The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 9, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1818
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' . a rtrmVAS Jeme Jame. of thf town of VV K.H,h..lrt - rnurKvof Richmond, end (date of Sew York, be;ug indebted unto Henry DavU, . ..i,. ..n..niu - . l and bv a certain bond or o ot.2auofcMif date the tenth day of Dc. tow, ia the Frotoor Lord, one thousand night - t,.,, 11 t MrBti. in tneteaa1 aum of twelve. v ' : . . a j - n - M.nMnr . ImodrtC nuisny vne wmi ' mm.j tbt United State, coodilioneo tor too faymern m 'tie haudred tod forty ove dollar ana nuy cm, lawful money aforesaid, with lawial inteieit for tbt nuae, on or oeiore tne tenu oay m inajt ucii mmml .n.iiin thf tft.1 nf laid bond AT obliliatiOB, ! ' tor the better securing and more ure payment of tbotaid m or money tnentionea w iw bond or oLilistUori, according to the tree intent im meaning xnereoi, aia, logcuwr "". ; hi wirtj ob the aid tenth Uy of Member, w . ' , the year atoretaKi, mortgage 10 mm ."Davit, all that Bieoage, mrm, plantatioii, aalt A V4 hMMiiana irtiujTa - I V IDI auau nausea . . intho towa orgouthfieM, county and si ate afore - , aM, and it batted and bounded a follow : be - ' einoinr by the .eaetermost corner of Urn land " oT CoFueliut Vu Butkirk, and running fruui , tbenoe by hi line, north forty even degree and tbirty niiMtei, west thirty five chain and eiity . nab: tr.eace oy kj . . J MAPfn II If 1 - ' three degree aad twenty minute, en chain, to tha corner of lb rand of Isaac tlmon - ' ton t thence by the line of tho aaid Isaac, bimon - ton and Perioe, tootb forty seven degree aao thirty Bii"ui, east forty one chain and wxty links, to 1h land of J0 Vwelaod i Iheaci a - ' I lone d Vreeland' line, south filty one Wegreet , , and forty ave ruinates, west tweuty chains , And siaty links, to the place of beginning ; con - taming within the bound and limit thereof ein tyaizht acre aac on nau an acre 01 laoa, bounded outhweterly by the aid Cornelia ' Van ukir!T land north weter1y by the aaid Eighway ; ortheat by the land of the aaid Isaac ! ' Siiaonsoa and Ferine, and southeast by the land ' of aid Jacob Vreelam). Alto, a certain piece near a place called Old Town j beginning ntor near the corner of Corneliut Martinu meadow, ' and running from thence sooth twenty Bine de - gree,oatfoBTt(.ea chain and fifty links; thence " Mirth seventy fonr derrecs, east on chain forty , three liutut thence north twenty nino degrees eait fonrtccA chain aod fifty link, to the .' fence : tneace south twenty lonr dezrees, west " one chain and lortr three links to the place ol f '' beginning ; containing two acre of salt meadow . bounded, south west by Cornelio Martino'i ontheait by the creek , northeast by John Ket - " ' tints, and northweit bv meadow of Stephen ). Martino. Also, that certain piceOT parcel of aalt meadow, aituate and lying in toe town 01 fiorthbeld, county and date aiurciaia, on um: 'ecrterlyside of Toniton' creek (to Called) and i Cherry Tree creek j ooanciea wensny oy ue 1 said two creek ; northerly and easterly ny mca - ' dowef Cnplamftfc hard Couraoa, and southerly ' by meadow of Joha Mtrrell ; containing two acre Vand a half of salt mendow, be the rame more or leu together withaJI andtinguiar, me eaiuces, - building, rights, member, pn'e:e and appur - Teaaace, tnereoiito Deranging or nnj K - pertaining t with a power u me aia morignge contained, that rf default ahould be mad in U.e : ... nriii m - iA mrm nf aiv mentioned in ti)coiditionoftliflidbondorol)ligatio, sd it.. :timt aikiVh hnn id mecnit iheieon. ai me time ipeciCod for the payment thereof, (bat then ; it fhoulihe lawful for the said Henry Davit, hi heir, executor, administrators and migns, to V sell and diinose of the said premise at public auction, according to the act of tat legislature in rocn cam made and provided j which ihould afierpetoal bar, both in law and equity, a - aioit lhotsiil James Jarflei and Abigail hi 1 ffe, thuir heir and aign, anl all oilier per - claiming or to claim the aid premise, by, or under, them, or any of them. 'At whe default has been made in the pay jenU,f(,e lai,J principal tuui of sit hundred unu inj j,, e dollar ana any cenis, arm uw mm witn Uvintfit thereon remains due ami unprnd .. WoUca thereby civen, that purtuant to the act in ucn bte mad anl praruicn, an anu mgu - tar the prmitti ahor particularly tnentioprd . with the hi titarotnt and appurtenance, will . be sold atpuMic auction or vemhie, at thu Ton tine CffTte ltuse, in Ihecity 01 A lora;, en Wednesday, the 4tbdir f Ncvemher rev(, nt l2ocloi:katBvu nkted the l44hdayof May, Ja the year of onr Lord ooethout and cft hundred . . yl51nw6rf HCTRT DAVI3 'ATOTICli is herehT aivee o ' the creditor LI of Jnarnh Siitare. Misolvsnt debtor, that a division ofthe moni - cb have come to the hand of the ansti - i'. i"w n eiuta, wi'ine tnade among hi:re',l'M Nooday,' thetltt day ofSeptesi - T Mzti o'clock in the fore - nooai, at iV )tar H thetabfcriher, Daniel lxrd, , JVo. 71 ver - 4treet, New Yorlrt and the same will tenaad there be paid to the creditors, ao ' eontinj to the proviiioa of the act for giving rev rtcf in case of iosolreocy, - passed April 12tb, - Molice it alio given, that a general meeting ol all the raid creditor will be held at the place a - foresaid, on Friday, the 14th day or Aufuit next, at 10 oVIsck in the forenoon, for the pur - "Dose of examining and aKertaininsthudebtidue to each creditor, according to the provisions of the said act. uated isew Yom. June 17th, lino. - DAM EL, LORD,) Je 15 1aw3m ' . ' DIS'I II.I.KIIV KIIU ts r . 'tfNEof the first rate - Steam Distilleries, ca - V - pable of working 38 barrels per day, with ww avtitinoce' m rwo nann oraj. ii n repiet; t i mi vwij ncicfiaij uicimi ivi fw.w.ii, in .uf - mediate operation. - It is situated in Ibu Village of Poohkeeptie, near a Grist Mill, and but a short distance from tha North River. The nrice will be verv moderate - and the ' pav ment made easy, or it would be exchanged lor tierchandite. For further information enquire f Mr. L. Dingham, No. 138 Fulton - street, A. I era;, - or l homat Sweet, esq. tear In premises Ponghkeepsie, June I, 1818. JeU D&ClawCw HORsK AND W.Gt,UA'. T?PR SALE an excellent Horse and light JL" strons Wa'son. tbe horse is o year oj. perfectly sjeotle and kind in harrtes, and pleasant ender the sadJIs. Enquire at cLOWLEY'S Stable, Joha treet. . ... J3tf MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF TJ CITT OF SXW - X - OBtT. (TluaUal Institution for Irncranct agaiiuljirt in IhU ,) " TNSURE apinst Los or Damage by Fire, Dwelling Hnutet, Ware House. BuihUng in general, Merchandiie, Ship in port aad their Cargott, Household Furniture, and every description M personal property, oa terms a favo - nSlJ M l"h insUtntVons in this city. This Cpmpenyis incorporated solely far the purpose of lasunng against lotsei by fire, and has circumscribed its opialions chkfly within thi City and immediate rrwmitr. - fa addition U tlie Capital Stock, $500,000, Jrbichusecsredby bond aad mortn?R nii estate aad ptibiie ttnrkt. this Company potsetsrs akandtome turplet fund, invested in ner : parties assured may therefore rerxMe the hi. lest confidence ia the solidity of itscapiUL mt thitarty lone or damage will be settled with nmmiititede and Kberalitr. Tt different rates of premium aad ermdiUlo of lanrsnce are onilbrm with those ofthe other 1'ire luiftrtpce Offices tn thUcity. The public are referred for particulars to the prfated proposal in circulation, and which may M ludoa aPplcaiion ai ns. oz sraii smi. GABRIEL FL'RMAN.Prtsideot, ' . JOIIN PL'TARD Secretary, , ii ,i v r , M1I10GANT EOFAS, CHAIR AND CADI . KtT Fl'RNITURE, . - sr. aq m rtr MAffSTREET. MVL subscriber brr leave to return hi sin - jl cere tnanas o urase wum s..... - - - who have been kind enough to honor him with L;r.n..miu1i mmn tn ininrm theiO. SJld tht adr mircr of handioaM fomitsre in general, thai he bat on hand some very elegtst solas, cnai, t r..KAt ui Tffuiii natent diamr ta h, grand idebbard, inlaid witnbigb polubed ornamental brass - work aad rote - wood, card ta - ki.. .t,i. cirmfim rnoc)m. tofa. Chaite uai' maii itnnlf. chair. Uc. Alro, a li brary ctep chair, the utility of which be particu ? Ail furniture warranted of the he tt quality and wrjrkishipiadortbe oeweK(ropeaa iao - nnOn esecnted to anv part of to onion to any drawinr, oa the most reasonable termf ano Ladies or gentlemeBhaving fancy wood, may have them manufactured to any article they wish, by applying a a Dove. my 3ft Sra A.M. HATWOOD. TAMMAM HALL. THEcopartaerahip, heretofore esirting be - tweea ABRAHAM B. MARTLlMGand W ILLIAM 8. COZZEN3. wtt dissolved on the 1st of April mutu.l content. Theeatab ashment will be continued rty tne aunacnoer. Thesituation of TAMMANY HALL is pro bnhlr aarivalled in this citv facing the Park and the Citv Halt, aad within roinutet walk of the Theatre, Academy of the Fine Arts, Must urn. tic. It presents inducements for air. pros pect, convenience ann accommuuaiion, interior to none in this city. Travellers from the diDer - ent states in the union, and from this ttate, will und at Tammany Hall a larder well ttocked with all the delicacio of the teaton, choice wine, airy Bed Chambers, and every convenience that can be eipected, and oa the most moderate terms. - Je 11 Im WM. B. COZZEN3 axainiTin or thr nx tars, COLUMBIAN PICTURE GALLERY. A'o. 146 Fullon - llreet, ntor Broadway. f rilHE proprietor cf this valuable andeiten JL live collection of picture, embrace the opportunity of informing connoisseur and a ma tenrs of the Co arts, and tli enlightened public of New - York, that the gallery will in future be open from 8 in the morning "till half past 10 at nir!. From 8 in the evening to half part 10, the gallery it brilliantly lighted up, and the admission ooly 25 cent . These picture have been collected, at (he expense of 25000 dollar, and are allowed, by the best Judges, to be the finest specimens of the art ever exhibited in the United States, being gems, selected wiin peculiar care, irom uie various cabinets in Rome, Naples, Florence, Aa slerdam, Paris and London, and the work of the most approved painter, both ol the ancient and modem schools, and are undoubtedly originals. Artiste, ladies or gentlemen, will be entitled to study, or cpv auy of the pictures, by becoming snhscribers. , Ladies or gentlemen, who have subscribed on dollar, on paying another, will be considered subscribers for the teaon. OT9 Admittance, for the day and evenm, SO cent ; for a month, $1 ; for the season, $2 c taiogue included. JZ4.1m" Refill A counting Room, in the moat central pert of Pearl - itreeL For particulars ennui re at 197, up stairs. - Je 85 .fATKM' BbUDbolKULU LIQUID, . A CERTAIN and never failing poison for bed bug. It willeiterminate them at utins. without staining the furniture, or being accompanied with that disagreeable smell usually at landing the application of other poisons. For tale in bottle, at 4s. each, at . V. DICKIE'S aiertirine Store, ' . 385 Broadway. N. B. A large assortment ol genuine Drugs and warranted patent iledicinet, for sale as a - hove. Je 19 Im Sr.VLNIH WARD. TIL' B L1C notice is hereby eiven, that the At' L tetaoraof the seventh ward have completed their aaetnientt, and that a copy thereof it left wuh David Lyon, at no. o - Market street, where the same may be seen and eiammed by anv office infiahltants during ten days, from ten o'clock, A. M. to three I. M. and that the Assessors will meet on Friday, tle tenth day of Jury, at thehnuseof the said David Lyon, to review their said assessments , on the application ol any person concfivin; hiratell aggrieved. DAVID LYON, Assessors ofthe 71b JAMESON COX.f, ward. New York, 59ih June, 1S18. Je 29 14t JOHN HbWI IT (till reside at No. 242 Water street, where be ha a very handsome and fashionable assortment of Cabinet furniture on hand, which he will warrant to be of the first Quality. He solicit hit' New York and touthern friends to give him a call, at be flutters hires If they will not be disappointed, order executed tit the shortest notice. it it fROSfECll3 or rccMiniitrr by itticRinto A MAP OF M EXICO AND LOUISIANA. 'I M1E publication ol t hit Map hasbren under - J. taken with the impression, that it will fx - hihit information, highly interesting at this eventful critis, sad the valuable Maps which the author hat procured, (hrinc hitteveral tonrt through Mexico, in the yean 1806, 1807, 1812, 1813, 1815, 1816, and 1817. induce him to beleive that the Map, with even all itt imperfections, will he much the roost perfect which has appeared before the public. " This Man will contain the latest aod best in formation from the discoveries and possess iocs of the American, Spanish, Russian, - British and Fiencb travellers and navigator end representing the claim of their respective governments on the Northwestern coatt of America. The Map will include that portion of North America, which lie between the Itthmut of Da - rien, and Ihe4(!th degree of North Latitude, and from the Mississippi River wettwardly to the Pacific Ocean. In sue the Alan will be about tix by five feet, and uill be projected on a Kale of 40 miles tn the inch, to be delivered to the subicriber at fif teen dollar fch. Nntches, March 7, 1813. ap7 lAol MO.Vi' - ALl'A For SALE or to LEI, and immediate possession eiven, the beautiful place called Mont - Alta, seven miles from the City - Ha!L on the North Itiver. adioinins Lord Courtrnaj's. It contains 20 acres of land under improvement,' with a large gsnlen well stocked with vegetable a variety of fruit, with ever convenience for a family. - For terms which are very reasonable, and if told a long credit given if wanted, apply to N. ti D. TALCOTT, bl douth - ttreei. je iz fOlt SALE, :IO reams ol Cassis faper, tuita JU ' ble for Ban Box makers, or susar Baker, I'he oualily aod iie i the tame as the Eveninc it - .. ' . ... - . . i i. . l. - - : lui m pnuiea on. Apiy as uiisuuicc. 18 " FOR SALE. ASM ALL Brown Hone, of the Canadian breed, a natural pacer or rackrr, and an excellent horse for an invalid, very fat, and easily kept For further particular apply to Mr. uuwr.., at m uvery eioie ia Aomony ttreet, ne tr Broadway. Je 26 tr FOURTH WARD. PUBLIC notice is hereby given, that the Assessor of the fourth ward have completed Ibeiratteiireect, aad that a copy thereof is left with Lewi Hartman, at No. 423 Pearl ' street, where the same may be area and examined by aav ofthe inhabitant d urine: ten day, from tin day, and that the aeor will meet on Friday, July 8th, at the (tore oi L. Hartman, io review weir aaia astetrmemt, om im ppm - amn vi iij person conceivmg mm sen aggrievrc. i' i hi .i . . . . a . . a I - r.VTI9 ri ln 1 mil narnunDi wie fETER BON,tn, fourth ward New York, June 29th, 118. Je 29 lOt HVPERIOH OLD BOTTLED MADEIJl.l LYNCH, Jun. ha just received from the vvrst indies, a lew cites ol Judg - e tiiam's celebrated Wine, imported by him into An - rom Hill ft B'nsetts house of Madeira, in 1790, mhich he can warrant equal if not u - perior to any wine m America. J S Iv WHEATON'3 ITCH OINTMENT. THE loog and occetsful use of tlut ointment i (hrScient recommendatioo, a it bat been found to be a pleasant, safe and certain remedy for that disagreeable disease ia all its stage. It i for sale in the city of Newi - York by J. A. & VT. R. - pott. No. 41 William - ttreet; I. ft T.Clark, Ko. kS MaMleo - Lane : fi. H Schieffeliatt Co. Na. 193 Pearl - street : Law rence U Keese. No. 195 Pearl - street : Hull Bowne, 146 rearl - street ; rv. u i. Murmy, 313 Pearl - street ; J. M. Bradburst, 314 Peari - atreet t Joha Peaford, No. 4 Fletrber - ttreet J Duryee tt Poe, io Pearl - street; John C. Morrison, 188 Ureea wlcb - ttreet j Joha r. Msher, iuo Broadway i Walter hi Seaman, cornet of Chamber - L and Broadway, and alto in Chatham - itreet ; and in short it may be procured at most of the Drug Wore ia thi city Alto ia Philadelphia, of S. VVitherell ft Sob ; George Hanell .North fit Ro get, aad almost an the druggist ia the principal iowui in we unuea states. . . ifiAsniac. WHEATON'3 JAUNDICE BITTERS may he had at the above places. - jaa zz bra VALUABLE RfcAL, t3 rUR ALt, 15 THE CITT OF SKW - TORK. liIVE lott of ground on the west tide of Green V wich - street, between Vestry and Detbros se trect.25bv 80. - Four do in the rear ofthe above, fronting on the east sideol Washtngtoo - street, Z5 ty bu. Eightdo in the block below, between Wash inirtoa and West - streets. In Montgomery County. C000 acres of Land in Lawrence's purchase, near Last Canada CrceU, on the c jrth aide oi the Moiiawk. In Franklin County. 15,161 acres of Land, in the town of Mount Morris and Dayton. In Essex County. 7G32 acres of Land in the town of Barry more; ' In the County of Lewis. 1250 acret of land in Catterland, Cliasaanit Purchase. , In Saratoga County. 2600 acre in Palmer's purchase. Enquire at the office of the subscriber, 34 C - dar - itreet. BEV. ROBINSON. mh!7tf G. bAUNDER'S PAl'EJs'r RAZOR aTKOf. You that with to shave with ease, Buy of Sad 5 oeas if yoo please ; . Hi Raior Strop', peculiar itith, That sharp the Razor with atouch. G SAUNDERS respectfully solicit, those . who have not got hi Patent Razor Strop, to furnish themselves with his new invented Ra zor Strop, and Metallic Composition. No ten tltman who once inaliis (rial of one of the Strops now offered, will ever try any others; and such is their formation, that ever to much use will not ;ive Uie razor that roundness which render the tx - st of them titele, and which it well known al wayt to follow the application of all those hither to invented. The above ttropt are in genera) use in New York, and are ditlinzuithed from all others. Barber who have used them tay more inineir praise man i can my sen. G. SAUNDERS, 18 Wall - street. Also for sale, Razors, Soap, and every uten sil for Shaving, of the first quality, with a tupe - rior assortmrnt of Perfumery, Hair - Powder, tic. from Smyth's, New Bond ttreet, London. - N. B. The mott liberal allowance made to dealer. my 22 Of OH SALE OH JVLKAbt:, Lota in the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards: many ol hich are on regulated and pared street". No money will be required under ttn years, if sold, interest excepted. Several twoand thrte story houses, on which a great part ofthe money remain on mortgage. - L.AaiJl.WAI nt.u ttuun.. An excellent stand for business, with ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, storehouse and barn. COTTON ami WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - HaTen, with 40 acret of hind, and never failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be erected, with a sutbeiency of water for each. Apply at eio. Ureeuwich - street. Jan 13 if jTJII The eleeant 3 story house No. 7 Hud son - street, which corgmands a pleasant view of the rnrk and river. I os session may oe nad in a fewdays. . ' Also for sale, the furniture of taid bouse, it is of the belt quality ; well fitted, and suitable to a genteel family. Apply as above. j - ' - . my 1 1 ii tVH S.iLL, A farm on the Hudson, abont a mile from Newhurgh. containing 133 acres, 33 ol which are Woodland, the rest is divided by good fence into a due proportion of meadow, arable and pasture inna. I ne nuitningt are partly new - , the house convenient for a small family : its situation ii equalled in beauty by lew on the river the advantages, from the vicinity of a flourish - in villaee. of public worship, society end good market, with the facility of communication with iew lora.renaer ii a wiirame reiiuewu lor a gentleman. 4000 dollar ol the purchase money may remain on mortgage : the payment of the rest will be made eaty to the purchaser. Apply on the premises, to - Je SJ ll i. im ijnuvn. FOR SALE, A LOT of land, containing between sixteen i. and twenty acret, adioining the village ot Bloominedale, fronting on the Tenth Avenue and Hudson River, adioinins on the south the country teat of Mr. John 11. Talmaa. The term will be reasonable, and two third of the purchase money may remain tccured by bond and mortgage. A LEO. two lota of r round, twenty five feet br one hundred each, situate on the east tide of Fortyth ttreet, about 150 to 200 feet north of Delancy - ttreet. ' I foot disposed of at private sale, the abort will be offered for sale at auction, oa Wednesday, 8th July. For further particulars, apply at the Mutual Insurance uthce, ao. &z wall street. Jell Im ' k REWERY. ror sale, a bargain, a Braw JJ ery & Malt House connected, in tha city of Hudson. The buildinsrs are stone, and par ticularly well calculated tor the business. . It is situated in the midst of a barley country, and has many other advantages. It certainly object for those wishing to engage in ths business. It it the only brewery in the couctry. This properly will be cold cheap. Term bbe - , nd ; title pxd. For further particulars ar'plj Io M. ML'LDEN, No. 78 Mai Jen - Ian. New York; or J. NIXON, Jr. oear the preoiis. June 13 tf Ctliorr - A KuM A LLS. 5 case Clicppa Ro - malls superior quality, subject fo drawback, lor tale oy i. w. i I , J 3 "55 Pin - vitreet. TO BUILDERS. Or those who may wish to erect three elegant buiidins or ractorie. f OTS, 77 tet hy 80. more or lew, with the LJ nuildin;t thereon, in the centre ol vetey - t can be purchased earate or together. ALSO. An eleeant LOT. with the Building thereon, II Bowery, 42 hy 125, more or lets, oear Chatham - ttreet the hole on accommodating term Apply al 33 Chatham Row, near Beekman - t 1 he advertiser ha three (mail uiorts'e to dispose of, one of 1.000, one off 1000, one of gJ, all iba city. Jen The subscriber offer for sale hit ref ,ildence in Uie towa of Fa:rtkid, state ot Connecticut. It it pleasantly situated, on the Boston roail, about hall a mile from IxxiR tslaoo Sound. 55 miles from New York, and 20 from New Haven. The home and out - houe are in excellent repair. The Ooit yard it well stocked with a variety of peaches, apricot, themes. near and strawberries. I here are ia the vk uii ty academies for the education of Tooth of httfl sexet. t rora one toit acre of excellent lamt. st the option of the purs - hater, can be bad with thehoutr. Mid the purchase money, if desires). raa remain oa interest. For terra apply to ISAAC M. fcLY, lq. t6 Joha street, i. Iotb, ortothe Hew. JON fHAN STURCES, Falt - Ctld, Connecticut. . : . my C du DAVID ELY. POST COACH ard STEAM - BOAT UNE, . fun trniwiui'i.rtiMJi. , - ' BY WAX Of KMZABBTRTOWir FOMT. (Through in Out Day.) A NEW Line of Pott Co&cbes with every coo XX venience for pattenger and baggage, on Bprtngt, (tart from the coacD omce, syt. i Courtiand - itreet, near . Broadway. New - Y'ork, erenr mornins. fSundavt excepted) at 5 o'clock, ia the Steam Boat Atalanta, via Elisahethtown. Brontvjick, Priocton, Trenton and Bristol, ana arrive at Philadelphia the tame afternoon, at 4 o'clock. A econd Line of new Pott Coache will tart from New - York every morning, (Sunday excepted.) at 10 o'clock in the Steam Boat Atalan ta, lodge at Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia, in a Steam Boat, next morning at 10 o'clock. r are 5 dollar, r. . rawenger are requeued to call and take their Seat at ,tn omce o. i Courtlnnd - st. N. Y. United State Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington City, with every convenience for nassencer and oaceage, oa springs. The U. 8. mail coach will ttart from Uie coach office, No. 1 Conrtlandt - t. New - York, every day at X o'clock, r. m. and arrive ar. rnii adclphia next morning at C o'clock. Only 6 pa AtiwaPa ea4maltal . or leattinthe above named Line, apply to THOS.' WHITFIELD, at the old ettaolithed Coach, and Steam Boat office. No. I Court - Inndt - stieet, near the corner of Broadway, New - York t or to A. T.GOODRICH & CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, and at No. 53 Whiteiiaii - atreel, pew - iorx. fJ3"AII goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. juacrn biun, cws tv. N. B Expresses sent to any part ofthe Coa THOMAS WHITFIELD. Je 24 - SWIKT - fcUKL MAIL COACHES, tor rniLA.OKt.rniA. ft7 - Leave New - York Leverv inornin? ( Sunduv'tex 2TftaScvic!),ci at 8oVlock. and ar rfts?rive in Pliiladelphia next day U dinner. , The publirk house are good, and reasonable in their charse. The driver, horses and coach - e are not interior to any other now running oe - twet - n thete two cities. The beautiful cqpntry, and the excellence ofthe rondt on thi rout, connected with the safety; comfort, and reasonable expences, are beleived to be strong inducementi to travellers in gsvine; thisline a decided prefer, ence. The strictest attention will be observed by the proprietor in civine eenerrl satisfaction. All baggage and package! will go at the ritk of the owner unlet insured and receipted tor oy me clerk of taid office. Stage fare only $5, with a generous allowance of baggage. I'artiet wishing to travel at their leisure, utay engage the Coach on reasonable terms exclutively to themselves, by applying one day previous to starting. For seats apply at Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courtlaodt - streei, New - York. - LYON, SONS, CO. . ap 2 Proprietors. UNION LLE. FOR PHILADELPHIA. Twenty - live miles Ivid carriage, via New - Brunswick nnd Trenton. Ic iitv jxt cotchet $5 Do gootl stag, s 4 50 Do lorecastle or deck passengers. 3 50 Connected by the iteam boat olive brabcb aod pnLAiiKi.rniA. The steam - boat Olive Branch will leave New York every day, Sunday's excepted, from the north side of the Bat - trr. at 1 1 o'clock. A. M. Passengers will lodce at Trenton, and take the steam boat fhiladel - nhia. so at to arrive in Philadelphia at lOo'clock the next morning, in time to take the Union Line Baltimore steam boat. This line has econaeeticawilh the best boats on the Delaware and Chesapeake tn Norfolk as also those of the North River and Sound ; and their sever nl arrival are calculated to cause lit tle, if any delay. Thiti a speedy and certainly the moat convenient route, a the passenger will leave New - York after the bankiopen, and arrive io Philadelphia before the hour of business, without fa tigue in travelling or want of sleep, the land carriage being much less than by any other route between the two cities. For seats in the above line apply to . WILLIAM B. JAQUES, At the Union LineStoam Boat Office, in Mar - kelfield street, north side or the Battery, between Greenwich and Washington streets, or to The CAPTAIN on board. Q7 All goodtand baggage at the ritk of the owner. ap NUIICE. For the further accommodation ofthe public, the de - I r, r initrrnmirr oi ine r ireny . iron - irnr - 1 orK ana newourga m.;ii h.. in ininr. r ttiA fnUnwificr dava ! Lave'ew lora on nionaay, ireuuesouy nod Saturday, at 9 A.M. Leave Newburgh on n. . U mi fi k M . . . . . i IF I T . t ueMiny, r llua, uiiu wuuuu , v ... ... The above arrangement will commence by the Firefly leavinz Newbursh on Sunday, the 24th May. The Western Stage leave Newhurgh immediately after the arrival ofthe Firefly. my . KATOB AMD BKTRLKHKM NEW USE, VIA HFW - BROWSWICK. r" 1 ' Pattenger will leave a .I 11 11 SNew - York every Monday r rnjiml Friday, at II o'clock, 1 A. M. in toe (team boat Olive Branch j ledge at New B run wick ; leave there early next morninz, and arrive at Eattoo at 4 o'clock, in the afternoon. Returning, leave Eaiton every Tuesday and Friday, at 5 o'clock, A. Il , lodee at New Brnnswick ; arrive at iXew York at 10 o'clock next morning, in the team - boat Olive Branch. The atage connected with thi line i a good four - horse sta;e. Paag from N. Brunswick to Eaiton, $3 50 ; irom baitcm to Bethlehem, lb cents. I or teats in the above line,pply td WM. B. JAQUEs,'at the Philadelphia Union Line Steam - Boat OAke, north ide of the battery. ROBERT LETSON, Proprietor. Je 13 tf tHJ lA DKLHHI.1, Via F.LIZ.iBETU - lXW.Y POIST. tin 1 .l.fl POdi - COACH LINK Throiith in day and by dny - liehL T EAVE5 New - York ia the steam - boat Ata - JLi lanta, from the foot of Whitehul - strect, near the BatUry, at 5 o'clock, A. M. Enquire at No. I Courtlaodt - atreet ami No. 53 White hall - street, at which place teats mav be taken JeSO tf i - Tl TO LEASE OR FOR SALE, silui That elegant modern built house, situate at the corner of Sands and Washington ttreett, Brooklyn Its tit it thirty - one feet front by fifty feet deep, ill rooms so arranged as to combine every convenience for a geoteel residence. It will be sold with two or more lott of ground, at the option of the purchaser. Terms one fourth cash, the rest in such payments at will be most convenient to purchaser. Apply on th pre mires to C. BALL, may 23 tf ft TO LET. ttM A dry Cellar, under the hmie No. 29 t'KM - iireeu Inquire of Mil. SMfcUES, - my II tf ' 134 Pearl - street. - . WASTED. A GIRL from Ii ta 15 years nf ire, cf good character and tedy hahits, to atiitt in a family. tr - ,Jf at si Lerard - tliert. - JeS9 . - . THE SOUJVD STUJM BOAT - LINE. f. The proprietors,' wib - a view of accommodating the public, by extending the line to Norwich, intend making; Uie. experiment with the Fulton, Capt. Law, and wis swiic (ii louna practicable; win oe coounecu durinc the season. . - - The line will in future be from New - Yptk to Homitii, ui loiiows : sue Vonneciicoi, Bunker, will leave New - kork every Atnday, W'dntiday and Friday, at 8 o'clock, io the morning, mr New - Haven. The Fulton, Capt, Law, will leave JVVirtrtcA at 0 o'clock in the morning - of the same day, touch itfnc - Ixmilon and depart from thence for Arte - farm at V o'clock. The boat will meet at fftw Hartn, and depart from thence every Monday, Wtdnes - dnv and 7 o'clock in the evenine the Connecticut for Jftw - Xork, and the Fnlton for Stew - Jcntlim. and JY 01 inch. mhlv NitwaeKUM and ca amiaioua n ail - si AbJt THREE TIMER A WEEK. EAVESVewbareheve - J ry Sunday, Tuesday, 4jfand 1 hurtday mornings, ut uiree o'ciock. ran tnrousn MontijomcTT. Blooniinehurch. Moaticello. bv White Lake, Cothecton, Mount Pleatant, Great peno, snenango roint, Uwega, lUiica, aod ue - neva, toCanandaigna. Returning leave Canandaitrua every Mon day, Wednesday and Friday mornings at three o'clock, and arrives at Newburgh, the third day in time to take the Steam - boata which arrive in New - York the following morning. Ij llmay ItrTfxrttd that al all I met when tht itram - boati altir thtir dayt of running, that tliit tint tnu alter to as to meet them. , The whole route will be perfometl in three days, from the first of May, until the first of November anil from the first of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four days and from the 15th December, until the fifteenth of March the tame line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Canandaigua in four day. Passenger travelling from New - York to Canandaigua, Niagara or BulTalo, can leave N. York in the evening steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in three days a distance of three hundred miles. The line is well furnished with good, new carriages 1 good horses, and careful and experienced drivers Every attention will be paid to render the passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditious ; and it is believed that the accommodations on thisline are equal to any line in the st - vte. fXj FARE from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owego Tioga Point; thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Bath, Kc. BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk ofthe owner. David Godfrey. Bloominghurgh, E. C. St. John. Mount Pleasatit, L. & R. Manning, Chenango, Luther Gere, Ithica, Samuel Greenliff, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Lanting, rtih 14 dCm Proprietor. EA3TON MAIL STAGE, THROUGH IN 1 DAT. THRKE TIMES A WEEK. si' us. (ttr The proprietors ack - ii , 1 knowledge with giatitude the Vfy - Jencouragemeot tliey have immmjLLy l"'Jlieretofora received ill this line, vim are iherelore induced to expedite the travelling on this route ; and in order to accomiiliih it, have provided theroslves with four changes of horses, which are placed at e - qualdiitancctonthe route - It will leave White's Hotel, r.atton, every Monday, Wednesday, and Kriday, at 4 o'clock in the morning, arrive at Elisabeth Town Point in time to lake tlie steam boat Atalanta, at 5 o'clock. Leave New York at 5 o'clock, every 1 uisiiay, Thursday and Saturday, nnd arrive at Eastou eaily in the evening ; fare through live dollars, and a generous allowance of baggage, gratis. At Ihiistnye passes near the celebrated springs nn Schooley'i dountain, paisengers taking this line will be carried to the apring without any extra charge, The proprietor pledge that nothing (hall be wanting nn their part to make thi a pleasant route. 1 he dnver are careful and accommodating. . For teat, apply to Jame Patten, Court - land ttreet, or on board the Atalanta, and White't Motel, taston. I. 2. K J. JJKAKb. Cheiter, June 20 JetOIra ..NOTICE. . (Kr Steam Boat Olive - finacR will tail every !Uw Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock round aciisxZbtaten Island, and occasion ally, 11 U10 winJ and tide will permit, to the hock. Thi beautiful ail will contribute both to health and pleasure, and ia a cheap a recreation a cau be found. Parties wiiomean to partake of thi amusement wilt, if convenient, 51VU id mtir nuiuea inn uuy (ireceuiug, i um: vthcein Slarkttfield street, noithiide oltbeBat - uinner on ooaro, at vims utoai price. Passage fit children half price. my I3tf . . FOR tLIZABKTtnOWJI fOlNJ, - EAVES N York each day, Sunday except - ted, from the foot of White - hall - street ucar the Battery, at 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock A. Al. - and 3 o'clock P. M. ; leave Eliia - bethtown Point at 8 o'clock A. M. and half patt K o'clock and half past 4 o'clock P. 01. Je SO tf AVHTU Jit y EH STEAM - BOATS, fO - On the 1 lth of May. commenced running four Mimes a week. A Boat leaves New - Yoik on Tues day, at V o'clock., A. AI : Wednesday, at 5 P. M ; r riday, at V A. M. and Saturday, at b V. M. of each week ; and a boat leave Ainany on Amu - day, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 9 A. M. The Fire - Fly leave New - York on Tue tdav. Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for Newhurgh, and returnton Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at B A.M. Je 20 BATH. THE tiibscriher respectfully informs theciti - ent of New - York, traveller and invalids. that hi houte at BATH it now open for their reception ; itt til nation it, probably uueqitalted on iiir continent within a ihort distance ol tho city and in view of Sandy Hook. It presents the fi nest prospect, nnd fr taluhrity of air and the advantages ol tea uallung is prohalily, without a rival. He has erected several new Bathing House, nnd a floatiair bridee to receive the iteam - boat his larder it wed t forked with all the delicar iet of tlie leason. Travellers from the southward can be Accommodated with Boarding and Lodging on reasonable termi, and transient person! will find it a healthy and aureeahle retreat. JOHN COLEMAN. A CARD. Of - The' uhcriber rrtrrrlfiilty notiGc the puDiictfiiit pattenger for BATH and the NAK - liO We in the steam boat Nautilus will, on Sun day next, and mail farther notice, betaken from r.ite - llall at IU o'clock in the forenoon, tint tead of 5 o'clor k in the morning) and will be called for arriin about half past b in the afternoon. Pleasure boalt can come up with - rai'ety to the brids. JOHN COLEMAN. Jo 121m JUH HAJ,k., A farm of Itctween tixty and seventy acres, itute on the west bank of Lake Otsegrs and one mile from the village of Cooperstown. Ou it are a new (tone honse 54 feel tquare ( a new farm house, barn, Kc. It form a desirable et tahlithiiient for a gentleman wishing to retire into lh country, a it situation, at to prospect, convergence to marks t, &r. is not surpassed bv any it the interior ofthe state. It will be tolil low for ah, on a credit, orexchanxed tor property in thi city, goods, tic Apntv to . II. I k K. SEDGWICK, my 7. tf r. ' . d Law Building. S25 J 1 I tflKWiiag ptWie jrae hew diiiu. Uuu. t. r 1 HORNE, formf' XJ oflh city tt London, aa .n...l - . 'L - . ,. and (ureerv there, a.,,.. .. C J j o J 7 f - Hug). T to repeat sonte ootervacion the abuM of ZrtERt'URYT " roth; iBdiscrimuiate, and anouali - fed nse taereol, ta been - prodoc. """"w, ":"MUJ merconaiixed oat of exit, ence. Tlie diteae we have in view owe it f.. tal resulti chiefly to this lource. What a pi t that a young man, the hope, of hi. coantry, iaj the darting of hi parents, should be anxttfid a - way from all the simpect and enjoyment.0? I, by trccMequeBc.ofooe ngmar.&d momeii and by a diteaee not in it. awn nature fafalTi Inch only i prove eo from neglect or improp.i trcatmenL' A goitleniap, "(late Dr. IKK tierit) now perfectly teariy and well, td be,, under phyjitian of general praclice, aim yea ? and reiie.iitedlysalivut.di wi.en recomnionded to Dr. H. (by a gMitletuan of thi. city) hi b, wcie curious, and hi flesh droppiog from ! hi friend declared he could not possibly turvir. two month longw. l"hoaand experinientallu know with what ease and itWety Dr. H.erad, catc Uie severest cotea, and confirms the coetb. tution. The Doctor's plan, (advertising) b a. ceuary to guard the public against tha aoate mercury, and other fatal delusions, held forth Pert ota, therefore, having contracted a pri - vafe disorder, or tuspecting latent poison, are admonished not to tamper with their conitjtu. tion, or conceal the disorder, till past recovery ; other having the remain of an old cat, or other impurilie ofthe blood, at well a otbl er curupiainis 01 a delicate nature, in either tex. thould remember posterity, and do jiutic !2i,vhc,rHCO05ci?lceb3r ?"kiD8 pplicatioa W Dr. H. at in old and respectable establishment - Nn. ri iv.ti.. r.t. y t ' - .i - .iii.ri, vur atruaea west pf Old - slip, to pWain that prompt atti.tanc a - mis - .hk uiaicu m pre vent oi (cloture. And hen let me claim your seriou attenticKre - Remembo a superficial cure is ao cure at all ; anless the ba - aineaai. radically - done, yon will certainly hav. he diaorder break out again with redoubled in. i:m v. at soma lutiirw n.nn.1 . . - i .. he too'late for remedy. Don't you o,fT 7"' the street, mi.ernbhj X, even a bit of noM on their face ! TaftVaK I beseech you. warning, Ut. 11 '.. character for .kill and stubborn int. en'y being known ia thi, citv. imca l(MU.iiiriinti. tn rial ni. ... j., "V t ,rac . - ma, ueucacy ands - crecy hitherto unknown, and having confined hn practice for years past, excluaively to the cure ol - - - 7 :1 v - , uy may lately calculate on the moat decided advantage in coa - r.la1 niHiriilPtrt m tvaa yva . Stricture - removed withom bougiei or any otb - old uUf. nifions fiitula'i 6um A piurility of oiucel re proridrfj, and w iitt. mifit lh:.S liftfitfilitB ,r nnt ru. ...I i. .. - - - 1 - .. . 1 - v'.t u V4sm u umcr I observation. Open till halfpatt 8 in the evening. All iersont concerned arc invit - d tn Km 1 calling, and speaking with Dr. 11. which i ir, ol eost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid the fiviirasini, nf Af.tiiitA Tap .nmimAMKIA - - 1 " ' B ."""iininuic f CI UHj - niuidatioot, and fur the decided preference (it is .icnmnr.,i niiiijuiiiauscj King given niui bv lUdicirm puhliu. - r. is. ni'ieuenmuiioe postpaid. Dr. Buchanan. Auc7 Iv MlJHEtt W.iLKEKX A OH lMtijll. IUI1, DJ R. EVANS snnsrio metliod nfrurinir m rn tain Disease, is now uuiei tany ncnjiowioded late; city ; his mode oi trentuui t it perfectly mild, ipeditioii. aod hi charg. icii.uu.tiiie. in every 11 itanco be wamunta . join, nut inarn uie fiay lir.e . ZSnwSJ yi filoe not perform agreeable Vjhfjjg Jto coptract. , 1 be siruiesi secrecy always obtervtd. tliere are many person id thi city and its vi - mtv. lahnrMi nnilp.r WHri,i . rl n... ... .41 such a cancers, old inveterate ulcer, V t - i :i - ..h.l.. Jl...... . . i - or ) c 11, ubiihui wihki vi uie urwriivf bladder aod kidniet, eld complicated comphiial of a certain nature, bihoua and other obttrnc lion, rheumatism, Lc which they consider nee ..Kl. IK. ran rrtsinlv hm r n I wl I in IHMJl,.ia . 3n v, aiw.1 nruic UI IU9 r. . Cmnti, rirt PkvnrinM in iUm mamlj - I marie tliote obstinate disease hi constant itudy for 30 yeart. Oct It Tr The subscriber havinsr recently returned from Eogland with an important improvement oa the artificial spring LEG. he takes this method of informing his friends and the public, that all loose wno ar to unfortunate as to be la want M a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 B&rclay - etrert, New - York. . jan WM. PURVIS?. AFRUMENTO, No. 1 Wail itreet, gea'lle - . men's dreuing room, ha for sale a few Razor of Daroatk Steel, made by the celebrated Marguin,of Pari, lie ha alto received an a toitment of the bett English Razors, which he warrant good. If proved to the contrary, money refunded. . i. vmi vtiTUTn ..nn. HihIti ..... . . . U ... 1 . J Itl.l 11 III. IIULI 1" , tohitcuttoiners, and the peblic in general, for lhir rnrv lihrikl mlrnnr. ttnA snlirlfl a COB - tinuance of their tavoun. . He bat likewise procured a very fine hone, and engage! to restore razor to a very keea edee, and should they not cut well he Will receive ao recompence. ' . . Gentlemen who tub - ribe by the qoarter, snll have their apparatus kept exclutively for tbrrn elves. J 3 ACOtTAT sapplyof' die Beaver Hat fresh from tht manufactory, suitable for the sbutb - ern market, end packed at the tborlcit : notice, jNviLSON'S, 160 Broadtir - may 7 'I'll .1 . .nLQ PROPOSALS will be received at No. 15 v.hini atrMt. for huildini a house, a - grceahly with a plan there left, for a t'ro . the corner ol tne uowubg ureea street. , " ' - &LEUA.YT FIAAO J - OHW& lOS. WILcO.N, 14Maidea - Lane, hatjmtre . I ..... ..I K k. V'.n.i. lam aluorfBient Ot excellent Piano Forte, Patent Flute, Flageo let, sc. mniiufactared expressly lor ruru y menti & Co. London. A 10, Piano Fort ttrwgt) . - I . ......I im. thu HMS - Jf, tll , nW JUUTv, am, w.k.j viii - tical line ; instrument takeu io exchange, ana tuners proi ided. - . ' .' my x " EW - VORK.t - r; - ! PRINTED AND PVBLISB1D MICHAEL BUJlXBAMmk CO. NO. 43 WlXUJsT - eTPEEt OWOIITl T MARK VOFTXB - riOOSK. ' t. tf fi rr. tjv. s hy applying at J. EVANS'S Medical Store, No. o. Perk - slip. - having practised in extAsira in aVaitturttA 19 Vafttarek - wiAmm um. t. liJywjt

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