The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 10, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1818
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m - - , . .. . - : .. ... , ... . Fir Sale, Freight or Charier, The ship THOMAS NELSON, just 'rrived fiom New - Orlswis she is a rffbu lt, strong vessel, well found, burthen r.itaW tons, can Desenno sea ui a inning w she now lies at Brooklyn, where she !. bt examined. For terms, apply to ' - B. W ROGERS & CI CO. 235 Pearl - street. H'anUd to Charter, A vul All If. of shout 300 ton, to iuxsa - g - - - - ' itnr en i. I'll f iPiii) "j'8 66 Snuth - tret. For Freight if Chuiter, The ship FOSTER, .Voran, matter ; h 'iM tons burthen s is iu complete order, SoiiiU proceed to a southern, port itnsnedi - tttly, reqw'u J - For terms, apply to the raav V?oa ' W.iSS.'CRAIO. it iited to UiAtilFJt, A icod schooner of 6 e.70 tons biir - t'iithen, for a voyage to Bermuda ; mime - 'aiiuMtoh will be given. Apply to TUCKI01& LAURIE?, jj 29 South - street. nof r EE, l OdAsXO, INE, Air. B lihds. ( sod I bhl. Very Green ( !offee j; hhds tup - ,ijt old Kentucky Tobacco II da old. Richmond d 15doew do do 6 r. casks L. P. Madeira Wine I bhd. Madeira ol uncommon high flavor, has . been 3 years in Jamaica 1 qr. cask extra Sherry Wine, 6 years old fj bbls. Frederitksoerg Flour. Freight Jur nv aejanevu u uambuco. Vessels hound to either of the above Tt'ii. liay have a lew goods on freight, from ROBT. GILLESPIE, U2 Front - it. tor HAVANA. iLK The new coppered brig WARRIOR, V"tli4 tous burthen, (built by Mr. N. JSworfthis city,) B. Rk hards, Baiter. She vnlailm the I Oth of July neat, weather per - mittini. For h - eight or passage apply to JAMES 1). WOW, junior, J W ' 54 South - st. tt'jtXFt.U W ClURTLK, A British vessel of 2;i0 to 300 tons, t.i load at a southern port for the West lo uts. Apply to MACKIE, MILNE & CO. ;e21 61 Finest WAA'PKU TO CHARTER. A good SHIP or BRIG of about 250 Ltons. A coppered vessel and one that wis fast, would be preferred. O. G.&S. HOWLAND, J 67 Wasliington - stjcet. For ll'tlmtngton, .Y. C. The ship PACKE I', capt. White, to .sail in a few days, will take freight on 1st lowest terms, and accommodate pajscujers. Apply on board, at Murray's whvf, or to GR1SWOLDS 8i CO VTKS, Jl 63 South atreet. Fur LU.lHLk.SJM, . . .... i The sUmncb scnooeer AtiAitLLi., ll,T. Harwick, snaster, will meet wiUi isuuoiiate d patch, having half her h eigh, to - gie4 - For 1ms remainder or pasiase, apply )n board, at MrTv' wharf, east lide Conee - HoaM jH,orto SAUL ALLEY, Jana t " 98 Pio - t. Fir HAVRZ, The ship HKLI.K, ilenry Leslie, i master, tosil in Udavs. For a fc tons of heavy fieiifht or passtngers, ha ing ex cellent iiccommodatioiu, apply to JOXES tt MEGRVni, je C9 " 9t South - street. A good bnj or K'lioouer, Irom loU lo ii 180 tous berthru, to Und for Europe, to hK.a immediate dispatch will be given. Ap - piy to R. CRUMP, Jr?9 90 l iiie - st. Fir LJi ERFOOL, The very superior copperetl British sliinlLMRNOCK. 'V. W. Robi - . - , - sua, master t her cargo being nearly engaged. For the remainder of freight, or passage, having c'.ejant accommodations, apply board, eat side Fly - iMrket - wharf, or to S. DALGI.RISH & CO. 103 PearUtreet. Wlm oiTcra for sale, ct. said vessel, from Edinburgh Ale, of superior quality, in bot tles and casks. Wine Bottles, &ic. per gross. je 26 WHI 'E LEAD, &c. LANDING at Pine street wharf, from ship Columbia, Henri Curtis, master, Irom Rns - ti Loglnnd, and for sale by the subscriber, on wantageous terms, H taken Irom the ship 9) casks best dry white bad, from 5 to Ccwt. each SO krgs genuine ground white lead, in SSIb kees 30 casks red lead, in casks, from 1 to 3cwt. each !4 casks Spanish brown, from 3 to 4ct. each It tierces alluo), Irom 7 to lOcwteat k It casks Roman Vitriol, from 4 to Ucwt. each casks V enetiao retl, Inun X to 3c wt. each 4 hhls. blue black,2cwteach 30 hhls ivory black, from to 3cwt each i tasks Colcothar vitriol, from t to icwt earn 4 casks purple brown, from 2 to 4cwt each 10 hhds. S tierce and 8 bbls Rotten - Stone Freuch - Greeue, Rose - pink, Dutch - pink Blue and Green Verdeter, Bath Scouring oriiK's. Apply lo A. iHUKiiii, Jt9 lift 1S4 Bowery I LAs, WLNES ud GROCERIES. 0. 7rARK fl.ATK LADIES ACCTIOM ROOM. IilEsubscribrrbas constantly on hand a general assortment of the following articles, kit h will he disposed of at a moderate advance. I eas ol first quality Sngnrt do do . ttenoine old Cognac Branny Hollands Gin Jamaica and other Spirit '"V Wines of the various kind Pine Appe Shrub Lemon, Lime and Oraors; Joke Sallad Oil in hetties and bottle Brown Stout Bottled Ale and Cider Double Gloucester Holland and American Cheese Lordial Spices, Essences . Jperm and Tallow Candle Oil for Lamps Coffee, Rice, Barley and Mustard A few boxes Sicily Lemons, in fine order Aiiias, Almonds, Prunes, Figs . Basket Salt, fcc. rUehy JAMES P. ANDOF., "ated to purchase, a quantity of second hand "t mner nottles. I P'jT1 SAW , A small invoice oi sjst dteel 'tt Saws, jnsf received and for sale by ... A.MJLKbOoi At cHr.AKe.rv, 131 Water - strert Trip 1'RAPS. "E newly invented ,ateot at 130 Water - street. BoxTrar. for J 13 bt, JAMKS H. AMDOE - N. t ' .1.. g f. , ulTrrtB mo rra, , LEMONS, m fine order, us Wj to nit puTchaf r. 1 1 rrp frf u : i i; . i . Arabella, at Mutray's whnrf, for sale by Je1 7 . .41 Soath - etreef. J A TTIMI'T W AIU'S, made of Sea Island O (Jutt'in and sized in the chain, fur sale by WM.CAMPUELL, JeS 197 Pearl - street. Ur.MOt - t.iJ. TAMES P. AM DOE bas taken.the store No. 7 Park, recently occupied as a Ladies' Auction Roooi, where be intends estahlibing himself as a first - rate GKOCEft, and intends celling for cah only, and at such prices as will make it the interest of the cath pnrchasers to call as above, where lie bas fur sale a general assortment of Tea;, late importation Pure old cojiac brandy, of superior quality Jamaica spirits, Holland gin, American do Madbira, L. P. TeueriTe, Old sherry, Port Si other wines - London and American porter, Bo tied rider ' Sperm, oil am! candles Fine old Holland and Atncrirao chewe Well flavored raisin?, Fig?, Prunes, Almonds Spices, Bed Spanish ciarr, Draught porter .Vweet oil, &c Constant attendance will be 5'iven, and all favors duly appreciated. June 11 tf SWKK F UL. 20 h.ts Floreutw Oil, 30 bU - tic each, for salt; ly Cil AS. L. OGDE.V, & ' AUR. OODhiX, Jc 10 A3 Washington - street. Qr. casks Madeira, and 6 hhds white port wine, for rale lv ' ROBERT GILLF.SPIE, June 10 M2Front - t. I.KAlO.No. JUST received, 4 J boies Ireih Sicily Lemons, in lots to suit purchasers, lir " Je i!4 J. P. ANDOF - No. 7 Park. rtMX - PLATKS, J'ti.iCi. - LH.1le!i, 4c - JL 200 hoses tin plates H casks Traces Urais Wire No. 9 . 6U i:fk Hnimtn Cement, now landing, and for sale by AXDERSON & SHEAREK, 131 WaU r - strect. Who hare in store. Patent and ccohuou Carolina and' Virginia Hoes Sheet Bravs of all site Brans and copper Wire Loudon made pocket Books and Wallets Laiiies work Boxes "c. my 25 HARDWARE, CUTLERY K.c.t tasks Scotch spring Locks H casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards 1 d'j cdtst handles, oic. I do K'rew plates, scale beam, ic. 1 do brass cocks, &c. 1 do Mi metal kettles and skilletl t 1o tin'd pots and sauce pans li do fine padlocks . 4 do Banbury locks, hingee, &c. 2 tin hammers, pincers, locks, be. 2 do UL hinges, kc. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 d black & bright vices, 1 do files 4 do Kcktt, pen ami double blade knives 4 tlo sham buck and bone table knives 3 tlo buttons 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to 20d. Also, a large and general assortment of goods pa usi the shelves, scr sale sit the must reduced price,hy ADAMS BLACK WELL, may 7 715 rearLsL JJO.ilKs i'lC GOOL3 r.M. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, effurs V V for ssle on leasonaole terms, at his store 197 Pearl street, a fresh supply of the following 1HK1S, VII. 6K) p. while milliners, handsomely blearh'd I) do black tlx land finish'd 20 cases bleat h'd and unbleach'd sheetings slnrtins ; togt:ilier with an assortment of lion knitting and sewing cotton. Je 16 rVM.LIall HAAW, BACO.S, c. just im tSJ prted by tlte subscriber, Double Gloocetter, D ili tiiu and Pine Apple Cheese, o( a very suiri - or qti tliiy; Yorkshire and Wiilshire Hams; sides nti nilches ol H 'Con, or a superior quality; kg h Lard, in bladders, and small firkins; Glass tnd Hri - tol Stone Ware ; large Bottles ; Pipes ami uemiiorin. alw. A gt - neral assortment of Groceries, Fish Sau ces, &c. for sale cheap, for rash, by .i . n I . hi , 1 w?n n x 167 GrMnwich - street. Best Havana Segars, in qr. boxes Jelrtlm I'll KMX B AiK. DIVIDEND of thrte nr.ct .it forsix months. .V. eniiing the 30tii insl.uit, has I teen this dnv leclaredpavahle to Uie stockholder on the lint ofJuivnext. By order of the board of directors. . Jo17 Ini D. I. flKKF.NE, Cethier. UO s Aa I EEL 200 humllrs nuott Ro - ts 2R0 do Rol Iron JO do Ccach - 'prini; fcteel til tlo Gerinin Slel. 200 do finops, iust received and for sale bv A.NDERSOV 4, Sll EARER, Je5:JSw at 111 Walr jiret - t, JEWELI.EKV. WA fCHF. ir. CASE ol sundry lrdery, Lne Cutlery, . JL filvor liuntiiiKAnn t lain W:ttchts, Dnsiiit'aset and Ladies W oric Boxes. 2 cases Ladies Corsets assorts!. For sale by J L .1EERT. Je "4 .1 ijiurtl iiirt siit - ei. ENGLISH, GLAS6 - WAKE it WROUliilT . AII.S. OHN WHEELEY, offen for sale at IJi Wa - ter - itreet J I M - atiters nlain and cut ) Tumblers An tin BEST QUALITY. Wines do do N and a gtnrrsl assortment of Apothecarys ware. WROUGHT NAILS. Je 7 Sv ."I ILLI.VETT. - i, ec. A general aaoiliueitt ;m I i .I.:..: i ...... tl ... 4. K. ui njiitiiicitv, siii - tiu, it - "iio - , knitting and sewing rnlioti, for sale low, by wai. CA.ilrULLl., ivianuiacturer, Je16 197 Pearl street. NG. G. it 3. HOWLAND, O. 67 Washington street, offer for sale, 55 bales Calcult.i Piece Goods, consisting ol Caftjs, Gurrahs, Mamoodies, Sannahs, Cossahs Custahs, Checks, Aic. 20 reroons sweet and bitter Almonds, liell'd 3000 Urge Mogadons Goat Skins lisu firtis. uniuntl camwoutl, warranrea 50 hhd. ijuercitroo Bark, first quality 25 chest I Issoe, and 150 do Hysoo skin Tea . 32 bngs India Sugar, doub. boil'd 48 do de Brown Sugar 250 large Ind. Floor Mntis 500 smaller do 30 sacks Filberts, 10 do Madura Nuis 350 Oval Demijohns 8 kegs Muscatel and Paforet Wines, 14 years 12 boxes Claret i 2 cases German Toy 3 cases elegant French Clocks, assorted Writing, Printing aod Wrapping Paper. Je 23 231 70BACCO. Kegs landing from ship Vigilant and schr. Logan, from Richmond, via : 105 kegs branded Too. M. Deane C Co. B's. '.No. 1. 49 do 5 do 54 do IS do . For sale by Jaly 9 - t do Geo. Fletcher, Cs. No. 1. do do 1 2 pnend rolls do D. R, Rose, 8?. No I & No 2 do Morris, 1 - 2 lb. twit COR'S. DUB0I3. r me noe j Flat Pniiilsf Flemish fc Shehtliinc, J CARDS, PARCHMEMT. BOOKS CARDS for printers, visiting, Ac gilt and plain edges, of all size - Cards for playing, coloured and plain back Parchment Skins for printers Plans of the city of London, folded op canvass Do of the countrv 24 miles round London Pictures of London, with plate Do of Edinburgh, do ' Watsons, instructions for the deaf and Dumb, with a volume of plates Pursh's Flora of North America Ainsworlh's Latin Dictionaries Barlow's Mathematical do 'Fuckey' Expedition to the Congo in South Africa Drake's Shakspeare and his times Memoirs of Dr. Watson, Bishop of Landafl Godwin's lives of the Phil'ips Encyclopaedia Britannica '.Jolmson's Dictionary, quarto Kelly's Universal Cambist ' . Locke's Works, folio : Kirkpatrick's Kingdom of Nepaul " Edward' Botannic Garden Beaumont,' Fletcher, Ben Johnson and Shakspeare' Works Gibbon, Rollin, Robertson and Bolinzbroke' Works Hogarth' Works by Cook, Imperial Folio Do do Quartc Carey' Atlas, folio Arrowtinith' do quarto With manv rare and valuable Eaelish works. illustrated with portraits and elegantly hound, lorsaleby J.LAMBEBT, . it 10 mo. 3 ijourllaiidl - lreet. HURD K. SEWALL, 65 Souiti - street, offer forsaie B0 ton old Sable Russia Iron, P. S. I. A few cases fine London and Yorkshire Cloths 2 rase Cotton Hose assorted 2 do 4 - 4 Irish Linens, very stout fabric t trunks 6 4 Cambrics 5 bales Russia Sheeting 4 case Trinkets, Jewellery, &c. adapted to the N. Welt trade, 4.x. entitled to deb'r 3 do London made Toys, Work Boxes, iic. 3 do China Sewing Silks I do 4 - 4 black Fringed Hdkff. 5 do Double Florences t do Levantines, entitled to debenture . 10 bales Heavy Beerboom Gurrahs 8 do Gilla Hdkls, red, blue and white 12 rase men' and boy's Plated Hat 4 do do JapanneJ Leather do 6 do do superior Ixndon Beaver do 1000 Musket with Bayonets I. SO casks Cut iVtils. 4d to 20d 10U0 botes Window Glass, of the Bristol factory, C by U and 10 by 14 4 casks Brass Cabinet Furniture, 4ic. Je 27 in . i i LDiu A pleasant back room, at no. i6 Wall - street, uitatle for a lawyer's office. Possession immediately. Apply in the front office. Je 4 LOTS TO LEASE AT THE. NORTH RIVER. tjJllUAlE Itetweeo Barclay and Murray - streets, Chamber and Recd - streels, Jay and Harrison - streets, and North Moore ami Beach - streets, at a price veiy considerably lets than interest on their value, and at the cxpiratiou of the term the buildings to be fairly valued and paid for, or a new lease granted. Also, to let bv the year at a low rate, several lots or yards on tbe water, well calculated for lumber, plaster of paris, He. Apply to PH. HUiabLtAaUkil, 31 Park, near toe Theatre. , 1 Several of the above lots will be sold at a mo derate price and oo a liberal credit. A small portion of the taoney only will be required. June It tl JUfcT received per brig Hesper, from Havre, 4 caes black, u hite and assorted supe rior French crapes. No. 30 1 cae superior patent French razor 1 do. silvered hooks and eyes, in small boxes 1 do. silk coat buttons 2 do. phosphorus boxes Also, a general assortment of French s'.lks, remaining from forme? importations, and 3 cases mens ana women white ana coloured cotton hose, all fine 2 bales assorted flannels for sale on accom modating term, by lit.N J. Vs HAUUOCIv, Je 30 2vv 21 Pearl - street. LlOT 1 O.N." IUO bales Cotivii uow landing, from brigs Eliza, and Georgtu, from Savan nah. AUo, in H tore. 400 haUsUp'and Cotton, in lots to suit pur cbasurs. for sale by HE.N R V THOMAS, Je 24 2w No. 2 Jones lane. I 'S. I'll DE LUZE, 71 Wathingtou street, Li oflV rit for sale. flill l.lwU case,, l'larel W,De Id t asi - s Burgundy I ,v 10 do Musc:.iJ.i inc Received per brig Leo, from Marseille and en titled to debenturo. ALSO, 15 cases Glass Tumbler S5 do Oliyc 25 do Capers. . ' AND. - evcral invoices of French Silk Good and li nen c.imbnt ks, ret eive l Trt - m Havre, Je 17 Ini JU tit, l.h.izKU, o favorable term, lor a Ion; term of years. 4 lots of ground on Broadwav, 200 foet teep, eiten - ling to C'wby - street, between Hes ter aud Grand - s'raets. 2 lotsiu rt'.tter - street, nrrtr Catherine - market. I lot in Water - street, between Fulton auJ Buruit' flips. Also, ,'tv - eral other lots in the 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th wards. - For particulars, enouire at .No. 30, Chatouin street. may 8 10IIN HEFFERN AN, 34 South - street, odtrs f lor sale 51 ceiOonsCaraccas Flora Indigo 27.1 h.iles London market Goat ?kins 5 do. small do. 1 1 skins dates 21 bbls sweet fresh shelled almond 32 reroon, bitter do do. 76 do. cuu. rain seed, 1 do fennel do. 1 do. tarraway do. iuuniii 1m PLAaTEU OF PARIS MAN I : FACTOR l, .t tho foot of ll.irrison - ttreet, Nurth - Biver. , ' H ERE ni.ihulActored Plaster, lor orni - ranted of the first quality, at one if oUar and trtn - tji Jire eenti per tnuhrl. 1'k.A ... .. .. i .Ia. w i. i.nti.trittl litf Tr Inlin s iw umiH'.ivi J - v. "j - .. . ...m Tucker, who hs served a regular apprentice - iiiipioinsmsiiti nutmeg. mh 21 JUll.t 611.113. KICHMOND FLOUR AND IRISH BUT - I ER. 225 bbls. supf. Richmond Flour , 90 kegs Irish Butter, said to be of excellent quality, (.ti ding, and for sale by Je 19 BOORMAN & JOHNSTON. - S.OR.S M EA L. 200 hhds vello Kilo dritd J Com Meal, of a superior quality 100 bhl do do landing from the mill boats, and for sale by TUCKER h L AURIE3, J 2 . 29 Snath - stnet. iTINGLIoil MUSI AUD 51 boxes first uual - d ity English Mustard, in 1 - 4 lb. white bottle, i.t receivtd from Hull, lor anle by DIV1E BETH U.N E & CO. Je30 92 CofTce - House slip. yUGARSte MOLASSES. - IO hhds and 55 O bbls Muscovado Sugar, aad 15 hhds reUihng Molasses landing in front of the subsr riLers tore this day, for sale by . Q. G. it S. HOWL AND, J f tl Wasbiogtoo - ttreet. fllHORN tl PENDLETON bav. .elected J. with great care, for 0i supplying of families and ship stores, the foiletving wines, liquors, teas, c. wuien luey oner at wholesale and retail, at No. 66 5torie - treet ' Madeira in glass and wood . ' Red port, "rorix and royal rompy" ' do ' a few dosen'of super, quality Dry Lisbon, 1 1 yean old Very old sherry, do Tenerifie Old brandy, rfitu and gin, not reduced Hibbert's brown stout, eqoal to any in the city Red and white wine vinegar Bordeaux ssjlad oil. ' Hyson, bysoo ikin young hyson, souchong i pouchong teas - Loaf, lump and Muscovado so;ar Fish sauces, .eers in or. boxes With a general asJoMment of groceries, which they will warrant lo be or the first quality, Jane 24 3w ' Ct HEMIC A La, COLORS, 4: Epsom Salts, in cask of icwU , Lump Magnesia, in case Do - do sintdl square Calcined do in phials Rochelle Salts, Acid Tartar Citric Acid, Blui Verdi ter in firkin Patent ye low, King Yellow Regulu of Antimony GUAS, BUTTONS, &c. Fowling Pieces, assorted, well finished Do do in wainKoat case, finely finished witn apparatus complete Duelling Pistols, incases Gold Epaulette Naval and Military Sword Belts Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons Copperplate for engravers Matne.aiatical Instrument Rolling Parnlel Ruler Mariners compassw - s, telescopes Opcr. - glasses, microscopes 3 setts splendid chi ssmel carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cues. For sale by y J. LAMJtEUT, je 18 3 tuurtlamlt - street VHITE LEAD, A;c. Ate. J " keg London White Lead in oil 30 barrel do Dry White Lea. 8 tun Red Lead r,0 barrel Brtstol Red Ochre . 20 tlo Venetian Retl ; i tons (inc Litharge 80 hosgheads Whiifg ; 60 casks Paris White: 2 hhds. Verdigri 50 tierresrrench Yi - ilow Ochre 5 kegs Veliniilit n 4 cask Prussian Blue, 4001b. Croiue. Ytdiow; I'utcnl Yellow Spumsli Brown, Venetian Red, Yellow, IN OIL. Black, I Vertliris, J Lauipi'lark ; Ivory Blnrk s Purrde Brown Spirits Turpentine ; l.intseed Oil 400 hosts VVindnw GUss, a - sortcd Forsiile on (he lowest terms, for cash or at ilrtrf credit, by n P" I ' I ) i!tII,D Vrilllfiil U finiin.iic.iiiiuu t cv'isa, mv 1 243 Water - street. ANUI - AC Ll'iEl lOiiAl - CO, Kc. Lit kegs Cavendish Tobacco 50 do small Twist do. just received and for sale low, by ' W ti S. CRAIG. 25ft bbls. Richmond Country Hour 529 do d CilJ do 7v le?)f. - B ROW.N 1 dTa SUGARS. A few as:s let quality, for by . - v Va. A C. Ut MY I. A it IS,. 67. y5asJiington - trecf. Jii ZTug y L uaiv ou iinus iius. - vuiio Migar, oi goot: qufciity, in siore, ami tor sale ov C.OODHUKfcCO. GiOODflUK Ai r ftr for sale CO. iNo. 44 South - slreeet, ol 1250 pieces Blue Ntnkeens I entitled tmde lUtO docompaoj Yellow i ben tore 60 bales Calcutta Piece Goods consi ling ol Aiianan liuitas, ivyranatiand rort i bad, Cbowdagury, Cossas, Emeflys, burrahs, Alinbau, r ors iliad ai.d Joi ringpore, Mamoody, Fine Mow and Tanda Senna. Superfine Chandelly, Co pa and Mowdaha Saun, Suiieifiim Seer suckers, Lolchee and Madras Pattern Hdkfs. 2 cases Flag Hdkfs. 1 do real Madra do 20 bolts Russia Duck, X U rnarlc 550 do do 1st and 2d quality 65 b'ixes nrowo Haiima Sugar 8 hhds Martinique Molaste 5 do Salrui Rum 10 pipes Catalonia Wine 12 casks Mediterranean Red rio (uar'er casks Madeira Wine 300 bans G inner 31)0 oz. Otto tiosei in bottles, entitled tode - 5 ra - ks Senna Denture 4 noxts uum i ragaenmn 12 cases Italian letter paper 16000 Madras Goat Skins 60 bas Mustard Seed 12 lil.ds SumbC 14 tons Virginia Hemp 160 gut. Cork 7 cases mens Beaver Hat 3000 lh. Copper Bolts Block Tin, and Spelter J6 l"lLA'I E GLASS. 111 casus Swedish picture 1 glass, assorted from 20 by 17 a 16 by 22, for salt: by HURU K SEsVALE, J 1 65 South - street ADAMS 4: BLACKWELL, 215 Pearl - st. have received by the Martha, and offer for sale on the most reasooable terms 10 casks trace chains 4 do bras nail 4 do Britannia teapots 1 do patent coffee - mills 2 do umbrella furniture 2 do parasol do 1 do pi tied saddlery 1 do do metal 1 do bread baskets and snuffer trays And a larje and general assortment of bard ware and cutlery, off the shelves. Also Guns, swords, pistols, feathers, and a hvidso'ne asfortmeut of plated castors, candle slicks, liquor frames, bread and cake baskets, lea anil coffee urns, snuffers and trays, Sic. Jy6 1 I E ROY. BAYARD Si CO. offer for sale - H Lungee. Dorca and Sistersoy Roma Us Persians, Puttah Putty Hdkfs. Jtlalpore, Joanpore ud Janan sswsi Couifi'y k IfeeitxMMU Gurrahs, Fine Baflas CbaunKreand Chitpore Cossas Alitiad Mamootiies India Mull Mills, Florences . - ilk. Stocking aod Glove Fig'd Taffeta and Plain Satin Ribbon Emeu Cambric Merino Shawls, Thread Lace . Superfine French anil English Cloth Linen Bandage for wound English Flat K Bolt Iron, Bleaching Smalts Goat ckiiu, Russia Bristle Roman Violin Strings, Pig Lead slieiilliing Colter. 16 to 28 o. L. P. Madeira and Rhenish Wine Fruit in brandy and Co'disls Beater and Felt Hats, with drawback B. ots and Shoes do Musk. Is of al! grades, Cartooch Boie Peruviao Bark, Mill Stone Je 26 LD SHERRY .WINE, COFFEE KEG TOBACVO. 17 qr. casus Old snerry t.l hna fil imatilv f .'rlfre 25 kees Btaoal'aclured Tobacco, 8 band to the lh f :.nrf said to be very fine.) iut received aad tor tale by G. G. & S. HOWLA.N D, j 1 67 Wasbington - street. 1 EMONS. 220 lioxes IOK - rs of excellent JLi quality, and in prioie order, lor sale by G. C. S. HOWLAND, 67 Wasliiiigton - sireet. AlSO. 200 hues Filheila. nnri feur ui ba Walnuts. j 3 FOR SACK. ALt)T. of ground on Broadway, between Walker street and Canal - street. ti& feel 10 inches wide and 175 feet long. Inquirf of P. A JAY. Jy 1 tf ' No. 37 Pine - stiett. Ka I '1 UCk TOBACCO. 1 1 hhds. lauding from schr American Hero, irom Kcw.Or leans, and forsaie by WALSH k GALLAGHER, Jl 66 South - street. 'sIXJER. 150 bags Rate dinner, forsaie J by P. R EMS F.N I CO. J 6 29 fioiitli - stteet. t OTTO.N - 334 bales .New - Orleans Collou, J in lots to suit purchasers, for side by Jy N. Jr D.TAJ.COTT. KENTUCKY TOBACCO. 25 lind. Ktn tuckv Tobacco, lan lins irom siiiD Lslunrtt n from New Orleans, forsaie bv J3 lilVIK, BE'I HUNE&j CO. s HEF.'T IRO.V'. A few tons, now landing and for sale bv , . ANDERSON te SHEARER, J 6 2w . 131 Water - street. JiOFi'E 30,000 lbs. haiitlmr . - I. Domingo su Colle, entitled to debenture, tor sale ny JACKSON lc WOOLLEY, Joly7 75 Wal.t. U: r.lU iiUf..l.r.ll. S celehruttaj r.t.u.e oi DANiC and the SDOVNER OF GOLD. will be exhibited at No. 8 Lispenhrd street, until racitd lor. Admittance cents. Jblw NEW l.sVV BOOK o'iORI.. I UST rettived I'utl for sale, the foMowinj; new O works, comer ofiNussau and Spruce - ttrceU, oppofiie uuy nail, The 4'h vol. Laws New - York )eaussure's Kep'ls in the Court of Chancery ol (he State of South Carolina, 3 vols 7iii, nth and 9th vol. Craotbe's Kt ports. . 1st and 2d Wbeaioa . i do Manle Hnd Selwyii'i do 4 vols 5lh nnd 6th Taunton's do 3d vol. Chitty' Pleadesg Baylies' Digested Imli'X. By DAVID BAJ5KS. J 6 2w .hW .VLH1U. JUST publUhed and for rale at WILLIAM DU B01S' iiiauo ti rte and music store, No. 12(1 Btoadsvay, 1 htnc am I my faithful fair; the soldier's bride ; sod from childhood's dawn to noon of youth as ting by Mr. Thilipps. Ah can I e'er forget the love 1 he celebrated echo song ' The inspiration, sat red melody Tho Saxou air, with t'n ,tons, by Cramer Haydn's celebrated roi rouet, My mother bids Die bind my hair, as a i ondn I wenty lour souatas, for young performers, by N. B. Cballonir The Saxe Cobourg r.altc, with variations The Sophia Walts . . The storm rondo, bv Steilsslt , J 12 PA Tt.A T PIA AO - FOli J Li., .e. fTIHE subscriber Intending lo part for Lon JL don about the cad of the present mouth, offurs for sals a few elegant patent piano fortes, just bast hl ana warranted ol astsftmorvi'tuiy II would be happy to attend tsV the orders of . Iw fxiejuls far; lionuvs) piano fortej. I Is long i ipenertce in the manufacture of piano's In this city he trusts Will give every coulidanc in hi ability to select such as are of the first quality, Orders for church er chamber organs, will bt strictly attended to, nog manufactured under his inspection by the most esteemed makers in Loo - don. Commission business of any kind, within his ability to perform, will be faithfully attended to. Ty Those persons who are indebted to rum will please settle the same as soon as convenient, sud those to whom he is indebted will present their accounts without delay. WILLIAM KF.ARSI.NG, Jy H 2w 279 Bowery. HthJOGIiAPm. rilHlS day received by T. Ai J. SWORDS, X 160 Pearl - street, price 50 ccuts, Ewing - ton's Arcana of .Short Hand, arraured in regular les.ous. Likewise, price 25 rents, bwiuglon's Mathematical System of Short Hand, designed for ' udeuts of diviuity, law, and physic. Jv7 ' I W O or three single gentlemen ran be hand - L souiely acoiumudated with hoard at No. 39 Broadway. Je 26 Im COTTON. 33 bales prime Uplund, landing VJ Iroui bng Harmony, Kr sale by GRISVVOLDSk COATED bf South - street. In Store, 75 bales upland Cotton, lor sale in lot to suit purchasers. Apply ns aoove. - i t U;. Ten cases well assorted fowling VJT pieces siegle aod double barrrlJ, rcct.iv ed by the Aartua, ami for sale by SQUIRE ii SILLIMAN, 120 Pearl - street, HauoTcr - square. July 7 61 A MORSE W AN TED. A GOOD active Horse, about sisj years old. He is wanted chiefly as a gig borse, in which harness he must be peifeclly gentle. A Bay would he prefered. Apply at No. 24 Greenwich - street. J 0 FOR good servants, chamber - maids, cooks, coachmen, gardeners, farmers, ostlers ami labourers, apply at the NEW. YORK INTEL LIGENCE OFFICE, No. 67 Chamber - street Be particular. Gentlemen intending to travel, can be suppli ed with coachmen and waiters at the rborUsl no - tit e. Clerks, apprentices and porters may be l ad at this office at oue hours notice. Gentlemen in the couutry who are in want of rrmr. rardenert and labourers can Ite immedi ately supplied with any number of persons of that description. . Servants, of every description, that can bring gooJ recommendations, may fiud places by ap - plving as above. .... . 'Wet ami dry nurses may also be had at a short notice. J"1'7 ' PUCK ICT - ROO H LUS,T BY the subscriber this morning, while standing at or near Paxtou's suction store, an uld red morocco pocket - book, tied by Iece of while Upe and the owner nam written luside. daid book contained in bank bills from 100 to 150 dollars, sundry notes of hand, due bills and check", the names aud amount of which t auoot be immediately recollect etlj; one share M the New - Jersey turnpike slock, besitle various paper of consequence to the looser, but useless to anvAther. Whoever will return the pocket - book an Us content, with or without the mosey, shall re ceive a liberal reward oo application lo ROBERT GRAHAM, 81 Pearl street. IiVTICF.. Kjp Those persons who have placed for col. leclioo in Ute hands of Mr. Grsbasn, any notes, due - bills or arccaut. will please notify hint im mediately. Jy7lw OiT Tl. new ERKY BOA 1 S (roiu the mof '' of r alnot street, New York, to the toot tf Lit - ' , tie street, Brook lyi,, Mnt the Navy Yard, will - cooiuiuiice running on Sunday, the 17HiJis.. - Persiin crcssirig lo LrooMn froui U.e tipper part of Ike tit), yili (' the di - .ai:ce mucli sliorlt iierl by uti, a itiis It f my 14 NOIRE 0O 1 Rising bun Sail Boats, Nonparielt an. I Industry, lioin Die Elizabeth town Pointor IW - e.'i era, suil frt - m Marketheld street, (where the Steam - boat Atalaitta formerly isn't to,) at 10 o'clock, oi each day. Passage 12 1 - 2 cents. Enquire at the Stthui boat llottll, ni VARDERPOOLAi PHlLLfP3. my 21 tf (1 JOHN PROCTOR, Jriv JOn Libertv - t. oilers libers) anticipations on propeity cmi ijn - ' ed tu Ju friends in the Altditerranean. tor further particulars, uppiy as above, or to . . ABRAHAM Br. LI, Je 6 tf corner of Cliff t Pulton - sts, I.ANDr;. OO" STEPHEN B. MUNN, No. J2B'iart - tiet t, Ntw - Vork, purchases Lands in tl.e Illinois 'ltrritory, which has belli set vparl lol the lute Arn.j. letters from tin tt.ut.trj :iii g Uescnplit n of the patent ar.d the price asked lor cat I. lot, will u attendtd to, if Post paid. - ' iuy 15 (f iNOTiCK. afjy - This is to forbid all iwrsons trusting the crew of the TortuEuest. brie hoi.lns. I,is dui. Itei. Rsno dthts 1 1 liifeir riiiUai tuig still be paid by the capt uin or consiuee. Je K4 LiT The Coiiiuiissiooei ol the Canul lulid till in pursuant e ol ilm act, entitled "an act respecting imvigalde Ct'iuiiiunication betwteo l!ie great W estern aud .Northern Lakes, and Uie Atlantic Ocean' receive sealed proiuals until 3o'ctiit.k, P.M. on Wednesday tut 16th day of July next, for a Ivan to the state ot two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, to be paid to tl Commissioners in two squal instalments, the first, on the first day of Auguet next, and Uie other ci, the first day ol Ottot er next. . 1 he proposal must lie addressed to the Comptroller. i lie rate oi interest i not lo exceed six per crnt, per Annum, iiayahle quarter yearly und the principal is tu tie. reimbursable at tlie pleas ure of the government, at any time after the first day of July, 1837. 1 he t tin er awHiinted for the rurpose in the ci ty of .New - York, will issue traiisitmlile certifi cate of stock to the Lender, and will attend to the trans ler of Stock, a the sane may be required. The interest will be paid at the Manhattan Bank, iu the cil v of New - York, to the stockhol ders resitl nig in the southern district of this state, and out oi tue state, and to ail others at lite .ew - lork Slate Bank, in the city of Albany. I he Board will meet al the Secretary 'sUClce on Uie said I5tii day ot July next, at 8 o'clock, M. to open and determine on the proposal that shall be made. By order of the Bfaard. . JOHN TAYLER, President. Albany, June. 8, 1818. Je 1 1 tjy 15 . NO I ICE. ffcj - All person havirig claims againttthe ( tate of John Linan, det eusett, are desired to pre sent mem lor seuiejiieni to uie suincricier, ana those indebted to sant estate are requested 10 make payment, to laoa trtdiowt delay. - Je29 1m . Arming f - xecutor. ... Mil ICE. i - lt - IF Richard Perry bavatlse, son of Thorn - as and Klisaheth bavadge, formerly ot the city of Philadelphia, is living, or if dead. Lis iegal representative Will, by applying to Mr. .w m. ftyatg, at St. Jutiii's Vqaare, Clerkcnweh London, hear of something lo Ins or their advaa tace. , ' j IfHriald Richard Ferry Saysdgr, - who wss d painter by trade, was iu England in 'tfc7 - - - - 1792, Irom whence he returned to Philadelphia in the year 1794 ; in.the year I79H, he is soppos - - ed to have resitted ul Mr. Kobert Als swell's, im ' Middlelown, I 'elaware County. Maryland t aad - afterwards at Downing' Town, irom whence bo is supposed to have removed to New - York. .. B. If any rerson will produce a leeaf cerfi fieafeof the death of the said hit hard Savsdge. he will, on producing the same, loMr. Win. bavatlse, receive Iroiu him 5 guineas, as a reward for his trouble. ' - Any information respecting the ubov narked person will be tbunkfully received by BIIII i ii ti usn.iio, Je 18 Im 312 Pearl - street, New - York. A vine to Cty .Vectsiaisrs, he Ke., dty In pursuance i f a resolution ol ttisCom - . moa Council of the 15th instant, all persons hol ding the appointment of City U eigher, Meas - arets of Grain, vc.Guager orlntpt clor ot I. timber, are directed to report their names and places of residence, and oc cupntions (if any distinct Irom the duties of said othte.) It the inlets, oi the Common Council, nt lua cuke, No. 7 City - Hall, on or before the 15th day of July next t and every person holding either of said appoint, ments, who shall fail to moke tut h report by tli time above specified, shall fe deemed to have resigned his commission, and shall therefrom cease to exerute the duties then ol. By fbe Common Council. . J.MORTON. Je22tJyl5 . '' Bank o.imerua. Jutu 2d, I81U. ffc7 - A Divide ud of three per cent, frr sl" moot lis, ending no the 301 Ii ii.M. has been this day declared payable to the Stockholders on the 6lh of July next. By order of the Board of Direct tors. GEO. NLWBOLD, Cash'r. June 26 Im (KJ HENRY A. FAY, Attorney at Law sntii Notary Public, has removed hisotfn e to No. 13J Watt r stiett. near tlie Tontine Coffee House. . J 6 Iw i A CARD. ,. The passengers in Uie brig Telegrspk, from Charleston, return their sincere thanks tu capt. Joseph S. Munroe, for his polite atttn - . tion to them while on board of his vessel. ' J6 ; ILiNTHWAKD. Tv" roblicootice is hereby given, that the) Assessors of lbs 10th ward have completed their assessments, aad that a Copy thereof is lnA with ' Walter Howell, st No. 27 Hester - sire et, wbero the same nay be seen and examined Ly any et , the inhabitants during Ten Days, Iron the dat hereof, and that the orsessor will meet on .Woo - Jay the 20th inst. al the above place, to re.ieW , their said assessments, oo the application of aoy person conceiving himself aggrieved. ..... ....... f,.&.L - ri l A r ik WALil'iinonLlilt ( "!" 's msi . JONATHAN BROWN, 10th ward. . - July 7 iOl ' EIGH I II WARD. (Jl'BLIC Notice is hereby given, that the Assessors oi tlie 8th Ward have completed their '. Assessment, sad that a cony thereof is left with. Isaac Emmons, at the corner of Spring aud Elix - ' abeth - strrets. where tlie same snai be seen sad ' esamined by any of Use Inhabitants daring ten - dsys from ibis day, and that Uuj Assessors wiH - meet oo rndav, Jsny uie J in, at to novss oi the said i. Esnmons, to review Uieir said asses - . - laeuts, oa tie application of any pttsag coocets - ' ioghimseKsegnevec'. r - - - - y . . . ' ISAAC r.ivlllo.?',i Assessors ot 1 A - SCHUNEMANAtth Ward . New - York, July 7, 1818. 3 7 KM THIRD WARD.' PUBLIC notice is hereby gita,thet the A - sessonoftheSd Ward hasecoiopleiedfbiir , Assesstuents, and that a copy thereof is h - ft with Haroiaau Tallnan, at 64 Vesey - street, whersj ( the same ssay be seen aad the Inhabitants dartag tea days, " Inly. aad thai U.e Assessors wm swsnL. v i?ii, .t 8S Vesev - sUeet. lo recvive invit n - - ...mrots. oa I h application of asy persori , conceKing nunseii t Assessors of the 3d ward. IS ATM ANIEL C. G R FlTTfJ w - ior,uiy sji. J i 1U1 ft .' 1 f i

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