFTON-- Mr. and Mrs. Lester Griffin and daughter and Morley Hartwig of Marshall, Wis., were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Bork, Sr., over the weekend. Irene and Ruth Bork returned with them. Mrs. Clark Again Heads A. A. U. in Charles City CHARLES CITY--Officers elected at the final meeting of the A. A. U. W. t held in the Garden cafe were: Mrs. H. -M. Clark, re-elected president;Mrs. Clark Gormley, vice president; Miss Frances Nies, secretary, and I'rs. H. M. Mohlie, treasurer. Among the A. A. U. W. members who will go to Ames to attend the annual state convention May S and 9 are Mrs. H. M. Clark, Mrs. Clark Gormley, Mrs. A. E. Regel, Mrs. C. A. Hinman and Mrs. Ervin Larson. North Iowa Track Star's Loss to Weaken Cyclones AMES--The Iowa State college track team will open its outdoc home schedule with a dual mee against the University of Missou on State field at 3:30 Friday afte: noon, The meet was scheduled for Saturday. The ineligibility of Costigan, star weight jumper, places a damper on low State's chances for a win over th Tigers Friday. lowan Promoted V. D. Patterson, superintendent of the Griswold school for nine years, has been elected superintendent of the Grinnell schools. He is known throughout the state for his success in cuaching the Griswold girls' basketball team. He is a graduate of Drake university and will assume his new duties next fall. (Iowa Daily Press Photo) 'red Winter Named to Be Starter at Pioneer Meet GRINNELL, (JP--Fred Winter, irector of physical education in the edar Rapids high, schools, will act s starter for the annual Grinnell nterscholastic track and field meet ere May 2. G. Lester Duke, Grinnell track oach and director of the meet, said e expects approximately 20 high chools to compete here Saturday. THEATER GALA OPENING Friday 7:30 Mrs. Sweigard Funeral to Be Held Wednesday GARNER--Funeral services for Mrs. Lucinda Sweigard, 84, will be held at the Sweigard home Wednesday afternoon with the Rev. T. Ernest Hoon, pastor, of the First Methodist church, iii charge. With her husband, the late Isaac Sweigard, she settled in Wesley among the early pioneers where Mr. Sweigard bought livestock. They cams to Garner where Mr. Sweigard for many years was president of the Farmers National bank. He died several years ago. Surviving are three children, Mrs. Robert Plummer, Des Moines, Harvey A. Sweigard, Hawkeye, and Clifford R. Sweigard of Garner. Four grandchildren and three great grandchildren survive. Visitor From Ames. JOICE--Stanley Lovik, student at Ames, visited at his parental home over the week-end. The Best Place to DANCE For Old and Young WMT German Band Friday 26c 553%?* JIMMY BAKNETT SAT. CARL MEBBE SUNDAY ANSON WEEKS MAY 7 Buy Advance Tickets 75c Door Price $1.10 Tax: Jncl. D A N C E Avolon Ballroom Manly, Iowa TUESDAY, APRIL 28 Jack Hampton and His Detroiters Ladies 25c Gents 40c OLD-TIME DANCE THURSDAY, APRIL 30 Music By Art's Nighthawks . JT Gall Stone Colie Try taking Prescription No. , r.ized practicing specialist's formula, to al in avoiding gallstones and possible opera tions. Treat ttie usual cause la a sensible painless, inexpensive way at nome. Writ Homo Drug Co., 18-57 N. 4th St., Mlnne apolis, Minn., for Free Doctor's Guide anc literature on treatment reported resultfu for 30 years. Sold under money back guar antee according to treatment plan at Mich ael's and other drus stores. Meeting Postponed. CRYSTAL LAKE--The American Legion Auxiliary postponed its meeting- from May 5 to May 12 so the members could attend the eighth district spring conference to be held in Forest City May 5. Birthdays Are Celebrated. GORDONSVILLE, Minn. -- A number of relatives and friends gathered at the A. F. Struck home Sunday for a picnic dinner to celebrate the birthdays of Mr. and Mrs. Struck and Mrs. S. R. Buchanan. Mrs. Leo Leigl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Struck, and her husband from Minneapolis were among the guests. i Ladies' GIFT DAY Every. Wed. Thurs. Wed. and Thurs. PaddyO'Day --with-JANE WITHERS Pinky Tomlin - Rita Cansino Jane Harwell Johnny Mack Brown, in "BETWEEN MEN" with Beth Marion William Farnum Ends Tuesday "King of Burlesque" and a "It's a Great Life" Centerville to Play at Penn in Opening Battle CENTERVILLE, (J 1 )--Centerville junior college will open its baseball season against Penn college at Oskaloosa April 30. Two games have been booked for the Maroons with Penn. The other will be played here May 5, In the Ring By ASSOCIATED PRESS. CHICAGO--Davey Day, 137, Chicago, knocked out Mike Primich, 134, East Chicago, Ind., Wrestling WINNIPEG -- Ed Strangler Lewis, 250, defeated Darno Osto- pavich, 245, Kansas City, one fall. ROCHESTER, Minn. -- Lou Plummer, 245, Baltimore, threw Ivan Vacturoff, 235, Riga, Russia. He had not taken much time for the examination, although in the car coming to the morgue, where he sat beside the dead woman, he had tried to be more thorough. He was late now, hours late for his call, and could he go? Keyes dismissed him kindly after taking his address. Knox whined when the captain ordered him held for the night, but it availed him nothing. The two stalwart policemen led him quickly away. We were alone at last, "See here, Maughan, come clean to me. What do you know about this?" Keyes asked suddenly, after the door had closed on Knox. "Only what I told you. Someone must have heard Miss Randall ask for an appointment tomorrow. And that someone killed her before she could say anything." "A murder on Fifth avenue, in the busiest part of the day--" he mused. With a jerk I was on my feet. "Keyes, get this driver back here and ask him if he saw a bus!" "A bus?" "Yes. I've been thinking taxis until I'm crazy. Miss Randall's murderer might have been on a bus! Why didn't I think of it before." Knox came back rather dazed. "Was there a bus anywhere near your car?" I asked swiftly. "Why--let me see. Yes, there was. One of those big buses." "Where was it when you were standing still?" "Behind me." "You didn't-notice anyone get out of the bus, and come to the left side of your car?" "No." After a few more questions Keyes let him go. "Why are you so interested in a MIXED DANCE DENISON CLUB Wednesday, April 29 Music By SWANEE'S ORCHESTRA ADMISSION lOc PER PERSON FOLLOW THE CROWD BREEZY POINT Charles City, Iowa Opening Dance WEDNESDAY, A P R I L 29 AL MENKE The Band With a Million Friends ADMISSION 40c PER PERSON Plus Tax Dancing Every Wednesday and Saturday! When Love Is Young! When romance flowers in the hear of youih to triumph over the hatred of its elders! Here is a soul thrill that 3'ou'll always cherish in memory! "THE VOICE OF BUGLE ANN" ' with LIONEL BARRYMORE Maureen O'Sullivan - Eric Linden GREAT SHOWS Stick'Em U p . . . Boys! , and join the screen's create SHOWING STARTS WEDNESDAY BROADWAY BALLYHOO Musical Varieties IOWA NEWS FLASHES Al Jolson "The Sining Kid YOU'LL BECOME "PIXILATED" WHEN YOU SEE "MR. DEEDS GOES TO TOWN" STARTS SATURDAY AT THE CECIL

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