The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 10, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1818
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J L . a .: ban Calcutta Sugars, iiw I e - 7jo 0 ft? r l J03.OSB0RN, SU South - street. - J rrr... - jin! A II I V I !;(). Afe. ' li 65 bags a - reeu mr,""'""" - V o'fl J do Coraccai Cocoa V 16 ceroons do Indigo ' ' tf kh,, Muscovcdo Sugar, i,.ti received and lor sale by V W KAUTHAUi, REINICff E & CO. J 10 No. 74 Washington - street. ..nrArninri. nAf InI rw1 rriniAfl Trmn f: COP VVUUI 'JW UW HUU 11 V U WIU VJ tolS - 4 , i,0l cradle and crib Quilts and netted covers LwkJiIi Super Clolhi and CttSbiintrts flout Green Docking Baizes "' fjge Linen Bed Tiniag jleal Damask Table Cloths, and Napkins Mulls, jaconet and cambric Muslins fine India Flag Banihuioes Bct black Freuch and Italian Crapes stout, aud One white Jean. striped do jriili Linens, Sheetings and Diapers jtupfr ti - 4 cambric Dimities, till; Hosiery ble.un, anil power loom cotton Shirtings Russia Diapers Alio, case of the very first quality patent 3 cord wire thread ' Cotton Uillf, assorted numbers. ' Jy Id tw IrtUIA BLINDS and TALlLE MA la, PKR package or otherwise, for sale hy CEBRA K CUMING, J 10 7 MVarl street. lVHITTKtiS, MlLl.LYiliS, UL.i.lKKS Js &C. L'ST receirctl by the itadius, Trom I.o id .n, iUidlbrrUeby GEO. CHANCE, No. 6 Church - st. I door from Fultoo - st. Ob case of black willow squires for luts or bou. nets, anew article, auJ being light, calculated for the present season One case ghziar'a diannnds, well assorted four hundred and fifty boxes of London crown glas, aborted, of each sue from 6 by 8 to 14 by 22. July 10 2wr TO Lt:r. A new House in excellent order and in U,e pkatantest part - of lirimdway pose', s - sion given on or before the 1st October next or if a suitnti.T person otters, the furniture could ro yiiin till 1 at May, next, and a la.iy and three cwlJrcn, (the youngest six jenrs.) would board httie A;i,f - at this cilice. Jy IU 31 J.'i'' received, auJ for sale by T. & J. bVORti', No. 16d Ptarl - stretr, price two oV.Un, Laws of tho State of New - YoiA - , pa:ird it tli t'o'ty - nVst s sson of the Legi.ldti.rr, hegur. intl held t thn city of Albany tin. iiTJi day of jjnii.ur, l!illt. Alm'lhe fourth vol. cf Um Liwi of New - Tjrk, price six doll.irj. ' J.ily 10 " If ic t evei v k n '. i.y n:7i. 0XF. with a pood supply of inilk, and who can produce sati.sf.ictoiy tettinioniaU u'i eluracter, dc. will meet w ith enrntiiMgcmcnl, byappl)ing at .MRS. B.M!iU".lt - !, J I a tf No. 3o Uruaiiway. sV5iCAli7LTr7rK CANTILF. ACADK.M Y. MESIIS. KKLLY & TUOMV reper!li,:!y u.forui the p'itUc, that t!iey hiivc fuici) cnniiiicr.ced this islaiihihrnctd in the lirc and shy ro.nis. No. 47i I'tarl Mrt - tt a lew doors from the corner of Chatham street. Tli'ir coiiist; of education rcinprises the firetk, Lutin, Frr nili, id English l.m(;uat;ts ; CuaijM.itKii, History, Geography, the iisr in the dolus, Biolc - Ktcping. Arithmetic, wirh the other practical hr.iiii - hes of the Mathematics. Ycun Ladies hav'e a rooiu appropiiated to tVa.'clvci, where they will be taught a regular1 ciurst ol female education, t'):eller with plain anJoruamviitil Nerdle - work, by a lady ol exemplar; cumliKtaiidJoog exprieuceiu liiat department t ' Kefrrepreto Robert Atlrwa, P. 51. nnd N. P. CrtmnhiH t'ol'j"1. V k.N T i U AM5IATTCAL" .V liiROR. Aici. jc Taomy beg leave al?o to inform the public, th' - ir Gnnuiatical Mirror is now completed and oiguoisrd, and that ihrr arc prewired lo un - Wtalcn its appl:catio to thr dtiiiej r.l i.ulruction. The GrauiuiaticM .Mil r ir jr a u.i' nice rojittructed on sifh principles, nr.d i. I i. i i - . e l. - i .. ...T 4 I attujivu uy rucn law?, a? u cmuuh a ui.tutic e rsprescntation of all the pf.rts of human tpe. h, in ali the variety of their inflections ar.J all the diversity of their combinations ; ii ii talcuhtcd to impurt iiifrmatiou more expcdit'ioudy th.Vi vords, whether conveyed by writing or by ut - tcrmca: letters and souudj are the a: rnr; ijt. xi:, not iho rc!rai!i..;i. e ol iJo.u ; !.i.t Lue Graaiinatiral Mirror presents Tui cxct inntatiou of the ngent with its ca:c?, of the objea t with i: jij - sinns, of their substitute with iti gfndtrsand Vrijn', and of thn action with Us nviimrt's, and Vitimt. Tha other puts of speech wiil make tVir Tu'wsctive appearances in the revolutions cfthu sstnordin iry ma jl.iii;. It is no If s s ujc - filloths tar.htr tlna to the pupil ; and whilo itttpeli'.ei the progress of'jie one, it wdl fa.:ili - u'.t Hit la'or ol thco.'her. EboulJ any pron objrxt to the practicability o.'ilstpplication.they vhaliinge the investigation flf irpc'ition : they cannot consent t v an'n i - tulutc inspection : but anv rer - ou wh. shall be cnlificd to di'Cii? its mi rits they arc willing to limit, and prepare ! toauswer hi3 o!)jnctiin. Though duty forbids them to acknowledge - Heir own irdenoritv vet. they rely not en fteir dili;rence and . otliriM mav have a. much ; 'they rely not on tlicir erudition and ttlents, others may not Jinve less ; but they rc - "y on the co - opcratini of their viritu, whkd: 'liey contend to be snpi i ior to any that can be er.tdoyed to attain the object it contemplate'. Thoui;h they entertain no doubl of i:s supe - tior general utility, they conceive that fir such is cannot airrd much time for stiidy, r vliuse diirerent employments, limit confine turn to interrupted and desultory lectures, it must poseis peruliar advai tige. Stveralliterarycharacti rs, lio have ir.spcc - tu this midline, Lave been equally astonish - td xi d deligtkted, and doubt not tint exoeri - dcc will realise the most sanguine expectations that ars entertained of its udvantag and wees. Under these impressions the proprietors of the C'flnnmrricn.lfiVrtr recommend it to public notice, and they are iu. more desirous of tqiuring, (ban they are couude - ni of securinj tae patronage of thr pu'.dic. N. It. They have for general convenience "leterminri to deliver evening lectures, from balf past five till half pas sevens, on any of the iwt mentioned, branches of literature. J 10 lni BNEVV WORKS. EPPO, a Venctnn story, by Lord Eyroa, , P'lce S5 cents. Harold's I'ilgrimsge, cant 5 the fourth, bT di; price 75 cents. fint;e Fanilv in Paris, hy Tl.oria Moor, an "Julliie I'wopcnny Pft Boy, pru e iiicenis Women, or Poor et Cor're, . talf, by Matuiui. of Bertram, Ac. price 2 do!!.. undpvi!!c, vol. 3. or the last word of a ma - ta'e of the seventeeith century, io Lag , rillen by himself, price 7.i cents a lcar' Reii.lence in the Ci.ited Stales, by "jPuira Cobbett. price 1 dollar jjwesdutes f tne Lifsot Biship Walson, price Tk? mtl noTe1' ? V(,', PT,re 5 dollars i (Jakers, a tale, price 75 cents ? h..y. 8 r:. - 2 d.,tar, ! or tr.v Landlord, 2 vols. 2 dl. '"fyMwneriiig.S voi. 2 dls. Aritkpury. 2 (.. 2 dli. J"erty, 2 vols. 2 dls. Recently pub',i,hed and fir sale at the Mist 'r5u,t'ng Library, book and utationarj i lJ25i BlvJ'Vtpposite the Museum. roa Sale, IKf If If I ACRES OF LAND, ly - - VF, V - J KJf ingin tho town of Florence, county ofOueirla and Mate of New - York. The state roads I ram Rouie to Backets Harbor iiid Salmon river pats through the town. The coun try adjoining iho land i liured for sale is well set tled ; the soil is good lor grass or pram, and the situation is convenient to send prciiucc either to the Montreal or L'tica Market. being only 35 miles liom the latter place. Fnrfurther information, apply to Mr. BENJAMIN V.' RIGHT, at Koine, or to Wtf. HENDERSON, .1 111 end lin 3dp No. 55 Wall street. HO UK BOXES. Tin HE subscribers have JL just received a hand - Ecuie a?iortnicnt of ladieb' wosk boxes, which are of superior workmanship ruid finished with every ticces - jsrf iary arucio oi U3c, which, IM CjL liic assortment they 3r havc,on hand, is t - nual to anyoflaredtohe public Also, elegant thimbk cases, the fir.t of the kind ever imported in New - York For salo by ANTHONY W. TRAPPAN & Co. at thnir fine y slor and perfume ware - bouce, ns. 13C Broadway, nearly opposite the Cily - Tlotel. Also on hand, a complete and general assortment of l'KllUJMEUY ud fancy article, wholesale and retail. Jy 10 4t Summit OR the aiiove troidium ru - run! often t'afal I. coinplaiut. Hamilton's Elixir is ( tiered, witli a eotifidciice inspiitd by tweiity years successful exiifeririif fit. A sintrlp ir - ., u - iM untrp f I . . f if His I IhLcs and evacuates the tui: - h viscid phlegm or mucus, sirerigtluiis Vie weakened vessels of the hiiiiji, shejithes il.e arriiumiioiis humour vvliieb irru.le ihcm, and finally iliecliarses it. Thus sti'imngat the rout of (lie diiiorder, tbc ryum - toujsare of course effectually aaif permancnliy criiipiercd ; th.i reverse of common medicines, which weaken the cciiistitutiun, mid give strength to tlx disorder, for the sake ol' moderating for the prSn:t sonic nf its painful eQ'ects. TO PARENTS. whohavM cliildrrn ntm'ctad with this drcad'ul msl'uty, this is a dis - veiy of ijie nrst r.iagiuturtc, as it alloros iinuietliatc le - iinf, chcciis the iirogres, and in a shrtrt time n - tiri iy reuioves tno uiolcri;l disorder to, which children are liable. The elixir is so perfectly a - greei.Ve, nnd the. dose so saaall, that uo dif.iculty aiists in t - king it. Be particular to ak for Hamilton's Elixir, imitations of which an rdfered to the public, but nous u,e genuine wiiiuut the signature of II. Lee. For bale at LEE'3 inediral wa'cli'in - 'ft, No. 'hi - M. i:icn L'liie, snd by teiy respei - tahlc I' - r'i - Ki - t ia N. w y.irlt. J 10 OWf.tJvi I .i.:iCr7l 'a. tf" fiA LOL!.ARS. The first drawn t Jr,yy rJ nuoiberat ? o lo. - k tiiis af er - nnon, hcealilied to the f;i'euf .i iz.: vf 70,i t't.' iLis. There he - trig clou H'.uOU iln!l..pi ize, ,mh. 'i grsal iniiiiif r ol arnaller on - 's. a'l to lie eontip i ted in a Jew d.ii'?. A lew mora I hui.Ci - s I r sale i at lill.LFoi'iE'a, No. Il l Briiudwaj, i.p,v.'ilt tfce City IJ..M. .1 10 rMHS AFTERNOON, the first drawn nura - J. ber in the Grand Road Lottc ry, will bp entitled to the Capital; Prize of" bEVEN'JJf THOUSAND DOLLARS, and on the same day may be draw lithe Floating Capital Prize ofTEN Tuucsand Dollars besides which there are at nrcseut in the wbeel 4 prizes ol One Thousand Delia s, 1 5 of 51KJ dolls and a ereat many of liH), ic. Tickets and Shares for sale hy RO - fiLRT WAITE, Ju - .r. US Brondway. hn has a.iid bil ( uiJ in th prcxint Lottery, prizes oifiwu, leuu, jm dc. - jy iu ' J ' ill a J M Y, tT 4 '.'Ticc i , r "." l". tTi7 li rs i L i!rt:tvn Ti kf t in th" ( i Road Lotle ry, will he ii.ti'o'e:! to 70,P0' I'hci.; jirr in the uhecl 1 prise of !0,(K t, 4of KH'd, 11 cf 600, aud illy 0 ii." - s drawing A Iw tickets 'ii.d Shares lor saie at ALI.E.N'S Tru'y Lueky Ofiiee. 2i liioa i.iy ; vhi'r. have b..F.n s .id anil j :.i 1 ''a i:n;iim! Pr.j s eh', h bate hccni'ra.n viz N . ." - lay, f33,:tnl ; 777 1. 10,1)00 ; 270:, 10CO ; 57 jB, Kil - s ve l of. Ii to. Jy 10 t - Ut JlTf Fbls f CO cn go cnT Nf - .X l.o i I li i. V . I'll and class ;f th - K 'li'.l Seienre ollrrv. wnl c.i i.rapnre ilra:. - r. ir. this ci ty on the 4'.h of next nu nt:i. GRAND SCHEME, ' Contain the higlieit priie of any L'.tiery in the Uulted - States pr.w dj do do do (13 .1) of 10.'),fi0n DOLLARS. .(K'O .VtVlOtl tO.OtH) 5,000 I, (WO do (In do di do (b And a I lur n'lm irof :n lier r. - :r.. On'y IC.Oi O I ickttJ, less than uo blanks to a prize. The first drawn number rrry d.i - i"roni tl Ltt) the lith day, will be entitltJ (o"i'.,titH). Th' r.' ar; llcatirtg the tollcwma Capital Psi - zer, which may be draw n the li st diy, viz 1 of 2l',t.HKl I ) 41ar, 1 of li.OiiO Denials 1 of a,tKM Doiiars M of 1,0'A) Dollars 5i of 100 Dollars Tlirse or Four Rich Prises wii! br tirwn p - .1i d.iv. As this Lottr.rv is lor (be benefit ol this stato, and the hint c!as whi - 'h is to lv: (Pawn, fivse who wish It a ivcstura in this popular Lottery, are ndvueii to app'y at Truly Lui ky n.Ti r. No. 12 i llroadwi.y. Where svere sol I evary .ipilal1 priz drawn in (he of this Lottery, v:x. No. ll I:'.l, .JiU'iHJ ; l:),PC, J - VH); 12I.V. - tt; VJ.j - i - , i.S.iK.'U; several ofvV.OUO, 13,000, li'.WlO, W,mi. iiC J 10 it Ull.NA tlLK. - s ii. .NA.NKI.So. Black, blue, vy grrtcn an I changeable smcbews LUi k. coloied and rhaaceable Nirnf Is black, checked tnl colored 4 4 twilled and fringed Hdku. Blae k und colored Levantines lajiorcd f.'vvint SiJis t'o'ced Nankin ami Canton Cr.ipes lit quality blue NaiiKin - - kr sale bv P. JiEMS. - iN A: CO. J 9 rioUtl - klTlt KEiN FtCKt 'l OCAlCls. ilfO hn.'.s ol . prime tpi.lity, racriveJ per ship Seirmor, for siV lur iy'J TROKF.S.'.nVin - ON'it'.'). i!,.l. - IJ I, JjJ. - i if.C.'.i.'t, iic. i: d 1 III b i ;iHr.di.icie St. Donjin - - p, entitled !o df future 4J pipc - tJioy fcrwdy, 4'h proof 2i hWi and laO bis bv.f - uJ.'uwpi - - ;ir IW l irge biujp?, at red:lccJ piieU 30) bblj tve Ihinr 10(1 b.xos H it's ch - ol .te No. 1, 2 Si 3 100 do Jn.. Wait's di do u. Jt) k - - pure ginger, l - l' ln race r'uitr 10 hhds mobiles ram, lor sale ca ac oaio - daling terms, bv J.iCZSO.VZ: HOOU.EY, - Jif.y 9 75 Wail - st. Jrlt.ME KlCr. - dOea - K'. in snl bv I GRHWOLD A - COA I J 7 b"'! S. .ui! street. l,"LOL K 45 oarrtls, Uuioing li - tut 3;iir. Ii - 1? diaa Hunter, f.w bv D. I.F.THUNE CO. Jv t t)2 Ci.i: H - uK - sIip. COUNTING ROOM A ra vant si - itn.i - V renirrit Co nire Roop in iouth - treet to let. Apply at 20 Sjuui - itfjct. 7 f FOR SALE. fjHIE Caro cf the thip BRAGANZA, from 1. Calcutta, consisting of Cotton, Sugar, and tiltpctre House of Je SD :amples to be seen at the Count lug - AlCUH'U (JKAt - lh. ! HU S iU.MLaTiC M Oi'HtH tVAKKa. OIIE subscribers keep csiistantlv oa hand ar. X extcusive asaoriueut of the following goods, vu: , Dutrh and English Bmoms Luster, or Counter Bmshes lieurlli finishes, fancy and common Jlt - ad do do ilo Cloth do do do Weavers do VVhito VVb.Ii do Slioe &: Et - .rHbbii.g do . i'.unt I!,fs uud Sddl Tools Clamps, 4.7, 8 row Fiirtotuie Urushes : Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines , Sash Cords, Trace Ropes Wrought and Cut Nnil! and Brads Gunny Bk?, I'&pes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Uo for Blacksmiths Hall and F.ntry Mats Pails and Tubs ' .. Wheel - Barrows Fine VViru Sieves Ho Hair d Whips cf every description teine, sewinar, wrr.p; ping, baleing and ball twine Fish Lines ' Shoe ic ria'llf rs Thread Dearborn' Balances, &c. U'hich they will sell who'rsaleor retnil on li' heral terms. . CEBRA A CUMING, Jy 9 76 l'earl - strret. coal a pi, (Tat. 1 Chaldron Liverpool New - Pit Coal, I Vf vrof superior ipia'.ity, now landing f.nm on board the ship Gai gts at the east side of rccK - snp. ' 60 chaldron Scotch Coal. r.f;i)rinifi duality. discharging from on boa id tlx ship L'liiou, hi pier jAo. a, it. .50 chaldron Liierpool New - Pit Coal, equal to the f.bcve, disi harcin. from on board the ship Othello, at the foot of Rector f ireet, N. R. Applicaiion to he made on hoa.d, or at (lie subscriber's coal yard, No. 27 i Front street, who has on hand a lare supply of Liverpool, Scolch and Virginia Conl, suilab'e for families and j blacksmiths, which he will ilit;Ofe of on ac - coiauiodutiiij terms. For sale bv J 9 A". FRASER. ONE hhrls Ric hmond J'obacco PS 1TTY 0 A1 TOBACCO nu! Fl.Ol'R. , do Kentucky no 230 bhls. Richiiioad Superfine Flour, land ing from si I rs. Sally Arn, Ir.djan Hunter and Molly, from Richmond, and ship tirand Stignor nnifVnp Gold liunTrcs?, from New Orleans. Frm!ehy BOOR MAN U JOHNSTON, ' '' " Also, in store. fit hhrh. p'ime Richmond Tobacco ' 5:'ft bbls. Richmond Superfine Flour IV) d1 di tine and X Middling do ii!)'J kegs Manufactured Tobacco, of various sort". J i ., - Oi.A. - i.. iliii. mt li tie'tces JL - if A vana Molasies, for sale by J 9 ::t ISAAC l'ACKARD, IW Snulh - Klreet. 'I.OCR Si T'L)itAC( O - 140 bhls sup Ricli - Kl air. Ilaxall's H'O hi. is fine r.irhinond Hour .S .li tio 1 .yur.hblirg supf do lt'0 (hi do ftrie do :.M di straight uiid'hings d - J 7 do i do do H..I do Shirr StioT i'ti I h is Virt . ic :5 do ICrrif ucky Tohacro 7. kees Lailics' Twisi, branded Davidton, Saunders 1 - Co. 10d do Negro Head,' No. 1 do Ti l do do do No. 1, A. Archer & Co. lu.1 do do do No. 2 For sale at 10C Front - street, by TROKE3, DAVIDSON & CO. Jy 9 329 FLOUR, TOU At .'CO, kc. bbh Richmond superfine Hour, Hax - a:i s brand 36 hhds prime do. tobacco 100 kegs manufactured tobicco - 6 pipes L 1. Madeira wine 2 1 - 2 jr. casks old Malmsey do. For sale by W. & S. CRAIG, J9 t. l Front - street. I f A II (US' TOBACCO. - 4i kens Hams' su - I.i perior crooked 'irnnd manufactured To - l.aeco, landing fioiu the scbr. In. ban Hunter, for s da by A. it 1 . T V LCOTT, J a rJ4 Soiitli - I llKrtttG MACHINE. PORTABLE lour hor'e' Threshing Ma chine, with horse pow r, complete, inny be s' en at the AtrricuMurnl Repository, 11 r.iitstrtct, where m;ly be bad LVnnet's Seei Machines, (or sowing grars si ed, turnip seed, rfc. 1 urntp lri:l, I n one or two rows Turnip Shi ers Turnip Drass Expanding horse Hoes, forploughing between corn, potatoes, turnips, A:c. , , Double, aud iiif,!e. furrowed Ploughs Ch.itt Cutter Four horse and two horse Threshing Machines, tic. J 9 lit CI AM st;. vet, cller fcr ale. PEAiioUN, t'7 Soutn - J.A.MIISC, 130 tons Swedish Iron, principally waggon tire 100 bbls. Alum. IN STOBF, 50 tons ol 1 sable scpiare and wide Iron, ond F.nglidi boit Irou 2') tjns Pig Lead Ufi bales prime Upland Cottan ltiti bhls. prime Beef l:l pipes Madeira Wire M bolls Ene'lish Canvas, Ko. 1 to 3 50 cases Canton Siiks, consisting of White crapes, Florentines, Concnns I'nOiees, Blnrk. in J coloured Satins, Sewings Black and than;eahle Sinchews . CiacK Sarsnets, Ribbons, Crape Shawls Lcvaatine Shawls, Chow Chows Blar k and cross barr'J fldkn. 4 - 4 4: 7 - 8, entitled to debenture 20m) ps. Long Yellow Nankeen?) entitled to 2000 do blue do ) dene.iture. 11 boxes China dining setts and Plates 100 ounces oil of Roses 3'J ounces oil ot Cinnamon 5 hales goats Wool or camel's Hair 2 do turkey canvet Rugs. 1UU boxes Herring's 40 boxes Chocolate 4 cases dutch Slates 10 bales refuse Hops 24 boxes Chateau Margaux Claret 6 Ci'ks Senna, Gum Traacanth, 4c. 15 bales Det - r Skin's 2 cases Opium ii tuiis Citron nnd Orange Sweet - meats KARTllK - SW ARE, 50 crates and casks assorted ' .ustre ware and plates, aud ' A pencral assortment nf tpothecaries Gla furni'ure, and window Glass, from the Boston g: ats manulactory. wriTXLEAn, Constantly on hand from tho New Y'ork Lend Worlis, o: a superior iiuaary. je vj Sli&l krf fl tons Srntcil Coul nil hoiril the brig Scipio, at Jones' wharf, for sale by A - jouaiiu.s, Al - o, 53 tons stone ballast, for sale' as above Ue'i, Aos tUbbds anil 'Otier'.es H.v vana Molasses, l'i'li"g ai'd for sale by ' GOODHUE ii CO. J 2 44 Soutfi - stref t. i t a: Vj 3 do black sinchews Khr Paiagr ii, run' lor iie oy J 1 hue barsueis, 3 d )Se WeOg SiUtS 4 do Sadies limbed androl'd Ildkls - I I j oLe. t 4 4 triuged Hdltfs. Just recci ved aad for saic by HURD Si SEWALL, jv fj 65 South - strept. FLULtt. 2tK bills Howard sire. I Gour, of superior quality, received v ALillik. GALLAGHER, 60 South street. "V AVAL STO - tES. 375 bbls soli Tnrpeu j. tin 1 1 rf,. I. uin .1 on Knirits of Turrvntine. afloat, ami for sale - by JL C. W. DAVENPORT k CO. rr LirsnrooL,, ( A regular trader) 5iThfl superior fast sailing ship C.7IO - Ll.' JV'.V, built of hve or.k aud cedar, hav ing been new coppered and thoroughly repaired, is a first rate fhlp part of ber caigo being ca - :jaed the will bo diipati hod without del.iy. For frciglit or pssae, having superior acconi - mod;ilions for twenty paaseugers, ripply to captain William J. I'sJmcr, ou bonid, at pier No. 13 F.. R. oral B3 oh - itrect, to July 0 tf U(jlVL.Vf)nnnjl.VE. .for UM'Jitl, Tlicfast sailing coppered ship 1)11)0, George Maxwell, m'aster ; expected to arrive from Philadelphia about the 13th inst. and to sail l'Jth inst. llKj bales f cuUmuro thcrgoodn, w ill be taken on freight, and afew pusnencrii hanj&oruely accumnioiLited. Apply to HOYT ic TOM, .1 9 tf 45 st. fur 11.41 till. The packet ship P.ELLK, Edward jOjr - Huntington, master, will posi'iielv Miii on the 1 jth inst. Por Passnce onlv. havin r ckgaiit accommodations, apply on board, west side Fly - niaiket whaif, or to ' JONES & MECftViTJ, J 9 91 South - street. XorHT. CHOIX, The brig FREDERICK, Clark, .ws. ' . :n i ,i.i. . ... ... aU.' ' it, viii sun o:i uin i nil uisir or in UI or pa. - sage, Having liauujomo accommo lations, apply to READE& DKl'EYSTF.R, July 8 4t Ml Old - tdi;.. r lor rjif.DEUlCK.SlilTlliill, Sk4 T1"' sclir' U'M - & w's KY - Captain JswsSfiAmes ; will be ready to take in freight to - morrow, und he dispatch e.l without delay. Apply on board, west side C. II. klip, or to WALSH H GAl.CAtiHKK, J 7 C6 Smith - tt. I ir VIIAIiTi - .U, A lli.t'.sii HIMi; luit - ll.f.n ol i,.,,K WafcBriiish, or ii 100 barrels ; now at Phi ladelphia ; will proceed to thrs, or a southern port, to load fiir England, or the West ladies, and cat. be despatched wi'liin three ilavs notice. Apply to ROGERS k POST, .16 ' 51 Soiith - street. for I'l - m?!.: or ('.,r. - w, v&yi "ie ''lle leiv l'r' ' - LIZ V, Gfiby JSJAi master, burthtiie.l about 1, - iOQ bhls. sails well and is in tine order I jc a vcyagc Apply to G. G. it 3. JIOWUND, J 3 (7 Va?liiii?t('il - st. , ir Areigil nr CAuit.", The sr hoourr JOSEPH, dpt. 1 1 - !r will bp glad logit a freigiit to the .soumwarj er hast ward, or liny wloie cl. - r, en the tnofl rtaionablo terur, it applii J fr - dia'ely. She is a good cue y - rar old vessel, nnd .arriisal - oiit. 400 barrcL, rails rennrkably f.i't Apply to the ma;er on board at Dovrr - slrt - et ,.r to N. G. GRIStVOLD, Julv 3 3t f' South t. unlet to Ctuiter, 1 Oi.c or two Ui'iti - ii vesst'ls, to foac ,lr Liverpool. Apply to 26 ARCH!) - GRACIR ft .SON'S. ZZ fcrl.ll TrTlrOo77, viii The elegant fist sailing ruppcrrJ . - hip Jtiii DRAPER, Wilhnui Adams, master ; . - he is 2iH tons burthen, on'y two years old, ami wdl be dispatched immediately on discharging her inward cargo. For freight or passage, apply to the master, on boarJ, cast tide of Fly - market wharf, or to B. W. ROGERS & Co. J 16 235 Pearl street. fur SA I W j jVst U, V4W Tht very tine brig SUPERB, Reeves, yi" mister; wdl msct with depatch, having a considerable part of her caro ens .g.l. rt - rpawage, paving tiAnd - ouic Siccoininiulaiuins, cr freight, apply on board, at pier o. 12, cast We OIJ - slip, or to POTT i M'KI.VNR. Je 23 f,G Soulh - treet. 1499 Apply to Jv7 fOt Burr tones,ju. - t nceireil prrshi Isubello, from H.'.vre de (ii,u i - roi'T & M'KINNE. fit'. South - ?t. JAMKA SI'VVULE, Jr. a4 South - slierl, has for sale, 2000 rpr. ci.sks gunpowder, approved quality 20 tons St. Petersburg clean hemp 300 boxrs (ieruiari leil, entitled to drawback CO boxes China dining setts, 17 J pieces each J ii lv3 L )li.M iMOLASsEn K SUGAR. IO pun - t cheons line flavoured St. Vincent Rum III do retailing Molasses 16 barrels Muscovado Sugar, landing from the British sclir. Frances, fmni St. Vincent, for sale by TUCKER K LAUHIES, J 9 20 South - street. Jjir ttUOJM, RrlCEIVED per Draper from Liverpool and other late arrivals, for sale at No. 2 float lane, by WM. TODD. 1 box super Marseille? quilts, from 5 a 14 4 1 do do chintz bed lace ALSO Linen bed ticks, Ravpn's duck, imitation cotton shawl", sewed lenops, rich tewed auils, pNm, jaconet, mull, nnd sirrnrnua mus lins, drawinir muslin, light striped ginghams, linen threads, JVladrass lulu Is. Jy . .1 1 O Pipe? good imitation brandy, high proof 3 hhds pure spii its 4 do rye whi. - key COO bags juniper berries ' 300 kegs ginger 20 chests young hyson ) - ( - a 10 catty hoxas bysou j ' 1 60 bags race ginger 23 rolls sheet lead 17 tubs butter for sale by Julvfi2r CO RN'.S. DUBOIS. LEGHORN S I'KA WS, lor sale by MARCH & LOW, J 6 210 Broadway. BEEF 30 barrels lio?ton bef, N . 3, jul received, and in store f0 barrels prime beet, Troy inspection For sale at C7 Soutli - st. by CAMBRF.LENG fii PEARSON. Jalv7 ARE !'. 40 dozen very superiour Claret, for sale at 513 the dozen, hy GEOKGE JOHNSTON, je30 If No. 1 Sloat - lane. 7IRliCllA H A.Vls. - 50U Hain, ol tlie first ' finality, will lie lamled to - morrow niornms . : l . i - ' .r t , e . . irom llie CCtt IjIoii. ue une - - IH'USC "M,., nini iui alhv WALSH ii GALLAGHER, ieX2 6 S iith - trprt. I i IN : DOCK. W pipes Siiri, and IWps. VI ii ..l and Duck, lauding Irom brig Jams, liom Rotterdam, at Murray's wharf, for sale by J 7 N. i O. I ALCUI I' 1 NGLIsli Bolt Iron aud Pig Lead, landiu; Jtli from the Martha, and in store, for sale at 67 Aouth - rtrcet, by CAXMIELEXG li l'EARSOX. JulvB 0L.V INF.. ic. or. raks old wier'T A !.. ,l nun.itr t;nlrpf 25 maruiactured Tobacco. 8 haidsfo th pouna, nn saw io ce sery cne, sd and for sale by ,n G. G. ir S. HOWLAND, Jy 9 67 Wwihirtgton tirefC nor FEr. K TOsiACCO. - H nuds very (jieen X VVllC's M l . . . aj f 35 bhd, Kentucky Tobscco; b.l re - 'd, sale by .GILUllR Jy . now ' STEAM BOAT FicIlIN'G PARTY. (Ky The Steam Boat CONNECTICUT, C'apt, Bunker, will start for ilia Bariks, on a Fishing Party attt o'clock on Saturday morning, and return to toss the same evening. Kvers preparatioatvill be mndo tn rriid - r tl excursion pleatantar. J agreeable. For Tickets, apply to MOTT Hi WILLIAMS, corner of South street, and Kui ten slip, or on board the bolt. J 9 HfANTKIl, auure, aicutouud to the care of children, aud who undorstaiids plain ?ew.n;. The iiiot tiffir.tory references will bo required, as to integrity, tapabili'y and di? - pcsiiiou. A midjleagtd person will be prelor - red. Apply at No. - Paris place. Jv 9 ;t CUArf l, wc, r.OIlsalc by P. BURTSELL, corner of Wall I ta. J Broad streets, llarlierol Pensacula : do. St. Auguitine Do. New - York and Sound ' toust oi South A.iieiica, by Fader, 2 sheet l'aeifi.; Ocean and Coast, 9 sheets, by Arrow - Inilina Ocean und China Seas smith lirari! t.oasi Coast LT. S. in 3 large charts West Indies and Gulpb of Mexico Medilei ranean Si'a . - t. George's Chuiinel nnd Coast round Ireland Laltic :ip - .or!h sea I ', ccntainiugu marls North Atlantic, m - w and huge I do. d.l tie. tne.. MAI'Sof the W.iihl, on Mutators aud GI hular l'rojiction, 4 ipiarli'is Eur ptf with trie.'rreseut divisions Ohm, Louisiana, Cauads, New Y'ork State, Comiecticiit, Li land und tvales, 4ic. ATI.ASSES D'Anvillc's Atlas of Ancieyt Geography Carey's Imperial Atlas Laurie nnd Whittle's Universal do GLOBES 12 und 18 inch Glomes, clrgnnfly mounted L 'I tlcsccpcs for sea tcrvice Do lot - mili! iry d ) (),e nf Hate's Astronomical Telescopes, a ve ry fipniir instrumeot. Mathf matiral liistrements in cases Ciiinter'e SctOr s ; Paralel iiiles Chess Men : i'orjp Jo:in Boards A lamu J.nd complete assortment of Stationa ry. J 9 lit WANTED, a lad about 14 years of &;v, V ? as an nppienticr tithe pniitiru; t)uin Apply at tlie corner of Nassau and Spruce - rli Jy !l HOUSES) nnd CARRIAGES FOR SALE 'VO light sound Coicln i s and Harness, cdcul .tcd for iravplling, whicli the owners have ihrecled to bef.! l very o . Severn! ne and fi.i ruid huml (ligs ui.d i J nrri - .?. priiong nhicli is a very lihl J ila'ry ing, uj on loe ik ie:l umi - stun ti'in. Alr, for sale, 3 uddle ai"l gi 1 1 . - re, worth the n'li r.tiiin of persons wulitiiiz to pun ba.'. N. B. H iiiifritto purei:ir, three new or m - roml hsnd l'.nure Waggons. Apply at the RrpMitory, ailter - strcet, hroadwiiy. J 9 31 A r ANTED, in a bnnrduis scliool, in the vi V einity of this t ity, a li'inale teacher, ell ipiali!i''d io ins truct in v riling, arithmetic, grain - iiuir, (.r. 'I'bc mnst r. - spcctal e ref iiices will J 9 la . i - ...ii AMES D'W OLE, Jure for le 401 i'earl street. " ANTE. I J In lure hj )he month, a man to work on a fann, n .short distance from loM'n. Apply at .No. l'Jj Pearl street. J 9 2i THE ATHEMil'M, OR firiRIT OS' TTIK .KI.IS1I SIAGSKIHm. CtONTENTSol No. 31. The Inquisition un - ' maiked ; Ramirez, a new poem, by Dallas ; The Gipsy's Frontier v ; Huinboidt's Narrative ; Picture ol Greenland ; Carey's 1 tier on West's Picture; Origin ol' Sij?iis of Inns; Adnm nnd Eve : Alfred's Head : Anuel 1 the Archers ; the bai nf nails ; hear nnd ransed stall'; anecdotes ol the Shepherd,1 Dog; Original nnecdotes of Dr. Johnson; the fastme woman of l)i"n;in; the chape! of Rosalia ; Journal of a tour in England, from the manuscript notes of their iiiisriat snsrh - iumum siw Arctimmes jomi ami i.cwh, ol aiis tritt j Times' Telescope, lor July, or reuiarka' me nays; uiograpliy 1 ortrait ol Anna ter? mamede rfael ii'ecker, by Madame Biun ; Va rii.tits Hannah Mnnre ; Di.'i h.irt m ''In ru Ion ; West's new - pieci! ; nuecdote cf "rem hinan : o( ii Yoik3hireniai ; ancient nK''fe rma; pnprry : l.oiimc : f lie Mo Rose : Hie ileal li ol llur Iclon ; sonm f j nd,lr s to the Biil - hire Chili ; liteiary iiilelligeiici. l'iihlfhi - d on the 1st and l.illi oi'cvery mouth. Suhscription, only ;" il.illars ir nnniiin ; re ccived by A. T. GUdHKICIl A: CO. No. 121 Broa J 9 . ny corner ol Cedar street. WILSON V MILKa, 2n John - street, (.On i t from Nassau - street.') be? leave to ! inform the public, tlinlUipy do huiiiiei(fori.h) at tl'.e loltowiiig red n( p. I rater, viz : Superfine t.Uie or black toat "j (V) Oilier tiilours 23 (it) Blue frock or surlout ' 20 50 Other colours Si6 00 Ca.isimere or cloth 11 50 Do single mil'd e;s. do 10 CO Marsiilles ve,t 3 50 And to those gentlemen who prefer finding their own material? : ' Making a surtout or frock coat $7 75 I a close bodied do 7 50 Do cloth or ca - - imere trowjers 2 7 5 Do Nankin, coltou, jean, Sic. 2 50 Do vest 2 (K) Army and navy tmif inns, auJ every oilier ar - iclc proportionally cheap. N. B. All articles cut in the mot f ohioiiable style, and the workmanship equal to any iu the city. Jy II lw P. Vtr! offe.r for sale, in addition to their former ex tensive assortment of Hardwaie, tl.e lollowmg articles, re' - 'd by the Mxitha, from Liverpool . r. . ; I i 'i .... v. :i Trace Chains Spades and Shovels Brass Keiths do Candlesticks do Cocks d.i Nails Si Hingrs Gilt Coat Buttons, some of sup. quality, suitable for merchant tsylors j a panned Cnndleticks t l - 'inish Tacks J 3 if t.ioui .sun? C audti barr'd Currv Combs C barr'd Mane do Iron Wire,No. 4tol0 Steelyards Fine Guns Trunk Loeki Drawing Knives BinKley i Patent currier's Iti.ives warranted equal to Cox's gen uine. Q J'cF G'OO.'Ji", &r. JL O Boxes muslins 10 do. 4 - t & 7 - B Irish linens I do." pink ginghams 1 do. thaw! 4 do. biown platiHas 6 do Scotxh o'nabiirtfs 7 liali - s imitation sheetings 4 do. brown linen 2 do. liucu bed tick 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton chr(ks I do. carpeting. ALSO, Fail - cloth, Cotton bagging Twilled sacking Seine twiue For sale by GEORGE JOHNSTON, jT2 1 No. 1 si.' - vt - huir. Cmldivu Newcas'.le coals, on ooarJ the British scbr .Molher, Curran, at pier No. 4, River .J Jy9 lw For sale by WM. WILSON, 96 Greenwich - ff . 54 bouth - s'rcci, Las 000 qr. risks Gunpowder, apo'd quality . tons St. Petei - bur clean ll mn :;i0 boxes Gcrmun Steel, ent)''cd to drawb. tX boxes Chma Ilinirgfcts, 1.; y. tucti J 9 TT1 A K. IU K vV A RE. - lesi crates ot Kantn - n jjj ware, pani.ularty spievted for this mriei t, Isnltng ex snip :.iarth"s. lron, 4; by iii.C'M.2. UAtU'ct'.s K CO 10 J rnat stroel. PUBLIC SALES BY MILLS, M1NTON ii CO. Monday, . . At lb ir auc' rem, a genera' and very ex leusi'e a - sor tuient i.f DRY Gl D?. .H.iHtiL. UVli.ULYU, se re HE proprietors of the outherntiiarbloua . JL rics, near Kin j's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on baud, aud are receiving, at the A'lng's - fJrtge Xaihlt and Lime - turd, fenilof Beach - street, onthe Hud - on river, an extensive stock of marble lor builJiug, of the followinsj dt scriptonsr - Vi2 : Ashlar Watcrtable Steps , Phlfortns Hill. - , Lintels An lug Coping Fiiiunlatirm Stone Ckimuey. Pieces , Facings Columns. Also Lime ofthe best nualitv. JV - " A constant supply of the :ibi)e materials may bo calculated uj - on; and ihoie drsircus (.f purchasing, or making rn"!irrmrr,i, will apply io - JiZRA Ll'lL0W, Feb II x At lite Yard. .fO.AF JO LOAJf. ,4 i fl (CjtK)LL A RS tolonn, 1 Jt O.UUu suit nppiirants, on l 111 sums (0 bond with mortgage uponpproyed property. ' Enquire 0 II ill. I. t Lji .1 i'lel, . 137 Waier - Hncf. Wh(re nnnlicatinn mny be Ecnernlly' made through the ytar, mid moitgagc eli'pesed of. Je '.tl tl (XJ - JUIIN C. HAMlL I o, Cummeisiui r for llie acknowledgcmrnt of DeeiU, Ac. has removed to the dllice, corner of tVd;.r ami Nassau streets. Law Buildincs,' No 1 Je 29 lni 1 A CARD. fJT" A the particular solicilntiotiscf thr La - i!y subscribers, the New - York Salt W ater Floating B ilh will he removed to her (I I station nt the loot of Murray - street, this day, whi te t will eontiitue open evei - y day, from suunie in the morning, until 10 oN lock at night, (Jiiring th bathing seaon. It is hoped when the Ladies cf this city know that this large building, which will ncromiundute two or three bmidrtd ptrs.itis fit atimp, i exrlnsivi ly di voted to their enjoyment on Monday sand Wednesdays ol ei.V witk until 2 o'clock, that they will give that encour - agi'iiicut which inch an appropriation deserves. On a'l other days Ihpy have their own apertmrr.ts only. The greatest possible alteutioiiuid he paid. Tho Bath nf thp Batfery is open every tiny from sunrise to lOo'c f( k lit night, lor Cetitle. men ciity. ' JpSH " FUiK COM iJf.Y, Of NEW - YOItlC. fr - V Nfttiro i hereby triven. that n Dividend of tour Mid a bill per cent on fhi' Capital Stock ol this company, bus been der hirer! by the Board ol Direc tor. ; and will be paid to the stockhold ers, on or iil'er fhe l.jlh inst. J 3 Im NO I ICE. ft' The public are i nulior ed nsrainsl trusting thu rew of the British biig R - C'.uipi nc, John (ia yiips maMcr, as no debts contracted by lliuui, will be paid ny the captain or consignees. 1 . If' l.Llii'.Ki IDiRltlAG, (iiinmi. wrier to lake ackuowledgmeut of deeds, special bail, dis charges of mortgages, and hiftdavits, bus opened 111 oihee at No. U2 Nasau - strect, near diet ity - lla',1. Jv6 lw flT7 - 'i'l.e Patilh: liifur.uice Couipiitiy ol New Yo'iii, have this day declared a dividend of six per i ent. on the capital stock, for the last" six uieiill.s, payable ut their oltce, No. 1J Wall - st. oil thp U'tii inst. By order of the Botrcl or R. JONLo, Sec'ry. J C lm Uceuu In - iuaiice IJiiiec, juiv 6, iau. Th Board of I1rectors have this d y G lared a dividend of three and - a half per nut oil their capital stock for the last six mouths, whi( h will bo payable to the stockholders or their legal representatives mi the truth hut, t.t dip office of tho company, 45 Wall street. SXilUCL STANSBUilY, Sec. July 7 l'ii tLj' JA t1'.i' l. .S I bL'f, Kniriavti' and Seal fiiiticr, rcipovrd Io 90 Libe - i ry - strcet, near fin en wii h - strcel. Jv8 3m lAFORMA I It.) x .VrtiXi i ED. 'r A permin fiy Hip name of .Mar 'aret Chari - wi k, v. li - i lorinerly lived in 0 iowii rape I Oiuie'kirlt. in Ensiiind, and came ti I he city of Acw 1 ork ahotit .10 years ajn, with le.r former husband, who whs a shoemaker ; but since fiiut he is dead, and she is married ngi'ii to a person try the name of Joseph Chathvirje, vihu ii by . trade h ship rigger. It the said Margaret Chnd'' wick is living, 1 r her children, tin y may, bv p - iiymg el this (iiiicc, bear ol sumetbiiig greiy w tin ir ndvantasa. j0 2w from the Contmitl'r. uf rmuemenf fur. the fu - niruioj uencrai jn uiirenner(. ff7 All per - iins having i'':m; ndk asaitut tho Ciru.iiiiiati Ciimmittce of.JVrrurigvuiPnt, hr.. re - (itipsti'd to leave (heir bills at ti e l - .ui( of Gen. S I'LVEN'S, the Chairman, 59 Boeknvan - itreet, jonieiinie during tii;s day or tomorrow. J J 2t vt - ir - yviik' j.ys uii.ixc i: t o. wufy fMllE President and Dircr'ors hve this (":iy JL declared a dividend cf live per cent tin the capital stock of the company, fir the Lit six months, puvuble to the stockliot'.c. , or their legal repMsmtatives, on and after th 13th Hint, althe'olhce, No. 3i W sll - st, eit. JulvG lm C. (i. SIIIP.MAN. Secr'v - LOST, between the lover part of the town and the Third A'.cuue, t'orce small keys upon a steel ring, which, if tie haJrr will Lnvu! tho goodness to Iravc at the lar of the Bull's j lipid Inn, Bowery, or at the bar cf Waihiugtou, Hall, or al No. 33 t ulton - str - wdl tt rom - ,ip!:sntt 1 f - r Lis trouble and receivt Hip tha'ki ol1 the owner. July 8 3t a - ir - HTk 0 - 7" !'''' n' W steam 1 ve.sel FRON - TIGXAC. ell Kingston. li!h April, 1 10. Ions hurlls, Jstnesi Mac Kinzie, raas'er, ssi'l, coniiiieiii e ,unii!ng 00 the first day olM: - y next,! anil will leave kinlnn, forlorlc and. Niagara, 1 on the 1st, II th or.dilst day of each nii'h, cin I; .Viatrirn. for lorlt tinr Ki'ssten, llie mn, 10m, and i'5lli diiy ol each month, during fhs..ii, 1 vbere every slti nlien win ce aiu iu mc ta.j and i ornlorl'of li e passenger. r A rpiinationsloriittssete to be wade to (lit caps, tain .rti hesrd. I 1 r.i 1 ' aiiieor r v's .vocufAis siRi.xii. HEATH'S HOUSE. r"'HE subscrjl" r, sensible of the many ol .1 lions lie i tr...t( r lor tne prelcrem e lore siren to Ms ho ie, wt.i;t kpt by, would hereof return bis sincere arui iiienta lor past f.ivor, pml at ttie . form ihcm, that he intends lieepinc tt pnscnt season himsrli, and that b jpon every uttention mrl wcnmp'i T - L.?tr ran make (his healthful and Jh - t - ,jt ; u'tful and plcr.fing;bison brVi'i'd Jhr 1' ces'ily of beii,g abwut this sea - he"; s'i will not be found an rbicttKiii to tsl tl - hsiuu i.t. asno p.(ins, expno, or iejrt'n will tie wam - ingto r - nd. - r conipleto sati'r",,i' - . J7rodim jsF.PII r.KM - . 1 J RANDY W INC C u.n t - nn.. .J dy ltt bhd. I L' M.l, irr. Win..'. LaT.dirg Ns ihr L'iia Coceoa, at west i'ir of II Old - 'litr '' I v Jy9 IVIF. BETHHNL.tC J. A VAN A sale by tirR - .l - t lordefl rid for r JAMES D'W OI F. Jr. 51 Souh street. 137 hoxc "r. - own ar.d 54 tilc kvs, 3 - '4 : i' u , i. 1: 1 ' : - - .: iv.,'; - ! Mi " ";, . H li; n Vf! f. m k;,l'.! - - ; I - : I. ' r Vl'

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