The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 29, 1939 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 29, 1939
Page 2
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F.R.'S REQUEST IS DISREGARDED House Committee Votes $100,000,000 WPA Fund Until July I WASHINGTON, fi)--The house appropriations committee disregarded President Roosevelt's esti mate of relief needs Wednesday voting $100,000,000 to run WPA until July. 1. The president bad asked $150 000,000. -Referring to the chief executive' request, the committee said in a report criticizing some WPA operations that "it feels that its proposal is on the side of liberality." Against Increasing The $100,000,000, it said, would make the total available for WPA in the present fiscal year $2,163,268,406, compared with $1,427,701,994 in the preceding year anc 51,833,456,971 in the year before "This expense should not be building up," the committee said . "however, i-ecognizing that time is the essence just now because o: the pressing need, howevei brought about, to project administrative procedure for the remainder of the fiscal year, the committee, perforce, has,pursued a more liberal policy than a searching inquiry probably would justify.'! Farm Parity Defeated Congressional economy leaders counted on support of disappointed farm belt members in their efforts to hold down the WPA appropriation to some figure less than $150,000,000, when the measure reaches the floors of the house and senate. The house threw out a §250,000,- 000 farm parity fund by a 204 to 191 vote Tuesday night, after having approved it tentatively a few hours earlier, 175 to 171. Many senators, however, predicted its restoration when the agriculture department appropriation bill is considered in their chamber. Peanut Inhaled by Iowa Boy Now Walled in Tissue of Lung DES MOINES, {Ft--Ronald Sanford's peanut trouble apparently has ended. Once the peanut threatened the life of the 20 months old boy, but now, doctors said Wednesday, he is on the road to recovery. Self-healing properties of the human body are credited by doctors as the chief reason Ronald now is "as happy and healthy as c normal child." Three months ago the faoy inhaled a peanut. Doctors tried by every means Known to them to remove the kernel, but without success. Now the peanut has walled itself into the side of the boy's lung, where, physicians say, it possibly may never cause him further trouble. He has ceased running a temperature and no longer coughs. Chicago Clerk Must Wed Man of Jewish Faith to Get Fortune -Adele Gay, GENEVA, 111., «P) a Chicago hospital clerk, must marry a man of the Jewish faith within a year if she wants to qualify for an inheritance estimated at 540,000 to £70,000. The stipulation came to light When the will of her father, Harris Goldman of Elgin, 111, was offered for probate. Miss Gay, who is 32, joined the Congregational church seven years ago. Subsequently she legally changed her name from Goldman to Gay. The will bequeaths her one- seventh of the Goldman estate, estimated at $300,000 to 5500,000, provided she is married in her father's faith within a year of the probating of the will. "\ have no intention now marrying anyone," she said. of AUNT HET By Robert Quillen "Cousin Ben is our Emily Post. He says a gentleman can forgive another man for pickin' a pocket, but not for pickin' his nose." Nazis Take New Step to Rule Church BERLIN, (If) the Evangelical - Nazitication of (German Protestant) church was advanced another decisive step Wednesday on the orders of Friedrich Werner, president of the supreme church council. It was ordered that any church member has the right to choose some pastor other than the regular pastor for performance of "the individual duties of his office, for religious instruction or even for his entire churchly ministration." May Demand Assistant The regular pastor must in such case turn over the use of the church to a pastor chosen by the parishioner. The orders further provided that members of the congregation who find their conception of religion deviates from that of the regularly ordained pastor may demand that a minister whose views correspond to theirs be appointed at least as assistant pastor. There are chureli members in each parish who wish the congregation to conform to naziism Wherever these have been in a minority, however, their efforts so far have proved to no avail. Cleavagre Is Feared . _ Many members of the confessional synod, which is part of the German Evangelical church but which has stood for independence of the church from the state, fear this order is another opening wedge for nazi control. Bringing in a pastor from the outside necessarily brings about a cleavage within the congregation, confessional members say From that they fear it is but a short step to proving that order po longer can be preserved within the parish whereupon the supreme church council could interfere and remove the regular pas- MOVIE ACTRESS IS SLUGGED Believed Victim of Assailant Who Fatally Wounded Anya Sosoyeva HOLLYWOOD, (fP--Delia Bogard, 17 year old motion picture uvenile, was slugged and critically injured Wednesday by an at- acker she told police stepped from behind a building as she walked near her home. Police said they feared she was a victim, of the same assailant who 'atally wounded Anya Sosoyeva blond Russian dancer, on Lcs Angeles City college campus Feb. 25. Incoherent and only partly conscious. Miss Bogard told the officers she was on her way home i-orn a movie when the attack ook place. They found hev lying n a lawn, after answering a call hat a woman was screaming. Beside her was a piece of timber, which the police described as imilar to that used by Miss Scso- ·eva's attacker. o MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE ANDEEA LEEDS --On Air at 8 p. m. mpression Gained by Morris F. R. Not o Seek Third Term WASHINGTON. IJP) -- Senator s'orris (Ind., Nebr.) said Wednes- lay he · had "gained the impres- ion" in conversations with Pres- dent Roosevelt that the chief executive does not want to run or a third term. Norris, an administration supporter and third term advocate, explained that the president never ad actually told him whether he vould run again. Another usually well-informed enatov. asking anonymity, told epqi'lers he had authentic information that air. Roosevelt never Kid given any definite word on he third term issue to his family his closest advisers. In LI recent exchange of letters ith John Boettiger. the presi- ent's son-in-law, Elliott Roose- ·elt said that when his father cached a decision on a third term e would "announce it to the world t large." W. DENTIST PRACTICE IIMITED ,w -PLATE WORK IB FIRST ST. ICEOARRAPIDS SOUTH EAST DES MOINES 'ears for Safety f Halliburton, 10 Others Aboard Junk SAN FRANCISCO. (3-- S. . Fenton, marine superintendent ot the IMackay Radio company here, expressed fear Wednesday for the , safely of Richard Halliburton. j author, and ten other men aboard the Chinese junk sea dragon, en- route from Hong Kong to San Francisco and unheard from since last Friday. The sea dragon was scheduled to reach Midway island April 5. The ship is powered by a gasoline motor and up to last Friday had averaged 150 miles a day. Mikesh of Ackley Is Denied New Trial on Bank Robbery Charge ALLISON-- Judge T. A. Beardmore Tuesday in district court denied a motion for a new trial for Leo Mikesh of Acldey. who I was convicted March 8 of at- I tempting Jo rob the Kesley branch of the Iowa State bank of Clarksville. April 20 was set as the date on which sentence would be pro- I nonnced. Air ¥a Listening H. H. TELLIN" YA: Andrea Leeds, the Hollywood unknown who rose to stardom almost overnight when she appeared in "Stage Door," will be featured on the Star Theater over KGLO Wednesday from 8 to 9 p m * * * * * * * * * » * On Texaco Show " On Sta £ e Please" Titled "On Stage, Please," the original radio drama is the story of a famous producer who builds an unknown girl to stardom only to encounter a series of complications when he falls in love with his find. C tt i "Beautiful Dreamer" 'Kenny Baker's solos will be "Beautiful Dreamer," by Stephen Foster, and "I Get Along Without You Very Well." Frances Langford will dramatize ihe song she just recorded for Decca, a number titled "Tears in My Inkwell." Her encore will be "Deep Purple." * C' :j Golden Gloves Bouts Bouts between winners of the Golden Gloves amateur boxing contests in New York and Chicago will be broadcast from Chicago stadium by John Harrington and Pat Flanagan, CBS sports announcers, and heard over KGLO from 10:15 to 11 p. m. Wednesday. . The Golden Gloves winners, outstanding mittmen in their metropolitan areas, were chosen for the eliminations after extensive ore- u'minaries. Ford FrickVsdks "So You Want to Be . . A Professional Ball Player'.'" is the subject of a Columbea network interview between a high school student and Foi-d Frick, National Baseball League president, who will be heard over KGLO from 4:15 to 4:30 p. m. Wednesday. The series, produced in co-operation with Young America magazine, suggests ^possible careers for youths, a v * Symphony Concert The New York Civic Symphony, a group of artists playing under the auspices of WFA, will be heard in a concert over KGLO Wednesday from 9:30 to 10 p. m. Food Expert Talks Miss Ann Kingsley, food specialist in charge of the Globe- Gazette cooking school now in progress at the high school auditorium, will throw in some extra recipes for KGLO listeners Wednesday from 7:30 to 7:45 p. m. 3 £ * Shep Fields Ripples That rippling musk of Shep Fields and his orchestra is booked for a KGLO airing Wednesday at 11:30 p. m. FORUM GUEST AVEDNESDAY, MARCH 29, 1933 KGLO COLUMBIA BROADCASTING SYSTEM NETWORK 1310 KILOCYCLES Wednesday P. M. 5:15 Singin' Sam, Coca-Cola o:30 Lone Ranger, Pfaff Baking Company 6:00 News of the Nation, P. G. , and E. 6:05 Sons of the Pioneers 6:15 Jim Woods' Sports Camera 6:30 Revelers Quartet 6:45 Music for Men 7:00 News of the World, United Home Bank 7:05 North Iowa Forum 7:15 The Town Crier 7:30 Miss Ann Kingsley, Cooking School Expert 7:45 News 8:00 Star Theater, Texaco Dealers, CBS 9:00 Mason City Building Show 9:30 New York Civic Symphony 9:45 On with the Dance 10:00 Evening News Roundup 10:la Intercity Golden Gloves Bouts, CBS 11:00 Hal Kemp's Orchestra, CBS 11:30 Shep Field's Orchestra, CBS 12:00 Sign Off Thursday, March 30 6:00 Alarm Clock Hour 6:45 Morning News Roundup 7:00 Time and Tunes, Hamilton Seed and Coal company 7:15 Chapel of the Air 7:30 Home Folte Frolic, Iowa Master Breeders 7:45 Musical Clock, Merkel's 8:00 Milton Charles Recalls, CBS 8:15 Today in Osage, Osage Merchants 8:45 Musical 'Clock, Nash Coffee Company 9:00 Pretty Kitty Kelly, Wonder Bread. CBS 9:15 Clear Lake on the Air, Clear Lake Merchants 9:30 Musical Workshop, limes 9:45 Charles City on the Air Charles City Merchants 10:00 Melody Time, Mier Wolf and Sons 10:15 Parade of Bands 10:30 The Morning Concert, Vance Music Company 10:45 Church in the Wildwood Marshall and Swift 11:00 Home Town News, Iowa Shoe Brokerage 11:15 Mystery Melody Game 11:30 Markets 11:45 American Family Robinson 12:00 Mid-day Review 12:30 Front Page News by Pat Patterson, Inter n a t i o n a l Harvester company 12:45 Hank Hook on the Street, Pritchard Motor company 1:00 Melody 'Weavers, CBS 1:15 The Town Crier 1:30 American School of the Air CBS 3:00 Mason City Building Show 2:30 Sonota Recital, CBS 3:00 Today's Devotion, The REV. Clarence E. Flynn 3:15 Ray Bloclr's Varieties, CBS 3:45 Four Clubmen. CBS 4:00 Current Questions Before the House, CBS 4:15 Let's Pretend CBS 4:45 The Mail Bag Hour 5:15 Singin' Sam. Coca-Cola 5:30 Uncle Nick's Junior Music Hall 6:00. News of the Nation, P. G. and E. 6:05 Sons ot the Pioneers 6:15 Jim Woods' Sports Camera 6:30 Stop and Listen, Gordon Thomas 7:00 News of the World, United Home Bank 7:05 North Iowa Forum. Kenneth Showalter 7:15 The Tou-n Crier 7:30 Mason City Building Show 8:00 Newt 8:15 Music for Men 8:30 The Town Crier 8:43 Ranch Boys 9:00 American Legion Program 9:30 On with the Dance 9:45 American Viewpoints, CBS 10:00 Evening News Roundup 10:30 Henry Busse's Orchestra CBS 10:30 Wayne King's Orchestra, CBS 11:00 Sammy Kaye's Orchestra CBS 11:30 Leighton Noble's Orchestra CBS ' 12:00 Sign Off J. P. JIanley, property management broker for the Home Owner's Loan .corporation with a six-year record of achievement, will be the North Iowa Forum speaker over KGLO Wednesday from 7:05 to 7:15 1. m. Mr. Manic? will :.pcak on operations of the corporation (Lock Photo) THINK POLAND, NAZIS TO AGREE Foreign Diplomatic Circles Anticipate Danzig Settlement WARSAW, f/P)_ Foreign diplomatic circles expressed the belief Wednesday that Poland-and Germany might read) an agreement over Danzig following nazi assurances that Adolf Hitler wished peace with this country. Hitler was said :o have indicated to Poland that lie wanted complete annexation of the Free City of Danzig, a German-controlled road connecting Germany with East Russia across the Polish corridor, and a broad "economic understanding" with Warsaw. It was believed, however, that the fuehrer may have caused these maximum demands to be circulated in order later to compromise for less. Ambassador Hans von MoltUe Tuesday assured Foreign Minister W M T - M1O -LUE rvfc'JWOSK GOO IUJLQUXUL.ES WEDNESDAY EVENING 5:00 Don Wlrisloxv of the Navy 3:15 Gems oF Melody 3;30 SportslanU- 3:45 Weather-New5 6:00 Easy Aces 6:15 Tracer of Lost Persons 6:30 News 6:45 Opportunity Knocks 7:00 Zinso 7:13 Roy Shield's Orchestra 7:30 Hobby Lobby 8:00 Harry James' Orchestra 8:30 Wings for the Martin* 9:00 Ransom Shcrmai^ Presents 3:30 The Public Interest in Democracy 10:00 News I0:lj Fu Manchu 10:30 Horace Keidt's Orchestra 11:00 Jimmy Richard's Orchestra 11:30 Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra FLOODS TAKE HAYSTACKS -- Many FAIRVIEW. Mont., haystacks belonging to farmers northeast of Fail-view were ridin down the Missouri river some^ place in frorth Dakota Wednesday. but otherwise little loss rcsulte'd from an ice jam at the confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers, i W H O , , .VBU REl N t n V V U K K IOUO WEDNESDAY- EVEXtNC 3:li Dick Tracy 5:30 Jack Armstrong 5:3 Little Orphan Annie e.-DO Sonrfellows 0:30 News 7:00 One .Man's Family 7:30 Tommv Dorscy "Orchestra 8:00 Tcm-n Hall Tonigix 0:00 Kay Ky-cr's Koltcgc IO.-OO Amos \T Ancly 10:15 News 10:30 Inter-City Golden Gloves Bouts H:oO Lights Out Waterloo Woman Dies as Car Misses Curve WATERLOO. W)--Miss Mabel | Pierre. 25. Waterloo, died Wed- n«dny in St. Francis hospital of j inuiries suffered at 1:30 a. m, 1 when an automobile in which she ! was riding overshot a curve on j highway 20 at tile northwest city '· Itnnts. Francis Lohv. Waterloo, | drner. who escaped witli minor injuries, told police he had been blinded by lights of anothc'- car Joseph Beck that Poland had nothing to fear from Germany. A French-British proposal for a paper agreement with Poland to bar further German expansion in Europe, meanwhile, was reported on the verge of failure because of a Polish belief that such a step might provoke Germany to action. However, the proposal is to be reviewed by Beck during his forthcoming visit to London. Man, Trying to Flee Fire, Is Wedged in Window; Succumbs DARBY, Pa., (/P)--Wedged in a window through which lie tried to escape, a 50 year old man burned to death Tuesday night as fire roared for hours through the Delaware county mission, turning a prayer service into a panic. Several others were trampled as 270 inmates sought to flee from the mission chapel which filled rapidly with smoke when flames broke out in a boiler room. Some old and feeble fainted. A few, unable to push through the mass, ran to the second floor and leaped to safety through windows. WOMAN PADDLES ON MISSISSIPPI Word Received About Miss Hope Brewster, Missing Since Monday MEMPHIS, Tenn., (R) -- Police Inspector Clegg Richards said he received word Wednesday from the sheriff at Helena, Ark., that Miss Hope Brewster, missing since Monday and believed to be paddling down the Mississippi in a $2 skiff, had been found safe. At Helena, the clerk at the Gregg hotel said Miss Brewster registered there Tuesday. The beautiful brunet, a 24 year old violin teacher, ate breakfast shortly alter reaching Helena. Persons who talked with her said that except for "getting wet," she suffered no hardships on her 90-mile, open boat trip from Memphis Monday afternoon and night; A Southwestern Memphis) honor graduate, Miss Brewster set off down the flood- swollen Mississippi river after buying the boat. She said she was "going to New Orleans." Her father, Field Director Donald R. Brewster of the Herty Foundation laboratory, expressed belief at Savannah, Ga., a nervous strain as a result of studies and rehearsals was a factor- in her disappearance. "Dream Bandit" Given 10 Year Prison Term DES MOINES, «P) -- -Willard Dahl, "19, dubbed, by police as the "dream'bandit," was sentenced to an indeterminate term of not more than 10 years in the state reformatory when he pleaded guilty to a robbery charge. He was accused of robbing Kathleen Vaughn of Sll several weeks ago under circumstances she described as "like a dream." She told police she was summoned from bed to the door of her apartment by a youth who said he had a message from her boy friend. Instead of getting " message, she was robbed. 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