The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 19, 1943 · Page 5
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 19, 1943
Page 5
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1M, 1M-13 '. . . Better Schools Better Social Life NEWS AND VIEWS OF INTEREST TO FARMERS TREATMENT FOR GRUBS ADVISED Rotenone and Sulphur Supply is Promised ' Every effort is being made to see that farmers in Cerro Gordo county, as elsewhere in the state, have a sufficient supply of rotenone and sulphur to treat all cattle for grubs this winter, according to County Extension Director Marion E. Olscn. He points out that white there is a scarcity of these drugs the government deems the need for control of the cattle grub so important that 400,000 pounds of rotenone have been allocated for this purpose. * W * The 4-H clubs at their reorganization meeting recommended that the county extension organization conduct a demonstration fur 4-H club members who would theiv treat their own herds as well as to sponsor demonstrations in the community. # * V Iowa State college extension entomologists explain that treating cattle for grubs is of mutual advantage to the farmer, the packer and the government. Treat- el! cattle make more money, make quicker gains with less feed and less labor, provide less wasteful carcasses and furnish better hides. Mr. Olson said that southern TOP PRICES PAID FOR Farmer Is Governor Walter S. Goodland, 80, above, becomes governor of Wisconsin in a ruling by the state supreme court, following a controversy which resulted when Governor- elect Orland S. Loomis died before he could assume office, Goodland had been elected lieutenant-governor last autumn. He is pictured here on his farm near Franksville. . AND FUR WOLF BEOS. INC. 308 5th S. W. sliippcd-iu cattle should be given their first treatment for grubs no later than Feb. 1. Must of the southern cattle are grubby, he asserted. Native cattle should be given their first treatment between Feb. 1 and 15. The second treatment in both cases should follow in about 30 days, with a third treatment in another 30 days if neces- |sary. Information on how to treat grubby cattle is available at the county extension director's office in Mason City. Vitamin C, provided in fresh fruits and vegetables, helps to heal wounds quickly. HOG AND HOUSE All Kinds and Sizes Built to Your Specifications ANDERSON SUNSHINE BROODER On Display at Cur Yard GET YOUR ORDER IN EARLY WHILE THERE IS LUMBER AVAILABLE Phone 808 516 2nd N. W. Livestock AUCTION THURSDAY, JAH. 21 GARNER, IOWA SALE STARTS PROMr-TIA' AT 1 P. M. 500 -- CATTLE -- 500 This week's run of stackers anil feeders will consist mo=l!y of native steers anil heifers. A coranlctc listing is impossible at Uiis lime. The fol!oid:iff lots listed in advance represent only a part of the good selection of cattle for this Thursday's sale. 20 Bootl Hereford steers, weight C75 Ibs. 25 good Hereford steers, v.eislit 75(1 Ifcs! 20 good Shorthorn steers, weight 'i;00 Ibs 20 good Shorthorn steers, weight . . ...'.'.. 900 Ibs 20 good Shorthorn steers (dehorned fieshj-, from 1 man) weight ljflao 11]s 40 good Shorthorn ana W. F. heifers, weight .. 550 to'~00 His. Also many small lots of good and choice Shorthorn. Hereford cows, springer heifers, calves, etc. Including breeding bulls, butcher stock, veal 150 _ HOGS _ 150 _ a good offering of native feeder pigs, bred sows, and breeding boars--all weights and breeds. Bring- in any hogs you nave to sell with full ass-jrance of satisfactory prices. SHEEP: Demand is ROOI! for sheep of any kind. Get lull njr.rkct value for your fat lambs, feeder Iambs, breeding ewes or bucks by bringing them lo Garner on Thursday. HORSES: \Ve are selling a few good work horses every week Buyers here on Thursday for killer horses. aiR. FARMER and LIVESTOCK DEALER: Consign any class of livestock you have to sell to the Garner Sales Co., on Thursday NOTICE: Due to the demand for meat in (lie East a Connecticut buyer will be here every week to buy fleshy cattle "With many local and oiit-of-staie buyers here each week a fiirlily satisfactory market for your fleshy cattle is assured, , YOU FUUNtSH THE STOCK WE WILL, FURNISH BUYERS Each and Every Consignment is Given I\Iy Personal Attention E. C. Buntcnbach, Owner Lou Hanson, Auctioneer GARNER SALES Co. Garner is located on highways 18 and 69 and ' 20 miles west of Mason City Farm and Home Week Program to Reach lowans Over Radio AMES--Farm and Home Week at lov.'a State college tills year wil come to the people of the stat by radio. R. M. Vifquain, director of shor courses at the college, announced that because of the transporta tion situation farm people will no be asked to come to the campu to obtain their agricultural a home economics information. Instead, he said, the same kind o£ subject mutter will be carried in the form of radio programs on the college station, WOI, lor about 3 hours each day of the week, Feb. 8 to 12. The program will, in general, resemble that of other years with each day devoted to allied topics. All discussions will be based on the idea of urging the farmers '·to do the best you can with what you have." Better Farms . . . . . . Better Roads FARM BUREAU NEWS A Weekly Feature Depicting Activities of Cerro Gordo County Organizations BUTCHERING JOB FOR COLD DAYS Lard Rendering Process Told by Economist Cold weather is the signal for "arm families to begin thinking about butchering, one of the big winter jobs. That usually means rendering, too, for although some families have their rendering done dt locker plants many still do it at home. The important thing to remember when rendering lard is that Ihe fat must be fresh, according lo Miss Lucile Buchanan, county liome economist. Immediately after butchering the fat should get thoroughly chilled, cleaned and the skin removed. Lean meat should be cut off and all equipment and utensils cleaned. The chilled fat should be cut into uniform cubes !'/ to 2 indies in. size or put through the course Plato of a sausage grinder. Then it is placed in a cold iron kettle large enough so the fat won't boil over. It should be cooked slowly until enough has .been melted s" it can be stirred freely. From then en, a moderately hot fire can be used. Stirring the fat continu- FAUM 3U11EAU OFFICERS Prcsiden! Ernesl w. Buss. Clear Lake Vice President... R. M, Hall, clear Lake Secretary S A. Mathre, Mason City Treasurer W a y n e Wolford. Ventura HOME rj'OJECT OFFICERS Home Project Cnairman Mrs. Charles J. Ilamstrecl. Mason Cily Girls 4-H Clul! Chairman Mr?. William P. Eno. Sheffield Boys 4-H Club Cti.iirniaii Earl ?.l. Dean. Mason Cily TOWNSHIP D1HKCTOES Lime Creek Russell Bisttine. Mason City Falls C. G. Gorlcov.-ski, Mason City Clear Lake-.William Amend*. Clear Lake Lake Nate Miller. Mason City Mason Mclvin Evans, Mason City Portland Wade Files, Ktesan City Union. Dewey EloweU. Ventura Mount Vernon... Harry Evans-. Rockwell CITY BUYING OF FARMS IS SEEN Threatens Success of Food Production By ALEXANDER K, GEOKGE AI Feature Writer WASHINGTON -- A {arm-buying rush by city folks who are making money out of war industries threatens the success of the 1343 "Food for X r ictory" campaign in some sections of the country. Uncle Sam is calling for maximum production of food to help win the war. A city man buying a farm frequently doesn't produce from it as much food as did the farmer who sold it. Many absentee n the number of amateur farmers ...Floyd Thomas'. Rockwell\ owners acquire farms for long- yw»-. Richard Thompson. Rockford j term investment, or with the in- B. E. J.imes. Tiiornlon Pleasant Valley... Carrel nice. Su-aeldafe Genes DO .Melviii Hawhe. Sheffield Dougherty Tony Larscn, Dougherty County Extension Director Iowa produced 22 per cent more eggs in the first 10 months of 1942 than in the like period of 1941. ously will keep the lard from sticking and scorching. A little water poured into the kettle before the fat is added will hasten the early part of rendering. When the cracklings turn light amber in color and the foaming and bubbling practically cease, the fat is ready to be removed from the fire. A good way to test is to remove a few cracklings from the jcettie. It' they fry themselves di-y in a short time, the rendering is complete. ' For lard storage containers Miss Buchanan recommends small containers such as coffee cans and syrup pails which can bo tightly covered. Rancidity may develop it u large surface is exposed to air. If large containers with wide openings are used it is wise to remove the lard in layers so that the portion exposed to light and air will be removed each time The finished lard should be stored in a dark, dry, well-ventilated place. Marion E. Olson County Home Economist - ... Lucille Buchanan Office Assistant Ccncvieve M, Smith HOME 1'KOJECT C O M M I T T E E Grant...Mrs. ftollin Luscomb. Clear Lake Lincoln- . .Mrs. E. P. DeGraw. Mason City Lime Creek Mrs. Warren Davisson, Mason City F a l l s . . . . . .Mrs, J. II, McNitt, Season City Clear Lake Mrs. Winnie Spillmnn, Clcnr Lake Lake. Miss Alma Tokle, Clear Lnltc Mason Mrs, Ray Shaffer, Mason City Portland , Union Mrs. Hugh-Strata. Ventura Mount Vernon Mrs. ft. I'. Bast. Clear Lake Owen Mrs. Ben Balh Grimes . - - - . . . lea-;. Valley. Mrs. Wm. Ames. Swaledalo icncsco .Mrs, Waller Boehljc. Sheffield Dougherty. .Mrs. \Vm. Jacobs. Dougherty FARMERS NOTICE FOR SALE A limited number of Lock- erators . . . the individual home electric refrigerated locker. CEILING DELIVERED PRICE 285 00 Released by the W. P. B. SOLD ONLY TO FARMERS On Display at STODDARD MFG. CO. 1809 SOUTH FEDERAL Jackson School BIdg, FARMERS ASKED FOR MORE PORK "Breed Move Sows," Extension Director Asks The food situation is becoming more serious, according to information received from those in charge of food production for the government. According to Marion E. Olson extension director for Cerro Gordo county, formers must go the limit in pork production be- 4-H Leaders to Meet Friday for Training The Cerro Gordo county 4-H committee, leaders and assistant leaders \vill meet at the Y. M. C A., Friday for the second and last subject matter training school in first-year home efficiency. Miss Esther Everett, specialist from lou'a State college, will be in charge of the meeting which will be hold from 10 to 4 o'clock. During the meeting, leaders will receive information on core of home equipment which will be of value in planning and conducting future club programs. Slides related to the subject matter material will be shown by the specialist. 1. It is the greatest contribu tion they can make toward winning the war; food and oils needed as they \vere never needec before. 2. Prices are guaranteed; mos of the gamble has been taken out of the hog business througl price supports. 3. Feed is available; there ari adequate supplies of feed to in crease production to the limit. 4. No group farmers any Selection of the herd bull is one of the most important steps in increasing dairy production over a period of years. SELL US YOUR HIDES and FUR Also Your . . . Scrap Iron and Metal CARL STEIN Ph. 470 1 1 1 6th S. W. Public Auction Sale Having.decided to quit farming on account of ill health, I will sell at public auction on my farm located 1 mile cast and '/. mile south of Nora Springs or 4 miles west and y, mile north of'lluda the following property on FRIDAY, JANUARY 22 STARTING AT 12:30 P. M. 86 -- HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 86 ling heifer; 1 red heifer; 1 black Polled Angus bull comin" 1 year old; B calves. 4 GOOD BIG WORK HOUSES--3 sets of harness--horse collars. 62 HOGS--11 Hampshire brood sows for April farrow: 5 bred Hampshire ffills for April farrow; 30 feeder pigs; IS fall pies; 1 Hampshire stock hog. .lIACm.VERr--I .1. I), corn p l a n t e r , sa rocK or wire; I Utoam manure where in tlic \vorid knows how tc grov.' hogs as well as Iowa farm- L'S. Your country urges you to re examine your hog program one ireed ;v few more sows, Mr. Olso: suggested. K , ° B I ' F - ss - w " il = icken feeder. I brootlei slov While Leihorns. mostly 2 units, 1 year old Trio . "' '"" y - """* '· A! o al "OO b »'« of second erop elorer " SOME BOUSEIIOLD 1 GOOnS-InclndinB 1 Monarch cook *toro; dinm* room table: r, oak diiuns: room chiirs a n d oilier chairs: 1 battcl; 1 linnlenm r u -?TM ITJL 5 " 1 "' , rroit J ?, rs: milk " ns; * I"""' 1 '" »'"1: t°«"s and other artlclu ioo n u m e r o o s lo mention. I li Gangc Shotgun -- 1 iM OMsmofeHe Conors -- 1 1935 3 D 0 f l r Chevrolet TERMS; C-i^h or maVc arrancrmtnts trith roar banker. No oroDertv lo be removed c n t i l s e l l let] for. Mrs. Mildred Butngardner Worses", Auctioneer Tint Nation*! B*nk of .Vora Sprints. Cler* Lincoln and Geneseo Boys' 4-H Clubs in Club Calf Discussion The Lincoln Loyal Laddies ani Geneseo beys 4-H clubs have re organized the clubs tor food pra duction 19-13. The boys discussei their 1942 projects and analyze, their record books. The record showed that Ihe calves that ha. eaten n large per cent of hay rii, not gain as rapidly as those tha consumed a limited amount. Marion E. Olson, county extcn sicn director, presented recom mended rations in which hay wa limited and gradually decrease as the corn was increased durin the feeding period. The resuV from the boys' record books in dicated the average caif shoul c o n s u m e approximately t pounds of grain per hundrc weight of calf. The weighing certificates shoul be sent in immediately and Clar Pedelty, leader ot the Gcnesei and Willard Fulghum, leader t the Lincoln Laddies, have invite every boy in their communilic to become members oE the club According to the leaders thei is a project that can fit into th program of every boy between 1 and 21 in Cerro Gordo county. The delicate sweetness of left over enriched raising bread en hances the flavor of bread puc dings. FARM BUREAU EXCHANGE ntion of living on a plot of land here they can grow part of their vn food needs. Production for the arket often becomes a sideline. Agricultural agents in counties here land purchases are heavier lan usual are worried about the umber of Chicagoans, Dctroiters. levelanders and dwellers at her industrial centers who are trying farms. Many of these are security seekers," persons who ay they "want to have somethin; iff after (he post-war depression * y -Y. The agents say these purchases ean that some of the most ex- erienced farmers are retiring rom farming. They fear that the reduction on iiiese farms may be harply reduced. Even in cases 'here (he new owners would like keep up' production, there is ic problem of finding managers o run the farms, not to mention 10 shortage of farm labor. The farm-buying movement bj ity people is most pronouncec the north central states. Re ts to the department of a"ri ulture show that in Illinois, cluing the period from July 1 to No ·ember 1 last, only ul per cent £ the buyers were farmers In he north centra! region the proportion ot farmers buyin ntention. to operate was 59 per far. however, the increase ent. So land per acre rose from an index- figure of i)l last March to 95 on November 1. This compared with 84 in 1!MO and a low of 73 in, 1933. s not on a scale to imperil serf- \lthough Ihe value last Novem- ously the national goals of [oocl production. Agriculture authorizes here point out that in the country as a whole there was a decrease in farm sales activity in he July 1 to November 1 period. Volume of land transfers were mining about 10 to 15 per cent below the 1041 levels. Furthermore, on a nationwide jasis, farmers have been buying more land than they have been selling. In the northern plains region farmers have been buying about 10 times as much land as .hey have been selling, and even 'in the north central region the i-alio of buying to selling by farmers has been more than 2 to 1. A good deal o£ this has been buying from Farm Security administra- :ion holding companies. On the bright side of the food production picture also is the new co-operation between selective service boards and county war boards which fix crop quotas. An "essential farmer" now is as much entitled to deferment from military service as an "essential war bc-r was 27 per cent higher than it the low point of li)33, it \vas ! per cent below the 1012-19H ndex base and 45 per cent under the 1920 peiik. worker." obtained A war worker who has draft deferment can be transferred to farm work and not increase his liability to draft into the army. Rising farm incomes have been stimulating food production. Farm prices also have been increasing "moderately." Average values of T R A C T O R R E P A I R I N G Berry Machine AND MOTOR FAKTS 11 So. Pcnn. Ph. 514 Mason City Iowa Gives Certified Seed to Aid Russia The Iowa Agricultural Experiment association is co-operating in a program of Russian relief designed to furnish certitied seed to be used in rehabilitating the scorched earth areas in Russia and in opening up nev/ production areas. The drivu to collect contributions oE seed from producers was planned by the International Crop Improvement association. The donated grain will be shipped in Russian ships from some coastal point sometime before the first of the year. Big, Thrifty Litters It is a well-known fact that n sow will provide for her unborn pigs before everything, even taking from her own system to supply their needs. BIG GAIN MINERAL S T O C K FOOD is specially made to help give the sow WHAT SHE NEEDS to farrow big, thrifty litters. Ask any of the thousands of satisfied users, or get a supply from your local dealer and convince yourself. Big Gain from Start to Finish. J. A. Sutton, Plymouth Hcjlifc Feed and Produce, Hockwoll Farmer's Inc. Coop. Society, Hurley RECAP VULCANIZE TRUCK, TRACTOR AND PASSEXGEU CAR TIRES ONE DAY SERVICE TRAVERS TIRE TREAD SERVICE MI 2,,a S. W. SI aaDn City Govt. Tire Inspection Depot 353 -- 353-A 322 -- 324 You can still get Pioneer hybrid seed com il you want to produce high yielding, stiff stalked, good feeding corn in 1943. Write for Prices Today Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn Co. Dos IHoines, Iowa FOR SALE-Purebred S c o t c h Shorthor bulls. AValtcr Eno, Sheffield. I Boone oals from cert. seed. Olc I Stevens, Clear Lake. i Marion seed oats. Anders Ash- j lar.d, Clear Lake. Control oats from certified seed. Mike Sprolc, Ph. 1134. WANTED: Deep, \vide P o 1 a 11 il China boar. \V. G. Krecsc, Nora Springs. Want fo swap: Control seed oals for feed oats. Floyd Thomas, Rockwell. Wanted: Hampshire boar, vaccinated. Elcrar Haiffhf, Th. 17F32, Rf. 3, Mason Cily. Wanted: Third culling alfalfa j hay-baled. Elmer Xcison, Clear I Lake. . COL. J. R. "Jack" Dorsey YOUR AUCTIONEER and STOCK BUYER FOR 40 YEARS IN CERRO GORDO AND ADJOINING COUNTIES PHONE 2592 MASON CITY, IOWA CLOSING OUT PUBLIC A U C T I As I am moving to a small farm, I will sell at public auction my personal properly located on the farm I'/, miles wust and li/ t . miles north of Rockwell, or 10 miles south, I mile west and 14 mile south of Mason City, on-TUESDAY, JANUARY 26 SALE STARTS PROMPTLY AT 12:30 37-HEAD OF LIVESTOCK-37 32 HEAD OF CATTLE 8 cows, 2 white face and C reds and roans, 3 to freshen in about 4 weeks, 4 milking and one to freshen in spring; 4 heifers, weight about 500 to BOO pounds; 5 steers, weight -about 500 to GOO pounds; 9 calves, weight about 350 pounds; 5 fall anil winter calves; one registered Kcd Poll Jiuli. 5 HEAD OF HORSES One bay gcldinsr, 6 years old, weiffht 1700; one bay mare. 5 years old, wciffht 1600; one black geldinff, smooth mouth, weight MOO; one sorrel gelding-, coming 2 years; one sorrel marc colt FARM MACHINERY, ETC. John Deere H!oile] A Tractor, gooH condition; Jolm Deere Tractor Cultivator; Jolm Deere 2-boltom 16-iu. Tractor Plow; John Duerc la-ft. Disc; John Deere No. 25 2-row mounted Corn Picker in good condition; La Crnssc 'i-scction Drag; Jolm Deere G-scctim Dras; John Dccrc 8-ff. Grain Binder; Osbornc Side Delivery Italic; line High Wheel Wagon; one Wngon Box, like new; John Dccre all steel Wagon, like new: one J5o! Sled; Wards single chain 32-ft. Elcvnlor, like new; John Deere two-row Cultivators: aicCormick-DcerhiK Corn Binder, like new; New Idea Manure Spreader; Hoosicr Eiidgatc Seeder; two John Dccrc Corn Planters, one nearly new with 3 ft. 4 wire; Brooder House SxlQ ft.; John Dccre Hay Loader, like new; 100 fctt Hay Hope and Hay Fork; 4 h. p. International Engine; one full set Breeching- Harness. Other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS: CASH or make arrangements with your banker before the sale. No property (o ijc removed umil .settled for F R E D HOOTS OKA BATLESS, Auctioneer UNITED HOME BANK AND TRUST CO.. Mason City. Clerk FARMERS! You w i l l have a bigger crowd . . . the bidding will be faster . . . and you will get more money for your property . , , if you advertise your in the Mason City GLOBE-GAZETTE Stop in at the offfce . , . and we'll help you prepare your Public Sale advertisement

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