Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 17, 1937 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1937
Page 14
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J ^ V -'* i" 1 ? s 41 -M t'i * f 1 -P | 4 -1 5 i j _ 3 '1 i ' FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MAKCH17 · 1937 CHICAGO LIVESTOCK PRICES SOAR STEERS ADVANCE 25 TO NEW PEAK Hogs Recover 10-15 Cents' With Receipts 6,000 Below Estimates. CHICAGO, (IP) -- Sparing livestock prices accompanied. another curtailment in receipts Wednesday. Steers shot up 25 cents to a new peak of $15.50 a hundredweight, the highest t h e y have b e e n since $16 was paid iii May, 1935. Fat Iambs were quoted unchanged in early rounds with a nominal peak of $13.25, the highest since 1930. These pi-ices are -the highest March quotations in eight or nine years. A load 61 steers' averaging 1,498 pounds brought the new peak in today's market, but several loads sold at $14.50 to $15.25. Feeders, common and medium grade steers and she stock and vealers shared in the upturn of cattle. Buyers are in the market now for half fat cattle. The trade for stackers and feeders has been dull ior many weeks but high prices being paid for cattle has tempted many feeders to. take on good quality cattle for fattening. Hogs scored a recovery of 10,to 15 cents a hundredweight when the supply fell 6,000 head short of advance estimates. Top was lifted back to SI0.35 or around last week's high. Some improvement in wholesale prices of top pork loins also .strengthened the swine market. .Choicest loins advanced V 2 cent a pound to 22 cents, highest Jevel since the first of the year. The lamb market was slow and receipts meager. Indications were that prices would s be advanced fur/ ther, although early sales of fat lambs were unchanged. Local Livestock MONTHLY VOLUME OF FINANCING IN UN!TED_STATES NEW AND REFUNDING ISSUES-CORPORATE AND MUNICIPAL. STATE, CITIES. ETC. MILLIONS .. "«««·««««»«. *TM.a.L CH»O«U E , MIL C, ON 5 OF DOLLARS NEW ISSUES - FiSUl REFUNDING ISSUES Bf= DOLLARS MONTHLY AVERAGES BY YEARS IOOO 900 800 TOO 600 500 400 S 300 200 g g 100 I . HAH. 17, inr! 000 9OO 800 700 600 500 4OO 300 2OO 100 1936- -1937- CARRIERS SHOW WAY IN STOCKS Selected Shares Plod Up Fractions to Two oi" More Points. HE\V YORK, (/P)--With carriers providing the steam, selected stocks plodded upward for gains o£ fractions to 2 or more points in Wednesday's market. Dealings contracted substantially alter a brisk start and near the final hour there was a fairly wide assortment of losers. Transfers were around 2,000,000 shares. Spurring the rails to another climb was overnight news of a "complete agreement" on pensions reached by the roads and unions. Inflation was still discussed In the boardrooms, although opinions differed as to how much influence this had on stocks. At least U. S. government securities fell sharply in the bond division and corporation loans were erratic. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone · 1300, Mason City (Bill anil Asked W e d n e s d a y ) Cent SI El fi pet ptcl 1525 par) 10 Cent St El 7 pet pfd (S25 parl 11 Cent St P t L 7 ncl p/d U!i Chumplin Ref la 7 pet pfd .. 100 Creamery Package com ...... 24 Interstate Power fi pet pfd 14 Interstate Power 7 pet pfd 1G Iowa Electric Co (Hi pet pfd 50 Iowa Electric Co 1 pet pfd .. 51 la El Lt Pow 6 pet pfd .. 67 la El Lt Pow GVi pet pfd 68 la Et Lt Pow 7 pet pld .. 72 la Power Light 6 pet pfd 102 la Power S: Licht 7 pet pfd 103 la Public Serv 6 pet pfd 97 la Public Serv 6Va pet pfd . . 98 In Public Serv 7 pet pfd 99 la South Util G pet pfd 62 la South Util 6V= pet pfd .. S3 la South Util 7 pet pfd 70 Minnesota P L G pet pfd .. 90 Minnesota P L 7 pet 'pfd . . 94 Northern St Power' fi pet pfd BG Northern St Power 7 pet pfd SI xN W Bell Tel ES'j pet ptd . . 105 12 13 1514 25 107 '* 21 16 18 52 53 09 10 74 104 105 99 100 101 64 65 72 D2 96 94 Hog Markets MASON CITY-- For Wednesday HOGS 140-150 S 7.40- 7.70 150-160 S 7.90- 8.20 S 8.60- 8.90 5 3.05- 9.33 $ 9.3a- 9.6o S O."- 9.8^ S 9.55- S.85 Good ... Good lights ......... IGO-170 good lights ......... 170-180 Good light butchers JBO-20Q Good light butchers 200-220 Good me. wt, butch. 220-250 . Good me, wt. biltch. 250-270 $ 9.55- 9.35 Good 'me.' wt. butch. 270-290 S 3.55- 9. Good heavy butchers 290-325 5 9.45- 0.7 Good heavy butchers 325-350 S 9.35- Good heavy butchers 350-400 Good packing sows . 275-350 MIDWEST HOGS Hog prices at midwest markets Wednesday: WATERLOO--Hogs lOc higher. Good to choiece 140-150 Ibs. $7.606-7.90: 150-100 Ibs. :S8.10(jia.40:. 160-170 Ibs. S8.70E9; 170180 Ibs. §9.25(59.55; 180-200 Ibs. $9.55® 0.85; 200-230 Ibs. 59.65(59.95; 290-325 Ibs. S9.55g9.85; 325-350 Ibs. S9.45E9.75; packing sows 275-350 Ibs. 59.15ljJ9.45; 350-425 Ibs. $9(39.30; 435-550 Ibs. SB.85B9.15. CEDAR RAPIDS--Good hogs 140-150 Ibs. S7.70S8; 150-160 Ibs. 58.2060.50; 160110 Ibs. $8.7069; 170-180 Ibs. S9.25G9.55; 180-200 Jbs. S9,55(a9.85; 200-325 Ibs. $9.65 (20.35; 325-350 Ibs. 59.50rt9.DO; good packers 275-350 Ins. S3.15i89.45; 350-4Z5 Ibs. S9S9.30: 425-500 Ibs. 58.85(39.15; 500-550 Ibs. 58.70®9. · OTTU5IWA---Hogs lOe higher; 140 to 150 Ibs. $7.05617.95; 150 to 160 Ibs. $8.15(3 B.45; ICO to 170 Ibs. 58.63S8.95; 170 to 160 Ibs. $9.251(19.55: ISO to 200 Ibs. S9.45R9.75; 200 to 230 Ibs. $9.65{i:9.95; 290 to 325 Ibi. S9.55S0.85; 325 to 330 Ibs. $D.45fr9.75; 350 ID 400 Ibs. S9.35g9.G5; packers 275 to 350 Ibs. 59.15tff9.45; 350 to 42j Ibs. 59.05(29.33: 425 to 550 Ibs. S3.90lg9.20. AUSTIN--Hogs life higher: good to choice ISO to 200 Ibs. ?9.55TJ9.85; 200 to 290 Ibs. 'S9.70fUO: 290 to 325 Ibs. S9.60SP 9.90; 325 to 350 Ibs. 59.50(^9.80: packing sows good 275 to 550 Ibs. $969.60. S 9-20- 0.50 S 9.10- 9.40 Good heavy sows ... 350-425 $ 3.30- 9.20 Good big'heavy sows 425-500 9 8.70- 5,00 Good big heavy sows 500-530 5 8.50- 8.BO (The above fs a 10:30 truck hog market for good and choice hogs. The difference in price is for short ancl long haul hogs.) CATTLE Choice lo prime steers . . Good. to choice steers .. Fair'.td good steers .... Low-'grade : steers "..'-.i;-.; Choice' to prime .yearlings Good" to' feholc'c r ycarlih gs' . $10.00-11.50 . $ 8.00-10.00 ; s G.OQ- s.oo ; ; ? S 4.00- 6,00 . 5 9.00-10.00 , · $ 7.00- 3.00 - . fair to good yearlings ---- 5 5.00- 7.00 Common to fair yearlings . S 4.00- 5,00 ' COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DES MOINES, (/P--U. S. department of agriculturcrr- Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. in. Wednesday were 15,800 compared with 27.500 a week ago and IT,GOO a year ago. Generally IQc higher than the average Tuesday, spats 5c Wgficr; undertone moderately active: loading continued light, Quotations follow: Light lights 140 to IRQ Ibs. good and choice sS.05Sffl.05; Jight weights 160 to 1BO Ibs. $9i£3.75: IRQ to 200 Ibs. $9.7QfUO: medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. 59.BO(3-10.2D: .220 to 250 Ibs. $9.BQr§ 10.20; heavy weights 250 to 290 Ibs. $9.80 3I0.20; 290 to 350 Ibs. §9.70^10.10; packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs. good $9.35Ci9.GO; 350 to 425'lbs. $9.15!39.5D; 425 to 550 Ibs- Good to choice heifers :.... 'S 7.00- 9.01) Fair to good heilers ....... * S 5.00- 7.00 Common to (air kioifcrs .... S 3.5Q- 5.DQ Choice to prime cows ' ..... S 5.00- G.OO Goad to choice cows ...... ' S 4.50- 5.00 Fair to good cows ..... ..... S 3.50- 4.25 Fair to good cutters ....... $3.50-4.00 Common to fair cutters .... S 3.00- 3.50 Fair to BPOd canners .....; S 2.15- 3.00 Common to fair canners .... S 2.50- 2.75 Good to choice bulls .;..... 5 4.50- 5.50 Light , bulls ................ - E 4.00 Calves, gd. to Choice 130-130 ' 5 G.50- 7.50 Calves, mod. to good 130-170 5 4-00- G.aO Calves, infer, to gd. 130-130 S 4.00 d'wn '. LAMBS Lambs, ed. lo choice "70-80 S 9.75-11.00 Lambs, med. to 'good 70-30 $8.75-9.75 Lambs, Jr. to medium 70-00 S 5.75- 8.75 Lambs, common. , ...... ~ ..... S 5.75 d'wn Yearlings, go., to ch. 70-so 5 5.00- 6.00 Yearlings.- medium .to good S 4.00- 5.00 yearlings, fair to medium S 3.00- 4.00 Yearlings, culls ............ S 2.00- 2.50 Native ewes, good to choice 3 2,00- 4.00 Culls, ewes ...... i ____ - ..... S 1.00- 1.50 Bucks .; ..... . ............ ... $ 1,00- 2.00 Welhojra, 2 year olds ........ $ 5.00- 6.00 Wethers, old .: ---- ,., ....... 5 3.00- 5.00 Buck Iambs SI lows. No dock on lambs. Quotations subject to market fluctua- -' heifers good and choice $5.50iST; ; common- and medium $4.50^5; cows 'good 54.25rfp 4.75; common and medium S3.75ff».4.25; calves (steer) good and choice S6.SO'£p8.73; medium $5£G,50. ' HOGS 3.000; opened slow, closing fairy active, mostly 10-15c higher; top $10-15 o traders; best to shippers $10.10; bulk good and choice 130 to 325 Ib. butchers $p.DO310.10; ICQ to 130 Ibs. medium to choice $9.50579.30; 140 to'160 Ib. medium :o choice $8.50119.50; sows .$9.50; feeder ips scarce, few sales* SSS8.25; slags S3® .75. SHEEP 2,000;, no early action; fat Iamb undertone about steady; test fed wnoled offerings held around $12.25; asking around $7,75 for fed western ewes; feeders scarce; ,latc Tuesday Jambs strong to 25c higher; most sales good and choice $11.73 ©12.60. tions, . CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO, (tfv--U. S. department of. HOGS 12,000; Generally Including 4.500 direct: higher than Tuesday's average; good and Ibs. $10,15g'10.30; ISO to 190 Ibs. $9.50610.25; few common arid medium pigs $7(28.25; bulk packing choice 200 to 300 $10.35; comparable CATTLE 8,500; calves 1,500; Jong fed steers and yearlings 2oc higher, active at advance; 315.50 paid for 1498 Ib. steers; several loads S14.505J15.25; best yearlings selling at $14.85; shippers and other- buying working freely from $13.50 upward; common and medium grade steers firm to 25c higher; weighty kinds showing most upturn; feeders 25e higher in sympathy \vith fat steers; heifers firm; cows steady to strong; bulls firm and veaJcrs steady to 25c higher: weighty shipper kinds showing advance on pre-Easter tr.ide in selling 1 up to $11. SHEEP 4,000: including 500 direct; around BO per cent of fat lamh supply from Colorado; few opening sales around _teady at $12.75y:i3; practically no strictly choice, handy weight ewes up lo $7.75; few head lightweights to $8. SOUTH ST. PAUf/ LIVESTOCK. (Wednesday Market) SOUTFf ST. PAUL, wv- U. S. department of Agriculture -CATTLE 2,900; most classes about steady; good fed steers $10,50[il2; medium grades down to $8; medium to nood heifers $7(9; most beef cows $SfT6.50; few good cows around $7; low cutters and cutters $3.50£i 4.75; sausage bulls largely $5.25'5 G; stackers and feeders steady, plain and medium steers jj.aj'f? 7.25; calves 2.700i steady; good to choice mostly $8fj?.9 ; handy weight selections $9.50; common to medium $3.50fi7. HOGS 5,500; linevcn, stead# to weak with Tuesday's average: good and choice 2110 to 300 Ibs, 53.85^3,911; top S9.95 sparingly: 160. to 200 Ibs. S9.40ffra.Elfl: 120 to 150 !bs. largely $8, 25 (ft 9.25; bulk flood ows $9.50; average cost Tuesday S9.G9: wcleht 210 Ibs.* SHEEP 1.200; nolhlng done early; undertone about steady on all classes; some good to cohice lambs Tuesday $12.50f? 12.90; common, to medium grades $9.50ffi ·11.50. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. (Wednesday Market) OMAHA. (IF)--U. S. department of agriculture-- - ' . H O G S 4.000; 700 direct: mostly 5-13C higher; top* 510.15; good to choice 220 to 325 Ibs. SlOeUO.lO: 1GO to 190 Ib. lights _ . 140 to 160 Ib. weights 9.51); .slaughter rigs S7ST8.75; llghtei weichts and medium $G.50(rt8.25: sow: $9.40 to mostly $9.50; stags up to 59.75. CATTLE 4,500: calves 400; slow, steer and yearlings generally s t e a d y ; cows anc heifers about steady: ether classes steady io strong; most steers and yearlings me dium to good $8.fiflfii:lo.50: several load Rood to choice SIlirl3.10; medium to good heifers S8S79: few lots and a load to S10.75: load held "higher: good cows $6.2. ffi7,50; few choice to §8; common ant medium 55^6.25; cutters largely S3.50u! 4.75: good beef bulls to $C.50; good t choice calves SG.50fi" 8.50. SIIEEr 6,800; Iambs slow, underton weak; asking strong: other classes full} steady. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. !"--Official -estimated WHEAT MARKET DISPLAYS GAINS -leavy Profit Taking Leads to Late Reactions From Day's Peaks. CHICAGO, (ff)--Worldwide skyrocketing of wheat values Wednesday accompanied advices that Argentine shippers were buying vheat back from Liverpool merchants, fearing the Argentine government may restrict exports. Big profit taking on price up- urns, however, led to late reac- ions from the day's top quota- ions. Reports of moisture beneficial to domestic crops in western areas served also to' bring about market setbacks. At the close, wheat futures in Chicago were % to 1% cent above Tuesday's finish, May' $1.38 to 38V's, July 51,23 7 / 8 to 51.24; corn % cent off to % cent up, "Way $1.00% to $1.09%; July Sl.05% to Sl.Oa-'Jar oats unchanged o '/4 cent lower and provisions unchanged to 17 cents higher. Stock List NE1V YORK STOCKS. OVednestlay Final Quotations) By The Associated Curb Market CHICAGO CASH GRAUV. (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO. Wj--Cash wheat: No. 1 h a r d .44tt®1.45: No. 2 hard S1.41'/.. Corn: No. 5 mixed S l . l O K f f l . I O l i : No. yellow SI.14©1.15K: No. 4 yellow .UViE'l.H; No. S yellow $l.lO31.10'/; o. 3 white SI.17gl.lTii: No. 4 white 1.1431.141,4. Oats: No. 2 white SS'ASoZ'.ie- Soybeans: .No. 2 yellow 51.56fSI.SG 1 ,'*, Barley feed 73@87c nominal; malting 1S1.35 nominal. Timothy seed S4.751ES.50 cwt. Clover seed S30f«i:36 cwt. Lard tierces JI2.75; loose 512.07; bellies 17. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Wednesday No. 3 yellow shelled corn ..$1,05 Mo. 4 yellow shelled corn ..$1.0.4 2arn corn ' . . . ' . - 9ac White oats, No. 3 , 44c Barley 60-80c Soybeans, No. 2 yellow .... .$1.35 Al Cli S: Dye 243 Am Can 10S'/2 Am Sm Re 093 Am Sugar Ref 49*a A T T 173»'* Am Tob B 82'A Am Wat Wks 2-Hk Anaconda 653 B A T S F 85'A Auburn Auto 29}* Aviation Corp H'/a Bait Ohio 40 Barnsdall UlTa Benc/ix Aviat ZSli, Belli Stl 98=1 Bordcns 27 Borg Warner 81^ Can D G Ale Canad Pac Case Chi t N W 5Va Chi Gt West 3 = i C M St P P S'.i C B I P 3»i Chrysler J271i Col G t El 16'.'\ Com Sou Con Edison 07. 3V.i 3G [ ,b 15'-A 41 m» 43 G9Ya Cont Oil Del Com Prod Curtiss Wright Deere Co 130 D're Co pf 303B DllFont dc N 1G7 Gen Elec SBli Gen Foods 42'A Gen Mot 64'.. Gillette 18 Good'r T R 4611 Hudson Mot 2l\ Illinois Cent 37V* Int nrvest 10G r .i Int Nick Can 70}* Int Tel Tel 14'.i Johns Manv 147 O F 31 70'« Maytag 13% McK Rob 15n Mid Cont Pet Montg Ward Nash Kelv Nat Biscuit Nat Cash. R "Nat Dairy Pr 2- Nat Distill 31V* Nat Pow £c L! ll'.b N Y Central 54 3 A Northern Pac 35^i Oliver Farm 53 Packard Mot 11 Param Pict Penney Penn K R Phillips Pet Radio Key Tob B Sears Roeb Shell Union Soc Vacuum Sou Pac Std Brands Std Oil Cal Std Oil InU Std Oil N J StuUebaker Swift Co Texas Corp Tex Gulf Sul 39'/a Timk Roll B 68?i Un Carbide IOC Un Pac 147',i Unit Air Corp 33Va United Corp (i^a Unit Drue 15Vz U S Ind Alch 39V* U S Rubber 69Ib U S Steel 121 Vi Warner Pict 15 West Un Tel 757i West El M 145lb Woolwortll 52^ a Wrigtcy Jr 63 NEW YORK, (iPi--Most active slocks in the curb market moved higher Wed- ricsday, to score gains ranging from tractions to several points. Utility and metal shares, appeared to attract the best support as trading approached the noon hour. Industrials also worked up, but some o£ the oils slipped lower. Among the gainers were Aluminum Co. of America up about 4, Yoitngs- town Steel Door up nearly 2 nnd Royal Typewriter up about 2. Fractional improvement was shown by Niagara Hudson Power. American Gas S: Electric and Kkctric Bond and share. Off fractions were Gulf. International Petroleum and Leonard Oil. 102} a 49 V, 5B'A 11'.. 52 V» 94 46? 28 '/a 573s CHICAGO STOCKS. (Wednesday Final Quotations) Cities Service 4y*]Natl Standard Heilmann Bre 10 Katz Drug 15 KclloBg Switch Libby McNeil Midwest Corp Natl Leather Northwest Bane 13Va Quaker Oats ' 119V4 Hatli Packing 37^« 28 31'A 14% Swift Co Swift Intl WEDNESDAY GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, re- M WHEAT-May July Sept CORN-May new .... May old July new July old ...... Sept. , OATS-May July Sept SOYBEANS-May July RYE-May Jlily Sept BARLEY-May LARD-Mar. May July Sept. BELLIES-- High 1.30V* 1.25V* 1.23 l.lOli LOGib I.03',i 1.01'a .48'A .45 '-42'.i 1.55i 1.521,4 1.11'A 1.05V* . 13. in 13.65 Low 1.371* 1.23=4 Ul'.i .47 '.i .44'.'* .4P,. 1.5,1 1.32 1.03'i .97 13.02 13.2.5 13.50 Close 1.38 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO., Mason City Office in Bagley-Beck Bide. Telephone No. 7, Hath Packing com 3B Sioux: City G El 7 pel pfd 101 United -Lt Rys 0 pet pfd 8! United Lt S: Rys (7.3G pet pfd 82 United Lt S: Rys 7 pet pfd .. 91 Western Grocer pfd . . A 9R Western Grocer com 19 x Called April 15. 39 103 03 84 93 101 21 Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES. (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO. If)--V. S. department ot agriculture-Potatoes 74; on track 349; total U. S. shipments 831; old slock weak: supplies liberal, demand very slow; sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S, No. 1, few sales S3.1o^'3.40; U. S. No. 2, 52.40© 2,55; Colorado Red McClures U. S. No. 1. few sales ?2.703.05; Wisconsin Round Whites U. S. No, 1 no early sales reported; U. S. commercial $1.85; Minnesota Cobblers partly graded few sales $2.65; Bliss Triumphs partly graded $2.65; Norll: Dakota Early Ohlos U. S. No. 1 and partly graded $3; new stock dull, supplies rather liberal, demand slow; no early sales reported. Produce MASON CITY--For Wednesday Casb Quotations by E. G. Horse Eggs, current receipts 19c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over ..12c Under 5 Ibs Stags, 5 Ibs. and over ..... Stags, under 5 Ibs 8c He 7c .6c Cocks All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less [Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade .......... 19-20c* Eggs, cash ......... ..... 18-19e* Butter, Iowa State Brand, . .41c Butter, Corn Country ........ 40c Butter, Kenyon's ............ 40c Butter, Very Best ............ 41c Butter, Brookf ield .......... 40c Potatoes, russets, peck ...... 75c Potatces, cobblers, peck ....... 57c "EDITOR'S NOTE-- These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. 1.00 'A 1.08 1.05','a .44'/* .42 ccints for Thursday: Cattle 5.000; hogs 12.000; sheep 10,000. ay July Representative Sales i SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. ' (Wednesday Market) SIOUX CITY, «v-U. S. department ol agriculture-CATTLE 2,000; calves 200; slaughter Rlecrs and yearlings uneven, mostly firm; other slauphter classes llttte chanced: stackers and feeders scarce, steady; sniall howlng feedlne slcers and yearlings salable above $12; numerous sales $5.50^? 10.50; few Rood heifer. 1 ! SB.75tffO.25; most fceef cows S3«ft.75; few $7«T.7S; cutter grades $3.7534.50: small lots good llRhl stockers up to $7.7.1; some held above $B; common and medium lots $5ftG,25; current sleeker and feed cattTe quotations: Steers 550 lo COO Ibs, Rood and choice J5.50!?8.75; common and medium $4.7:3^ 6.50: 800 lo 1,050 Ibs. good and choice JG.S030; common and medium ?SeC.50; (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO, (IF)--V. S. department oi agriculture--Representative sales: . HOGS. Heavy-- lUshts-- 4B .147 10.20|C4 19(! 1030 52 324 10.25|89 184 1020 61 292 10.25131 174 10.10 71 251 10.30[S6. 166 10.00 Mediums-- ILIghL Lights-- 6C 247 10.30I7B 154 9.75 224 10.35J7B 143 9.40 8B 212 10.351 CD 203 10.30J CATTLK. Steers-- IHci/crs-- 17 145S 15.50! 35 10CO 10.25 23 . 1172 15.25113 502 10.00 20 1154 15.50121 730 9.25 1045 14.85122 B42 n.50 124(i 13.75120 7B5 7.25 18. 1520 I3.25| Cows-22 1212 12.00]2 1410 8.00 2li. 1012 10.50|4 1275 7.25 IB 94G J0.001B 1190 li.OO 14 1070 5.25 16 920 -1.55 Colorado Lambs 220 cno 218 Ewe 12 110 40 I Fed Western 94 13.15| Lam!: 9G I3.!JO|4n 86 13.25 84 12.851221 90 13.15 115 8.001222 31 138 7.751226 89 152 7.50| 13.00 12.85 12.65 NEW YORK SUGAIt. NEW YORK, l/Pl--Raw sugar quiet and unchanged Wednesday at 3.50c for spots with no sales reported. Futures steady. No change in refined with fine granulated at 4.80C. OSIAHA. ORAIV. (Wednesday niarket) OMAHA, yn--Wheat: Dark hard No. i, SI.4014: No. 3. $1.3lij}I.32'/ 4 ; No. 4, 51.30; hard No. 1, SI.37144ll.40; No. 2, $1.350 I.3B; No: 3, fl.32'/.1.34. Corn: Yellow No. 2, SI.2Q'.i; No. 3, Sl.lBei.lB%; No. 4. S1.16'/iffll.l8: sample SI.12; white No. 3, $1.20; mixed No. 4, $1.14. Oats: While No. 2, 531ic; No. 3, 50c; No. 4, tic; sample 4Bc. .70 12.H2 13.07 13.25 13.55 17.15 17.45 IuTNNEAI'OL.15 GRAttf. ( W e d n e s d a y Market) MINNEAPOLIS. W--Wheat 38 cars; lie higher; No. 1 heavy dark northern 60 Ibs. $1.49'/ii?il.59!iir No. I dark northern O Ibs. S1.48!lra-1.58H: 58 Ibs. E1.471«!rl 1.57','n; fancy No, I hard Montana 14 per cent protein $1.45Va'P l 1.47 I ,'B; grade of No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter Sl.SsraraMD 1 .!; hard amber durum No. 1, Sl.48fjjrl.OI3; No. 1 red durum SI.34^. 1.35. Corn: No. 3 yellow Sl.I5',4«ri.I8'.4; unchanged. Oatst No. 3 white 47!'«©4B ; !;:. WO 01, MARKET. BOSTON, (^i--U. S. department of agriculture-- Ne\v- fleeces from Ohto, TSltchlgan and New York were o f f e r e d ? Wednesday nt around 43 cents In the p-rense. .delivered cast, (or country packed lols grading bulk a .t to ',i blood*. Boston houses reported that these wools cost around 40 cents in the country. Uotises buying for slock were Asking 47 cents in Mic grease- for combine ^» blood, and 4.1 cents for combing Vi blood xvools graded In Ho.ston. StmHnr old wools on hand were held at one to two cents fn the grease above prices asked for new wools. DOW J O N E S AVERAGES Inds. Rails Ulils. .. 1Q9.15 04,58 33.13 Tolal Sales 2,120,000 CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 17^a Mar Fields 29 s l B Cord Corp V.f Walgreen Co 32 NKW vomc crjitn Am Cyan B 32'.. Ford M of En n'i "·· Hud B M : S 36'A Humb Ol] Co S2Vj NiaB H Pow 14'A Pcnnroad Cp S O Ky Co Un Gas Co STOCKS Hupp Mot Intl Carriers 8 1 /* Indust Rayon 33Vli Kclvinalor Co 22=i Lambert Co Sl^a Liq Carb Cp 52% Lorillard S4y a Maclc Truck flBTi Math All: M McLcllun Sirs 17 Minn, Mol 1m 14^B M K 4: T !*.'* Mo Pae 511, Motor Prod 34!lj No Ainer 27^n No Am AvI IS 1 /* Otis Stl Co 22'A Owen 111 Gl 108 Packard Mot 11 Park Ut Cop 6 3 ,« Plymouth 25Va Proc Gam 59% P S of N J 44}i Pullman tJfi'/li Pure Oil Co 2Ha Purity Bak 21 3 A R K O 8»i Rcm Rand 243i Reo Motors S'.j Simmonsj Co 56 So Cal Edison 27'.i Sperry Corp 21^ a St G E 12'A Ti Wa As Oil 203i U S Ind Alch 39'A Gen Am Tr 733'* U S Smeller 99','j Util P Li A 3*. Vanadium «f) : Close Am S Pow Co 2','a Ark N Gas A 11'A Asoc G i: El A 4',i Can Marconi 2 El Bd Sh 23=1 Ford M of Ca 25^a NEW Alas Juneau 14^8 Am F P°»' l l T i Am C Sug Co 2-lKi Am Pow Li 123* Am R'S Mills 39ii Am R S Co SMi Amer Tob Co 82V* Arm : Co I2T» Ar i Co pfd 98'/j As D Goods 2lVt All Ref 34 Vii Baldwin Loco '9'.* Bondix 2.S 3 . a BMdd Mf Co I2',i Bycrs A M Co 30 V* Caterpillar Tr 96 Cor dc Pas 80 Chcs it Ohio 63Ti C G W pfd 17 T A CMSP ii P nfd m» Coca Cola 153'/j -Otn Solvents 19 Cont Motor 3'A Cur-Wr Co A 22'A Dlst Corp Sea 2SVJ Douglas Airc 64!j Eastman 164'/j Eaton Mf Co 32^* El Auto Lite 4 H b El Pow Li 23»l Eric R H Co 23 F'ne Ti Ru 39',l Fost-Whcclcr 48V-J Frceport Tex · CHICAGO PBODUCE (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO. m--Butler 5,044. firm: creamery specials (93 score) 3G^i3GV=c: extras (92) 35',ic; extra firsts 100-01) 35 «35V'*c; firsts 188-89) 33V4(f434'Ac: standards (90 centralized carlotsl 35^c. Eggs 19.C54. firni; extra firsls local 23 ] Ac, cars 24c; fresh pradod firsts local 23c. cars 23V;ic: current receipts 22i£e; storage packed extras 25c; storage packed firsls 24'Ac. Poultri-: Live 1 car. 13 Irucks, steady; liens over 5 Ibs. 18','ic. 5 Ibs. and less LH'/ic: Lochorn hens IGV^e: colored fryers Jolic: 'IVhitc Rock 26',-ic; Plymouth Rock 2GV=c; colored broilers 25c; White Rock !5!^c; Plymouth Rock 2Gc; barcbacks 19c; roosters 13c: Leghorn rooslers 12c: tur- l;cys, hens 22c, young toms 18c, old IGc, No. 2 turkeys 15c: ducks 4Vi Ibs. vip white and cotornd 20c, small u-hlte and colored 17c: gccso 15e: capons 7 Ibs. up 2Gc, less than 7 Ibs. 25c. Lodge Notices QUEEN BEBEKAR LODGE NO. 100 I. O. O. F. HALL 7:30 P. M. licet 1st and 3rd Friday o: each month. MRS. EARL tBAMAN, N. G. Ph. 3543 MRS. MAUDE MAXSON. Ree. Sec, Ph. 2090 MRS. R. E. KOLW1NSKA. Fin. Sec. Ph. 14SOJ H A R D I N G L O D G E NO. 6li) A. f. AND A. SI. 7:.T" P. M. Come and help confer first degree Fri., March 19 F. L. HUDSON. W. U. Phone 1727 C. C. HALPH1DE; Ssc'y Phone 240 BENEVOLENCE LODGE NO. tdS A.' F. AND A- SI, 1:30 P. 01. Stated communication Flrsi Thursday of each month. C. H. JOHNSON, \V. MD. D. GILBERT. Sec'y. ^EGAI^NOTICE NOTICE OF CHANGE IN ARTICLES Or I N C O R P O R A T I O N OP T1IE 1'IDELITY firm; KFAV YORK rnonucE. (Wednesday Markclt NEW YORK, Pj-- Eggs 38,014, mixed colors, special packs aGftfiT'.ac; standards 25 1 /«^r25', 1 ac; storngc packed firsts 24 a ,lc; firsts 23'^f(J.24 1 Ac; mediums 23^23 J Ac; dirties No, 1, 235?23 I Ac; average checks 21'/ 2 ttf22c- B u t t e r 7,6B5, firmer? creamery lilgher ilian extra aG'Aff'aVc: extra (02 score) 36c; firsts (88-91 scores) 33'^© 3") 3 .ic: seconds (B4-B7 scores) 32ty33c; centralized (DO score f 35 '/i ii 3:5 '/a c. Cheese IG1.01G, steady lo firm; unchanged. Live poultry: By frciRlit, quiet and easy; chickens: Rocks 171719c: fou'la, colored 203} i 22c; other freight prices unchanged. rnomjcr: T'UTUIIES (IVciluc.srtny I^Tarkel) CrriCAGO. rri--Bitllcr lulnrcs cJos'Cri: SlornKC standards, March 33^kc; November .11%c. .Kiss futures: Storage packed firsts. March 24T'»c; April Hoc; refrigerator standards, October SB'ic, Potato futures; Id nil o Russets, March No. 1, $3.15; A p r i l grade A $2,55. UISCOUNX Notice Is hereby given that a specia meeting oE stockholders of TUG Fidelity Discount Company, a corporation duli organized under the laws of the Slat of Iowa, was held nt the Office oE th corporation in Mason City, Iowa, on th 15th day of February, 1937, aEtcr due an regular notice had been given to th stockholders thcrcoE in conformancc wit the articles o£ Incorporation and laws (he state at whfch meeUne; JJic rcqittsit majority of the slock of said corporatio was represented. Articles I, III and V! ol the Articles of Incorporation of company were amended In the follow ing particulars, lo-wit: Article I shall be amended by strikin the w ord ' 'THE 1 ' p rcced infi the wor "FIDELITY" in the name o£ said com pany. Article III, shall he amended by In creasing the authorized capital stock Fifty Thousand Dollars (§50,000.00) whlc increase shall be d i v i d e d into sixtec hundred shares ( l . G Q O ) of par value c 323.00 each.* Article VII, shall be amended by peal of said article. The president and secretary of the company were duly authorised to sign, acknowledge, record and publish, and do all things which arc by Jaw required to execute, complete, and carry into effect the above amendments lo the Articles oE Incorporation of said company. FIDELITY DISCOUNT COMPANY By CHARLES E. PRICE, President, By JUNES MOUNT. Secretary. CHAPTER 47. Janet sprinkled moth powder on er sweaters, folded her tweed' cirts and her old polo coat and anded them to Martha, "I don't think I'll need these hoes either," she said, picking up er sturdy boots and looking at hem with a fond farewell glance, ihe was packing away the things When Janet realized what it meant, it was what that security "would mean .to Joel if he were to stay in the east in the theater and not her triumph that filled her mind. She told Russell how happy he had made her and said that she would have to talk it over with :iat she had worn hanted weeks. the last en- Til keep them right here in nis closet, Janet, and they'll al- vays be here. It isn't as though ou were going far away. At east not yet." Janet sat down in the small ocker. "Martha, sometimes I on't think I'm the same girl I used to be at all. Here I am just iving for today without a thought f tomorrow. Somehow it doesn't eem right." "It seems all right to me. What lave you got to worry about?" Janet shook her head. "Nothing ,nd yet everything. I'm healthy ind happy and we'll always have enough money to take care of us rom the income of the trust fund. But I'm thinking of Joel without ilans. The play is closing next month, on the tenth of June, to be exact, and I don't know what ve're going to do then. Once or wice I've started to ask Joel vhat he plans to do about going acfc to the coast but he has been ;o interested in getting a worm on i fishline or weeding the garden, hat he hasn't even heard me." "Maybe he won't want to go back to the coast," Martha said om the closet. Won't want to! Of course, he vill. The truth is, Martha, that Joel is not a great actor. We layen't talked about it and I don't jelieve that Joel actually knows le isn't, but I do. I'm glad that he vill want to go back to California jecause it will give him a chance ,p make lots more money. This ime I'll see t hat he saves lots more. Then, maybe we'll go around the world some day and do other wonderful things. We're really not old. Joel is only 35 and I'm not yet 30." "Humph!" Martha grunted non- commitally. "We haven't saved very much FI.OUR. (Wednesday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. (jT*).-- Flour: Carload lots a barrel In 98 Ib. cotton sacks: Family patents lOc higher, $7.SO??7.'?0; standard patents unchanged, 57,45®7.E5. Shipments 18,311. Pure bran S33.50'Tf34. Standard middlings 28V* Gliddcn Co Gobcl Gold Dust Graham Paige Gt Nor pfd :.!·« Hahn DC Sirs 20V* Houslon Oil 15'.» Hudson Mot 21?a 47V» Bid 14V* 4 Un G Imp M Warren firos 9 Western Un 75^! Worth P u m p 42; Yellow Tr n»' Youngs S : T 04 K A N S A S CITY LIVESTOCK. (Wednesday Market) KANSAS CITY, (IF)--V. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 1,500, no directs: fairly active; strong to IDc higher than Tuesday's average; top $10.25; Rood to choice 200 to 300 !bj, S10.IOJP10.25; 110 to 10n Ibs. S9.7S« 10.15; light lights, scarce; sows $9.253 0.65; stock pies, scarce. CATTLE 3.300; calves 500; fed steers and yearlings fairly active; strons to Z5c higher: steers with weight up most; she stock, scarce; strong; vonlors and calves, firm; stackers and feeders, unchanged: good 1,306 Ib. Texas steers S12.60; good 1.007 Ib. weights $12.50; bulK short fed .steers $9.2of/11.40; small lots mixed .yearlings lip to $11; butcbcr coivs largely $5.50 tfiG.75; £ood to choice vcalcrs SB^IO; few $10.50. INVESTMENT TRUSTS By The Associated Press. mid and Asked Wednesday) Corp Tr Sli .1.12 Corp Tr Sh AA Mod .. 3.flfi Corp Tr Sh Accum Scr 2.97 Corp Tr Accum Scr Mod Dividend Sh Mars-land Fund Nationwide Sec Nationwide Sec Vie .... Nor Amcr Tr Stl Nor Amer Tr Sh 1355 .. Quarterly Inc Sh Selected Am Sh Inc .... Super Corp Am Tr A .... U S El L «t P A U S El L Sc P B U S El L P Vtc 2.17 10.68 · 4.90 2.28 2.BO 3.75 19.33 , 16.32 , 4.37 . 18.75 , 2,95 l.OD 2.32 11,07 5.00 2.44 21.17 17.79 1.17 KANSAS CITY (Wednesday 3Iarket) KANSAS CITY, (in--Wheat 55 cars; 1!'4C lo 3c higher; No. 2 dark hard $1.30v-i; No. 3. $1.33ftl.35: No. 2 hard $1.3GeMO',!,; No. 3, $1.3114; No. 2 red $1.40',i; No. 3 nominally'Ael.Ws. Com 12 cars; *,c lower to I'.-ac higher: No, 2 white nominally $1.2.1^1.25; No. 3 nominally $1.20'/tfi'1.23Vb: No. 2 yellow nominally $1.22Viri 1.23; No. 3, $l.22W 1.7.4 No. 2 mixed nominally S1.2IO1.22; No. 3 n o m i n a l l y $l.ia',i'!?1.21. OaU . r cars: uiichnnced to !ic hleher. No. 2 w h i t e nominally 51',ilfSl'.ic; No. 3 nominally ^O'/iftflS'/iC. ;oN. ,3 ctaoln hsrdlu cmfwyp shrdlll eto Hides Quotations Karnlsticd by Wulr Uros., Inc., 3U8 Fifth Street Soathn-eit RORSEIIinES lorsehldcs $4.25 ·CIBEEN BEEF HIDES Jp to 25 Ibs . . . . l l ' a C 25 Ibs. up 9 c Bull hides T.ic -Curpri tildes half cent more D pound (On above prices a cent and a h a l f hicher to wholesale donlcrs in wholesale lots. I NOTICE TO V O T E R S Under (be plan of permanent registration adopted by the City of Mason City, you cnn register nt any time, during the office hours of the City Clerk in the City Hall, except during the 10-day period prior to any election. tf you arc not registered, or, having registered, have changed your residence address since registering, or, it a xyoman, have chnaged your name by marriage or divorce, you must register, correct your address, or re-register to enable you to lust day for registration before vote. The the Municipal Election to be held March 29, 1937 is Friday, March 19, 1937. RENA B. MACK, Commissioners of Hcgislration. :his winter. Joel was only getting lali what he did on the coast and our bills have been tremendous. I'd like to sub-let the apartment and live out here for part oE the summer and go to the Gape for another part of it. Joel has never even seen our little theater at Grannis?" "Then why don't you?" Marlha asked reasonably. , "Oh, we'll have to be in New York so that Joel can be where things are going on. Then, I'll nave lots of things to do also." Martha stood arms akimbo. "I hope, young lady, that you're not planning to go back to work." "Not this summer, of course, but f Joel' stays in the east; I expect [ will in the autumn. Hussell has 3een pretty fine about it." Russell lad been pretty fine about every- :hng, sending her flowers and Dooks and writing her cheery little notes, telephoning frequently and offering his services for anything they might be put to. "Joel understands about my job. He knows that I need something to keep me occupied." "There'd be nothing like a small Paynter to keep you occupied?" Martha contributed. Janet didn'l answer until she said, "It's almost noon, darling, and Joel will be here for lunch. I want to. be all packed before he comes. He simply loathes last minute packing." "Janet r-aynter, you stop thinking of Joel and think of yourself for once." But J/anet could no more have stopped thinking of Joel and started thinking of herself than she could have changed the color of ler eyes. She was thinking of him when Hussell Bede came to her and made an offer that was to be the triumph of her business life. He told her that he had been waiting for her recovery to tell her the important news that he was opening a shop in New York, that the financial results of her work and help had been so great that it was only fair to offer her a partnership in the New York shop and a salary of $25,000 a year to run it. He didn't want to burden her while she yvas ill but he wanted her to consider it during the summer and plan to start in the autumn with the opening. He had planned- an imposing, four-floor shop on East Fifty-Seventh street. Joel. Joel's show was closing a few days after that conversation and Joel was moody. She decided to wait until he had a new show or made a professional move, before she broached the subject. Nevertheless, she cherished the idea. The honor, for Janet Paynter to have quietly carved a career on her own, to have'achieved the distinction of being offered a partnership in a shop destined for great success, was a nobler accomplishment than she had ever dreamed in those far off days when she had been an assistant buyer in a department store. : How proud of her her father would have been! And Martha. And Joel?Joel, who didn't believe women should have careers; Joel who had been a gigolo in a cocktail bar so that he could support his wife; Joel who had despised men who allowed their wives to earn their joint livelihood. B u t . . . Already she began to dread that little word, knowing the weakness of any argument she might have. One afternoon she ordered her car and told the chauffeur to take her to Dick Hyman's office. Hyman was Joel's agent in New York. "I'm a very curious woman, Mr. Hyman," she said with a pretty smile. "I'm wondering what you have up your sleeve for Joel. I h a p p e n e d to be passing and thought this would be a good time to drop in and have a little visit with you." "I'm glad you did, Mrs. Paynter." He sighed. "I can't make that boy out any more. You may be able to put m° straight." Janet felt herself shiver. This wasn't the way Hyman had talked a few months before. "What's the matter with him?" he shot at her. "Suppose you tell me what you think it is," she countered. He shrugged his shoulders. "I might call it temperament, but it ain't! Of course, you know he's washed up in A pictures." "Washed up!" Janet could feel herself bristle. "Why, Joel is one of the top-notch box office draws." "Was," he corrected. "You have to face these things, Mrs. Paynter. I can get Joel a good contract in Hollywood but it ain't as good as he had. The public forgets and when the hold on the box office slips, trie contract slips. But he won't even talk about a contract. He can work up again but he-don't say anything when I ask him about what he wants me to do. He. oughta know he can't' get another play this season. One play was as much as his public'll take. Maybe you can talk to him." "I'll try," she said and got up. She was completely disconcerted, to astonished and frightened to have the agent say anything more. She.didn't talk about it to Joel for several days and then, when she asked him what he wanted to do, he got up, walked over to the mantle and put his head on his arms. "I'm washed up, Janet. I don't want to go back to pictures. I don't know what I want. I only know that I'm a ham and I'm scared! Does that mean anything NOTICK OF THE APPOINTMENT OF AD5IINISTKATHIX GOVER.V3fE.VT BONDS. (Wednesday Q u o t a t i o n s ) NEW YORK, HPi--U. S. bonds closed: Treasury -17-52 llfi.2 Treasury Js 44-54 I t 1.8 Treasury 3'is io-13 June ]05,2G Treasury 3}«s 43-47 105.29 Treasury 3V«s -16-49 104.24 Treasury 3s 51-55 104.8 Scoutmasters to Meet at Y.M.C A. Thursday F. C. Heneman, commissioner for the North Iowa area council of Boy Scouts, Wednesday announced a councilwide meeting of scoutmasters will be held at the Y. M. C. A. Thursday evening in connection with the second meeting of the leaders training course. Plans for the summer camp, the merit badge exposition, April 23 and 24, and the national jamboree, will be announced at the meeting, according to Mr. Kenc- man. The training course period will be devoted to a presentation on troop training by John Stokes, scoutmaster of troop No. 12 of tile Roosevelt-Jackson P. T. A. STATE OF IOWA, Ccrro Gordo County, ss. No. 4377 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the ndersigned lias been duly appointed and qualified as Administratrix- of the estate of Harold S. Marsh, Deceased, late of Cerro Cordo County. All persons Indebted to said estate are requested (o make i m m e d i a t e payment; and those baving claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, tti tlic u n d e r s i g n e d for allowance, and rile In Ihc otfico of the Clerk t: the District Court. BEATRICE P. HIARSK F. B. Shaffer, Attorney. Dalcd March Ifith. 1D37. S. II. MacPeak, Clerk Clstrict Court. By--Arlecn B, Harris, Deputy. to you? It isn't the lesser salary I'd get on the coast, it's that I can't go back." (To Ke Continued) Bonds and Stocks SHOULD BE ANALYZED REGULARLY « We Render This Service FREE A. M. Schanke and COMPANY 208 Foresters Building Telephone I 300 MASON CITY, IOWA OLIVER A BARGAIN 1--F-20 Farmall with Cultivator. 122 SOUTH FEDERAL Market Day Sale! Kanowha Sales Pavilion At Kanawha, Iowa, Located 12 iVIilcs South of Edit on Highway No. Ill Friday, March 19, at 12:30 p. m. 50 HEAD OF HORSES--Consisting of all kinds of horses. A large per cent are the kind Buyers are looking for. Will have any kind of a horse that farmers want. Some gooA work horses, some good colts 1, 2 and 3 years old. Our Market has become a Good Market for both Buyer and Seller. If you are in the market for a horse, don't miss this sale. A square deal is assured. 150 HEAD OF* CATTLE--Some good milk cows, some fat cattle of different weights. A good listing of stockers and feeders, and butcher stock of all kinds. 100 HEAD OF FEEDING FIGS--WeieMng 50 to 150 pounds. 25 HEAD OF BROOD SOWS of different breeds. And a good listing of Bred Ewes will be at this sale. you Horse Buyers and Cattle Buyers should make It a point to be at this Sale as you will find a good offering here for you! ON TUESDAY, MARCH 23. we will have a Sale at the sales pavilion and ivill sell everything except livestock. We are holding this special sale because our livestock sales have become too large to permit the selling of other property. So If you have anything to sell in the machinery, furniture or harness tine, bring it to this sale next Tuesday. H. BRUMMUND, Auctioneer and Manacrer PHONE 118, KANAWHA, IOWA *'" ^W^

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